Each Dawn I Die (1939) Movie Script

[Thunder crashes]
Stop. Stop there.
All right, you asked for it.
You've got it, pappy.
Come on, baby.
Get in. In back.
[Engine revving]
[Woman screams]
[crowd chattering]
he's burnt.
[Crowd chattering]
Come on! Let me in.
[All clamoring]
[Cracks gavel]
We'll get you out.
They can't keep you in prison.
Kind of watch out for my mother, will you?
How tough are you, babe?
[Men clamoring]
Left turn.
[Machinery rattling]
Hey, Limpy!
Come here.
And Limpy.
You go on over there and help
those boys stack those bales
And fold your arms
. You hear?
Go on over there
and join Stacey at that breaker.
yes, sir.
Oh, just for a visit, boys
. Just for a visit.
Why, you flap your ears
and wish you was a swallow.
Murder, second degree.
He's doing life.
Don't worry,
Ill watch him
[Bell rings]
Why, you no-Good rat.
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
All of you!
That you won't like either
Now, get over there and change
your clothes. Both of you.
Get back to your machines, you men!
Look out!
[Men chattering]
that's a homer.
[Men laughing]
And kill the first creep
that comes in your way.
Come over here
and join the rest of the dopes
Show you tramps
who's boss around here.
Stop it.
Come on, pal.
Let's go watch the game
You have to know
all the answers?
Nice work. Pipe down
Smells like he's got
some pull somewhere.
Come on, get going
, Stacey.
Who, me, sir? No, sir.
I am not that kind of a boy
Never mind. I'll take
care of him when he gets out
Just six months.
And look at him now.
[Machinery rattling]
I wish Id stayed
home in Fargo.
I'd turn them loose
as fast as they was caught.
Is that a ghost?
I don't know the meaning
of the word.
Okay, ross
"don't give up the ship"
Hey, Stacey.
In here.
[Music ends]
[Planes soaring]
This monument we dedicate
is a thing of stone...
[men clamoring]
Get back there.
Guard 3:
sit down. Sit down. Take your seats.
[Machinery rattling]
Listen, ross.
I didn't kill Limpy
So, uh, all we've got to do
is get you out of here?
Go to the warden and tell
him about me having that shiver.
You going stir-Nuts too?
This is a sure out for you
Hey, dummy up
Take it. Get out of here,
before I change my mind.
Face the wall.
Fold your arms.
Yes, sir
All right, ross.
Sit here.
Come in, miss.
Ive missed you so terribly
I've brought her here.
You can't send her away.
All right, all right
All right, madam.
I got the ice cream across
the street from a little shop.
They're sure
they can get you out.
They'll take care of
me, all right.
Please don't worry, will you?
Just a minute, ladies.
He's got to leave first
Goodbye, ma.
And thanks
for everything
[Blows whistle]
You know me, Mr. Ross.
About the Limpy Julien killing
There isnt much to say.
Take him to the hole.
Get outta here.
[Crowd chattering]
Hey, sit down.
How are you?
Well, don't talk to him anymore
I told you
you could only have a minute
everybody rise
Be seated.
[Horn honks]
Judson Stacey.
[Crowd screaming]
Come on.
I'll write you Sunday.
Over there.
Bring him in.
I don't know
You don't know.
I've told you
everything I know!
Work on him.
[Blows thudding]
What's going on here?
Take him out.
You stay here.
If I have to charge you
in criminal court to do it
Just a minute.
Let me out of here,
do you hear?
Let me outta here!
Bill, you don't know
what it does to him up there.
You've got to let me see Stacey.
I could get you
into heaven easier.
However, Ill do
whatever I can for you
Thanks, Mr. Lockhart.
[Knock on door]
Take the blinders of
You stay.
Sit down.
Put the blinders on her.
Come on, you guys.
All right, Lockhart,
Like a bunch of tin crooks.
You know better.
Of the man who framed him.
You're in love with ross,
aren't you?
I'm going to give ross a break.
Come with me.
you can't get me in there
Let him go
Think you can do it?
All set for a fresh start.
But you've
got to earn it.
What do you say?
[Machinery rattling]
Sounds bad
is it catching?
Wait will he catches those creeps
yeah, yeah.
That goes for you too.
Let go of him,
I tell you!
Get back!
Come on, you lead-Slinger.
You don't hurt.
Come on, get up.
You dont...
take him
to the hospital.
Or Ill book you!
[Clock ticking]
All right.
Sit down, ross.
I feel pretty well
Why did you help Stacey
to escape?
To curry favor with the board
in hope of release.
Haven't you anything to say?
Oh, please,
give me another chance.
I can't do any more time
Please, turn me out of here.
Go along now.
Yeah. That's all I k
now. You can't blame me.
Come on, beat it.
[Car approaching]
It's okay, I didn't print it.
Come on!
All right.
Oh, you're stir-Nuts.
He don't know what he's saying
I'll take my chance that way.
[Machinery rattling]
You have no chance!
Let me go!
[Men yelling]
[Men silence]
Come on!
Come on, ross.
We need you.
[Men yelling]
Come on.
[Horn blowing]
There. You're out of it anyway
[Guards chattering]
Get going!
Come on! Let's go!
[Men shouting]
[Men shouting]
Lock the door, get in
the mailroom and stay there.
[Men shouting]
The answer will always
be the same.
All right, men, all right!
All right!
Get moving or Ill bump you,
Stacey or no Stacey.
[Men shouting]
Come on. Move aside, ross.
I'll make my own break
when the time come
All right, boys.
Right here
Did I say a picnic?
We may need them later.
come on, get going. Come on.
I got something to take care of.
Go on, beat it.
To take care of
with the warden.
Those orders will stand.
To take care of.
Come on.
I have got no time to waste
Take care of her.
She's worth it.
I think I can hold them!
No hurry now, dale.
So long, Stacey
I... gee, I don't
know what to say.
You'll be out yourself
before long.
So long, frank
Here it is.