Earworm (2024) Movie Script

One stiff
blunt force trauma to the head.
Repeated strikes,
lots of damage.
Anything else?
No signs of forced entry.
And a witness gave us
a description of the perp.
Anything else?
Possible motive?
Enemies, that kinda thing?
Neighbors said he pretty much
kept to himself.
There was a divorce
a while back.
But other than that,
seems pretty quiet.
What's the story on the perp?
A witness said
he walked out the front door,
got in his car and drove off.
White, paunchy.
Guess he kinda had a blank look
like nobody was home.
Absolute waste of space
if you ask me.
How so?
Just look at the guy.
I can't say I
know the man.
Any details
you may have about Murray,
his behavior, his demeanor
would be really helpful to us.
Relax, lady. I'm getting there.
He wasn't exactly
what you would call
an outgoing type.
Kept to himself and quiet.
Head down.
Hey, does knowing all this shit
really help you guys?
Could have fooled me.
You mentioned
that you let Mr. Jennings go.
What was the reason behind that?
He was coming in late
and not doing any work.
Hell, one day
he stayed in the same spot,
several hours.
Didn't move.
Didn't say a fucking word.
Did he have
a history of drug abuse?
How the hell would I know?
I'm not his bed buddy.
Newsflash, lady. I'm a busy guy.
I don't have time
to babysit fuck nuts.
Do you have any footage
of this incident?
Of course.
Right this way.
It's right there.
I like to keep, uh
up to date.
If there's anything you need,
Detective, just let me know.
I'll be more than happy to, uh
give you all I got, Detective.
Thank you very much.
We'll reach out if we need
any further information.
Oh, please do.
Talking to you two
has been an absolute slice.
Anything interesting?
Jack shit.
How're you holding up?
I don't know
what the fuck that was.
Some weird shit.
I've never seen
anything like that.
And what the fuck
were those things?
The lab should have
something for us soon.
Be thankful that's the worst
thing you've seen.
Have a
good night.
You okay?
You okay?
Yeah, yeah,
yeah. I'm fine.
You got some vacation time
coming soon, right?
I thought we might as well
take a trip somewhere.
I was thinking Alaska.
You know,
see some of the old sites.
Yeah. Again.
I, um...
I... I just
don't have the time.
The ski equipment is,
uh, cluttering the garage.
Um, do you mind moving it?
Maybe we should
just toss it out.
Just get rid of it like that?
Oh, my God.
What is shyness?
Shyness is the idea
that you cannot
or should not
do something.
Shyness is the repression
of the soul.
Repression, plain and simple.
So how does one deal
with the repression
of one's very being?
Is there a way out?
I'm here to tell you, yes.
There is a way out.
Step one.
You must act first.
Detective Williams.
I hope I'm not in trouble.
I just have a few questions,
Mr. Corvath.
Perhaps this can
be done another time.
The... The doctor is very busy.
I'm happy to help
in whatever way I can.
We have a prior engagement,
so we're a bit rushed.
This won't take long.
This man Burt Jennings
is wanted
in connection to a murder.
He was in possession
of one of your books.
Had attended a seminar.
Just wanted to know
if you've had any contact
or any information.
I am afraid
I won't be able to help you.
I don't recognize him.
Well, if you can
think of anything
that might help us
here's my card.
Thank you very much,
Detective Williams.
Uh, if I think of anything,
you'll be the first to know.
Oh, uh, detective.
I just wanted to thank you
for coming today.
I hope it was helpful.
We'll see, Doctor.
Hello there, folks.
One at a time, please.
Ladies and gentlemen, the doctor
has a prior engagement,
so we'll have
to call in the night early.
Thank you so much for coming.
Excuse me, sir.
Uh, I see you're already
following step one.
Uh, yeah, I guess so.
Uh, anyway, I just,
I had a couple questions
about the program.
Uh, it's pretty simple,
just step by step.
No, I... I get that.
But, um,
what is the success rate like
for someone with severe shyness
and social anxiety?
Don't think about success rates.
Keep the technicalities
out of it and just focus on you.
This is about finding ways
to pull yourself out,
not rates and numbers.
Success is totally up to you.
If you rate your success
by whether you can chat
with a perfect stranger
about the weather or
sleep with someone after
only an hour of talking to them.
What sounds successful to you?
I just wanna feel normal
and, like, I can talk to people.
Do you feel
your lack of success
is due to your discomfort
around others?
You are you.
I want you to focus on that.
You have to be
comfortable with yourself
before you can be
comfortable with others.
Dr. Corvath, we have to go soon.
Ugh. I'm so sorry.
I don't believe I got your name.
Uh, my name is Henry, sir.
Ah, Henry.
Um, well,
you can call me Merrick.
It's a mouthful.
Anyway, I have to run.
So if you're interested
in any further information
about the program
feel free to contact me.
Uh, there's a private
seminar soon.
I mean,
this is just for information.
So, if you're interested
in digging deeper, call me.
It was really nice meeting you.
It is a total scam.
I don't know.
Maybe, but it might be worth it.
Yeah, try it out.
You know, give them
your power of attorney and, uh,
maybe, you know,
go out like Jonestown.
Seems like a good idea to me.
Why are you jumping
into Jonestown?
It's just like
a... a self-help thing.
So was Jonestown.
They get you weak boys sucked in
and take you for all your worth.
- I'll be fine.
- But, you know,
speaking of worth,
how much did you spend on that?
I'm not
comfortable telling you.
That means you spent too much.
That is unbelievable.
After everything
I've done for you, you know.
And I do it for free, right?
And here you are
going behind my back
giving some asshole money.
What's his name again?
Corvath. Dr. Corvath.
Cor... Doctor Cor
Dr. Corvath.
That's a made-up name.
- That name doesn't exist.
- I have his book.
I'm sorry, you gave him money,
you gave him more money
on top of the money
you already gave him?
What the fuck, man?
This guy took money from you.
What did he...
What did he even tell you?
"If you believe in yourself,
it'll change"?
- It was very informative. Okay?
- Oh, I bet. Oh, I bet it was.
I mean, look at how much of
an effect it's had on your life.
Look at... You've changed
like that overnight.
He made
a lot of really good points.
Oh, I bet he did.
I bet he said everything that
you wanted to hear last night.
Good God.
You know, mark my words,
you are going to get screwed.
So, um
you ready to do something
with your life tonight?
like an awful time.
I'm sorry,
speed dating sounds worse
than ritual suicide.
It's a bunch of losers there.
Bunch of losers?
There's gonna be a bunch
of beautiful women that...
There's gonna be
a bunch of women there
that, you know,
you might have a chance with.
Listen bud, you are not
fucking an Adonis, okay?
So, maybe you need to lower
your standards a little bit
so that you can find
someone that's your speed,
You gonna be there?
- Yeah, I'll be there.
- You know what?
I'm gonna pick you up
'cause I don't trust you.
All right.
I'm really not comfortable
getting dropped
into this shit, dude.
You have to take
a dive into the deep end
- if you wanna learn how to
swim. - Dude, I hate swimming.
You have to learn
how to swim in order to thrive.
Look how much nicer
you look than me.
It's because I try.
Stakes are low.
Just try to have some fun.
All right? And you know what?
If you fuck up, you can
always move on to the next girl.
I'm Inez.
I'm Henry.
One of us is gonna
have to talk eventually.
Yeah. Um
I'm sorry.
Let's start nice and simple.
Um... what do you do?
I work...
I... I work in an office.
Uh, doing what?
lots of paperwork.
That's, uh,
that sounds interesting.
Do you like what you do?
I guess so.
What the fuck, man?
Why do you always
make me do shit like this?
Because someone's
gotta get you laid.
That's pretty weird, dude.
Look, I don't wanna
make you feel weird,
or a piece of shit or anything.
But it's depressing
to watch you around women.
Oh, well,
thank you for your concern.
No, seriously,
man. It's sad.
Can't take it anymore,
watching you suffer.
Why is this so important to you?
Maybe I see
a little bit of myself in you
- before I was cool.
- Oh, fuck you.
Oh, oh, oh. Now I'm offended.
After everything I did for you?
Also, your tally,
how many numbers?
Pathetic. Uh...
That's just pathetic, man.
Yeah, well,
if you're such a magnet,
- how many did you get?
- Four.
That's your handwriting.
You calling
me a liar, kiddo?
Yes, I'm calling you a liar.
Show me the...
No, no. You see with
your eyes, not with your hands.
No need to shatter
your confidence anymore.
Well, maybe I don't want
to meet people in bars.
You know, here's a question.
Uh, did you just spend the
whole time staring at the table?
I talked.
"Hello" isn't talking.
You actually
have to engage these women.
Talk to them.
Not just
staring down at your hands,
- creeping them out.
- I'm not a creep.
I'm not saying this to hurt you,
but you creep people out.
I mean, I don't think
you're a creep personally,
but other people
definitely think you're a creep.
See, this is exactly why
I don't like doing this shit.
You always rag on me
and then I go home feeling
like an even bigger piece
of shit than I did before.
Would you stop
being a fucking baby?
I, uh, I'm trying
to do this as a friend.
And if you can't see that,
then I don't know what to say.
So stop acting
like this is hurting you.
Lighten the fuck up.
To get into this thing, right?
The least
he could do is fucking try.
But instead, he just sits
there staring at his fucking
little sausage fingers,
you know?
"Oh, well,
I... I work at an organization
and there's paper there
and I... I... I have a dick
that goes inwards."
You know?
Oh, hey,
you didn't have to do that.
Oh, it's no problem,
I'm just trying to be helpful.
Well, thanks for that, Henry.
How did you know my name?
Your, uh...
Oh, sorry,
I didn't realize I still had it.
Rodian. Ritzy.
Yeah, it's, um, it's nearby.
What is that?
It's, uh,
nothing fancy, it's just like
...pencil pushing.
Gotta be
some good benefits though.
Yeah. Not bad.
Pardon me, kiddo.
Just thought
I'd bring the lady my mess.
- Thank you for that.
- Sure.
So, uh,
I haven't seen you here before.
I'm Greg.
So what are... uh, you new here?
I am.
Henry, glad
you could come.
I, um,
wasn't sure about this.
Yeah, no one ever is.
Let's get you inside.
I have a few people
I wanna introduce you to.
I'd like you to meet
Greta and Sebastian.
Speak with Greta.
I think you two
share similar circumstances.
Isn't that right, Greta?
I believe so, Doctor.
What are the circumstances?
Your conditions.
I used to be
just like you, Henry.
Never had a clue
what to say to anybody.
Social repression, I should say.
Look at her.
Bell of the ball.
How did you get over it?
Oh, treatments, of course.
This looks like a party.
Well, a little fun.
Little treatment.
What's the harm in that, huh?
Listen, I have to leave you
for a moment.
Don't be nervous.
You're in good hands here.
Can I get you a drink, Henry?
Uh, what do you...
What do you have?
Well, we have punch and
well, punch.
Not many options, I'm afraid.
Oh, okay.
Um, Henry,
there's somebody
you absolutely have to meet.
All right? Come with me.
Behave yourself, Henry.
Right this way.
Henry, this is Alexander.
Perhaps the most
interesting person in here.
You give me far too much credit.
Henry, you say?
You can't be serious.
All these people here
and you're reading a book.
Paintings, dear girl,
are far more important to me.
Let me ask you
what does it say to you?
This seems to me
like a representation of a form.
That's all.
No, I don't believe what he,
the artist meant.
Are you trying to say
that it's meant to be more
than representation
of human form?
Look at how bodies,
um, divided by sections.
Look at how limbs are placed.
Nobody moves like that.
This is just
to display movement.
It's very hard to show
three-dimensional movement
on the two-dimensional space.
Or perhaps what
he's saying
is that human forms
can be distorted and improved.
Well, this is going nowhere.
Let's ask our new friend
what he thinks on the subject.
Henry, what do you think?
Well, do you feel that
the meaning behind the artwork
belongs expressly to the artist?
Or do you feel
that it goes beyond
the artist's intentions
and expressive subjective?
Rather simplistic,
wouldn't you say?
But yes,
how do you feel on the subject?
I don't know.
Well, I guess
this is the best answer
any of us could have hoped for.
Attention, everyone.
If you could all please join me
in the next room.
Dr. Corvath is ready to begin.
Are you joining
us tonight?
I have had enough
of Merrick's sermons
for one evening, I'm afraid.
Suit yourself.
Good luck to you.
Good luck to you.
Well, now that we're all
settled in
we can begin the session.
Something matter, Henry?
What is this stuff?
I'm not gonna lie to you,
it's not exactly tasty.
This next phase is more advanced
than what's in the brochure,
but it's totally on the level.
It's perfectly safe.
You are among friends here,
Is this...
Are we doing drugs?
We're just gonna talk
a little bit, and, uh
scrutinize in a friendly way.
Well, then
if you don't mind, Henry
why are you here?
I just
wish I could talk
to people better.
No, no.
Why are you here?
I feel like
I'm too shy, I guess.
That's no reason, Henry.
Shyness is a symptom.
Why are you here?
I don't understand.
Yes, you do.
I don't like myself very much.
And why not?
I don't know.
Because you've been taught
There's no
reason for this.
You wanna be open.
You wanna be free.
You can't. Why?
Because you've had
these restrictions
placed on you your entire life.
How do you break free
from this prison of the mind?
You cannot remove
those shackles by yourselves.
That, which is ingrained
must be undone
by eliminating
parts of yourself.
What's happening to me?
Something necessary.
Jensen, Sebastian.
Don't! Don't!
I won't tell anyone.
You're so lucky, Henry,
to live the rest of your
life without a consciousness.
I envy you.
No, no, no!
No, no, no, no!
I'm Dr. Merrick Corvath.
And today,
you will begin your ascent
to purity and positivity.
I ask you to think about
what brought you here today.
Now, let's
reflect on that.
Oh, God! Oh, God!
Oh, God.
The mind plays tricks.
It's not always wise
to trust it.
What the fuck did you do to me?
Come with me.
Where the hell have you
been? You've been out for days.
I couldn't even
get a hold of you.
I went to that meeting.
You... you...
Well, what happened?
I don't remember.
They gave me something to drink
and the rest of it
is just kinda blurry and...
Oh, man. What...
What the fuck
did I say to you, huh?
How many times did I tell you
that was a bad idea?
- I know.
- Yeah.
Yeah. You know now.
Did they...
Did they take anything from you?
Did they do anything to you?
I... I...
Uh, I don't think so.
You need to grow the fuck up.
That book sucks.
Mm? No, I'm not even
really reading it.
Good 'cause it sucks.
Can I get you
anything else, Henry?
Is there anything in that pile
you would recommend?
A couple of the horror ones
are pretty good,
but most of it is just
trashy romance
and brodown bullshit.
So, it's kind of
whatever you're into.
Is it bad that the only
one really jumping out at me
looks like a trashy romance?
As long as
you don't pick Devoy,
- you're all right in my
book. - Never even heard of him.
Not much of a reader?
I can't read or write.
Oh shit, are you serious?
- No, no.
- Oh, thank God!
My boss is always chewing
me out over how I talk to
So, uh, yeah.
I'm gonna get back to work
before this turns
into a complete disaster.
Hey, so I know that
we really don't know each other
and that
this really is kinda awkward
and I'm sorry
for making it awkward.
And this, obviously,
isn't a place to do this,
but would you maybe possibly
wanna go out sometime?
Just dinner?
All... all right.
- Wait, really?
- Yeah.
Oh, uh, cool.
- Cool.
- Uh, Hank.
You, uh, might want this.
Oh, huh.
Uh, yes, thank you.
I am going to call you
at this number.
Are you coming out
tonight or what?
I can't.
- Why not?
- I have a date tonight.
I do. With a real-life
flesh and blood human being.
Oh, is she from
out of town?
You know, this is a
sorry excuse even for you,
I thought you'd be happy for me.
You want a
fucking lollipop?
I... You know, I'm just
finding it hard to believe
that you managed to get
a date out of someone by...
By asking them out? Yeah.
Hm. Well,
that's a real fucking shame.
I guess this is
it then, yeah?
You finally decided
to stop being a pussy?
You know, it's really
difficult to figure out if
you know,
joking around sometimes or not.
If you could
commit any crime
and get away with it,
what would it be?
right into the deep end, huh?
I don't know,
you go first.
I need a minute
to think about it.
Art or jewel thief.
Crawling under lasers,
sneak around, steal shit.
Like, anybody
can murder somebody.
But how many people
can steal the Mona Lisa?
Plus, you're not harming anyone.
Well, except for some rich
douchebag's wallet.
So, how about you?
All right, uh, if I had a crime,
it'd probably be something
like embezzlement
or something financial
like that.
Hear me out.
You do all the
boring stuff
and then you have money
to do all the fun stuff.
So, what's the fun stuff?
Buy a huge mansion
and fill it with tigers.
I can get behind that.
So, what do you do
at work anyway?
You said pencil pushing.
I, um...
I... I don't really know
what I do there.
And... and like,
the funny thing is,
I'm not even kidding.
Ever thought of doing
anything else?
I don't know, it...
It pays all right.
And, like.
I'm not happy with it,
but I'm not really
unhappy with it either.
Kinda settled. I... I get that.
Are you happy where you are?
Uh, I usually tell people
that I'm suing the government
over bad meat
and sort of leave it at that.
Well, that's one way
to avoid it.
you wanna do something fun
and maybe a little bit stupid?
Like, what?
Oh, uh, sorry you had to
see all that back there.
It's not
the worst thing I've ever seen.
Well, I'm glad to know
I didn't make
the bottom of the list.
- so, um...
- So?
Would you maybe
wanna do this again?
I guess I could use
another free meal sometime.
I had a good time tonight.
Me too.
- Good night, Henry.
- Goodnight.
So here's a question.
If you could have sex
with anyone in history,
who would it be?
Oh, God, I don't know.
How about
go with, um
Joan of Arc?
You're a sick fucking ticket.
Your face.
How come we never talk
about anything real?
What's real?
I don't know.
I just feel
like every time we talk
it goes to some random subject
and suddenly I'm being judged
for wanting to plow
Jeanne d'Arc.
Well, I don't know, I.
I never really thought
I was avoiding anything, but
to answer your question...
- Finally.
- Shut it.
I just
I don't know.
I just feel
like there's nothing really
to talk about
when it comes to me.
I mean, I'm broke,
I work at a coffee shop.
That's about it.
What are your hopes and dreams?
It's too early
for this conversation.
You're avoiding again.
All right, if you want
something a little more
Whoa. Physical media.
What is it?
Well, let's open it.
Did you make me a mixtape?
Don't say I never
did nothing for you.
- Wow.
- Come on.
- Oh, no.
- Yep.
You're never gonna let me
live that down, are you?
It was pretty tragic,
but cute.
It's too weird, right?
Do you hate it?
I love it.
Thank you.
Like, he's a fucking waste,
you know?
I mean, Jesus.
I know...
I know he creeps you out,
but you got nothing
to worry about, all right?
I mean, he's a fucking pussy.
What was that?
- What was what?
- What'd you just say?
- I was just clearing my throat.
- No, you weren't.
What did you say?
What the hell's going on, man?
I'm just curious, you know,
if you called me a pussy or not?
Uh, I didn't call you anything.
But if I did call you something,
it was a joke.
- So, relax.
- Oh, huh.
I'm not laughing, man.
Okay, um, I'm sorry
you can't take a joke, I guess.
Uh, look, dude, you're
creeping everybody out.
So why don't...
Why don't you just knock it off?
- All right?
- Oh. Oh.
I got a question for you.
Back when you used to
take me out places,
were you doing it
just to have a laugh?
Where's this coming from?
It's a simple question, man.
Were you doing it
for my benefit,
or were you just trying
to make fun of me?
Look, dude, I, uh
can tell you're pretty upset,
but, uh, it's got
nothing to do with me.
So why don't you go
back to your desk
and reflect on why no one
can stand to be around you,
and maybe you'll
figure out
that it has nothing
to do with me
and everything to do with you.
Take it easy, Henry.
- Shut up!
- Whoa!
Hey, man, that's unhinged.
All right?
You thought
you can come in here,
getting up in my face,
telling me that I'm saying shit
about you behind your back?
All right?
Now you're flexing on me after
all the good I did for you?
It's fucked up, man.
You are way more of a
freak than I thought you were.
Fuck off, man.
Leave me the fuck alone.
Fuck you!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Henry, please.
I am your friend.
Really? You're my friend?
Fuck you, you're
my friend.
Henry, please. Please.
"Please, please.
I'm your friend."
Fuck you, you're
my friend.
I hate you! Fuck you!
Oh, look at him.
Look at the little bitch.
This is from you, idiot.
Fuck you!
I love you.
You're my brother.
please, just leave me be.
- Oh.
- Please.
Oh. Oh.
Henry, it's okay. It's okay.
Please, just take me
to the hospital.
Henry, please. It's okay.
It's okay. I'm...
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Sloppy work.
Something about this
feel familiar to you?
Blunt force trauma.
The guy here probably
spotted a prowler and
things ended badly.
I don't know, it
just doesn't feel right.
Well, while you wrestle
with your feelings,
I'm gonna go
wait for the results.
I gotta make a call.
Hey, it's me.
Yeah, I'm sorry
I had to leave early.
I said I'm sorry.
I just want to tell you
how much you mean to me.
I've never met anyone
who I've cared for
like I care for you.
And I think what we have
is very special.
I want you to know
how much you mean to me.
You bring out the best in me.
And I...
And I...
I just wanna tell you.
I'm really happy
that we met.
Being with you
has made me realize
that I can
talk to people.
And I...
I lo
I love...
I'm sorry I'm late.
It's been a while, Hank.
Life has been crazy.
At first, I thought
that I had done something,
but then I saw the news.
How are you doing?
What news?
Your coworker.
That Greg guy, he was murdered.
Right. That, yeah.
That's been tough.
Yeah. Are you okay?
Shocking how
someone's life
can just be taken away
like that.
I'm starving.
So you're okay.
I've never felt better
in my entire life.
Now, where is
the goddamn waiter?
Sir, I'm gonna have to
ask you to lower your voice.
I want a steak. Rare.
Do you want champagne?
I want champagne.
I'm in a champagne mood.
We'll have two glasses
of champagne, please.
What's this?
What's going
on over there?
Something interesting?
I'm over here.
Henry, you're...
You're coughing a lot.
Do you wanna
do this another night?
I feel great.
I'm just
a little under the weather.
I'm fine.
We need to get you
to a hospital.
Because there's blood
coming out of your mouth.
What the fuck is this?
You invite me here
and then you tell me
that I look like shit?
- No, that's not what this
is. - Is this a fucking ambush?
Making an eye
to that fucking guy over there,
telling me I look like shit.
You're just trying to dump me
in the most brutal way possible?
For fuck's sake,
that's not what's going on.
I haven't seen you in weeks.
And you come here
and you're coughing
and blood comes
out of your mouth.
- I'm concerned. Okay?
- Why do I feel this way?
I didn't feel like this
before I got here.
God, you look
so fucking good tonight.
Don't... don't grab me
like that. I don't like it!
It's a compliment. Fuck!
Henry, please let me
take you to the hospital.
I'm gonna need you both
to get the hell out of here.
Fuck you!
We need
to get you an ambulance.
Fuck you!
- I'm trying to get you...
- Fuck you!
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Let me in!
Open the fucking door!
You need help, Henry.
Let me in now!
Oh, open the fucking door!
Oh, just let me in.
I'm calling the cops.
Oh, you fucking bitch!
I'll fucking kill you!
Oh, you fucking bitch.
I just wanna talk.
I just wanna talk.
That's all I wanna do.
I just wanna talk.
I just wanna fucking talk.
Oh, I could have
fucking loved you
and you do this to me?
I didn't fucking do anything.
Oh, I could have been
the best fucking thing
that you had.
Hey, have you seen
those twist ties?
There should be some
further to the back.
Are we hiding back here now?
Are you still mad at that guy
who tried to order
the soy latte?
It was matcha.
- Douche.
- What the fuck is matcha?
Fuck if I know.
You okay?
Yeah. No. But it's fine.
What's going on?
It... Just...
A lot going on.
Just, you know, life.
Well, you know
you can talk to me, right?
I mean, if,
you know, no pressure,
but if you want to.
You think
Terry would let me crash here
- overnight?
- He... he
I'm not gonna lie,
I've done it before,
but it kind of sucks.
Of course, you have.
Trust me, you don't...
You don't wanna stay here.
let me... let me walk you home.
Come on.
Do you have your keys?
Uh, yeah.
Later, Pasta Man.
Hungover right now.
Oh, my God.
Maybe you should crash here.
No, we are very closed.
Very, very closed.
Was that like that
the whole time?
- Oops.
- That would explain a lot.
Kinda jealous of this coat
you have on right now.
Right? Yeah.
Uh, it's pretty fuzzy and warm.
It is fuzzy.
It kinda looks like
you're wearing a bathrobe
a little bit.
Yeah, a little bit.
A little bit.
But I don't...
I... I don't mind though.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
No, it's good.
It... it's... it's warm.
- Do you...
- Oh.
Do you want these back?
I mean,
I could take 'em from you.
- I could get 'em at work...
- Yeah.
But I feel like I might get
beat up out here...
If I'm walking around
with these on.
Your hair.
you sure you're gonna be okay?
I think I just need some time.
Well, I'm here
if you need anything.
Come here.
- Good night.
- Good night.
What the fuck, man?
Dude, get outta here, man.
Dude, she doesn't wanna
fucking see you, man.
No! No!
Henry, no, please.
Henry, no. Stop, please.
Don't. Please.
Henry, no. Hey, hey, no.
You don't wanna do this, please.
Please don't. Please, no.
Please don't. No.
I believe Henry's ready.
I want a divorce.
And why is that?
There's no talking to you.
There's no communication.
You're miles away
and no way to reach you.
I can't be reached?
Every time I try to talk to you,
you won't respond.
Every time I try to touch you,
you run halfway across the room.
So don't
give me that bullshit.
And why is that?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
What's the word?
He's not here.
We found more.
This is going to be
very difficult.
So please take your time.
I don't even know.
I was...
I... I just
I was getting ready for bed.
I just...
that song came on.
He w... he was just on me.
And I didn't know what to do.
He tried to put it in my mouth.
I just kept grabbing
for something.
I didn't think...
I... I didn't wanna hurt him.
I just wanted to get him off me.
And I just grabbed
the first thing that I felt.
Detective Williams.
So glad you could come.
Have I done something wrong?
Thank you for that.
So now maybe you can tell me
what brings you here.
Treatment, perhaps?
The name
Henry Adams ring any bells?
I'm afraid I'm at a loss.
It's funny.
I keep finding your books
all over our crime scenes.
Our line of work
always attracts the more
disturbed characters.
So, Detective Williams
what happened now?
It's probably safe to say
he committed some particularly
awful actions.
I guess you
could say that.
What's with
the creepy setup, Doc?
Detective Williams
your attitude is quite telling.
Enough of the runaround.
I'm not here
for treatment.
Why are you here?
Maybe you don't know
why you're here.
Said enough.
I just wanna know...
You wanna know about the worms?
Don't move!
Son of a bitch.
Detective Williams,
how nice of you to join us.
We have quite
the evening planned for you.
You son of a bitch!
Oh, Detective Williams,
you don't see
that I'm trying to help you.
Resentment, anger, repression.
Everything that cripples you
as a man.
I can change all that for you.
Sir, I don't think
this is the best idea.
It's not like
we're gonna let him
out of the box.
Let's get on with this,
shall we?
Greta, would you be so kind?
Thank you,
darling. Doctor.
Thank you, Henry.
Oh. That's a beauty, huh?
Are you ready,
Detective Williams?
No, no, no!
You sick fucking psychopath!
No, no, no!
Why are you doing this?
To relieve you
of the burden of consciousness.
No, no, no, no!
Oh, God! No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Please. Please, no.
I know you're gonna find this
hard to believe,
but I have a joke...
- Yeah?
- For you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah..
I... I got a joke for you.
- I got a joke for you.
- All right. All right.
All right, so this airplane's
going down, right?
- Yeah.
- Everybody's gonna die.
There's nobody
surviving on this thing.
This woman jumps up
from her seat,
tears off all of her clothes
and goes,
"Is there any man
big enough here
to make me feel like a woman?"
Right, right?
So, a guy stands up
and tears off his shirt
and goes, "Yeah,."
Hey, you're not
such a tight ass after all.
Well, you're oddly personable,
all things considering.
Yeah, well,
I'm feeling pretty good.
No sense in
dwelling on it.
Kind of a big thing.
Yeah. Sorry.
Looks like you're stuck
with just plain black today.