Eating Me Up (2024) Movie Script

[Glass shattering]
[Country music playing]
You want another round?
Nah, man.
Can you do me a favor?
Can you change the
song for me, please?
Sure. But you know, it's
my favorite song, right?
I bet.
[Phone vibrating]
[Song changes]
That better?
Yeah, much better.
Hey, you owe me one.
That I do.
[Alarm beeping]
[Music playing]
I heard from others that you
chased out lovers on the run.
That's not a problem.
Cause I prove to you
that I'm the one.
Cause I love you more than
words can say.
Yeah baby each and every way.
There is nothing I can do.
Take this love and throw
it back to you.
This love of mine.
Why didn't you call me?
Um, I did, but
you didn't answer.
Okay. How many people outside?
Around seven.
Okay. Um, send in the ones
with appointments first,
and reschedule some
of the walk ins.
Yes, sir.
Oh, and, uh, Summer, can
you bring me some coffee and
donuts, please?
- Sure.
- Oh and Summer.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Good morning.
Please have a seat.
I apologize for the delay.
So, Mr. Murray?
- Yes.
- How are you doing?
Not too good, doc.
Well, talk to me.
Tell me what's wrong this week.
Well, every time I fall asleep,
I dream I'm in the lobster tank
at the Kroger.
And they're trying to pull the
lobsters out, but they keep
pulling me out, and I don't
want to be boiled alive,
Uh. And it made me hungry
because I like gingerbread.
But she was cooking the kids,
in a vat of pudding.
Which normally wouldn't
be so bad
because I like pudding.
But it's butterscotch, doc.
Do you know how a
heavy butterscotch is?
I can only eat at my
way out for so long.
And I didn't want to cook any
kids, but I really
wanted some gingerbread.
And, uh, I made up this game
where I do Google word searches
and two different things and
then just put them together.
Well, the words I picked were
Gerbil and Richard Deep, and
let me tell you, that's a
rabbit hole that I wouldn't
wish my dead grandmother.
Because, you see.
[Voices echoing]
That's it for today.
Okay. Good.
Sir, are you okay?
What do you mean?
Something wrong.
Oh, you.
You talking about earlier?
Yeah. Oh no no no no I'm good.
I was just I just overslept,
you know what I'm saying?
I overslept, and I just
I woke up late and, yeah.
Right. Yeah.
Well, make sure you
charge your phone tonight.
Yes, ma'am.
See you tomorrow, sir.
His life.
[Pop music playing]
When you cross my mind
didn't read the signs.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
That's how I ended up
But anyway, I still
want to make it mine.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm gonna make it work.
But I might just get burned.
Cause I'm playing
with the fire.
But I like it.
Oh, it's enticing, so
And I can't hide it.
No, I can find it.
The silver lining.
Please proceed with caution.
Your love is dangerous.
Too dangerous.
Is everything okay, sweetheart?
I think I, I
think I heard you throw up.
Mom, I'm okay.
Are you sure?
You know you can talk to me.
Mom. I said I'm fine.
Go away.
All right.
I'll be in my room if
you need anything else.
[Sad piano music]
[Country music playing]
Whoa! Slow down there, bud.
Need another one?
As a bartender.
I don't even say this man
gotta stop drinking so much.
Thanks for the advice.
I'm serious, Doc.
How long are you planning
on staying like this?
Doc, You need help.
Can I have another
round, please?
You need to slow down.
[Phone ringing]
Hey Daniel. How are you?
I'm good, and you?
Well, I was doing okay.
But now I'm great after
hearing your voice.
I'm glad to hear that.
I've been calling you, and
I left a couple messages.
Is everything okay?
Oh, yeah.
Been really busy
these last few days.
I'm sorry.
Well I'll forgive you
this time.
Anyway, where are you?
Oh me?
I'm at the park.
At the park?
What are you doing at the park?
Slinky. Seesawing.
Yeah. Of course.
You do know what
today is, right?
Uh. Well, let me let me think.
I don't think I
know what today is.
Ha, ha.
Very funny, Daniel.
Of course I
know what today is.
Do you think I have
Alzheimer's or something?
Well, even if you did have
Alzheimer's, I would have made
you remember what today is.
That's for sure.
You'd better be there.
Or else I will find you
and I will kill you.
You know, that almost
sounded like a real threat.
Good. That's what
I was aiming for.
Look, don't worry,
I'll be there.
Hopefully for your sake.
Hey, have I ever ditched you?
- No.
- See?
So why do you think
I would do it today?
You wouldn't.
Oh, shoot. I gotta go now, Dan.
I love you.
See you tonight.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
Me too.
Hey, babe.
You looking fine.
Oh my dear, you are looking.
- Beautiful
- Okay, this is new.
Mm hmm.
Yeah. I've been reading a book
last week on how
to be a gentleman.
Oh, okay.
Happy anniversary, baby.
Happy anniversary.
For you.
Good evening sir.
Good evening ma'am.
How may I help you?
I think we're ready to order,
Um, I'll have my usual.
So, one spinach and ricotta
ravioli for the young lady.
All right.
And for myself,
the beef Wellington.
All right.
Anything to drink?
Um, I'll have a
Chardonnay, please.
All right.
I'll put your orders
in right away.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I can't believe it's
been two years already.
I can.
Of course you can.
You're an optimist.
I'm a pessimist.
Says the man who works for a
living to convince people not
to be too pessimistic himself.
- Okay.
- Mhm.
A fair point.
Look, Daniel.
I know that your
job is not easy.
Some days you're
exhausted and irritated.
But I never complain
about that, do I?
And I just really, really want
to make this relationship work.
Me too.
- Yeah.
- I know.
I can do better.
I mean, we can go on more dates.
However, our
dates are pretty clich.
Uh, wait a minute.
Wait wait wait wait
wait wait a minute.
In all the movies, nice
guy takes his beautiful woman
to these nice,
fancy restaurants.
It's okay.
I love doing this with you.
I'm glad you're doing.
No, I almost forgot.
I got you something.
Open it.
- Yes.
- For me.
Open it.
All right.
Come on, open it.
Alright I'm opening it.
- Leah, this is.
- Awesome.
No. It's expensive.
Well, it should be.
Frederick's aren't cheap.
Baby, you didn't have
to do this for me.
I know.
I know you don't like gifts.
I never get you anything.
So just take this.
Think of it as a token
of my love for you.
Really is nice.
I know right?
I knew you would like it.
It's awesome.
have something,
for you too.
You do?
Wow, Daniel, that is so pretty.
You like it?
Yes. Daniel, that is so pretty.
Put this on.
Oh, wow.
Daniel, this is beautiful.
I love it.
I'm glad you like it.
Oh, oh.
Danny, what's wrong?
What's wrong?
Daniel, what is wrong?
What happened?
What's going on?
Dan! Dan!
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
What happened?
What's going on?
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Baby, just just
just have a seat.
Just, just just sit down.
I promise I'm fine. Can you
please sit down.
- Okay?
- Please.
Okay, okay.
- Damn.
- Babe.
So I'm so sorry about the glass.
It slipped out of my hand.
It's no problem.
No problem, no problem.
I'll get you another glass.
Thank you.
Okay, you're making me nervous.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yeah. No, no, no.
We can leave if you want.
No no no no no.
It's fine.
Let's just let's just
just eat and, um,
have some bread.
Thank you.
Oh. Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I had a great time.
Me too.
You're not coming in?
No, I can't, I got to get up
and go to work in the morning.
I've already been
laid a couple times.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Okay. Good night.
Text me when you get home,
And the winner for song
of the year goes to.
Love is Dangerous.
Caitlin Kristine
Thank you.
Thank you.
We love you Caitlin.
I love you too.
I want to thank my fans,
my family, my team.
What are we gonna do, Brian?
My producers.
Everyone who has been
rocking by my side.
Let's just go talk to her.
I appreciate every
single one of you.
Thank you.
Hey hun.
Hey, sweetie.
- Hey?
- Wendy, sweetheart.
Your dad and I were discussing
some things, and we think that
maybe you should
go to a therapist.
Poppy, we know you're going
through something right now,
and I know it's none of our
business, but as your parents,
we feel like a therapist
is best for you.
No, no, I'm not going
to some damn shrink.
And please never
bring that up again.
Wait. Wendy.
It's okay.
We can do something
to convince her.
How, Brian?
Wendy. Listen, I know you're
grown, and I know you don't
want to go to a therapist.
We're only suggesting it,
because we care about you.
We don't want you to suffer.
We ask you what's wrong,
but you won't open up to us,
so maybe you'll open to others.
Mom, I don't want to go.
That's it.
End of story.
But it might make
you feel better.
I'm fine the way that I am.
Stop it Poppy. Just listen
to me, will you?
Don't you want to
become a singer?
Don't you want the world
to hear your voice?
They can't hear your
voice, Poppy
if you don't
leave your room.
Just think about it, will you?
[Sad music playing]
Why, why do I feel so lonely?
Why do I feel like giving up?
Where can I run to
in this world?
Where I can find
someone I trust?
Why, why do I need someone
to push me?
Why do I need someone
to hold me tight?
All I ever wanted was,
Someone to tell me it will
be alright.
It will be alright.
Be alright
Oh stand with me
as I stand tall.
You're my lamp in
the darkness.
Stand for me when I fall.
Keep the light on for me
when I'm gone.
Why, why do I need someone
to push me?
Why do I need someone to
hold me tight?
All I ever wanted was,
Someone to tell me it
will be alright.
It will be alright.
Be alright.
Sir, your new patient is here.
All right.
Send them in.
Hey, uh.
Wendy, right?
I'm Daniel.
And I'm going to ask you a few
questions so that I can get to
know you a little bit better.
That okay with you?
So. How old are you?
I asked you a question.
If you don't answer me,
how can I help you?
Good. Good.
So what can you tell
me about yourself?
As in?
As in.
How would you describe yourself?
Don't have anything
to say about yourself.
Why is that?
That because you hate yourself?
No, Wendy.
I. I want to hear
you, to listen to you.
And please don't,
don't be afraid of anything.
I'm a shy person too.
But you can trust me.
Okay, I know you might think
I'm here to label you or
something like that.
Not that kind of person.
And if we work together.
We can get to the root cause
of this as fast as possible.
Let's try again.
How would you describe yourself?
I'm good,
and kind, and,
people always told me
I had a nice voice.
Good. See, that wasn't
so hard, was it?
Okay, so, um, what do you
want to do in your future?
Thought about a career yet?
A singer.
Ah, okay.
A singer, huh?
Hey. That's nice.
You have big dreams.
So why do you think you're here?
Because my parents
are making me.
Sorry, but by law,
you're a grown woman.
Okay, you can make
your own choices.
Nobody is making you be here.
But for me to truly help you.
You have to want to be here.
You have to come on your own.
are you here because
you want help?
Says here that you, uh,
that you have bulimia.
You agree with that?
So why are you here then?
I don't know.
Let's play a game.
Uh, that's a simple game.
All you have to do
is answer yes or no.
I'll just ask you
a few questions.
Okay. Think you can do that?
Can't hear you, Wendy.
So first question.
Do you eat a lot?
Do you eat frequently?
Do you when you're stressed?
Do you eat when you're happy?
Do you eat when you,
have a nightmare or
something scares you.
Do you like eating?
Eat for fun?
To distract yourself?
After you're done eating,
do you purge yourself?
I can't hear you, Wendy.
Do you want to stop doing that?
We're done for the day.
Yeah. You can go home now.
And we'll meet, um.
Next Tuesday.
Hope you have a great day!
Can you bring me
some coffee, please.
Yes sir.
Wendy, I know all this is new
to you, and opening up to a
complete stranger is hard.
But you can talk to me.
Why? What makes you different
than everybody else?
That's a fair question.
Okay. Well, you see,
I'm not a bad guy
that I can say.
Obviously I can't prove it, but
perhaps if I share a little bit
about myself, then maybe we can
start to open up to each other.
I was a quiet
kid, just like you.
I wouldn't look at anyone.
I didn't talk to anyone.
I wish I had a you, girl.
Believe it or not, I was.
I always felt insecure.
But you know what changed
I became a more open person
by doing what I love.
Well, what was it?
Was it studying psychology and
labeling people mentally sick?
Oh, you youngsters these
days are always jumping to
conclusions, don't you?
But. No.
No. Uh, believe it or not,
it was singing.
You're lying.
Lying? You,
you really think I would lie
about something I love to do?
I was a good singer.
I even sang in front of an
audience without the slightest
hint of fear.
Because that's what
singing did for me.
It made me strong and
it made me confident
and it made me whole.
I overcame my fear of
being afraid of people.
And I think that you can do
that by doing what you love.
You can achieve anything.
When I used to sing
in front of crowds.
My favorite song to sing used
to be
"Just To be Close To You".
Have you ever heard of it?
No. I forgot age gap.
What's your favorite
song to sing?
Oh. Oh.
Well, fine.
You don't have to
tell me anything.
We still got a few more
sessions to go, but you bet.
Before we're finished,
I'm gonna be your friend.
I'm gonna be your friend.
There she is.
we're done for the day.
We are?
And, um.
Thank you for
talking to me, Wendy.
Thank you, Daniel.
Oh, Wendy.
I forgot to give
you your homework.
I want you to write a song
and record yourself singing it.
Daniel, I can't.
It's just homework.
That's it.
I will see you next week.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Stop, ma'am.
[Alarm beeping]
Gotta get up,
come on.
Thanks Summer.
Uh, sir.
There's a patient
waiting for you.
Sorry I'm late, I, uh.
I woke up late.
So. How was your day yesterday?
Just okay.
How's your day today?
Could've been worse.
What makes you say that?
I just did.
No explanation.
Well, did you do the homework?
Let me ask you something that I
ask everyone that
comes in my office.
If you had one wish and it
could be anything in the world,
what would you wish for?
I asked you something.
You know, you can trust me
and you can talk to me about
anything, right?
Then what's the problem?
Just look at me as your friend.
Your best friend.
Your brother.
Yeah. Just just think of me
as your concerned big brother.
Who only wants to know your one
wish so that hopefully he can
help you make it come true.
I wish I was prettier.
You're doing great.
You know why you're here.
Because I'm weak
and I'm sick.
No, Wendy, you are
not weak, okay?
And you are not sick.
You're just stressed.
That's it.
Something is really
bothering you.
What is eating you up, Wendy?
What is it that you're
not letting out?
I don't want to talk about it.
Why not?
I told you, you can talk
to me about anything.
Wendy are you with me?
are you with me?
I can't.
I have to go.
Wendy, wait!
[Phone ringing]
Hey, babe.
Hey, babe.
What are you doing?
Just about to eat.
Oh, I'm sorry for
interrupting you.
Uh. It's okay.
What's up?
Nothing. I just miss you.
Can we meet tonight?
Yeah, sure.
What time you want to meet up?
How about after I get off work?
So let's say eight.
Yeah, sure. Sounds good.
Perfect. I can't wait to
hold you in my arms, Danny.
You drunk?
What? No.
Why do you ask?
I don't know, you just sound
like you've been
drinking or something.
I'm not drunk.
I'm just excited.
Anyway, I have to go now.
But. See you tonight.
Yeah. Sounds good.
Bye, babe.
Can I ask you something?
If it's about work.
It can wait.
No, it's about you and Leah.
What is it?
Well, you two have been
together for quite some time
now, so when are you
going to propose to her?
I mean, you two seem perfect
together, and I don't think you
should keep her
waiting too long.
No woman likes her time wasted.
Uh. I'm sorry.
Look, I know I should mind
my business, but I was just
curious, and I wanted to let
you know that Leah is expecting
something from you.
How do you know that?
I just do.
But we do have another patient
coming soon, so I will let you
get back to your lunch.
[Jazz music]
I know sometimes
life can be tough.
And you feel like
you just had enough.
When you're thinking.
Everything is going wrong.
Just remember that I'm
here to cheer you on.
I wanna pick you
up from the ground.
Let you know that
I'm always around.
I know we can make it.
Yes, we can make it.
We try.
Keep on trying.
I believe in you.
Hey, babe.
I know you got this.
You got it.
Just keep on trying.
You got it.
There's been a lot
of bumps in the road.
Oh, wow.
So you clean, huh?
Yeah. You, uh.
You like it?
I love it.
So what you want to do first
you want to eat first or you
want to watch a movie first.
Let's eat first.
This way madam.
Help you carry some
of that weight.
I want to make you understand.
Thank you.
This is just what
I needed today.
I'm glad you like it.
And you've remembered
the brand that I like.
Of course.
But Chinese.
What made you order this today?
You like it?
It looks delicious.
I knew you'd like it.
And I had a coupon.
I seriously don't know why
people even make
horror movies anymore.
It's not even
scary, just stupid.
The yep, you are right.
A kid will look at that monster
and just laugh.
We okay, wait, we should make
our own horror movie.
- Seriously?
- Yes.
All you need is a camera,
lighting and a crew, right?
Uh, no.
Well, you you made that sound
so much easier said than done.
No, we need more than a
camera, lighting and the crew.
Like we would need, like, uh,
like investors, producers,
writers and a director.
That's a hell of
a lot of things.
You're just jealous because I
had the crazy idea, not you.
I know I can make a
better movie than them.
Mhm. Really?
Prove it.
Dan. What's wrong?
Dan, are you okay?
Yeah yeah.
I'm good I'm okay.
Okay, but you don't
look all right.
Why did you stop
all of a sudden?
I'm okay, really, I'm good.
You know, you can tell
me anything, right?
Leah! I told you, I am okay.
I'm sorry.
Look, I, uh.
I'm just a little
bit stressed out.
Okay. Um.
I just need some time to myself.
I'm leaving.
I saw her, I saw her.
One minute Leah's right here.
She's right there.
Together. You just breathe.
There's a logical
explanation behind this.
She's a good girl, she's a
good girl.
I'm happy, I'm happy,
I am happy, I'm happy.
How was your day?
- Okay.
- What'd you do?
Did you have the urge
to binge eat again?
Did you do the homework?
Yes, I did the silly
homework you gave me.
It's not silly.
It's effective.
Anyway. How are you feeling?
All right.
Good. You can leave now.
So soon?
Why? What do you want me to do?
Sit around and ask you the same
questions I've been asking?
We're done for the day.
We'll meet next week.
Hopefully you have some
more words to spare.
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?
Says the person who isn't
answering any questions.
I told you, you can go.
No. Something's up with you,
and I'm not going to leave
until you tell me what it is.
But what are you doing?
I'm telling you to go.
That's what you wanted, right?
No. You know what I want?
I want you to tell me
what the hell is wrong with you
and why you're acting so
weird all of a sudden.
weird. Says the person who's
been acting weird since day one.
I am not acting weird.
I'm just a little
different, that's all.
No one's different, Wendy.
It's just us who feel
that we're different.
But in the end.
We're all the same,
we're just human beings that's
just filled with grief and
greed and lust.
There's something on
your mind, isn't there?
Stop trying to act
like me, Wendy.
And just go.
Go home.
I'll tell you everything
if you tell me everything.
But you'd better listen
up closely,
because I'm not
repeating myself.
You see.
Thing is, I.
I lost someone that
was very close to me.
You know, the worst part is
just not being able to tell
them goodbye.
I don't know what happened.
But she left me alone.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Deal's a deal.
I told you my story.
Now you tell me yours.
I went on a dating app once
I was new to dating and I was
new to the app, so I didn't
really know much, but I knew
like swipe left, swipe right,
that thing.
Um. And this guy
that I met, Kyle.
Um, I didn't know much
about him, like I said.
So I didn't know how old
he was or where he lived,
but when we talked, he
seemed nice and thoughtful.
I was so dumb.
I went, I went on this date,
he took me into an alley and,
He raped me.
After that I went home and I
couldn't eat or sleep for days.
I have never in my life.
Felt so dirty and
so shameful and,
Daniel, I still feel dirty.
Kyle left me messages
calling me fat and ugly and.
Threatened to kill me and my
family if I told
anybody, so I didn't.
I blocked him and I deleted the
app, but whatever he said just
kind of stayed, you know?
I wanted to die.
A peaceful, easy death.
And then I thought
about my parents.
And I kind of forgot about it.
I tried to live a quiet life.
I tried to.
Quit school, but they
kind of forced me to go.
So you didn't tell your parents?
Why not.
They would have helped you.
Yeah, and they would have
been embarrassed as well.
I didn't have the heart to tell
them that their only daughter
got raped by a guy that
she met on a dating app.
Plus, it's not easy telling
your parents something
so traumatizing.
You should know that better
than anybody, Daniel.
I told them I went to school,
but really I would just roam
around the streets or go to the
park until it was
time to come home.
You weren't afraid the same
thing would happen again.
I was.
I was so freaking scared.
I don't know how I stayed alone
or stayed safe, but I did.
I don't know, maybe God
or something helped me.
I don't know.
But I did.
After several weeks, I
did go back to school and
I met a guy.
His name was Blake
and we were friends.
He saw me sitting by myself at
lunch, and he sat with me and
he gave me his notes for class,
and he walked with me and he
was nice to everybody.
Plus, he had the cutest
smile in the whole school.
One day him and I went to a
movie that just came out and.
And what Wendy?
And he raped me too.
After that, I locked
myself in my room
and my parents didn't
understand my behavior.
And I didn't know how
I could tell them.
I didn't think that they
could handle it, so I didn't.
My mom brought me everything
that I needed to my room, but.
Neither of them ever
asked what happened.
Or what was wrong.
They just kind of gave me space.
Then when did you come out?
I found out that asshole from
the app went to prison for
buying and selling drugs.
I saw his face on the news.
And that's not really the
kind of thing you forget in.
But, Daniel, I have dreams too.
Dreams that I want to fulfill.
I don't know how.
I'm scared.
I'm scared to go back out into
the world and show
myself to people.
I am so sorry for the pain and
the suffering that you have
gone through.
And I know I will never be able
to understand it, but I can
promise you this.
Yeah. Now I'm going to help you
no matter what.
Just leave it to me.
Everything is going to be,
It's going to be okay.
Call me Poppy.
Poppy, that's what people
closest to me call me.
Miranda. What are you doing?
What does it look like
I'm doing.
You just ate.
Yeah, well, I'm still hungry.
Hey, babe.
I'm back.
Okay, so you're in
the bathroom, huh?
You seriously never heard
of a two-way?
It's this age gap.
It's okay.
Why would I need
to know about that?
You do what I asked you to do?
No I can't.
Why not?
Because I don't want
to see them get hurt.
you need to tell your
parents what happened to you.
All right?
You do not need to keep
all that bottled up inside.
I'm not.
I know, your parents are going
to be upset,
but they will not be
upset with you.
Okay? It is not your fault.
I'm scared.
I don't want to see them get
hurt and I can't see them cry.
That's fair,
That's fair, but you need to go-
To tell them, I know.
You're strong.
I know you find a
way to tell him.
Can I ask you something?
Can you sing for me?
No, I.
I said no, what is it with you
always asking me questions.
Oh come on, look, you said you
wanted to be a
singer, so prove it.
Listen, I promise I
won't laugh out loud.
Oh, I'm just kidding, I
won't laugh, I promise.
You really know how to make
me uncomfortable, don't you?
It's my job.
But it's my song choice.
Anything that you
want to sing, just.
Just go for it.
The sun has taken its place.
Forget the past.
It's time to get up.
Go out.
I am blessed.
One small change can
cause a chain reaction.
The missing link
repairs itself.
And opportunities
are headed my way.
They won't just come to me.
I'll meet them halfway.
What I want,
I pray each day and
Things are getting
better and better.
The hope it fills me now.
This is a new day.
And I'll never.
I'll never look back.
Wow, Poppy
your voice needs to be heard.
I don't know, I'm not really
the type of person to, like,
sing in front of people.
I know,
but I also know
that you're strong.
And you had the
mind of a warrior.
Mind of a warrior.
What does that mean?
It means that when you put your
mind to it that you can win any
battle, no matter
how tough it is.
Well, you read me wrong then.
And you're supposed
to be a professional.
Hey. Okay.
I have ten years in this
profession, young lady.
There is nothing you
can tell me, kiddo.
Okay. Why are you
getting so hyped up?
I got an idea.
Okay. I just need you to be
ready when I give
you my phone call.
What call?
Oh. You'll know.
Okay, now I'm curious.
I know, yeah, it's
just how I roll, son.
Yeah. Oh, you truly annoy me.
Oh, okay. Well hey,
Let's, let's go,
Let's go get you
something to eat.
Because you have been
quite moody today.
Oh, really?
Me or you?
Because I'm not even hungry.
Wow. I just. It's a joke.
Come on.
Get you a snack.
Dear diary, or whoever
is reading this.
I am forced to write in
this journal every day.
I just hope I can get better
soon so that I can stop doing
all this.
Hey, Poppy.
How you doing?
Good. And you?
I'm good too.
- Listen.
- What?
I have some good news for you.
What do you think about
singing at a local bar
- What?
I spoke to the manager and he
said that you can sing at that
bar Sunday night.
That's great right?
Daniel, why would you do
that without asking me?
Come on now.
Don't you dare refuse
this offer, Poppy.
Listen, it's the perfect time
and way for people
to listen to you.
No, Daniel, I can't.
You know I'm too scared.
Poppy, you can't be
scared forever, can you?
You need to fight your fears.
That is the only way you'll
ever be able to
reach your dreams.
Trust me on this.
- Okay.
- Awesome.
Trust me, this will be
the best day of your life.
Yeah. Hopefully.
Come on now, cheer up
and get this song ready.
You want to sing
because it's this.
Why did you have to
go and do all of this?
Shouldn't have even said
anything about my dreams at all.
Well, it's too late now.
Hey, I'm proud of you
for taking this step.
Not many people would
have done such a thing.
Are you sure?
Because I feel like
you're lying to me.
When did I ever lie to you?
Bye, Daniel.
Hold on.
I'm not done talking.
What else do you
have to say to me?
Just that when you sang
in front of that crowd.
That'll be your last
session with me.
How to prove that you're strong
and that you can
handle yourself.
So I want to see you
up on that stage.
That's what I'm talking about.
Can I go now?
Just know that I believe in you
and you need to believe
in yourself.
Bye Daniel.
There's a sunshine
after the storm.
There is sunshine
after the storm.
Brighter days ahead of me.
There's a sunshine
after the storm.
Brighter days ahead of me
and as the rain just pours.
I know the sun
will someday.
[Voice in Poppy's head]
You're fat.
You're ugly.
Nobody would ever
want to hear you sing.
You're ugly.
And I should just kill you.
You're fat. You're ugly.
Nobody would ever
want to hear you sing.
You're fat.
[Sad music]
Uh, sir, Leah is here.
- What?
- Yeah,
and she doesn't look.
I think I got some paperwork
or something to do.
Why aren't you answering
my calls, Daniel?
I've been busy.
Busy? Okay.
I can't do this anymore.
Can't do what?
I can't just keep having
you ignore me like this.
Do you know how hurt
I was when you told me
to leave the other night?
No you don't.
And yet here I am, standing in
front of you, trying to figure
this relationship out.
All right, baby.
I'm sorry I wasn't in
the right state of mind.
Dan, you're never in the
right state of mind.
Do you even know how long it's
been since we've been intimate?
I keep waiting for
you to open up to me.
For you to talk to me.
But it's like,
you don't trust me?
No, baby, that's not it.
Then how is it, Daniel?
I'm not your play toy.
I'm a woman who has feelings.
And frankly, I'm
out of patience.
Baby. I'm sorry.
Okay, look, I am really sorry.
Dan, you can't just keep
apologizing and I get over it.
It doesn't work that way.
Okay? Leah, wait.
Just. I need to
tell you something.
Just give me one second.
[Piano music]
Leah Grant.
Do not play with me.
Leah Grant.
Will you marry me?
Yes. Yes!
Daniel, this is crazy.
Was this your plan all along?
Wait. Was annoying me.
Part of the plan?
Yeah, of course it was.
I'm sorry I don't have the
right wedding ring.
It's okay.
I can do verbal.
I have to tell my mom
about this.
I love you.
[Country music playing]
Bro, these last four days, you
been drinking more than usual.
Is everything okay?
You know that tingly feeling
you get when you like someone?
I'm convinced it's common
sense leaving the body.
[Phone ringing]
Daniel, I can't I'm
not ready.
You need to do, okay.
You can do it.
Stop being such a coward.
You're strong, that you have
the ability in you
to overcome fear.
Don't let fear control
you or play with you.
I can't, I really can't.
The voices in my head just
keep getting louder and louder.
Hey, Poppy.
Do we die and there's
nothing or live forever.
How do we live, does it get
Is this final, is life
just full of thrills?
Should I live like
everyone else
and die like everyone will?
You sound terrible.
At least I sung.
Okay. I wasn't afraid
to say that, was I.
Okay, now, see, I got the
bartender over here looking at
me, but I don't care
anything about that.
Let him look.
All right.
I'll sing.
There you go.
But you have to be there
and help cheer me on.
Of course.
Promise? I promise.
Thank you, Daniel.
You are welcome.
Good night.
Good night.
[Phone ringing]
[Text message notifications]
[Text message notifications]
[Singing and guitar music]
That was a great song.
Thanks, Izzy Grace.
Our next performer is
Wendy Barber, and she'll be
performing an original
Let's hear it for Wendy.
Is Wendy here?
Okay, I guess Wendy
is no longer here.
Uh. Izzy Grace, do you have
another song you can do?
All right. Come on up.
[Singing and guitar music]
Excuse me.
Daniel. Where's Poppy?
I don't know, she
she she rode with us.
She she was just here.
Can you try calling for me?
She's not picking up.
Do you have any idea
what she might have gone?
- No
- I don't.
Was Wendy acting strange?
Did she say anything
on the way here?
She wasn't acting strange
today, but last night I heard
her crying in the bathroom.
Before I could ask her what was
wrong, she jolted out of the
house and only came
back this morning.
Okay, if you don't mind, I'd
like to take a look at her room.
Is that okay?
We should.
We should go see if she's home.
[Dark music]
Hey hun, I'm going to go
call Suzy to see if she
knows where she is.
I can't stop thinking
about what happened to me.
It's like I'm living
in a nightmare.
No matter how many times I
try to forget or ignore it, it
still haunts me.
I must do something to
stop this suffering.
This her bathroom?
Hey. Yeah.
Look at this photo and tell
me if you recognize him.
That. That's Blake.
He and Poppy were
together or friends.
Or at least that's
what we thought.
She never actually said, though.
He would come by the house
occasionally and they'd go out.
Okay. Do you know
where he lives?
Yeah, he's over by
Langston Estates.
Uh, right by the college.
I dropped her off
there a few times.
Can you send me the address?
Of course.
And his phone number,
if you have it.
Yeah. His phone.
I think it's in my phone.
Okay. Thank you.
Please just find her
and bring her home.
Uh, that was a lot of fun.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
I knew you'd like that movie.
Yeah, and the food places, too.
You know, a lot of
good places to go.
Well, I do my best to
take care of my friends.
Hey, do you want
something to drink?
No. It's okay.
I probably should
get going anyway.
My mom's going to start
calling me if I don't, so.
Oh, why don't I just
drop you off at home?
No, you don't have to do that.
I'll get an Uber or something.
Seriously, Poppy? Uber?
What's wrong with that?
You've seen the news, didn't
you, about Uber guys being all
shady around girls
who travel alone?
Yeah, I guess I did see that.
Come on. It's late.
And it's not safe for a girl
like you to be traveling the
city alone.
Let me give you a ride.
Look, I'll just get in
the lift with you, okay?
Can you wait in my bedroom?
I'm going to book a ride.
Yeah. Okay, sure.
Our ride will be here in like
ten minutes, so I thought we
could hang till then.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So where is everybody?
Indiana. They went to
have fun at the casino.
You want some?
Oh, no thank you.
Nice try, but I already told
you I'm not ready for that.
Come on, Pops.
I'm not going to
do anything else.
Blake, stop!
Don't act like that.
You're acting weird, Blake
Blake stop.
Blake stop.
Blake stop!
Can you just take me home?
Come on Pops.
It's just me.
I'll take you home.
Listen, no matter what.
Stay hidden, okay?
Yeah. But why?
What's going on?
Why aren't you
telling me anything?
Poppy is seeking revenge
for what you did to her.
- Poppy.
- Yes, Poppy.
You remember her, right?
I do.
But I, um.
Raped her you asshole.
Man, that was a
while back, okay?
I'm not that guy anymore, okay?
I was drunk, I didn't
know what I was doing.
I don't care about
you being drunk.
I don't want to hear
none of that bullshit.
Now you stay hidden,
and I'm on my way.
[Knocking on door and
doorbell ringing]
[Glass shattering]
Talk to me
Blake, what's going on?
She broke my window.
She must know I'm here.
I'm gonna have to
call the police.
You do that, and I'm going
to jail tonight, not Poppy.
Do you understand me?
Blake, I know you're in there.
Can you remember the
sound of my voice?
I know that you do.
You've ruined my
Because of you my life is hell!
And I'm gonna make
sure your life is ruined too.
Open the door!
Open the door, Blake!
I swear I'll break it down!
You son of a bitch!
Open the fucking door!
Open the door!
Look, Poppy, I'm sorry okay.
I'm sorry for what I did.
I wasn't in my right mind.
You can beg all you want
to Blake!
But that's not gonna
save you now!
Open the door!
Open the fucking door!
911. What's your emergency?
Open the fucking door!
Just go away!
Open the door!
Do you hear me! Do you
hear the sound of my voice!
Poppy stop! Poppy stop!
Open the door, Blake!
Hurting him is not
going to make you feel better.
Open the door! Get off of me!
Let me go damnit!
Get off of me!
It's time to say goodbye to
your past.
I got you.
[Police sirens]
You hit like a girl.
You should have let me hit him.
And risk you killing him?
No thank you.
Could have killed him.
I know.
[Woman singing]
Why are y'all so serious?
You have a beautiful
voice Sarah.
Thank you for singing to us,
that lovely song.
We're going to do our
last song for the night.
Anyone interested?
Yes. We found our last
singer for the night.
Let's give it up for him,
guys, you can do
better than that.
[Applause and cheering]
You're not what you want.
But it don't even matter.
Yeah, I got what I need.
Man. God damn.
I gotta clean up.
I'm tired.
Come on.
Danny, Wake up!
Come on, man, it's time to go.
Did it again.
Hello. Hey, this is Max
from Front Street Pub.
Yeah, I got your friend
Daniel here, man.
It's brother passed out sleep
Yeah I need you to come
get him.
Well, he can't stay here.
You coming?
All right.
Oh my God, Dan!
Every time brother.
Oh, you
want another drink?
One drink after another.
I need somebody talk to me.
Under the moon.
What you wanna do
something we can get into?
Wanna do it all with you.
Can I ask you why you got
yourself so drunk last night?
You have no idea what it took
for me to get you all the way
back here.
You owe me, mister.
Honestly, I don't remember
much about last night.
I remember singing.
Since when do you sing?
Hey, I'm a good singer.
Okay. Mhm.
Well I'm serious, I sing sing.
Oh okay.
If you say so.
for your hangover.
Thank you.
thank you.
How's it taste?
Come here for a second.
I am an idiot.
Yes you are.
You know you're the best, right?
Of course.
Okay, now eat your food
because I have to go soon.
I have to go.
Because I have to get to work.
I have a shift
until eight today.
Don't go.
Stop playing.
Stay with me and we can
stay in bed all day today.
Oh, yeah.
But last time I checked, money
doesn't grow on trees.
So I'm gonna go.
You finish eating.
And maybe if I get
off work early.
Maybe we can go to dinner later.
We'll see.
All right.
I love you.
I miss you already.
- Hello.
- Hey, Daniel.
I'm sending you an address.
Please be there by 6 p.m.
But why?
Just be there.
Okay, girl.
Chill. I will be there.
Thank you.
And if you aren't I'll find
you and I'll make you pay
I gotta go now.
Be there.
Hey everyone, I'm Poppy and,
I'm dedicating this song I
wrote to someone who pulled me
out of the darkness and
showed me the light.
[Band playing]
All alone the way it goes
A heavy heart a heavy soul
All hope is lost but look
at me now
You, you made me whole
Am I stuck in the darkness
Yeah, you saved me and
helped me fight
Do we have to let it go, we
can do this whenever
Like me and you, like me
and you forever
Do we have to let it go, we
can do this whenever
Like me and you, like me
and you forever