Eenie Meenie Miney Moe (2013) Movie Script

Thanks for coming early Tommy
So, what happened this time?
I splitted up with my girl
man; Forget that bitch
She isn't right
man she wants me
to be somebody I'm not
All her friends date a bunch
of college boys and shit
That isn't me.
I got you.
know what I love about Miami?
Everybody is dirty
And if you want
to make some money you
got to get dirty too.
This truck right here...
It's all you need.
This thing is like a license
to take whatever you want.
You snatch up one
or two cars a week take
them to the chop shop
Oh you make it good dough.
But you got to know who
you are fucking with...
You got cops; You got
gangsters; And all kind of ballers.
And you don't
want to roll the dice
for taking the wrong
nigger's ride.
But if you want
that steady come up...
Just keep your eyes
on all these less
shady motherfuckers.
The ones slanging
dope to the
out of towners TOMMY:
Because no matter of what;
They have to bring that
work to the car.
So, if you hit the car
whatever they got
inside is yours.
That's cake, and
you can do this every day.
Oh! Did the tooth fairy come?
Raul, Que pasa
Yeah is it time?
Is it Bob Barker time?
You are in the "Show Case
Show Down" Vlad Are you ready
to spin the wheel?
Oh man that's why
you are my boy
I want to spin the wheel!
What we got?
What's in the bottle?
That's some GHB Do you
know what this is good for?
Have a drink with someone
that owes you money dog
Let me tell you something
dose that bitch real quick.
You know Russian
mob does that right?
That's how you get your
General Stripes dog.
OK? Make cats give
up that bread.
Give up your bread and buy this shit
Come on, I got to go
Jo, Marco
What's up bro?
Are you in your spot?
Pizza all night
All right put
me down for a pie.
You got something for me?
Don't I always
have something for you?
All right man, everything is
pretty much broken down
Some china, like
about ten beans
The camera, whatever
just landed on my lap.
How much for those pills bro?
I can probably slang
some pills with them.
Do you want to front
them to me bro?
You know I don't front nobody.
Here man, Thanks
for the pie, kiddo.
Raul, what
you got for me baby?
Jimmy, Yeah man I'm outside.
Get one of your guys to
get out here and let me in.
Uh! Diamonds!
So, you want them or what?
Fuck yeah!
I want... I want them all
Here you go bro
If you get anymore of this stuff
man; Come to me first all right?
No vayas al barrio
de los negros
Hey Jimmy,
what the fuck you got
going on in there?
That's Marco's sister;
She is a little girl!
That's Marco's sister?
Oh man wait
You are the camp counselor now?
She is the fucking
fountain of youth, bro
She sucks in my life force
Listen to me; Get rid of her
Unless you want to
hold your balls
and cough every time
you get a visitor
She is fifteen
All right bro, all right,
all right, all right!
You are not going to
say anything right?
Hey, hey
Who is your boy?
Huh? Who is your boy?
Hey remember what I
said; You get anymore
of that good stuff
you come to me first
Who is your daddy?
What's up?
Lisa, your friend is here.
Come-on papa I
need you close. I'm going
to get people right through that
door. You know what that means?
You are not going to have
to make one phone call.
No, fuck that; I'm not moving
to the beach; I'm good.
You bring me shit... and I
move shit; That's what I do.
So, I know the landlady
she is desperate
to put somebody in there.
She likes me,
I can talk to her,
and I can put a good word for
you. I will think about it.
What's to think about?
Hot neighbors... make
money... let me get her number.
You are trying to get
my girl in trouble?
I'm trying to make
your girl money.
just keep me out of it.
No one had you in it.
Just don't get caught
What are you, a cop?
Then, don't snitch
Whatever, "Raul" if
that's even your real name?
Your check, toma.
Yo, where did you get that car?
Oye, Eddie,
Where did you get this?
The beach?
Si, Miami Beach.
Apesta a coco.
This got to be a gay-mobile bro
Gay guys like that coconut shit
Look at this glasses bro
The "sucia"
glasses. Me parezco a Iris
Chacon verdad?
"Si tu
boquita fuera, de chocolate..."
I love it bro, I'll tell
you what mira,
hechalo palante y
parquealo all.
Hey, what the fuck
did you do last night?
What's up bro?
You are falling sleep
Watch your ass, Sanders is on
the fucking prowl man, look...
He has got ADHD D
D D.
Well as you know it's review
Now, people seem to think that
things go on around here...
But I see it
I see everything.
And I just don't know what
I'm going to do about you
Son; You are a leader!
What would you
think about doing my job?
You are leaving sir?
Hell no, and give up
my year round golfing,
at the Deering Estates.
No, no, no, no.
I'm talking about you taking
over Head of Guest Services
at our New York branch.
New York? City of dreams.
Just got off the
phone with corporate...
They are going to need
somebody in a couple of weeks.
And I thought
about why not you?
You know the work.
I was going to consider
Doug, but the little junky went,
and flunked his piss test.
So... think about it...
But... don't make a
career out of thinking
Afternoon Beach Side Realty.
Hello! How are you?
This is Raul.
Hey Raul
One of your tenants Lisa,
told me you have an
apartment for rent?
Oh yeah Lisa
been waiting to hear
from you all day today
Yeah, She
told me all about you.
Basically, the
apartment is fabulous,
you can walk to the
beach, it is super cute.
God damn bro, you didn't
have sex on this mattress huh?
What are you
talking about man?
Shut up. MARCO: Just saying,
it feels damn near new;
Doesn't have no fucking
dents on it, bro.
Come on man
Looks good
You know I only deal
with the best
Look, you can make a lot
of money out of this,
Let me know I got
a case of those...
Yeah, of course
What do you think
I came here for?
Good, I take cash.
Is this mine?
Yeah, take it.
Thank you.
You guys know what you want man?
You got a dream?
Let me tell you something
man, When I get maid
when Ivan puts me down We'll
have whatever we want man
Whatever we want?
Whatever we want, man.
Holy shit
about you farm boy?
Farmer Jack What
do you want, man?
Why are you saying this?
Because a year ago, you were
pulling on a cows' dick,
now you are rolling with me man.
I no pull no dick.
Bull shit man; You
are a little house
on the prairie motherfucker
I no.
Sitting on
a Cow's ass all day?
I milk papa
I want to make milk.
Let me refill your drink.
I almost ate it
You good?
This is my fucking jam
Just watch me then,
Hey dude, after party
in my pad it's going
to be fucking sick
Everyone get together I
want to take a picture.
Get together
Hold her...
hold her.
Hey, could you take a picture?
I want to be in it.
You guys are like
the new crew huh?
Do you want to go to the beach?
You are not tired?
No way I am rolling
I have another one.
Do you want it?
It's in here.
Where did you get this?
I'm going to get
a pet parrot, Huh hum...
And I'm going to
teach him tongue twisters.
"She sells sea shells
by the sea shore;
The seashells she sells
are surely seashells
So she sells seashells on the seashore.
I'm sure she
sells seashore shells"
You cannot say that again
Yes I can.
No you can't.
Yes I can, you are ready?
"She sells sea shells
by the sea shore;
The seashells she sells
are surely seashells.
So she sells seashells
on the seashore.
I'm sure she sells
seashore shells."
It feels so good
Wait... Aren't you Lisa's?
Who said I was Lisa's?
I don't know, aren't
you two like?
Bonnie and Clyde?
We just do business together.
Yeah? Well I want another kiss
You feel that?
I think I blew up.
Stop... just lay here with me.
Lay down!
Lay down.
Just listen to the ocean.
You hear that?
I'm being
calling you all day long!
Where the fuck
where you last night?
What's going on?
Oh what you guys
haven't seen the baby or what?
Hey. Hello.
I have people trying to hook up,
and I'm completely
dry, you know that?
Excuse me.
Can I talk to my husband?
Your husb...?
You aren't married bitch
You see...
this is why we need
our own place.
I got here from school and
she's got some guy in here.
Oh come on, now you are
worried about Clyde?
"Oh now you are worried
about Clyed?"
No, it doesn't matter
whom the fuck it is
Don't yell at me
She is been smoking right in
front of her and selling weed.
That's not
true, that's not true.
Yes it is.
No is not.
Oye, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Monique, where are
you going baby?
Go change your clothes
Are you listening to me Marco?
Hey we need to reload, I
need to buy some new...
Are you smoking in the house?
Hey, hey, come on;
Do you believe her?
Come on that's not true.
And you... hey listen to me!
I've told you many times
before; Don't get in me
and my son's business
"Your business?"
this is my fucking daughter...
Well this is my fucking place,
and you live in here Ya cono
I don't want
you here anymore.
How are you going to
pay your bills if we leave?
We are going to
New York I'm not going
to hear this shit
anymore GLENDA: What?
I got a job offer
and I'm taking it.
Ha, ha, what are you
going to do without us, now?
Shut up. What are
you talking about?
What are you talking
about New York, Marco?
You better tell them you are
not going, because you are not
Shut Up, Shut up!
What is going to
happen with me and your sister?
You're not taking
away my granddaughter from me
Open the door, Marco.
Open the fucking door!
Ivan, Uncle Ivan!
Hey what's up man?
Yeah you know I'm doing my
thing, I'm hooking people line up
and all that: You
know what I'm saying?
Ah uh?
Oh OK, you got a job for me?
Oh yeah. Hold it, hold it, hold.
Look at me, look at
me, look at me...
Beautiful smile
You have beautiful teeth.
You know your home girl made
the most amazing connect
in the club last night.
This guy named Neil. This
guy knows everybody,
this guy is big time
Wait, wait, wait
flight "SU315" Moscow
OK. As soon as he gets there
call me, I'll be there.
Wait... wait... wait...
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
Going in for the kill
Tienes tremendo culo
Oh yeah
Wait, wait...
Put the leg up here
here... put your leg up here...
put it like...
Perfect, that's
fucking awesome.
You are ready; I'm going
to get you a fucking
unicycle I swear to God
Hi! Monique This is
Barbie, Barbie - Monique.
Barbie does a
pretzel thing; f you stick
around she will do it again.
All right...
What the fuck did I do to you?
What you need to do is go
play a little sister OK?
Put the leg up!
Boo! Oh Shit
Ha, ha, ha, yeah
Yeah. You thought you
were getting robbed.
Girl. Girl.
So, where the kidnapers are?
Over there...
Come over here.
You are not from here huh?
Huh hmmm...
Yes and no.
I grew up in Sweet-water.
But I'm not like those bitches
You know at first I thought
that you and Lisa were sisters?
Me and Lisa
met at Friday's
and she needed a
roommate so I kind of...
Joined her.
Permission to ask
a question sir
Go ahead private
What do you want?
In life...
What do I want?
Mm hum mm...
Well, shit I would
like to pay off
that truck. Not that!
I don't know, I never
really thought of it.
I don't know I guess I would
like to be the opposite
of what people see
I don't know.
Tow that family that is
stranded in the rain?
Is that crazy?
I want to be saw in half by
a magician. I took wood shop!
Bull Shit, you took typing.
Come on get up
Show me your truck.
Come on
Raul, stop the truck...
What? Stop the truck please.
Come on!
Yo, Nikki
Nikki, Where are you going?
I was such a dreamer type kid...
You know my mom once
bit me with the water hose?
Just because I didn't want
to get out the baby pool...
She almost broke my nose
I remember she drained it...
And then I wait for
her to go back inside,
so I can fill it up again.
Then she'd yell at me
about the water bill.
But I didn't care.
I just wanted to be in there.
Just a little bit longer...
A long enough to see
if my pruning skin will
turn me into a mermaid
Clearly that didn't happen.
What's up?
Fuck! You care!
Oye, oye!
Since I'm not going to be
around I need you to step it up.
Oh! Now you want me to step
up because DeeDee has
your balls in her purse?
Come on! For real Mo...
You know you sound just like Mom
and that fucking
impossive shit.
You don't even know what the
fuck you are talking about?
Listen, I have to raise a
family here, your niece.
And this house it's
too fucking crowed OK?
I got to do something
about it OK?
I got to take the lead here...
It's not like I'm
abandoning you OK?
I'm not going to
die like papi did...
Well, maybe you should.
You fucking bitch
You got no respect
How the fuck you dare
to tell me to die!
Do it!
Hey baby Look what I got
I swear to God
you... you...
are like, like, like Betty
Crocker bringing me the red
spoon promise Baby
So, you still want
to come up with me?
No, no, no, no, no...
You will see how I come up
You need a bitch like me right?
I need a bitch
like you...
Damn Neil, you came quick
Oh yeah? I
promise... that won't
happen again.
Take a seat; I'll be a minute OK?
Where the fuck are you?
Call me...
Neil is here
Hey! Show me how it's done.
What are you talking about?
What happened?
So, you like
the white car huh?
Yup! A friend of yours?
He will be...
Is that why everybody
loves you huh?
You are going to
be my little sidekick!
Shit you are my sidekick honey!
Hell no!
What's up?
My guy is on his way, and
he should be here soon...
Hey, you cool?
Because you walking
around, shit bothers me.
Strippers do that,
and I got to tip them.
You know what I mean?
Hum, Can I get you
a drink or something?
No, no, no, no... let's
do this...
Wait, wait... Hmmm...
I think he just text me,
Let me see.
What are
we sitting in the dark for...?
You want to see what I do?
You are going to set me up?
No! Huh? I'm gonna let
everyone not to fuck with you...
Stupid ass trick!
Finally got that boy huh?
But now we got
to see what it got.
Do we have a brick?
Or do we have a hand
full of shit...
Ha ha ha. It's time to play a
little game I like to call.
"Strip the Whip"
So many choices...
We know this boy
is dirty. What will it be?
Weed, Guns, Meth, Pills, Money
You can win it all,
but where is it at?
Let me take a look
in the glove box
Is it in the glove box?
But feel free to read
the owner's manual...
I'm sure you want
to hear about how
to check the oil... don't you?
Let me pop the trunk
Let's pop the trunk!
Yeah right
The only thing back
there is a baby stroller
and a spare tire. Come on Man!
You got to be better
than that...
Let me go to the doors.
If Panel doesn't giggle loose,
move on
It's only a tease...
How about the
front seat though.
That's a prime spot
for at least a pistol.
All there is here is some
lint and a gum wrapper.
The back seat.
You are better off
making babies back there boy!
You want to play
with the big dogs,
You need to think
like the pentagon...
James motherfucking Bond
That High tech shit!
This bitch got to
have a switch...
Let's hit that
switch And claim that price
Because the hydraulic
stash box is like hitting the lotto.
What the fuck!
I've been calling you and
calling you, and Neil got
to go somewhere else and I was
fucking stuck with this shit.
Can you call him back?
No I can't.
Yes you can!
Shut the fuck up.
You don't get it...
I fucking told you this
I put you down my people,
my connects and you
fucked it up.
It's like you are a little kid.
Relax Lisa. No, fuck that!
I got you out here
to make money.
I got to make my paper and
you made me look like a dick
in front of Neil, because you are
fucking around with this bitch!
Who are you fucking
talking to Bitch!
Hey! What the fuck?
Hey... Hey...
chill the fuck up, Chill, Chill
I'm going to handle this shit.
Fuck up. Get off of me.
Listen to me, do me a favor
I'm going to handle this.
Call Neil back!
He is fucking spooked!
Yo Jimmy
Hey Raul, what's up man?
Oye, I need to come by...
OK, why?
You got something?
Yeah, I just got a
brand new load and I have
to get rid off it right now.
OK, fuck yeah!
Come by, come by the house I'm here, come
Come in you are late.
You are late "ya empezo el
Hey, hey,
Raul, Raul, Raul...
How is it going man?
How are you?
Fuck you Jimmy!
Listen to me, bro,
listen to me she came
by I told her we
couldn't see each other.
Well ME and YOU are done bitch.
Do you hear me?
Raul, listen to me a second...
Hey she said that...
Listen to me; I don't
have fucking friends
that fuck little girls
Who the fuck told you
we were friends huh?
Who said we were friends?
Grab your shit, we are leaving.
OK, OK, you think you are the
only guy got something for sale?
Huh? Everybody is a
fucking salesman.
Hey u
What's up man?
You all right bro?
Yeah, yeah.
It just a lot of shit.
Lisa and Nikki just pulled a "Mayweather"
in their living room.
What? They fought...
Full scrap out and
everything man...
And then...
It's just a lot of crazy ass people.
And gets old real quick man.
Yeah, that's why I'm thinking
to get the fuck out of here.
My job wants
me to go to New York,
man; More money...
get away Me, Dee
Dee, little mama...
That's... that's
great man. MARCO: Yeah bro,
I always liked what you
and DeeDee have man
she rides for you.
Would be nice to have that too.
What do I have, bro?
I work so fucking much
I don't have the chance
to enjoy her any of it.
She is gone
You know where she went?
This Is Nikki, I'm off doing me.
So catch me if
you can... ha ha ha.
Leave a message, Bye!"
Nice right here
man, You haven't seen things
like this in your life.
Take two of these like titties
They are fucking nice man
They are throwaways, you
always need throwaways.
You want them or what?
Hell yeah
I want them. VLADIMIR:
Somebody is gonna be limping.
Man, Ivan is
gonna love these man.
I have coke too...
Yeah? How much?
Third of a key. Done.
Give him the money, man.
Give him
the money Uri...
See this is what
I'm talking about.
You always looking around man,
you are missing opportunities
Listen, listen... look.
You leave the stuff here,
the money will come.
We get it connected like Tetris.
You know that's a
Russian video game right?
It's all
about little pieces
and they make one big piece!
All right Vlad, don't fuck me.
Don't fuck him...
How I'm going to fuck him?
You will try to fuck him...
because you are a nasty bitch!
Nasty bitch, yes!
Nasty bitch, YEAH!!!
"Hi! This Is Nikky, I'm off be doing
me... so catch me
if you can... ha ha ha.
Leave a message, Bye!"
Hey Ivan...
Uncle, Uncle Ivan.
Come check this out man.
I got some coke too.
All for the mob,
by I'm ready Ivan.
I've been waiting on this.
Huh? Look at this, look at these
guns man, look at these guns.
Look at that, look at that...
What are you doing?
Put those fucking
things down man.
What's your problem?
There is no mob Vladimir.
Where do you get this idea
the stories man.
I want to do what you do, you know.
It was long time ago...
I grew up.
Maybe you should quit watching
cartoons and grow up as well
There is no illegitimate
What about the girls?
The girls that's mob.
No, it's not mob with the
girls, I have clients that sometimes call.
For me to get the deal have
to have a little bit of favors.
So I bring them in and maybe
they do unsavory things.
But for the billionth and one time...
Look at me Look at me Look at
me, there is no mob, all right?
Here are my businesses:
I have a lunch truck.
You work on the lunch
truck, you remember?
Yeah, yeah.
You remember?
Yes I do remember.
Look at me, Also I
have a coin laundry...
You been there too, no?
Yeah. That's all... all
right, so...
Why don't you go get your head
examined and get this shit
out of my house right now.
Before I box your ears.
Yeah, but...
Get out of my house before I
box your ears, come on...
Get out All right
There is not a Wege.
There is not Wage in it.
God damn it!
Smoothie. URI: Smoocie
French fries.
All right that wasn't that bad.
French fries.
Smoothie... NO
I'm IN!
Jimmy! What the fuck man, you
guys think this is Starbucks
and you just walk right in?
I mean... Can I get you a
mocha fucking latte or something?
Sure do you deep
rinse balls too?
Come on man, I don't have
a lot of fucking time man
You got the yay?
Yeah, money?
Yeah baby, yeah, it's all here.
Count that
Give me that, you
can't count, man?
You are thinking about
banging horses back home?
It's there, it's there
It's a little short
What do you mean
it's a little short?
You know whom I'm with?
Russian mob.
Russians, you know what
Russia invented man?
AK-47! the monorail
You gonna mess with somebody
that created the monorail man?
I apologize, all right?
I apologize.
I thought you guys
were Valet's all right?
Look Vlad, take the money, man.
It's all I got, all right?
At least it's more that
what you guys make in tips.
Hey! Carol?
What's up?
It's Nikki here?
No. Haven't you seen her?
No, I called her a few times;
Lisa told me what happened...
But, she didn't pick up.
All right, thanks.
She wiped me out, bro.
That little bitch stole
all my fucking money.
I'm going to kick her
fucking ass, I swear to God!
Let me tell you something
man, I got to come back here,
If you snitch, you
call the cops,
I'm going to paint
your ass to the wall
like fucking home
depot. No, no, no.
Let's go...
Ok, Ok, Ok...
Where is Monique?
I don't know, all right.
I'm having a
bad fucking day so,
just fucking
Hey, hey, hey...
Listen to me, piece of Shit.
She stole her brother's
money, I know you seeing her,
don't fuck with me Jimmy
I haven't seeing
her all right bro?
I haven't seeing her...
Last time I saw her you
fucking took her away.
You are lying piece of shit
Hey! Open the door.
Upgraded the wheels uh?
What's going on with
the Valet spot?
I quit that shit man.
I'm working for Ivan now; You
know he got me locked down.
This is a rental Vlad...
Not after I chop
this bad boy, dog!
Welcome. HI
Oh yeah... no.
Relax baby, that's not
your new hubbie relax.
That's not your hubbie...
Come, I'll seat you over here.
Let's get you over here girl.
Get in there.
Vlad, how I'm supposed
to fit this shit?
Like this.
Ha, ha, ha, let's go.
Hey, what are
you doing with my bag?
Those are my clothes.
Look baby, you are getting
ready to marry a rich American,
learn how to say "Neaman Marcus".
I'm telling you man these
mail order brides take it
to the old school
way of things man,
all you got to do is put
a roof over their head.
Come home and fuck, ha, ha, ha.
I can get you a good deal.
I'm good Vlad, I don't need
to buy a Russian bride.
Look man, all these
women out here.
It's just as bought and paid
for man, But is all disguised
into some bullshit
courtship, you understand?
Why settle for mutt
bucket domestic
When you can get
top dime import
What's this?
What did you do with the
rest of my shit Vlad?
I had a client man, he
was on some bad wiring
and he didn't want
to take the plunge.
But listen I got my boy
Neil on deck, all right?
Yo man, stop that shit.
I knew I've never fucking
fronted you anything man...
Hey look when did I ever
try you about money, man?
Don't touch me.
When did I ever try you
about money, man, ah?
Stop telling me one thing
and doing another you were
fucking stringing me along
all day.
Knowing you were not going
to have my fucking money
Stringing you along,
stringing you all?
You needed to hang out
man; You are walking
around like your dog died ok?
I tried to cheer
you up by witnessing
all my glory. I got
to be honest Ra...
You are kind of pissing
on the parade man.
Your parade is balling
on my fucking expense.
And you are making excuses.
Stop feeding me bullshit Vlad.
You ain't got my back Raul?
When the fuck did I show
you anything different?
That's what I'm saying... trust
me. I don't trust that shit.
Why not?
You are a fucking fraud.
Everybody knows that shit
You exaggerate everything
in your life and walk
around like you are
someone you are not.
Get the fuck out of here...
you shit. OK, whatever, let
me tell you something man.
At least I'm living my dream.
What dream?
And I'm not a some selfish trip.
My boys are my boys
and they got my back.
What do you got?
Hello! Monique?
Wait, what are you
talking about? Relax.
Get the fuck out
here motherfucker...
Or I'll shoot through
the fucking door!
Marco, you
have the wrong guy.
Marco I love him. I fucking love
you your whole life. I take care
of you; I do everything for you
Monique and you fucking steal
from me; And you let this
fucking rapist fuck you!
Get the fuck out of there
you motherfucker. You
fucking pussy!!!
Get out and be a man
for once in your fucking life!
Come on man chill the
fuck out, put the gun away.
Did you know about this?
Huh? Did you?
Look, think about your
family; Think about DeeDee
and Maya. Jimmy is
a piece of shit.
He's not worth killing, let's
get the fuck out of here.
Get the fuck off me motherfucker
you are not my friend; You are
just lowlife fucking
All you care about
is saving your client
Jimmy, you can
keep that little bitch.
Fuck all Yall
I'm getting the fuck out of
here all you fuckers deserve
each other.
I saw you called.
Listen if you are going to play
with my head, the least you can
do is let me know; We would've
fucked; Been done with it,
And I wouldn't be
losing my mind right now.
I just I thought you
needed some time, OK?
Are you kidding me?
Look, what I'm trying
to say is...
You love something else more.
You are full of shit.
And you are full of lies.
Remember when I asked
you what you wanted?
You remember what you told me?
What are you talking about?
God, Raul, OK I get
it, I get it...
You love money, you love it.
But what is it going
to do for you?
What is it going to do for you?
Look. Look. Listen,
No, wait, let me finish...
You love money like it's going
to make you fucking happy!
It's not going to
make you happy!
Why are you playing with me?
I'm not playing
with you. What
you disappeared for?
You come back here now and
you tell me all this nonsense?
I don't know Raul, I don't know.
But I'm here.
Coo Raul,
There is something different
about you bro...
You getting pussy?
I'm just saying
because pussy doesn't
like broke people right?
So, do me a favor and
go make some money.
Today is a busy
day bro; t's a busy day.
Manolo let me in, bro.
Hey baby!
I was just thinking about you!
Listen to me
You know anybody
that can move some
E, right now?
Ahhh... I don't know...
Can you go over and ask her?
Ok. Ok cool get back to me.
You know anybody that
wants to move some E?
Shit! Everybody.
OK, start making your calls.
You know I won that fight, right?
Listen to me, Take
this, I don't need it.
I'm good; Take care
of your family.
Take it. OK bro, All right.
Thanks. I got you.
Hey of course, Sure.
I got rave downtown 300.
I got somebody that
will take 200 right now.
OK, sweet.
All right cool, I'll
be right there.
All right I got to go.
I got to go I got some
people I got to meet up with.
Hey! You have some extra?
Extras? We can roll tonight
Ok. Let's party tonight!
You know what Vlad?
I used to think that you are
full of shit my man... real talk
but you actually do good
business; You hear me?
All we got to do it's
actually stay out of jail.
You know what I'm saying?
Oh thats what's up?
Stay up all right?
You too, bro. I got your
money Ra... ha ha ha.
That's what the fuck
I'm talking about.
Ready to party?
Let me tell you something
man, it all starts with us.
We don't need Ivan; We run the
city; You know what I'm saying?
We got the club, We got
Vodka, we got rolls ah?
What's that?
...Nipples for the farm boy!
Are you going to
get me in the club?
Let's do it!
All right.
OK, check this out, I go
into room two eleven right?
Take the drink car up there.
We got fucking Batman and Robin.
Father and son.
Tag teaming cat woman.
Can you believe that shit?
I got the Dark
Knight doing the Eiffel tower,
right in front of my face
they don't miss a beat.
And I just take the drink car
in there start setting it up.
They are just fucking
pounding her dude.
Hold on, hold on. I'll be back.
Hello. Hello!!
Hey, tell me I'm the best.
You are the best baby
why, what's going on?
I sold all the pills baby,
I got rid of all of them
and I tacked on an
extra $50 bucks!
So, you know!
Oye dale,
Go ahead and book the...
Book the tickets to New York,
We are going to find a place.
Oh my God!
So, what are you going
to say to your mom?
I don't care, I don't care.
I am taking the weekend
off baby.
Fuck it! I love you,
I love you so much.
Good Job. Ok, I love
you too baby.
Bye. Bye.
I have something for you.
My friends hooked it up
They know you run shit.
So, does this mean... I'm
your girl?
I'm going to name my
dick after you baby!
Make sure everybody is having
a good time, all right.
Hey Vlad, Hey Uri is not taking
any of the beans man. What?
Hey look man, Hey... better
tuck in that tampon boy,
I'll telling you right
now I'm payed
for these pills man you
better take one dog;
Don't make me waste
my money man,
You got to be doing
this shit right here;
That's where you need
to be right here baby.
Frisk! Look at that like an officer of
the god damn law dog, Look at that shit!
Come in. Hey, are
you coming with us?
No, I'm going to wait for Raul.
So, you and Raul, huh?
He is cool.
Yeah So when you
guys get bored,
maybe you can swing by the club.
I'm sure it won't be a problem.
Well I'm ready to go.
You Sure are
I'm going to finish my hair.
So, what you are going
to be for Halloween?
An angel, obviously
An angel? Yeap
Yeah. Let me show you how things are done.
You see this
right here?
It's going to open up every pore
in your body. A little cosmic journey
You know what I'm saying...
You know what this is,
I see the way you
are looking at it right?
Uri, what's up buddy?
Got you off that farm huh?
No your on a farm of
titties, right?
Charlie boy is feeling it?
This shit right here...
It's this shit right
here. What's up Coco?
What is that?
Don't be scared girl
it will blow you up.
Awesome. You like that?
I just want you to fly with me
You want to fly with me?
What's up kitty cat?
I want to talk to you.
I was thinking, that I want
you to move in with me. I want
to take care of you baby
It will be fun
We can get a dog.
What's a good dog's name?
Peanut. Peanut?
No, no, no We'll
name it asshole
He is going to shit and pee
all over the house
God, I'm crazy about you
I'm crazy about you.
What's up Baby?
Nothing, just wondering when
you are going to come through.
I'll be there soon; I
can't wait to see you.
I can't wait to see YOU.
You really
stepped up for everyone.
I'm proud of you.
You will be even prouder when
you see what I'm doing tonight.
Tell me. No, I'm not
going to tell you nothing.
Well, fine.
Hurry! Or I'm going
to start without you!
All right, I'll see
you in a little bit.
You got a big stick tonight!
Yeah, baby.
Hey, Jesus.
Whatever they want all right?
On the house.
Oye, Lorenzo!
Yo, what's up Raul?
I got to get going man.
What do you mean you
got to get going?
I need you tonight
until four papi...
You know how much money
there is to be made tonight?
Cool? I got a date
See you tomorrow.
...he got a date?
You like my man?
Kiss her! What?
You want me to kiss her?
Yeah, but you have to turn me on
I don't know about this stuff.
You don't look so good Charlie.
What's up you want more?
Vlad, this stuff not good.
Maybe you need to
shut the fuck up,
And You, you need to
open your heart...
This is all about connecting
to the ones you love
and the energy.
Oh Shit! This bitch is ODing on me dog,
Fuck! Do I take her to
the bathroom or what?
Uri let's get her to
the bathroom Char...
Charlie, Charlie,
Charlie, Charlie Breathe!
Breathe Charlie, Charlie breath,
breath, Charlie, Charlie,
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie
You, you kill us You kill
because you hate me, You
never like me; You liar.
You a fake, you are a fake?
Get off me!
You don't kill me.
What the fuck is
going on in here?
Because I kill you!
Vlad, what's going on?
Raul, the pills the
pills are bunk.
What? The pills, The pills. Vlad...
where are you at,
what's going on man?
I'm at Jackson; Jackson!
May I help you sir?
Vladimir, I don't know his
last name. I know he is here,
he just called me.
Is this your friend?
the fuck is going on?
I think the pills I
gave you are fucked up,
bro. What do you mean
they are fucked up?
Listen to me, who
did you give them to?
Everybody dog, Listen, I
can't get a hold of anybody; Go
by the club; See if
the girls are there.
Wait, wait, wait,
what Jimmy's club?
Oh, Fuck! What the fuck?
Ivan, you see that guy?
That is Vladimir
friend that is
where he gets all
the stuff from...
He is responsible, He
took away my family.
Ivan I will show you, I
will take care of this guy.
Pay back's a butch, eh?
Lisa, Lisa Hey you ok?
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa...
Somebody get me some help.
Hey get me some help!
Somebody help me... Please!
Somebody call for help!!!
No, baby, baby, baby, No, no,
no, no, come on, Please don't,
please don't, please don't.
No, no, no, Wake up,
wake up, wake up.
Come on, come on,
let's go, let's go,
we are going to get
you some help.
Hey bro, where are you at?
; Some chick died in front me pick me up!
Help me, help
me, she is dying,
please help me she is dying.
Fuck you man, my
girl was here first.
Please help her.
No! I said no!
Hey fuck you!
She is just a little baby. You cock
sucking mother fuck
Somebody help me.
Somebody help me; Please.
NOOOOO! Motherfucker!
Nikki, Nikki, Nikki.
Tell me you
didn't take the pill?
Fuck! Come on, let's go!
Let's go get help.
Wait... where are you going?
No don't shoot him!
Are you crazy?
Did we just crash?
Don't worry about it baby.
You are going to be fine.
You hear me?
Ok... Talk to me...
This is all my fault!
I'm so sorry baby
I never meant
for you to get you involved like this...
Nikki don't fall
sleep, don't fall sleep.
Baby talk to me
You tell me something...
I'm here for you baby, NIKKI: Talk
to me...
Keep talking to me
baby, stay up, stay up...
Come on!
Talk to me!
Baby I was going
to take you to the ocean.
That's what
I had planed baby.
You hear me?
I love the ocean...
Stay with me... I
know you do, I know you do.
I want to be a mermaid.
That's right
baby, talk to me.
Keep talking to me.
My pet parrot... Do you love me
Nikki, I never loved
any one until I met you.
Stay with me baby.
Do you hear me?
You are the only
person I wanna love.
I love you Raul.
I love you too!
We are almost there,
I'm going to take you
to the hospital, and you
are going to be fine baby.
I'm not playing this game
anymore; We are going
to start a whole new life
together baby, Just me
and you, just me and you!
Stay awake baby, Nikki
stay awake, Nikki, Nikki!
Nikki please, Baby wake up,
Nikki, talk to me baby please,
say something baby please.
Wake up, wake up, please Nikki!