Ecstasy (2011) Movie Script

Esso, tapping noise-
Emil, sniff,
club drug, love drug
- Of pure ecstasy.
E to talk much.
The good, the bad, mostly full of shit.
But the truth is,
that when you taste it, you know
E is full of magic.
It's me, Lloyd Buist,
humble multiplying your sielunveljenne
that makes people dance
and trance.
DJ is in tune and stimulates
psychological genitals.
All are involved in, the music meets
us, and ride a rocket-
serotonin and dopamine, and
from here to eternity.
Now is the time to fall in love.
Not the whole world,
but to the right.
To change my life instantly.
Do it now. Immediately.
But no. This is just for entertainment.
Your mother would be horrified.
Throughout the night outdoors with renttujen.
Did the tooth fairy money under the pillow?
- I have to go, Dad.
Enough bills to pay.
Bear Times calling.
- Yeah, yeah.
What are you going to do about it?
- I have to go to work.
To work? To whom?
They say that death kills,
but it is not so.
and indifference kill.
Business travel or entertainment?
- Business.
The entertainment business.
Currently traveling the speed of light.
Herbal tea, Moroccan mint.
For the best.
Thank you for the beautiful Inga.
I have gifts for you, Lloyd.
The war against terrorists and drugs
has tightened security checks.
It is a war against freedom.
Freedom of choice.
However, we have a surplus,
MDMA and the price has dropped.
You get a bit of snow on top.
Can I ...?
- Please.
Life is a series of bitter-sweet moments.
And a little ... acid.
Gently. They are dangerous substances.
Mark them:
Important substances, handle with care ...
Where's the snow?
You'll love this.
The last time
when I take you for the gift.
Take a deep breath and stay still.
Small foreplay would be nice
before someone is pushing something ...
Sven gave me
20 per cent extra.
Of the 20 per cent Solo does not know.
If I sell them,
I pay my debt to him.
Smuggling is an art. Must remain
calm and positive.
It all depends on self-confidence.
The nature, style, smile.
Feeling of gaze in the face.
Fear not.
They can sense fear.
- I'm sorry! Hello!
Sorry, ringing in the ears
aftermath of yesterday's festivities.
What do you do for a living?
- I am a photographer's assistant.
'm Helping.
Do you have a possession of drugs?
Do I look like from a guy?
Put the bag to the counter and open it.
Do not open it. Light fun of the film.
- I thought the film to be old-fashioned.
If you are a photographer's assistant,
you have to open the bag film.
Choose a jar.
This one.
- I do not like it. I like this.
Welcome to the home.
Thank you very much ... cutie.
- Ladies, ladies.
We are invincible, tv in the shade
Girls flock, then you're held
All right?
- Great!
Oh, great.
Not a bad place, Ally.
We begin to make progress.
On the way to success.
Let's see what we got here.
You do not. .. voila!
Do you want a taste?
- Can I taste you?
What is that?
- Nectar of the gods. Blue-green algae.
Sounds like a slimy.
- They will wash toxins of your body.
I wash out my body on a daily basis
coffee and tobacco.
Scots do not just eat vegetables.
I guess they do not drink them at all scab?
You will return on your investment
to change it.
Lloyd, you'll need
Fair Trade vegan cafe,
which sells organic products.
A bad idea. I have a business success.
You do not believe in the Internet.
Raw food has been offered for a long time.
-1. Genesis 1:29:
"I give you every seed
make plants that are on earth "-
"And all the trees with fruits.
Let them into your nutrition. "
What are you, damn Jedi master?
Smartass you are.
Now get busy.
You can not continue smuggling.
Your talk you listening?
- Do me a favor.
Worry about this until you submit it.
And keep him away from it.
Good luck.
- It went well.
Tell us again.
- It was not my fault.
Where the hell have you been?
Wait a minute.
Okay. I forgive you.
- Really?
Look me in the eye.
Watch now. Look me in the eye.
Oh, God ... Fuck's sake!
Oh, God ... Fuck's sake!
You would have to wait. Is part of
hommaasi. I do not have time to be patient.
I know. I brought you something, Solo.
Do not bite the hand that feeds you you.
My grandmother told me. He's right there.
He was a damn saint!
Get out of here.
Lloyd! Where's my stuff?
Good, that it is not broken.
It is a heirloom. Priceless.
Very cool.
Little snakes. Oh, great.
Fantastic. Wait a minute.
Wait a minute ...
This seems a bit incomplete.
Have you caught a little bit?
Are you nappaillut yourself?
Are you trying to fuck me?
Damn fun.
You went to the wire.
Buy yourself a new underwear.
Solo was I went to the Big
network job.
The former soldier, a paratrooper,
SAS-man, and so on.
Big Man on a nuclear bomb, and no one
he cheated on are left to tell.
Good catch.
Here you go.
Is Solo gets to know?
- He is a snow-blind.
If Sven did not tell liskamoista,
I told you why.
Evil is powered by our fears.
That evening in the park ...
Let him tell the end.
- That night in the park ...
... I saw the light in the sky.
Three holy man appeared to me.
Paskansin housuuni.
God spoke to me.
He said the ecstasy of his
gifts. Now there's a touch of God!
A great idea.
- He is manic.
Lithium to keep her balance.
- How druid-bard got to school?
With a perfect imbalance.
Woodsy ...
How much could make dances?
- Depends on where.
St. Mary is in the basement.
Sell ??the extra buttons and the snow-
and liver debt to Solo.
I have my own business.
I have provided to you
essoa so much as you want.
We share the profits. For your place
condition with the money.
Okay, let's do it.
- Agreed.
Do you want a button?
I'm here with Hazel.
He is one of 19 and I 28
I could be married
fat for a woman-
and to be in stable work
writing reports.
But it's just me and the Purple Haze.
Life is just as kind! Not bad stuff!
- Cool.
I swing, Hazel.
This is gonna be a good night!
Take it easy, I need you
again soon. You are featherweight.
Be careful. I'll be watching.
Do me a favor.
Try not to paskantamatta
Dance in your pants!
What type is he?
It is streittareita,
lutkia and "hello-girls".
- Hello, girls are the best ...
Because ... they always say "hello".
He keeps saying it all the time.
- No.
But keep a look out, because sometimes-
lutkatkin say "hello".
Are you calling me a slut?
No, no.
It depends on the way in which it says.
You say "hello" cool in a way.
You definitely bye-girl.
Salt of the earth.
- No, thank you. This is enough.
Do you want a line?
Little Hazel, which pocket venus.
Fuck's sake, Lloyd!
Calculate the inside.
He is wild.
He is wild.
I want one that is my
frequency. Psychic connection.
I have to go into the bucket with the other.
I have not experienced it.
There have been internal rhythms,
souls but not contacted.
Esso out
but the real soul-connection
let him keep his head,
and his own head.
Oh, yeah. Magic.
Have you noticed
that we are one of the oldest clubs?
Good morning!
Creator. No need to shout.
Where is your hearing?
Why should hear,
when you can not sing?
Mountains, wild thyme
Flowering heather flank
Come here, boy!
Hug your dad.
The world is not enough love.
Go Maate, Dad.
I look forward to your mother.
He's not coming, Dad.
Go to the shower.
The water will wash the pain away.
Come on. One, two, three.
Come on.
Good acoustics.
- Certainly.
The rent is 500.
There are some terms and conditions.
Call quietly until the exhibition ends.
And no alcohol in the church.
- Do not worry, Brian.
I believed in God the classical way,
but I do not anymore.
What do you believe God to be, Dad?
Well ... I thought God was a light-
or love and music.
Sometimes I lie awake at night,
and I fully
silence and darkness-
waiting for hungry
everything we do edge.
God is all.
God ... is here.
I will not allow drugs in my church.
Where members of the Church?
- It is an artificial joy.
My God is real,
you just have to believe.
It's not real!
I allowed only dances,
because we need the money.
It is not allowed to go out of control!
- Get your money in the party at the end.
Hypocrite! You lack the spirit!
The only mediator between God
between me and the ecstasy!
Did you miss? Are you a fagot?
Then why do you try to fuck me
ass! What's this?
Lloyd steal from me, and you do not do it
no. Betrayed me for the last time!
I'll take care of him,
even deaf and dumb bitch!
"I am the lord of dance," said He.
"I'll lead you to where you were not."
I'm worried I heard.
Most of it is crap. This is
less harmful than booze.
The more,
the more money.
Hey, guys.
Welcome, Solo.
- You have a little party?
A couple of friends. I had to call you, too.
To hell with you called you, bitch.
Guests will not club up.
You'll pay tax.
Add your debt to 1000 pounds.
Ton more?
- That's right. It's all up here.
For three 20-pound,
because you're so cute.
Have a good time.
Peace. They are not candy.
Can I hug you?
- Sure.
Do you know it?
Do you know it?
No! You're crazy!
Fuck's sake!
You can not get away!
I do not think I introduce myself.
I'm Lloyd.
Where are you from?
- Canada.
Is not it Lone Ranger's buddy?
You do not seem like a girl club.
- I do not. I would not.
Then what did you do yesterday?
- I'm trying to forget.
Forget what?
I do not know. I forgot.
- A little bit.
Thank you.
I can handle this.
I've never run away from the police.
- That's a first.
Give me your hand.
- Why?
The number.
I want to see you again.
- Okay.
Oh my gosh. Sorry.
- No.
Next time.
- Okay.
It feels like I could fly.
Out of this cynical world
sky yellow bastards up.
Some bald guy came
pub looking for you.
You owe him.
Drugs, is not it?
- I do not get involved with drugs.
No! If you want to destroy your life-
go ahead.
But I do not look at it.
You do not look at other than TVs
while you drink yourself to death.
I have all my life raatanut
you and your mother in front.
All what I did,
I did because of you.
First, in the military,
Then the plant.
You would think it deserves a little
respect and peace-
sit back and relax over a glass.
If you want to phin,
try this.
It brings a smile to your face
and may your worries disappear.
I want you to leave.
- It's not dangerous.
Try it now ...
- Get out!
Heather! Heather!
Let's go, we're late!
Have you seen levyjni?
Fuck's sake ...
Have you seen a country-levyjni?
Have you seen levyjni?
Here all is lost.
Forgot something?
Forgot you?
Should avoid carbohydrates,
but I could not resist.
You could not resist.
You can stay for a while.
- What's that smell?
This one.
- What is it?
Durian. The king of fruits.
Nutrient-rich fruit in the world.
Tryptophan becomes serotonin.
As ecstasy without the side effects.
Would you give it Ylle Woods.
- He is in the hospital for monitoring.
Try acid and essoa.
Consciousness explode.
Can you hear me?
- There were no options.
Can you hear me?
No options.
The Lord said, "Take Ecstasy."
Like therapy.
Neurons than sing in the choir:
"I Am the account."
What's gotten into you?
I began to think again.
There are great books to read,
and music ...
Are you okay?
Administration has granted
10 million-
"Scotland drugs
against the "organization.
A small group of
anti-social individuals
destroys the morals of Scotland.
Talking to young addicts
touch it-especially
that part of the mind
or living on the verge of death.
Full of shit!
Since you are going to pay behind Solo?
- I'll get it, yes.
It is then the treatment.
See you next week.
Have you heard the story
Irish junkie?
The father of her son gets caught
cocaine use.
"If I see you driving
cocaine, stick your nose in it. "
Entry must be embarrassing.
Who just would sell more.
I want to 25,000 at the end of the month.
- Who sells more?
Go to hell!
See you tonight. I look forward to.
I need to stop.
How can pivnsteeni today?
- Well.
I have proposed to you
promotoimaan new campaign.
Oh, great.
Best to go. Reports do not wait.
I look forward to kotiruokaasi.
Where's my money, Lloyd?
- You can get them as soon as ...
You pay twice as much!
You have a week left.
Next week, Lloyd.
War, the planet Mars is on the decline.
You know what happens,
if I do not receive the full payment!
Son of a bitch!
Damn it!
Are you married?
- We are divorced.
What do you do for a living?
- I'm ...
I'm at work, "Scotland
on drugs, "the organization.
Would that no conflict of interest?
- Maybe.
What are you doing?
What do you want to do?
I want to be free.
- Free from what?
Of my life.
I can not look at you.
- Why not? You are a beautiful goddess.
I'm not probably the first girl,
who hears that.
I'm serious.
You are the most beautiful girl,
I've ever met.
Are you a fairy country?
- Yeah.
I am between.
You see you do them?
I ...
Thus, when I was five or six,
but I have not told anyone.
He makes me want to,
I would be a better person.
You've been practicing, Tommy.
It sounds a lot better.
Tony, I do not want to hear that crap,
what you called yesterday.
You now have a better guitar,
and you sound a lot better.
You sound like George Martin.
Blow the trumpet, Tommy.
Big guy dancing!
Usually he just sits there,
look at her now!
He is like Bez Happy Mondays!
Hit the drums, Tom!
We do not have any other drums.
Hello, beautiful. How are you?
- Hey, Mr. Woods.
It is time for drugs.
- What are they?
They make you feel better.
- Worse. I can not think!
You do not know pilsuja confused!
I have a better pilsut!
We are social creatures. Our
should meet and have fun!
It is a fundamental right.
- It's your duty!
You people!
We have to celebrate!
We need to celebrate and have fun!
I have a higher pilsut!
I have a higher pilsut!
I have a higher pilsut!
I have a higher pilsut!
I do have the best pilsut?
Do you see a snake? It is a cue.
- I know.
Where did you get your hands on them?
- I just found them.
Only did you find them?
- I found them.
Look me in the eye!
- I swear ...
Celebrations of St. Mary is left out of hand.
The people hoard pills and money.
They gang rained on.
Hell ... Lloyd!
Hey, Ally.
How are you?
I brought you some chamomile tea and
cocoa beans. Raw chocolate.
It is dopamine, serotonin,
tryptophan and phenylethylamine.
They go straight to the brain.
- I love chocolate.
What are you going to do, Woodsy?
I have plans.
I plan to travel Goalle.
It can easily live like a lord.
Move the bishop three.
This time next year
watch the sunset in India.
Send a postcard.
The queen eats a soldier.
Paranoid schizophrenic is a guy
which has come across issues.
I have found that in a bad
is wrong. Kon? Ikti creates awareness.
Whales appeared 50 million
years ago, Dolphins 15 million.
We are strangers.
We are vermin.
Global warming, wars,
and the increase in extinctions.
How do I date?
- Her name is Heather.
He is not only a foreigner.
I think of his eyes at all times.
Napsit constantly snakes.
All the girls are beautiful essoissa.
Love produces more chemicals.
- Be careful what you call love.
Love is not suitable for Party People.
Do not run away from it, Lloyd.
I've seen you two together.
Do not ever be afraid to love.
Purjeeni glow brightly.
I look him in the eye
and I'm talking about his soul.
It feels as if we
've been together forever.
Your heart is taidettu smash?
I can feel it harteillasi. We ...
We carry our past
our shoulders.
This was the best night ever.
Let's do it again.
Let's go to the track again today.
What if we were the home to talk about?
We can talk about the club.
- Seriously.
You do not have a job,
but I have to get up in the morning.
We never talk about things.
You can not get around easily.
I'm trying to make a connection with you.
I'm talking about me.
I'm talking about the big stuff.
Clubs, drugs, music ...
The only important things now.
Yeah, but you do not speak ever
small things.
What do you mean?
- Small things are really big.
Your fears, your dreams, your feelings.
Feelings, Lloyd.
Okay ...
What if I tell you a secret,
and then you tell me?
I will continue to hate work,
because I'm afraid to start something new.
But it's different now.
Everything changes with time.
Oh, yeah.
My turn. Wait ...
I write poetry and I leave them
a library with books in between.
Okay ...
I sit and pretend to read,
when salakuuntelen discussions.
I think that ceased lying,
but I'm just better in it now.
Are you lying to me?
- No, not yet.
As a small liked to go to church.
Sing and pray
high room.
I miss it.
That's why probably I love dancing.
I think that Lloyd is the right one.
He makes me feel
feel whole again.
Thank you.
My dad drinks too much, as your father's yours.
But my dad lives in Leith,
which is a bit different than in Canada.
My mother died a few years ago.
Father does not want to talk about it.
Her heart is broken,
but he did not admit it to himself either.
We have a strange relationship.
I can see in his eyes that he
everything is so damn simple.
I can see in his eyes that he
everything is so damn simple.
"Drugs cause
stupidity and destruction. "
He can not forgive the pain,
that her cause.
I have betrayed him.
I have failed many.
This is pointless.
And you want to know about my feelings.
I do not want to be with you forever.
I need to
to be with you forever.
Do I read you a bedtime story?
Peter Panista.
The boy who did not grow up.
Fatigue gives way to adrenaline
pumping in new trials.
Hangover is broken.
Body and mind wake up again.
Feeling will disappear only
Esso kolahtamiselle.
Is the representation of the past?
You have shown me, let's go home.
Go home, only to embarrass yourself.
I do not want the life that we had.
And I've met someone who
understands me and listens to me.
I do not know how long it will take,
but now he makes me feel good.
You're in the yard!
Have you taken something? You spout nonsense.
You and narkkarikaverisi Marie!
- Okay, you're right.
Is that what you wanted to hear? Now you can go.
- It's not what I want to hear!
I need you
- You do not have to.
Okay. As you wish.
It's over. O-H-I!
- Get a life, Hugh.
Learn how to drive properly shave.
Nain as a porn star, you bitch!
Hey, baby. I'm sorry,
I'm late.
There was a small obstacle.
- It's okay.
French ...
- Are you okay?
Have you taken something?
A little boost.
I could not resist.
Shall we go to the club?
I have essoa.
You have always taken something.
- Wait.
I know.
I'm just not good on the air.
You are a hypocrite.
You are emotionally hypocrite.
Do not talk about feelings,
you do not know without drugs.
I do not pretend to be.
I am myself on drugs.
What you have right now?
- Right now?
I'm mentally scrap.
By-product of the world, which pricks
have created expense.
And the worst part is,
they do not even enjoy it.
Good for you?
- Sometimes.
Why not? - Go to hell!
Sorry, we open until next week.
Where does he live?
Where does he live?
Are you hungry, Kyle?
- Caf does not burn.
Is that right? I'm so sorry.
Best to switch it off.
- No, please ...
Where the hell have you been? This.
I'm sorry, Ally.
I promise to make it up.
Do not be like that.
Mr. Woods.
Let's see. "Does not take medication,
give rise to a dispute with the patients. "
"Crying for no apparent reason."
Powers that be are not able to
the fun-
so they want other
to suffer from a bad conscience.
People should devote his life to-
grow the next generation of
factory slaves and soldiers!
But I have a soul.
I'm not a soldier.
For your own safety
you have to take care.
I was going to sell them
and give the money to you as a surprise.
I hate surprises.
You are not easy to find.
You owe me 20,000 pounds.
- I do not have that kind of money.
Do you know what is the most difficult part of my job?
Keep all of the possession.
Never know whom you can trust.
I have confidence in myself, and cash.
You owe me, and I
Big Man. He haunts me-
so I will persecute you,
friends and little tipuasi.
Are you nervous?
You have three options:
You pay, used to meet Sveni
or cut-off kyrpsi
and will feed it to you.
Is that clear?
I do not want to go to Sven creates.
This time, I end up in jail.
Hey, baby.
- Lloyd.
We need coffee, Mrs. Thompson.
Do you listen to verbal from that guy?
- What are you doing here?
I owe.
I thought that you might help.
Get the right jobs.
Pull yourself together and take care of your life in order.
Nothing is real to you.
Do not forget the coffee, Mrs. Thompson!
For six or eight.
The best rush with coffee,
Mrs. Thompson.
Before you begin, the father of ...
I want to move home.
I promise to stop.
I need to do first
to pay off the debts.
Read this.
Abnormally high white blood cell count?
What does this mean?
I have cancer.
How long do you have?
- They do not know.
Prostatic surgery, radiation therapy ...
What do the doctors say booze?
Nothing changes. Did you hear?
What do the doctors say?
I'll drink until I'm your mother's house.
Take this. Please.
Treat your life in order.
I'll take care, Dad.
I promise.
Who's there?
- The Landlord.
Your friend Lloyd owes me.
Shut the fuck up!
Now I know why the boy's thoughts
did not stay together.
What happened?
- Gangsterikaverisi.
I'm so damn sorry.
I ...
- Please go.
I need to talk to you.
- Get out!
It's about time.
- He has nothing to do!
Do not behave childishly
because of the woman. Pathetic.
Where's my money?
You can get them! I'll work even if the
ijksi old, if you have to.
You may need to make in
because I know where he lives.
Mutilation, her eyes,
and then it's your turn.
Son of a bitch!
I have no choice.
Sven's last trip creates.
All right.
- Got it.
Sven? Lloyd here.
Heavenly father Lloyd.
How much more must this?
- More?
- This is the last trip.
This area is not for me.
Are you sure?
- Of course I have egg.
Is everything all right?
- I'll be right!
Please, return to your seat.
- I'll be right!
Not him. Everyone except him.
Purpose of the trip?
- The Church of things.
I helped the Lord to find the young-
who have fallen
temptation of drugs.
Creator's blessing, Father.
- The Lord be with you, son.
I'm screwed.
Cargo leaked.
Not the police!
Call Marielle, she is a nurse.
I am NOT going to survive.
I need to see Heather.
I still have to say.
I can die.
Marie! Help!
- Take him to the bathroom.
Put in a bathtub.
Wake up!
Need to get him to vomit.
- Get him to sit down.
Everybody out. All.
Damn it.
Damn it!
I'll kill him.
Back off, Solo.
- Shove that up your ass.
'll Take care of you in a minute!
Get out of here!
I cut him open!
- You do not touch her!
Look me in the eye.
Damn it!
- Move it!
You screwed up for the last time, Solo!
Look at me! Stay awake!
Wake up.
Wake up now, Lloyd. Lloyd!
Are you okay?
We all miss
James Thomas Buistia.
His son, Lloyd
utters words of remembrance.
My father taught me honesty.
He raatoi all his life ...
Support her ... me and my mom.
He did not complain of any
or anyone.
Except, of course, me.
Jim Buist was an ordinary man.
Except that he was a man,
who loved my mother.
After his death
Dad continued his beloved.
His father taught me about life.
I realized that there must be
honest with themselves-
and accept it, if you are going to love ...
Really ... love someone.
Thank you, Father.
"Come, ye blessed of my Father.
Ye shall inherit the kingdom "-
"Which has been prepared for you
creation of the world. "
"I was hungry,
and you gave me food ... "
We can believe in, and find grace.
So that every day is the best
Day Ever. Peace be with you. Woodsy.
What are you reading?
- The card woodsy.
She is India's Goa.
Peace be with you, Woodsy.
- I love you.
What Lloyd has pulled?
- Only the energy drink and vehnorasta.
He does not want to suffer their views.
What have you pulled?
- Nothing. I did not do anything.
Only of pure love.
Say it on Monday.
I think when I see you for granted.
Father died. Cancer.
I was so scared.
I am now Allyn job.
I'm sober and I'm fine.
Better than for a long time.
Never again?
We should never say "never".
Never until the next time.
I know what you're thinking.
But still I fight.
It feels good.
I will continue with the same model.
She is my woman,
and praise him.
I'm so happy,
that he is in my life.
When you surrender to love;
feels more.
Right now, all over the world
people put themselves in love