Eiffel I'm in Love (2003) Movie Script

will you make a hot chocolate
milk for me?
How's your basketball game?
Thanks God, we lost.
when will you guys get a victory?
we have a bad coach
Can l go to the shopping mall
with my friends tomorrow night?
A mall is not a safe place to go.
There are many bad guys. what if somebody
puts drugs into your drink? lt'll give me troubles
But l'm already 15.
l can take care of myself.
That's exactly because
you're still 15 l dont allow you to go
You can go when you're 20.
But l want to enjoy my school years.
why should you hang out with your friends?
You meet them at school every single day.
Beside, they wont get smarter
by hanging out. And neither you will.
lt's always like this. l'm never
allowed to go anywhere
lnstead of going to the mall, you better go
to the airport to pick up my friend from France.
why dont you tell Alan
to go instead of me?
l need to study for my next week exam.
The exam is still a week to go!
Dont disrupt Alan's study.
l want you to go with Pak Udin.
You wont have any exam
tomorrow, will you?
l wont .. but l'm afraid to act all thumbs.
l dont even know your friend.
Relax, Om Reza is a quiet person.
He's coming with his son. His name is Adit.
why dont you try to hit it off with him?
Yes. And be nice to them.
They're gonna stay in the
room next to yours.
So dont create any noise at night. lf they
hear it, we're gonna feel ashamed.
Anyway, whom do you talk
to on the phone every single night?
Oh my, l'm dead! No body!
Sorry, honey, l hate it to say that
l cant go tomorrow.
Maybe next time l can. ls it OK with you?
Next time? But when?
we've been seeing each other for 2 years.
Should l go to your Mom to ask for her
permission? No. There'll be a big problem.
She forbids me to have a boyfriend.
lt makes me upset. l really wanna
go tomorrow.
Calm down, be patience.
Anyway, it's late now. Arent
you sleepy? Not Yet.
why dont you sleep so that you
would dream about me.
You ! OK then, see you tomorrow. Bye!
You got me startled!
lt's a call from Nanda. But dont
take long. l'm waiting a call.
You said you wanna study for your exam.
Now you're having a phone call instead.
lt's still a week to go. l have plenty of time
to get a good grade. l dont need to study now.
How could you ! lf l knew this,
you're the one gonna go to the airport.
Dad wouldnt possibily tell me to do this.
The one to be married with Adit is you.
lt's not funny ! Dont take long.
Hi, what's up? was it Allan taking my call?
ls he happy to know it's me? what he said to you?
what is he doing now? ls he around?
why do you have to be so excited! Alan didnt
say anything. He doesn't even remember you.
lf that's so, OK then, See you..
So you have called just to ask about Alan?
Yes. Alright then, l'm going to sleep.
l'm afraid to get up late tomorrow. Bye!
Hei wait! Tomorrow l wont attend school.
My father asked me to pick up a friend
of him and his child from France at the airport.
will you tell this to Mr Haris, OK?
His child must be a boy whose age is
just around your age. How do you know?
My guest is right! l think l have sixth sense.
They're gonna pair you off!
Dont scare me! Alan has also
said that just now.
Look what i'm saying! Your mom must
have planned to pair you off since long back.
That's why she doesnt allow
you to have a boyfriend.
God forbid it! l will never be willing
to be paired off with anybody.
Then give him for me. l lost hope
since Alan stopped to care about me.
He never cares for you at all.
lt's true. what the hell! Anyway,
when will l sleep if l keep talking.
Dont blame me. Go on sleep. Bye.
102.3 FM Prambors Radio.
Still with me on ''Tisam (Say Hi)'' program.
As usual, you can call as to say
what you want say to anybody you like.
And now it's look like
we have a call here.
Hallo .. who is this? lt's Fara
from La Fontaine Senior High School.
OK, Fara, whom are you gonna
say hi to? l'd like to say hi to Tita.
l learnt now she's at the air port picking up
her future husband from France. Congratulation !
l also wanna say: ''Now you got that
french boy, so leave Ergi for me OK?''
You guys are over, arent you?
Nanda, l'll get you for this!
So you like Tita's boyfriend?
How would l put this in .. we both like Ergi,
but there's only one who gets his respond.
But my point here is, l'd like to
congratulate Tita who has newly found..
.. her life partner. Thanks, Eni.
You're welcome. Now another call is coming.
Hallo? who is this? Ergi from SMU La Fontaine.
La Fontaine? l hope you are not
Tita's boyfriend! How do you know?
lt's a coincidence. Just now Fara
has said that Tita is gonna get married.
That's why l'm calling when l heard a news
that Tita is gonna get married and we broke off.
l wanna ask Tita herself if this
is true or what?
lf you wanna break off with me,
just say it to me.
Dont create any sensation
to the whole school.
So this matter has been a
rumour in the school?
Yes. Moreover the rumor has it that
Tita is getting married cos l've made her pregnant.
Oh yes, l also wanna say to all kids
in the school that the news is not true.
l didnt make her pregnant.
we never even go out.
That's all, Eni. Thanks.
You're welcome
lt seems today this Tita is
getting a big headache.
Ok, rather than having a headache,
we better listen to this one.
Miss, l think you need to call you Dad.
Almost everybody are gone now.
OK. l'll go the public phone
and call home.
Stay here. lf you meet the persons,
tell them to wait until l come.
lt's impossible, Dad.
l've been waiting here since 3 hours ago.
Om Reza never shows up.
Oh my god! l've been waiting in the
domestic arrival section !
what's wrong with you?
Poor them. waiting you for so long.
They have come all the way
just to see you.
lnstead you made them wait for hours.
Go quickly to look for them. Yes, Dad.
l'm so sorry. l didnt mean it.
Sorry your foot! Keep your eyes
open when you walk.
And why were you running
around in this crowded place?
Miss, what happened?
So you are Tita?
Yes, how do you know?
This drink you has caused it to spill over me
is the third glass l had since waiting for you
How could l not to get upset!
we've been waiting for two hours.
Sorry, l was waiting in the wrong section.
l was waiting you in the domestic arrival.
You've made me wait for so long
and now you made me wet.
Look, Dad has been
sitting over there.
Good day, Uncle. Sorry to make
you wait for so long.
Oh, so you are Tita Yes, Uncle.
Oh my God, you have grown up.
what grade are you now? You know what,
the last time l saw you, you were so small.
You liked to play with dolls. And you
know what, l used to buy you dolls.
l never imagined you this big. Boys must
be fond of you. You have become a young girl now.
So you have met Adit.
l'm sorry if he's harsh.
So this is the person Papa has
told me a quiet man.
l dont even know how he
becomes rude like this.
He used to be so friendly. He has changed
since his mother passed away a couple years ago.
Maybe when he has found his life partner,
he'll get back to his nature. ls that right?
Yes, Uncle. Anyway, why dont we go now
so we wont be late for lunch.
Oh yes. l long to eat you mother cooking,
what do you think about lndonesia now?
Great when did the last time you came here?
This is the room. The bathroom
is at the end of the corridor.
lf you need anything,
l'll be upstairs.
what is it, Miss? This is Bi lca,
if you need anything, just call her.
l leave you now.
wait, Miss, your friends called.
Ergi and Nanda. Thanks.
what is it, Sir? have you got a
Kayu Putih oil? My stomach hurts. Hold on.
Hallo? Good afternoon. Can l speak
to Nanda? Yes, it's me. what is it?
what is it your foot! why couldnt
you keep your mouth shut?
why did you create a rumor that
l'll be married? Ergi is pissed off.
l'm sorry. Actually l just wanted
to tell this among our gang.
But it spreads out so fast.
Dont give it a shit. lt's only a rumor.
lt will pass over. By the way, has your
future husband come? ls he handsome?
Oh l dont know what to say.
The guy is so rude.
He just even met me,
but he started to yell at me.
And the worst thing is, he stays
next to my room.
Now see, your parents must have
intentionally put him in the room next to yours.
So that you both will soon get closer.
Am l right? l'm the best!
Nanda, he stays there with his father.
O l see. But if it happens that he sleeps
there alone, it means something.
You are really going to be paired off.
Come on, Nanda, l'm only 15,
l'm still studying.
l dont want to be a house wife.
whatever. But what matters is, dont forget
about me, alright? Share him with me!
You can have him for yourself if you want.
But, Nan, do we any homework for tomorrow?
Yes, lt's physics. Page 102,
number 1 until 50. Essay.
what? That much?! lt's seem
l'm gonna stay up late doing that.
Oh God .. l'm so tired.
l dont understand why
they want to marry me off?
Can you imagine, why do they wanna pair me
off with a first grade senior high school girl?
Remember what i said, if it happens that
he sleeps there alone, it means something.
They are really gonna
marry you off.
what are you doing, bending
down like that? Ups!
lt's .. nothing. l just want to
see Om Reza.
Dad is in his room.
ln his room? Meaning?
lt means he is in his room.
You know the guest room is downstairs.
Next to your parents' room.
How come you dont know, you are the host here!
But you will sleep with him do you?
Come on ! l'm already 19. l go to college.
l dont need my father to accompany me to sleep.
Dont talk like that about your own father.
You'll pay for it.
You better sleep with you Dad.
what's all this? Dont bother. lt's late.
Hey, the new bride!isn't she
Ergi's ex-girlfriend? what a shame!
l heard she's pregnant.
But how dare she comes to school?
That's why her parents want to
marry her off. God forbid it.
lt's good that they got somebody willing to get
married with her though it's not even his baby.
Perhaps it's not Ergi's baby either.
l cant imagine how ashamed her parent feels!
Pretty but has no moral.
are you crying? what's wrong?
Come on tell me.
Come on, lets go to my classroom.
No. l dont want to go to your classroom.
why dont we go to my classroom, OK?
OK. Lets go there.
That's the story. You're not
mad at me, are you?
Mad? lnstead l wanna ask you, you're not
angry with my friend, are you? l'll tell them off
The class has started again. l'm going
to my classroom. Just forget about this, OK?
Oh yes, when will you reach home?
Can l call you at three?
l dont think so. My mother asks me to go
with her for shopping. How about at seven?
OK, promise? Yes.
Now stop crying.
where have you been?
You get me startled.
what are you doing here.
The class has started.
who forbids me to be here?
l miss you.
Besides, the teachers have a
meeting there. So now, it's a free time.
Really? Good. l havent finished
my homework. Lucky me.
Ta, you broke off with Ergi?
Said who? we're just fine.
No body said that. lt's just yesterday
l saw him with Fara all day.
l'm confused. As far as l know, since
you're dating Ergi, Fara never talks to Ergi anymore.
But, are you sure there's
nothing wrong?
Alright forget it.
Hei, now you become the most popular girl
in school. Even the Koperasi guy talked about you.
ls it so sensational like this? l dont
even know if this is really true or not.
who is the guy? A son of my
father's friend from France.
France? He must be rich.
ls he good-looking?
Oh give me a break! l dont even like
to see his face. He is so rude.
Good if you dont like him. Give him to me.
ls he handsome?
well, just so-so ...
l dont know about you.
Hei, Can l go to your home?
Yes. wow thanks!
But l wont be long. l'm having
a course after that.
Good morning. Uni! what are you doing here?
You dont belong to this class.
l thought you teachers
were having a meeting.
we finished it since a while ago.
Now go back to your classroom.
l'm dead now. l haven't finished
my homework. Yes, Sir.
Alright now. Show your homework..
number 1 to number 5 that is.
Oh my! what's wrong with you?
l wanna take a leak. This is urgent.
l thought there's something
Just go to the bathroom.
l'll be back soon.
Dont miss me. l wont.
what's wrong with you? why are you
so worked up? Like you just saw a ghost?
More than that. l think it's an angel.
You wont believe me. l've just seen a guy.
lt's a guy, Tita! A guy! Yes,
but calm down. So what about that guy?
Just one word to say it: Dashing!
Oh my God, Tita, that guy is so dashing.
l'm thrilled! All my life,
l've never seen such a guy.
where have you seen him?
ln the bathroom.
what? ln the bathroom?
what's the story?
when l walked out from the bathroom,
he is standing right in front of the door.
l think that's a sign he is my destiny.
The guy l've been looking for.
Then he smiled at me. lt makes
me freeze. My heart is still kicking now.
who could it be? Perhaps
he's Alan's friend.
Lets go to the bathroom.
Maybe He's still there. Come on.
Subhaanallah ! (Holy God!)
what are you doing?
You were peeping, huh?
No. l just wanted to know
if there's someone in this bathroom.
Next time try to knock!
He has gone now. You can keep
your mouth shut.
who is that guy? How do you know him?
Of course l know him. That's Adit.
what?! So he's your husband
to be? You are a fool or what?
A guy as dashing as him, tall, and rich.
You wanna waste him away just like that?
Believe me, Adit is not as cool
as you imagine.
l must say that you have to
break off with Ergi.
Are you crazy? what kind
of suggestion is that?!
Come on. Cant you
see a dashing guy?
He is every girl will fall in love with
at first sight. Take him to our school tomorrow.
l bet the whole girls in our school
will be holding their breath in thrill.
Are you mad? Ergi will be there.
There will be a rumor.
who cares! Never pay attention
to such a cheap rumor.
You have a dashing guy in
your home, so take this advantage.
lf l were you, l would be kind to him.
l'll ask him to be with me whereever l go.
l'll ask him to pick me up at school.
l will try to get as closer as possible to him.
Anyway, l'm going now.
l've got a course to take.
You are here, Uni. How are
you doing? Fine, Aunty.
l'm going with your Dad and Uncle Reza
to our school reunion.
will you take Adit to go out?
No way.
l'm asking you just for this time.
Tomorrow is his birthday. He said he wants
to by some souvenirs for his friends in France.
Uni, why dont you come along?
Uni was about to go.
who said that? No,
Aunty. l would love to.
Good. Then you better
get changed. Adit is ready.
You said you got a
course to take.
why whould l miss this opportunity to
show up in public with a dashing guy?
By the way, Can l borrow
your clothes? You !
You look pretty this way.
why didnt you make your hair like this before?
My scar is seen. Relaz.
l havent finished.
But this scarf is from Ergi.
And you havent worn it yet.
lt's OK. You look pretty.
There'll be many guys coming
to you, to get to know you.
OK, now, l must go to tell Adit that
we are ready. You wait here
Let me tell him.
OK. l wait you in the car.
what is it? Nothing. l just wann tell that
Tita is waiting downstairs.
Are you sick? No, l am not
l feel bad lf we dont know each other.
My name is Adit
You are Tita friend?
Close? Quite close.
lf that's so, can you do
me a favor? Anything.
How about this? lt's not bad.
But the other one above is better.
Oh my! what is it?
l need to take a leak urgently.
l thought it was a big deal!
Then go to the toilet. l wait here.
This is pretty cool, huh?
This is not bad for souvenirs.
Couldnt you listen to anybody when they
are talking to you? Cant you see l'm busy?
Last night l heard you said about us
being paired off to each other.
whom were you talking to?
You eavesdrops?
No. l just passed your room
and heard it that's all.
whom were you talking to? lt's not
one of your business!
But l just want to know if is it true that
they're gonna marry us off?
what do you think?
How would l know?
That's why l'm asking you if
it is true or not? Yes
Oh my god, my feeling is right.
l'm dead now!
Just relax, will you? why do you
have to be so anxious?
How can l relax, knowing that
they're gonna marry me off like this.
lt's not right away. At least in the next 3-4
years. Now it's time for us to know each other.
why are you undisturbed about this?
why should l be? lt's a couple years to go.
Dont you think that 4 years is only a while?.
Dont you have an anxiety? Of course l do
But no need to panic like that.
lt makes me sick. You see, l'm just fine
knowing they're gonna married me off ..
.. with a fussy girl like you.
what? Do you think l'm willing to be married
with a rude and arrogant guy like you.
That's your problem. But one thing for sure,
many girls stand in line for me.
And none of them looks like you. A burning maggot.
Dont know how to put up a make up.
lnfact l have a boyfriend. He is more dashing,
understanding and better than you.
You are nothing compared to him.
Prove it. You bring your boyfriend,
and l'll bring my girlfriend.
You will see how pretty, and sexy she is.
Compared to her, you are nothing
but a flat-chest girl.
l'm not afraid. Tomorrow night, we meet
in the fireworks event at the city park.
Halo? where have you been? l'm waiting
you here. Miss you? Oh of course. Hold on.
Here. what? Uni wants to talk to you.
Since when Uni got his number.
l dont even know.
How come they hit it off so fast.
Maybe they're already engaged.
Ta, sorry l have made you wait so long.
l met my mother in the toilet.
So she knew l didnt attend my course.
Then, she told me to accompany her here.
By the way, can you come over here.
l want to tell you something important.
lt's about Ergi. l'm waiting you
in front of Metro right away.
Dit, l'll go downstairs for a moment.
You wait here Yes. Dont be long.
l wonder what happens with Ergi?
will Bunda allow me to go tomorrow night?
what will l wear?
Uni has borrowed my best dress.
And also the scarf.
what if tomorrow Adit would take Uni.
l regret to lend her my dress and scarf.
watch your eyes! Sorry.
what is it? l'm tired.
where is you mother?
She is over there. l have
seen Ergi just now.
lmpossible. Ergi is going
with his mother right now.
His mother? l think it's impossible
l'm afraid you're right.
But l'm not sure. l just have a glance of him
with some woman. Maybe she's his mother Oh my!
l suppose Ergi mother wears
a head scarf. what's wrong
But his mother surely wouldnt
look like Fara. what?
l cant be wrong. l saw them at a restaurant
while Ergi is talking to his handphone.
And Fara is right in front of him,
kept staring at him.
Really? where is it?
He has gone now.
why were you taking so long coming here.
You only had to go down one floor.
But how could Ergi be with Fara?
l just want to tell you. As your good
and faithful friend, l feel obliged to do that.
By the way where is my Mom?
l'll go now. l think l've lost her.
You lost her? lt's you who left her.
where have you been for so long?
Have you finished you shopping?
Cant you see my hands are full with bags?
Lets go home. You take those bags.
why do you keep standing there?
Hurry up, call the driver here.
who is the host anyway?
Turn on the radio, please.
They got ''Tisam'' program on the air right now.
You listen to that program also?
Do you think l cant?
You live in France. How can you?
Havent you heard something
called lnternet?Lets go.
Ergi? Hallo, sweetheart. why do call me
so late? l've been waiting for your call.
Sorry, Nanda called me. Did you finally
manage to accompany your mother for shopping?
l did. l just came back here.
My Mom took so long there.
Can you imagine, from 2 pm until a half past six.
By the way, where did you go for shopping?
we went to Chitos You must be very tired now.
Of course. Anyway, tomorrow l'll have to
take a test at LlA. So l wont attend school.
will it be until night? l wanna ask you
to go to the firework event at the park tomorrow.
what? Really? So finally your
Mom allow you to go out.
Not yet. But whether she will
allow me or not, l have to go.
Finally we can go out together.
what time you want me to pick you up?
No. lt will be a trouble if Bunda gets to know.
we will meet there at 7, OK? Bye.
where is the car? That.
whose car is this? Of course mine.
Please get off. where the hell is this?
why we stop here? Arent we going home?
You are going home. But l have many
other things to do.
But this is quite far from home.
You say this is far? Spoiled girl!
You can take the public transport.
Be creative. And it's only 15 minutes walk.
Come on, get off. l have some
other business. Y..yes.
By the way, good luck! what?
l hope you'll get your mother's permission.
Careless girl.
Adit? what are you doing here.
Sorry l sneak in. l have knocked but ..
wowowow! Calm down !
l miss you so much. You are here
because you miss me, don't you?
Don't charge me just like that
You're having a guest, huh?
Yes, as usual .. a school kid who
gets bored with his girlfirend.
You never change since
we broke off.
lt's not me who wants to
spoil their relation.
They come to me on their own.
lt's their girlfriends fault that..
.. cant keep their boyfriend?
ls that right?
Alright. whatever you say.
You've changed a lot. You look
more calm than before.
lntan, l'll go now. See you tomorrow.
lsnt he too young for you? when did
you start paying attention to other people?
Never mind. l'm here because
l need your help.
l'm home!
why are you so late? lt's unusual.
Nest time if the driver gets sick,
don't tell Adit to pick me up.
And what kind of illness
Udin has that he couldn't go to pick me up?
lll? He's not ill?
He's not ill? l was told he's ill,
that's why Adit came to pick me up.
No, he's not. He is eating
at the kitchen now.
lt's Adit who wanted to
pick you up himself.
And to try his new car from
Uncle Reza as well. This is his birthday.
what? So l become his experiment.
l was fooled and my legs hurt.
what happened with your legs?
Don't ask. l don't wanna talk about it.
wake me up at 5, will you !
why did you have to put on
the make-up? You were taking so long.
Come on this is my first date. lt's normal
if l try to look as pretty as l can be.
ls this your best make-up?
Dont get too proud before you
show me your girlfriend.
wait a moment. Soon.
lntan !
Remember our deal.
This is just a play.
Oh yes .. here .. meet Tita
lt seems we have met before?
l dont think so.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.
Have you been her girlfriend quite long?
lt's been 2 years. Oh yes, you said
your boyfriend will be coming. where is he?
He'll come anytime.
Hallo, sweetheart.Ergi, why were
you so long? l've been looking for you.
Oh yes, meet my boyfriend .. Ergi.
Adit, l need to talk to you for a while.
l borrow your boyfriend for a while.
what is it with you?
lnstead l would ask you what's wrong with you?
why did you behave unfriendly to my boyfriend?
Don't spoil my first date.
l don't like your boyfriend.
And l have the right to decide whom
l would like to get acquainted with? Period!
Come on, lets have a walk.
Come on, lets have a walk.
when will the firework start?
Maybe in an hour. Just wait.
Are your guys thirsty? Let get you
some drinks. Let me help you.
Alright. Quickly, will you?
we're waiting here.
l feel like l have seen you
somewhere. But where?
Did you ever show up on TV? No.
why? Nothing. Forget it.
Maybe it's just my feeling.
Have you ever lost your
temper dealing with Adit?
Don't ask me about it!
l'm sick with him.
But it seems he has always
been like that. You know him.
Does he pay attention to you
when you're talking?
At first not. But then lately he starts to
respond to me when l'm talking to him. why?
Has he ever mentioned your name and
looks you in the eyes when he's speaking?
Of course. why l feel like
l'm being interogated here?
l really don't believe this.
Since we're going out, he never looks me
in the eyes when he's talking to me.
Never pay attention to me, always rude.
Now l know that l have been defeated
only by a girl like you.
Do you love him? what? Love him?
Give me a break!
You will like him. we'll see.
Are you both having a quarrel?
No. lnstead we're fine. But don't worry,
l'm not his girlfriend.
why do you mean you're
not his girlfriend?
l'm just hired for tonight.
l dont get what you mean.
l did have relationship with him
back then. But we broke off last year.
l think l had been mean to him.
He accepted me though he knows
that l was dating more than one guy.
l havent seen a guy as patient as him.
l just thought that he never cared about me.
So l had an affair with his best friend.
And he decided to break off with me. But he
has changed now. And that's all because of you.
Because of me? Yes.
He will tell you one day. Just be patient.
And l never imagine he would choose
a girl like you. l thought you are something.
Actually, you're just.. what?
Let me tell you. Adit is a very protective guy.
Once he cares for somebody,
he will protect her as the best as he can.
He is also a gentleman toward a girl.
The point is, he wont disappoint you.
You just relax,
alright? Y..yes.
Oh my god.. this girl is so honest.
Tan, Do you know that Adit doesn't
like Ergi? He seems to hate my boyfriend?
Oh .. that .. l don't know.
Hey, what's going on there?
Lets go and see!
Stop it!
what's wrong with you?
what has he done to you?
lf you have planned to spoil my first date,
you did it! Now are you satisfied?
You are really too far! l never thought
you would go like this.
Are you alright? l'm fine.
Lets go home.
Never touch her again !
Remember that
Adit, stop!
You're crazy! l wanna go home!
l beg you not to go home now.
l don't want my Dad see my face like this.
Here is the ice. Thanks.
Dit, why did you have
to fight with Ergi?
Let me tell you, that boyfriend
of yours has cheated you.
Don't act like you know everything.
How do you know that he has cheated me?
l have caught him with lntan
in an intimate situation in her apartment.
when my bruises get any better,
then we go home.
Are you crying?
why does this girl have to cry?
This just creates more problem.
Girls cant ever solve the
problem without crying.
May l lend your shoulder?
Not only my shoulder,
you can lend my chest too.
Alright now, stop it. Just forget it.
There are many other guys.
Ergi doesn't deserve your crying.
You just waste your energy.
lntan is not your girlfriend, right?what?
what do you mean she's not my girl?
lntan has told me everything. You pay her
to be your girlfriend for tonight. ls that right?
what a big mouth she got!
l have paid her, but she still opens her mouth.
lf she's not you girlfriend, then actually what
were you fighting for? whom were you defending?
Hah? That ..
l was fighting for .. to defend ..
why is your heart
beating so fast?
Come on, now. Stop crying.
My legs feels numb.
You havent answered my question.
l don't like an ill-mannered guy like
your boyfriend. l cant stand to bash him up.
And l hate a girl like you who is crying
for a guy who has been cheating you.
l wasn't crying for Ergi.
l just regret it. This is all my fault.
ln two years of our relationship,
this is the first time we're going out.
while he's been patient listening
to all my complaints, my problems
l never cared about his feeling.
l don't blame him if he's dating another girl.
l cant keep our relation.
And now what are you gonna do with
such a guy? l will break off with him.
Good. l agree with it 100%!
why are you so happy if l broke off
with him?Nothing.
The firework has started.
l imagined seeing the fireworks with Ergi.
Now l end up here with you.
l imagined that l will enjoy to see
these fireworks.
Now l end up seeing them with
bruises all over my face,
And it has to be with you even more.
That completes my suffering.
lt's all your fault. But thanks for helping me.
lf you didn't fight with him, l would never
realize it. Sorry, l have thought you wrong.
lt's alright. Sorry, l've made you
boyfriend black and blue.
But why do you have to hire lntan to
be your girlfriend for tonight?
why dont you just admit it that
you dont have a girlfriend?
l.. You feel ashamed? l dont know.
lt means l win Yes.
what lf l treat you to the movie?
Just consider it as my asking you an
apology for hurting your boyfriend.
l don't know. Maybe lf you treat me
a dinner as well, l would like it.
OK, fine. And now, maybe this
sounds too melancholic.
But, you can come to me anytime
you have a problem, OK?
Thanks. Besides being rude, arrogant,
stubborn, impolite, .. in fact you can be nice too.
Enough. Don't make me
change my mind.
And .. even if it's hard to say it ..
but .. happy birthday.Thanks.
Listen, if this is about last night.
lt wasnt my fault.
Look at this. He hit me first.
l was paying the drinks.
l thanks Adit for knocking you down.
That has represented my slap.
l want to break off with you. But..
l have known everything.
You have an affair with lntan, right?
l'm really disappointed with you.
But listen to me first..
Sorry, l have no time to listen
to any excuses.
Bi lca!Yes, Miss. where is Adit?
l don't know. He left this morning
with Uncle Reza.
where are the others? Alan went
to the college. Your mom and dad went to work.
Get out! Quick! Yes, Miss.
Clean up the room!
what are you doing here?
wait a second. l'll explain it to you.
NO l just wanna talk for a while.
Be short and quick.
l don't have many time.
l want to say sorry. l'm sorry
that l lied to you.
But l didn't know what to do.
At that time, l got a family problem.
And l don't know with whom l have
to share my problem.
You can share it with me.l felt bad
to talk about this with you.
Everytime l call you, you already always
started to talk many things.
And you have a problem of your own,
that pair-off thing.
l don't want to create more problem to you.
l just needed to be with you alone.
But lt never happened. So l looked
for my self-contentment. But l regret it.
After you broke me off, l realize that
l love you so much. l cant live like this.
Bullshit! l really love you. l want
you to come back to me.
But this is not entirely you fault.
lt was also my fault not be able to give you
my attention. But.. You can keep my words.
l think there's nothing wrong to try again.
So you accept me back?
Thanks, honey.
l promise that l will never
ever let you down.
Oh my! what does this girl want?
She disrupted my sleep
You've just slept here and messed up my bed.
Now you've disturbed my sleep with your crying.
You said l can share my problem with you.
But surely you cant cry it to me.
You are so breakable! You give
other people a headache. Alright, tell me.
l met Adit. what you said is true. He had
an affair with lntan. Then, l broke off with him.
Dit, are you listening to me?
why do you keep smiling? Yes, l'm listening.
why are you smiling to hear me
broke off with Ergi? You don't have any feeling.
No. l remember about my dream just now.
l dreamt that l finally defeat my rival.
Dit, listen to me! l regret it.
l want to get back with Ergi. No!
what no? l mean why do you have to get
back with him. You know he's been cheating you.
But l cant go on without him.
Maybe lf l accept him back, he will change.
Everybody deserves a second chance.
No way. Once you lie, you cant be trusted.
lt's normal if you regret
to break off with him.
But you must be strong.
Believe me.
You'll stop crying for him in a year and
be grateful for not being with him anymore.
But a year is a long time. l meet him
everyday at school. l wont be able forget him.
You can look for a fun to
distract your attention to him.
what fun? My mom never allows me
to go out? l'm sick being at home..
watching TV or playing games.
And l share this with you just
because l have no one else.
Hey, you weak girl! You are ungrateful!
what if l'm not here. You would have killed yourself.
But lf l cant have a fun,
l really can kill myself.
Oh yes, you promise to treat me to watch
the movie and as well as a dinner.
Now l demand you to fulfill your promise.
Come on you spoiled girl!
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Your eyes are as big as the golf balls.
You'll give me a shame if l'm going out with you.
How could you ! This is emergency!
lf you wont treat me, l will get back to Ergi.
No! Don't! why do you have to be so agitated
when l say l will get back with Adit.
l'm not! That's just what you think.
Then, what about if you treat me on Sunday?
Monday? why it has to be Monday?
Cant we go another day?
we cant. Bunda wont allow me to go in school
days. Come on, you can go on Monday, cant you?
Ok then. lt's Monday. But you
must remember my advice.
You have to be sure that you were right
to break off with him. OK? OK, boss.
By the way, who is that woman?
why did you both look so romantic.
You're lying to Uni, arent you?
You are not less wicked than Ergi.
Don't just accuse me.
She is my mother.
Oh, sorry, l didn't know it.
Car accident.
My Mom died of car accident. My Dad
must have told you that my mother has gone.
But he never tells you how, doesn't he?
Yes. How do you know?
Dad never tells anybody how my mother died.
Maybe because he is still feeling guilty.
They had a divorce long before.
But Dad kept loving her and didn't want her
getting married again with somebody else.
lt seems that's why they had a quarrel
in the car when the accident took place.
l'm so sorry to hear this. l didn't know..
Come on, no courteous talk!
Anyhow l had to accept it.
Since then, l have been so scared to be
close to anybody. l don't want to feel losing again.
He's pretty cute. Ups,
how could l even think about that?
l must have carried away.
Soon, his rudeness will come back.
That's why don't be a crybaby. what you
just can do is crying. Bothering other people.
This is impossible. why am l
feeling this clumsy being close to Adit.
But his smells exactly like the
one in my dream. Maybe it's Adit who ..
who was that? Uni. But it was off
when l took the call. l will call her back.
Uni? Hallo! Have you come back
to your sense? what?
l'm gonna call Uni. And you've been
here quite a nuisance to me.
You finished your story, didn't you? So you'd
better go out from here. And wash your face.
Alright. l know you're gonna have
a romantic phone talk.
Come on, say something.
why did you just throw me out like this.
Say that you have nothing to do with Uni.
Don't forget to shut the door.
Are you sure they're
seeing each other?
l saw Uni's picture in his wallet. what if
this is true and Adit refuses to be paired off.
Yeah, that will be possible.
But l think, you have to win his heart.
Yes, l agree with it. But how would
l say to him? He's leaving for Paris tomorrow.
what?! Then why do you have
to call me now?
Come on, tell him right away!
l'll be waiting your report tomorrow morning.
l dont understand you !
OK. Remember, you have to tell him
right now. No delay.
l'm waiting your report in 15 minutes
or l'll be mad at you. Got it?
Alright. Bye.
He's still here.
To airport? For what?
where's Adit? l don't know.
Tell Pak Udin to get the car ready.
He's leaving soon.
Miss, here is Adit's belonging.
He's just left it
l thought you'd be leaving tomorrow.
why did you never tell me anything
which l should know it right from your mouth?
First you never told me that you're seeing
Uni until l found it out myself.
Now you didn't told me that you would
leave now until l found it out myself ..
.. from Bunda in the last minutes.
Do you think l don't mind to be treated
like this? Uni is my friend.
Are you angry?
No! l'm disappointed.
why do you have to cry?
Come on, don't be a crybaby.
You pissed me off. what do you
think l am? Do you consider me as a stranger?
No. l never consider you as a stranger.
l've been considering you as my future life partner.
Thanks for everything. Thanks for
giving me a company for this last 2 weeks.
And thanks for introducing me
to your friend.
You mean Uni?
Yes, l mean Uni.
Bunda said Pak Udin will drive you
to the airport. The car is ready.
You're not going? No.
why? why don't you
come along? will Uni be there?
No. She cant come.
She said she has something importand to do.
So Uni knows that you'lll
be leaving today?
Come on, forget about Uni. Now
l'm asking you to go to give me company. Please..
OK, then. That's like a good girl.
l wont be alone in the car.
Don't snivel like that. Lets go!
wait a second. l'll get changed first.
Ok fine. l wait in the car, alright?
Can we leave now? Lets go!
ls that Uni?
why is she doing here?
He said she wouldnt come.
Sorry to make you wait long. lt's alright.
l've just arrived here too. Here, for you.
what's this? wow, french fries, cheeseburger
and .. Milkshake. l bought it double.
Those are my favorite! Oh l suddenly
feel hungry! Give me some!
Thanks, Ni.
Hallo? Yes, Dad. ln a minute.
l think l have to go now.
why do you have to go now?
what about your promise?
l didn't even know myself that
l'd be leaving this soon. l'm sorry.
But, Dit .. why you're just leaving like this.
Now what?! l dont know what
they're talking about
when did she start to be
so spoiled like this.
Maybe she deliberately wants
to show off and piss me off.
why dont you get the hell out of here!
l'm really sorry. Maybe next time.
Next time but when? when will you
be here again? After 5 years?
what should l do? l cant do anything.
l'm really sorry.
l'd better go now. why?
why should l be here to see you leave
just like that? This is wasting my time.
Don't be mad. Yes, Ni.
Don't be mad. He'll be flying home.
lt's alright, don't pretend.
l know everything.
How couldn't you be honest
to me at the first time? l hate you both !
Uni! wait! Now what's this?
How is it? She's mad. Then what
happened. Finally you broke off?
Oh my, lt slipped out of my tongue!
Come on lets go inside. l will miss the flight.
Have you seen the comic
l've just bought yesterday?
On my desk. Sorry, l forget
to tell you when l borrowed it.
Next time you tell me.
l've been looking for it everywhere.
Uni? what are you doing here?
l've been calling you four times. But you
didn't call me back. So l decided to come here.
By the way, that's Alan, right?
Last time l saw him, he wasnt that cute.
Ask him to go with you when you hang out
in the mall. He will be your charming escort.
As if l'll be allowed to go to the mall.
Besides, Alan is a busy guy.
By the way, how are you doing with Adit?
l'm so sorry. Yesterday l snapped you
in front of the public without any reason.
l felt bad. l'm afraid you're mad at me.
l'm sorry once again.
lt's my fault.
l want to tell you something.
But l beg you not to think bad about me.
what is it?
l hate you, Adit!
l'll be back. l promise.
Oh my God. Adit kissed you twice
on your lips and l didn't know it?
No, Ni. He just kissed me once.
l'm so sorry. Forgive me.
Besides, he started it.
Oh, Tita, l cant imagine you and
Adit would kiss each other on the lips.
Do you know what it means?
You will break off with him?
what break off?
You always talks nonsense.
This means l have succeeded
in matchmaking you !
You've been matchmaking me?
what do you mean?
why are you so happy instead
when you heard Adit kissed me.
l never have anything to do with Adit.
Adit deliberately tricked you.
He likes to see your upset face
when you hear him mention my name.
How cant you even realize it?
But why were you both going out
together quite often?
Adit always likes you.
But when he first arrived here,
you even forgot him.
when he met you, he felt nervous,
so he became bad-tempered.
He is a clumsy guy. He is not able
to say l Love You so easily.
lt will be more easier for him
to tell it by giving you a sign,
.. or by the way he behaves.
Like kissing you twice.
l told you he only kissed me once.
That's what you think. But Adit told me
that he has kissed you twice.
lt's a lie. where else he has kissed
me besides yesterday?
You once fell asleep in his room. So ..
No wonder l felt someone kissing me
when l was sleeping there.
But now he's gone back to France.
Don't worry. He will cal me everyday to make
sure that you wont get back with Ergi.
You are lucky to have a boyfriend
with so much care for you.
But, How long will l have
to wait for him?
Dont worry about that.
Hi, Bunda! Hi, sweetheart
Hallo. How is your school?
Nothing special.
The students were talking about the
study tour to Bali two weeks from now.
You cant go. Relax. You don't
have to tell me. l knew it.
lt's not that. Bali is far away.
You can get exhausted going there.
Then if you stay there, it's too risk. Then ..
Then somebody would steal my belongings.
And you don't know what kind
of friends l have. Especially the boys
And l could get lost. And the weather
is not too good at this moment.
l can get an accident.
That's what you were going to tell, right?
Never interupt me when l'm speaking.
lt's not polite.
l was just to tell you, if you are going to Bali,
Alan will be alone here.
The day after tomorrow,
your Dad and l are going to France.
what? To France?
l wanna go with you No
why you never told me before?
You have to go to school.
l will buy something for you from there.
No, l'm not taking this. where are you
going to stay there? ln a hotel, right?
No. we're going to stay
in Uncle Reza's place.
l wanna go! why are you
acting like a little girl?
l wanna go. No.
when l said no, it means no.
You are not fair.
lf that's so, l will go to Bali.
That's also forbidden.
You are not fair?
l'm never allowed to go anywhere.
ln my school,
l have been a listener.
And the only one whom l can have a
good conversation with is Bi lca.
Let your friends talk
about anything they like.
what matters is your school achievement.
You will never understand.
lt has always been like this.
Never allowed to go anywhere.
Am l a kid who must be watched all the time?
l'm very upset! l need somebody
to share my problems. whom will l call.
why are you calling? Come on,
stop being bad-tempered! Come over here.
And you know what,
Uni is bringing a bikini.
l don't care. Maybe there will be a
foreigner falling in love with me.
Hey, Uni wants to talk to you.
Hey, send my regard
to Alan, will you?
Yes, l will. But give me
your picture with bikini later, alright?
who is wearing bikini?
Here, somebody wants to talk to you.
Halo? who is wearing bikini? what? well ..
l She said she planned to wear bikini in Bali..
.. and then have herself a picture with it,
so that she can give it to you later.
Really? Hey, it's a lie. l wont wear it though.
why you wont wear it? Just wear it.
You must look sexy.
l wont. OK, l'll go now. we're leaving now.
Alright then. Take care. Bye!
Don't worry, l'll bring Uni's
picture with bikini for you.
By the way, has she got a boyfriend?
Not yet. But she is already after somebody.
She is after somebody? ls he handsome?
what would l say? Uni thinks he is
so handsome. But for me, he is just so-so.
l don't know. why don't you
look yourself at the mirror.
what didn't you mention
about this earlier?
l thought you already knew it.
She has been coming here just to see you.
How would l know? Anyway,
Uncle Reza called me.
Bunda has prepared everything.
we're leaving on 13th of this month.
where are we going to? Bali?
No. l thought it was Bali.
lt would be cool to be at the
beach on Valentine's Day.
we're not celebrating the Valentine's Day
in Bali but in Paris.
Paris? Yes. we're going to Paris!
Mom and Dad and Uncle Reza are so kind.
lt's cool! where are we gonna stay there?
ln Uncle Reza's place. You must be very happy.
Anyway, Uncle Reza said
Adit will pick us up at the airport.
You and Adit will have your
Valentine's Day together, just the two of you.
You're blushing.
l wanna take a bath now
lt's been a year we havent met.
Perhaps he has changed now.
Valentine's Day in Paris.
How would it be?
why Adit didn't come
to pick us up?
He said he's got an important thing to do.
So he told me to pick you up.
l don't believe it? He lied.
ls that right?
l don't know. l was only told
to pick you up.
we have arrived! wake up!
Miss Tita is still sleeping.
Just wake her up
l cant wake her up. lt seems
she's too tired. Let me do it
How are you? Fine How's the flight?
Not bad.
Dad, Uncle and Aunty had been
waiting pretty while before they fell asleep
lt's alright. Besides it's 3 o'clock
in the morning here now, isnt it?
Yes. Anyway, how about Tita?
Just carry her up. we shouldn't wake her up.
OK, then. The room is upstairs
No, l mean, you lift her up.
l'm so exhausted.
Oh gosh, what now?
Everybody has gone to sleep.
Just carry her up. She was hardly to sleep
on the plane. She was nervous to meet you.
Really? OK, l feel so exhausted.
By the way, where is my room?
Next to the family room. Prama
will show you the room.
OK then. l'll go in now. l'm very sleepy.
Please take her up, will you? Yes
what are you doing? Put me down ! Alright
what are you doing?! You have no manner.
Ungrateful girl!
You are impudent!
You make my head hurt.
what should l be grateful for?
Do you think l like
to carry you up? l had to.
lf it's not for Alan who asked me to do it,
l would have left you sleeping in the car.
l wouldn't have let you carrying me
if l knew my head would become your revenge!
Oh, l feel dizzy. where am l?
ln my house.So, l've arrived.
Are you still sleeping?
Of course, You have.
lt seems l bump your head
too hard lt hurts!
l've come here all the way from lndonesia,
instead of giving me a welcome party..
.. you just hurted me.
where is my room?
Right behind you !
where are you going?
None of your business
This is how you welcoming me?
This is not interesting at all.
Cant you knock? Cant you see
what l'm holding?
what is that? Breakfast.
You slept like a dead man
Everybody has had their breakfast.
So, Frenchmen have these
as their breakfast
l didnt know that you like to eat white rose
That's for an adornment. You're not romantic.
So you were the one who has
put these so many flowers?
Yes. You like it?
weird guy what did you say?
l said, you're just like
a nothing-to-do person.
l decorated this just for you. You thinks
it's easy to assemble these flowers.
who cares! How difficult it was,
lt cant eliminate my angry at you.
Upset?what have l done?
You promised me that
would come back home soon.
lnstead of coming back to lndonesia,
you never even give me a word.
l'm sorry. l have been busy with my study.
l gotta study hard to finish it.
And you also didnt pick me up at the airport.
l waited there for so long.
lt's almost an hour.
lt's your driver came up instead of you.
OK, l'm sorry. l couldn't pick you up
because l was busy to decorate flowers here.
Today is Valentine's Day. l thought, you would
be happy to see this. You are happy, arent you?
l feel so-so. But you have read it,
havent you? Read what?
Come on. Don't pretend.
You make me shy.
what's wrong with you?! lt seems
this Valentine Day has made you weird.
Tita, how do you know it. Come on,
what's wrong with you?! Don't act so cute.
So you don't like it? No!
what's wrong with Adit? lt seems
he's getting stranger each day.
Perhaps, he cant stand being
away from me. That boy is coquettish. weird!
And he mentioned 'read'.
Read what?
Or perhaps this is only
his trick so that l wouldn't be angry at him.
How could l be angry if he decorated
my room with these so many flowers.
Let it be, so that he wouldnt think l'm an
easy girl. l don't feel like going out of my room.
But why there is one pot of red roses?
what does it mean there? what is that?
Hallo, my dear!
How is the trip? Exhausting.
wow, Adit is actually pretty
good in decorating a room.
Yesterday, he's so busy
making up your room.
He choosed the flowers himself.
Decorating, everything he has done by himself.
He said he wanted to give you a surprise.
He's so nice, isnt he?
Adit must have told you to
say good things about him in front of me.
No. lndeed, l like a boy as good as Adit.
Do you like him? He is so nice to you.
l don't know.
Alright now quickly have your
breakfast, then take a shower.
we'll go shopping for
some dress for tonight.
what's going on tonight?
what? Adit hasn't told you? He is
going to take you out for dinner tonight.
Just the two of us? Yes
Now have your breakfast.
lt's getting cold.
where is Dad?
why l havent seen him?
Papa has gone with Uncle Reza and Alan.
They're preparing for tomorrow grand opening.
l havent told you, have l? Me, Papa and
Uncle Reza, we join up to open a restaurant here.
lndonesian food restaurant.
Actually, it's only a small restaurant.
But it has been our desire a long ago.
So, pray that this family restaurant will prosper.
Family restaurant?
Uncle Reza is not our family.
Perhaps Bunda means,
our family to be. Our in-law.
l'll wait you downstairs, alright?
Having a dinner just the two of us?
How would it feel like?
This is just the first time l'm going out
with a boy, at night, having a dinner..
.. on a Valentine Day,
and in Paris! l cant wait to go.
By the way, now he's upset with me.
l'm afraid he will cancel the dinner.
Oh no! Don't! Or should
l go to him and ask for an apology.
But .. what will l say? what if l'll be neglected?
well.. who cares!
Come in. what do you want?
Nothing. l just want to know something.
l heard tonight we're going out,
is that right? Perhaps yes.
why perhaps? lt's not fixed yet?
l don't know.
where will we eat?
At the restaurant.
what kind of restaurant?
l want to dress up properly.
You're going out with Aunty to look
for some dress, arent you?
She will know what kind of dresses
that go well for the place.
Oh l see. what time we're gonna leave?
You never have a dinner, do you?
what time do people
usually have their dinner? At eight.
Then, we are leaving at eight.
why do you have to make a big deal out of it?!
what? we're leaving at eight?
we will get starving before it.
OK, then, it's up to you !
what time you want to go, it's up to you !
why do you lose your temper like that?
You're still mad about what happened a while ago?
l'm sorry. l've just found out after you left
Back then in my room, you were
talking about our picture, didn't you?
But l like the words so much.
Have you done? l'm very busy now.
OK then. lf you cant forgive me now,
it's alright. But don't get too long, alright? Yes
And l'm sorry for bothering you.
l'm having a date tonight.
what now? Nothing. l just wanna
say thanks for the flowers in my room.
You must have put so much effort to do it.
You're welcome.
what's wrong with you? why do you
keep smiling? You're laughing at me?
No. l'm just proud that l'm taking out
a beautiful girl like you for a dinner.
You must be laughing at my make up?
Bunda did it. lt must look weird, right?
l look like a lady, right?
No, you're pretty.
Really. Thanks..
Adit looks so handsome
with that suit.
Thanks God Bunda had made me to wear
this dress. lf not, l will look low beside him.
But, now l'm feeling inferior.
what kind of a restaurant we're going to?
why do you have to dress so formal?
lt's a secret. The point is,
you will surely like it.
Adit, why are those
people looking at us?
Maybe they're not used
to see a beautiful girl.
Stop it, please! why didn't you tell me that
we're gonna have a dinner in a place like this?
lt's a surprise. The place is excelent,
isnt it? Come on you will get used to it soon.
How could l enjoy it.
How can l eat?
There are so many spoons and forks.
l don't understand.
why don't they serve 'kobokan'
(a small bowl of water to wash one's hand) also?
Calm down, Tita. l will guide you
which spoon you have to use for what.
My eyes will get squinting
to see this menu.
lmagine, so many foods they have here,
what l only know of is croissant.
Calm down. Cant you relax a bit?
Just trust me.
Adit, why don't we have a dinner in a normal
place? lsn't there any McDonald around here?
Bunda and Uncle Reza has opened
a restaurant. why don't we just go there?
why do you have to come all the way here,
if you would only eat some McD or Padang food.
Come on, you will like this place later.
No. l wont. lt's too formal here.
why don't we just go from here?
Come on, l have put so much effort
to look for this proper suit, reserving the table.
Now you want to go. Give me a break.
where we're going to anyway?
Any where. How about Eiffel?
lt will be cool
Eiffel?! You've been there
today with Aunty.
Yes. But that was a daylight.
lt's different now.
l heard Eiffel is more beautiful
during the night.. Many lights. Lets go there.
Only lights, it's not special.
we're not only gonna see the lights. we can
see the stars. Come on, lets go to Eiffel tower.
Spoiled girl! lf you go to Eiffel now,
it will be too crowded there.
Besides, what you're gonna do there?
Looking at the stars.
lt will surely be romantic.
l once read a Polaris comic.
lt's a good comic. lt's about the stars. Then ..
0 Comic? That's what kids used to read.
But you must try to read one.
Maybe you will learn how to be romantic.
lt has nothing to do with it. The point is,
l have put so much effort to plan this for us!
So, don't you ruin our dinner.
Don't beg me to go to another place,
.. because l wont take
you anywhere else. Period!
wow! lt's so beautiful!
Come on, be normal. You act like you
just see Eiffel for the first time.
l feel ashamed if you go
on jumping around like this!
Sorry, But l'm so happy now.
l have never been this happy. Thanks.
You're happy about this.
But l feel starving now.
l have planned this night all out,
And at the end,
we're just looking at Eiffel.
Come on, don't be like that.
Today is a love day. Show me your love a little bit.
Don't be rude like that.
Cant you walk slowly?! You know
l use high-heel shoes. l hardly to walk.
who cares!
How could you ! Besides,
it's so cold here,
That's why, don't be so willful.
Now you see what happens.
l brought you to a warm place,
but you wanted a frozen place like this instead.
lt's still February.
lt's still winter.
lt's cold.
Here, wear my suit so
you don't feel cold.
l don't need your suit!
l'd better feel cold!
This is gone too far! l've never
seen such an ill-bred guy like him.
l hate him! lt would be hard for me
to forgive him!
By the way, why he doesn't go
after me at all?!
Should l turn back? lf l look back,
he would know l'm expecting him to go after me.
lt means a big shame!
where are you going?
You may be so great in Jakarta, but here,
you cant go anywhere as you like.
You don't know the way.
You don't know where our house is
And l made my promise to Aunty that
l will bring you back safely and in a full shape.
So, don't do any silly things.
You're threatening me?
Yes l thought you would have let me
going home alone.
l've been getting cold here.
who told you to be in a temper?
But lt's pretty tough for me to catch up with you.
You were so rude!
You pissed me off.
OK, l'm sorry. Anyway,
l got a place to sit.
Adit, don't walk too fast.
My legs hurt.
OK, l wont leave you.
That's him. who is he?
My college friend.
How could he know my name?
You've told him about me, havent you?
A little. Come on, Sit here.
So he also prepared this mat for us?
what a nice person. Unlike you.
You know what, this is my mat he has
borrowed from me. He comes here almost every day.
Anyway, your legs still hurt?
No. lt's really romantic here.
Many love couples spend their time here.
There's only one star in the sky. ...
lt's not cool, only one star. Hey,
what if we make it our memorial star.
lt's a little kid thing. You wont surely
see the same star next year.
lt's better you buy french fries
for me to eat. l'm starving here.
Cant you be a little romantic?!
This is Valentine Day.
we never know if we will be able to spend
this moment together next year.
lt's a rare thing for me to be here.
So don't you ruin this moment.
what can l say? l wanna take my revenge.
l better get married to someone else.
You have a boyfriend now?
lf l do, so what? l'm nobody to you.
l'm not your girlfriend.
But we're gonna get married.
what married?! That will be too long.
Besides, l don't wanna just get married
with you. lt's not cool.
why is that?
lf we're being paired off, it means
there's wont be any proposal coming to me.
Everything will be taken care
of by our parents.
we're gonna through the
matrimonial process just like that.
l've been dreaming that
l'm going through the moment when ..
l will be proposed by
the man who really loves me.
Yes, l know that. You once
told me about it when we're a child.
Since a child, your dream
were to get married.
Really? But it's normal. Generally,
a little kid always wants to get married soon.
But for sure, l don't wanna get married
if l don't receive a proposal from the man
And that my boyfriend
has to express his love for me.
He has to say his love to me
as frequent as possible.
lf that's so, l'm not included
on the category.
So, you have to give your effort.
Give a try! Do something
You can just ask me to marry you. Or say
that you love me! This is the 14th of February.
You must have a romantic feeling.
l don't like a man who is easy to give up.
l want a brave man. The one who
can arrange flowers specially for me,
or who always holds my hand
wherever we go. The one who .. .
Tonight you are so fussy.
But would you be a woman who will
always be waiting for me back from work?
lf l become you wife, l want to
be a career woman.
lf you become my wife, you may go to work.
But your working times shouldn't exceed mine.
lf that's so,
l'm willing to be your wife.
Can l lend your finger?
Now, we are engaged.
Are you happy? Yes. But you still
havent fulfilled the other prerequirement.
You have to say that you love me.
About that. l can do it later.
One by one, please.
Now we're engaged, it means
you cant have a glance at girls now.
Unfortunately yes. No-no,
l was just kidding.
But .. what really makes you manage
to propose me like this? Usually, you are so rude.
Because of love! Because of love!
Come on say it! Because you love me
l don't know. l wonder myself. Maybe
because l was so starving that l couldn't think right.
why did l propose you a while ago?
Come on now, lets go! l'm so starving.Lets go
home! You have enjoyed this to your content.
Just stay here a couple minutes more.
l'm not contented yet.
Come on. This is a rare thing for me.
February 14th will only last until 12 pm.
So we have to use it as
meaningful as possible.
Anyway, l have learnt French a little.
You want to listen?
(l love you)
Come on, answer back!
OK, then. Lets go home!
Maybe l'm not that kind of guy
who can express my feeling.
Maybe l'm rude, selfish, and mean.
But l just want to make you happy.
Even if l have to decorate a
whole house for you
Or waiting for you at the
airport for hours.
l will do whatever it takes
to make you happy.
what were you saying?
l was saying that .. l'm so starving you know!
lmpossible. How could it be ..
Your sentences was so long,
and it only means you are starving.
lt's up to you if you don't believe it.
Now are you satisfied here?
l'm really starving. Come on lets eat.
wait. what now?
Actually .. Dad and your parents
never have a plan to marry us off. l lied to you.
You mean? That's all a lie.
we are never paired off. l've been lying to you.
You ! So, this is all a lie?
l hatee youuuu !
So you're angry with me?
Yes! l'm angry with you. A liar! Ok fine.
where are you going?
Have something to eat. Eat?
Don't walk too fast. why are you
following me. You said you're mad at me.
But l'm hungry.
How can you be mad at me and at the
same time you want me to treat you for a dinner?
l'm angry, but l want to eat.
So you wanna keep being angry or eat?
How could he lie to me since the first time
just to win my heart. Since we're kids ..
l wanna eat.
That's like a good girl.
Thanks.For what?
Thank for lying to me.
You're welcome.
Don't tell me
you wanna kiss me.
Oh my, what should l do?
Relax, Tita..
Take a deep breath. l gotta be cool.
l love you too.
Yes, l know. Alright now, walk fast.
l feel so starving.
That night was a the most romantic
night in my youth life.
l will never forget it.
Actually, He did all that
to get my attention.
what a strange way.
But that what makes me interested.
And l dont know how
l can fall in love with him.
Right on 14 of February, the next year,
Adit comes to Jakarta and ask for my hand..
..with a diamond ring.
As his promise. l'm so happy.
But it didnt fit my finger.
So we have to go to the jewel store to change it.
This wouldnt be happening
if he didnt lie to me about us being paired off.
l think there nothing wrong
if we lie for happiness,
Dit, how about going
to the top of Eiffel? No!
l play as Tita. A fifteen year old girl.
She is different with other teenagers.
She's spoiled and nerd.
whenever her friend ask her where
she would go on Saturday night ..
.. she goes like: 'well .. l dont know.'
Her mother is so protective and never
allows her to go out.
Except with her family or with her brother.
SO she's totally different with
other kids of her age.
l play as Adit. A mysterious boy.
Unpredictable and a pain in the
ass kind of person.
At one moment he's so ba-tempered,
but the next minutes he's nice.
Then he goes to be in a bad mood again.
The next minutes, he becomes a pleasant person.
So it's just like going up and down.
l play as Anand. Tita's bestfriend.
She's so talkative and a gossipy
kind of girl.
But basically she's a nice girl. Faithful friend.
Especially towards Tiya.
She's the one with whom Tita
always shares her problems.
But she sometimes can't keep the secrets.
ln this film l play as Ergi.
Tita's boyfriend.
They've been seeing each other for 2 years
without her parent's knowledge.
But Ergi is not satisfied with
such a relationship.
So he tries to find another girl
who is worthed more than Tita.
l play as Uni. She has a scar
on her neck.
That makes her feeling inferior.
Especially towards boys.
l play as Alan. Tita's brother.
Actually he cares about Tita. But he
shows it in his own way.
He doesn't seem to care but
actualy he does.
what l don't like about the character of
my role is the way he treats a girl.
He makes a girl uncomfortable.
He's a bit harsh. Can't control his anger.
He can really yell at a girl.
Girls have soft feelings. we have
to treat them tenderly.
l play a minor role.
But l have a significant effect on Ergi and
Tita's relationship.
Just see the movie.
Always ends up crying when facing problems.
[ Skipped item nr. 1107 ]
She's kind of numb. She always goes like:
'Oh, yes you're right. l didn't realize.
She's a cry-baby.
The inspiration is from teenagers'
everyday life.
From love stories of my friends.
lmagining things. Then l ended up making
this story of Eiffel l'm ln Love.
lt took me 6 months to finish it.
And then it turned out that there are a
lot of friends like it.
So many asked me for the copies.
l sold the copies from person to person.
From school to school.
And it was sold out 150 copies.
And then it started to go into book
stores all over Jakarta.
l like it because it has a detail of
teenagers everyday life.
About teenager's mischief.
The conflict between Tita and Adit.
- what's wrong with you?- l should've
asked you that question.
why did you behave unfriendly
to my boyfriend?
- Don't spoil my first date.-
l don't like your boyfriend.
And l have the right to decie who l would
like to get acquainted with. Period.
The room with roses, it's cool. lt's a
hard work of the art team.
They put the roses one by one.
when they finished making up the bed with
roses, l felt l didn't want to get on it.
l had to move slowly to get on it.
lt's really wonderful. Sleeping on the bed
of roses. lt feels so fresh.
Adit, why are those people looking at us?
Maybe they're not used to see a beautiful girl.
Stop it! why didn't you tell me that we're gonna
have a dinner in such a place.
- l'm not comfortable- lt's a surprise.
The place is excellent, isn't it? Come on,
you will get used to it soon.
How could l enjoy it. How can l eat? So many
spoons and forks. l don't understand.
why don't the serve a bowl of water
to wash hand?
Shooting in Paris. lt's really exciting.
To see lndonesian and French crews
working together in a team.
Though it's summer time, it's so cold.
lt's killing my bone.
The wind wasn't fresh.
ln one scene l had to wear a simple gown.
l pretended not to be affected by the cold.
Actually it's so chilly.
lt's so surprising to see the foreigners
actually were also interested ..
.. to see the shooting.
The lighting crew and 2 assistants
director are frenchmen.
Production Head and the unit officers
are Frenchmen.
The lighting team consisted of 5 person.
we got our own special dollyman.
Everything had its own professional.
well-prepared. lt's cool.
Everybody were on time.
The problems was the language. lt's difficult.
The cold wasn't fresh. lt's killing me.
My lips shivered saying the dialogue.
Before taking a shot, l had to wear jacket to
make myself warm doing my acting.
l've been waiting here for 3 hours. But
the guests haven't come up.
Oh my god! l've been waiting in the
domestic arrival section !
The director said he would called me when
l need to take a shot.
And l always bring my basketball gear.
So l could play basketball in that
school field before they call me.
Then when they called me to take a shot,
l was sweating all over my body.
l was only wearing my short.
And it took time for me to stop from sweating.
Because when l get sweating, it's kind of
hard to stop it and to cool it down.
No way, it doesn't stink, man.
No, there's nothing hard for me. Because
l've been directing for 20 years.
Maybe it's a little hard to make
the shots in detail.
To make them look natural.
And l have to work together with the artist.
People said: 'Be careful working with a
director, they are rude persons.
But Cheppy is cool. He tought me
in a simple way.
He just explained the points. we would
learn fast. He's flexible.
He just gave us some teroies, and
we did the improvisation.
He made us to feel comfortable to act.
lt's great to work with her. Though it's
her first time, but her experience ..
.. in commercial act has built her confidence.
He's more like a friend. Though
he's a great director.
lt's cool to work with Nasri Cheppy.
He gave us liberty to improve ourselves.
But still he gave us directions.
lt's an exciting team of work.
From the beginners like me ..
.. to the senior actors like Didi
Petet and Helmi Yahya.
l like to work with Sammy, Sandy,
Vira and Tommy.
Maybe because they are of my age.
we can talk about everything.
About school, our interest, everything.
How is your basketball game?
- Thanks God, we lost
Fun experience? The whole shooting
wa fun. we kept laughing.
See what l said. l didn't get what he's
saying that it made me quiet.
l just did my dialogue.
l just knew that l had to order Salmon
Cream Sauce with asparagus..
But in the menu, it's written Salmon blab la ..
which l don't know of.
ln that story, l see a dashing guy for the
first time. l was hardly to speak. So funny
l did it again and again. l have
to jump to the pool.
l'll never forget when l ha to
do a rainy scene.
l had to do it again and again because
of some problems.
l didn't bring extra underwears.
And then the scene requires me to start
from dry and then getting wet by the rain.
So l had to repeat it again and again
with a wet underwear.
And l was getting cold. More over, it was
already six o'clock in the morning.
l couldn't hide it.
ln this story, l wanna say to the audience
that there's nobody perfect.
And no matter how dashing Adit is
or how pretty lntan is ..
.. they still have their own weaknesses.
That nobody would never think about.
But still, he has his won weakness.
No body perfect.
You have to see this movie.
You have to see my face when..
For couples who want to have fun, to
get closer and be romantic, see this movie.
You have to see this movie. Especially
love couples. Or even single persons.
And those who want to express their love,
this movie will give a great inspiration.
lt plays your emotion.
You must see this movie.
Those who want to .. no .. you must see this ..
Because making of a big screen movie is
so exhausting, you have to see the movie.
Give your appreciation to the domestic
product. Don't just watch Hollywood films.
Don't forget, watch Eiffel l'm in Love.
Eiffeil l'm in Love is for everyone. Not just
for love couples, but also singles.
For youngsters, adults. Curious?
wait at the theatres.