Edge of Doom (1950) Movie Script

The music is comforting, isn't it?
Have some tea, George?
No, thanks.
I always like a cup of hot tea in
the afternoon, drink it slowly.
It helps impede the mind,
it's a mind of blessing,
but not one to be sneezed at.
It's good with lemon.
Father Roth, it's taken me a month
to work my courage to tell you
what I'm going to tell you now.
I want to leave this parish.
I'm going to ask
the Bishop for a change.
That's an understandable impulse.
It's no impulse, Father, I've been
wrestling with it for two months now.
St Stephens is a fine church but I
don't have to tell you what it's like.
You've been here
long enough, you know.
Yes. I know.
I find it impossible
to serve these people.
Poor people are
difficult to serve, George.
But it isn't poverty, Father,
they are weary, smaller
without a spark in them
there is a leech in them.
We should have
some tea, George.
A cup of tea won't change my views
about this dreary, godforsaken parish.
I dislike sermonizing during my tea time.
God's warriors must always be ready
for battle, even though with the teacups.
Sit down, George.
Pull the chair.
It's not wise to be too sure of
the right way to do good, George.
Priests believe it's their job
to bring God to the people...
but sometimes it's the people
who bring God to the priest.
That's what happened to me.
I was just like you,
a little bitter.
Wwondering how it was
possible to bring faith into so dreary
and nonspiritual
place as this parish.
And then a curious thing
happened, a murderer
a youth with blood and sin on him,
brought me nearer to God..
A murderer straight into your faith, Father?
Brought me nearer to God.
It's a small but a vital difference.
His name was Martin Lynn, his mother
was a fine hard working woman.
His father took to drink, held up
a store and committed suicide
while the police was
coming to arrest him.
This was when the boy was
thirteen fourteen year old...
Under the law's of the Church
my predecessor Father Kirkman, had
to refuse a suicide Christian burial
When this happened, the boy preferred
to think of the Church as a brute...
instead of his father.
The religion became a
swindle and a sham to him.
That's how Martin solved
his problem for a time.
It was a bitter, tragic solution,
and yet it was because of
Martin Lynn that I'm still here now.
And full of conviction that I
am in the midst of a holy place.
He was just a lad
working in a flower shop
when I first knew him driving
a truck delivering flowers.
Hi, Martin.
- Hi.
For you.
- Boy, do I hate flowers.
Hi, you got to the orchid's market.
- Yes, Mr Swanson.
Did we get a good buy?
I got them for half
what they usually cost.
Good boy.
Made all deliveries already?
I didn't stop for lunch, I
want to get home early.
I hate to bring this up, Mr Swanson, but
I've been working here for four years now.
Four years? Just imagine.
I've taken interest
like with those orchids
whenever I can I
try to save you money.
And I appreciate it.
My mother is still sick, I got
doctor's bills, medicine bills
they are rising, I'm wearing the same
clothes I just can't make ends meet.
I'd like you to give you a rise,
Martin, you deserve it.
But this is a small shop,
we had a lot of expenses.
You promised me that
last year, Mr Swanson.
I didn't press you,
I can't wait any longer.
I got to send my mother to Arizona,
she'll never get any better here.
I go to Arizona too,
if I could afford it.
I'm an old man, Martin,
I've put in my years.
I don't want a favour,
just pay what I'm worth.
You'll have a job here, as long
as I live, Martin, believe me.
As soon as I see way
clearer, you get a rise,
you don't have
to ask, trust me.
I'm a real friend.
If you are a friend, help me.
Let me think about it.
What is that to think about?
Well, I have to check
with my bookkeeper,
we'll talk about it next week.
Don't be upset,
remember, I'm your friend.
Good Night, fellows.
- Good Night, Martin.
Hi, stranger.
- Hi.
Where have you been
during the last few
what have you been doing?
I've been busy. Staying
up counting my money.
What are we celebrating?
It's a beggar case
when I get to see you.
Can I help that I am so popular?
Where is your room mate?
Martha left for
the east I am all alone now.
That's a break for me.
This place is too
expensive for one person.
I have to look for
another room mate.
I wish you didn't.
I wish I could...
- I wish you could.
We are right back wishing it
The rates paid until the 1st
As long as I still have the stove, we
can have dinner here every night.
Just like we were married
Not quite.
Pull the wine.
- Yah.
Why don't we get married?
Do I have to tell you?
If it's money we
will never get married.
Money, what's money. I just
drive a truck for a front.
Come on, drink up, Julie.
We found each other.
We are lucky people.
Just a minute.
It's for you?
For me?
Mrs Lally?
Did you send for the doctor?
How is she now?
She is sleeping.
Yes, sure.
Sure, thanks.
My mother had another attack.
She shouldn't have gone out today.
She is out of danger, isn't she?
Yes, she is sleeping..
Sit down. I'll get dinner ready.
I can't.
She'll be asking for me
- Just for a little while?
I haven't seen
you in three weeks.
I worked late last night
just so I could get off early today
and make things nice for you.
If I could just send her to Arizona,
like the doctors said, she'd get better.
I tried, Julie, you do not know
how hard I tried but I can't,
I can't the money,
that's how it is,
it's driving me crazy
but what can I do?
You tell me? What
is I'm supposed to do?
I've been waiting ever
since I met you, how long?
I don't know, wait.
There's no room
for me, I can see.
What are you talking?
I love you, Julie.
How can you love
me, you never see me.
I love you, Julie.
I love you.
Where are you, Martin?
I'm here, mother.
Why do you keep
looking out the window?
Some day we are going
take one of those trains.
I'm going to get
you out of here.
That's all you
need to get well.
I'm trying to get
better, Martin, I'm trying.
Try and get some sleep.
Light up the Madonna.
You prayed enough, mother,
close your eyes, try to sleep.
She is in the dark,
Martin, I can't see her.
Why doesn't Father Roth come?
You mustn't give up, mother.
You got to get better.
What's to become of you, Martin?
You got to get well, mother.
You've got to.
Mrs Lally.
My mother is dying.
Everything has been done
which can be done, Martin.
The doctor did his best.
She can't die.
I won't let her.
We got to do something
There is nothing
we can do, Martin.
She is in God's hands.
Don't talk to me about God.
He never did anything for her.
All you can do for
her, Martin, is to pray.
She prayed all her life,
never missed a morning mass,
she was a slave
to the church
they took every dime she
could lay her hands on.
Stop howling, will you?
- Martin, people will hear you.
I don't care who hears me.
- Call me back.
You'd better send
for the priest, Martin.
A priest can't do no good.
I'm expecting an important call.
Well, if you want a
private call, Mr Craig,
why don't you have
one put in your flat?
Who are you calling?
- Father Roth.
I told you I don't want no priest.
You're doing wrong, Martin.
That's my nickel, Mr Craig.
Mr Craig, my mother is dying.
I got my own troubles, Martin.
Just do like the
doctor told you, Martin.
If you need me, call.
Hello, Mo?
What do you mean
makes him no good no more?
I'm got to get even.
I'll get you the thirty bucks,
I'll get them, I'll get them...
Have some cheese, Thomas.
No, thanks.
What I really like is cantaloupe.
Cantaloupe? What ever
made you think ot that?
They are in season now,
quite reasonably this year,
the stores are full of them.
Must been 20 years
since I tasted cantaloupe
and I've learned
not to miss it.
Self denial is a virtue,
but why extend it to cantaloupes?
Mary Jane like
to see you, Father.
Have her wait.
She seemed disturbed.
She says it's urgent
- Have her wait.
Everything is always urgent.
You'll have to wait. - But I can't
wait, it's about his niece.
Come in here.
What about my niece?
Come on, come on, speak up.
Rita has gone, packed
all her things and left.
I tried to stop her,
but she wouldn't listen.
Gone where? - With Malcolm.
His divorce became final.
That's all they've
been waiting for.
No church will marry them.
And we can never marry
outside the Church
But she is, Father, they are
going to have a civil ceremony.
At the Justice of
Peace over in Lakeview.
I promised to her
I wouldn't tell, but
I felt it was my duty
to come to you, Father.
You've done your duty,
Mary Jane, you can go now.
I've got to stop her.
How? She is of age.
I can't understand that girl.
I tried so hard
to bring her up right.
You tried too hard.
You tried to make
the church her whole life.
You never asked her
what she wanted.
I can't do anything with
her but she will listen to you,
you can stop her,
you can bring her back.
You've got to do
this for me, Thomas.
Please bring her
back, please try.
You know I'll do anything for
you, if I could Father... I'll try.
You have the gift being
able to reach people.
I sensed it the first day
you walked into my rectory.
It's a blessing which
has been denied me.
I devoted a life time to
the people of this parish,
yet I wonder if I
ever reached anyone.
Hurry, please.
Hello, mrs. Davis?
- Yes.
Yes of course.
It's Mrs Lally on the phone.
She'd like Father Roth to
come and see Mrs Lynn tonight.
Tell her Father Roth
has gone on a call.
I'll come my self.
But she asked for Father
Roth, he has been seeing her.
I see.
Will you remember
to tell Father Roth,
I'm leaving as soon
as I finish the dishes
Very well.
Mrs Lally, Father
Roth is out on a call.
He'll come over as
soon as he returns.
But Father Kirkman could come.
You know the trouble there was
with Father Kirkman
when Mr Lynn died.
I think we better
wait for Father Roth.
Thank you anyway.
I don't like to interfere, but...
I know what
your mother wants.
I've sent for Father Roth.
It's what she wants, Martin.
Mother doesn't want anything,
she'll never want anything again.
Poor boy, you poor boy.
Stay with her, Mrs Lally,
I got to make arrangements
for the funeral.
Martin, do me a favour
back me, will you kid,
make sure the sport is fun.
My mother is dead.
I got to make arrangements
for the funeral.
Wait a second.
Come on in, kid.
You look like, you are about
ready to keel over.
I'll get you a
hot cup of coffee.
Put a light on the coffee and
have something to eat.
There is nothing in the house.
Get down to the delicatessen
and get something.
What do I am suppose
to use for money?
You got personality,
use that. Sit down, kid.
You are in no condition of making
arrangements all by yourself.
People will take
advantage of you.
Everyone is out for a take,
remember that, Martin
And they wait for
opportunities like this.
Some people got no character
but what you need is a friend
to go along with you, check.
She's got to
have a fine funeral.
Sure, and you can have it but you
got to know how to go about it
How much insurance
did you mother leave?
I couldn't keep up the payments.
Fine things are expensive
you got to pay for them.
Nobody is giving anything away.
I'll pay, I don't
care what it costs.
I don't care how long
it takes to pay for it.
Nobody lends you money, a kid
like you driving the truck
delivering flowers making
thirty bucks a week.
You're a bad risk.
Money, money, that's all that
counts in this rat race.
If you got it,
bury her like a queen.
If ain't they pack her in a box
and shovel a hole in the ground.
I feel for you, Martin,
what your mother went
through in this rotten world
she ought to go out in
style like a somebody.
The world owes it to her,
it's a rich world but it
hates to give, you got to take.
Someone out there, someone
owes you something
all you got to do is to
have the nerve to collect.
It doesn't take much to
poison a young man's soul
particularly a soul full of
pain and helplessness and shame.
Yes, I always
thought shame was
at the bottom of
poor Martin's anger.
Shame for his
father's wrongdoing,
but he couldn't
hate his father,
so he turned his hate on
the church and its laws.
We had done him
and his mother wrong.
Not the weak unhappy man who
had done criminal and suicide.
Into such a sick ear, the devil
needs only whisper, and he did.
Father Kirkman.
Father Kirkman.
- Yes?
I rang the bell,
you didn't answer.
I didn't hear, the house
keeper must have gone.
I rang twice, I called at
you through the window.
What is it, boy?
Who are you?
Don't you know me anymore?
- Have I seen you before?
I haven't stuck inside a
church since my father died.
You look familiar, boy, I'd
seem to have forgotten.
I'll never forget.
I was with my mother.
She came to plead with
you about my father.
What's your name, boy?
Martin Lynn.
Oh yes, I remember now.
Mother is a devout woman,
never misses mass. Fine woman.
How is she these days?
Don't you know? - I don't
get around much anymore.
I've seemed to have
lost touch with people.
The price one
pays in growing old.
You loose touch
with old friends.
You were never friend of us.
I did what I could
for your father.
You did nothing. My mother got
down there on her knees
and begged for my father
and you did nothing
It was too late.
Your father put himself beyond
the pale of the church
I couldn't bury him
in consecrated ground.
He was a suicide.
That was also long ago.
Why have you
come here tonight?
So angry, your mother wouldn't
want you to come here like this.
What do you want?
You got to do
something about my mother.
She is ill?
She is dead.
My mother is dead.
Do you hear me? She is dead.
I hear you. Don't shout
She died tonight. All alone.
- Why didn't you call me?
For what?
You denied her the last rites?
I can't understand you
Don't try to,
that's why I came for.
Then tell me why
you have come here?
My mother gave
her life to the church.
Now it's the time for
the church to pay her back.
You got to give her a fine
funeral, you owe it to her.
I come to collect.
- You're angry, boy.
You're angry of death.
It doesn't do any good.
She was cheated all her life,
she is not going
to be cheated now.
Give me the name
and the address.
I told you. Have
you forgotten already?
Martin Lynn
-1218 West Clark street
I want a lot of flowers, you can
get all you want from Swanson
I know, I work from
him, he can't refuse you.
It isn't the flowers that matter.
It does to me.
- I'll see what I can do.
You are not going
to pack her in a box
and shoveling a hole in the
ground no one is looking.
She's got to go
like, like a somebody.
I want a fine sermon,
and a good plot of land.
I want to go
it with something.
Something to remember.
What is all this nonsense
about an expensive funeral?
Your mother was
a simple woman.
To you maybe, to you she
was just another shabby woman
got in quite in the poor box
To me, to me...
She was my mother.
She's got to have the best.
What you want would
cost a lot of money?
You have money.
My mother's money.
A life time of
donations. Spend it on her.
Father Roth repeat your nice
sermon and I've added to my mass.
But a big funeral.
This is a poor parish.
We have no money.
You can fix it with people.
Do for her like
you do for the rich.
I can't give it to you,
you must be resigned
as your mother was.
I won't be. What did
that give my mother?
Misery and a short life.
You're overwrought,
boy, calm yourself.
You haven't the money for a
big funeral, that's the end of it.
Go home, sleep, you'll
feel different tomorrow.
It stopped raining.
You'd better go now
before it starts again.
I'm calling a cab.
You look tired.
Can you send a cab
to St Stephen's Rectory?
Right away.
Take this for the cab.
Calm down. See you to
the door. - Don't touch me.
Then why don't you go?
I'm not ready to go
I've been patient with you but there is
nothing more to say I tell you to go
No. I want a big
funeral for my mother.
I'm not going to go to your
promise to give it to her.
I told you it was impossible.
I told you this is a poor parish
And for the last time I'm telling
you the answer is no, no, no.
I want a big funeral.
I don't want to see him.
You've been telling me that all the
way down here, now go tell him.
I could have been married
and out of this town by no.
Why did you
have to do it?
Because that's the only reason you wanted
to get married to get out of the town
Father, Father Roth.
The police came and took our Dan
you've got to get him out, he's
the only one working in the family
What did he do this time?
My Dan is a good boy, he didn't do
nothing, just likes to carry a gun.
You should keep
him home at nights.
No one answers.
It's Mrs Dennis's night off,
he doesn't hear the bell.
You go down home,
I'll go down to the station
and see what I can do.
Operator, the police,
get me the police.
It wasn't murder that
spoke out of poor Martin
It was pain and inability
to understand himself.
It may even been his own father
he struck at, and not Father Kirkman.
God alone knows
the answers to such things.
What it'll be?
I'm hungry.
Get out something.
I haven't eaten all day.
A big?
I want ham and eggs and flapjacks with
lots of butter and syrup, and coffee.
I take the coffee now.
I'll take one of those pies.
Where is the wash room?
Just a second, buddy.
Any other raids after them?
I don't know how
much your water run.
Go ahead.
You live around here?
I asked you a question.
I haven't done anything.
Who said you've
done anything?
What do you want?
What are you sweating for?
It's not hot tonight.
I don't feel good.
What bothers you?
I'm sick.
He says he's sick.
What made you sick?
I don't know.
You felt good enough
to go to a movie.
I haven't been to a movie.
I haven't been to
a movie in a long time.
I saw you at
the Galaxy tonight.
With a girl.
No I wasn't with a girl.
But you are at the Galaxy?
You were there?
No I wasn't.
How could I go to a movie
after what happened.
How could I.
What happened?
My mother died.
That's what happened,
my mother died.
Relax, son.
Somebody held up
the cashier at the Galaxy.
I'd nothing to do with it, I
tell you my mother has died.
If you have nothing
to do with it,
then you have
nothing to worry about.
Stand up.
Stand up.
Who is Martin Lynn?
Why do you write
your own name?
Afraid you are going
to forget who you are?
What were you doing
at the Galaxy tonight?
I was just walking by.
Why did you run away?
I didn't run.
We saw you.
It was all those people, I was
surrounded, I had to go home.
Such a hurry to go home,
why did you stop here?
I'm hungry, I
haven't eaten all day.
Go ahead. Eat.
I don't feel like it.
You said you
were hungry, eat.
You want me to feed you?
All right, let's go.
You're sick. We're
taking you home.
Hey, who is going
to pay for this food?
Pay the man,
you ordered it.
Let's go.
You know if anybody would
gain anything by his death?
Except me, perhaps.
The parish would
probably be mine now.
You haven't gained much.
Father Kirkman had trouble
with any parishioner?
We have trouble all day long, but
there was nothing to bring on this.
A stranger doesn't walk into
the rectory and kill a priest?
Must have been someone in
the parish who hated him
It may interest you to know, Mandel
that Father Kirkman not
only spent 40 years here
but every dime that was left in him
he didn't even hold out enough for
his own burial expenses
How could anyone hate him?
I got to find a reason and an
outsider wouldn't have none
The killer is someone you know
probably someone you see every
day, I need your help, Father.
How can I help?
Look, Father, we're dealing with the
most violent and dangerous type of person
He didn't come here to steal,
he didn't carry a gun
Yet this man couldn't go on living
one more day without coming
here tonight and killing a priest
You know all the people Father Kirkman
dealt with, you know who they are
You talk as if I
know who it is, Mandel.
That's right.
- But I don't.
I think you do
I don't see the world full of
crooks and killers, Mandel
I'm not trying to shield anybody
But I can't give you the
names of all the people
we have had trouble with, you
would have half the parish in jail
I've had them there, one time or another
But for what?
Certainly nothing that would lead to murder
I wouldn't be too sure of that
Miss Conroy you'll have to come down to the
station make a statement in the morning
Just a routine but I have to file a report
Good Night, Father
Don't bother I know my way out
There is nothing to stop you now
from getting married, or going out of
town or doing anything you like
You are free. That should
make you feel good.
I should feel bad but I don't.
I don't feel free either
What do you feel?
I promised your uncle look after you
if anything should ever happen to him
Thanks, but I can look after myself
When did you say your mother died?
Where is she?
I don't know
Why don't you tell us the truth, kid?
You stick up the Galaxy alone or
was there somebody with you?
You didn't want to do it, did you?
It was the other guy's idea, wasn't it?
Who was the other guy?
Go on tell us we let you go off easy
You're a good kid
We can see that
He made you do, didn't he?
Mrs Lally. She know where my mother is
Mrs Lally
Mrs Lally
All right, let's go
She's not home
Come on, let's go
- I can't go I got to find my mother
Come on
Mr Craig
Mr Craig
He'll tell you my mother died
Mr Craig
Let's go
Are you going to stay up all night?
Can't figure it
What did they pick up the kid for?
Why didn't you open the door and find out?
I don't know what the kid did
Better to find out before
talking to any cops
Where did you go tonight?
I didn't go anywhere,
I didn't leave the house
how many times do I have to tell you that?
I know what to say, what I am
asking is where you went
That's all you have to know I
didn't leave the house tonight
OK, if you been at home all night
it is time you were in bed
What were you doing in a warehouse yard?
I was taken a short cut
So you climbed a six foot
fence to take a short cut?
Book him, attempted robbery
Let's go
We picked this kid up running
away from the Galaxy
gave us a story about his mother dying,
we took him home, and there was no one there
It's true, Mrs Lally.
Shut up. Sit down
Where is your mother?
She was right there in the bed when I left
Why did you leave?
I went to make arrangements
for the funeral
Galaxy theatre?
No, I was just passing the Galaxy
On your way where?
To Murray's Mortuary
Why did you have to go there,
why didn't you just phone?
My mother got to have the best
I wanted to see Murray myself
She's got to have a fine funeral
A fine funeral?
You got that kind of money?
No. That's what I wanted
to talk to Murray about
How I could pay for it
So held up the Galaxy, that would pay for it
You don't understand
Then make me understand?
You see my mother died,
I have no father, I was alone
I had to do something to make it up to her
I don't believe you
It's the truth
And make me believe it
Look at me when I talk to you
What do you want me to say?
I want me to tell me where you walked
Light hurt your eyes?
Kill the lights
Try to remember
Take your time
I remember walking by the church
What church?
St Stephen's
Do you know Father Kirkman?
When did you seem him last?
I don't know. Father Roth
is my mother's priest
When you were passing did you see
anybody leave the rectory or the church?
I did see someone
What did he look like?
It was an old woman coming
out of the church
Do you know who she was?
I think it was Mrs Pearson she
own's the corner grocery shop
Check that
How much longer are you going to keep me
asking questions, I got to find my mother
We'll find your mother for you
Book him for suspicion of robbery
Good Evening, Father, I guess
you can go right in
Thank you
You take all the chances, he gets
all the profit, what's his name?
Hello, Father
Take him out, see if you
can help him remember
Father, have you thought of someone?
No, I haven't
Do you have a boy Danny Williams here?
We've had him here three hours. You're late
What's he done?
Nothing, but if he keeps on carrying a
gun somebody is going to get hurt
Then take it away from him
We've taken one away from him already
I'll turn him over to the DA to get a year
He is the soul supporter
of his mother and his sister
If you accept the responsibility
I'll release him
But remember you asked for it
Lock him up for a week, throw
a bit scaring to him
That'll scare the daylight out of him
Oh, father, do you know a
boy named, Martin Lynn?
Yes, I just came from his house,
his mother died tonight
What about him?
We picked him up around the
theatre that was robbed tonight
Martin is not a thief
and he wouldn't go robbing
theaters the night his mother died
He bothers me
You can't lock people up because
they bother you, Mandel?
Either you got something
on Martin or let him go
I haven't got anything on him but..
He bothers you, you said that,
what are you holding him for?
I get a feeling, when a
guy is hiding something
With this kid I got it strong
You can't book a man on
your personal feelings, Mandel
What are you charging him with?
You think he is OK, yeah?
He worked at Swanson's flower shop
ever since his father died supporting
his mother, taking care of her
He is the one of the boy in the
parish I had no trouble with
He was around the church tonight too
Just about the time
You just said you picked him
up for a theatre robbery
Make up your mind
His story of seeing Mrs Pearson
leave the church checks
but there is something
strange about that kid
His mother died tonight, Mandel
You know some people do feel
something when their mother dies
OK, you can have him
Release the Lynn kid
But he still bothers me
Martin Lynn
Hello, Martin
Come on, Martin, I'll drive you home
Martin, I can only give your
mother conditional absolution
You should have called me sooner
Where is she now?
I had to take her to Murray's
we'll go there tomorrow and
make the arrangements
The church will help out
I don't want any help from the church
Why do you feel that way
for the church, Martin?
Because all you do is take, you give nothing
What this parish takes doesn't even
cover the maintenance
This is no way home
Where are you taking me?
To the rectory, not good to
be by yourself tonight
What is good for me? The rectory?
At least you won't be alone,
you'll have someone to talk to
We got nothing to talk about
I quit the church when my father died
You mean you stopped coming,
you haven't stopped believing
I don't believe in anything anymore
God or the Holy Ghost
You can give up God, Martin but
he never gives you up
Right now it seems everything
is against you
Firefight it alone, no man is
strong enough to stand alone
Look, Father, you live your life, I live mine
Make a right at the next corner
and take me home
Who is it?
I called Mrs Lally
She told me. I'm sorry Martin
I wanted to come over but I
thought you'd rather be alone
Can I get you something?
No, I don't want anything
Your hands are so cold
I've been walking a lot
Let it out, Martin, go ahead cry
I should have sent her to
Arizona a long time ago
You didn't have the money
I should have gotten it
How could you?
I should have robbed, I should have killed
Crazy talk
It didn't make any sense
It was too late to help her
What are you talking about?
If I had gone that before while she
was still alive, that had made sense
You don't make sense at all
Your mother is alive
Nobody understands until
their own mother dies
Then you know how little you did
It's not the end of the
world tonight, Martin
You feel that now but
these things pass
Julie, all you ever got from me was hurt
I can only hurt you more
You couldn't hurt anybody, Martin
Not you
Where are you going?
She said they were giving
her a fine funeral
They won't
I got to get it for her
It past midnight there is
nowhere you can go now
I need flowers, lots of
flowers, for all of us
Oh, rest, Martin, lie down here,
I'll get you a blanket
I can't rest
Then wait, I'll get dressed and go with you
Go back to bed, Julie, sleep
I'll see you tomorrow
Father, I've been a good
catholic all my life
you got to help me get back to my ship
I need 2 dollars for buss fare
You almost as you need a drink
I do? I just had one
You are not going to spend
the 2 $ at some bar, are you?
Father that would be a terrible sin
He wouldn't like another drink, would you?
I think I would, where is it the one?
Let me get dressed,
I'll drive you to the bus
He just want to ask you a few questions
They got nothing on me
Take your hands off me
Why did they take him?
They didn't say, they just took him
What did he do?
He didn't do anything, everything something
happens around here, they pull him in
Yeah, like last night with me
But Mr Craig will get out, he's smart
Smart people don't live
in this neighbourhood
You knew I wouldn't stick up a theatre
I never carried a gun in my life
What made you think I picked
you up for the Galaxy job?
You know a kid named Martin Lynn?
What do you know about him?
Not much
He lives upstairs with his mother
She died last night
Did you see him last night?
- Yeah, what?
He stopped by on his way out
Said something about making
arrangements for the funeral
that's all
He talked about getting a big funeral
His mother didn't leave a dime
The kid only earns 30 bucks a week
What's all this talk about a big funeral
I told him to forget it
Where were you last night?
I was nowhere near the Galaxy
Why do you keep talking about
the Galaxy? Who asked you?
I know it's common
I didn't pick you up for that
What then?
A priest was murdered last night
You are not going to
make me a priest killer
Sit down
What are you trying to do me, Mandel
What's going on?What's this all about?
Somebody killed him
Sure, OK
Somebody in the parish
What am I doing here? What
do I have to do with it?
You once threatened Father Kirkman
- Don't deny it
We got witnesses
What was the trouble?
Irene wanted a church wedding
She went to see Kirkman, he
told her some things about me
Almost passed this up
I just told him to keep his ears
in his church right chaplain mall
I was only kidding
Whoever saw him last night was not kidding
Book him suspicion of murder
Why don't you throw the Galaxy
job while you are at it?
Come on
And there was a mail robbery why
don't you book me for that too
Go ahead
His crime had only made him angrier
He didn't think of repentance,
he thought only of his dead mother
With blood on his soul
he continued to dream like a child
of something beautiful for her
And he continued to cry out for his rights
The pitiful rights that life
had always denied him
We finally decided to come to work, did we?
Mr Swanson, I can't work today
Any special reason?
Or perhaps you are just not
in the mood to drive a truck
My mother passed away last night
I'm sorry, Martin
You can have the day off
Here, give these to Howard, tell
him he has to make the deliveries
Yes, Sir
Martin, those orders must go
out. Take them to Howard
Mr Swanson I'll need flowers
for my mother's funeral
Of course, we never forget our
employees in time of sorrow
Tell, Stanley to make you up a wreath
No, I don't want just a wreath,
what I want is lot of flowers
My mother is going to have a big funeral
Is that so?
Martin, don't just stand there those
orders are waiting, take them to Howard
But you don't understand
I need lots of flowers, I want enough
to fill a room in Murray's
The room at Murray's?
the reasons I wanted to work here
I could take her some every day
Please, Mr Swanson
Martin, to fill the room at Murray's
would cost several hundred dollars,
you can't afford that
I don't want anything for
nothing, Mr Swanson
I'll pay
Like any customer
I want gladiolas and black and red roses
She always liked red roses
You can take it out of my pay, each week
Martin, you are not being sensible,
you've got to think of the cost
I don't care about the cost,
I said I'd work it off
It's not a good arrangements
for either of us
Take those to Howard
Please, Mr Swanson
Martin, we have customers waiting
I'm a customer, I was here first
I can't extend you any
credit, now let go my coat
I can't go anywhere else
no one else knows me
You can't get them here, now let go of me
Now, look Mr Swanson
I worked hard here for four years,
you gonna do this for me
I won't have you here shouting
get you files somewhere else and don't
bother to come back, you are fired
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting
Very nice gladiolas there
Would you care to see them
- Yes, please
- My mother is here
Mrs Martin Lynn
Oh yes, won't you sit down, please
A lovely day, isn't it?
Mr Murray, Mr Lynn has come about his mother
Mr Lynn, no one appreciate more than
we do the difficulties of the bereaved
There comes a time in all of our lives
when we must face this moment
But you must not think of your mother
as dead, think of her as merely resting
The kind of funeral you chose for her
the expression of your love and devotion,
price is of no consequence here
She's got to have a fine funeral
I don't care what it costs
Will you step this way please?
Would you make out a bank
credit card for Mr Lynn
For what amount?
The maximum
Will you sign these cheques please, Mr Lynn
Use your initial Mr Lynn?
- No
Where are you employed, Mr Lynn?
I was working at Swanson's Flower Shop
Who is your present employer?
I haven't got in the chase yet
I'm afraid that we will have some
difficulties with the banks
Endorser will do, Miss Shore
You'll have to get some endorser, Mr Lynn
What kind of endorsers?
Three signatures required,
responsible businessmen, just three
I don't know any businessmen
Friends will do, Miss Shore
Can you get three friends, men who own
their own homes or have some property?
My friends don't have any property
Some well to do relative?
An uncle or an aunt?
No, I have none
By whose authorization was
Mrs Lynn brought here?
Father Roth
- I see
I suggest you allow Father Roth to
make the arrangements with us
It's my mother who is going to her grave
not Father Roth's. I don't want
a charity funeral
We've had dealings with Father Roth before
he's quite capable of looking
after your interest
No. I want to know what you
are going to do to her
Obviously, Mr Lynn, you can't afford your
desires but everything will be proper
Proper? What does that mean?
A 49$ funeral or you shovel her in?
Please, Mr Lynn
We are conducting a service
I'll get a job tomorrow, I'll pay you
every cent, don't you trust me?
We trust you, Mr Lynn, it's the banks,
they have their rules you know
Excuse me, please
Do you mean..
Miss Shore, will you give Mr Lynn
every consideration you can
Does that men that I can't have it?
This is a business, Mr Lynn. Mr Murray can
only give you what you can pay for
But I said I'll pay
Let Father Roth deal with him,
otherwise you will get the 49$ service
With the church, he will have to
give you something decent
I want to see Mr Murray, get him back here!
Please, it'll do you no good to shout
I'll do more than shout
Don't go down there
Mr Murray
Mr Murray
What are you following me for?
Why don't you leave me alone?
What do you want from me?
What's the matter, Martin?
I won't stand for it, I'll tell you
I won't stand for it
Stand for what?
Him. Spying on me
Even here. Trying to trick me
like he did the last night
Nobody is spying on you, Martin
Lt Mandel and I came here
on our own business
We didn't even know you where here
What were you doing down there?
I was looking for Murray
We hadn't finished making the arrangements
Everything will be taken care of
Your way, his way but not my way
Now get hold of yourself, Martin
I know you are upset by
all that has happened
but you can't go around bothering people
I just came from Swanson
He was awful nice until he fired
me, I had no money
Where are you going?
What do you care?
You shouldn't be alone at a time like this,
Martin. Why don't you come along with me?
For what?
Maybe you'd rather come with me
He'll be all right, come along, Martin
Father, I think we will have the Kirkman
case cleared up before the week is over
You know the man who did it?
No, but we found the weapon
Mass crucifix on the desk
Lab reports should traces of dried
blood that matched Father Kirkman
Then whoever did it came unarmed
With no intention of killing
Something was said that made
him insane with anger
More there was an argument, all right?
But what about?
Who could he had a violent quarrel with?
Sometimes total strangers ring
our bell and demand things
They can get mean if they are denied
This was no stranger
Father Kirkman hadn't been very
active since I came to the parish
That's six years now
Someone had a grudge
against him and before that
why would they suddenly
go berserk last night?
Because something happened last
night to bring a fresh to mind
Something so strong that the
killer couldn't wait any longer
Mrs Dennis, the house keeper
could tell us the people Father Kirkman
had trouble before with before I came
people in the parish
who had any real trouble last night
We'll find the tie in somewhere
Yeah, I feel a lot better about this case
Come in, Martin
Come here
Don't you make any trouble
for Swanson or Murray
Come in, Martin
Sit down, I'll have Mrs Dennis make some tea
Hello, Mrs Pearson
Rita, I just remembered
on my way to church last night I saw
a man out in front of the rectory
Right here where I am standing
He rang the bell, and looked in
the window and then went in
Who was it?
I'd recognize him, I'd know
him if I saw him again
You should go to the police, right away
Rita? Where is the boy that was here?
He just left
Mrs Pearson was here, she says she saw
someone outside the rectory last night
I told her to go to the police
See who it is, will you?
I want to see the Father, Father
Father, I can't stand it any more,
look what Ned did to me
he doesn't bring his pay home no more,
what am I going to do, Father?
I've talked my heart out to Ned,
I think you should go to the police
Fine priest you are, telling me that, locking
him up ain't going to help pay the bill
I've tried Mrs More, but I can't stop him
That's him, he followed me
here, don't let him in
Let him in, Rita
You just be quiet, let me handle this
I warned you not to come here
Let's calm down
- You stay out of this, Father
Come on, I'll take care of you,
and we go home
Let me
Let her go
Ned, did he hurt you
Did he hurt you
Oh, my love
Wait until I get you home
Father Roth speaking
Yes, yes of course
That was a shock to all of us
Yes I understand how you feel
That's the way we all feel
Yes, I will
Yes, I will thank you for calling
Give evil a root and it
will grow and thrive
And it was growing and
thriving now in Martin Lynn
Urging him to commit a second murder
To strangle a harmless old lady,
who was a danger to him
But he didn't kill again because
there was no real evil in poor Martin
Only pain and confusion and
a blindness towards himself
Martin what are you doing here?
I had to see you
I can't get away until six
I can't wait
What's wrong?
What floor is Dr Cogan?
- Two
Tell me
Floors please two
Floor six please
Two Out please
Poor Martin wanted to
tell his girl about his crime
I know now that the words of
confession stuck in his throat
And that no bullet could have been
more painful that the secret he carried
But he couldn't speak about the accident
that had made him a murderer
And he stayed in the dark with his pain
You look exhausted. You
didn't get any sleep, did you?
I won't be seeing you again, Julie
What are you saying?
I shouldn't have met you in the first place
But what have I done?
Find someone else, Julie
I don't want anyone else
You'll have to
But why? why?
Don't ask me, take me down, Julie
I won't live without you
You don't know. I go to get away
You are not going anywhere without me
Take me down, I said
Listen to me Martin, please listen to me
Go home and get your things
and bring them to my place
You can rest there and try and sleep
I'll be home by seven
Julie, what have I done to you
As soon as his mother died
he rushed out of the house and
didn't come back for half the night
This morning he looked like a ghost
I got to see him right away, Mrs Lally
Don't you have any idea where he could be?
He never went anywhere
That's Martin now, I know his foot steps
I want to talk to you, Martin
I don't want to listen
Why did you run out on me today?
Because I'm fed up with your preaching
I didn't come here to preach
Then what do you want?
I want to help you
The only help I need is money
for my mother's funeral
And you can't give it to her
Why is it so important to
you to have a big funeral?
It's the only way now I
can make it up to her
Make what up? You are a
good son, you never run around
you worked hard brought
them all your pay cheques
Your mother used to tell me
how proud of you she was
And let her die
But nobody could have saved her
I could have, if she had listened to me
When my father died I just
wanted to move away from here
But she wouldn't leave the church
The church was a big comfort to your mother
It was no help when my father died
You mean Father Kirkman wasn't?
Priest is only a man, Martin, your
mother understood that
She didn't do anything against church
just because the priest didn't help her
My mother was afraid of the church
It had her scare
Don't scare me
Something does
Driving you out of your mind
Look what happened with Swanson with Murray
and look what's happening to you
Just take a look at yourself, Martin
You went in to see Father
Kirkman last night
He wrote your name on his desk pad
A sheet was ripped off, but the
impression of writing is still there
Mrs Lally called Father Kirkman
about my mother
He could have written the name then
He could have
So my name is on a pad
what does that prove?
Then why did you tell me?
How much longer can you go on like this?
You are destroying yourself
What do you want from me?
I want you to forgive Father Kirkman
I want you to forgive him because
he did the very best you know how
Because he was tired, he spent
40 years working in this parish
helpless people, broken people, people
who came to him because there
was no else place to go
Something happens to a man
I think Father Kirkman knew what
had happened to him
The very last time I saw him,
that's what he said to me
Such a man deserves to reach at
least one more person, even in death
Let him, Martin
All right, I thought you were alone, Martin
Excuse me, Father
Come in, come in
Father Roth is just leaving
I'm in no hurry
There will be plenty of time, Martin
I'll see you later
- Stay
What would you come for?
Nothing, I've been sitting in all day
waiting to hear from Craig
And there is nothing worse
than just waiting
Is there, Father?
Sometimes all you can do is wait,
and wait and wait
When is the funeral?
Don't sit there
Right after, you ought to
get out of here, Martin
Away from everything, forget it all.
Don't you think so, Father?
Where does one go to forget
There is much space outside this room
Go east, or go south where there is sunshine
It's easier to get the sunshine
I don't have to go anywhere
I can forget right here, right in this room
You talk bravely, Martin but you
sound someone who is afraid
I got a car downstairs waiting
Just be seated, Mrs Pearson
I'll tell you when we are ready for you
All right men step out
Check them inside, send the out one by one,
and ring the bell and look in the window
Come on
Come on let's go back from here
Now take your time, look him over carefully
Must be afraid but you must be
positive before pointing anyone out
All right
He is ready
All right, you
Ring the bell
Look in the window
That's not the man
Next guy
Ring the bell
Relax, Martin, cops are like kids,
they got to have their fun
You. Your next
Let's go
Ring the bell
Ring the bell
Let the button
Look in the window
That's not him either
Next guy
Come on kid
OK you
As soon as they get finished playing those
bogus they'll get me a couple of drinks
OK you
Come on
Take off your hat
Ring the bell
Look in the window
That's him
She is crazy, she is as blind as a bat
I didn't do it, what are you
trying to do to me, Mandel?
I didn't kill no priest,
you know it, you know it
What I can't prove, I don't know
Book him for murder
All right boys, give me a break
Mandel, give me a break, the Galaxy,
I stuck up the Galaxy
It's too easy, Craig, who wouldn't
prefer a robbery charge to murder
It's true Mandel, believe me
Stop howling you are wasting
your breath, let's get out
Well, Father, what do you think?
I think you just made a terrible mistake
OK, kid you can go
Last night you called me
out for holding a guy
because he bothered me,
well this bothers me too
I don't make the rules I just follow them
Martin Lynn the murderer was free
The police would never bother him again
but something stood in his way
his immortal soul
No priest was talking to him, no church
was giving him counsel
Yet there was a voice in Martin's stronger
than all the anger and hatred in him
The voice of conscience
tormented and frightened him
and sent him to the only kind face
he'd known in the world, his mother's
I couldn't get you any flowers
There won't be any music, and
there won't be any reminisces
Maybe nobody will even show up
Just the two of us
That's all we ever had
It will be enough now
Father Kirkman died last night
Father Roth knows I killed him
I was angry but I didn't mean him any harm
It was just
nobody cared
It made no difference to anybody
what was happening there was
like nobody know he ever lived
It's been that way always
I was trying to tell that to Father Kirkman
I wanted him to look at me, like he cared
I wanted to see him feel like I felt
If he had showed me he was sorry
just one second
That's all I wanted
I'm so tired
My head hurts
I want to sleep, but I can't
It hurts
It hurts bad
What should I do?
Tell me mother
Please tell me what I should do
Oh, God
Oh, God
Help me Father, you must help me
Will they let me go to the funeral?
Won't they?
We'll go together Martin
Your mother would like that
I know now I saw God in Martin Lynn
at that moment I knew that conscience
had triumphed over fear and despair
May I pour you
some tea, George?
Is he still alive?
Ye, he writes me
letters from his cell.
He looks forward to kneeling before the
altar where Father Kirkman once stood.
I wish I could help
someone like that.
I don't think I helped Martin
Lynn as much as helped me.
To see an understand that
faith is a part of the human soul
even when the soul
wars against it.
Have some lemon, George
- Thank you.