Eddie's Million Dollar Cook Off (2003) Movie Script

Marcus, Jordan!
Heads Up!
I Got It!
I Got It!
I Got It!
I Said I Got It.
Then Why Didn't You Get It?
You're Such A Ball Hog!
I Am Not!
Kimberly, This One's
For You!
No, Wait!
No, Ok! Wait!
Kimberly, Your Shoes!
I'm Ok!
Marcus, Jordan, Come On!
Cut It Out!
You Know How
I Like It! Right Here!
There We Go! There We Go!
You Broke My Hand.
I Didn't Break Your Hand,
You Big Baby!
Your Finger's
Just Dislocated!
Here! I'll Reset It!
No. No, Stay
Away From Me!
It Won't Hurt.
Stay Away!
It's Ok.
This One's Going Long.
How Many Times Have
I Gotta Tell Ya?
Never Open The Flaps
When The Groundhogs
Are Warming Up.
Well, It Looks Like We Got
The Whole Team Back.
Yep, It Sure Does.
I'm Real Sorry
About That, Coach.
Yep. Me, Too.
Me, Too.
Well, At Least
We Still Got Eddie.
Eddie: Heads!
All Right, Guys, Let's Go!
Frankie, Oliver, Let's
Take It Around The Infield!
Yeah, At Least
We Got Eddie.
Nice Catch!
Ok, Groundhogs,
Come On!
Let's Play
Some Ball!
Let's Show The Players
What We're Made Of!
Hey, Oliver,
You Hang Tough.
Watch Out!
Your Shoe's--
Kimberly: Ooh!
I'm Ok!
Ok, Groundhogs,
First Game
Of The Season.
I Really Think This
Could Be A Winning
Year For Us.
I'd Be Happy
With Winning Anything.
We Beat
The Panthers Last Year.
They Had The Chickenpox.
I Know That!
No, You Don't.
Also Important To Remember,
This Is A Building Year.
Hey, Sorry I'm Late.
Did I Miss Anything?
Uh, Hannah,
Why Are You So...Pink?
Oh. My Mom Thinks
I'm Here Trying Out
To Be A Cheerleader.
Whoever Heard Of
A Baseball Cheerleader?
I Think It's Cool.
We Could Use A Cheerleader.
I Want To Be A Cheerleader.
Go For It.
I'm Just
Telling Her That.
Just 'Cause
She Was The Ultimate
She Thinks I
Should Be One, Too.
Has She Met You?
Here Goes!
Thank You.
Hey, Batter, Batter,
Batter, Batter, Batter!
Hannah! Anticipate.
Aaron, Put Something
Into It.
You're Throwing Like A Girl.
And, Oliver, Could You Be
Any More Out Of Position?
Other Than That,
Good Job, Everybody!
They're Very Fragile
At This Age.
Ok. Ogden's Playing It
Close To The Base,
Ready For
The Line Drive.
Ok. Heads Up! Heads Up,
Everybody! Heads Up!
Eddie: This Is It.
This Could Be
The Championship.
Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Hey, Hey! That Was
Pretty Good.
We Actually Might Win
A Couple Of Games.
Oh, Yeah.
Oh, Yeah.
Announcer: That's It, Folks.
What A Game.
Players 10, Groundhogs...3.
Frankie: Man!
Announcer: Next Stop
Is Last Year's Champion...
Good Job, Guys.
Good Job!
See Ya
Tomorrow Afternoon.
Now, Remember,
It's Time To Get Serious
About Winning, Huh?
Time To Get A New Team Name.
More Fierce, Less Rodent.
Time To Get A New Bat.
This One Can't Hit A Thing.
I'll Tell You What
It's Time For.
Eddie Dogs.
We've Waited All Year
For One Of These.
[No Audio]
A Little Horseradish
For Heat,
Jalapeno To Make Us Men,
And They're Done.
Mmm! Mmm!
Hey, It's A Couple
Of Grounder Hogs.
Just In Case
You Didn't Know,
This Is What A Baseball
Looks Like.
You Wouldn't Know
A Baseball
If I Served It
To You For Dinner.
Hey, Don't Walk
Away From Me
When I'm
Talking To You.
Come Back Here.
I'd Give Anything
To Beat Those Guys.
All Right, Well,
Then Let's Beat 'Em.
Every Year's Always A Building
Year For Us, Anyway.
We Might As Well Build
Towards Something.
Yeah, Really.
Ok, That's What
This Season Is All About--
Beating The Eagles.
Are You With Me?
Did You Hear?
College Scout
Coming To The Eagles
Practice Tomorrow.
Well, Why Aren't
They Coming To See Eddie?
He's The Best Player
In The League.
True. But You Know
As Well As I Do--
Groundhog Practices,
Sometimes They Ain't
So Pretty.
I Feel It, Too.
[Boys Shouting]
Brace Yourself.
Where Is It?
Woman: All Right, Guys!
Hi, Mom!
Hi, Honey.
Whole Team Back?
Oh. Sorry.
Hey, Come On, Guys.
The Game's On.
Did You Hear Something?
No, I Didn't
Hear A Thing.
See, 32!
Now, Change It Back!
What's The Matter?
Hey, Listen.
You Know,
If You Ever Decide
You Don't Want To
Be A Groundhog--
Why Wouldn't I Want
To Be A Groundhog?
I Know It's
Frustrating For You
Never Really
Being Able To Play
The Game
Capable Of Playing.
What Are You Talking About?
I Play All The Time.
No, That's Not--
Eddie, There's
A Lot At Stake
For You This Year.
If This Is Gonna
Be Your Future,
We Really Need
To Step Your Game Up
Another Notch.
Db: Ow!
Get Off My Head!
Alex, Get Off Of Db.
He's A Guest.
Why Do You Have To Put
That Kind Of Pressure On Him?
It's Just A Game.
Mom, It Is Not Just A Game.
See? Eddie Knows What
I'm Talking About.
The Point Is,
With Eddie,
It Could Be More
Than Just A Game.
I Know He's Only 14,
But There's
A Chance He Could
Have A Pro Career
Or At Least
A Scholarship.
It's Not Crazy
To Think A Pro Scout
Might Spot Him And--
Have You Ever Heard Him Say
He Wants To Be A Professional
Baseball Player?
I Think I Got
A Pretty Good Handle
On What Eddie Wants.
Tell Your Mother.
I'm Gonna--I'm Gonna Put
Some Brown Sugar In Here.
We'll Let
The Brown Sugar Melt...
Dad: Eddie.
What? Uh...
Oh, Yeah,
That'd Be Great.
Boy: Red Belly!
Eddie, No.
Why Do You Have
To Push Like That?
If It's Something
He Really Wants,
He'll Figure Out
How To Make It Happen.
I'm Not Pushing.
I'm Steering.
A Big Difference.
Mmm! What Happened?
You All Right?
Ah! Everybody Calm Down.
I Just Cut My Finger.
I'm Fine.
Are You Sure?
Here, Let Me See It.
No, Really, Just
A Couple Of Stitches.
How Bad Is It?
Honey, I Can't
Help You
If You Won't
Let Me See It.
No. You Know
How You Are With Blood.
Honestly. One Time
And A Man's...
Ooh, I Better Sit Down.
[Mom Sighs]
Sweetie, Would You Put
The Food Away, Please?
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
[Dad Moaning]
Mom: Pat, Deep Breath.
There's A Paper Bag
On The Floor.
Oh, It Looks Like
He's Gonna Be Sick.
Mom: Somebody Open
A Window, Quick.
Well, At Least
We Can Watch The Game.
[Game Playing On Tv]
Is Any Of This
Stuff Edible?
Man, I'm Starving.
Game's Over Already.
You Know You Got
A Piece Of Raw Chicken
In Your Hand?
Hey, What If Instead
Of Putting This Stuff Away,
We Make Something
Out Of It?
Let Me Think.
Come On, It'd Be Cool,
And My Mom Would Be
Totally Surprised.
I'd Rather Pull Out
My Nose Hairs.
I'm With Him. I'd Rather
Pull Out His Nose Hairs.
Besides, You Don't
Even Know How To Cook.
Sure, I Do.
I Make Eddie Dogs.
How Hard Can This Be?
Fresh. Still Some Crunch.
Over Here.
Are You Sure
The Shells Are Supposed
To Be In There?
Hey, Now,
I'm Just Asking.
[Timer Dings]
Oh, Yeah
Come On, Buddy,
Let's Go.
Keep Going,
Keep It Going.
Get That For Me,
Get That For Me.
Get That For Me. Thank You.
It's Going Good.
It's Going Good.
Mash 'Em.
Ooh, Yeah
Hey, We Got Pizza!
How's Mom?
I'm Fine.
Dad Fainted Twice.
I Didn't Faint.
Men Pass Out,
They Don't Faint.
Did You Put
The Food Away, Honey?
I Cooked It Instead.
Ok. There's No Way
I'm Eating That.
You're Gonna Lose It.
Hey, How About That?
Mom: Well, I, For One,
Am Quite Impressed.
You Boys Have Done
An Amazing Job.
Hey, Don't Look At Us.
We Had Nothing
To Do With It.
It Was All Eddie.
Yeah, It Was Like
He Was Possessed
Or Something.
Well, We're Gonna
Have To Start Calling
You Chef Eddie.
More Like Eddie Crocker.
At Least Now I Know
What To Get You
For Your Birthday.
An Apron!
Or An Easy-Bake Oven.
Knock It Off.
You Know, Now,
He Always Did Like
Making Little Cookies
With His Play-Doh.
No, I Didn't!
Ok, I Think That's Enough.
Oh, Come On,
Mom. Look.
It's Edwina,
The Daughter You've
Always Wanted.
Come On.
Hi, I'm Edwina.
I'm The Little French Chef
Of The Eighth Grade,
And My Hobbies Are Cooking
And...And, Well, Cooking!
I Said Knock It Off!
Oh, Come On,
Relax, Eddie.
We're Just
Teasing Ya.
It's Not Like
Anybody Thinks
You're Gonna
Trade In Your
Baseball Mitt
For An Oven Mitt.
I Don't Know, Dad.
Do They Let Girls
Play In Major
League Baseball?
All Right.
Guys! Guys!
No. Forget It.
No Way. I'm Not
Taking Wood Shop, Ok?
I Like Having 10 Fingers.
I Can Throw A Baseball,
I Can Hold A Pencil,
And It Means I Can Do This.
Frankie, You're
Not Listening.
It's The Easiest Class.
How Hard Can It Be
To Make A Birdhouse?
Besides, If You Cut
Something Off,
They Pack It In Ice,
Sew It Back On.
It's No Big Deal.
Guys, Guys,
You're Not Even
Listening, Ok?
Alex And Andy
Both Said That
Computer Science
Is The Class
To Take.
Gets An "A,"
And For Homework,
You Get To Play
Video Games.
No, Mom, I'm Not Playing
On The Computer.
I'm Just Studying
For My Final.
They Better Have
An Advanced Placement,
'Cause I've Been Zapping
And Blowing Stuff Up
Since I Was, Like, 3.
Hey, Eddie, Come On!
We're Gonna Be Late
For Registration.
Sorry. I Guess I, Uh...
I Just Never Really Noticed
That Room Before.
Yeah, I Know How You Feel.
I Got The Heebie-Jeebies
The First Time I Saw It.
All: Go!
Sign Us Up!
We'll Hold 'Em Back.
M-M-My Pen Is Broken.
I Need A Pen.
Frankie: Pen! Pen!
Who Has A Pen?
Get It! Get It!
Come On!
Where Are You?
Sign It! Sign It!
Computer Science! Yes!
Yes! Yes!
Welcome To Home Economics.
Oh, We're Going To Have
So Much Fun Together.
Eddie, I Cannot
Believe You Did This.
Here's The Deal.
Nobody, Absolutely
Nobody On The Knows About This.
It Goes Double
For My Brothers.
I Know
One Person Who's
Gonna Know For Sure.
What Are You Doing Here?
I Took Field Hockey
As An Elective
The Last 2 Quarters.
I Thought My Mom's
Head Might Explode
If I Took It Again.
What's Your Excuse?
Eddie's An Idiot.
He Grabbed
The Wrong Clipboard.
All Right, Guys.
For The Quadrillionth Time,
I'm Sorry,
But I Bet It's Way Better
Than Taking Computer Science.
Look. What's That
All About?
Check It Out.
Custom Cooking Utensils.
Somebody Should Have Signed Up
For Get-A-Life 101.
Get A Life? That's
Really Hilarious.
You Little Sprite.
Every Quarter There's
A Group Of Stupid Boys
Who Get Stuck
In Here Because
They Were Too Stupid
To Sign Up For
Computers, Or Whatever,
And Start Acting All...
Exactly, But I Swear,
If You Don't Sit Down
And Shut Up,
I'm Gonna Julienne You
Up One Side And Back
Down The Other.
Am I Making
Myself Clear?
Not Really.
What's Julienne?
It Means To Chop
Into Thin Strips.
Bridget, Stop Scaring
The New Students...
[Chuckles] And Me.
Mrs. Hadley, I Was
Going Over The Text,
And I Have
Some Suggestions--
Bridget, Whoa.
I Kinda Need To
Welcome The Class,
Take Roll,
Go Over Some Basic
Kitchen Safety Info.
So, Now, Here's
A Little Something,
A Little Something That
Should Start Things Off
With A Bang.
I Have Entry Forms
For The 35th Annual
Scholastic Cook-Off.
Can You Really Win
A Million Dollars?
No, No, No. That's
Just How Much They
Give Out In Scholarships.
No, It Comes
With A Small Cash Prize
And A Scholarship
To The Country's Pre-Eminent
Culinary Institute.
What's A Cook-Off, You Ask?
Well, It's Open
To All Students,
Eighth Grades And Above,
And That's You People.
I Was A Finalist When
I Was In High School.
To Enter, A Student Must
Submit An Original Recipe,
And Then, If Selected
For The Finals,
The Student Will Be Put
Through A Live Cooking Exam
To Test Their Mastery
Of The Craft.
I Know, I Know. It Sounds
Pretty Exciting,
So If You'd Like A Form,
I Have--
Anybody Else?
Anybody At All?
No? Oh.
Ok. Well, There Never Is.
Um, I Thought That We'd
Start With Something Basic,
Just Let You Get
Your Hands Kinda--
Kinda Floury, So To Speak.
Get It?
No. Nobody Ever Does.
Page 74,
Anatomy Of A Cookie.
Man, Home Ec Might
Be Totally Boring,
But Sitting Around
Talking About Cookies?
How Much Easier
Can A Class Get?
Ok. Ok, This Is
An Excellent Example
Of Why Cooking Time
And Temperature
Is An Integral Part
Of Baking.
I'm Sorry. I Thought
They'd Cook Faster.
Hmm, Is It Possible
For A Cookie
To Actually Have
Too Many Chocolate Chips?
There's No Way I'm Gonna
Be Able To Eat All Of These...
But I Can Try.
[Bell Rings]
Oh. My Backpack.
Hold Up.
Ogden's At The Fridge.
He Needs
An Original Recipe,
Something No One Has
Ever Tasted Before.
The Fans Are
On Their Feet.
What's It Gonna Be?
Feel Free To Speak Up.
Cook-Off, Here We Come.
Man, Even P.B. And J.
Cannot Get Rid Of The
Taste Of That Last One.
It's Clinch Time,
And Ogden Knows It.
He's About To Make
The Play Of The Game.
Peanut Butter
And Jelly Smoothie.
It's Bold.
It's Daring.
Oh! Ow! Come On--
Turn Off!
[Door Opens]
Someone's Coming.
It's Official.
He Really Is As Dumb
As He Looks.
Dad: Eddie, I Don't Know
What's Going On With You.
You Seem Distracted.
The Missed Plays,
Foot Off The Bag.
You Know, If You're Not Gonna
Take This Seriously,
Why Should I?
I'm Taking
It Seriously.
Eddie, Whether
You Like It Or Not,
You're The Leader.
The Team Looks Up To You
And Expects You
To Set An Example.
I'm Sorry.
Baseball Has Got
To Be Your Priority--
And Stop Playing
With Your Food.
You're Dancing Around
Like A Little Girl.
Dad, Baseball
Is My Priority.
I Swear, It's
The Most Important Thing
In The World To Me.
I Know It Is.
I Don't Mean To Come
Down Hard On You.
It's Just...
That You're So Good,
And You Got
So Much Potential.
Less Coach,
More Dad.
So, How Was
School Today?
Did You Sign Up
For Computer Science
Like Your Brothers
Told You To?
Uh...Yeah. It Was
Our Very First Choice.
Good Boy.
Eddie, You'd Tell
Me If Something Was
Bothering You, Right?
Yeah. Yeah, Yeah.
No, Everything's Cool.
Now, Though Similar,
Each Leavening Agent
Has Its Own Advantages
And Disadvantages.
Now, Yeast Is
A Living Organism,
And It Contains Over
3,200 Billion Cells Per Pound.
Now, It Comes In Several
Different Forms.
We're Gonna Be Working
Today With The Dry Form.
There's A Few
That Will Be Using
The Baking Powder
And The Baking Soda Combo
For Making Tea Breads,
But We're Gonna Be Mostly
Talking About The Dry Yeast.
Now, The Most Important
Thing To Remember...
It's Your Turn.
Pick A Letter.
Mrs. Hadley: If The Water's
Too Hot Or Too Cold...
Man, You're Really
Bad At This.
...You'll End Up
With Crackers.
All Right, Then,
Let's Start Cooking.
Ok, I'm Done Talking Now.
You Can Move.
All Right.
Move It, People!
And I Said What?
So, Have You Found
Your Recipe Yet,
You Know,
For The Cook-Off?
I'm Working On It.
Why Do You Care?
Just Curious.
Uh...Do You Think
People Would Ever
Use Peanut Butter
As A Primary
Well, The Peanut Is The Most
Versatile Of The Legumes,
So Why Couldn't It
Be The Cornerstone
Of Any Sound Entry?
I'll Take That
As A Yes. Have You
Ever Noticed
That When
You Heat It Up Just
Right And--
What Are You Doing?
We're Talking
About The Cook-Off.
No, We're Not.
Yes, We Are.
She's Crazy.
Come On, We Better
Get Back To--
Hey, Is There Something
Going On With You Guys?
With Me And Bridget?
Get Real.
Hello! Standing Right Here.
It Sounds To Me Like
Someone's Really Starting
To Take An Interest
In This Class.
No, I'm Not.
I Hate This Class.
Ok. Interest Might Have
Been A Little Strong.
Then...What Are
You Doing Over Here?
I, Uh...
I Just Came Over
Here To Do This.
You Know What
I Gotta Do, Right?
If You Must,
You Must.
Stay Calm.
Take A Deep Breath.
And, Class, Everybody,
We Don't Want A--
Food Fight!
[Shrieking And Laughter]
Food Fight--Now,
That's The Thing
We Definitely
Want To Avoid.
[Shrieking And Laughter]
Food Fight!
Cover Me.
I'm Going In.
I Swear, Boys Are Never
Setting Foot
In This Class Agai--
Apologies All Around,
Good Arm, Hannah.
Oh! Martha Stewart Never
Had To Put Up With This.
That Was Absolutely
The Best Food Fight
I've Ever Had
In My Entire Life,
Even With A Month Of
Saturday Detention.
Even Better Than That
Summer Camp Soda Massacre?
Even Better Than
The Ice Cream Fight
At My Cousin's
Sweet 16?
Even Better Than
The Second-Grade
Spaghetti Melee?
Yo, It's Gonna
Take Bridget, Like, Weeks
To Get That Cake Batter
Out Of Her Hair.
She Should Just Enter Herself
Into That Cook-Off.
I Guess I Shouldn't
Have Blasted Her
With That Egg.
That Was So Gross.
[Frankie Chuckles]
Hey, You Know What's Gross?
Oh, That Is
That Is Nasty.
Hey! Now,
That's Not Bad.
Actually, That's
Better Than Not Bad.
I'd Have To Say
That's Quite
We Missed Lunch
And I'm Hungry.
Frankie: Good.
Hey, This Is Great.
It Tastes Kinda Like
Barbecue Sauce,
Only Better.
Hey, You Put
This Stuff On Anything,
And I'll Eat It.
Ok, We've Got
To Find Out What
Was In This.
Do You Remember What
They Were Making
At This Station?
And Why Is It
Purple? What Is
This Texture?
Does It Remind You
More Of Applesauce
Or Ketchup?
Get A Grip.
I Mean, It's Good,
But It's Just A Bowl
Of Purple Sauce.
Well, Yeah, But--
But What?
Uh...But Nothing.
Come On. We Still
Gotta Wash Down
The Ceiling.
We Have Sauce.
All Right, Come On, Guys!
We Can Do This!
Ok, Groundhogs, Focus.
We're Still In This.
Hey, I Gotta Keep Up
With My Yankees.
Ok, Jordan, Come On!
Come On, Let's Go.
Don't Let Those Panthers
Intimidate You!
All Right, Jordan!
All Right! Way To Go!
He Hit It!
I Can't Believe It!
We Might Actually Win!
What Are You Doing?
Hey, Is That
The Gunk From Class?
Did You Make That?
Would You Guys
Chill Out?
It's My Mom's Recipe
She Got From A Magazine.
Well, Put It Away, People.
There's No Food
In The Dugout.
What's The Matter
With You?
Eddie, You're Up.
It's All Up To You,
Let's Go, Eddie.
Go, Eddie.
Oliver: Tell Your Mom
It's The Best Sauce
I've Ever Tasted.
All Right, Eddie, Let's Go!
All Right!
Let's Go, Eddie!
No Problem.
We Win!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Mom: Congratulations,
I Think This Might Be
The Start Of Something Big.
All: Yeah.
Hannah, You Were
Fantastic Today.
You're Really
One Of The Guys.
If We Keep Working,
There Is No Reason We
Can't Beat The Eagles.
Man, Would I Love
To Beat That Coach.
For All His Tough Talk,
You Know What He Does
For A Living?
He's A Nurse.
You're Gonna Spit
Your Gum Out, Right?
Bridget: But You Can't
Just Test It Once.
You've Got To
Double-Check It.
Triple-Check It.
Mrs. Hadley:
I Know, Dear.
This Isn't My First
Time At The Rodeo.
What Does That Have
To Do With Anything?
Is That Your Big
Cook-Off Recipe?
Aren't You
Finished Yet?
So Not Your Business.
She Finished Yesterday,
But We're Just Making
Sure Everything
Is Absolutely Perfect.
Oh, I Sifted
The Flour Twice.
Make Sure You
Take That Into Account.
Oh, I Assume
That Would Be Here.
The Part That You
In Bold, And Put
Arrows Around.
I, Uh,
I Don't Understand.
You Wouldn't.
Cooking Is A Science,
And All
Of The Measurements
Have To Be Precise,
Down To The Last
That's The Little One.
If They're Not,
You're Immediately
Oh, Well, Uh,
Well, Good Luck
With That.
Ok. Only An Hour
Before Anyone Gets Home.
All Right. Don't Panic.
Just Start With
2 Cups Of Sugar
And Work Your Way
Back From There.
No! We're Out Of Sugar.
Now What?
I Can Explain.
There's This Contest,
You Know,
Like On The Back
Of Cereal Boxes.
Like The Million Dollar
The Entry Form
Is Next To You.
It's Not What
You're Thinking.
It's Not Some Stupid
Girl Thing--
I Mean,
It Is Mainly Girls,
But Guys Can Enter,
And It Comes
With This Cash Prize,
And This Scholarship
To This Amazing School.
And I Don't Know
If You've Ever Seen
The Food Channel,
But, Like,
Every Other Person
On There Is A Guy,
So I Don't Know Why
You're Making Such
A Big Deal Out Of This!
Ok. I Don't Think
I'm The One Who's Making
A Big Deal Out Of It.
Why Is This
So Important To You?
I Don't Know.
It's Not.
Hey, Maybe If I Win,
It Won't Matter
If I Like To Do It.
Who Says
You Have To Win?
So, That's It?
That's What This
Is All About--
You Like To Cook?
It Was Just
Some Dumb Idea.
Can We Please Just
Forget About It?
And Deprive The World
Of Eddie's Incredible
Edible Barbecue Sauce?
Ok, But You Can't
Tell Dad.
Or Alex And Andy.
I Can't Lie
To Your Father.
I Really Think He Would
Understand If--
No, He Wouldn't.
And You Know He Wouldn't.
Well, Maybe He Would.
Ok, Maybe He Wouldn't.
Anyway, What Have You
Got Left To Do?
How Can I Help?
Well, Walk On Down
To Big Mama's Kitchen
Gonna See
What's Cookin' Today
People Are Talkin'
All Over This Town
They Can't Seem To Stay Away
I Smell That...
And Not Only That,
It's Colorful.
And It's Easy To Eat.
So Good,
I Want Some Soul Food
I Want Something So Good,
I Want Some Soul Food
Whoa! I Remember Hearin'
That Jukebox Music
From The Golden Goose Cafe
Say, You Better
Slow That Row Down
Nice And Low-Down,
Hear That Good Man Say
I've Got
A Crazy Little Thing
That I'm Sure You Will Enjoy
We Got Soul Food
I Want Some Soul Food
Give Me Some Soul Food
I Want Some Soul Food
Whoa, Yeah
He's Out!
Hey, Hey, Hey, Eddie!
Way To Go, Eddie!
You Two Have Got To Be
The Double Play Kings.
Or King And Queen.
You Had It Right
At Kings.
Excuse Me, Class.
I've Got A Little
Announcement To Make.
Well, Actually,
It's Quite
A Big Announcement.
It's Huge.
Um, I've Just Gotten
Off The Phone
With The Cook-Off People.
And, You Know,
They Were So Sweet.
They All Remembered Me.
Said People Still Talking
About My Winning Triple
Berry Torte 30 Years Later.
And--I Don't Know--Maybe
They Were Just Being Nice.
Of Course, They Were
Just Being Nice.
Did I Make The Finals,
Or Didn't I?
Bridget, There's
A Little Something
Called Building
Yes, Bridget,
You Are In The Finals.
Oh, My Gosh, Yes!
Go, Bridget.
The Other Finalist
Is Eddie Ogden.
I Got In, Too.
My Recipe Used
3 Different Types
Of Cheeses.
I Have Copies.
Does Anyone Want To See?
[Sighs] I'm Making
A Difference.
I Really Am.
[Bell Rings]
Wait, Db, Come On.
Don't Be Mad.
I'm Sorry.
It Was Just A Joke.
I Thought It Would
Be Funny.
Jokes Are Usually
Funnier When You Share
Them With Your Friends.
I Know.
I Should've Told You.
I Just Thought That
You Would Think
It Was Stupid.
Yeah. Good Guess.
I Do Think It's Stupid.
Just Tell Me This...
Do You Like Home Ec?
Yes Or No?
No, I Don't Like It.
I--I Don't Know.
Maybe I Don't Hate It
As Much As You Guys Do.
Sometimes It's Not
That Bad.
Ok. I Like It.
I Like Making Something
Out Of Nothing.
I Like Figuring Out
What Goes Together.
I Like Doing Something
No One's Ever Done Before.
I Don't Know Why.
I Just Like It.
He Likes It.
Come On,
This Is Stupid.
I Won With That
Gross Purple Gunk.
This Whole Cook-Off Thing
Is A Total Joke.
You Gotta Admit,
It Is Kinda Funny.
Yeah. Kinda.
I Thought
Bridget's Head
Was Gonna
Spin Right Off.
Hey, You Know
What's Gonna Be Funny?
Your Dad's Face
When He Finds Out.
My Dad!
Hey, I'm Home.
Both: Edwina's Home!
Hey...Lookin' For This?
Gimme That!
Ok, Ok. You Can Torture
Your Brother Later.
Go On.
Go, Go, Go, Go.
It's A Certificate.
And They Ruined It.
You Know,
It's Against The Law
To Read Other
People's Mail.
Oh, They Didn't Open It.
Your Home Ec
Teacher Called
To Share
In Our Excitement.
You Don't Look
Very Excited.
Oh, Really?
Because Nothing
Excites Me More
Than Having
My Son Lie To Me
And Sneak Around
Behind My Back.
I'm Sorry That I Lied.
And This Cook-Off Thing--
What's That About?
It's Nothing.
It's Just A Thing.
It's Not Gonna
Interfere With Baseball
Or School Or Anything.
I Promise.
Eddie, I Thought
We Had Some Kind
Of Understanding.
[Door Opens]
Hi. Everybody's
Home Early.
What's Going On?
I Got Into
The Cook-Off.
Oh, Honey, That's Great.
Obviously, This Isn't
Coming As A Big Surprise
To You.
No. Not Really.
I Mean, His Recipe
Was Really Good.
Eddie, Is There Some Reason
You Told Your Mother
And Not Me?
I'm Sorry I Didn't
Tell You.
I Guess I Was
I Don't Know What
I Was Afraid Of.
I Think We All Know
What You Were Afraid Of.
Ok. Fine.
Clearly, I Have No Idea
What's Going On
Around Here Anymore.
You Think You Can
Handle It,
More Power To You.
Handle What?
P.A.: Not Only Is Eddie Ogden
The First Boy
From Cedar Valley Junior High
To Make The Finals,
He's Also The Only Boy
In His Age Bracket.
Oh, And Bridget Simmons
Is Also A Finalist.
Simons, You Buffoon!
Bridget Simons!
Left On The Outside
Wonderin' Why
I Don't Fit In
Left On The Outside
Hey, Eddie.
Wanna Try Out?
Wonderin' Why
I Can't Get With You
You Ok?
Yeah, I'm Fine.
Want Me
To Take Him Out?
No, Really, I'm Ok, But
Thanks For The Offer.
I Can't Believe You're
Going Through With This.
You Know, I Don't Know Why
Everybody's Making Such
A Big Deal Out Of It.
'Cause People
Are Idiots.
Just Lay Low And--
Mrs. Hadley: Eddie!
Get In Here!
We've Got Some Serious
Cook-Off Training To Do!
Alrighty, Then,
Let's Get Crackin'.
I Really Don't Think
We Need To Do This.
I'm Serious.
So Am I. Start
Cracking Those Eggs
Before They Hatch.
Hmm. Smooth.
Ok, So I Can't
Crack An Egg.
Who Cares? I Can Do
All The Rest Of It.
Oh, Really?
Can You Saut?
Fricassee? Cleave? Fold?
Mince? Scald? Cream?
Reduce, Extract,
Whip, And Flamb?
Can You...
Zest A Lemon?
Poach A Pear?
Cream A Custard?
Layer A Lasagna?
Coddle An Egg?
Dress A Lamb?
Well, You're Gonna Learn.
The Finals
Are About Knowledge
And Mastery Of A Craft,
And They Can Throw
Anything At You.
Your Days Of
Creativity Are Over.
Come On, You Wanna
Win This, Don't You?
Yeah, But I Really--
No, No,
No Buts. No.
The World Is Gonna Learn
That Mrs. Rose Hadley,
Certified Nutritionist,
Is Still A Force
To Be Reckoned With,
And You Guys Are Gonna
Tell 'Em. So...
For The Next Month,
You're Gonna Do Nothing
But Eat, Breathe, Sleep
Home Economics.
Except Tuesday.
When I Jazzercise.
You Coming?
Uh...I've Got
Some Work To Do.
You Said It,
So, Try Again
With The Egg.
There You Go,
And In It Goes.
Oh--Heh Heh.
Try Again. It's Ok.
I Should Have Been There
I Should Have Made It By Now
But I'm Down On My Knees
When Nobody's Around
Yeah, I Tried To Be Strong
But I Lost It Somewhere
In The Midst Of My Dream
I Forgot About Reality
And It Hit Me Real Hard
Tears Make It Hard To See
Hey, Bud.
Good Game?
Yeah, Yeah,
It's Going Great.
How's Kerry Wood Doing?
It's, Uh, It's
Going Really Good.
If You Want It,
You Can Get It
If You Choose It,
Don't Regret It
If You Feel It, Make It Real
It's What You Wanted
Don't Forget It
When You Find It
Don't Rewind It
Love-Infuse It
And You're Starting To Grow
Everybody Gets
As Far As They Go
Set Your Mind,
Tell Your Mind
You're Gonna Get There
Pick Up Yourself
You're Gonna Come True
It Was Still Pretty Close.
And It Was Only
Our Second Loss
Of The Season.
Usually We've Had,
Like, 5 Or 6 Losses By Now.
Guess I Was Just
Getting Used To Winning.
Are You Blaming Me?
Hey, How Could We
Blame You?
You're Still Better
Than All Of Us
Put Together.
Maybe We Just
Want It More.
What Is That
Supposed To Mean?
It's Weird.
What's Weird?
It's Weird That
You'd Rather Bake Cakes
Than Play Baseball.
It's Weird That You'd
Rather Read A Cookbook
Than A Comic Book.
It's Just Weird.
I Thought We Talked
About This--
Yeah, I Know,
You Like It.
But What If I Suddenly
Said I Liked Playing
With Dolls?
You Used To
Play With Dolls
All The Time.
Don't You Remember?
In Kindergarten,
You Brought Your
Sister's Barbie To
Show And Tell
Like, 3 Times.
Now, That Was Weird.
That Is Not The Same
Thing And You Know It.
See Ya.
Yeah, Well,
I Gotta Go.
If You Want It
Everybody Gets
As Far As They Go
You're Starting To Grow
If You Want It
Then Get It
If You Choose It,
Don't Regret It
If You Feel It...
Oh, Eddie,
I Really Think
This Is Your Best
Effort So Far.
Oh, I'm So Dead.
And You're Starting
To Grow...
Let's Go, Frankie!
Come On, Frankie!
Hey. Sorry I'm Late.
I Didn't Know
A Souffle Takes Over
An Hour To Bake.
What's The Matter?
We're Losing.
By A Lot.
That's Nothing.
Marcus And Kimberly
Are On Base.
I'll Just Hit Them Home,
And Then We're Only Down
By 2 Runs.
Umpire: Strike 3!
You're Out!
Ok, Jordan, You're Up.
No, Come On, Dad,
Put Me In.
There's 2 Outs.
You Missed 3 Innings.
You're Out Of The Game.
Out Of The Game?
Come On, Can't You
Make An Exception?
Is There A Souffle
Nope. Just One
For Apple Pie.
Umpire: Strike 3!
You're Out!
Ok, Everybody Out
On The Field.
Hannah, Keep Playing First.
Db, You Take Short.
Come On, Groundhogs,
Let's Go!
Come On, Guys.
Hustle, Hustle, Hustle!
Db: I Figured It Out
Last Night.
Even Though
We Lost Yesterday,
We Just Have To Win
One More Game,
Then We Get To Play
The Eagless
For The Championships.
Ok, That's Cool.
Hey, It's The Hogs!
The Only Team With
Their Own Chef!
So...What Are
You Gonna Do
On The 15th?
The 15th.
If We Make It
To The Playoffs,
That's The Day
We Play The Eagles.
And It's Also The Day
Of Your Cook-Off.
So What's It
Gonna Be?
Well, I--
Yeah, That's
What I Thought.
Hey, Why Are You
Mad At Me
For Something That
Might Not Even Happen?
Why Don't You Go Sit
With The Girls,
Swap Recipes?
Here's My Applesauce.
Maybe You Can Bake
A Cake Out Of It
Or Something.
Or Something.
Food Fight!
[Shrieking And Laughing]
You're Just Mad
'Cause You Couldn't Win
A Baseball Game By Yourself
If Your Life
Depended On It.
I'd Rather Win
Like A Man
Than Cook
Like A Girl.
Come On,
You're Teammates!
Not Anymore.
I Quit.
Eddie, No,
You Can't!
[Whistle Blows]
[Whistle Blows]
I Don't Care What You Say,
But That Was Definitely
The Greatest Food Fight
Of All Time.
I Mean, I Just
Felt So Free--
Ok, So...
I'm Not The One Who Has
To Clean The Cafeteria
Every Day
For The Next Month,
But If You Look
At It My Way--
You See?
Like That.
Is That Applesauce
In Your Hair?
Yeah, I'm Baking
A Cake Later.
How Much Longer Do
We Have To Do This?
Where Do You Have To Go?
I Hear Your Baseball
Career Is Over.
Ok, Focus, People.
Focus, People. Hmm?
This Is Crunch Time.
Magic Hour Is
Just A Week Away,
And Neither Of You Can
Chop To Save Your Life.
Ok, Now.
When It Comes
To Julienneing,
There Are 2 Schools
Of Thought.
There's The Ultra-Skinny
French Toothpick Style,
And Then There Is
The More Robust
Matchstick Style.
Now, Each Has
Its Pros And Cons.
This Is So Stupid.
Who Cares How Big
They Are?
Who Cares If They're
In Cubes Or Stars
Or Little Sticks?
They're Carrots!
And No Matter What
You Do To Them,
They're Going To
Taste Like Carrots.
This Is A Total
Waste Of Time.
I'm Guessing
There's More.
Yeah, There's
A Lot More.
I Hate Not Having
Any Friends.
I Hate That My Dad
Can Barely Look At Me.
I Hate That My Brothers
Tease Me.
I Hate That Everybody
Makes Fun Of Me
Because Of This
Stupid Cook-Off,
And More Than
I Hate Chopping Up
Are You Through?
You May Hate
All Those Things Now,
Eddie Ogden,
But I'm Guessing...
That Deep Down,
You Love Cooking Even More.
So Don't Talk Yourself
Out Of Doing This
Just Because--
Look, Forget It.
I'm Done.
I'm Going Back To Where
I'm Supposed To Be.
Do You Think That's Why
Everybody Makes Fun Of Me?
Because I Love To Cook?
No! Oh, No.
There Are Plenty
Of Other Reasons.
Ok, Back To Chopping.
I Don't Want To
Psych You Guys Out,
But We Beat The Cougars,
And We're In
The Playoffs! Huh?
Yeah! Ha Ha!
Where's Eddie?
Baking Cookies.
Ok, Now, Look.
I Know You Guys Can Do This,
But It's Gonna Take
A Little Strategy.
First, Keep The Ball Low
And Down
The Third Base Line.
The Cougar Third Baseman--
He Can Catch Anything,
But He Throws
Like A Real Girl.
He Can Barely
Get It To First--
I Throw Like A Girl.
I Throw Like A Girl
Because I Am A Girl.
Hannah Throws
Like A Girl, Too.
She's Just Good At It.
Kimberly, That--
That's Not What I Meant.
Why Is It A Compliment
Every Time You Say
I Run Like A Boy,
But An Insult When You
Say I Run Like A Girl?
Can't I Just Be A Good
Runner Or A Bad Runner?
You Are A Bad Runner.
I Know That.
Everyone Knows That.
But It's Not Because
I'm A Girl.
It's Because I'm
An Uncoordinated Dork
Like Marcus And Jordan.
Both: Hey!
The Cougars' Third
Baseman Can't Throw,
If There Aren't Any More
Unresolved Issues--
My Dad's A Nurse.
You Made Fun Of
The Eagles' Coach
For Being A Nurse.
Oliver, I'm Sorry.
I Didn't Mean Anything--
He Saves People's Lives.
My Father Is A Florist.
And Why Do I Have To Be
One Of The Guys?
Can't I Just Be
Part Of The Team?
Hey, What's Everybody
Standing Around For?
Db: What Are You
Doing Here?
I'm Here To Play
Some Baseball.
This Is Where
I'm Supposed To Be,
Right, Dad?
Definitely Right.
And Since
That's Settled,
Let's Go
Win Ourselves
A Ballgame!
[John Fogerty's
"Centerfield" Begins]
My Old Man Was
A Hairdresser.
Well, I Beat The Drum
And Hold The Phone
The Sun Came Out Today
We're Born Again
There's New Grass
On The Field
Just Rounding Third
And Headed For Home
It's A Brown-Eyed
Handsome Man
Anyone Can Understand
The Way I Feel
Ok, Groundhogs,
2 Outs!
One More Out,
We Win!
Umpire: You're Out!
Put Me In, Coach
I'm Ready To Play
Put Me In, Coach
I'm Ready To Play
Eddie! Eddie!
Eddie! Eddie!
Look At Me
[Chanting Continues]
Gonna Be
We're Out Of Pizza!
Oh, If I Had A Dollar
For Every Time I Heard That...
[Doorbell Rings]
I Could Pay
For These Extra Pizzas.
Don't Worry, Boys And Girls,
Reinforcements Have Arrived.
Good Game.
Thanks. You, Too.
I'm Sorry, I Was
Expecting The Pizza Guy.
You're Not Him.
Are You?
Somebody Wants
Her Apron Back!
Well, I Wish
We Had Something
We Could Offer You.
Thank You.
Eddie, You Know
Why I'm Here.
You Need To Be At
That Cook-Off Tomorrow.
Oh, I Can't.
The Groundhogs
Are In The Playoffs.
Oh, Is That All?
Boy, Have You Walked Into
The Wrong House. Heh.
It's The Biggest Game
Of The Year,
And Everybody's
Counting On Me.
He's Not Gonna
Let His Team Down,
Mrs. Hadley.
No. Apparently
Just Himself.
Look, You've Got
She'll Be Great.
Yeah. Bridget. Sure.
She Can...
Whisk Till The Cows
Come Home.
But She Has No Passion,
She Has No...
No Instinct.
But You,
Eddie Ogden, You Are...
You're A Natural.
It's What You Were
Born To Do.
That Was A Little
Melodramatic, Huh?
Oh, I Was Afraid Of That.
That's What You Get
For Practicing
In Front Of Your Cats.
Well, Alrighty, Then,
I Gave It The Old
Cordon Bleu Try.
Well, Thanks For Coming.
And, Uh, Thanks
For The Cookies.
They're Amazing.
Both: It's The Ginger.
You See, I'm Sorry
For All This,
But It's Just That Eddie,
He Has So Much Potential,
And I Want Him
To Think Long-Term,
And I Know
I Shouldn't Push--
Oh, No, But Sometimes
You--You Have To.
Well, Good-Bye.
Thanks For Coming,
Mrs. Hadley.
Could You Do Me
Just One Favor?
Sleep On It.
Don't Make Your Final
Decision Till Tomorrow.
Please? Just Promise Me.
I Promise.
But, Uh, If I Know My Son,
I Wouldn't Count On It.
Well, I'm Sure
Nobody Knows Him
Better Than You.
[Salsa Music Begins]
Another Home Run For Ogden?
I Think It Is.
It's High And Long...
Against The Back Fence,
And It's...
5, 4, 3, 2...
Hi, Everybody,
I'm Bobby Flay,
And Welcome To
The Million Dollar
Today, 8 Talented
Will Tantalize Us With
Spectacular Dishes
As They Compete For
Prizes And Scholarships
For The Culinary Schools
Of Their Dreams.
Nice, Bobby.
Bridget: There's No Blender!
I Can't Work Without A Blender!
Mrs. Hadley: We Need
A Blender At Station 2!
[Running Footsteps]
Man: Eddie Ogden.
Welcome, But, Uh...
You Better Hustle
And Get Yourself
Set Up, Here.
Oh, I'm Not Staying.
I Just Kind Of Wanted
To See Everything.
It's So Cool.
What Do You Mean,
You're Not Staying?
Oh, I've Got A Game.
It's Kind Of Hard
To Explain.
You Know, People Are
Counting On Me,
And My Dad Is...
I Think I Get It.
Good Luck.
You'll Be Missed.
See Ya.
How Do You Crack An Egg
With One Hand?
Heh. You Stick Around
And I'll Show You How.
I'm Gonna Be Late.
See Ya.
See Ya.
Mom: I Don't Know
Where He Is.
Why Are You Blaming Me?
I'm Sorry.
It's Just--
I Don't Know.
I Don't Know Who
He Is Anymore.
He Doesn't Tell Me
He Doesn't Tell You,
Or He's Telling
You Things You Just
Don't Want To Hear?
What's That
Supposed To Mean?
Hey, Mom. Hey, Dad.
Sorry I'm Late.
Ha Ha! Yes!
All: 1..2..3..
Go Groundhogs! Yeah!
You Made The Right Decision.
Now Let's
Go Get 'Em, Huh?
It's All About
Beating The Eagles.
I Remember.
Hey, Batter, Batter,
Batter, Batter!
[Crowd Cheers]
Go Get 'Em.
Go, Eddie!
If It Isn't
Little Eddie Crocker.
I Thought You Had
Cupcakes To Bake.
Gee, You Know, I'd Love To Sit
Around And Compare Recipes,
I've Got Some
Bases To Run.
Welcome Back To The
Million-Dollar Cook-Off.
We Are Just Seconds Away
From Seeing These 8...
Well, Actually,
7 Young Chefs In Action.
When I Ring The Bell,
Every Contestant Will
Have Exactly 2 Hours
To Present The Judges
With A Complete Meal,
Using The Ingredients
You See Here.
Easy, Easy, Easy.
And They Also
Must Use All 4
Of Today's Secret
Chocolate, Chicken,
And Check This Out...
Red-Hot Chili Peppers.
Ok, Not So Easy.
But I Bet You
Eddie Could Win It
Using Nothing More
Than A Pickle Fork
And A Bunsen Burner.
Right, Eddie?
Why Are You Watching That?
Well, Eddie Might Not
Be On Tv,
But His Name Was.
That's Pretty Cool.
Go, Eddie.
Eye On The Ball.
Eye On The Ball.
Umpire: Strike One!
If It Was That Cool,
He'd Be There.
Ok, Eddie.
Focus, Eddie. Focus.
So, On Your Mark...
Umpire: Strike 2!
Get Set...
Strike 3!
You're Out!
Cook-Off Announcer:
And They're Off.
The Is The Scariest
And Most Exciting Time
For These Youngsters...
Turn That Off.
Game Announcer: And At
The End Of 2 Innings,
The Score Is Tied 3-3.
All Right, Come On, Groundhogs!
Let's Go! Easy Out!
Off The Bag.
Announcer: Eagles Lead 4-3.
Ok, Groundhogs,
Focus, Focus, Focus!
Eddie, Get In The Game!
Get In The Game!
All Right, Come On,
Jordan! Let's Go!
Ok, Come On.
Eye On The Ball!
Eye On The Ball!
What's Wrong With Eddie?
We've Never Seen Him
Play This Bad.
Yeah, He Better
Pull Himself Together.
Or What?
What Do You Mean,
Or What?
Or We're Gonna Lose,
That's Or What.
And Turn That Off.
I Don't Think Your
Cook-Off Play-By-Plays
Are Helping.
Well, I Don't
Think That You
Making Him Choose
Between Cooking
And Having Friends
Is Helping, Either, Db.
What? Now You've
Completely Lost It.
See, This Is
What Happens
When You Forget To Wear
A Batting Helmet.
Umpire: Strike One!
All Right,
Jordan, Let's Go!
Eddie's Here Because
He Wants To Be Here.
Because He Wants
To Beat The Eagles.
Is That Why You're Here?
No, I'm Here Because
I Love Baseball.
Yeah, Kind Of Like
Eddie And Cooking, Huh?
[Crowd Cheering]
All Right! I'll Just
Hit Jordan Home
And We're Back In This.
But Without Eddie,
We Can't Win.
Let's Go, Eddie!
Oh, Man.
Hey, Ogden.
Why Is It Always
Up To You?
"Eddie, Hit A Home Run."
"Eddie, Make That Play.
Eddie, Save Us."
Why Don't You Let Us
Do It For A Change?
Do We Want To Say
Eddie Did This For Us
Or That We Won It
For Ourselves?
Hey, I'm Just
Trying To Help.
Help? We Don't
Need Your Help.
We Don't Want Your Help.
In Fact, We Don't Want You.
You're Better Off
Baking Some Pies
At Some Stupid Contest
Than Here.
All Right?
All: Right!
So Go.
You Go Do
What You Have To Do
And Let Us Do
What We Have To Do.
Batter Up!
Help Me Out Here, Guys.
All: Go!
Get Out Of Here!
So You Guys Are
Really Cool?
Oh, Give Me That.
You're Not The Only One
Who Can Hit In
A Couple Of Runs.
[Crowd Cheering]
Kimberly, Run! Go!
[Cheering And Shouting]
So You Going, Or What?
I'm Going.
I Think I Should
Have About An Hour
And A Half Left.
Wish Me Luck.
All Right.
So, What?
That's It?
You're Quitting?
No, I'm Not Quitting.
I'm Starting.
You Wouldn't Understand.
I Gotta Go.
You'll Get There Quicker
If I Drive You.
Good Thing The Eagles'
Coach Is A Nurse,
'Cause I Think Mr. Ogden's
Gonna Need One.
Uh-Oh. Looks Like
A Late Entry
Has Just Arrived!
Come On!
What? No Fair!
He Can't Do That!
Can He Do That?
Welcome Back, Eddie,
But You Know, We Can't
Give You Any More Time.
There's Only An Hour
And 3 Minutes Left.
I Can Do It!
Oh! See? I Can't Get Him
To Clean The Bathroom,
But He'll Stick His Hand
Up A Chicken's Butt.
At The End Of 3 1/2,
Eagles 6, Groundhogs 4.
So, At The End Of 4,
Eagles 6, Groundhogs 5.
We're At The 30-Minute
Point And Cutting It Close.
Eddie Ogden Is Coming On Strong.
Well, Folks, The Groundhogs
Are Really Putting Up A Fight.
At The End Of 5,
Eagles Lead 8-6.
Good Job.
Good Job.
You're Up.
You're Up.
Cook-Off Announcer:
This Is Where The Lack Of Time
Is Really Gonna Hurt Him.
There Is No Room
For Mistakes.
Eddie: Ok, Don't Panic.
Chocolate Tarts
Instead Of Chocolate Pie.
Problem Solved.
Strike 3!
You're Outta Here!
Longo: That's
All Right, Db.
All Right.
Good Job.
Come On, Eddie!
What's The Matter?
It Looks Bad.
He's Rushing.
I Don't Think He
Has Enough Time.
Batter Up!
Man...One Of Us
Should've Gone
To Help Him.
Everyone Else Has
People Helping Them.
Uh, Yeah. Sorry.
Hannah, You're Up!
Get Out There, Hannah!
Let's Do It!
All Right.
Bases Loaded, 2 Outs.
You're The Man!
I Mean...
It's Ok.
Oh, No! It's My Mom!
No! Hannah, We Can't
Do This Now!
I Said, Hey, Hey
What Do I Say
Come On, Groundhogs,
Time To Play
Yeah! Groundhogs Rock!
Oh, Hey, Mom.
Your Forgot
Your Pom-Poms.
Oh. Thanks
For Bringing Them.
See You At Home.
Umpire: Groundhogs!
Mom, I'm Not A Cheerleader,
I've Never Been A Cheerleader,
Nor Will I Ever Be One.
But I Am One Of The Best
Shortstops In The League,
And A Decent Batter
When I Remember
To Keep My Elbow Up.
You And Can Rant
And Scream All You Want,
But It's Gonna Have
To Wait Until After I Bat.
Well, Then You'll
Probably Need This.
My Batting Glove?
I Found It
In Your Jeans
This Morning.
Hannah, Honey,
I'm Only
That You Thought
That I Wouldn't
Support You
Doing Something
That You Love.
Final Warning!
So You Don't Mind?
No. But We'll Talk
After The Game.
Right Now...
Go Show Your Mother
What You Can Do!
Thanks, Mom.
Go Get 'Em.
Umpire: Strike One!
All Right, Hannah!
That's The Way To Play!
Wait For Your Pitch!
All Right, Hannah!
Hank: What Are You--
Sleeping Out Here?
You've Been Calling Balls
Strikes, Strikes Balls.
Do You Have Any Idea
What Those Words
Actually Mean?
Now, That Last Call
Was In Your Favor.
Well, Maybe, If You'd
Keep Your Eyes Open
For A Change,
We'd Get Some Decent Calls!
There's No Reason
For You To Go--
There's No Reason
That These Kids,
Who Have Worked So Long
And So Hard, Should Lose
Because Some Screw-Up
Doesn't Know The First Thing
About Baseball!
I Swear,
One More Word
Out Of You,
And You're
Out Of This Game.
Oh, Yeah?
[Crowd Boos]
I Dare You!
That's 3!
You Are Outta Here!
No Problem.
Keep Your Elbow Up.
Go, Groundhogs!
Announcer: It Looks Like Ogden
Is Finally Getting
Some Reinforcements.
I Don't Know When I've Seen
So Many Pairs Of Cleats
In The Kitchen.
Dad, What Are You
Doing Here?
Well, I Figure
This Means So Much
To You
That I Must Be
Missing Something.
So Maybe You Can
Show Me
Why It's So
Important To You.
Now? No.
Not Now. Later.
Now, I Just Thought
Maybe You Could Use
A Little Help.
Well, All I've Got
Is A Burnt Pie
And A Bubbling Pot
Of Chocolate,
So, Yeah, I Could Use
A Lot Of Help.
Ok. So, Just Tell Me
What To Do, Coach.
Ok. I'll Chop These,
You Crack A Couple
Of Those Eggs
Into That Bowl.
What? Aren't
I Doing It Right?
Eddie, Less Than
2 Minutes.
I Swear, If That Meringue
Doesn't Set Up,
Your Life Is Over!
All Right.
Put The Peppers On.
On The Chocolate?
Yeah. Hurry.
Eddie, Whoever
Heard Of--
Announcer: Well, Folks,
This Is It,
The Groundhogs' Last Chance.
With 2 Outs And 2 On
And A Winning Run
At The Plate,
And The Eagles
Leading 8-6.
Let's Go, Db!
Easy Out!
You Got To Hit
A Triple To Tie
And A Homerun To Win.
There's No Way You're
Even Making It To First.
Oh, Yeah?
Just Watch Me.
Strike One!
Aah! It's Ok!
It's All Right.
Hey! I'm Talking!
Can't You See
He's Trying
To Distract Me?
Strike 2!
All: Come On, Db,
Pay Attention!
Eddie, Less Than
30 Seconds.
Chocolate Chicken?
I Think He's Lost It.
No, No, No, No, No.
It's Mol.
And Chicken Wrapped In Bacon
Has Just Hit The Table.
It Sure Smells Like
A Winner.
Dad, Get
The Lemon Custard
Out Of The Fridge.
Boys, Chanting:
Eddie! Eddie!
Eddie, Eddie...
With Not A Moment To Spare,
Chicken Mol
Makes A Welcome Appearance.
Dad, Come On!
15 Seconds!
This Lemon Thing...
It Didn't Set?
All Right,
Not Enough Time.
Bring It Home, David!
Bring It Home!
You Don't Have
You're Supposed
To Have Something
With Lemon.
Crowd: 10, 9...
7, 6...
5, 4...
3, 2, 1!
There! I Got Lemon!
Yeah, All Right!
Time's Up.
All: Run!
Coming Through!
Umpire: Safe!
Announcer: Unbelievable!
All Tied Up!
Bobby: Now, Before
We Announce The Winner,
I Would Just Like To Say,
This Has Been
One Tough Competition.
You Demonstrated
Your Creativity,
You Showed Us
Your Passion,
And A Future
At The Stove
Is Bright For Each
And Every One Of You.
Today Alone Has Been
One Amazing Achievement.
And Now, The Winner...
Of The One-Million-Dollar
Scholastic Cook-Off...
Is Bridget Simmons!
I Won, I Won!
Well, That's It.
Thanks For Watching,
And Until Next Year,
I'm Bobby Flay
For The Million-Dollar
I'm Sorry.
Don't Worry, Dad.
It's No Big Deal.
Hey, What Happened?
Well, Bridget Creamed Him
With Her Lemon Meringue
Angel Food Pie.
Come On, Sport,
You Gave It
Your Best Shot.
But I Struck Out.
You Didn't
Strike Out.
Bridget Just Hit It
Out Of The Park.
Either Way, I Lost.
Hey, Eddie, Come On.
What A Game, Huh?
This Wasn't About
You Winning.
It Was About You
Doing Something
That You Love.
And You Know What?
You're Really
Good At It.
You're A Kid With
A Lot Of Gifts,
And A Lifetime To
Sort Them Out, So...
Cook, Play Baseball,
Take Up
Lawn Bowling...
That's Something Else
I Don't Understand.
Just Remember,
Win Or Lose...
I'm Always
On Your Team.
[All Shouting]
Hey, We Heard
The News, Man. Sorry.
It's Ok.
I'm Cool.
And You Know What They Say--
If You Can't Take The Heat...
All: Stay Out
Of The Kitchen.
Look, Guys...
I'm Really Sorry
If I Let You Down.
For Once, We Actually
Had To Rely On Ourselves.
And Guess What--
All: We Won!
Hey, You!
Big-Time Chef
Everybody Says
You Know Everything
About Food.
Well, Here's Something
That You Don't Know.
Eddie Ogden
Is The Best Cook
In This Whole
Dumb Cook-Off,
And You Know It.
Hey, No Arguments Here.
So, Why Didn't
He Win?
Why Isn't He Holding
Up The Trophy,
Doing The Rocky Dance?
Check Him Out.
Come On, Check Him Out.
He Looks Like
A Winner To Me.
I Feel You, Man.
All Right.
So, Who Wants
To Celebrate?
Let's Go Get
Something To Eat.
Eddie Dogs?
All: Yeah!
Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie...
Hey, What About Me?
I'm The Winner.
I'm Hungry, Too.