Easter Land (2019) Movie Script

Guys, it might be
because I'm The Easter Bunny
but uh, I tell you Easter is my
absolute favorite time of year.
In fact, it's safe to say I
count down 364 days to get to it
each and every year.
Tell us something
we don't know Benny
but for the record I
think I can speak for Henrietta
when I say we agree
with you a hundred percent.
No doubt. This is going
to be the best Easter ever.
You say that every year, Hen.
That doesn't make it
any less true, Cosmo.
Easter's the number one
Holiday, hands down.
Everybody knows that.
Nah-ah, I bet Santa Claus
would differ with you on that
but, but I sure won't.
Easter forever!
Ah, this is it.
Another Easter
and you know what makes this one
different than all the others.
Everybody's gonna be oh so happy
to get painted Easter eggs
while we get nothing.
Our whole country side is
gonna smell like rotten eggs
after all those
Easter egg hunts.
Good guesses both of you,
FrizzleBun and Frizzlebat,
but no this year's Easter's
gonna be a whole lot different
because of one small detail.
It's gonna be completely
ruined. That's right.
With your help I'll accomplish
my most sinister plot yet.
I'm gonna turn Easter
into a horrible time
everybody's gonna hate
and that will be
the end of Easter.
So you're saying
E... Easter will suck eggs?
But, Bad Clyde,
we've been trying
to ruin this
pesky Easter Holiday
for a thousand years.
Ugh, what makes
this year different?
I'll tell you
my dear, Frizzlebuns.
Feast your beady little eyes
on the magical talisman
that's going to
change Easter forever.
Uh, oh, what...
What am I looking at?
Yeah, what are we
looking at, Bad Clyde?
But there's there's nothing there.
Think again.
I'm thinking,
but I'm not seeing.
You two lucky fellas
are staring right through
The Great Invisible
Easter Egg of Muffet Land.
The... Oh... the what?
The Great Invisible Easter
Egg of Muffet Land.
Of course, I've heard of it,
but I had never seen it before.
I'm still not seeing it
because it's... it's not there.
It is, you bonehead.
Right before your very eyes.
Nope not seeing it.
Argh. Anyway if I may go on.
This object holds
great and mighty powers.
Powers that will at
the very least, ruin Easter
for all those annoying
children around the world.
And at the very most?
At the very most, huh,
it'll get rid of that pesky
Easter Bunny forever.
That sounds delectable, boss.
Uh, how does it work?
Still not seeing it.
Well, Frizzlebat, The Great
Invisible Easter Egg of Muffet Land
works much the same
as a crystal ball.
That is a crystal ball
with bad intentions.
Instead of foreseeing events
my new invisible talisman
leaves the foresight to its user
and instead makes
whatever it is imagined, real.
Wow! What do you plan
to do with it, Clyde?
Excellent question, Frizzlebat.
I intend to banish our old
friend Benny The Easter Bunny
to The Land of
the Holiday Misfits
from whence
nobody has ever returned.
Brrr! I hate that place.
Scary, dreary,
he-he, no fun at all.
If that egg actually existed it would be the
best thing that could happen to Easter.
But, Bad Clyde, no, uh Easter
Bunny means no Easter right?
I never said there'd be no more
Easter. Did I, Frizzlebuns?
But if, uh, if Benny The
Easter Bunny gets banished
to The Land of the Holiday
Misfits forever, then who is...
You are looking at
the new Easter mascot.
You are planning
to take Benny's place?
I am.
I will take his place
and crown myself
as the new Easter King.
As King, I'll be
in charge of the Easter holidays
and mark my words, all
those Easter morning smiles
will turn to tears.
But, but, but, Bad Clyde. I uh...
What is it, Frizzlebuns?
You can't beat The Easter Bunny.
He may be cute
and all, but he's very powerful.
considering I can't even see
The Great Invisible
Easter Egg of Muffet Land.
I am much more powerful
than that fluffy bag of carrots.
I still don't see no egg.
Fine. You'll
experience the powers of
The Great Invisible Easter
Egg of Muffet Land for yourself.
From dark and dismal Land
of the Holiday Misfits, be gone!
Wow! Did you really
just send Frizzlebuns
to The Land of
the Holiday Misfits?
I did indeed, Frizzlebat,
but don't worry, he'll
send us a postcard.
How about you?
Do you believe I possess
the power of The Great Invisible
Easter Egg of Muffet Land?
Yep. Yes, I do.
Good. This was just a tune-up.
Now to prepare
the egg for its real work.
Getting rid of Benny The
Easter Bunny once and for all.
Can't wait, boss.
I just can't wait.
Glad to hear that,
That makes two of us.
Come, times a wastin'.
Ho-ho, ah, I'm
quite bummed, Gargaff.
Why, Santa? Did the naughty
boys and girls give you
extra trouble this year?
Well, they're no picnic either
but really it's
because of the Easter holidays.
Why? What's there
not to like about Easter?
Because it means our
Christmas season is long over
and it'll still be months
before it comes back around.
Oh, yeah.
I see your point.
What a drag. Nobody needs us.
What on earth will we do for uh,
seven months and 24 days?
I got it, Santa. Why don't we,
oh-okay follow me here,
celebrate Easter?
Gargaff, my trusty reindeer
you're always a ray
of sunshine through the snow.
That's what I'm here for.
Well, that and keeping us
on schedule on the big day, eh?
Indeed, but do tell me more.
Why don't we just relax,
meet up with
Benny The Easter Bunny
go on Easter egg hunts and enjoy
one of those good Easter dinners?
Mm, with all the trimmings?
With all the trimmings.
By George, Gargaff,
you're right.
Ah, don't mention it.
Uh, wait who's George?
Hey, you're not thinking of pairing
me up with a partner again, are you?
If I said it once, I've said it a
thousand times, I work best alone.
Or, you know, with one partner. A jolly
partner with a big beard and loud...
Relax Gargaff.
You're the one
and only reindeer I need.
Say, my belly growls
just thinking
about that Easter feast.
But you know
we still have
a whole 'nother day
before anyone's
going to sit down
to enjoy an Easter dinner.
What should we do then?
How about some adventuring?
Uh-oh. I've heard
you talk like this before.
the Antarctica incident?
Well, perhaps not
that much adventuring.
I admit that was a tad too wild.
Even for my standards.
Phew. Glad to hear that.
I'm not much for big adventures.
Especially if they
come with heaps of danger.
But, ho-ho, a little adventure
keeps you young
and on your toes.
On my hooves, you mean.
You know who could help us
pick up some adventure?
My good pal, Babu.
Babu! If anyone knows
how to get Santa
and his reindeer
in trouble, it's Babu.
That's the last
creature I wanna see.
Now, now, Gargaff.
Let's just go to see my old friend.
We can only get in trouble
if trouble is
what we're looking for.
Oh, that's reassuring.
Ho-ho, well, well.
As fate would have it
look where we are.
Babu's homeland.
I was hoping you two showed up.
Babu. How are you old friend?
I'm fine, but Benny the Easter
Bunny is not doing so great.
He's in a world of trouble
and only we can help him.
What happened?
Nothing yet but, but,
something is bound to happen.
Whatever do you mean?
Bad Clyde is at it again.
He's hatched a plan
to take Easter from Benny,
and ruin the day
for kids everywhere.
Oh, ho-ho-ho, no!
Bad Clyde, he can't do that. Can he?
I'm afraid so, Gargaff.
This time Bad Clyde
has serious power on his side.
The power of The Great Invisible
Easter Egg of Muffet Land.
The Great Invisible
Easter Egg of Muffet Land.
Sounds like trouble.
Tell us, Babu,
what's Bad Clyde's plan?
Well, let me tell you
from the beginning.
Somehow, Bad Clyde
has come into possession
of The Great Invisible
Easter Egg of Muffet Land
and its powers can end Easter
as we know it for all time.
Mm, this Great Invisible
Easter Egg of Muffet Land
sounds downright
dangerous, ho-ho-ho.
It is. Last time it
was used by a wicked troll
to turn Halloween from a feel-good
Holiday of sweetest pie elves
delivering candy
to all good children.
To the dark and spooky
holiday we know today?
Full of ghosts and ghouls
and scary creatures of all kind?
Yes, that is so.
Oh, gee, I wouldn't want that to
ever happen to Christmas. Or Easter.
So the powers of The Great
Invisible Easter Egg of Muffet Land
a... are real?
They are.
The Great Egg gives
anyone who possesses it
supernatural powers
that can be used for good.
Or for evil.
That's right,
and knowing Bad Clyde
He... he... he will use these powers to
wreak havoc upon this land and Easter.
There's no time to spare.
We must find Benny
The Easter Bunny at once,
and warn him.
If I may make
a suggestion, Santa.
I say we hightail it
back to the North Pole, stat!
Some good old relaxation,
a massage...
Maybe a mud mask?
Until work picks up in December.
Sounds just peachy to me.
Not so fast, Gargaff. Ho-ho.
If Benny really is in danger,
it's our duty to warn him.
It's our duty to deliver
presents on Christmas morning.
Battling loonies with
invisible magical weapons
is for someone else
like Babu here.
Babu, you can
handle that, right?
Well, let's see, yeah, no.
I think you guys have the edge.
It's up to us to stop Bad Clyde
and save Easter.
Why don't we think it through.
I mean, why rush off
into the wild unknown?
Taking on Bad Clyde and his
Easter Egg of Muffet Land
sounds like a scary proposition.
Gargaff you forget,
I'm Santa Claus
and you're my trusty
right-hand reindeer
and we are a fearless team
always on the side of justice.
Oh boy, here goes Santa.
I've seen him like this before.
Which means we're gonna get
into all sorts of wild
and dangerous adventures.
And there is no telling
how it will all end.
That's what I was
hoping for, Gargaff.
That makes one of us.
On with the mission, Gargaff.
Away in a flash.
You know, Henrietta, no matter
how many Easters we enjoy,
it never gets old.
Our holiday is
the best holiday around.
And it's an honor to work it
with an Easter Bunny
as awesome as you are, Benny.
Oh my. Am... am I blushing?
You flatter me.
You're so modest.
Benny, you make
so many children happy
even if it's
just one day a year.
That one day is full of memories
that lasts lifetimes.
Hey, I... I just enjoy seeing
all of them smiles
on the kids' faces.
That's what I'm in it for.
Well, if I've
never told you before
I'm just happy to help.
You're the best
bunny boss I could ask for.
I only hope we can reach
Benny The Easter Bunny in time
to deter
Bad Clyde's crazy plans.
With all due respect, Santa I had a feeling
when you said you wanted to see Babu
that we'd find ourselves in
some kind of crazy adventure
and on the eve of Easter
Oh, boy, I was planning to kick
my hooves up by the fire tonight
and enjoy a mug or two of Mrs.
Claus's world famous hot chocolate.
Mm Aho-ho-ho-ho-hoo!
I'd almost forgotten
Mrs. Claus's
hot chocolate myself.
Gargaff old boy, tell you what.
As soon as we warn Benny
and thwart Bad Clyde,
we'll head back
to the North Pole
and pour ourselves
as many mugs as we want.
How's that sound?
This is it, Frizzlebat
the realization
of a lifelong dream.
I will be
the King of Easter.
And once King,
you will turn Easter
into the worst holiday of all.
That's right.
All that needs doing now
is to recite
the magic incantation
then we'll be rid of
that pesky Easter Bunny forever.
I can't believe it, boss.
I never thought I'd see the day.
No more Easter Bunny.
The day is here,
my trusty Frizzlebat.
Let's make it happen.
Recite the magic incantation,
Bad Clyde.
O Forces of
darkness opposed to the light.
O Powers of pain.
O Bearers of fright.
Deliver this subject
by day or by night.
The Bunny named Benny
who gives me the fits.
Banish him to The Land
of the Holiday Misfits.
Benny, look,
is that Santa Claus?
Hm, It sure is.
What's he doing out
this time of year?
I don't know.
Benny, we need to talk.
What is it, Santa?
What's the ruckus about?
Hey, where did they go?
Oh, no. Ho, ho, ho.
Bad Clyde's incantation worked.
We're too late, Gargaff.
Easter is lost.
For parsnips sake,
what just happened?
I'm not sure.
Where in the world
are we, Benny?
I don't think you're
in the world anymore.
At least any world
you're familiar with.
Frizzlebuns, what's the meaning
of this? Where's Bad Clyde?
Yeah, where he goes, you're
sure to follow right behind.
He's not here.
I'm here all alone.
Where is here?
Welcome to The Land of
the Holiday Misfits, fellas.
Dreary, scary, and downright gloomy.
I know, and we're
never to return whence we came.
Such is
the nature of this place.
Sorcery, how is this possible?
Easy. Bad Clyde got his mitts,
on The Great Invisible Easter
Egg of Muffet Land. That's how.
The Great Invisible...
It's real?
I thought it was
just a children's fable.
I did too
and look where it got me.
But you're usually
in cahoots with Clyde.
Why are you here?
I dared question his powers
and then now here I am,
in The Land of
the Holiday Misfits.
Frizzlebuns, is there a way
out of here or are we trapped?
Yeah, can we get back home?
For all intents
and purposes we're trapped but...
There is one way, but I don't know of
anyone ever trying it successfully.
What is it? What's the one way?
You got to find the elusive Great
King of The Land of Holiday Misfits.
The Great King
of The Land of Holiday Misfits,
well he can't
be too hard to find.
Hold on, rabbit ears,
that ain't all.
Once you find him,
if you find him,
you got to convince him to grant your request
to leave The Land of Holiday Misfits.
That's it? We just have
to convince him to let us go?
That doesn't sound too hard.
Yeah well, huh,
good luck with that.
I hear he can't stand birds,
they poop all over his subjects.
Oh, for all the eggs of Easter,
I make a point
to look before I poop.
And he can't stand bunnies as they
hop all over his vegetable garden.
We'll just have to
make sure he likes us.
And if I see a vegetable garden,
I'll make sure I tiptoe
around it.
Now, let's go find the King.
You'll never find him. This
land is as wide as it is dreary.
Any ideas where to look?
Ha, you think I'd tell you?
I'd already be back
talking to him on my own
trying to get back to my bad
deeds if I knew where he was.
Of course you would,
you after all,
are one of Bad Clyde's minions.
You best know it.
Say, how about
you come with us, Frizzlebuns,
stick together, the three of us.
Why would you offer to help me,
Fluffball? We're enemies.
We're not enemies, Frizzlebuns.
You're just Bad Clyde's
evil minion.
But there's no reason
we can't be friends.
Ew! No, I won't.
I'm a bad Frizzlebuns,
and bad Frizzlebuns don't make
friends with Easter Bunnies.
Suit yourself, Frizzlebuns.
Just remember, the offer stands.
I think I'd rather
eat dirt and drink rainwater.
Scram, rodent.
Have it your way.
Don't worry, I will.
Let's go, Benny.
Our help is not appreciated.
We blew it, Gargaff.
This was an absolutely
ho-ho-hoorrible turn of events.
Our good friend Benny
is gone, perhaps forever
and Easter itself
is in dire straits.
Oh shucks, Santa.
That's a bummer.
I feel as if I could
have done something more.
There, there, my good Gargaff.
This is no fault of yours.
Thanks. I think.
We tried our best,
but we're up against
powerful forces of evil
outside our control.
This is all the doing
of one very wicked individual,
Bad Clyde!
Oh Santa, what can we do?
There is only one who might
be able to help us now.
Who is it? Speak, Santa.
Make that white beard
flap at once, my gosh,
I must know who can help us.
The only inter-dimensional
magical peacemaker I know.
Balthazar The Magician.
Balthazar The Magician?
But his homeland
is the most treacherous terrain
this side of Dark-Like mountain.
Yes, I know, but I'm afraid
we've no choice, Gargaff.
It's either that or say goodbye
to our dear friends forever.
And Easter.
And Easter.
And chocolate eggs?
And chocolate eggs.
And Easter dinner?
And Easter dinner.
The Magician it is then.
That's my reindeer, ho-ho-ho.
Off we go.
I knew I should've
stayed in bed today.
Frizzlebat, now that Benny The
Easter Bunny is out of the picture,
our next move
is to take over his lair.
Wow! A downright
Shakespearean plan, boss!
We don't have to shake our
spears at anything, Frizzlebat.
We have the mighty egg
and the egg is all powerful.
I-I meant Shakespeare. The uh,
the... you know, the playwright?
What? Who?
Never mind.
Anyway, once we're inside
the Easter Bunny's lair, we...
Raid the fridge.
Well, that's nothin'. I mean, the...
yes, of course, we'll raid the fridge
but, but, but, but
that's not our primary goal.
Lair is like that.
I bet you they got
two fridges, maybe three.
I'll bet they do, Frizzlebat.
I'll bet they do.
Full of delish Easter treats.
Yes. Easter treats.
Okay. Well, Le... let's
stay on point.
Follow me here. Once we're in,
I will use the power
of The Great Invisible
Easter Egg of Muffet Land
to take over Benny's
Easter machine controls
and turn that
whole blasted holiday
upside down.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
S... So how are
you gonna do it, boss or
how are you gonna
make Easter stink?
I'm glad you asked, Frizzlebat
because I think
my plan is so simple.
It's, it's, it's genius.
Tell me. Tell me.
Tell me. The suspense
is killing me.
I'm going
to give out rotten eggs
to every boy and girl
across the land.
Eggs so foul and putrid
that every child in the world
will hate Easter
once and for all.
I wouldn't
wanna be in their shoes
when they crack open
those things!
You're a genius, Bad Clyde.
I know. That's why
you're the minion
and I'm the boss, Frizzlebat.
Hmm. Yeah but, uh,
I'm clever too
aren't I, Bad Clyde? Huh?
Sure, you are. I couldn't
do a thing as audacious
as destroying Easter
without good help.
But remember, heavy is the head
that wears the crown.
Evil doings' a lot of work!
And I have a pretty heavy head.
No doubt, boss.
You're heavy all over.
Speaking of, how will we
get to the Easter lair?
It's far and you're fat.
What did you say?
I said you're pretty fit.
Uh, but the lair is far away.
That's what I said.
That's right.
I am fit, very fit,
but we must make haste.
We haven't got
much time before Easter.
With the help of my magical egg
we'll be there in no time.
If you would have told me yesterday
that I wouldn't be relaxing
with some
springtime eggnog right now
but insist in trying
to rescue The Easter Bunny
and Easter's very existence
from an evil spell,
I'd have left you,
right out of the North Pole!
The Great Invisible Easter Egg of
Muffet Land is no laughing matter.
Just when you thought
the Holiday world was safe.
I see that now,
the foolishness of my ways.
Gargaff, think.
Use your reindeer brain.
There must be something we can
do to save Benny and Henrietta.
Thinking is not my forte, Santa.
I do best when I sip eggnog.
I need you
on your A-game, Gargaff.
Drop the eggnog-talk and think.
Hm-mm. I might
know someone who can help.
Really? Tell me,
my trusty reindeer. Who?
A few years ago,
before I came to the North Pole
I made some runs
for The Great Sage.
If anyone can break
the egg spell, it's him.
The Great Sage.
You think he'd
be interested in helping us?
Why wouldn't he be?
He's a great and powerful sage.
That he is, but, uh, ho-ho,
he's also ornery
and short-tempered.
What else we got, Santa? We must
try ornery or short tempered.
We need help
and we need it stat.
The Great Sage it is then.
Let's go. Ho-ho-ho.
Let's make haste, Henrietta.
We must make it
to The Great King
before Bad Clyde
ruins Easter forever.
Should we bring The Mushroom
King some gifts of tidings?
What do you suggest?
I could lay an egg.
He hates birds, remember?
An egg is just
a bird in an oval box.
Yeah, you're right.
Maybe some butter or something.
Hold on, helium heads. Just where
do you two think you're going?
We are looking
for The Great King.
Can you tell us
where to find him?
They're looking for The Great
King and they need our help.
Isn't that special? Sure is.
How much you got, Bunny?
Excuse me? Uh, oh, uh,
we don't have any money.
You hear that?
They don't have no money.
Uff, you two are in
for a long hard road ahead.
Ha, I guess you haven't heard.
This is our land
and you must pay the toll.
Yeah. The hen will do.
In return, we'll tell you
exactly where to find
The Great King, more or less.
What are we going to do, Benny?
We're penniless
and I sure don't wanna stay behind
in The Land of Holiday Misfits.
Let me handle this.
Handle it quickly, Benny
or I might be tempted.
Dear, dear fellas,
we appreciate the barter idea
but I have
a third option to propose.
You're in no position to make
demands, rabbit, but I'll humor you.
What do you propose? I propose you help
two lost travelers on their journey home
by telling us where we
can find The Great King,
out of the kindness
of your own hearts.
Doesn't he know that our hearts
are black as... But sweetness,
I said we should
spread some sweet kindness
and help those lost
travelers find The Great King
so that they can get home safe.
What's happening?
Shh! You don't get
to be The Easter Bunny
without learning some
neat tricks. Watch this.
Barry, which direction
will take us to the King?
Look for narrow pathway
along the tall oak trees.
And then?
Follow the narrow pathway
until you find yourself
in the Magic Valley.
There is where
The Great King dwells.
Thanks, guys.
You've been a great help.
Oooh, goody, uh.
Nice to meet you both.
Be safe out there.
On our way, we go
to meet The Great King.
Um, what in the world
just happened back there?
The oldest trick in the book.
Uh, I simply showed those two that
sweetness trumps bitterness every time.
You know, after all this time
you never fail
to surprise me, Benny.
Back at you, Hen. Now, keep your
eyes peeled for the Magic Valley.
We have a king to catch.
Hm, I could eat a horse,
figuratively speaking I mean.
Santa, what do you
say we take a break
and order up
some pre-Easter brunch?
I'm famished.
That sounds delightful, Gargaff.
My belly could use
a little filling as well
but first things first.
We must handle our business
and find The Great Sage.
Excuse me, good sir,
you look like
you know your way around here.
I'm looking for The Great Sage.
My name is Marley Quinn
and does it say
tour guide on my forehead?
Mm. No, it doesn't.
It most certainly doesn't.
Then why are you asking me
gramps and goofy mule?
Goofy Mule? How dare you!
I'm a Christmas reindeer.
Whatever, you two look
goofy to me.
Hey, eyes don't lie.
Fine. I can't fault your eyes
for seeing what's not there.
Regardless, I must ask you
do... do you know
where we can order
some good bangers and mash
around here?
Here we go again with
the tour guide questions.
Okay, comedians, tell you what,
I know the answers
to both your questions
and I'll tell you
on one condition.
Sure. What is it?
You must answer
my unsolvable riddle first.
Oh no, a riddle? I'm terrible at
brain crunches on an empty stomach.
Oh, have it your way.
Good luck, rubes.
Let me know how life goes.
We can always try.
What's the harm in that?
Well, the harm is
that if you fail
I will turn you
into bog frogs.
And I tell you
life as a bog frog is
Muddy, stinky,
and downright unpleasant.
For all the snowflakes
in the universe
that doesn't
sound like a good deal.
I say we go back
to the North Pole, Santa
and get that massage and mud
mask we've been talking about.
Just chill out until
Christmas comes rolling around.
No way, no how!
We must find The Great Sage
no matter the risk.
Go ahead, good fella, ask away.
Oh, boy,
I better practice my croak.
Here it goes.
What has a mouth
but cannot talk?
What can run
but never walks?
What has a head,
but cannot weep?
What has a bed,
but cannot sleep?
Answer me that and I'll tell you
all you want to know.
You had to ask
didn't you, Santa?
Come now, Gargaff. Life is full
of obstacles and opportunities.
We never get anywhere if we
can't tell one from the other.
This is an opportunity.
Well, I have
a head that can weep,
watch me cry a river
as I get ready to be
turned into a bog frog.
That's it, Gargaff,
you just solved the riddle.
I did?
What did I say?
Think about it.
You said you have
a head that can weep and what?
Watch me cry a river if, if...
Yes. What has a mouth,
but cannot talk?
What can run, but never walks?
What has a head,
but cannot weep?
What has a bed,
but cannot sleep?
A river!
Are we right, Marley Quinn?
Oh yes, you are correct.
It I... it is a river.
You two
are smarter than you look.
Ho-ho-ho. One for the good guys.
Woot-woot. Uh-huh.
Oh, stop your hullabaloo,
you annoying creatures.
We won't stop until you tell
us where to find The Great Sage.
In that case,
follow the great path
to the un-chanted woods
of Gwen Hail Falls.
There you will find
The Great Sage.
Hens in the coop
makes the best hangers and mash.
Tell her
Marley Quinn sent you.
I still can't believe we did it.
We're going to
destroy Easter forever.
Not so fast, Frizzlebat.
It's true, we're almost there.
But our mission
won't be complete
until the children
awake Easter morning
in their stench-filled homes
to find nothing
but fitted baskets
of rotten eggs.
Yeah, but with Benny
The Easter Bunny out of the way
nothing can stop us now.
It's gonna be
glorious and stinky.
There is one small problem
that could give us trouble
if we don't eliminate it now.
Benny's helper, Cosmo,
is still around.
He's not The Easter Bunny,
but he is dedicated
and will do anything
to save this lousy Holiday.
You're thinking
what I'm thinking, boss?
I am, Frizzlebat.
It's time to get rid
of the last snag in our plan.
Cosmo, watch out!
Here we come.
O Great Sage.
We come from far
and wide to see you.
I see. Who are you
and what do you seek?
Ho-ho, I am Santa,
and this is my Christmas
reindeer, Gargaff.
We come to seek help.
A wicked creature has
gotten his evil hands on
The Great Invisible
Easter Egg of Muffet land.
And used it
to cast a banishment spell
on The Easter Bunny.
Great Scott, the egg is capable
of great good and great harm.
Where has the Easter Bunny
been banished to?
The Land of the Holiday Misfits.
Oh boy!
He... he... he's in trouble.
I am afraid so,
O Great Sage of sages.
This is why we've come.
We seek your help.
If the Bunny has
already crossed over,
there's not much we can
do to bring him back.
Huh-huh, it's entirely
up to him to escape.
I was afraid of that.
Bummer of bummers.
There is one surefire way
to defeat an invisible egg
evil doers.
There is?
Yes, and if you defeat him
you can still save Easter.
But how?
The power of a Christmas reindeer
can topple even the most
evil egg wielder, you see.
Come on. Are you serious?
I am indeed.
Whether you realize it or not
you hold your own power
and it can move mountains
if you let it, my friend.
Oh get out, that can't be true.
It is true.
Back in the olden days
reindeers were capable of
reversing any and all spells.
Have you forgotten?
Mm. I guess I have.
You must remember
your powers, reindeer.
It's up to you
to use your powers
to make wrong things
right again.
Oh, boy. The pressure is on.
Can you tell
I'm sweating, Santa?
We have arrived!
We should find The Great King
of The Land of Holiday Misfits
somewhere around here.
Halt! Who goes there?
O great and mighty King.
Forgive our intrusion
but we seem to have become lost
and would love
to find our way home.
Home? What say you, strangers?
This is home.
For you, King, but for us
home is back in Easterland.
Easter? I haven't heard
that word in a dragon's age.
Is it still celebrated?
It's bigger
than ever, great King.
In fact, meet Benny,
The Easter Bunny.
He's the ambassador of Easter.
You are the...
In the flesh.
Pleasure to meet you, King.
Ew, I hate bunnies!
They hop all over
my vegetable garden.
I don't hop in vegetable
gardens, O Great King.
I'm too busy running
the Easter holidays.
So what are you doing here?
Uh, shouldn't you be preparing
eggs and, uh gifts, and whatnot?
What time of year
is it over there?
We keep time
differently here, you know.
It's Easter eve
where we come from.
Well, what in the world
are you doing here?
Shouldn't you be working?
That's what we're hoping
to talk to you about, King.
You see, we... we don't
want to miss Easter at all,
but a real bad guy
cast a spell on us
and banished us here
against our will.
If I had one farthing
every time I heard that one, oh.
We were told you could help us
get back home, O Great King.
Is that so, uh, and then
why exactly would I do that?
Because you're
a kind and fair king
who doesn't want to see The
Easter Bunny trapped in your world
while millions and millions
of children go without Easter.
And who are you?
Oh, this is my good friend
Henrietta the hen.
She's a great Easter helper.
Oh, Benny, you flatter me.
A bird, urgh!
I hate birds.
They poop everywhere.
I don't poop everywhere.
I only poop where I should.
Which is in the most
inappropriate places.
Not true.
Ah, fine.
While you two are busy not
hopping nor pooping
I'll return to my kingly duties.
I'm mu... much too busy
to waste my time with you two.
Uh, King before you go,
do you think you could maybe
uh, grant us
passage back to our world?
No, is that
a simple enough answer?
Scram or I know what I'll
be eating for dinner tonight,
rabbit and hen stew.
Say, Great King,
we heard your son
the Prince has abandoned his royal
duties and run off to The Land of Magic.
If we were to,
say, return the Prince to you,
do you think you could
repay us by sending us home?
My son? Oh...
Others have tried to convince
the Prince to return to me,
but, uh, he's headstrong
and independent
just like his old man.
Sounds like
a chip off the old block.
You got that right, eh. Alas!
If you return the Prince to me,
I will grant your wish.
We'll do our best, King, and,
and thank you for
the opportunity to help.
Good luck, Hopper and Pooper!
I hope you succeed.
There's the Easter lair, boss.
Dead ahead.
Yes, we are right on course
When we get there, Cosmo
will come out to greet us.
When he does
we'll have the invisible egg
ready and zap!
And that goofy Cosmo
will join his friends
in The Land of The Holiday
Misfits forever.
And Easter will be ours.
Pace yourself, Gargaff, remember
the future of Easter
rides on your powers.
Thanks, Santa,
no pressure or anything.
I have the utmost faith in you,
my friend.
You've been a hero
to children across the globe,
keeping us
on schedule every year.
Now you'll be a hero
on Easter Sunday too.
A two-holiday reindeer.
You'll go down in history,
Where have I heard that before?
Ho-ho-ho. Onward, Gargaff
we've an Easter to rescue.
I got to hand it to you, Hen
that was a gutsy play back there
wagering our release
on the Prince's return.
It was worth a try.
Besides, I've seen
you work wonders, Benny.
I think we can do it.
Look, down there.
Is that Pippen
the Christmas Elf?
Last I heard, he was kicked out of
the North Pole for stealing presents
and selling them on the side.
It is. Should we talk to him?
He, he's... he's back boop crazy!
Maybe he knows where
to find the Mushroom Prince.
You're right.
Hello again, Pippen,
it's been a while.
Fancy meeting you here, Hoppy.
Don't you have an Easter
to attend to?
We're uh, we're working on that.
Say you... you don't happen to know
where we might find the Prince, do you?
I know everything
that goes on around here,
You ought to know that by now
nothing escapes my eye.
Great! You could tell us where we can
find the Prince of the Land of Misfits.
Sure, I could, but...
But what kind of fun
would that be for me?
No, I... I think
you got to answer
a question for Pippen
before Pippen will
answer a question for you.
Okay, uh, what's your question?
Riddle me this, Lucky Foot
um, I'm as light as a feather
yet the strongest man
can't hold me
for more than five minutes.
What am I?
Uh, I'm stumped.
We can do this, Benny.
It's a trick question.
It's got to be simple, right?
Probably ridiculously simple, but
we... we're running out of time fast.
Let's think, let's think. I'm as light
as a feather yet the strongest man
can't hold me
for more than five minutes, hmm.
I'm not holding my breath we can
solve this one, Henrietta.
Wait, that's it.
You solved it, Benny.
I'm as light as a feather, yet the strongest
man can't hold me for more than five minutes.
I'm breath, right?
Ah, you two are no fun.
Yeah, that's right.
The Great Prince is hiding
from his father that way
in the Valley of No.
You can't miss him.
Thank you, Pippen.
Yeah, yeah,
give Santa my regards.
Back off, foolish creatures.
Easter's ours now,
and so is this place.
He-he yeah, airhead.
Kiss your Holiday goodbye.
Bad Clyde's
gonna run the show now.
What? Where's Bunny and Henrietta?
What have you done with them?
Nothing we aren't going to do
to you too, poultry creature.
Yeah. Prepare to join your buddies
in The Land of the Holiday Misfits.
The Land of the Holiday Misfits?
But tomorrow is Easter.
We don't have time
for this foolishness.
Tomorrow was Easter.
Now, it will be a day
of darkness, misery,
and rotten eggs.
That's right. And after kids
all over the world
find their basket full
of rotten eggs in the morning
it will be known as
the worst day in history.
You can't do this. I forbid you.
You can forbid us
all you want, you bore.
It won't do you any good.
Prepare to meet your fluffy
friends in the great beyond.
Hello there,
are you the great Prince
of The Land
of the Holiday Misfits?
That's me,
and who are you two bros?
I'm Benny, The Easter Bunny
and this here's Henrietta,
the Easter Hen.
Hey... hey, you wanna hang out?
It's just me here so,
you got plenty of room.
Where did you guys
come from anyway?
Funny you asked, Prince.
We indeed have quite a story.
We were banished here
by an evil spell
and we're... we're trying to get
back home in time to deliver
Easter gifts to all the kids.
No way. Hey, are you the...
Great Prince,
meet Benny The Easter Bunny.
Sweet. I thought
you looked familiar, dude.
I'm a big fan of yours.
Really? Well, uh, I'm honored.
The honor is all mine, bro
but uh, you guys
got to get out of here.
It's gonna be
Easter this year, right?
It is,
but... but we have one problem.
This spell's holding us trapped,
and only your father,
The Great King can reverse it.
We need him to grant us release
or we're stuck here forever.
my old man's a real hard case.
I'm sure he can be, but he was actually
kind enough to agree to let us go.
He was? Whoa, he never just,
you know, helps people.
We negotiated with him.
Must have been
a tough negotiation.
Well, that depends on you.
Me? Whoa!
We promised to return his son,
The Great Prince back to him
in exchange for our release.
Oh, wow!
So, Easter's in my hands?
It looks that way, Prince.
And if you don't get home
kids won't get anything
in their baskets?
Actually, we don't
know what'll happen.
Bad Clyde is in control and no,
no telling
what he might do to our Holiday.
Drag, man.
Sounds like my old man.
Never lets me have any fun.
He's all about obligation
and duty, and tradition.
Huh, I just wanna chill, dudes.
Maybe you guys can talk it out
and find a middle ground.
Uh, the King may not be
the easiest guy to live with
but we can tell he loves you
and he wants the best for you.
I love my pop too. It's,
It's not that I don't support him
it's just that I want to
do my own thing, you know
and follow my own dreams.
I wanna be a famous trombone
player, yeah.
If you explain that to him
maybe you'll come
to a new understanding
and it'll be easier
to live with each other.
Yeah, you're growing up
but to your dad,
you're still his little Prince.
I'm sure if you tell him
your dreams, he'll understand.
You sure?
Sure, we're sure.
Sure, we're sure.
You two are pretty level-headed.
Now let's go save Easter.
And you'll
never be able to return.
This is the end for you,
your friends
and your irksome holiday.
Give him my regards
when you see him
and tell him Bad Clyde
sent all the kids
rotten eggs.
Yeah, and they cried and cried
and couldn't believe the Easter
Bunny turned on them like that.
You'll never get away with this.
I already have.
Now say goodbye
to this world forever
and hello to
The Land of Holiday Misfits.
O Forces of darkness
opposed to the light.
O Powers of pain,
O Bearers of fright.
Deliver this subject
by day or by night.
The foolish creature named Cosmo
who gives me the fits.
Banish him to
The Land of the Holiday Mis...
Release that bird
at once, Bad Clyde.
Stick a stocking
in your pie-hole, fat man.
I run this place now.
Yeah, you ain't invited
down this chimney.
Ah, you have returned.
Well, let me guess
The Great Prince
refused to come home.
Say hello to The Great Prince.
Uh, the... Son?
Hey, yo... yo, Dad.
I, I'm sorry I ran away
in such a huff.
Oh, oh, oh, my boy!
I'm so glad you're back.
So glad in fact, I will never
put down your dreams.
You shall become a...
A great trombone player
if that is what you want.
I can? Really? Truly?
You pinky swear?
Yes, you can become
a trombone player
if... if that is
what makes you happy.
Whoa, bro, that's rave.
Although, uh, I... I decided I wanna
be a Pan-flute player instead.
A trombone or
a Pan-flute, whatever.
Uh, thanks, Dad.
Then I promise you I will attend
to my royal duties
without complaining.
You will be the great son
I have always longed for.
I will!
Aw, I'm clucking up, Benny.
You did it,
you two returned my boy to me.
How can I ever repay you?
Send us back home
so we may save Easter.
Uh, yes, I remember.
It looks as though it's hello,
goodbye Easter Bunny, but uh,
but first, a going away party
for new friends.
Oh, Great King, we...
We don't have much time!
Nonsense. We have all the time in
the world, uh, your world that is.
We're not bound by
your minutes and hours here
in The Land of Holiday Misfits,
uh, time stands still.
Well, in that case.
It's party time.
Yeah, bros.
Get the eggnog flowing, man.
I want to thank you again,
Benny and Henrietta
for reuniting me with my boy.
Don't mention it,
and he's all grown up
in case you haven't noticed,
O Great King.
What a fine fellow he is.
I'm very lucky.
You sure are. A... and
despite all that we've heard
The Land of the Holiday Misfits
can be a pretty cool place.
Benny The Easter Bunny
and lovely Henrietta,
you'll always be
welcomed in our land.
Thank you, Great King.
Maybe we'll visit
on vacation next winter.
You guys have a deal.
Henrietta, let's go home.
Are you ready
for your journey back?
Ready as we'll ever be.
Friends, they come
and friends they go.
Stay safe and warm
on your way home.
After we take care of Cosmo here
you two pesky
creatures are next.
Then Christmas will be mine too.
Back off, Bad Clyde!
Or you'll do what, donkey face?
Or I'll do something
I'd... I'd might regret.
Ooh, I'm real scared.
Why don't you go back
to the kitchen
and bake some cookies
for your fatty buddy?
I actually lost ten pounds
on an all vegan diet.
You did? You have
to give me some recipes.
I can stand losing
a couple of pounds too.
Oh, shut up, you two!
Clyde, if you don't
let go of Cosmo right now
w... we're gonna
have a serious problem.
He already told you once,
fancy feet.
It sounds like you
prefer a clobbering!
Uh-huh, that's enough, you guys.
What the...
Hey, what are they doing here?
I thought we'd
banished them forever.
Benny, Henrietta, you're back!
But how?
Miss me?
Nice try, you losers
but it's gonna take more
than an invisible toy
and a bad attitude to
get rid of The Easter Bunny.
Oh, yeah? Well then,
let's try again.
Only this time
we'll send you all the way
to The Land of Dust and Bones.
Huh, let's see you try
to get back from there
while you're still young.
Where is that exactly?
Benny, how did you two get here?
We heard there was no way back
from The Land
of the Holiday Misfits.
It's a long story, Santa,
but I... in short
we met some pretty
rad dudes out there
who helped us get home safe.
And some nasty ones too.
How about we tell you
all about it over Easter dinner?
That sounds delightful,
What are we, chopped ham?
We're still right here with
The Great Invisible Easter Egg
of Muffet Land, mind you.
And you're all about to beat it to
The Land of Dust and Bones, forever!
Then all
the holidays will be ours.
Well, just the major ones.
Oh, yeah,
I mean the ones that matter.
Right! The big ones.
Thanksgiving's pretty big too.
Yeah, but it's like
it doesn't have a mascot.
I know turkeys,
but they're not like
The Thanksgiving Turkey,
like The Easter Bunny.
Right, right.
Okay, here we go.
O Forces of darkness,
opposed to the light.
O Powers of pain,
O Bearers of fright.
Oh, enough of this!
I'll take it from here.
Reverse this dark spell,
cast straight from the pit.
And banish these villains to
The Land of the Holiday Misfits.
Well, well, well.
Look who showed up late
to the party.
Oh, you got to be kidding me.
Oh no, I don't old pal.
Welcome to the wonderful
Land of the Holiday Misfits.
I think you'll enjoy it.
Frizzlebuns, buddy,
thank goodness you're okay.
I was worried sick about you.
Mm-hmm, I'll bet you were.
I was. I hardly slept at all.
I couldn't eat,
I was distraught.
And I'll bet you didn't go along
with a single thing
this guy said, did you?
Bad Clyde?
Pft, no, of course not.
After what he did to you?
Mm... monster.
I can't possibly spend eternity
trapped with you two morons.
Frizzlebuns, tell me
how to get out of here.
If there was a way, don't you
think I'd have found it?
Frizzlebuns, I'm not sure
you could tell your belly button
from a hole in the ground.
Now, Benny The Easter Bunny
and that bag of feathers
named Henrietta
got out of here somehow.
I want to know how.
The Easter Bunny was here in
The Land of the Holiday Misfits?
Huh, I never saw him. You saw
him and you know it, Frizzlebuns.
Nope, not me! And if he got out
of here, I have no idea how.
So it looks like
you're stuck forever.
Now if you'll excuse me
I have an appointment to keep.
An appointment with whom?
My friend The Great Prince,
we're having a mad party.
Hnhu, and he's gonna play
the Pan flute, toodle-loo.
Okay, you guys,
if we were smart about this
we can still deliver
Easter baskets
to each and every kid out there.
And no one will ever know
that Easter was
almost lost this year.
Oh, Benny, it's late.
Do you really think
we can do it all?
After the great teamwork
we pulled off
in The Land
of the Holiday Misfits
I know we can, Hen.
I have no idea
what you're talking about
but you know I can fly fast,
and I'll help any way I can.
Before we continue,
let me just say, you two
are the best friends
an Easter Bunny could ask for.
I couldn't do half of this
without you guys.
Ha, coolax, where do we start?
With our maps and...
And we travel smart
to make up lost time
as we know the earth
is encircled
by six major wind belts,
three in each hemisphere.
Starting at the North Pole,
we ride the polar easterlies
down, catch the westerlies,
and then we hop to the
tradewinds to finish up by dawn.
I still can't
believe we did it, Benny.
We escaped The Land
of the Holiday Misfits,
saved Easter from the clutches
of Bad Clyde and his gang,
and delivered gift baskets
to each and every boy and girl
around the world.
I need a massage,
a pedi, and some cornmeal.
We did it, ha ha,
and that's all that matters.
How did Easter go, guys?
It came off without a hitch.
We delivered
each and every Easter basket
to the very last one.
That warms my heart, Benny.
I shudder to think
of a world without Easter.
Well, you'll never have
to think of it again
'cause Easter's here to stay.
Hear, hear!
Santa, we... we heard about
all you guys did in our absence
and... and I just
want to say thank you.
Yeah, thanks a bunch, you guys.
Don't mention it, ho-ho-ho.
Both of you would
have done the same for us.
I am certain of it and besides,
we Holiday icons
have to stick together.
You got that right.
Gargaff, I had no idea
you were a wizard
at magic spells
and incantations.
Neither did I.
He's not kidding.
We all just found out,
and even then,
it took some convincing.
And all this time
I thought it was only good
for guiding my sleigh
through the night.
Gee, thanks, Santa.
He-hey, guiding my sleigh
is a task in itself, reindeer.
And no one
could do it like you do.
If not for Gargaff,
I'd have hit
a mountainside years ago.
That's quite the vote
of confidence, Gargaff.
He's just hoping we'll
get into one more adventure
before settling in at the North
Pole for a few months of R&R.
Well-deserved R&R, I might add.
Truer words
have never been spoken.
Benny, Henrietta,
it's been a pleasure
getting to spend this time
with you this season.
Hopefully, we can
do it again soon,
maybe over my Christmas Holiday
And maybe without the evil
spells and those close calls.
I'll second that, Gargaff.
And third.
And fourth.
Like Mrs. Claus always says,
"The reindeer is the brains
of the operation." Ho-ho-ho.
I mean she's not wrong.
She's never wrong,
just ask her. Ho-ho-ho.
Seeing each other again
sounds nice, Santa.
Maybe we'll swing by
the North Pole next winter.
Yeah, after we come back from our
Land of the Holiday Misfits vacation.
What? That's a joke, right?
No, she's being serious.
But we, but you... you...
Why would you ever
want to go back there?
We made some really nice friends
when we were there.
You should meet them.
Nooo, thank you.
I think Gargaff's had enough adventuring
for a good while, Henrietta.
Tell you what, old boy that's
enough flying for a while.
What say we head
north back to The Pole
and I have Mrs. Claus boil us
some of that scrumptious
hot chocolate for us.
Here we go.
Bye, Benny, bye, Henrietta.
Easy boy, easy.
See you next Christmas,
my friends, ho-ho-ho.
There they go, Hen,
two of a kind.
They sure are. Friends like
them two are hard to find.
We'll see them again, hopefully
under calmer circumstances.
Maybe, I don't know
if my new toy
will leave much time for relaxation.
What new toy?
The Great Invisible
Easter Egg of Muffet Land.
You're kidding, right?
Where is it?
Right there.
Get out, really?
Mm-hm, I grabbed it
back at the lair
after Gargaff banished
Bad Clyde.
Whoa, what are you
gonna do with it?
I don't know,
try out some spells.
Spells? What spells?
Hmm, I only know one.
O Forces of darkness,
opposed to the light.
O Powers of pain.
O Bearers of fright.
Oh, no.