El mal ajeno (2010) Movie Script

My name is Maria,
I'm forty years old
and I have Trigeminal Neuralgia.
65 years old,
multiple myeloma.
I'm Carlos,
I'm 38 years old
and what I have is called tromboan...
trombogitis ob...
I can't fucking pronounce it.
My name is Sara, I'm 28 years old
and I have multiple sclerosis.
24 years old,
I have AIDS with anorexia syndrome
and Cachexia.
I classify everything I do
according to
the pain I feel.
I can't even tell if I like a movie
or not because it depends on...
how much pain I was in
when I saw it.
My wife brings me, takes me home,
cooks my meals,
washes me...
Even worse, she can't stand me
but she'd never leave me
at a time like this.
You're cutting my leg off
next month.
Over my fucking dead body.
That's right.
Kill me first.
I won't be a fucking cripple.
Sometimes I have trouble moving...
My boyfriend doesn't know I'm sick.
I don't want him to.
Because I'm 10 weeks pregnant.
Where are you going?
I have a business trip.
- Did I wake you?
- What about Mom?
At the hospital.
- Night shift.
- Does she know you're going?
Your eyes are red.
Have you been smoking?
I should. That way tomorrow
I won't remember anything.
Andrea Mankoski's pain scale
goes from one to ten.
One is the total absence of pain
and ten is unbearable pain,
the most pain you can imagine.
Please tell me where on the scale
you would situate your pain.
What scares me is being alone.
I don't want to die alone.
What about the pain I feel in here?
Where does that fit on your scale?
We're almost there.
Hold on, my love...
Please, hold on...
Please, I need help.
- How far is she along?
- Seven months.
- Slowly, careful.
- Watch her head.
- What happened?
- She took a lot of pills.
What kind of pills?
I don't know.
Painkillers, I think.
- Benzos and barbiturates.
- Get her to Cardiac.
- What's her name?
- Please.
- Don't let her die.
- What's her name?
- Sara.
- And yours?
- Mine? Armand.
- Armand.
We'll let you know as soon as
we know something. Please, wait here.
How is she?
Her heart stopped
but we managed to stabilize her.
How long did it stop for?
Two minutes here,
outside we don't know.
What did she take?
- Barbiturates and benzos.
- You must have really cheered her up.
At least the fetus is still alive.
When did they diagnose her
with sclerosis?
10 months ago.
Why did you permit a pregnancy?
How could I stop her?
I advised against it.
Terminally ill patients never listen.
Why should they?
The fetus' heart
has a defect in the partition.
It was fine a month ago.
Her companion is waiting outside.
His name is Armand.
Are you with Sara Moncada?
- Yes.
- Sit down.
How is she?
I'm Diego Sanz, with the pain unit.
I was treating her.
Is she okay?
Sara's heart had already stopped
when she got here.
We managed to stabilize her, but...
She's gone into a deep coma.
I'm sorry.
And the baby?
We've discovered a heart deformity.
He has only one ventricle.
That complicates things.
But will he live?
It depends on the mother.
If she holds on until the baby matures,
she can give birth.
But its chances of survival
are not very high.
There's no way to know
what will happen.
You gave them to her.
You gave her the painkillers!
I didn't give her anything.
Those painkillers are easy to find.
Let go of me!
She promised me she wouldn't.
We're taking her up
to Intensive Care.
You can see her later if you want.
Where were you going last night?
Ainhoa told you?
How often do you do it?
Once a week? Twice?
Only when I work night shifts?
- Pilar...
- Where do you go?
To a hotel? To your dad's?
A friend's?
Do you have a lover?
What do you do?
Pack a suitcase and...?
I didn't even leave the garage.
We never cross in the halls anymore.
We used to look for each other
We'd try and see each other
every change we got.
- I'm not avoiding you.
- I know.
But I'm avoiding you.
Haven't you noticed?
Well, I've noticed you sometimes pack
a suitcase and act like you're leaving.
Ainhoa didn't tell me anything,
she didn't have to.
What are you doing?
Did you know she'd never eaten pizza?
She's going to die in a few days.
Yeah, and she's never been
out of Spain or seen the sea.
It's really sad.
I told you to get her consent,
not her life story.
Yeah, and I got it.
Juanjo, you can't get personally
involved with every patient.
I don't see any problem with it.
- You don't?
- No.
Come on.
Go ahead, ask them all
for their life stories.
Find out how lousy they feel,
until it makes you really sad. Go on.
Do your job, do it well,
but don't look.
Keep your head down
and don't look at them.
If you want to do this,
it's the only way.
You should know that by now.
Fucking great.
Is anything wrong?
I wanted to apologize for earlier.
I went off the handle.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Don't worry about it.
You have to cure her.
I told you, I can't.
Nobody can.
I want you to be with her.
Until the end.
Don't worry.
You have to see her every day.
Whenever necessary.
Promise you'll see her every day.
That won't do anyone any good.
You're the one who she needs
at her side.
Promise me.
Put that down.
Promise me!
I promise.
She has a burn here,
on her right shoulder.
She needs it treated every day
so it won't scar.
She won't wake up.
I want you to do it.
You have to be the one who does it.
You hear me?
All right.
I can't just sit and watch her die.
You understand, don't you?
How could you?
Diego! Diego!
Listen to me!
Can you hear me?
Is anyone here?
Help! Help!
Diego, come on!
Here we go.
Two lines of saline.
- Take his blood pressure.
- Two bags of zero negative.
- Where did he get shot?
- In the chest, I think.
Let's get a tube in there.
Pass me an 8 and a half.
There's no bullet wound.
Look closely.
But he got shot!
Are you okay?
Where did you get shot?
Diego, can you hear me?
Did you know each other?
No, he'd never been
to the hospital before.
He tried to assault you earlier.
Did he hold you responsible
for the girl's death?
She's not dead.
For her suicide attempt.
I told him I had
nothing to do with it.
But he might not have believed me.
They only found one bullet wound
in the body.
But the weapon was fired twice.
I don't remember anything,
I already told you.
Why do you think he killed himself
in front of you?
I don't know.
I guess he wanted me to remember.
Remember what?
I brought you clean clothes.
You have some...
Feeling any better?
I thought he was going to kill me.
When he was standing in front of me
with the gun,
I was sure he was going to.
It's okay, it's over now.
we can't go on like this.
We're causing each other
a lot of pain.
I know.
I haven't done this stuff
since I was an intern.
Why not come with me to the hospital
for a check-up?
If someone has to stick their finger
in my ass, I want it to be you.
Did you think I'd let you
stay with me for free?
No, not for free.
I'm doing it for you,
so you won't be alone.
Yeah, right.
Maybe you're the one who doesn't...
Your prostate has grown.
The middle partition
- is gone.
- And the consistency?
It's elastic.
- Any trouble urinating?
- No.
It looks like a simple adenoma.
But like I said, I'm no expert.
I noticed exactly the same thing.
You already examined yourself?
You're damn right.
I'm a doctor.
Then why ask me to?
Always get a second opinion.
You're coming to the hospital
tomorrow for a biopsy...
No, damn it.
I've spent my entire life
in a hospital.
I'm sick of it. I won't go.
You want me to stick my finger
in your ass every day?
Of course not.
Just Sundays and holidays.
I'll check the calendar.
Can you wait outside a moment?
Excuse me.
Are you a relative of Sara's?
I'm Armand Garcia's wife.
Then what was Sara's relationship
with him?
That's what I'd like to know.
Is her illness serious?
She has multiple sclerosis.
How far along is she?
Almost 7 months.
Is it Armand's?
That's what he told me.
Armand traveled a lot for his job.
Well, that's what he told me.
He wasn't supposed to be
in Madrid that day.
When the hospital called,
I couldn't believe it.
I thought it was a mistake,
that it was someone else.
Why did you come here?
She won't be able to help you.
I don't think he killed himself
for love. He wasn't like that.
This isn't a leg!
This is a piece of shit!
Excuse me.
This is fucking bullshit!
A leg my ass!
- I can't handle this guy.
- Here.
Carlos, what's the problem?
Take that leg and use it to kick
whoever made it in the balls.
Where'd you get it, the flea market?
It hurts me.
That's normal at first.
- You have to get used to it.
- Yeah, right.
Before you cut off the other one.
It really fucking hurts.
Give me something.
- You've been given your medication.
- Give me more.
- Have you examined him?
- Yes.
What do you see?
- A fucking cripple, that's what.
- I was asking him.
It's bruised,
cold and without a pulse.
Five years of med school
to tell me that?
- Seven.
- And?
There's vasculitis
- and it's cutting the circulation.
- Come on.
Whatever you gotta say,
say it to my fucking face!
- You really want to hear it?
- Yeah.
You're amputating
the other one, right?
Your leg has 4 weeks left, tops.
But that's not what worries me now.
Your left fingers have ulcers.
Ischemia is setting in the arm.
Give him lloprost
and have them run an angiogram.
Juanjo, for God's sake...
What are you doing here?
I came to see you.
Since you moved out, I never see you.
Well, I never saw you before either.
What's wrong?
Why aren't you at school?
Don't worry, I can take a look at her.
What for?
It burns and itches a lot.
Who said you could get
a piercing?
Look, Dad.
I'm just being a rebellious teenager.
I'm very traumatized
- by your separation.
- Okay, let me see it.
No, Dad.
I want another doctor.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Great. The reunion.
- What's wrong with her?
Her piercing got infected.
Did you know she got a piercing?
No. Ainhoa, take off
- your shirt.
- It's not my belly button.
Where is it?
I can't believe it.
A little below my belly button, Dad.
I'll go find someone.
Take a deep breath.
I don't hear any wheezing.
- Maybe your problem is up here.
- Dad, stop.
When did these symptoms begin?
After the parking lot.
After that or after
you got separated?
It was the same day.
That's why I'm asking, son.
Since I was a kid,
I never wanted to be like you.
Congratulations, you got your wish.
You think so?
Doctor, father at twenty
and alone before forty.
Sound familiar?
The difference is,
I was a good doctor,
a good father
and a good husband.
And you...
You're much better looking.
How is she?
The same.
I have Ainhoa's test results.
The piercing isn't what caused
the infection.
Then what did?
- Don't ask what. Ask who.
- Gonorrhea?
- You knew she was having sex?
- She's 17 years old.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Yes, of course I knew.
What I didn't know was
without a condom.
What are you doing here?
And smoking?
They say it's good for cancer.
- That it eases the pain.
- You don't have cancer.
Wanna hit?
No, I'm working.
Take a hit, man.
Who cares if you screw up?
We're all half-dead anyway.
I see you're feeling better.
Yes, I am.
I don't know what you gave me
but I'm about a zero on that
"Manchowski" scale of yours.
The pain will come back.
I know.
I know the pain will come back.
Everything will come back,
except my leg and my wife.
Let me relax a little.
Use a little psychology.
Ask me how I feel,
why she left me...
Ask me about the inside.
Okay, Carlos.
Tell me.
How are you doing?
How do you feel?
Why did your wife leave you?
And inside,
how are you doing?
I'm glad you asked, doctor.
one week after
my leg got amputated,
more or less,
my wife moved in with her mother.
She said I was being unbearable.
I've been unbearable my whole life.
That's true.
In any case,
thanks for asking.
It's a nice gesture.
I see you're getting used to the leg.
I'll take you dancing
some time.
You need to loosen up.
From one dealer to another.
They're the keys to her house.
I'm sure of it.
- What do you want me to do?
- You're her doctor.
You know where she lives.
Shouldn't you forget all this
and move on with your life?
What time is it?
Half past twelve.
In half an hour my hands
will start shaking,
but only for a little while,
until I drink something.
After that I'll be fine.
I started drinking because I was lonely.
Now I realize that wasn't why.
It was because of Armand.
He's not here anymore.
It's time to free yourself.
My husband was the only thing
that mattered to me for 20 years.
20 years.
I need to know what I did wrong.
What have we got?
Car accident. Just married,
on their way to the banquet,
rammed by a truck from behind.
- Gemma, saline.
- Injuries?
Severe head trauma
and a fractured jaw.
I need help tubing him.
- Glasgow?
- Three.
He's brain dead.
Try and stabilize him.
He can donate
- his organs.
- Heart rate is 30.
- Saturation dropping to 60.
- It's stopping. Juanjo,
- give me an 8 inch tube.
- They're bringing in the bride.
- We need a hand.
- Go ahead, I'll stay here.
Let's go.
Come on!
Put on some gloves.
Focus on what you're doing.
What are you doing?
Why your fingers?
I'm trying to reach a jaw fragment
but there's no way.
Wasn't he stopping?
The frequency is rising.
50, 60...
That's impossible.
Saturation too.
This thing is busted.
Get Tariq.
Right away.
If you can hear me, nod.
You're going to be fine.
What is it?
His pulse came back
and he started breathing.
He just regained consciousness.
That's impossible.
- Did you do something to him?
- Nothing.
I didn't even have time
to get a tube in him.
Run a CAT scan, see what he's got.
Juanjo, give me a hand.
You said it hurt too much to wear.
I watched "Rocky" last night.
How's the foot doing?
That one's okay. Better.
Let me see your hands.
If I let go I'll fall on my ass.
First one and then the other.
Any pain in your arms?
- Have you felt any tingling?
- No.
I want to run another angiogram
on you.
- What do you see?
- A leg.
Can you be more specific?
Before I saw a stump in progress.
Now I see a healthy leg.
All of his blood vessels have opened up.
What have you been giving him?
Antiprostaglandines, vasodilators...
That wouldn't cause the arteritis
to revert.
Then what happened?
Did the guy heal himself?
Some of them die,
and others pull through.
Don't pretend you're not excited
about what happened today.
What happened to Carlos
and the groom...
You've gone bitter, man.
No, you're right.
I'm half drunk already.
Don't worry about it.
I was just like you.
I used to get excited about stuff too.
But I've tried so hard all these years
not to let the bad stuff get to me...
that now the good stuff
doesn't affect me either.
Nothing does.
It'll happen to you too.
Today reminded me of why
I wanted to be a doctor.
To heal people, of course!
To heal people.
Good evening.
I've come to heal you.
On the count of three,
you'll wake up.
Wake up!
That's it.
It's okay.
We're here.
Is this where Sara lives?
Yes. Ring a bell?
Armand developed this project.
That's the pilot home.
Is that what Sara took?
why didn't she take all of them?
Maybe she was just trying
to get attention.
She took enough
to kill two people.
Then why is she still alive?
By the way,
I brought you something.
What is it?
It'll help you stop drinking.
Like those miracle pills on TV
for losing weight
without eating less?
No. And never mix it with alcohol.
It's dangerous.
And it should be a complement
to therapy.
You know,
I don't know if I want
to stop drinking.
It's the only thing I'm good at.
Show me the heart deformity.
How long will you keep her sedated?
Until she gives birth.
Not even this affects you?
This must affect you
at least a little.
Do you see it or not?
I'd say it's...
between these two here...
Go on home, it's late.
- Are you coming?
- No, I'll hang around.
I have things to do.
See you tomorrow.
It must be the antibiotic.
I'll take you to the hospital
and your dad can prescribe another.
No, Mom. I don't want
any more antibiotics.
I heard they can turn
- your teeth yellow.
- Don't be silly.
Come on, get dressed.
It's late.
One thing.
Do nurses like you
take the Hypocratic oath?
Is that what it's called?
What's wrong, Ainhoa?
What's wrong? Nothing's wrong.
I was just wondering if my mother
took the Hypocratic oath.
You're pissing me off.
I didn't take the antibiotic
Dad gave me. I took another one.
Who changed your medication?
Tell me who!
- I don't think it's funny.
- Me neither.
She insisted on seeing the stump.
She wanted me to show it to her.
She touched it and everything.
She said it was soft.
Then she got
all horny
and we fucked like animals.
Then she said it was a slip-up
and it would never happen again.
But I think it's only a matter of time
before she comes back to me.
Glad to hear it.
What's happening to me?
It appears the medication has managed
- to reverse the arterial inflammation.
- No, I mean you.
- What are you doing?
- Putting up with you, no small thing.
You're healing me.
- Of course I'm healing you.
- I mean,
it's not the medicine.
It's you.
When you touch me I can feel it.
What do you feel?
That everything is better,
things start pumping again
inside me,
my blood...
I don't know, everything is better.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Hi, Pilar.
Why did you change Ainhoa's
She asked me
and I gave her my opinion.
Your opinion?
You're a first year intern.
Your opinion doesn't fucking matter.
And why did she listen to you?
I told her to tell you,
but she didn't listen.
Why did you prescribe her Ceftriaxone
without asking me?
Answer me.
Because it worked for me.
You have gonorrhea?
- I had it.
- What?
I had it.
Did you give Ainhoa gonorrhea?
- No.
- Was it you?
No, she gave it to me.
I love Juanjo, okay?
And he loves me.
That's life.
So I don't care what you say.
I don't care.
He's the love of my life, Dad.
Stop looking at me like that!
Don't fucking laugh!
If you two failed as a couple,
that's your fucking problem!
I'll never leave Juanjo!
Ainhoa, open the door.
Make sure she takes the antibiotic.
If she's feverish
or the spots spread, call me.
I'm off.
We see each other more than ever
now that we're separated.
Stay the night if you want.
I can't.
- I have things to do.
- Sure.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I know you.
Yes, we know each other.
I'm one of many doctors
who've treated you.
You bit me pretty hard.
They say she doesn't feel anything.
But I do.
Are you awake?
What is it, is something wrong?
What is it?
I think it was something at dinner.
Okay. Slowly, slowly.
- I stink.
- Don't worry about it.
You scared the shit out of me.
Come on, let's get up.
I'll take you to bed.
No, not to bed. I haven't slept in it
since your mother died.
Come on.
Dad, can you hear me?
The CAT scan shows hemorrhaging
in the cerebellum...
probably caused by metastasis.
He has a tumor?
Originating in the prostate.
I gave him a rectal exam last month
and he was fine.
We have to operate.
The hemorrhage
is causing hydrocephaly.
It's a very risky operation.
At his age he has no chance.
Better than if we don't operate.
I'd rather wait a bit.
- Diego, I know he's your father...
- Leave me alone.
Very well.
- Sorry.
- You scared me.
I saw a light and thought
it was Diego.
No, he's off today.
- Okay.
- Why? Anything wrong?
No, a patient of his
just went into labor.
We have to operate.
We diagnosed the baby
with single ventricle.
Prepare the incubator and make sure
the cardiac team is ready.
Thanks, Juanjo.
Have you ever witnessed
a birth before?
- Only my own.
- Come on.
Your father was my professor.
He always told us not to spend
all our time studying,
that knowing only about medicine
didn't make a good doctor.
If we didn't appreciate life,
we wouldn't worry about
prolonging it.
He always told me the same thing.
- Did you listen?
- No.
I spent all day locked in my room
That makes two of us.
Separate the wall from the uterus.
That's it.
Pull the valve.
Now gently place your hand
beside the wall
of the uterus.
- Like this?
- Yes.
- I got it.
- Good, take it out.
Gently but don't hesitate.
That's it, good.
That's it.
See how easy it is?
He's fibrillating.
Clear. Defibrillator.
Charge at 150.
- Ready.
- Diego, clear.
Nothing. Adrenaline
and 300 of Amiodarone.
Charge at 200.
What did you say he had?
Single ventricle.
There's no deformity.
His heart is perfect.
Are you sure?
Come on!
Diego... that's enough.
- Charge again at 200.
- Diego.
Do it!
- Ready.
- Clear.
Are you happy?
You had to fuck this up for me.
I think I'm going to throw up.
You'll just have to tough it out
until we get home.
I'm sick of you making a fool of me.
Every time!
What are you doing?
There's no way.
Throw up in your purse,
not in my car!
We'd been trying to have kids
for years, but I couldn't.
I underwent all sorts
of treatment, but...
I proposed adoption,
but no,
he only wanted a child
of his own blood.
That day I went to the gynecologist.
I'd missed my period
and I thought we had finally done it.
God, I was so happy.
And the doctor said I had
premature menopause.
I wasn't even forty yet
and I already had menopause.
He said these things
happen sometimes.
But that I could never have
It was your fault!
The girl we ran over
was Sara's sister.
Armand looked for her.
He gave her
his time,
a house...
and a child.
Well, no.
She gave him the child.
Which of all your
discoveries made you mix
cyanamide with alcohol?
Don't worry, I won't do it again.
you can't keep living here.
I have nowhere else to go.
- They've seized all Armand's properties.
- But not this one?
This one wasn't listed.
This is Sara's house.
Isn't she going to die?
She isn't.
I'm very sorry about your father.
I shouldn't have called you.
If you want to leave...
I'd rather stay.
If you don't mind.
Getting separated is supposed
to make you better off, right?
And you're not?
- Why don't you go back?
- I don't know.
I feel like
I haven't left yet.
I go through the same thing
with Armand.
It's like...
I'm still married to him, like I have
to justify everything I do to him.
As if...
I felt guilty.
Guilty of what?
Hello, Sara.
Can you hear me?
Don't try to speak.
You've had a tracheotomy.
No, don't touch it.
It's normal for you
to feel disoriented.
You've just woken up from a coma.
Two weeks ago you gave birth
to a beautiful baby.
you were very fortunate.
When Armand brought you
to the hospital
your chances of survival
were minimal,
yours and the baby's.
He couldn't stand
watching you die.
I'm sorry.
Here he is.
He's a good boy.
Eats and sleeps great.
And he never cries.
Do you?
What's his name?
Have you named him yet?
There's more life on that window than
everything I ever shared with Armand.
Why did they visit all those places?
What were they doing?
He changed his whole life
for that whore.
I don't recognize him
in anything I've found.
It's like it's someone else.
You have to get out of here.
This isn't doing you any good.
It's my house.
The deed is right over there.
Armand put it in my name
so nobody could take it away.
What's this?
I don't know.
It's hers. You're the doctor.
It's from another hospital.
So she should have died
twice already.
Turn towards me, please.
That's it.
This looks good.
It's perfect.
Try to speak.
- Hello.
- That's it.
It's uncomfortable at first,
you have to get used to it.
How do you feel?
We'll be releasing you
in a few days.
One of the nurses said
you were with Armand
when he died.
He didn't say anything?
To take care of you.
You did a great job.
I'll stop in later.
By the way,
you never mentioned having
a lymphoma.
It went away.
What do you mean?
What I have now
went away too, right?
Don't scratch it.
Dad, please. Give me something.
You have no idea
- how much it stings.
- I know it's uncomfortable,
- but you have to bear it.
- I don't want to.
This will make you feel better.
Who's in Dermatology?
Marquez. But first we have to run
a test and scanner
on her pelvic infection.
- The scanner is ready.
- No.
You can't be here.
I look awful.
- I don't want you to see me.
- You look gorgeous.
What a liar! Get out!
- It's okay, you look great.
- I don't want you to see me like this.
I do not like being your patient.
because you only treat people
who are about to die.
I'm not here as a doctor.
I'm here as a father.
You know something?
When I was a kid
I used to act sick so you would
pay attention to me.
But it never worked.
Now I finally got my wish.
I was a bad father.
The worst.
Who are they?
They had an accident
on their wedding day.
And they both recovered?
How cool.
What's wrong?
Is what I have really serious?
No. Of course not.
Are you saying that
as a doctor or as a father?
I'm saying it... as a doctor.
I love you, sweetie.
I heard that.
You know.
You know what's happening.
I need you to tell me.
Tell you what?
Why my father died
and why my daughter is about to.
It's my fault.
It's me, isn't it?
Close the door.
Sorry about the delay,
we had to repeat the tests.
Something wasn't right.
What happened?
We were unable to locate
the conditions you spoke of.
What does that mean?
That she's fine.
There's no sign of any lymphoma.
I'm cured?
I don't think you were ever sick.
What about the tests they ran on her
at the other hospital?
You might be the ones
who are wrong.
What happened in there?
- Sara, what happened?
- You killed my sister.
You ran her over
and left her in the street.
You're the one who killed her!
It was you!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
He cured me.
And he didn't even realize.
What about you?
How did you realize?
How did you know
he had cured you,
that he could do
something like that?
Because my sister could do it too.
I'd take her to cure sick people,
like it was a game.
Until we both realized
what was happening to me.
She kept asking me why
she couldn't cure me.
She felt guilty.
She said that if she died,
I would get better.
And she was right.
Are you okay?
If Armand hadn't come looking for me,
he would never have realized
he got it.
But you're a doctor.
You probably figured it out sooner.
Why did you let Armand cure people?
He fell in love with you.
You knew you would get sick again.
Didn't you care?
You didn't care what happened to you?
That's it.
I'm not going anywhere.
I won't cure anybody else.
What's this?
Where did you get it?
What's it for?
Answer me!
To release you
from me.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Forgive me.
I don't want to keep doing it.
I'm hurting you.
I don't want to lose you, Sara!
I don't want to lose you!
Where do I come into this?
Why me?
I talked to Armand about you.
I told him you never get involved
with your patients.
What does that matter?
For this, it's the only way.
How many loved ones
have you got?
How many,
compared to all the people
you can help?
What do you mean, how many?
My daughter.
She's the one who's dying.
Thousands in the world...
I don't care!
I don't want to cure people!
You have to.
You have to cure people, Diego.
It's not yours. It's not up to you.
If you don't,
someone else will.
I'm afraid of hurting you.
Hurting you too.
I can't be with you.
Or anybody else.
I can't right now.
I'm giving up the pain unit.
I wanted you to know.
Why? You don't want
to end up like me?
See you tonight at the I. C. U.
I want to come at midnight.
What's at midnight?
The next day.
Ainhoa's birthday?
We were going to tell you tomorrow.
That we're together.
We would have been
just as unhappy.
Yeah, but since she won't be
a minor anymore,
she can do whatever she wants.
Ainhoa has always done
whatever she wanted.
No matter what you do,
you'll never end up like me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
I heard you asked for a leave.
I want to spend more time
with Ainhoa.
Are you going to stay at your Dad's?
When did you sleep last?
Why don't you go home
and get some rest?
I'm not going home.
I'd go crazy there, all alone...
I'm going for some food.
What can I bring you?
When we got separated, I thought...
It's okay.
As long as Ainhoa is here,
things will be fine.
Our little girl
will keep us together.
There was even a part of me
that was glad when she got sick.
Because I thought that
would help us work out
our problems.
I can't lose my little girl.
You're not going to.
I can't.
We're not going to lose her.
I promise.
This isn't a good time, Carlos.
I need your help.
I screwed up.
Please, you have to come with me.
I said I can't.
What are you doing?
- I said come with me!
- What are you doing?
What have you done?
Heal her!
What have you done?
She's bleeding.
Do what you did to me.
I can't. We have to take her
to the hospital.
Make her better.
Like you did to me.
Touch her. Please, touch her.
That's it.
It's okay, honey.
You'll be fine.
You'll be fine, you'll see.
No, please...
Please, no... Please, no...
What are you doing?
Don't stop.
Heal her or I'll kill you.
- We have to take her inside.
- No.
- I'll kill you.
- I can't.
- What do you mean?
- I can't help her.
- Yes, you can. Do it or I'll kill you!
- I can't.
I won't!
You can't?
We can't let her die out here.
Let's get her inside.
I wanted to get back together.
We're still in time.
I can't help her.
I can't.
- Six, seven, eight, nine...
- Clear.
- She's gone into arrest.
- Give her adrenaline.
- One, two, three, four...
- Inserting tube.
...six, seven, eight, nine...
She's been bleeding for 20 minutes.
He slit his own throat
five minutes ago.
- You know them?
- He's my patient.
I'll take her, you stay with him.
I can't. I'm on leave.
Diego, don't bullshit me.
We have a pulse.
That's enough.
You're not going in?
I'm going to change first.
Are you okay?
I just talked to Hector.
He doesn't think she'll survive
another crisis.
You have to see this.
I'm not going to treat any patient.
It's not a patient.
Not here.
Last week she felt dizzy.
I thought it was probably anemia.
I requested a blood test.
The lymphocyte levels
are extremely high.
It could be leukemia.
It's not.
It's nothing serious.
I'll handle it.
Then what is it?
I couldn't find you.
I needed a little air.
Remember when we'd come up here?
You were always worried
we'd get caught.
And we did.
Yeah, that's right.
I forgot.
What is it?
A vitamin complex.
I saw your test results.
You're slightly anemic.
I really want to give you a hug.
Then why don't you?
What are you doing here?
What do you want?
I came for my stuff.
May I?
Hold him, please.
I'm going on a trip,
I don't need much.
A lot of places.
- Like you did with Armand?
- Yes.
Diego said you might not mind
taking care of it.
Of what?
Of the baby.
I'd like you to stay with him
until I get back.
When will that be?
I don't know.
It might be a while.
I was thinking of naming him
I don't like it.
Me neither.
Name him whatever you want.
How do you feel?
And you?
Very tired.
No wonder.