Easter Parade (1948) Movie Script

Happy Easter
- Happy Easter
- Happy Easter
Happy Easter
- Happy Easter
- Happy Easter
Me, oh, my, there's a lot to buy
There is shopping I must do
Happy Easter to you
Here's a hat that you must take home
Happy Easter
Happy Easter
Here's a lid for milady's dome
Happy Easter
Happy Easter
This was made for the hat parade
On the well-known avenue
This one's nice
And it's worth the price
Happy Easter to you
Here's a hat for a pretty face
Happy Easter
Happy Easter
Here is one that is trimmed with lace
Happy Easter
Happy Easter
Here's a touch of the quaint old Dutch
It's an old that's always new
This in white is exactly right
Happy Easter to you
I think that is a lovely hat
Maybe you think so too?
I do.
Wrap it up for the chap
With a very happy Easter to you
Never saw such a lovely day
Happy Easter
Everything seems to come your way
Happy Easter
My, oh, me, what a kick to be
On the well-known avenue
Me, oh, my, you're a lucky guy
Happy Easter to you
Happy Easter
Happy Easter
Happy Easter to you
A bunny for my honey
A dolly with a curl
An aeroplane, an electric train
And a teddy bear for my girl
A kitty for my pretty
A castle for my love
What do I see?
Brother, if that's a drum
That's for me
I'm drum crazy
Yes, I'm drum crazy
Yes, I'm plum crazy for drums
I've got drumsticks full of hot licks
And a roll
Loaded with soul
Under control
First, soft violins
Then sweet saxophones
Then blue clarinets croon
When it's my turn
I turn into a loon
When the drum takes the melody
When the drum carries a tune
Come on. Alley-oop. Now we go.
- Happy Easter, Essie.
- Oh, Mr. Hewes.
Darling, where are you?
- Don, I've been trying to call you.
- Essie, will you help me, please?
Thank you. Well, I got all tied up
with an Easter rabbit.
Hello, sweetheart.
Oh, I wish you hadn't.
Haven't they come for your trunks?
I told them to pick them up this morning.
- They weren't ready.
- We'll send them by pigeon.
Here, try on your hat.
We have time to walk in the parade
before our train leaves.
I don't wanna take that train.
It's the last one that'll get us
to Chicago in time for our opening.
Look at that.
This hat will wear
the prettiest girl there.
Don, I have to talk to you.
- Take Michelle.
- Come on, short hemline.
I've had an offer for a show.
Well, sure you have. I've had some myself.
Yes, I know.
Listen, baby, we're a team.
We're playing the big time.
See that?
Nadine & Hewes?
That's written in stardust.
They've offered me
a wonderful contract.
They say they'll star me.
And you can dance with anyone.
Well, wait a minute.
I suppose I could.
I've danced with lots of girls.
It's always been just a business.
That was before I met you.
This isn't just dancing. It's...
It's different.
This is...
It only happens
When I dance with you
That trip to heaven
Till the dance is through
With no one else do the heavens
Seem quite so near
Why does it happen, dear
Only with you?
Two cheeks together
Can be so divine
But only when those cheeks
Are yours and mine
I've danced with dozens of others
The whole night through
But the thrill that comes with spring
When anything could happen
That only happens with you
But the thrill that comes with spring
When anything could happen
It only happens
I hope I'm intruding.
Why, Professor, when did you get in?
Just now. I had to make up an exam.
- I've got the whole holiday before me.
- Good.
- Need any help celebrating?
- Nadine.
- Johnny.
- I brought you something.
Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny, what a darling.
I know just the dress
to wear him with.
Essie. Essie!
- Take your coat off.
- Look what Mr. Harrow brought us.
- Another one?
- For my new beige suit.
Who pushed you in the face?
I want to give you a farewell tonight.
Where will it be? Delmonico's?
- Please sit down.
- Sherry's?
You decide, you're the party boy.
Gosh, I wish you two weren't leaving.
I'm not leaving.
Oh, but, darling.
I signed that contract, Don.
- You what?
- I signed it this afternoon.
I'm going into a show, Johnny.
Why, you're kidding.
We've signed contracts
for the next six months.
You did. I didn't.
There's no way they can hold me.
I know it must sound
terribly selfish of me, Don...
...but I've got to think of myself.
After all, there's no future in my just being
a ballroom dancer.
You do understand, don't you?
No. I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
- Don...
- Johnny, you understand.
Frankly, no.
You can't be serious.
It doesn't make sense.
- I always thought you and Don were...
- Did you?
He's done everything in the world for you.
Why walk out on him now?
...don't you know?
I think I'd better go and look for Don.
We have a dinner date.
- We'll be back.
- But...
- Can you drown a brunette in this?
- How tall is she?
- Try that.
- Two bourbons, Mike.
She's not going to Chicago.
He travels fastest who travels alone,
I always say.
Right. I bet you know
a lot about women.
I should. I've been single all my life.
- You're a smart fella...
- Mike.
Work behind a bar,
you get to know what makes people tick.
This place is like a clinic.
People come in with their troubles.
Well, if you listen, you learn.
Been here 15 years, and I can boil down
trouble into two classifications.
- Yeah? What are they?
- Women and their mothers.
- Hello, Don.
- Hi.
Oh, hello, Professor.
- What'll it be? Blond or brunette?
- The same.
Brunettes. They're the ones
you got to watch.
How did you find me?
I didn't have my crystal ball,
so I just followed you here.
Meet my friend Mike.
He's a disciple of Aristophanes.
- How do you do?
- Pleased to know you.
Don, I'm taking you back to Nadine.
Did she send you for me?
- No, but...
- That's the trouble with college.
You've been reading.
There's more sense in this than in a library.
- Right, Mike?
- Education's all right.
It's the people who spoil it.
Nadine didn't mean what she said.
You two belong together.
If she'd just fallen in love with some guy,
I could do something about it.
You know she can't get along without you,
or you without her.
Who says I can't get along without her?
See those girls. Any one of them
has as much talent as she.
You're crazy. There's no one like Nadine.
- Dances like an angel, knows how to dress...
- I taught her.
- I could take any of those girls...
- Show's on.
I could take any one of them
and do the same.
She still wouldn't be like Nadine.
I promised I'd get right back. You coming?
She knows where I am.
She'll come around when contracts
are out of season.
You sure?
No, thanks. You run along.
All right. Take care of him, Mike.
Any one of them.
Do I need her?
Well, no man is an island.
- Thanks, Mike.
- Every man is a piece of the continent...
...a part of the main.
Yeah, I think you'll do.
- I'll do what?
- I'm looking for someone to dance with.
- Wrong number.
- I need a new dancing partner.
I'll give you $ 100 a week.
A hundred doll... That would never do.
- All right, $ 150.
- A hundred and fifty.
Thank you. Now may I go?
Sure. Just a minute. Here's my card.
I'll get a rehearsal hall at Michael's.
Know where it is?
All right, tomorrow morning, 10:00.
You'll wait for me.
- Hi, Hannah.
- Hi. Will you help me into this?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
There's a nice guy.
He's unhappy and a little lonely...
I'll bet he's lonely.
Got away from his keeper.
You know what he wanted me to do?
Give up a good, steady, $ 15-a-week job.
- Thanks.
- I didn't catch his name.
Don Hewes.
Don Hewes?!
I was born in Michigan
And I wish and wish again
That I was back
In the town where I was born
There's a farm in Michigan
And I'd like to fish again
In the river that flows
Beside the field of waving corn
A lonesome soul am I
Here's the reason why
I want to go back
I want to go back
I want to go back to the farm
Far away from harm
With a milk pail on my arm
I miss the rooster
The one that used to
Wake me up at 4 a.m.
I think your great big city's
Very pretty
Nevertheless, I want to be there
I want to see there
A certain someone full of charm
That's why I wish again
That I was in Michigan
Down on the farm
I wanna go back
I wanna go back
I wanna go back
To that old farm
Far away from harm
With a milk pail on my arm
I miss the rooster
The rooster that used to
Wake me up at 4 a.m.
I think your great big city's
Very pretty
Nevertheless, I want to be there
I want to see there
A certain someone full of charm
That's why I wish again
That I was in Michigan
Down on
The farm
She's not coming.
Come on, let's go.
You said 10:00.
She's only a minute late.
She won't be here.
At least I hope she won't.
To tell the truth,
I got emotional last night.
I can't remember what happened,
but I seem to have been carried away.
Well, there goes five bucks.
Here. It's worth ten to get out of it
this easily. I'll see you later.
Am I late? I'm sorry, Mr. Hewes.
I couldn't catch a bus.
It is Easter Sunday, you know.
I walked.
You should have seen Mr. Pastini's face
when I quit my job last night.
He was furious.
Good morning.
Say that again.
- Good morning.
- I mean about quitting your job.
You... You told me to quit my job.
You said...
I know what I said. This is Marty.
- How do you...?
- Your name is?
Hannah Brown.
Oh, we can fix that. Sure, we can.
Now, there's nothing to this.
I lead for four counts,
starting with your left.
Half-turn to the right,
drop to a curtsy as I bow.
On five, rise slowly. Twist to the right,
then to the left.
Right arm fully extended
in preparation for the first lift.
I beg your pardon?
You understand, don't you?
Miss Brown, what idiot ever
told you you were a dancer?
You did.
If I did, you're a dancer.
Now, let's start this thing
right from the beginning.
Now, left foot forward, please.
Left foot forward.
You're gonna hate me.
- I am?
- Yes.
You know your left foot
from your right, don't you?
- I'm never sure.
- Oh, no.
This isn't my fault.
When I was little, I was left-handed.
But the doctor told my mother
I might grow up to be a dangerous criminal.
So they made me do things with my
right hand, and now I'm not sure anymore.
How did you dance in the show?
When I danced in the show,
I had a garter on my left leg...
...but I haven't got a garter today.
That is your left leg.
That is your right leg. See?
- Here's a rubber band. Put that on.
- Thank you.
Did I say I got carried away?
- Ready.
- All right. Over here.
Let's have some music.
This is what you do. And...
...left, right, left, right.
Turn right. Curtsy.
And twist right.
Twist left. Arm out.
Lift, two, three, four.
One, two, right, left, right.
Good. One, two, three, four.
Turn, two, three, four.
Turn, two, three. Change.
That's it. Now softer.
Very quiet.
Don't take your eyes from mine.
You just look as if you're in pain.
I am. The rubber band's too tight.
- Well, then take it off.
- It won't take me a minute.
- I didn't know. It stopped the circulation.
- Pick it up about here. Right there.
- I know it's gonna be better now.
- And, one, two, three, four.
Now, look at me intimately, caressingly.
Make every man in the audience
wish that he were in my shoes.
That's the idea.
Closer. Closer.
More. More.
Lunch. Marty, about an hour
I think will do, don't you?
- Leave the music?
- I've got the place all afternoon.
- It won't make any difference.
- Okay.
Was I too terrible?
No, no.
You know, I've never really danced before.
You're going to be fine.
Mr. Hewes, you know,
you don't have to go on with this.
- Now, look...
- I mean it.
You're a wonderful dancer.
You could get anybody to dance.
You could get the best.
I don't want the best. I want you.
I mean, look. You didn't ask me for the job.
I picked you.
You're gonna make good.
Not just for your sake, but for mine.
It means a great deal to me.
- It does?
- Come on.
Oh, look. The Easter Parade.
Isn't it beautiful?
It's all right, if you like Easter Parades.
I can't believe I'm really here.
I used to read about the Easter Parade
in New York...
- Excuse me.
- In New York.
And then I'd look at the pictures
of the women in their lovely clothes...
...dream that maybe someday l...
Here I am.
Oh, look.
May I take your picture, Miss Hale?
Hold it, Miss Hale.
Just one more, Miss Hale.
- Good. Thank you.
- Miss Hale.
Thank you.
Isn't she wonderful-looking!
Even with that silly hat.
- What's the matter with it?
- She must be very important.
Look at her clothes, the way she walks.
See her nose?
One year from now,
you're gonna put it out of joint.
- I am?
- Next Easter, when we walk down here...
...you'll cause more excitement
than an earthquake.
Every photographer will break his neck
to take your picture.
One year from today, no one
is gonna notice her when they look at you.
- This is lovely.
- That one.
Yes, Mr. Hewes.
May I see that, please?
- Isn't this beautiful?
- Wrap this up. Just send all the things.
Yes, Mr. Hewes.
- You ready?
- Yes, Mr. Hewes.
Mr. Hewes, I...
These dresses are beautiful, but...
- But what?
- Do they look like me, like Hannah Brown?
There is no more Hannah Brown.
From now on, you're Juanita.
If you wanted a Juanita,
why did you pick me?
Now, don't get mad. This is business.
A girl dancer has to be exotic.
She has to be...
...a peach.
I suppose I'm a lemon.
No. Here's what I mean.
Now, when you walk down the street alone
do men try to catch your eye?
Of course they do.
Do they turn around and look at you?
L... I don't know.
I never turn around to look at them.
Here, give me those.
You go ahead. I wanna try something.
Just walk on ahead. I wanna see.
Right! You've got it.
Thank you.
Let go of my hand.
Let go of my hand.
- I'm afraid...
- Don't worry.
- It was just the first performance.
- I was so nervous.
One thing you mustn't do:
Get a stranglehold on me.
It pulls me off balance.
- I know.
- Relax, you'll be all right.
I hope so. Did you send these?
- Yes.
- They're very beautiful.
- You go change, we'll have dinner.
- May I bring my roses?
- Keep sending flowers. It's good business.
- Yes, sir.
How did the act go, Mr. Hewes?
One bow.
Too bad.
Eddie. Eddie.
Eddie, get down there. Sit. Sit.
All right, everybody sit down. Sit down.
Tomorrow we'd better get some dogs
in the act.
- Here's the young lady.
- Nadine.
Darling, I was so excited
when I got your message.
- When did you get in town?
- I got in this morning.
I can recommend fillet of sole meuniere.
- Monsieur had that last night.
- Last night?
- We'll order later.
- Very well. I'll remove this.
We're expecting someone else.
- Luncheon for three?
- Who's joining us?
Someone who's very important
to both of us.
Johnny, I'm going to meet your father.
Look, Nadine, our future is so far away.
I have years of school ahead of me...
I thought you were almost finished
with law school.
I am, I am. But I've decided
to become a doctor.
I'll wait.
Well, it's liable to be a tough struggle.
I won't inherit any of my father's money
until I'm at least...
- Fifty-five? That's an odd arrangement.
Well, Father was very eccentric.
He hated children.
Oh, I love children.
Maybe you could adopt one.
- There he is.
- Hello, Johnny.
Donald. If you'll forgive me,
I have an oral psychology exam.
You what? You'll flunk it.
Hello, Nadine.
I'm glad you're here, Don.
Sit down, won't you?
- Thanks.
- I've been wanting to talk to you.
You have?
You look tired.
Breaking in new routines.
You remember it.
It seems years ago.
I can tell you how many minutes it's been.
Is the gentleman coming back?
Yes, but not for lunch.
Luncheon for two?
We have some very fine
broiled lamb chops today.
We'll order later. Thank you.
Very good, monsieur.
...very nice to see you.
I've been hearing about your new act.
It's not really broken in yet.
It seems so strange dancing
with somebody else.
Remember our opening night in Boston?
Three encores, eight bows.
We stopped the show cold.
I still have those reviews.
- Listen, baby, I was thinking...
- I start rehearsal soon for my new show.
Are you going through
with that crazy idea?
Crazy? Because I don't wanna spend
the rest of my life being a common hoofer?
It was good enough
when I took you out of that chorus.
You think if it hadn't been
for you, I'd still be there?
That's possible. The fellow who ran
that place wasn't Ziegfeld.
Let me tell you something.
If you can get along without me...
...tell that seamstress dancing with you
to stop imitating me.
Imitating you? She's never even seen you.
No, but you have.
All my friends are laughing.
- That's it.
- You bet that's it.
- And you tell that Miss...
- Brown. Hannah Brown.
- I have something to do.
- Don't you dare leave me alone.
You forget, honey.
You're on your own now.
The gentleman is coming back?
You're wrong twice.
Luncheon for one?
May I suggest the sirloin tips
to mademoiselle?
Thank you. I'm not hungry.
Certainly, mademoiselle.
Come in again soon.
Bring your friends.
How much is that, please?
Let's see. Roast beef, pie, milk.
That'll be 15 cents.
- Thank you.
- Thank you. Bye.
You can't trust those weathermen.
They said rain today.
If they'd said sunshine,
I would've worn my raincoat.
Oh, I'm terribly...
That's all right. I think we can
straighten up now.
Raining, huh?
I wish it'd stop. I've got an appointment.
Nobody would expect you
to be on time in this weather.
He will.
- Lf I were you, I'd divorce him.
- He's not my husband.
- Oh, then I wouldn't marry him.
- No, no, this is business.
- Well, I think it's letting up...
- Oh, no, no. It's still raining very hard.
You know, I bet you like to walk
in the rain.
- Yes, I do, but...
- But home, in the country.
- Yes.
- In the woods, in the spring?
- But you wouldn't be wearing that hat.
- I really must go.
Oh, no, no. You can't go out in that.
- It's an epidemic.
- What?
- Pneumonia.
- What?
- I'll get you a cab.
- Don't get me one.
- I've only got two blocks to go. You can't...
- No.
Don't move.
In two minutes, you've managed to find out
that I'm not married or engaged.
That I'm from the country,
and meeting a man on business.
It wasn't bad, was it?
Yeah, but you haven't told me
a thing about yourself.
I'm just a fella
A fella with an umbrella
Looking for a girl
Who saved her love for a rainy day
I'm just a fella
A fella with an umbrella
Glad to see the skies of blue
Have turned into skies of gray
Raindrops have brought us together
And that's what I long to see
Maybe the break in the weather
Will prove to be
A break for me
So I'll be the fella
The fella with an umbrella
If you'll be the girl
Who saved her love
For a rainy day
For every fella
Each fella with an umbrella
There's a girl
A girl who saved her love for a rainy day
For every fella
Each fella with an umbrella
There's a time when skies of blue
Must turn into skies of gray
Raindrops have brought us together
That's what they were meant to do
Maybe the break in the weather
Will turn into
A break for you
And I'll help the fella
The fella with an umbrella
Help him find the girl
Who saved her love
For a rainy day
One of the first rules of
this business is to be punctual.
- You're a half-hour late.
- I'm sorry.
- All right.
- I got caught in the...
I said, all right.
I have something important to talk about.
I found out what's wrong with our act.
- You did?
- Yes.
You've been trying
to be somebody else.
I've been trying to what?
- Look at you.
- What's the matter?
- That dress.
- I've tried to explain...
- That hat.
- I knew I wouldn't look good.
- The way you move in the numbers.
- You told me to move like that.
All right. I've changed my mind.
- From now on, you're gonna be yourself.
- I am?
You'll start from the beginning.
There'll be no more fancy dresses.
There is no more Juanita.
From now on, you're just plain
Hannah Brown.
Whatever you say.
- Do you know this song?
- Yes.
- I'd like to hear you sing it, please.
- All right.
Get over there where
I can see you, please.
I love the piano
I love the piano
I love to hear somebody play
Upon a piano
A grand piano
It simply carries me away
I know a fine way
To treat a Steinway
I love to run my fingers o'er the keys
The ivories
And with the pedal
I love to meddle
When Paderewski comes this way
I'm so delighted
If I'm invited
To hear the longhaired genius play
So you can keep your fiddle
And your bow
Give me a P-l-A-N-O
Oh, oh!
I love to stop right
Beside an upright
Or a high-toned baby grand
Oh, that's wonderful!
- Is it?
- Wonderful. Great.
- Do you know this?
- Yes, I know it.
Good girl!
That's fine.
Now around.
Oh, yes!
I love to stop right
Beside an upright
Or a high-toned baby grand
All night long he calls her
"snookey ookums"
Snookey ookums
All they do is talk like babies
She's his "jelly-elly roll"
He's her "sugey-ugar bowl"
Here's the way they bill and coo
"Poogywoo," poogywoo
All night long he calls her
"snookey ookums"
Snookey ookums
All night long the neighbors shout
"Cut it out," "Cut it out"
"Cut it out!"
They cry, "For goodness sake
Don't keep us all awake
With your snookey-ookey-ookey
Baby talk"
Fiddle up, fiddle up
On your violin
Lay right on it
Rest your chin upon it
Doggone, you better begin
And play an overture upon your violin
Hurry up, hurry up
With your violin
Make it sooner
Don't you stop to tune her
Fid, fid, fid, fiddle the middle
Of your ragtime violin
When the midnight choo-choo
Leaves for Alabam'
Alabam', Alabam'
- I'll be right there
- Where'll you be?
- I've got my fare
- Show it to me
When I see that rusty-haired
Conductor man
What'll you do?
I'll grab him by the collar
And I'll holler
"Alabam'! Alabam'!"
That's where you stop your train
That brings me back again
Down home where I'll remain
Where my honey lamb
I will be right there with bells
When that old conductor yells
"All aboard, all aboard
All aboard for Alabam'!"
I will be right there with bells
When that old conductor yells
"All aboard
All aboard
All aboard for Alabam'!"
Stop it! Stop it!
They'll be asking Mr. Ziegfeld
for more money. Good news, Don.
He liked the act and he wants
to see you right away.
- Thanks, Al.
- That was charming.
Don, isn't that the girl we saw
in the Easter Parade?
You know, the one with that hat?
- There's no need to introduce you two.
- Hello, Don.
- Hello, Nadine.
- How nice to have you in my show.
- Your show?
- This is Miss Brown.
- Nadine Hale, star of our show.
- How do you do?
I've been looking forward to meeting you.
Don and I have talked about you.
- Don and you...?
- Harry, we'll do Miss Hale's number.
Excuse me.
Harry, I think I'll need four extra bars
on my intro in order to get...
Is that the Nadine
you used to dance with?
Why didn't you tell me?
- Well, I never thought about it.
- Were you in love?
- What?
- Were you in love with her?
- Well, we...
- Never mind.
- Hannah, look...
- Don, Mr. Ziegfeld's waiting upstairs.
I'll meet you at the hotel.
Hello, there!
- Oh, hello.
- Where have you been?
I've been living in that drugstore
waiting for you.
- How are you?
- Fine. How are you?
- Gosh, it's good to see you again.
- It's good to see you too.
This brilliant conversation's
costing you money.
Yes. I must go anyway.
- What are you doing here?
- We just auditioned for the show.
Have you ever heard of Hannah & Hewes?
Hannah & Hewes?
Don't tell me you're Hannah Brown.
- Don't tell me you've ever heard of me.
- Of course I have, from Don.
- Do you know Don?
- Do I know him? We're like brothers.
- Hey.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Well, I have to...
Wait a minute, now.
I'm not gonna lose you again.
- Have dinner with me tonight?
- I don't think...
It ain't worth it, lady.
- I'm almost one of the family.
- All right.
- I'll fix it with Don.
- Fine.
- Where are you staying?
- Regency Park Hotel.
- Regency Park Hotel.
- I'll pick you up at 7:30.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Officer, I thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
...what did he say? When do we start?
We don't. We turned it down.
Turned it down?
But, Don, l...
I don't understand.
This is everything we've worked for.
It's everything you've dreamed of.
Come here.
Sit down.
Now, look, there are all kinds of dreams.
Some people dream about
a little farm to settle down on...
...a spot all their own.
That's what we want...
...only our spot's on a marquee.
"Hannah & Hewes" in blazing lights.
It's got to be all ours.
We're not sharing it.
Besides, Nadine doesn't belong in the same
show with you! She can't compare to you!
She can't?
Professor! How did you know
I was here?
- Well...
- This is wonderful. Come on in.
Hannah, this is the greatest guy.
Johnny Harrow, Hannah Brown.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Won't you sit down.
- Thank you.
- What are you doing tonight?
- Well, I had plans...
Cancel. Dine with us.
I'll make a reservation.
We won't take no for an answer,
will we, Hannah?
- Wanna get yourself a date?
- Well, I have a date, I think.
- Fine. Bring her along.
- Thanks. I will.
- Those are lovely.
- Oh, they're for you.
Thank you, Johnny. It won't take me
a minute. I'll get dressed.
Don, you're welcome to join us...
...if you'd like to.
There's no point in your wasting
those flowers on me.
Look, tell Hannah I'll see her tomorrow.
- So long, Johnny.
- Goodbye, Don.
- Don said he'd see you tomorrow.
- Thank you.
Johnny, could we go someplace
where we can talk?
Yes, I know just the place.
- Thank you.
- You don't want to order.
Yes, we do.
The specialty tonight is beef stroganoff.
- But you wouldn't like it.
- It sounds wonderful.
- Make it two.
- Two beef stroganoffs.
- Yes. What about a salad?
- Salad? There is only one salad.
Salad Franois.
- Your salad?
- Let's try it.
- Try it?
- What's in it?
I'll show you.
This salad has been handed down...
...from my great-grandfather
to my grandfather...
...to my father, and from my father to me.
...from India.
Herb from Africa.
...perfume for a gourmet.
I gently rub the inside of the bowl.
Petits pois from France.
Apartment 24B.
...from a chicken.
You must be ruthless.
Cheese, Parmesan from Italy.
I put them in anyway.
Onion from Bermuda.
You slice the onion very thin.
This gives the salad flavor.
It makes it bright, refreshing...
...and gay.
Mix, mix, toss, toss.
Mix, mix, toss, toss.
Toss, toss, mix, mix.
Toss, toss, mix, mix.
Mix, toss, toss, mix.
Mix, mix, toss, toss.
I don't think so.
It's very nice here.
I like it.
Now, what did you wanna
talk to me about?
You and Don are very good friends,
aren't you?
- Was he ever married?
- No.
I only ask because I'm curious.
He never talks about himself.
Just about dancing.
- Everything is strictly business.
- That's a good idea.
...if we make a mistake in the show,
he'll ask if I'll stay...
...and rehearse with him.
We go out and have a late supper...
...and we dance...
...just the two of us.
Sometimes I make mistakes on purpose.
You know, I think that Franois was right,
there are three of us here.
...supposing Don were interested
in someone else?
Do you mean Nadine?
Well, they used to work together.
- He was in love with her, wasn't he?
- I don't know. I guess so.
Well, he isn't anymore.
He turned down the Ziegfeld show.
Because he said that she didn't belong
in the same show with me.
I agree with him.
Now, is there anything more
that I can tell you about Don?
Good. Now let's talk about us.
Did you know that scientists say that people
fall in love quickest during a rainstorm?
I can prove that.
Because that's when I fell
in love with you.
You're not angry?
Angry? No, I'm not angry.
I'm very proud.
Do you think that...
...you could love me?
Oh, Johnny, I'd be such a fool if I didn't.
...l'm in love with Don.
Are you sure?
And it's...
It's nothing like I thought
it was going to be.
It never is.
You know, l...
I used to dream that...
...when I'd fall in love with a man...
...he'd send me flowers...
...sweep me off my feet,
take me in his arms.
It's nothing like that with Don.
He doesn't even know I'm alive,
half the time.
When he sweeps me off my feet...
...it's during a dance number.
When he sends me flowers...
...it's because it's good for business.
Oh, he's taken me in his arms...
...but there've never been less
than 700 people watching.
Oh, it's not his fault.
It's mine.
When they were passing out the wishes...
...I wished for him.
Our dinner should be ready soon.
I'm not very hungry.
Neither am I. Should we go?
We're not staying.
- You're not?
- No.
Your hat and coat, Mr. Harrow.
There's an old superstition
Way down South
Everybody believes
That trouble won't stay
If you shake it away
When they hold a revival
Way down South
Everybody with care
And trouble that day
Tries to shake it away
Shakin' the blues away
Unhappy news away
If you are blue, it's easy to
Shake off your cares and troubles
Tellin' the blues to go
They may refuse to go
But as a rule, they'll go if you'll
Shake 'em away
Do like the voodoos do
Listenin' to
A voodoo melody
They shake their bodies so
To and fro
With every shake
A lucky break
Provin' that there's a way
To chase your cares away
If you would lose your weary blues
Shake 'em away
Shake 'em away
Shakin' the blues away
Unhappy news away
If you are blue, it's easy to
Shake off your
Shake off your cares
And shake off your troubles
Show them that there's a way
To chase your cares away
If you would lose your weary blues
Shake 'em away
Shake 'em away
Hannah. Now, don't tell me
you're gonna break our date.
Johnny, have you heard from Don?
I haven't seen him since yesterday.
I've been calling everyplace.
No. I wouldn't worry.
Nothing could've happened.
You don't know how depressed he's been
the past few weeks.
Then today, with the papers saying
what a big hit the Follies is.
You know, he turned it down, and...
I don't know.
I'm so worried about him.
Oh, wait a minute, Johnny.
Will you hold the line?
There's somebody at the door.
- Hello, baby!
- Don!
- Where've you been? You read the reviews?
- Sure. Very good.
- But wait till you read ours, baby.
- Ours?!
- Dillingham wants us for a show.
- Dillingham?!
Yeah! He called me this morning.
I've been with him all day.
- He wants to build a show around us.
- Oh, Don!
- Where's a calendar? A calendar!
- A calendar? A calendar! Here! Here!
- Here's one.
- Yeah. Move over.
Now, everything's all set.
We start a week from Monday.
Four weeks' rehearsal.
Four on the road, Philadelphia, Boston.
Opening in New York April 6th.
Oh, Don, look!
April 7th. What about it?
Easter. We'll be here
for the Easter Parade.
- That's right. We have a date, haven't we?
- Yes.
- Say, how about celebrating tonight?
- Wonderful.
- Go out and do the town.
- I'd love it!
I better meet with the writers.
Pick me up, huh?
- Right.
- Good.
Eight o'clock.
- Sharp.
- Sharp.
Johnny, are you still there?
I'm sorry.
Yes, I'm still here.
Did you hear? Isn't it wonderful?
Yes, it's great.
I hope you don't mind
if I break our date for tonight.
Oh, Johnny.
That's all right.
We'll celebrate tomorrow night.
Thank you, Johnny.
Operator. Plaza 3-1549.
Hello, Nadine?
Nadine, I'll be able to make it
for dinner tonight after all.
- Hello.
- I hope I'm not late.
- You're right on time.
- Aren't we going out?
I thought if you didn't mind,
we'd have dinner here.
- I'd love it.
- Good.
There won't be anybody to disturb us,
just the two of us.
I thought we'd go over some new
ideas I have for the show.
- There's one in particular I know...
- What?!
What's the matter? What have I done?
Nothing, that's what you've done.
I thought we had a date tonight,
not a rehearsal.
I should know better than to expect
you to be human.
- You're just a pair of dance shoes.
- What?
I'm tired of being a prop here!
- I don't even feel like a girl!
- Listen...
- You're just a pair of dancing shoes!
- You said that.
I don't care!
Besides, I bought a new dress!
- It's pretty.
- You haven't even looked.
- That's not true.
- Oh, isn't it?
All right, then tell me:
What color are my eyes?
You won't be able to answer that because
you have never paid enough attention to it.
They're brown.
That's right.
- I'll get my hat and coat...
- Oh, no, please.
Can't we stay here?
- But you said...
- I know, but...
...that was before.
I don't mind now.
All right.
Fire is so pretty.
"It Only Happens When I Dance With You."
That's one of the old songs.
She's very beautiful.
Yes, but she doesn't mean anything
to me anymore.
I told her I could teach any girl
to dance as well as she.
And you have.
No. We have.
The idea was just this.
I started out to prove something, and now
it isn't important anymore. That's all.
It only happens
When I dance with you
That trip to heaven
Till the dance is through
With no one else
Do the heavens seem quite so near
Why does it happen, dear
Only with you?
Two cheeks together
Can be so divine
But only when those cheeks
Are yours and mine
I've danced with dozens of others
The whole night through
But the thrill that comes with spring
When anything could happen
That only happens
With you
Why didn't you tell me
I was in love with you?
Come in.
- Hi.
- Hi, how are you? Thanks for the flowers.
- Nervous?
- No. Don't do that!
Don't put your hat on the bed.
It's bad luck.
- I'm sorry.
- That's all right.
- Come in.
- Fifteen minutes, Miss Brown.
Oh, I feel like I'm going to my execution.
Don't worry. They love you.
That's unanimous.
Come in.
- Hello, Don.
- Hi, John.
I'll go start leading the applause.
Good luck.
- Thanks, John.
- Don, can you die from fright?
You'll be all right once you get on-stage.
I better go get dressed. Good luck.
- Thank you.
- Don't forget to watch my number...
...with all those beautiful girls.
This is my left leg. This is my right.
This is my... Anna? Anna, my garter.
- Garter?
- The garter for me. Where is it? The garter.
Here he comes
Looking for his baby
It's for sure
Sure and not for maybe
Don't ask when will the lucky day be
Here he comes
And let him tell you himself
If I seem to scintillate
It's because I've got a date
A date with a package of
The good things that come with love
You don't have to ask me
I won't waste your time
But if you should ask me
Why I feel sublime
I'm steppin' out with my baby
Can't go wrong, 'cause I'm in right
It's for sure, not for maybe
That I'm all dressed up tonight
Steppin' out with my honey
Can't be bad to feel so good
Never felt quite so sunny
And I keep on knockin' wood
There'll be smooth sailin'
'Cause I'm trimmin' my sails
With a bright shine on my shoes
And on my nails
Steppin' out with my baby
Can't go wrong, 'cause I'm in right
Ask me when will the day be
The big day may be tonight
Steppin' out with my baby
Can't go wrong, 'cause I'm in right
It's for sure, not for maybe
That I'm all dressed up tonight
Steppin' out with my honey
Can't be bad to feel so good
Never felt quite so sunny
And I keep on knockin' wood
There'll be smooth sailin'
'Cause I'm trimmin' my sails
With a bright shine on my shoes
And on my nails
Steppin' out with my baby
Can't go wrong, 'cause I'm in right
Ask me when will the day be
The big day may be tonight
This is Essie, Miss Hale. Mr. Hewes just
did a number with a lot of girls.
I tell you, Miss Hale, any one of those girls
is better than she is.
How was Mr. Hewes?
He was all right, but not like
he used to be when he danced with you.
That's fine. Come on back now.
I can't find a thing.
I'd better stay for the next number.
I'll be right back after that.
We're a couple of swells
We stop at the best hotels
But we prefer the country
Far away from the city smells
We're a couple of sports
The pride of the tennis courts
In June, July and August
We look cute when we're dressed in shorts
The Vanderbilts have asked us
Up for tea
We don't know how to get there
No, sirree
No, sirree
We would drive up the avenue
But we haven't got the price
We would skate up the avenue
But there isn't any ice
We would ride on a bicycle
But we haven't got a bike
So we'll walk up the avenue
Yes, we'll walk up the avenue
And to walk up the avenue's
What we like
Wall Street bankers are we
With plenty of currency
We'd open up the safe
But we forgot where we put the key
We're the favorite lads
Of girls in the picture ads
We'd like to tell you
Who we kissed last night
But we can't be cads
The Vanderbilts are waiting
At the club
But how are we to get there?
That's the rub
That's the rub
We would sail up the avenue
But we haven't got a yacht
We would drive up the avenue
But the horse we had was shot
We would ride on a trolley car
But we haven't got the fare
So we'll walk up the avenue
Yes, we'll walk up the avenue
Yes, we'll walk up the avenue
Till we're there
We would swim up the avenue
But we haven't any lake
So we'll walk up the avenue
Yes, we'll walk up the avenue
Yes, a walk up the avenue's
What we'll take
- Mind if I say I told you so?
- Johnny, I'm so happy.
- Miss Brown, you were magnificent.
- Thank you.
- You were wonderful.
- Thank you.
- I'll call you tomorrow.
- All right.
- Hello, Johnny.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Great show, Johnny.
- Don.
- Yeah?
- Just wonderful, really.
- Thanks.
I'm taking Hannah to celebrate. Come.
I'm going to the roof to see Nadine.
- Oh, fine.
- Come in.
Come in.
- Don, you know where I'd like to go?
- Where?
To Pastini's, where we met.
Sure, but some other night.
I made reservations for the Ziegfeld Follies.
- We gotta celebrate.
- All right.
- Good night, Anna.
- Good night.
Good night.
And there she was, all dirtied up,
and with a man's clothes on.
When they danced together,
they laughed at her. It was just awful.
Come in.
- Good evening, Nadine.
- Oh, hello.
Well, Essie, I see you got here before me.
I suppose you won't believe me, Johnny,
but I'm sorry for her. Really sorry.
Essie was telling me
about their show tonight.
Oh, you were?
- On-stage, Miss Hale.
- Oh, coming.
Essie, don't forget my slippers.
I'm flattered you came tonight, Johnny.
I wasn't sure you could tear yourself away.
Oh, dear, I wish they'd stop.
They won't until we take a bow. Come on.
- Who's getting the hand?
- Hannah & Hewes.
- What?!
- They made a big hit in that show tonight.
I still say she doesn't compare to you.
The girl I love
Is on a magazine cover
It seems they painted her
Just for me
I'd fall in love
If I could ever discover
A little girl quite as nice as she
If I could meet
A girl as sweet
I'd simply claim her
And name her my queen
For if she ever came
I would love her the same
As I love her
On the cover
Of a magazine
If I could meet
A girl as sweet
I'd simply claim her
And name her my queen
For if she ever came
I would love her the same
As I love her
On the cover
Of a magazine
On the cover
Of a magazine
Here, take this. I'm not through yet.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
My former partner, Mr. Don Hewes,
is here this evening.
And perhaps we can persuade Mr. Hewes
to do one of our old numbers:
"It Only Happens When I Dance With You."
Oh, no.
Please, Don.
- What time does the last show start?
- This isn't an all-night joint...
Hello, Mike.
Gosh, it's good to see you.
If I knew you were coming,
I'd have cleaned the place up.
Oh, no, it's never looked so wonderful.
- Gosh, you look pretty.
- Hello, Joe.
- Hello, Hannah.
- Been reading all about you.
How does it feel to be a big success?
- How are things with you, Mike?
- Oh, always the same.
Problem with every drink.
People's troubles never change.
- Don't they?
- No. They always come in...
...whenever they've got...
How about some champagne?
No, thanks. I don't think so.
Well, I'm gonna celebrate
your opening night.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
This is your opening night, isn't it?
Well, what are you doing here by yourself?
Oh, I don't know. I just...
...wanted to get away for a while.
If there's anything I can do,
break anyone's neck, just say the word.
No, thanks, Mike.
There isn't anything anyone can do.
Don't say that.
No man is that important.
Plenty of fish left in the sea.
- You know, it's always darkest...
- Oh, Mike, please.
I don't think you've got a motto
for what my kind of trouble is.
Maybe not.
Maybe not.
But I've got a poem.
For ev'ry rose that withers and dies,
Another blooms in its stead
A new love waits to open its eyes
After the old love is dead
That sounds all right
In a careless rhyme
But there's seldom
A second time
Better luck next time
That could never be
Because there ain't gonna be
No next time
For me
No, sirree
Made up my mind
To make another start
I've made my mind up
But I can't make up my heart
I'd like a new lucky day
That would be nice
But this comes
Just once in a lifetime
Not twice
So don't say
"Better luck next time"
That can never be
Because there ain't gonna be
No next time
For me
Good evening, Miss Brown.
Thank you.
- Any messages?
- No.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I was beginning to think
you were never coming.
If I knew you'd be here,
you'd be right.
- Oh, listen.
- You're lost.
This isn't the Ziegfeld roof.
Why did you run off
without letting me explain?
You don't have to explain.
This is after working hours.
- I had to dance with Nadine.
- You made that very obvious.
You couldn't wait, could you?
Was it fun watching me make a fool
of myself all those months of rehearsal?
I was willing to do anything to make good,
but I thought it was for us.
- But it was.
- No. The whole thing was a buildup...
...to get Nadine back. Well, now
you've got her. Excuse me.
You're wrong.
I don't want her. I want you.
Depends on what song
is being played.
- Would you listen to me?
- I'm sick of listening to you.
I'm sick of you
using my life for a checkerboard.
I've had enough. Now go on back to Nadine
and her Russian wolfhounds.
Tell her the experiment worked.
You can dance with anybody.
Good night.
...even a murderer is innocent
until he's proved guilty.
All right, I told you I did start this thing
to get Nadine back.
I was sore when she walked out.
I wanted to show her I didn't need her.
Well, I found out I don't.
I didn't know that until I met you.
How was I to know that you'd be
the most wonderful...
...girl in the whole world?
Hannah, will you please open the door
just for a minute?
I'm gonna stay right here
until you do, if it takes all night.
- Oh, hello.
- Well, it's nice to see you too.
Did you come alone?
Well, do you mind if I come in?
Oh, I'm sorry. Please do.
I thought maybe Don might...
We had a little misunderstanding.
I know. I stayed over at his place last night.
I haven't slept all night.
Didn't close my eyes.
- How's he?
- I don't know.
- He was still asleep when I left.
- Asleep?
You mean he wasn't upset?
Oh, a little. It's always a nuisance
auditioning a new partner.
He can't do that to me!
- Why not?
- Because he loves me, that's why not!
He's under the impression that
you weren't fond of him.
But I am. Terribly.
- I'm afraid it's a little late.
- Late? That can't be. What'll I do?
Well, if I loved someone,
I'd find a way to let them know it.
Well, it's different with a man.
- Why?
- I don't know. It just is, that's all.
It's easier. They can...
Johnny. Johnny.
Put on his favorite dress.
You'll be late for the Easter Parade.
Do something about your face.
You look horrible.
Oh, Johnny, thank you.
Thank you.
Hello, operator. Plaza 3-1598, please.
Hello, Nadine?
Nadine, get out all the hounds.
We're going for a walk.
Mr. Hewes' apartment?
Sam, where'd you put my...?
- What's that?
- These just arrived.
- Who are they for?
- For you.
For me? Well, they couldn't be.
Sam, well, don't put them down there.
- Go catch the fella...
- No card.
There must be some mistake.
Find out where they belong,
will you, Sam?
- They're very pretty.
- For you.
- For me? Well, who brought them?
- A messenger.
Put them down, will you?
Sam, do you know anything about this?
You think we dare open it?
"Happy Easter, darling."
There must be some mistake.
He got the wrong apartment.
- Shall I open the other one?
- No, I'll open it.
What a cute little rabbit.
Hello, little fella. Hello, there.
Isn't he cute?
Aren't you hungry?
Where did you come from?
Bunny want a cracker?
I'll get it.
- Hello, Sam.
- Oh, hello, Miss Brown.
- Meet bunny.
- We're old friends. Happy Easter.
- Happy Easter.
- Thank you.
- Did you...?
- Aren't you ready yet?
- Just like a man. Will you get his jacket?
- I'll get it.
- You're gonna be late.
- Late?
For the Easter Parade.
We had a date, remember?
Here, let's look. Oh, very nice.
Never saw you look
Quite so pretty before
Never saw you dress
Quite so handsome, what's more
I could hardly wait to keep our date
This lovely Easter morning
And my heart beat fast
As I came through the door
In your Easter bonnet
With all the frills upon it
You'll be the grandest fella
In the Easter Parade
I'll be all in clover
And when they look us over
We'll be the proudest couple
In the Easter Parade
On the avenue
Fifth Avenue
The photographers will snap us
And you'll find that you're
In the rotogravure
Oh, I could write a sonnet
About your Easter bonnet
And of the guy I'm taking
To the Easter Parade
On the avenue
Fifth Avenue
The photographers will snap us
And you'll find that you're
In the rotogravure
Oh, I could write a sonnet
About your Easter bonnet
And of the girl I'm taking
To the Easter Parade