Edge of Everything (2023) Movie Script

(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
- [Mother] Hey, baby, don't
worry about calling me back.
Just wanted to check in.
(bag thudding)
I'm about to drive home.
Actually, I'm heading to the store
and picking up some dinner.
I was thinking spaghetti or tacos tonight.
Let me know what you're feeling.
(birds singing)
(dog barking in distance)
(baby crying)
(singing in Hebrew)
(girls laughing)
- [Sarah] Imagine if
that happened to Hannah.
- [Lena] Your mom would die.
- You'd never see me, ever.
- That'd be it.
(girls laughing)
- [Hannah] So, how is it in there?
- Everyone keeps looking at me
like I'm screwed up for life.
- God, that's so stupid. I'm sorry.
- It's fine. I barely
know any of them anyway.
But they just keep being like,
oh, you've gotten so big,
like, duh, that's what happens, no shit.
I hate that.
- What's up with the rabbi?
Aren't they supposed to be like men with
top hats, long beards?
- You know women can
be rabbis, too, Hannah.
(girls laughing)
- My dad and Leslie think
they're being so progressive
and feminist for hiring a woman rabbi,
like, they're putting
on such a show in there.
My mom wouldn't have even cared.
Like, we're barely even Jewish.
- Your grandma survived the Holocaust.
- Okay, yeah, but we do
like Christmas way bigger.
(birds singing)
- [Kathy] Can you pass me a sesame?
- [Abby] Yeah.
- Is this lox smear? Where's the lox?
- I don't think my dad got any.
- So fucking cheap.
I'm ready for this all to be over.
That man is so full of shit.
How long has he been with this girlfriend?
- [Abby] Four years.
- [Kathy] She only makes him look older.
If this situation isn't working,
let me know and you can stay with us.
- Really?
(soft piano music)
(parents chattering)
- [David] You want this?
- [Leslie] Yeah.
(parents laughing)
(earrings clattering)
(muffled music)
- [Leslie] What are you doing?
- Oh, I was just looking for aspirin.
My head hurts.
- I'd appreciate if you ask
before you come in here.
- Yeah, I didn't know. Sorry.
- It's fine, sweetie.
Come down for dinner.
- Hey, where you going?
- To watch my show.
- Sit with us.
- [Abby] I always have TV with dinner.
- Come on.
Hey, did um Aunt Kathy call you?
- No.
- She left me the strangest voice mail.
She was like, asking
me what I'm feeding you
and how you're getting to school
and these other bizarre things.
So crazy. She's always
been a bit of a nutcase.
- [Leslie] Did you see her at the service?
She was stuffing her face the whole time.
I don't think I ever saw
her leave the food table.
- Don't body shame her.
- I wasn't. I would never
do that to another woman.
- She's always been so rude to me.
You finished?
- [Abby] Yeah, I'm full.
- [David] You didn't eat anything.
- Can you please put your
plate in the dishwasher?
You have a habit of
leaving dishes in the sink
and it leaves a smell.
- [Man On Phone] Now from
here, I'm personally gonna use
these scissors, but you really
want any sort of object,
maybe like a pencil or a pen,
anything that's hard, that you can put
through the top of the apple--
(knocking on door)
(door opening)
- You took so long.
- Yeah, well, I had to
walk up the entire hill.
- Okay.
Do you have it?
- Yeah.
(Judah groaning)
- How much?
- $20.
You don't mind if I grab a drink of water?
- No.
- You don't mind?
- No, like, go home.
- Oh, you've really gotten mean.
- Go home, Judah.
(door closing)
(door opening)
(door closing)
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Where were you?
- Just getting some fresh air.
- Hm.
I used to look like that when I was young.
- No, you didn't.
- Hey, don't body shame me.
- Look, the way Leslie talks
about other women isn't cool.
- You're too sensitive.
She was just joking around.
Also, Leslie, you know, she teaches yoga.
- Are you guys having a baby?
- Yeah.
I mean, we're trying.
- That's exciting.
- Yeah? You think it'd be
nice to have a little sibling?
- I'll be like 30 when they're 15.
- Hm, how do you think I feel?
(David laughing)
It's so funny.
When you were little, you used to say
you had an older brother
living away at boarding school.
(David laughing)
- Yeah, I lied a lot.
- I just meant, how did you even know
what boarding school was?
- Hey, can you not touch my stuff please?
- Yeah.
What do you wanna do for your birthday?
- Nothing.
- We have to have a party.
- I don't really think so.
- Why not?
- I just don't want it to
be a big deal this year.
- It is a big deal. It's your birthday.
You can have all your friends over here.
- I don't really want one.
Can you get the light?
- Mm-hm, I think it'd be a good idea, but
you think about it.
Oh, um, hey,
have you seen Leslie's earrings,
like the little silver hoop ones?
- No.
- I guess she misplaced them.
I mean, they all look the same.
To me.
Sleep tight.
- Night.
(water bubbling)
(birds cawing)
(horn beeping)
(traffic passing)
- We're trudging through the mud.
Feel how hard it is to lift each foot,
one after the other.
Ha hum, ma ma ma.
- [Group] Ha hum, ma ma ma.
- [Gordon] Hi, yi yi, yi yi.
- [Group] Hi, yi yi, yi yi.
- [Gordon] Hello.
- [Group] Hello!
- [Gordon] I've been waiting for you.
- [Group] I've been waiting for you.
- No one is leading.
Just a movement together.
There are no mistakes.
(students laughing)
It's okay. It's okay.
You need to take one. I've
gotta get rid of these.
- I love chocolate. Thank you.
- Good, good, take a few
please. I can't eat anymore.
- I'm good.
- Jessica, we'll do your
phone exercise on Monday.
- Okay, sounds good.
- [Gordon] How's everything been?
- It's fine.
- [Gordon] Yeah?
- Yeah.
- [Gordon] You know, this space is yours.
You can come here anytime you need to.
If you need to step out
of a class, take a moment.
(school bell ringing)
- [Sarah] Can you hang?
- [Abby] I mean, I have
therapy, but I can ditch.
- I mean, we can hang out after.
- No, let's hang out now. Like,
I don't wanna go to therapy.
- [Kevin] Hey.
- Oh, hey, Kevin.
- That was nice mirroring with the ...
- Yeah, you too.
- Um, so I have these really
cool docks by my house
where you can see the sea lions and ...
Do you wanna come, like, check that out?
- Um, yeah, that sounds really fun.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- What day are you free?
- Um, I'm actually busy this weekend,
but maybe next weekend.
- Yeah, no worries. I'll text you.
- Cool.
- [Kevin] Okay.
- See ya Monday.
- Yeah, I'll ...
(girls laughing)
- [Abby] I feel like I would know.
- What if you opened the door
and he was standing there
shirtless with like a really hairy chest?
- Who, Kevin?
- Kevin does not have a hairy chest.
Kevin's got like ankle hair on his chest.
- Well, what if for
some reason it was like
a really hairy chest and, and then,
he got some honey, smeared
it all over his body?
- You, yeah, you have a cursed brain.
- No, no no, but then he
takes his honey-covered hand,
sticks it in the door.
Sticks it on the wall.
- Oh my God (laughs).
And he's like, Abby, I need you now.
- [Abby] Oh my God.
- Don't leave me like
this. Abby, I need you.
- Hannah, Hannah, you are so gross.
(girls chattering)
- [Group] Oh, Abby. Oh, Abby!
- Guys, guys, guys. I would never.
Never ever, ever ever,
in a hundred years, no.
- Okay, keep telling yourself that.
- Oh my gosh.
Poor Kevin. He didn't like, do anything.
He doesn't deserve that.
He's just being sweet.
- I didn't know that you smoked.
- Oh I mean, it's not like a big deal.
- I don't wanna get caught.
- Okay, I mean, does
anybody else want some?
- I would be down, but my
mom's picking me up, so.
(lighter clicking)
- Ugh.
- Okay, all right.
- Oh my God.
- Dude.
- Look, you guys are being so
weird about this right now,
like so many other
people in our grade smoke
and it's like not an issue.
- Dude, my mom would kill me if I smell.
- Okay, well, do you
want me to come say hi?
- Not even funny.
(birds singing)
- She's being so weird.
(lighter clicking)
(birds cawing)
(Abby coughing)
- Bitch.
Too slow.
- Be careful.
- There she goes.
(soft music)
(Amanda laughing)
- [Lena] He gave me an extension.
- [Logan] You can look
at mine if you want.
I chose how cows are
affecting carbon emissions
and honestly it was not that hard.
He's just looking for a
very basic understanding.
- [Lena] I know.
I just haven't had any
time since soccer started.
- Yeah, me too.
I've been staying up
till two in the morning.
It sucks, but ...
- [Sarah] You need eight hours.
- [Lena] I wish.
- [Logan] I'm glad to know
you're getting your beauty sleep.
- Ooh.
Mm, mm.
(girls laughing)
(girls chattering)
- Okay, what did he say.
- [Sarah] My pizza's cold.
Did they give us fresh pieces?
- [Lena] Mine's good.
- Do you want a bite of mine?
- Okay.
(soft music)
(Caroline laughing)
- Hey, can you change the music?
Excuse me. Can you change the music?
- [Manager] No.
- Okay, well, this is bumming me out.
Nice chag.
- Yeah, I mean like, music sucks here.
- Yeah.
I like your hair.
- Oh, thanks. Thank you.
- You want a sip?
- Sure, yeah, thank you.
(Abby coughing)
- It's good, right?
- Yeah, that, that's bomb.
- Caroline, don't waste our
alcohol. Don't corrupt them.
- I'm just being nice.
I'll be out in a sec.
- Hey, no, out!
- Fuck you! I'm taking this (screams)!
(girls shrieking)
(Abby laughing)
(soft muffled music)
- What?
- Nothing.
- [Lena] So is your mom still cool
with us coming over tonight?
- [Sarah] Yeah. Yeah.
- [Man On Phone] It works like this.
This guy doesn't look
right, so you're zooming in.
(men chattering on phone)
(door opening)
- [Sarah's Mom] I brought some snacks.
- Thank you!
- [Sarah's Mom] You're welcome. Enjoy.
(door closing)
(popcorn crunching)
- [Man In Movie] You gotta break out.
You gotta break out. Break out!
(soft upbeat music)
(man screaming in movie)
(door creaking)
(dog barking in distance)
(David and Leslie grunting)
(footsteps pounding)
(birds singing)
(knocking on door)
- Hey.
Do you have a minute?
- Did you forget to feed Morty last night?
- No.
- [Abby] Well, he's acting weird. Look.
- I need to talk to you about something.
It was in your bag.
- Why were you in my bag?
- Well, Leslie was trying
to clean it out and--
- Okay, I didn't ask her to do that.
- Where did you get it?
- Why does it matter? You smoke.
- Not when I was 14.
- Look, can you ask Leslie
not to go through my stuff please?
- She was trying to do some--
- A major violation of my privacy.
- Fine.
Are you experimenting with anything else?
(Abby sighing)
- No.
- I really need you to tell me if you are.
You're not in trouble. It's just ...
- Okay.
- And we can talk about it.
(David sighing)
(traffic passing)
- [Amanda] Fucking stupid.
- Hey.
- Hey guys.
- [Abby] Sorry, I had to walk.
- We're literally doing nothing.
This is Amanda.
- Hi. I like your earrings.
- Oh, thanks.
- [Amanda] Are you a freshman?
- Yeah, but I'm about to turn 15.
- Nice.
- Can I have a stoge?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
(lighter clicking)
- Here, let me do it.
(lighter clicking)
(traffic passing)
Fuckin' hell.
Suck in, yeah (laughs).
- Thanks.
(traffic passing)
- Damn, look at them.
So sad.
Their wives have all left
them and their kids don't talk
to them anymore, and they're just trying
to forget about it all.
- That's real.
- I'll bet your dad's in there.
- Shut up.
My parents definitely hate each other,
but my mom would never leave his money.
(Abby coughing)
We should go in.
- I don't have a fake.
- I'm gonna go.
- What? I thought you could hang.
- Um, I have to help
my mom with something.
I'll see you later.
- Boo!
She has a fucking stick up her ass.
Come on, let's go.
(upbeat dance music)
When you're young, you speak the truth
But it'll do you no good
(girls laughing)
And that's the way it goes
- The odds say you go talk to that guy.
- Who, him? Oh my God, he's fucking old.
- Who cares? What are the odds?
- I don't know.
One in 50.
- Okay.
- [Both] Three, two, one, 17.
- No fucking way.
- You have to.
- No.
- You have to.
- No.
No, what do I say?
- I don't know, but don't be a pussy.
- I'm not, but like, I've never done ...
- Well then do it.
- I don't (chuckles) ...
- Do it.
- Okay (laughs).
(upbeat rock music)
There's only one way to get outta here
And no one you can blame
Smoke and mirrors (indistinct)
Hidden cameras and infrared lights
- Hi.
- Hey.
Something funny?
- Um.
My friend, uh,
thinks you're sexy.
- Excuse me?
(rock music)
(girls laughing)
- Oh my God. Oh my God.
- Okay, like, you've
done this before, right?
- Yeah, plenty of piercings.
Ears and everything.
Like you can't back out
now. We're already here.
- What? No!
- It'll be so good, okay?
You're gonna have a sexy belly.
- How bad does it hurt?
- It doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt at all.
It's like a pinch. I swear to God.
(lighter clicking)
But then it's over and it's done.
- You promise?
- Yeah, you're piercing flesh.
You're gonna feel it a little bit.
- Okay, fuck it.
Just do it, let's just
do it, let's just do it.
- You're gonna look so sexy.
What, you've never been
to fucking summer camp.
I did this to Amanda's ear. It's fine.
It's totally normal.
Okay, bite this.
- Wait, tell me before you do it.
Okay, just tell me.
- Ow! Ow!
- Hold still. Hold still,
hold still, hold still.
- Oh my God, ow!
- Hold still, okay, okay.
- (laughs) That was not a pinch, bitch!
It looks so cool, though.
- It looks good. What, did it hurt?
It hurts, right?
- It fucking hurts so fucking much.
Fuck you!
- Fucking Amanda wouldn't
let me do it to her.
I've never done it before.
- What?
Oh my fucking God!
(both laughing)
- Hey, this is Caroline.
- Hey, you have a dope view.
- Hi, Caroline. Thanks.
- I didn't know there was someone here.
- Can I have this?
- Yeah, totally. Caroline's
staying for dinner.
- Oh, okay.
- No, I didn't prepare for another person.
- I'm not even hungry.
She can have most of mine.
- Um, it's just family tonight, okay?
- Dad. Can she stay?
(knife scraping)
(David clearing throat)
(silverware clacking)
- Can you pass the potatoes please?
(plates clattering)
Thank you.
(spoon dinging)
Does anyone else want some?
- I'd take some more.
(David sniffing)
These were so good.
- Leslie's killer in the kitchen.
- The chicken's dry.
- My mom doesn't know
how to cook anything.
Like not even eggs, so we just
go out to eat all the time.
- That sounds way better
than eating at home.
- You don't have to eat here.
- I'm sorry. That came out wrong.
This is really good.
Hey, stop.
- Are those my earrings?
- No.
- Those are my earrings.
- They're not yours.
- Give them to me now please.
- [Abby] This is ridiculous.
- You reek of alcohol.
- What?
- Smell her breath.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm not gonna do that.
(chair banging)
(footsteps fading)
Christ sakes.
(David clearing throat)
- She's gonna make a great mom.
(Abby sighing)
(traffic passing in distance)
- Here, you can have them.
- No, it's okay.
- No, I want you to have them.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I mean, that was embarrassing.
- It's fine.
- [Leslie] You're her dad now.
You haven't been there,
and now it's all on me.
- [David] That is not fair.
She's also mourning her mother.
She's so sad, she's so
fucked up right now,
and I don't want her to be so
self-conscious (indistinct).
16 things
On the presidio of green
- [David] Hey, little
girl, you want a ride?
(horn beeping)
- [Abby] I'm walking.
- I know. I wanna give you a ride.
- No, I'm walking.
- [David] Would you get in the car?
- (sighs) Fine.
(indistinct music)
- I'm starving.
Hey, let's go get breakfast.
- I've got class.
- Well I, I'll call you
out of first period.
- I can't just miss it.
- Are you serious right now?
- I have to go to school.
- (laughs) Okay.
- Okay, I'm getting out.
- No no, stop, I will drop you off.
- Drop me in the back.
- We're right at the front.
- Please.
(indistinct music)
- God.
So slow.
Hey, how about we, we celebrate
your birthday tonight?
You know, before your party tomorrow.
- Sure.
- So you're gonna come
home right after school?
- Yeah.
(gentle music)
- I'm just gonna talk to myself.
Don't cry
Don't cry
I swear it'll pass
Do you see your
(engine idling)
(girls laughing)
- Wait, are we gonna get caught?
- No one comes back here. Shut up.
Just fucking drink it.
- Oh God, that is foul.
- Give it to me.
- It's too early for this.
(both laughing)
Um, hey, um, do you wanna
come to my birthday party?
- Yeah, of course.
- Okay, cool.
You gotta know, like, my friends,
they're kind of, prude.
- No, I'm sure they're cool.
But hey, how do I look?
- You look really good.
- Okay, but do I look hot?
- Yeah, you look like really hot.
(both laughing)
- [John] Yo, what's going on back here?
(both laughing)
- Shut the fuck up.
Don't even.
- How you doing?
- Hi.
- What's your name?
- Abby.
- This is John.
- [John] Relax.
- [Caroline] Okay, okay.
- [John] Damn.
Do you wanna know? Do you
wanna know what's back here?
- [Carolina] Yeah, is it
where you take all the girls?
- [John] Yeah, all of them.
400 million.
- [Caroline] 400 million
lined up, waiting after me.
- [John] They're actually all back here.
- Oh, okay, cool cool cool.
Keep watch.
- Okay.
- [John] You good?
- [Caroline] Mm-hm.
- [John] Yeah, I'm good.
- [Caroline] I'm good. Thank you.
(Abby coughing)
(birds singing)
- [Teacher] Okay, so
that's it for this week.
I know some of you completed
pages four and five
in your workbook.
Let's talk about next week.
I know we have a field trip coming up.
Who's in volleyball and
won't be going to the ...
On this field trip?
(engine racing)
(birds singing)
- Do you mind if Logan comes
to your party tomorrow?
Just for the go-karting part.
- Um, there's not enough
room in my dad's car.
- His mom could drive him.
- He doesn't have to do everything you do.
(phone ringing)
- He's your friend too.
- No he's not.
(children chattering)
- Abby?
Hi, I'm Lisa. I was a
friend of your mother's.
Do you remember me?
(Lisa sighing)
Your mother was an amazing person.
Let me know if you ever
need anything, okay?
- [Hannah] Abby, where are you going?
- Oh, my dad wants me home.
- [Hannah] Okay. Can't wait for tomorrow.
- Yeah.
- I love you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
(engine racing)
(soft upbeat music)
Eh eh eh
Eh eh
(Caroline laughing)
(Caroline laughing)
Jiggle, shake it
(indistinct singing)
(Caroline laughing)
- Drive the fucking car.
- [Caroline] Don't
fucking pee on me, Abby!
Don't look.
- I'm not.
(girls laughing)
- [Caroline] Fuck.
- [Abby] Oh my God.
(Caroline groaning)
- Yo, you have a nice ass.
(Abby chuckling)
- [Caroline] Come on. We're
gonna miss the sunset.
Come on!
- Coming.
(waves flowing)
(Abby coughing)
(waves flowing)
(birds singing)
(waves flowing)
(gulls calling)
(waves flowing)
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
- We went to the high school and then ...
It's just, I understand that. It's ...
I can hold. It's ridiculous.
And then ...
(door opening)
Abby. Jesus, what the
hell, where have you been?
- [Abby] I'm fine!
- We been looking all over for you.
We were scared shitless!
Why didn't you answer
any of my calls, huh?
- [Abby] My phone died, okay?
- You need to tell me
where you're going. Hey.
Abby, open this door!
Open this door right now!
We've been sitting here waiting for you!
Abby, please, we been really worried.
Just open the door.
Please open the door.
(shower running)
- [Mother] Hey, baby. Don't
worry about calling me back.
Just wanted to check in.
I'm about to drive home.
Actually, I am heading to the store
and picking up some dinner.
I was thinking spaghetti or tacos tonight.
Let me know what you're feeling.
Oh my God.
There is the biggest
pigeon sitting on the car.
Oh my God, you would love this (laughs).
(shower running)
(door creaking)
(phone pinging)
I'm on like 40
And I can't keep up with shorty
(engines whirring)
But I know that I'm not in college
(Abby laughing)
It's hard to say
One by one the list is growing
Waking up in the
morning I already know
I could make my friends pretty mad
- You know you're really cute?
I'm on like 50 and I'm
feeling kinda shifty
And the ground under
my feet is all gone
She's getting shitty
Who's that?
- (scoffs) I gotta go.
Isn't that true
- [David] Your friends are
having fun. You wanna join them?
- [Abby] Yeah.
(engines whirring)
I'm on like 80 and
she's acting kinda shady
(tires squealing)
(girls laughing)
(upbeat music)
(girls singing)
I la la la la love it, one for me
I la la la la live it, one for me
(girls laughing)
- Abby, can you put your head down?
(girls laughing)
(upbeat music)
- Is that Gordon?
(upbeat music)
- [David] Who is that?
- That's our drama teacher.
(upbeat music)
(girls laughing)
Birthday to you
Happy birthday day, dear Abby
Happy birthday to you
(Abby blowing)
(group cheering)
- I was so much better.
- Are you kidding?
- [Lena] No, are you kidding me?
- I cornered you like three times.
- [Lena] Okay, but then
I bumped you like seven.
- [Sarah] Okay, but I wanted that.
(girls chattering)
- [Abby] Wait, wait. Wait, wait.
Wait wait, wait wait wait.
Lena, how does this make you feel?
(girls chattering)
Wait wait, wait wait wait.
So, this is Jeannine's pussy.
(Caroline laughing)
- Not my mom.
- [Abby] And can you imagine Gary
and Jeannine just like ...
- Abby, stop.
(girls laughing)
- You need to lose your virginity.
- I know.
(girls laughing)
- What? What?
- [Leslie] I have a gift for you.
- Thanks, I can open it later.
- [David] Open it now.
Isn't that exciting?
- [Leslie] I know you love musicals,
and it just opened in the city.
I thought we could go together.
- Was that my mom's?
- I don't know.
- Did you get that from my closet?
- Of course not. It was
just lying around the house.
- Okay, you need to ask before
you take shit like that.
- I don't remember you asking.
- I didn't take your fucking
ugly earrings, Leslie.
- [David] That's enough, Abigail.
- Take it off.
- That's enough.
- No, it's fine. It's totally fine.
- Les.
(door slamming)
(parents arguing)
- [David] I am gonna talk to her.
- [Leslie] I don't care
what you do about this.
- [David] You're just gonna leave?
Come on, that's such a fucking
copout. That's not you.
- If we wanna have a kid
together, it can't be like this.
No, this environment is not
working. It's not working.
Have a good night.
- Babe, you're just gonna ...
Hey, tell me you're coming back.
Les, just tell me that
you're gonna come back.
I want your body
Your sweet, delicate lips
- I prefer dad bods.
- Happy birthday.
- Is this all you brought?
- Oh yeah, I thought it would be enough.
- That's enough perk for one person.
- Sorry, I didn't know how
much people were gonna drink.
- I'm probably not gonna drink that much.
- Uh, Ab, you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Never hung over
- What is this?
- I don't know. It's just my dad's.
- I can't believe he drinks this shit.
(both laughing)
(lighter clicking)
(girls chattering)
(girls screaming and laughing)
(girls screaming and laughing)
(Lena growling)
(girls laughing and screaming)
(soft music)
- Logan hasn't texted me back.
- He's probably busy masturbating
to a photo of you, his bebe.
- Shut up.
- But like a photo of Sarah
studying in the library
with really good posture.
- Yeah, like the best posture.
- I don't think he masturbates.
- Girl, that's what he tells you.
He's probably into some
really freaky shit.
- No he's not.
- What, don't you call him Daddy?
- Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
(soft music)
This is some really good shit.
Does everybody want a line?
(soft music)
- I mean, yeah, sure, yeah.
- I'm okay.
- I'm good too.
(Caroline laughing)
So, Abs,
is Dylan still down to meet up?
- Yeah, he said come to the city.
- Oh my God, I'd be so totally
down to go into the city.
- [Lena] Who's Dylan?
- That guy from Go Kart Land.
- How old is he?
- I don't know.
- Abby, can we talk?
- What, just because you have a boyfriend
doesn't mean the rest
of us have to suffer.
(Caroline snorting)
- [Caroline] Okay.
(soft music)
- Are you sure?
- I mean, yeah, it's chill.
- You know, you don't have to.
- No, it's fine, yeah.
(soft music)
(Abby snorting)
(Caroline laughing)
(soft music)
Let the feelings take control
Let them
Let them
Let the feelings take control
(phone ringing)
- [Recording] Hi, this is Leslie.
I'm so sorry I missed your call.
Leave a message, and I'll ring
you back as soon as I can.
Have a beautiful day.
(muffled music)
- Hey, Abby?
(soft music)
Hey. Abigail, open the door.
- Couldn't hear you over the music.
We didn't mean to, okay?
- Then why was it locked?
- Because Lena locked it accidentally.
- Are you okay?
Look at me.
- What? Yeah, I am.
- No, that's it. I'm
sending Caroline home.
- Caroline didn't do anything wrong!
- I'm not an idiot!
- I'm not gonna just make her leave.
- I'd like you to take this please.
- When'd you get that?
- It'll take one second.
- It's my fucking birthday party.
- Do not talk to me like that.
- I don't know anyone who would do this
on their kid's birthday.
- No no, upstairs.
(door slamming)
You can go back down if it's all right.
(urine splashing)
(pants zipping)
(toilet flushing)
(water running)
- I'm washing my hands.
(phone buzzing)
- [David] Abby.
- This is so sad.
(Abby sighing)
- I'm just worried you're
gonna fuck something up.
- I didn't make Leslie leave.
- No, I am worried you're
gonna hurt yourself.
And I can't get you to
even say a word to me.
- I don't have anything to say.
- Look, I'm sorry I'm not
getting any of this right,
but I'm really fucking trying here.
Your mother was always the party person.
She knew the right thing to
do, whatever age you were.
Perfect gift, all that.
I just had to show up and play along.
You're not the only one
who's in pain. You know that?
And I'm really trying
to hold this together,
and I really wish I knew
what your mother would say.
- God, that is such bullshit. Okay?
It's so easy to glorify
someone once they're dead.
You never would have said
that when she was alive.
Mom worked herself into the ground
until she was too exhausted
to do anything else.
Parties weren't that great.
- I can't say anything right to you.
I'm just always the villain.
It's ridiculous.
People need to grow in their
own time, if they wanna grow,
and sometimes marriages just don't work.
It was nobody's fault.
Your mother and I just did
not love each other anymore.
- I don't care that you
got divorced, all right?
Honestly, I can't even imagine how
you guys even got together but ...
Where the fuck did you go?
I mean, I've barely seen
you in the last 10 years
and we live in the same fucking town.
- How do you think you and your mother
afforded to stay in that house?
She couldn't work for three years.
You really ...
I mean, you got quite the
narrative going on in your head.
And you're acting like an asshole.
You can go back downstairs.
- Why don't we just go
back to seeing each other
on the weekends so you can stop
pretending you're a parent?
(door closing)
(David chuckling)
(Abby sighing)
(camera clicking)
(camera clicking)
(camera clicking)
(camera clicking)
(phone pinging)
(door opening)
(dog barking in distance)
(wind whistling)
(girls laughing)
- [Caroline] Did you shave?
- [Hannah] Did you shave
it all or just part of it?
- [Abby] I mean all, like
guys don't like hair.
- [Hannah] But don't you feel like a baby?
Like it's too smooth.
- [Abby] Ew, no!
- [Caroline] I just do the strip.
- [Abby] I can't believe
we saw Gordon crying.
- [Sarah] I know.
He like, he's always smiling,
like, he's like the
happiest teacher at school.
- [Abby] Honestly, I don't think any of us
are really happy, though.
Like, we just kinda get sadder
and sadder as we get older
because we lowly lose
everything that matters.
Oh shit.
(Caroline laughing)
- [Caroline] You want?
- [Abby] Yeah, I mean, duh.
- [Sarah] Hey, could you like not, please?
Could we not do this? Like
we're gonna get caught.
- [Abby] Sarah, fuck the po.
(Caroline and Abby laughing)
- [Caroline] Come on, it's fine.
- [Hannah] Wait, well,
what does it feel like?
- [Caroline] It just
feels like you're the most
confident person in the room.
- [Hannah] Can I do some?
- [Abby] Yeah.
- [Sarah] I can't watch this.
(Hannah snorting)
(Hannah coughing)
- I'll try.
- [Caroline] Yes!
- [Abby] Wait, Lena,
like you don't have to.
- [Lena] No, I'm down.
Who do you guys think I
am? Just give it to me.
- [Sarah] Don't do it.
(Lena sniffing)
(girls laughing)
- Sarah.
What is wrong with you?
- I'm trying really hard to
be your friend right now,
but you're making it really difficult.
- [Cameron] Yo, ladies!
Ladies, where the funk at tonight?
- You tell me!
Hi, John.
- [Cameron] Hi, John.
- No, bro.
- Yo, so, any freshman funks tonight?
- Um, I don't know.
- [Jane] You don't do shit freshman year.
- So you're just drinking outside tonight?
- No.
- Hey, then where you going?
- Yeah, come on, let's go.
- No, wait.
Maybe John's girl will tell us (laughs).
- Yo.
- [Cameron] Yo, she definitely wants it.
Look how she's looking at me.
- [Jane] Look, you're
making them uncomfortable.
Stop. What the fuck?
- Why you such a bitch all of a sudden?
- All right, get outta my car.
- Come on, we're hella far away.
- No, get out.
- Is she serious?
- [John] You're joking.
- [Jane] I'm not joking. Get outta my car.
- [Cameron] Yo, we're just
fucking around a little.
- [Jane] Get the fuck out!
- Why you being so tight, babe?
We're getting out?
- [John] Yeah, we're getting out.
- Fine.
(hip-hop music)
- [John] Thanks, bitch.
(doors closing)
- [Jane] You guys need a ride?
- [Abby] Yeah, thank you.
- I'm really sorry about my friends.
- It's okay.
- [Jane] No, no, it's
really not okay, though.
They really can suck sometimes.
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
- Did you guys take anything?
All right, just take a few deep breaths.
You're gonna be so fine.
Seriously, take a deep breath.
Here, we'll do it together (inhales).
(Lena exhaling)
What are you guys up to tonight?
- It's her birthday.
- [Jane] Oh my gosh, happy birthday!
- Thanks.
- [Jane] Hell yeah!
- Thank you.
- Are you, um, are you 15 or?
- Yeah.
- Cool, cool. Are you not excited?
- Eh, I don't know.
- I actually hated freshman year. Yeah.
I missed like 80 days of school.
I just
wasn't into it.
I couldn't really get out
of bed in the mornings.
But sophomore year is so
much better. Seriously.
I think that freshman
year just kind of sucks
because you're in this weird place where
you just left middle school
but then you've just gotten to high school
so no one really takes
you seriously, you know.
My friends and I just roamed
the streets every weekend
hoping a car of senior
guys would pick us up
and take us to a funk.
This one time, I got picked up
and I had to sit in this guy Freddy's lap.
And, he literally got a boner.
- [Abby] Oh my God.
- And I was so uncomfortable,
and all I wanted was just, to go home.
That's honestly my memory of freshman year
is just sitting in Freddy's boner lap.
- That is disgusting.
- [Jane] Yeah, right.
- I don't hate freshman year.
- Of course.
- Such a good classic.
- This is good right here.
- [Jane] Right here? Okay.
Are you guys sure you don't
want me to buy for you?
I have a really good fake.
- We're fine.
- [Jane] Okay.
Have a good night.
- [Abby] Yeah, thanks so much.
- Should've let her buy for us.
- No, it's good. I know the guy.
- She's so cool.
- Don't give her that much
credit. She's full of shit.
Abby, come with me.
- Why?
- It'd be too sketch if we all go.
Can one of you guys
just like call an Uber?
- I can't. My Uber's attached
to my mom's credit card.
- I can do it.
(siren blaring in distance)
- Hey, can I talk to you for a second?
- It's fine.
- I just ...
- Come on.
- [Sarah] It's fine. Go.
- Are you and John over?
- Hey, Raymond!
(soft music)
(dog barking in distance)
(soft music)
(door closing)
(siren blaring in distance)
I got it. I got it!
Got the goods.
- [Sarah] Thanks.
- I told you I had the hookup.
- [Sarah] Logan?
(muffled music)
I'm so free, I la la la love you
I'm so free, I la la la love you
I'm so free, I la la la love you
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
(Sarah crying)
(Sarah whimpering)
- You're so much better than him.
- Can I have the bottle?
- [Caroline] Yeah, sure.
(Sarah breathing hard)
(Sarah gurgling)
- [Abby] Hey.
Fuck Logan, okay?
- I just don't know what I did wrong.
We planned our whole life together.
(stutters) I should have called him.
- You don't wanna look back
and remember that you spent
all of high school locked in
a room with your boyfriend.
- Let's just, let's just ...
I should go meet up with those guys.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
(soft music)
Let them
Let them
Let the feelings take control
Let them
Let them
Let the feelings take control
Let them
Let them
Let the feelings take control
Let them
Let them
Let the feelings take control
- Abby, come here.
Come here, come here,
come here, come here.
(Carolina laughing)
I got something for you.
- Thanks.
- You don't have to go all the way
with him if you don't want to.
- No, I, I want to.
- Okay, just making sure.
- Yeah.
- Hey, why didn't you tell
me that your mom died?
- Oh, I just didn't think
it mattered, really.
(muffled music)
- You're one of my best friends.
(group chattering)
- Lena, you're fine. Let's just go inside.
- I'm nervous.
(girls laughing)
- Hey, over here.
- Hey!
- [Lena] Ab, can I talk to you?
- Yeah, what's up?
- I think I need to go home.
- No, Lena, you're fine.
Just take a deep breath.
You're just sketching.
- No, I'm not. I have
a really bad feeling.
I didn't wanna do the coke.
- I know. I didn't make you.
- Why did Caroline even bring it?
- I don't know. It's your choice.
- Hey, you guys coming in?
- Yeah.
- We shoulda just stayed at your home.
- You fucking came.
- [Abby] Yeah, we were at
this other funk in the city.
- [Dylan] Oh dope. Where in the city?
- [Abby] I think it was near um ...
- [Dylan] You're just too fucked up
to know where you are, huh?
- [Abby] No, shut up.
- [Dylan] Well, sounds like a sick party.
Let's get you a drink.
I'm so glad you came.
Everyone else here sucks.
- Aren't they your friends?
- Yeah, I guess,
but we don't know
anything about each other.
Here you go.
- Thanks.
(pulsing music)
- Good?
- Yeah.
(guests chattering)
- Come here.
Are you crying?
- No.
- It's okay. I cry all the time.
(guests chattering)
- We're getting burnt tonight.
Yeah, yeah.
- That's my boy, Liam.
Don't let him near any of your friends.
- I don't really think he's their type.
- That's mad funny. I'm
gonna tell him you said that.
- No, don't. Oh my God, you can't.
- Yeah, I am.
- No ho ho.
- Too late.
You're really pretty.
- Stop (chuckles).
- What do you wanna be when you grow up?
- Um.
I have no idea.
- Dyl, come on outside.
- [Dylan] Oh, Maria, there you are.
(pulsing music)
Abby, let's go.
(pulsing music)
Let the feelings take control
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Where were you? I was all alone.
- I was getting a drink.
- Cool. Where can I get one?
Let the feelings take control
Let them
Let them
Let the feelings take control
Hey. Hey, what the fuck?
- Oh, oh my, what are you doing?
- Fucking bitch!
You're such a fucking whore!
- [Maria] Get off!
Oh my fucking God. Don't touch me.
You're crazy!
- Fuck you.
- [Maria] I'm so out of here.
- What?
- What the fuck was that?
- I was just trying to help.
- That was so embarrassing.
- Dude, she was talking to your man.
I wasn't gonna let that happen to you.
- I can't go back in there now, okay?
Fuck, that was embarrassing.
- I was just trying to help.
- Well can you just act normal
for the rest of the night please?
(Caroline laughing)
- What just happened?
- Everyone in there's 30. We should go.
- Yeah, this sucks. We should lave.
- Can you not like blow
smoke right in my face?
- Where are you going?
- [Abby] To say goodbye.
- Stop texting him.
(men chattering)
- Yo, Liam, tell Abby
what you just told me.
- I'm so sorry.
- Your friends are fucking feisty.
- [Zack] So Liam likes your crazy friend.
- [Liam] Bro, shut the fuck up.
- I don't know why she's acting like that.
I don't really know her that well.
- [Dylan] Go talk to her.
- Okay, the question is,
do you really think she's gonna like this?
- [Liam] Dude!
What the fuck is wrong with you, man?
(pulsing music)
- He's pissed.
- I was just fucking around.
- Go after him.
- He can't take a joke sometimes.
- At least one of your friends
is having a good time tonight.
- Oh shit.
- Hey. Come with me.
Come on.
(upbeat music)
(muffled music)
(woman cheering in distance)
(muffled music)
(lips smacking)
- I like your tattoo.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
(Dylan breathing hard)
I really want one.
- Got it after I went to Wilderness.
- What's Wilderness?
- For rehab.
(Dylan breathing hard)
- Who is that girl?
- What girl?
- The one you were talking to.
- You jealous?
- No.
- You're jealous.
- No I'm not.
- Come on, you're so pretty.
I don't know what you see in me.
- Stop.
- You been with a lotta guys?
- A few.
- I bet so many guys are
trying to get with you.
- Not really.
(both breathing hard)
- I'm so hard for you.
I wanna be inside you so bad.
You like that?
- Yeah.
- Touch it.
- Maybe we should go back outside.
- You're so fucking hot.
(siren blaring)
- Shit.
We need to go.
- Come here.
- No.
- Just for a second.
- No.
- Come on.
- We have to fucking go!
- You're gonna leave me like this?
(siren blaring)
- Hold on.
- What are you doing?
- Taking a piss.
(phone clicking)
(traffic passing)
- Yo, Zack said he's with your friends.
They're headed back to your place.
- Who's Zack?
(slow music)
(phone buzzing)
(slow music)
(door closing)
(group chattering)
- You guys need to leave, okay. Like now.
(muffled music)
(group chattering)
Hey, hey, hey!
You have to go. No one can come here.
I'm serious.
(group groaning)
Stop it! Can you just shut
the fuck up right now?
- Oh, excuse me.
- You don't care about
anybody but yourself.
It always just has to get
really fucked up with you.
Can't just be about hanging
out and doing something fun.
- Yeah, okay, Abby.
- What, I don't get why you're so obsessed
with hooking up with guys.
None of them give a shit about you.
- Look at yourself. You
are such a fucking child.
- Fuck you, Caroline. Okay, fuck you.
(Hannah retching)
(group groaning)
- Hey, it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay. It's not your fault.
No, it's okay. I'm not mad.
It's okay.
- Yeah, yeah, let's go.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- What?
- Am I your best friend?
- Can you just help me
with Hannah right now?
- Am I your best friend,
because you're mine?
(Abby sighing)
- We just met, okay. I don't ...
Fuck. Where are you going, Caroline?
(door closing)
(Hannah retching)
- [Dylan] Dude, I don't know.
You shouldn't have thrown it so hard.
- It's not my fault.
My bad.
- Water, a glass of water.
(Abby breathing hard)
(glass tapping)
- [Dylan] Come on, guys. Let's go.
(toilet flushing)
- I'm really sorry. He lived a good life.
(Abby crying)
- Oh, God, I'm sorry.
- It's okay. It's good, it's good.
- Are you crying too?
- You make me cry.
(Abby crying)
- I don't think I've ever seen you cry.
- Really?
- Yeah, I mean the only
time I've seen you cry
is in first grade, when
Jordan cut you in line
on popsicle Wednesday.
- I still haven't forgiven him for that.
(girls laughing)
- He was a mean kid.
(girls laughing)
- Do you think we'll still
be friends when we're 40?
- Yeah.
(Hannah retching)
- [Lena] Let it out. Let it out.
- I hate myself.
- Me too.
- I actually had fun tonight.
- No you didn't.
(girls laughing)
- Those guys were such assholes.
- Yeah.
They're the kind of guys
that are mean to their moms.
They think they deserve the world.
Logan's so mean to his mom.
- Oh my God, fuck Logan.
- Fuck Logan.
- Fuck Logan.
- I know.
(Abby sniffing)
- Any word from Caroline?
- No.
(birds calling in distance)
(dog barking in distance)
- [Mother] Hey, baby, don't
worry about calling me back.
Just wanted to check in.
I'm about to drive home.
Actually, I'm heading to the store
and picking up some dinner.
I was thinking spaghetti or tacos tonight.
Let me know what you're feeling.
Oh my god. There is the biggest
pigeon sitting on the car.
Oh my god, you would love this.
Well anyway, I'll be home in a bit.
I love you.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
(coffee pouring)
- We're out of milk.
- You can have mine.
I don't mind it black.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- You sleep well?
- Yeah.
(soft music)
(upbeat music)
And you're a soulless creature
And you're death's worst feature
And you just pretend
that you're a saint
But you're a godless preacher
And you just make me scream
You're chlorine in my veins
The blood flooding to my brain
The times I begged for you to stay
You're not wanted here
You're not wanted here
You're not wanted here
(soft music)
I thought love was enough
The truth is love is dead
I'm pretending I'm a ghost
So you can sleep well in your bed
But you just make mistakes
And you just haunt my dreams
Like a demon in my head that kills
The happiness in me
(soft music)
You're not wanted here
You're not wanted here
And I'd rather drown into
the sea than let you save me
And you make me sick
And you make me sick
And I'd rather fall into the void
Than cling to your limbs