Eddie Macon's Run (1983) Movie Script

And we hope you're enjoying this performance
of the Huntsville Prison Rodeo.
These inmates and Cowboys have trained hard all year long to put on
an exciting show for you. I know you've seen a lot of action so far.
And you'll see more to come.
We'll have more for you in just a moment.
Okay next up in shoot number 5
is an inmate cowboy named...
Eddie Macon, a young man out
of the state of Florida.
He'll be trying his luck on an old horse called Sailor.
Sailor is in the shoot Eddie gets down on him...
puts his hand in the rigging, pulls
himself up real tight and out they come.
Pretty hard on the first jump, second jump,
the Cowboy had a little hard luck.
Well, Eddie receives a no time,
he's limping off folks...
but I don't believe he's seriously hurt, the
medics will check him out anyway to make sure.
Now if you'll turn your attention to shoot number 4, we have
a young man there named Albert Regland from Lovet, Texas.
He'll be attempting to ride an
old pony called Davy Crocket.
Here, hang on to this, will you Fred?
Here you go, son.
No you keep it, I got 300
miles to stay awake.
I have to see if the ward wants some men.
Yeah, you do that.
I use one trash bag to
ditch my con clothes in,
the other one I put my own clothes in to keep
them dry when I have to cross the border
If it does get real cold at night and if I
get my clothes wet I'll probably freeze
I don't want you to go.
It's just in case Chris.
Just in case what?
To escape from Huntsville means that if
they catch you you'll never get out again.
6 hours ain't possible.
Sergeant you got liquor on your breath,
I'll have your job and your ass together.
Now get on over here right now.
Logan here.
This is Marzach.
Good morning Marzach.
I hear you guys lost one.
That's right.
And I ain't got time to talk about it now.
We have revolution at that damn rodeo.
The damn warden and the
governor sitting right there.
You know what this makes me look like?
you guy got a name?
Edward J.
Son of a bitch.
He ran before. That's right.
3 years ago.
Jumped off a transfer bus.
I was right there.
I nailed his ass right
on his own front porch.
Is he the one who gave you a beauty mark?
Oh, yes, warden.
Macon, Edward J.
I know it's not possible but
second time going through.
Look Mr. I am not a criminal
I don't belong in jail.
Calm down Sonny the bus
will be here any minute.
You don't want to miss
your first day of school.
Jesus Christ, can't you see
that's my wife and my kid.
I'm a decent person.
Oh sure, the jail is full ot hem.
Mr. look, I don't want to go to prison.
Daddy! Daddy! No!
We got the dogs all set up and we'll have
everybody out there ready to go at half an hour.
Why the hell did this bastard
run off on my shift.
Did you have a chance to talk
and make him a soulmate yet?
Man, I didn't have a chance to wipe my ass.
How did he get out?
I figure he hooked a ride on
one of the stock trailers.
There was 12 of them.
It's a joke.
I think you could use some expert assistance.
I need your help Marzack, I'll ask for it.
Meanwhile I'm busy.
You boys ready?
All right.
Any man who runs from Huntsville
twice got a be a dumb son of a bitch.
Now, let's get his ass!
How so.
They gonna get him.
No way.
That rabbit is behind those
bloodhounds right now.
All right. That's right
It's going to take more than
a bunch of cowboy horseshit.
Oh yeah.
It's going to take a cop.
If I run 27 miles at night,
hide out and sleep during the day.
It's no different than
running four marathons in four days.
You never even run one marathon.
There's a first time for
everything, isn't there?
Chris, I have been training every day.
I know I can do it.
Let us meet with the car.
We do this my way.
You and Bobby meet me in
Mexico like we planned.
Honey, I'm so scared!
I am too!
But if I can't be with you and Bobby,
I just rather not be at all.
As the Tri-State Manhunt continues.
Macon was serving a twenty year
sentence for charges including assault.
And is described by prison officials
as dangerous.
Laredo news time is 11:45.
Everyone in Huntsville
loves the prison rodeo.
Well almost everyone.
It seems that one of today's
contestants had such a bad time.
He decided to leave early.
By about 17 years.
The convict Edward Macon departed at
about 4 this afternoon and is still at large.
Prison officials are confident he'll
be back in custody by tomorrow.
Sports in a minute.
But now this.
Doesn't your family deserve the very best?
The whitest whites the brightest colors.
Give your family best.
That's the key.
Right, Nicky boy?
Find the family.
Win the prize.
Daddy and I are going to
talk to the doctor, okay.
Be nice to the nurses.
We'll be back real soon.
Give mummy a kiss.
Take care of your daddy's boat alright.
Talk to you later Bobby.
Yes, I know this is scary.
It's gonna require some spinal
medication, some chemotherapy.
It's not gonna be any picknick for Bobby.
We caught it early.
And it's curable.
I think there's nothing for you to do
except keep your hopes up, say your prayers.
And we'll take care of him at the hospital.
We finished paying for Bobby's
treatment it's going to be another 4 years
before we're able to save
up the down payment again.
We'll just wait a little longer.
We'll handle it.
Four more years of taking orders?
Busting my back for somebody else is just that
boat was our ticket out of here you know that.
It's gonna work out.
We came so close.
Eddie, we're gonna make it.
We just need time.
I love you.
Sit down relax Banes.
Lie to me once and I take
your freaking head off.
Yes, Sir.
I mean, no Sir, boss.
Doesn't it seem kind of funny that a kid
like Macon all of a sudden saddles for Rodeo.
I haven't really thought about it.
How long has he been planning this
Beats me, I'm mostly try
to mind my own business.
Get up!
Answer me straight or you
piss blood for a month.
I forgot the question boss.
You know Macon's was gonna run.
I swear to God I didn't know boss,
he didn't tell me nothing.
If he did I would have gone direct to the...
I believe you.
Did he have any hobbies?
Anything unusual?
The library.
He went there a lot.
He ran all the time, every day, every chance.
Is that your mural there?
That there, yes Sir.
That's Macon's.
Yes Sir.
That one right there.
Truth is I never really
liked him all that much.
Always a cry baby and I'm
about how he didn't belong here.
Seems to me that after 3 years
you learn to take it like a man.
When's the last time he had a visitor?
His old lady.
Never missed a visiting day.
Except in the last week.
Maybe she run out on him.
Maybe that's why he took off.
What do you think boss?
I think you're an asshole.
Yes, sure, boss.
Flowers, animals, birds, survival
manuals, anything about the desert.
And maps. Good God, he's
stared at them for hours.
I think he even took a few back
to the cell to jerk off over.
Well, I'll bring you back in a
couple of days. Take your time.
Drop by if there's anything
else you need Mr. Marzack.
With Bobby being sick and all the doctor bills there
just doesn't seem to be any choice but to move to Texas.
That's a big move Eddie.
Yeah I know that it is Mr. Bishop, but...
According to the newspaper ad
the oil company pay is great.
And there's a lot of overtime.
I need the money and if I work 612 hour days I
can make maybe three times what I make here.
Then I guess you'll strike oil
and all your troubles be over.
You think I'm being foolish don't you?
You're optimistic.
Sure hate to lose you Eddie.
I'm going to miss you.
Macon, Edward J. Yes Sir.
Just sign on the
bottom there. You got it.
Excuse me, there seems to be a mistake here.
What's that?
Well you are about S200 shy, aren't you?
It says right there loan deduction S200.
Loan deduction?
Mister, I didn't borrow any money.
I just work here.
You got a problem see Mr Hebert.
Yeah it's open.
Ah, Mr. Hebert.
Hey Eddie
Come on in. Thank you.
Ah, what can I do for you?
Well there seems to be some
kind of mistake on my pay voucher.
There is a S200 loan deduction.
Well you see I I don't have a loan.
Well, that's just a bookkeeping thing.
Excuse me. That's our
commission arrangement, Eddie.
It's 200 for the first week
and a hundred a week after that.
What for?
To work here.
S100 a week.
Oh that's just for the first 6 months.
That goes down to 50 after that
Well, I can't do that.
Can't do what?
I cannot afford to give up S100 a week.
Well, there is the door, boy.
Yes, Mr. Hebert, I...
I just moved my wife and son up from Florida.
And my little boys got this blood disease
and I was kind of saving up to buy this boat.
Eddie, we've all got problems.
Mr. Hebert, I just cannot do this.
I don't give a shit about
your boat or your wife...
or your little boys blood disease
so why don't you just...
S100 a week.
Oh shit.
Pull over to the side.
You want to get out of the car son.
Just leave the beer bottle on the seat.
Hands up on top of the car.
Now that stunt that you pulled
at the packline office.
is going to get your ass hung out to dry.
That was a mistake, I am sorry.
Only half as sorry as you wanna be.
Wait a minute, what are you trying...
We're gonna call that resisting arrest.
Not to mention.
Drunk driving.
You're gonna do some time boy.
Wrong folks to fool with.
Edward Macon, you pleaded
guilty to the charges of
felonious assault,
driving while intoxicated,
and assaulting an officer of the law.
Now perhaps you believe that a plea of guilty
will automatically buy you a light sentence.
Well I believe that we've had our fill
of that sort of bartering with Justice.
I hereby sentence you to the state penitentiary
for a period of not less than 5 years.
Thanks very much. My pleasure.
Is there anything else you need?
Yes actually.
I'm going to be leaving in the morning but I would like
to keep my room for my husband until day after tomorrow.
The room number?
And I'll pay for it in advance.
Very good Mrs?
Mrs. Edward Lansing.
You still miss New York don't you?
New Jersey.
Beautiful Bayonne.
I loved it.
If you loved it so much why'd you leave?
It wasn't exactly my idea.
They do run you out of town?
Just off the force.
You really killed some kid?
All that little angel did was put
seven old ladies in the hospital.
They should have given me a promotion.
ah, forget it.
What's the special occasion
you're buying me dinner?
What can I do for you?
It's about that Macon kid
who skipped yesterday.
What about him?
See that?
I owe him one.
You want to go chase him?
A good hunter never chases.
He waits.
You figure making him come to you?
I go to him.
That's where you come in.
How so?
Just check around with your cowboy
buddies from here to the Mexican border.
They'll give something to a good old boy like you
that they wouldn't share with a Yankee pig like me.
This Macon character isn't
exactly public enemy number one.
Why the hell you want to go chasing him for?
Give me chance to get
out from behind the desk.
Get some exercising.
I want to see if I'm still a cop.
Stay right there, if you move a
muscle you go straight to hell!
You thieving sucker.
Where is the rest of them?
The rest of what? The rest
of the bunch that's what.
I'm all alone, it's just me.
Don't lie to me!
Or I'll kill you right now.
Look, I'm telling you the truth, I am just
camping, that's all. Camping and running.
You die or tell the truth.
Ease off, Daryl.
Let's see what we got here.
A God-damned rustler, is what we've got.
We ain't in the mood for no bullshit.
What the hell you doing on
me and my brothers place?
I'm on a week's camping trip.
Trying to get my head clear you know.
I just had to get away from
the office for a couple of days.
I'm an accountant.
From Dallas.
Sorry I didn't know I was on your land.
My sweet ass.
How the hell come you're running
out here if you're camping
Just answer the question son.
I'm camping during the day.
And running at night.
Too hot to run during the day.
Shit, Rudy.
He's got rustler all over him.
Let's kill him.
Let's do it right now.
Just hold back Daryl.
Can't just kill somebody outright.
Aw, Rudy, come on.
Just hold back.
Camping in the daytime.
And running at night?
That's just about
the biggest crack of
horseshit I've ever heard.
Now who the hell do you
think you're dealing with here?
You and your bunch
took 300 head from us
in the past 4 months.
And I am damn sick of it.
Come on Daryl,
we got us some interrogating to do.
Your God-damn right we do.
It's just like right on tv.
I'm telling you. Just shut up.
Get up there.
Get down.
Ooh, you got one. Damn straight.
Oh honey, that's fantastic.
I can't believe it.
You really did it. You caught him red-handed.
Like in the movies.
Are you gonna hang him for rustling?
Oh, baby, it would be so neat
to hang somebody.
Right here in the middle
of our own living room.
Hang him?
Son of a bitch.
That's a hell of an idea.
Damn! Excuse me.
You're pretty young.
But it be legal ain't it, Rudy.
I mean.
We caught him fair and square.
It'd still be alright, wouldn't it. I mean...
It ain't like a fish that you
gotta throw back cause it's...
Too small, is it?
It'd still be just fine don't you think?
I'm no rustler.
Look, I told you, I... I...
You're an accountant.
From Dallas, was it?
What building is your office in?
It's in the First National building.
What street is that on?
It's on hm...
It's on.
You're lying, fella.
You're one of them.
Now be a good time to tell us
where the rest of the goddamn bunch is.
Alright I lied but...
Hanging time!
Get his feet tied.
You gotta believe me!
You gotta believe me, I only lied because
I was scared. Just because I was scared.
You gotta be plenty scared of boy.
Oh Daryl, that is the most fun we ever had.
Aren't you people listening
to me, God-damn it!
I am not who you think I am.
It's me.
Maybe I'm not being clear.
Hanging time!
Jesus, this will always be
the room we hanged somebody.
We turn the living room into the dying room.
If I was you...
I bet you have the right answers right now.
Save my ass.
Last chance for you to say.
Listen to me, I'm telling you the truth.
Please don't do this!
You're going to have to
speak plainer than that.
Do the twist, Bob, do the frickin' twist.
Look at him!
Is he dying now?
Does it look like that to die?
He's getting his lights turned out right now.
He's done better than hell.
Do it, baby, do it!
A few more seconds!
God damn it!
Jesus, what did you do that for?
Jesus, Rudy!
Why'd you let him do that?
You spoiled everything Rudy!
You spoiled the whole party!
You mind if we join you sugar?
Excuse me.
I said you mind if we sit down?
You look awful lonesome
sitting there all by yourself.
I'd like to be by myself, thank you.
Well hell.
Pretty lady like you without
company now that's a damn shame
Shame, nothing, it's a damn waste.
Well I'm waiting for my husband.
Sure you are. Shit.
Any man lets his woman sit alone drinking
in a bar got to be some kind of faggot.
Is that true?
Is your husband a faggot?
Hey, well now, I guess, I'm going
to be your first real man.
You're gonna be her second.
Hey look, come on honey, now what do you say
we go up and kill us a bottle of champagne?
Hey, come on now you can
try being a bit more friendly.
I said no, damn it!
Damn lesbian!
Why don't you get up, baby?
Yeah, yeah, I am here, I am coming, coming!
Well if it ain't Sleeping Beauty!
Now I'm out here working
you're still in the sack.
Got something?
Come on in, I'll
fix you some coffee.
What have you got?
They had a shooting last night
down in LaSalle County.
Couple big time ranchers and woman.
That sounds pretty routine.
Yeah I know but the assailant left on foot.
No known vehicle.
Coming or going.
Anybody else got this?
Not from me.
Left on foot, hey?
Yeah, I hear those were two pretty
bad boys got shot last night.
If that is your guy I'd
say he's got some balls.
All that spelled backwards is desperation.
Do me a favor, will you?
Yeah, sure, what?
Take care of my dog for a couple days.
He's house broken.
Lieutenant Marzack here.
Yes, Lieutenant.
I'll be gone for a couple
of days, hold my messages.
I call in for them.
Yes, Sir.
No baby you can't come this time.
I'm only be gone for a couple of days.
He will take good care of you.
This is a little hunting
I'll have to do without you.
She took a look at me.
And here fire went up.
Cause I'm a man that's hard to find.
Catch a ride to here.
Go to the border to meet the family.
It's pretty smart thinking.
So you had a little trouble here, didn't you?
Looks like you're not
such a pussy cat anymore.
Is that Mexico, mamma?
It sure is. Right on the
other side of the river.
It doesn't look so great.
Hey, come on, don't say that.
It's gonna be.
When is daddy coming?
A day after tomorrow.
He's gonna meet us right here on the bridge.
Oh, I need 50 cents.
Thank you.
I like to see the sheriff.
Kenneth Markson.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
for you thank you
I get it right away for you. Thank you.
What can I do for you Mr. Markson?
I understand there was a
little trouble on the...
Potts Ranch last night.
No big deal.
Nobody got killed.
I'm surprised your fellas
are bothering about that.
Really just a local thing.
You want some coffee?
No thanks.
But I sure could use some.
I've been up since four.
We have reason to believe the Potts incident
involved one of our undercover people.
Is that right?
What happened there last night?
Well, according to the Potts brothers a lone gunmen forced his way into
their home and held them and their misses hostage for about 4 hours.
He shot the boys and took off.
You buy that story?
Potts family are shit.
Around here they're damn far from shit
so nobody's about to call them liars.
The truth is they get drunk.
Spend their nights looking for
rustlers they claim being hitting on them.
My guess is they grabbed someone, maybe
your man and the story is just a cover-up.
Now I deny I ever said that.
Where are the Potts now?
I dial Rudy out the
hospital if you want to see him.
What about Mrs. Potts?
She's okay, she's home.
I'd like to talk to her.
I get the deputy to take
you over there. No thanks.
You've done enough.
I owe you one.
Yes, senior.
I'd like to see Mrs. Potts.
The sheriff asked me to drop by.
What the hell is going on down here?
Hello Mrs. Potts.
May I come in?
Hey! What do you want? You
shoot all these yourself?
Who are you?
Oh, Kenneth Markson, Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Tell me what happened here last night.
We got shot is what happened what
the hell you think happened?
Mrs. Potts you and your
husband and your brother-in-law
are in a hell of a lot of trouble.
We're in trouble? We were attacked!
Can't talk to me like
that in my own house.
Well that's without the San
Antonio who dropped by.
Are you crazy, you could get
on the hell out of here.
How does 10 years in prison sound to you?
You people kidnapped an FBI
undercover agent last night.
He's just a kid.
Mrs. Potts.
This look familiar.
Oh, God.
I want to talk to my lawyer.
I got rights.
Calm down.
How bad was that man hurt?
Don't tell me he's dead.
No no, he wasn't hurt bad.
He ran away.
Mister I didn't have nothing to do with this.
I tried to stop them.
But Rudy.
He wouldn't listen to me.
And anyone could see he wasn't no rustler.
I tried to help him.
I believe you.
Hey hey.
Wait a minute I got something here.
Look, he left this here. My
maid found it last night.
And I was gonna take it into
the sheriff this morning, but I...
I bet you did.
You're God damn lucky, lady.
I don't want my man's cover blown so you and your ass
whore husband and brother-in-law are off the hook.
One word about this...
to anyone...
and I'll be back.
Got it?
Yeah I got it.
It's a nice outfit.
Okay, Macon.
You're going to come to me.
Right around here.
Now we wait.
Come to me baby, you baby you.
Come to me baby, you son of a bitch.
I said no, God damn it. Get off o me!
I said don't touch me!
Fucking whore.
I said don't touch me, God damn it!
I said no! Don't touch me!
Stop it!
Get out of the car.
You best beat it, asshole!
I'm sorry you have to get out that car.
Fuck that!
I said get out of the car now, damn it!
Go to hell!
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
Jesus Christ, what is this? Nut night?
That man back there, was he...
That man back there was a pig. He almost
raped me, he probably would have killed me.
But where the hell did you come from?
And who told you to drive my car?
Look you'll be careful lady, please!
Well there, Murder Incorporated.
I'm the injured party, remember.
Better not shoot a damsel in distress.
You're the strong silent type.
At least you got a name?
Mine's Jilly Buck.
Jilly Buck.
And not dumb duck.
Don't either one of us give a...
Hey drop it.
Earl Barnes.
My name is Eddie Macon.
I'm an escaped convict.
If I get caught I'll spend
the rest of my life in jail.
Oh shit!
You can't outrun them?
You're only doing 80, just pull over,
be a good boy, I handle it.
What a mess!
Are you on drugs or something?
You're crazy.
Just stay put.
I said I'll handle it.
Now we're even.
You took care of the redneck
rapist and I saved you from the posse.
How did you do that?
Oh, a little help from Sam 7, of course.
I don't understand.
Well, we're just even, that's all.
Wait a minute, who is Sam 7?
It's not a who!
It's a what!
Now, what's your story, Eddie Macon?
And when do I get my car back?
I spent three years of my life in prison.
Three days ago I escaped from
Huntsville and I've been running.
I ran into a little trouble and I just need your
car to make up the time I've got to get to Mexico.
Why Mexico?
I have a wife and son.
They're supposed to meet me
across the border at noon tomorrow.
But I've got to get to a
hotel in Laredo first.
I think I saw this movie.
Listen lady I didn't ask for this.
And I certainly did not ask for you.
This is my life.
It's not some kind of God damn game
do you understand me?
If you through your Jimmy Cagney impression
I'd like to point something out if I may.
I could have easily turned you
over that cop back there right.
And did I?
So relax!
I'm on your side!
It's just a slow Wednesday.
Which hotel do you like in Laredo?
I like the Hilton.
I got a room reserved at
a place called La Posada.
It's a dump.
But I'm just the hostage, right?
Be S23.
Maybe you can help me.
I was out drinking with a buddy last night.
We got split up and I haven't seen him since.
He ain't here.
Yeah, just wonder if there is
someplace he might have ended up.
Some place a fella would go for action.
Maybe open real late.
That be the damned Five-o-clock club.
It's out on 44.
The Five-o-clock club? Thank you, Ma'am.
Lost two husbands out there.
Worthless bastards.
Good morning.
We're closed.
Are you the bartender?
I'm the owner.
Who the hell is asking?
I'm a police officer,
I need some information.
And I need some sleep,
come back later.
I appreciate your cooperation.
You don't look like no cop to me.
I look for the man who belongs to this,
his name's Earl Barnes you know him?
That's his car right over there.
I guess he left it here last night.
You happen to see who he left with?
Shit I don't know. Hey Charlie!
Charlie's my night barman.
Did you see Barnes leave last night?
Yea - the last one out.
Had company, too.
Jilly Buck.
No she didn't!
Who's Jilly Buck?
She's from Laredo.
Come slumming up
here now and then.
What kind of car does she drive?
Big ass Mercedes. Sam 7.
What's that?
The license plate.
Say It again. Sam. Sam 7
May I use your phone?
The pay phone is right over there.
Are we in some sort of trouble?
Not anymore.
Jesus Marzack, I though
you are on a simple con hunt.
How the hell did you
get involved with this?
It's a long story. Just
tell me what I'm dealing with.
Okay, Sam is Silas Albert Montgomery.
That's Governor Silas A
Montgomery aka Big Sam
The Governor.
See the old boy awards his license plates to his
friends all over the state, Sam 1, Sam 2 and so on.
So what do I get with number 7?
You get one Jilly Gale Buck.
Niece age 28 lives in Laredo to
help him drives a white Mercedes.
I was just trying to make...
That's what I'm going to find out.
If I were you I'll be real
careful if Big Sam's family is involved.
How's my dog?
He's okay, won't eat.
Won't eat?
Won't eat.
Ain't my fault.
Listen, give him scrambled
eggs with bread crumbs.
And pour some beer over.
He likes that.
Yes Sir may I help you?
Yes I have a room reserved.
The name.
Lansing Edward J Lansing.
Let me see Lansing.
We like a room now please.
Miss Buck.
It is an honor to have you and Mr.
Lance in the La Posada.
We have our penthouse suite
available if that'll be alright.
That'll be nice.
No I need the one I had
reserved for me please.
That would be 216 that
has been paid for in advance.
May we have the keys?
Thank you.
It is a great pleasure
to have you with us.
If there's anything you need please...
Call Miguel.
This place is worse than I thought.
What are you doing?
That is a key to a safe
deposit box downstairs.
Well, let's get something to eat.
I hate to miss breakfast and you
look like you're starved to dead.
Look, don't use the phone, alright!
Lighten up!
In about five minutes you
gonna fall flat on your face.
Whatever is downstairs is
not going to run away.
Besides, you're not exactly inconspicuous the
way you look, not to mention the way you smell.
A bath would definitely not hurt your image.
Anyway I don't hear any bloodhounds and...
there is no Sheriff pounding on the door yet.
Operator. Do you have room service?
Yes, one moment.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna
send them secret messages.
Room service.
Yes we'd like something sent to room 216.
What do you want?
Why are you doing this?
Like I told you before.
It's a slow Wednesday.
Now what do you want?
Let's move it!
Marzack is Huntsville's
version of a truant officer.
I tell you he's one
tough son of a bitch too.
He got me right on my own front porch.
I don't know what happened but...
he grabbed my little boy and I hit him.
I did was buy me some more time inside.
The judge said that was
supposed to teach me a lesson.
Supposed to teach me not
to ever try to escape again.
I guess I'm just a slow learner.
Bathing first, sleeping second.
You being a principal baby. Come on.
Laredo Hilton, may I help you?
Jilly Buck's room.
She's not in.
Not in, hah.
Any messages?
Ah, no message thank you.
Operator may I help you?
I like to make this collect,
the name is Marzack.
One moment, please.
Mike Shorter.
I have a collect call from
Marzack, will you pay?
Yeah, go ahead.
Need the eggs?
You are..-
a sales man, right?
I'd figured you for a sales man,
you got the look you know.
You hear the one about this big black
boy who walks in his bar in Houston...
with a 3-foot orange and blue
parrot sitting up on his shoulder?
The bartender looks over and he says...
Wait a second boy.
Where did you get that ugly thing?
And the parrot says in
Africa they got millions of them.
It's very funny.
What are you doing?
Where did you go?
What if somebody saw you?
Nobody's out looking for me.
My clothes were a mess.
And you look like somebody just dunk you up.
You ought to look respectable when you
crosse the border tomorrow, right?
So I just picked you up a few things.
Figured you for a large shirt.
32 inch waist.
I wasn't sure about the kind of underwear
but I think boxer shorts are kind of sexy.
How long was I asleep?
I don't even remember getting undressed.
I undressed you.
Don't worry.
I didn't take anything.
Thank you.
It's fun shopping for a man again.
Looks good.
It's nice getting something that
hasn't been searched by the guards first.
Is that what it's like in prison.
You don't want to know about that.
I do.
Okay then.
Tell me about your dreams.
Oh, they're just fairytales mostly.
About being free or...
running through a field.
Or even swimming bare ass
in a pond like I used to.
Sometimes when I close my eyes...
I even dream that I'm flying.
Yeah I dream that I can just...
spread my wings out and fly
away like in those old...
corny Christmas songs.
Did you dream about anything else?
You mean like being alone in a
hotel room with a beautiful woman?
Something like that.
You are the most beautiful
woman I've ever seen.
You love your wife.
Yeah, I do.
You're in love.
I wished I cared
about someone that much.
Is something wrong, mama?
Nothing honey, it's okay.
Go back to sleep.
Morning chief, George Marshall.
I'm from the Governor's office.
I don't want to take up
too much of your time...
Not at all Mr. Marshall, I'm
paid by Big Sam, you know.
I appreciate that.
The Governor wants me to locate
his niece this morning, it's a...
matter of some...
personal importance.
She is living over the Hilton.
Yeah been there but she's not in.
Any suggestions?
Suppose we put out an APB on her.
Good idea much obliged.
No need to contact her,
it's a kind of surprise.
Or you just find her car, it's
a white Mercedes. I know.
Sam 7.
I'll be on the outside check back in an hour.
Thanks a bunch for your help.
This is crazy.
I mean sitting here in a public restaurant.
You're safe in here.
It's out there you've got problems.
I think they're watching
for you at the border.
Oh maybe for Eddie Macon but not for Mr.
Edward J. Lansing from Ontario.
That's what those papers in
the safe deposit box are for.
Well, you have thought of
everything, didn't you?
Well I never figured I meet you.
Where is your wife gonna pick you up?
She's gonna meet me on the
border bridge at noon...
and if I don't get there by then,
it means I'm either caught or dead.
What about the Mexican police?
They catch you.
Won't they send you back?
No, I don't think I'm
important enough for them.
Once I get to Mexico
I will be home free.
Viva Mexico.
Viva Mexico
And thank you Miss Jilly Buck.
Any time.
PD, PD 9.
Go ahead, PD 9.
There is the Sam 7 Mercedes at
the La Posada Hotel parking lot.
Roger that and copy.
Any further instructions?
No APB system or contact.
Games is over.
You lose.
Don't do it.
Those cowboys will
take you dead or alive.
Nice to meet you Ms. Buck.
My name is Marzack.
She's not part of this.
Is that so?
I forced her to bring me here.
She looks like an innocent girl.
Sit down.
Sit down!
I had it all figured
out every inch of the way.
Not like those cowboys
running around playing games.
I waited for you to send me a postcard.
First you hitched a ride on a stock trailer.
Then you picked up a little care package...
in the Frio River.
And boogie woogied across the desert.
Then came the fun part.
The Potts brothers family circus.
You did a job on those boys too.
I guess you did learn
something 3 years in stern, didn't you.
I would had you yesterday if it
wasn't for Ms. Buck's taxi service.
You should have just kept on going.
Stopping off for a piece of ass.
Bad idea.
Cause now...
your ass is mine.
Well then I think you
better just kill me right now.
Because there is no way
I'm going back with you.
- No
I've done too much
time already for nothing.
You're breaking my heart.
You lose Marzack.
I beat you.
Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
I made it out and I'm staying out.
So why don't you go ahead and pull
that damn trigger and get it over with.
You're through.
Go on do it, go on!
Let's get out of here.
Hey wait, I need my papers.
Put your hands down, I need
my safety deposit box.
Yes, Sir, your key.
What? For the box it requires two keys.
Give him the keys.
Come on, move it!
That must be his car, he's
got us parked in, damn it!
Son of a bitch!
Shit, the gate is closed!
Where is he?
We need to get our of here!
I'm going through the gate, hold on!
Stop the car.
Now, wait here.
You had your chance.
You should have killed me.
You're too soft, Eddie. Yeah.
I had you figured out from A to Z.
I asked you a question.
Am I right?
Yeah, you had me figured Marzack.
Right Marzack.
Not some shit kicking cowboy.
I did my homework.
Didn't I?
Yeah, you're a goddamn genius.
You're damn right I am.
Get the hell out of here!
Go on!
Beat It!
Wait a minute!
Now move your ass God damn it!
Go on!
And release that
hostage at the border.
Getting too old for this shit.
Sorry about your car.
It's just a car.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that...
Don't do this.
Just a slow Wednesday, right?
You better go.
You sure are something Jilly Buck.
You sure are something.
Bye, Eddie Macon.