El Clan (2015) Movie Script

Mr. president
National Commission
on the Disappearance of Persons,
Dr. Ernesto Sabato.
Ladies and gentlemen ...
I think
what you have done
He has already entered
in the history of our country.
It is a fundamental contribution,
so that, henceforth,
Argentines know
overall, at least,
what it is the way that ever
we move into the future.
So that never again hate,
so that never again
violence disturb,
stirs and degrade
Argentina to society.
Come on.
This is already.
I left out.
- Against the wall!
- Raise your hands!
Separate legs.
You should
collaborate with us, dammit.
- Come deribla!
- Dale, walking. Down!
Come on!
Dale, Movete, dammit.
Give, walk!
From the Blue Room
Government House,
It addresses the people of the republic,
His Excellency
Mr. President of the nation.
Lieutenant General
Don Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri.
The fight
Stanley has ended.
our soldiers
They fought with supreme effort,
for the dignity of the nation.
Those who fell ...
they are alive forever
in the heart
and the great history
We have only
bronze of ancient glories,
we have our heroes.
Men of flesh
and bone present,
names will be
sculpted by us
and generations to come.
The villages
Latin American solidarity ...
You were privileged witnesses
toughest combat.
Hereby express
for his courageous and heroic attitude
in the line of duty.
- Long live the homeland!
- Long live the homeland!
No thanks.
It looks like next week
we have everything available and clean.
Very good.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Commodore.
How is Epiphany?
Very good.
Do your kids?
What Archimedes?
Commodore, how are you?
All right.
How is time lately?
Please do not ask why.
I hope tomorrow.
We communicate the next few days,
to finalize the details
from work.
With permission, Puccio. Gordon ...
How are you, Colonel?
Segui! Push!
Give, Alex! Lets go!
Well well!
Okay, kid, fine, Alex!
Thank you! Thank you.
Alex! How well they did
Pumas, huh? Partidazo.
Thanks thanks.
Very good game!
They go up the Pumas, huh?
Alex, what a great game!
Good thank you. You like me?
That good. Thank you.
Alex ...
Alex, these are
I told the leaders.
Well dull play.
You did it really well. Good job.
O. K. Thank you very much.
Today is celebrated, boys!
Where's my whiskey?
Ricardo is Manoukian.
This is Ricky ...
Alex, so long ...
Yes, a thousand years.
Sandra and Sonia, some friends.
How are you? All good?
Open bar!
No no! The girls do not take anything.
I think that here
no longer gives for more ...
But if they want
We can go home better ...
What are you doing, dude?
How are you?
I can not believe find here.
What are you doing here you?
I was out of gas. I have the car
here 10 blocks. Not tirs do I?
Of course. Up, come on, give.
That large!
Thank you.
It is good to know that not only me
I pass these things.
Two weeks ago, after you
You were the party with the twins,
They came home a Scandinavian ...
Over here on the left.
They were Danish, Swedish ...
I had a head.
And a few days later I am me
dad carrying the boat,
I lend me now because I'm
working with him ...
And even so good,
phenomenon ...
I'm coming, the delivered mines,
crazy for surfing ...
And I was out of gas!
- What is a weapon?
- Hold it there, dammit!
- Raise your hands!
- Put on the hood!
- Para Para, put the gun!
- Put on the hood!
- Low! Tenelas up high!
- Yeah, man, yeah ...
Sali, dammit!
Hands up!
- We did nothing!
- Put your hands together.
- Shut your mouth! Walk!
- I have money in your wallet ...
- Where are you taking me?
- Shut his mouth, asshole!
- Head down!
- Where are you taking me?
Lower your head and go, dammit!
We did nothing!
- Head down!
- Soltame!
Head down! Get inside!
You're good?
Yes, I'm fine, Dad.
Look, these were
My fifth- ...
But I'm told that ...
How do you not understand?
Mom, get up earlier tomorrow.
They added two classes in high school.
And here you have to find the denominator
common of these fractions, what is?
And that gets here.
And yes, how do not you know?
There is still nothing concrete.
And where would it be?
In New Zealand.
That good! And good,
if you go there you will see a Maguila.
Yes, great!
And if you see,
ask him how did you forget
so easy to all of us.
And the effort we made
so he could travel.
Dad was a comment anything else.
Mine was also a comment.
Why does it bother you?
I'm not claiming absolutely
nothing. On the contrary, I worry.
So maybe the poor thing
She had an attack of amnesia
and it was not misconduct
we left here.
Alone with this.
Well, he wanted to be player
and go their own way.
His own way ...
Where did you read that?
But what think is their
brother, to see? A piola?
A hero?
A number one?
Do not be confused! It is a thankless
barely had the chance,
He backs on us all.
Because you also
He left, huh? Not only me!
Are you going to keep playing
to study?
- I am not playing.
- Half an hour ago that you do nothing.
Good thing I asked you to get
How much more you are going to take?
Here I am.
Well, Alex.
I need help. Do you take.
- I'm really saying.
- That heavy!
Mommy, can you tell him the princess
help me?
She has to do homework
and correcting exams.
What you
managed it was wonderful, huh?
I can not even believe how
people do not value what is ours.
What you you think? To prove
we are the best
It had to travel to South Africa
and beat the Springboks.
Yes you were ripped.
They left the blue and white
there in the top.
It does not have much salt puree, right?
You should put
a poster of the Pumas here.
Yes, here!
Those are the real heroes.
The heroes of the homeland.
Say hello to the family. Thanks Alex.
Hi there?
I have a duty to inform
the young Ricardo Manoukian
It has been kidnapped by
the National Liberation Front.
You, as a group
family of the kidnapped,
They have an obligation to refrain
to give notice to the police,
if they want to see him alive.
Yes, listen to, but he's okay?
I warn that their phones
They have been tapped.
The logistics of our group
It allows us to keep the hostage
in our possession.
Does it hurt?
I hurt all day.
Students have exhausted me,
I swear.
And now come the exams ...
Watch the knot that you have here.
Oh, there, right there!
You have a special hands.
How fortunate that I have ...
Thank you.
Is it okay like that?
And, we are going to starve
this man...
Feet, Alex.
Help your mother
you are very tired.
There I go.
When we eat?
It is preparing mom.
- Ma, what's for lunch?
- Chicken rice.
Come on, Alex!
And ends, pa.
Yes, what's the problem?
Adriana ...
In a while the food is.
Quiet. It's the food.
Hi there?
I reiterate the sum to be delivered;
$ 500,000 in 100 bills.
Only option.
It is clear, right?
Yes, we have the silver.
The ransom has to be
only in dollars
and place to suit them will be
reported in the next communication.
Please do not do anything!
Attention! Come on, Bear, huh?
Come on, come on, come on!
Give me Gordo there!
put; "Here they treat me very well.
If you follow the instructions,
everything will turn out satisfactorily.
Silver comes and goes ...
Not life."
Give, Bear, dale!
Let's write something with a little more
feeling, Ricardo.
"Dad I love you so much.
Forgiveness for the times
I did not tell you I love you. "
- Come up here! Come over here!
- All right, guys, huh?
- Very good, old, huh?
- What's wrong?
Like nothing?
If you're crashing.
What do you want, that hurt you?
What is your forte?
Well, in Pisa
and I run to the outside.
And do not breathe through your mouth. Go ahead.
- It may be a coincidence ...
- Over there it went away ...
Do not! I'm not saying that ...
Over a week ago,
nobody knows anything about him!
Step through the house
and the family did not want to attend.
- And you tried calling him?
- I called a thousand times.
I talk fast
and I cut the phone.
- Thats weird!
- It is not weird. Ricky kidnapped him.
- Not impossible!
- Do milicos? What walked?
No, nothing, family
already it happened before.
Are you going to say
Ricky kidnapped him too? Do not!
Of course, much chance, no ...
Good day, Archimedes.
How are you?
Hi champion.
And what are those faces?
Ricardo appeared.
They killed him.
How he was killed?
Yes, he was found dead in a field
with three shots to the head.
The family paid the ransom,
but he was killed the same.
No, it can not be...
Are you sure it was Richard?
The brother had to go to the morgue
to recognize the body.
We go to the wake.
Ma, you serve me
a little more meat, please?
It's great, ma.
What good, girls.
They are seen eating heartily, yes.
You like?
Very rich.
Are not you hungry?
Thank you.
It is very rich.
Thank you son.
- Ends to lift the table.
- Yes I go.
Alex, here.
- And to clear the table.
- Yes, here I come!
You can set you well?
Things got
and we had no choice, Alex.
Because the kid never swallowed
your performance in the car, huh?
And he went mad.
We speak,
we ask you to calm down ...
We said that the best
the mouth was shut,
that if I did we were going to find
to silence him, and it was worse.
We threatened.
He said he was going to tell
the powerful friends of the father
and we would destroy them all.
To you...
To me...
The girls ...
And I will never put at risk
our family, Alex.
We had no choice
and Laborde had to shoot him.
Soon there will be
new job prospects.
Give me a vote of confidence, son.
I hope God
do not let me disappoint.
See, Read the rules ...
You do not see? It's what I said ...
Guys, enough to fight
the command to sleep.
for the fifth time I ask.
- Who wins?
- I!
Yes, because it is cheating!
Dale, he pulls.
I do not want to play
if you're cheating.
You can not play without a fight!
Can you believe?
- Dale, walk, walk!
- Where are the weapons?
Tell me where they are
weapons, dammit!
I dont know...
Get in the sector. Go ahead!
Cleared, sir!
Give Ordonez, there, go!
Here it is! Basualdo, bring a doctor!
Ordonez, I Come! Atendela.
Look, with the sport,
all this excitement ...
Because he's going to have to be here.
I mean, with workouts ...
Well, he is going to accommodate.
Thank you.
It's the first purchase!
Alex, some questions ...
Go ahead. Sacala from there ...
Magazine cover. It is proud
Alex is cover?
A toast to Alex!
By Alex!
You're good?
Let's see,
one for posterity!
Looking At Camera,
a big smile ...
A photo of Alex's father,
Well well...
Look for the camera ...
Here goes ... Well, well ...
This problem Fund
Monetary part
the general political situation in the country
that given the institutional situation,
not really the country
You can get ahead
under his own weakness
the institutional system
and its lack of representativeness.
There is a fact these days
much more worrying
the agreement with the Fund.
It would seem that capital flight,
which it was of the order
2,000 million
dollars in 1980 and ...
While I'm dating the
Florencio current Aulet mother.
I immediately went
in the privacy of the family.
I appreciate
and I have a lot of confidence.
I offered to mediate for him
before some contacts
in Military Industries.
And if my intervention was successful
and he came to achieve a contract,
he would pay me a commission.
I will relate it,
advanced negotiations ...
But in the end,
I did not recognize anything.
At the time, it made me
the same with another mediation.
Now with Petrochemical
General Mosconi.
Well let me sideways.
these negotiations
thanks to me were made.
Do you get me?
These are the motherfuckers
They are plunging the country.
Those who sold him.
So they live well.
Now go straight to Punta del Este and
three-week vacation stay.
Or maybe more ...
Every time Don Florencio
out on the boat with his family,
I leave me home to my care.
The son always goes with them?
Yes, always go together.
It is a very close family.
How long has the ship?
It will ... five years?
When can we
see inside the house?
Not being them,
you can see when you want.
And 271 centimeters in length
and 60 wide.
It's very good.
Sabs navigate?
Yes, two years ago, I'm learning.
What is the volume? I'm at 70
kilos. Do you think that holds me well?
Yes, yes, yes ... surely ... Up 93
105 liters more or less.
Well, well, great.
It is to the river, so I think it will
to go well for me, right?
Yes, yes.
What materials do you have?
Excuse me,
What material is the table?
- Similar to Nacho, right?
- If.
You want to see it quiet?
Go Go.
Avisen anything, okay?
Say thanks.
How I can help?
I'm looking for
a suit for windsurfing.
I thought the ... 4/3 ...
4/3 ...
But I do not, it seems
a 4/3 for you not ...
You have friolenta face.
With the wind that runs it seems to me
at least you have to use a 5/4.
Never step cold.
This is for you.
Let's do one thing. External messenger ...
If you like I do 20%
cash discount.
It is there.
You have to try the new tables
who entered last week.
You do not know what they are. Fly.
I already have mine.
A slalom.
Does much you navigate?
Yes, a lot.
You help me?
I go?
You look perfect.
It was billed almost double
what he had calculated.
I saw an advertisement in the magazine
'San Isidro, your lugar'. I loved.
Good, ma.
You, Dad, did you see?
Do not.
People come from everywhere.
If the thing continues, we will have
to open a branch soon.
Look how good!
Well, let's go to bed.
And to rest, my love.
Good evening.
- Yes, do not stay up late.
- You tomorrow, Dad.
See you tomorrow.
- Chau, Sil!
- Chau, dwarf.
Listen to me. We are evaluating
a new job: Florencio Aulet.
I know the son, Eduardo.
Do you see him often?
Do not.
Every so often passes through the club.
What else do you know?
That is a rugby fan.
Following the Pumas.
Alejandro, I asked you
what else you know.
What everyone knows, pa.
They are covered.
Pay attention to me.
It's of vital importance
you're attentive
for possible new encounters.
Well ... This is the living room ...
I want you to find out.
Who treated and why.
Anything else?
Not yet,
I'll tell.
... And that's the piano
Don Florencio playing.
It is a quiet guy,
he does not want quilombos.
Everything will be easy with him.
But no.
Our guest will be this.
But ... the plan was another!
Plan? What plan?
I did not define any plan yet.
But the old man is the one who is swimming
Silver! And it is a chanter.
Listen, Puccio.
To me Eduardo wants me as a guy.
It is very close
the relationship I have with him.
It will complicate everything
and I will discover.
As is closest relationship
with the kid, the better for us.
And this is what we will do.
It will find with family
and they will say
who abducted the night before,
and they used it
as bait in front of his son.
They will say that he acted thus forced
by a terrorist commando.
Anything else, pa?
Go on, son.
What, motherfucker?
Pendejo shit!
Bitch! The shell of your mother!
Walk ...
I went up, motherfucker!
It's calm.
There's the crazy.
How are you?
Nice to see you!
How good they came.
Monica ... Gonzalo ...
They prepared the best table.
Come over here.
Thank you.
Come in, please.
To win the Prode?
Let's see...
Put a clothing business.
There is nothing more I get bored
to go buy clothes.
Dale findeth a little.
Let's see...
Children's parties to animate?
Par, I know.
Put a kindergarten.
Well, that's the business that
I will help fulfill my dream.
My dream is to go live in Sweden.
To Sweden?
So far? Where?
A Kalmar,
the city where they come from my grandparents.
In front of Oland,
a beautiful island.
Oh, you were there ...
But my mom tells me
which it is perfect for summer.
It's quieter
and much more predictable than here.
Kalmar ...
I like the name.
We offer?
our organization
It is not willing
to negotiate a proof of life.
There will be a written letter
for his family,
Attached to the instructions
where detailed
the details for their release.
You like?
Well, now you will write a letter
addressed to his family,
to inform them
which is good.
Give, give, give!
There, so ...
Type: "Dad ...
calm down,
they treat me very well.
Roly reassures,
tell him that I love you.
Now everything depends on you. "
Well well.
I do not understand, pa.
Because you become paralyzed ...
Son, are you okay?
You not had dinner.
Something happens?
Imagine, how much you have
42 to enter.
I have to go out.
Within a short time I come.
Well, I'm going to bed.
Sil, I will not mirs
English test?
Adri, I have a thousand things to correct.
- Give it to me, I now fixed.
- Thank you.
- Good night.
- Have a nice rest.
Chau, Guille.
For ransom
They should be carefully followed
the instructions given.
I reiterate the sum to deliver.
One million dollars
100 bills.
I recomend you
do traffic violations,
and do not look
by mirrors.
If you do not comply with these orders ...
both your life
like Eduardo danger.
There are ... there they are.
It is done.
I do not see it! No this!
They'll be here until tomorrow.
A life is going to be.
And catching up.
Sit down, please.
I want to thank you now.
It gives me great confidence hold you close
right now, son.
You did it very well.
This is for you.
Eye, which is a lot of money, huh?
Thank you.
You own a bag to put them?
Do not kill me...
We are police.
Stay calm.
Nothing happens. It ended, ma'am.
It happened ...
We are police. Whether it is safe,
it's all over. There, that's it.
- Do not! I can not help!
- Did you know there was someone there?
I do not know what you are talking about!
- How long it was there?
- Put the gun away! I do not know!
- How long?
- Almost there...
A little more, a little more ...
How it is called Mrs.
I was in the basement?
Please let me go!
How long
that woman was there?
They are my children!
How long
that woman was there? Freeze!
Quiet, ma'am. I took...
Commodore is already underway.
Already it has been notified.
I do not know!
I do not know!
We started ...
a stage ...
it will definitely be difficult ...
Because we all
the enormous responsibility ...
today ensure
and for the times
democracy and respect
for the dignity of man
land in Argentina.
Alfonsin! Alfonsin!
Good day.
I need to see the Commodore.
I already told him by phone that,
I already explained.
So I came.
I can not afford your answer.
Listen, Puccio. The oven is not
muffin. Is not it obvious?
I do not understand when I speak, right?
... I want to see the Commodore.
Things are pretty thick ...
It would be good that you
you save a little.
this government
He is doing so many pelotudeces
nobody knows what will happen.
Listen to me.
Come with me.
What I save me?
I know the way.
Come on, come on, come on! Retenela!
Pass it, pass it! Well well!
That's it! Come on, man!
- That, that, we ...
- Well well...
Did you see the news?
No, what happened?
They grabbed the band
Gordon Hannibal.
A son of a thousand whores who ran out
laburo when the soldiers left.
He started sucking people
on their own.
Pato seems that Rizaro, a kid
San Isidro, was part of the band.
Can you believe it?
Pendejo son of a thousand whores!
I am sure
they are the ones who killed Ricky.
Come in please.
Thank you.
Good day.
You can pass.
I froze when I heard.
How are you?
Are moments, Archimedes ...
It must be understood as cycles.
I fell for boludo.
Because I left alive useless Kelly.
The loudmouth had documentation
against a milico ...
Good information first hand.
And the woman was threatening
to take him to the press,
to justice,
I do not know what the fuck more ...
And I called the Commodore ...
and he gave me the order to the largue.
And like an idiot I Largue.
But I am calm.
You saw how it is.
As Bonafide in 73.
How were?
How long did they clean things up?
Three months?
Yes, more or less...
Now they will change sides
of heads for a while,
but then it calms everything.
How do you think that can last
a radical government? Please...
This fall in more than two years.
But I know not how to go now.
Seize the moment
general euphoria,
the discrediting of the military,
to work other guests.
People who have something to hide.
For example, businesses
related to the process.
You have to be more attentive.
Very neat.
Exponete less.
You can provide services
hospitality for others.
You were always good at that.
I like the chamois.
Caballero, the pair asked.
Let me help.
Sorry. The suede,
Do you have 43 and a half?
Yes, yes, I reached it.
Thank you.
Archimedes Puccio, how you doing?
Emilio! How are you?
Very good.
Emilio Naum ... My son Alexander.
Hi. Charmed.
My pleasure.
I know of magazines.
I am a fan of rugby.
No, no, incidentally.
I have business
back and forth.
You can not complain, Emilio, huh?
Well, the thing does not go bad.
Dividing my time
between Buenos Aires and Uruguay.
We opened several local there.
Look at you ... you still flying?
Yes, now I have a Cessna Citation.
Do not you know what it is!
Well, choose whatever they want.
Gift of the brand.
Not in any way.
Thanks but no.
Archimedes, please.
No. Thanks, but really, no.
It offends me.
Alejandro, tell your dad ...
He already knows what you think the father.
Alejandro is saying yes, huh?
Quiet, you'll be fine.
The important is
you do not win the pressure.
The controls that you and not vice versa.
Are a lot of things...
It's a tour, pensalo well.
They are parties, nothing more.
It is not a matter of life or death.
And you?
Me what?
What are you going to do?
What will I do with what?
Where does so carefully, che?
I will not go back, Alex.
Not take it anymore, I'm afraid.
Where you will not come back?
To home.
How long do you think Will more
will happen without catch us?
It's crazy what Daddy does.
How they're not coming back?
And you, what are you going to do?
You can not stay home.
Andate, do me case.
What happens here?
Dale, Guille, come on.
- Own cagazo, Guille? Lets go.
- If not, we take it to Alex, huh?
- Do not stay, please!
- Dale, Guille! Do not be a crybaby, VA.
Andate, Alex ...
Chau, Alex!
What's wrong?
Own a face ...
I'm a little tired.
You want to eat here
or elsewhere?
Let's finish this and elsewhere.
Go ahead.
Are you sure you're OK?
Yes, love.
And this have for two or three
weeks minimum.
We are putting walls
concrete 30 centimeters
with a good bricklayer.
You will get a good job.
And then when we do?
Ideally Thursday.
The remaining days Alejandro
It has training.
- Here I bring something fresh.
- Thank you.
No, nothing. acordate
I have faculty meeting today,
and the inspector.
So I leave prepared food.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Well, pay attention.
We will be arrested
Alexander here near the sidewalk.
The moment is coming Naum,
we will intercept
and we say
we stayed the car.
And if, please, we can
bring to a workshop.
Once inside the car Naum,
We began the journey.
We talk, we give talk.
On a certain moment,
near the corner,
I ask you please slow down
because I remembered
I forgot the keys in the car.
At that moment,
you get off the Chevy,
They go to the driver's seat,
They take it out and wear it.
After Alexander
back to Ford and we go.
And we are here at home.
Any questions?
Do not.
Alexander, participated ... nothing.
Any questions?
Do not.
Any questions?
Do not.
- Save!
- Good forgiveness.
How many times have I told you not to leave
brushes in the kitchen?
Well, Mom,
I was working all night.
What's up?
Tomorrow I will not go.
I can not, Dad.
What you come with me that now?
I'm doing everything participant,
What are you hesitating?
Do you just when I'm starting
a new stage in my career
and story with ample domain
the scene you're going to leave?
It is that I'm getting married, dad.
You've lost the reason.
How you're getting married?
And so conts?
Is not it rushed?
Do not.
Give it time your father
for processing.
You know how it is.
I just can not talk, Mom!
You have to understand!
A news like right now!
It does not have who to trust.
If you do not support,
It is difficult for him.
Alex, son.
Why do not you travel and try to
Magilla convince to return?
That will calm.
And we will lighten everyone.
Thank you very much...
Oh, what good here find, Naum!
Lately we see often, huh?
All good?
Wrong. It broke my car.
Could you reach a few blocks,
that I have the mechanic?
I am with my accountant. Can you climb?
Yes, rise, they rise.
Hey thanks?
Mr. Laborde, Mr. Naum ...
- A pleasure.
- What's up, how you doing?
A friend of mine life.
What happened to the car?
I do not know ... He started bucking
and I stood me.
I think they are the spark plugs,
They were a little pasted.
Is the battery is not?
No, I had changed
some days ago.
But i do not know why...
Oh, God, what clumsiness ...
I forgot the keys.
Frene here, please let me do
a run to go get them.
No, I turn here ...
I do not, I ask please.
I'm Archimedes. Frene, brake.
But how will you walk?
No, no, I'm asking myself.
But ... please ...
I turned around and let the car.
- Frene. Frene that I go.
- They will not walk.
What does this do? It's crazy.
Quiet nothing happens.
Nothing happens.
I do not do anything!
I have silver there in the portfolio!
We do not want silver
you have in the portfolio.
Do not get mad, do not put crazy,
Naum. It's worse, Naum. Rest assured ...
Why do not you shut up?
Son of a bitch, volv the car!
The bitch that bore you, volv the car!
Quiet, Naum, quiet, by
favor. Do not ask anything, do not ask anything.
Stay here, stay calm ...
What did you do?
And the car.
What the fuck did, Diaz?
What you returned the car?
- What the hell bent?
- Because the guy we wanted to bring!
Vos you tens
to stay in the car!
How are you going to unhook so,
I wanker?
To me do not tell me asshole,
the shell of your mother!
Drive slower than you
drawing attention Diaz.
Take me out to the car,
and you Get rid of the weapon.
Okay, I got it.
To Dad!
Now you'll hear me!
For Dad, please!
You let the operating on time
and things were not
as I said they should be!
You're strangling, Dad!
It's your fault Naum was killed!
Never before he had failed
in a kidnapping!
We were like a beginner!
We were exposed
in view of all!
Of all!
And we are now in grave danger.
Is this how you wanted
get rid of your father?
So? So?
Hello Love.
Oh, I missed you a lot!
- There's Maguila!
- Magilla! Maguila!
- Che, is more fat, right?
- Yes, it is regordo ...
Come both!
Come three!
Look, this is for ... No, this!
This is not, this is for the squirrel,
this is for the squirrel ...
This is for you...
Magilla, Monica ...
Hello welcome!
A pleasure.
Did you think I was not going to come?
Welcome, son.
What are you doing, pa?
Like, Magilla?
Come on?
Come on!
He's very good!
All right...
- Amen.
- Amen.
- What apointed meat!
- It is very good, ma.
It earns well and people
It is cool, but it's exhausting.
Above sheep shit
do not let themselves grasp.
Because they have a method
Shearing who do not sleep,
You have to grab
bugs hand ...
Yes, his hands. Look like this...
Come, Alex. Ven ...
Look, you arrancabas by up here and
you had to go to despacito background,
soft, and ...
Well, well, well ... Good!
You see? So they put the sheep,
but ten times worse.
It's not dangerous?
Yes, it is very dangerous!
More than rugby.
Look how he left me.
Very tiring all, very tiring.
And why you not come back?
Many things...
Alex helped me make the decision.
I would like to make a toast.
Yes, I want to give
Alejandro and Monica ...
It is very inspiring
the family is enlarged.
- Health!
- Welcome, brother.
Welcome, son.
Health and love, Maguila.
Health, guys.
- Health.
- Health.
What's up, ma?
I think of William.
over a year ago
we know nothing.
And I miss him very much.
Quieta, lady, still!
Go ahead.
Tear, pa, start!
Atala good, huh?
All good?
All good.
Okay, son.
Very good.
- Magilla!
- If!
Maguila! Hello!
Good! How are you?
You return to play?
No ... So long ...
How are you doing?
You have to get in shape, huh?
Come, boys.
Look how trees ...
They have a lot of years!
And the neighborhood is very quiet.
We know all the neighbors
ago a lot of time,
are macanudsima people.
What happens is that
the ground was my grandparents.
Of course, this was a very large fifth
and we were selling, subdividing.
Now is this nothing more.
We came with the cousins,
we played here.
How many meters is the lot?
And look ... will have 18 front
50 background, more or less.
I love it, huh?
It's perfect for you.
It's beautiful, is not it, Alex?
Yes, a little big ...
Cheer up! Now let's find
so that the operation is done ...
For me it would be a huge satisfaction
land lie to you.
Alex, you know that you're
like family to me.
Get me out of here!
Let me go!
Oh no! Let me, no!
I have to ask
a bank loan.
But we want a new
proof of life from my mother.
If not, we will continue to negotiate.
If you do not want to expose
her mother in grave danger,
must accept our
conditions and demanded money.
If you hurt my mother
You will not see a dollar.
I reiterate that we need more ...
We will keep the habit
a new championship
in honor of the tradition of this club.
So in bnquense
and off the court.
I am very proud of this team.
A run with the prof.
Alex, stay with me.
Come on! Everyone close together!
I need you plugged in, huh?
Head here, I got here.
I look good,
Spread the boys.
Give, crack!
Let's see if William!
Hi there?
Hi there?
Hi there?
Hi there?
Who was?
They cut.
I Bring the phone here, Adriana.
I need order!
Tell her to come down Adriana
once for breakfast.
Because cooled
toast, milk ...
Quiet, now I say ...
I am calm.
But I have to go to work.
Well, go to work!
Amazing! that brat
always he does what he wants ...
No, no, Par, will wait a sec!
Tell her the princess
which already has corrected its task.
Good day, pa.
Good day.
Good day.
I am, abrime.
You are alone?
What's wrong?
Do not you hear, Alex?
They're screaming, idiot!
Well, quiet, ven.
Come, I Come. Sit here.
Calm down. It's Dad in the basement,
nothing happens.
Cut it Alex, I'm not stupid!
Well, calm down a bit.
And what the fuck are those cries?
I'll talk to Dad, right?
Calm down.
What is this, Alex?
Grab your things and go to breakfast.
- Good day.
- Good day.
Good day...
Any news, Archimedes?
Lady, shut up, please!
It's all I ask you!
Get me out of here!
three weeks ago they are giving us
laps. I do not understand what happens.
And they will loosen, quiet.
Enough, lady, shut up, do
what I tell you! Please, stop!
This no longer works, Laborde.
What do you say?
They do not have the money.
I know it's a lie.
Pa, this lady has serious
digestive problems.
Get me out of here this
that makes me itching eyes.
We arrived.
Chao, pa.
Who speaks?
You know very well who speaks.
What you calling my house do?
What question is that?
Today, when he is carrying
my daughter to school,
I saw that a car was behind me.
Is it true you are following?
We are getting a lot of pressure
the disappearance
a woman of 65 years.
There are people above very restless
and we need to fix it soon.
What information you can give me?
He did not answer.
Why I called my house?
Puccio, here questions
I do them.
If I call it is because
I can not give you more protection.
Is that clear?
Do you understand what I say?
I can not talk now.
Silvia, come on.
Such a miracle! Which is celebrated?
Today we get the tickets
for the trip I promised Moni.
How good.
Well, we are also celebrating
the new championship.
We have to win first.
Oh, Alex, if they win every year ...
We are leaving. Do you need something?
You want to buy some dessert?
Good! Go ahead.
Adri grab the monkey. Come on.
I buy drinks, right?
Where are they, Alex?
A Sweden.
A Kalmar.
That far!
Maguila and dad did not come?
Yes, in a while.
Okay, it sounds good ...
Come on.
Good night...
Stuff it.
It was long.
No, we're on schedule.
It is that people have at home ...
Me too.
Police! Stay still! Police!
Stop, police! Stay still!
- No, wait a sec!
- Hands see them!
Hold it, dammit!
Quiet, quiet ... What?
Jump off the ground, dammit!
- Stay still!
- Quiet...
I put hands on the back!
Is this the key to your house?
Is this the key to your house?
Yes, it's the key to my house, yes, yes.
Hands back, dammit!
Well OK,
okay, it dammit!
Stay still, stay still!
It will not find anything.
Nothing, nothing, really.
he will not agree to go home ...
It is dynamited. Enter and go
to exploit the entire block.
Really it is what I'm saying, yes.
Do not leave. This asshole, man.
Now let's look at the lady.
Well, laugh ...
Then I'm going to laugh.
This is already ...
I left out.
Hands up and nobody move!
Against the wall, give!
Come on! Against the wall!
Quiet, my love, quiet.
We have a search warrant
to review the whole house!
Where is the fuck?
Come on, come on, blast it!
There it is! Down! Walk, walk!
Come, come, down, down!
- Asshole, dale, walk, dammit!
- Alex! What's up?
Do not resist. Walk, walk!
Basualdo! Get in the sector.
Go ahead! Dale, Ordonez.
Move ahead, Avanza Avanza!
Give, Speak!
Where did you have locked?
I dont know.
Ven. See if you can run it.
Here it is!
Basualdo, bring a doctor!
- Ordonez! Veni, atendela!
- You who is, ma'am?
Lady, look at me. We are police.
Quiet, quiet, and it happened.
Look at me.
Look at me, lady.
Come, come, come ...
Look! There it is!
Do you know her or know her?
No sir.
Vos did not know anything about this?
No, I swear I knew nothing.
Look at me, we're the police,
already happened ... It happened, ma'am.
Yeah you know her!
Piece of turd, yes you know her!
Yeah you know her!
Sit there! Sit there.
There, lady, you're done.
Come, come, come, come.
Alex! Moni!
Girls, please,
come near me ...
- Alex, Moni! What happened? Alex!
- Calm calm.
- This is a court proceeding!
- Do not!
walk slowly
to the living, come on.
- To the living.
- Go Go!
To the couch! Put down your head!
No, not girls!
Come on! Veni!
How it is called Mrs.
which is in the basement?
I do not know what you are talking about!
- How long it was there?
- Take the gun away! I do not know!
- How long it was there?
- I do not know!
Would surnames sound
of Manoukian and Aulet?
Do you know the woman
I was in the basement?
With my children no!
- No no!
- See, see!
Turn around!
- Alex, my love, no ...
- Turn around.
Quiet, ma'am. I took.
Commodore is already underway.
It is notified.
I talked! How long
that woman was there?
Cordon off the area!
Do not let the press go!
Where is dad? Alex, Alex!
Alexander! Alexander!
Alex! Get me out of here! Please!
What's up love?
Alexander! Tell us what happened!
What do you have to say?
You want to say something?
Sos guilty?
Mom, Mom!
Veni, please, Mom!
- This lady will take care of you.
- Mom!
Your father has something to do
with all this?
My love, what's up?
- Who is she?
- It has nothing to do with it.
What did that lady in my house?
Are they guilty?
- Alexander!
- Alex!
Do not!
Get us out of here, Dad.
Get us out of here!
Nothing happens.
Archimedes! A Adriana
They not brought here. Where is?
Archimedes, I'm talking about.
Where is?
Calm calm...
Daddy? Daddy, what are we doing here?
Nothing happens.
Please do not take this anymore ...
we're leaving. Slowly. Slowly.
Nothing happens, quiet.
To me tell me nothing
when you take me from here.
We do not have the same margin
action than before, and you know it.
So for now
You must cope.
And so?
We offer provide
all means
for you
pass a good stay.
Patience, Puccio ...
After a while,
when things calm down,
it will be easier to remove.
I assure you.
Alex, strength, huh?
Easy, huh?
That'll be all right.
It will clarify this madness, you see.
Moni already left this morning.
Your mom and sister are already
at home. Take care of you, I am strong.
Is my old. You will fix everything.
Come on, sacalo good!
The shell of your mother!
Nothing happened here, huh?
Come on...
I heard that we champions.
Yes, yes, we left champions!
We came out champions, dammit!
- Go ahead, Doctor.
- Thank you.
Hi Alex.
I brought clothes.
How are you?
Calm down, please.
Pass. The judge is waiting.
This I've already explained
in previous communications.
It seems that was not clear.
I have to ask
a bank loan.
We want a new test
life of my mother, but ...
Are you listening to me
when I speak?
If you hurt my mother
You will not see a dollar.
I reiterate
we need more time.
If you do not want to expose
her mother in grave danger ...
These are the recordings
of extortion calls
the relatives of the kidnapped.
And the Aulet and Manoukian cases.
In all always
the same voice is heard.
What do you think?
I was forced to do all this,
A group led
by two men good-looking,
between 35 and 40 years running
as an organization.
What type
organization is concerned?
I do not know.
As I said, I was forced.
I do not know surnames
or real names,
only their noms de guerre.
And what did you do in that situation?
I refused as far as I could,
But they beat me.
And they threatened
to kill my whole family.
I not yet got
a lot of information,
but I'm talking
with people who owe me favors.
You have to be as strong
and lucid as possible.
When you're in front of the judge,
you have to look him in the eyes
and assure you that you
You never had the slightest idea
the facts
they were happening at home.
Quiet. Take care.
The evidence against him
They are very strong.
But you have
the chance to save his family.
The evidence against them
They are less incriminating.
At most, you can not blame
as passive accomplices.
Since no one living in that
house could ignore what was happening.
It is you who has
to accept the charges,
and declare that all
it was his responsibility.
I'm innocent.
It's all a staging
which I am the main victim.
It is to cover the real and
powerful guilty, Judge.
Look, Puccio ...
You know that both
Contemponi as Diaz
and they testified against him.
And they involved their children.
Tomorrow a confrontation between all will
and that you will do
things come to light.
I repeat.
Save his family.
You can do it.
And Adriana?
Adri is fine.
Quieter ... No?
We are all fine. Do not worry.
Dad is dealing
and will get out of here.
Did you hear?
Ma'am, please ...
Dad did it for us, Alex.
I entendelo.
Look after the dwarf.
I love you.
Me too.
Please love...
Tell me that you do not have
nothing to do with it.
I'm innocent.
Swear to me.
I swear.
I knew.
I knew ...
Gomez, I Come!
Come on, Puccio!
Vos, Alejandro!
Give, give, pumita, give!
Come on, Alex, Movete!
Well, give.
Well, go, go! Come on!
Dale, Dale, Dale.
Come on.
Go ahead!
What do you want?
For what?
Sentate, Alejandro.
Tomorrow I will refuse to testify.
I will say that I suffered constraints
illegal here in prison,
that led me
to confess crimes.
I will show marks on the face,
they will be a test
of violence
to which I was a victim.
What brands?
Which I will appear now
when you hit me.
And I you have to hit hard.
Declare that the guards
I was fucked to death.
Nor crazy.
Oh, look, "nor crazy" ...
You're not going to do anything?
Are you going to let your father
he rots in jail
after all he did for you?
You're a traitor, Alejandro.
You're an ingrate.
Do not I want also to kill?
Do you want to save yourself?
To Dad.
Let's see if you understand, Alejandro!
Your freedom or your sentence
They depend on me. Vos do you want?
Everything you sos sos thanks to me.
You never think you got
how you became who you are?
How do you think you became
idol in Puma?
For me.
Thanks to me.
Everything I planned.
I designed it step by step.
Every decision,
since you were this small.
And now I want
leave here inside?
Do you want to wash your hands as
you had nothing to do?
No. If I fall,
Alexander, we all fall.
We're all in the same,
and you're so responsible
like any.
You're an impostor.
Are you going to encourage tell your
Benito friend what you did face to face?
Hey? Do your friends at the club?
Of the selected?
Are you going to tell what you did
and why you did it?
You did it for silver, Alejandro!
By silver you received from my hand!
Now you have to act
like a man!
Shut up!
I do not shut anything.
Does your girlfriend what can you say?
Are you going to tell how you got
money for local and terrain?
For could this be life
comfortable that you have?
Stop it! Enough!
SOS sucks! SOS sucks!
Life I fucked up, motherfucker!
Motherfucker! Turd!
Let's you I'll kill you too!
Release me! Motherfucker!
I am going to kill you!
The bitch that bore you!
Traitor! Traitor!
Quiet, Alex, huh?
Everything will be arranged.
Now we are in confrontation.
Call a doctor, please!
Call a doctor!
Call a doctor! Alex!
Vos what are you doing here,
rat bitch?
I never thought
meet the devil,
as alive and well as you and me.
His laughter that they give the years
and confidence that gives fear.
I never thought
meet the wise
it is analyzing me as an equation
a response from my lips
while I'm singing
this song.
I'm just a piece of land,
do not confuse me sir, please.
I never thought to meet the boss
in his office in such a good mood.
Asking me to say what I think,
what I think of our situation.
I'm just a piece of land ...
I'm just a piece of land
do not confuse me sir, please.
I'm just one else on earth.
I'm just one more in the sun.
That tension in the environment,
how many think like me.
If potatoes are hot,
why I have to be
which give the first mordiscn?
I never thought
meet the devil
as alive and well as you and me.
Asking me to say what I think,
what I think of our situation.
This is what I think, baby!
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