Edge of Isolation (2018) Movie Script

Farid Morocco
Babe, are you okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it was just a dream.
You're sweating,
are you sure you're okay?
- Yeah.
- Well, dinner's ready.
Alright, cool.
- Alright, hurry up, get changed.
- This looks great, honey.
- Happy birthday.
- Hooray, I'm officially old.
- 30 is not old.
- Let's see how you feel about that
a couple years from now when you turn 30.
- Are you gonna be this
grumpy all weekend?
- No, I'm sorry.
Ah, I know that face,
what's wrong Super Hulk?
- It's stupid.
- Tell me, I like stupid stuff.
- I told you about my birth mother
and how every year at this time
I feel like she's gonna find me.
You know, she's just
waiting to surprise me.
I don't know,
I just feel like turning 30
that makes the dream seem
more and more impossible.
- Maybe that's a good thing.
- Your adoptive parents
love you, I love you.
When you finally knock me up,
our children will love you.
You have so much love from the people
that exist in your life
that maybe it's okay
to leave this illusion
of your mother behind.
30 could be a great new
chapter in your life.
- Well you know, you
could go back to school.
Maybe get a career.
Imagine me
going back to school.
I know math.
- Hold it right there, turn around.
What do you got there?
- Garbage.
- For six months now.
- Let's see what's in the bag.
- Trash.
- Alright.
What's your name?
- Lance O'Brien.
- 99.
- You have a nice night.
- Mmhmm.
- You know you have other
shirts you can pack.
- I sure do.
You cannot pack the gun this time.
- Don't be crazy.
What if we need it?
- Haven't ever needed it.
It's my birthday.
- It's your birthday today,
tomorrow, just another camping day.
- You know the damn
thing makes me nervous.
- Oh, you're so white!
- No, no if I was white I'd love guns.
But, however, I'm not.
Those things have killed
thousands of my people.
- A result of poverty
and lack of education,
not the color of your skin.
And it doesn't only concern black people.
Just admit that your WASPy parents
just drilled this fear of gun into you.
They wanted me to be safe.
It's certainly better than
rollin' with the homies at 14.
That's not safe.
- At least they taught me about life.
I can hold my own in any situation.
What are you gonna do when we
get attacked by a wolf, huh?
Huh, what your gonna do, what you got?
- I'll show you.
What you got big boy?
- Step back and I'll show you.
Step back.
Kick it in the face.
- You're such a dork.
Alright, alright.
All safe.
This was my last thing, I'm all set.
Now, to your last present.
Da, da, da, da, da.
Would you like some more, darling?
- Please.
- Mmm, mmm, mmm.
- Kendra.
My leg!
Jesus Christ.
What are you doing?
- Just a bit of work.
Bad dreams?
- Yeah.
- I really think you should
talk to somebody about this.
You've been having a lot
of bad dreams lately.
- I can handle it.
- I'm sorry, I just, I gotta
put this brief together
and then I'm gonna be free
for the rest of the weekend.
Just an hour, I promise.
It's actually a really interesting case.
So this guy, he embezzled
$250K from the company.
Cut and dry, right?
Huh, no.
His boss left a paper
trail that we were...
Alright, I know we said we were gonna do
this together tomorrow morning,
but why don't you choose a really nice
camping site for us, somewhere near water.
Isolated, I wanna swim naked this time.
I wake up at night
In an empty bed
Crazy little dreams
Runnin' through my head
But I hear a knock
And a gentle roar
Who is that scratching
At my door
She said
You ain't a fire darlin'
You were never that tough
The turn should be coming up.
A tiger's eye, no
That played a little too rough
Come on, girl
Can't you see
Oh, you best believe
You're an animal
Cool down, boy
Are you tuckin' on me
Oh, I can't believe
There it is.
You're an animal
We're singin'
Whoa, whoa
My honey, you're an animal
Whoa, whoa
How long since we got off the highway?
About seven and a half miles.
Okay, so a little bit farther
and then the turnoff
should be on your left.
Oh, nice.
- You really got us out into
the middle of nowhere this time.
- Well, I had to see you
swim naked in the river.
Babe, could you grab me a water?
- Come on, baby, wake up.
We need to get him to a hospital.
- Oh, that's near impossible up here.
We don't have a vehicle or nothing.
Anyway, he's just got a little bump
on the noggin', same as you.
- I hope so.
Let me show you something.
As I was saying, my name is
Mary and our home is your home.
Now, me and my husband
Ivan sleep in that room
and most everybody else sleeps
out here, except for Vlad.
He's got his own shack out back.
- Oh, he gets his own place.
I guess he's pretty special.
- Oh, yes, Vlad is going
to be the next leader.
He needs his own place to prepare.
Come on, follow me, come on.
This is the kitchen.
This is my stove.
This is my favorite pot.
- Sounds like you spend
a lot of time in here.
- I like your dress.
- Why, thank you!
Had it 40 years!
Still looks like new.
Don't you think?
You want to wash up, the
river's down that way.
- Oh no, no, I need to um, you know.
- Thanks.
- Good afternoon, darlin'.
How you feeling?
- Still woozy.
- Good to see you up and around.
You two hit that tree pretty hard.
- Big fella's out there
moving it right now.
- Thanks.
There was this thing that popped out
of the woods and made us crash.
- Things happen, I guess.
Now you go on inside and take it easy.
How's he doing?
- The same.
Thank you again for helping us.
Oh, you're welcome!
- Oh, better to be safe than sorry.
Dinner should be at 7 p.m. sharp.
- Hello.
I'm Kendra.
- I'm Caitlin.
- Caitlin, that's a pretty name,
for a very pretty girl.
So what do you do for
fun out here, Caitlin?
Do you go to school?
- Oh, we teach our children
everything they need
to know right here at the old homestead.
- Oh, you have other children out here.
- Oh yes, well, not now.
Kids, they grow up, they move out.
- Sure.
- But some of them stick around.
Vlad will be back for supper.
He's my oldest.
Caitlin, honey, why don't
you go get a piece of meat?
She's a little shy.
But she's a good girl.
- Lance, oh my God.
I was worried about you.
Are you okay?
I think so.
How about you?
- I'm fine, just a little scraped up.
- Uh, well Mary...
I'm sorry, Mary, this is Lance.
- Nice to meet you!
You too.
- Her family found our car and
they brought us here to rest.
- Oh, this here is the Polifer homestead.
For nearly 150 years it's
been right on this spot.
- Oh, well I don't know
about no geo-maferly.
We're in the oak belt.
We're in the shadow of the great mountain.
You're lucky we found you.
We don't get but two
strangers a year around here.
- Well, Polifers keep to ourselves.
It's been that way from the beginning.
So I can wash my face.
We ain't got no bathroom.
We got a river.
It's right down the path to
your right, you can't miss it.
Oh, would you mind picking up
a bucket of water on your way?
- Sure.
Be careful out there.
- Dang, it's pretty.
- I know.
We need to get you washed up.
So what do you think?
What, about her?
I think she's a little weird.
No shit.
This family's been living
alone for 150 years.
That's a lot of inbreeding.
I'm serious.
Doesn't this place make you feel uneasy?
- Not really, no.
Oh, shit that's cold!
- Oh, Jesus!
- Strip and jump in.
- Get out, you idiot.
Are you sure you're feeling okay?
- A little dizzy, it comes and goes.
- I know, but we need to
get you to a hospital.
- I'm serious, you know, one of us
might actually have a concussion.
You don't want to mess with those.
- First of all, we don't
know what's up with the car.
Secondly, the sun goes
down in about two hours.
And it's not smart to
roam the woods busted
and broken, alone, lost, in the dark.
- Come on.
What the fuck was that?
- I don't know.
A noise, maybe a wild boar.
Do they have those out here?
- Probably.
Let's go check on the
car and see about the gun
just in case we need to use it.
You brought it back here.
Thank you!
It wasn't easy.
Vlad did most of the work.
You couldn't drive it?
- The radiator's got a
hole in it from the tree.
- Oh, damn.
- You're not gonna drive it anytime soon.
- Well, I could probably fix it.
I'm good with mechanical stuff.
That's why I'm here.
- No, not that I can tell.
- Three, four days.
- Oh no, no, no, no, no.
I gotta be at the office Monday morning.
- There's nothing I can do about that.
I gotta rebuild all the
wavy parts one at a time.
- Like I said, I'm good
with mechanical stuff.
- Hello.
How you doing?
Just gonna grab our...
- Later.
- Hello, family.
So, these are our guests.
- Yes.
This is Lance and Kendra.
And what brings you two
all the way up here?
- We're just looking for a nice,
quiet, nature-filled weekend.
- Nature we've got.
Quiet, not so much.
- This place you have
here, it's very nice.
- Um, living free of society, that's,
that's a great accomplishment.
- We don't need your approval, Lance.
- I'm sorry, I was just--
- I didn't mean to offend.
I'm just pulling your leg, son!
I think it's great to have
some fresh meat in this house.
So, from what Ramon tells me,
you'll be with us for a few days.
- It would seem so.
Hi, I don't believe we've met.
I'm Kendra.
welcome to our home.
- Leave her alone.
- You're curious, I understand.
I mean, what's a Negro doing
with a bunch of white folks, huh?
Well, you see, we do get visitors
like yourself now and then.
Must have been a hair over 30 years ago.
Ella found us, she was lost.
Well, not just in the forest, but in life.
She felt outcast from
the world you live in.
She would talk about
your keepers of the law,
about the bigotry in your society.
After spending a few days
with us she decided to stay.
- She clearly can't decide.
- Hold on, Vlad.
She didn't mean to disrespect Ella.
You see, just a few years after
Ella became a Polifer she,
she suffered a terrible
tumble down a cliff.
We did everything we could to fix her.
- That's not possible out here.
I did what I could.
- Ivan is a very good doctor.
He has healing hands.
- I just wish I could have done more.
Go on, eat up, that's good meat.
Caitlin, give me all your eights.
- Go fish.
- No!
Okay, alright.
Let me see, now.
Ella, give me all your kings.
- It was, indeed.
- I gotta tell you, what
you have going on up here,
it's not at all what
somebody might expect.
- My great great grand daddy moved across
the country at a time of
great political turmoil.
Things were changing in the republic.
People with different views, like himself,
just were not accepted.
- So he came up here to build a utopia.
- That's right, and it wasn't easy.
He'd settle somewhere,
other people would find him
and curse him and he'd have to move on.
Even now, here in this place,
we are in constant danger
of being found and forced
to move back into society.
- The world has changed a lot since then.
It might not be such a bad
idea to have some contact.
- Well, I doubt it's changed
as much as you might think.
Like I said, we do get
people through here.
They all paint pretty much
the same damn picture.
Intrusive government, biased people.
- What are your ways
that we wouldn't accept?
I mean, you all
seem like normal people.
I mean, you might need
some time to adjust, but...
- Tell you what, how about you and me
doing a little hunting tomorrow morning?
Maybe it'd give you a taste of our life.
- Okay, sure.
- Good.
- Sounds like fun.
Should I bring my wife?
- Men only.
- I can't wait three to four days
for the car to be fixed,
if he can even fix it.
I say we take our packs and
we head towards the road.
- I was supposed to go
hunting with Ivan tomorrow.
- Sort of.
He's weird, but some of the things
he says kind of make sense.
This place has a cozy, homely feel to it.
- Okay, um, killing animals with
creepy mountain guy not such a good idea.
- Think of it like an
extraordinary adventure.
If we traveled anywhere else in the world
we'd be coming into a
new culture, new place.
You always say it's about the journey.
This is our journey.
- Okay, fine, one day.
But we leave Monday
morning bright and early
and we go try and find reception, okay?
- Okay.
You come from a large family?
No, no I'm an only child.
I was adopted when I was three.
Yeah, my birth
parents abandoned me.
They took me in.
I see.
I know about that.
Seen it happen here.
Oh, yeah?
- Oh yeah, we take family very seriously.
It is the only thing we have up here.
Did your adoptive parents treat you good?
- Of course, they tried to
give me everything life has.
There are just some things
you just can't give.
- No, not really, no.
They just weren't prepared to handle
the things I had to deal with.
No way they could be.
- Yeah, no one ever is.
- Oh, it's nothing you gotta worry about.
Probably just a, a badger or something.
- Okay.
- Kendra, why don't you come
on over here and help me out?
- Yeah, not that much of a gardener.
- Oh, there's nothing to it.
- Well, every plant I've
ever touched has died.
- Everything dies, that's part of life.
- There are some other things we do.
Mostly this, though.
- I think I'd go nuts
without having a computer.
Access to the internet, unlimited sources
of information at your fingertips.
Technology has given us
everything we could ever need.
- We live just fine without it.
- Yeah, well that's great,
but I couldn't do it.
- That should be enough for today.
Caitlin, bring those vegetables on over
and we're gonna get headed back home.
Help me up, honey.
Of course.
- Well, yes.
I love my wife, I love my parents.
My job is bleh, but what
can you do about that?
- Every aspect of my
life fills me with joy.
Each morning is filled with
wondrous possibilities.
In the evening, I have
dinner with my lovely family.
- I've never heard someone so upbeat.
- You walk a mile in my shoes, son,
you might be that happy, too.
Oh, oh, oh.
Look there, see?
A rabbit.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
I want you to kill it.
- Oh, I don't know how
to shoot this thing.
- No, just line the rabbit up with
the end of the barrel and right here.
You got him.
Go on, go on.
Line him up.
- Yeah, that's it.
Line him up.
Little lower, breathe easy.
Don't think about anything else.
Just the kill.
- You mentioned you had other children.
- Yes.
- Most of them died.
The forest can be unforgiving.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
- No.
Lance and I are gonna try next year.
Once I get to where I
need to be at the firm.
My job.
- Definitely.
- I'm a lawyer.
- That pays a lot.
- Yeah.
How do you know that?
- Oh, we had this couple early this year.
Fella was a lawyer, like you say,
couldn't stop talking about his job.
- Yeah, that's right, that's what I heard.
- Kids, they pick up on one thing
from the outside world
and they go runnin' off.
But not Caitlin.
You're staying here, right honey?
- Kendra.
- Lance.
Oh, my God!
What happened?
Who did this to you?
Was it Ivan?
I'm gonna fucking kill him!
What the hell?
- It's not my blood.
We were skinning the rabbits
and the damn thing squirted all over me.
You're such an asshole!
Come on, Ivan
thought it would be funny, too.
- Oh, I'm sure he did.
- I'm sorry, it was a joke.
- Well, screw you with
your mountain man jokes!
- Come on, I was just playing, relax.
Have some fun on your time off.
I love you.
- Oh!
- Relax.
- Oh, you're stupid.
Oh, yeah.
- Get up.
Oh, yeah.
- We gotta get out of here.
- That freak Vlad was just
jerking off over there.
Are you sure?
- I'm leaving.
- Some trip.
- Fuck!
See, this is what I was talking about!
Hillbillies stole my fucking gun!
- Yeah!
- I'm sure they put it in a safe place.
You don't want Caitlin
hurting herself with it
knowing there's no
hospital close by, right?
- They stole my gun.
- I don't understand you sometimes.
Why can't you just be trusting for once?
- I'm sorry, you want me
to yell at you all night?
- They're good people.
They don't have the social
graces that we're used to,
but that's no reason to be so
offensive every fucking time!
- So, my husband is trusting
some redneck over his own wife?
I'm serious!
- You know, you have
no idea what it's like
to be in a real situation because you've
never been in a real situation.
Well, let me tell you something,
this is a real situation!
- That's your go-to.
You had a tough life, so I know nothing.
- Yeah, it's true.
- No, it's not!
- Holy shit.
Are you hurt?
Alright motherfucker, you wanna go?
- Babe.
- You were right about
that real situation.
Come on back to the house.
Who are all those people?
- You shouldn't wander
into the woods at night.
Tell me what's going on right now.
You're not looking very hard, are you?
I'm sorry, I know it's
not your fault, but...
I just wanna get out of here.
So do I.
He knew we wanted to leave.
What do you want from me?
Maybe he had other things to take care of.
- He lives in the middle of the forest.
His other things can wait!
Okay, no more bullshit.
Where exactly did Ivan go?
- I don't know.
It's not my place to ask.
- Jesus Christ, it's like talking
to a wall with you people!
Okay, let me put this simply.
Who are the people in the forest?
- Oh, we don't talk about them.
- Yes.
- If you wanted to leave
this house, could you?
- This is my home, I wouldn't ever leave.
- That's not the question I asked.
Could you?
I don't know what that means.
- Give it a rest.
Come outside with me.
- I'll give it a rest, when
I'm back on the highway.
- Come, please, please.
Please, please.
What's wrong with you?
- It's not safe for you here.
What's going on?
- You have to see what they are.
Then you'll understand.
They have caves.
- Follow the river upstream.
At the big log you'll
see it off to the side.
Don't touch me!
- Keep her busy.
- I'm tired of you always
telling me what to do!
You don't know everything, Kendra!
- If you weren't being an idiot,
I wouldn't have to tell you
what to do all the time!
- I'm so fucking tired of you!
- Bitch!
Thank you, Boy Scouts.
Get the hell out of here with this shit.
Look at this.
- Gold teeth.
- From the cave.
There's a ton of stuff like that
and the caves are huge.
Who knows what else is there?
- They're killing people.
We need to get out of here now.
- I told her to hide on the
other side of the hills.
- Let's go.
- Ivan should be back soon.
- We're not waiting for Ivan.
- It's dangerous--
- Get the fuck away from me!
- That's uncalled for.
- You walk right out the door there!
- You crazy bitch!
You tell me how we get out
of this fucking forest!
- You can't.
- You watch me.
- Such a nice girl.
You got a bit of a mouth on ya,
but you're pretty.
We could have made you happy here with us.
Happy to cut off your fucking head!
- Come on, let's go!
Such a shame!
It would have been nice having
another woman in the house.
- Lance!
- So you'd get scared and wanna escape.
- Yeah, you're all tough or whatever.
Especially you.
I think you might actually
make it out of here.
- A few times.
- Two years.
I had a real mom and dad.
Then they killed them and brought me here.
And all this time, you've
never been able to escape?
- No.
- Because of the people in the woods.
They always bring me back.
I tried going in a bunch of
different directions but...
Is Ella being held against her will?
- I don't know.
I've never actually seen
her or Ramon kill anybody.
- A couple like you.
A family.
- Jesus Christ.
How many of these wood people
do you think are there?
- I don't know, a hundred, a thousand.
- Do you know why they
keep bringing you back?
- I don't know, I just,
I just wanna go home!
- Caitlin, we'll take you home.
- Promise.
Jesus Christ, we're screwed.
Shut up.
- Look at them.
- I see them.
We need to find the gun.
It's somewhere in the house.
- First we gotta figure
out how many there are.
I'm telling
you, they're everywhere.
- We need to know exactly
what we're dealing with.
Oh, shit!
- Told ya.
- Now, we get the gun.
The more I see these fuckers,
the more I think it was one of them
that jumped in front of our truck.
Really, ya think?
They sprung the
trap, delivered us to Ivan.
Caitlin, when you got captured,
how did they do it?
- We were camping.
They attacked us in the night.
- Opportunists.
- You said you would take me home.
- We will.
- Do you know where
they might keep my gun?
- I don't know.
- What the hell you been
doing the past two years?
Walking around with your
fucking eyes closed?
She's just a little girl.
- What, I don't give a shit.
You don't seem to get what's going on.
- I get it!
I get it big time.
- No, these fucking
people are gonna kill us
and that's the best case scenario!
- Well yelling at her isn't
going to do anyone any good.
- Let's just go get the gun.
- From the cave.
- From the house.
- They keep their loot in the caves.
- If I stole a gun, I
would keep it in the house.
I'd keep it close, we go to the house.
- Mary and Vlad were at
the house before we left.
They're probably still there.
- I know I should have killed that
fucking bitch when I had the chance!
Fine, we go to the stupid caves.
- Radiator's busted, it's gonna overheat.
- Not immediately.
- We don't have any keys.
- Well, you're street, hotwire it.
- Not very.
This way.
What the hell was that?
- There's something familiar
about all this to me.
I have to figure out why.
- Oh no, we need to get out of here.
- We need the gun in order to do that.
Let's sneak around.
- No, let's go check out the house now.
I have an idea.
It's me.
- Oh, it's you, Caitlin.
Is it time for supper?
- No, not that time yet.
Just bored.
Maybe I could braid your hair?
- Oh, that'd be nice.
- Here, just relax.
- That feels so nice.
- You're brave, well that's good.
You know who this is?
This was one of my children.
- All this talk about family and security
and this is what you do?
- I feed them, I clothe them, I train 'em.
But inevitably some of them will begin
to think for themselves and since
we can abide no insubordination,
that is when it is time for them
to be recycled back into the family.
- Oh, indeed.
It's very tasty, you had
some the other night.
You seemed to enjoy it.
Of course, I do save some of
the best parts for myself.
Our home has been here since long before
I was born and it will be here long
after I, too, have been consumed.
It is a part of the cycle of our family.
A cycle that you are now a part of.
- It was no accident us
ending up here, was it?
- We were hoping we could convince you
to stay of your own free will,
but since that is now no longer possible,
we just mandate that you stay.
- You can't shoot us both.
- Just you.
- The fuck you will.
- Lance!
- A shame to have to eat you,
but insubordination
can never be tolerated.
- Eat!
- You're wasting your energy.
It's good for you.
- Let me go.
- Afraid not.
- Did you know that in order to get
that wonderful marbling in steak,
they force feed the animal for
two weeks before the slaughter?
And during that time they they gotta
make sure the animal barely moves at all.
See this forces the fat to
form at an accelerated rate.
So, what would ordinarily be dry,
tough beef becomes rich, tender meat.
- You should be grateful.
No more waiting to start
the wonderful journey of motherhood.
- Of course, farmers do have an advantage.
They know what their
animals have been eating.
We don't have that advantage.
- I forgot how good dark skin tastes.
- Ivan is the father to all.
All the Polifers in the forest.
All the children in the caves.
- Inbred fucks!
- Well, they were for a
time, but Ivan's father
realized that he had
breed with other women.
Otherwise, the children suffered defects.
- No.
- Let me out.
We can get out of here together.
- I've been a Polifer for 40 years.
I don't much wanna leave.
- He stole you away from your family.
- He showed me the light.
- She's ready.
- You will be a welcomed
addition to our family.
- Let me go, you sick fuck!
- Head home.
Kendra I am very excited for this.
See, you will probably be my last.
Two years Caitlin will
reach the age of ascension
and Vlad will take her as his first wife,
become leader of the Polifers.
Then I will be obsolete and
no longer allowed to mate.
But, until then...
- Don't touch me.
- Oh Kendra, Kendra.
I have built a society of inclusion.
We're all treated as equals.
Simple rules, simple consequences.
A life free from worry and doubt.
- It's all lies.
You manipulate all of them!
- Soon you will see.
Soon, you will love me.
- Never!
- Kendra.
If you become properly assimilated
and accept the Polifer
ways, then eventually you,
too, will be in the house like Mary.
- Well then you will be
assimilated, piece by piece.
Oh, don't do that, no.
- Don't no, please stop!
- No more waiting.
Time to receive your seed.
- No, get away from me!
No, please!
Please, stop, no!
- Stay away from her, you fucks!
- Get this off me.
Where's Kendra?
Follow me.
- I'll be back tomorrow.
- Fuck you.
- No, she's not for you.
Not yet.
- Help me.
Help me, please.
Help me, please.
Oh, you stupid piece of shit.
Here, here.
Get me out of here.
Get me out.
Get me out of here.
- Let's go get the gun from the house.
- If it's even there.
- It'll be there.
I'm sorry, I should have listened to you.
Which way?
- This way.
- Run, run, run!
Get back here!
Faster, go, go, go, go, go!
I'll kill you!
- Hurry up, go, go, go!
Watch out.
- Come on!
- You and Caitlin check the kitchen.
I'll check over here.
- Shh.
That way.
- Hi there.
It's gonna be okay.
Stay quiet.
She's coming with us.
- No, we gotta get out of here.
We can't worry about somebody else.
- She's a prisoner.
Do you want to come with us?
- I go you.
Come with me.
Where are the bullets?
- Go!
- Oh, we're so screwed!
- Cut it out!
Stop it!
- I can't do it anymore.
- I need you.
I need my Kendra back.
- I can't.
- We're gonna drive out of here.
We're gonna make it.
- Okay.
- Yes, okay.
- Together.
- Okay.
- Give me the hatchet.
- I don't know.
Stay back!
Let her go!
- Stay back!
I swear, I thought you'd show
more respect for your family.
- I can't believe you don't remember.
You were born here!
- You're lying.
- It's true.
When you were about three your mother
took you and ran into the woods.
When we caught up to her
she paid for her crime.
But you were gone.
- He's fucking with your head!
Caitlin no, wait!
- You're just saying
this to get me to stop.
- I knew it the second I saw you.
That scar on your arm.
I gave it to you.
- Don't listen to him, don't!
- Look!
Every Polifer son gets one.
- We gotta get out of
here just, just kill him!
- This whole place it felt like,
- You're the family I've been
looking for my whole life.
- No baby, no!
No baby, no.
No baby, no.
- You are so stupid!
How can you not see the
greatness of our family?
- You've taken everything from me!
- I've given you life!
The life you clearly don't deserve.
- You need to die, fuck!
- Kendra!
Baby, baby, okay, okay.
Come on, come on, come on.
- Okay.
- Son I am, truly sorry
it had to end like this.
Everything could have been so different.
If you had only accepted who you are.
- Ivan!
- Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Lance, we gotta go now!
- Shit!
Get Ella to the car.
I'll grab Kendra.
Chill, car.
I am gonna fuck him up.
Hang on.