Eadweard (2015) Movie Script

It wants to be faster.
Number three...
Three wants more distance.
Or something crawling under the wire.
Gentlemen and ladies,
the extraordinary,
the incomparable,
the father of photography,
I give you Mr. Eadweard Muybridge!
Thank you.
I don't really have much to say...
I only wanted to show you this.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
This... is life.
Only to be repeated again
and again,
and again...
And again.
Thank you.
You just showed them magic.
I'm simply a photographer.
Well, I've dabbled,
and ask my wife,
my photos of our hounds
are definitely not magic.
Let me ask you something.
What made you think of using 12 cameras?
12 chances to win Stanford's bet.
- And all over a bet you've
discovered motion? - Discovered?
- Now, how do you discover something
that's always been? - True.
I'm just an amateur, but you know what
would make your images even better?
No, I don't.
The sound of the hooves.
Now, why would we need that?
That's life.
It's the opera.
Right, well...
I will think about it.
And this is...
I came to hire Mr. Muybridge
to take my portrait.
Ah, well, I only do horses.
Surely photographing a lady
is easier than a horse.
Or I could gallop, if that would
make you more comfortable.
You know, when I was little,
my father...
when I was little, my father taught
me how to use a pinhole camera.
I think my photos might
have rivalled these.
Where was this one?
North Alaska.
Really Alaska?
Or British Columbia.
I want to go there.
Let me see.
Yes, that's British Columbia.
I can smell the air there.
Those are chemicals.
It's so fresh.
That right there, is now gone.
What is?
That moment. I missed it.
Everything slips by,
whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...
- I want to capture it,
before it's all gone. - Sit.
Would like to see the in- between,
to see what's invisible.
I can't stop,
and it's never enough.
When is enough enough?
I couldn't tell you.
I always seem to want more.
Do you know what I mean?
Yes, I do.
If I could keep a camera on you, Flora,
for the rest of your life...
Yes, that's better.
I've decided
I'm not going to grow old.
It's repulsive.
It's all right.
It's done.
Hey, Eadweard, come here.
I used too much magnesium.
Yes. Magnificent.
You're watching me.
I couldn't sleep.
Try harder.
I can't stop looking at you.
This line here, those lines there,
these lines...
You have good bones.
I can't stop looking at this line,
this line, these lines.
Stop. Stop...
What are you doing?
Saying hello to my boy.
A boy?
There's no one there.
You're as crazy as all get out.
Eadweard, I have to fess up,
after I saw you take those horse photos,
I travelled all the way
from San Francisco to here,
plotting different ways
to be alone with you,
and then I just came up and asked.
Is that strange?
- Well, you're probably a bad
judge of strange. - Yes.
Where are we going next?
You are married.
I can marry again.
I was young, I was 16.
I can pick my life now, I know that.
You can?
Eadweard, I am the most
interesting person
you have ever met,
and I'm yours...
And you're all mine.
The end.
The end.
So white...
Mister clouds.
What is all this?
Why did it happen?
I didn't shave.
I hate that you make me ask.
Your hair.
Changing color, turning white?
Maybe you just got old instantly.
I guess things happen.
Don't make much sense.
There was a boy
travelling with his
father on the stagecoach.
And that boy lost his father that day...
And that boy is all
that's left of that man.
Hey, easy, girl, easy!
I woke up...
Maybe days later.
I'd lost my sense of taste,
my smell, and sight.
But it all slowly came back...
Except the color of my hair.
I don't know if my mind
ever recovered, Flora.
But all I could think about
was that horse running,
that flying horse...
As if time stopped.
So, no, I do not know
why things happen.
Only God knows.
I'd like to sit by the window, please.
Of course.
After you.
Thank you.
Inside this book
you will only find what a word means.
With your hard- earned money, I know
what a dollar means in sweat and work,
I will create the world's
first encyclopedia of motion,
and show the actions beneath the words.
I intend to photograph animal locomotion
to discover how we move.
Animals running?
Yes, and walking, and jumping...
I will not only photograph horses,
and domestic animals, and wild beasts,
but people, like yourselves,
men and women
during their daily
activities and actions.
How much do you need, Muybridge?
- 50,000! Preposterous!
- Come on!
This is art, not science.
Eadweard... Where are you going?
To another university.
They'll only ask you the same questions.
No one knows what you're trying to do.
You need to show them.
If I get the money, I
could produce the photos.
If you produce the photos,
they'll give you your money.
Listen, I can give you apprentices,
and facilities to get it started,
so we can see the result.
Those photographs will be my photographs,
with my name on them.
They may be your photographs,
but this is my university,
my reputation,
so these photos will represent us.
Do I make myself clear?
As I live and breathe.
Eadweard Muybridge.
What a thrill to finally
meet you in the flesh.
I've been awaiting...
Flora, you all right?
I'm fine, a bit flushed,
but Thomas kept me company...
Thomas Eakins.
The painter.
Thomas Eakins? I am the reason that the
university has heard about your husband.
Yes. Thank you.
Not at all.
I was just enlisting
Thomas's models for you.
Well, I don't need models, I need people.
Eadweard likes real real life.
And real life is ugly.
With the exception of Mrs.
Muybridge here.
- Will you be posing for his cameras,
Flora? - Oh, quite definitely. - No.
- No? - Well, you come pose for
me if he won't let you.
Nice to meet you.
And you, sir.
I love the idea of being
in one of his paintings.
Oh, Flora, he is a man
who will only embellish.
- You're enough.
- You think he couldn't handle me?
My love, he wouldn't
know which way was up.
What do you think?
Looks like a field, an old barn.
But do you like it?
I love it.
Outside all day long...
I want to take the pictures myself.
Now, the actions are going
to be done out here.
Why do you need models
when you can photograph this?
But can you pick up a 40- pound
Boulder and throw it? Or pole vault?
Yes, all of those things.
And a cartwheel, too!
I guess I don't need anyone else.
Come with me.
What are you going to make me do?
I'm not one of your horses.
I know.
Now, when I say go,
I want you to walk slowly from
here to that far end there.
Are you ready?
- Like this?
- Yes, keep going!
Now, the cameras are going to be here,
and here, capturing your every move.
You look like a little boy.
I am. But see what you did there?
You left the track.
All those pictures are wasted, you see.
We have to start all over again.
Which one of you is Mr. Henry Bell?
I, sir.
Now, I've heard you're a
good cook with chemicals?
Well, I can't cook worth a darn,
but I know developing.
You'll be in charge of
chemicals and plates.
Now, we only have enough silver nitrate
for ten series, which means...
Not a single shot can be wasted.
Rondinella, electrics.
We will need 24 cameras.
Holy shit.
Where are we going to find 24 cameras?
We are going to build them.
Holy shit.
Who are you?
I'm... J. Liberty Tadd.
An honour. Just a big fat honour, sir. I
went into art because of your photos.
- Yosemite, the railroads, just...
- Yes, yes.
This is science.
What is it you do?
I don't know.
Can you find us volunteers?
- Well, my fiance works at the
zoological gardens. - Good.
Find us our subjects, then.
What's wrong?
These are our first subjects?
Uh, yes.
It says here, "pigs running."
These pigs won't work.
I was thinking we'd
start with a bit more bang.
It took me a lot longer than
expected to get these pigs.
- No elephants? - No.
- Monkeys swinging?
men wrestling, women jumping?
So this is all you found?
Yes. They were hard to get.
Nobody wanted to give us pigs.
I thought they'd please everyone.
Tadd, you're on electrics.
- Rondinella, you've been
promoted to subjects. - Yes, sir.
Ooh, fired.
You'll get 'em next job, Tadd.
Get ready, piggies.
You're going for a run.
All right, let's set the plates.
Let's get these subjects
moving into position.
We have to move quickly.
I'll take that.
Are we set?
Plates are set.
Pig, pig, pig, pig...
No, no, no!
Get them.
I don't think they like carrots.
Should we switch to cabbages?
How about "man chasing
a pig with a stick"?
Let's go again.
Let me try.
Let's get this.
Come, come, come, come.
All right.
Here we go, this way...
Did we get it?
Plates weren't set, sir.
All right, no more animals,
we need a human before
the end of the day.
It's perfect, Flora.
It's you.
We'll take it.
Just... pull it back up for
one second, my flower.
Slide it off again.
Can we photograph this?
- I'm going to come model this...
- No, Flora, this is not a study.
I wanted to see you. Now, just slide
it off one more time, up and down.
One more time, just...
Eadweard, the moment is gone.
It's still not right.
We'll take it.
Who is she?
Tadd's fiance.
She's a kid.
Yeah, I think she's his cousin, too.
Second cousins, maybe.
What will her action be?
"Woman walking."
So moving slower than a pig.
Let's get a practice first.
You are number two.
- I'm not sure... - No, I'm
telling you, you're number two.
She's number two. The pigs were
number one, she's number two.
It's just a few paces,
when I say go, you go from
there to there. Simple.
Standing by.
Plates set.
Are you ready, number two?
No, stop!
What are you doing?
Right, we can't use that one.
- We're running out of plates, sir.
We've left for one series... - I know.
- What were you doing?
- Walking.
No, you weren't walking,
you were stopping along the way.
- Well, what would you like me to do?
- What do you mean?
I would like you to walk.
Just walk?
Yes, just walk.
When is the picture taken?
- As you walk. - At what point?
- At all points!
There, there, there, and there!
All down the line!
I see.
It's simple. You go from here...
To there.
Like this?
No, no, no,
not so self- consciously.
Let your arms swing naturally.
Come back, try again.
- No, just let your arms swing.
- All right...
Stop trying to walk and
walk, walk, walk! Walk!
- I am walking.
- I'm sorry, she's just nervous.
Don't be nervous, sweetie!
When I tap my head, you take the photo.
- Do you understand?
- Yes. - Good.
Number two, you're done.
I have one series left,
and I can't waste it on you.
I'm sorry, I can get this.
No, I don't think you can.
Thank you.
That was a good walk.
- I'm actually proud of you, honey.
- Good job.
Eadweard, this is not a good time.
Any takers?
We need examples of athleticism.
I'm looking for animals to photograph.
Well, we got lots of those, all right.
I'd like to bring this
bear to my studio nearby,
it's not far from here,
take a series of photographs,
and then bring him back,
should only take a few hours.
- How much would something like
that trouble you? - Not sure.
Would $50 suit you?
What else do you have here?
- Well, what do you want?
- Elephants? - Yes, over there.
- Tigers? Lions? Eagles?
- Yes, sir, we got 'em all.
- I will take them all, then.
- For $50?
$50 a piece.
What's your name, sir?
Filling up my ark.
- Eadweard, what're you doing with him?
- I need a cat.
Two men fighting in a battle...
Woman falling on ground.
Lifting, lifting, lifting...
Man fighting.
Man dancing.
Man performing handstand.
New series.
Are we set?
Plates are set.
Let's set up for a new series.
Men boxing.
What's wrong, Tadd?
- Something on the lens, sir.
- Again?
New series.
Flora? Flora!
Flora, open the door!
How could I not know?
We'll have another.
Flora, what are you doing?
I was imagining I was in these moments.
Alaska, San Francisco,
British Columbia...
Like memory, Flora?
Are you there now?
How do we go there?
Pennsylvania isn't where
I imagined us starting.
It will only take a couple of months
to finish these studies.
Then we can go wherever you choose.
Once I get the money,
I'll take you into town.
What the heck do we
call that last series?
It's simple, Bell.
What did we just shoot?
A man walking a goat.
That's your title, then.
- "A man walking a goat."
- Yes.
What would you have next?
We have dogs and chickens, performing
mule, woman climbs ladder.
- I think it's a little arbitrary.
- Nothing is arbitrary.
- We need to get them all, all of them.
- Which one's ready?
I have no idea.
It's impossible to keep track.
How would I know
how he wants me to climb a ladder.
- I've never climbed one till now.
- You just climb.
Up, down. Up, down. It's simple.
"Up down, up down, simple."
I like that, Eadweard. I'm writing
it down. I'm writing an article.
Name's Harry. Harry Larkyns.
- On me, or on this? - On you, of course.
I'm the theatre critic from the post.
The theatre. I don't do theatre.
I find it all a bit false.
Oh, but you do.
Who wouldn't pay a pretty penny
to watch you do your work,
eat your lemons?
It's better than theatre.
Excuse me?
Who are you?
I'm number 33.
No, what is your name?
Mary is our next series. She's a bit
taller than what we've set up for.
- Adjust the levels. What's the lens at?
- 85. - Bring it down to 75.
- Are you ready with the watch?
- Yes.
Right. Mary.
I'm 20.
Correction, 20.
And, uh, petite or medium build?
Petite. There's a cloud!
We have to go.
- Petite.
- What would you like?
Woman jumping over the stool.
Are you ready?
The theatre.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Where are you coming from, Harry?
- California.
What, for the rush?
For the gold rush?
No, I went for the adventure.
I missed all the gold.
Look at all these bloody
things that we do, huh?
Every moment.
and we're never truly still.
Think about it.
I'm asking you.
Even at rest, we're constantly moving,
until we die.
So are you dissecting life?
The movement that makes up life.
We're taught to love pretty things
like flowers and sunsets,
and have forgotten the beauty
in pouring a cup of tea, or...
The poetry in lifting an umbrella,
et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
I want to create something
that's never been seen before.
These have a life hereafter.
They are my children.
They are forever.
What else is there,
after you die?
That's fascinating.
That is fascinating.
I'm writing that words for words.
Oh, you've not written a word.
I write the ones I remember.
I'm keen to be in one of your studies.
Could I volunteer?
What can you do?
I can fence.
Is that a challenge?
Well, that depends
if you're going to let me volunteer.
All right.
I came to model.
Don't look at me like that.
Like what?
Like that.
With all that judgment.
I'm your... I'm your wife.
I'm your wife.
Stop it, Flora.
Did you walk here? That's five miles,
Flora. What were you thinking?
No, don't touch me.
- Flora, this is not you.
- No, stop it...
This isn't you...
stop. Stop!
No! No...
No. No...
No! Stop it!
Stop it. Stop it...
Stop it.
My Flora...
I can't.
Sir, next model's refusing to come out.
Did he say why?
He insists on speaking with you
right now.
Well, he's going to have to wait.
I need to take Flora home.
I'm headed back into town.
I could see her home safe.
- That wouldn't trouble you?
- No trouble at all.
Much obliged.
We're going to lose our light, sir.
Where is he?
Around back.
There's no way that watch can be right.
No, maybe not.
Here, this is more like it.
That doesn't change the
fact that it's very late.
Well, you owe Mr. Larkyns some gratitude.
Oh, do I?
We waited for you here,
but Mr. Larkyns had to review a play,
so I insisted he escort me
to the theatre tonight.
- It was a dreadful show, wasn't it?
- Do you know what time it is?
I do because I just asked.
- It's a quarter of midnight.
- No, it's 2:30.
Not according to his watch.
Good night, Harry.
I'm very sorry for your troubles.
Oh, no trouble, really.
It is a dreadful timepiece, she's right.
I'm afraid the Americans
haven't figured out how to...
I'd never wish to be the cause
of such a misunderstanding
between a husband and his wife, Eadweard,
so, with all due respect,
I'm going to take my leave now.
My watch?
You know what, Eadweard, you keep it.
A gift.
A gentleman's understanding.
I do fear it's broken, though.
I'm quite certain there's no way it can be before midnight.
A watch can be repaired.
So, you'll just walk,
meet, and partially turn.
All right.
Okay, follow me.
Stand right here...
And we'll have you here.
Just a moment.
We are going to reset!
Let's get number 74 and 75 back here!
Put the cameras back on their marks!
- It's fine, sir, we've got it...
- We didn't get it!
I can't see their actions, their movements!
You should tell the subjects that.
It means...
I can't see the movement of the legs,
the waist, the bodies!
I can't see the motion with their dresses
and layers and skirts in the way!
Well, how do you expect
ladies to be dress?
How do you expect animals to be dressed?
- People aren't animals.
- What are we, then?
74 and 75!
What do you mean, naked?
- Yes. For the study of the movement.
- No. No.
From this moment forward,
we only photograph nude subjects!
Hold on a second.
Naked studies?
In front of the camera,
there is only action.
That will discredit all of our work.
An action of naked women?
And of men, too?
This is science!
Yes, agreed.
Well, if you think we're just going to
help you photograph erotic photos...
I am an honest man.
Don't be so ignorant, Bell.
And you, Rondinella?
Tadd, they'll kick us out.
Damn all of you.
- Any luck?
- None.
Eadweard, there ain't no goddamn way
I'm going out there... Like this.
What is your concern?
It's a diaper.
It's a goddamn diaper.
It's a pelvis cloth.
It's called a pelvis cloth.
I look like a straight ol' dick.
We need to see the body.
You got any idea what'll happen
if I wore a diaper while I worked?
Hot metal, Eadweard.
I work with hot metal.
Let me speak plainly to you.
These photographs will be seen by
the world, scientists, doctors,
dancers, artists,
Some goddamn artist's
gonna paint a picture,
and everybody gonna be wearing diapers?
Well, I sincerely doubt it,
but they will have an
excellent example of form,
an exquisite specimen, if I may,
of a strong, masterful blacksmith.
Shall we, then?
It's a goddamn diaper, Eadweard.
Only if you fill it with shit.
- Are we ready?
- Ready.
Sir, we're losing the light.
Will this work?
Do your action!
Do it!
- Did we get the series?
- We got it.
Thank you.
You can go.
Eadweard, I heard you've been shut down.
No, no, we're just... We're running a
little short on volunteers at the studio.
Uninhibited women. I think that's
what you're asking for, right?
Listen, I'm not looking for...
I need to see the movement, Thomas.
I need to see...
- I can pay. - No, this is
not a brothel, Eadweard.
The women and men are here for the art,
for the thrill.
And I just have to say,
my lord, you are in incredible shape.
Do you mind if I...
stop it.
I beg your pardon,
but I am a tremendous connoisseur
of the human body.
Look, I'm fairly certain
I can persuade them,
and I will send you some models
on the condition that
I can model for you.
- All right then. - And perhaps you can
model for me sometime? - Like this?
- Very nice. Okay, hold that.
- Eadweard?
- Flora...- Eadweard...
- What are you doing?
- All right, all right.
- Muybridge!
His models aren't as refined as you.
You're decent!
- Spontaneous! Feminine!
- You see me that way, they don't.
I hate refined! I don't want
them to look at you that way.
It's indecent.
That's you. That's your mind.
In my mind, I'm not being indecent.
You're putting that on me!
- I am protecting you.
- Protecting me?
From whom, Eadweard?
- Eakins? - Him?
- Yes.
- Are you kidding? What about
your models? - Subjects.
It's the same goddamn thing.
You just want to see them naked.
It's not about seeing them nude,
it's about the movement of the body!
If it is about the movement,
then let me model.
Let me model.
You can't answer, can you?
I just wonder
where all the ugly women
in your studies are.
Where were you?
What are you doing?
- Where were you planning on going?
- You broke open the lock?
- Are you planning a trip?
- This is mine. - Answer me.
You don't trust me.
You've packed a trunk full of
your clothes. What am I to think?
That I'm running away?
Maybe I should.
Maybe I should go,
rather than live like this.
- Like what?
- By myself!
You don't exist. You're like one of
your goddamn pictures, Eadweard.
For good reason, it seems.
Now, where were you planning on going?
I'm pregnant.
I'm pregnant.
I was packing up the things
that wouldn't fit anymore.
Flora, my flower...
We got one of Eakins' models here today.
She's been waiting over an hour.
- Right, right.
- No, you're not hearing me.
One of... Eakins' models.
Oh, yes, that's good.
Good, good.
My apologies for keeping you waiting.
What would you like me to do?
Yes, you will sweep, sweep.
Sweep without any clothes on?
- Naked, right?
- Nude, yes.
Aren't you wanting to see
something more exciting?
Oh, this is exciting.
If you say so.
- Would you like to practice one?
- No, I don't need to.
- I know how to sweep.
- All right.
- Do you want me to undress now?
- Yes.
We're ready.
Are you ready?
Uh... should we leave?
All right.
Hold! Hold!
Expose the plates.
This will just take a moment.
- What's your background?
- Irish.
We're ready.
Thank you.
And complete.
Oh, right.
Here you go.
And thank you.
It was nice meeting you.
Bye- bye.
Thank you.
Eh... that was good.
- Complete. - Did we get it?
- Can we do it again? - No.
We're missing some plates.
- Sir, we're missing plates
from the darkroom. - What?
I think someone stole them.
I don't know.
Which ones?
Some of the nude series.
The female ones?
Bloody hell.
What's the next series?
Woman pouring a bucket of water
over a seated companion.
You do not have approval
to continue taking lewd photos!
I wasn't looking for approval.
- You should have, because I'm shutting
you down. - Are we set? - Electrics.
This is a university, not a whore house,
where all patrons...
male patrons...
photograph their self- indulgences!
I'm afraid you are seeing
this in the wrong light.
- We see it in the light
and glory of our lord. - No...
Science has nothing to learn
from the wiggle of a naked girl's behind!
I strip away the clothes not to see the
flesh, but to better see the motion.
If I could, I would strip away
the flesh to see the muscle,
then strip muscle to see bone.
I'd even throw away the very skeleton
to see the essence of an action.
That is what I'm interested in.
Your nonsense only affirms your madness.
You're right.
Eadweard, don't.
Hold on.
Don't do this.
Setting up for a new series!
What's the subject?
Man, walking.
Age 50.
You have a run of the
devil in you, Eadweard.
Stop this!
Oh, my God...
I will not be taken advantage of here!
Eadweard, may I enter?
Who is it?
Number 33?
I came back to model.
I've covered the plates.
You can open the flap.
I'd like you to wear this
around your waist for tomorrow.
This stick?
Yes. For practice.
I can show you.
Turn around.
This stick
will analyze the movement of your hips.
The stick will swing,
revealing the precise angle,
and perhaps...
We'll discover the formula for grace.
You think you can make the
formula for anything?
I never thought I was the type of girl
to do something like this.
I realized today
I haven't been inspired by anything
or anyone in so long,
until all this, and...
I keep talking
because I'm not sure if
you're going to or not.
Talk, I mean.
I guess I'll take my clothes off now.
Out there.
Was someone just here?
I heard footsteps.
There was no one here, Eadweard.
I know what I heard.
What is this one, and why is she dressed?
Sir, this is "an unmarried
woman undresses."
Are we ready, then?
Go ahead.
Why are you always staring?
It's beautiful.
It's strange.
It's strange, Eadweard.
I can't tell if you're looking
at me, or... I don't know.
Looking at what?
Jesus, I don't know.
Examining how I move?
Like a study?
Like one of your studies, Eadweard?
If you're going to photograph
me then photograph me,
or go photograph your naked girls.
You have carrot in your beard.
We had carrots on Monday.
It's Thursday.
I think I could be this pregnant
I've never been this warm.
It's this little baby,
like a little pot of tea in my belly.
I'm sorry.
I just need to finish these studies.
I need more.
Once I am finished,
I will take you back to San Francisco
and have our boy see our ocean.
I promise.
I like it here.
I do.
I don't need the ocean.
Did you see each other?
Did I see who?
- Are you crazy?
- Answer me.
Did you see her?
Step aside.
Hey, fancy a smoke?
You stay away from my wife.
Oh, you've got it all wrong, my man.
If I ever see you again,
I assure you it will
be for the last time.
Is that all right with you?
I have the church group,
and the investors.
Your naked men and women
running around my campus...
However, I no longer have the
resources to defend myself
or you anymore.
I already told you this.
It's time to print.
I'm not asking here.
Is everything all right with you?
Let's shoot.
I said, are we ready, Tadd?
Eadweard, we can't waltz without music.
Someone sing a damn song.
Oh, the latch is stuck...
Did you want something different?
Sir! Let me try.
- Get your hand out of the way.
- What's happened?
Get down out of the way.
- Makes you wonder if there's a better system.
- No!
I think I know how it goes,
being the fucking inventor!
Sir, are you all right?
- What happened?
- Get off.
Can you...
can you take your hand away?
We need to look at it.
Sir, sit in the chair, please?
Thank you.
Get me a smoke!
What else?
What else, we need more.
- Chopping up food?
- No.
Man... crawls under a chair,
and partially turns...
No, we did that one.
- Whipping someone?
- No.
Stay still.
- Spinning a top?
- No.
- What about what we're doing now?
- What?
Sitting, standing?
We're talking to each other.
- We have no photos of that.
- And what is the action?
The action is talking, arguing.
You can't see talking.
- How about using the toilet?
- What?
I don't know, a woman using the toilet?
That's something we do every day.
So, what is the series, Rondinella?
Tell me.
Oh, I don't know.
Oh, stop it.
I'm asking you.
What is it
you're trying to see?
What is the action you're looking for?
You want to see her cunt, maybe?
Excuse me.
Is that what you want to see?
No, you're talking crazy.
- Get out. - Why are my suggestions
any different than any of yours?
- Most of your studies are
of naked women. - Get out!
How is she?
I got all of it out.
It'll depend on the scarring.
It's unfortunate circumstance, Eadweard,
but I'm very glad to have met you.
What about deformities?
Have you photographed that?
I work out of the asylum.
Blockley Hospital.
Hold him still! Hold him down!
Can we photograph this?
Relax, relax...
Thump-thump, thump-thump...
Wouldn't that be something to witness?
To capture?
Find me such a subject.
- Are you suggesting...
- Yes, I am. It must be.
I got it. I got it, sir.
Very good...
Yes, very good.
Sir, I found the subject.
Thump- thump, thump- thump.
Good. Good, good, good.
Tadd, why do you look so glum?
We're about to see its ticker beat.
Go on.
There it is.
I feel it.
Inside each and every animal
is a consistent and steady action
that connects us all.
A motion beneath the skin, and the bones,
the blood...
encased in darkness,
hidden inside each and every one of us...
most never to be seen.
The very first motion of life.
My boy...
My little Floredo.
Am I dreaming?
It's something I've been working on.
I call it a zoopraxiscope.
It's wonderful.
It's a "life viewer."
It's alive.
I call it "elephant walking."
He walks, and he walks,
and never gets tired.
And then...
And then he walks again.
It's beautiful.
Isn't it?
I've never seen anything like this.
No one has.
It's a trick of the eye.
Your mind strings the pictures together
and creates life.
Is this how you see the world?
A series of little moments?
It's beautiful, Eadweard.
And I'm finished.
It's the chemicals.
What is that?
That photograph of Floredo.
The baby.
It's a photograph of the baby, Eadweard.
Come here.
It's not one of my photos.
Who took it?
Eadweard, don't.
"Little Harry."
Little Harry...
You've lied to me.
My baby...
My boy is gone.
Where did this come from?
Where did this come from?
A letter.
I would like to see this
letter from Harry Larkyns.
Thank you.
I remember you in the last game...
Mr. Larkyns,
I have a message for you from my wife.
Thump-thump, thump-thump...
I apologize for ruining your evening.
Yes, your honour,
we have reached a unanimous verdict.
We unanimously reject the defense
of "not guilty by reason of insanity"
as all evidence points to a
man that was clear- thinking,
and acting in an obviously
premeditated fashion.
This was a man who,
while in complete control of his actions,
made the choice to execute Harry Larkyns.
Harry Larkyns,
the lying, cheating, philandering seducer
that stole the heart of this man's wife,
and defiled their marriage
and goddammit, your honour,
I would have shot the
son of a bitch myself.
So, to the charge of murder,
we find the defendant not guilty
by reason of doing the right thing.
Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round!
The kinetoscope.
For a nickel,
see the world dance in your eyes...
Flicker on your soul.
For only a nickel,
you will have a chance
to see the world's first moving pictures.
Step right up. Right this way...