Ee. Ma. Yau (2018) Movie Script

Abid Abu, Rony Joseph, Sonu Singh EDITING
Aashiq Abu, Rajesh George Kulangara Lijo Jose Pellissery's
'R.I.P.' - You came early?
- I'm always dot on time.. Someone may see us! - Someone will see us.
- Don't worry, Nisa. (indistinct chatter) (indistinct chatter) Give him an opportunity to sing! Vavachan! It's good to go home
once in a while! You get lost. Better go and check
with your daughter Everyone here knows your
daughter is pregnant! -Get him up.
- He's bleeding. Why don't you tell us
before you get lost? You're the head ofthe house! But still behaves like a child.. Where the hell are you going? Why lash your tongue at this
godforsaken hour, dear? Come here. Stop it, mom.
You come here.. Go and kill the duck!
I will boil the water.. Look dear, The water is boiling
Put the duck in the vessel That'll need something drastic! lam coming.. When I went to him
He said some nonsense Hey Nanu, did you get any fish? How does one survive
in times like these? Backthen, He started talking again! What is he blabbering
about all the time? In the church! Where else? Tomorrow itself go and tell the Father
Will you? Once they turn told, even
humans shouldn't be spared. You never attend Sunday mass
And he hates that! Dear..
- What is it? But you didn't
mean to ask this.. You get lost, lam broke
Leave me alone.. I said I've no money, and I mean it!
Get lost! Don't talk too much
The Society will intervene.. That I will show you whom it belongs to!
I've the accounts with me. Now let me go.. First, you come and settle your dues!
Then well think about the drink! - Is it?
- He went home after beating up Chavaro. Sing! Why do you create problems for us? Do you hear what I say? We'll wash it tomorrow
I wore it only once Something has happened.. Go and get some water
and meat curry We'll have it later with rice..
Meat will do for now.. Come on, dad.. I was not even conceived then.. This village has not seen a
funeral grander than that.. What to say! I will organize an even
betterfuneral for you.. This wind is not good for your cough
Let us go inside Horse-hair fans and fireworks
for a funeral, eh? You go and bring my bag including the final prayers
with songs and all First class coffin
First class music band Why silver cross? Will this be enough
for my funeral? But these notes are banned.. Will your Society exchange it? If something like that happens, Mom! Look what dad has brought?
Banned currency notes! How will you conduct
my funeral then? Come on! Just like that of Charlesmagne Em prador With band, mourning songs
and all the regalia.. My dear son, my only grief is that
I couldn't give you anything I promise I will do it You go ahead.
I will wait here.. Hey Eesy, listen to me.. Hey Eesy, listen to me.. Give it back.. I won't let you
poison dad's booze. Eesy Chetta, it's a medicine
to make him stop drinking. Look, we've to keep our dad at home somehow
Or he will leave tomorrow Not only in arrack,
It is mixed in the duck curry too.. Who told you I was
talking to myself? Missed ca | | ..
That too from Lazar! What is wrong with you?
See if the duck is cooked.. (song from 'Chavittunatakam' performance
,Ai Latin Catholic folk play) Hey, Eesy..
- Yes. Have you seen me performing
Charlemagne Chavittunatakam? Come! Mom, dad is performing chavittunatakam..
Are you coming to watch? Do you want to watch
James Lara,A6s play? Long ago, when you were
not even conceived It started at 9 pm and went
on till 6 in the morning.. Your dad didn't stop
it till it was over.. So, you want to see it?
- Yes Where did you disappear? Darling, am I not a mother-in-law
Who really cares for her daughter-in-law? In which case, when you die,
I'll carve your name in marble, ok? That will go on likethat.. Shivanappan Chetta,
don't come here. If they see you, they will butcher you.. Cockerel?
No chance! Don't say that, darling..
I'll die if! don't see you Lower your voice.. I know this is not mere love-chat
But the 'other stuff. Come and have food
You must be really tired lam fed up with you!
lwill come, you proceed Lazar, you paid in June and July
But 4000 plus is still due When I asked you to deduct interest
What did you say? You go there. What happened?
- Vavachan Aasan is not well. Go and wash your face.. Why are you sitting here like this?
Don,A6t we have to inform everyone? Do one thing
Give that duck curry and rice to Molly Have you entrusted
everything to your children? I don't know anything! You betrayed me! Ayyappan.. He came with a duck today
And he was quite ok Then, why did you leave all of a sudden? Dear, you only asked me to prepare
Duck curry with potato? He arrived only in the evening
And left already? Yes .. but he was talking about my dues
And it was all cooked up! Who?
- Either Chavaro or Eesy.. You are mad!
He died peacefully at home What about the money
- I've taken 100 bucks, ok? You don't talk nonsense like this, ok? lthink Ponnappan and Kochanto are
having a drink. Want to go and check? If you win the game Calm down.. Eesy, why have you left
the body like this? So much blood, oh my God! Would I leave you? Eesy, what happened to your
dad all of a sudden..? Did you inform the church? They won't come..They have removed my name
as I haven't paid my dues Is it necessary?
He is dead, now what is the use? Let us lift Asan's body to the cot You go and bring the doctor Lazar, you too go with him. On the way, inform the vicartoo Few minutes back, I saw him.. lthink something
wrong has happened There is something fishy.. Who? The mason who built our
altar in single piece of wood? If he is dead, why do
you need a doctor? Then lwill call him Look, he is lying drunk Even an elephant can't
wake him up now How long can I wait?
I too had 3 pegs She is enough to confirm death You better leave.. This doctor and nurse ,Ai they are in love
Very intimate.. All this is yourfantasy Don't tell calumny
Yourtongue will rot Give me a chair.. Call from my phone Eesy,A6s dad died.. Fine. Usual contentwill do, isn't it?
No need of changes, right? I'll read it. My dear husband and head of our household,
Son of Valiyaparambil Varghese Antony.. Son of Chori With profound sorrow
We inform you of his eternal rest in God.. Okay. Let me know. Whom to mention as
bereaved family members? Wife Zabeth, right? Just mention her name Elizabeth No, it is how we call her at home..
Actual name is Mariam Thresia Okay. Heard it! Ok, I will do that.. Moreover, Vavachan
belongs to our parish And the doctor specifically
mentioned you by name.. Then you can take
the bike with him.. Did the doctor say so?
- Yes. How can I say disobey doctor? Come. Look, I'll ride the bike Don't know if the seat is dusty. Lazar, what you said was right.
This Saramma is a real whore. - Of course. Yes, I'll inform you..
It will be past 3.30 anyway Hello, this is regarding
Vavachan,A6s death Me? I am his neighbour. Why?
You didn't like it, eh? Get lost!
Come if you wish to! Shouldn't we inform those
in Pattani island? No, not yet Mostly tomorrow evening.
We've to confirm it with the priest.. Pennamma, it is me, Saramma
No need to split your chest for my sake! Why do you want
to know all that? He drank rum or arrack? No. This won't work, let us go.. Then what? I cant call him now..
He's drunk. Tell me what you want.. It is a serious case
He has a head injury and it is bleeding lam going now Look, I'll tell the doctor what I
saw when he comes tomorrow morning. Sister, where are you going? Father.. The Vicar must be asleep..
Shall we inform him tomorrow? Father, we've come with an
even more complex case.. Hejust fell and died..
It is not a murder or anything For what?
- That is the mystery.. He rushed home
Swearing he'll settle scores with his dad You come with me.. Then? This Vavachan often disappears.. What? - lfthere is no other
way, she'll poison him.. There was a loud cry.. When neighbours
rushed there, he was lying dead Pranchi, tell me what
really happened? Are you not coming to his house? This is what is called slander (talking to himself) I promised him I'll do itwith
music band and mourning song. Since he said that,
We should do it well We'll pawn it with Koorman He is cut-throat.. Give it.
You go and get it. Go. That's the only speck of gold I have
Not that! And see me with nothing around
my neck, who will be shamed? What about the wedding locket?
- I won't pawn that. Beast! Oh god! What are you saying? What are you doing
with my dearest? Hold it, man.. Morethan enough! I lost my sleep!
Come, let us go.. You've left us all in the dark.. ,AoGo and die,A6, right? But I was in deep sleep.. Now cover yourface and scram Last time, when power went
off in Ammini,A6s house Vavachan died. Didn't you know? What is it? Something fishy
I smell an unnatural death Firstly, the dead
man's head is broken The son drank brandy
And dad had arrack His face has turned dark blue See for yourself.
- Okay. Did anyone foresee this? But I have no vengeance
against him.. As you only have the money,A1] I won't give you
Now, leave the place.. So as a member ofthe ward, will you
pay the principal and interest? Or, if you have come with any other plans
Better scram.. Not cheque, I've jewellery Don't tell me..
I know you're not going to take it back You take it and
vacate the place ok? Brother, if we pay principal and interest
You'll return it? Nisa! Who is there for me now? A saintly man who made our altar
And you turned him into a murderer! I didn't say he is a murderer
I said someone murdered him It is certain! Out of sorrow, he must have said something
hard &they must have finished him off Chavaro bro, why do
you tell such lies? One cannot be sure about it Let the doctor come, conduct postmortem
And confirm it.. Oh Father! Here lies the man who came with a duck
Asking me to prepare curry, Father! Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be'ITyour'ITname. Hail'ITMary'ITfull of Grace,
the'ITLord'ITis with thee. Blessed are thou among women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. HOIYTTMaryWTMother of God,
pray for us sinners now (continues chanting prayers) (continues chanting prayers) Cheap one is fine, right? Let us go for a better one
- Why? What is this? Your dad, a king, eh?
- Eesy, you come inside and select one Throw it away! I threw it.
- Eesy, what you said is right. I'll get you a good coffin This is really worth it Ordinary coffins use softwood
It gets rotten soon This will do
Let's fix it. Eesy, don,A6t worry about the money
Take it now We've to pay at the church I'm telling you! Take it! Yes, flowers
And even beautician too Come on, tell us Ok. When I say a price, I
don't want any problems later It is 40,000 rupees Are you crazy? Can't we
buy this from Ernakulam City? What do you want it for? I will reduce 10 per cent
- 10 per cent? If you want, you can
select the colour too I told you 10 per cent
- I told you, that won't do Spoiling a grand funeral? Listen to me.. Have a look
- Eesy! My dad should rest in
this blackwood coffin You should have thought about it When
you spent everything on that coffin I think he loved her.. You are still awake? When is the funeral? You just come with your team, ok?
See you tomorrow The coffin has arrived! Untie that knot.. Get lost, you dimwit
I've seen many coffins like this Come here, you are drunk
Don't create ruckus .. Come here.
- What is it? What about yours? All these are bought with that.. Give me your chain.. People will be
watching us, not you.. To see if we can get the Bishop Are you mad? Zabeth, enough. lam not feeling well
Give me some water Son, Eesootty, Here lies our dearest.. I am Vicar Zacharias His death is a bit suspicious It is a bit problematic You should go there
immediately, sir. Our carelessness should not
Get our parish into trouble. That's all! He is always drunk
So they've thrown him out of the house Why do you ask me? Ask the Lord Not sure, if it is an
angel or the Trinity Next to Rozario's, isn't it?
Done" You didn't call me yet! Have you
confirmed the time of funeral? Tell me fast.. I've to start work
on souvenir and wedding card.. Now let us finish
this before you dig This should be the best
grave you ever dug The man who built the altar If you die, it should be likethis But.. Zabeth, your parents have come.. He is gone.
You can't see him again! Those who never came when you were alive
Have come to see you He always used to talk about you.. He never insisted on dowry.. Even then, why do you
remain silent, dear? It was given to buy
coffin and dress for him You'll need money,
Keep this.. Didn't your parents come?
- Go. They are waiting there. No Meet the Vicar soon and
fix the funeral time Have you fixed the time? How did Vavachan die? Did the doctor say that? She said she'll tell the
doctor and he'll certify it What is this sir? If you appoint those priests as
police It would be like this! The grave-digger has fallen in the grave!
Sexton! The rain is not receding.. Why don't we call him? Then you come.. Let us wash the body Velayudhan, come here! All the villagers have come Are you leaving us and going? Are you leaving my
children and going? He has been dead for
quite some time now. Inform his house He never goes home, father Let us go to Vavachan's house "When you laugh,
Thousands will come with you to laugh along" "But when you cry
Only your shadow will come with you.." "Only your shadow
will come with you" Come! Come! Put the body back in the coffin! Pranchi, what are you doing?
Lift it! They cheated you! Keep it properly.
Move! Did he take commission
for his father's coffin? Look if it is beneath the coffin Search for the cross! Got it? - Here it is.
- Where? Your doctor has come..
He came to see even in the morning Keep the towel there.. Where do I put these roses? Oh my darling.. He is my children's father! Take her away.. What's the problem?
- Where is Eesy? What's the problem?
Who's that? Pradip, ltold you
I'll inform you.. Eesy, it is a mess there! Easy, wait.
Don,A6t create a ruckus They've broken my husband's skull! He is my father as well.
lfyou touch her, I'll kill you.. None of you will go back alive! I killed my father, is it?
Beat him up.. Have you come here to ruin the
funeral, listening to gossip? Father, they've killed
my child's father Who are you?
- We are from Pattani island This is our sister, Barbara. Go and see, Father
They've hit him on the head Venting your anger on a woman? Don't listen to this b!$!#@$. Move away! Leave my hand, you hag! Did you see this?
His head is broken! U ntie it! You can't bury him in the church otherwise
That's all If there is a legal issue later
You won't be able to solve it This whore's complaint? Are you going to cut open my dad's
body Listening to their words? You can't do athing at the church Eesy, what is this? You watch out! Eesy, what the hell did you do? Now there,A6s no point
going there.. Everyone has come?
- Yes, father.. No need Yes, let it be Father, please do something about it.. That's all!
- Don't say that! Ayyappan, now I've informed
the Circle Inspector; Go and fall at the feet
of the Inspector.. Pranchi, will you ask him to stop it! Hey, hold it.. Move, I say! Sir, please move. Afriend of Rajan sir,
Mem berAyyappan is here.. Come inside, Ayyappan..
- Sir, I'm all drenched. Sir, just a minute.
- What? And now his second wife and son
Are creating trouble there If you can't, should I come
there and mess things up? Everyone of us will
leave some day Isn't that how it is? What happened? Nothing, sir. Let's go together!
- No! What else is police for?.. The rope.. take care what do we do now?
You can,A6t bury in the church That Vicar is not relenting Sir, this is Eesy Sir, look! They hit him on
his head and killed him! Sir, they killed him! We don't have anyone, sir.
They killed him! What to do?
His time is up.. What about this wound? But the Father is obstinate
About filing a case.. Sir..
- What? Please do something.. You come here.. Let me tell you something
- Don't say that, sir. You go and plead with the Father
ltoo will call him.. Inform Ayyappan too.. Eesy! But it was good. Because I couldn,A6t get a gold cross
The church has only silver cross, so.. Brother-in-law gave me 1500 rupees
That I gave to Ayyappan.. Lonappan Chettan reduced 5000
for the first class coffin. There was no need to hit the electrician.
ItoId him! First class.. and a mourning song,
a grand funeral. First class music band..
- Hey! I,A6ve to bury my dad, isn,A6t it?
Move. What are you doing? Mom, I'm digging a grave for dad. Listen to me! I have to bury my dad! Move!
Go away! We must give him sedation.. He is stark mad
Someone should put him on chains! my dear Eesy, what are you doing?
Stop it! My dear son! What are you going to do? What are you going to do to dad? Don't you dare touch him! Leave me! You bloody whore!
Move! Get out of my field.
I don't need anyone here. 18 men with ceremonial staff,
holding the silver cross. Son! Don't take your father away! Mom!
Mom! Don't bury yourfather
like that, son! Lijo Jose Pellissery's