Eatrip (2009) Movie Script

People live.
In an age overflowing with information
and infinite choices,
we must find and choose our paths.
There's no right answer.
There are as many joys as there are
tragedies and uncertainties.
To simply know 'how to live"
in this age is a challenge.
The basic human activities involve
waking up, working.
Eating and sleeping.
Amongst them, "eating'
is probably the activity that
makes us feel most 'alive'.
We embark on a journey
to explore the meaning
of a 'simple life' through
the universal act of eating.
Your most memorable meal?
Your most memorable meal?
Your most memorable meal?
A chicken dish I ate in
my father's hometown.
My grandpa lives out in the country
so when I go visit
I'm treated like a guest and
presented with a feast.
They once killed one of their own chickens
and laid it out on the dinner table.
It was pretty impressive.
When I was young, my grandpa
made me kill a chicken, saying
'If you can't kill it, don't eat it'.
This all ties into my
most memorable meal.
Do you still like chicken?
I love it.
Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo. 4:30 a.m.
Fifth generation "Edomae' wholesaler
Fifth generation 'Edomae' wholesaler
Eating means knowing your ingredients.
Eating means knowing
your ingredients.
Japan is an island nation.
In Tokyo, Tsukiji is the best market
of all fish markets in Japan.
We asked Mr. Takahashi, a fifth
generation fish wholesaler about
environmental changes over the past
few decades and his attraction to fish.
The volume of fish brought to market
has changed tremendously.
Some fishing spots
have been totally depleted.
There are some new spots
that replaced them but
even more spots have been depleted.
The volume of fish is dwindling,
especially around Tokyo.
Good shellfish has become more scarce
over the past 30 years.
The changing environment
is a huge factor in this decline.
We used to call the span between
Haneda and Funabashi 'Edomae'.
This was 50 or 60 years ago.
But now, even the outskirts of Tokyo Bay
is considered 'Edomae'.
There are subtle differences in smell.
You can taste it, smell it.
The flavor is different.
Abalone is seasonal, yet
they're eaten all year round.
Abalone is best between
May and September.
Back then, people respected that.
We ate them only when they tasted best.
We used to be discerning.
That was admirable.
Nowadays, they're eaten all year round,
even when they don't taste good.
I wonder why they even want to eat them.
- Any horse mackerels?
- We had some yesterday.
No horse mackerels.
Tuna is king in Tsukiii, the biggest
and priciest fish in the market.
The high demand for tuna in Japan
is jeopardizing its ecosystem.
The prized natural tuna
may soon be lost forever.
Tuna wholesaler
They're not as fatty in the spring.
Tuna wholesaler.
They only eat lean food,
so they have a lighter flavor.
But we come to expect this
in the spring.
When the cherry blossoms bloom,
we all know tuna tastes light.
Conversely, in winter
when they eat fattier food,
and the Tsugaru straits grow colder,
the tuna gets fatty.
Japan has distinct seasonal flavors.
Edomae sushi uses only
the best fish in season.
Abalone in the summer,
new bonito in the spring,
mature bonito in the tall.
Then there's the white fish.
And shellfish. Same for tuna.
Edomae is all about
serving what's in season.
That's how it's always been.
I sold over 90% of my inventory.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
I'm going early to find something
special to offer my customers.
That's it. I'm going home to sleep.
I've been working for
14 hours straight. It's tough.
Your most memorable meal?
Well, I'm from Kyushu.
Well, I'm from Kyushu.
My morn was a housewife
so we ate at home every day.
My dad loved silver-skinned fish,
so we ate herrings, sardines, mackerels,
horse mackerels...
and scabbard fish grilled with salt.
That was the daily fare for us.
Dried Bonito
The Japanese character for 'eat"
means "good for people'.
An essential element of
Japanese cooking is stock.
Dried bonito plays a vital role.
Dried bonito wholesaler in Tsukiji
Dried bonito wholesaler in Tsukiji
Which one is best on cold tofu?
Dried bonito wholesaler in Tsukiji
Dried bonito wholesaler in Tsukiji
Probably this one.
My father opened this
dried bonito shop here.
I think he was one of the first to
shave dried bonito for customers.
He started the tradition.
You could call him the
founder of shaved bonito.
When I was raising babies,
you know those pacifiers?
I asked one of our bonito shavers
to carve off a piece that would
fit in a baby's mouth.
We put a hole through it and
hung it around the baby's neck.
The baby would suck on it
like a pacifier.
He loved it.
Even a breast fed baby
knows what tastes good.
A true Japanese baby.
Young people nowadays
eat so much fast food,
I wish they could be exposed to
more traditional Japanese foods
like dried bonito, seaweed
and flavors like that.
Even if you don't like to cook,
if you use good stock
and make a clear soup,
or even miso soup,
even simple foods can be delicious.
Because it's real soup.
- Soup.
- Yes, soup.
Some of us value the origins
of the food we eat
and lead a simple way of life.
One such person moved to Okinawa
in pursuit of serenity
and a life free of civilization.
Naoko Morioka aims to be
a truly self-sufficient housewife.
Using water from the river and
growing her own food,
An Okinawan housewife Using water from
the river and growing her own food,
An Okinawan housewife
An Okinawan housewife she's raising her 2
children in harmony with nature and the seasons.
An Okinawan housewife
Come here, Wako.
Hurry, now.
I'm almost done.
Do you want to step on them?
I'm a housewife.
A busy housewife?
Or an artist.
No, a housewife.
I've always liked warm places.
The culture, people,
climate, vegetation.
I like warmth, heat. Like Africa.
In Japan, it was Okinawa.
I like the people, the culture,
the climate, the vegetation.
What do I enjoy most about life here?
Let me see...
What do I enioy...'.7
Spending time with me!
Spending time with Wako.
That's what it is. My children.
Children. Right now, anyway.
You're amazing. I can't do that.
I envy you.
Go ahead.
In any case, this tiny seed
grows so big, making thousands more.
It's amazing.
To witness these miracles every day.
It's mysterious, amusing,
it makes me happy, it's fun.
And it's edible!
Sounds good.
Carry me.
I have to roll up my pants.
Is there a season for planting seeds?
I always thought it was
during the new moon.
But some crops do better
during the full moon.
As the new moon becomes full,
the energy from the roots is drawn
towards the top of the plant.
As the full moon becomes new again
the energy moves downwards
from the top of the plant to the roots.
So when the moon is new, there's
a lot of energy in root vegetables.
When the moon is full, the fruits
and leaves are full of energy.
It even changes within one day,
or with the ebb and flow of the tide.
We all just do what we want to do
to make life worthwhile.
In farming, there's a
time lag in the results.
If you do what needs to be done today,
a few weeks later, a flower will bloom.
You can see the fruits of your labor
so it's very fulfilling.
With children, the time lag is
even longer, but it's the same.
I feel sorry for kids who don't get a
chance to experience nature.
To play in the mud,
to play with animals.
I think kids need that.
Adults have a choice whether to live
in the city or in the country.
But kids need to be in touch
with the earth, I think.
Following Masanobu Fukuoka's
natural style of farming,
she crossbreeds different types of trees
and vegetables by mixing their seeds.
She harvests her crop
and enjoys them as they are.
She doesn't use a refrigerator,
so she preserves her harvest
or turns them into spices.
We live in this...
what do you call this?
In the natural world,
in the balance of nature.
We are balanced by nature.
This balance preserves us
so we don't perish.
I always wanted to live near
a source of natural water,
where I don't need to
use water from a tap.
So I'm grateful to be living here.
I can use as much water as I need.
I live in an environment where
water is always flowing in the river.
Doesn't it make you feel rich'!
Most people don't live
such rich lives.
But they do.
Not in the city though.
Everything is controlled.
Fire and water cost money.
If you use this much,
you have to pay this much.
In nature, you can use as much
firewood as you want.
I couldn't live in the city.
Those who can tolerate city life
don't hate it that much.
Like this kind of country life,
this organic lifestyle.
Some are enamored by it,
but not enough to leave the city.
As for me, I couldn't live in the city.
What's your 'soul food?
I don't really know yet.
Rice? Brown rice'!
Let's eat!
Tomatoes, first.
You can drink plum juice.
This one's in the middle.
This one's Hiko's.
And Wako's.
There's miso, too.
- Not sweet potatoes?
- Too bad.
Mash 'em?
What's your favorite food, Wako?
Tomatoes, potatoes and mom's miso.
And young greens. That's all.
Is it good?
Sure is!
Your most memorable meal? I went to a
restaurant in the south of France.
Your most memorable meal?
They served green peas.
They were so delicious.
It was prepared very simply.
They had just picked them
from their garden out back.
That's my most memorable meal.
These are from Okinawa where
the dirt is still young.
It's a bit chilly.
UA's feelings translate
directly into her songs.
As a singer and a mother,
she sought to educate her children
Singer As a singer and a mother,
she sought to educate her children
in a more natural habitat.
She enjoys interaction with the community
She enjoys interaction with the community
as an opinion leader
on environmental issues.
She is both supple and strong.
Hi there.
You can go through there.
How are you?
I see you when I'm driving.
I was interested in the saplings
over there. Thanks for your time.
That farm is yielding the most lately.
Shall we go, then?
I'm glad it's sunny. I need a hat.
Leafy greens, right?
Leafy vegetables, cabbage...
Sugar snap peas?
And green peas.
Will they fit?
I'll take as much as I can.
Is it too much?
No, I'm bringing them as a gift.
They eat a lot.
- They may all fit.
- Let's try it.
Right down here.
Healthy looking cabbage.
They didn't grow very big
because it was cold.
How does it taste?
Did the wild boars get a bite?
It's a little bitter.
That's good to know. For seasoning.
The lettuce is soft and tasty.
What kind of lettuce is this?
They're radishes.
Radishes. And this?
Chinese spinach. And rucola.
And three kinds of leaf lettuce.
Three kinds.
There are some twigs.
But honestly, does our rice
taste good because the hull's left on?
That's right.
Because it's still alive.
- Once it's hulled...
- It's dead.
How is it'! Is it still good?
It's pretty good.
That's quite a lot.
I think I'll do it all.
I'll trade some of it for eggs.
- There's only a little left.
- Farewell, my brown rice.
UA rice.
I almost named my child "Hully".
Sounds good.
Are you packing a lunch?
Can you believe it?
Not really.
My son doesn't like brown rice.
The school serves only brown rice.
I love that sound.
So that's brown rice?
I have to mix it up so he doesn't know.
I mix it with seaweed and other stuff
so he can't tell.
Brown rice...
How is it?
What do you think "a good meal' is?
I guess...
I guess it's not just about eating.
It's about communication.
However little, or a lot.
Saying "this tastes good".
Commenting on your food.
Even if it's to yourself, right?
Like saying, 'this wasn't that great'
to yourself.
Not just eating... without any input.
Or eating just to eat.
Not eating while watching TV...
But talking about it. How it tastes.
Sorry, the water is boiling.
That's my theory.
I'm not expressing myself well.
I was an only child
raised by a single morn.
I ate in front of the TV
quite a lot.
Any luck yet?
She laid one right now.
Is it warm?
It's warm, all right.
Isn't it warm?
It's amazing.
B in all.
I brought some rice today.
Rice that I grew.
Looks delicious.
Over there?
Where the scarecrow is?
Not over there.
With Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Yamazaki.
It looks good.
Really? Thanks.
So the 999$?
I'll put them in the car.
Wrap them up in the veggies.
They're all speckled.
The prettiest ones were just laid.
Thank you.
Thanks. Come again.
See you.
Say hi to Mr. Shitara.
Thank you.
A tiny universe in Azabu, Tokyo
Some have condensed the joy
of eating to its essence
and carry on the tradition as a legacy.
A 15th generation tea master
serves tea to an actor.
As told in the '100 Sayings of Rikyu",
the art of tea is often simply
boiling water, making tea
and drinking it.
You have to relax your shoulders
and enjoy the tea.
If this sense of calm is shared,
the tradition will live on.
Excuse me.
Please come in.
Thank you for coming, Mr. Asano.
As this is your first time
to this tea house,
I've tried my best to ensure that
you have a pleasant experience.
Please relax and enjoy yourself.
I'll try to make some delicious tea.
I hope you enjoy it.
Tea master
In May, the new leaves are
at the height of their beauty.
As spring is associated
with cherry blossoms,
the art of tea is linked very closely
with the seasons.
It changes with the seasons
and your feelings.
And through the tea ceremony,
we express our belief of entertaining
our guests with a cup of tea.
The most direct expression of the
seasons may be these flowers
or the words on this hanging scroll,
or the picture hanging on the wall.
I heard that you like mountains,
so I wanted to focus on that.
This is read, "Ryokusui Seizan".
It means "the blue of the mountains
and the green of the water'.
Not only the words on this scroll
but the entire ceremony is
for the guest's enjoyment.
Don't you find the expression curious?
The water green, the mountains blue?
It's usually the other way around.
It's a paradox...
Water and mountains are actually
symbolic of the earth.
That is the essence of this world.
The essence of what we call Buddhism.
If we try to interpret tea
in Buddhist terms,
where is Buddha? What is Buddha?
The answer is "Ryokusui Seizan".
In other words, all living things,
even the earth itself, is Buddha.
It's the root of all life.
This is what the expression means.
How impressive.
Please try the sweets first.
Please go ahead.
There's a design in the bean paste.
It's for your visual enjoyment.
I see.
Like the mountains.
There's the green and blue.
The earth is symbolized by the cake.
We are graced with
the earth's blessings.
The ceremony affirms
our feelings of gratitude.
You can visualize the earth in it.
They say it's 70% water.
Just as the earth is comprised
mostly of water.
This sweet is named 'Planet of Water'.
Please sip it slowly, it's hot.
I know there are certain phrases
used in tea ceremonies.
On TV, they often say
'Your tea is so accomplished',
but not in real life.
They don't?
It's better to use your own words.
'It tastes good'
or "it tastes bitter".
Whatever comes to mind.
It's delicious.
Thank you. We appreciate comments
in the guests' own words.
There's no set phrase.
Nothing that you must say.
It's a rare opportunity for me.
It's delicious.
To be honest, green tea
is the simplest form of tea.
You put in the powder and hot water.
It's like instant tea.
It's the simplest and easiest to drink
out of all the teas.
It could be complex, too.
There are many ways to serve tea.
It's delicious.
The primary focus is the tea,
so the sweets should be eaten first.
Eaten first?
Or just eat half and
take the rest home.
I see.
I'm going to serve one more cup
so please finish your sweets.
Then I'll make the second cup.
I didn't know how much to eat.
You eat the sweets before your tea.
The sweets should enhance
the flavor of the tea.
If you drink the tea straight,
you'll taste the bitterness.
So the sweets prepare the stomach
and the mouth
so the tea becomes more enjoyable.
So I can drink it all?
Yes, please finish it.
I'd like to learn the ritual.
If you always have to stop and think
what to do next,
it's hard to enjoy the tea.
If you could think of it as
learning in order to enjoy...
I agree.
Some people have a hard time
with the ritualistic aspect.
It seemed so intimidating at first,
but if I approach it as a means
to enjoy the tea...
Yes, enjoyment with mutual respect.
It's Ryokusui Seizan'.
Enjoying all the earth's blessings.
A shared awareness that we
are being allowed to live.
When a master and guest
both respect that ideal,
and share that understanding which
is embodied in the tea ceremony,
it manifests itself in various aspects,
like the preparation of the utensils.
How long is the history?
Very long.
How long?
Rikyu started...
Person to person.
People and food.
'Once in a lifetime'.
One who leads a vigorous life
at the ripe old age of 90.
His very presence
lends weight to his words.
Head Priest of lkegami Honmonji
Food is to be enjoyed
with all five senses.
With your eyes, your nose.
Your mouth of course, your ears,
and your sense of touch.
You taste food with all five senses.
First, by looking at the food
you can see how delicious it looks.
Then the aroma comes from the kitchen.
The aroma of food cooking is delicious.
Then there are the sounds.
For instance, on a hot day,
you can hear the swish of shaved ice
and it makes you feel cool.
It makes you want to eat it, right?
And of course, your mouth.
This is where you taste it.
Most of us think only of taste,
but we use all five senses.
And the sensation of feeling.
Let me think of an example...
At a fruit store,
when you see a melon
and touch it, you can
tell if it's ripe.
So eating really
encompasses everything.
We use all five human senses.
There's nothing more delightful
or wonderful.
You see?
If you only rationalize it,
there won't be much to talk about.
We eat three meals a day,
day in and day out.
I've been eating for 90 years.
And I never get sick of it.
That's the beauty of food.
Of eating with all five senses.
My favorite food?
I can't choose. There's too many.
I like everything I see and hear.
Everything is my favorite because
eating is my greatest joy.
We should never waste anything.
We've been taught this since childhood.
Even if we dropped one grain of rice,
my mother told us to
pick it up and eat it.
Even if we thought it was dirty,
she reminded us how this grain of rice
reached our dinner table.
What processes it underwent.
How many people worked to produce it.
How many people it took to grow it.
The hard work of all those people
allowed us to eat this rice.
To be grateful for each grain of rice.
This has to be taught at an early age.
Not understood as an adult.
Like the five senses,
it has to become a part of you.
Isn't that what's important?
I eat fermented beans every morning.
And whitebait and pickled plum.
And carrot juice.
I drink that, not eat it.
And green bell peppers.
I slice them up and mix
them into my rice porridge.
I eat these every morning
without fail.
Your health is the
most important factor.
If you're healthy,
food naturally tastes good.
And if you eat good food,
you'll be healthy. That's important.
They say "the real world is better
than a promised paradise".
Living in this world
is the most important.
No one's been to heaven. Wait,
a priest shouldn't be saying this...
But the meaning of the saying is,
it's important to live in this life,
in this moment.
To lead a vigorous life,
not a wilty life, but a vigorous life.
That's what's important.
Even us, for instance.
We're happy because we want to lead
a vigorous life.
No matter how rich you are
or what possessions you own,
if you aren't living a vigorous life,
you can't be truly happy.
So in that sense,
the key to happiness is to live.
We follow the Hokke faith.
The Way of Hokke is namely,
the Law of Milk.
The teachings of Buddha are
based on the Law of Milk.
We call it the Law of Milk.
So what is a temple?
It's like a mother's breast,
if you put it simply.
That's why I'm a breast man.
Don't laugh.
We all need milk to grow.
What does food mean to you?
Nourishment. Our life force.
Not to rationalize
what's good or bad for you,
but to feel while you eat is important.
But if it tastes good,
it must be good for you.
I think it's important to be sated
by what you eat every day.
Because food nourishes
both the body and spirit.
Do you think about it?
I wonder.
That great Eros is
the driving force behind creative energy.
The thing that connects us all.
If there isn't ecstasy in it,
nothing will originate from it.
Eros, huh?
More like desire.
Think of it as Thanatos and Eros,
the ecstasy that's
directly connected to living.
It could even come from
painting or singing.
It's all interlinked.
What is food?
I suppose it's happiness.
There's no greater joy.
To me anyway,
there's no greater happiness.
Of course we all need to eat
in order to live,
Musician of course we all
need to eat in order to live,
of course we all need to eat
in order to live,
just thinking about it makes me smile,
I enjoy it so much.
But it's much better with family.
It's far better with company.
Eating is nourishment.
A bodily need. Nothing deeper.
I don't think of it as enjoyment.
I find enjoyment in other things.
Like what?
Other things.
Simply put, it's a necessity.
The source of power.
In my case, as a dancer,
it's a necessity.
A definite necessity in life.
Without a doubt.
I eat all vegetables.
I eat everything.
What do you like the best'?
If you cook it, I'll eat it.
Radish. The traditional foods.
Like radish or...
Spinach or greens with sesame.
It's best if you eat with your family.
They look after me now.
I can't do much anymore,
so I just keep shop.
What is your greatest joy'?
I enjoy looking at these vegetables.
The faces on these vegetables.
Who's wearing red?
You are.
To a delicious meal. Cheers!
I downed it!
It's delicious.
The most memorable dish today?
The most memorable dish today? The strawberries
and white fish. The harmony was amazing.
The strawberries and white fish.
The harmony was amazing.
The most memorable dish today?
The most memorable dish today? The strawberries
and white fish had the most impact.
The strawberries and white fish
had the most impact.
The potatoes were good, too.
Yeah, the potatoes.
What do you both like?
We both like celery, don't we?
We both like celery, don't we?
Why celery'?
It's crunchy.
The crunchiness?
I like the crunchiness and the smell.
I like unique smells.
Eating your placenta?
You ate it as a fetus too.
It's like sharing your life.
But, did you really?
What would be your last supper'?
What would be your 'last supper'?
My wife's cooking.
My wife's cooking.
To celebrate this meal,
let me play my drum.
What would be your 'last supper'? I want to eat
plain rice and miso soup made by my mom back home.
I want to eat plain rice and miso soup
made by my mom back home.
It's delicious.
Is it clam? Or fish?
What would be your 'last supper'?
What would be your 'last supper'?
I want to eat rice with my family.
I want to eat rice with my family.
He was raised on my cooking so...
What do you both like?
What do you both like?
Oden hot pot'?
What do you both like?
We love oden.
What else?
Dumplings, jumbo croquettes...
Shabi-shabi curry.
No one knows what that is.
It's watery curry.
Thank you for this meal.
Thank you for this meal.
We can't go back to our childhood,
but we still get up, eat,
then sleep and dream.
We explored food as a means
of pursuing a simple way of life.
Life is a gastronomical journey.
A curious story:
I asked my child where she was
before she was born.
She said I was flying in the sky
I had friends
and I ate rainbows, the sun
the moon, the stars
Then you called me
so I came down to earth
and went inside your belly'
Was she speaking of the soul?
I was convinced it was
all about cosmic energy.
As told by Wako's mom
curious child sky friends rainbows, sun, moon,
stars, eat mom belly soul cosmic energy Wako's mom
Special Appearance by
Tadanobu Asano
Directed by Yuri Nomura
International Sales STYLEJAM
Miki Yamashiro
2008 stylejam, inc.