Eerie Fairy Tales (2019) Movie Script

I like this book.
You're wondering why?
This is why:
There are no words!
Thus I'm free to choose
what to read into it.
Why would one need pages of strange words,
when one has everything up here?
I could tell you a story, or two -
or three, should you care to listen
knowing that these are ---
Are you closed?
I rang a couple of times.
What's the matter with you?
Were you sleeping?
I Yes, I was.
At this hour there are scarcely any guests.
I had to close the door earlier,
as the rain was getting in.
God, I must have slept like a top.
Ten letters down.
'In reality' - 'Actually'.
Welcome to our
A lady of your class
would hardly call it a hotel.
Are you driving?
I didn't hear you coming.
- You were asleep, right?
So I was, yes.
Where is it?
- The car.
Oh. Behind the house.
You could have driven right up.
Now you've got all wet.
I didn't know.
I haven't taken this route before.
Driving to the town, right?
Where else?
Well I thought,
perhaps out of the town.
So be it.
It's not actually my business.
You probably want a bite to eat?
We're the only tavern for miles.
No. I'll have a coffee.
A strong one.
Do you wish to be seated?
No, I'll stay here.
The coffee is still hot.
Cream? Sugar?
Give me some wine.
You are driving.
Yes, I remember.
Go on.
Are you sure no cream?
I brew a strong cup of coffee.
That wine there.
That one there.
Perhaps you'd like me to change
the station?
No, it's fine.
Ghastly weather to drive in.
You're very keen on talking.
- I can shut up, if you prefer.
So talk.
I haven't talked to anyone today.
The new road they built
means less visitors for us.
There are hardly any left.
We'll probably close down soon.
You are so wet.
Did you park far from here?
When I was driving here
I thought I hit an animal
I braked, got out of the car -
I walked back a little - not a trace.
I'm sure I hit it.
Perhaps it was too dark?
No, I have a torch.
Look, it might not have been
an animal at all.
What was it then?
What direction did it come from?
The woods were on my left
from the fields.
Then it was not an animal.
What then?
You've already said that.
A werewolf.
- That's what.
Well, how about that
On nights like this they run around.
Good heavens
You are serious about it.
In a place like this it's routine.
We live in the past.
What past?
- This village is a thousand years old.
- Yes.
It was a site for human sacrifice
and later of witch-hunts.
Are you trying to scare me?
- No. I'm telling the truth.
That's even worse.
I could really get scared.
But do you know where we are?
So, where?
- In a graveyard.
- Exactly.
This tavern is built
right on the top of the graves.
Hah! I've got you!
Got me where?
You are talking about a history
going back a thousand years.
Who would build a tavern
in the middle of a graveyard?
Did I say it was
an ordinary graveyard?
Stop dodging.
- I'm not.
This is where they buried
the ones who were caught.
Who were caught?
- Those. Like the one you hit.
Witches, werewolves, all those.
They were buried here?
- Right here.
Under our feet
- You can feel it, can't you?
Feel what?
Them suffering beneath us,
never at peace.
If you don't feel it up here,
let's go down to the cellar
Are you out of your mind?
Actually, they are still afraid
of this place.
And it's Friday the 13th.
Here that means a curse.
That's why we are
alone here tonight.
Come on
Keep talking. I don't believe
a single word you've said.
What was that? My heart stops!
- So here we go
Is that those
- What, witches and werewolves?
Beginning to believe me now?
God, again! What is that?!
Calm down now. It's upstairs.
It's the landlord's brother.
A human being?
- Of course a human being.
Why does he scream like that?
- He is well a little mixed up.
A madman?
- Right!
Is he dangerous?
- As a rule he is quiet.
This storm is making him nervous.
And the howling of the wolves
Where is he?
On the upper floor.
Right above us.
That does it!
Beneath is a cemetery,
above a madman is screaming.
Around the house werewolves are lurking.
Don't be so jumpy.
I won't stay for another second!
Look now, calm down.
It's all right.
There's just a sick person upstairs.
But you said he's dangerous.
- I said nothing of the kind.
Besides, he's locked up, I tell you.
- Yes.
This place has strong log doors.
Besides, I'm with you.
That's one of the reasons. I don't think
there's one normal person around here!
I'm not a local. I've lived here
only for a month.
A month?
But you talk as if you'd
lived here your whole life!
All this history
I'm related to the owner.
He gave me this job, out of kindness.
He entertains the customers
with ghost stories.
I'm learning the tricks of the trade.
That's perverse.
You seriously scared me.
I've noticed that fear brings us closer.
The memory of fear prompts us to enjoy
our every moment.
To take what's best in life.
To pursue happiness.
You are a weird man.
You should have chosen
another profession.
Working here has opened my eyes.
I am quite satisfied.
Perhaps you'll walk me to my car?
But perhaps you'll stay?
You don't actually
want to go, do you?
I don't know. It's getting late.
Soon it will be midnight.
All the more reason.
Let's stay for awhile.
When Friday the 13th is over,
you can go on with your journey.
Unless you should reconsider.
And what was that remark
supposed to mean?
You could stay here.
Why should you go racing off
on a night like this?
We could both have a glass or two.
But you're not supposed
to drink either.
I don't think we'll have
any more guests.
I don't really know
You look a bit tired.
Perhaps you're right.
I'll pour you some wine.
The same? Or another?
The same, please.
We have some really good red wine.
No, white.
As you wish.
But honestly, do you actually
believe these stories you tell?
I really don't know.
I never cared for
folklore or legends.
You are being skeptical simply
because you're a man.
Actually... do believe all this.
Believe in fear.
Conquering one's fears makes one strong.
- But not toying with them.
- No, you haven't.
There you are:
it's me who has to encourage you!
But don't be alarmed:
soon it will be midnight...
...and a new day is due to begin!
You're quoting me in the wrong context.
I won't argue with you.
Here's to you!
So be it.
To us!
He's especially troubled tonight.
He sort of senses things.
Something is about to happen
I don't want to hear it.
I'd rather drink.
If you're having another, it means
I can't allow you to drive.
You would have to stay.
Do I really need to spell it out for you?
Oh, I see.
How about taking this bottle
and going up to my room?
To your room
I know, it sounds very unambiguous
But I agree.
Is your car locked?
Yes, of course.
Nothing too valuable inside?
The only thing of value is me.
Which means, we'd better take you up
and guard you throughout the night.
I do tend to lose myself
every now and then.
- What?
Someone's coming.
- Who?
Driving from the city. Look.
Couldn't you close up?
I don't feel like facing anyone.
All right, I'll tell them we're
closed for maintenance.
Don't start explaining things.
Can't you just close up?
No, no deal. That's the landlord.
- What?
It's a motorcycle.
Look, only one headlight.
Let's go upstairs!
I can't, not with a customer
But if I introduce you as a long-time
lady friend, he mightn't object.
You're a coward!
I can't risk my position
But Wait
Can't you just
Come back
Come back
Oh, the weather, the weather!
Oh, the weather
Some brandy, some brandy!
A customer?
You've opened a bottle.
A young lady just left.
The coffee is still warm
Yes, she went about a minute ago.
I didn't see anyone.
- Well, she parked behind the house.
I would like to meet anyone
who is able to park there!
Has he been going on like this?
Yes, for a while.
He's been quite calm lately.
But then again, around
this time of the year
What's the date?
Friday, the 13th.
It was today.
It was a night exactly like this.
I am talking about...
...the night this thing...
...happened to my brother.
This thing?
This thing that has confined him
to a locked room.
What happened?
We were young men back then.
The two of us managed
the place together.
I was about to go to the city;
he stayed behind the counter.
It was very quiet in here.
And suddenly
From out of nowhere...
...a woman enters.
Where she appeared from... idea.
But as she approached
beauty, real beauty.
I started to delay my departure,
made myself busy with nothing.
I glimpse at her
she smiles.
I remember so vividly:
she had black coffee and white wine.
Black and white.
I was trying to crack a joke about that,
but she was from another world.
She took no interest in my jokes.
Black and white
Finally I left.
And then?
When I returned
Bruno was no longer
the man I knew.
He was lying on the floor up in his room;
he didn't respond to anyone.
But I could see in his eyes...
...that he was an entirely different person.
Or creature.
Bruno was lost...
...for good.
And that woman?
Was gone.
Just a passer-by.
But talk spread around the village.
It was said that this
had happened before.
On a night of the Friday 13th...
...a beautiful young woman appears.
She seduces a man and robs him
of his senses at midnight.
That that's what happened to Bruno.
One of the old men
in the village claimed...
...he had escaped one like her
in his youth.
I was really annoyed.
A tragedy strikes...
...and they turn it into a folk tale.
I'm not local myself, so they
put on this show for me.
I'll go and see Bruno
and then turn in.
Let's make up the accounts
tomorrow, right?
What are you sulking about?
You got scared?
No, no
These stories are fine stuff to tell...
...but, actually, we are grown men.
We don't actually...
...believe these stories,
do we now?
Not actually.
Hear, hear! We all await our time;
be it quick or slow to come.
But some have a
very long period of ---
A massive, impenetrable stone wall.
Natural formation?
No: manmade.
And suddenly - a door.
The only entrance to the
top secret Nazi research center,
the likes of which sprang up
in Europe during the war.
The war ended 75 years ago, but the
doors to this bunker remain closed.
For decades, it's been whispered
that behind these walls
the Nazis stored an unknown flying object -
a crashed UFO.
Can that be?
For the generation following the Nazis,
these doors never opened.
The area is crawling with armed guards.
As the Access to Information Act
was passed this year,
several top secret institutions took
pains to guard their activities.
As a surprise, this bunker agreed
to open its doors to the media.
So why aren't we inside?
Because, as of today, this establishment
is under investigation by Interpol.
In the last six months,
several leading reporters and cameramen
have passed through these doors
to unveil the truth.
But the truth has not been unveiled.
No one has any recollection of the time
spent in this facility.
Their memory cards and recording
devices - wiped clean.
Are illegal procedures of brain
manipulation conducted here?
Two months ago, our top reporter,
Marianne Bttel, entered here.
She can't recall a thing.
I can't recall a thing.
And yet, we can see her signature
on the paper that says:
'Please allow me to forget
everything I witnessed here.'
So what is the truth?
Ten minutes ago, two Interpol
investigators went through these doors.
Perhaps they will give us some answers.
Markus Anderson, channel A+.
Please, hurry!
I can't go on like this!
I can't!
How long will it take?
- About ten seconds.
God, I can't!
Help! Help!
Why can't I forget it?!
How about you?
Here we go.
What do you make of it?
I can't make head or tail of this.
What's in the syringe?
Developed in this very lab.
The FDA has its reservations.
As do the police.
- Why the police?
According to the dose, it wipes up to
thirty minutes of one's memories.
Just think:
a criminal could forget a murder
and no lie detector would pick it up.
Negative side effects?
Trust me, it's been tested
for a very long time.
How long?
It was developed in
the early spring of 1945.
Wasn't that when the supposed
UFO crash occurred?
Quite right.
On the second of February.
So you actually claim
to store a UFO here?
Of course.
Perhaps complete with the aliens?
An alien. In singular.
Damn, this is bullshit
According to you, everyone who's
been granted access here
has willingly erased from their
memory the sight of the UFO?
Or the alien?
Seems so.
Some things are too strange for us.
One goes into shock.
You seem to be
dealing with it fine?
I'm used to it. Been employed here
for the best part of my life.
Seen the alien yourself?
What there is to be seen.
You've got security systems, monitors -
why can't we see the UFO from here?
I presume our technology
fails near the object, right?
Once you enter that elevator...
...neither your phones
nor watches will function...
...not to mention the cameras.
How are we to conduct an investigation
with nothing working?
Old school methods. Pen and paper.
We'll write it down and
draw up a report.
So, if you're ready
Perhaps you'd care to take a look
at the mandatory paperwork?
That's our provisory light.
We'll lose the electricity soon.
So how are we supposed
to get back up?
The elevator's engine is upstairs.
We'll descend to hangar number one.
How many hangars are there in total?
And that's where
What's the daily number
of personnel here?
And the armed guard outside.
You alone?
I'm the maintenance engineer.
We work in shifts.
Then who is investigating the UFO?
How to put it
There's really
nothing much to investigate.
What do you mean?
No changes in the condition of the object
have been observed in the last 75 years.
I'm here just to inform
headquarters if needed.
But, presuming you do have
an alien here
Is it alive?
As far as I know.
As far as you know?
Where is it?
Hard to say.
Hold it
Are you saying it's
moving about freely?
It couldn't very well be locked up.
You've got an alien at large?!
I didn't sign up for this!
We are here to do our job!
Want to be a laughing stock?
The media hounds are out there!
Care to explain this alien business?
The pilot has been free to
move around since the landing.
For seventy-five years?
It doesn't perceive time
as we do.
Or matter.
So it's
You're saying
it's a shape-shifter?
A black cat today,
a seductive maiden tomorrow
You must be confusing it
with the Devil, inspector.
But it poses no danger to us?
It's reported to have said -
telepathically - even back in 1945...
...that it's merely waiting
to leave again.
That means?
Direct sunlight is harmful to it,
so it waits here in the caves.
For what?
Until it's device refuels.
Charges up.
I thought there was an emergency landing.
There was, in a sense -
it ran out of fuel, so to speak.
And what does this device
use for fuel?
Strong ones.
Nobody ever accused me of emotionalism,
so I presume I'm quite safe.
You're pulling our leg?
He's pulling our leg!
Is this Candid Camera?
You have a 'love station' here?
You assume love is
the strongest emotion.
Well, it's not.
Fear is the strongest emotion.
Agony, extreme anguish.
This device is fueled by
Why else did it land here?
Think about it.
The end of the war.
The whole world is suffering.
Europe is burning.
Concentration camps.
Atomic bomb.
Our planet was like a lit up
gas station in the desert.
Like a free buffet table
to a starving man.
Why didn't it leave then?
Say, after Hiroshima?
Were these sufferings not enough?
I don't know.
As if it's still
waiting for something
So, gentlemen.
Are you ready?
Is that the alien?
More likely it's transportation device.
How does it persist?
The greatest scientists in their field
have not found an answer in 75 years.
Don't expect me to explain it
in a few sentences.
What's it made of?
Traditionally, of nothing.
It's like a mirage.
We refer to it as 'The Thought'.
Presumably it can jump between universes
and dimensions at the speed of thought.
Can one touch it?
It would be like touching light.
How did they get it inside here?
It's the other way around.
This here is a natural cave.
The research center was built
around the object.
Does it do anything?
What do you mean?
Something that makes people
want to forget it?
It gazes into you.
In what sense?
It shows you yourself, as if through
a mirror. Everything evil in you.
Why should there be something evil in me?
You are a police officer, after all.
I remember reading that you once
shot two armed criminals.
And you, detective - aren't you a
former member of the SWAT team?
Inspector, return to the lab and make notes
before it starts to affect your mind.
But it's
It's my horse
What horse?
It broke its leg
And I had to
A horse? I can't see any
It's a dog!
It's Pontius
My police dog
It caught rabies and
We never think of how much
we wrong those around us.
But here
Here it becomes clear to us
in a single minute.
Everything we ever caused to others
And now
Now you'll experience
the anguish of millions.
Three quarters of a century of
violence, death, repressions
You have my sympathy, gentlemen.
What the hell was that?
It seems...
Fuck, I can't remember shit!
I won't be made a fool of.
We'll go back there tomorrow.
The stars look weird tonight.
The stars.
As if... they were multiplying.
Nearly there.
Nearly there.
Same time tomorrow - we'll have
fuel for the next thousand years.
We made it through the wait.
Off for home!
Hear, hear! Some feed on fear,
others on love.
And the burning thirst for love
can't be quenched even by ---
From the city of Reval we get news.
Exactly twenty years ago,
on the sixteenth of June,
in the year of our Lord 1820...
...was the steeple of the
St Olaf's church
which was the highest
in the world in olden times
hit by a lightning bolt
on a stormy night.
The glow of the colossal fire
was seen a hundred miles away.
It's getting dark.
God forbid there will be rain.
Finally the church has been restored,
by virtue of our most illustrious majesty,
by the grace of our Lord,
Nicholas the First,
and is said to be
even more beautiful than before.
Today, on the 16th of June,
on this year of our Lord, 1840...
...the festive consecration
of the church will take place,
in the presence of countless onlookers.
And what beautiful pictures!
So, there's the church, as it stood
in ruins twenty summers ago.
And next to it - the new church,
again with a majestic steeple.
The highest steeple in the world
Hans, come and have a look!
Where exactly is this city of Reval?
And how long would it take to get
there? The whole day? Two days?
Let's see
Right here!
In the sea?
Wait, wait
There it is!
Have I told you how the city of Reval
got its name, in the days of yore?
I advise against filling their heads
with nonsense, father.
Children are different, Maria.
Your Joosep - he was made
of another wood.
He wasn't into the worldly matters.
He only wanted to farm.
Don't say - 'was'
Don't worry, Joosep will be released
from the military service next summer;
then everything will be well!
If only.
If he's still alive
Why wouldn't he be?
The Emperor is waging no war,
thank God.
And you kids, you will finally
meet your brother!
I wonder if I'll recognize him
He went - no more than a boy,
barely older than Hans.
He returns - with
gray in his beard
Twenty-five years
Were Josep here now,
or your father still alive,
we wouldn't be on the
brink of hunger.
No-one is to be blamed for
the plague taking our cow.
Hans least of all.
And he was frugal with money.
Didn't hand our last pennies to a gypsy.
The gypsy said the elixir
would fight the consumption;
it's sold at the apothecary's in the city.
- In the city, in the city.
And when has a decoction
ever healed anyone?
It's all in the hands of our Lord.
The gypsies and the city drinks
will have no say in the matter.
What did the gypsy tell you?
I didn't really ask her anything
But suddenly, she grabbed my hand
and told me I would meet my true love
And I would remain with her
until I die.
You won't be meeting anyone
before St John's night!
Not until all the young folks
gather around the bonfire!
That's what you get from
newspaper fairy tales.
While we live from hand to mouth -
no milk, no meat on the table.
You, Hans, are seventeen summers old.
At that age, Joosep
wouldn't have his family go hungry.
And what are you planning
to do with this?
I'll go to the woods.
I won't return before
I have caught a hare, even a dove!
Just listen to yourself!
You know well, the lord of the manor
has imposed laws against poaching.
Don't go, Hans
And the sun is already setting
Why are you here?
I don't even know where I am.
You're in my realm.
This is my spring.
If you desire a drink from it,
you must have my permission.
I'm sorry
I was thursty
Can I please have a drink?
What has brought you to this place?
You'll find nothing here.
Only solitude.
Do you really live here all alone?
I live alone...
...until someone comes along
who will break the solitude.
But I have come.
If it's you who's destined to come...
But be warned:
if you drink, you belong to me,
for three nights.
For three nights
You will go home in the morning...
...but return the next two nights.
For three nights.
And then, should you so wish,
you'll be free.
Three nights
But why only three?
Then drink.
This water is sacred.
For the evil and sinful ones,
it's a bitter black sperm.
The just and righteous it lulls
to a sweet dream.
So lie with me here...
...and let's count the stars!
When you're back home...
...the first thing -
take a drink from your well.
But be back with me
as the sun sets!
It must be you!
It's me - Hans!
Your baby brother!
I was born, when you
were conscripted!
When in the world did you get home?
Mother! Liina!
You're exactly as mother
has described you!
How did they let you leave so early?
Mother! Liina!
I hope you weren't worried!
Just think, Joosep has returned!
What joy!
When did he get here?
I got here in the spring.
What do you mean - the spring?
Where have you been hiding?
Mother, are you sure this is Hans?
Hans, my dear Hans!
What's going on?
Where's grandfather?
When I got home, grandfather had lain
in his grave for six months.
Lets go in, Hans.
Yes, Hans, my boy!
Mother will feed you!
Eat now, my son!
Hans is back home,
everything will be well again!
Eat, dearest!
Try the tasty porrigde!
Where have you been, Hans?
I got lost in the grove and spent
the night at the spring.
So, and then?
Then - I awoke and ran straight home.
Hans, where have you been for a year?
A year?
For a year?!
Don't you know you've been
missing for a year?
Our eyes are red from crying.
Grandfather waited for many months...
...withering away in front of our eyes
His strength ran out by Michaelmas.
Grandfather really is dead then?
What does any of this matter.
Let the bygones be bygones.
Hans is home again.
Nothing else matters.
How can it not matter?
How can a person be
missing for a year
and then turn up
as if nothing has happened?
As if he'd only been gone for one
night? How does that not matter?
We can marvel about this tomorrow.
We'll go to the priest and ask him,
what to make of this miracle!
All right, Hans
Were you alone in the grove?
I met someone.
A maiden. At the spring.
At the spring?
There is no spring in the grove.
The only spring in these parts rises
to the surface near the church.
Where was it?
I'm not sure,
I was lost in the dark
A maiden?
At night?
Yes, strange
Just as the gypsy
foretold yesterday.
It wasn't yesterday.
It was a year ago to this day, Hans.
And you haven't changed at all.
You're wearing the same clothes.
How can this be?
Why aren't you eating? You haven't
tasted mother's cooking for a year!
I don't feel hungry at all
Just very thirsty.
Liina will get you some fresh milk
we have a cow again,
thanks to Joosep!
Oh, my dearest boy!
All this joy is exhausting me,
my head is spinning like a wheel
Why don't you lie down, mother.
Hans won't disappear again.
Yes, let me get some shuteye
Oh, the joy of it all
Mother doesn't seem
to grasp it yet.
And neither do I, I suppose.
Me neither.
Grandfather is gone
But we've got used to that.
As well, as
Me being gone?
A year is a long time
in our lives, Hans.
Too long, to mourn;
or to hope in vain.
You no longer hoped?
Mother did, even though Joosep
and I told her there's no point.
After all, men do get lost
in the woods.
And in the army.
In twenty-five years
you'll see everything.
But nothing quite like that.
Good to see father's rifle again, though.
We thought it was lost with you.
Tell us
Tell us from the beginning.
Yes. Who was this girl?
How did she look?
Did she tell you,
where she was from?
It's strange, I don't
seem to remember
Remember what?
Her face
Her voice
How can you not remember?
It's like a dream you awaken from...
...everything melts away.
You only recall...
...the feeling of happiness
Liina and Mother have been
crying over you...
...but to me...'re a strange man.
First I need to get to know you.
Joosep, why don't you
pour me some too.
You call it a dream that's ended - for us
it's a strange dream only beginning.
Let's hope this one will last!
You want no milk, no liquor,
but seem to enjoy your water
My mouth is so dry
Quite so, it's scorching!
The time for haying is at hand,
tomorrow we'll set out
You will back to the woods,
don't you?
Why, Hans?
I'm sitting here...
...but my heart is in the woods.
How do you live out there?
Are you turning
into a wolf at night?
I don't know.
But out there, there's
someone who has all the answers.
If you go now - will you be
gone for another year?
No! I'll be back tomorrow!
I don't trust you
Hans, don't go, please!
Hans, don't go,
evil will come of it!
Tell mother and Joosep,
I love them!
You have come!
What was that?
Who are you?
How did you keep me here
for a whole year?
I can't tell you everything...
...not tonight.
Tonight, lie with me.
Forget everything else.
Tomorrow at dawn go home again
and drink from the well.
And when you're back at sundown...
On the third night,
I'll tell you everything!
And when I return home tomorrow -
will you have robbed me of another year?
I can't rob you of anything.
I can only accept,
what you give willingly!
For me it's just one night I ask...
Do you want to give it to me?
Why do you only ask for one night...
...when I would gladly give you
all the years to come...
...all for that one night?
Then drink!
If you're still innocent and just...
...the water from the spring will
make you forget the earthly misery.
Next to me you can rest
until the dawn.
I shouldn't sleep tonight
Hello there!
Who have you come to visit us with?
Now in your chamber, children.
Why have you come, Hans?
Have I been gone for long?
Yes, Hans. Ten years.
Ten years we've been waiting for you,
first in hope, then in tears!
Why do you come now, when we have
buried you in our hearts long since?
Are these
Yes, these are my children.
Mine and Toomas's.
But you wouldn't know Toomas.
You've been in the grove, drunk with love!
And you didn't care how an old woman
and a girl should manage the farm,
whether the folks at the village
taunt them or fear them!
But Joosep is back
to manage the farm
Joosep is long dead.
We became shunned in the village,
because of you.
Joosep took to drinking
and brawling at the tavern.
Until he froze to death
in a snowdrift, six winters ago.
Why shunned...
...why because of me?
Because mother went to see the priest
the next day after your disappearance...
...and he told us there once had been
a witches' well in the grove,
with a nixie at the bottom.
And that many a young man has been
trapped there in the past,
because the nixie feeds on their
love as the wolf feeds on blood.
This reached the ears of everyone.
How do you think they judged us?
Those, whose brother lives
in sin with a nixie!
That's not how it is
When Joosep perished, I thought
I'd throw myself into the river.
Had Toomas not taken me,
I would be begging from door to door!
But look at you!
Still a young, handsome lad.
Not a spot on the clothes you wore
as you ran out eleven years ago.
The nixie has been
generous to you.
Where's mother?
Mother's in bed.
That's why I'm not in
the fields with the others.
She's on her last breath.
Only holding on to see you return.
The doctor told us,
it would be any day now.
But she won't die, until she has
seen you for the last time.
Just as the priest told us.
What did he say?
Who remains with the nixie, will,
on his first night, be robbed of a year...
...and on his second night of ten years.
And ten years will have passed today.
But no-one survives three nights
with the nixie.
No-one has ever returned.
Come in then... poor mother
can finally go in peace.
Dearest Hans
So that's it now.
You've sent everyone
to their graves.
When will you return for me
and my children?
Go back into the woods -
that's your home now!
Get out!
It's better no-one knows
you've been out of there again!
For ten years, we've been saying
that the wolves have eaten you.
Let it stay that way!
I know... have many questions -
and reproaches
But remember only
that I need you!
Only you can save me.
Can break the curse.
Save you?
What curse?
You can take me away from this spring...
...among the people.
I have been cursed,
in ancient times...
...forever into this spring...
...which became a witches' well.
I can only get out at night...
...but the spring doesn't
permit me to leave.
But how can I save you?
It's been told that when
an innocent, God-fearing man...
...comes and drinks for three nights
from the witches' well,
but for three days from a well
on hallowed ground...
...he shall have the power
to carry me from the realm of
shadows to the land of the living.
Then everything will begin anew.
And we can live
as a man and a woman...
...under the sun...
...among the living.
From the well on hallowed ground
Our well stems from the
spring in the churchyard!
Therefore I have that power!
And tonight is the third night.
I want to do it!
Tomorrow you'll be free!
For three nights,
you have been mine...
...tomorrow I shall be yours...
...for the rest of your days!
I would like not to
fall asleep tonight.
I want to see Liina and her children
again; want for them to see you.
So everyone will realize
that it has been my fate
to redeem a tortured, innocent creature
from the clutches of a curse.
You are right.
If you remain awake,
you'll be back home tomorrow morning.
But regardless - for one last time
you must drink from the spring!
Please, don't leave me this time!
I must not fall asleep tonight
I must not fall asleep
Be careful, there might be more of them!
Seems this one was on his own,
Comrade Kommissar.
- Comb the woods and report!
Yes, Comrade Kommissar!
Well then, Lieutenant.
Another day's work is done.
You smoke? - No.
Vasya! Come here!
What's going on there?
Comrade Kommissar,
perhaps you should see it yourself.
Gosh, some soldiers.
No initiative of their own.
What? Never seen
a dead body before?
Still gaping here?
Get lost, now!
Who is this?
This is none of our business.
Write it down, as you always do:
on this day, the 18th of June...
...nineteen fifty-one...
...another Estonian partisan
was taken unawares.
Killed at detention.
The identity wasn't established.
But, Comrade Kommissar
How was he 'killed at detention'?
This one has been dead for a while
Looks like he's been lying here
for a hundred years!
Even his rifle is eaten by rust.
How come? - That's how.
We all saw him point a gun at a
Soviet security officer, and fall.
And should someone imagine
he has seen something else...
...he shall be prosecuted for fifth-column
activity and court-martialled. Clear?
No questions.
So, that's it then.
I shall bid my
There seems to be room
for another short story.
This is somewhat embarrassing
As this is the account of who's
to be blamed for me being here.
THE BUTLER DID INot in front of the servants!
Very well, my dear!
Conclusive evidence was the
poison found in his cupboard.
Were there any other suspects?
None to speak of.
And the letter? Was it brought up?
Are you ready for the fish, madam?
Yes, we are ready.
And the letter was an ingenious touch!
Thank you!
Reminding the old bat of the birthday
of the family's greatest gossip,
and swapping her letter in the envelope...
- It was easy!
I can do her handwriting any day!
But changing it in seconds,
before she handed it to the maid,
who swore before the court
she took her mistress's
letter to the post
The cook sends her apologies
the fish is somewhat overdone.
And cousin Therese?
You can always rely on a gossipmonger!
She gave witness, all in tears,
that the old woman wrote to her,
on her birthday,
confessing she was afraid
that her butler wants to do her in!
Dear old cousin Therese!
May I recommend this white wine
to go with the fish?
I think we shall dine outside tonight!
Call us a cab!
- Very well, Sir.
And the maid played right into our hands!
So, she pleased you?
Dear, are you jealous?
I pretended to make eyes at
the stupid wench for a year!
Everyone knew I was alone that night,
as you were supposedly visiting
a relative in the countryside
Whom I knew very well to be abroad,
but to which effect you have
a train ticket as evidence!
So the maid was an easy prey!
The cook is deaf,
the butler has a day off
attending a working class masked ball
organized so cunningly by you...
...where everyone wore masks and no-one
could provide him with an alibi!
So the maid led me
into her room herself...
...thus leaving your visit to
poor auntie's house unwitnessed!
She didn't confess to her
indiscretion in court?
Perhaps some champagne, while you wait?
All right!
Of course not - she swore she was alone
and no-one entered the house that evening!
And the deaf cook didn't even awaken,
as I took the key to the butler's room
and planted the bottle there!
Amazing, these Physostigmine drops
leaving no trace!
And the best of all
Would you care for some
1903 vintage Meurtre Brut?
Just leave it and go!
And the best of all
The excitement kills me!
When the will was opened
Sorry, Sir,
your cigarette is the wrong way up!
When the will was opened, it became clear
that Auntie Agatha had indeed bequeathed
a substantial sum to the butler!
I persuaded her
that would be a Christian thing to do!
Shall I prepare some sandwiches, Sir?
Do what you want!
But of course.
In other words - everything worked out
just as we had planned.
And the millions of poor auntie
And her country- and town estates
her jewels...
...and diamonds
All of it
Belongs to us!
Oh, my dear!
This calls for a celebration!
That would be the police, Sir.
The police?
- Yes, Sir.
How could they know?
I called them, madam.
- Just a minute ago.
How could you?
After thirty loyal years!
I'm sorry, milady.
I'm in the Butlers' Union!
Oh, fuck
Damn unions!
But don't worry:
I made you some sandwiches to go!
So, that's it then.