Edge of the Empire (2010) Movie Script

Without co-operation, everyone loses
We may fight to win,
but we will always lose
But if we fight together
we will win together
From a royal speech given by
His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej
This is the story of an ethnic group
that lived in 757 AD.
The rulers of the country regarded them
as mere uncivilized barbarians
They were exploited and persecuted
and driven from their homes,
until their only choice
was to flee the country.
They sought a new homeland
where they could live in peace and freedom.
The people of Ler,
Khanu, Yuro, Dtai, and Thanai
were united in their quest for freedom
Many died from disease
or from the many perils they faced.
But they met each challenge
with determination and courage,
and vowed to maintain their bond forever.
The problems began when
the Qin Dynasty came to rule.
The mighty Han army
exercised its power ruthlessly.
It conquered new territory and expanded
into areas occupied by free ethnic tribes.
The people of these areas
were forced to take up arms
to defend their land.
It was the land where they were born
and where their ancestors were buried.
Run away now!
Or the Han will make you a slave.
When the Han army had taken the land,
it was stained
with the blood and tears of its people.
Tai child!
Come with me!
Burn it all!
The Han army was enormous,
and its military strength was unstoppable.
The people of the Cheung Dao valley
were either killed or
forced to flee in different directions.
20 years later
the children who had survive
were now grown up.
They lived in six separate regions.
But they awaited the day
when they could be reunited,
a day when their nation could be reborn
a day when they could be united in peace
under the name Thai,
a word meaning "free".
They dreamed of a day when
they could be free in their own land.
And free from the oppression of the Han.
Now, Ler City.
Stop the carriage!
Next up...
From Ler City.
Come on! Quickly! It's your turn.
Come on! Quickly! It's your turn.
Never mind that! Come on!
Get them, Lamphun!
Next up...
I see you allow them to fight with weapons.
Don't you think that's unwise, Tiewliang?
It can only encourage insubordination.
These people come together
from six different regions.
They openly display their skills and weapons.
It's surely better than letting them
hide their skills
and weapons from us. Right, Libong?
Is there anyone else who wants to take on
Lamphun from Ler City?
Is there anyone?
How about you
Not me! It's much too scary! No way!
If there are no more challengers,
then you get the prize!
Give it back!
If you meant it,
you have to fight my brother first!
If you want the prize so badly...
come and get it from me!
My name is Libong.
I'm Tiewliang's new military adviser.
I am here under orders of Emperor Qin,
ruler of this land.
I want all you peasants to know who I am.
Peasants, eh?
I see we have a peasant here
who thinks he's a fighter, right?
Get him!
Hurry up, Buakham.
Do you want to play with Guchin? Let's go!
Prepare the carriage.
Are you ever going
to stop making those swords?
You've already got
the sharpest swords around.
I need them to be sharp,
and I need to keep making them.
I have to make many more.
But why do you need so many?
What about you?
Why do you keep spinning thread
from the Uethong flowers?
Haven't you got enough clothes?
It's not just me who needs clothes.
You wear them too!
You don't want the people to be cold.
I don't want our people
to be bullied by the Han.
My swords.
...will one day taste their blood.
Buakham, run!
Let me go!
You keep out of this!
I won't let you treat a Thai woman like that!
She's just a peasant!
She's only here to serve the Han.
I can do anything I want to her.
You should know better.
I do not allow disrespect
for the Thai people.
You not only acted offensively
to a Thai woman,
but you also tried to kill Fesian,
who is a Han soldier.
- But I...
- No excuses!
If you say you didn't attack Fesian,
how did your sword end up in my hand?
Give me back my sword!
Who said you could get up?
You have broken Tiewliang's rules.
Tiewliang's rules!
You can have a choice.
Stay here and spend the next twelve months
cleaning the city walls.
Or take your sword and everything else
and answer to your father
back in Loyang City.
Tiewliang tried to humiliate me, Father!
What did I do that was so bad
I should be sent home?
I was just teasing a Thai girl.
What's the big deal?
I was just teasing a Thai girl.
What's the big deal?
Twenty years ago,
we fought these savages at Lad Kwan field.
Our soldiers who died
were the sons and husbands of Han women.
Our women suffered
because of the barbarism of the Thai.
Isn't it only right that their women
should know what it's like to suffer too?
Tell me, Father,
what did I do that was so wrong?
Get Litongjia!
Lord Litongjia,
Lord Liboon wants to see you right now!
Tiewliang has ordered
my son back to Loyang.
He has ignored my demands
time and time again.
I ordered him to increase taxes
to make the Thai people more productive.
But look at this.
That is his response.
"I understand that your lordship
has never visited the Thai region"
"So you may be under the impression
that the Thai climate
is more fruitful
than our own Han climate."
"But, in fact,
Thai and Han are under the same sky."
"Our rainy seasons are the same."
"Since the amount of rain cannot
be increased, neither can the harvest."
"The taxes are already paid for
with much sweat."
"Don't make them pay in tears as well."
He's so sympathetic,
it's almost as if his own mother was Thai.
A hopeless leader!
He thinks that the Thais are doing
some kindness by giving us their land,
when in fact the Han soldiers
bought it with their own blood.
We purchased it with blood,
and we shall rule with blood
Correct, my son.
Any ruler who does not know
how to use his sword
doesn't deserve to be called a ruler.
Emperor Qin has issued orders
to remove Tiewliang from office
and to return him to Loyang.
He faces charges of corruption
and embezzlement of Ler taxes.
Silence! I said silence.
I bear the gold seal of Emperor Qin
and the jade seal of Lord Liboon.
Why do you still not kneel?
Soldiers! Take him away.
Tiewliang... Tiewliang is our protector.
Yes, Tiewliang is our protector.
Quiet! Tiewliang shall protect you
no longer.
He will be sent to work on a farm.
Or would you rather clean the city wall,
You will meet your new chief.
His name is Litongjia. Welcome him!
I was ordered by Emperor Qin
to replace Tiewliang as head of Ler City.
From now on,
any laws made by Tiewliang are revoked
any laws made by Tiewliang are revoked.
And from now on,
Thai taxes will be raised
to three times the previous amount.
There will also be an increase in taxes
on horse-drawn carriages, on boats
and on horses by 50 per cent.
More. More. Great! I want more!
If you don't keep quiet,
I can raise taxes even higher.
From now on,
whenever Thai people meet me or my wife,
Lady Huansi, they must get on their knees
and put their foreheads to the ground
three times.
Thais are forbidden
to have any relations with Han.
Thais are forbidden
to have any relations with Han
You will not be friends.
You will not be husbands.
You will not be wives to any Han
If anyone chooses to disobey my command,
they will be punished in ways
they could not even imagine
they will be punished in way
they could not even imagine.
Will you make me some clothes
with your own special threads?
But Han cloth is so much finer.
I can't see any difference between Thai and
Han. We are all people, just the same.
Your cloth will keep me just as warm.
You probably don't know that the cloth I make
is also used to wrap the dead.
Command the army to search every Thai house.
Confiscate all their weapons,
even the kitchen knives.
From now on,
possession of any weapon
is a crime punishable by death.
What are you doing
Give them back to me.
They don't belong to you any more.
From now on.
Thais of Ler City are forbidden
to have any weapon, even a kitchen knife.
You'd better remember that,
you little savage!
You won't be making any more swords,
so you won't be needing a forge!
What are you doing Libong?
Isn't that enough?
If you treat the Thais like this
you will never earn their respect
If you treat the Thais like this,
you will never earn their respect!
They're just savages!
I can treat them however I want.
If you wish to sympathize with them,
I will have to report to Lord Litongjia
that you have taken their side.
What happened here?
Where have all our swords gone?
Where have you been?
Don't you realise
Thais and Han are enemies?
Thai and Han are enemies.
And Fesian and I are enemies.
How can I not know that, Lamphun?
The weapons that you surrendered to us
will be returned to you.
Your master has ordered them
to be melted down to make a cauldron.
It will be placed in the centre of the town.
It will serve as a reminder to you.
You can make a cauldron
from all the weapons taken from Thai people.
But there is one weapon
that the Han can never claim
and that the Thai will never give.
Stop here.
Courage! Courage!
Why don't you kneel to me?
Make them kneel!
Look! You've broken my things!
I don't want to play any more.
Your ladyship! Your ladyship!
Your ladyship!
Find them and kill them!
Your ladyship!
I will put a bounty on their heads.
Those who killed Huansi must be caught.
Anyone who can find them
will get 100 gold pieces.
If the Thai people act like wild animals,
I will treat them like wild animals.
You will be my wife's servants in hell!
I will release one hundred arrows.
If you don't want to die,
try to avoid the arrows!
I'm scared!
Who did that?
Show yourself!
Soldiers protect Lord Litongjia!
- My name is Gumpawa!
I come from the Thanai mountains.
We have many wild animals
in the Thai mountains.
But there is no animal as beastly
as the one I'm looking at now.
When the Han army has finished,
the Thanai mountains will be dust!
In all the time that I've spent
in the Thanai mountains,
they've never gone anywhere.
It will take more than the Han
to make me or the mountain disappear.
Why are you just standing there?
I want his head!
We must fight back.
What are you talking about?
I know we can beat them.
You are better with a sword than any of them.
Guchin has the strength of an elephant.
The Thai are strong fighters.
Why don't we unite and fight them?
I want to fight them.
- But we don't have any weapons.
- Ler City doesn't have any weapons.
But there are weapons
in the other Thai settlements.
Tonight take Guchin and go to Chiangsair.
Their chief is a friend of our father.
He's bound to help us.
What about you?
Open the door!
I'll look after things here.
Promise me you'll follow me there.
Promise me!
I promise.
Search everywhere.
Hurry. Go now
Go on!
Spread out!
Where's your brother?
He's in hell
He's in hell
And you'll join him there soon.
Is this the little savage who has been hiding
the murderers who killed my wife
Not only that, Uncle,
She's been sleeping with a Han soldier.
So this little hussy has a liking
for more civilized flesh, does she
Very well.
I will give you a taste of happiness
before you go to hell!
Let me go!
Order all Thais
to assemble at the town centre.
- Let me go!
- Light a fire under the cauldron
and fill it with water
- Let me go!
- I want her boyfriend to see this as well.
I want him to see something
he will never forget!
- But. Sir...
- Go! Get on with it!
You savages had better listen.
This slave didn't know her place.
She dared to cavort
with a Han way beyond her status.
And she hid the murderers
who killed my wife.
Since she likes playing with fire
now I'll show her the real thing!
You know my little savage,
I am not a cold-hearted man.
If the heat of the water
teaches you to accept your guilt,
you may beg me for mercy.
Just swear that you will never
disobey my command again.
Thai people, listen to what I say.
This Han calls us savages.
But it was our ancestors
who created this city from a wilderness.
The Hans created a nation
by stealing the land from us.
They made us their slaves.
I ask you,
which of us deserves to be called savages?
Stop the fire.
Don't, don't!
I am about to be released
from my suffering...
...from the prison
they have made of our lives.
From now on,
the evil of these savages
will never be able to touch me again.
Buakham! Don't.
No more.
I want you all to remember,
I may only be a woman,
but I'm not afraid to die,
if it will release me
from this servitude.
- More Heat!
- Don't!
I will happily die in the flames...
...if it reminds Thai people
of what the word means, freedom!
Listen, Litongjia, you evil bastard!
I will pray that you die in agony.
I pray to the guardian spirit of all Thai people to break your nick and arms
May your soul descend
to the deepest recesses of hell!
But you will never find redemption!
The pain is being felt by all.
Litongjia is creating misery
for the Thai people in every region now.
But what will you do, Gumpawa?
The Thanai mountains
are a long way from Ler City.
We can't help everyone who is suffering.
But Litongjia's tyranny
is affecting Thai people everywhere.
If we don't stand up and fight,
the Han will take
every last bit of land from us.
First we should ask Boonpun,
the chief of Chiangsaen,
to call a meeting of al Thai tribes.
I ask only that we do not
submit to their rule.
Then we will never be slaves.
It's fruit. Just what I wanted to eat.
What is it, Guchin?
- Who's that? Stay where you are!
- Guchin! Run!
Come back here!
Don't run! Stop!
- Guchin, get up!
- Where are you going?
I'm not a fish, you know!
Bunchawi, Lamphun and Guchin
are with Boonpum, right?
Yes, hurry on inside. Father is waiting.
Wait a second!
Did you know that Buakham is dead?
If you won't tell me what I need to know
where I can find the one
who killed my wife.
...I will kick your wives into the cauldron
and boil them one by one
in front of you and your children.
But if you tell me. I will reward you
Mum! Mum
Mum, help
Mum, help
Give my son back!
All right, I'll tell you.
I'll tell you.
Come and look at this!
I bring a message
from Lord Litongjia of Ler City.
Where is your master,
Boonpun, chief Chiangsair?
I'm Boonpun
But I am not their master
It is they who are my master.
What is it you have to say?
Lord Litongjia is hunting
two fugitives from Ler City
Their names are Lamphun and Guchin
They fled to Chiangsair some days ago.
Don't pretend you don't know
what I'm talking about.
Or maybe as a servant
to the Chiangsaen people,
you're too blind
to see what's really going on!
But never mind.
You have a good record
of paying taxes for many years.
Litongjia will give you seven days to catch
these criminals and send them to Ler City.
If you choose to ignore this demand,
Litongjia will bring his army
and find them himself.
Then Chiangsaen will learn what it's like
to have a real master!
We are not criminals.
Litongjia and his men
are persecuting the Thai people.
He threatens anyone
who refuses to surrender to him
What do you think?
You two are no criminals. You're our friends.
Why would we give you up to the Han?
If that's the way my daughter feels,
then I will not give you to the Han.
Even if I did send you, there's no guarantee
that Chiangsaen would be out of trouble
But if Boonpun refuses to obey this order
won't it make criminals of all of us?
You don't know what you're talking about!
No matter what happened!
I would never send Thai people to their death
at the hands of the Han. Go!
Go and put some proper clothes on!
What do you mean by saying
we should hand them over to the Han?
Isn't it better that two men die
than Chiangsair is destroyed
If the day should come when
the Han army destroys Chiangsair
I would rather die
than end up as a wife to a Han.
But a little slut like you
would probably like it
Where are the two fugitives from Ler City?
And who are you?
I'm the daughter of Boonpun,
chief of Chiangsair.
These woman and musicians are my servants.
They have come to entertain you.
My father hasn't yet been able
to catch the fugitives,
so he wanted me to bring them to you,
to make up for not being able
to do what you asked.
Why is it such an impossible request?
I don't need any of this.
All I want is the two fugitives
My father also wanted me to tell you that
he knows that this is not what you need
But would you please accept this gift
as a small token of the respect that
we simple barbarians would like to pay you
Simple barbarians!
What if I want a different
sort of entertainer
to what your father had in mind?
Tonight we'll show you what we can do.
Maybe you'll see something you like
Drop your weapons,
if you don't want me to cut his throat!
What are you waiting for? Do you want
his soldiers to come and rescue him?
It's not only you who wants him dead
I want all the Han soldiers out of Ler City.
And I demand weapons and horses
for the Ler people.
Just remember that the Han
will never defeat the Thai,
and the Thai will never again be slaves to the Han.
The Thai were born to be slaves to the Han.
Get it into your head that
Thais were born to be Han slaves.
Do you hear me?
You were born to be our slaves.
Litongjia, you bastard!
You're just savages!
Useless savages
Tie him up, put him on a horse
and send him back to Emperor Qin
And give him a message.
The Thais are going nowhere
So don't mess with us again!
Thai people will willingly give their lives
to defend their land
What about this loudmouth?
We'll keep him as a hostage.
That'll stop his father
coming after us again.
Bring him to me.
Come here
What's your problem you savage?
You can't keep your mouth shut, can you?
Do you realise that this savage
can kill you any time he wanted?
The Han empire is vast
Its power spreads
across seven different rivers.
We rule over people
of seven different languages.
No word commands greater respect
than the word "Han"
If I was afraid of
mere savages living in caves,
I would not be worthy to be called Han
I'd love to know
if the pain of salt water on a wound
is somehow better for a Han
than for a mere savage
Can it be?
Is the blood that flows from your shoulder
the same blood as mine
What the hell are you talking about?
The sign of the butterfly is the Ler emblem.
All Thanai children are branded,
It's not true!
My father is from Ler.
My mother is from Thanai, just like you
The blood from your shoulder
is the same blood as mine
You are so proud to be Han
What a shame!
You're proud of something
that doesn't exist.
Where is Libong?
He's dead
There is no Libong any more
Father, what's wrong?
That's strange. It's as if he's suffering
from some kind of poison
Where is Lumpao
What's that?
I asked you, what is it
What are you doing in my room
Show it to me
Give it to me
Is this what you gave my father
I asked you a question
Are you accusing me
Nothing we do can make
a decent person out of you
You little tramp
Get out of this city
And don't let me ever see you again
Who do you think
you are to try to throw me out
I'm the chiefs daughter
I can throw any one out I want
Scheming women like you
don't deserve to live in this city.
Bunchawi, wait
This herb isn't very strong
It just makes you very sleepy
Wouldn't you do better
to go and take care of your father
Thank you. Gumpawa
But I think it's too late
No, father
Gumpawa has given you an antidote already
You'll soon be better
You're going to be fine
We've been tricked
- We fell for it
- What
That wasn't the same herb she gave him
Lumpao, that bitch
I should have killed her
No my child
Perhaps it was my fate.
...to be caught in Lumpao's trap
...to be caught in Lumpao's trap
It's made me realise something
What, sir
you should marry Lamphun
The Han will not give up
They'll bring in their armies
to destroy the Thai nation
But what's that got to do
with me marrying Lamphun
The Han may defeat the Thai
You must raise a future generation
Don't let the Thai blood line
vanish from the earth
I see what you mean
But I...
- Father Si
- Si
- My lord
Father, you can't die
You can't die
Wake up
Wake up, Father, wake up
You must wake up
Wake up, Father! Please wake up!
Come back to me
Wake up, Father! Please wake up!
I represent the emperor
It would be a simple task for the Han forces
to utterly destroy the Thais
It would be a simple task for the Han forces
to utterly destroy the Thais
But there has to be a purpose
behind such an action.
It is not just a sport.
It is my opinion that we should find
alternative ways to quell the Thais
a way that will avoid the loss
of military lives
What would you suggest Lord Soonpo
Chiangsae has received an invitation
to a meeting with Emperor Qin
Chiangsae has received an invitation
to a meeting with Emperor Qin
I suspect all tribes got the same
invitation. What will be your response?
I suspect all tribes got the same
invitation. What will be your response?
I suspect all six tribes got the same
invitation. What will be your response
will you agree to meet Emperor Qin
how could I dare refuse
The Han believe that any ruler
who visits Emperor Qin at his capital
shows his weakness
who visits Emperor Qin at his capital
shows his weakness
and accepts Han superiority
If you go by yourselves
you're taking a big risk
And what would you do. Gumpawa
Who is this barbarian
who causes so much trouble
His name is Gumpawa
He's the one
who humiliated me and your son, Libong
And he still holds your son hostage
My lord
Do my ears deceive me
You know that he may kill your son
at any time
Libong is not my son
He was raised on Han rice
so that he would grow strong
and one day be a weapon against his own race
Today I am afraid
The Han army is large and powerful enough
that we could push the savages
back to the edge of the world
So why then are you afraid
I'm afraid
that when the Thai hear
the first footsteps of the Han
they will all simply run away
The Han army is ten times the size of ours
What can we do, Gumpawa
I am ready to take Liboon
He is just like a big animal
that makes a loud noise
but has a very small brain.
If we use the hostile territory and our wits
as our weapons
we can always beat those
who are power-crazy and short-sighted
What do you think, Lamphun
A battle between Han and Thai
is inevitable now
The thai nation is like a wounded tiger
Maybe it will die from its wounds
But even that's better than being caged
for the rest of its life
If the many legions of the Han army
reach the Lad Kwan plains
the Thai nation will face disaster
I shall send out swift horses
to all six regions with a plan.
They must split up
and go in different directions
destroying all food
and water supplies they find
The Han army will be weakened
before it reaches the Jintai mountain pass
Then I'll unite all our armies
Dtai. Khanu. Ler. Chiangsae
Yuro and the Thanai
Together we will wipe out the Han army
The Thai soldiers
may be skilled at guerrilla tactics
but soon they we will meet face to fad
at the Lad Kwan plains
Then they will be defeated
Twenty years ago on the Lad Kwan plains
the Thais died at the hands of the Han army
Not a soul returned home even to bring
news of the defeat to their families
The grass on the Lad Kwan plains grew tall
nourished by Thai blood
After tomorrow,
it shall grow high once again
thanks once more to Thai blood
Jun-sen, what news?
General Liboon's army has already reached
the Jintai mountain pass
Let's prepare to welcome them
Lord Liboon, the Thai soldier
have breached our defenses
They are at the gates of the camp
They have provoked me
Han troops give me your attention
You must kill every one of these savages
Not one is to be left standing on Han land
Our army has suffered enormous losses
Damn it
They fight like cowards
There aren't any
They have retreated
Please escape, my lord
Now you can take my place as general
Who are you
And why are you helping the Thais
I have one last question for you
What have Thai people ever done to you
that makes you so keen to take our land away
You don't have divine rights to this land
It belongs to anyone who can take it
The Han empire is expanding south
The Thais are in the way
If the Han want our land so badly
we shouldn't disappoint them
Let us give him our land, stone by stone
Drop him
So you still want to lead
another attack on the Thais
So you still want to lead
another attack on the Thais
Litongjia. I think you must have forgotten
It was only four years ago
200000 Han soldiers went in
Only 4.000 came back
How could I forget
The body of my brother, Liboon,
still lies in Thai earth
But, Soonpo
the Thai people value their independence
They come together
when the situation demands it
But soon they'll split up like before
Liboon had the use very weapon
and chariot in our arsenal
Still he could not defeat them
How can a one-armed man
hope to succeed in beating them
We couldn't beat the Thai with steel
But gold
You never gold
But Emperor Qin ordered
this especially for Khunsai
in recognition
of your special relationship
Han carpet is wonderfully thick and soft
It's like walking on a cloud in heaven
No wonder,
it is kept for only the feet
of the most worthy
200-year-old brandy
is reserved for only
the greatest of warriors
And these 300 pieces of gold
And these 300 pieces of gold
will assist you in your campaign
to rule the Thai people
The Thai nation
You should know that the Thai nation.
This beautiful girl's name is Janghong
She's the daughter of a noble Loyang family
Emperor Qin sent her
to bring you his birthday greetings
I'll take my leave now. Khunsai
I hope that when I return here
it will be to celebrate
your leadership of the Thai nation
You've lost to me four times already
You've lost to me four times already
If you lose again
it will be the fifth and final time
You know you will lose
your last piece of clothing
And if I win
Whatever it is you want
you shall have
Are you sure
I want.
...Chiangsair City
So you want me to represent Chiangsair
in discussions with Khunsai
about forming a union
comprising all six Thai regions
If you don't go
then I must go
to represent my father's wishes
Very well
I'll hurry there and hurry right back
You are very cautious. Lamphun
You waited for me to dink first
But sadly your caution is in vain
Set it alight
Dtai soldiers have surrounded
Chiangsair City
Let's get our things and escape
Even a dog doesn't desert its owner
I look after this city
How can I leave my people
Send out the fastest horses
Deliver a message to all Thai people
Khunsai has turned against the Thai people
Go quickly
Bunchawi go
Naree Naree
- Let's go now
- Take care of Bunchawi
Go on Quickly
Go. Bunchawi! Quickly
Bunchawi watch out
Junsen Junser
Keep going! Keep going
Mum Mum
Bunchawi, hurry! Go quick!
Do you remember me
How could I forget
You're Lumpao
the little Chiangsaen tramp
who betrayed her own home
You really love your home, don't you
Well, look at it now
Today, the land you love so much
has been turned to ash
The city
is ours.
The city is all mine
Bunchawi Boonchawe
The cities of Chiangsair and Dtai
have been destroyed
Many perished in the fire
The leaders have been put to death
This was all made possible by just
300 pieces of gold and a red carpet
The Thais brought shame upon us four years ago
As Han, we can never forget that
the Thais are divided once again
We should move our armies in to gain revenge
And I would like to volunteer
to lead the Han forces against the Thais
Emperor Qin respects your abilities
But Litongjia,
since history began
the Han nation has never been led into war
by someone who is maimed
the Han nation has never been led into war
by someone who is maimed
Wait until we have captured the Thai region
Then you shall have any position you desire
Then who does Lord Soonpo think
should lead the Han against the Thai
General Tiewliang was in charge of the
Thai region, and he understands the people.
I, Emperor Qin ruler over al Thai lands
command you to bring me the tattoo
from Gumpawa's breast
I want it placed at my feet on Han earth
Tomorrow we will march the Ler army
to the Lad Kwan plains
The night is bitterly cold
You should get some rest. Gumpawa
Let me stay
and admire the scenery for a short while
I shall see only blood and death
Thai people say that
. you fear no one
I too have faith
that you can be victorious
Han soldiers are weak
The Thai soldiers are strong
but they will also die
What is this grudge
that the Han hold against us.
that we must pay for it with our land
Tiewliang used to be in charge her
He knows us well
That's what scares me
Tiewliang once respected
our people and our land
you must lead the people out of the city
But I
Thai soldiers may sacrifice their lives
at the Lad Kwan plains
But I will never sacrifice the future
of the Thai race
You must raise a future generation
Don't let the Thai blood line
vanish from the earth.
order your soldiers to retreat
We will take care
of the land and the people
There is no need for more blood shed
I cannot let you rule our land
Go back to your army and prepare for battle
This battle will be for our land
a final stand
Battle formation
Battle formation
Retreat. Gumpawa
- The Thai people will go nowhere
- Enough. Gumpawa
I said no
Loojor! Loojor
'Loojor! Loojor
Protect Gumpawa
Protect Gumpawa
don't leave me like Lamphun did
Don't go away
Don't cry
You've been stubborn
ever since you were a child
Don't you leave me as well
It's me, Siboon, your brother.
Siboon, my brother.
Always remember
Thai people must find freedom
The Thai race must live on
There is land in the south
Keep going till you reach the sea
The land is still unoccupied
Take the survivor
and flee there
You may weep
that the Thai nation could not unite
But you must never give up
Even though the journey will be hard
For there
you can build a future
- Go
- No
I won't leave you. Gumpawa
All of you! Go
I shall stay
I shall live on in spirit
I will remind future generations
that this was once our home
But because we couldn't stick together,
we had to flee the land.
Gumpawa, brother.
Gumpawa! Gumpawa
Siboon. Guchin
take Bunchawi away
I won't go
Take Bunchawi away
I won't go
Go now
Take care of Bunchawi! Go
You always were
more fortunate than me. Gumpawa
In life
you followed your own heart's desire
whereas I only follow
the bidding of others
Even in your last moments
you met death
on your own terms
as a sacrifice for your people
and for your land.
Your reputation in life
however great
is no match for your greatness in death
Siboon was right
Mere weapons
could never kill the Thai spirit
Let me see the skin
from the breast of the Thai warrior
known as Gumpawa
Keep going till you reach the sea
There is land there still unoccupied
Take the survivors
and flee there
Even though the journey will be hard
you can build a future
Thai people must find freedom
The Thai race must live on
Do not be disheartened
that the Thai nation could not unite
I shall be here
I shall live on in spirit
I will remind future generations
that this was once our home
But because we couldn't stick together
we had to flee the land