East Meets West (1995) Movie Script

A Kihachi Okamoto Film
Manjiro, this is the interpreter
in training, Kenkichi Kamijo.
Hello, Joe.
How do you do, sir?
Glad to meet you.
You have a Nagasaki accent.
Yes, sir.
I don't know about his english,
but he's an expert swordsman.
I won't need a bodyguard then.
Those reactionaries can't get me now.
- It's him. It's Oguri.
- Wait. Just check to see it's him.
- But...
- Let our man take care of him!
We have much bigger fish to fry...
Why can't they just get on with it?
I haven't had breakfast yet.
Hey Yukichi
Don't you think that the rituals
everywhere are horseshit?
Captain, that's why I suggested
you to have breakfast early.
The Commander wants you to
take Kanrin Maru into
the docks at Mayer
Island right away.
You want me to sail that junk?
That's his job.
What's he doing now?
Repairs to Kanrin Maru
will take a month.
So the Commander wants his
money taken to the bank.
Why bother? I mean, it's like
pocket money to him.
Well, but it is 3000 gold.
Yes, if lost, 3000 heads will roll.
He was born with silver chopsticks
in his mouth... not like me.
So Yukichi, how much is one gold
worth in America?
One gold coin is worth $4.44.
So let me see 3000 gold would be
So approximately thriteen thousand dollars.
What a wonderful story
to tell back home.
I'm glad we saw that.
Good heavens!
What's happened?
Tame, what happened here?
You must have seen
the whole thing.
I saw...
What did you see?
I saw thousands of stars.
An assassin on the Kanrin Maru?
When the Pawhatan sails for
Washington in four days, I'll be safe.
But making an attempt on my
life... it's a ridiculous idea!
Now this is exactly what I mean about cool!
First of all, you're not even
Samurai so there's no point
to commit Harakiri.
That's why at least, when I die, I
want to be like a real Samurai.
He's a ninja and does my secret
bodyguard now.
I see...
So you're a ninja?
It's an old fashioned
job nowadays.
That's why I want to become
a proper Samurai.
But Samurai will eventually
go out of style, too.
I don't care. I want to be one.
Please Captain, Commander
Let me go after the 3000 gold
and Kamijo.
Didn't he go after the gold?
Look, Manjiro, what
do you think about all of this?
I'm also surprised after all this happened.
Tamejiro found out he was a drop
out Samurai from Mito clan.
Mito clan? That's the stronghold
of Shogun Nariaki.
So why someone from there be on
our ship when we are the
harbinger of foreign entry to Japan?
Perhaps he wants to sabotage
this Us-Japan Goodwill treaty.
Do you think, Katsu, he might be waiting for
an opportunity to assassinate one
of the emissaries?
Do you think so?
So that's why he's good
with his swords.
You got exactly one month.
After one month, Kanrin Maru
will no longer be here.
By the way, how's your English?
Oh no, not at all, Sir.
The best way to learn the language is
to get friendly with locals,
especially with the ladies.
Right, Manjiro?
Well, yes.
That's great.
I'm pretty good with ladies.
Tame! Are you alright?
Thanks god!
That was close!
One more time.
Oira means... I.
Horechoru... Love.
Omaesan ni... You.
I love you.
I rabu yu.
No, no, no.
I love you.
No, no, no.
I rub you.
Wrong. How many times must I repeat?
Your love sounds rub.
What'll you do with just
rubbing all the time?
Rubbing? It's no problem!
I love you as much as I rub you.
That's it.
I can rub up any girl.
Thanks Manjiro!
I rub you, I rub you!
Good luck!
Something wrong here.
Maybe Manjiro taught me some
nasty words... like
bitch or whore or...
I get it now.
My good luck charm.
Yes, this'll work.
Good evening.
Don't do it. Stop!
A woman?
But doesn't look
like an American.
Reminds me of a Japanese girl
whose father is a bandit.
But maybe with a little scrub she could look
even more
Me, name's Tamejiro.
Tame... ugh... Tame.
Tomi. Oh what the hell,
yes, yes...
Then, your name?
Stop kidding around.
Anyway, I'll be over
there in no time.
Never underestimate a ninja!
Once I can get my head through,
I can squeeze in anywhere.
Well, I guess it's okay!
Manjiro, tell him
he can have it,
if he lets this girl go free too.
The girl?
What's this thing?
Think of it as a permission to
capture the bad guys.
Why me?
Because I told him you were the
brave man going after the stolen gold.
He's going to give you the two horses
that the gang left behind, too.
As a wedding present.
Wedding? Whose?
You really saw, on this road,
the Samurai and the American boy?
Then, let's hurry.
I don't want them to get away.
Ouch, wait!
That's Tamejiro!
What's Tame doing here?
He's a bodyguard... no, a ninja.
I'm alright.
But he almost got my balls.
He shot me without warning.
Damn Kamijo!
I'll kill him!
Kamijo, an ex-Mito clan Samurai
disguised as an interpreter.
You're under arrest. Throw
down your weapons!
Tame! What have I done?
Games up.
I know you killed three Americans
and stole the gold.
Besides, you're trying to kill Oguri.
I can't let you do that!
He knows?
You better give up.
Pawhatan sails today ahead of schedule.
Oguri, Lord of Bungo
is out of your reach by now.
Damn! I didn't know that.
I'm coming in!
Come out, Joe!
I won't use this nasty
weapon so come out now!
Hey Joe! It's not fair!
You sold me out to the Indians.
If you're after my scalp,
you've got a surprise coming.
Too bad, huh? My head looks already scalped.
What do you want?
What? Come on!
You want a horse for a dowry?
Give me a break!
Give me a break!
Did you throw this outside?
Who gave it to you?
Don't you understand?
Who gave you... this?
There? There?
Thank you!
You're under arrest!
Don't move!
Tame. Tamejiro!
Rest in peace, Tamejiro.
Too little?
Kamijo cut my topknot!
I'll kill him.
A great ninja performance!
No pulse. Hands and feet were ice cold.
I didn't know he was such a great ninja.
Not many are that good nowadays.
But not before I find the gold.
Fool! He deserves to die!
But wait. I need
them alive for the time being.
Go tell them!
Hey, over here!
Over here!
Come on. I'm here!
It hurts!
Sounds like the lumberjack chant.
Shut up. I can't sleep!
DEVIL'S DESER What does the paper say?
The president cannot wait to
see the Japanese mission.
That means your target Oguri
is getting out of your reach now.
Just forget it.
I'll chase him to hell.
No matter how big America is.
Because you're a Samurai...?
Being in such a big country,
I feel like quitting the Samurai.
Then why bother about Oguri?
Because, as a man, no, as a
human being, I have to.
To tell you the truth, there was
a plot to assassinate Chief Magistrate Ii.
I knew it. When it's supposed to
be carried out?
On Spring Festival day in Japan.
On March 24 by the calendar here.
My 18 comrades were
going to attack him.
We were on board when they did it.
Right, if they succeed
the Samurai will not
exist any longer.
So, I see no point in you
becoming a Samurai.
Shut your mouth!
You've been a Samurai all your life.
You'll never know how I feel!
I see. But I think you'd make
a better husband for Nantai than a Samurai.
Shut up! Shut up!
I'm gonna find that gold.
Then see you dead.
And become a Samurai. Even if
it's just for one day!
You're going in to scout.
Sneak into town tonight.
Make a map of the important landmarks.
Then give it to Hutch who'll wait outside of town.
Looks like the meeting is over?
Didn't understand much.
But the bottom line is someone dies
and someone lives.
Yeah, something like that.
If I die, will you take
care of this boy?
Make sure you take him to Hardy's...
No. Hardy's wife.
Sure thing.
Since I'm going to kill you anyway.
I'll honor your last wish as a Samurai.
I wonder.
I'm worried about Nantai
more than that.
Things could get pretty messy tomorrow.
Nantai, I've taught you a lot of tricks.
But now I'm going to teach you
Kunoichi, the female ninja trick!
I'll pretend I'm you.
You pretend you're a bad guy.
I run.
You chase!
Now's your chance.
Hit both his ears, open handed.
His eardrums will break.
He flinches. That's your chance to run.
Let's do it, Nantai!
Run now, run!
Now. Harder!
Good. Now, run!
Getting better! Run.
What would you do if
he caught you like this?
Better get going now.
Or we'll never get to Unicorn.
I'll bet the gold is in there, too.
Stop! Stop!
Damn! I guess this is it.
I don't understand the language,
but I know I'm getting hung.
Well, I guess I'll do it by myself.
Hey you! You hit every
bump on the road
and throw me down on the
ground like a junk!
Didn't you hear me knocking so hard?
I'd really be dead if you'd buried me.
A guy called Gus is here.
So is the gold.
This is sheriff's office.
Quito, the sheriff and Beat,
the deputy are there.
The others are in this hotel.
- What's he doing?
- Looks like an ambush.
- Kill him?
- No. It's no good.
Let Nantai do the
female ninja trick.
Nantai, do the thing we trained.
Kamijo, there's no bullets in that gun.
I took them out. It'll only fart.
Are you hit?
No. I'm all right.
Where's the gold?
Nantai will smoke it out.
You're going to let them carry it out?
You see.
Oh my God! It's 3000 gold!
You want to?
I won't fight an injured man.
Besides, I'm in a hurry.
I might just make it on time to
catch the Kanrin Maru.
I have no time to waste on you.
So, you'll get your wish and become a Samurai.
A Samurai, huh?
It's not so bad being an Indian, too.
Right, Nantai?
What about you?
Eightmile? I'll go back to
the Pony Express route.
And head East.
Boy, you're a pig headed fool!
Can't you forget your silly revenge?
It's not easy.
You're still full of this Samurai crap, aren't you?
Damn, Tame. You big mouth.
SERVAN That's...
Kazuyoshi Okuyama
Mineko Okamoto, Yoshimisa Nakagawa
Yudai Katou
Akimasa Kawashima
Masaru Sato
CAS Hiroyuki Sanada
Ittoku Kishibe
Naoto Takenaka
Tatsuya Nakadai
Hideyo Amamoto
Akira Endou
Kihachi Okamoto