Edison, the Man (1940) Movie Script

The true test of civilization of a country is not in its census
or the size of their cities or the size of their crops,
but in the kind of men it produces. Ralph Waldon Emerson.
Mr. Edison has not left the house, sir.
- Any idea what's wrong? - No sir, I do not.
- Better watch and tells me. - Yes sir. We wait.
- Go personally, fast. - Yes sir.
"To a very pretty girl." Thomas A. Edison.
Thank you.
You know fountain pens are a mystery to me?
Can I publish it in the school newspaper, Mr. Edison?
Nancy, please, that's a stupid question.
- Tell me, Mr. Edison! - Nancy, is your name?
Yes, Nancy Gray.
It's a nice name.
- I always liked the name. - Was the name of your mother, right?
Maybe that's why I like it.
Tell me, Mr. Edison, what is the formula for success?
We know the formula, do not you remember?
Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, is not it, Mr. Edison?
Sure 1% inspiration is very important, you know?
You have to have it, you can not invent.
- You also learn at school. - How?
- That not learn in school. - Do not.
No, I think not.
Although I have not gone to school almost anything.
Do not? Who taught you then?
- A teacher. - But he said it was not the school.
Nancy, my mother.
What do you think was the greatest invention?
Does the press, electricity, radio?
- The greatest invention? - Yes sir.
- A blade of grass. - But that's not an invention.
Oh, yes it is, it is an invention of nature.
Did you ever stop to think why it grows, why is it green?
No sir.
Mr. Edison, what would you say is the most valuable thing in the world?
That is easy.
- Time. - Time?
For all the money in the world you can not buy a minute of it.
Are you ready to go to the meeting?
Oh, the meeting, I forgot the time. Never use clock.
- Never wear a watch, is important. - Yes, it's interesting.
- Nancy Goodbye, good luck. - Goodbye.
- Goodbye Mr. Edison, thanks. - Nothing, nothing.
I did not remember the meeting.
Here we celebrate the golden jubilee of electricity.
In this replica of Independence Hall.
I think with Mr. Randry Ford, who built it,
Thomas Edison who, through their work,
He has devised a new kind of declaration of independence.
He said with his work and with a force greater than any man.
The liberation of the human mind.
The world's people are witnesses, and we are here to
honor him on behalf of all.
But there was a time that had no witnesses.
And I had to walk slowly, against all,
ignorance, doubt, envy and greed.
Years ago in Port Loran, Mr. Edison worked as a telegrapher.
In silence, he is studying the use of a new force.
In 1869, he left the west and went to Boston.
Where his first invention, a counter unit of votes, was rejected.
He came to the city of New York.
Thank you.
- Who is that? - I do not know.
Hey, you.
What are you doing there?
Get out of there.
- Why he has not stopped? - Stop me?
I have heard, I have called three times.
- Sorry, I have hearing problems. - What's there?
Let's open.
Oh, books.
- What is going on here? - I think I've been rude.
- Good evening. - Good evening.
I am looking for a telegraph operator named Cabbot, But Cabbot.
He said he would find here in this building.
- His name is Thomas Edison? - Yes sir.
I am the uncle But Cabbot.
- The number is me! - Oh, como estas Mr. The?
Come with me.
- Have you been to Boston? - Yes, sir.
- Have you been to New York before? - Do not.
Are you planning to stay?
I think so, Bunt promised me get a job.
But! Aqu est Thomas Edison.
- How are you? - How old are you my friend?
As ever in my life.
Good. What are you doing? Are you coming or going?
Well, I'm leaving.
You can not do that, I just got here.
It is suggested Uncle Ben said he could stay if he worked.
Look at what you want it to work.
I am telegrapher. A man has to set some limits.
- And the job you promised me? - You should not work in New York,
This city is not good for you.
Skyscrapers haunt the spirit and soul.
How are you going to torment my soul?
I always wanted to come to New York. I am here and I will stay.
- Has anyone died? What does it smell like? - Oh, that's, that's ...
- Is your vote count device. - I did not know it was that bad.
All is not bad, they did not accept the project but used it with great success,
- It is good for aging whiskey. - Aging whiskey?
It seems that is frying eggs.
Just pass electricity through him and in 10 minutes you whiskey 10 years.
That's all over, it was my first and last invention.
You're not serious, Tom.
That'll teach me not to invent what people do not want.
- Do not worry, get out of here. - No, I want to stay in New York.
You are not ready to settle down.
You're the best telegrapher country.
Almost. You can get a job anywhere.
- Then there's the phone. - Even the telegraph needed.
Take my advice and stay well.
- Well, maybe ... - Your place is in San Francisco.
San Francisco you need.
- Here's a ticket. - Thank you for the advice.
Well, goodbye, Uncle Ben. If I happen something you'll regret.
Well, you do not have any money?
Help yourself.
- I'll take the five. - Are you sure you will not need more?
No, this will suffice. Well, goodbye Tom.
I leave you with Uncle Ben. You can follow my steps, you'll be fine.
Uncle Ben, if you hold that whiskey, you can stay with him.
Goodbye gentlemen, the world is beautiful
we will find to enjoy it.
- Take a friend, flee from me. - No, not you, of that broom.
Y entonces Mr. The?
- I start where you left Bunt? - You can help if you want.
I offer bed and board, for a while. Until you find work.
Okay, thank you very much.
Do you mind if I do a couple of experiments while I'm here?
- In the hours of rest. - Yes, if you are careful.
Come, we have much work. You know use that?
- Yes, I have invented - Then I disconnect.
- This is the office of Mr. Taggart. - Business is done here?
I'm tired, let's get some rest.
- What is this thing? - Than?
- What is this? - Oh, that's a transmitter.
Get gold prices and sent
by this machine there to the headquarters of shares.
- Is not that wonderful? - It's wonderful to work.
I'd like Mr. Taggart.
- When Mr. Taggart? To talk to him? - Yes, why not?
That's good to know Mr. Taggart.
Anda, vamos a comer.
How are you, Mr. Taggart?
Do you look what you made me do?
Mr. Taggart, nice to meet you! A real pleasure.
I will be brief, I know you do not have much time and I did not.
Coja un cigarro, Sr. Taggart.
- If you do not mind smoke. - Sit down please.
So, Mr. Taggart, you have money and ideas.
Together we form a great team.
Sounds good boy, how much do you need?
Well, not much, Mr. Taggart.
Well, I'm a little low now. How about $ 2 million?
- I removed it from my mouth. - Enfold you or you send them?
Enough of this nonsense, enough of this nonsense.
I think I'll lie down a bit, I'm not feeling very well.
At this hour of the night I start to be exhausted.
Why not get some sleep? I will clean the office.
- You can eat a little. - But it's your dinner.
I'm not hungry. I am concerned with Bunt.
I think I will not sleep tonight.
Mr Els, you can not do two things at once.
If you want to sleep, sleep. If you worry, stay awake.
Listen, Mr. Els, Faraday experiments with electricity.
The aim of my research was the turn magnetism into electricity.
When I cut the current, I got sparks among the coals.
Now I have the embryo of electricity.
Rather discover new facts about electromagnetic induction.
that extol the importance of those already obtained.
With certain new discoveries in the future.
In the future.
That is now.
- Have you seen the spark? - Why do you think I jumped?
It works, as the book said.
You will burn the building before you know it.
No, Mr Els, is an experiment with electricity.
Electricity? That's dangerous, stop playing with it.
How I will discover something if it does not. He said he could.
I will lose my job, do you want me fired?
No, Mr. Els, preferred to walk the streets, rather than see it.
It has been good to me. I'll go right away.
Wait. I did not say anything that you need to go.
I prefer leave before having him worried.
No problem, but be careful. It's just that.
Thank you. If this succeeds everyone can use it.
What is?
A new form of light, something that has never been seen before.
Are you going to go crazy again?
No sir. Of course I need money for experiments.
- Why not invent money? - I want to get Mr. Taggart.
I'm going to sell the idea of a new Notifier quotes.
That will give me money to continue my research on light.
You know you can not see Mr. Taggart.
You can see anyone if you try hard enough.
- Yes, what do you want? - You know that.
The same as yesterday and before yesterday, I see Mr. Taggart.
You have to know you are very busy to see you.
Go and say Mr. Taggart I want to see it.
Close the door, I do not want to be bothered.
Sorry, but that Edison is crazy about him.
I can not see anyone today called Edison.
It is important, Mr. Taggart.
See you next Christmas. Close the door.
The next Christmas, Mr. Edison.
Do you mind if I wait here?
The dollar has fallen more. Midpoint and close more business.
It is down another half point.
- What time's dinner? - Do not leave. They bring dinner.
What is happening?
- Give us the price! - It has stopped.
We're finished.
What does it say?
- Is jammed. - Do something. I fix it.
- Stay away. - Over here please.
- We are offline. - I can fix it.
- Get out of here. - It's very simple. Very easy.
Okay, Set it, but hurry and be careful.
How long will it take?
- The spring was released pinion. - What your name?
- Edison. - Can you keep it running?
- Yeah. - What's his job, $ 300 per month.
- How much? - Is not that enough?
If you win that money would not have the courage to quit.
What do you want?
I just want five minutes of your time.
- Go to my office. - Yes sir.
Wow, general.
- Good afternoon. - What agitation had?
This man managed the indicator. General Powell, Mr ...
El General Powell, presidente de la Western Union?
- I also wanted to see you. - I have no objections.
We are the owners of that indicator.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you.
What kind of indicator actions have in mind?
One to give gold prices and the whole market.
You think you can do that?
Yes, I think I can, if I get the chance.
- A good cigar, you know? - What kind of opportunity do you want?
- The experiment. - No time for that.
Not with electricians, we have no guarantee that their ideas work.
Electricity is still a lot of theory.
That's the problem, come to the point, what use is electricity?
What good is a newborn baby?
- Mr. Edison, you are wasting my time. - As such, I will lose mine.
Sit, wait a bit.
Not progress putting anything nervous and rushed us.
You may want to use your imagination, Taggart.
And you should have more patience and tact.
Mr. Edison, I'm interested in your thoughts on the indicator.
If you want to work, I will give an opportunity to our workshop.
- I'll buy whatever new and practical. - Great, general.
I just need a place to work, tools and some men.
Will all that, our clerk will give you a letter.
- Thank you very much sir. - You are welcome.
Sorry, I had not seen.
It was nothing, have you hurt?
Why these things are not easier to open?
Excuse me.
Why these things are not easier to open?
- Maybe I can help. - Thank you.
- Do you work here? - Yes, on the top floor.
- I start down here today. - What do you do?
I am an inventor.
- But no invention umbrella. - Anyone could see it.
- Mr. Johnson? - Yes.
Soy Tom Edison.
- The General Paul said ... - Charging explains it well.
This way.
It will work here, all you need is available.
Thank you, Mr. Johnson.
We need to know the address of all staff.
Where are you running?
Right here.
I mean, where is sleeping.
Well, I'll sleep here for now.
Very good.
General Powell says he will be paid the day of collection.
He is very friendly, when we charge?
Next Saturday.
- I'm Michael Simon. - I'm Edison.
- One is Mr. Ashton. - How is it going?
How is it going?
What work do here, Mr. Edison?
The first thing I will do is to fix an umbrella.
Excuse me, miss.
Here's your umbrella.
Oh, it's you.
He has managed. It has been very good.
Thank you.
- Thank you. - You are welcome.
Drums well.
- It's my job sir ... - Edison, Tom Edison.
Mine is Mary Stillwell.
- Lunchtime, I have hunger. - Excuse me?
I'm hungry.
- No he desayunado. - Ni yo.
I have much work to do before eating.
- Goodbye, Miss Stillwell.. - Goodbye, Mr. Edison.
How much is an apple pie and a glass of milk?
- 10 cents. - One such time.
- I think we will eat together. - Very good.
When I returned to work I found that ...
- Will not you sit? - Thank you.
I'll take the 35-cent menu.
Come soon to be a big man.
Yes, that's right.
- No Please. - It's a pleasure Miss.
This account of 45 cents, would pagrsela in a couple of days?
Maybe you could come back later and pay?
Sr. Edison.
- You dropped something. - Oh thanks.
Funny, huh?
- I heard not drop the dollar. - I heard something, I looked and saw.
It's great to have someone around like you to these situations.
- Take cover from the rain. - Yes Lady.
He has earned his share of the umbrella.
- Here's your money. - Thank you.
Mr. Simon, the money I owe you, thank you very much.
It is a pleasure.
- Thanks, Bob. - You are welcome.
- I'm ready for that now. - How many machines will do?
- Just one. - There are sketches for a dozen.
If it works, I'll be satisfied.
I will give some men.
Mr. Johnson, if you do not mind I'd like to pick them myself.
Of course.
I think Mr. Simon is not very original.
I think that is right.
Very good.
It's too hard.
Maybe I can do better.
Anyone can recognize a rotten egg without having put.
I think he's right.
Graham, Lingstrom, Bigelow, presntense al Sr. Edison.
I would like to make some models of these sketches. Try this.
Of course.
Do you think he'll like?
I think that will get an incorrigible womanizer not out overnight.
To work, boys.
Want to try it?
Thank you, I prefer to work for the company.
All right. I think I'll try it myself.
Simon, sorry but you'll have to do without.
Do you have any other job?
I'm sure you can do this.
I will do what i can.
Do you care to stay and work awhile tonight?
I have a very important thing to do.
- No, I did not care. - Thank you.
What are you doing?
I am inviting a lady to dinner with me.
- What did you say? - You would love. Want to try?
It's been a wonderful night. Dinner, the concert ...
- I did not know you liked music. - If it is simple, yes.
Look what a nice sofa.
If he could see better. When illuminated windows
with electric lamps themselves that you can see well.
I What is electricity? One year work she does not know what is.
Nobody knows.
A friend told me it was like a dachshund,
long enough to reach from Edinburgh to London.
Edinburgh tail and barks in London.
Nobody knows what goes through the dog and into the cable.
There are also people electricity.
Sometimes I have so much in hair can not comb my hair.
Really? Well, it does not look at him.
Perhaps you are a human drummer, we're going to do some tests.
- It's what you are, a human battery. - Have I given current?
Not exactly, give me your hand. You are full of electricity. I noticed.
You better get going.
This is a scientific experiment. Theoretically, electricity
always travels in the same direction, from positive to negative.
Positive negative.
There is a fault somewhere.
- You are the positive, right? - Very positive.
- Does that make me be negative? - I hope not.
Someone always interferes with science.
Really the machine work?
At least work at 4 in the morning when I left.
And he had ten weeks. Now you'll see.
Come, come. I'll show you.
Wait, wait.
Sr. Edison.
Sr. Edison.
- I do not know, is not working. - It does not work?
Strange, it should work.
- Congratulations. Good job. - All right, Tom.
- We did not think I would get it. - What does it mean to us?
Mr. Edison, an excellent job.
Thank you. What time is it?
The seven.
God, I must be in New York at 9.
- We have time. - Somebody put my hat.
Of course.
Here we go guys.
- Do you think they'll like? - Sure you will like.
- How do you think I should ask? - How much do you think it?
I do not know. I would take two thousand dollars.
Let me make you an offer before saying anything.
Good idea.
You think you're nothing but wood metal and glass.
Not so, you're dreams, hard work and faith.
- Do not let us down. - Thanks for telling us.
Good luck, Tom.
- What do you think? - He did it.
It works.
It looks like it is.
Are you interested in running a factory to build these devices?
No, sir, would sell.
- There are other things I want to do. - What are those things?
Well, I teach is the General when it sees fit.
- I like to smoke cigars here. - I'm associated with the General,
- So let's talk business. - I'm ready.
How much you want to machine the bag?
How think it would be fair?
What do you think $ 20,000?
- How much? - I said $ 20,000.
$ 20,000 ...
Well, I ... 20.000, I ...
Perhaps a reasonable price to be $ 30,000.
- 30,000? - Yes, 30,000.
- Well, I ... - That are 40,000.
With rights and everything, I think it's fair.
Yes, General, I think it's fair.
General, before making the check, you beat me some money.
$ 215 in cash.
106.23 in material, that adds $ 321 and 23 cents.
Are you sure that's right?
Yes sir. I am.
Very good.
Well, forget it.
Thank you sir.
- What will I do with all that money? - I'll tell you what I will do.
- I will not buy shares in gas. - Well, there are worse things.
I doubt it, Mr. Taggart.
Here are the papers of the patent. Now is yours.
- Thank you. - You are welcome bye.
Wait, do not be too cheerful.
You may want to know that we were willing to go to $ 60,000.
- Really? - Yes.
Perhaps you may be wondering who was willing to sell it for 2,000.
- Mr Edison, how has it gone? - Calm down, I'll tell you everything later.
What he has been sold.
$ 40,000.
He says "will you marry me?".
She says, "Yes, Tom."
He says, "low right now."
She says, "right now".
- Congratulations! - Be happy!
Mr. Edison, I would like to work with you anywhere.
Of course, of course.
Congratulations ...
Well, what are you waiting for?
Well, what are we waiting for?
- Congratulations, Mr. Edison. - A boy.
All right, Tom.
- First a girl, now a child. - One of two things had to be.
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
Thank you.
- Do not smoke cigars? - Yes, but I'll save it for another day.
Take another Monday. There is more to each.
- Thanks again. - Thanks, Tom.
It is not known when it can happen again.
It may not be until next year.
- More? You eat a lot. - Tom, are almost nine.
- Really? - You're spoiling the child.
What parent does not pamper his child?
You late to the workshop three times what your people think?
Have patience with me. True? It is not like this?
They will take it in stride. Dad has to work to buy more soup.
I'll have to rush you.
It has been a pleasure to see. Visit us when you pass by.
Here, you eat alone.
- Bye sweetheart. - Goodbye.
Goodbye, Tom. Say goodbye. Say goodbye. Well.
Go Mr Els, But, how are you?
- Are and seven o'clock? - Well, it was seven.
Yes, two days ago. What kind of entrepreneur are you?
- What have you been doing? - I was feeding the baby.
The wheels of industry have to stop for a baby.
- They are not stops. You can hear them. - Refers to yours,
Is not that right, But?
- It's no use. I'm broke. - But you look so good.
Did you say broke?
- Really? - Practically.
It can not be, you are an important businessman.
You have a laboratory, wife and children, all that.
I just need five dollars.
See if you can get ten and give me five.
But at least you could have let me finish hello.
There must be a leak in your company. Problem of accounting.
There are the books.
- Books, I see none. - There you have.
I owe bills, invoices to be me, or vice versa.
- But that's it in a nutshell. - In a nutshell.
Come here and take a look.
- No wonder you are insolvent. - Insolvent? Better than ruined.
But it means the same thing, right?
It has a nice home here, Tom.
I just wanted to show you where the money I invest.
- Good morning, Michael. - Good Morning.
This the Jack, any progress?
I have it. This time I have.
I just need some more days.
Well, all right, I knew you could do it, continues as well.
Wonderful, I never thought I'd get.
- What has been achieved? - Of course, that's what he said.
He has not achieved anything but I like to hear you talk like that.
Tom, here comes the sheriff.
The sheriff in person. I'd better evaporate.
Busco a Thomas Edison.
- Who here is Tom Edison? - Can I help you?
Of course yes, Mr. Edison, here I have an auto claim.
What does that mean?
It is a lawsuit to recover a property held illegally.
- Like what? - As this machinery unpaid.
Do not worry about it, sheriff.
I'll take care of these things earlier this month.
He has not dealt with them, there's the rub.
I will have missed some details.
- This is a garnishment order. - Oh, that's another story.
You have one week to pay
all this machinery or be seized.
I understand, did a paper anymore?
A summons to justify why have not executed yet.
That does not work. It has given the claim.
No, this garnishment overrides everything else.
- I understand, and is it true? - Should, how would I know?
Maybe you need a habeas-corpus. Everything else has.
- You drink? - Yes, but I'm sober now.
I also go somewhere where I can invite a drink.
Yes, that's a good idea. I never discuss anything without a drink.
Nothing like a drink to clear his mind.
Mr. Edison I've also done a little invention.
- Magnificent, is it child? - No, I do not mean that.
Tom, Tom, the sheriff is gone.
I am an ostrich.
Whenever I have problems I put my head here.
I do not know why I laugh.
We have problems.
Incidentally, the sheriff said you have one week to pay.
One week.
One week.
In a week it can destroy what it took five years to build.
It's a shame, you must have a fortune invested in the laboratory.
No matter the money, but the lives involved in it.
That's all I swore to do in life and the weekly pay of my men.
Means, house, shelter, clothing, food for many families.
A week can not destroy everything.
Uncle Ben, I have to do something. And I accept suggestions.
- Are you kidding, Tom? - I would be.
- I had never asked for advice. - Then you must have many.
Well, if I were you, with inventor and all that,
then he invents something.
Invent something quick? So all of a sudden?
- Yes, and the sooner the better. - Can I suggest something?
What about the light you were always talking about?
That running on electricity, you remember?
If I remember.
I think it's time that invent.
But always says nonsense, but when he speaks of that light, it seems reasonable.
Do not give more laps, Tom. If you could invent that.
Yes, if I could invent that.
- Uncle Ben, would you do something for me? - Of course, Tom.
Can you tell my wife did not dine at home?
And maybe I will not be home for breakfast coffee.
I'll stay here and work in that light.
- Hola, Mary. - Tom, mrate.
- If you took it over, it would be great. - Do not you think you should rest?
- I can not stop now. - You've been locked up four days.
Children do not even ask about you.
You have to rest and eat.
I took some milk and apple pie.
- It was yesterday. - I have to work.
That may not be so important.
It is more important to me than anything in the world.
Nothing is more important than health, you are destroying.
Come home with me.
- Please. - Leave me alone.
Leave me alone, I'm working, you're interrupting me.
Do I need your permission to do my job?
You're not working, you're killing yourself.
- Please leave me alone. - All right, Tom.
Come in.
- Tom. - Yes?
I do not understand these specifications.
This clay, what kind of clay is?
White, ordinary clay. Wrap the wire in it.
- Okay, now I see. - Michael.
Suppose that the workshop should become another, would it matter?
Not for us, as long as you follow with us.
Suppose I admit to General Powell as a partner.
And of course, Mr. Taggart.
If you have to do that ...
It seems to me well.
That's it, Michael.
- Only 1 minute or 2, please. - I did not know it was so.
Is very sick.
- Hi Tom! - Hello, General.
- I'm glad you came. - It would have been before you know it.
Why the secrecy? Why do not you want your friends know?
- Everything is alright? - All right.
- Really? - Really. Everything goes smoothly.
Money grows like a grain of corn on the cob.
Taggart saw the other day.
He said something about helping.
Help me? No need for help.
Do not rely too much on Taggart.
Do not worry about that, generally, and get good soon.
I'm doing what I can, Tom.
I want to be here when he invented the light.
- That light. - It will be, General.
It seems that General Powell will take time to recover.
Anyway, I can not wait that long. I need the money immediately.
Okay, Mr. Edison. How much money do you need?
- It is a considerable sum. - No matter, no matter at all.
General Powell believes that you are a man with a future.
If the general believe in a person, me too.
What's your number?
$ 50,000.
Bucks? 50,000
Suppose I give you $ 100,000.
- 100,000? - That's.
- I do not need much. - Do not know what the future will bring.
At the moment I am able to give you a check for $ 100,000.
That's great, wonderful.
I would like to express how happy I am.
Is nothing. Is nothing.
I can do experiments for 3 years without worry.
Of course, if you pay the money, I hope to have some authority
to decide the type of work that has to be done in Meldo Park.
Not that.
Do not misunderstand me, I just want the right to
make sure that everything is made profitable.
It is a small step in securing my money, if you please.
Well, I do care.
I am an inventor, you can not tell me what I should do. I do what I want.
Working ideas, visionary realities.
I do not even know how useful or profitable they can be
if any been able to implement my way.
It is not in a position to demand do things his way.
Yes it's correct.
And you want to take advantage of it. He wants to chain.
Pinselo bien, Sr. Edison.
No, it will not be necessary, I do not want your money at this price.
I prefer to wait until General Powell is able to speak.
Very good.
Mr. Edison, General Paul is dead.
This could be a good time to sit down and mourn.
But we will not because that would get us nowhere.
I know we've had problems before but
at the last moment always it appeared something that allowed us to continue.
Do you remember the chemical telegraph? It was a fluke.
And the quadruplex and electric pen?
These things were when we most needed.
But this time nothing happened.
Maybe I've been waiting for a miracle. In any case, it has not happened.
And I have more time.
We are left penniless.
Forgive me for saying so, but
You're fired.
Wait a few days, Tom, I know what will solve the new telegraph.
Thank you, Jack, but we can not wait.
You need money to live and I also.
And we have nothing, except that I have to indemnizaros.
- Tom, I can say only one word? - Do not.
The less said the better.
Boys, I want to thank you for everything you did for me.
Pay them. That is all.
Santa has arrived.
Hi Tom.
Hi Tom.
Hello Mary.
I think I need not say I'm sorry, right?
I do not know.
You can try.
Do you mind if I try it tomorrow?
I'm tired.
- Tom, we have something to discuss. - Not now, dear.
Yes, right now, Tom.
I know what it means to you that light.
I want the truth, do you have anything real or are too stubborn to give up?
- It is very real to me, Mary. - But you're right?
Is the rest of the world is wrong?
Is there any possibility that you get to discover?
Can we talk about it in the morning, Mary?
Okay, Tom.
In the morning.
Well, I've fallen asleep.
Have I slept here all night?
Me has tapado?
I could not let you resfriaras, Tom.
- Now let's talk about it. - Why? I had a nice dream.
He was dreaming of winter.
It was so cold that the trees were not moving.
And the dawn quickly froze while trying dawn.
Yes, all the frozen universe.
He doubted between following warm in bed or out to see what was happening.
I get up. I saw that the earth was frozen and no longer spinning.
Everything was dark.
The sun was trapped between two walls of ice.
He struggled to free his own sweat froze both.
I started to walk the earth and see what could be done and found a bear.
I told him what had happened and began to jump
so hard it began to sweat hot oil over his head.
Then I grabbed the bear and placed on the axis of the earth.
And I left the hot oil to slide on the shaft.
Then I kicked the pinion of the land and got rid the sun.
The earth groaned and began to move and the sun began to shine.
I lit my pipe with fire, I split a piece for me.
And I went walking home with sunshine in my pocket.
Oh, Tom, that's nice.
Continue your work, go ahead with your light.
Do not listen to anyone who tries to stop you.
I do not even listen to me if I blame something.
Nothing will happen to us while you're able to dream like.
Well, Mary, perhaps he has not dreamed exactly.
Perhaps I remembered an old story my mother told me.
I prefer to be a dream. Let it remain so.
Okay, if you feel better as well.
Thank you.
I think I always carry two heads of advantage.
I said you need a harder spring, how much I have to repeat
so that you can understand me?
Any progress with the telegraph repeat?
Not yet, but we will.
Hey, do not mess with that.
- Sorry, Tom. - Does not matter.
Since then he has assembled quite a stir.
I never heard a noise like that.
There seems a clang. It seems that comes from the disk.
Very strange.
Michael, I'll be in the office, I have to do some sketches.
Prepare this ASAP.
Really? Is it something to light?
No, I hope it's something the sheriff away.
Hello Hello hello.
Mary had a Little Lamb!
Their skin...
Hello Hello hello.
Mary had a Little Lamb!
Her skin was white as snow.
And where Mary went, the lamb was also going.
Hello Hello hello.
Mary had a Little Lamb!
Her skin was white as snow.
And where Mary went, the lamb was also going.
- It's fantastic. - It is a marvelous invention.
It is not an invention. It has always been there.
- You mean what is an accident? - No, no, nothing is accidental.
Invention of the speaking machine, read all about a talking machine!
- Read all of a respect! - What you should and you must.
This is again about earlier, this machine speaker is a gold mine.
Mira, Dash.
This is what I want to do. I want your voice to the highest pitch.
Here we go, before your mother comes, he's a good kid and crying really hard.
Not enough and screams?
Dash go there, crying. Look Dash, Dash, the bug.
Dash, Dash.
Look, look, Dash.
Dash, please cry. Dash, look.
Well, I must say ...
I wanted to cry a little, but just laughs.
It is not surprising, seeing you to kid you both.
- Some journalists want to see. - About what? I'm busy.
They want to know how far you've come with electricity.
I would like to know why. But, talk to them.
Tell them to grant an interview when you have something more concrete.
I understand. You are in darkness over the light.
You better hide.
- No, no, one at a time. - Tell us about the bulb.
We heard that he was working on the bulb.
Mr. Edison can not see anyone now.
- If there's anything I can do? - Who are you?
I was his partner and friend for many years.
Maybe you Edison invented, right?
That boy does not have grace.
We worked together as telegraph, I can say clear
that everything he knows about what I taught telegraphy.
I was always a good instructor.
I worked in the Western Telegraph Station, just
I had to catch a rattlesnake as a pet.
I called Pete.
During the long winter evenings I taught Pete Morse.
Then the snake escaped.
One day I was hunting alone.
I found a snake in the bush. I pointed my shotgun.
And when he went to shoot, can you believe it?
I hear the bells says "Stop, But, do not shoot, I'm Pete."
- Just a minute, Mr ... - Cabbott.
- James J. Cabbot, But known. - Charmed.
Mr. Cabbot, we did not come
to hear their stories of snakes but to interview Mr. Edison.
Mr. Edison is locked in his laboratory.
- On the verge of a discovery. - What is it about?
- Gentlemen, I can not speak. - Is it about the light bulb?
- That should ask him. - Why does not tell us?
First I think it does not have the bulb and will not think.
- Yea, no, huh? - No, I do not think so and more
I think of no value to confess. Castles behind him.
Listen to me, he's in there because it already has that light.
- You mean he has discovered? - Yes.
- Do you already have the light bulb? - Yes.
Why not advertised?
One thing at a time. Just finished with the talking machine.
It's not a matter of piling all these great inventions.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
I think I have dispatched to taste.
I think so.
Edison says the electric lamp is a success.
The genius of Menlo Park declares that being refined.
I'm usually a quiet guy.
But I got so mad ...
I did not know that light. I am far from having it.
- I did not imagine they would believe me. - Who reads the newspapers believe it.
Less scientists, who will skin me alive.
Well, I esfumar a season.
If I had money, he disappeared.
Can you lend me $ 20?
Here are the 10 that I owe you.
Like clear the accounts?
Well, take care.
Of course.
I'm sorry I screwed well. Tell them it's my fault.
No, do not worry, But.
I am glad that it is over.
Now I have to get to the bulb.
Gas shares have fallen another whole.
Knights please calm. There is no bulb.
- How do you know? - It is my duty to know.
No light bulb and will not. It is impossible as perpetual motion.
- Then you have to unmask. - I will not move a finger.
It is not necessary. It has put the noose.
He said something that is not true and never will be.
In the field of science that is equivalent to suicide.
It is true. It has sought their undoing.
The light bulb is a fake ad, it's fairy tale.
He knows or should know that it is impossible as perpetual motion.
All these claims on an electric light
They lack any scientific foundation, ladies and gentlemen.
Mr. Edison refuses to show his mysterious bulb.
We can assume for his refusal that there is this bulb.
It has burned all the gas.
Well, it will not function.
- We have to try something else. - What?
We've tried dozens of metals, lead, copper, iron, aluminum, tin.
We have to test hundreds more, perhaps thousands.
But I know that somewhere in this universe
There is a substance that will work and we will find.
We need more light for its size or not progress at all.
If platinum does not give us, I do not know what we can give.
- We connect? - Yes.
Well, it should work, but not working.
There must be some reason which we have not thought of.
We may not have the right stuff.
We've tried everything but that.
Come on, son, crying. Cries.
Cry, cry, child. Cries.
- Do you ever cry? - Very often.
Never when I'm here, I try since I was 9 months.
Come son, crying, please. Cry, cry baby.
- Tom, that's terrible. - What it is terrible?
Listen to that, "When asked his opinion about Mr. Edison, Professor
He said that in the world of science there is no place for a charlatan. "
- Tom. - You see, did you hear that?
Everyone says that your father is an impostor. Do not listen.
He does not care. Discredited and he sat there quietly.
Leselo back slowly to understand.
I hope I never see that again But Cabbot.
No, do not be hard on him. We've had some good times together.
I would shake his head until his brain unraveling.
Come on, son crying, please.
Although I do not think I have brain.
No, only a vacuum.
Well, even the vacuum can sometimes be useful.
I remember when I was an old dog perdiguera ...
Empty ...
I already have it.
Tom, what ...?
Simon, we need an empty, that's what we were looking for.
It burns because the cable is in contact with air.
Much oxygen. We will place the cable in a glass globe and we get the air.
We will put current and see what happens.
No, tonight.
- Is it worth it? - It is sufficient for now.
- Thank you. - Connect the power.
Now it gives more shine.
Not enough, we need to improve the vacuum.
But Tom, we've already reduced to one hundred thousandth of atmosphere.
- It has to be better than that. - We can not with that bomb.
There is a pump mercury in Princeton could serve.
Maybe they give us.
Do we have enough empty, Mike?
More will be impossible.
Okay, connect the current.
Let's go there.
Well, we have failed again.
This is the conclusion of 9,000 experiments.
Terrible Tom.
We know you've worked. Sorry much as you do not get results.
Results? I have many results, 9,000 things not working.
It's a shame.
I would like to see Mr. Edison, please.
What for?
I would like to study to be an inventor.
Oh yeah?
Because the inventors create things and I like to create things.
See this?
- Do you see how well it works? - Show me again.
Very good.
I made myself, I always broke the nail.
Can you make me one?
I do not know.
- Not worth much as a knife, right? - It'll be when the fix.
- Tom, where were you? - Mr Els,
this young man would like to be an inventor. What is your name?
Jimmy Price
Well, Jimmy, this is Mr. Els, Jimmy will be working with us.
Where do you live? Where do you sleep?
Well, for now I'll have to sleep here.
Take him to the guesthouse. Give him food and bed.
What happens to you?
God ...
Are you Thomas Edison's?
I think so, Jimmy, but sometimes I am not clear.
You start work at eight o'clock
Edison failed experiment with light. The inventor is wrong.
It is known that research to create light with electric current
It has proved fruitless.
Good morning, Tom.
Good morning, boys, to work.
Why light?
Let's use carbon filament instead of a metal.
- Filament? I do not know the word. - Neither I just invented.
It is a sewing thread. Put it in the oven for one hour.
But before imprgnala carbon.
Then we will prove in the bulb.
But the thread is very delicate. It will break.
Anyway we will try.
- We have already proven carbon. - No carbonized thread.
That's not very scientific, Tom.
I said we have to put aside science. Come on, do it.
Be careful, do not go to break the filament.
It is the 65th.
- Has broken? Is everything alright? - Yes, everything will go well.
Look, he's holding.
Jimmy, bring it to Mr. Edison, but carefully.
I'll be right.
For the love of God, Jimmy, do not you know how to keep up?
Here's a full day's work.
Watch out for this one, remains hot.
Take it, let Jimmy, we're losing time.
Come on.
The good thing is that errors are not forever.
I should have learned it as a boy.
A filament
cotton yarn horseshoe-shaped,
impregnated carbon.
And enclosed vacuum.
Well, we will test duration.
I'm almost afraid to connect.
Let's go there!
It seems that this will last.
Continues on.
- Well, it should be 7:00. - Yes, maybe more.
How about coffee?
No, I want a glass of milk.
- And bring him another Jimmy. - Clear.
And a piece of cake.
Go home and get some sleep.
He's been here all day.
I will not fall out of bed, Mom.
Do you like my shoes? Am I pretty with my pink dress?
If these.
More current.
The maximum.
Open the gas.
- 40 hours. - Well, well.
If you have endured 40 hours, it will hold 400.
Put this filament under a microscope.
- What day is today? - October 21.
It is calling newspapers.
He says he will illuminate the city of New York.
Well, I'm going to bed.
Edison invented the incandescent lamp.
Edison requested a concession to illuminate the city of New York.
Edison asked the council to inspect the new system
elctrico de Menlo Park.
Calm down, Jim, concerns cause me indigestion.
If Edison gets permission to light the city.
I can go and making a bonfire of my actions gas.
Let him do it. The bulb probably not going to work.
This is the problem, it will work.
It invents everything works and works well. I know perfectly.
What do you want me to do?
Prevents you get the concession.
I see no reason why Mr. Edison did not have a concession
seeking to electrically illuminate a district ...
Mr. President, your enthusiasm is not shared by us, not even close.
We are asked to allow that New York is used as a testing ground.
The electricity has already been tested thoroughly.
The risk of fire is much lower than the gas.
Wait a moment.
The gas is not at issue.
No, but apparently, the light bulb itself is.
I said to them that we are willing to bury cables
to avoid overloading the telephone poles.
I guarantee you that we will take all necessary precautions.
I still say the risk is too great for those impossible advantages.
But they are not impossible.
even if it were, my partners and I run the risk.
We do not ask financial assistance to taxpayers.
We are only asking for permission to install our equipment, our
own risk, own coasts, and if we fail, we will lose only.
- It seems fair. Can we vote? - Mr. Edison!
One more thing if I may. He knows that no existing dynamo is capable
to produce enough current to power your light system.
- If that is true. - How will you do this miracle?
I build a dynamo. Big enough
to do the job.
Let me speak, please, I insist on being heard.
Sr. Taggart,
this is an intolerable insolence.
Let him talk, it is a taxpayer.
- Be brief, Mr. Taggart. - Thank you.
I draw attention to this advice about the law requiring
a limit for all contracts execution time.
Mr. Edison's project must be completed on a given day.
This is the law.
Mr. Edison, how long will your experiment?
- It will not be an experiment. - Let's stop quibbling.
How long will that take?
It will take a year, maybe two.
There it is, gentlemen, a year, maybe two.
That means that for two years the streets
City of New York will be a chaos.
The traffic paralyzed. As a taxpayer I protest.
Protest with all our strength.
What do you suggest then?
I suggest that he be granted a period of three months.
Can you do it in three months, Mr. Edison?
No sir.
And I doubt that Mr. Taggart gas pipelines installing it at the time.
The gas is there, Mr. Edison, working for profit
of thousands of grateful taxpayers.
Those taxpayers have rights that must protect this advice.
Sr. presidente.
Sr. Edison.
I have not come to deprive taxpayers of any rights.
I invite the Council to enable them to make use of a discovery
that is not hazardous or impair anyone
except those who fear competition from their monopolies.
Its specialists have found that electricity is practical.
His detractors know that will be cheaper than gas.
And this is the reason for attack.
But this is not why I'm struggling here.
I have not sought for years
because there was money at the end of the search.
But because I have always known that if he found a light flameless
and I could install in homes where men
and women view under oil lamps and gas left,
where surgeons operate, where scientists work with microscopes,
even in the coal mines, people everywhere
They could have a clearer or safe light.
Then I would be doing something for their welfare, both making money or not.
Well, that light has already been discovered.
What are you going to do about it?
You could install gas pipelines in six months, Mr. Taggart?
Okay, then, say six months. What do you think?
- Can we vote, gentlemen? - Yes.
Those in favor of giving the concession.
- Yeah. - Against?
- No. - the concession is granted.
- I congratulate you, Mr. Edison. - 6 months!
That amounts to 4 September.
Thank you very much sir.
- Tom. - Oh thanks.
- How do we, boys? - It is the world's largest.
- The call Jumbo. - I baptize Jumbo.
Just it is kidding, Tom.
New York is looking forward to testing electricity.
Edison struggle to meet the deadline.
It's two o'clock. We have five hours.
We will load test.
Preparations for the maximum load test.
Number 1.
Okay, number 2.
Another parallel.
More speed.
Faster, faster.
More speed.
More, now, more, more.
Stop, stop!
No va a funcionar.
You have any problem.
The engine did not revolve at the same speed, a dynamo pushed
The fault is in the regulators.
We need to connect these pads together with a shaft.
We can not do, Tom, is too much work.
Send someone to fetch 5m. steel shaft of an inch.
Five hours is enough, Tom. We have no time.
You miss not talking. Do it.
Come on guys. Ensure damage.
Let's do it.
Why not play more upbeat music?
- Mr. Taggart. - Not now. Go.
Mr. Taggart, let him hear.
- Very interesting, very interesting. - I figured you would like to know.
Thank you. Knights just received great news.
What is it about?
Our friend Edison has problems. A last minute miscalculation.
Your dynamos were damaged.
What a beautiful music.
Okay, I conectadlo.
Give her back.
Do you catch right?
19 to 4.
Very good. Put the belt.
- Tom, what happened? - Jumbo trouble breaking.
Look how pants. Your new blue suit.
How did he been?
I'll never get fixed.
What dear?
- I'm worried. - Why the dynamos?
Suppose fallen.
- They will not fail. - You should have been.
I wish I had your confidence.
I wish I had yours.
- Tom, for 1 minute. - Well, we are in time.
Remind me a kiss and a hug afterwards.
No estorbes.
- Ready, boys? - Yes, ready.
Later, Mick.
Let's see, number 1.
Calm, slowly now.
Number 2.
Well, Molex connectors in parallel.
Watch feeders.
Cement kiln
Fire alarm
And yet, it would have been a great man
although it had not invented anything.
Caballeras and gentlemen, here's to a man who will remain
eternally full of life
and vibrant inspiration.
Thomas Alva Edison.
Mr. host ...
Mr. Toastmaster.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
To be told by the outstanding men and women of our time
that you have contributed a great deal to human betterman.
Very pleasant. Very pleasant.
I'd hardly be humeed if my heart did not feel from such magnificent compliment.
But somehow I have not achieved the success I want.
Early this evening, I talked with two school children.
Tomorrow, the world will be theirs.
A troubled world, full of doubt and uncertainties.
You say that the we men of science have been helping it.
Are those children and their children going to approve of what we have done?
Or you discover too late that they have relied too heavily on science
and that this has become a monster
whose final triumph is man own destruction.
Some of us have already beginning to feel that danger.
But it can be avoided.
I had once two dynamos.
They needed regulating.
It was a problem of balance and adjustment.
And I feel that the confusion in the world today,
presents much the same problem.
But dynamo of man's God given ingenuity
is running away with the dowel of his equally God given humanity.
I'm too old now to do much more than to say
Put those dynamos in balance.
Make them work in harmony
as the great designer intended they should.
It can be done. What man's mind can see
man's character can control.
Man must learn that.
And then we won't need to be afraid of tomorrow.
And man will go forward,
toward more light.