Easy Rider: The Ride Back (2013) Movie Script

My name is Morgan Williams.
I had a brother, Wyatt.
He had this nickname:
Captain America.
Day after Mardi Gras, 1969,
Wyatt and his
best friend, Billy,
were riding their bikes
heading for Florida.
The sky was crystal blue,
just like 911.
Wyatt died that day, the
victim of hatred and prejudice,
at the hands of those
whose greatest fear is freedom,
whether in the form of a nation
or a single individual.
Finally making the ride back
after 40 years.
Time to face
the ghosts of the past.
And all because
little sister Shane...
showed up at my island
off the coast of Mexico.
If there's one thing I hate in
life, it's fucking surprises.
Well, I see some things
never change.
No, I guess not.
Here you are again,
uninvited and unannounced.
What brings you
all this way?
I forgot how beautiful
it is up here.
I was looking around
thinking no man's an island,
but you just keep giving it
your best shot, don't you?
You didn't
answer my question.
Look at your collection.
Pretty cool shit, huh?
It's amazing. You really should
market this in the States.
You know better than
anybody... one of a kind.
Oh, wow.
I love this.
Take it.
It's yours.
I couldn't do that.
No, take it.
I saw Paulina by the pool.
She looked like a goddess
floating there.
I didn't want to disturb her, but I cannot
wait to spend time with her and the girls.
Think they still
remember you?
Oh, you can sit up here like the
king of your castle and chastise me,
but I don't remember you ever coming to
see Cody and I in... I don't know... never.
Hey, you know why.
Whose fault is that?
You know what I think?
I think you ought to take a
hit of this and loosen up a bit.
I'd rather have a drink.
Cool jackets.
Yeah, this is
my scarlet cross jacket,
and that's the jacket
I made for Wyatt.
How did it get here?
I brought it back
with his belt...
and what was left of the motorcycle
that Virgil built for him...
after we identified
his body.
Virgil and I weren't
that close growing up.
Way too much
the boy scout.
Wyatt... He was my idol. You
should have seen him ride.
After Wyatt's murder, Virgil
and I got majorly tight.
He was just here a couple
of weeks ago with Wes Coast.
Wes Coast was here?
Yeah. Wes was here.
Can't believe it.
I hear you're going out
on the circuit.
Baby, I got to finish this
bike or my dad's gonna kill me.
I need to know.
We need to talk about this.
You wanna talk about it?
You need to know? Yeah.
Mmm. Mmm!
How is he?
Crazy as ever.
Said you and he were an
item once upon a time.
That was a long time ago.
Forgot something?
I wish
Shane had ended up with Wes...
instead of that rich asshole
she married.
I'd probably see
a lot more of her.
El Seor Torre is expecting
you. I can take you there.
Old friend.
Morgan, mi amigo.
Quieres un poco? No, no. Not my thing.
Bastian, if you please. Yes, sir.
What's this?
- Don't you recognize it?
- Oh, I recognize it.
Just should have been
a lot bigger. That's all.
Oh, come on, Morgan.
Take it easy.
Wow! Oh! Looks
like I missed something.
Yes, you did.
I guess I missed something
too. How's your friend?
Uh, not so well tonight.
Well, then I guess I don't
have to ask what's in here.
Jesus, Morgan. How much
is in here? Not enough.
Shane, it's only pot.
Only thing I've ever done.
Only thing I'm ever gonna do.
When are you gonna grow up?
If I'm lucky, never.
Uh, nothing else. Hold
the table. We'll be back.
Let's take a walk.
was freaked that I was dealing.
And to make matters worse, she
thought Wyatt died over drugs.
But I got her
straightened out on that...
and some other
family history too.
Yeah, well, you know, you
were too young to remember it,
but after Mama died,
we were all lost.
And Wyatt...
He tried to find himself
by splitting to L.A.
Did a lot of crazy shit
out there.
Like what?
Well, like stunt riding
in the movies.
An Evel Knievel carny act.
There was a new breed
out there back then...
snorting coke,
smoking dope.
And Wyatt decided, well, maybe
he'll help supply the demand...
and he started
dealing drugs.
First he was
dealing pot for me,
but then he wanted to make the big
score... cocaine, early retirement.
So I hooked him up
with a guy down in Ensenada.
He did the deal. But, of course,
he didn't live to enjoy it.
Thank God Daddy
doesn't know any of this,
because I don't think
he could bear to have...
What? Two sons like me? Is
that what you were gonna say?
That's what you were gonna say,
wasn't it? No. That's not what I meant.
Well, it is what you meant,
and that's okay,
'cause I got really good at keeping this
family's dirty little secrets in check.
And only Virgil and me
know about this.
Oh! Numbs the pain, now, doesn't it?
You know Daddy's
living with us now,
and I'm throwing him a little
surprise birthday party.
Of course you are.
What? You always have a
hidden agenda, don't you?
Haven't heard from you since
Francesca was born, and here you are.
Morgan, Daddy isn't gonna
be around much longer.
This has to stop.
You need to be there.
The last thing he wants to see
after all this time is my ass.
Why do you two still hate each
other after all these years?
It's ridiculous.
'Cause maybe, Shane, hate
isn't the opposite of love.
It's the frustration
of love.
Can't you just make the first
move, let bygones be bygones?
Let me tell you something.
He didn't like the way I
expressed my freedom back then,
and he's not gonna like it
any better now.
What's wrong?
I have to do this.
Stashing the cash in the tank...
family tradition.
Did I stay
too long in the cold?
Did I miss the day
he grew old?
Can I return to the fold?
Is the distance
still the same
I heard the dove
in the peaceful sky
He heard the hawk raise
a battle cry
But the time has run
and the prodigal son returns
Let the eagle fly
Let the banner wave
Over the son
of the land of the free
And the father
Of the home of the brave
I heard a peaceful song
He heard his country
right a wrong
He said,
"Son, I risked my life
So that you could be free"
If there is room
in a perfect sky
When the sun and the moon
don't see eye to eye
And the prodigal son
with no alibi returns
Let the eagle fly
Let the eagle fly
Let the banner wave
Over the son
of the land of the free
And the father
Of the home of the brave
Land of the free
Yeah! Push in there!
Whoo! Yeah! All right!
What's wrong
with that turn, man?
You guys are flying
like eagles.
I just want you to charge into
that wood a little stronger.
I'll tell you what. You cats take a
little rest, and you watch the big dog fly!
Jesus Christ!
I thought I saw a ghost!
I don't know what the hell
you're doing here, brother!
You better be ready to drink
some whiskey, boy! Yee-ha!
I love your
racing school, man.
They love
the big dog!
Crashing in the corner.
Must've totally impressed
the hell out of 'em.
Kiss my ass, huh?
A long time, bro! Ahh!
Nice ride.
Awesome, man!
I fucking love it!
There you go.
Got a nitro kick
and a gypsy tattoo
I got a place where we can
go look at some tits. Ahh!
She flirts, spins, flexing
every Saturday night
I'm Wes... Coast
With the profile tires
and the Second Look bags
With a two-love bench
But just for a while
'Cause there ain't nobody
gonna cramp my style
Oh, yeah!
'Cause I'm Wes
- Hey!
- Coast
Some food. Yeah!
Drink! And fuck!
So come on, baby
Said don't be shy
Wes Coast is in the house!
You goddamn right he is, baby!
- What'll it be, Wes?
- Whiskey, darlin'. Whiskey.
I'm Wes... Coast
Here's to Mexican bike trash in the
middle of the border. Here's to it.
I didn't think I'll see
you so soon. What's up?
It's a bit
of a long story.
It all started when Pop
went to live with Shane.
Watch your step.
Ward, Pop's here.
How you doing there,
Wild Bill?
Pop, your bedroom's
the first door on the right.
Why don't you get him
settled? I'll be right in.
You're unbelievable.
Why can't you
just be nice?
Is that so difficult?
So this is
my prison cell, huh?
Pop, it's not
gonna be that bad.
I'm not setting one goddamn foot
on this floor till I get my flag.
You got it.
Well, I knew Wild Bill wouldn't
like being uprooted like that.
Well, you got
that right.
She decided to come down
and pay me a visit.
And you took the bait.
The girl's not easy
to resist, huh?
No. Not easy at all.
Not at all.
How's she doing?
Tough read. But she sure as hell
reacted when she heard your name.
Tried like hell
not to show it though.
How's she looking?
Well, why don't you come and
just check her out for yourself?
I said the things
that a young man would say
And I had more to learn
than I could imagine
'Cause something
made me feel it
Was everybody's fault
but my own
Can we try
One more time?
Well, I remember
how she used to look.
Hi, baby.
Yeah, baby, give me some
sugar. Come here, darlin'.
Get off of me,
you fucking pig!
What's your problem, bitch?
What are you looking at,
Here we fucking go again.
Hit him! Yeah!
Aw, shit.
- Yeah!
- Ohh!
Yeah! That bottle
gonna fuck him up! Yeah!
- Oh, man!
- Didn't break.
- Always breaks in movies.
- Time to go.
Yeah. Take it
outside, boys. Take it outside.
Sorry, baby.
Keep dancin',
baby. It's all good.
You know, man, I knew I could
count on you for some good shit.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
I was thinking...
I mean, with all this
and all that...
and all of this,
we could be staying in a motel
if we wanted, you know.
Hell, we could take a plane
to where we're going.
But would you trade all this
for more freedom?
But it's 150 years ago,
and those are horses.
We're sitting out here.
I was thinking
about that.
Yeah, I'd like
to take that trip.
Well, I know what you mean
about time, man.
Back then when it seemed like
there was just so much more freedom.
You know, Wyatt was about that
whenever he climbed on that motorcycle.
Put on his spurs,
he was a cowboy.
A lot of time's gone by.
Way too little to come, and
we got to be doing that, man.
We got to be doing
more of this.
Yeah, it's good to be here.
You know,
it took me a long time...
to, uh, decide to make this
ride back to see the old man.
I'm also kind of making
this ride in memory of Wyatt.
Wearing his shit,
riding his bike.
And that's why it's so cool
that it's happening with you,
because you've always
been one of the family.
Don't do it.
Get down. Get down.
Hey, Shane!
Come quickly! Quickly!
I didn't know what else
to do, seora.
Es loco.
It's okay.
Daddy's probably just
having one of his spells.
He's been doing this for as long as I
can remember. We just have to wake him up.
Daddy. Daddy!
Good morning.
What's so good about it?
There you go.
Where's Roxette?
It's Rosa, Pop.
And I gave her a couple of days off
to be with her family in Phoenix.
With Cody in Iraq
and Ward traveling,
I thought we could spend
some quality time together.
Quality time, huh?
It was you that left Virgil
and me for that life of leisure,
that fancy art career,
those four houses.
When was the last time you hopped
on that fancy jet of yours...
that you fly all around
and come see us, hmm?
Not enough, Pop.
But I'm here now.
If you'll excuse me,
I have some things to do.
You don't need my
permission! It's your house!
In the late '70s,
Wesley Costero
became Wes Coast,
motorcycle racer.
Wes had a teammate,
Reger Reynolds,
and they were bitter rivals.
In 1980, Wes won
the world championship.
Reger was a close second.
Later that year,
he was diagnosed with cancer and
given only a few months to live.
Reger beat the cancer,
and Wes was with him every day
around the clock.
Since then,
Reger's been giving back,
and I can't wait to meet him.
Wes Coast.
Come on in!
I should've had you.
I would've...
till I crashed on the last lap.
And the big one...
L.A. Coliseum.
That was mine. That was mine.
But no, what'd I do?
Stayed up all night,
partying like a rock star.
With those three hot chicks.
I was so fucked up
the next morning.
I stumbled over my own balls
while trying to get on the bike.
That's the truth.
But you know what, Coast?
There is one thing
I'll always beat you at,
and that's cooking.
Hey, man.
Hope you brought your
appetite. Oh, I'm plenty hungry.
And speaking of hungry...
What you been doing to feed these
homeless people, it's just...
Well, I'm bummin', man.
Bummin' big time.
kitchen ain't traveling.
Transmission's blown.
Piece of shit.
I don't know
what I'm gonna do.
I don't know what
I'm gonna do.
You know what?
I think maybe
I can help you with that.
Aw, man.
What the hell?
Just a little something
for the cause.
How much is in here?
Oh, there's enough.
Aw, yeah!
All right,
there you go, sir.
I love this man.
Pop, don't you
want a jacket?
It's really beautiful,
isn't it?
Yeah. It ain't home,
if that's what you're asking.
I didn't say it was.
Your mama would roll over in her
grave if she knew you had me here.
I think Mama knows
I'm doing the best I know how.
That includin' holding
a man against his will?
Pop, I'm...
That's it, huh? Why don't you just
pull the trigger and get it over with?
That's enough.
That is enough
for one day.
Oh, no, baby girl.
I'm just gettin' started.
No. No, you are not.
You wanna know why not?
I'll tell you why.
Because your beloved Virgil,
your favorite son,
he couldn't deal
with you anymore, Pop.
He couldn't
handle you.
I'm the only one
that would have you.
So you wanna sit here and just
be all angry and mad at the world,
you just go right ahead.
Because at the end of the
day, it's just you and me.
And I swear, if you wanna push me
away too, you just go right ahead.
Sit there and be your
old stubborn damn fool.
It'll save us both
a lot of time and aggravation!
It's simple, man.
Some wars are necessary.
Some aren't.
I don't know enough about any
of that to even talk about it,
and I sure as hell don't believe
in any shit I hear on the news.
Isn't it about time
you got your damn troops...
out of the Middle East?
You can attack the
war, man, but never the warrior.
Hey, uh, Reger wanted me
to come over here...
and see if you guys
needed anything.
Maybe you can tell me where a couple
tired old men can score a little reefer.
Oh. Reefer.
Well, around here
we call it pot.
Yeah, I can score it,
but I don't have it with me.
Why don't you just jump on the back of
my bike and you can show us where it's at.
Oh, I got a bike.
And it's a beauty.
She put everything
she knew in the rearview
Everything she owned
on her back
She took 72
out of Springfield
And she never looked back
Sometimes it got hot as hell
in the desert
And just as cold as hell
at night
But she kept riding
into the sunset
It was the only thing
that felt right
Cadillac cowgirl
Keep on ridin' to
the setting sun, all alone
Cadillac cowgirl
Keep on riding
Don't turn around
Don't go home
Girl, don't go home
Keep on riding
Girl, don't go home
- Oh, thanks for coming.
- Well, thanks for asking me.
It's so nice to meet you
after all this time.
Well, nice to meet you.
Pop, there's
somebody here to see you.
Hello, Hickcock.
Nobody's called me that
since my sweet Anne died.
She put you up
to this, Stonewall.
Well, she might've
started the ball rollin',
but, man, we're way long
overdue for a visit.
Good to see you again.
What's it been,
uh, 60 years?
Last time I saw you, it was the day
they shipped me back from the war.
Well, I wrote you
a few letters.
I guess you
never got 'em.
Hell, I should've written
more. You know how it is.
Life has a funny way
of taking over.
You're gonna have
to excuse me, Stonewall,
but I'm not feeling
too good these days.
I'm really not up to having
visitors. Shane knows that.
I'd like to go
to my room now.
But, Dad, Andrew came all this
way to see you. I'll do it myself.
It's okay.
The man is right.
He should get his rest.
I'll be right back.
What are you running from?
Well, you got her purrin'
yet there, Wild Bill?
Hey, it's your lucky
day. Jarmon wants to see you.
Sergeant Williams
reporting as ordered, sir.
I'm gonna send you on
an important mission, Sergeant.
Yes, sir.
Whoa. Hey, hey now.
Huh. Thought I lost you there.
Just take it easy, okay?
Your leg's all messed up.
Is it still there? Hell,
yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
A pretty nasty gash though. Some
other cuts we need to clean up.
You're one lucky
son of a bitch.
That bike saved your life.
Shielded you from the blast.
Thanks, Stonewall.
I'd always
wanted to check out the Salton Sea.
Greatest ecological disaster
in the history of California.
While Wes kicked back,
I decided to have
a better look around.
O beautiful
For spacious skies
For amber waves of grain
For purple mountain
Above the fruited plain
God shed his grace
On thee
And crown thy good
We've really blown it, man.
Got to start taking
better care of this planet.
From sea to shining sea
From sea to shining
We started the clinic,
and over the years we've
helped hundreds of Hopis.
I should talk to Ward
about a donation.
Afternoon, Pop.
I asked Andrew to stay
for lunch before leaving.
I figured it was
the least I could do...
since I invited him
for a visit.
Shane tells me that you went back
to Springfield after the war...
and kick-started
your life.
Born and raised there.
And ought
to die there too.
See, my daddy was a farmer.
Golden Guernseys and corn... only
life he ever knew.
It's not just any man
can live off the land.
If you're not careful, it'll
take as much as it gives.
Daddy died
when I was in high school.
And shortly after that,
I was off to the war.
Well, who ran the farm
while you were gone?
Mama and Anne did.
I don't know how they
did it, but... they did.
If it wasn't for them,
that farm would've
gone under for sure.
Coming home from the war
was the happiest day of my life.
I missed you.
Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm so sorry
I touched your scar.
No. I just had
a bad dream. That's it.
Come here.
Anne always believed
God brought me home safe for a reason.
I knew the reason.
To help other vets.
And one vet I'll never forget...
Jake Connor.
Can I help you?
Yes, ma'am. I was wondering if this
might be the home of Jake Connor.
Yes, it is. Ma'am, my
name is Hickcock Williams,
and I wanted to bring these here
groceries by for you and your family.
Well, that's real nice, Mr...
Williams, ma'am.
Mr. Williams,
that's a real nice offer,
but Jake wouldn't cotton
to us taking any charity.
Oh, no, no, no.
It ain't charity.
I, uh... I was wondering if I
could trade these here groceries...
for the name of the person
who made this flag for you.
- That flag?
- Yes, ma'am.
It's the prettiest rendition of our
Stars and Stripes I've ever seen.
So, what, do you think
your husband will go for it?
Maybe. Especially seeing
he's the one who made it.
He made it?
Honey, I got
a visitor here for you.
Mr. Connor?
Mr. Connor, my name is Hickcock
Williams. I'm a friend of your cousin's.
I, uh... I brought some supplies
by for you and your missus.
But before you go
jumping to conclusions,
I'm here to tell you
it ain't charity.
Uh... Uh, I saw the flag
you made over there.
It's a thing of beauty.
Your wife tells me you were a
master tailor before the war.
And, uh...
See, I was wondering if I
could interest you in a job.
I'm willing to pay
cash money for it.
Well, maybe it's best we
call it good for one day.
We appreciate everything
you're trying to do.
Yes, ma'am.
I understand.
Hey, Jake.
You wanna go for a ride?
Hey, what's going on?
Anne, what's wrong?
It's okay.
Just a little tired is all.
Look, I'm sorry.
I should've been home sooner.
I know this is a lot for you
and Mama to handle right now.
I was thinking maybe we could
use a little help around here.
Sweetie, we talked about this.
Okay? We can't afford to bring
on another hand right now.
And I guess
that leaves us with plan B.
- Plan B?
- Yeah.
'Cause in about
seven more months,
there's gonna be another little farmer
in the making running around here.
Are you saying...
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, we had Virgil in '44,
Wyatt in '45.
Mama passed away
three years later,
and Morgan, he came two days
before New Year's in 1949.
Well, that's
pretty much it for the '40s.
Well, I won't
say things were perfect.
I'll give you that.
But for me, life was just about
as good as it's ever gonna get.
Announcer ]
When the kids were little,
they'd listened to
a thing or two you had to say.
Robinson dashes
for the plate.
It's close.
And umpire Summers
calls him safe.
But Yogi
Berra doesn't think so.
Perseverance, boys.
Jackie Robinson
is someone who has it.
He might be colored, but
you can learn a lot from him.
If you work hard
and you never give up,
eventually you'll get there.
And even if you don't,
as long as you've done your
best, that's all anybody can do.
See, Jackie was
the first colored man...
to play baseball
in the major leagues.
What's the color of his skin got
to do with how he hits a baseball?
Nothing, Son.
I guess that's the point.
That's why Jackie never gave up.
And these Dodgers,
at last, are world champions.
But that was another America...
Wyatt, now help Morgan.
Right, right.
Virgil, here.
Here's your throttle. You
wanna ease on the throttle.
When family time
was spent outdoors,
not in front of a damn TV.
And a person's wealth
was measured in happiness,
not by the size of their wallet.
And the words "God," "love,"
and "country" meant something.
Then came the '60s.
And, well,
that was the beginning of the
end for the Williams family.
You know, Wyatt marched to the beat
of a different drummer than Virgil,
and Morgan wanted
to be just like Wyatt.
Of course
Morgan turned out even worse.
A goddamn hippie...
and a gutless one at that.
But Wyatt sure loved his mama.
He was the first
to see it coming.
Say, that's one hell of a
motorcycle you got there.
Yeah, man, it's a Harley.
Chrome frame, '49 Panhead.
Modified rake.
It's all the shit.
Harley's the best.
Fuck the rest.
Aw, yeah.
One of these days I'm gonna take this
baby somewhere far away from here.
You're leavin'?
Yeah, like, maybe head out to
California and join a club or something.
As soon as I can save up some
money, and Mama's all right.
Is your mama sick?
Well, it's not... It's not
like she has cancer or anything.
It's just...
Every since my little sister was born,
she's... she's not really the same.
Well, what does your pop
and Virgil say about it?
Not a goddamn thing.
Pops can't be bothered.
Virgil's off collecting
merit badges.
Bet he's probably on his way home
right now to help with the chores.
Ma, I'm home.
okay, baby. It's okay.
Shh. Mom! Wyatt forgot to
bring the horses in again!
I know, baby.
I know. I know.
It's okay. It's okay.
"Yea, though I walk through
the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for thou art with me.
Your rod and your staff, they
comfort me. Thou preparest"...
Nobody knew
anything about postpartum depression...
in those days.
The boys loved her fiercely.
So did I.
he took it the hardest.
He left home before the funeral. Hell,
none of us really knew how to handle it.
Virgil and Morgan did their best
to help me with Shane, but...
none of us were a substitute
for a good mama.
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch
Like me
I once was lost
But now I'm found
Was blind
But now
I can see
One thing that's always
haunted me about that day.
Last thing I remember seein'
was Wyatt...
all by himself in the
cemetery before the funeral.
I knew Wyatt was gonna leave
before the funeral.
I didn't stop him.
I just let him go.
Figured he'd come back.
But he never did.
I always wondered that if I'd
stopped him right then and there...
if he'd have died the way
he did all those years later.
I blame myself sometime.
It wasn't your fault.
You did the best you could, Pop.
You turned out to be the best damn
good-lookin' tomboy I ever saw.
She got that
from her mama.
I'm gonna make us some tea.
So, uh, Virgil and Morgan hung in
there with you on the homestead.
Well, not exactly.
Virgil... his story's a bit
more complicated than that.
Bein' the oldest, Virgil was
the most serious of the bunch.
And fiercely competitive.
Come on!
Faster, faster,
Vanessa Monteague lived in a big
mansion on the north side of town.
Her family'd made their fortune
with the railroads in the 1800s.
Ooh, look.
There's that Williams kid.
Not so loud!
I see him.
batter, batter, batter, swing!
Strike him out. Strike him out.
Get him...
Go say something to him.
Like what?
I don't know.
Congratulate him or something.
For what?
Kicking our ass?
Hey, kid, you played a hell
of a game out there today.
Thank you, sir. Keep this up, we'll
see you in the big leagues soon.
I hope so, sir.
I like the kid.
Hey, good game, guys.
Good game.
Vanessa Monteague.
Uh, Virgil Williams.
So I guess North's loss
was bittersweet.
Uh, what do you mean?
I mean you should call me.
Yeah, sure.
You bet.
You bet.
When it came to any
challenge in life, the boy hated to lose.
Even in affairs of the heart.
You shouldn't be here. I know. I
know. But tonight's the big game.
I still can't believe
you're not coming.
I don't understand why you don't
just tell your old man about us.
Yeah, right.
If your parents don't have
a six-figure bank account,
then you're not exactly
courting material in their eyes.
Yeah. All that's
gonna change real soon.
Next month I'm gonna graduate.
I'm gonna sign a pro contract.
Then you and me are outta
here. Forget your parents.
I know. But until then, you've
got to keep a low profile.
Okay? That includes riding up
here on this rocket of yours.
I needed a kiss...
for good luck.
Look, you know I'd be there tonight if I
could. I know how much this means to you.
But I've got to go
to this dance with Winston.
It's over by 10:00 though.
Why don't you come pick me up at midnight?
My parents will be in bed by then.
Oh, shit. Here comes my
mother. Get out of here.
I'll be by at midnight.
Be ready.
Hey, Mom.
Is that one of the
Williams boys? Yes, Mother.
What's he doin' here?
There are other people in the world
besides the ones at the club...
and the little socialite
dinners you have.
Don't you take
that tone of voice with me.
I am your mother, and
I have a right to be curious.
You know how your father
and I feel about white trash.
He's just a guy I know.
We're just friends.
Besides, you know
I'm dating Winston.
We're going to the dance
tonight, remember? Good.
He's from
the right kind of stock.
You know, your father
would blow a gasket...
if he thought you were consorting
with the wrong kind of element.
Hmm. Where was it you
grew up again, Mother?
- Yeah, young love.
- Yeah.
Whatever ended up
happenin' to the two of 'em?
Well, fate.
She stood him up.
Never showed.
A few weeks later
he made me a proud papa.
Joined the army right out of high
school and started a military career.
Two tours.
- Ah, thank you, Shane. - I believe
I'll pass. Six times done wore me out.
- Do you wanna lie down, Pop?
- Oh, yeah. That'd be good for a while.
Oh, hey, you know,
I should hit the road.
Oh, nonsense.
I said I was takin' a nap,
not dyin'.
Stay for supper.
Please do. I'm not the greatest cook in the
world, but I'll whip up something after chores.
Andy, why don't you come down to the
stables with me to feed the horses?
That's a good idea. Make the
old codger work for his dinner.
Hey. I'm still
a pretty good chore boy.
I bet you are.
My God.
I haven't seen one of
these since the war.
It's for Pop's birthday. Cody finished
restoring it before he went overseas.
Brings back
a lot of memories.
But Pop doesn't know about it.
My lips are sealed.
Whoa, whoa. Uh, I'll get
that for you. Hang on.
Okay. I got it. I got it. Thank you.
So tell me. Is there a Mrs. Andrew
Jackson Bennett floating around out there?
In name only.
After 30 years of marriage, we went
our separate ways a few years ago.
I'm sorry. No, no.
We're still good friends.
Uh, we just weren't
making it as a couple.
The "she has her own life
and I have mine" philosophy...
just didn't work
I understand.
Oh, boy.
What happened? All the
lights go out in Paris?
Oh, that's funny.
What brings you here?
I just want to
talk to my son.
I just want you to know that I'll be damned
if I'm gonna let you enlist in the army...
Excuse me! and go off
and get yourself killed.
Dad, I've talked to a lot
of people about this. Ward...
- You mind? I'm talkin' to him.
- Yes, I do mind!
You've talked to some people
about this? How dare you.
You know what you're getting into?
What people have you talked to?
Your warmonger grandfather? Virgil,
the Vietnam burnout? That is enough!
Those are the people you're
talking about? I made up my mind.
You're my son, and I don't want you
to go off and get yourself killed!
That is not your choice.
It's his. Would you shut up?
Let me talk to my son! I will not
shut up! You have no right to be here!
If Cody wants to follow in that
tradition, I will support him.
He's twice the man
you'll ever be.
Oh, fine.
Go to Iraq.
I lost you there for a moment.
You okay?
Somethin' about
that girl got a hold on me
Somethin' about
the way she made me feel
But there's somethin'
about this road
That makes me free
It makes me want to try
to find a way
To turn these wheels
back around
Somethin' about these nights
In strange little towns
There's somethin' about
the lonesome highway sounds
But here I go again
Like so many times before
Drivin' down this road
No way to turn my wheels
back around
Down this road
Are the years past
Down this road
Still lie the reasons
I thought
we could never return
It's not
for the weak of heart
Not for the easy rider
But the ride back
is the only way
To go home
To go home
To go home
He breezed through basic and was immediately
selected for Special Forces training.
In 1967,
Virgil was home on leave.
And this Special Forces
captain shows up,
needs Virgil to deal
with a V.C. sniper.
Boy could always shoot.
Sarge, we're comin' up on your
D.Z. We go silent from here on in.
Boys are sayin' that motherfucker's
been causing a lot of havoc down there.
Do us all a favor.
Frag his ass.
One, two, three.
Oh, shit.
Halt. Halt! Stay the
fuck down, goddamn it.
I can make it. I can make it.
Cover me.
Move, goddamn it.
You are not fuckin' dying today.
Virgil moved back to
Springfield after the war?
Yeah. Still races motorcycles every
Friday night at the fairgrounds.
And the girl? She married a
man named Winston Caruthers.
His family's big, high
muckety-mucks in the bankin' world.
Virgil's never cared
for another woman since then.
Not that I know of.
Broke his heart.
Now, I'm not gonna lie to you and
tell you 'Nam didn't change him.
I'd rather have a changed son
any day than a yellow one.
Get outta here!
- What do you want?
- This came for you in the mail.
Beat it!
"Greetings from the president.
Dear Mr. Morgan Wiliams,
by the authority of
the United States government,
you are hereby ordered to appear before
the Ohio Local Board number 103...
For active duty.
Failure to do so may result
in fines and/or imprisonment. "
Yeah. All right!
And fuck you too,
Mr. President.
Hell, no! We won't go!
Hell, no! We won't go!
Hell, no! We won't go! Hell, no!
Virgil's over in Vietnam, and you... you
don't even have the guts to fight with him!
Get the... Get the hell
off my property!
Did you ever forget about, "I may
not agree with what you're saying,
but I'll fight to the death
for your right to say it?"
A traitor like you has no
right to quote a great patriot.
Get the hell outta here.
Okay. Come here.
- One man's traitor is another man's
patriot. - You're no son of mine.
Don't worry about it.
I'm outta here.
Come here, baby.
Fuck you and fuck your war
and fuck your goddamn country!
Morgan turned yellow.
He... left.
Went to Mexico. A lot
of young men did that.
Yeah, well,
as far as I'm concerned,
good riddance.
See this? That's a symbol of
the motorcycle club I started.
I got it after
the kids were born.
But it's more
than that.
Hey. Take it easy.
Take it easy.
The red cross
on my medic satchel.
Thank you, Stonewall.
It's gettin' late. Now, I gotta
go, and I mean it this time.
Shane's got a hundred bedrooms in
this place. Come on. Spend the night.
We'll celebrate my birthday
tomorrow in grand style.
Pop's right. It wouldn't
be the same without you.
Hell, besides Shane,
Cody and Virgil,
you're just about
the only family I got left.
Fact, if you don't stay,
I'd consider it an insult.
Virgil's comin' in the morning.
I'd love for you to meet him.
Well, hell, Hickcock.
When you put it that way,
how can I refuse?
Yes, sir.
Sometimes people say things
they don't mean.
- Good night, Pop.
- Good night, sweetie.
You ever regret
splittin' to Mexico?
You know, man, I think of
that every now and then.
Things are always a lot
clearer lookin' back.
You think your old man knows that
Virgil told you not to go to 'Nam?
Hell, no.
There's a lot about
what went down back then...
that the old man
don't know.
He didn't know the
real reason that Virgil enlisted.
It was that chick,
It was that chick.
But not the way
most people thought.
There'll never
be anyone else but you
For me
Never ever be, just couldn't
be anyone else but you
If I could take my pick of
all the girls I've ever known
Then I'd come pick you out
To be my very own
There'll never be
anyone else but you
For me
Never ever be, just couldn't
be anyone else but you
A heart that's true
and longs for you
Is all I have to give
All my love belongs to you
As long as I may live
There'll never be
anyone else but you
For me
Never ever be, just couldn't
be anyone else but you
I never will forget
the way you kissed me
And when we're not together
I wonder if you miss me
'Cause I hope and pray
the day will come
When you'll belong to me
'Cause then
I'm gonna prove to you
How true my love can be
There'll never be
anyone else but you
For me
Never ever be, just couldn't
be anyone else but you
Well, this is it.
This is
so beautiful.
Yeah, come on.
Come on.
Everything you've done
is so beautiful.
Not half as beautiful
as you are.
Why, Virgil Williams, I bet you
jocks say that to all the girls.
Ohh. Only the ones
they like.
It's okay.
Kiss me.
What are you gonna do?
Just stay here.
Hey, fellas.
Well, what...
we have... here?
Looks like we got
a couple of trespassers.
Look, we didn't realize this
was private property, okay?
"We didn't know
this was private property. "
"We're sorry. "
Well, I tell you what.
Are you listenin' to me?
Don't let us bother you.
Look, we're
gonna get our things and go.
Okay? We'll gladly get
our things and just leave.
You may have started the party, old boy,
but we damn sure are gonna finish it.
I heard that.
Virgil, please!
Virgil, please help me!
Get off of me! Virgil! Virgil!
Oh, shit, man.
I think you popped her cherry.
Let's not
forget about pretty boy.
Virgil was never gonna let
something like that happen...
to somebody he loved ever
again. What do you mean?
The man who returned from Vietnam
was nothing like the boy who left.
I remember you
Just like yesterday
I had a young man's dream
You took it away
It's your turn now
It's your turn now
Pick your poison.
What'll it be?
- You know a guy named Emil?
- Yeah. Who wants to know?
Well, we're old acquaintances.
Me and him used to be
real close.
Yeah, he's right over there.
You want me to go get him?
No, don't get him.
I'd like to buy him a drink.
- Sure. What'll it be?
- Bloody Mary.
No problem.
I'll get you two of 'em
at that price. Thanks.
Baby, are you gonna sit around
and play cards all night,
or are you gonna go outside
and fuck me?
All right, Linc.
I call.
I got a pair of 10s.
Three of a kind.
This ain't
your night, man.
- What the fuck is this? - Free drink.
Some guy over at the bar bought it for you.
- Well, go get him.
- Hey, dude, I would if I could.
Paid for it and took off.
He don't know me too good.
I don't drink this shit.
Go sell this fuckin' thing to
someone else and bring me the money.
I'm losin' my ass tonight.
Move your ass.
I gotta go piss.
I'm watchin' you.
I'm watchin' you.
When I look in your eyes,
I see death disguised
I see a young girl's heart
torn apart
Guess you won't be
poppin' any more cherries.
It's your turn
Your turn now
I always knew
he had a dark side to him.
Yeah. Well,
now you know why.
You know, man,
I'm gonna crash.
So, Wesley Costero...
Hey, man,
don't call me that.
Wes Coast. You gonna
finish what you started?
- The ride.
- Shane.
I love you, Wes.
You didn't say it.
Come on.
I want to hear you say it.
Did I stay too long
in the cold?
Did I miss the day
he grew old?
Can I return to the fold?
Will it feel the same?
Let the eagle fly
Let the banner wave
Over the land of the free
And the home of the brave
Home of the brave
We gonna do this?
Yeah. You just go ahead.
I'll... I'll be along.
Oh. Thank you, God.
I knew you'd come. I knew it.
Didn't know myself until
a couple of minutes ago.
Oh, thank you, Morgan. Still
wearing my necklace, I see.
Of course.
So, uh, where's the old man? Sleeping.
I was just about to
wake him up. I'll do it.
Okay. Is he still
havin' those nightmares?
- You know it.
- Well, I guess I'll just be another one.
Which way?
First door on the right.
I said the things
that a young man would say
Hello, Shane.
Something made me feel it was
everybody's fault but my own
You look pretty good,
Can we try one more time?
I saw it all
through a young man's eyes
I saw it all
as though I had forever
So I went down that road...
No, Pop.
It's me... Morgan.
But I came back to find
Might you feel
The same way too?
- Been a long, long time.
- Not long enough.
You got a lot of nerve
showin' your face around here.
Oh, I got nerve.
Got it from you.
We all did.
What do you want?
Today is your birthday,
isn't it?
Well, it's not gonna be a happy
one with a coward around the house.
Coward. Is that
what you think I am?
I think you're
a gutless piece of shit.
You betrayed your flag
and your family.
Thought you told us Old Glory
stood for freedom of choice.
And you chose to run.
Do you remember tellin' us about the
first time you saw Jackie Robinson play?
About how the crowd
was taunting him?
How they were
calling him a nigger?
How they were
threatening his life?
How Pee Wee Reese,
the Dodger shortstop,
walked over and put
his arm around Jackie?
that hostile crowd?
Two courageous
One black
and one white.
You taught me
about courage.
You taught me about doing
the right thing at the time.
That's all I did. I
learned it all from you.
I hung on
your every word.
Hey, boy.
You didn't come this far not to
ask me what I want for my birthday.
Let me help you, Pop.
Let me help you.
So what do you want
for your birthday, Pop?
A ride home.
A ride home, Son.
We can do that, Pop.
Listen, old
soldier, wherever you are
The hills or the valleys
come near or come far
They say youth's a treasure
We waste when we're young
So come down from the place
where your medals are hung
You're forever returning
and yearning to fight
And you feel like
an old soldier tonight
Listen, old soldier
'Cause time doesn't wait
The moon's on my shoulder
The hour is late
And something there inside
still calls out to you
Hey, you won't fade away
Whatever you do
You're forever beginning
Barely winning the fight
You feel like
an old soldier tonight
You're not getting
any younger
That much is true now
But you still got
that hunger This is it.
All right. All right. Now, that's
what we've been waitin' for.
I've been waitin' for this
for 40 goddamn years.
To see you on this bike and see
you smilin'. Back in the saddle.
thought I'd see my father again,
let alone see him smilin'
and havin' a good time.
I owe Shane for that gift.
It should be
one hell of a party.
Only thing missin'
is Mom and Wyatt.
And Virgil should be here
anytime now.
Wes says he's bringing a surprise
that's gonna blow everybody's mind.
And if there's
one thing in life I hate,
it's fuckin' surprises.
Listen, old soldier,
to the sound in your ears
Of too many battles
And too many years
There's only one thing that
you've learned in defeat
Losing is bitter
and victory sweet
You're always unraveling,
traveling light
You feel like
an old soldier tonight
Just like
an old soldier tonight