Ek Ajnabee (2005) Movie Script

''Drama, lies, guns and hostages''
''Fraud, treachery!
Everywhere it's the same...''
''cities, villages,
all days, all nights''
''Everyone is weary''
''Dialogues, meetings...
waste of time''
''Growing population, everywhere''
''Tears, embrace,
love, bullets...''
''corpses, mess, bloodbath''
''Shrouds, burials,
pyres, fire...''
''all that remains is ash''
''Death of husband,
death of children...''
''pall of gloom,
bemoan forever''
''Murder, rape,
oppressing the innocents...''
''torture, betrayal...
dirt everywhere''
''Streets, police,
the system, hell...''
''monopoly, whims and fancies''
''Prison, fracas,
bloody conspiracy...''
''vengeance in the belly...''
''accusation, bail,
warrant, war''
''Nightmares of life,
a broken heart''
''For days, weeks, months and years...''
''a huge web of failure''
''Blood is up,
question God...''
''why me?''
''When blood flows
in silence...''
''the question arises... why?''
''Lawyer, trial, dates,
''confusion, exaggeration,
break free''
Shekhar Verma?
What's up, Colonel?
You took that flight
lt's good to see you, Colonel
Move, everyone
lt's been years. You still look
the same, years after l met you last
You haven't changed
You really haven't changed, Colonel.
- Didn't feel the need
ln fact... you haven't changed either
l didn't feel the need either
Where were you?
How is Khanna?
- Punjab border
And Pady... Parmanand?
Kashmir. Machine gun
Damn. God bless them.
They were good men
Yes, Colonel?
- Sometimes l think...
God will never forgive us
for what we did
l have stopped thinking about it
That's right l guess
l think you made a mistake
by saving my life
You'd rather have let me die
Come on. l did the right thing
To be honest, l did it for myself,
not for you
For the sake of friendship. Remember
the first principle of friendship?
Be true to it,
or don't extend your hand
Your words
Baby, come on
Why did you call me?
What's the hurry, Colonel? We'll talk
in the morning. Now tell me...
These flat-nosed jerks!
They start early dawn
Welcome to Bangkok, Colonel
Excuse me, l'll be right back
Bro, no touching the girls
No touching the girls
You like to fight, eh?
- Okay
l thought you'd kill them
No, Colonel. l have stopped killing.
l'm out of the business of killing
What...? Bodyguard? Me ?
Are you in your senses?
l can't even take care of a corpse
No big deal.
All you got to do is...
hold a gun and stay with that family
Of late, it's fashion for the rich
Yes, but Shekhar you know that
l hate crowds
Then be the silent type, Colonel.
That's your style
But one thing l trust
You will certainly save a corpse.
lt's under no danger
Take it easy
Have you been watching the news?
lt's all going downhill
What's going on in this city? lt all
seems to be going out of control
Labour problems, raw materials
getting expensive...
and reducing bank balances.
We have to find another option
What about the London deal?
- The response is good
We'll have to go to London soon
Chang, where are your boys?
Gentleman... Colonel Suryaveer Singh,
the best
Hello! How do you do?
- Mr Ravi. His lawyer, Chang
Have a chat
Very impressive, Mr Singh
Nepal, East Pakistan,
Sri Lanka
Great record. So why do you
want to work for a paltry sum?
l got a problem, sir.
- What?
l booze.
- Even we do
How much do you drink?
- As much as my body takes
Does it affect work?
My hands tremble. Sometimes
the body doesn't respond to the mind
ln which case, if someone tries
to kidnap me, what will you do?
Either he dies or me.
Nothing will happen to you
l like that.
This drinking problem...
you don't need to tell my wife
Thank you, sir
Welcome, Mr Singh
My wife
Meet Suryaveer Singh,
our new bodyguard
So glad to finally meet you.
- How do you do, ma'am?
Ravi spoke a lot about you. Besides,
it's always heartening to see an lndian
Would you like something?
- Scotch double. Straight up
Among the two, who do l stay with?
Didn't Ravi tell you?
Oh my God! You're gonna be in
for a big surprise
Our life, our daughter...
our most prized possession. Anamika
Anamika, this is Mr Suryaveer Singh.
Your new bodyguard
Hello Surya
Suryaveer Singh is a long name
l will stick to Surya.
ls that okay?
l'm sorry, she can be
quite a brat sometimes
lf you don't mind...
- No, no problem
l'll go and get my stuff
- Why didn't you tell me?
What? What happened?
- That l have to stay with a kid
No need to get worked up
Crowd and kids... you know how l feel.
- Oh come on, Colonel
How'd a kid harm you?
Hardcore terrorists didn't scare you.
You are afraid of a little kid? Relax
lt's gonna be fine. l promise.
- Yeah
l love you
This is your room,
with detached bathroom
This cabinet has
all the things you need
lf you need something, please tell me.
- Thank you.
You also have
a music system and a TV
You can watch Discovery and
Cartoon Network. After work, that is
l'm so sorry about that
Please take some rest.
Dinner is served at nine
Thank you.
- Say good night to Surya
Good night, Surya.
See you tomorrow
Good night.
- Good night
So how was your first meeting
with Surya?
He's very boring
and always tensed
How come?
- Can't you tell from his face...
that he is sad, worried
and tensed, Mummy?
Mom, why is he sad?
l don't know. But l'll ask him
and tell you. Okay?
You are too mature for your age
Good night, Mom.
- Good night
Love you, Mom
Good night, bear.
Surya Bear
Okay. l think you should step out
Hello, Mrs Sharma.
- Hello, Anamika
Nice to see you back in school.
- Thank you, Mrs Sharma
Meet my bodyguard Mr Surya
Hello sir, how are you?
- How do you do, ma'am?
Well Anamika, you'll
get late for class
Bodyguard? May l say something
if you don't mind, sir?
- l'm confident, you're honest at work
But l pity you guys
for the work you do
l wish there was no need
for such a job in this world
l pity too. However, not
everyone's destiny is the same
ln these times, it's rather imperative
for people like me to be born
Excuse me
Hi. What's up?
- Hey, man
Yo brother
Yo brother... from different mother
Over here, brother.
You are lndian, right?
What do l look like?
- Looks hardly matter. l'm lndian too
But do l look like one?
Hang on
You have no idea, after a long time
l've met someone who understands Hindi
Kripa Shankar is the name, sir.
- Excuse me
You can call me Krispi.
- Crisp?
Was born in lndia, but exported
to Bangkok in childhood
You have no idea how happy l am
to meet you
Anyway, tell me if l can help you
- Right. There's nothing here...
that l can't fetch you.
You are from lndia, l must serve you
- Yes, sir. Food, booze...
heroin, opium... anything.
Just about anything
Here, you don't need a racket to
play table tennis. Hope you follow?
Any famous liquor,
masseuse, girls... girls?
Mind-blowing! Who do you want?
American? Chinese? European?
You won't get a paradise like this!
Bangkok is sexy, sir
Thank you.
- Try my album, just once
Home delivery...
Thank you
Good God!
Where are you from, Surya?
- lndia
Come on ! l know you are from lndia.
Do you think l'm stupid?
lt's like Zhao saying
he's from Thailand
What's wrong with your hand?
l was hurt when l was a kid.
- Don't lie. That's not a minor bruise
Surya, why are you always
tensed and sad?
Anamika, if you keep quiet,
l'll be able to drive carefully
Can't you chat and drive?
Bosco, my ex-bodyguard,
would talk to me while driving
Just try once
Just between you and me.
Bosco was a great friend of mine
Surya, l say, friends?
Okay, l don't care
But we'll certainly be friends...
when you are in a good mood,
and when that tensed face...
Surya, learn to relax, man
Now listen carefully.
l'm your bodyguard, just bodyguard
Not a friend to chat with you
l'm paid only to protect you.
You understand?
No need to cry.
- l'm not crying
You are right, you are only
my bodyguard. As of now, my chauffeur
Now get in and drive
You are only my bodyguard
Now get in and drive
May l come in?
l wanted to talk to you
- No, l'm fine, thank you
Actually... it's about Anamika
Please go ahead.
- What l'm trying to say is...
please don't mind her words
She is stubborn, pampered...
our love has spoilt her
But she's not in the wrong,
it's our fault
Our money, our success...
has snatched her childhood away
Ever since the rise in kidnappings,
we've confined her to the four walls
She has not one friend of her age
As friends, she has her parents,
servants, security guard... it's unfair
l have noticed that she is trying
to look for a friend in you
And as her mother, l request you
if you could... she is a child
You know how they are...?
- No, l don't know how they are
l just don't know how they are
Just one reason l came here for
You needed a bodyguard
and l'm good at that
lf Anamika also needs a friend,
then you need to look elsewhere
l don't know how to make friends,
nor do l intend to
l'm sorry.
- No. l'm sorry
l was a fool to look for a friend
in a bodyguard for my daughter
But you know what?
You are right
You are just a bodyguard.
And l have no doubt that...
you will do your job perfectly
Sorry for wasting your time.
Good night, Mr Singh
And have a fantastic evening
God will never forgive us
for what we did
l can't even take care of a corpse
You'd rather have let me die
Come on
Come on
No Colonel, not now
What's up, Colonel?
Did l disturb you?
Not quite
Why does it happen that
when we trust someone...
he slips out of your hands
like sand?
this bullet
You forget, Colonel? lt's nothing new.
lt always happens with us
Some bullets took the swines,
while some went wasted. Remember?
Yes, l remember
l believe, every bullet
has a fate of its own
When it finds its target,
it takes off. Hope you understand?
l'm always right, Colonel.
l hope you are all right?
l'm okay... l'm okay
l'm sorry, l disturbed you
Get some sleep, go to bed
Hi Bebon.
- Hi
Zhao, mom and dad have gone out
for dinner
Help me out with these
questions please
What is the capital of USA?
Who is the Prime Minister of lndia?
- lndia
Shah Rukh Khan.
- Yes!
Thank you, Zhao. Good night
Good evening and welcome
to Crime Beat
The police have arrested four men
connected with car thefts
Twenty-one cars have been recovered
totalling an estimated 600,000 USD
ln another news, a six-year old boy
was kidnapped
Son of a wealthy businessman,
was returning home...
when six gunmen burst
onto the scene
You swim well.
- No good. l always come third
We're going to London for a few days.
l hope everything will be fine
Don't worry, it's only a matter
of a few days
Thank you.
- Have a good trip
- Be a good girl
And don't go anywhere without Surya
l trust, you'll take good care of her.
- l will. lt's my job
Thank you
- Bye baby
''For you, l breathe''
''l love you''
''For you...''
''l'd even die''
Surya, l have to win.
Coaching begins now?
You are scared of gunshots,
l noticed it the other day
You dived late.
- l'm scared of gunshots
l don't know why.
- Okay. Now you repeat after me
l'm not scared of gunshots.
- l'm not scared of gunshots
- l'm not scared of gunshots
- l'm not scared of gunshots
- l'm not scared of gunshots!
All right. Are you ready?
- Ready!
Oh my God!
- What?
Can you believe it?
The king of Patiala had hundred wives
Papa has only one. Why?
Ancient times. Those times
were different, not like the present
Poor king
- Surya, imagine...
the plight of my father, if he had
hundred wives like mummy
No, seriously.
Multiply mummy by hundred
Life would've been hell
for everyone in the house
You smiled
- lt's the first time l saw you smile
l didn't smile
Really? So you don't know
how to smile
No, l don't
Bet? l'll make you laugh
- Let's see who smiles first
You smiled! See, l won
Good night, bear. Surya Bear
''For you, l breathe''
''l love you''
''For you...''
''l'd even die''
How many times will you fall?
- Sorry, sir
- Yes... me
l hope you don't have a gun.
- What are you doing here?
Home delivery. Stuff.
- What stuff?
Supplies. You can check, sir.
This is my card
Come home sometimes.
Give me a chance to serve you, sir
You will get anyone, by name...
lncense, candles...
- Yes sir?
l want an air gun
''You are a celestial beauty...''
''a marvel from the Maker''
''There's no one quite like you...''
''you have no idea''
No, l don't want.
- lf you want to win the competition...
you will have to eat vegetables.
- Okay
Do l stand a chance, Surya?
Why not? Just remember one thing
Winners do what losers don't. Focus
Do you have a girlfriend?
- Tell me. You have or not?
Study History
Exactly. Your history
That is ancient history now
Don't forget
Winners do things that losers
don't do. Focus
- l'm not scared of gunshots
Good girl. Go, get them
C'mon, get them
Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, ma'am
Glad to see you here.
What are her chances?
She's going to win.
l wish her parents were here
lt doesn't matter. She has with her
the person she needs right now
Today you are mother and father
to her. She will certainly win
Excuse me
And the winner is Anamika
Surya, we did it! l won
We did it! l won
That's my girl!
- l won !
l'm so proud of you.
- Surya trained me
l knew you could do it.
My daughter, after all
Go and change, l'll be right there
Thank you. You helped her...
- You are welcome
She's an amazing child
Excuse me
Hey kid?
- Were you in the army with Surya?
Was he very brave?
- You really wanna know about Colonel
So listen, sweetheart
There cannot be a brave
and honest army officer like him
His stature, his discipline...
he made us all men
A great leader of men
Once on a mission...
We thought we had accomplished
our mission
But suddenly the enemy attacked
ln trying to save my life,
the colonel killed...
two children, by mistake
The enemy took advantage of
the situation and took him hostage
He was tortured for three days
But the colonel...
endured everything
ln his shoes...
l'd have died long ago
You know, Anamika,
you are a very lucky girl
You have the colonel for a friend
That's your colonel
Didn't you go to save him?
lf not for him,
l wouldn't be here today
He took two hits
on his shoulders
Still, he came
just to rescue me
He killed all five of them
l'm indebted to him
My life is meant for you, friend.
- Thank you, Shekhar
What's this?
- To you, from your girlfriend
He will protect you,
the way you protect me
Well deserved
Surya, would it hurt
if l cut off my finger?
- l can't learn piano without a finger
l want to swim.
l don't want to learn piano
Come on. You are much tougher
than that
But l don't want to learn piano
Do you know how to belch?
- What?
Belch... burp. Do you know?
Like this?
- Louder
Let me show you
Surya, l'm talking about pianos,
and you are giving me lessons in burping
That's because... when you go
to the piano class...
burp loudly before
the teacher. And do it often
He'll throw you out
in a few days time. That simple
That's my girl
Remember what l told you?
- Yes
- How long?
One hour
Anamika, please stop that
He will protect you,
the way you protect me
That's the girl!
- Anamika! Run
lnspector, what can you tell us
about the kidnapping?
Well, this time it is Mr Ravi Rathore,
the famous businessman from lndia...
whose daughter has been kidnapped.
- This is the fifth kidnapping...
from an lndian family.
What can you tell us about that?
We're trying. The kidnappers
are very smart
But they will not get very far.
We'll catch them soon. Excuse me
Ravi, l know it's your daughter.
We'll get Anamika back soon
Everything will be all right,
trust me
Welcome back
Welcome back.
- Good morning, sir
Bullet, from your shoulder
Second, back
Third, near the heart
So what's the score, colonel?
Mr Ravi Rathore?
- Over there, sir
Mr Rathore... my friend
l'm Harry, from the
anti-kidnapping Branch
Your daughter has been kidnapped...
l can understand
l have a daughter too.
lf she gets a little out of sight...
We can handle it, thank you.
We don't need your help
Here's a letter from the office of
the District Attorney. You can read it
You can even talk to him
Mr Rathore, this is my case
l'll bring your daughter back, but
l need your help to nab the kidnapper
D'you love your daughter?
- Yes
Yes, we love her very much.
- That's what l thought
Good. Everything will be fine then
Now listen, and listen good
What do you want?
Just one million USD
Do you think your little angel
is worth a million?
She is priceless.
Anamika is priceless
Lovely. That's what l wanted to know
And yes, get this little thing clear
ln this sacred relationship
between you and me...
the police has no room. Right?
else, it'll be a crowd.
l hate crowds
ls that loud and clear?
- Yes, that's clear
My brother
Brother, l hope my million is ready?
Yes, it's ready
Now listen very carefully
Your daughter is happy
and healthy
lf our plan succeeds...
she will come back home smiling,
in one piece
However, if there is
any deviation...
l hope you understand, my brother?
Yes, l get it. Don't worry,
there won't be any problems
Now that's my boy
Listen to me carefully.
The money should be divided...
into two duffle bags.
Half-million each
Then get it to your Range Rover.
Zhao will drive
Tell him to drive with the bags
straight to Democracy Circle
He will drive around the circle
two times
Ravi, you will take
your shirt off and wave...
for me to identify you
There's a phone booth
on the left hand side
The phone will ring... pick it up
And follow the instructions
There's a map in the booth. Read
And go straight to the location.
Got it?
You will find a white car
with an open boot
Put the bags inside
And return to your car
Don't look behind
Don't damn look back
You are under arrest!
l'm a professional!
lf you keep your word, l'll keep mine
l promise
Stand by
- Well Mr Rathore...
don't you understand Hindi?
Are you deaf? Or are you
just playing dumb?
l told you not to bring the cops
l told you, l warned you, brother
You killed my brother!
You think l'm gonna ever forget that?
Not again
Forget your little angel
Hello, sir?
l'm Anamika's mother, sir
lt wasn't our mistake, sir.
We didn't call the police
l swear by Anamika!
Please give us another chance
Please don't harm, Anamika
Sorry, lady
l should've dealt with you earlier
Talk to your baby
Talk to your baby.
- Sir... hello?
Hello, Mama?
Mama, l'm scared
Nothing will happen to you.
Papa will fix things
Now you can kiss
your little angel goodbye
l'm sorry. l'm sorry
for your daughter
l tried my best, but...
l'm sorry, l...
- You bastard!
Get out! Get out of my house
Get out of my house, all of you
Just get out of my house
What happened?
Colonel... Anamika...
What's wrong, Shekhar?
The money didn't get to them.
l don't know what went wrong
The kidnapper's brother was killed.
ln retaliation...
they have killed Anamika, Colonel
''For you, l breathe''
''l love you so dearly''
l'm so sorry
''l live for you...''
Sergeant Kelly. Bangkok police.
- Shekhar here
How's he doing?
Not good
l'm sorry for your loss.
lt must be hard on you
l know you're still not very well,
but formalities have to be completed
Was any of these men
there at the time?
No, none of them.
- Do you recall anything else?
Keep it. lf you happen to recall
anything more...
you'll find my details in there.
Call me anytime
Thank you, sir
l'll see them off, Colonel
Excuse me, sir... excuse me!
- Yes?
l have something to ask you
Please don't mind... but can
the Colonel go back home?
Are you going to charge him with
something? ls he a suspect?
Of course not.
- Thank you
What's going on, Colonel?
Take me to the place where
the shootout took place
No way, Colonel.
The state you're in right now...
Shekhar... please?
You're okay, sir?
lt all happened because of me.
- What?
They knew that they could
do this very easily
Too slow, Shekhar.
l was just too slow
l'm getting rusty.
How could l be so self-centered?
That child gave me...
a new lease of life.
She taught me the way to live
And what did l give her
in return... death?
l pushed her into the jaws of death
l'd have asked you to leave me alone.
l can be of no help to anyone
l've killed her... pushed her
into the jaws of death
C'mon... what had to happen is over.
No point holding yourself guilty
You killed half a dozen of them
just like that
Anyone else in your shoes wouldn't
have been able to do even that
Will you take a friend's advise?
Go back to lndia for a few days
lf you stay here, you'll be
haunted by her memories
Only for a few days, Colonel
Let things cool down, you can
return then. l promise, Colonel...
we'll hunt down each one responsible
for this and kill them
l'm going away to London
for a few days too
So what do you say, Colonel?
Do l get you a ticket to lndia?
Maybe you're right
Thank you, Shekhar
Colonel... it's time for my flight
You're going to be okay, Colonel?
- Yeah
You're sure?
- Yes
Take care, Colonel.
Good luck
Sir, you are the last passenger.
Please board the flight
Okay, thank you.
- Welcome, sir
''For you, l breathe...''
''l love you so dearly''
''My life is yours...''
''l could lay down
my life for you''
''You mean the world to me...''
''you mean my very desires to me...''
''for you are the one
my heart beats for...''
''for you... for you''
''Do not ever go away...''
''do not ever be
separated from me''
''l will die...''
''without you''
''For you, l breathe...''
''l love you so dearly''
''My life is yours...''
''l could lay down
my life for you''
lt's not easy to forget her
And why her...?
What was her fault?
She was so innocent...
full of life...
She mustn't even have understood
what's happening to her
Now that she's gone...
it's as if everything's over
l can't sleep all night
Only nightmares
How they must have tortured her
l'm shattered, Surya.
l can't be strong anymore
l sometimes think
of committing suicide
l can't live without her
l'll finish everybody
No one will survive
l'll finish all of them
Promise me, you will do it
l promise
Who's that...? Who's run out
of meeting-time already?
Come tomorrow
You, sir...?
Didn't you go away to lndia?
How did you get in here?
- From outside
l'll be staying here a few days.
Where is your room?
This one sir... l mean, you can
rest here. l'll go to the kitchen
Okay, come here. Sit down
l want this man's file.
The whole file
Sir, don't you think it's God's
look-out to punish those evil?
You're right
lt's God's look-out to
punish those evil. However...
it's my job to
introduce them to God
The name is Lee Kap.
A scoundrel of the first order
Mixed parentage. His mother's from
Bangkok. His father's from Delhi
His father's surname was Kapoor.
His mother was probably Lee
That explains his name. He collects
extortion money for an underworld don
Fights and brawls,
that's his profession
Thugs are usually addicted to liquor
and women. But Lee has another habit
He buys himself a shave at
the Great Saloon every evening
Great Saloon
But still keep a close watch.
- Yes, sir
And Kelly, make sure no one gets
a hint of our little arrangement
Yes sir.
- When do you think this will stop?
Not until each and every one
of those bastards is dead
ACP Harry alias Harvinder Singh
Very corrupt and dangerous man
Born in lndia, brought up in Bangkok
Joined the police force
at the age of eighteen...
and he rose in rank very rapidly
Very, very dangerous.
He is well connected
Once we found a corpse and
200,000 dollars in the boot of his car
He escaped because of his connections
Can you believe it?
He got away
What else do you know about him?
- At sharp ten...
he leaves with his bodyguards
Four flunkies follow them
in a car, armed
His convoy takes
the same route everyday
Halts at only one place
They only stop at one place
At this little turn,
on the south side
He has sandwich everyday
He won't feel hungry
from tomorrow
Goodbye, Harry
Yes sir?
- l need your help
Of course, colonel. Anytime
What's this? Starting a war?
You may think so
Time up, sir
By God, l'm dead scared
They are coming
l'll be there
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me? Where are you?
lt's the same flyover under which
your deal was ruined
Who are you?
l won't spare you
Count your days. You don't know me
l know you too well.
Now listen carefully
See this? Know what it is?
lt's a fuse. Smalltime terrorists
use it to make bombs
And this...
it's a plastic vial
Smalltime smugglers use it
to smuggle goods
They stuff this vial in
through their backside...
and smuggle drugs
This vial l'm going to
shove it inside your backside
The only difference is...
instead of drugs, it carries
C4 plastic explosive. A bomb
What enmity do you have
with me, brother?
See this?
A timer. A stopwatch too
lts receiver will be inside
your backside
Let me set the time
Five minutes.
- Daddy...
what do you want?
Say something
l don't understand
what you are saying
What l'm saying?
What l'm saying is that
there is a bomb in your backside
lf you don't talk in five minutes,
it's going to blow your ass off!
Don't move
Else, all that you have down there
will spread across the sky
What had happened?
What went wrong?
Name your price
l give you 15 seconds.
- l didn't do anything
l have all the time in the world,
you got only 3 minutes
Okay! l was there
l just went to arrest the kidnapper
But the guns went off
l only stole the money
l know nothing.
- For just a million dollar...
you killed an innocent girl.
You just got two and half seconds
There was only half million dollars
Half...? Half a million?
lt was one million !
Divided into two bags, half each
Where's the rest?
Where's the rest of the money?
- Believe me...
l found money in only one bag.
The other bag was full of papers
l swear by my daughter...
- Where's the rest of the money? Speak
Chang! Chang put the money
in the car
The swine! Ravi's lawyer!
He stole half the money
Ravi's lawyer, Chang.
- Sir, please let me go
For God's sake!
l leave you to God.
- You are leaving me alone, sir
You are late. You wasted time.
We call this...
Festival of Lights
Mr Ravi Rathore.
How are you?
Surya? What brings you here?
ls something wrong?
What's the matter?
- That's what l want to know
Stay out!
l want to ask Nikasha
some questions
lf you try to move,
l'll kill you. Understand?
Are you in your senses?
He's Anamika's father, goddammit!
Lower the gun. Please Surya
Lower the gun
My eyes are opened now.
Now tell me
Are you in this?
Or was it only Ravi's plan?
What plan?
What plan are you talking about?
- Plan of kidnapping Anamika
Of Anamika's death !
- Anamika's death?
Shut up! Just shut up
Shut up!
The ransom money was stolen.
How much? Only half million
Only half a million dollars
lt's a lie.
- lt's true. l wish it were a lie
Read it. See it with your own eyes
And ask him where the half-million
dollars came from in his account?
Nikasha, please listen
Surya, you know nothing
You have no idea how hard it is
to run a family
To give them happiness everyday,
is not that easy
What'd you know?
You live alone, you have no one
But you have me... so why this?
Tell me, it's not true
Please Ravi
Please baby, tell me it's not true
Please Ravi, tell me.
Tell me, it's not true
Please Ravi! Tell me,
it's not true
l beg you, Ravi! Tell me
it's not true
l'll explain
He plotted with his lawyer Chang
to kidnap Anamika
Anamika was insured
The company paid the entire claim.
He deposited half of it in his account
But he forgot that...
in the business of dishonesty,
one always incurs losses
The daughter paid with her life
for her father's misdeed
lt's not true. Nikasha, please
listen to me. l had no choice
The business your father left me
was deep in debt. lt only got worse
lt only got worse. Chang promised
that Anamika will be back in two days
The plan would work.
l had no idea...
Please forgive me
Enough, Ravi.
- Please forgive me
l did this for you, l did this
for Anamika, for our family
You had made a promise to me.
l hope you will keep it
Where will l find Chang?
- Sadhu Padep, Chong Colone Farm
He has hired a bodyguard
Every slug has its own fate
This one didn't stand by me
lt might help you
Get back! Sit down
Sit! Sit down !
Please! Please don't do anything
Tell me. Who do you work for?
l don't know anything
Who is it?
C'mon, quick! Tell me everything
His name is Wong
He is Chang's brother
He plans and he operates.
We do nothing
Chang's brother?
Call him
Call him!
Give it to me
Whoever you are,
listen very carefully
Go on
Your family is with me
Want to talk to them?
Hear your brother first
Hear that? Not dead.
Just hit in the leg
lf you don't listen to me,
l'll kill him
Family is very important
in life
Right! l completely agree with you
Chang is my brother.
What price would you take for him?
Present yourself.
l'll release Chang before you
l give you a better deal, Colonel
Your family, in return for mine
My family?
l don't understand
That girl.
- Who?
Baby Anamika
Anamika is dead! She is dead
l told you, l'm a businessman
l have kept her alive...
for this day
l... l...
how do l believe you?
l want proof
What proof?
Ask her what she calls her teddy bear
Hey little angel,
what do you call your teddy bear?
The name of the bear is
Surya Bear
Remember, l will give you her life...
for your life...
and the life of my brother
See you at the docks
- Nikasha? Surya here
Anamika is alive.
- What did you say?
lt's true. Anamika is alive
l don't have time to talk
Get to the docks, quick.
l'll tell you everything
- And make it fast
Surya here, Shekhar.
Anamika is alive
What...? You're sure about that?
- Yes. She is alive
Shekhar, l need your help
You swore not to kill. l'm sorry, you
will have to break it for your friend
Anything for you, colonel.
You know that
Where do we meet?
lt's going to be all right
lt's going to be fine
l'm going there. Don't let him go
till the girl is with me
lf he tries something, shoot.
- Okay,sir
The moment Anamika comes to you...
just get lost.
- But you...?
There's a bag in the boot
with the money he stole
Got it, sir
Surya, l knew you'd come
And why not, dear? l was late once.
Never again ! l love you
l love you, Surya uncle.
l was so scared
l thought l'd never meet
Surya Bear again
Don't say that. Your Surya Bear
is here. Everything will be fine now
Look... your mummy
Go on, l'll be right there.
- But where are you going?
l got to finish something
l left incomplete
Please come soon.
l love you, Surya uncle
A coward born
is a coward dead
l always hated weak people
Life's a bitch !
After him...
only you have seen me, colonel
l forgot. Someone else knows me
Wanna meet him?
Don't be amazed
lf anyone knows you,
it's me
Only me
Don't stare at me. l had given you
a ticket to lndia and set you free
Your obstinacy brought you back.
As usual. You are incorrigible
See what all l have to do now.
- Why Shekhar?
Why all this?
Dough. For dough
What did the army give you and me?
l killed people
whom l had nothing to do with
But army orders, so it was just
Was all that we did just, colonel?
When we accomplished missions,
they loaded us with medals
When we failed,
they court martialled us
lf something rules in this world,
it's money
- Why did you call me to Bangkok?
Mere puppet
l needed a puppet.
None better than you
What were you doing
with your life anyway?
So l thought, if not for yourself,
your life would be of some use to me
You owed your life to me anyway
You were indebted to me
Honestly, l never imagined
you'd reach this far
But a soldier found
his way out finally
However, the road ends here.
You are at the dead end
Any last wishes, colonel?
- Why did you help me reach this far?
Simple, Colonel
The people you killed
were dispensable. They had to die
And as l told you,
l've stopped killing
l needed a shooter.
l wouldn't have found a better one...
free of cost at that
Why did you come back?
You think l like doing this?
We've spent so much time together.
You taught me so much
But l can't help it, colonel.
And business rules say,
no mercy
No matter if he's your best friend
lt's just business, colonel.
Just business
Nothing personal
Remember you asked me...?
if God would forgive us
for what we did
No. Never
So, see you in hell
Kill him
What have you done, colonel?
There are still few things about me,
that no one knows
You were right
l taught you so much
Let's see if you remember everything
You remember nothing.
You forgot everything
''15 years later''
Fantastic, timing.
Where's your bodyguard?