Ego (2013) Movie Script

Hey, Sebbe!
- I'm going to get wasted.
- You said that yesterday!
Hey, what's up?
When are you going to play, Sebbe?
It's been ages.
- Isn't it time you got a gig?
- Yeah, yeah, I will.
- You have to work hard to succeed.
- Stop nagging!
- Excuse me, there are two of you?
- Yes.
He doesn't mean us.
- Wait 'til I get my record deal.
- Your dad's money'll run out one day!
Pay for your own booze!
I should be on the list. Mia Ekstrm!
I don't have anyone by that name.
Guest list only tonight.
- Let's go somewhere else.
- Please, I hear Stureplan is great!
- And I'm going home tomorrow!
- Excuse me...
- They put me on the list yesterday.
- I'm busy! Try again later.
- Hi
- Hi
But your colleague
promised me... and my friends!
- What, you're together?
- Yes! Why wouldn't you believe that?
- How many in your group?
- Uh... six.
- Okay then. Welcome.
- What happened, Mia?
- What a weird girl!
- Sebbe, help me out here.
Oskar's paying!
The first round, anyway.
- Jesus! Watch your step, hippo!
- Excuse me?!
Just ignore him, honey. We all do.
- Why are you so slow?
- I can't hear you!
Nice voice.
Nice tits.
'Code GRANDMA. Bring breakfast! '
I understand, sweetheart,
but you need to remember,
grandma had a good, long life.
- Hi.
- Zup.
She's in a better place now.
Yeah, mom...
I'll try to pull myself together.
I'll come over later.
I need to get the door now.
Hi... Grandma...
She was Norway's most famous
tap dancer, a pioneer in the genre.
And for her to die...
falling down a staircase...
In Stavanger!
- Three flights!
- Wow, that's terrible.
Maybe I should go now...
- I'm sorry for your loss.
- Thanks.
- Too much?
- Un poquito.
That bald record producer was here
yesterday looking at the blue blazer.
Did you play my demo?
Uh, no, sorry. He wasn't here long.
We didn't have his size.
- Shit! I always miss him.
- Didn't they want to sign you once?
I thought so... But they signed some
"Idol" loser with the same "look".
What bullshit. Have you seen anyone
who looks like me on "Idol"?
I suppose I should send in my demo.
Keep in touch.
Hammarsten is awesome;
he's worked with everyone.
Hey, why don't you unpack
today's delivery?
If his size came in,
you can call him!
Sounds fun.
I, uh, put on your demo.
- And he left his card.
- No way!
What the? Wh?
- What did he... Should I?
- Just call him.
- Now?!
- Yeah.
I need my brows shaped, too.
- Welcome! Can I take your coat?
- No thanks, I just saw my son there.
- Hi!
- Hi, Mom.
Oh, you're soaking! Heading home?
- No, to the cemetery.
- It's the 20th already?
Yes. He would have been 27 today.
I can wait if you want to come.
No, I have a lot going on tonight,
I won't have time.
- Okay. Were you off today?
- No, I worked...
And I talked to a music producer
who heard my demo!
What did he say?
Have you bought clothes again!
Honey, it's no wonder your paycheck
doesn't last. Really!
He said he'll call later this week
and his label may want to sign me.
- I think it'll happen this time!
- Well, that's good, I guess.
- I've got to go now.
- Can't you tell Dad?
- About what?
- The record label!
- Tell him yourself.
- He'll just go on about that job.
- Can't you just let him call...
- No, Mom, it's not going to happen.
- You can't be a store clerk forever!
- I'm not a store clerk!
I'm getting a record contract!
Stop worrying about me.
I never worry about you.
People like you always get by.
- "People like me"?
- Talk to you later!
- What do you think?
- It sounds good.
- But?
- Are you planning on working today?
Can you pass me
the labels behind you?
- The head office still bugging you?
- No.
- I'm getting promoted.
- Yeah? To what?
Purchaser for Scandinavia.
I'll work at the head office.
- And attend all the European shows!
- Only the European ones?
I'm kidding! That's great!
Why didn't you tell me?
- When do you start?
- In June.
That's totally awesome.
You deserve it.
And I'll be stuck here
in the storeroom.
Look, I'm sorry, but I can't
work here. I just feel...
- I can't take it!
- Seriously, you don't "work" much.
You mostly just surf on your iPhone.
You haven't worked a full day...
Quiet! Hang on, hang on...
I'm great, thanks.
No, I'm not busy.
I'm actually off work today.
Sure, I'm in the neighborhood anyway.
Great, see you later. Bye.
- YES! The record company!
- What did they say?
- To be there in a half hour!
- Hey! Sebbe!
- The jacket?
- Dock my pay or something.
Hi, I'm Jens Hammarsten.
I mean, I'm here to see him.
I'm Sebastian Silverberg.
One moment, please.
I have a Sebastian Silverberg here.
- Around the corner, 4th on the left.
- Fourth door. Thanks.
- Let's keep in touch, Sebbe. Later.
- Bye, uh, later!
- Are you coming? We're freezing!
- Go in! I'm on my way.
- Look, is Pelle there?
- What do you want with him?
Enough with your Norwegian accent!
Give me Pelle!
We're going in.
I'm going to the bar.
Sebbe! Hello?
Hello? He's not there!
- Hello?
- Yes! Congrats!
- A contract, that's sweet, man!
- I know.
It's incredible. And it's about time!
- Is it a done deal? Have you signed?
- I need a lawyer to check it first.
- I wondered if you could help me?
- Of course!
Hey, I see a taxi.
Tonight's going to be awesome!
Can someone help me?
Hello!? Can someone help me?!
Hello!? Hello!?
Can you see the light?
- Now?
- No.
- Now?
- No.
- And now?
- No.
- Does your head hurt?
- Yes, back here.
- The back of your head?
- Yeah... or sort of everywhere.
Let me take a look at the other eye.
Do you see the light now?
No! I don't see any fucking light!
What the hell is wrong?!
Stop crying, Mom! What's wrong?!
Don't touch me!
Your son had an aneurysm.
The fall caused it to burst, and the
bleeding damaged the visual cortex.
It was a time bomb,
just waiting to go off.
But he will be able
to see again, right?
- He will get his sight back?
- I'm sorry.
It's highly unlikely
that it will return naturally.
The good news is that
Sebastian is being treated,
so he's in no danger.
- So what do we do now?
- We wait.
- Wait? For what?
- To see if his condition changes.
And seek new treatments. There's
progress all the time in this field.
We'll keep searching.
We can't just do nothing.
I refuse to accept this!
You heard the doctor,
his condition may change.
It's pretty cozy in here.
For a while.
- Have you heard from Hammarsten?
- No, that's over.
What? Why?
I don't know. I got a letter
"on behalf of Jens Hammarsten. "
- He didn't even call me himself.
- What a fucking fake.
But you're a singer.
You don't need to see to be a star.
Look at Ray Charles,
or Stevie Wonder, or...
- Youssou N'dour.
- What do you mean, Youssou N'dour?
The guy who sings
"Seven Seconds Away. "
- He's not blind.
- He's not?
We're going out tonight.
Want to come?
Oh come on!
You going to drag me around
like a seeing-eye dog?
I'm stuck here!
My parents got me an assistant
to help me with my "daily life. "
- What daily life? I have no life.
- Of course you do!
Come on, Sebbe! Come out with us
tonight. I'll look after you.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
The best way to get over a girl
is to "get over" another girl.
- Did you get that Sebbe?
- Why don't you sing something?
- What?
- Cheers!
Erik! Erik!
Sorry, sorry!
Erik! Erik!
Erik! Erik!
- Fucking drunk. Get out of here!
- You OK?
- He's not drunk, he's blind!
- Sure he is...
What are you laughing at?
You think this is funny?
Get me a cab. Get me a cab!
- At Gmail?
... dot com, yes.
- What's your password?
- donkeyballs84.
No, there's nothing interesting here.
- Invitations to night clubs...
- Delete.
And you've got mail from Oskar
af Strm-de Luca and Pelle Borg.
- They wonder why you never call.
- Delete those too.
Straight ahead, straight...
You know the way.
You're a meter from the couch.
Watch out for the rug.
This is some place you've got.
- Are you bringing the guitar?
- No.
- The amp?
- No.
- You collect watches?
- Nah, I just like them.
You can tell a lot
from a person's watch.
Mine came free with a tank of gas.
That says a lot about me, doesn't it?
I can help you post them on eBay
if you like. They'd be worth a lot.
- Why would I sell my watches?
- Oh, uh... I thought that now...
You want some coffee?
I'll go to 7-Eleven.
I'll be back soon.
- Good morning!
- Hello.
I brought my guitar.
I thought maybe we could jam.
- Shall we play?
- Nah, I thought I'd get dressed.
- I think it would be good for you.
- I don't feel like it.
You don't have to see the strings.
It's in your muscle memory.
I have a friend who works
at the music school.
He has this group, they're called...
"Everyone Can" - they're special
needs kids. I've heard them play.
They're wicked!
The keyboardist is deaf.
It's wild - how does he do it?
So I asked if they had an opening
for you, because I thought...
Okay, okay, okay, I'm sorry!
Okay, take it easy. Easy!
Okay, take it easy.
Open up!
Your dad and I
want to help, you know that.
But you have to help us to help you.
- What do you want?
- Is that so hard to understand?
I don't want a fucking
personal assistant!
Condescending jackasses
who push you around.
Or worse, some fat old lady
to wipe my ass and comb my hair.
- Sebastian, that's enough.
- What do you want us to do?
You have no idea how hard
we're working to help you!
Not to mention the apartment
I'm paying for.
- Which is empty and you won't let...
- It's always about money with you!
It's not about money! I'd give
everything we own to make you well.
But we're lost here.
What do you want from us?
I want my fucking sight back!
My life back!
Can you do that?
No, you can't!
So there's not much you can do.
- Hello.
- Hi, I'm Mia.
- Come in.
- Thanks
It was a nice walk from the station.
I think spring is finally here.
Yes, it's nice.
- Have you come a long way?
- No, I live in the Hornstull area.
So, Mia, can you tell me
about yourself?
I'm 24, I live
in Hornstull, as I said...
I work three or four evenings a week
in the home help services.
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
And on weekends I work
at hlns department store.
Well, it's every other week, so I can
work the other weekends with...
- Which department?
- Gloves and hosiery.
I can get you a 25% discount
if you come while I'm working.
Not that you look like you need
a discount on hosiery.
- Do you have any formal training?
- No.
I don't know what I want to do yet,
so I'm just working and saving up.
Saving is good.
What the hell is this?
Have you invested
in stocks or bonds or what?
A bank account.
- I see. What's your interest rate?
- Gran!
As I said on the phone,
Sebastian lost his eyesight
in an accident three months ago,
and it's taking time
for him to adapt.
Since the accident
he's been very angry.
We want to find someone who doesn't
irritate him as much as the others.
Do you understand?
I can't make any promises.
I mean, I've never worked with blind
people before. Did I spit on you?
Don't worry. Why don't you
go out and introduce yourself!
- Now?
- Yes. Take the cookies.
What is it!? I said you don't
have to come here all the time.
Call my cell or just shout
from the kitchen. I'll hear you.
Hi, I'm Mia. Your mom told me
to come and introduce myself.
She did?
She gave me some cookies.
Want some?
No, I don't eat fast carbs.
- You're not going to offer to help?
- Well, I assumed you'd ask.
Cool, a Patek Aquanaut!
Oh, you have a Panerai too!
Two, actually. You like watches?
Yeah. My grandpa had
a watch store in the old town.
He worked there till he died in April
'94. The same day as Kurt Cobain.
Not that they had anything in common.
Except heroin addiction, of course.
Grandpa used to say you can tell
a lot from a person's watch.
He said that?
But he never wore one.
He didn't want to be judged that way.
- Clearing out CDs?
- Looking for a song.
- I don't remember the name or artist.
- That could take time.
How about I read the names and make
"definitely not" and "maybe" piles?
Then you just have to listen
to the maybes.
So, what have you got?
- Could it be Robbie Williams?
- No.
- Per Gessle?
- No, it's not Swedish.
That makes things easier.
Engelbert Humperdinck?
You have eclectic taste.
No, it's not Engelbert.
- Oh, Backstreet Boys?
- No, they...
- I've got a Backstreet Boys CD?
- You sound worried!
I'm just kidding, you don't.
Or maybe you do?
No, not Backstreet Boys.
- What are you sighing over?
- Pictures of America.
- I'm saving for a road trip.
- Cool.
I'm going to fly to LA,
buy a car and start driving.
When I get to New York I'll sell
the car and fly back to Sweden.
- The Grand Canyon looks enormous.
- It is pretty big.
- Have you been to America?
- Yeah.
- When?
- A few times. New York with the guys.
Disneyland, Disneyworld. We went
to the Grand Canyon when I was 8-9.
You had just turned 8.
Sebastian screamed
for three straight hours.
We were taking a donkey ride
and Sebastian wanted ice cream.
We told him there was no ice cream
in the Grand Canyon, but he kept on.
Finally the guide had us turn back,
saying the donkeys couldn't take it.
"Donkey get nervous!"
Yeah, yeah, donkey get nervous.
Donkeys are very neurotic animals.
- Aren't they?
- It's common knowledge...
- Why don't you two go out?
- We are out.
- Okay... See you later.
- Bye!
Is that bastard back?
- Get it off! Get it off!
- It's gone now, calm down.
I fucking hate fucking wasps!
The woman grabs
the man's buttock.
- Want some popcorn?
- No thanks.
He touches her left breast.
And two more! And lateral!
- And five more!
- Stop that, I'm counting!
That's great, keep going!
I'll get it.
Hi, thanks for calling me back.
It's about my son,
Sebastian Silverberg...
- To the elevator?
- No, first left before the elevator.
Welcome home.
So I'm starting my new job
on Monday.
Friday is my last day
in the store! Yes!
The new catalogue is here
and the collection looks sweet.
- Who's this? You have a brother?
- We miss you buddy. Call me ASAP.
Hey, Sebbe, it's Oskar.
Me and Pelle
just passed that Brazilian model
who tried to go down on you,
in the toilet at East,
and we just had to call you.
We miss you like hell. Call us!
...added you on facebook in January but
you haven't confirmed my request yet...
- A bit 80s with an answering machine?
- Nice if you don't feel like talking.
I bet.
I guess it fits the American Psycho
look you're going for here.
- Were those your friends?
- Yeah.
- Close friends?
- Sort of.
I found a CD with a hot picture
of you on the cover. Can I put it on?
- If you must.
- I must!
Oh my god! I'm blown away.
Your voice is amazing! I don't know
what to say, you're gifted!
The lyrics sucked,
but feel my goosebumps!
- The lyrics?
- Feel!
- What about the lyrics?
- It's like a 90s boy band song.
- Such a great voice!
- Thanks.
- Who wrote your songs?
- I did.
Oh... Well, maybe
I didn't really get the lyrics.
What's it about?
Um, well, it's, you know...
You're walking down the street,
you see a girl. She's hot.
You think okay. You know.
She's dressed hot. You think okay...
Sort of...
You have to dare to put yourself
out there when you write.
Let yourself be vulnerable.
Dare to show your feelings!
Without feelings
the words are empty.
Write about heartbreak,
about rejection.
It has to be personal, specific,
from the heart, like Coldplay,
or David Gray.
Or Paolo Nutini!
- Cut that out!
- You have to feel...
...the magical pain of life!
- What romantic bullshit.
Magical pain? Come on!
What? You never had your heart
broken? Been rejected?
Never been in love?
- Ached for someone?
- No, not really.
What have you been doing
all your life?
I'll tell you some other time.
Can I ask you something?
Are you a one-piece girl
or a bikini babe?
- I sunbathe naked on private jetties.
- Oh yeah?
You liar!
NOW you dare all of a sudden!
Here come two super-skinny chicks
with pouty lips.
One has a big-eared rat
on a string.
Oh wow. Two very elegant businessmen
right behind you.
- Not bad. But something is wrong.
- What?
One of them walks funny. I bet
he's just had a sack and crack wax.
Oh, he's itchy.
He may have lost some skin.
- More, more!
- We have a cougar, could be Russian.
With a real Playboy bunny body.
Oops, her heel is stuck in the grate.
She's struggling, she's about to fall
- and someone comes to the rescue.
You're crazy.
You're making this up!
- No, I swear!
- Playboy bunny body...
- Do I have something in my teeth?
- No.
When will you learn
to trust me?
I won't let you go around with
food on your face or your fly open.
- You might not notice.
- I notice most things.
- You're so vain!
- I just don't want stuff in my teeth.
- Ice cream?
- Ice cream... That sounds good.
The bench is here.
Hi! Excuse me, have I seen you
somewhere before?
- I don't think I've seen you before.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah...
- But I'm sure...
- Where do you hang out?
- Where don't I hang out?
- Maybe it was at the terrace at F12?
- F12, maybe!
- By the way, I'm Sebastian.
- Lisa. Nice to meet you.
- What are you doing tonight?
- I'll probably go out.
- Maybe we can meet up?
- Wow, pushy!
Why don't you put your number
on my phone?
Write: "Lisa with the pretty hair. "
- You have a lot of Lisas?
- There's Lisa with the ugly hair too.
There. Your phone.
Oh! I keep it in my back pocket.
Actually the other one. Thanks.
- See you.
- I'll be in touch.
Here's your ice cream.
Who was that?
- You saw her? Was she hot?
- You don't know her?
- What was she doing?
- Nothing. Was she hot?
She was a typical...
She was average height.
Thin - not creepy thin,
but a fairly straight figure.
She had a friendly face,
thick eyebrows, natural brown hair
and hazel eyes. What's so funny?
You were so observant! Doesn't
sound like anything for me anyway.
- Why not?
- Just doesn't sound like any fun.
So, what do you look like then?
Looks are important to you,
aren't they?
They're important to everyone. Those
who deny it are either lying or ugly.
In which case they're not
in a position to be picky.
- Come on, what do you look like?
- How do you think I look?
In my head you're... fit,
with fine features, perfect taste in
clothes... and I'm thinking blonde
with blue eyes. Like a shorter
version of Cameron Diaz. Am I close?
- Pretty much...
- I'm so good at that!
Here comes a wasp!
What! Is it on me?
Take my ice cream! Take it!
- I shouldn't have had any ice cream!
- It's gone now.
- Do you like TV talent shows?
- Not a fan, why?
There's a new one coming this fall
and I thought you should audition.
- Forget it!
- Why not?
Sebastian Silverberg,
the Blind Singer?
It'd be like that armless guitarist
on YouTube. Forget it!
- How are the road trip plans going?
- Fine. The saving is slow.
You're so cheap,
it ought to go quickly.
- I'll get there eventually.
- Of course you will.
That's good! But how about
"All alone - where are you" instead?
- That would work.
- Okay, then go into...
The bridge, followed by
the new chorus.
From the top.
- I ought to be getting home.
- What time is it?
- 1:30.
- That's practically breakfast time.
There's no point in going home
before breakfast.
- And we have 15 verses to write.
- Okay, let's do that.
Send in your audition demos to
our new talent show, Star Struck!
I may have accidentally sent
your demo to the show...
- Accidentally?
- Don't be mad - you're so good!
Especially since I've been helping
with the lyrics!
- I'm not doing it.
- Just see if you get an audition!
I'm not going on one of those shows.
- A bad attitude doesn't suit you.
- But everything else does!
Stop it! That drives me crazy!
What's that? I can't hear you
through a mouthful of chips.
- It's your parents.
- Open up, throw us the key!
- Call the police.
- Sebastian! Fantastic news!
- What?
- They've decided to operate!
- What?
- They want you there tomorrow!
- I'm going to have?
- Yes!
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
- I can't find my toothbrush.
- I'll try to find it.
I thought you could
hold on to my watch.
- Can I put it in my bag?
- As long as you don't scratch it!
I need to tell you something...
Hi there.
It's time for a little sedative.
Ah, nice.
What did you want to say?
Oh, nothing.
- I should go now.
- Okay.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- See you soon.
- See you.
Sebastian! Mia had to go.
She'll be back tomorrow.
- You look beautiful, Mom!
- Oh, darling!
- Everything's all right now.
- You look good, too, Dad!
Hi, it's Mia
Hi, Sebbe!
Hi, Sebastian...
It's me, Mia!
Hi, Sebbe, it's me!
Hi, Sebastian, it's me, Mia!
"You're borderline", she says.
I said, "Finish your course
before you start diagnosing people. "
It's impolite, just because
you're studying psychology.
- I can come back later.
- No, no, come in!
- So this is Mia?
- This is her.
- I guess I don't look like...
- Don't worry about it.
- Erik, Mia - Mia, Erik.
- I brought you some chocolates.
- Hey there.
- Hi, I'm Mia.
- How are you? How do you feel?
- Well...
Everything's brighter
and more colorful.
Dad looks fatter and Mom looks older.
Don't tell them I said that!
I heard you get to go home on
Wednesday. What will you do first?
I'm going to go back to my old life.
Like it was before the accident.
- Hi!
- Hey! Great to see you!
Hi, Sebastian, it's Mia.
Sorry you couldn't meet me yesterday.
I'm working all week, but maybe
we can go for a walk on Friday?
- Everything all right?
- I'm fine.
- How are the road trip plans going?
- Great. In fact...
- I'm sorry. Can I take this?
- Sure.
Hey! Lobster!
Yeah, great. I was wondering if
it's okay if I bring three friends?
No, just put them under my name.
Okay, see you later. Bye.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
- Sebbe! Hi!
- Hi! Jessica.
- You remember Kristina?
- Of course.
- Erik told us what happened.
- It must have been awful!
Yeah, it was... difficult,
but I've moved on.
Sorry, this is Mia, an old friend.
- This is Jessica and Kristina.
- Are you going out tonight?
- Yeah.
- Sweet, maybe we'll see you.
- I'm sure we will.
- Nice girls.
- Yeah.
- Want to get some ice cream?
- I don't really have time.
- Have you written any music lately?
- No, I haven't felt like it.
- Don't give up! You're so talented.
- I know.
Is that really the kind of girls
you like hanging out with?
- What's wrong with them?
- I just thought you'd be...
That I'd be... what?
Honestly, Mia,
you don't know me.
You knew me when I was a different
person. I'm grateful for your help.
- But you have no idea who I am now.
- How can you say that?
Are you mad that
I don't look like that?
- I don't care what you look like.
- Okay...
- But it is weird that you lied.
- Well, I knew you liked Barbie dolls.
- That says more about you than me.
- What do you mean by that?
You lied about your looks and you
liked me better when I was helpless.
Now that I can see, you suddenly
have a problem with me.
I just wonder what happened to you.
We laughed at stupid girls like that.
No, I laughed at you
laughing at "stupid girls like that".
- You're obsessed with them. Drop it.
- You drop it! What's your problem?!
When will you dare to take a chance?
Go for your dream - you're so close!
Get a life! Find a handicapped
boyfriend if it turns you on.
- Seriously?
- Yes, seriously.
I just want you to succeed because
you're so good. Because I care.
- Thanks. That's great.
- What do you mean "great"?
- You'd rather be with one of those...
- Go on, what?
- You know what I mean!
- Yes, I would. Totally.
- You're a blind idiot!
- Nope, I'm not blind.
- Then open your eyes!
- Have a nice life.
You too!
- It's all I have.
- You have Maria and the kids.
This is the only hobby I have.
I don't have anything else.
Hi, are you looking
for anything special?
'Hi awake? '
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
You know what? This isn't
a very nice way to treat people.
- It's fucking immature.
- I'm going to my grandma's funeral!
Yeah, yeah.
Your grandma dies often, doesn't she?
You don't even remember
sleeping with me before. Incredible.
Bye. Say hello to grandma!
I thought she'd take a hint,
but she calls me crying,
says she broke up with her boyfriend
for me, and I was like, why?
Women. Why are they so emotional?
So much drama!
- Sebbe?
- Huh?
- Don't you get tired of this shit?
- What shit?
I can't be bothered.
I'm going home.
- Who's going home?
- Sebbe, apparently.
- Come on, Sebbe! You've changed.
- Cool it. Don't be so emotional.
- So much drama!
- Yeah, yeah.
- Take care.
- Sebbe! Don't be so boring!
- Buy your own drinks, Oskar!
- You suck!
Oh! Excuse me?
- Do you ever see Mia?
- No, not for a while.
Such a nice girl.
Pretty and sweet and ambitious.
- You're not in touch at all?
- We don't hang in the same circles.
But you two seemed so close.
We didn't have much choice.
She was here yesterday with a letter
for you. In the drawer.
- Is this it? Nothing else?
- No, that's all.
Can you tell us something about
yourself that's not on the form?
Like what?
Something that makes you
different, or special?
Let's try an easier question. When
did you decide to become an artist?
I remember it was on my brother
Theo's eighth birthday.
When all the kids had gone home,
Theo and I went upstairs
to play with his presents.
He'd gotten a Millennium Falcon
space ship,
plus all the Star Wars action
figures, and I was super jealous.
We were playing and MTV was on.
And it was Tracy Chapman
with the live version of Fast Car.
And I remember
we both just stopped playing,
all at once, and looked at the TV.
I saw how fascinated he was.
I was only six,
but I thought to myself, "This is
what I'm going to do with my life. "
I begged Mom to buy me a guitar,
and she did.
Then... Theo got sick that summer.
He died six months later.
So he never got to see...
...that I kept practicing.
Apart from Theo, music
is the only thing I've ever loved.
- You have one new message.
- Hi, Mia, it's Sebastian!
I guess you're working.
I just wanted to say I auditioned
for Star Struck today and I made it.
I'll be on TV on Saturday, live.
So I just want to thank you for
sending in my demo and everything.
Oh, I have another call.
I miss... Take care,
and thanks a million again. Bye.
Hi, Mom!
No, not much.
I'm going to be on TV on Saturday.
It's almost time for the show
you've been waiting for all summer.
Sweden's biggest talent show...
It's extremely important
that you're on time.
- Nervous?
- Nah...
I'm sure it's going to go great!
Screaming psychos, alcoholic mothers,
cut-up junkies...
All of them come before me!
Our next talent is
a guitarist and singer.
All the way from stermalm...
- Are you married?
- No, but I'm banging your wife.
She's unclean!
...that you'll want to hang with.
A big hand for Sebastian Silverberg!
- Quiet, quiet, Sebastian's on!
- Come on, son!
That was Sebastian's twist
on Robyn's Hang with Me.
- Over to you, Josefin.
- What can I say? You were awesome!
- Lars?
- Powerful. Very good!
I just hope people vote for your
voice, not your good looks!
- He was wonderful!
- Wasn't he!
To vote for Sebastian Silverberg,
dial 08-205080.
- Did you call from both phones?
- Yes, I have both!
Every vote counts!
The next act is from Pite: Marie
Strhle and her dogs Mini and Bobo!
Dancing dogs may have been
entertaining before TV and X-boxes...
- Watch it!
- Look where you're going!
No freak show act will win.
Forget them.
- So the acrobat girls?
- They're out.
- But their acrobatic skills could...
- They're at least 40!
- Sebbe! We voted for you!
- We want you to win!
- Can we have your autograph?
- What are your names?
Whoa... Johanna, Elin, Irma?
Stand straight!
Thank you, dear.
- So that's your friend?
- More an acquaintance.
He must be the most handsome man
I've ever seen!
Unfortunately, he thinks so too.
- I say no.
- That's a no.
- That was embarrassing.
- And I'd like to say no.
I hope you vote for this group!
That was great!
- Sure, I can sing at your place.
- Oh, please do!
I have a flight to LA
via London on the 19th.
- It leaves at 6: 15 AM, is that OK?
- I'll check.
- Is it okay?
- Oh, I just...
I... no... You know what,
I don't think I'm ready to book yet.
- What do you think?
- I think you should go!
Yes, you're right. Book it!
One, two, three, four
and one, two, three.
- Together, and "Baby" and...
- I'm sorry... this doesn't feel...
The steps, "Baby"...
I can't even see the camera!
It's okay, honey, that's why we
rehearse with the cameraman.
You do your thing and let him work on
staying out of the way. From the top!
With his unique version of
the Marina and the Diamonds song,
Sebastian Silverberg
with I Am Not a Robot!
Those are his parents!
They're so sweet!
Tell me when you see his friends.
- Has he stopped calling?
- No, he's called a few times.
- What did he say?
- I haven't answered.
- He's a partier - is he hung over?
- No, that's not it.
Keep it going!
My god...
Good work!
As usual, we start with the judges.
Lars, over to you!
- Are you still in the running?
- Just barely.
- Tell me when you see my hand.
- Now.
- I'll call the doctor. We'll go...
- I've already seen him.
They're doing all they can.
- Sebastian!
- Sebastian, can I get a picture?
What happened last week, Sebastian?
Do you feel ready for tomorrow?
That was fine.
- How is Sebastian's vision?
- He says it comes and goes.
- Will he tell the truth?
- I don't know.
He doesn't want it
to come out until after the final.
He's afraid it will
affect the voting.
- How are you?
- I'm okay. It's harder for Gran.
It's hard to see
his son hurting, after...
- Sebastian told me about Theo.
- He did?
He hardly ever talks about him. It's
great that he's begun to open up.
You've done wonders for him!
Accept it, you're useless.
You'll never beat my high score.
That was a great melody.
Nice lyrics.
- Is it about anyone special?
- You, of course! Gimme that.
- Can you see well enough to play?
- Well enough to beat you!
Hi, it's Sebastian.
Leave a message after the sound.
Hello, this is Walter Bergman
from the evening news.
We've learned that you're losing
your sight after a brain hemorrhage.
The story will be on the front page.
Call me if you have any comments.
My number is 08...
Hi Sebastian, this is Stina
from Gossip magazine. Would you...
- Hello, hi... how are you?
- Fine.
- I didn't expect you to answer.
- I know...
Look, I know I owe you a massive
apology for the last time we met.
I acted like a total ass.
I'm really, really sorry.
- Hmm, so how are you?
- Pretty good. I...
I'm okay.
Can you believe the record label
wants me back!
- Really? Will you sign with them?
- Nah.
I think I'll wait for an indie label
that lets me write my own stuff.
Aren't you going to sing any
of your own songs on the show?
I could, but I don't know.
Time has just flown by and...
- Not everyone is as brave as you.
- Brave? I don't know about that.
- Do you want to come tonight?
- To the final?
- Well, I'm leaving in the morning...
- Yeah? Wow!
- To America?
... and I'm still packing, so...
I can ask them to reserve a seat
for you in case you change your mind.
I'll let you go now.
I hope your road trip is awesome.
- That it's everything you hoped.
- Thanks.
- Well, bon voyage.
- Bye.
"Bon voyage"?
After ten exciting weeks
following ten unique talents,
hand-picked from thousands of
applicants, it's time for the final.
- 30 minutes, Sebastian.
- Sure...
- Do you need anything?
- No, I'm fine.
Wait - there is something
I could use some help with.
I will! Maybe not right when I land,
but after a few days.
Hi, Mom. Yeah, he told me.
Can I call you back?
- What are you doing here?
I had to see you. I didn't want you
to leave without a proper goodbye.
Well... Bye then.
I have to finish packing.
So I can go "get a life", right?
- And you need to get back!
- But...
I'm so sorry for how I treated you.
Seeing you after the operation...
...reminded me of the accident
and how terrible I felt then.
I mean... when I got to know you
in all that time we spent together,
You made me feel things...
You know, things
I'd never felt before.
Like... before I met you,
I felt like a Swatch on the inside,
but like a Patek Philippe
on the outside.
- You're talking about watches now?
- I mean...
My lyrics! You know how they were,
but you made me feel the opposite.
More like Coldplay
than Lady Gaga, you know?
You made me feel...
You make me feel like...
Instead of:
That's what I wanted to say.
And also... I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Come on, let's go to the final.
- Screw the final.
Hello and welcome
to the grand final!
A big hand for the hip hop
dance group Rhythmic Soul Crew.
- Shit...
- Where the hell have you been?!
Take a seat in the front there.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- God, I'm still in my pajamas!
- You're so embarrassing!
Let's hear it for the gravity-defying
dancers of Rhythmic Soul Crew!
It's time to introduce the man
who's made big headlines this week.
Let's give a big hand
for Sebastian Silverberg!
- Hi, Sebastian.
- Hi.
I love you, Sebbe!
- How are you?
- I have major butterflies right now!
I'll bet. Before you perform,
I thought I'd give you the chance
to comment on all the rumors
circulating the past few weeks.
Okay, uh...
It's true, I'm losing my sight.
My journey hasn't been all that easy
this past year.
But I guess, even if...
even if you face tough times,
you just have to take a chance
and try your best.
That's what helps you write
interesting lyrics, right?
It gives me great pleasure
to present,
for the first time with one of his
own songs, Sebastian Silverberg!
I'd like to dedicate this song to
those who are starting new journeys.
And tonight I can see.
Tonight I can see everything.