Eddie (1996) Movie Script

It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
[ Rapping ] Watch me take a jump
Yeah, I'm goin' for the dunk
And I never been a punk
but your girl called me hunk
Straight to the hoop
And I know how to shoot
But if you wanna know the truth
then you'd better get the scoop
Comin' out to mess
with the mike in my pants
And everybody's different
so you know I got it built
You take me
That can't be
Sure feel good
like all rookies
So for all beginners
if you wanna be a winner
Then you'd better have
some spinach with your dinner
So just push your head to the sky
if you wanna rise
- And keep your eye
on the prize 'cause it's live
- It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
What you see is what you get
And what you got
is a whole lotta sweat
Blood and tears so have no fear
'Cause you ain't seen moves
like these in years
I can shake and bake
and show the fake
But never perpetrate
or the player'll hate my
Name ain't right
but I'm funkified
My name ain't Luke
but I can walk the skies
So pick it over here, homey Loc
and go for broke
And watch my smoke and
make sure ya don't choke
Push your head to the sky
if you wanna rise
- And keep your eye on the prize
'cause it's live
- It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
[ Female Dispatcher ]
The streets of the Big Apple...
must be on fire tonight
with excitement.
[ Announcer Over Radio ] The Atlanta
fans extremely disappointed.
This was supposed to be an easy victory
over the New York Knicks.
The Hawks' foul trouble has created
a real opportunity for the Knicks...
but I have to wonder if the Knicks
are doing enough to exploit it.
- [ Dispatcher ] Well, Marv,
I'd say the answer is no.
- No!
With a halfway decent coach,
they'd probably be ahead by now.
[ Announcer ]
Stacy Patton shoots! Air ball!
- Why didn't he hit the open man?
- Damn it, Knicks, you suck!
[ Dispatcher ]
Because Stacy Patton is a showboater...
- who only averages 0.2 assists
per game, that's why.
- [ Announcer ] Duncan steals!
- Stacy Patton and Drew Hastings. Yes!
- Yeah! Yeah!
The Knicks take a two-point lead
for the first time in the game.
[ Dispatcher ] The Knicks take the lead
with 20 seconds to go.
- It doesn't get any better than this.
- [ Phone Ringing ]
Hold on, sports fans. We're experiencing
technical difficulties.
[ Announcer ]
Spud Webb to Doc Rivers.
Mike's Limo.
Oh, Achmed, it's you.
Oh-- [ Giggles ]
I need you to come in and get
the white-- Spud Webb shoots a three!
It's good!
Come get the white stretch.
Knicks coach John Bailey
calling for a time out.
Thank God. Bailey takes a 20-second
time out with 12 long seconds to play.
- [ Announcer Continues ]
- After you make the Plaza drop...
drive through the wings, make
the fast break down the F.D.R.
to the Long Island Expressway.
- The Atlanta crowd is greatly upset--
- We're back, sports fans.
- Mischa!
- I say no more basketball! No!
Do you want to
drive limo again?
You can fire me, take every cent
I have, but don't fool around
with the basketball game.
- No!
- Move your hand.
- No! No, no, no!
- Move your--
I pay you work, not watch T--
No! No, no!
- Aaah!
- [ Announcer ] Spud Webb to Doc Rivers.
Back to Webb.
For the three!
- Yes! The Hawks regain the lead...
- Okay, sports fans.
with six seconds left.
Coach John Bailey is disgusted
as his star hands the Hawks
the lead in this game.
- The Knicks still have a chance.
- Come on, Hastings, you can do this.
There's your play.
Pass to Duncan!
[ Announcer ]
Hastings on the hop to D-- Ohh!
Patton collides with Duncan, and at the
buzzer it's the Atlanta Hawks by two...
- [ Buzzer Sounds ]
- over the New York Knicks.
- What a heartbreaker tonight
as once again the Knicks...
- We blew it. We blew it.
- have snatched defeat
from the jaws of victory.
- Ohh, God!
You drive--
You drive a limo tomorrow!
[ Jingle ] Sports radio 66
- The fan!
welcoming you back
to WFAN, Fan Radio.
The sell rumors
have heated up again.
The Knicks, who at 14-39 have sunk
to new lows this season...
have announced
a press conference in one hour...
so we won't be in suspense
much longer.
Well, I don't give a shit
how much it costs. I want it.
Oh, my driver's
here at last.
- Are you the guy going to the Plaza?
- Yes, I am.
- I'm really sorry.
Traffic was abominable.
- We'd better get goin'.
- Let me take this bag.
- No, I got it.
- Ma'am, it's a very heavy bag--
- I have it. Get in the car.
You know,
I got an appointment in New York.
We'll maybe you oughta get in the car
and we'll get there faster.
[ Grunting ]
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Sorry. Sorry.
- You know there's wheels
on them things, hon.
- Gee, thanks.
And don't call me "hon."
[ Jingle ] Sports radio
Chris Berman back with you
live on ESPN Radio.
Remember the man that brought us
all those pay-per-view spectaculars...
like "The Fracas in Caracas"...
"The Brawl in Nepal"?
And who could ever forget
"The Feud in the Nude"?
He's sports entrepreneur
Wild Bill Burgess...
and it's official, he's the new owner
of the New York Knicks.
Knicks' coach John Bailey didn't
exactly roll out the ol' welcome mat.
[ Bailey On Tape ] Look, I'm sure
we'll get along fine, okay?
As long as he lets me coach
my team my way, my style.
Yeah, right.
Well, we'll see, because live with us
now is Wild Bill Burgess himself.
Bill, congratulations. But how do you
expect to turn around this ball club?
[ On Phone ] Well, Chris, you're gonna
see more entertainment...
you're gonna see better marketing,
cuter cheerleaders.
- You know, the Knicks
don't even have a mascot.
- Bill, so what?
- What about changes on the team?
- Put me on with this putz.
- We've got a hot one on line four.
- Eddie from Manhattan.
- Eddie from Manhattan.
You're on live
with Wild Bill Burgess.
Billy, you really
want a mascot, baby?
You need to put a saddle
on Bailey and ride his ass
around Central Park all night.
- That's what you need.
- [ Bill Laughs ]
Well, you know, if that'd sell tickets
I might consider it, hon.
[ Laughs ] Yeah, right.
And don't call me "hon."
[ Berman On Radio ]
Uh, Wild Bill, you still with us?
Eddie. Eddie, you there?
Steve from Hartford, you're live with us
on ESPN Radio. What can we do for you?
- [ Tires Screeching ]
- [ Horns Honking ]
[ Eddie ] I'm tellin' you, Wild Bill,
these guys are really good.
They have the potential
to be a fabulous team,
but they don't have any leadership.
No, you know what it is--
the Russians only care about shooting.
That's why Ivan doesn't know
anything about defense.
But you got a couple of rookies
who are pretty good...
and then you got Patton,
who's a fabulous player
but knows he's a fabulous player.
He has no assists because
he won't pass the ball.
- You've inherited a mess.
Is there anything else I can tell you?
- Yes, a lot more.
But I'm afraid I don't have the time.
Thanks for the advice.
- Let me give you a little somethin'.
- Oh, no, really--
Come on. I've always heard New Yorkers
weren't kind people.
- You've been very kind.
- Gee, Ben looks good.
It's been so long since I've seen him.
Thank you.
[ Phone Rings, Machine Picks Up ]
[ Eddie On Machine ]
Okay, it's an easy one today.
He was N.B.A. Rookie of the Year
in 1968.
- What was Earl Monroe's nickname?
- [ Machine Beeps ]
[ Woman ]
Eddie, it's me. Pick up.
Okay, listen, sweetheart,
I don't know if you noticed...
but men go to basketball games
so, Eddie, please,
please wear something sexy.
By the way, thank God you put
an easy question on your machine...
'cause I met this cute guy
and I gave him your number.
- See you tonight. Bye. [ Dial Tone ]
- Hello?
Ah. Goddamn it.
Oh, I wish you'd stop
giving out my phone number, Claudine.
How many consecutive games
did Dolph Schayes play when
he was with the Syracuse Nets?
- Answer that, and magic can happen.
- [ Beeps ]
Ah! What's a "goil" to wear?
[ Chuckles ]
I know you're comfortable and I'm glad,
but what are you doing to me, huh?
Do you know how long it takes me
to get this gorgeous? Two hours!
You take ten seconds to throw on
a jersey, you look like a bag lady.
As opposed to a $50 hooker?
Eddie, please.
A hundred dollars at least, huh?
- Excuse me.
- Hey, Odell.
- Hello, beautiful. How are you tonight?
- Good. They warming up?
- Leave him alone, please.
- What? He's cute.
"He's cu--"
Everybody is cute to you.
I don't understand why every time we
come to a basketball game you dress up.
[ Marv Albert ]
We'll see whether the Knicks...
at home tonight with new owner
Bill Burgess attending his first game...
can beat the Los Angeles Lakers...
who are on a six-game
winning streak.
- What about Van Exel?
- Play him tight.
- But Vlade's the problem.
Always has been.
- No, no, no, no.
You double up on Van Exel...
and play Vlade with Ivan, or "Ee-van"
or whatever, tight, man-to-man--
Oh, uh, Coach Bailey, I wonder
if I could have a moment, sir.
- Well, of course you can.
It's your team now.
- No, sir, it's our team.
Listen, I was watchin'
the game on TV last night.
Our boys are movin' awful slow,
don't you think?
Why don't you fire 'em up a bit?
Give the folks a good show.
- Look, um, Mr. Burgess--
- Oh, Bill, Bill.
You can call me Bill.
Mr. Burgess, I am the head coach
of the New York Knicks.
Now, if you're looking
for a cheerleader...
those are the girls that run around
in those short little skirts.
[ P.A. Announcer, Indistinct ]
- Look, there's Bailey right there.
- Eddie, wait.
- Bailey!
- [ Man ] Yo, Eddie!
You gonna try something new tonight,
like tryin' to coach?
[ Laughs ] It is the N.B.A., buddy:
"No Buttheads Allowed."
- But you keep comin' back.
I don't understand it.
- [ Fans Laughing ]
You looking good, though, babe.
Don't look at me like that.
You see that sign
that says "John 3:16"?
That is not
a biblical quote, baby.
That's your sorry road record,
'cause you the anticoach!
[ Eddie, Fans Laughing ]
All right, hey, let's go.
Do your job and get her out of here.
- Come on.
- Okay, ladies, please.
- Do you have "666" on your head?
- Yeah, yeah. Bye-bye.
Come back again when you can afford
a seat back here.
- As soon as you start winnin',
I'll be back.
- So long!
Hey, Zimmer! Get a life! Get a face!
Get a new coat! You suck!
- [ Fans Booing ]
- [ P.A. Announcer ]
Ladies and gentlemen...
the starting lineup
for the Los Angeles Lakers.
At forward, six feet, nine inches,
Anthony "Pig" Miller.
- Boo!
- [ Fans Continue Booing ]
- Why do they call him "Pig"?
- 'Cause he's not kosher.
- [ Claudine Laughs ]
- At center, seven feet-one, Vlade Divac.
At guard, six feet, one inch,
Nick Van Exel.
- [ Claudine ] Don't start on my chest.
- That chest got us thrown out.
Your mouth got us thrown out. The chest
almost kept us in the good seats.
You know what pisses me off?
I hate people that buy those
$8,000 seats, then don't come
'til we start winning.
[ P.A. Announcer ]
Introducing the starting lineup
for your New York Knicks!
Hey, here we go!
From the Republic of Georgia, and I
don't mean Atlanta, Ivan Radovadovitch!
[ Cheering ]
Let's go!
At six feet, eight inches,
Stacy Patton!
At six feet, two inches tall,
"Preacher Man" Taylor!
- [ Coughs ]
- You all right?
Yeah, I'm good. I love this climb.
It's good for my thighs.
- Cool.
- [ Coughs ]
Let me tell you something, man.
The Knicks do not stink.
They're just a man short.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Clark Kent.
- That's your comeback line?
- Get a life!
- Don't start with her.
She's had a bad day.
You couldn't be funny
if your life depended on it.
One phone call to Staten Island--
ba-da-bing! Know what I'm talkin' about?
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome your new Knicks City Dancers!
- [ Fanfare ]
- [ Dancers ] Whoo!
[ Continues ]
- Hey, Eddie.
- Hey, girls.
- I'd rather be dead.
- [ Laughter ]
Nice dress you're almost wearing.
- Whoo!
- Eric, Keith.
Hey, what's up?
They switched seats.
- We thought it might help.
- Couldn't hurt.
[ Continues ]
[ P.A. Announcer ]
New York, there's a new sheriff in town.
Say hello to
Wild Bill Burgess!
[ Dancers Shouting, Indistinct ]
Look at his shoes!
- "Howdy"?
- "Howdy"?
- [ Laughing ]
- Howdy, my ass. "Howdy"?
- Let me hear you say "Howdy!"
- [ Scattered Responses ]
Now, folks,
I want you all to know...
that we're gonna give you
a big-time N.B.A. show every night.
- [ Man ] Right!
- [ Fans Applauding ]
All right, now let's get
the Wild Bill era off with a bang!
[ Fans Shouting, Hooting ]
[ Fans Gasping, Cheering ]
[ Applause Continues ]
That was Walt Frazier's jersey!
That's Walt Frazier's jersey!
Hey! Yo!
That's my jersey!
[ Fans Gasping, Shouting ]
And that's just the beginning, folks!
We got more surprises for ya!
Don't forget the honorary coach contest
at halftime!
Let's play some basketball!
- [ Cheering Continues ]
- [ Band Resumes ]
[ Marv Albert ]
Say good-bye to tradition.
Wild Bill Burgess has just torched
Walt Frazier's jersey.
A freak show.
He's gonna turn it
into a freak show.
Come on, you guys.
Let's go.
Let's remember we got a game
we wanna win. Where's Taylor?
- He's praying.
- Tell him to pray over here.
Darren! Amen!
Come on!
Hastings! Wake up!
If you're open, take the jumper!
If not, look down low for Ivan!
- Ivan.
- Whatever.
- Ivan make basket.
- Good. Yes.
- Whoa, whoa.
If Stacy Patton don't shoot,
Stacy Patton don't play.
Quit referring to yourself in the
third person and pay attention, asshole.
- Come on, man. Watch your language.
- Yo, you'd better back off.
Patton, I'm not warning you again.
- Ivan make basket.
- Yes, yes!
- Excuse me, Coach. I'd look for Jamal.
- Yeah, right.
Hey, logo-head, what are you lookin' at?
Get in the game, will ya?
She used my tickets
for her divorce lawyer.
- You mind gettin' in the game here?
- Hey!
Play ball.
Okay. All right, you guys.
Let's go!
[ Zimmer ] Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go.
Go, Knicks!
- [ Eric ] This is basketball, right?
- Let the torture begin.
[ Man ] Look at this!
He's going to-- Challenge him!
Don't watch him shoot!
Right this way, Mr. Burgess.
This is your owner's box.
We can have this redecorated
any way you'd like, of course.
[ Fans Shouting, Cheering ]
This'll do for now.
Hey, get it together
with the defense, Patton!
[ Man ] Bad defense!
[ Eddie ] No, don't take on
all four, Patton! Don't do it!
[ Man ] Come on, get with it!
- Back!
- Block him, block him!
Tonight's attendance figures,
Mr. Burgess.
I don't need to see the numbers.
I know empty when I see it.
Jamal Duncan now at the foul line...
and wearing his shoe logo
in his hair.
Let's see, he's shooting 55 percent
from the free throw line.
We'll see if it helps.
[ Scattered Groans, Applause ]
[ Eddie ] Bailey!
What's the matter with you?
Hey, Bailey!
Open up your eyes!
If Duncan can't make his free throws and
won't get back on defense, sit him down!
[ Fans Groaning, Hooting ]
She gets louder every year.
Let's stack the deck
a little, shall we?
- Say "freaky girl"
- Freaky girl
- Say "sexy girl"
- Sexy girl
- [ Continues ]
- Well, the first half
has mercifully ended...
for Coach John Bailey's
New York Knicks.
Unless he can get Stacy Patton
to look for his teammates...
it does not look good
for this young team.
Here's the, uh, honorary coach list
for tonight.
section 21, row four, seat nine...
and section 221, row "R," seat 15.
- It's you!
- Ohhh! Ohh!
Ohh! Wait a minute!
Wait! Oh, my God!
[ Echoing ] Wait! Wait!
Oh, it's me! I won!
Oh, wait a minute!
Wait, wait!
Whoo! I won!
I told you!
Remember, anyone who
makes the free throw...
gets to be honorary coach
for the second half.
Wait, wait! Don't start without me!
I'm comin'!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Move, man!
[ Panting ]
The ticket.
I got my ticket.
I got the ticket.
[ Continues Panting ]
Oh, shit. Excuse me.
[ P.A. Announcer ]
Our first shooter tonight...
is 13-year-old Tracy Hogan
from Flatbush.
[ Panting ] I had to come from--
Never mind.
I got the ticket, man!
Stand here and shoot
for the hoop, okay?
- [ Fans Groan ]
- [ P.A. Announcer ] Ow! Well, nice try.
- Let's give Tracy a hand!
- [ Murmuring ] Yeah, Tracy.
- Our next shooter is 31-year-old
Sheldon Leonard from Astoria.
- Shoot for the hoop.
[ Fans Applauding, Cheering ]
[ P.A. Announcer ]
A serious contender, folks.
Come on, man, you ain't no Globetrotter.
Shoot the ball!
- [ Loud Cough ]
- [ Fans Groan ]
- [ P.A. Announcer ] Just a bit outside!
[ Applause ]
I got it, I got it,
I got it. Hey!
[ All Cheering ]
Eddie! Eddie!
[ Chanting, Clapping ]
Eddie! Eddie!
[ P.A. Announcer ] She seems to have her
own cheering section up there in 221.
- It just doesn't get
any better than this. God!
- Eddie! Eddie!
[ P.A. Announcer ]
Everybody's ready.
[ Fans Shouting, Hooting ]
Perhaps tonight?
- [ Woman ] You got it, girl!
- [ Man ] Come on!
- Shoot it! Shoot it!
- Shoot the damn ball!
- [ Cheering ]
- [ P.A. Announcer ]
Guess what-- we have a winner!
We have an honorary coach tonight!
Bring it on!
The honorary coach!
Yes, I think I got it! Yes, I think
I got it, 'cause I know I did!
[ P.A. Announcer ] Tonight's
honorary coach, Edwina Franklin!
[ Booing ]
[ Continues ]
In the house!
Yeah. Oh!
- Hey.
- How y'all doin'?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Hey, get rid of her.
- [ Laughs ]
Check it out, baby.
Oooh-ooh-hoo! Whoo!
- Sit down and shut up.
- What?
- Sit down and shut up.
- All right, all right.
[ Continues ]
Oh. Sorry.
[ Chuckles ]
- No. Go back and sit down.
- I'm not--
- Sit! Sit!
- I'm-- All right.
[ Continues ]
[ Players Talking, Shouting ]
All right, screen!
Screen! Get through!
Hold on! Wait!
See, you gotta wait!
Yeah, Vlade, yeah!
All right!
- Foul!
- Everybody, get back!
- Pick it up, pick it up.
- Move! Hey-- Hey, Elvis! Move!
Hey, you with the $1.99
rug on your head, would you
get out of my way, please?
- Yeah, move.
- [ Groans ]
- Ohh!
- Oh! Excuse me!
- It just don't get no better
than that. He is cute.
- Right on.
Oh-ho, yeah!
- [ Grunts ]
- Oh, good block, Vlade!
Get up, get up, get up!
- [ Fans Booing ]
- Patton--
Come on, move it, move it.
Look at the guys. They're missi--
[ Player ] Screen, screen!
Get through!
By yourself!
Ivan, by yourself!
- Plant your feet, baby. Plant your feet!
- [ Whistle Blows ]
- Good call!
- Yeah! Blocking!
What you talkin' about? What is wrong
with you? What, you Helen Keller?
- You blind, brother!
- What are you doin'?
White, blocking!
- Bad call! Bad call!
- Bad call!
- Worse than your pants,
that's how bad the call was.
- [ Blows Whistle ]
- That's a technical!
- No! She's just a fan!
She's a fan, Dave, please!
But she's on your bench. You either
shut her up or get her outta here.
- Delighted. Right this way, ma'am.
- No. Come on, Bailey, no.
- No, no, no! Hey, don't!
- [ Fans Booing ]
Hey, don't! It's all right!
Hey, man!
[ Shouting, Booing Continues ]
Now, what the hell
is Bailey doing?
Look at her. She's as good as gold.
The fans love her. Look at that.
- [ Crowd Chanting "Eddie"]
- The crowd is going crazy...
as Coach John Bailey is having
Honorary Coach Eddie Franklin
ejected from the garden!
[ Chanting Continues ]
- See you tomorrow night, Eddie.
- Okay.
Go for the open man. What are you doin'?
Why don't you listen?
Hit the open man!
Hit him!
- [ Yelling, Shouting ]
- Go back, go back!
All right, all right,
all right, let's go.
He's goin' that way!
There's the basket! Go! Go!
Ah! Ah! Hey!
Where you goin', man?
Y'all are supposed to be over here!
Come on!
Look, Eddie, they can't even get
the ball! Let me go in. One play!
[ Stuttering ]
- Yes! Yes!
- [ Whistle Blows ]
Eddie! Eddie!
What in the hell's the idea of sittin'
my boy for the entire game?
Excuse us for a second.
Listen, don't ever come up on me
like that again in front of children.
- What's the matter with you?
- Nothing's the matter with me.
- He's been sittin' there
for the entire game.
- The boy got a "D" in English.
- What's that got to do
with him playin' ball?
- A lot.
But your first question should've been,
"Why'd he get the 'D' in English?"
You need to start paying attention
to him in school...
or you're gonna be watching him
in court instead of on the court.
- Okay?
- Okay.
I understand.
All right.
Let's get something straight: I am not
here to clean up your horse shit...
or to play second fiddle
to some circus freak that you created.
Price of showmanship, Mr. Bailey.
To you, maybe.
To me, this is the N.B.A.
And I don't like being embarrassed
or having my team embarrassed.
Well, now, I kinda thought
it was my team.
You wanna know somethin'?
You're right.
You're exactly right.
It is your team.
And I'm the coach of that team,
a coach with a very large contract.
I'm here to tell you that if you pull
another stunt like that, I'm walkin'.
Did you see the papers today,
Mr. Bailey?
The fans love this little girl,
the press loves this little girl
Let me tell you somethin', Wild Bill
or Buffalo Bill or whatever it is
that you call yourself--
that doesn't impress me,
and you don't impress me
Well, you know, I'm gonna tell you
what impresses me--
the fact that the papers said
nothing whatsoever about you today
That's a smart fella He left
just in time I was about to fire him
To fire him you'll have to pay him
$12 million a year for three years
How much is it gonna
cost me if he quits?
Ladies and gentlemen,
can I have your attention, please?
- I have a special announcement to make
- What do you want, cowboy?
Miss Edwina Franklin, come on down!
You did get a phone number
- Aaaaah!
- [ Cheering, Whistling ]
You know, Mr Burgess, I might just
walk out of here right now
Well, don't let the door hit ya
where the Good Lord split ya
Get out of my way
- You want us to play for her?
- I can't work under these conditions
- I'd hate to lose you too, Mr Zimmer
- Oh, no, I wasn't saying that
I was just commenting
on the, uh-- you know--
Stacy Patton's ass
ain't playin' for no woman
How much does Stacy Patton's ass make
per game, if you please?
Uh, $43,000
Forty-three thousand dollars?
[ Burgess ] Anybody else's ass
not playin' tonight, huh?
- Ivan make basket
- Well, then, Ivan make money
I'm glad we all agree, gentlemen
Coach Zimmer's gonna take care
of the basketball
That little lady's just gonna
hop up and down, make a big
scene, make the folks happy
Now, you give me
some focus, huh?
You give me a victory
Win one for the Gipper
Okay? Get back in there
Come on
Forty-three thousand dollars?
- That's a lot of money
- They pay him a dollar a shot?
- Who's the Gipper?
- Damn, you're stupid
Hi, Eddie!
How are ya?
- Am I Honorary Coach again?
- Well, sort of Here she is, folks!
- [ Cheering Continues ]
- [ Claudine ] Oh, my God!
Now, I'm afraid I have
another announcement for you
John Bailey has resigned
as head coach
- [ Fans Gasping, Murmuring ]
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
[ Laughing ] Yeah!
So let me introduce you to our head
coach for tonight-- Miss Eddie Franklin
- Aaaaaah!
- Yes!
This is the greatest thing
that's ever happened to me,
and it didn't even happen to me
There's nothin' in the rule book
- You wanna file a protest, be my guest
- You're damn right I will!
They're all yours, Coach
Hi! The Knicks Look at you
You're the real--
You know, I've been a fan for--
I've seen a million games
I've been watching you
since college I've been
watching you since high school
My dad was a Knicks fan
My husband, who I met right up there
wearing your jersey
even when he was in the hospital all he
wanted to do was watch the Knicks game
- I can't believe that you guys
are here! I can't stand it!
- [ Horn Blows ]
- Whoo!
- [ Marv Albert ]
Well, history is being made tonight
- here at Madison Square Garden
- Okay, that's--
- where Miss Eddie Franklin
- We're playin' now!
- is taking over for Coach John Bailey
- Zim! What's up, buddy?
- Now, I've seen surprises
in the world of sports
- Kickin' booty! Let's go!
- but never have I seen
the likes of this
- Come on, man!
A fan coming out of the stands
to take the reins
of an N B A team
What an amazing development!
Pick, Bobby, pick!
Switch! Switch!
[ Fans Groaning ]
- What the hell was that?
- Don't tell me, tell him
Maybe a little louder
next time
- Hey, man, that your mama?
- No, man, that's the coach
[ Players Chattering ]
Hey, hey!
Mouse in the house!
I got a little one! Here we go!
Here we go! Whoo! Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah! Oh, no!
Here we go!
Come on, baby,
you got the right idea
What's the matter, Coach?
Cat got your tongue?
To think I used to like him
You got him, you got him!
"D" him up, baby! Take it low!
Stace, Stace!
I'm open, baby!
Here we go!
Let's roll, let's roll!
Come on, man!
Are you ever gonna give it up?
It was a good shot, man!
Come on, bust out!
Bust it out! Let's go!
- Finish it, Terry!
- Go!
- Yes!
- [ Player ] How about that travel, Ref?
Go to town, baby
Pick up!
Pick up your man!
- Defense! Defense!
- [ Fans Responding ] Defense! Defense!
[ Eddie, Fans Continue Chanting ]
Defense! Defense!
- Defense! Defense!
- [ Fans Responding ] Defense!
Another loss seems imminent
for the struggling New York Knicks
who don't seem to listen to
their replacement coach
any more than their
former coach John Bailey
Stacy, what are your thoughts
on the game tonight?
Stacy Patton don't do interviews
[ Players Murmuring ]
It just didn't seem like the team
was playing as a cohesive unit
Was there just lack of focus?
You got a guy takin' 38 shots and
makin' eight? No wonder the coach quit
And we got a Rasta runnin' along
the sidelines acting like a coach now
- It's a circus
- Howdy, folks
- [ Burgess ] I brought you
a little present
- Eddie Eddie
- Eddie, I'm from People Magazine
- [ Reporters Chattering ]
What is your previous
coaching experience?
[ Reporters Shouting
Questions Simultaneously ]
- Sir, can I have a word with you?
- Certainly, Mr Zimmer
- Excuse me, please
- Uh, yeah
- This is it?
- That's every coach that's available
It's an awful short list What is this,
their social security numbers?
- Uh, no, that's how much
they each made last year
- Mmm Thanks
- It must've been great
to be at the helm
- What's next for you now?
- How does it feel to be a woman?
- Good!
How did you like
your performance tonight?
- All right, boys
Leave the little lady alone
- [ Talking Continues ]
She's kinda shy
- [ Talking Continues ]
- Wild Bill, how are you gonna
turn this team around?
The Knicks need a coach now!
Are you gonna hire
a college coach, Wild Bill?
Quit-- Quit pushin'
and scratchin'
[ Reporters Quiet ]
Like we say back home, no amount
of plannin' can replace dumb luck
I just got me the biggest piece of luck
I ever had: I found my new coach
- Well, who is he?
- What's his name?
- Eddie
- Say what?
- Eddie who?
- [ Eddie ] I can't do this
- [ Bill] Yes, you can
I cannot take a real
N B A team on the road!
- Do the guys know what you're--
Does the N B A know what--
- Can I ask you somethin'?
Do you still think
the Knicks can win?
- Yes, I do, but I think
they deserve a real coach
- That's what you are, Eddie
In your heart,
you are a coach
Why else would I be paying you
$50,000 to finish the season?
So I want you to get on that plane,
start takin' names
and kickin' butt
Go ahead
- [ Mutters ] Yeah
- I believe in you, Eddie
I believe you need the Knicks,
and I believe the Knicks need you
[ Players Talking ]
[ Talking Stops ]
Listen, guys, I just wanted to say
how really excited I am about this
This is the biggest thing
that's ever happened to me
I don't know what to say
It's so exciting
I'm lookin' at you guys, and I see,
you know, there's a great team here
There's a really great team
I just don't understand
why you're in last place
I mean, you, Mr Patton
I mean, if you could just
manage to pass the ball more
then we'd feel like
a more cohesive team
I think you have to look at it
as you're part of a whole, you know
And you, Preacher, you know,
I've seen you shoot from the outside
You gotta go for it more, shoot from
the perimeter You have the capability
That's my opinion, anyway
And Mr Duncan, you know you could lead
the league in rebounds
if you'd just get
that foul shot together
Frankly, it's really foul
That's a little basketball humor there
[ Chuckles ]
[ Sighs ] Hey, Mr Hastings
You're terrific
You're really a terrific player
I just wish you could get your head
more in the game
No offense
Hey, Nate What can I say about you?
You're just the greatest there ever was
You know, you're just great
[ Chuckles ]
I wish we could clone you,
then your clones could teach
these guys what I'm talkin' about
Hey, Zim
Hey, how you doin'?
Hey, Ivan--
Ivan [ Chuckles ]
Do you know what the word
"defense" means?
Ivan make basket
[ Chuckles ]
- We'll work on defense
- Defense
- Okay, cool
- Defense
You know, I just wanna say
that when we get
to where we're going
we're just gonna kick butt
We're gonna kick butt
We're on an away game It's breather
time now We're travelling
God knows we can do this
Don't you think so?
Yeah! Yeah
I don't get it, man
Is she the Gipper or not?
- Damn, you sure are white
- I can't help it
Ladies, my room is right here
I'll get to show you those
championship rings I told you about
- [ Murmuring, Talking ]
- Let's get it goin' now
[ Talking Continues, Faint ]
Hey, Ivan, remember what I said,
all right? P-H-A- Phat
See how the superstar on a two-on-one
fast break goes for the dunk
You saw my moves
out on the court
Come inside and check out
the rest of 'em
I don't know if we should go
in your rooms
Yo, baby, you phat
Oh, you're an animal
- Phat
- You the man
[ Yelling ]
"Separation and divorce"?
Come on, man
I don't need these, man
I been married
too long for this, man
[ Nate ] Hey, yo,
how phat was she, Ivan?
[Ivan ] Phat!
I got 50 bucks on this one
Look, I'm gettin' tired
Can we hurry this up?
[ Snoring ]
- I thought this was supposed
to be a practice
- This is a practice
- So how come nobody's practicing?
- Well
Jamal's shooting an album cover
Hastings is over there
with his divorce lawyer
- Stacy Patton's, uh--
- Asleep
- Asleep, yeah
- Does he sleep through every practice?
- No, just on game day
- Ah
No wonder it takes him
an average of four minutes
before he can get his first shot off
- So what are we gonna do about it?
- "We"? Leave me out of it, Coach
[ Chuckles ]
These kids are stars
They do what they wanna do
I got a mortgage and two kids
in college I don't rock the boat
The only boat that doesn't rock
is one that's not going anywhere
Hey, you're the head coach
You wanna get these
million-dollar egos to practice
their jump shots, be my guest
[ Blows Whistle ]
Ouch [ Chuckles ]
Come on, quit foolin' around
and shoot from game situations, will ya?
I'll show you a game situation
- Look, "T," ball!
- All right You go, man!
- That'll be four points from there!
- Dribbles to the basket!
He shoots!
- Oh!
- He scores! Yeah!
- Yes!
- Oh, so now you clownin' me, huh?
- This is my game situation
- I see How are the knees?
- They're old I'm old, Eddie
- You're not that old
In N B A years, I'm 138
- Really?
- 138
How old's that make you in doggie years?
Come on, let's go
- All right, you got it
- Let's go, ladies Come on
[ Crowd Cheering ]
- [ Players Chattering ]
- [ Eddie ] Pass the ball!
- Pass the ball!
- [ Patton Grunts ]
Come on, get your head
in the game!
Let's go!
This is just a publicity stunt for you!
You are not a coach!
You not a player, lookin' like
a little roach!
- Let's go, let's go, let's go!
- Switch it!
- [ Eddie ] Yeah!
- [ Fans Booing ]
Was that your mistake, Mr Rodman?
I think so
Your team doesn't know
how to play
- Bad shots, bad coach--
- Bad hair
At least I look good
For the moment
Get your earrings, baby
You look naked
Ball up!
[ Eddie ] Come on! Heads up!
Come on, let's go!
[ Whistle Blows ]
[ Player ]
Match up, match up, match up!
Mr Patton, I need you to double-team
the short guy, the cricket-looking one
If you wanna talk to Stacy Patton,
call his agent
- Match up! Match up!
- [ Buzzer Sounds ]
Next time they come,
they'd better bring a coach!
They play just as bad
with a coach!
See what I told you?
You guys, if you'd listened
to me, you would not have gotten
slaughtered by the Spurs
You don't wanna practice,
you don't wanna hustle,
you don't wanna do anything
[ Players Murmuring ]
- What, did that shrink up in the water?
- [ Murmuring Continues ]
I thought it was gonna be
so much bigger It's like this--
- It looks like he got
a pimple on his thigh
- What's she talkin' about?
And the Knicks broke
an all-time record last night
They lost their 19th straight game
This whole thing
is getting ridiculous
- So what's the hard hat take
on Eddie Franklin?
- It's a joke, an embarrassment
It's a woman coach I'm just gonna give
my tickets to the wife
- So the gender is inappropriate?
- I got your gender right here
Know what I'm talkin' about?
Mr Mayor, the new coach of the Knicks
is a woman Your reaction?
It's a real breakthrough
for equal rights
She'll bring something
very special to it
- Do you think she can get
the team out of the basement?
- She can't do any worse
The Knicks were winning
when I was mayor
- You're a very photogenic young woman
- Well, thank you, Bill
And I tell you what, no matter--
I'm not gonna let you quit
- Why not? I'm not doing anything
better than Bailey did
- Oh, nonsense
Advanced ticket sales
are up 30 percent
- And you know what?
The fans love you, Eddie
- But the newspapers hate me
So what?
It's free publicity
What are you talking about?
We're losing
Eddie, listen, the Knicks did not
get into this mess overnight
and they're not gonna
get out of it overnight
I have every confidence
that you can do it
- I just don't have the same confidence
- Let me tell you something
I grew up in a one-horse town
in Texas
My folks were too poor to paint
and too proud to whitewash
If I can do it, Eddie, you can do it
Look where I got
It's like we say back home:
"He that would have the fruit
must climb the tree "
So I'm gonna ask you a question,
little lady: you gonna let me down?
No, I'm not gonna let you down Maybe
with the home court advantage it'll--
Ah, that's my girl That's what I like
to hear Come on, I'll walk you out
Oh, yeah?
Come on, man!
- Okay, now-- Hey! Don't run!
- Go, Knicks!
Hey, hey, watch it!
Hey, hey, calm down,
calm down, calm down
- Thank you I got it
You guys look good
- Thanks
Listen, the players are gettin' ready
to go out They're concentrating
so I'm gonna take you and show you
my office, and that'll be that, okay?
All right, I want you
to be like gentlemen
- We're gonna go in like
we have some class, okay?
- Okay
[ Murmuring, Talking ]
- No problem Oh, my pen
- Here you go
- Hey, Mr Duncan,
can I get your autograph?
- Not now, kids
- I'm doin' business
- Well, they gotta have
something to talk about
[ Duncan ] We're gonna shoot this
rap video at my place in St Bart's
- You know, me, you, the Jacuzzi
- Terry Hastings
- Terry
- Terry
- Excuse me
- Can I get your autograph?
Look, look, $35,000 is not alimony
That's the lotto!
Hey, hey, Mr Patton,
can we get an autograph, please?
Stacy Patton don't sign autographs
You know what, you guys?
Why don't you wait for me outside, okay?
- I'll take you to your seats
and we'll go get some hot dogs
- Mm-hmm
- All right, all right
- Excuse me
- [ Murmuring Continues ]
- Lawyers, agents,
models, pseudo-models
rappers, people with bad rugs
if you're not wearing a jersey
that says "New York Knicks"
get up and get the hell out right now
- Now
- [ Woman ] Ooh! Bye, baby
- [ Murmuring Continues ]
- I'm gonna get up outta here, y'all
[ R-&-B ]
Who the hell do you guys
think you are?
I mean, really--
who the hell do you think you are?
I thought this was
a professional basketball team
Obviously I'm out of my mind
I'm in here with rap artists
and pitch men
line-slingers and "ho" mongers
and assholes
Eddie, please!
No Knicks, please, Preacher
You remember that people pay
to come and see you guys?
People spend $2,000 on season tickets
up in the nosebleed sections
because they think
you guys are worthwhile
And forget about the little kids
who actually think you guys
are heroes Stupid them!
[ Clears Throat ]
[ Preacher ] Two-thousand dollars
for some season tickets?
That'll make you think
Yeah Homegirl has some shitty seats
[ Fans Booing, Cheering ]
- What are you doin'?
- Come on, Terry!
- Just pass me the ball!
- Get back! Get back!
[ Marv Albert ] I can't recall any
Knick team that has played this poorly
You wonder, is there any hope
on the horizon?
[ Buzzer Sounds ]
- [ Player ] Hey!
Can't you guard somebody?
- [ Player ] I am!
- Boo
- Ooh!
[ Laughs ] You almost got
my karate move
- I've been waiting for you
- Yeah?
- Yeah
- What you need?
- I need to ask you an honest question
- Okay
Was that my loss?
Yeah, there's an old saying:
players win, coaches lose
I know, but seven in a row
It's not like I'm not trying
I've tried talking I've tried being
nice I don't know what else to do
Well, look, Eddie,
we're in a slump right now
I know, but you guys are professionals
You're not supposed to have slumps
We're not supposed to have slumps? Look,
I know these kids make a lot of money
And I know they're not supposed
to be human, but they are
They have problems
like everybody else
But just because they can put the ball
in the hoop, no one cares
Do you care that Hastings' life
is falling apart?
Do you care that Ivan
can't speak the language?
Well, if you don't care
they're just gonna keep on
doing it just to spite you
You gotta understand
something, Eddie
That was Bailey's problem,
and it's yours too
I'll see you tomorrow
in practice, Coach
[ Sighs ]
[ Players Chattering ]
- [ Eddie ] Ivan
- [Ivan ] Da, Eddie
Last night you had four defensive fouls
in the first half of the game
- Ivan make defense
- Yes, I know
- Ivan make defense
- Yes, I know
But you cannot continue
to move your feet like that
[ Speaking Russian ]
- Ivan make offense
- Yes, yes, yes
But you're in America now
You need to make American defense
- [ Speaks Russian ]
- [ Players Laughing, Talking ]
A takoi
- A takoi A takoi
- A takoi
Notice the feet
- It's Red Auerbach
- [ Eddie ] A takoi
Nyet! Nyet, nyet, nyet
- We're gonna do it like
we're playing a real game
- A takoi!
Nyet Nyet
[ Speaks Russian ]
- Can anybody drive the lane?
- [ Patton ] Yeah
- Stacy Patton would love
to drive the lane
- [ Players Chuckling ]
I don't know why she want to do this
You wanna play with the big boys?
- Aaaah!
- [ Players Gasp ]
- Oh, shit
- Good Lord!
[ Murmuring Continues ]
Now, Ivan,
you see what I did?
I planted my feet
That is called
taking the charge Okay?
- Come on, get up
- [ Groans ]
[ Player ] She's gonna feel that later
Nice drive, Mr Patton
- Yeah, try that on me, punk
- You next
Come on, come on Come on, girls,
let's go Let's go, let's go
Good job
Hey, Coach
I didn't think you'd get up after that
I didn't think I was gonna
get up either, as big as he was
[ Groans ]
- Nice charge, Coach
- Thank you
- It took a lot out of me
- Say, boy
Wasn't it nice to have
a real practice for a change?
- Come of think of it, yeah
- Yeah [ Chuckles ]
It was
I gotta tell you, Terry, it seems like
you took a pretty good hit too
Uh, no, this is routine
This is every day for me, baby
I'm not talkin' about that
- Say, Brett, you wanna
excuse us for one second?
- Sure
- What are you talkin' about?
- I'm talkin' about your life
- Oh, come on, Coach
- No, really
I don't mean to pry,
but I'm gonna
Do you still love her?
Well, see, we're gettin'
a divorce, so--
Yeah, but do you love her?
- Shake your head,
'cause you know it's "yes "
- Yeah
So, what happened?
What happened was, I had this thing
on the road in Phoenix last year
I, um, I cheated, and, uh--
See, that's all she thinks I do
on the road now is run around
Well, yeah
I know you understand that
The woman thinks
you don't love her
The first thing you really need to do
is apologize
and keep apologizing every day
Apologize, apologize, apologize
until she says to you,
"Stop apologizing "
And then you have to start apologizing
for your apologies
- That's begging
- Yeah
Begging That has a nice ring
to it, doesn't it?
Then you gotta
send her some flowers
Okay, so I send flowers,
and then she'll forgive me
Hell, no, she's not gonna forgive you
But it's a good start
- [ Crowd Cheering ]
- [ Player ] Yo! Yo, yo! Here they come!
- On your left, man!
- Hold up, man! Hold up!
- Don't force it!
- Rebound! Go!
Run! Run!
- [ Whistle Blows ]
- Yeah, baby! Right in his mouth!
- [ P A Announcer ]
Foul on double-zero
- [ Eddie ] Ivan!
- Ivan Radovadovitch, his fifth!
- You moved your feet!
- Team's fourth
- Nyet! Nyet! Don't move the feet!
Sparks, get ready to go
Where? Oh
He can't possibly be
that stupid
Come on
What did I tell you?
What have I said to you every day?
- Sit down!
- [ Buzzer Sounds ]
[ Crowd Laughing, Applauding ]
[ Screaming, Laughing Continues ]
- Yeah! How's that for ya?
- My goodness!
He really showin' you up, man
- What's up with your boy, man?
- It's a joke
- Yo, yo, "B"! This boy's retarded, man
- You're a joke, Sparks
You don't have to
act like a rookie
Hey, Patton, pass the ball!
What are you, the black hole
of basketball? Come on!
- You gonna let her
call you a black "ho"?
- Man, a hole, not a "ho "
- A black hole
- What's a black hole?
A black hole is
a theoretical object in space
It is so dense
that matters collapses
and light itself cannot escape
[ Crowd Cheers ]
I knew that
What's a "ho"?
Now with Ivan in foul trouble, they'll
have to rely even more on Stacy Patton
I got two, I got two
- [ Eddie ] Hey! Yeah!
- [ Crowd Cheering ]
Yes! Yes!
Here we come
Here we come
Pass the ball!
Drop, John, drop!
Swing it, swing it!
- Stacy, hit the cutter!
- Patton, Patton, pass the ball!
- Stacy, what the--
- Let's go, baby! Get a stop!
Pick left, Darren!
Ivan, you gotta talk, baby!
Hey, what you doin'
in the game, sport?
- [ Crowd Groaning ]
- [ Players Continue Chattering ]
Here we go!
You know when they runnin'!
You know when they runnin'!
Watch the pick!
- Hit the cutter!
- He's open, he's open, he's open!
- Oh, man! Call the first foul!
- Preacher, 20
Twenty-second time out, white
[ Eddie ] Mr Patton, come here
Come here You got any juice
left in those knees?
- Yeah Why?
- You're in
- What are you doing?
- I'm rockin' the boat
- What you tryin' to say to Stacy Patton?
- I'm not trying to say it
I'm telling Stacy Patton
to get his black ass off my court!
You are out of the game!
[ Organ ]
- It's about damn time
- Whoa, Darren, relax, relax
- Sit down, clown
- [ Patton ] Man, forget you
- Yo, let's play together,
let's win this game
- Lead us, baby, lead us
[ Applause, Cheering ]
Stacy Patton is being benched
for the first time this year
and he is not happy about it
- [ Buzzer Sounds ]
- [ P A Announcer ]
Now in for the Knicks
- number six,
Nate Wilson for Stacy Patton
- [ Crowd Cheering ]
- Coach
- Zim
[ Player ] Get the ball! The ball!
- Pick up, pick up!
- You better hope
they ain't comin' to you
Yeah, baby!
By yourself, by yourself!
- Got you, got you, got you!
- Short!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Take your time!
Talk to each other!
Hit the cutter!
Hit the cutter!
[ Hastings ] Yes, sir, Nate!
Good job, man!
Nate Wilson has awakened
the sleeping Knicks, who look awesome!
- [ Eddie Laughs ]
- Yes, baby! Get it goin'!
Come on!
Come on!
[ Hasting ]
I love that transition!
Post up! Post up!
Run with him!
Run with him!
Watch the pick!
- Move, move, move, move!
- Get a score, baby! Get a score!
- Trailer, trailer, trailer!
- Put it up!
[ Buzzer Sounds ]
[ Claudine Screaming ]
An extremely satisf ying win
for the New York Knicks
and their new coach
Eddie Franklin
who, in a bold move,
substituted veteran Nate Wilson
for superstar Stacy Patton!
Good game, Nate!
- Thanks, Coach
- Those knees earned this
- Eddie!
- Here, kid
Thanks! He gave me the ball!
He gave me the ball!
[ Shouting, Hooting ]
- It's only one win, Zim
- Mmm
[ Eddie ] Come on, let's go!
- Ten out, 17 out!
- Bye-bye
Thank you
Maybe next time
- [ Eddie ] Fifteen, killed!
- Okay, over!
Two, three, four, gone
[ Eddie ] Hustle! Hustle!
Come on, Nate!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
[ Buzzer Sounds ]
Yeah, I still got it
I still got it
- [ Shouting, Hooting ]
- Yeah!
- It's only two wins
- Hmph
- [ Eddie ] Six, out!
- Thank you very much
Okay, up and over
- Yeah
- Out
- Get out!
- Yeah! Come on! Come on!
Aaaah! This is the one!
I'm telling you, look at that--
[ Laughs ]
He's so flexible!
Honey, flex your ass on up to my room
later on, okay? Thank you
Mr Burgess
- [ Bill Laughing ]
- [ Crowd Cheering ]
Come on! Defense!
[ Crowd Chanting, Clapping ]
Defense! Defense!
Defense! Defense!
- [ Chanting, Clapping Continues ]
- Get up! Get up!
Get up!
[ Chanting, Clapping Continues ]
[ Muffled ]
Uh, the chicken chow mein
- Throws it here, here-- [ Mumbles ]
- Huh?
Comes back--
Oh, I shouldn't have done that
[ Shouting, Hooting ]
Okay, so it was three in a row
Ooh, I like this
This is nice
Don't you just love a man in uniform?
All right, Miss Thing
Who's the big cheese?
Oh, my God
I think it's a little much
for the court Don't you?
No, no, no
What? What? No!
It's, you know, good for you
[ Buzzer Sounds ]
Am I late?
Don't look at me like that
I'm wearing Armani
- You go, girl
- [ Laughs ]
[ Continues ]
Yeah, Preach
- [ Continues ]
- You go! You go!
You go! You go!
You go!
- [ Continues ]
- [ Buzzer Sounds ]
- Owww!
- Nate, talk to that kid
before he's out of the league
Way to use your head, bro
- [ Continues ]
- [ Crowd Clapping Rhythmically ]
Excuse me, Miss Head Coach
Could you come over here for a minute?
Since you think you know everything,
let's see if you know these steps
- Look, I know--
- Follow me Come on Here we go
- [ Continues ]
- Huh! Walk back! Walk back!
[ Players Laughing ]
Hey! Hey!
Wiggle with it!
[ Players Talking, Laughing ]
- [ Crowd ] Hey!
- What happened?
Now you goin' off on your own thing
- All right You bad! You bad!
- I know I'm bad!
- Okay, girl, you got it!
- Yes, thank you
- Thank you
- Hey! Hey! Okay, guys, let's go!
- Sing it, baby! I believe it!
- [ Crowd Cheering ]
[ Laughing, Talking ]
- What you got, boy? What you got?
- [ Eddie ] Defense!
- You did that move ten years ago
- Defense!
- Defense!
- [ Whistle Blows ]
- [ Crowd Booing ]
- [ Eddie ] What?
- That's not a foul!
- On the arm! White, six!
- For what?
- [ Blows Whistle ]
[ Crowd Screaming, Cheering ]
[ Blows Whistle ]
Get up!
What is this?
It's a living
To me it looks like two of New York's
most respected retailers love Eddie
- Eddie is the best thing
to happen to New York
- since David Letterman
[ Together ]
She's very nice
- How much is the T-shirt?
- Eighteen bucks
- Uh, how do you say "rip-off"
in your language?
- [ Speaks Foreign Language ]
How are you feeling
about Eddie Franklin now?
I wish I could get the tickets
back from the wife, you know
Actually, hiring Eddie was
my idea from the beginning
I'll let him know
Guess what
Bailey got the coaching job
with the Charlotte Hornets [ Laughs ]
- Bailey, huh?
- Yeah
- What's the matter, Zim?
- No, it's--
I was kinda up for that job
Did you want it?
Well, I thought they were interested,
you know, uh, but--
Yeah, but you know what would happen if
you left, right? You wouldn't have me
- I was just gonna say,
I wouldn't have you
- Come on, I'll buy ya a beer
[ P A Announcer ]
Los Angeles, welcome your Laker girls!
[ Crowd Cheering ]
- Hey, Coach
- Good luck, Coach
- Thanks Listen,
could I get an autograph?
- Sure
Not you! Nicholson, you fool!
Can you hook me up?
Never mind
I'll do it myself
[ Speaking Russian ]
The plane should be here about 8:00,
which means she should be here by 9:00
I had a hell of a time convincing her
to come, but she's gonna surprise him
So put these down
I'll arrange 'em
You go get the rest of 'em
[ Clears Throat ] I could get into
big trouble for letting you in here
No, because I'm the coach I can go into
any basketball player's room I want to
[ Chuckles Nervously ]
I could really
What is the matter? What is your--
Leonard What is wrong, Leonard?
What is this? You got a wrist ailment,
or you think you gonna get some dough?
I'm not gonna give you money,
because you're a sweet boy
and this is being done for love
I know you'd want me to do it for you
Now, come on
- [ Hastings ] In the hall
- [ Woman ] You're ready?
- In the hall
- Slam dunk All right
- What's the matter?
- We gotta hide Get under the bed
Leonard, what-- I'm not gettin'
under the bed! Leonard--
[ Woman Giggling ]
- Right here This is crazy
- Wow!
- You like it?
- [ Clattering ]
- [ Hastings ] Excuse me
- Just checking the mini-bar, sir
- This time of night?
- Well--
You guys give good service
Take care, man
- Wow
- You always let strange men
bring you up to their room?
- Mmm, only if their team
is on a winning streak
- Yeah?
- Yeah
- Well, we are on a winning streak
- Is that a fact?
- And it is my team
- Yeah?
- And you are one beautiful woman
- Come here
- [ Zipper Unzips ]
[ Woman ]
Whew! Baby, what's that?
- [ Hastings ] That's Coach, baby
- Coach?
Well hello, Coach
[ Laughs ]
- Oh, shit
- You need to put "Coach"
back into your pants, buddy
You understand? I can't believe
I fell for your bullshit!
- Coach, what are--
- What am I doing here?
What is goin' on here?
And who are you?
Don't even bother to answer
the question because it's rhetorical
and I know your small brain doesn't know
it doesn't require an answer!
Do you know this man is married?
This is-- Don't tap me like that
This is a married man!
This man has a wife!
Get your hand out of my face! I'm trying
to talk to this basketball thing!
How would you feel if your husband,
if you could even get a husband
caught you with another man, huh?
And you got the nerve to talk
about, "Oh, my wife, my wife
I love her so much
Why doesn't she come back to me?
I can't believe I'm without her ''
What do I find you doin' up here?
Layin' up in this bed, rollin' around
with this-- this
[ Chuckles ]
wife of yours
[ Laughs ]
I'm gonna pick my tongue up,
throw it over my shoulder
and take my ass outta here
- I'm sorry
- Beth Hastings It's nice to meet you
- I tried to call you
- I'm sure you did
- Oh, God, I'm sorry
- It's okay
- No, I feel like an idiot
- I appreciate what you did, Coach
- Thanks And do me a favor?
- Yeah?
- Don't call me "coach" anymore, okay?
- Gotcha
- Bye
- See ya
And the number one reason why Eddie
Franklin has the Knicks playing so well:
- [ Drum Roll]
- co-ed showers
[ Audience Cheering, Applauding ]
[ R-&-B Funk ]
[ Applause, Cheering Continues ]
Yeah Come on
Smile, smile
Give 'em a smile
Come on Smile Good girl
[ Shouting, Talking ]
- Eddie! Eddie!
- Eddie!
- Eddie! Eddie!
- Eddie!
[ Shouting Continues ]
[ Crowd Chanting ]
Eddie! Eddie!
[ Chanting Continues ]
[ Chris Berman ] The Knicks have
finished their final road trip
And there's no other way to
explain it except Eddie!
Ivan learn important
English words like
"eliminate salary cap"
"union lockout "
That is why I am
Hooked On Phonics
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
This ain't Penny Hardaway
or Kareem Abdul
It's Coolio and how
But you can call me cool
And I gotta keep it real
for my peeps on the street
You can feel it in your feet
or bumpin' in your cheeks
From sea to shinin' sea
Where rose a century
Like guns in Sicily
I put it down for the "G"
Feel the fire
Feel the funk
And you'd better clear the lane
when I'm gonna jump
Hey, man, what damn route
you takin' Stacy Patton?
This ain't the way to practice
- This is a shortcut, sir
- "Shortcut," my ass
[ Laughs ]
You very funny, Mr Stacy
- Oh, I got "D "
- You better play some "D "
- I got "D "
- You better play some "D "
- What you gonna do?
- You gonna check the ball?
- You can't score!
- You gonna check the ball?
Game point!
- Whose house is this?
Whose court is this?
- My court
- Yo Check that limo out there
- What's happenin'?
Whose neighborhood?
Uh, what the hell's goin' on?
Uh, engine die
Don't worry I call for you
another limo Be here very soon
- Hey, who is this car, man?
- Who is this?
Donald Trump or somethin', man?
- Damn, it's--
- Stacy Patton
Mmm Ain't gettin' no playin' time
for the Knicks
so now you wanna come down here
and run with us
Listen up, street boy
Stacy Patton'll whup your ass
- Not from the back of no limo
- Get your ass out the car
- [ Together ] And bring your game!
- Let's get it on
- Take your coat off
- We can do that
[ Murmuring, Talking ]
[ Singer ] It's show time!
- [ Continues ]
- [ Talking, Shouting ]
Michigan Final Four
Four years ago
I'll see if you know it
- Aaah!
- [ Crowd Cheering, Shouting ]
N B A All-Star
First round
You think you something, huh?
- [ Shouting, Yelling Continues ]
- Come on Come on
- You still got a little bit of juice
- That's okay Come on, baby
[ Man ] Let 'im know!
Let 'im know! Yeah!
- Good jump, guy!
- [ Crowd Cheering ]
- Take it out
- Next point wins
Next point
[ Crowd Booing, Cheering, Applauding ]
- Not bad, kid
- Word
- You pushed Stacy Patton
- Word
Mr High-And-Mighty Superstar forgot
that there are other brothers
who can put the ball
in the basket
- Come on, lady
- You gon' end up back on these streets
if you don't stop ball-hoggin'
Lady, he ain't got to listen
to all your bullshit!
Hey, yo, watch how you talk
to my mother
Whoa Sorry, ma'am
Get off of that bench, start
passin' the ball and don't make
me have to come out here again
That's right So we got this
all straightened out now,
right, Mrs Patton?
- "We"? I haven't even
started on you, honey
- Don't call me "honey"--
My boy is the best damn player
you got on that team
- I know, but--
- He don't belong on
the sidelines watchin'
I'm the one who got him
from the pickup games to the N B A
and I surely didn't
put in that time
to have you come along, set him down
and put a towel on his head
- But he doesn't want--
- Where's my limo?
Bye, Mama
- I can't believe you called my mother
- Well, what did you expect?
Thank you kindly, Frank
That'll be all
You know, someday, young lady,
I'm gonna get you to eat somethin'
other than mashed potatoes,
corn and meat loaf
Why? I'm a simple girl
I like simple food
- All right, what's in the box?
- It's a present
- For me?
- Yes
- Good I like presents
- I know I'm countin' on it Open it
Now, this key opens the door
to your buildin'
and this key opens the door
to your very own penthouse apartment
as befits a young lady of means
Bill, I cannot afford a penthouse
Oh, yes, you can
on the $1 million plus expenses
you're gonna be earning
over the next three years
[ Chuckles ]
A million dollars
A penthouse
A catch
What is it?
Oh, there's no catch, Eddie
If we make the play-offs,
you're a good part of that victory
It's worth it to me to see that
you go on to better things
- It's worth it to St Louis
to pay you that money
- What do you mean, St Louis?
There are three gentlemen who
are willing to pay me handsomely
for the Knicks if we win
so I negotiated great terms
for you as the coach
I knew you'd be grateful
You can't move the Knicks
Yes, I can
I own them
No You can't
I mean, wait a minute, Bill
[ Laughs ]
You know, you own a lot
of things, Bill, but, but
[ Sighs ]
you don't own the Knicks
New York owns the Knicks
You know, Eddie, I've grown very fond
of you, but you're out of line here
I do own the Knicks and I'll do what
I want with them They belong to me
And you belong to me, little lady,
and you'll go where I tell you to
Oh, no, cowboy
I don't belong to you
I work for you, you pay me,
we talk, but I don't belong to you
What do you care where you coach
as long as you coach?
You'll still have the team,
you still have the fans
Bill, ever since
I was a little kid
Madison Square Garden
and the Knicks
Maybe you don't get this
because you don't have any roots
What does anything
matter to you?
You find something,
you're done with it, you sell it
I mean, you're just
glitter and glamour
Ya cruise in on that horse talkin' about
"howdy" and that's your shtick!
- Why did you buy this team?
- I bought the players for skill
I bought the cheerleaders
for tits and ass
I bought Bailey for experience
and I bought you--
Well, what does it matter?
Oh, no, don't stop now
Why me?
I bought you for fun, Eddie
You're loud You got a big mouth
You're funny
But you're an amateur, hon
You're all hat and no cattle
As long as you put on
a good show, I'm gonna ride you
just like I ride my horse
And if he can't carry me,
he's gone
And if you can't carry me,
the same thing's gonna happen to you
You know, hon,
like we say back home--
No It's like we say
here at home:
fuck you and the horse
you rode in on
- [ Man ] I got it
- [ Eddie ] Watch where you're goin'
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Wait a minute! Just go that way
Where were you? Come on and blow the
whistle You supposed to be doin' it!
- Oh, yeah
- [ Man ] You got a man right there!
- Run that
- [ Eddie ] All right,
come back, come back!
[ Eddie ] Pay attention!
Yes! Yes!
- He scores! He scores!
- Yeah! Yeah!
[ Man ] Ho! All right!
Everybody gather around
Here's the deal
The precinct gave us approval
to start the team
[ Cheering ]
All right, they did their job
Now we have to do our job
We have to clean this place up
and make it spotless
- [ Boys Groan ]
- [ Eddie Laughs ]
[ Man ] I want people to say,
"This playground reminds me
of Madison Square Garden "
- [ Boy ] Yeah!
- The Garden is home to the Knicks
This'll be our home
I want everybody to put their hand
on mine and make a promise
that you'll work hard, have pride
in yourselves and your home court
and you'll never
let the team down
- Yeah! Yeah!
- Are we a team?
- Yeah! Yeah!
- Okay, let's hear it
[ Together ] Ho! Ho!
It doesn't get
any better than this
- Aahhhhh
- [ Eddie ] Don't do that!
- Don't do that! [ Laughing ]
- [ Hooting, Yelling ]
[ Marv Albert ] Tonight there's
a showdown in Manhattan
Hi, everybody, I'm Marv Albert
We are moments away
from the Knicks and the Hornets battling
for the final spot in the play-offs
Knicks assistant coach Carl Zimmer
twice passed over by the Knicks
may have his chance
to prove himself tonight
Now, there's been
no official announcement
but Eddie Franklin does not seem
to be here at this crucial game
- [ Players Talking ]
- [ Bailey ] Hey, Zimmer
Where's your coach?
Still in the ladies' room?
I don't know where she is
Well, if she doesn't
show up here pretty quick
you're gonna have an awfully
big pair of shoes to fill,
even if they are high heels
- Let's go, move it
- Well, John, I've been
around a lot of years
- I learned from the best
- Well, thanks, Carl
I appreciate that Really
I wasn't talking about you
Chump All right
Come on, let's go
Come right on in, gentlemen
My humble abode
Not much, but I'm sure you're gonna do
better for me in St Louis, aren't you?
Rebecca, are you there?
I'd like you to give these men
anything they want, Rebecca
You know, gents, like we say back home--
Oh Excuse me a minute
- Yes?
- She's not in the building
No one's seen her
Little lady's got a burr under her
saddle Tell Mr Zimmer to be prepared
Sorry, gents
Must be the New York traffic
But you know Eddie
She's gonna be here
[ P A Announcer ]
At forward, Larry Johnson
[ Crowd Booing, Yelling ]
And the head coach
of the Charlotte Hornets, John Bailey!
[ Loud Booing ]
And now the starting lineup
for your New York Knicks!
[ Cheering ]
- At center, Ivan Radovadovitch!
- [ Man ] Let's go!
At guard, Jamal Duncan!
At guard, "Preacher Man" Taylor!
At forward, Larry Hastings!
And at forward, Nate Wilson!
And the assistant coach
of the New York Knicks, Carl Zimmer
Eddie's here
And the head coach
of the New York Knicks, Eddie Franklin!
Well, Coach Franklin,
you showed up
I'm so happy
You know why?
Because I don't like
beating assistants
Blow me
Mugsy! Hi, baby
- Look at you lookin' so good
- Thank you
I could just eat you up
with a spoon, Mugsy
[ Crowd Chanting ] Eddie! Eddie!
Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!
Coach, I heard a rumor
Don't believe it
Mr Burgess
You were right, as usual
[ Organ: "Here We Go"]
I know my girl
She wants to win
- Watch the push!
- Hey, three seconds, Ref!
- Post up!
- Nice feed, baby! Nice feed!
- Aaaaaaah!
- Come on, Ivan, take that charge!
- Come on! Get up, baby!
- Ohh!
- [ Eddie ] Ivan!
- [ Crowd Booing ]
Ivan! Pay attention!
Come on, come on,
take care of the ball, baby
- [ Players Continue Chattering ]
- Yeah! Yeah!
[ Duncan Yells ]
What's that shit, man?
That's some weak-ass shit!
[ Zimmer ] Way to go, young fella!
What you got, baby?
I did that move ten years ago
They didn't have
TV back then
[ Crowd Booing ]
[ Player ] By yourself!
By yourself!
- Thread it down! Go!
- I'm good, I'm good!
Look at that shit
Shouldn't have
brought that shit!
- Time! Time! Come on, time!
- [ Whistle Blows ]
- [ Bailey ] Come on!
- [ Players Shouting ]
What the hell is goin' on?
Come on!
Nate Wilson is murdering us
We gotta stop him
I want you to get out there
and hammer Nate Wilson
- Hammer Nate Wilson You understand me?
- I got it
All right, now come on
Let's go
- These guys are nothin'!
- [ Buzzer Sounds ]
- Buyin' yourself a hell of a team, boys
- [ Eddie ] Come on!
- Forty-four, red, to Wilson
- Amen
Hey, let's go!
Come on!
Back it up, Ivan!
- [ Nate Groans ]
- [ Whistle Blows ]
- Yeah!
- Good foul! Good foul!
- [ Bailey ] I liked that foul
- You okay?
That's a flagrant They should
throw him out of the game for that
- I'm all right
- Y'all gonna pay for that
- You okay?
- Look at the clock Look at the clock
- [ P A Announcer ]
Wilson will shoot two
- I got it, I got it
Look at the time, Charlotte!
Look what you got, Charlotte!
[ Player ] Watch the inbound
Watch the inbound
- Hey! Hey! They got it
- Way to go, baby!
[ Buzzer Sounds ]
[ Marv Albert ] So it's the Hornets
by two at the half
Coach John Bailey's Hornets exploiting
every weakness of his former team
but the Knicks fighting back hard
led by Nate Wilson, who, incidentally,
has started to limp noticeably
Look, I'm just not sure
about these knees
Don't worry about it I know what
I'm doing Who you gonna put in, Patton?
- No, but I also don't--
Look at you You're flinching
- Don't worry I'm cool
Just go ahead
I'm all right, Eddie Go
All right, girls,
gather around
The question of the evening is
what are we going to do
about the $84 million man?
- Hmm?
- Let's make him earn it
- Double down
- Exactement
Hey, yo, yo! Yo!
Where you at, man?
Hey, wait, wait, wait
Let me play it
Clear out!
Clear out!
Nate! Post up, baby!
Post up!
- Aaaah!
- [ Whistle Blows ]
- [ Crowd Booing ]
- What, you trying to hurt
somebody out here, man?
- Ref!
- [ Whistle Blows ]
Nate You okay?
[ Groans ]
Oh, my God
- How bad is it?
- I don't know
It's over It's over, Eddie
Get me up
- Ohh
- Let's get him off the floor
- Be careful
- [ Nate Groans ]
- [ Crowd Applauding ]
- [ Sighs ]
Mr Patton, have we resolved
our problems, or do I need
to call your mother again?
Stacy Patton is ready
I mean, I'm ready to play, Coach
- All right, go in
- All right
Hey, hey, young fella
Do this one for me, all right?
I got it
You're the Gipper
- [ Groans ]
- Oh! Nate, Nate, Nate I'm sorry, man
[ Player ] Keep the ball
in the right hands, baby
- Substitution
- [ Buzzer Sounds ]
[ P A Announcer ] In for the Knicks,
Stacy Patton for Nate Wilson
- All I know is
he's gotta pass the ball
- We playin' together, baby
This is where we win it, right here
Let's go
[ Crowd Chanting ] New York Knicks!
New York Knicks!
New York Knicks!
New York Knicks!
- [ Chanting Continues ]
- [ Players Chattering ]
[ Whistle Blows ]
I'm through that!
I'm through that!
Now what?
Now what?
- Now whaaaaa--
- [ Crowd Groans ]
- It's all right
- Come on, let's shut 'em down
Ball, ball, ball!
Pick up, pick up, pick up!
Don't drop it!
Don't drop it-- Rebound!
Let's go! It's me and you, Preach!
Me and you, Preach!
- Come on, let's go!
- Yo!
[ Chattering Continues ]
- [ Crowd Booing ]
- Ivan! Help out, Ivan!
[ Eddie ] Come on, man, don't worry
about it! Go hard! Go hard!
Run it, run it!
Preach, here!
I'm gonna post it!
- Too small! Kill him!
- [ Crowd Cheering ]
Come on, let's go!
- Ohh!
- That's a foul!
I'm coverin'!
I'm coverin'!
Knock it down! Yeah!
[ P A Announcer ]
Let's hear it for Terry!
Come on!
"D" up, man! "D" up!
"D" it up! "D" it up!
[ Chattering Continues ]
[ Crowd Cheering ]
- Preach!
- [ Player ] You got a time-out!
- I got a time-out! Time-out! Time-out!
- [ Whistle Blows ]
Time-out on Knicks!
Time-out, Knicks!
Well, boys, we're closin' in
Show time
You're looking good out there, girls,
really, really good
Inbound to Jamal Stacy, you get
to the top of the key--
Uh, Coach
Other way around
Inbound the ball to Stacy
I know Bailey He's gonna swarm you
He thinks you're gonna take the shot, so
look for the open man, probably Jamal
I think that's the play
Well done, Zim
Well done
I learned from the best
- Okay, girls, are we in? All right
- [ Players Agreeing ]
Ho! Ho!
- Let's go
- [ Buzzer Sounds ]
[ Cheering Continues ]
- Right now, Scotty!
- [ Whistle Blows ]
Make a good pass!
Stay low, Scotty!
Now what? Now what?
Now what?
He's open!
He's open!
- You don't got nothin' on this!
- Aaaaaaah!
That's my baby!
- Time! Time! Time!
- [ Whistle Blows ]
Big time! Big time!
[ P A Announcer ]
Time out, Charlotte!
Hey, hey
- Yo, I thought you were
gonna force the shot
- While my mom was watchin'?
Big time pass, boy
Okay, ten seconds, Coach
- Coach
- Layups, man Layups
- Eddie
- [ Chanting ] New York Knicks!
- [ Chanting Continues ] New York Knicks!
- Uh, Coach Coach!
[ Crowd Continues Chanting ]
Is this on?
Zimmer, go get her
- We-- Uh-- Coach!
- Where's she goin'?
[ Crowd ] New York Knicks!
New York Knicks!
New York Knicks! New York Knicks!
New York Knicks!
New York Knicks!
New York Knicks!
New York Knicks! New York Knicks!
New York Knicks!
She is full of surprises
I tell you, boys,
she's a real asset
She's a real showman
- [ Crowd Quiets ]
- [ Eddie On P A ] I know
that it's a little strange for me
to be standing out here
with ten seconds to go
But I just felt
the need to pay homage
to the man
You all know who I'm talkin' about--
Wild Bill Howdy, Wild Bill
[ Crowd Shouts ] Howdy!
- This is quite a fella
- [ Crowd Hooting, Applauding ]
This is a guy
who takes chances
He took a chance on me
Took me out of there
and made me into a coach
Took a chance on this team,
which was losing
And you know he takes a chance
every time he comes riding out
on that dumb ol' horse
not realizing that eventually
somebody's gonna hit him
upside the head with a hot dog
[ Scattered Laughter ]
I tell you boys, this girl is pure gold
You tell 'em, Eddie
He's a big ol' business guy, too
He owns a lot of stuff
He owns this team, which means
he could sell 'em if he wanted to
[ Crowd Murmuring ]
Which is exactly what you wanna do,
isn't it, Bill?
That is, if we win tonight
If we win tonight
he's going to sell this team
and move it to St Louis
[ Crowd Booing, Shouting ]
[ Booing Continues ]
- [ Whispering ]
What's she talking about?
- [ Booing Continues ]
Fix yourselves a drink, gentlemen
Mr Burgess, don't go out there
Shall I have security remove her?
[ Booing, Shouting Continues ]
You're not gonna
move the Knicks!
You go to St Louis!
The Knicks stay here!
[ Eddie On P A ]
You hear that sound, Bill?
- [ Crowd Quiets ]
- That's the sound of the fans
You might've bought the team, but you
didn't buy these people, these fans
'cause they have a sign on 'em
that you don't understand, Bill
It says: "Not for sale "
- [ Woman ] Go, girl!
- No sale, cowboy!
- [ Shouting ]
- [ Eddie On P A ] And the bottom line?
- No fans, no fun
- [ Woman ] Jerk!
No fun, no business
We didn't bail when times
were hard, we're sure not gonna
bail now that times are good
- 'Cause we're not letting you
take the team like this, Bill
- [ Woman ] Tell 'im, girl!
You're gonna have to haul my ass
off this court, 'cause I'm not moving
Coach, she's gonna
cost us the game
[ Scattered Hoots, Shouts ]
Oh, my God
Come on
[ Crowd Murmuring ]
I didn't see my boy become a Knick
to have you pack him off to St Louis!
[ Woman ] Come on! Go!
- [ Woman Shouting ]
- [ Crowd Applauding ]
- Go back to Texas, chump
- Yeah!
- You going to do anything about this?
- Damn right
Come with me
if this floor's not cleared
in two minutes
Knicks forfeit this ball game
Forfeit? They think we came this way
to forfeit? We forfeit nothin'
So, what you gonna do, man?
May I have that, please?
Well, folks
I don't know what gave
this little lady the idea
that I would ever, ever take
this team out of New York City
Seems to me I'm gonna profit
a whole lot more if I stay
[ Crowd Cheering ]
Wait, wait
He's kidding, really
I'm sure he'll--
Any of you gentlemen into hockey at all?
if I may say so
New York City Knickerbockers
kindly leave this court
so we can win this game!
[ Crowd Cheering ]
Another bizarre twist
from the Wild Bill show
You win
I haven't won yet We still have a game
to play Sit down You want a hot dog?
Get Bill a hot dog
Ivan, come here
No, no Come here
[ Grunts, Speaks Russian ]
- Good Go on
- [ Buzzer Sounds ]
Now listen to me
Listen to me
We gotta go after the Russian--
Ivan, "Ee-van," whatever
He never plants his feet
You understand me? Never
Ho! Ho!
- Let's go!
- Ivan make defense!
[ Marv Albert ] It's not over yet
as the Knicks and Hornets
retake the court
Ten seconds remaining
in the fourth quarter
- The Hornets are down by one
- Let's get some now! Let's get some!
[ Players Chattering ]
- [ Whistle Blows ]
- Let's go, let's go
Ho! Yeah! Yeah!
I got it! I got it!
Force the base line!
Force the base line!
[ Whistle Blows ]
[ Buzzer Sounds ]
- That's no basket!
- What? Come on, man!
Knicks win!
- [ Crowd Cheering ]
- Yes! Yes! Whoo!
Ivan take charge!
[ Shouting, Yelling ]
He reversed again!
You stink!
My baby is not gonna
go to St Louis!
- Howdy, Bill!
- Why, howdy, ma'am
Game over!
How dare you try
to take my son away?
[ Marv Albert ] A victory for
the New York Knicks!
The Knicks have won!
The Knicks have won!
They are headed
for the play-offs!
What a victory for Coach Franklin!
What a night!
What a night!
Whoo! You did it, Coach!
You did it! Yeah!
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
Watch me take a jump
Yeah, I'm goin' for the dunk
And I never been a punk
but your girl called me hunk
Straight to the hoop
And I know how to shoot
But if you wanna know the truth
then you'd better get the scoop
Comin' out to mess
with the mike in my pants
And everybody's different
so you know I got it built
You take me
That can't be
Sure feel good like all rookies
So for all beginners
if you wanna be a winner
Then you'd better have
some spinach with your dinner
So just push your head to the sky
if you wanna rise
- And keep your eye on the prize
'cause it's live
- It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
What you see is what you get
And what you got
is a whole lotta sweat
Blood and tears so have no fear
'Cause you ain't seen moves
like these in years
I can shake and bake
and show the fake
But never perpetrate
or the player'll hate my
Name ain't right but I'm funkified
My name ain't Luke
but I can walk the skies
So pick it over here, homey Loc
and go for broke
And watch my smoke and
make sure ya don't choke
Push your head to the sky
if you wanna rise
- And keep your eye on the prize
'cause it's live
- It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
When the music's in the groove
It's the rap that makes you move
'Cause Lakeside sure know
how to pack the party
When the music's in the groove
It's the rap that makes you move
Coolio sure know
how to pack the party
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
This ain't Penny Hardaway
or Kareem Abdul
It's Coolio and how
But you can call me cool
And I gotta keep it real
for my peeps on the street
You can feel it in your feet
or bumpin' in your cheeks
From sea to shinin' sea
Where rose a century
Like guns in Sicily
I put it down for the "G"
Feel the fire
Feel the funk
And you'd better clear the lane
when I'm gonna jump
I ain't livin' by protocol
Got somethin' for all y'all
To make you get your back
up off the wall
Just push your head to the sky
if you wanna rise
- And keep your eye on the prize
'Cause it's live
- It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live
It's all the way live