Ekipazh (2016) Movie Script

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[Version 004.2016-10-15]
- Gushchin. What are you doing up there? - Checking the load.
- You're violating the rules. Get down from there!
- What are you thinking? Do you want to break your leg?
- Captain, I've landed. - What have we got?
- Relief supplies for the flood victims.
- Carry on, but no more monkey business. - Yes sir.
- Alright. This is the last of it.
- There's nothing to be worried about. - Oh I'm not worried.
But in the past when we send relief cargo by rail, half
is always missing. Where's your commanding officer?
- Where is the Commander. - There.
Madam, No boxes are going to get "lost".
Mmmm, I'm not your madam. These are not just boxes.
They are humanitarian assistance for the flood zone.
And toys for the orphanage. People donated
these on their own initiative. - What's this?
- It's not our... cars...- Seems to be ours.
- Attention!
- Good day, Ma'am! - What is this?
- It is not for you. - A good man married my daughter.
Hold on... This is a humanitarian
assistance effort only... We're full...
Quiet! I said I'm going to deliver
"this" assistance. So, do it!
- You still have not thanked me. - Thank you, thank you...
- Comrade General! With these SUVs we'll be too heavy.
This is within nominal weight limits. So in the morning you'll
have with these SUVs under the window of the newlyweds...
Comrade pilot, I'm so sorry. Would you deliver this
as well? At the orphanage there is a boy, Paska.
He's expecting it. He has... Well, everyone
knows him. Will you make sure he gets this?
- Of course.
- Thank you very much.
[ DOLL "MOMMA" ~ ]
Did I not order you to fasten
down these cars securely?
- This storm was not forecast.
- We'll smash up, You'll smash up as well!
- We need to reduce the load!
- Damn it! - We are too heavy.
- This is too difficult. We're overloaded by 6,100.
- What are you talking about? Who is the Commander?
- I'm the Commander. We need to dump the extra weight.
Eject these containers, to hell!
- These are for the victim's children.
- Remove them now! That's an order! Do you understand?
- Execute it, what are you waiting for?
- Now I'm the load master.
- What's your last name? Gushchin.
- Hurry Up, Gushchin!
I'll recommend you for an award.
Open the cargo doors.
Listen to the orders of your commander.
- Uncle Pechya, rain too?
- Come on, Vichya. That's enough complaining for today.
- Let's go home, the fish are not biting tonight.
- Wait! We'll get lucky! They bite this weather!
Damn, That's good Vodka!
Gushchin, can you hear me? This is the key
to the back apartment. Just do not forget!
Lyosha! Lyosha... how are you man!
More accurately, idiot! You're the type
who likes rebelling.. And now what?
- Why did you bury yourself? - Dreaming what would you do?
- Oh Bravo! Persistence is half way to success!
Not even agricultural aviation is going to
want you with such a reputation.
Lech, you're an excellent pilot.
Without the sky you won't survive. You'll
die! I know that. - Everything's fine.
Go to your father! Ask him for help. Don't be a fool! Why
are you stuck in this hole when you have such a father?
- You'll need to get your fix somewhere...
- I don't want to pile on. - You are too proud.
- How do I fix this?
- So what are you going do?
I haven't decided yet.
- I know how you feel. You took responsibility and
suffered for it. - Thank you, I got it all. - Forget it.
Ljoa, go to Moscow. Ask father.
- How's the book coming along?
- Progressing...
- Why don't you compose on your computer. There you can polish
it up. - Pfft, they are for those who do not know how to think.
Records of the last aircraft builders...
What a title!
Dad, just briefly... When I find a
job, I'll get my own apartment.
- What job?
- Any.
- You know how to peel potatoes? - To Cook?
- Dad, I... I did not mean to.
Expelled from Border Security, not
intentional. Expelled from Air Force, too.
Now expelled from Air Force Transport Division.
And it's all unintentional, as well?
Is it the best managed
airline in the country?
Hello. Gushchin here.
Listen... Do you need pilots?
I have friends interested in working
for you. They're distant cousins.
This guy had a bad behavior incident with a general. Check it
out. It's understood the general is a k... What, How different?
Well... If it's okay, then get him. If you
need anything, just call! Yes I'm still alive.
Well, Vitja... So much for me! Next, I said.
The company is small, but reliable ..
There will be examinations at the airport, at the training center
there. All the airlines are training there. - I appreciate this.
- So... when you're on top of the whole world.
- Remember to thank dad and his insane ideas...
- Do you have any money?
- Not much.
There... Take some from the locker.
- Another chance. - There is no point in talking any more.
- Do you realise that you have all but killed me?
- I'm not! I just wrote a report about you to
our company. In my opinion, We are not for you!
- At the rate you're going you'll end
up as the only pilot here! - Look!...
- Do you see any trainee as a pilot? Perhaps the reason is you?
- Sorry...
Yeah, Maybe it's me. But perhaps... just perhaps it's my
duty not to hire incompetent people into the company...
..which is what I'm doing.
It was a great honor for me, my lad!
- The issue is resolved simply. I have to deal with all kinds of people...
- Hello. - Why are you late?
- I got lost. - This is what you want to say?
- It doesn't matter. - Give me your file.
- Why are there so many bad reports? I don't..
- We'll see. Let's go to the simulator.
Standard takeoff, weather conditions
are favorable. Let's get started.
Woo Hoo
- Landing gear retracted. Automation in the zero position.
- We're good.
Mikhail Pavlovi... Give us
more clouds and turbulence.
- You were on course 160, where it was
quiet. Can you hear me? - Wait, wait...
It's more comfortable.
- Escaped from above... - Excellent!
- Vladimir Pavlovic, add a little more [singles with his finger].
And the starboard engine.
Fire in the engine! I'm going to land!
Heading to the nearest airport.
Mihail Pavlovi...
[singles with his finger]
- Ambient temperature is minus five, runway
800 feet, the wind... - Leonid Zinchenko...
Is this not excessive?
Brake... Brake... runway is short!
So what if he landed? I only look at facts. A
military pilot destroyed the plane, what else?
What he managed to do great. You deliberately started
to push, because they can not speak a word to you!
Jakinski... late as usual.
- Pilot Gavriljuk? - Aye!
- Pilot Burimenko? - Aye!
- Pilot apovalov? - Aye!
- Pilot Prohorov? - Aye!
- Prohorov, on the rope.
There are broken rules & protocols, insubordination.
Characteristics: There are no worse! Do not protect him!
- No one is protecting anyone. Under such conditions no one could
have landed this plane... not even you! - I have to agree!
Hold this!
Give me the same conditions.
- Why are you doing this?
- And you are?
- Mmm, you don't look like the owner?
- What rhinoceros parks like this?
A woman would never park like this.
Certainly it has to be one of the pilots.
- What kind of people! - Give me the keys.
- Why? - I'll not try to run into anything.
- Come on! - Are you a pilot? - Stop!
Thank you.
- This is for you.
- Keys!
- I am Ljoa.
- Alexandra.
Alexandra... can you take me
to the subway?
Leonid Zinchenko... You have
to sign, this is protocol for this exam.
- What are you thinking, Mr. pilot?
- Former. Former pilot. I failed the exam.
Choked? - On the contrary. I performed at the
instructor level, and he knocked me down.
We need to be smarter. - Really?
- And what can you do? - No nonsense.
- Nonsense? - Quarreling with him is useless.
- I envy you for your conviction. - What is more important
flying or ego? - What does ego has to do with it?
That's why I love men... What does ego have to do with
it... or... why others are still to blame for everything!
- Answer it! - Why such a tone?
Anyway, it doesn't matter.
So here we go! I don't get it...
Only you understand.
- When? - You! - Quiet!
- What? - Shut up!
Yes... What?
- Yes, I'll be there!
- Do you need to get out of the car? - I'm in!
This still doesn't mean you're in. Everything depends on how
you perform. You are not yet a pilot, you are still a trainee.
While my apprentice, you must follow
my orders and official instructions.
After every flight, I will write a report on how you
performed. If you fail to do this correctly... It's Goodbye!
You must understand this.
Thank you. I'm sorry if
I said something wrong!
- U 9:00 report on passengers and cargo needs to
be in my hands! Is that clear? - Yes, of course.
- How are you? - Good.
- Hello...
- Leonid Zinchenko! 124! - What's 124?
- I've got 124 reports. Soon you come!
Bravo, you're good! I'll try to move the
accounts. Gushchin, take your documentation.
- Understood... They gave me a job as a flight
trainee. I'd rather I was flying as a pilot.
Weather Reports!
Oh oh!
- Hello.
- Hello.
- You're looking at me as if I don't belong here.
- Who do you fly with? - Voronezh.
- I'm with Volgograd. - Congratulations.
- We'll be back at the same time. My first flight. Care to Celebrate?
- Do you know where the restaurant is in Born.
- Thanks, I'll rather dine in Voronezh.
- Is she a pilot? - Who?
- The girl that was in the dispatch room. Alexandra.
Did you come here to work or are
you looking for something else?
Familiarize yourself with the rest of
our crew, Trainee Gushchin.
- Hello Girls.
- Hello.
- Sorry, mate, I didn't see you.
- Yes, I'm invisible.
- As for Wall climbing... - Yes?
- Should we go together? Adrenalin...
Andrjua, I don't need excess
adrenalin while wall climbing.
- Victoria. - Pleased to meet you. - Lead flight
attendant. If you need anything, please see me. - Clear.
- Andrey, you're not a pilot! - And I don't want to be.
- Victoria only likes pilots. - Thank God!
Hello, travelers! I'm commander Leonid Zinchenko
and on behalf of the crew I'd like to welcome you.
Today we're flying from Moscow to Volgograd. Our flight time will
be 1 hour and 45 minutes. We hope you'll have a pleasant flight..
- 117 requesting permission to runway.
- 117 you have permission to runway and are clear for take-off. Runway number 19.
We have permission to take-off. you'll manage this
flight Right Joystick, take her up. No tricks please!
Flight path is set.
- One hundred knots. - Check!
- At speed for takeoff...
[Woo Hoo]
[ passengers all gasp]
Retract the landing gear.
- Landing gear retracted.
- I'm home again!
- Leonid Zinchenko, is everything okay? Passengers are complaining..
- Everything is fine. - Girl! Do you have coffee?
Dark and without sugar.
- Gushchin! - We did well today?
- First combat flight, right? You see, young man...
This is not combat flying. It's the transport of passengers.
In the lounge are not commandos, simply 200 people,
who just want to get home.
Do you understand? - Ahh
- Excuse me. I took off suddenly, but no one died.
- No kidding! Now listen to me carefully.
- I do not want to file a report about an improper
takeoff. This is the first and last time!
- Also, you should not be making fun of the crew!
- I make fun of? - What you said to Andrey?
- He's your teammate! - It was just a little
joke. Stewards was the profession of women.
- Do you have a wife, kids?
- Who? Yes, no well not yet!
Kamikaze. If you don't watch out, You'll kill
others. Gushchin, I've officially warned you!
May I congratulate you?
And so... two lovers who are
angry with each other...
Suddenly, Sveta runs in from the second
floor and yells: I saw a miracle.
- What? Did you say something?
- Yeah? - You said something?
Don't you like it? Here
have some meatballs.
- Did something happen to you at work?
- I have a troublesome trainee.
- Again? You always problems with them...
Better to do this with our son.
Is he married?
Our family is crazy.
- Working husband, wife too, and our son's an empty gourd.
- Well not completely empty, but he doesn't have any goals.
- The both of you need to...
- Shut up! - What's up with you?
Where are you going?
Valera, are you crazy?
- We're on the third floor? - Normally. - Normally what?
- How many times have I told you this house does has doors?
Stop acting like an Acrobat.
- If you fall, who's going
to pick up the baby, huh?
- New tattoos, huh? Are you preparing for prison life?- maybe. - So drink and
smoke more... - I don't drink or smoke. I'm a member of "Straight edge".
- What is the issue with his English teacher?
- No that team is still strong.
- You're talking nonsense! - Don't...
- I'm wondering, when is the makeup test?
- I don't know. - Who knows? - Will you be a Lawyer.
- I can arrange for flight school? - What, to be like you?
- Back and forth, like a taxi driver. - What? - Let's go
to bed. To sleep! - It's impossible to speak with him.
- And you are so easy to...
- Valera. I told you don't lock this door.
- Do you hear me? - Easily! Through the glass. No need...
- I'm listening.
I forbid you to lock this door.
Do you understand me?
- Never close this door in my face again!
- Good night, son.
Lenoka Wait a minute... I need you!
Listen, Lena... There's a smart lad...
I need you to teach English to.
- In what way? As a teacher? - Yes.
- I'd love to, but I don't tutor.
- Lena, Lena... Please, it's important!
- A relation of yours? - No, not a relative, my son.
Just for a semester.
- I... - I know he has the ability. You are perfect for
this, just don't give up. He needs to be motivated...
- Can you start tonight?
- Leonid Zinchenko, I just...
So, it's a deal? Great!
Do you know that you're missing out
on the emergency training exercises?
- If you do not switch this off, then attempt the landing...
- Who gave you permission to miss the training exercises?
[~Air Traffic Radio Conversations~]
- What are you doing on Sunday?
- Andrey...
If it means anything... Sunday
is like every other day. Clear?
Landing gear down!
Flight Automation is in
position for landing.
Going for the second go round.
- Retract the landing gear. - Landing gear is up!
- Automation in position 1. - Check, 1.
- 117 Here, we are going for the second go round.
- Come on... I'll take it. - Management turned over.
Have you lost your mind?
Are you aware of what you are doing?
Thought I was.
- Exceptional, Leonid Zinchenko! All the
controllers were on their feet! - The fog...
- Dense fog, but it was not you...
- We would have landed first, but my intern...
What, intern? The Turkish plane headed
down the runway without tower permission.
- I don't understand how you saw him in the fog.
- Saw what? - A Turkish Boeing.
If you have not acted and moved into the second go round
position, I can't imagine what would have happen!
- Let me tell you about a trainee... - Quiet!
- What? - Valerka's with the teacher. - Welcome back!
That's... What you want to eat?
A trainee impressed me today...
- 18 - 18
- 19 - 19
- 20 - 20
- 21 - 21
- 22...
- 21.
Quite remarkable.
I see. So he was in the Army and was
disciplined for whatever reason?
Soon after that crash. One hundred soldiers
were on a plane with no airport nearby.
We were flying, but we couldn't land. There were
airplanes all around us, but how can they help?
- The feeling of powerlessness was terrible!
However, we made it. - You were lucky. - Yes.
I've already been on one close call, so we wanted
to repeat something we'd seen performed...
Some acrobats from abroad transferred
from one aircraft to another during flight.
We calculated with the proper speed, altitude, skill that we could... and put
together a facility to test... Of course, my father says that the idea was insane.
However I decided to check it out. Command found out and
closed the facility. There could have been a terrible scandal.
They detained us, my friend denied it, they
reprimanded me and kicked me out of the Army.
- He was not punished? - Unfortunately, I often encounter
such bad luck. not knowing whether to do something or not.
I knew that it could backfire on us, but I did it anyway. and with
Zinenka it feels like... well, like I'm repeating this all over again.
If it is for the right reasons... But back then the
world is not always a place for good people...
- in my opinion, you're such a good person.
- You are the one that is good. The only thing was that I
didnt know how to reach you. Would you object to me...
I don't understand what you're asking?
How beautiful you are...
You are the most beautiful
creature in the world.
You know how hard it is to be a pilot...
And you know a woman pilot...
Must overcome so many more obstacles.
I have to try twice as hard,
to be considered equal.
Otherwise, I can be eliminated immediately.
Imagine if If pre-flight, I announced
via loudspeakers:
"Dear passengers, I am your pilot, Alexandra
Kuzmina..." The passengers panic and think...
A woman is at the helm!
You see how hard it can be?
Well, you and I will talk as
two pilots in the staff area...
We'll start from the fact that you are not
officially a pilot, but rather a still a trainee.
- Leonid Zinchenko! - Hello, Lenoka!
- I have something to tell you...
- Your student loves you.
- No, something else! - Wait a minute...
- I'm waiting.
I want to tell you... or rather, he suggested.
Maybe I should not go to his place again.
- Your Valera, he is a good man. Don't
be afraid, just be firmer with him. OK?
You look rather cheerful lately.
- Your coffee.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Black, strong, without sugar.
[On the Tarmac in North Africa...] - Vika, get back in the
plane. - Andrey, Our pilots think something strange is going on.
- Vika, come in, please!
- Get in here now, Vika!
- What is this?
- A Military coup, Vika.
- How long will they keep us here?
- Quiet, dispatch is speaking...
Check in the passengers. Only foreigners may
board. Domestic passengers must remain here.
- Why
- The new rulers say so.
Come on, but be careful!
- And them? - They can't. - They're prisoners.
- Please start the departure checklist.
Hold on... We have to do something...
Leonid Savych. We can contact
the Consulate. - The Checklist!
We are foreign nationals. We have no right
to interfere. This is their business.
Hello. How are you?
Something happened to you?
- The rules are complete idiocy!
- Lyosha...
Where's the corkscrew?
- Ljoa... - People are dying, and
they say: those are the rules.
- Yeah... That's what every girl dreams.
- Sasha, do you know what happened? - What?
We were recently in Africa. There were refugees. We
weren't allowed to board them all. Because we have rules!
- I know, I know... - And what?
- Why do men, instead of doing something, just complain?
- You could have stopped the plane. What is
the problem? - Please no more of these...
- Sasha, please don't talk that way...
- Are you OK?
- Well, no one called...
- Don't scold me!
- Am I so stupid.
- Enough! Not one word more!
- Hello, Cab please? - Sasha...
- Taxi For one.
Festival 2, first driveway, the passenger
will be waiting at the entrance.
Thank you.
You're a pilot?
You're a woman at the controls!
- Excuse me, may I have that glass?
- When do we fly? - Soon.
You must be thinking that I fly often?
In fact I hardly fly.
My niece organized this.
- Here you go. - Thank you.
- Do you want something to drink? - No.
Flight 117. Passengers are on-board.
We are ready for take-off.
- Your seats are here. Here you go.
- Sit here!
- Fasten your seat belt and have a nice flight.
- Miss, bring me a cognac.
I can't at this time.
I'll will bring you one later.
- Don't you know who this is? Don't you read newspapers?
Don't you watch TV? - We are leaving, let her go!
A moment...
- Leonid Zinchenko, the one over there... looking for cognac.
- Give it to him. Let's not interfere with people's ego.
- Trim? - 30%.
- Flight Management? - Check.
- Bravo! I like your cognac.
- Thank you. - Please put out that cigarette!
- Smoking is prohibited during the flight.
- And what? Incarcerate me?
- Put that out, please! It's a violation of the rules.
- Regulations? - Do you know who he is?
- Calm down! - Don't you know?
- Sit down! - I'll give you...
- He broke Andrey's nose! - It's fine...
- Don't push me! - Let go! - Don't push me!
- Vika ...- Hey! - Stay here!
The pilot must not leave the cabin.
- I'm going now. - What if the passenger's
intent is hijacking the plane? Gushchin.
- Put out the cigarette. - Who are you?
- The co-pilot. - You are a coachman.
So... go and drive!
No need to get excited!
- What are you doing?
- Sit down!
Flight 117. Emergency situation!
I'm returning to the terminal.
There's even an escort...
Probably a billionaire!
Trainee Gushchin, you were instructed to
deliver passengers from point A to point B!
I ordered you to stay here and not leave
the cabin! You heard the order?
- Bring out coffee quickly!
I wonder... If he had been an ordinary traveler,
whether you would have had to delay the take-off?
- If you would have poured some cognac?
- Do you know what you talking about? - And you?
Do you know what you saying? - Do you?
Go to hell! - Release me! - What?
- Release me.
- He released me! - I knew it!
- Just like the others.
- This cannot be, it cannot. And yet it can!
- What's surprising? We live with people.
- Sometimes you just have to be patient. Knowing the
consequences. - And you can't back down? - So now I'm writing.
It's useless talking to you. You know how
to tear things down, but how to build, No!
- The Aviation Industry collapsed mine... Flying by plane
to the other countries. I am devastated that country?
Dad, I'm sorry if I upset you. Now look at
you... Pilot becomes the one who wants it.
For example, when you get invited abroad,
and you said yes, I...
I realized... that you are a
true patriot, so to speak.
Why I am a patriot? Patriotism is not talking about empty
stories. Blah, Blah Blah blah. or a drunk waving flag.
When this old man retired, he was a patriot ..
Flying in the clouds with these crazy ideas!
So don't be!
You've got to adapt.
No wife, no sky, no destiny!
And you have all that?
Get out!
The trainee got us all into trouble...
Don't you want to know?
Once again... Don't hold back!
Let me go... Get off me!
- I told you, who knows what they're doing! You saw
how she left? - I should have never shut the door!
- You said that it does not lock!
- No more cross-training. Do you know what you're doing?
- Her husband works with me. How can I
look him in the eyes now. - What husband?
- Not at home, constantly flying around, like you!
- What?
What are you thinking?
What are you thinking about?
- What did you say to him?
- I didn't tell him anything.
- Sasha! - Hello. - Forgive me!
- It's fine. Don't worry. - Listen...
- I'll need my documents because they are kicking me out.
- My condolences. - Let's talk. - What?
About us. I'm nothing without you.
It's bad. Do you understand?
I'm nothing without you.
I'm sorry, I have a flight.
Ljoa... I understand everything.
I swear to you, you're good.
I guess I'm just too grown up.
Are you in Command or what?
Why did you kick him out of the plane?
The Internet is full of this crap: The Corporate Brass is on the
plane here! With our shareholders! I'm going to the Ministry.
- They've attacked our company, I barely made it out.
Apologize or I'll have to let you go. - Excuse me.
- Repeat that!
- I'm not going to apologize.
I envy this guy. What have they taught me? Sit
tight if you value your job and shut up...
If they spit on you, just deal with it... Here we are:
He can't! And here it says: Afraid of everything!
- Hiding behind regulations from who knows when, and
who knows what - Do you think you're the only one?
- Every day is like that, so just put up with!
- Oh I put up with it. And he doesn't like it. And he has a point!
That guy is what's wrong, the first mate
has to behave normally. So this is how...
Listen, Asians have chartered a plane and crew. It takes off
at 1 pm today. You are part of the Flight crew. You'll fly.
The contract is for a month. Once you have reexamined yourself,
select two experienced pilots. This issue will be completed by then.
- What, you want a guy that we just
let go! Fired! - No, we're not!
- I did not understand?
- We will not fire him.
- What is he to you? Your Son?
- He's not my son.
He's a pilot gifted by God. My hands are only hands, his
hands are wings. I never seen anyone like this before.
Thank you for the vote of confidence,
but without him I don't fly!
Why you are not answering?
- Who gave you permission to take the documents?
- It's none of your business.
Leonid Zinchenko. Leonid Zinchenko, what do you
want from me? I don't want to go back! I've had it!
Among other things, I don't have the strength for this
anymore. Do you understand? I just don't have the energy.
Are you finished?
It's like this...
If you don't want to fly, it's your decision.
You can leave any time you want, but...
One flight will do, because
a fool vouched for you.
Get ready!
- What fool?
- I found one...
He has a mind of his own.
- That's what I figured. Let him come with me for a while.
- And his education? This will keep him out of school!
He'll come with me for a month. He'll learn a
new language. There we will only speak English.
We were in a hurry like a fire "lesson". I
called a cab, and I didn't put on stockings.
- I'll buy.
- Don't forget!
- Why are you all dressed up? - What?
- Where are you going, all dressed up? - Who? Me?
I always go to work like this. Always.
- Always?
- Every day.
- What is it? What is it?
- Get down from there!
Did you hear what I asked you?
Why are you taking him for a month?
He can study at home, I'll watch him.
This is unnecessary!
- Valeria, stop! Do you hear? Stop!
- As a man you really shouldn't?
I love you, son.
Don't forget your return pass!
- See you!
- We'll see...
Gushchin, please don't
swear at our other pilots.
We'll will fly together
as a crew for four weeks.
Get ready for take-off. First watch,
Kuzmina, second watch, Gushchin.
- Hello. - Hello. - Dad, can I sit here?
- It's not allowed..
Go to the salon. Take your bag!
And don't bother the stewardesses.
- You asked for me intentionally?
- What?
- Asked for me, from my company?
- I heard that she has excellent skills.
Prepare for take off please.
Gushchin... Gushchin!
The captain is calling for you.
Have you heard about Kanvu? It's a volcanic island
up in the North. There has been an earthquake.
There is a risk of new aftershocks. We've been
asked to evacuate the elderly and injured.
We're the closest aircraft to them and our fuel will just get us
there and back. The company has given us discretion to offer aid.
I'm in!
- Flight 117. We're changing course. We're diverting to Kanvu.
- 117, You are proceeding without proper clearance..
We'll be permitted.
- Allow me to take my seat.
- No. The airfield is carved into the rock.
- It is a very difficult approach and landing.
- So? - Kuzmina is the more experienced pilot.
[BEACON VOICE: Information Zulu 1 0 3 0 Alcindor Approach 2 5 right; Damp
Friction Code 2 decimal 36] Flight 117 You are cleared to land at runway 09...
[Flight 117 Contact Tower Taxi fire
Taxi way Bravo November Gate number 5]
Viktor Nicolayevich... Viktor Nicolayevich,
wait! Give me a shot at this.
- Stop! - But... - Hello! - Hello.
It is good, good to have you here!
Please help evacuate our employees, women and children.
There are also the wounded. They'll be arriving by bus.
- Help as much as you can. - The local population?
- There is none.
Just mine employees and their families,
working in shifts. In the factory and mines.
- Hello. - Hello. - This is a Russian plane?
- Yes, Russian. - You'll take us? - Of course!
- Let's begin boarding.
- Without a passport?
- Don't worry.
And will you take the bodies?
- What bodies? - There are casualties.
Many have been killed.
Let's first take care of the living.
- What's the current situation? - Anything
is possible. Anything! I don't know.
- So who knows? - The volcano will erupt to
be sure. When and for how long nobody knows.
- You need to take off as soon as possible.
- Don't worry. As soon as the bus arrives, we'll take off! - Maybe so.
- Perhaps you? Can you take charge
of all this or not? - Stop it!
- He's in shock. Don't yell at him again. He just lost his wife.
- Viktor Nicolayevich, this is necessary. It's a sedative.
- I'm going to the dispatch office.
- Hurry back!
- Sasha, go find the doctor. Find out
what the situation is. - Okay.
Miss, please help me! My husband is obviously hurt. His
back! He's unable to sit down, and yet he needs to.
Is there any way to get
him on board the plane?
Calm down... take it easy! Don't be afraid.
Hurry please. This way, this way.
Where are your parents? Parents...
- Sasha!
- Are you okay? - Yes. - Get on the plane.
- We need to help people.
- Faster!
- Let's go.
Do not panic! Please, do not panic!
Steady, steady! Everybody calm down!
Valera, Zinenko... Come here!
Listen to me carefully...
Calm down!
Do not leave! Do not leave the airplane...
and do not panic!
In a few minutes we will have permission
to take off. Please do not panic!
- Gushchin, have you seen Valera?
- There he is! - Where?
- Hold on a little longer.
- Let me help!
Valera, come here!
Didn't I tell you not to wander away?
- Done! We can fly now. - No, you can't! They've
reported that the main runway is damaged.
Help is coming from the mainland,
but not until tomorrow morning.
There, behind the water tower,
isn't that another runway?
Can't you see what's going on out there? The
fuel has ignited. The tanks have exploded.
- When the fire burns out, we can fly.
- The runway is short, made for small planes.
Your plane is too heavy. It
will not have enough thrust.
Here come the buses.
- Valera! - Leonid Zinchenko!
- Step back a bit from the stairs. - Calm down.
Take it easy, please don't push!
There's room for all of you..
Maybe we can put out the fire on the
other runway? You see the water tower!
- And should we succeed, the runway is not long enough.
- You'll pilot your plane into the sea.
Do you see the stairs?
- Valera!
- I'm going there!
Please, get back in the plane!
- Who's in charge here? You?
- No, there's the Commander. - Captain, hold on!
I'm Margarita. We have to go back. There's still my
sister, children, and others trapped on the other side.
- What people? - Another bus. She stayed on the
mountain. I told her we should go together!
But she ignored me and acted on her own. There
are still small children up there... moron!
- Calm down! - Leonid Zinchenko, can we accommodate these people?
- We can't wait..
- I don't know what to do. I told the driver to go back, but they said
the mountain road was destroyed by an avalanche. - A minibus worth?
- We can try, but there are 30 people. They can't all fit.
- I'm going to go. - No you won't!
- Leonid Zinchenko, certainly we can't depart yet. I'll hurry.
- Listen. He is a pilot, his job is to fly. Please stay here.
- Stay here! - And then what? This is Africa all over again?
If we take off and leave them, why did we bother coming?
I will return shortly.
- Let me go with him, I know...
- I'll manage without you. Stay here.
- This is a job for adults.
- I am not a 7 year old!
Leonid Zinchenko. We will not be able to
board all of them. Let me go with him.
- Andrey, keep an eye on my boy. - OK.
- This is a settlement? - No, a compound up there.
- And what is there? - A Mining Plant.
We must leave. - Don't be afraid. The Mine
is more worrisome. They went to get them.
- What going on? Why are we not boarding?
- Please be patient.
The runway is still dangerous.
- Look, they are boarding! Come on.
- No! I'm not going without Maksima Petrovics!
- Then stay! - Where are you going? Come back! Come
back, you coward! We have to wait for everyone!
- Masha, where is Fyodor?
- There, on that plane!
The runway is not long enough...
Help! Help us! Help, please!
- Calm down... - You came for us?
- Yes. - One child is trapped in the bus.
The bus overturned. We can't right it.
- Valera, where are you going? - Leave him alone...
- Valera! Valera, crawl to the right. - I'm all right!
- Turn the minibuses, get everyone inside and wait!
- Do you need help? - No. Going into the bus.
I'm here!
- Are you hurt? - I'm not. - Then crawl over here!
- I can't, my leg is stuck.
Give me your hand! Push
with the other foot!
- Push with your foot. - I can't!
- Yes you can, do it again! Almost there!
What? Oh my God!
- What is it? - The radio is reporting the situation there is very
bad. Lava is flowing down the mountain, it will soon be here!
Valera... Valera!
I still can't.
- Okay.
- Valera, hurry.
The lava is coming! Quickly!
Hurry, Hurry.
- What other aircraft? - Which one?
The other light transport.
- It's supposed to be on the right.
- And where is the pilot?
- They died. The entire crew.
He doesn't need a long runway.
Maybe the rest of the runway is sufficient.
And if it's not?
- We have no choice. We gotta get out of here.
- Cargo plane?
Yes, prepare it for boarding of passengers.
When the minibuses return...
We'll take off.
- Turn around. - Back where?
The airport is there. - Silence!
- Drive back!
- I'm trying!
Everyone, get out of the car! Quickly!
Hurry, hurry! Out of the car NOW!
Get out of the car!
Where are you going...
Hurry, run...
Hurry, Andrey!
Andrej, through the roof! You hear?
- You're alive? You OK?
- I am, thanks...
- Did you burn yourself?
- Just a little bit.
There's the airport?
Is there another way there?
Does anyone know another
way to the airport?
We can scramble down the rocks.
Keep up and don't get separated.
Have the minibuses returned?
- I don't see how...
Which way could they return from?
- There's no more time. I can't go back.
- Excuse me...
If you don't take off in five minutes,
nothing will be left of the runway.
Everyone, On the plane.!
[ Leonid prays silently with a status ]The
plane was refueled. If you are alive...
If they are alive...
Gushchin will definitely take off.
You are strong willed.
Get on the plane.
- Please, get on the plane.
- Yes, Yes...
I will Immediately...
Lower the flaps!
Here we go.
Calm down, woman!
The mine is scarier.
We're accelerating for takeoff...
Leonid Zinchenko, the runway is short.
Pulling up!
- Gushchin! Gushchin, there's no one here!
- What are you talking about? And who will fly?
- Look, there's no runway.
- We'll all burn up!
- Who's in charge here?
- You are the commander!
- You are the commander!
- Don't panic! Let's take a vote...
- I ask you all, do we fly?
We're taking off on the other runway, at the
end of the field. Everyone on the plane. Fast!
Prepare to move ladders away.
- Let me help.
- Stay organized, one by one.
- Be seated! - Where's mom? You said on the plane!
- In the second plane.
Sit down, please sit down ...!
Everybody buckle up.
Get a seat belt.
- Why are we stopping, Commander? Why have we not taken off?
- The fuel is still burning.
- What are we gonna do?
- Do you see the tower? - Yes.
It's full of water.
The base will fail at any moment.
The tower will tip over...
Then we'll have a few seconds to fly.
- And if it does not tip over?
- That it! We'll talk again after landing ..
Go to the salon, you're needed there!
Look! We're on fire! We're on fire!
Sit down, sit down.
It's not a big deal.
Calm down, Valera!, everything is fine. Sit down next to
me, it is difficult flying without a partner. Be brave!
- Fire in the left engine. - It's okay. Calm the passengers!
- How? - Gently! Be the man!
The plane took-off in extreme conditions. They flew
through volcanic ash. That's why the engine caught fire.
- When will they be clear of the ash? - I don't know.
- The fire could spread. - Is there an airstrip close by?
What runway, there is the ocean!
117, how's your fire system?
Turned on and the fire is extinguished, the engine
fell out of the nacelle. We're flying with only one.
Fire in the number two engine. I'm reducing
the rpms. I will try to put out the fire.
Guys, put the lid on it.
- Igor Nikolayevich... - Who's piloting?
- Trainee Zinenka. He joined us recently.
I'm not going to turn on the fire-extinguishing systems
in the right engine because the engine will stop!
Come on, come on...
I'm out of the ash.
The fire is out.
Go to the salon, see
what is happening there.
What will you be serving for dinner?
I guess we're passengers...
Strong vibrations in the right engine. It's full
of ash. I also have a landing gear problem.
- Prepare the nearest airport. The closest!
- We're preparing Petropavlovsk.
They can't fly any farther.
- It has a difficult runway, uneven.
- Prepare Petropavlovsk! It's their only chance.
New information!
Switch to channel two.
- The tank was damaged on takeoff. We're
losing fuel. We won't have enough to make...
- I repeat, the tank... - Leonid Zinchenko.
- Leonid Zinchenko. - The Trainee?
- Trainee Gushchin... Gushchin, you're alive?
- Yes. How are you? Are you okay?
- How is Alexandra?
- Everything is fine. Where is Valera?
Put on your headphones!
Headphones... There.
Valera, can you hear me?
Are you hearing me?
- I'll never forgive you!
- Valera...
- Can you hear me?
- Leonid Zinchenko, I'm on the comm.
I understand, trainee
They are alive.
What is wrong with you? are you a 5 year old? They must have
waited until the very last moment. You shouldn't even be here!
- What's going on with you?
- We're losing fuel.
Here's the plan: A water landing.
Send ships to pick up those who survive.
They have no choice.
You can send the entire fleet, but to land
on water in a cargo plane with passengers...
In these conditions it is madness!
Lonja, how much fuel do you have?
- 20 minutes, tops.
- Maybe you'll be able to land. - Over.
- It's a miracle that you're still flying.
- What are the instructions for this situation?
What can there be?
Gushchin... I was watching on TV...
Acrobats transferred from
one plane to another...
In the air.
Leonid Zinchenko! We have an idea...
What would you say if someone I knew...
had a great idea!
Great Idea? That's what we need now.
So... come down right away to
3000 meters. Can you? - We are
Can you hold your speed 350, no higher?
- We can.
Air pressure will be near
normal, Well open the door.
We'll approach you from the rear.
You open the rear loading ramp.
We will use the cargo rope to
bring people to this plane.
- Is it possible? - Theoretically, Yes.
But in reality, no one has ever tried.
Please consult with the Ministry of Emergency Services. Who knows, they
may have other options. - We did 20 minutes ago and never heard back.
This is a civil aircraft, not a circus. there are many lives
on it. - Do not you understand? What other options exist?
But the planes will collide!
117, you are not authorized to proceed with this. You
have a single engine and can make it to the mainland.
- I forbid this! You'll go to prison.
- I'll have to land first for that to happen.
That was done with 200 paratroopers,
we have 200 civilians.
More than 200...
Dear passengers... This is pilot Alexei
Gushchin speaking. Soon you will all be safe.
In the air is another plane. Damaged and full of people.
There is no salvation for them, if we don't help them.
We need to take a risk and transfer them to us in
mid-air. This is a decision I can not make alone.
I will require your
unanimous support for this
for them!
Why are you sitting there, crewman?
Go, tally the vote.
Rules prohibit us from taking this risk. But how
can we look each other in the eyes afterwords?
- It's easy for you to say that Tamara Igorevna.
You have never been in such a situation.
- What do you think?
- How do I answer them?
I can't... I have children.
- There they are.
- Quiet... I see.
Leonid Zinchenko,
approaching from behind.
Okay... Congratulations
and open the hatch.
Just be careful, okay? Crewman?
This means you, do you understand?
- I'm going to help them.
- To transfer to you? - Stay there!
- Your mother is on that plane, yes?
- Fasten your seat belt! - Three... Push! Push!
One more time...
It won't open.
Leonid Zinchenko, I've done everything including
blowing at that door, but it will not open. Sorry...
- Lyosha... Listen!
- Dad? Dad, is that you?
Yeah, yeah... Who else?
Listen to me carefully!
- I have an idea. - What kind of idea?
- What else could I have? Crazy!
- Raise the floor in the lounge.
- The instructions prohibit entry! All electronics systems are there and can fail if...
I wrote those instructions for normal situations.
Does this situation seem normal to you?
Raise the floor!
Try to open the access door of the cargo area.
It will not be easy but it will snap open!
If you kick it, It will open up! You can then
pull passengers through into the cargo hold!
- I don't know... - Stop! - Stick to the lower
level and keep your distance! - I understand...
Lie down on your back and on
three, kick with you feet...
Dad... thank you!
Dear passengers...
I'm the copilot, Alexandra Kuzmina.
We must transfer to the other plane.
In mid-air!
Put on your warmest clothing.
If you have any creams
or gels, apply them now
to protect your face.
If we start to panic, we're all going to
die. If we work together, We'll all live.
Napisau, you have the number of my daughter.
Please, call her if anything happens.
- Do not panic! Alone you may make a mistake.
- I'm not leaving. I'm staying here.
- I am feeling so guilty. Sofia. Seven years ago,...
- My sister was trapped on the bus.
With two children. I said come on with me!
And she decided to stay...
We had a fight. An the last
thing he heard from me was...
"You idiot, don't ever talk to me again."
Oh my God.
Everyone please step back.
Pull up! Carefully... Fall back!
I'm opening the door! Carefully...
- I can not reach the rope. I've got to be closer...
- Accelerate a bit, carefully! - Push...
More, More!
Just a little bit more... come on...
I have it! Holding.
We are ready, Leonid Zinchenko. Maintain altitude
and speed, I'm going to regulate the distance.
The Frenchwoman will not be
separated from him. Newlyweds!
- Everyone push!
- Guys, help! Faster!
There... Be careful!
Hand! Give me your hand!
Carefully... Take the child.
Everything's fine...
Go to the salon...
Leonid Zinchenko, the first batch have
arrived and are safe. You've done good.
Passengers who have a surplus of warm clothes, please
hand them up front for those from the other plane!
- People need help.
- Get the girl, get the...
Our fuel is almost gone.
I'm losing altitude!
Quickly, get dressed in warm clothes!
- The cable or net may break...
- Oh Lord!
Wait! There is no more room!
Let this batch go!
Come away, you're going through...
Sit down...
- How are you?
- Being in the mine is scarier.
- The cargo net is back. - Let me take over.
- You better go see your son. - He's not my son.
We're neighbors. The earthquake killed his
mother, and I don't know how to tell him.
Buckle up!
Get down! Everybody back!
Give it a little more... More!
They're flying into a storm!
- Can you go faster?
- Leonid Zinchenko, sending the last of the passengers now.
- Go with them. - I won't do without you!
- Go now I say!
Come on into the cargo net. Come inside...
Hold on firmly!
It'll be all right.
What are you waiting for? Get in there!
Hold on tight!
Unleash the net!
Don't block the way! Allow them to Pass!
- Rita. - Aunt Rita.
Rita, you're alive! Thank God...
Leonid Zinchenko, hurry!
- The cargo net is ripped!
- Let's try the rope!
117, you are at a critical height!
Raise up!
Hold. For the rope to tighten.
- Raise up!
- Let her drop!
- Lower!
- A bit lower!
Is anyone there?
Gain Height Immediately.
- Even lower. - Lower.
Climb on!
Thank you.
What about Zinenkom?
- You are really brave!
- And so are you. - Forgive me!
Go and help the others.
- Where's mom? You said in the other plane.
- Move...
Valera, help me buckle my flight belt.
What are you doing, Mr. Pilot?
Nothing was left to chance!
You're not supposed to even move.
I'm telling you as a doctor. Stand up!
Everything is fine.
Thank you, it's not necessary.
Leonid Zinchenko,
I wanted to tell you...
- I was a little cocky on the island.
- A little bit?
This is the Commander of flight 117: Zinenko,
Reporting crew is in place, with passengers on board.
- Leonid Zinchenko, take control from Co-pilot Gushchin.
- There!
117, per our calculations you can make
it to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to land.
But do note that there are thunderstorms at present. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
Airport is closed to all other traffic due to low visibility and high winds.
- Can you make it to the mainland?
- The remaining engine is full of ashes. The second is inoperable.
We can not circumvent the storm. We're going
to Petropavlovsk. Prepare the runway.
Sasha, come in for a moment!
Come here, I say!
I can't.
- I'm not going to succeed at this. She has more experience.
I have never done this before. - Neither have I.
- And neither has she.
- Leonid Zinchenko, I'm afraid!
There are a lot of people. I try not to think about it,
but I can't. I'll try my best but my fear is real.
I'm not going to succeed.
My hands are shaking.
- I'm afraid. - And I'm afraid as well. The options are
worse. At least you can keep control of the joystick.
I can't even do that. At least we have a reliable plane.
The second would have been useless in these conditions.
Remember the Simulator! Now it's all exactly the
same. Remember. When you land, maintain balance!
Maintain balance, while preparing to land, quickly reduce speed.
- The Wing will fall off! - It will not be a "soft" landing.
117, you are cleared for
landing at Petropavlovsk.
Good luck...
God will be with them.
Vika, it's time to inform and
reassure the passengers. Toughen up.
- If you want, I can do it.
- Na, I will. "Distinguished travelers!..."
Prepare for landing! Be calm and follow our instructions! Dear
passengers, we are preparing to land.... Please take a seat.
- Ma'am, you need to sit down! - I don't want to!
- Your child will be OK! You need to sit down!
Everyone please readjust your seat backs to their
upright position and close your folding tables
- Remove all ties and unhook your collars...
- Do not be afraid. The mine is scarier.
- The lights will go out. - After we have landed...
- Then prepare for evacuation.
Lights, take a flashlight
The exit doors are on the right and left side of the
cabin... Please people do not leave your seats.
- You know what to do? - No. - When we do this kind of
landing, draw your legs up into yourself. Do you understand?
Lord, help my son just a little...
- Activate the automation! -
- Automation at number three!
Speed checked. Position three!
Keep straight!
Petropavlovsk. Get the fire vehicles and
emergency assistance on the flight deck.
- I don't see the runway. I can't see the runway.
- Flying by instruments.
- On altitude landing path...
- I do not see the runway!
I see the runway! Continuing
with a visual landing!
Attention! Take the safe position now.
Problem with the tail.
- Terminate thrust! - Reduce speed until you lay
her down on the her belly! Balance out the drag!
Come on, come on... Slow down!
- This wasn't a soft landing.
- You passed the exam.
117, have you landed?
Reply, have you landed?
What about the passengers?
We've landed.
Slowly, no pushing.
Don't rush! No pushing.
Everything's fine!
Olja, I told you that
everything will be fine.
Jelena! Take it!
Let your daughter know! Call!
Mom was in the second plane, Right?
Andrey... I...
I wanted to tell you... If the proposal
is still open... I am free. Are you?
- Ljoa...
- Not Now, Sasha, not now...
- Why didn't you wake me? What happened?
- Everything is OK.
- What happened to your hand?
- It's fine.
I was thinking I need to get some rest
under the Palm trees? Together.
The unprecedented courage and heroism displayed
in the rescue of Russian and foreign citizens,
as well as the mastery displayed
in landing the damaged aircraft,
are not sufficient to allow Leonid Zinenko,
pilot and student pilot Alexei Gushchin
to continue to work at our company,
due to serious violation of protocols,
and outrageous rudeness
towards our passengers ..
On behalf of the management of the airline,
I apologize regarding this case.
Well... It's okay.
You say this Zinenko...
an excellent pilot?
Then maybe you can forget about
the inappropriate behavior?
After all, you choose him yourself.
I wish you success.
For the good of the
company and our country.
- Wait! -Leonid Savych, do not be humiliated...
- one moment, please!
- What is it? - I want to apologize.
- You feel embarrassed? - I am ashamed.
I am ashamed that he struck
you in the face, and not me!
You've heard this?
Well, I need to apologize to you!
Shall I repeat the conversation
or did you hear it?
Hook me up with Aeroflot flight please.
Is this the Director of the
best airline in the country?
Hello, Hello...
Listen, do you need pilots?
I have two candidates. According to an
acquaintance of ours, "their arms are as wings."
- Pilot Povalov? - Yes!
- Pilot Fyodorov? - Yes!
- Pilot Gavriljuk? - Yes!
- Pilot Jerekalo? - Yes!
- Pilot Kuzmina?
Pilot Kuzmina? [nods]
- Pilot Gushchin? - Yeah!
- Trainee Gushchin? - Yes!
- Trainee Zinchenko? - Here!
- On the ropes.
- Hurry up! - Now this is really
shame... Trainee Zinenko.
Trainee Zinchenko, steering towards you.
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