Eiourinn (2016) Movie Script

'If it is given me to
save a life, all thanks.'
'But it may also be within
my power to take a life;'
'This overwhelming responsibility
requires great humility and modesty.'
'Above all I mustn't play at God.'
Hippocratic Oath
The Oath
Next frame.
Zoom in, please.
We seem to have a widening
of the aorta.
I think you're right.
Shall we go for open surgery?
No, I'll dilate the coronary artery.
Bring the wire.
You're taking that risk?
3.5 catheter.
-I'm not sure about this.
-Don't worry, it's under control.
-10 or 12 balloons?
-Uh, 12.
Give me a hand with the gray one.
Easy does it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stay calm.
Be sure to treat him nicely.
He was dad's favorite.
Wary as ever, are you?
That's my boy.
Are you all right?
I've never felt at ease here.
Let's hurry up then.
We have to get things ready
for the funeral.
-Thanks for helping me.
-Sorry I'm late.
You said it was only a 10-minute drive,
but I still got lost on the way.
So, this was your father's place.
He was tough, the old man,
living here by himself.
He had the horses.
He was better with horses
than people.
What will you do with the house?
Get rid of it.
As soon as possible.
Sorry we're late, Gulli.
We got held up.
That's all right.
All in good time.
Your father was one of a kind.
The old bastard.
-I'll see if I can get it going.
We'll keep it off the books, right?
Sure. No problem.
Thanks, Gulli.
Sorry I'm late.
I overslept.
As a father has compassion
on his children,
so the lord has compassion on us,
for he knows how we are formed.
He remembers that we are dust.
We are gathered here today
to pay our last tributes
to Kjartan Finnsson,
a member of parliament,
an entrepreneur,
the devoted and dearly beloved
father and grandfather.
A good man, who now
has passed away.
I overslept, that's all.
-At 3:00 in the afternoon?
Anna, it's your grandfather's funeral.
Lay off me!
Give me a break.
What's wrong?
ttar is picking me up.
I don't need this bullshit right now.
-Aren't you coming to the wake?
-Look at me, I'm a mess!
-How did it go?
-Let's just go.
Hi, it's Anna.
At a party... leave a message.
Did you break your record?
23 minutes.
I was just wondering...
You said you'd pay Anna's rent
while she was still in school.
But now she's dropped out.
Maybe she'll move back home.
She would never do that.
Why don't you talk to her?
She needs to take some responsibility.
-Is Anna in?
-You're her dad, right?
-She's in her room.
-Hi, Anna.
Who's that girl?
It's Lora. She's crashing here
for a while.
I'm not here that much,
and I needed the money.
Where are you
when you're not here?
With ttar.
Are you serious?
About what?
You and ttar.
Yeah... yes.
He's all right.
Have you heard from your mum?
What about?
You know... are you in touch?
You know, "how are you?"
"How's the weather?"
"It's crap. How's the weather in LA?"
Just a load of crap.
You know I love you.
Yeah, I know.
All right then, sweetie.
Oh, sweetie.
Oh... oh...
They're here.
-Hey, muffin!
So good to see you.
How are you?
Is that your dog?
-Isn't he cute? His name is bull.
He's just a puppy.
Dad, meet ttar.
You've been practicing!
-I played that at the school concert.
You have to let us
know next time.
All right.
Here's some salad.
What was it your
grandfather used to say
when he was served salad?
Yeah. I don't eat grass.
Good one.
She told me he was in
parliament or something.
-He was.
-So he was the man.
So, what do you do for a living?
-Just asking.
I'm into... all sorts of things.
Like what?
Selling cars and stuff.
What about you, Solveig?
What do you do?
I used to be a dancer,
but I had some injuries,
so now I teach yoga.
Bull! What the fuck are you doing?
Get over here!
God damn it.
I'll get some tissues.
-Daddy, I need your help.
Someone's here, there's blood
all over. You have to come.
Hi, it's Anna.
At a party...
-What's wrong?
-I don't know, but it's Anna.
-999, how may I help?
-My daughter just called.
Something's happened to her.
It's an emergency.
What's going on?
Are you all right, sweetie?
-They put...
-We have to take her with us.
Calm down, sweetheart.
-They put something in my uterus.
-Who did?
The guys... at the party...
Easy now. Try to stay calm.
It'll be all right.
We'll have it checked.
-Hi, darling.
-Have you seen her yet?
-They're examining her.
Hi, are you Finnur,
Anna's father?
-Yes, hello.
Birna Valsdottir. Detective.
They call us if there's any suspicion
of sexual abuse.
Oh, no.
Actually, it appears that
nothing of the sort took place.
Something must have happened.
It's best that I let the doctor explain.
We found drugs in her apartment.
She denies owning them,
but we'll need to investigate that.
If there's anything you want
to discuss or tell us, get in touch.
Thank you.
She's of legal age,
so this is just an informal chat.
You know how this goes,
There is nothing to indicate
that she was attacked.
There's a cut on her hand,
from a mirror she smashed.
As you may have realized,
she shows signs of heavy drug abuse.
Typical psychosis.
Hallucinations, paranoia.
-Will she be staying here?
Her condition isn't critical enough.
As you know,
we can't hold her against her will.
Of course not.
Here, take this.
It'll help you sleep.
-Where's ttar?
-I need to talk to him.
Not in this condition.
-Is Anna feeling sick?
-She's just tired.
-Hi, muffin.
-I have to go to work.
-Will you drop off Hrefna?
Have a nice day, sweetie.
Hi, Eyja!
Cross clamps.
She woke up.
I left her alone for a minute,
and when I came back out,
she was gone.
-Where did she go?
-I don't know.
She can't have gone far.
Maybe she went to catch the bus.
-I don't think she has any shoes on.
-I'll go look for her.
-Excuse me.
-What do you think you're doing?
Where are you off to?
I need to talk to ttar,
but she wouldn't let me call him.
Come on, sweetie.
Of course you can call him. Let's go.
Sorry about that.
-I need a refund.
-Come on, let's go. Sorry.
Why don't you stay
until you recover?
I've told you, I'm fine.
After a night out, I couldn't sleep
because my neighbor was too loud.
So now I'll go home and rest,
and ttar will stay with me.
He's here.
Let's go.
What's going on?
Anna, put this on.
It's cold.
-No, I'm fine.
-You'll be cold.
What's going on?
-Were you there last night?
She just told me.
-She needs to rest, so no drugs.
-I'm not into that shit anymore.
She's a good girl.
Just been partying a bit too much.
I'll look after her.
I promise.
-Can we go?
-I'm just talking to your old man.
-Come on, let's go.
-Call me so I know how you're doing.
-All right, bye.
She'll call.
She's not answering.
I'll see if I can find her.
-Would you like me to come with you?
-No, I'll take care of it.
It's Finnur, Anna's father.
We'll finish this later.
Lock the door on your way out.
-Is Anna with you?
-Wait here.
-Your dad's here.
-Are you joking?
Get rid of him. Now.
Weren't you going home?
You said you'd call.
You told me to rest.
Does it matter where?
You just got out of hospital.
What does it take...
Oh, my God. You're so manic!
I took something
to help me sleep.
Then you come chasing after me.
No wonder I'm so tense,
with you so fucking psycho!
-Leave me alone.
-Will you please listen?
It's too late for that now.
Just leave me alone.
-Let's do this again soon.
It was fun.
She's high.
She got the drugs from you, right?
What are you talking about?
She's coming home with me,
or I'll report you for possession.
Do what you have to, pal.
But be prepared to take
the consequences.
We had a talk with your daughter.
She didn't want to come with us.
If she were under 18, we could have
removed her from the premises.
What about the drugs?
Well, he denied having any.
We can't just go in without
a search warrant.
I suggest you talk to
the narcotics department.
There's a hotline you can call
To search the apartment,
we'd have to get a judge's permit.
And we'd need
something tangible.
Even if we found something,
there'd be a long wait until
he'd start serving sentence.
There's no instant solution.
-There must be something you can do.
-We'll consider every lead.
What comes out of it and when
is a different thing.
What if this was your child?
But she's not a child, is she?
According to the law,
she's an adult.
I know how you feel.
I've seen this too many times.
But there's really not much
you can do.
I've heard that before.
She's a clever girl.
These guys are exciting for a while,
but the thrill won't last.
I'm sure she'll
come to her senses.
What if she doesn't?
If there's anything I can do,
just let me know.
Hey, be careful.
You'll cut yourself.
What are you doing, sweetheart?
I just needed some change.
I was at a party close by
and I'm taking the bus downtown.
It's half past 3:00.
The buses don't run at this hour.
-A taxi then.
-Let's get you cleaned up.
Then I'll take you home.
Turn here.
Where are you going?
-I'm going to see if ttar is downtown.
-At this hour?
Go home and get some rest.
You're kidding, right?
Let me out.
-Don't be ridiculous.
-Dad, you're not listening.
Open the door. I'll walk.
Just open the door!
What's wrong with you?
Just stop the car.
Don't be foolish.
Where are you going?
Why don't we go someplace?
Just you and me.
-I can't.
-We'll get through this.
I can't just leave.
What about ttar?
-He'll wait.
Maybe it'll do you good
to have some time apart.
To find out if you're
right for each other.
I love him.
I'm madly in love with him.
You just think he's an asshole.
He isn't like that.
With the stuff you're using,
you're not seeing things clearly.
Sober up for a start. Then maybe
you'll know for real if you love him.
I'm sharing my feelings
and you just trample all over them.
I'm not saying you don't love him.
No? You hate him.
-I don't hate him.
-You do!
I don't even know him.
-Go away.
-It's me.
-I don't want to see you.
-I'm taking him for a walk.
-I'll come, too.
Hurry up, it's freezing.
Hey, bull!
999, how may I help?
Can you send the police to this number?
It's an emergency.
-Number 26.
-Apartment 702.
Could I have your...
-Is daddy home?
-Can I talk to him?
Go inside, sweetie.
Mum, ttar is here.
What do you want?
-How are you doing?
-What are you up to?
-What do you want?
Firstly, the guy who broke in might
as well have planted the stuff.
The cops didn't even press charges.
They just let me walk.
Secondly, the woman next door,
she saw you.
Don't worry, she won't talk.
That's been taken care of.
Last, but not least, Finnur...
You don't fuck with me.
It's not my fault Anna likes
to powder her nose.
-You need to fix this mess.
-What mess?
Someone has to pay for the stuff.
Six million, if you pay up now.
We're talking wholesale price.
If they come after you,
it will be a lot more.
You're not getting
any money from me.
Don't be stupid.
You'd rather deal with me
than the guys who own it.
Just pay up,
or things will get ugly.
You're not getting anything from me,
so get the hell out.
Fucking moron!
Don't you get it?
Fucking idiot!
I've called the police.
This is your fucking fault.
Poor darling...
Hi, it's Anna. At a party...
-Am I interrupting?
We have a case in the icu.
Trauma after a brutal assault.
I could use your opinion.
Ruptured left eye,
brain hemorrhage,
collapsed lung,
and a heart attack on top of it all.
He'll need acute
coronary intervention.
Do they know who did it?
Some thugs showed up
at his house with a shotgun,
said his son
owed them money
and shot him in the chest.
The shells were loaded with
cut-off nails,
so it must have
hurt like hell.
But apparently
it doesn't kill you.
Did they catch them?
No, and they probably
never will.
Have you got it?
-Can we talk?
-All right.
But did you bring the money?
Come on.
So, you've got the money?
-Here's three million.
I'll pay now,
if you break up with Anna.
This has nothing to do
with Anna.
It's just your problem
if you don't like me.
It's six fucking million.
Just pay up.
What happened to your face?
-What are you talking about?
-Who did this to you?
Like I said, here's three million.
You'll get the rest
when you've let her go.
Hey, geezer.
A word.
You're so fucking stupid.
You don't know what I've
been through because of you.
If you call the police, you'll deal
with guys you wish you'd never met.
Unless you want your girls
to end up without a father.
-Is that what you want?
-Let me go.
-You fucking moron!
-Let go of me!
You fucking moron!
Hurry home!
There's been a break-in.
Hi, this is Solveig.
Please leave a message.
Are you all right, darling?
So they left the door open?
Strange that nothing seems
to be missing, just vandalized.
There's no sign of forced entry.
-Perhaps you left the door unlocked?
They even went into Hrefna's room.
-I'm Hrefna's dad.
-Yes, I know.
I didn't see her outside.
She usually waits by the fence.
She's not here.
She's probably with Eyja.
I'll check it out.
-Hi, Eyja.
-Have you seen Hrefna?
-She drove off with someone.
-What? Can you describe the car?
-It was black.
-Was Anna there too?
All right, thanks.
-Anna, what were you thinking?
You don't just pick up your sister
without letting us know.
ttar just treated us
to some ice cream.
-I was about to call you.
-Where are you?
We just arrived at the house.
-Hi, sweetie.
They let me have sprinkles
on my ice cream.
That's nice. Now go inside.
Mum's waiting.
-Bye, muffin.
Wait, I'll give you your invitation
to my birthday party.
Right. I'll be back in a minute.
-Bye, Hrefna.
-Stay away from Hrefna.
-That was just a warning.
So you'd understand the mess you're in.
You'll get your three million
and you'll leave us alone.
It was six million, but now
they want street value. So it's twelve.
You owe me nine.
Next time, there'll be no ice cream.
-Are you threatening my child?
-I'm not making threats.
But if you need more convincing,
I can check if your wife's ass
is as tight as Anna's.
The house is a total mess.
They had a break-in.
You'll get your money tomorrow.
Hey, come on.
Why don't we just go someplace?
Get away from all this crap.
Where would we go?
-Close your eyes.
Just do it.
It's a game I used to play with mum,
when she was a bit bluesy.
Open your eyes.
I'm going to spin it.
Give me your finger.
Then you point at where we'll go to.
-Close your eyes.
-All right.
Where are we going?
-To Norway... no, let me go again.
-No, look.
We're going to Stavanger.
I don't want to go there.
Why not?
It's really nice.
Lots of oil money.
They only work four hours a day.
You even get two years off,
if you have a baby.
-Next case at 1:30, right?
Lunch in the cafeteria?
I'll just grab a sandwich in my office.
I've got some paperwork to finish.
-You go, I'll finish up.
Go on, piss.
-Have you got the rest?
Get in.
-Do you have it?
-Yes, but we're not doing this here.
Where are we going?
I don't know if Anna told you,
but she was born prematurely.
It was a very difficult birth.
Her heart stopped beating
when she came into this world.
She almost died.
I would have done anything in my power
to save her, without a second thought.
Do you understand?
-Did you bring the cash?
-It's in the back.
Let's get it done then.
I'll find the right spot.
-What are you doing?
-Strap these on.
First the feet,
then the hands.
-Or else?
-Or else?
-Are you going to shoot me?
-If I have to.
You're making things worse.
We're in this together.
We need to pay these men.
Strap them on.
You're fucking crazy.
Get out! Run off!
-I've been trying to reach you.
I took a nap.
I didn't hear the phone ring.
How old is the patient?
-He's nine.
How does it look?
It's a bit narrow.
Wipe the sweat.
But I think I've got it.
The pressure's down to 60.
Check the ultrasound.
I perforated it.
-We have to open him.
-Get the or ready. Now!
We have an emergency.
I need the or immediately.
His condition is critical,
so we're keeping him unconscious.
But he's stable.
We were told it was a minor operation.
What happened?
-We understand your concern.
-There's always a risk factor.
The operation was more intrusive
than we expected.
-Hi, darling, where are you?
I'm at the hospital. Why?
Are you on your way?
The guests are all here.
-What guests?
-It's Hrefna's birthday.
-Don't tell me you forgot.
-No... no...
Something came up.
I can't make it just yet.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
-All right, see you soon.
-Hello, sweetie.
-What kept you?
-Surgery, I'll tell you later.
Daddy, can Eyja sleep over?
Her mum said she could.
Not now, sweetie.
Some other time.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, I'll take a shower
and then I'll join you.
All right.
Daddy, did you forget
my birthday?
No, I was just very busy
at work today.
And I just forgot to say
"Happy Birthday."
Happy Birthday.
Don't forget me.
No, of course not.
I'm going for a quick ride.
Stop it.
I've closed the wound.
If it opens up, I can't help you.
I don't have extra blood.
What do you think you're doing?
I offered you a deal,
but you didn't take it.
You said you wouldn't let Anna go,
so here we are. To talk.
Finnur, let's drop it.
I'll take the heat.
Just let me go.
I won't go to the cops.
You know I won't.
-It's too late to make a deal.
-Are you going to kill me?
All I know is that I want you
out of my life for good.
Fuck you.
Fuck you!
-All right.
-All right.
What are you doing?
What is that?
Midazolam and Diazepam.
It'll knock you out until tomorrow.
But it won't happen instantly.
It'll give you a moment to think.
-You can't keep me here.
-Why not?
I have a hospital full of drugs.
I can knock you out and wake you up
whenever I need to.
You're not going anywhere.
-They'll look for me.
-And when they don't find you?
A drug dealer gone missing.
Who cares?
You're bluffing.
You'll have time to find out.
When your muscles
start cramping up tomorrow,
then you'll know if I'm bluffing.
You'll feel it.
After a few days,
the pain will stop,
because there's not enough circulation
for the nerves to function.
Then you'll get bedsores.
Pressure sores, we call them.
The body weight pressures
the skin until it cracks.
Then the pain comes back.
Real pain.
You're fucking dead!
I've seen people on morphine
begging to be put out of their misery.
Antibiotics wouldn't do you any good.
The wounds will get infected,
and you will start rotting alive.
You're going to smell
your skin rotting.
And then the flies and worms will start
eating into your flesh...
You're dead.
Hi, what's wrong?
ttar's gone missing.
-He left this morning and hasn't come back.
His phone is turned off.
Nobody knows where he is.
Then this lady brought bull home.
She said she'd found him and...
I've looked everywhere
and called all his friends.
Nobody knows where he is.
He has disappeared.
Dad, can we call the police
and have them look for him?
-When did you last hear from him?
He called around noon
and said he was on his way home.
-Something must have happened.
-No need to involve the police yet.
If you talked to him at noon,
he might still show up.
-Why don't you lie down and...
-I can't just lie down.
We'll go to the police
in the morning.
So the last you heard from him
was when he called from the gym?
Yes, he said he was
about to take a shower.
-Did he sound different in any way?
I asked if we should have lunch,
and he said he'd bring takeaway.
-Did he say where?
And you haven't
heard from him since?
I called him soon after,
but he didn't answer.
All right, then there's the dog.
Yeah, he's tagged.
A woman brought him.
I've got her number.
Then you waited for a while
before going to your parents' house?
-When was that?
I'm not sure.
-After midnight. It was late.
And you checked up on him
this morning?
We went to his place earlier.
We'll get right on it.
Bye, dad.
Thanks for coming with me.
-Are you leaving?
-I'll go and look for him.
Why don't you come back
to the house?
Because I don't feel like
just sitting and waiting...
Can you lend me some cash?
I need money for my phone,
and taxi and stuff.
Where are you going?
We drive you.
No. I'm freaking out.
I need something to relax.
-Don't bother.
-Stay strong.
Sober up. It only takes a few days
to get through the worst part.
Oh, God...
Don't you need the money?
My name is Kolbran.
I'm ttar's mother.
The police said Anna was here,
but she's not answering her phone.
-Is she here?
-Who is it?
-I'm ttar's mother.
-I see. Please come in.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Is that Anna?
It's her little sister, Hrefna.
Here's your coffee.
-Hi, it's Margret.
It's regarding the boy
you operated on.
The parents want us to
investigate what went wrong.
Halldor and I will be turning in
a report on Monday.
Good, but I need you
to come down here and meet them.
They're with him now.
His condition is still critical.
Now is not a good time.
Make it your priority. It's important.
This must be your dad's place.
Anna said he used to beat you up
when you were a kid.
Is this where he beat you?
In this house?
And now you're doing it to me.
Just like your old man.
This is too good.
What about your mother?
Where was she
when he brought you here?
Didn't she care?
Was he beating her up too?
My mum and dad got divorced
when I was five.
Then mum met Eric.
He hated me.
I think he also hated mum.
He used to beat
the living shit out of us.
First me.
Then her.
Then he'd fuck her.
Pretty nice, huh?
Lying in bed with a broken nose,
too afraid to get out of bed.
Listening to them.
First she cried.
And then the bed started creaking.
Later on...
I'd lie in bed with a hard-on,
imagining I was him.
Fucking mum.
And then beating her up,
for being with that fucking bastard.
You know the feeling?
Where are you?
-I'm on my way home. Is something wrong?
They called from the hospital.
They're looking for you.
-I thought you were there.
-I was there. What is it?
Something to do with the boy
you operated on.
I saw that they called,
I just couldn't pick up.
Let's talk when I get home,
all right?
-All right.
I'm sorry about all this.
I meant to make things work between us.
Anna is really special, you know.
You have it all, Finnur.
I could never fit in your world.
You'd never let me.
And I know why. I understand.
You simply need to get me
out of your way.
You want to get rid of me
because I'm a fucking loser.
I'll stay away, Finnur.
What are you doing?
Hey, here's how we do it.
I have a guarantee for you.
There's a locker at the gym.
My locker.
Number 389.
It has a padlock, 667.
There's a kilo of coke in it.
I got it on credit to pay back your debt.
If you flush it down the toilet,
you'll get rid of me.
I'd have to leave the country,
or I'd be dead meat.
What's the number?
Locker 389...
Padlock 667.
I'm personally responsible for it.
I can't pay them back fifteen million.
Not a chance.
What about the flat and the car?
I don't own any of that shit.
You can buy me a plane ticket
and drive me to the airport,
-and you'll never see me again.
-Where would you go?
To my dad, in Norway.
Your dad lives in Norway?
Yeah. He can get me a job.
I can start over.
I don't want to die.
I want to get away from all this.
-So, your dad lives in Norway?
-Yes, he does.
Where in Norway?
He lives in Stavanger.
-Can I trust you?
-Yes, I'm telling you the truth.
I promise.
-I promise.
-You'd better not be lying.
I'm telling the truth, I swear.
I'll go. Please listen.
Not again.
Don't give me more of that shit.
Please, I can't take it.
Please, Finnur.
I promise I'll go.
-Did you get hold of Finnur?
-He's still not answering.
Keep trying!
-Halldor is trying to stop the bleeding.
-I'm going in there.
No, you're not. If you participate
and something goes wrong...
I'm the best surgeon for this.
You know it.
Sue me, fire me, take my license.
But I'm going in there.
Put up my loops.
About time you showed up!
How's it going?
-I'm struggling with this bleeding.
-Let me see.
-Go deeper.
-I can't because of the vena cava.
Sure you can.
Much deeper.
What do you think I've been
doing for the past hour?
Stay focused.
Hold it tight.
The bleeding is out of control.
I'm losing him.
Don't panic.
We'll manage.
-I'm losing him!
-Don't let go.
-I'm losing him!
-I'm taking over.
Adjust the light.
We're almost there.
The operation went well.
We stopped the bleeding,
so things are looking good.
-Birna here, with the police.
I've been trying to call Anna,
but she's not answering.
I haven't heard from her either.
Any news?
I was wondering
if you could come meet me at the station.
-It would be helpful.
-All right. I'll be there.
Thank you.
The photos are blurry, but do you
recognize the car or the driver?
Let's see.
I don't recognize the car,
and you can't really
make out the driver.
-Don't you have better photos?
-I'm afraid not.
You can see the number plate,
It's fake. From another car.
No traffic cameras?
We're looking into it.
You and ttar were in contact.
-I wouldn't say so.
We have his phone records.
You've been calling him recently.
Probably just to get hold of Anna.
There's nothing you want to tell us?
No, I don't think so.
This is just a formality, but where
were you at noon on Friday?
I was in surgery at the hospital.
Who can verify that?
Am I a suspect?
We're just eliminating
all the possibilities.
I didn't want this!
This is not what I wanted!
Come on.
What's happening?
He was found in the parking lot.
Weak pulse, head trauma
and traces of white powder.
Quick! Contact trauma
and neurosurgeons.
Get the ct ready, he might
have a brain hemorrhage.
All we know is that he was found
in the parking lot, all messed up.
Weak pulse.
Cut here, we have abdominal trauma.
There's no pulse.
-He's all stitched up.
-What the hell...
Insert an iv cannula
and hook him to the monitor. Now!
We have to defibrillate.
Clear, and...
-He's coming back...
-He's coming!
Come on.
He's responding...
I think he's coming back.
Are you with us?
Come on.
No pulse.
Try again.
Come on!
I was monitoring a patient
who underwent surgery.
I saw the fire outside
and went downstairs.
Then I realized it was him.
So you didn't just
happen to be here?
No, I was on call.
I work here.
-And you were here from...
-I was here the whole day.
Except when I came to see you
at the police station.
-Then I came back here.
Sorry, but Anna just called.
She's on her way.
I'll be right there.
-Are we done?
-For the time being.
-Where is he?
-I want to talk to him.
-He's gone.
-He's gone, sweetie.
There was nothing we could do.
There's nothing we can do.
Let's go home.
I'll ask if the rehab center
can take her in today.
She's still sleeping.
Let me know what they say.
I will.
It's a 2003 Ford explorer.
Get a picture of that shoe print
from this angle.
What's going on, Finnur?
Why are the police
asking questions about you?
-What did they ask?
-If you were on call last night.
What did you say?
That you were here when I left.
Anything else?
They asked if you were here
between operations, on Friday.
I was here. You told them, right?
Yes, but I didn't see you
until the second operation.
I was here. You know I was.
Infectious waste
to be incinerated
Tell me, fortune-teller,
what I ask.
With gold I'll reward you
if you tell me the truth.
But with fire I'll burn you if...
You're registered for two firearms.
-That's correct.
-Can we take a look?
They're in a cabinet in the garage.
Go check it out, please.
Do you happen to have
sneakers like these?
No, I don't.
Are you sure?
Take a closer look.
No, I've never had
shoes like that.
You're under arrest
on suspicion of murdering
ttar Kolbrnarson.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say may be used against you.
You have the right to a lawyer.
Is this clear?
Are you sure you don't want a lawyer?
I don't need one. I was at the
hospital when they brought him in.
Everybody cracks in the end.
We'll come across mistakes.
We'll continue to investigate all the details
until we figure out what happened.
You'll crack.
I've got kids.
I can understand why you did it.
But it's hopeless.
All right.
Let's talk about the money
you gave him.
-Like I told you before...
-I gave him the money...
-A lot of money.
I gave him the money,
so he'd stay away from Anna.
Right, but he didn't.
And that's when you decided to kill him.
Not pellets, but cut-off nails.
Then some time passes.
Days. He's alive.
Tied up. We can tell
by the marks on his hands.
-Maybe he was thinking of you.
-Take a seat.
-What's going on?
He was alive
when you went looking for him.
He was alive
when you reported him missing,
-and when you went looking...
-What the hell are you doing?
-He didn't want you to
be together, did he? -No, but...
Has he told you
that he tried bribing him
so he'd break up with you?
-Just stop it.
Just tell us what happened.
Do the right thing.
Please stop.
You're right.
I didn't want him around Anna.
I offered him money.
I didn't want this.
You wanted to save your daughter,
but you lost control.
-You can't do this.
-You murdered him.
No, I did not.
I want a lawyer now.
See, look at his face.
Stop it.
-His lips.
What were his last words?
-I can't remember.
Stop it, I want a lawyer.
-He did it for you!
We'll take a break.
We can't continue
like this. He's asked for a lawyer.
We don't have enough evidence.
His alibi checks out.
I know, but we can't
rule him out yet.
I apologize.
I was out of line.
But if anything comes to mind.
Anything he said or...
He was cleaning up his act.
He wanted to quit.
We were planning to go away.
He told me that he had plans
to join his father in Norway.
I think he was being threatened
by some thugs.
I think he said Stavanger.
We'll look into that.
Did he say who they were?
No, maybe he was
in some kind of trouble.
He had obviously been in a fight.
His face was bruised.
Perhaps he owed someone money.
You know how these things go.
I see.
When did you talk to him?
When did he tell you about
his dad in Norway?
His dad is just a loser, who's never
been abroad. Never gave a shit.
He didn't even come to the funeral.
-Don't lie to me, dad.
The night before he disappeared,
we joked about going abroad.
He had this globe.
I randomly pointed my finger
at Stavanger, Norway.
So he must have told you
after he went missing.
I did it to save you.
I didn't want to lose you.
He was ruining you.
He loved me.
Anna, please.
Talk to me.