El campo (2011) Movie Script

Mati! What's wrong, Mati?
Come on!
It's ok.
What's up?
'- Are we there? -
Yes, we're almost there.
She'll fall asleep, she's tired.
Hang on...
It's over there.
This way.
Wait here. I'll put the lights on. Ok?
What was that?
Just a pigeon.
Put her down here.
Our bedroom.
It's big.
'- Nice, isn't it?
- Yes but it's cold.
I'm going to light the
heater and it'll warm up soon.
Have you seen these walls?
'- They don't make them
like this anymore. - No...
'- I'll get the
heater going. - Ok.
Are you ok?
What do you want?
Do you like it?
Do you like... the house?
I said, I'm going to
sleep in my clothes.
Hang on.
It's cold!
You've got to eat. Stop it
Eat your cereaI.
Watch out!
Don't do that!
Leave her alone.
No, it's wrong.
I've just set the table, she must learn.
'- She's too little.
- Doesn't matter.
'- Come on, put the cereaI
in here. - Calm down mummy!
Put the cereaI in here.
Tidy it up...
Come on, Mati.
That's it.
What's Daddy doing?
'- Will you give her
some? - Here you are!
There's no signaI.
Great, so no one can bother us.
Come with daddy!
Come on.
Come here.
Look at this tree.
'- It's an Araucaria.
- Mati! Look!
It must be a hundred years old...
...looking at its height.
The swimming pooI.
It's a water tank...
.. but we'll make it into a pooI.
It will be beautifuI.
Come here.
Let's go in. It's getting cold.
Look what a nice playground.
Do you want to go on a swing?
We'll come later in the afternoon.
There you are.
Be carefuI.
Come on, let's just make some pasta.
Matilda! Come here!
What are you doing?
Be carefuI!
They are eating all the vegetables!
Shouldn't we tell someone?
There's no one.
But try shouting, do something!
Go away, pig! Go away!
Go away, pig!
What is daddy doing?
It's over. That's the countryside.
By yourself with the
pigs, you scared me!
Look at the baby pig!
Come on, let's go.
That's it! Good girI!
Mmmm! Delicious!
Well done! Have a little bit of cheese.
Isn't that good? Do you want some more?
I'm sorry. Did I scare you?
Who are you? What do you want?
I'm Odelsia.
Julian asked me to look in on you.
How are you?
Fine, thanks...
I just came by to see
if you need anything...
We're fine.
Julian gave me some money
for you. I'll get it.
Oh dear! Look at this mess!
I'll clean it up.
There you are.
Leave it, I'll do it.
No, thanks.
Ay! Hello!
Look at this little doll!
She wants to walk.
A big girI like her... come on!
No, it's ok... She doesn't want to.
'- She's just a baby... -
Yes, but she should be walking!
But she's just a baby... It's ok.
Where do you live?
My house is over there...
...behind the hill.
This house is really cold...
It's been five years...
.. since someone was living here.
Five years.
Everything fine?
'- I'll leave you
some cabbage. - Thanks!
Cook it soon, otherwise it will go off.
No, Mati... Put it down, we
don't want it, really. Thank you.
Maybe you don't want it, but it's good.
No, thanks.
'- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome. Anytime.
Yes, thanks.
Well... see you soon.
'- Why didn't you get the key
from her? - Why were you so rude?
Get the keys from her!
She comes without
asking. I don't like her.
She's the caretaker, that's
why she has the keys...
I don't want her here again.
What are you doing? Can't
you see it's dangerous?
I'm nowhere near her. What's the matter?
Sweetheart, stay here.
I was miles away from her.
It wasn't dangerous.
'- I don't
like it. - What?
I don't like it here.
The house is ugly, depressing...
.. it's cold. I don't like it.
What's wrong now? Come on!
This is not a place for
Matilda. She's a baby.
The house needs doing up...
.. but it's beautifuI.
Come on!
You didn't realize that
the house was inhabitable?
What do you mean inhabitable?
Did you expect Buckingham palace?
We both saw the photos.
We talked about the repairs...
What's wrong with you now?
ok. We'll repair everything...
...and come back when it's done.
I've been thinking. You're right.
We'll fix up the house...
...and come back in the summer.
We'll stay now... for a few days.
Forgive me.
I'm unbearable, I don't know why.
And another baby?
When are we going to have one?
We've talked about this.
It'd be so nice...
Do you want her to be an only child?
No... I need to work again...
I need to do my things.
What things?
Last night I dreamt I was crying...
I woke up, and my face was dry.
Why will you crying?
I don't know.
I cried a lot.
Well, never mind.
Let's go to sleep.
Come here.
'- Sweety, what
happened? - Mummy!
Did she hit her head?
'- She should see
a doctor. - Where?
But if she hit her head,
when she falls she'll die.
Where? But it's pouring!
Come on!
What's wrong?
Nothings wrong. Can't you
see we're stuck in the mud?
It's stuck!
'- Where are
you going? - Out!
Press here..
Look at this!
Can you look after her for a while?
I'm almost done.
We're going to the old lady's...
...to see if they can
help me with the car.
'- Yes?
- Ok.
You've come too?
'- This
way? - Yes.
Be carefuI.
He was thrown by a horse...
...so he was paralyzed.
He was in a wheelchair.
His wife...
...would push him outside.
To sit on the porch.
He'd stay looking at the
countryside for hours...
UntiI one day he said:
"don't take me out anymore...
...I don't want to see
the countryside again. "
He just stayed in his room.
He lasted...
...three months.
He couldn't get out of bed anymore.
He needed help...
...to change his clothes...
The wife on the other
hand was much easier.
She cut her throat...
...and that was it.
No, thanks.
Shall we go?
Let's go.
We might need a rope, have you got one?
Yes... In the truck.
Wait! Take us home first.
I'll pick you up in a while.
Shall I fry her some meat?
No, thanks. She had a tangerine.
Tangerine! No wonder she's so thin.
Yes! Let's go to see the little puppy!
It's pretty!
Don't go! Wait!
'- Mati! Mati! -
Come on, sweety!
Do you want one?
Look at this!
Here you are.
Two? No!
Lovely! Here!
So nice!
Will you take it?
We can't. We live in an apartment.
Leave the puppy there!
You have a house now.
It's a mess, anyway.
We can't.
Take it, ma'am, please.
It'll be good for the girI.
She has no brothers or
sisters to play with.
You're telling me what's good for her?
She's my daughter.
Say bye to the puppy.
And give me the keys to the
house as soon as you can.
I'll bring the keys.
This drain was blocked.
That's why the roof flooded.
I fixed it.
What's wrong?
I don't know. I don't feeI well.
I feeI there is something wong.
'- What? -
I don't want us to separate.
We won't!
I don't want anything bad to happen.
If we don't want bad things
to happen, they won't.
How about going to town?
'- Now?
- Yes.
We can buy things for the house.
I want to change dishes, curtains...
...things for the garden.
'- Right, and we can
have dinner there. - Yes.
'- Take a
shower. - No.
Very good!.
Now some jam. Which one? This?
Now some desserts...
...I can cook this, it's easy.
Here. Well done!
Buying something?
Let's get something nice for us too.
I'll buy something nice for me!
Give me the number...
I'll write it down.
Wait, wait!
Can we go?
I don't get it. Don't go.
Can't they wait a week?
I can't, don't you see?
He's been waiting for a month...
...and this guy can't
work it out. I have to.
'- Does it have to
be now? - Yes, now.
'- What's with you, now? - We were going
to the lake... the weather is nice...
'- You wanted to leave. -
But now everything looks nice.
It would be a sin.
The container won't be
there untiI Wedsday, so...
Don't go. Stay here with Mati,
I'm going to buy a magazine.
Give it to me! Give me!
Excuse me...
Good afternoon.
Could you help me?
I'm looking for some place nearby...
.. with things for kids...
...puppet theatre,
movies for children...
Yes actually... take this
street... 29th Avenue...
29th is this one?
Yes, a block away... on the avenue...
First, right...
Come on!
'- What's wrong, honey? -
Look! Look! What are they doing?
What are they doing there?
'- Here you are.
Thanks. - You're welcome.
'- Everything
ok? - Yes.
'- Did she fall
asleep? - Yes.
I don't want to!
Come on! Don't be boring.
Calm down!
Bull, bull, bull!...
'- Take this! -
It's very dangerous!
Bad cow!
Bull, bull, bull!...
Make me a baby.
'- Are you
sure? - Yes.
I have to pee.
What happened?
I turned the engine off.
For us to be...
It's so pretty!
Look, Mati!
Isn't it great?
What's wrong with you?
What happened last night?
What happened last night?
I was drunk so I don't know.
What do you want?
What do you want...
...for us?
Don't ask me that now!
When, then?
I don't know.
Bloody machine!
What is it?
It won't start, can't you see?
Now what?
Leave it!
No. It's going to work now.
Hang on! Who is it?
Hello, Alberto. What is it?
We said we were going to go hunting...
...but it can be some other time.
No, please...
Come in.
I'll be ready in a minute.
'- Good evening. -
How are you, madam?
Fine, thanks.
Nice day, huh?
I'll hunt a little with
Alberto and I'll be back soon.
'- Shall we
go? - Yes.
I'll stay with you.
I brought you rice pudding.
But I'm going to bed now.
Let's talk for a while.
No, thanks.
Right. Let's go.
Over there!
Go ahead.
Good shot.
Look at this!
Great, isn't it?
What are we going to do with it?
Alberto told me.
I have to clean it...
...and cook it. It's delicious!
You're making a mess.
Will you be much longer?
What's wrong?
Something sad...
It was pregnant...
I wouldn't have killed it if I'd known
Bury her. We won't eat her.
Have some.
Eat! Ammm! Eli!
Very good. Breakfast is ready! Come on!
Let's eat!
Let's eat!
I'm going for a drive.
I'll be back soon.
Where are you going?
Eli! Eli!
Where's mummy?
I'll call her! I'll be back.
Be carefuI!
Cut this...
.. with the knife.
Stay here, sweety.
Excuse me!
Yes, sir.
I'm looking for a blond woman...
.. with a grey Peugeot
'- A woman? - Yes,
a blonde woman...
Driving to Buenos Aires...
Is she asleep?
Give her to me.
Did you have a good time?
What happened, sweety?
Can you tell me where were you?
'- Why did you leave that
way? - It's no big deaI.
'- Not a big
deaI? - Let go!
'- Where the hell were
you? - Leave me alone!
'- You can not do
this! - Don't touch me!
Where the fuck were you, bitch?
Fuck you!
Mummy, look at this...
I'm going to kill you, bitch!
'- Where are you
going? - To hell.
'- Will you listen to me?
- I'm listening to you.
I feeI everything's wrong...
...and future will be worse
You make things bad.
You ruin everyone's life all the time.
Why did you bring us here?
A baby living in this shack!
It's not a shack.
Why did you come?
Did you feeI like killing
something, someone?
I already told you if
I knew it was pregnant...
I wouldn't have touched it.
I told you, bitch.
Don't you fuck with me.
Shut up!
There was no need, pregnant or not.
Who do you think you are?
'- I don't get
you. - You never do.
You go your own way and you
don't care about anybody.
You know how hard being
pregnant was for me.
You don't give a shit!
I can't believe this!
I spent my life taking care of you both!
You fuck everything up!
Because I have a plan, so what?
Can't I have a plan
with a normaI wife...
.. with a normaI kid and
four horses, if I want?
You want to destroy everything!
You're the selfish one!
'- Do you know why
I left today? - Why?
Because I'm sick of you!
I didn't want to see you.
I can't stand it anymore!
I want to get a divorce
'- Hello.
- Hello.
It's cold.
Bring it here.
We'll put it here.
I'm really sorry about last night.
I don't like us to fight.
Why don't we all leave...
...together to Buenos Aires?
I don't want you to stay alone.
No, no...
Packing up everything is a mess...
You go do your job...
...and come back.
We'll stay here.
What is a mess?
Be carefuI.
Look after mummy!
Take care of yourself.
'- Mummy! Mummy! - Let's go to
mummy! Mummy is there! Come on!
Mummy is there!
It often happens to me...
...because of the heat,
my blood pressure drops.
And those games at
the park are dangerous.
Is it nice?
It's great!
Thank you so much!
She's so nice!
Can I have some bread please?
Here you are.
Let me do it!
Sure? Are you feeling fine?
Yes, sure.
Take the upper ones. They're sweeter.
The sun shines on them.
They smell so good!
We had a tangerine
tree when I was a kid.
My brother and I used to climb it...
...to eat tangerines
untiI we nearly sick.
They cut it down.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
I'm scared.
I feeI time goes by and I don't...
...I don't understand.
I don't understand how it is. How...
How to do it.
I don't know.
We've got to live.
That's how it is.
Do you want a carry? Come on.
Is she asleep?
She was tired, I put her to bed.
'- Long time
ago? - A while.
How did it go?
It's almost ready. Hungry?
I told Julian how we
felt about the house
He told me not to worry...
he can canceI the contract
and give us the money back.
Smoking again?
Bye cows!
Say bye cows!
Bye sky!
Bye countryside!
Bye countryside!