Earthquake Bird (2019) Movie Script

[announcement in Japanese over PA]
- [in Japanese] Good morning.
- Good morning.
[indistinct office chatter]
[in English] You're back.
Yes. Finally.
Did you see the news?
Oh, my God. Where is it?
[in Japanese]
Yamada-san, do you have the newspaper?
[speaking Japanese]
[in English] Here.
They're saying it could be Lily.
He asked me to give it to you.
- Anything else?
- What are you busting my ass for?
'Cause you could get me killed, Detective.
[muffled] Hey, Lucy. Lucy?
[indistinct chatter]
[police radio chatter]
[door opens]
I'm Detective Oguchi.
This is Detective Kameyama.
We have a few questions.
[speaking Japanese]
[in English] What is name?
- Louisa Fly.
- [speaking Japanese]
[in English]
It's on my alien registration card.
[detectives speaking Japanese]
[in English] How old?
It's on there, too.
[detectives speaking Japanese]
[in English] What is your job?
I'm a translator at Sasagawa.
[speaking Japanese]
[in Japanese] So you speak Japanese?
Of course.
You didn't say so.
I wasn't asked.
- Why was I not told she's a translator?
- Sorry, I didn't know.
[speaking Japanese]
- I didnt know she was such a smart ass.
- Be careful.
I understand everything.
I want you to tell me about the night
Lily Bridges disappeared.
From what we can tell,
you were the last person she spoke to.
We spoke for a minute or so.
She left.
So, I went back inside.
Not according to your neighbor.
She said a few minutes later, you left
your apartment without an umbrella.
I did.
So, it wasn't the last time
that you saw her?
- I didn't catch up with her.
- Why did you follow her?
She had something of mine.
I wanted it back.
- What was it?
- My coat.
So you spoke to her again?
No. I said I didn't find her.
You assumed she was going to the station?
- Is that strange?
- And you never saw her again?
Answer me!
How many times do I need to answer
the same question?
[Kameyama] Ms. Fly...
tell me, how long have you been in Japan?
Five years and two months.
You have family here?
No, just me.
What does your father do?
He's an electrician.
Brothers and sisters?
Seven brothers.
Six, actually.
One of them died.
- You are unmarried, of course.
- Of course.
- Do you have a boyfriend?
- No.
Are you sure?
Absolutely positive.
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
Shouldn't you ask permission?
I never ask.
Why not?
You lose the shot.
Don't people get annoyed?
I don't photograph people.
What do you take pictures of then?
That kind of thing.
But... you photographed me.
[in English] My name is Teiji.
Louisa Fly.
But everyone calls me Lucy Fly.
[Teiji] This is where I work.
[Lucy] Really?
What kind of camera is that?
Olympus OM-1.
It has a Zuiko lens, 50mm.
- Very fast.
- Interesting.
Is it?
- [slurps]
- Not really.
Just trying to make conversation.
Because that's what normal people do.
- But you are not normal.
- Neither are you.
So let's not pretend to be.
Let's just be honest with each other
from the beginning.
All day long, I watch people talk,
saying all kinds of things without saying
what they are really thinking.
what are you really thinking?
Tell me everything.
I dare you.
Well, the noodles are too hot,
and the broth is too salty.
This is the strangest date
I've ever been on, if it's even a date.
I probably shouldn't trust a stranger
that I've just met,
and I should probably leave.
Why don't you?
Because I'm attracted to you.
A little.
That's good.
Now, you be honest with me.
I will.
What are you thinking?
I want to photograph you.
You've already done that. What else?
That is all I'm thinking.
[keys jingling]
My secret.
This place is incredible.
Thank you.
Do you live here alone?
Yes. Not many people have been here.
Wait here.
I'll be right back.
Where do you want me to stand?
What do you want me to do?
I've never had my picture taken before.
Not properly.
Then I'm the first.
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
Come with me.
[rumbling stops]
Thank God.
You hear that?
Only after earthquakes...
you hear it.
[faint whistling]
Yeah, I do. What is it?
[classical music playing]
[tempo increases]
[woman in Japanese] A friend of mine
is organizing a special event
for the Tanabata Festival
and asked us to perform.
But that only gives us two months.
Maybe if we could practice twice a week,
we could do it.
- Let's try.
- [laughs]
I brought you a gift for your birthday.
[Lucy chuckles]
It's just a little something...
I've been working on.
Thank you so much.
- [in English] Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
[in Japanese] I have many at home.
I cultivate them myself.
I don't normally give them away.
It's exquisite.
I love it.
[singing in English] Oh
I just died in your arms tonight
It must've been something you said
I just died in your arms tonight
I just died in your arms tonight
It must've been some kind of kiss
I should have walked away
I should have walked away
Lucy Fly! How's it going?
- Nice singing.
- Yeah?
- Thanks. I do my best.
- Yeah?
Come and meet the new recruit.
So, she can't seem to get
her bearings here.
She feels like she's landed
on the moon or something.
So, anything you can do
to help her would be great.
- Mm-hm.
- Okay?
Lucy, this is Lily. Lily, Lucy Fly.
- Hi there.
- Hello.
Happy birthday!
- Thank you, Natsuko.
- It's your birthday?
Thanks for inviting me
to your birthday party.
Well, it's not really that,
but you're welcome.
Uh, drinks for the birthday girl.
We have champagne.
- I'll have Sapporo, please.
- Oh, me too.
- Okay.
- I'll give you a hand.
Here, sorry.
Ooh. Ouch.
- You can...
- Okay.
Um, so, how long have you been in Japan?
Just like three weeks now.
I mean, it's been, like, totally crazy.
Like, everything is so different.
- Yeah, I guess that's why we're all here.
- Oh, I hear you.
I'd had it with DC. I had to get out.
Where are you from?
Um, Sweden, originally.
But that was a long time ago.
So I kind of see myself from here now.
Japanese Lucy.
Bob said you were looking
for somewhere to live.
Yeah, I really need to find somewhere.
I've been so stressed out about it
that I've been breaking out in hives.
But I'm working at a bar right now,
and my dad sent me money,
so I can afford my own place.
But it's hard to find anywhere, especially
if you don't speak the language.
I heard you speak good Japanese.
It's okay, yeah.
Oh, you're lucky, though. I wish I could.
[man singing in Japanese]
["I Wanna Dance With Somebody" playing]
Clock strikes upon the hour
And the sun begins to fade
I'm going to kill you, Bob.
What, why?
We don't have anything in common.
I don't wanna get stuck looking after her.
Oh, you won't. It's just...
Look, she's new, so I...
Tokyo has tons of newcomers.
If I took care of all of them,
I wouldn't have a life of my own.
All right.
I'm sorry I opened my big mouth.
It's just... She's quite fit.
So what?
[chuckles] Okay. Whatever you say.
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me...
[music becomes muffled and fades out]
Almost there.
Then, it's not bad.
And finally, fixer.
This one is good, too.
I like this mark here.
My scar?
So beautiful.
So, how's it going with the guy you met?
Does he have a soy sauce face
or a ketchup face?
- What?
- [laughs]
That's the way we talk about
whether a Japanese person
looks Eastern or Western.
More soy, I suppose.
[both laugh]
how's everything?
- What do you mean?
- You know?
- In the bedroom?
- We haven't done anything yet.
- Taking it slow?
- It's not up to me.
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
I need to change film.
What are you doing?
[in Japanese] I didn't ask you to do that.
- [Lucy in English] It's very tight.
- Yes.
It's a furisode.
Theyre worn on happy occasions.
It's for unmarried women, right?
It's for young unmarried women.
There, finished.
So pretty.
[both laugh]
Its not so easy
for single women in Japan.
No, it's hard.
Have you ever thought of getting married?
Because of my job.
You know, I'm a magistrate.
Its a little intimidating for most men.
And besides, Im too old now.
You're still young.
Not in the eyes of Japanese men.
Maybe I could get a widower.
[laughs] Or an old one
with medical problems.
But I dont know how I'd find the time.
I have my job, my friends,
the string quartet.
Its a lot to give up
to wash some old mans diapers.
[both laugh]
[doorbell rings]
- That must be Yamamoto-san.
- Hm.
Ill go and help her with the cakes.
- [in Japanese] Hello.
- Hell... [grunts]
[in English] Lucy, call an ambulance!
[exclaims, sobs]
[breathing heavily]
[Teiji takes deep breath]
[in Japanese] Tell me.
[in English] Yamamoto-san died today.
She fell down the stairs
when I greeted her.
She broke her neck.
Death follows me. It always has.
- I understand.
- No, you don't.
You don't understand half of it.
You will tell me, in time.
And I will tell you things about me.
The first time we saw each other,
I knew we could be truthful.
I knew it.
Let me show you something.
My aunt, she brought me up.
After she died, I left Kagoshima
and came to Tokyo.
She's beautiful.
We live in the atmosphere of death.
But we are alive.
[moaning gets louder]
[Kameyama in Japanese]
Do you know someone called Teiji Matsuda?
I do, yes.
Did Lily Bridges know him?
When did you first meet him?
May 3rd.
You seem very certain of that.
That was the date.
Was he...
your boyfriend?
- For a time.
- [Oguchi laughs]
Why didn't you say that
when I asked before?
He asked in the wrong tense.
[Oguchi] This is a murder investigation.
You understand?
And we strongly suspect
it was someone who knew her.
This is a very serious matter.
Why are you so unhelpful?
You are not like Japanese women.
Yes, I am.
[Oguchi scoffs]
[in English] I don't understand how
anyone finds anything
if none of the streets have names.
I guess I'm just gonna
have to learn numbers.
- [in Japanese] Good morning.
- Good morning.
[continues in Japanese]
[in English] Thank you.
Oh, I love this one! It's so Japanese.
I think I had a dream
about a place like this,
but in my dream it was a tree house.
It's perfect.
- The kitchens small.
- I don't cook.
How did I know that?
Well, I guess the only real downside
is that it's an old building,
so in case of an earthquake...
I don't care.
I mean, it's lasted this long.
Let's put in an application.
Will you tell her for me?
Of course.
[Lily] Look.
[Lily] It's weird how everyone
stares at you in Japan.
It's like being famous.
Yes. Some people get addicted to that.
Like Bob?
Like Bob.
He's kind of sexy, though, isn't he?
I don't see him that way. Nope.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I do.
What's his name?
His name is Teiji.
This looks good, the contract.
I can ask one of the lawyers at Sasagawa
to double-check it.
Thanks. I'm so impressed
you can even read that.
[waitress in Japanese]
I can take your order if you're ready.
[in English] Will you order me a coffee?
- [in Japanese] Just a moment, please.
- Okay.
[in English]
You have to be able to order for yourself.
How are you gonna survive
if you can't ask for anything?
I don't know.
If you want a coffee, you say,
"Koohii o hitotsu,"
which means one,
"kudasai," which means please.
[in Japanese] Koohii o...
- hitotsu...
- Hitotsu kudasai.
[in English] That's it.
- [in Japanese] Excuse me.
- Yes.
Koohii o hitotsu kudasai.
What would you like?
Koohii o hitotsu kudasai.
- Me too.
- Okay.
[in English]
That's crazy that she understood that.
[both laugh]
[indistinct chatter]
[in Japanese] Look.
The light, the shadow,
everything exactly right.
[in English]
When did you start photography?
[in Japanese] At school.
I was always in the darkroom.
There was an old teacher,
Mr. Hyakutake, who taught me.
There were about a dozen people
in the photography club,
but eventually, they all left,
and there was only me.
[in English] I read once that when...
the Westerners arrived
in 19th century Japan,
they wanted to photograph
the locals, but...
they wouldnt let them.
They thought it would steal their soul.
[in Japanese] I understand that.
The subject always gives something,
some part of themselves,
to the photographer.
If every time I took a photo
it took a piece of your soul...
would you still let me?
[in English] I think you know the answer
to that question.
[in Japanese] I will put these away.
[in English] You gonna lock them away?
What else do you have in there?
[sound of key opening lock]
[Bob] Didn't Teiji wanna come today?
I've gotta meet him one of these days.
- [Lucy] You will.
- You two getting on well?
[Lucy] Yeah. Great.
[Bob] Tell me more.
[Lucy] Well, I guess we're both a bit odd,
but we fit well together.
[Bob] Sounds kinky. [laughs]
[Lucy] Shut up.
Oh, so the band's playing
another gig next week.
At the Downbeat Club in Ikebukuro.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's pretty cool.
Yeah, these musicians,
they are the best I've ever played with.
I used to have a couple of bands
back in England,
but, you know,
there's so much negativity there.
I think that's what I like most
about Japan.
It gives you a second chance.
[Bob] Oh, my goodness. Look at that.
- [Lucy] It's so beautiful.
- [Natsuko] Stunning.
[Lucy] I love Japan.
- [Bob] Did anyone bring a camera?
- [Natsuko] Not me.
- [Lucy] Not me.
- [Lily] No.
- [Lucy] What about... "good morning"?
- [Lily] Ohayo gozaimasu.
[Lucy] And then...
"How are you?"
[Lily] Gen-ji?
Gen-ki... desu-ka.
Uh... And then if you meet someone
for the first time, you just say,
- "Yoroshiku onegaishimasu."
- Oh, my God.
- Just... Ah!
- Oh, shit.
- Oh!
- Okay, sit down.
No, no, I'm...
- Sit down.
- Ah!
- I'm gonna take your shoe off.
- What?
- Does this hurt?
- [grunts]
Push on my hand.
It's not broken. Probably sprained.
[Bob] What happened?
I fell on this, and Lily's playing nurse.
I'm not playing. I used to work
at George Washington Hospital.
I am a nurse.
[scoffs] Really?
Yeah, I wasn't always a bartender.
- [Bob] Why don't you come in here?
- [Lily] I'm going to go in with Lucy.
Maybe later, though.
[Lily] How's your ankle?
It's better.
You think Teiji would like it here?
Yeah, I think so.
He loves the water and...
He would photograph everything.
I love taking photographs,
but I'm not very good.
- Does he sell his pictures?
- I don't think so.
But... I don't know.
Well, what does he do with them?
I'm not sure.
I wish I could meet him.
Why don't you and I go down
to the noodle shop one night?
- I don't know.
- Come on, it'll be fun.
Yeah, sure.
Teiji, I was wondering...
why don't you do something
with your photographs?
I mean, not the ones of me,
of course, but...
the ones of the city. They're really good.
- [Teiji] I don't want to.
- Really?
I mean...
- why are you taking them?
- I'm collecting them.
For what?
My collection.
You can have an exhibition.
Or put them in a book,
let people see them.
Why does it matter to you so much?
I'm sorry.
[in Japanese] I've got to go to work.
[distant chatter and laughter]
[in Japanese] Will I see you this weekend?
I have to work.
- Um... Yes, but...
- I will call you.
[in English] Okay.
[cabinet rattles]
[faint creaking]
[door rattles]
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
They are private.
Are you spying on me?
Why did you do this?
Who is she?
[key rattles in lock]
Her name is Sachi.
Were you together?
Yes. I must get back to work.
Where is she now?
I don't know. She's gone.
Just "gone?"
[in Japanese] We finished.
She left. I didnt try to find her.
When I found you,
I stopped thinking of Sachi.
I'm sorry. Please forget I ever did this.
- I have to get back.
- Hold me.
[in English] I shouldn't have done that.
It's just that I think about you
all the time, every moment.
- I wanted to know more about you.
- That's not the way to find out.
I know.
You must trust me.
I will.
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicking]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
I just got a letter from my mom,
and it took eight days to get here.
I know.
That's fast, actually.
And the phones!
I called my girlfriend
and we talked for, like, 20 minutes.
And it cost over a hundred bucks.
I find it better not to call.
I like being cut off.
It's great.
Do you miss your family?
How are the noodles?
- Awesome.
- Delicious.
I'm finishing work soon.
Do you wanna go somewhere?
It's getting late.
I think Lily wants to go home.
Are you kidding? I'd love to.
[Lily] Can we go?
- [Lily] Awesome.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God. He's so cute!
He's not cute. Kittens are cute.
Okay, whatever, he's gorgeous.
And he's so tall.
I thought Japanese guys
were supposed to be short.
That's bullshit. That's just a stereotype.
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicking]
[distant horn blares, birds sing]
[doorbell rings]
[Lily] Hey! I was just in the area.
- Hey!
- I don't wanna bother you if Teiji's here.
- He doesn't come here.
- I brought whiskey.
Your house is so nice.
It's so much nicer than mine.
- No tree, though.
- No, no tree.
You don't have any pictures
of Teiji anywhere.
He doesn't like having his picture taken.
It was really great meeting him
the other night.
He's, like, obsessed with you.
- Why do you say that?
- 'Cause I can tell. I know men.
[soft chuckle]
What star sign are you?
I don't believe in all of that.
My personality is a combination
of my genes,
my upbringing, my parents, my school.
Nothing to do with the stars.
You came to my birthday.
[both laugh]
Yeah, but I can also just tell.
I can read palms, too.
And tarot cards.
Sometimes, at the bar, I have to be
careful when I'm getting people's change
not to look at their hands
'cause I see things.
I do, for real.
Go on, then. [clears throat]
In the past, there's like a...
emptiness or, like, a...
And then you have
these three breaks in the line.
There's one early on,
then another, and then a third.
What do they mean?
[Lily] Hm.
Abrupt change.
What else?
What do you see about the future?
You mean, like, Teiji?
It's really complicated. I can't read it.
Come on.
You clearly reacted to something.
[sighs] Well, it's like a window that
opens up and then I can see things.
And then it fogs up and then
I can't really be sure of anything.
- I didn't mean to freak you out.
- I'm not freaked out.
- Want some whiskey?
- Mm-hm.
[rumbling stops]
- You okay?
- I think so.
[rumbling begins again]
- [rumbling stops]
- [sighs]
- I think it stopped.
- Yeah, I think it did.
[bird sings]
Do you hear that?
I'm not sure.
It's the earthquake bird.
It's what Teiji calls it.
Always sings after an earthquake.
[bird still singing]
Oh, yeah.
I hear it.
It's beautiful.
Let's go back to sleep.
[light switch clicks]
[gasps softly]
[music plays quietly on radio]
I don't need tea.
Just trying to wake myself up.
I had a great night's sleep.
Except for the earthquake.
Couldn't have been a big one.
I must've slept through it.
No, we were both awake.
I don't remember.
It looks like it's going to rain.
Can I borrow a coat?
It's in there.
The closet.
I was wondering, do you want to go
to Sado Island with me?
Katoh-san, my friend,
she's in the string quartet.
She's from there, and she says
it's like time traveling into the past.
The weekend after next.
It's an arts and culture festival...
Won't you be going with Teiji?
If he can get off work, yes.
I have to think about it, because Bob
invited me to some concert that he's...
Not that one.
Oh. Sorry.
No, take it.
I just need it back.
Thank you. I'll take care of it.
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
- [camera shutter clicks]
- Teiji...
let's not take any more photos today.
I'm tired of it.
- Okay.
- No, I mean, we could take some more.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
Not when you don't want to.
[Teiji pours drink]
Did you used to go out
in Shinjuku with Sachi?
Why do you ask?
Natsuko, the girl I work with,
she has a sister who's in a band,
and they're gonna play
at this club tomorrow night.
Do you want to go?
Well, we never go out. We could.
You know, have fun.
Bob is gonna be there,
and... Lily, I think.
Okay, let's go.
[music playing]
Walking on thin ice
I'm paying the price
For throwing the dice
In the air
Why must we learn
Learn it the hard way
And play the game of life
With your heart?
I gave you my knife
You gave me my life...
- [Bob] What do you think?
- About what?
The band.
They're good.
What do you think?
I don't get it.
They're not really my thing.
I mean, they have an image.
Apparently, they just signed
a record contract.
You'll get there.
I know.
So, are you and Lily dating now?
Nope. She's a piece of work, that one.
She sends all these signals,
but she doesn't follow through.
What do you mean?
All right, so... we got off together.
And fair enough, it was just once,
but then we made a plan to go to this
music festival in Nagoya this weekend.
And she just called and canceled
and didn't give me any reason.
When she's interested in you,
you're the only one who exists.
Then she moves on to someone else,
and it's like you were never even there.
[Teiji] I'm going to the bar.
- Do you want a beer?
- [Bob] I'll get one, mate.
Make that two.
Ice, ice, ice, ice...
[repeated continuously]
Walking on thin ice
[crowd cheering]
- [in Japanese] Did you have fun tonight?
- Yeah.
What's the matter?
Well, you and Lily
were having a good time out there.
Yes. She is a good dancer.
Were you jealous?
No, not at all. Why?
I wanted you to be.
You are my girlfriend, after all.
[Lucy] How many girlfriends
did you have before Sachi?
Not many.
You were too busy in the school darkroom?
I was.
When did you lose your virginity?
You know...
With Sachi.
[in English] Really?
No one before then?
[in Japanese] I didnt really like
the girls in my hometown.
[in English]
How about you? Your first time?
The occasion wasn't very romantic.
I was 14.
I went over to see my friend
at her house, but...
she wasn't there.
She was at netball practice.
Her dad told me that he had his own
vodka distillery in the garden shed,
so we went and...
tried some.
That was it.
I got nauseous after that.
A couple of weeks later.
He wasn't...
too happy, of course, when I told him.
And my friend didn't show up to school.
It turns out that he had gone off to sea
in a canoe and went too far out.
The current was too strong, they said.
He washed up a few kilometers
down the shore.
And I found out that the baby...
apparently wasn't real.
Do you still think about him?
Every day of my life.
Are you glad he's dead?
[children shouting]
[birds squawking]
[Ms. Katoh in Japanese] It's an old book,
but has a lot about the culture of Sado.
It's a very beautiful island,
but not so many people go there anymore.
Is everything okay?
- You seem a little...
- I'm perfectly fine.
[announcement over PA]
[in English] Hey.
We should get some tickets.
I already got you one.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You have a rash.
I know.
- I have some cream you can use.
- No. I'm good.
Is Teiji coming?
I don't think so.
I haven't seen him since Tuesday
when we went to the club.
Oh. Is something wrong?
No. He's just been very busy lately,
and I've been working
on those translations for electrical...
There he is.
- [in Japanese] I never thought you'd come.
- Why not?
- Well, it's good to see you.
- You too.
[in English] Hi, Lily.
Hi, Teiji.
[Lily] Let's go in!
It's probably very cold
and full of sea urchins and...
- So what?
- Come on, Lucy.
[Lily shouts]
So, Lily, you're a nurse in America.
- That's a career.
- [Lily] Maybe.
I mean, I do miss the hospital,
and the bar is really hard.
[Teiji] I think it's a good kind of work,
like the noodle shop.
It gives me all the time I need
for thinking.
Because my body just gets on
with the job by itself.
Yeah. I'm really bad
at bartending, though.
Sometimes I think the customers are
gonna start jumping over the counter
and serving themselves.
At least now
you're not around death every day.
I mean, that's part of the job.
- But...
- But what?
Well, I'd say that there were three times
that I saved somebody's life,
so I like to think about that
rather than...
[Japanese music playing]
That's my futon.
I just really like the color.
You don't mind, do you?
[camera shutter clicks]
Come sit.
Teiji can sleep here,
and you can sleep here next to me.
[camera shutter clicks]
This is a traditional Japanese breakfast.
I think Id prefer
some traditional Japanese cornflakes.
I heard about this, um,
gold mine in Aikawa.
It could be fun to go visit.
Apparently, they have
these animatronic mannequins
that kind of show how the miners
used to work.
I'd kind of rather see the coast
and the cliffs at Senkaku.
Well, how about we go and do both?
We'll go to the cliffs in the morning,
and then we'll go and cool off
in the gold mine in the afternoon.
I can't believe you just did that.
Full of nutrients.
[Lucy pants]
- I'm sorry.
- [Lily] What?
What happened?
I need to go back.
Hold on, sit down. Sit down. Sit down.
You're running a temperature.
I'm going to lay you down, okay?
- No.
- Hey, you're okay.
I'm going to lay you down.
- I feel horrible.
- I know.
Just try and lay down. It's okay.
Put your head down.
It's going to be okay.
[grunting and screaming]
[music playing]
[drums beating]
[Lily] Lucy!
There you are.
You left me on a fucking cliff top.
- Your shirt.
- Thank you.
- Did you get our note?
- Note?
Yeah. We left you a note under a rock,
by the shirt, saying we were coming here,
and if you didn't come here,
we'd come back for you.
No, I didn't see a note just lying around.
- Oh. Well, it must've blown away.
- [Lucy scoffs] Right.
Yeah, maybe. Maybe we're all just gonna
blow away off the edge of the world.
Are you still feeling sick?
You might have a virus, or it could be
that fish eye you had for breakfast.
I've got pills at the hotel.
Why don't we go back?
- I don't need your pills.
- I'm just trying to help.
Yeah, I'm sure.
- Lucy, you're not making any sense.
- I know what I'm feeling.
And what I'm feeling isn't right.
It's not right at all.
[Teiji] Lucy.
- [in Japanese] We are sorry.
- "We?"
What are you talking about?
[exhibit voice speaking in Japanese]
[music playing]
[breathing heavily]
- [gasps]
- [in English] Come with me.
[birds chirping softly]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
It's like nature is taking it back.
A place of healing.
I hope so.
I really like you.
My Lucy.
[Lucy breathes deeply]
[birds cry]
[indistinct chatter]
- Bye.
- Bye.
Bye, Lily.
[camera shutter clicks]
- [breathing heavily]
- [camera shutter clicks]
[in Japanese] I did it.
I killed Lily Bridges.
How did you kill her?
Tell me! How did you kill her?
I smashed her head in.
With what?
A brick.
It is good you are talking now.
Tell me why you did it.
It's best to give us
as much information as possible.
Best for you, I'm sure.
All you need to know is
I am guilty.
[woman speaking on TV]
[phone ringing]
[answering machine clicks]
[in Japanese] Hi, this is Lucy Fly.
I'm not in right now.
Please leave a message.
[Lily in English] Lucy, are you there?
Please pick up.
I need to talk to you.
Please call me.
[hang up click]
[answering machine clicks, beeps]
[doorbell rings]
[doorbell ringing]
Lucy, what's going on?
- Are you sick?
- I'm not feeling very well.
I'll be fine in a day or two.
I brought these.
Is there something you need to talk about?
Well, what should I tell them at work?
You can tell them anything. I'm quitting.
Lucy, what are you talking about?
Leave me, Natsuko.
I'm worried about you.
Just leave me, Natsuko!
[indistinct chatter]
[pot whistling]
[doorbell rings]
[doorbell rings]
Can I come in?
I know I fucked up and I'm sorry.
Do you love him?
I don't know. Kind of.
It's kind of driving me crazy, you know?
I invited you to Sado Island.
I was the one who introduced you
in the first place.
I know you're angry,
and this isn't an excuse,
but maybe there's a bigger reason
for all of this that...
- that we don't understand.
- Well, did you see it in my palm?
Did you dream it was meant to be?
He was the only person
who ever really saw who I was!
I'm sorry, Lucy. Okay?
I'm sorry! But can I please come in?
I feel like something really bad
is gonna happen.
It already has.
[pot whistling]
[pot whistling]
[door opening and closing]
[guard] Louisa Fly.
[in Japanese] Come with me, please.
[Kameyama] The DNA test came back.
Looks like the girl in the bay
was not your friend after all.
Who was it?
[Kameyama] We don't know.
we do know it wasn't Lily Bridges.
That puts your statement in serious doubt.
Did you murder Lily Bridges?
Then why did you say you did?
Because I wanted to kill her.
You do realize the crime you confessed to
would be punishable by death?
We have been unable to locate Mr. Matsuda.
Do you know where he is?
Do you think theres a possibility
that Lily and Matsuda may have
run off somewhere together?
I thought so.
At this point, we are reclassifying this
as a missing persons case.
I think I may have preferred it
when she was dead.
we all live in our own reality.
Maybe, in some way,
you thought you did kill Lily Bridges.
But I never felt so.
You have guilt,
but it is from a deeper source.
Why did you come to Japan?
Why do you ask?
Tell me.
There was this tree.
I used to climb it.
All the way up.
I would take a book and read.
One day...
my brothers showed up. They had been
on a fishing trip with the Boy Scouts.
I was eight.
They surrounded the tree
and started throwing pine cones
and stones...
at me.
I told them to stop.
There was this sharp heavy stone
on the ground.
I saw my brother...
Marcus, he had his hands on it.
I met his eyes.
And his arm came up.
Then I just...
right onto him.
Marcus fell back.
His head was pierced...
by a long rusty nail
sticking out from a plank of wood.
He tried to get up
with the plank still attached to him.
again, his eyes stared back at me.
He died in the hospital.
The nurse said to me,
"It's not your fault."
I didn't know what she meant.
So I just said...
From that moment,
I didn't speak for three years.
It's easy to ignore people
when they are silent.
So that's what my family did.
My parents were heartbroken.
I knew what they were thinking about me.
So I...
planned my escape.
[Kameyama] How?
At the age of 11,
I started learning Japanese.
That's a very sad story.
But it has nothing to do with this case.
Can I go now?
Sign this retraction.
[indistinct chatter]
[camera shutter clicks]
[echoing sound of children shouting]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
- [giggles]
- [camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicking]
[cabinet rattling]
[Lucy grunting]
[in Japanese] Is Detective Kameyama here?
I'm sorry. He's not in right now.
Do you want to leave a message?
It's okay.
He will be here tomorrow morning.
Thank you.
[in English] Teiji.
Hello, Lucy.
I've been waiting for you for two days.
I knew I had to come here,
that you would understand.
I was at the police station.
What did you tell them?
About you.
there's hope.
That's a funny word.
We can go away from here, to the north.
Hokkaido. Or the south, to Kyushu.
My hometown, Kagoshima.
I've always wanted to go.
Then we leave tomorrow.
[breathes heavily]
[Teiji sighs]
Come with me.
You must.
[Teiji sighs]
It's over.
[speaking Japanese]
[grunting, gasping]
[Lucy breathing heavily]
[birds squawking]
[camera shutter clicking]
[indistinct chatter]
[Ms. Katoh in English] Can I come in?
I just made some onigiri.
Would you like some?
I'm good. Thank you.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
[sighs] I'm worried about you.
I'm sorry.
It was my mistake to move in here.
Don't say that.
You've been so kind.
Don't mourn him.
She came to my...
door that night, Lily.
She asked me if she could come in.
- I didn't let her.
- No.
It wasn't your fault.
It was.
Believe me. It was.
perhaps in a way...
she saved your life.
There were others, too. My brother...
my friend's father, Yamamoto-san.
I can hardly walk up the stairs
without seeing her face.
May I tell you something?
I had waxed the steps two days before.
I only do it once every two years.
I was worried they were a little slippery.
I talked to Yamamoto-san earlier that day.
I nearly warned her.
But... I only remembered once I'd hung up.
She always wore...
very soft tabi socks.
would you say it was my fault?
[music playing]
Says she's lonely
And I
Think that I'm lonely, too
Seems like the loneliest
A girl could be
Is when she is with you
And now you walk on
In someone else's shoes
Shine on
Shine on
Shine on without you
Shine on
Shine on
Shine on without you
[singing in Japanese]
[in English] Without you
Gone for always
Gone for never
Lose yourself
It's all right
Dream that bird will sing forever
Lose yourself, it's all right
Shine the you that shines for better
Lose yourself, it's all right
Gone for always
Gone for never
Lose yourself, it's all right
It's all right
It's all right
It's all right
Shine on
Shine on
Shine on
Shine on
Shine on...
[music fades out]