Eight Hours of Terror (1957) Movie Script

- What do we do?
- Not much we can do.
- Will we make it?
- We'll most likely miss the connection.
There's no way
this train is going anywhere.
Might as well go aboard
and get some sleep.
Good idea.
There's a bus to Hashimoto
for those who can't afford to wait.
That's a dangerous road,
fit only for trucks.
It's narrow,
with cliffs on both sides.
It was in the newspaper,
a truck went over the side.
Is it that dangerous?
The passengers inside
are eager to leave now.
Must be missing their wives!
Prices are high, taxes too.
It's the nation's working class
who suffers the most.
That causes family suicides and
the brutal murders we've seen recently.
It's no time for railways
to increase ticket prices.
How can you justify this?
Railway unions oppose
any rises in ticket prices.
But your pay demands
are the main cause.
Yes, but...
- What are we doing stuck here?
- The railways are a joke!
How about free rooms
at the Railway Hotel?
Station Master!
Do something about this.
We'll be here for a while, sit down.
Miss, can you quieten down?
I have to be at a shareholder's meeting
in 48 hours.
Do you even know
what a shareholder's meeting is?
My husband's a company director.
Station Master...
- What's wrong?
- Excuse me.
Where's the bus?
It's been over an hour.
- What are your plans?
- You don't expect us to sleep here?
Do you feel ill?
We have to be in Tokyo
by tomorrow evening.
Excuse me.
Our student meeting is essential
for the future of Japan.
As a salesman, every second we're late,
I lose money.
I got a telegram
that my daughter is very ill.
Can you check
if the bus has left yet?
It's no lie. Here's the telegram.
No, I'll go call them.
This Station Master is useless.
I'll personally report his conduct.
The railway chief is
my husband's old classmate.
Hey, you handle this.
You're friends
with the head of the railway?
We're doing our very best here.
Please pass on my regards.
He never showed much promise
back at school.
But he's done well.
Get some tea!
Please come inside.
Sit yourselves down here.
Take a long one.
The bus to Hashimoto is now arriving.
Please form an orderly line.
Tomio, hurry up. Get in line.
Hurry up, will you?
No need to join them,
I've reserved your seats.
I've saved you a place here.
Tomio! Where are you?
You're late. ls the bus alright?
It's old, like me.
It's got a mind of its own.
We've got a lot of urgent passengers
who need to go now.
They have to connect
with the midday train to Tokyo.
It's an old bus,
I can't guarantee anything.
Will it make it or not?
You country people are so slow
it makes me mad.
What's with these city folks
and all their rushing around?
Do a good job, driver.
I can't be late.
I have an important exam in Tokyo.
What exam?
Oh, to be young again.
- A dressmaking or a typing school?
- Nothing like that.
Not that, either.
Is it fixed?
All aboard.
What now?
Attention please, everyone!
Please quieten down and listen.
We've just had bad news
from the police department.
A regional bank was robbed
yesterday of 20 million yen.
Two men are still on the loose.
They are believed to be in this area,
so be aware.
Both are wearing Mackintosh raincoats,
one has a pistol.
That's frightening, that is.
Maybe they're hiding up in the hills?
Maybe so.
In a worst case scenario,
they could be somewhere along your route.
Sounds dangerous.
Our cause requires us to move calmly,
deliberately and logically.
Waiting for the train is safer.
Let's not take the bus.
Except for those with urgent
shareholder or student meetings,
I suggest you wait
until the trains are running again.
Shareholders and students,
please board the bus.
The driver will see you
through any danger.
Let us all summon our courage.
If we die, we die together.
It's quite thrilling,
just like a Western movie!
Like a Western? Come on, let's go!
- Tomio!
- Armed crooks are on the loose.
Armed crooks?
I'm not afraid of any gang.
What if our poor daughter is really ill?
I'm not afraid of gangs, Miss.
I've saved you a seat.
At times like this,
women have more courage.
It's the only way we'll get to Tokyo.
Isn't it, ma'am?
Criminals are so frightening.
Thank you for your patience.
There's a police detective
on board with you.
I see no need to worry
about robbers or armed gangs.
Right, Detective?
You're a detective?
I feel so much safer.
I'm escorting this prisoner,
so I may not be much help.
I expect to run
into other detectives on the way.
Yes, they sometimes use
the mountain cabin.
- Is that right?
- It's getting late. Let's leave now.
Well, then, everyone.
Bank robbery and a landslide?
The more the merrier for me.
Listen, do you hear something?
You hear that?
Oh, Lord Buddha, save my soul!
Don't go yelling out like that again.
It was nothing at all.
- What are you looking for?
- My whiskey.
It's right there, isn't it?
At times like this, sleep is the best.
Driver, switch the lights off.
I want to sleep.
That'll make it easier to drive.
Goodnight, everyone.
Oh, no!
No, wait!
- Be careful!
- I thought you were sleeping?
Just drive.
How can I sleep like this?
Switch the lights off.
It's better with the lights on.
Isn't it, Aoki?
We're all tense, anyway.
At least we can see what's going on.
I don't like it when it's dark.
Will dawn ever come?
Driver, how far away
is that cabin you mentioned?
Once we're there, we'll be safe.
We won't reach there till after dawn.
We'll be safe there.
What's that noise? Is it OK?
I just gave it too much gas.
I don't mind speed,
but please be careful.
You leave the driving to me.
Back in the war,
I led a motorized unit.
Then you should know
the driver's code.
Detective, what's that?
Here they come.
Just drive through it.
No, don't. Back up.
It's not moving.
I'll go take a look.
Miss, no! The crooks will get you.
- Like in a thrilling Western!
- Thrilling?
I knew we should've waited.
Wait for the train, I said.
- I think we're all a little too jumpy.
- You're right, there.
There's enough of us
to take care of any gang.
Dispose of the store's wrapper,
or he'll know where I've been.
Will your sugar-daddy be back already?
Don't be so weak.
We'll be back well before he is.
The answer here is "mistress".
For "illicit lover".
Lots of legs out today.
So many different people on the bus.
It's fate, isn't it?
How are you there, Miss?
I represent this company.
"Japan Artistic Clothing Agency"?
What's that?
Simply put, women's lingerie.
Brassieres, petticoats, corsets
and pantaloons.
We stock items
for young and old alike.
Anything for me?
All the movie stars wear our products.
You're keen,
making sales at a time like this.
No need to buy,
just examine my samples.
All the big stars know
that being well-dressed
begins with quality underwear.
Is he in that gang?
I'll take her.
Don't cry. Nothing to cry about.
Your daddy is waiting
for you to come home.
Go back to your own seats.
Mr. Salesman, come sit down.
Is everything alright?
You're looking pale.
Are you worried about something?
No, not really.
Sorry, I'm hardly the type
to offer consolation.
Excuse me.
Shall we get off for a bit?
- What's wrong?
- This bridge looks dangerous.
It'll only take the bus.
Should everyone walk across?
So you're saying
you don't mind if I die?
I'm sorry, ma'am,
I'm afraid I can't stop now.
Hey, driver!
What's the delay?
We'll miss the train!
Just be patient.
Leave it to me, ma'am.
I'll make sure we don't miss the train.
No, don't! It's dangerous!
Stop the bus! Be careful!
What's wrong now?
The gang is here?
Off the bus!
Careful, it's dangerous.
Be careful. It's very dangerous.
Where's that gang gone to?
Are you crazy?
What if the bridge had collapsed?
It'd be too late
to say you're sorry, then.
What have you done?
- You risked our lives!
- I got carried away.
You could've got us all killed.
If you want to die,
do it on your own.
My heart was racing,
I thought it would explode.
- You drank too much.
- But we made it, so calm down.
Detective, where's the woman
with the baby?
She's going to jump-
Something wasn't right about her.
Give it a rest!
Is she dead?
I hope not, the poor young thing.
No need for you to go, Tomio.
Why now,
when we're in such a hurry?
So thoughtless.
If she wants to die, let her.
They'll hang you, anyway.
Can I get a cigarette off you?
She could be dying!
I just want a cigarette, that's all.
You killers have some nerve!
Makes for a great tidbit of gossip,
doesn't it?
Just the thing I need
in my line of work.
- What's wrong?
- That gang...
Don't leave me alone.
- What is it?
- Make a fire.
She jumped
when she saw us approaching.
Be quiet.
You're upsetting my wife.
Aoki, pass me
those underwear samples.
- Excuse me.
- Sorry.
Why did she jump after seeing us?
Have some consideration for others.
We need some oil.
I jumped in without thinking
and rescued her.
Bad luck for her.
Don't say that!
Bad luck.
You didn't want to be saved.
- She needs to get changed.
- Does anyone have clothes for her?
Start the fire with this.
That's not going to bring her around.
Don't be too rough with her.
Rub her legs.
- No, those are my samples!
- That shouldn't matter now.
Don't run off. Is she dead?
Donate some clothes.
- Clothes?
- Hers are all wet.
Don't be stupid.
Pull yourself together!
No matter how tough things are,
life is still precious!
Think of the poor baby.
Little Kazuko!
Kazuko! Kazuko!
She's dead. Kazuko is dead.
She's fine.
She just needs to warm up.
Kazuko, Mommy will die too.
I won't leave you alone.
What's the delay?
I'll miss my shareholders meeting.
What a nuisance she is.
Don't drop her.
That killer was an army doctor.
Maybe he can save the baby.
We can't have a murderer
running loose.
I know, but we need him
to save the baby.
Death solves nothing.
Just pretend it's a nightmare.
Stop it! Please, no more!
It's an old story, this one.
The philanderer is at fault,
but so is the woman.
Hard to sympathize with her
when we've lost so much time.
I fully agree.
Detective, is it safe
to unshackle your prisoner?
Like letting a wild beast loose,
isn't it?
No consideration at all for our safety.
- Why don't you two shut up?
- I beg your pardon?
- Show some sympathy.
- To a woman who kills her baby?
She's right.
A sing-along always helps
at a time like this.
The young man
with the flashing dark eyes
He won my heart...
Stop them. My head's throbbing.
That's enough!
Damn commie reds.
What's red? It's a Russian folksong.
We'll have no Soviet songs here!
Typical stubborn ignorance
of your generation.
You won't find a job singing red songs.
The young man
with the flashing dark eyes
He won my heart,
he filled my soul
Come to me,
My arms are open wide
I hold him gently in my arms
As I whisper my love to him
I expect him to confess his love
Let's dance together
in the green meadows
Oh, my darling dark-eyed lover
My father doesn't know
about my secret love
No one tells him
about my hidden love
See you over there.
Look, someone's crossing!
Hey, hold that bus!
Another one.
Out of the way, let us on.
Lots of good-looking babes on this bus.
Behave yourself!
- Come here.
- No!
Ain't as if you're a virgin, is it?
Hey, Bro.
Like a present from heaven.
Get this bus moving.
You sit down!
Don't be so rude to the young lady.
Stuck-up bitch.
What's your problem?
- What's going on here?
- Sabu, leave 'em be.
There's a policeman on this bus.
Watch your damn driving!
- The bank robbers.
- Shut up and get this bus moving!
Damn it.
Don't move.
Stay where you are!
Please, my baby is dying.
Shut up.
A dead baby is none of our business.
You fool.
Kazuko! Kazuko!
Keep calm and you won't get hurt.
And throw this cop off the bus.
He's dead. You've killed him.
No, that's just a flesh wound.
I'm no cold-blooded killer.
Driver, stop the bus.
No need for that.
Don't you screw around with me!
We're not carrying any valuables.
Look, a love letter
This is sexy.
I'm not the type to hide valuables
in my underwear.
You're not a relative.
You're her toy-boy, aren't you?
- Wanna be a star, do you?
- Let me go!
Let's rehearse a love scene together.
How was that?
You won't get away with this.
They'll catch you.
In these hills? Not likely!
There's a police post up ahead.
They'll get you.
If we see cops, you all act dumb.
Only the driver speaks.
Anyone says a word
and I'll kill every one of you.
I'd rather die than go to jail.
Innocent little baby.
That'll just alert the cops.
Wipe it off now.
Bro, what about the baby?
Wrap it up
and let the mother hold it.
If you do that, my baby will die.
Please, help us. I beg you.
I don't care.
I ain't swapping my life for no baby.
Get that kid wrapped up now.
You heard him, do it.
No, wait! Please don't!
If my baby dies,
what will become of me?
Who cares about you?
I beg you, save my Kazuko!
On your feet.
Please don't.
- Shut your face.
- Please don't do this.
You can give me a hand.
I'll do anything. Just don't kill me.
She just tried to kill herself
and now she's asking for mercy.
Shut your face and listen!
Please don't kill me.
Just shut up and do it.
Stay back, you!
It's a mountain cabin,
not a police post.
- She's right.
- Shut up!
You keep talking.
The cops may be there, she said.
But if not,
you two will be baby killers.
Please, just let them save the baby.
If there are cops there,
I'll handle them.
You've got guts, girl!
Start on the baby again.
What will happen to us?
The cops will be there.
- Still not there?
- Just round that corner.
See that? Not a cop in sight!
Look! There's a jeep.
Now shut up.
Speak and the baby dies.
Watch it!
Everybody calm down.
- What are you doing?
- Sabu, no!
He's almost there.
Shut up or you're dead.
Hello, there.
Hello. If you don't mind,
I'll have a smoke.
An unscheduled bus?
These people are trying
to meet the Tokyo train.
They got stuck at the station.
Good work, my man.
Nothing out of the ordinary
on the road?
- Want a cigarette?
- No, thanks.
The bridge at Okusawa
needs repairs.
No sign of two strange men?
A couple of gangsters on the loose.
No, we haven't seen anyone like that.
If we haven't seen them by now,
they'll be somewhere else.
They could be anywhere
in these mountains.
- Robbing banks would be easier.
- For sure.
Any landslides up ahead?
Not when we came through.
We'd better get going.
We'll miss the train.
Sorry to hold you up.
Take care on the road.
Quick, do something
to stop her crying.
What's going on here?
Oh, it's a little baby.
What's wrong with it, ma'am?
We'd like to arrest
her philandering husband.
I'm afraid that's out of my jurisdiction.
Thank you.
Car 7, this is headquarters.
Bank robbers are still on the run.
Shut it off now!
Hey, anything wrong?
Shut the damn thing off!
Get inside!
What the hell? Are you a pervert?
Stupid cops.
Hey, Bro, we're stuck.
All the damn mud.
Leave the kid here.
- Where are you going?
- I'm not pushing.
I don't care who you are, you push.
Let me tell you...
I'll lure one away,
you men take out the other one.
Stop whispering!
It's been three hours on the bus.
I need to do something.
- Go do it over there.
- No privacy.
Leave it to me.
- You gonna push it, or not?
- Yes, of course.
You know,
I fancied you from the start.
You and me could run off
and split the money.
What do you say?
Come on, we'll be in it together.
It's your best option.
You think about it!
Have you finished?
Were you serious
about taking me away?
Of course I was.
Okay, then, take me with you.
Really? You're a feisty one.
The US bases are all closing down,
there's no work.
I was wondering what I should do.
I'll take care of you.
Don't rush it.
Go check the bus.
You're very careful, aren't you?
One, two, three!
We've got plenty of time.
Just a minute. I need to get ready.
You have to be gentle with a woman.
Is that right?
Help me!
Help me, Bro!
Come help me, Bro!
Come on, let's get the bus moving.
- Sabu?
- Bro!
Bro, she tricked me.
You can't walk like that.
Bro, don't leave me here!
You betrayed me!
I'll tell the cops everything!
Damn you!
I'll tell them everything!
I don't want to die.
That's it. Just a little more.
We did it.
Come on, hurry up. Get on board.
- What about the woman?
- Forget her, get on!
Leave her.
He'll be back at any minute!
Driver, get moving.
What are you doing? Quick!
Tomio, hurry up and get on the bus!
I'll save you.
Let me drive!
Hurry UP-
Drive up here.
Hold on tight.
Be careful.
Damn them.
Is there any water?
Thank you.
Hey, girl, you did a great job.
Gangs are a symptom of society's decay.
We can use this incident
to spread our message.
Don't you agree?
If not for the pistol,
I would've got him.
I would've have taken them both
with my little fingers.
Feeling better?
What will we do
about my engagement ring?
You're lucky to be alive.
A woman's jewelry means more
than life itself. Isn't that right?
You were an army doctor,
weren't you?
I read about you.
A doctor who ended up
as a killer.
Why did you kill your wife?
Sorry, I shouldn't have asked.
I didn't mean to.
She thought you were dead.
It was natural that she got remarried.
I was gone ten years,
I yearned for a familiar face.
My mother and my brother
were both dead.
I went to her hometown,
she was there.
As we were talking,
her new husband came home.
He was really drunk.
He insulted me, and I hit him.
She tried to stop me.
All my pent-up rage came out.
When I came to my senses,
they were both dead.
I guess you still loved her.
Would you do that for me?
No, you couldn't. You're a coward.
Hey, the gangsters left their bag.
I bet that's got
the stolen 20 million in there.
Shall we take a look?
But it's all over now.
With that,
we could save the company.
Don't push me.
Not so red now, are you?
With that money,
we could win seats in parliament.
We've had a hard life,
scrubbing all the way.
How stupid of them
to leave the loot behind.
- Easy come, easy go.
- They won't give up so easily.
With a bus,
we're the hare and they're the tortoise.
That's no race, is it, driver?
What's the time?
- Our watches...
- I've still got mine.
It's five past ten.
Ten o'clock. Should be no problem.
What's no problem?
You can handle both of them
with your little fingers.
Yes, today we fought off
a gang of robbers.
When we get to town,
we'll be in all the newspapers.
Good publicity, eh?
- What about us?
- I don't care.
So what if your sugar-daddy finds out?
They stole my ring.
It'll be all over the papers.
He'll buy me a new ring.
What can you do for me?
You can't make money reading books.
Let's celebrate with a drink.
My Whiskey!
The crooks left it behind.
Have a drop.
Here's to beating the crooks, cheers!
- That's a bad omen.
- No, not at all. Here, use this.
You were the best of all.
Without you,
we'd be in serious trouble now.
Have a drink to celebrate.
There's one thing I wanted to ask you.
Back there in the woods,
how did you get him?
He fell in a bear-trap, that's all.
I know that,
but that's not what I meant.
How did you get him
deep into the woods?
Don't be so rude!
Shut up.
You students know nothing about life.
She saved us, not you cowards.
You have no right to question her.
You don't know anything!
You just spout slogans!
You could learn something
from her life.
We can't imagine life
without a black man.
Give it back.
Not until you tell us
how you lured him.
So you're all ganging up on me?
Yes, I'm a whore at the US army base.
A different world to all of you.
Is being saved by me
some sort of disgrace for you?
Don't you dare try to judge me!
Come sit up here
and look at the view.
The driver's pretending
he's all for civil rights.
What do you mean?
The mixing of yellow and black blood.
She's running a temperature.
- How much longer to town?
- About an hour.
- Any water left?
- Water?
I need to cool her off.
This is bad.
In babies, a fever like this
can quickly lead to meningitis.
Not the baby again?
We're out of water.
Look. There's water.
Stop the bus.
- What for?
- To get water.
- We've no time for that.
- For me, every second counts.
Get ready. We'll soon be there.
Driver, no more stopping!
The baby needs to be treated
by a real doctor.
This fellow is a proper doctor.
Will getting water help the baby?
You've no rights to stop this bus.
This baby has the same rights as you.
Then what about our right
to catch the train?
- He's right.
- Wait till we get to town.
That baby's more precious
than all of you put together.
Shut up, you whore.
I may be a whore,
but you're much worse.
- Common as muck!
- What's that?
Why are you stopping?
Look. We need to fill the radiator.
Hold tight.
- Are you OK?
- Sure.
Be strong, Kazuko.
Not much longer.
You'll soon have water.
Tomio, watch out for the crooks.
Hey, Miss.
I'll go help them.
It's freezing!
This will soon cool her down.
- For sure.
- Right, Doctor?
Grab the bucket off him. Hurry up.
- Quick, give it to the baby.
- Right.
- I'll do that.
- No, you go help them.
Over there?
Quick, pass this back to her.
- Come on, grab it.
- I will not.
- I'll take it.
- No need.
- What about the radiator?
- It'll be cool by now.
You lied to us.
We'll miss the train because of you!
- That's nice and cold.
- We just changed it.
- The more, the better.
- Here.
Not long now.
Thank you, everyone.
Let me hold her.
I've done babysitting.
Get my medicine,
my heart is pounding.
I'm too busy with the baby.
No time for you.
I'll get it.
The baby isn't everything.
I don't need it now.
I hope our daughter's doctor
is as good as this army doctor.
She'll recover.
Good work, Doctor.
Thanks to you,
I was able to be a doctor again.
During the war,
I did it because it was my duty.
- My son died in Manchuria.
- A soldier?
He took his family to farm there.
That doll was my grandchild's.
There's a landslide.
Stop pulling me.
- Help them now.
- You're hurting me.
I'm going!
You watch,
I am capable of something!
Hey, come back!
Tomio's gone.
- Get down.
- But Tomio's gone.
Stay down.
Clear the road now!
Driver, you get the bus started.
I don't want to use this again.
But I will if I have to.
Everyone, clear the road!
Stop dawdling!
- Ma'am, no.
- But Kazuko's in there.
- What's going on?
- My baby's on the bus.
Do as I say
and you'll get her back.
Please, please. I'm begging you.
Shut up, or I kill the baby.
Give her the baby,
then we'll work.
Get to work.
I won't harm the baby.
I'll shoot you!
Don't you defy me!
Now clear the road!
Stay there!
Give her the baby!
Don't be cruel.
The baby hates you.
OK, but everyone get back to work.
Let's go.
Where do you think you're going?
Line up against the cliff.
This time I'm serious.
Move away and let the bus through.
Line up against the cliff.
Don't look back.
Beautiful view, eh?
The last thing you'll ever see.
One by one into your graves.
My grave?
- I'm so scared!
- Shut up.
You're first.
You're the one who tricked Sabu.
I've got something special for you.
Sabu's leg was cut to the bone.
He'll thank me
for doing the same to your leg.
News flash. The two bank robbers
are on a bus to Hashimoto.
Police are heading
to the Nekko Pass area.
The cops are coming!
You damn robber!
Don't shoot me!
Stop him!
Don't let him get away.
Hey! Stop that bus now!
That's my bus!
Bring my bus back!
Bring it back!
Everybody, calm down.
- What?
- He took my bus.
No handcuffs, please.
He saved the baby.
That doesn't count.
He's still a convicted killer.
You can't change the law.
Why so glum?
I'm going home.
In films, I'll have to kiss men
I don't like.
I'll never do that.
Look, there's our train.
We made it!
It doesn't matter now.
Oh, shut up.