Early to Bed (1928) Movie Script

From 1927 to 1940, LAUREL & HARDY made
marvelous short subjects and feature films
at the Hal Roach Studios, earning
praise as the greatest comedy team
ever produced by the movies or television.
The world has never stopped laughing.
We are pleased to present newly restored and
painstakingly preserved original version
of these comedy masterworks.
Transfered to safety film from finest
surviving 35 mm elements, all are complete,
most have reinstated original titles, and
two even contain new footage
never before released!
The KirchGroup takes pride in preserving
these classics for future generations.
Early to Bed
9 a,m, to 10 a.m. That important hour when
financial kings of the world open the mail.
I'm rich!
My uncle has left me a fortune!
What's to become of me?
I'll make you my butler.
And so it came to pass that
Hardy Manor had a new butler.
3 a.m. The Master's birthday.
Many happy birthday's.
This is the first cake I ever made,
I never took a lesson.
Faithfully Stan. Head Butler.
The Master. Carrying just enough
champagne to make his nose tickle.
Tonight I met the most gorgeous
creature in the world.
And she has a maid,
a beautiful maid.
But she's Chinese.
Shh! Buster's asleep!
Have you been drinking, Sir?
You're going to bed!
I don't want to to bed, I want to play.
I'll go to bed, but you've
got to catch me first.
You're out!
I was only trying to do my duty.
You've worn me pink,
I'm going to bed.
Wake up! Take a look at
my new Spring outfit!
I'm through, I'm leaving in the morning.
You can't leave, I won't let you!
My bill - for services to date.
You're not quitting, I won't let you!
I'll make you fire me!
Be careful!
You might break something!
You're frothing at the mouth!
Yo've gone mad!
I want blood!
Warm blood!
Let's forgive and forget,
and be pals agains.
The End