Echoes in the Ice (2017) Movie Script

- Hey, how much snow do
we got coming our way?
- Looks like a blip, I got nothing here.
- This place is abandoned?
- Definitely. I swept
this area tons of times.
It's a ghost.
- Still a blip?
Screw you, buddy.
- Yeah I'm gonna go get the power on.
- Honestly, though. The storm's
not supposed to be here.
I've got nothing on my system.
- This place looks pretty old.
Wasn't it on the system anymore?
facility coordinates
are almost always retained.
But I found this on a random sweep
Might need some things-
- Right on.
Alright. Let's strip it down.
- It should warm up in
here now we got power.
- Yeah go ahead.
You should
come down to the lowest level.
Found something.
- What?
Just come see for yourself.
- Don't touch.
- Did you see that?
- I don't know what this is.
Let's just get what we
can and get out of here.
Nick, how we lookin?
Besides the weather, we're all clear.
Re-fueled our rides, we're good to go.
- We found something.
Like what? Something good?
- Something really fucking weird.
- We got a carving.
Can I come see it?
- Let's just find the manifest and mine
what we can from this place.
Nick, stay put for now.
No. I want to see this weird thing.
Is it an artifact? Could
be worth something.
- I doubt it.
- Mark, you coming?
- I'll be right out.
- Open up!
- Door's jammed!
- I'll get it fixed!
You go get warm!
We'll get it fixed. Go stay warm.
- See you soon.
- Door is fucked.
- Listen to this.
- ...interesting properties. It hasn't
been long since we
discovered the structure but
everyone seems affected
by it to some degree.
It shows you things. Even I'm
tempted to do down there now.
We're waiting to get a clean
line through to HQ but -
...this storm.
Matthews is dead.
Berg...are missing.
It's over. I've called
off the research and
I'm quarantining...
I feel whatever was in that
well might be infectious.
- Fuck.
- Okay. No. We're leaving.
- Door is fucked.
- Then we'll torch through it.
- Mark's got the torch.
There's nothing any of us can do.
- Hey Mark, you copy?
- I'll go get him.
- Yeah but don't touch anything.
- I won't!
- Gonna try to get the
door open on my end.
- Alright Nick, fire up our ride
we're getting our of here ASAP.
Hey, Nick.
Alright, Mark, Gareth get
your asses up here now.
Come on guys.
Come on.
Bon is dead.
I killed him.
It's only a matter of time before he-
It doesn't matter now.
- Hello?
There's not many of us left now.
I've locked up the room.
I'm gonna leave this place.
Even now. I can hear it calling to me.
I'd rather die from the elements than
experience what's happened to the others.