eHero (2018) Movie Script

(ominous atmospheric music)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(thudding and running)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(gun firing)
(door sliding)
(guns firing)
(bomb exploding)
(crashing and rumbling)
(gun firing)
(character slamming)
(high frequency ringing)
(guns firing)
Good game.
You almost had me.
[Dave] Yeah right.
Yo, there's a LAN
tomorrow in Columbus.
You down?
I don't know, maybe.
[Dave] Jonathan
Spencer's gonna be there.
Did you see him in Chicago?
No man, Roo and
I were smashing
some kids on the
Bolivian servers.
[Dave] Let me pull it up.
Here's the link.
(computer beeping)
[Twitch Anchor] All eyes
were on Chicago last weekend
as twenty teams competed
(door opening)
in the Reflex Arena
exhibition games.
After three days of intense...
[Scotty] You know
what I'm thinking?
I'm thinking It's time
you got your own place.
The attorney dropped
off the papers.
It's officially yours.
(door closing)
(dramatic orchestral music)
(door closing)
(distant sirens wailing)
(keys jangling)
(keys dropping)
(dramatic orchestral
music rising)
(door closing)
[Male Twitch Anchor]
Coming up this week is Ohio's
annual Columbus LAN, where
local talent is sure to shine.
[Female Twitch Anchor] We
have a sick promotional video
for the event done by
the community's legendary
Frag-video editor, EnTeck.
Check it out.
(upbeat electronic music)
(guns firing)
(wind rushing)
(character slamming)
(readout sliding)
[Announcer] Welcome,
gamers and fans,
to the third annual
Columbus LAN.
The only local area
network that links
us all to the nerve
center of Reflex Arena.
No lag, no excuses.
[Dave] You're in my spot.
Oh, my bad.
No one was here.
[Dave] Can't a guy take a piss
without someone
stealing his rig?
(keyboard clicking)
Hey, you're Tank.
I'm Pulse?
Oh, shit.
You sound different
through your mic.
We should face-off again.
No way, brah,
I'm not a dueler.
But listen, if you hear of a
team looking for an attacker,
Let me know.
You got it.
[Dave] All right.
[Man] Kovak please
report to registration.
[Kid] That computer is $4,250.
[Kate] Venus Water.
Venus Water?
Venus Water?
Venus Water?
Nutrients of the sea.
Origin of life.
One sip, and it'll
be all you desire.
I'm sold.
Keep it in your pants.
They're free samples.
All right, let's get
this started everybody.
Come on, come on, come on.
Gotta go.
The main event for
tonight is a challenge
against one of the
world's top gamers.
Dream Team Nefarious is on site,
selling their pro
gear including,
(crowd clapping)
their new brand
new X-Laser mouse!
Also, you can pick up a limited
edition LED keyboard, and get
it signed by one of our pros.
Now, without further ado,
who is ready to go one-on-one
with Jonathan Phantom Spencer?
(crowd cheering)
Three minute time limit.
Let's see what you got.
(crowd awwing)
Yeah, you with the
piece-of-shit keyboard.
Come on up, come on up!
Here you go!
There you go.
Well done, congratulations.
Okay, what's your name?
Tyler Conway.
Tyler Conway, you sure?
All right, take your spot.
Don't go too hard on him.
All right.
Everybody ready?
(crowd clapping)
Let's get it done!
Hey, good luck.
Venus favors the bold.
(wind rushing)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(suspenseful electronic music)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(low thudding)
(thudding and slamming)
(guns firing)
(electricity zapping)
(guns firing)
(guns firing)
(character exploding)
[Crowd] Oh.
(wind rushing)
(high pitch
frequency resonating)
(guns firing)
(crowd yelling)
How awesome was that?
Ladies and gentlemen,
Tyler Conway
is our new Play-a-Pro champion!
Tyler's gonna take home a
tricked-out new game rig,
compliments of our sponsors,
Good Game and Asus.
Not bad, not bad!
A little wild for my taste.
You caught me off
guard a few times.
Had this been a real game,
I would have destroyed you.
(crowd oohing)
(mic thudding)
Hey, congratulations.
Thank you.
(light electronic music)
(crowd cheering and clapping)
If yours is a crime
Then mine is a game
[Kate] Congrats.
I'm Kate.
You from around here?
[Tyler] Yeah.
I live upstairs at my
parent's restaurant.
So your parents
own a restaurant?
Used to.
It's mine now.
The Conway Canteen.
Yeah, but, I have no
idea what to do with it.
You could cook amazing
food and sell it to people.
I mean, that's what I
would do if I were you.
You could be onto something.
I should probably get going.
Hi, babe.
[Announcer] Attention players,
network will be shutting
off in 10 minutes.
Please disconnect
all peripherals
and exit accordingly.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah.
The new gear looks fantastic.
Can't wait to show it off.
Yeah, especially Jonathan.
Are you kidding me?
Well, congratulations.
You are the new official
drink of Team Nefarious.
(drink fizzing)
And we'll leave the
empties on the table
so the camera can see it.
It's gonna be beautiful.
Okay, bye-bye.
(phone hanging up)
Will you work with
me a little bit?
You get 200 bucks for
just for wearing the hat.
I'm not wearing
that, all right?
Or the pants.
I'm okay with the shades,
but screw the pants.
Jonathan, it's a good deal.
Shut up, Steve.
We get it.
You're still pissed
from getting beat.
Beginner's luck.
Nah, that Conway kid
is no beginner, man.
10,000 hours.
98% win rate.
He's not playing scrubs
to get those numbers.
Yeah, maybe you could
learn something from him.
I know what I'm doing.
Well, he certainly
doesn't have your 27 years
of experience to draw on.
Look, in case you forgot,
I pull in fans.
See, without me, you
don't have a show.
You know what?
I want $1,000 a day
to put on that shit!
And grow some balls, dick!
(door opening and closing)
(hitting monitor)
(keyboard clicking)
(game beeping)
[Australian Gamer] Pulse.
Where you been, mate?
Out in the real world.
[Australian Gamer]
Reality sucks.
Who else is up?
Crock, you there?
He's AFK.
(light electronic music)
Game update.
Server hasn't been patched yet.
Can't connect.
[Australian Gamer] Wrecked.
(phone buzzing)
Tyler Conway?
Richard Brixton.
We should talk.
Oh, I get the thrill,
prowling in strange worlds,
stalking your enemy,
choosing the right weapon,
making a clean kill.
It's awesome.
I was just lousy at it.
I never had that hand-eye,
whatever it is, I don't know.
I did always have
an eye for talent.
You rep Jonathan Spencer.
There's a new breed in town.
Kids who've been
playing Sony Playstation
since before they could walk.
Sound familiar?
It was Xbox, actually.
So, what do you think
about having someone
book some matches for you?
I have no trouble
finding a game.
I'm on lots of boards.
I'm not talking about
your neighborhood LAN,
where you get a $15
gift certificate
to the local electronic store...
Or a kickin' rig.
A kickin' Rig.
I'm talking about sponsors.
(light orchestral music)
Get you a plane ticket.
Put you in a hotel room.
Pay your admission.
And then you play.
And if you win, we split
the proceeds fifty-fifty.
Who do you think
makes those deals?
Who do you think
puts it all together?
I think I can set you up.
At this stage of your career,
you need to have
somebody with you
who has relationships,
who can call and say,
"Hey, you know, you don't
know who I'm talking about
"right now, but he is gonna
be the next hot thing,
"Tyler Conway."
So you're
gonna make me into a legend?
I'm gonna make you a pro.
The money is in tournaments.
In order to get in
the tournaments,
you gotta be on a team.
If you're willing to keep
this conversation going,
I'm prepared to put
you one of the best.
That's Jonathan's team.
Was Jonathan's team.
They've had a little
bit of a falling out.
What do you say?
Do you need an attacker?
My man!
[Dave] What's going on?
How ya been?
Oh, good good.
So, this is the place?
Yeah, we're
getting an upgrade.
Richard Brixton's
writing the check.
That dude runs
hot and cold, bro.
Oh well, better get
it while we can.
Where do I set up?
Down the hall.
Up the stairs.
(door opening and closing)
I know that you probably
don't remember...
[Tyler] Venus water.
Yeah, come in.
We're not open for
business, if ever.
I have tuna.
No, I, um...
Jonathan just got into
this like huge fight
with his manager.
And he trashed the hotel room.
I'm from out of town and
I remembered the name
of your restaurant.
And I know you don't know me,
and I know that I could be
like a serial
killer or something.
But, I was hoping that you,
that I could crash here.
Yeah, no problem.
Make yourself at home.
I mean, it's just
gonna be for one night.
Kate, you can stay
as long as you want.
But if you murder me, just
make it quick, okay, 'cause...
Hey dude, I was
wondering if...
Kate, this is Dave Foreman.
Dave, Kate Valery...
So, Ty.
When are the others showing up?
(horn honking)
Right about now.
(light rock music)
Tyler Conway.
Yeah, dude.
Yeah, I was at the LAN
when you barbecued Spencer.
Oh my God!
You were like,
you were like pew!
And I was like, "Oh, shit!"
And then Jonathan was like,
"Fuck this shit!"
Dude, thank you,
for pissin' him off and
getting him to rage quit.
Dude, don't sweat it,
Jonathan's a dick.
I was ready to
jump ship, anyway.
Okay, okay.
No, trust me.
I hear you, man, I hear you.
I'm Cranked, by the way.
Or Steve, it doesn't matter.
All right, hey, I'll
post 15 tweets a day,
10 on Facebook, and
I'll throw in a Tumblr
for 250 a week.
(horns honking)
Hey, are we a go?
All right, rad rad rad.
I'll send you the bio and
pics and everything else.
Ego, we finally meet.
Ah, do me a favor, man.
Call me by real name, Wayne.
Ah, we're trending.
Guess you really took
Spencer down a notch.
I'd get a bodyguard
if I were you.
[Tyler] All right boys,
make yourself at home.
(distant siren wailing)
I didn't even know she
was part of the deal.
Yeah, I'd get two
bodyguards if I were you.
What are you doing?
Hangin' up my shit.
Should I put it somewhere else?
(dramatic orchestral music)
(door opening)
(heavy breathing)
(dramatic orchestral
music rising)
Take a deep breath.
Let it out.
Squeeze the trigger slowly.
(gun clicking)
It's the safety.
All right bud, try it again.
(gun clicking)
(gun firing)
(door opening)
You okay?
You ran down here like you
saw a ghost or something.
This place isn't haunted, is it?
Um, sort of.
I grew up here.
I helped out in the
kitchen, bussed tables.
It was the family business.
So, where have
you been living?
I have some friends
and die-hard Diablo nuts.
Been staying with them
and crashing at
my uncle's place.
It's just that
coming back, it's,
it's not home anymore.
Then make it.
(light electronic music)
(keyboard clicking)
Isn't it kinda weird?
Getting take-out
delivered to a restaurant.
Hey, it's not a restaurant.
It's the Conway Gaming House.
I tweeted it out,
Instagrammed a photo,
and we've already
got 10,000 followers.
Did you turn off
location services?
Uh, I'll do that right now.
Too late, man.
Once on the net,
always on the net.
Hey, wait.
What do we call ourselves?
Team Canteen?
What about um,
Sounds like a horse.
No, no, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
Isn't that kinda dark?
Steve, we're killer robots.
Yeah, what about Bluntbombers?
[Steve] Okay, okay.
I'll go with Omen.
Yeah, Omen.
I like that.
All right, now.
Richard wants me
to be team leader.
Yeah, right.
You got a problem with that?
Yeah, I didn't quit
Jonathan's squad,
just to be bossed around
by some other hotshot.
I've been with the team forever.
So I should be team leader.
You got a problem with that?
All right, Steve.
You can lead.
[Steve] Thank you.
If you beat me one-on-one.
(wind rushing)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(ominous orchestral music)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(guns firing)
Lucky shot.
(guns firing)
(character exploding)
Wait, hold on.
Hold on a second.
Man, I'm just getting started!
(character exploding)
[Tyler] Time out!
Time out!
What is that thing,
from like 1960?
What the hell?
Holy shit.
(guns firing)
(bomb landing)
(bomb exploding)
(high pitch
frequency resonating)
(guns firing)
(keyboard clicking)
(bombs exploding)
Best two out of three?
(door opening and closing)
I think it's settled.
Tyler's gonna call the shots.
Sound good?
Sounds like a joke to me.
Where the hell do you
get off stealing my team?
[Steve] Hey, who
left the door open!
Now we've got all
kinds of fuckin' trash
drifting in!
Jonathan, get out.
Nice play.
So you took all of it.
(soda pouring)
[Tyler] Are you serious?
[Dave] Hey, hey.
(can dropping)
It's okay, it's okay.
(door opening and closing)
Wayne, location services off.
[Wayne] Off.
(light electronic music)
All right, thank you.
Yeah, I used to play a bit.
But that was Team Fortress.
Wasn't hardcore like Reflex.
How did you start gaming?
I was bored and
I had a computer.
I wasn't was very
social as a kid.
I got made fun of.
People thought I was ugly.
That's hard to believe.
Yeah, I don't know.
Team Fortress I
could be a medic.
I could be a soldier.
It brought me power.
I mean, I dominated.
You still play?
I was in a European
league for a while,
but the time zones
and the all-nighters,
they nearly killed me.
My gamertag was Mirage.
(tablet beeping)
Thank you, Richard,
components and all.
(phone beeping)
Oh, shit.
Speak of the devil.
Hey, guys, guys, listen up.
"Detroit is two weeks away.
"The Midwest Conference.
"Win and you get
a seat in Vegas.
'Lose, and you're
dead in the water.
"There's over a million bucks
at stake, don't blow it."
All right, guys.
We're up against the
Montreal SleepyBoyz.
This is only a scrim.
If we can't wreck these hacks,
we don't stand a
chance in Detroit.
(wind rushing)
(light electronic music)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(low thudding)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(guns firing)
[Wayne] Dave, let's
go for their flag.
No, no, no.
The carnage power-up is coming.
We need the damage boost.
[Wayne] Here they come!
Tyler, top left.
(guns firing)
Oh, fuck.
He's going for carnage!
Focus him!
(fire roaring)
He's got it!
(guns firing)
(bombs exploding)
Come on.
[Wayne] Steve, incoming!
[Steve] Where is he?
[Wayne] Top Tele!
(guns firing)
I'm officially tilted.
(mouse dropping))
Are you fuckin' kidding me!
[Steve] He's going
to grab the flag!
Get ready to stop
him on the way out!
[Wayne] My God, that
was the easiest Frag!
[Dave] I'm behind him!
Get ready!
[Tyler] Okay, I see him!
Stop him!
[Tyler] Dave, move!
(guns firing)
I'm gonna take the
flag and push into OT.
(bombs exploding)
(keyboard slamming)
You kidding me!
Was that really us?
You baited me.
Don't bait me!
I didn't bait you.
I got ambushed!
Okay, and Wayne, weren't
you supposed to cover him?
What happened?
I don't know, man.
I zoned out.
You zoned out.
You zoned out.
Are you serious?
Come on, man!
(headphones dropping)
What Attitude?
This is the biggest
convention in the country.
I've done it three
years in a row.
Okay, fine.
(light pop music)
What's wrong?
Venus Water dropped me.
That's crazy.
I'd buy anything from you.
It's Jonathan.
He blacklisted me.
You know, you don't need them.
You collect pictures
of cupcakes?
Only the ones I make.
You made these?
Can, I, can I see?
Can I see?
(light orchestral music)
These are like
really, really good.
[Kate] Thanks.
You could like sell these.
Yo, we need to talk.
All right, let's say
you're the quarterback.
Ball gets snapped.
Defense is comin'
at you like a wall,
and the wide
receiver's wide open.
But what do you do?
You run right into it.
And then you blast
the entire team
for failing to guard you?
Is that your strat?
Because if it is, it sucks.
Okay, and what's
yours, Dave, huh?
You block me
instead of guard me?
Shit, Dave, the team
was all over the field.
Tyler, you don't have
to prove anything to us.
We know you're good.
But so are we.
So, who are we up against?
Outlawz with a Z.
Frickin' Europeans.
Thank God it's just a scrim.
(wind rushing)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(ominous orchestral music)
(wind rushing)
(readout sliding and beeping)
All right guys,
let's set up for mid.
(guns firing)
(character exploding)
Nice shot, Wayne.
[Dave] The other
guy's, top RL!
(character crashing)
(guns firing)
Dave, you ready
for this carnage!?
[Dave] Wait.
Don't jump down too early.
We got it.
(guns firing)
[Dave] He's backing.
[Tyler] I'm jumping down!
(guns firing)
[Dave] Carnage is coming up!
[Tyler] Got it!
Follow up!
(keyboard clicking)
(guns firing)
I got the first one!
Taking the flag now.
(alarm beeping)
Two on me!
[Dave] I'm on the flank.
[Tyler] Nice help.
(alarm beeping)
(character exploding)
Got him!
(keyboards clicking)
Oh, nice!
[Wayne] Returning it now.
[Steve] We all know
that was luck, you scrub!
(electricity zapping)
("Now or Never"
by BadBadNotGood)
Yes, yes, yes.
Yeah, yeah
Nah ain't nothing better
I put that on whatever
Youngin' keep that head up
Time to get it now
or never, we gone
(guns firing)
Grime like no other
Shine like no other
You front on
'bout some monies
Then probably get confronted
By some that don't care they
probably ride on your mother
Ride, have you scared to
come outside you on warning
Watch your back, front, left,
right, eyes every corner
Keep your eyes open wide like
your life depending on it
What I pen down
on this paper
Is what we
thought was normal
Jot a few words
to get started
Clear my voice
then go record it
This that midnight
on that corner rap
Hand close to the pharaoh
On your block grim reaper
standing in the shadows, waiting
Waiting, thinking that
your life is for the taking
(bomb exploding)
Nah ain't nothing better
I put that on whatever
Youngin' keep that head up
Time to get it now
or never, we gone
We gone
(guns firing)
(bombs exploding)
Feeling like a lunatic
Kneeling at the crucifix
Patiently waiting to
hear something back
Something from
them skies above
They told me when I
was young he would come
Come take all
these sins away
Come take all my sins today
Yeah that's what
them sinners say
So I wait, 'til I
hear something back
But in the mean
time, in between time
Gotta hustle up a stack
God don't look
just turn your back
Gotta get my hands dirty
if I want this 100 racks
(all cheering)
Yes, yes!
That's what I'm talking about.
That's what I'm talking about.
[Steve] Whoo!
(all growling)
What was the first game
you guys ever played?
First game?
(light electronic music)
Oh, GoldenEye, when I was five.
[Tyler] Yes.
Do you guys remember Spore?
[Tyler] Yes.
[Dave] What a piece of shit.
I almost went back to Haze.
Dude, Quake.
Mmm, Doom.
Yes, Tomb Raider.
Hey, she's hot.
She's so hot.
Yo, what do you
think Richard played?
[All] Pong!
Yo, why don't we, why don't
we boot up the old stuff
and kick back?
Yo, why not make it a party?
No, no, a retro gaming party.
[Steve] Yeah.
Wayne, send out an Evite!
Mmm, guys, only
two slices left.
[Steve] Sweet.
Sweet games, get fucked up.
Ah, this is gonna be great.
("Runaway" by FM Attack)
Yo, we're gonna
kill it in Detroit.
Tell me, you're so late
On an island to run away
Let your heart spin
[Tyler] You want
a piece of my heart?
Can you feel yesterday
You run away now
Till we know how
You're gonna go now
Just run away now
I forgot about the appetizers
Now, let 'em, let 'em...
To run away.
Jesus, ow.
Need some help?
No, I'm okay.
Here's to new beginnings.
For both of us.
No hard feelings?
(upbeat dance music)
[Tyler] What
do you call this?
You know, it's weird, at parties
people always ask me,
"What is it you do?".
The last thing I would
ever say is, "I'm a gamer."
But tonight, we're
all gamers, bro!
(upbeat dance music)
Have you guys seen Kate?
(blowing smoke)
Hey, have you guys seen Kate?
She's with Jonathan.
[Jonathan] Come on, Kate,
have another shot with me.
[Kate] I feel sick.
What are we doing in here?
[Jonathan] You said you
wanted to talk about us.
[Kate] No, I didn't.
[Jonathan] Let's
loosen your clothing,
so you can breathe easier.
[Kate] Jonathan,
don't touch me!
(hard punching)
Get out!
You're okay.
(light orchestral music)
(door knocking)
[Kate] Yeah?
Can I?
[Kate] Yeah, of course.
Some tea?
Thank you.
How are you feeling?
What happened?
I remember the party, but,
did we...
Nothing happened.
Kate, what were you
doing with Jonathan?
He told me that he
wanted to make up.
And you?
You kidding?
It's over.
So this is your old room?
Yeah, I was sitting right
there when I played Quake
for the first time.
I know what it's like
to feel helpless.
It was after we'd closed.
(ominous atmospheric music)
Somebody was hiding
when my dad locked up.
(wind rushing)
Shh, it's okay.
It's okay.
[Man] Go.
[Mother] No.
(heavy breathing)
[Father] Look,
there's nothing in here!
Please, don't hurt him!
Come on.
(gun smacking)
(gun firing)
(high pitch
frequency resonating)
(gun cocking)
(gun firing)
(dramatic orchestral music)
I couldn't save him.
My dad taught me to shoot.
Like he had a
premonition or something.
But when he needed me, I choked.
You were only a kid.
My mom couldn't cope.
She stopped eating.
They're together now.
Yup, they're loading up.
Of course I'm with them.
It's called servicing
client, my friend.
What do you think,
a stretch limousine.
That's how we roll, my friend,
unless you've got some
jet you wanna send us.
All right.
All right, we're all set.
Make sure you show
the logo, all right?
Make our sponsors happy.
Well, load up!
Knock 'em dead.
We'll do our best.
Look, there's
something you have
to understand about
Jonathan, all right?
Skill isn't enough.
This guy doesn't
wanna just beat you.
He wants to tear you down
and destroy you, as a person.
Look at me, look at me.
If you wanna get under his
skin, when the moment's right,
make a dig about his father.
His dad had a wicked
gambling problem.
Lost everything.
His car, his house,
his wife left him.
But Jonathan's ego is a front.
He's actually pretty sensitive.
Look, you got what it takes.
Go get 'em.
(light electronic music)
[Steve] Yo, Tyler.
You ready?
(hip hop music)
[Kate] F9.
You're insane at this.
No, I just know how you work.
I've seen you play
so many times.
Hey, I'll bet Venus
Water has a booth.
Maybe they'll hire you back.
Booth babe.
What a respectable job.
Hey, any woman
that can sell a car
for half-a-million dollars,
wearing only a bikini
and spiked heels,
earns my respect.
Don't mind him.
Yeah, when Jonathan started
on the Reflex circuit,
it just, you know,
he wanted me near him
and it made sense.
Being a booth rep
kinda was a no-brainer.
Yeah, but you have skills.
You're a gamer.
Not like Jonathan.
He annihilated me in Copenhagen.
Wait, you played him?
Yeah, we was slumming it
at a Team Fortress final
like two years ago.
I'd spent my last
dime getting there,
didn't have a way home,
and he paid for my flight.
(phone ringing)
Dave, get your fuckin'...
That's how you lose
a football scholarship.
I was a quarterback
on a full ride to
Washington State.
Miami tackle came in
like a freight train.
I can still hear the snap.
That's not what hurt.
it's my dad,
the way he can't
look me in the eye.
Look, boys.
God, it's like
the sun threw up.
Yeah, we're gonna look
like FIFA cheerleaders.
Motor City is revving up
to host the Eastern Conference
Reflex Arena playoffs.
20 teams will be battling it
out over the next three days,
with the winner advancing
to the finals in Las Vegas.
(upbeat dance music)
Who wants it?
[Announcer] Team Earthling,
report to aisle two.
Team captains, please
visit the tech booth
for second round.
Hey, check this out.
Pretty hot.
A solid eight.
Maybe a ten when
she's in the shower.
(objects falling)
(ketchup squirting)
See you in the game, nerd.
[Announcer] Members of
Team Nefarious and Omen,
please report to the stage.
Tyler, you spazz out at Wendy's
drive-through, or something?
Shut up, Wayne.
[Steve] Dude, can I get a
combo number three over here?
Extra ketchup.
Nice Jersey.
I'm gonna bury this clown.
(low thudding)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(ominous orchestral music)
(low thudding)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(low thudding)
(keyboards clicking)
[Dave] Let's just
ease into this, boys.
This is groups.
Best of one.
Ty, you see anything?
(wind rushing)
[Tyler] I hear
him coming on right.
[Dave] It's Jonathan.
(high pitch
frequency resonating)
(guns firing)
[Tyler] I'm going for him!
[Dave] No, no. Just chill!
Come and get me, Conboy!
You asked for it dickhead.
Tyler, stop!
(gun firing)
You're leaving us wide open!
[Wayne] Tyler,
what are you doing?
(low thudding)
(bomb dropping)
(bomb exploding)
(guns firing)
(crowd awwing)
Fuckin' kidding me!
They've got carnage.
They're coming in now.
Get him Chucky!
(guns firing)
Kill 'em all.
(guns firing)
[Wayne] I'm on him.
[Steve] You're trash, GG.
(all cheering)
[Jonathan] We
got something here.
We got something here.
[Chucky] In your
face, in your face.
[Jonathan] Say
hi to your mother.
Was that some kind of a strat?
No, I'm sorry.
I just got a text from Nurv.
Through the miracle of streaming,
they had a front row seat
to whatever that was.
They weren't impressed.
You're just about done.
Go home, Conboy.
You're obviously
not pro material.
Take that picture down.
Won't do any good.
It's already got a
million downloads.
What picture?
See, guys are getting off,
looking at those curves.
Seeing as how you like
to spread it around,
I thought you'd
like the exposure.
You asshole!
(hard slapping)
Take it down!
[Jonathan] What!?
[Tyler] Take it off that site!
It never left my phone!
It was just a mockup, you idiot!
[Twitch Anchor]
Officials have disqualified
Team Omen, following a brawl
during competition in Detroit,
leading Richard Brixton
to swiftly drop Conway
and the remaining
talent of Team Omen.
Spencer's team went
on to win the event,
advancing to the
finals in Las Vegas.
All right, okay,
guys, guys, look.
Look, Detroit was
a speed bump, okay?
We'll learn, we'll get better.
Detroit wasn't a speed bump.
It was a wake-up call.
So yeah.
I'm gonna go back to whatever's
left of my shitty life.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(tweet popping)
(tweet whistling)
(door opening and closing)
(egg cracking)
(blender whirring)
How's it going, boys.
All right, I'm putting
together a team.
Any links to gameplay I can see?
Oh, I can take you
to the stratosphere.
But I'm not talking
about the hotel.
I'm Counter Strike.
Seriously, I am Counter Strike.
I just dropped out.
So, I got lots of time.
Give me two weeks,
and I'm your DotA man.
We're playing Reflex.
I was born to play.
It's in my DNA.
In my previous life I was a CPU.
So, I'll wait for your call?
You do that, yeah.
(door closing)
(door opening)
[Kate] Who was that?
(door closing)
Some dude I met online.
Wants to be on my team.
Your team?
You already have a team.
Well, where are they?
They're out there.
You could have just apologized.
Explain that you screwed up
and they'd still be here.
Wait, I screwed up?
No, they couldn't keep up.
Tyler, you had a strat and
you went off half-cocked.
I went off to nail
that bastard Jonathan.
I'm surprised you'd be
down on me for that,
or maybe you enjoy dropping
your pants for him.
Don't you dare make out that
like you did it just for me.
You did that for own pride.
Was it worth it?
Did it fix anything?
Tyler, it's just a game.
It's more than just a game.
You know, I know why
worked so hard to become
such a good shooter,
but you were not responsible
for what happened to your dad.
(dramatic orchestral music)
You need to learn
to trust yourself,
because until you do, you're
not gonna trust anybody.
You're not gonna
trust your team.
You're not gonna trust me.
I think that it's time
that I found my own place.
Good luck, Tyler.
I hope you find your team.
[Australian Gamer]
Tyler, it's Roo.
How are you goin', mate?
(character stomping)
[Czech Gamer] Krok here.
Ty, you up for a game?
(gun firing)
[Australian Gamer]
Buddy, are you playing?
I need to prep for the
Western Conference playoffs.
Let's get out of here.
He's still titled from Detroit.
[Czech Gamer] Yeah, for sure.
Wait, you're playing the North
American Western Conference?
[Australian Gamer]
Right-o, mate.
But you're an Aussie.
[Australian Gamer] Technically
I'm a dude from California.
Born in Malibu.
That makes you eligible.
[Australian Gamer]
Yeah, you got it.
I reviewed the
gameplay from Detroit
and it was hard to watch.
You guys got us
there, and I blew it.
(dramatic guitar music)
We got disqualified,
we lost the conference.
But we might still
have a chance at Vegas.
It's gonna take a lot
more work to get there,
but I know we can do it.
And I'm just begging you guys.
Just give me another chance.
So I'll be here, at
eight p.m. on Friday.
Hope to see you then.
(door opening)
[Wayne] You'd better
deliver, my friend.
I stood up two lingerie
models for this.
Wayne, come, have a drink.
(door opening)
[Steve] Hey, not so
fast, you manwhore!
(door closing)
Oh, man.
To Omen.
Back from the dead.
(glasses clinking)
So what's this all about?
All right, Dave, you're
from Washington, right?
Seattle, born and raised.
Goin' back next summer.
Assistant coach at
Washington State.
[Wayne] Congratulations.
Well, that's it.
We register the
team in your name.
That's our ticket.
Wait, what ticket?
The Western Conference.
Yeah, but Washington's
in the Pac-Twelve.
No, the Reflex Arena
Western Conference.
We win that, and we go
to the finals in Vegas.
Man, we sucked in
Detroit, we'll suck in LA.
No, no, I sucked in Detroit.
All right, and that's
not gonna happen again.
Because Dave, I want
you to lead the charge.
I wanna switch positions.
No, I don't know, man.
(lighter clicking)
God, dude, what is that shit?
(blowing smoke)
[Tyler] Steve.
Decision like this,
I need to commune
with the almighty spirit.
My dad's gonna kill me.
(light electronic music)
(electronic buzzing)
(exhaling deeply)
(hip hop through headphones)
(phone buzzing)
(message chiming)
The top story continues
to be Team Omen,
which relocated to the
Western Conference,
following a humiliating,
off-the-grid brawl in Detroit.
(hip hop music)
Rising from the ashes,
Omen has restructured,
with Dave Foreman
replacing Tyler Conway
as team leader.
And the strategy
appears to be working,
as shown by Omen's
stunning rise.
Beating out 20 other teams
and shattering records
in this season's most
impressive tournament play.
[Twitch Anchor] The
destruction of Korea's FoNgPO,
means they are now within reach
of clinching the
Western Conference,
if they can get past the
notorious Team Freakazoids.
He plays noisy.
You hear him coming a mile away.
Spam rockets.
Catch him off guard.
(phone buzzing)
Yo, Jonathan, what's good?
[Announcer] All
league officials,
please report to
the server admins.
(keyboard clicking)
(low thudding)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(ominous orchestral music)
(low thudding)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(keyboards clicking)
[Steve] Watch out for this
leader kid, I heard he's nutty.
(guns firing)
Now way.
How the...
(guns firing)
[Wayne] He's got carnage.
His other attacker
is not with him.
[Steve] He's got 'em.
Fuck, he's on me!
[Wayne] Dave!
Dave, we need to make a move!
(guns firing)
(keyboards clicking)
(alarm ringing)
(character exploding)
[Steve] Sick strats.
(all cheering)
[Female Twitch Anchor]
Omen loses game one
in this best of three series.
[Twitch Anchor] Let's talk
about Leader's performance.
What an absolute beast.
(group applauding)
There's no way he
landed those shots.
(keyboard clicking)
(guns firing)
Excuse me!
I think one of
them is cheating.
[Tyler] They're
using an aimbot.
Look, see how the crosshairs
lock on the target?
Can't miss.
(gun firing)
It's a glitch in your replay.
There's only one
thing we can do.
Up our game.
[Dave] Let's get
on this carnage fast!
Ty, you with me?
[Tyler] Yeah, let's do it!
(keyboard clicking)
(wind rushing)
[Dave] He's here!
(guns firing)
(high pitch
frequency resonating)
I got him!
[Tyler] Shit, one more!
(guns firing)
(crowd cheering and clapping)
That's how it's done.
Dave, meet me at their flag!
[Dave] Turning the corner!
Pushing now.
(guns firing)
[Tyler] Don't worry, I'm here!
(character exploding)
Go for their flag!
(alarm ringing)
[Dave] Just grabbed the
flag and I'm leaving now.
(low thudding)
Need help.
(missile firing)
(missile exploding)
That's what I'm talking about.
(guns firing)
(keyboards clicking)
Wayne, I'm bringing in the flag.
Cover me!
(guns firing)
[Tyler] Bring it home, Dave!
(crowd cheering and applauding)
I can't do this, man.
I'm not wired for it.
Okay, one more like that and
I'm gonna have a meltdown.
Nonsense, man.
You did good, you did good.
No, your plays got us
through the last game.
You need to go
back to team lead.
All right.
[Dave] Let's get it.
[Twitch Anchor]
Omen wins game two
with textbook Reflex
Arena game play.
It's anyone's tournament.
(wind rushing)
[Tyler] Scan him!
He's bolt!
[Wayne] Yeah, I see him.
We gotta kill him now!
(keyboard clicking)
(guns firing)
This is bullshit.
(alarm ringing)
(guns firing)
(alarm ringing)
I've got their flag.
Be careful, we're in stalemate.
(wind rushing)
Steve, take the flag!
Wayne, pair up with Dave!
Got it.
(guns firing)
(alarm ringing)
[Tyler] Dave, jump in now.
Go for the flag defender.
[Dave] I'm in.
(keyboard clicking)
[Tyler] I'm jumping on Leader!
[Wayne] Steve,
they just killed me
and are coming, got, fuck!
Look at me!
(keyboard clicking)
(guns firing)
[Tyler] I got him!
Cap it, Steve!
[Steve] Fuck these gamers!
I'm capping it, boys.
(electricity buzzing)
(crowd cheering)
(keyboard smashing)
(clapping over speakers)
This team is amazing.
I'm lucky being part of it.
They've taught me so much.
[Reporter] It's
been a rough road.
I mean, Omen broke
up there for a while.
(light electronic music)
Yeah, we lost sight
of why we were together,
but we had to find our way back.
[Reporter] Any regrets?
I mean, some of us said
things we shouldn't have,
but we're looking forward now.
We've got our eyes on Vegas.
[All] Yeah!
- Vegas, baby!
- Omen, Omen, Omen.
(electricity buzzing)
(phone typing)
Gotta love the buzz.
"Good Omen in Vegas."
"Spencer meets his match."
"Omen in Reflex."
(light electronic music)
(door knocking)
(door opening)
Hey, Tyler!
Guess who.
You trying to ruin my day?
You got a minute?
I'll be back in five.
(door closing)
So you're back.
You're back.
Western Conference Champ.
Well done.
Look Richard, you
dropped us in Detroit.
You dropped you, in Detroit.
Let me tell you something
about athletes and business.
Managers need
something to work with.
Let's talk about your future.
Five years from now, you're
not gonna be gaming anymore.
Let's say you win
today, a million bucks.
Cut that four ways,
250,000, you'll be in
the highest tax bracket,
leaves you with 175.
How far is that gonna get you?
Won't even cover your Canteen.
Tyler, this isn't like boxing,
where everyone is
watching so closely
that's there no chance to
um, affect the outcome.
(dramatic atmospheric music)
You serious?
There's a lot of
money riding on this.
North of 20 million dollars.
I can get us a
big chunk of that.
How big?
Two million
dollars just to lose?
Is that for real?
All right, some heavy bettors
want to make sure Nefarious
takes the title and
they're willing to pay.
Let's put it to a vote.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome your teams,
Omen and Nefarious!
(hip hop music)
(crowd cheering and applauding)
(wind rushing)
(low thudding)
(crowd oohing)
Players, to your stations!
(wind rushing)
(readout sliding and beeping)
(ominous orchestral music)
Wait for it.
Don't let them through.
(wind blowing)
(guns firing)
I hear them coming in from
left, get ready Wayne!
Okay, start spamming!
(grenades firing)
Watch your nades!
Spam over me!
(bombs exploding)
Shit, they're in!
Wayne, what are you doing?
[Dave] Wayne, run!
Don't take that fight!
[Tyler] Wayne, can
you fuckin' hear us?
Welcome to the meat-grinder.
Boys, let's take it!
(guns firing)
Steve, incoming!
Wayne, you've got Tele-spawn.
Stop him when he comes out!
(portal chiming)
(ominous orchestral music)
He's coming out now!
(keyboard clicking)
Steve, he's bridge!
(bombs exploding)
(exhaling deeply)
Yes, yes, whoo!
(crowd cheering)
(hip hop music)
Come on, come on!
Is that all you got?
Is that all you got?
What's with the team shooting?
Hey, hey, somebody's
gotta take the offensive,
'cause Jonathan's got you
all shitting in your pants.
And you left me to
die out there, so...
Yeah, I saw Jonathan
pass right by you.
Okay, yeah.
You took it, didn't you.
You made your own
deal with Richard.
That's why you're
playing like shit.
No, man.
He always plays like shit.
I took it.
And you would too,
if you were smart.
Damnit, Wayne!
Steve, relax, relax.
I'm tired
of people posting
their awesome lives.
You know what?
Money talks
and losers walk.
[Tyler] Then walk.
Out of whose asshole are we
gonna pull a fourth player?
We can't compete with three!
We need someone
who knows our style,
someone who could
pick up our starts.
(box dropping)
Friggin' window boxes.
Oh my god, I can kiss
this batch goodbye.
[Tyler] Kate?
Look, you've seen us play.
You know our strats.
All right, it's time for
Mirage to make a comeback.
I really didn't
come here to play.
Look, what you said on Twitch
about how you had to
make your way back.
It was, it was just really nice
to see you playing
like I knew you could.
(light piano music)
You know, we could win
every game in this tournament
and it wouldn't make
up for losing you.
We need you, Kate.
I need you.
Not just for this.
You're such a suck...
Continuing on in the
Reflex Arena Championship,
here in Las Vegas,
we have a ringer for Team Omen.
Substituting in for Wayne
Levin, we have Kate Valery.
(crowd cheering)
Team Leaders, on your signal.
Red Team ready.
Blue ready.
(wind rushing)
(readout sliding and beeping)
Jonathan is here, get ready!
[Kate] Okay, okay, Ty, hide.
I'll push him into you.
(keyboard clicking)
He's in.
Okay, I'm pushing
him back to you now.
Get ready.
(low thudding)
(wind rushing)
(gun firing)
(crowd cheering)
[Tyler] Kate, come with us.
Dave and I are pushing now!
[Kate] Got it.
[Dave] Two guys in front!
(guns firing)
(keyboard clicking)
Tyler, grab the flag!
(guns firing)
(alarm ringing)
(keyboard clicking)
Kate and I got the guys at mid.
[Steve] Careful,
there are guys in front!
Don't go out yet.
(keyboard clicking)
(wind rushing)
We need a distraction.
I'm on it!
(guns firing)
[Dave] They took the bait!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Go, Ty, go!
(guns firing)
What are you doing?
Come on.
(electricity buzzing)
(crowd cheering)
(all screaming)
(upbeat dance music)
What? Did you not
think I could do it?
You're sweating like a pig!
Go wash up. You're
sweating so much.
(phone buzzing)
[Jonathan] Yeah, Richard.
What an intense showdown.
Nothing short of spectacular.
An amazing comeback
from Team Omen!
(audience applauding)
And we're gonna
take a short break,
and give our fine robots
some well-needed r & r.
We'll be back in half an hour!
(crowd cheering and applauding)
(water running)
(door opening)
(door closing)
(hard punching)
(heavy breathing)
(door opening)
(door closing)
[Jonathan] His hand.
No no no no no.
(door slamming)
(Tyler falling)
(heavy breathing)
(door opening)
(door closing)
(Tyler crying)
(ominous orchestral music)
You, you.
There's always
someone out there
trying to get what you've got,
your girl, your job.
And they'll get it,
unless you're the toughest
bastard in the room.
And right now,
that's me.
Yeah, you're a tough guy, huh?
You're lucky too,
just like your dad.
What did you say?
Yeah, your old man
loved to win, didn't he?
More than anything.
He'd rather blow his
paycheck playing poker
than put food in your mouth.
Did Richard tell you that?
Fuck you.
(punching door)
(door opening)
(door closing)
(crowd murmuring)
Yo, where's Tyler?
We're up in 10.
He just went to the...
(door opening)
How much time do we have?
Um, three minutes.
(punching door)
Shit, Tyler, you can't play!
Yes, I can! Yes, I can!
No, I'm gonna tell the
officials, all right?
They're gonna kick Spencer
out on his cheating ass.
He's just gonna say
that I started it,
like in Detroit
I'm gonna play,
and we're gonna beat him.
Okay, come on.
(crowd murmuring)
What happened here?
[Tyler] Slipped on some
water in the restroom.
(crowd cheering and applauding)
(guns firing)
(keyboard clicking)
[Kate] Ty, don't take
that fight, just leave.
Guys, I don't know
how long I can last.
Hang in there.
We can do this.
(wind rushing)
This ends now.
Come here, you little shit.
(high pitch
frequency resonating)
(grenade exploding)
(guns firing)
(guns firing)
(character exploding)
(guns firing)
(character exploding)
What are you doing?
[Tyler] Dave, run for it!
[Dave] Here we go.
(alarm ringing)
[Tyler] You're covered.
Just go!
(character exploding)
[Dave] Almost there.
Just getting to mid now.
I'm at the bridge.
(character exploding)
Yes, yes!
(crowd cheering)
(light electronic music)
[Kate] Got it!
(alarm ringing)
Shit, Jonathan's behind me!
[Steve] Yeah, I see him.
I'll stop him!
(grenade exploding)
(character exploding)
I lost track of Jonathan.
Heads up!
Come on, Jonathan.
Where are you?
(wind rushing)
(gun firing)
(character exploding)
(crowd cheering)
(grand orchestral music rising)
(crowd cheering and applauding)
(all cheering)
That's what I'm talking about.
[Both] Whoo!
(low frequency resonating)
(light piano music)
All right, to win at
anything it requires risk.
Try it,
(keyboard clicking)
try it like this.
Okay, that's a
grenade launcher,
it kind of lauves,
so if you shoot it,
you can put it over walls,
it bounces off.
If you hit someone with it,
they'll just explode.
You see how the
carnage is coming up.
It's right there.
He's going for it.
You gotta be in, hit space
bar, like continuously,
you'll get speed.
Aw, it looks so good.
Thank you, for sharing my dream.
It's a bold move,
risking it all on cakes.
Venus favors the bold.
You know, it's cool
that we came together
all around your LAN.
Our LAN.
Dave set up a match on
the Atlantic City servers.
[Tyler] Oh, really?
Who are we playing?
The Swedes.
Shit, they're good.
We're gonna need
some new strats.
Good thing I can
think of a few.
(wind rushing)
(grand orchestral music)
(wind rushing)
(light piano music)
(keyboards clicking)
[Tyler] We got this.
(wind rushing)
(light electronic music)
I go home to you
(missiles firing)
I'm dreaming
Like a child
Like a lie
You always say goodbye
I've always known why
I go home to you
Go home to you
You may find
In time
That things rust
You may find
You may find
In time
That things rust
Your mind
(light electronic music)
Where have you been
I've been waiting
For a while you say
I reached out
To take your place
Living on a ledge
At the bottom of the page
Yes, I swear
I follow you home
With all the head
I follow you home
Yes, I swear I
follow you home