East Wind Rain (2010) Movie Script

Under Japanese law
Today will execute the said
to death with his
Open your eyes out
Please look at our time
Here this
Sorry, okay?
An Minh
An Minh
Nhan Festival
The area in Shanghai
The communications and intelligence were all dead
The death of them
Make contact line breaks
The Japanese were on Dec. 7
Raid on Pearl Harbor the U.S. game?
Crude oil is the blood of Marines
Paint The wait is not certain
the blood was dry before attack
In place of refugees in The Gender
Both walls full article
application is to find relatives
Seekers and
People are looking
There are about 80%, 90% had
separated the two worlds
If this intelligence
not be taken out
There will be many very
More death charges
But the war may
will end earlier than
Japan, China and his Nazi
Against each other has been 4 years
Intelligence can also be transmitted
out of it?
E that can only be
use only the police line
This is the Party's money to me
In the bottle
For people living in the squad but said
Rotation and death launched
Do not know who's next?
People are gambling Thise
not run
Remember the time before I asked him
Why the Japanese love
do not eat puffer fish?
Taste, but can
Do not spy
like that?
Wait for the war
I have invited him to come home
I see the cherry flavor
The life of the cherry blossom is very short
But very nice
The beautiful summer flowers have bright
Autumn leaves must fall silent
Their children with measles
She and her fever
Tomorrow night 9 pm
I have the show in question
First Us Community Mon
Should be invited Mr. Lam
yourself to pick up something
Got it
Mr. Powell
In his newspaper, he posts
Japan and the U.S. will not
should war
The worry him too there
Dared to declare war on Japan
Why America stronger?
Now go buy a cup of coffee
Yet we get separated and then
The sinking of giatc dream
Do not move
Can not shout out
Light damage at home and
Could not find the candles
Neither one evening, I think only one of
If there is one day
He is not subject to First Us
play the piano again
E that you can not find him anymore
We can date the
If you do not like em thisao appointment?
How can I date him, but
We went to the United States now?
Finally, also announced
that took him through it
I fear her in a room
No lights
Night covers around
In the United States may be an all-star?
In the United States is not safe game?
Then cooled
Just a little cold, they also
Where he does not drink
I then turn
Let's go
Having him there, or are you new song
Can mix a wine name
Shanghai does not?
There are many others
call it sin
Ma creating natural building Shanghai
At the base of the building is hell
As the shark leaving her
Tell him to give certain
Yes, thanks
He also drinks
Shanghai wines that
But all is because I pay
Ms. Sarah
How high a price
She has a stomach of the elephant back?
Every second of the Hilton
Are destroyed
European civilization
The UK can
How long to hold out in this battle?
Having fought alongside Americans
the non-good thing?
Japan really want
U.S. hands back out with?
Mr. Sakamoto ...
... Sure not to drink
Children to say what sake?
Officer Smith
He is not lighter?
Sorry, I do not smoke
Sorry I have not lighters?
Let me borrow
Smith, killing him kill password
America is like the momentum
bird heads in desert
They do not bite
it would not hurt
I do not get commission?
The way the news is
Lin only get information
but did not see anyone
Thus before organization
... Investigate the causes of death
of communication and spy
Will not communicate with us
Organizations are suspect
living in us?
We are clean
The one deadly touch
and spy here?
She went into the front
We have dangerous?
Office of the newspaper
Japanese Man Set
Mr. Midwest
This is new information received today
On day five Thieu Hoa
No. 16, December 4
Please note
Following is information on the meteorological
East wind, rain
East wind, rain
Since this afternoon
Radio Tokyo
using microwave
To repeat weather
East wind, rain
East Wind is America
Rain is only war
East Wind, Rain meaningful notice
The Japanese and all those who work
at the consulate building around the world
War is imminent and the U.S. Japan
How is the intelligence of
He is correct
I received a letter
password sent from Japan
What content?
This is a warning signal
for his report
Told him to quickly leave
from Shanghai to Yan'an
Where can I go?
He must go
Is anyone prepared to replace the
My position at Man Set
.. To get intelligence from Japan?
1 month, Vy States T It has
Notify me ...
There is a scroll "key note talk
college "will be taken to Shanghai
When to come?
There would he want to stay
Why wait start here?
He was such a small team
must also not go back?
First born, he assured
Whether I was arrested
I will not say a word
any disadvantage to him
I believe he
Please believe me he
Chan Da Best That I was to
from Tokyo
We have defeated file
spy team of international communism
Richard Sorge and
It's Tu Vy States was secretly arrested
In making a competent
We found Vy Ky Tu It
Will take a roll of paper
to Shanghai
The contents are confidential
The fact indicates that
The Midwest's Huyen Man Set Report
is closely associated with Vy Ky Tu It
He is the recipient
roll in Shanghai
How to Shanghai?
Trans States Danish ship suddenly crashes
Ship leaks oil, to cultivate a month
He told Tails States
on a big roll
I'm very impatient
But do not dare send mail
I received confidential
Told me to go west
But not autographs
Tails of the States
And who sent him?
Perhaps the first such birth Tails States
has happened already?
Hopefully he is only concerned
... To the failure of the guard cabinet
He was not more than 1 month
contact me then
This is a sushi chef by
Trans States ship to Denmark
Maybe his sense of home
2 Leave the stars?
For many in the ...
... To signal warning
told his accomplices ?
Mau back then
The Japanese that spill northward
Soviet Union would be Germany Japan
2 crushed the fascist
Siege Mode
The headquarters of the Republic
Communism and human world
Are subject to a period of darkness
If some of the South
The brothers Slovenia
can force
On the morning of December 6
Reaction in Moscow already started
Thank you and the Japanese
At the time of the great Soviet
This leads to intelligence
An "International"
can not sing the two families
This is a knife
Specialized Navy
Losing a piece of sushi
So who walked
through us
Can be the "people from Tokyo"
He came to roll
Investigate recent days
Japanese ships to Shanghai
It's Tu Vy States Secretary of
He's not hard to imagine
Scrolls were
... Turned into intelligence
notice how most secret
Go to this star?
Go to the brighter
Go to the sunrise
An Minh
At dawn
Do you hear it?
On the way to hear other people say this
Unlike the Japanese
are exercising
This is not a rehearsal
Japanese artillery fire on
U.S. warships in the British team Huangpu River
British warship sunk on the spot
U.S. warships have
unfurled a white flag of surrender
Do not gica
His God is not welcome
My four stars?
This is a Christian church
This is the public sector
The priest, afraid that he was dreaming
Japanese Navy
Are bombing Pearl Harbor the U.S.
I won
I must confess to his father
In fact, the British learned
Japanese intelligence raid on Pearl Harbor
To make the United States to combat
Sarah killed her children
I'm sorry
Those on board the British
died a tragic way
He survived
But I still can not
for the escape
Father John
We can not
Along the last meal I ate?
Bread and wine with meals that
It is the body and blood
of God
No final
God forever
our side
7 hours 50 minutes 7 December,
Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor
Pacific War broke out,
Human Prussian emperor to fight cancer
Britain declared war - America at 11 pm
Meet Mr. Lam Ha?
Who are you?
No person
Powell's newspaper editors were arrested
Hoang said the Midwest
Today I'll be at church
To guide Locking
children sing in church
Should have an appointment
But he did not come
Never before
occurrence of these?
I call the
his home
Someone catch them, but
no one spoke
He calls to text
Man Setting His Room
No one heard the
Perhaps he was not arrested then?
Makeup shop
made to others
Intelligence organizations
I was off
Here's how to contact
finally our organization
We abandoned it
She quickly went away
At the very least can cover
giatu status
And he thisao?
I will wait again
Missed as superior to find us
Find thithe does not?
U scared?
I am afraid of being arrested
Until now I have
not beaten
I know
Japanese Torture does not
Few can withstand
Missed as she was arrested
Give me a little more time to flee
How long?
Longest time
she can hold is
How can I run away a bit
She, also a spy
People should have taken a
good man, be happy
Do you know how to warn me
You know I used police records
As a principal member
This is the only intelligence
he does not let me encode it
Navy and Japanese ships
Will Pearl Harbor raid
on December 7
I know she'd say
Why the war on boom
- Read to
- Yes
Bank withdrawal limits
Each account of the Chinese
A week is not taken beyond the 500 copper
The British, American, Dutch
Each day one person only
get the 20 co
If you dare ...
violation of the terms of
Japanese banks set for
Locking the enemy to withdraw
Definitely will be using the
His home in Beijing stars?
Face looks very familiar
No, I was just in Beijing
was only 7 years
Hoang Trung Chinh West arrested
From now on
I was the liaison
between him and the superior
He used the piano
generate intelligence
Even organizations that night will
Shanghai TV station
From radio
They traveled Chongqing
Chongqing will soon
Washington travel news
But Pearl Harbor
Also many people have died
not worth dying
Obtaining intelligence is a story
Can use or not
In the game of war
Not a chance I can
decided a draw
Moreover, our team
As a child she has been experimentally
The people quickly out of Shanghai
May betray
Other members of the
team must quickly spread out
This is defined
If the Hoang Trung Tay
I want to sell out
Thida early for work and
He is Japanese
But while he was ...
Also a member of the Bolshevik party
The death of contacts
and intelligence
Hoang Trung Chinh West arrested
So what is vicai?
We are clean
To side
Looking through the other
You have to go?
She no longer then Island
I would not want that artist
piano became so dehydrated slave?
Japan began to sing with the stars?
You want to go?
From Shanghai to go abroad
The remaining ships of France
The board of Banama
Come to the mainland
I went with him
He preceded
Why not go ahead?
We can not go together?
English Only one ticket
There can be two panels back?
He always wanted to tell her
She was summer, he is the winter
2 of us ...
Like the fire in warm
a few scattered snow cloud
To celebrate the empire
Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor successfully
Shallow cup
The people must come from Shanghai
Go with the
Can only be sure Y Van
message back to him
There is a young man
He told him to come from Tokyo
The person he needs to find
I was arrested in Shanghai
So you want to find this person
He has previously told him
If you do not find her
TASS is possible to get help
Now he is where?
3 hour lunch tomorrow
I date him to
Mon club Tien Us
Cues is the poetry of Pushkin
Table No. 7
You have to go?
She went ahead
On his way carefully
New England would manage to break Ton
Now do not go
Others will feel strange
Let me go
What he left me
Only this
He called into two compartments
Cha is the Manchu
Mother is Japanese
As the mate of the vessel Trans States Complete
Captain Wood said Cao
in Tokyo you have a loved one
Every boat dock
UK are visiting relatives
He Is Vy Ky Tu It
First he asked him to bring
... Midwest for the wild in Shanghai
The knife in the victim was identified
he sold out
Sushi chefs train that Trans States completed as
The Japanese to Shanghai
There are not many skilled people as
In addition, around TASS
Does not have a mosquito
Maybe out of sight
detachment of the secret
He need not deny
We have watched him
... A roll of paper and contacted him
This material is the first refuge of 5
She was the one who passes
No. 7 of the table into two compartments
May Wood how he
discovered clue
Outside the residence of the contact
There have also been looking for information
people of the 5th of refugees
So I suspect that this
Second is to transfer gido
I get it
Which is not the same as
is often problematic
If not caught the
Intelligence No. 17
This is the interrogation of Laos to the 76
I do not believe
Intelligence that the Japanese set
Click on Pearl Harbor
As the Communist Chinese to find
Our network has
spread to Tokyo
The four domestic
To Name Intelligence spy
It's Tu Ky Vy
Every Tuesday to appear at dinner
morning party of Prime Minister
Vy Ky Tu It took a roll
paper "great record the conversation"
Get someone to go to Shanghai
People come
Get it yet?
Who have not met?
Most went to get Bich Nhu
The roll was taken
arrested on the spot
She chidem of a wine cork
Which does not gica
He did not feel about
This is questionable how much room?
We clean
I will report on this organization
He let go quickly to leave Shanghai
Not getting rolls
I will not leave Shanghai where
The arrest came from Tokyo
Roll paper can have
fell to the Japanese
If not thisao?
He contacted Almost Bich
Nhu how?
I have to go find her
There are story times
Foliage, she will find someone
on the wall of the refugees
Into two compartments not open mouth
We can only take the employees
Japan is not the message Jesus
Colleagues in Man Set
Tay Hoang Trung Chinh
Christianity does not follow
But why on shelves
have his Bible
If only to treat
Skin wounds
Why buy a bottle of disinfectant to the world?
But I used up a half
In the Bible book
in a few pages with a few drops
... Is antiseptic
The Bible is the book
Midwest encryption between the Royal
... And Chinese espionage team
You have to fake autographs
The Hoang's Midwest
To spread an intelligence
In the spring, the blooming
In the spring, the blooming
Wind blowing vi vu
The sun shines its rays
warmth from the sky
Shed tears on my clothes
Through all the way
There is a new man put on it
He was for me a little money
I must have told her
The informant into two compartments is assumed
Most have been exposed Bich Nhu
She helped me on the wall
find people to go
I have work out a little
Insert the paper roll
On May 24 in Korea Lac Mon
In your closet
In the jacket of 147
The Midwest reported the Hoang
Stay away
It can be said
Into two compartments is plotted
spy by the Japanese arrangements
For example almost Bich Nhu
Then try to let her run away
Through her to break
Communist China's message
But the Midwest was arrested Hoang
How can he put
This intelligence is
The son of the Midwest
Design team leader of the Manchu
Can fully benefit
the relationship
Annunciation us
on endangered
The stars he again put thitai
for almost Bich Nhu not he?
Every time I and the Midwest
Chinh Hoang meeting
Have an appointment time
and location for next time
Meet critical situations
He will find foliage
the wall of the refugees
Bich Nhu Almost certain concerns that
I'll go find her
Knowing your status
were then exposed
Should intentionally run off the road
To divert the four agents
I get support intelligence
Unexpectedly I met her
He does not worry the Midwest
Hoang back on stars?
This is a unique opportunity to get a roll of paper
Tu Vy States It is possible
know all the news from Japan
Most of the dead lived not clear Bich Nhu
If she is alive
Thianh will be arrested
Japanese Torture
A girl like her
can bear it?
People that dare to die vianh
He doubted her?
Christmas fun
You clean
But you do not have
everyone clean
You know why I told everyone
people from Shanghai are not?
The team of people continuously happening to
If between him and almost Bich
The need is a map of the contrast
The rest is given
will not run out of Shanghai
Almost arrested Bich Nhu
Only now he is the most suspicious
This time I did not
him go free
Someone will take him to Christ North
To submit to the jurisdiction of organization
Can I put a scroll
... Back to the Festival label?
There really know the fate of
Complete the label?
Chibang this point
Thito entirely possible official
handle his
Not knowing her fate
It is the omissions in the work
His intelligence
He knows her body parts
Yet still to roll
She fell to the
Can only say you are in conspiracy
I and Hoan Gaming
Chila relationships between men and women in love
The world of espionage,
non-users, not ma ma
Why can men and women but love?
Complete Gaming offers roll
assigned to?
He is old Van
Eradicate international space charge
He'll take you away
I can even add a so-
coat thicker again?
Top Car
Why here?
Residential road
Jewish refugees in Shanghai
Who are you?
In fact who you are
He knew then that
Dog Day at the racecourse
He told to drink coffee
In fact, the example I want to leave the place
And call the contact person
give intelligence
The fatal shot fired
Contact the em
I found an agent
Japan to track him
If you do not like four shot him
Thithan his fate will be exposed
Intelligence will fall into the hands agents
Sao em know you have intelligence?
Chongqing side broke the solution is
A large number of private telegraph system between
Sandalwood Mountain Japan and Tokyo
Analysis in the Pearl Harbor
.. Will be targeted
of Japan to the U.S.
But the specific time is unknown
Moreover ago
Military member national convention
People soon know
Chinese Communist Party
property in the headquarters of Japan
So I approach his new
Above the balcony
In his coffee
I gave up on that anesthetics
Why not let him drink?
It is vain for their intellectual
His superiors in the dark
brought intelligence to the people
If not
Otherwise, the em
kidnapped him
He did not give any
gicho th em
Where paper rolls?
Where paper rolls?
He has lost contact
Lost its purity
I also lost all
I was rather annoyed
for this Russian girl
It is at least a relative
of Tsar
Lao Di, who is not afraid
raising pigeons
The new fear of raising women
I make the national party
How many stories
I am not afraid
But he also killed a lot
People's National Party
Himself who finish
radio at Bund Road
I have trained for the class
the party's national radio term 2
How coverage of the Academy
I am by heart
I know the messenger
Intelligence is known
The intelligence reports of 17
U is his friend?
He is pressing his interrogation
He was declared out
China has found
Japanese intelligence raid
Pearl Harbor
An intelligence which is not effective
Why listen to America
Chinese instead?
Four agents contacted the Japanese track
Communist Party of China at the dog races
Also the intelligence
he sold four Japanese
Back a few more lives
Why Can not afraid?
Nhan Festival
Missing and
He doubts me?
His superiors do not know
love yourself
We do not get a roll of paper
But his accomplices
do not get
They took a roll
I assume the disguise of paper
They also said that
who are imposters
I still want to know the contents
roll in which
To exchange
I will drop him from the cage set
If not
The nail will hit his body
Intelligence in the hedge
bank of a neutral
Only myself
.. Where the new bank
roll out
I agree to use the network
his life in exchange
Stay curfew stars?
Above all is the Japanese way
They want to catch
Began to search
Thanks for letting us stay
Ourselves to thank you
Hitler wanted to kill Jews
Shanghai has given us
I'm a shelter
He's dead
The person that night
drinking with her
Try to escape by
Japan to jump from car
Concrete is dead
When we come across
What night?
The night he
now let us listen to there
Is he the
... Was arrested the next day in
Us not the subject?
Do you have coffee?
Why he must commit suicide?
Because we are vianh
to put a scroll
He's dying to tell you
Proof of status
his true
If it thisao?
He is real
That is a scroll in the jacket
No. 147 is a fake
The Japanese are good
the intelligence we are dealing
How do you know about the scroll?
Laos to the 76 previously
at the national party
After the surrender thigiet
many of the national party
Named in the list referred
I watched him our time
Vide protection of life
He helps us work
Become a spy double
People to roll the shirt
Who is wearing the number 147?
He absolutely did not believe him
us back on
Is not he always asked me
whereabouts of the roll star?
This is a list of spyware that
the Chongqing government organizations
... Become the official
Japan's high level at the headquarters
If the roll is
intelligence being used to
Source of information then provides
intelligence transferred to Chongqing
Now began
large-scale purges
Soon the Japanese
will search every house
Just him out of here
To be able to eliminate the realm
I had the ability to
Source for Industry
Why is he ahead?
He must verify that the Midwest
Chinh Hoang there is no traitor
And to judge whether the scroll
paper is real or fake
How can you confirm it?
If the roll is assumed
Then when you get
Status of children has
were then exposed
They are not caught em
I was assigned to roll out
I own net just sa
That because they have Khai
to scroll to the old Di
If the roll is true
The Japanese will not let go
Laos to dispense
If nothing careened
The roll is assumed
I can not go
This is the path of death, death time
There is no on going
But given his
... Can go without the stars?
Too cold
I drink a cup of coffee now?
Of course
I add sugar to coffee
The thitoi through the neighborhood to lend
In my bag
So yes em
Help me with
2 of us
Was not to be
come together and
Only one person can go ahead
If you love me
Thianh unable to
em go ahead. Right?
But he knew
I do not heartless
let him go ahead
Coffee is drug is em
This time he wrong
He can see the bats in the night
Half the fun, half the birds
You and I together
It is like the bird
Bay to where the light
Asked him to cafes
Apolo find Sinuses
Let the enemy see my lipstick
After I walk 10 minutes
Let him take this
Thise provinces soon
Take care
This is the first born here
They know to call coffee
Special Apolo
Looks like a spy in Shanghai
Customs are taking over this type
Wanderer rumored to taste delicious
Maybe you heard a rumor the other
People here are brokers
This place is really good
Go here is clean
Out here no one even dirty
In this
Everyone naked
So there is nothing explicit thitoi
I'm going through the sinuses
let people know ...
Will buy the news of the Midwest
Chinh Hoang high prices
I will lower its prime
Laos to close monitoring
Maximum 3 days 7 hours
He went to the club Mon Tien Us
In front of the bathroom
Someone will contact you
Cues are disciples
We are your goals
The other is at this time
But we are certain this ...
Will live and die together
Here bath
Those who so easily disguised then do it
Who should disguised wolf Then every team
But at this moment here
We need to stand on one side
Do you think the
This action is the Hoan Gaming
dead action
I hope she is alive
Gaming Hoan lipstick left him
She was released in the U.S. do gico
Japan attack Nanjing
A 13 person
Only her own life
The Japanese told me to visit her
Early tomorrow morning as I was used to turn the
I never take passes
I thought I would say
Guest said then done
I did not say gica
See me
My legs are not?
In full
They break even
My knees ...
Then resume
The break
Help me
Help me
This capital used to take me back
Finally ...
... I had to endure to the longest
The artist named Hoan Gaming
Visible crime
Other torture
Not to do anything declared all out and
She declared that nothing
She confessed to have worked for
intelligence of the Communist Party in Shanghai
Lao Di is the inside that
they set in Shanghai
You handle careened how?
If want to intelligence
the author transfer out
Then careened to be safe
If not
Roll of paper into his hand
The advantage of backward design intelligence
report will be broken out
Japan was the first country in the world
... Translated into "Respect French prisoners"
In seven years of military school
Always thought it was talent training policy
That is the secret of the indirect team
Japanese messages
In particular, the program uses "time" has five types of time
Interior space
Reaction time
Death and birth period of time
He did not feel she
This is why time element?
Mr. Di
He said in Shanghai
Apolo did not have a bar?
That is the market
of four black spy
Just have the money
Thianh can buy any
intelligence on which he should
If the seller knows
His true intentions
One can give a higher price
To bring his intentions
sold to rivals
Someone in the pub Apolo ..
... The high price to find the whereabouts
The Hoang's Midwest
Definitely into two compartments by the
suicide warning to his accomplices
Makes them suspect rolls
Without this
I would believe
Hoan girl identified as the life and fear death
Anh Nhan on how to handle?
Next I would like next to her achievements
New cars in northwest China
e is the time
Between the nest and Qi
Then the royal treatment falls to death
The Japanese too much then
Mau's go
Where to go instead?
Where no free run
Just can not stay here
Fortunately, this is where
A retreat of the profession
It is time we
made promises to the people and
He is the Source of
He is an important character
investigation team of the national party in Shanghai
We spy
Not Killer
He insisted on living
Mr. Di
Please advise him of his
I am a disciple
Dove's contingent to the
Tay Hoang Trung Chinh
no betrayal
Do not believe in the Bible
No password should contact
Our "bible"
Japanese are breaking solutions and benefits
the traps to us?
Roll is fake
I found it tip for Chongqing
Source of what?
He and several brothers dead
Hoan Son of Time Gaming
Japanese have been known
They killed the old Di
In newspapers proclaiming this message
Security is surrendered Nhan Festival
Regulation of natural royal
Nhan Festival being held in prison
Where are aware of this
She still says his appointment with
Extend your actions
He bats see in the dark
One half is interesting, a half a bird
You and I together
It is like the bird
Bay to where the light
Shot her to
I found a scroll
This is the interrogation room of the house
Phoenix jail Tokyo
Could you please answer the questions
The person is my enemy
Why you may ask me
scheduled timing of the enemy but
I am not a traitor
I own the Japanese vicuu out
plight of war
Those who put Japan on
path of fascism
Like Britain's The Tokyo
New true that betrays Japan
Why did I offer intelligence
China tells
By vitoi a member of the party
Communist China
Assigned to the Party
I have to complete certain
I do not have to stop
join the Communist Party of China
Join the party
First there must be spirit of sacrifice
Which at first I was a coward person
A farmer ..
I am Japanese
But now I'm the world's
Communism attempts vichu
Mr. May Carpentry
Our plan has failed
Watch out should return to the old way
Find ways to get back roll
I went to place into two compartments
jump off
He was arrested at the club
Mon Tien Us
Choose to die at the plate
billboard club
Thus the stars?
He uses death to show
Giatu rolls are in
Touch the subject
The enemy can be found coiled
paper we
If you do not like Thise
that needle in a haystack
I have informed us first subject
Tomorrow will return to normal operation
Everyone Only
can not be allowed into the
If the maximum is not
get a roll of paper
Thita will blow up that place
This is a bottle of whiskey
This wine is very much people drink?
Except for a few names that men
Who can take a time out
We often get alcohol
not out
Names of people who take up
For the counters
I want to find the bottle
not drinking alcohol
But I do not know what our customers to leave your name
The name of the hotel on the bottle
There are also many types of
Do not know the name
E that you will not find a
The arrest that
Just drink the wine as
Gaming Hoan stars?
How much they drink?
Drink no more
But she is very sad
So easy to say
Not drinking the stars!
He also does not take other
Chikhieu dance with others
He used the name of the girl
To write to the wine
In the myriad creatures
Scrolls were soon met
Nhan Festival
I've told her
She is the summer
I am winter
She is still king of snow on the stove
But inside I know
Complete Gaming for me
As the first flower in winter
She told me
Some cold winter
There will also be passed only
Give me a glass of Shanghai
Add 1 cup more
Let me see his hands
He has a hands playing piano
Only one hand I want to
playing piano
A person if you want to play the piano
He can use the foot
A pair of hands playing piano
But the sound emitted Forum
not sound
I used to admire him
the pianist
By vicac people
I'm also doing a different job
I guess that
He is using the piano pieces
Communicating intelligence
December 7, Navy
Japanese warships and
Raid on Pearl Harbor the U.S.
This is a part of intelligence
For him
Is also a time to act
Most failures
By the end of war vichien
also broke out along
Drinking a glass of Shanghai Nhe
I invite
I invite you to drink whiskey
Why candlelight
Burn her
Why do you drink
.. Of another outstanding wine in the bar?
Complete Gaming is my girlfriend
She's dead
I replaced her drink wine out of space
E that he will not take all
Still have to leave the counter thisao?
But it takes bottle and
I accidentally lost it
Is in his pocket
Did not he want this so?
The home of a first birth
not in Beijing
He's only been 7 years in Beijing
Tokyo emitted Service Force intelligence
I gave him a medal
Guess that he understands
Which the pianist
combustion is a fake scroll
He uses death to
First release enclosure at Lac Mon
New real roll
can bring out the
This medal is clearly
insulted him
Just insult the Japanese Empire
The lights go
Can not see the light?
It took Tu Vy States
the Japanese in September, October
Conference of money and managed
important meeting god
There are articles on the "imperialist war"
and "critical point in the war
Summary of the empire "
As a strategic intelligence
Japan has decided to
attack south
Not up North
The time limit to end on January 1
If failure to
negotiations with the U.S.
Will go to war with Britain
Pearl Harbor
As the target of Japanese attack
How is it more a part of love
report related to the Pearl Harbor?
Theatre will play
Million orphans market
Everyone knows the story
As a child
Everyone died
Japanese intelligence raid
Pearl Harbor
It is this child
Dong Phong Vu
In 1941
Change the world each
Pacific War drag
throughout 3 years 9 months
There are 39 countries participating
People up to 15 billion
Troops which two parties use in excess
the number six thousand
The number of death and loss
hard statistics
Please swear
I swear