Eight (2016) Movie Script

[Alarm clock beeping]
[Phone rings]
Sarah's Voice Greeting:
Hi, you've reached Sarah.
Please leave a message
after the beep.
[Answering machine beeps]
Janis: Morning, Sarah.
It's 6:15.
You should have
made your bed by now
and be moving on to
getting ready for work.
I've no doubt we can do
better than yesterday.
Just trust yourself.
[Dial tone beeps]
[Phone rings]
Sarah's Voice Greeting:
Hi, you've reached Sarah.
Please leave a message
after the beep.
Belle: Mommy...
Mommy, please answer.
I want to come and see you.
Please, mommy!
Daniel: Belle?
Who are you talking to?
Belle on answering machine:
Mommy... Mommy, please answer.
Mommy... Mommy, please answer.
Mommy... Mommy, please answer.
[Phone rings]
Janis: No Sarah, it's Janis.
This is check-in number two.
Were you expecting Belle?
- I can't do this.
- Janis: Yes you can.
Just stick with
the planner, Sarah.
You don't understand
I cannot do this.
I just want to go back to bed.
Janis: Breathe Sarah,
Remember, don't sweat
the little things.
They always seem so much bigger
than what they really are.
Now how far are you through?
I've had my shower.
Janis: Good, good,
you're on track.
I will call back in 30 minutes.
It's 6:45 now.
You can do it, Sarah.
[Soft knocking on door]
Belle: Mommy...
Mommy, are you there?
[More soft knocking]
Mommy, I heard you.
[Muffled crying]
[Repetitive door chain tapping]
[Repetitive lock clicking]
[Soft cries]
Belle, you should
be at school.
You can't be here.
Belle: Daddy said I
can't see you for a while.
Daddy knows best.
Belle: I'm keeping
everything really tidy.
Oh Baby, it's not
your fault.
Mommy's not well.
Daniel: Belle?
Belle: Daddy!
Daniel: Just go
and wait in the car.
[Soft, departing footsteps]
She can't see me
like this, Daniel.
She misses you so much.
I'm working at it,
Janis says it takes time.
Daniel: I can't do
this forever.
[Hands brushing against door]
I'm trying [sobs],
please understand.
Daniel: Belle needs a mother.
I need my wife.
I can't keep...
I have to go to work.
[Departing footsteps]
[Kettle whistling]
[Heavy gasps and moans]
[Repetitive slaps]
[Kettle clicks]
[Heavy breathing]
[Door slams]
[Pen clicks]
You [cries] do not need
to shower
all the time!
[Hand slams table]
[slow, sombre music]
[Heavy breathing]
[Phone rings]
Sarah's Voice Greeting:
Hi, you've reached Sarah.
Please leave a message
after the beep.
Janis: Hi, Sarah,
this is the last check-in.
I know you can do this.
Just remember
everything we practiced.
I'll be there soon.
You should be dressed by now.
[Knocking on door]
Mailman: Delivery!
Just leave it on the step.
Mailman: You need to sign for it.
Just leave it on
the step please.
Mailman: Look, lady, if
you're not signing for it,
I'm not leaving it.
Can't you just leave it?
Mailman: Who are you?
I'm Sarah Prentice.
Mailman: Just come
out and sign for it.
I can't.
Mailman: I don't
have time for this.
Lady, I'll leave the parcel
at the post office.
[Knocking on door]
Janis: Sarah...
Sarah, it's Janis.
Janis, Janis they were here.
Janis: Sarah, open the door.
But you don't understand!
They were here!
Janis: Sarah, listen
to me, you can do this.
You have come so far.
[Sarah sobs]
Okay, so what happened today?
[Sarah] Belle came
here, she came to see me,
- I told her she couldn't be here.
- Janis: Sarah...
- And then Daniel came.
- Janis: Sarah...
And he said couldn't
do this forever.
What if I did this to her,
what if I give this to her?
Janis: Sarah!
Sarah, there is no chance
you could have given
your condition to your child.
You have got to make
peace with this, Sarah.
Please... Believe me.
Okay now?
Sarah... Sarah we must.
You look great all dressed.
Now do you think we could
make it to the front gate?
Janis: Okay, Sarah. Sarah, it's okay.
You should be so
proud of yourself
for how far you have come today.
You have never gotten this far.
It's amazing!
It's all about taking
little steps, Sarah.
And you have taken
a huge leap today.
You are dressed to go out!
Well done!
Okay Sarah, we're going to
do this again tomorrow.
Sarah, you can do this,
believe me.
And I will be with
you all of the way.
We'll do it together...
You can do this!
I will see you tomorrow.
[Sobbing loudly]