Earthling (2010) Movie Script

C.O.C. here Donley
We found something above.
Here with us ...
within the PPM.
The capsule is contaminated.
Jim and Alexi ...
are dead.
Request quarantine.
Negative, no signs
damage to the system.
Prepare EVAC.
Glen Carrig, answer.
C.O.C., cancel EVAC.
I repeat: NO EVAC.
Releasing pressure.
Do not release the pressure.
I repeat: do not release the pressure.
Glen Carrig, answer.
Glen Carrig, answer.
Glen Carrig, answer.
Falls occurred
sporadic stream in three countries
although it has been restored and energy
at the plants.
They are investigating reports yet
confirmed this solar phenomenon.
Has not been linked to the loss of
communication with Glen Carrig
in the international space station
which turned out to be in an orbit
at the time of the incident
that NASA officials
termed "" atmospheric phenomenon "."
How long does it take Dilantin?
I'm not sure.
Some ... 10 years.
When was your last episode?
It always happens.
What ... what is it?
What happened to me?
Have I had a stroke?
Her husband has brought him new clothes.
What happened
the clothes he wore?
Cape Canaveral while ...
the shuttle Endeavor prepares
to go on a rescue mission
the abandoned space station.
Typically, a release of this
type requires months of planning,
but with the damage produced
on the outside of the station,
time is a critical issue
for astronauts ...
What happened?
Well, he's had an accident.
He must have passed out in an attack,
he went off the road
and struck a tree.
It is a miracle that has no
serious injury.
I do not remember anything.
It is normal.
Let's change the medication.
Sometimes, the body becomes immune.
It's rare, but it happens ...
You can continue to take it orally.
What happened with clothes
There was a lot of blood.
At first we thought
I could have suffered a tear,
but we saw in the analysis
I was 13 weeks pregnant ...
I'm so sorry.
I'm going to call her husband.
Be right back.
"" We have not seen anything like it,
can only be compared to ...
an atmospheric disturbance. ""
These were the words
John Penbrooke,
chief phenomena
in the press office at NASA.
But it remains a mystery
what kind of atmospheric disturbance ...
could cause the death of two astronauts.
I want a second opinion.
We can do it.
Appointment and ask ...
That does not mean that we do not continue
meanwhile trying, right?
God does not make sense.
Come ...
I try to be there ...
for you, you know?
Thank you.
Jude, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Hey, I'm Chinese.
Want some?
No. .. nothing.
I want nothing, thank you.
You have to eat, honey.
I'm fine.
I'm going.
Just let me know you're okay.
You'll be okay, right?
I'm fine.
I appetite.
Everything will be fine.
Hey Jude.
- Hello ...
- Hello!
Happy Hour after
the parent meeting,
Are you coming?
He had forgotten me.
Nothing happens.
We just plan ...
No, no ...
I have not prepared.
Aunt ...
You'll do fine.
Look at me.
Well, I'll ask you
once more
and you're gonna tell me.
Remember who you're talking.
Are you okay?
I'm fine Meredith.
Thank you.
If you need anything, anything,
you know who your girl.
I know.
Thank you.
So, are you coming?
I'll be there.
The right to life is the most basic
our rights.
This right, like all others,
also involves a choice.
Djankov entitles
to remain silent ...
and voting rights entitling
The right to die
is part of the right to live.
The right to life can not be compared
other rights.
In the other,
You can change your mind
to exercise your right
at any time.
When you choose death,
no turning back.
No turning back.
Participate in death
another person is ...
Abby Glint.
Is Glint?
They sent me
of John Addams.
Sorry I'm late ...
It is a large school.
How beautiful!
Can we continue?
Participate in death
another person
is depriving
any future decision ...
and is therefore unethical.
People with terminal illnesses
has a horrible fate ahead.
Their bodies fell gradually.
Where are you?
Come on, John.
Come on, John.
Where are you?
You can take me.
You can take me.
John, where are you?
- Aupa.
- Sit.
- You are finished.
- How much did you drink?
Okay, kid.
Get out.
Get out before I call
your parents.
Das a lot of work.
Thank you.
Nothing happens.
No, I want to thank you.
- You have always been there.
- I know, I know.
I know, I've always been there.
Stephen is lucky.
Do you?
Did you say?
I will.
You know what time it is?
How about if we take
home, Jules?
So do not show up tomorrow
reeking of gin and tonics.
Gin and tonic for you and me.
Reeking of gin and tonics.
I love you.
I love you.
You're my number one black.
Black number one.
I got it!
Do you drive, no?
Did you just call black?
I think so.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Are you okay?
You're sweating.
I'm fine.
We'll have to talk about this.
The ashes of the two astronauts
You will be returned to space
an unmanned rocket
that will disintegrate in the atmosphere,
shedding his mortal remains vacuum
that for a time called home.
The wife of Russian cosmonaut Alexi Vasiliev,
in a press conference,
affirmed that it had wanted
the two brave comrades.
While preparations are completed
for launch
the only survivor,
Pilot Sean Donnelly,
it remains in a coma
since their rescue three weeks ago,
has been transferred to his home,
where you will receive family care.
Hello Miss H. ..
Want to drugs?
You know I can kick you for this.
Are you this dumb?
- No, wait, you just smoked.
- Where did you get it?
Miss H, we can not say.
We will.
- No, no.
- Wait.
It has given her.
Jude, we need to talk.
Why do not you get down?
The state covers it.
I need to work.
This is not the place for
solve your problems, Jude.
Now I have a lot of crap APA ...
So you're fired?
No, I'm just asking ....
I'm begging
values ??your options.
Always have room here.
I do not want to see you make a mistake
it endangers.
Work with children ...
Failure and ...
You know how it is!
I think.
I will.
I promise.
You're back early.
Jude, what happens?
I have to leave.
Where are you going?
Things work.
Hey, Jude.
- Look, I'm late.
- Jude.
What did you smoke
with the guys from the store?
Were you smoking weed?
I'm sure Judith
have smoked marijuana in college.
Such rumors
are not good.
Nothing happens, Izzy.
Yes, Meridith,
I was smoking weed.
I just smoke a giant thud
with fumetas of gym class.
I'm not judging.
Lives through another person, Mer.
Nobody cares.
Not so.
It never has been.
Hey ... Jules!
Here you have a good harvest!
Yes, just what I needed ...
Finishing the list
Shit Lake Jude.
I have to say ...
you're the new bitch
Wheel, girl.
There's a new sheriff in town.
Is that not your student, Jude?
You really have given a beer
a girl?
You're staring,
and the Village of the Damned.
It's scary.
It's very scary.
I'm going to ask these guys
the bar to come with us.
It's getting on your nerves.
Remember Matt Firth?
He was the guy who was
in 3rd last year.
Come, come ...
I wrote a lot
love letters ...
the cast has my fucking mailbox.
My husband found the ...
I believe ... and a lover.
It is worth, the truth is ...
I do not know ... I've thought a lot.
No, seriously ...
I have everything ... planned.
He and his friends
often go to get drunk ...
Sack ... the Save-and-Highland.
I appear there,
pretending to be shopping,
with my bag ...
meet him and say ...
... "" Oh, god. Hello. ""
"" What are you doing here? ""
Give it a quick chat
on alcohol and minors.
And then I would offer to
take him home to sleep it off.
Slept it off you?
Why not?
And then what?
And then what?
There goes your whole life ...
With career and ... everything.
I will call the parents of this child.
Since it's a girl!
Oh, fuck no, Izzy!
Oh, shit!
I need to show you something.
What the hell ...?
What was that?
This is not right.
Well, that is what makes
Look, we can not do what you think
we are about to do.
And what we are
about to do?
God, I know exactly
what you're thinking.
I'm not ...
I'm not like you think I am.
But you're here ...
in the car, in the middle of the night.
Look, I know what they say about me
the other kids in school.
This has nothing to do.
This is much better.
Here we are.
Will you be more specific
or it enters your paper studied
girl "" outsider ""?
Are you going well?
Stay close, miss.
Here are wolves.
Okay, look, I wear a dress
and sandals,
so, perhaps,
Can you give me a break.
Nothing happens.
We're almost there.
Do not move.
Want some?
No, thank you.
Best ... more for me.
You're a switchboard
illegal substances, right?
The last time I checked,
whiskey was not illegal.
Ah, okay, yes,
to be minor and that.
He had forgotten me.
And all those petty criminals
you toquetean marijuana.
Hey, a girl has to do something
to get attention.
Well, you know.
How did you become a history teacher?
Social Studies.
Social studies, you're right.
What is it?
Is this why you brought me here?
For professional guidance ...?
I do not know.
It can ...
I know nothing about you, Abby. I do not know.
- What you do not know?
- Why did you bring me here?
You know why I brought you here.
No, nothing happens.
I knew you could not go wrong.
What you get?
I have taken all.
Let me see.
Let me see.
Let me see your pills.
Come on, trust me, okay?
How do you know?
Trust me.
You do not have epilepsy.
It was an accident ...
It has been altered.
We did something.
As a child I used to come here a lot
with my father.
I never really knew
why he brought me here,
but ... now I remember.
There's something there.
Your attacks are ...
Your brain is struggling
Find out more about us,
where we come from.
I've been dreaming about you
long time.
At the begining I thought it was coincidence,
but then I realized ...
they're real
and I know ...
And that's why I'm here.
I'm here for you.
Not sure how much you mean to me.
Honey, I do not know.
I am your teacher.
Recently I am your teacher.
Look well, okay?
Because when you put
like mine ...
'll remember.
I do not know what you want from me.
I just wanted to help, okay?
I know things about you ...
things never
you told anyone.
I know you're infertile.
You can not have children.
Kill you.
Your mother died giving birth,
You have also been
having dreams ...
like everyone else.
There are others like us.
And who wants
you've been dreaming,
is as much a part of you
as you are of me.
You reject me ...
like everyone else.
No, Abby ...
I do not understand ...
Everything is so real.
I feel like I've missed
all my life
and you do not even know who you are.
Who am I?
We are.
This is what we have become.
I can not do it.
Do not do this.
Not me.
Hi, Dad.
Think you want to know,
but do not want ...
You've been blaming
the death of my mother a lifetime.
And you've hidden something.
I've always known.
- Miss Head.
- God!
We need to talk, okay?
Stop following me.
What ... if you follow my daughter?
I just want to talk ...
Had you been here before?
You'll love it.
Need help?
Voila! Lake.
Someone has bathed naked.
Is that why you brought me?
I do not know ... I could be.
Check it.
What else is there?
Hey ...
Leave that is not ours.
I did not know you work for the FBI.
Well, let's sit down.
A take off our shoes ...
And ... to smoke one.
I can.
Do not worry.
Hey, come here.
I'll recharge.
Okay ... Minty!
To ... Abby!
Is there anyone else here?
No, no one.
Just us.
Okay, that's enough.
I'm not.
Okay, Donna. I'm pretty sure
that the herb does not make you gay.
Well, to you it is becoming gay.
And what do you see in that?
Someone is watching us.
Nobody is watching.
You are paranoid.
Is Rob.
Is Rob. I knew it.
Damn, I knew. Rob always.
Okay ...
Well, it's a lake, right?
We will give you a
little show.
Hi, guys.
Hey ... come on! Come on!
- What the fuck?
- Come on. Come!
- OK! Relax. Let me put on my shoes.
- No. .. Come on now!
Leave me alone!
Where are we going?
Stop here. OK?
- Yes Sit.
- Why?
Oh ... God! God ...
What's this?
God, let me!
I will not hurt you, okay?
I need you to calm down a moment.
Very well.
Calm down!
Get away from me.
We come back and we can not.
We must return. I'm going back.
We can not go back. Why do I do this?
I can not stop. Why do it?
Do not do this. Do not do this.
Do not do this.
Do not do this.
I think of you.
I'm going.
Sean. Sean.
Nothing happens.
Nothing happens.
I'm here.
I'm fine here.
Are you okay?
Nothing happens.
I see nothing.
And what is that?
It is normal.
Look, I told you.
Listen, I know I've been bad ...
probably now
do not feel yourself.
But I assure
what you are feeling
is the result
of a normal brain functioning.
Basic traumatic response,
just that. And he will.
Normal brain operation??
Well ... but wish to consult
someone else.
Ok. I can contact
with a specialist.
How John Tender?
What's this?
Well, it's your boss
neuropsychiatry, right?
The Tender Doctor does not work here
a while.
He was fired.
Well, you can say so.
Or how could I say?
John Tender is a junkie
and a thief ...
and also, at least
responsible for the death
from our patients.
Would be in jail if he found.
Why do all this?
Because it's not the first seizure of
temporal lobe, interrogating me about it.
Are you going to tell the rest?
You know what, I should not have said
what I just said.
Well, at least you can tell me
if any of the other epileptic
temporal lobe is this?
These tumors, right?
And you do not know what they are,
or how to remove them.
I need to talk to someone.
Are you Morris?
Can I?
I am Judith.
You Morris, right?
What is happening to us?
John Tender.
Was your doctor?
He said you know.
Know what?
You saw her.
You know where it is.
You'll take it.
God, do not even know
Why do coming here.
You have no choice.
Want an aspirin?
Where are we?
In my van.
The others are provided.
I wanted to be a moment
alone with you.
Look, I'm sorry.
We did not know how to help
What the hell is that?
It's complicated.
Are you afraid?
You must not be afraid.
Nothing happens.
Why would I be afraid?
Not what it seems.
There's a body in a tomb.
He hurt her.
I'll explain soon.
What's this?
God. Honey, are you okay?
We have to get her out of here.
He's waiting.
Matthew found me.
He dreamed me.
Dad did not want to help her.
Her father had locked in the
drugged basement for weeks.
We are all connected
for our dreams as ...
... The links of a chain.
Who dreamed, Judith?
They killed the father of this child.
God, you're okay.
Look, it's a just punishment, right?
He killed her in the end after all.
We incompatible, right?
We can not have their children
and they can not be
have ours, is fatal.
She's pregnant!
Did you hurt your father?
Have you seen a doctor?
You do not need a doctor.
You know what you need.
Okay, you know what?
Come on, honey.
Let's go.
You're wrong to think what we are.
Know what we are, OK?
Judith, do not go.
He needs you.
We need you.
We can not leave without you.
He'd take us home.
Did Sean?
Are you okay?
Are you sick?
I'm fine.
I just can not sleep.
Do you need anything?
A Melatonin?
Call me if you need me.
He told me that my mother
had an affair ...
I was not even her daughter ..
All this time,
without even suspecting it.
All my life ...
It has taken me ... blame
of what happened.
Would not you like to know know
nothing from my mother.
I should be relieved, right?
It was not me ...
It was ... something else.
This came out of his mouth.
It grew inside her ... within
of our dead mothers.
I do not want this.
I'm cold.
I do not feel very well.
Go! I forget how young you are.
I'm not that young.
Yes, you are ... almost a child.
Remember ... I'm not a girl okay?
Also, I've forgotten more
than you will ever know.
No, wait, wait ...
Forgotten more
than I'll never know ...
Never mind ... forget it!
You know what I mean!
Come on ... I'm not a girl.
Get it!
Now that we smoked a little, is
when swimming without bikini.
I'm not going to bathe naked with you.
Come on! Come!
Okay ... but ...
... Do not know what you're missing.
This Site may be illuminating.
Are you sure?
Who dreamed, Judith?
Have you ever had a lucid dream?
I do not know ...
But this place ... ...
Causes things ... people,
When it starts,
carried all before.
All the confusion, everything ....
Ok, ok ...
I am Commander Sean Donnelly,
American crew chief ...
representing NASA ISS
Glen Carring ...
Father Ryan Donnelly ... Sister: Joy ...
Hometown: Fort Wayne, lndiana ...
Got it?
You are right!
- Do you remember?
- Yes
Got it?
It's great.
I know!
I know!
Thank you.
Ok ...
Nothing happens ...
Where did you learn to do that?
John Tender.
He discovered it.
And the sheath too?
What did you see exactly?
Come on! Do not change the subject.
Ah ... well ... it's a ... a ship.
Like a boat?
Yes Sort of.
I think I know where it is!
Sure ... you know?
Tender not want us to go.
He would have done anything
to prevent it.
I do not know.
Perhaps he came to like his humanity.
One of you killed him.
Your father was right
that you're not his daughter.
The slug is your brain.
It is part of your body.
Was deposited with the egg of your mother
when you were conceived.
It's your real father ...
So live and what we live and Tender knew.
How was I to stop them?
The sheath has been broadcasting
dreams and thoughts of Tender,
"" The destruction of the sheath,
signal ...
And then ... forget this ever happened. ""
How is it possible that the two
despertasemos us the same day?
You seem to know a lot more than me.
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
God, I'm sorry.
I've tried.
What have you tried?
I found out there.
I returned to the water so that it could
start again.
Is that why you brought that girl?
You were going to impregnate her!
He deserved another chance ...
It's murder, Abby!
It is murder!
It is survival.
Check out
the date of publication.
John Tender knew what we were ...
even before they take place
alteration ...
experiments, all.
He knew what would happen.
What will happen?
We fell asleep
for a reason, Jude.
We should never have awakened!
Do not know what's going on here with you.
Remembering is ...
... It's too painful!
Well, go back to sleep.
We start ...
No! It does not work like that!
The sheath is too close now.
It will not stop
until we join her.
Or that destroy it?
You show me your bunny?
What's it called?
Hello, Milktoast.
Is that your boy?
What's your name?
His name is James.
Abby says that if I die,
I return.
You're not going to die.
Nothing happens.
I'm not afraid.
I saw you ...
... With your father.
They did not want to!
They asked if I dreamed it.
If you wanted to go home with them.
They said it was my choice.
No, honey.
That's what they want you to think.
No, it was my choice.
I told them to.
I told them it was okay.
Why have you been?
I do not know.
I guess that's the same as you.
I think you're here to protect.
You know what I think?
What, honey?
I think we were born
at different times,
but we have the same age.
Our important part is the same.
That's why we're here.
It was very wise ...
what you did to my daughter on the lake.
What? Are you afraid you have told me
what you did to your old friend Tender?
Think I killed John.
I honestly do not give a shit
what you think.
All I need is the name
with dreamed that.
You have not told you the fix
in which we are involved?
We gotta get out of here.
These tumors ...
Yes, we are sick.
Understand something.
Great, because Morris
is no longer of this world.
Okay, I saw it.
At the lake, I saw what I saw.
I left here,
I do not know how long.
But remember ...
and I know you do too.
We become human
to survive
Judith and now ... we're dying!
It is a symbiosis, without that
we're just meat, shells ...
So you have to tell me the name.
Because it has the seed.
Why do not you give us a try?
Do not you understand that there is a girl
Hence little is sick ...
and it seems that no
gives a shit?
Look, if you want to get into my brain,
Salt yours!
I thought you already exceeded that.
Well, sorry to disappoint.
I can not afford to wait
to change your mind.
Now you're going to say the name ...
I've seen what you're capable
and you will not let anything or anyone
gets in your way.
If you think you're going to intimidate ...
Nice place to ... because
with me you will not be able to.
I'll have to get it off
force, right?
I can quit
if you give me the name.
I will not hurt you!
Tell me!
No! No.
Come on, baby!
Do not leave me.
Thanks for having me.
I would have liked it to be
in other circumstances, but ...
It's okay, Jack.
We're glad you're here.
Jack, what ...
What do you need?
Well, it's hard to explain.
Sean has gone through many
difficult situations.
Lacked oxygen and subjected
the effect of the elements.
As hypothermia could have ....
Do not talk about me as if I was not ...
And ... I'm not in a coma!
Sorry. I am not prepared to
this, or for any similar situation.
Now ...
What is there to ... your memory?
Well, I have a number of
exercises to cause ...
Wait .... ... give me a minute.
What are they?
Not really.
Rather ... number sequences.
Not very traditional ...
... But has been very successful
in some of the long-term tests.
God, Jack.
I was taught to do.
Its operation is based
cognitive disconnection
separation of brain functions.
Light prepares the brain
to think sequentially.
It does this a few times
the beginning of each round.
Sean has to cover the eye
indicating the letter.
You read the number in front of you
Sean and repeats that he has before,
which is a different number.
This causes a dissonance
forcing her memory ...
and the logical part of the brain.
Basically, remove the cobwebs.
are flashcards.
We prefer to call mnemonic.
It's a mouthful.
And this will make you remember?
I know it sounds absurd, but it works.
How much?
I think we should leave him alone.
He is suffering dad.
He has not rested at all.
He rested a lot.
Sorry to intrude.
Is there a problem?
Jack, my son had problems
when I was very small.
Now we waste
of these problems.
I do not want them back.
I'm his friend, Ryan.
I've seen his psychological report.
I hid so he could
go into space.
I know about their attacks.
It has not had any
since I was 10.
I'm going to bed.
Good night.
Good night.
I leave the cards here.
I think about it.
Are you okay?
Jack wants me to write something
on the rocket,
something about Alexi and Jim.
As a tribute.
Yeah, well, I think sometimes I forget
how recent is this for you.
He is right.
He means well.
Sean, I can they ask you something?
What do you remember exactly?
We received a signal ...
as an electromagnetic pulse ...
It was weird.
Whatever it was,
coming straight at us.
Looked like it had launched
against us.
I felt I was coming straight towards me.
We took it, we break quarantine ...
and that thing transmitted
by our own radio.
That's all I remember.
- No.
- Come ...
It can work.
- Yes
- Okay, here.
Enough light.
It has taught me to do.
I have to.
Yes, come.
Enough light.
Okay, now do this seriously.
Okay, this is ridiculous.
I feel stupid.
I did it to protect you.
I know, right?
What did you do?
Alexi and Jim.
They did not understand ...
... Your song.
What song?
Son Jack whores cards.
Look at me.
Need you to tell me I'm not crazy.
Need you to tell me you saw.
The dream.
Our dream.
You're hurting me.
Not sleep, Sean.
I'm going to bed.
I survived for a reason.
I'm here for a reason.
Just like you.
What you're feeling
is the survival skill.
You were chosen to live.
Simply went well.
No, you put a book
in my room.
How did you get here?
Wine while you were in a coma.
John Tender knew us.
He knew we were there.
I knew I would find a way
to reach us.
While we were there, dying,
I knew it would work because I heard.
Do you understand?
You scare me.
I do not mean to scare you.
We were predestined
We've been apart for a long time,
I had forgotten.
We need to be together.
You're my sister.
Not me.
Birdie is.
Are you coming to get me?
Baby, I need to see.
Please pick me up.
I'm getting nervous.
I'm getting nervous and I know
you're mad at me, I know.
I had to see.
You're sick.
Yeah, well ...
Here's how it works.
I remember you.
I remember you even
before you had name.
Up in the vacuum
long time.
It was you.
Not possible.
Do not understand why I
I had to come after you?
You are my wife.
What are you doing?
Why are you doing this?
I can hear you.
Why are you doing this?
Because you love me.
Yes, 1312 East Rosewood.
What are you doing?
Check one direction.
You stole me.
You gave it to me.
When we join.
It was what you wanted, right?
Why did you do that?
I do not know.
Tell me!
I thought ...
you needed.
No, this is what I needed.
You can not go for it!
You said it yourself, just
There are two ways to stop this ..
That thing is alive and will not destroy
something not even know what it is.
Do not talk to the sheath.
Remember nothing of the sheath.
I have.
Tender taught me.
He taught me everything.
- What do you teach?
- To you!
You are the reason
why we're here
in this ... in this rock,
in these bodies.
God, you have no idea what I
seen, the things you taught me.
We were drifting.
We attracted their thoughts,
their minds.
It was like drawing us gravity,
and saw ...
saw what had
inside their heads.
We saw how loved
and was something that none of us ...
I had never felt.
And you taught me ...
It was what we wanted.
No sheath.
Or else, just for you and me.
And find this place ...
You wanted to settle down here ...
and I accepted
because I wanted to be with you.
We've attracted here.
We have drawn the water.
It is our fault and no one ...
no one can know.
Have you killed a Tender?
I did it for you.
No! No!
Not for me!
We can not go back.
He's dead.
Everything is dead up there.
We no longer have to be dead as well.
We can be like them.
We can be human!
Tender knew about Sean and mine ...
Not ... and as desperate to
you cut her throat.
If we return to it and joined,
lose everything that we are.
God up there ...
Up there ... we are nothing!
We're just waste.
This is what we wanted.
What is that we were, or you
you believed we were, you're done.
Now I have a name
and I'll never be your ...
... Woman.
Are you going to see my father?
I go for Maris, and I'll
go see the damn pod
And him?
Yeah, and you to it!
What do you think is for you?
Do you think he cares who you are?
In what you've become?
Your life here?
I do not know, Abby, you have a plan
for all of us, right?
You think you can save your humanity
but you've already lost.
You can not even see it.
I need to know what it is.
Fuck you.
Fuck you for doing this.
This is not only for us, Abby.
You took everything.
Now there is nothing left.
What the hell is that?
Something wrong with Joy.
You have to take her to the doctor.
They are dead.
As birdie.
No! No!
They are gone ...
... And it has been Maris.
Yes, I know.
I'll take you.
Morris was ill.
It's your fault.
Morris was to take with her.
Or do not you know that Abby
try to save?
Who is Birdie?
It's your sister.
Your real sister.
She died when you were born.
They had to separate from you.
Where do you think it is that scar?
Why did not you tell me?
Tell you??
You were obsessed.
No you ate.
Not sleeping. It took ten years
to make you to forget.
Now ...
Now you have two dead sisters.
Try to forget it.
Fuck! I have no fucking idea
where they will be.
Come to you.
Hey ...
You know what I did before all this?
He was director of marketing
Sloan & Richardson.
Remember that jingle,
"" Party flinger, flinger party ...
puts it in your face. ""
I wrote it.
OMG ...
Thanks for laugh.
I hated that ad.
Well, I did not say
it was good.
Do you feel better?
Let's take a walk.
Oh ... my baby!
Nothing happens.
We will seek help.
Go get help!
I'm not going anywhere, baby.
Nothing happens.
I panicked.
You came and ran.
Where is Abby?
Do not understand.
I want to go home.
I know what I do.
No, you do not.
Let me go.
I can not.
I can not.
It's in the basement.
Morris was dead when I arrived.
I can not do it alone.
I need your help
to end this.
Fuck you!
Tumbala, Jude.
Jude, she wanted this.
We have to help her get free.
No longer threatened!
Nothing can hurt you, okay?
Have you done that?
I give it back.
It's just a little girl.
She is not Maris!
This is Maris!
It's nothing, Jude.
She ...
... Had an abortion.
I love you.
I love you.
It's you.
It's you.
I'm so sorry.
I want to go home.
Jude ... come!
Come on!
Are you okay?
Get him out of here!
Be human, Jude.
It was you.
Your song.
It is yours.
Not a ship to take us home.
It is our mother.
I was waiting for John Tender.
He wanted me to know how it works,
if he could not.
I knew one of us
It was a bad person.
Yes, we can not survive here.
Need to retrieve their children.
It is part of us, as
we're it.
It is a tramp.
The Memorial rocket
leaves in less than a week.
I have prepared a capsule
to date him.
I intend to be in that capsule,
with sheath.
That's it.
The rocket disappear into the atmosphere.
And we will be free.
That is my goal.
My dream.
It is not known how long it has been
orbit, hoping that we return.
Fate put me on this path.
I will not leave now.
This is the can ...
I have left instructions.
We'll be there.
It will be sealed.
We still need
someone to drive.
Well, until recently,
intended to be my father.
I will.
The shove in the capsule.
I will send you all ... just tell me
where they need to send them.
Do not understand.
We are united.
Nine months before you were born
brought to a dead baby.
It was a girl.
I can not work with children.
It was the work of your mother.
He spent many nights here with her,
but she was not alone.
The father of the girl ...
I could not give him what he needed.
Nine months later, there you were.
He died when I saw.
Looking at the result of his indiscretion,
that's what killed her.
My dead sister is you.
I know.
I knew since I saw you.
I can not go with you.
This place ...
changes you.
It's what I wanted.
That's what she and I wanted.
Be alone.
Do not worry about me.
See you in your dreams.
A three-story rocket
to be released on Thursday ...
In an ironic ending to this story,
the surviving astronaut, Sean Donnelly,
died shortly after performing
A eulogy to their fallen comrades.
His remains, introduced
in a sealed urn,
have been delivered
to NASA officials.
He will join the rest of his crew,
into the unknown.
Abby Go ..!
I found it here
and returned to the water ...
So you can ...
start again.
Here's how you live.
Here's how we live.
He deserved another chance.