El Sanatorio (2010) Movie Script

The Duran Sanatorium opened
its doors in 1919.
It was a hospital for TB patients,
located in Cartago, Costa Rica.
Since it opened, stories of strange deaths,
disappearances, ghosts, have given it a
horrific reputation.
Ghost Scares Patients
The place has become an urban legend.
Some claim to have seen things,
others say it's all lies.
Ghost Nun in the Sanatorium
In October 2010, a group of youngsters started
a documentary to film the ghosts that live
in the Sanatorium.
They never finished it...
I was interned at the
Sanatorium around 1962.
It was around when Kennedy came and there
were lots of ashes from the volcano in Cartago.
So, I was sent to the Sanatorium,
cause I got infected with tuberculosis.
While you were there,
did you happen to see anything?
Since we were a bunch of
patients sharing a ward,
some said there was a ghost nun
walking through the halls
she'd take off her headdress
and did strange things, and she was ugly!
In fact, she was so ugly and scary
that the majority of
patients died there...
but they didn't die
because of the disease.
They were scared to death by
such a horrible sight.
Of course I saw something!
You bet I saw something.
One night I was laying
down with fever
and I heard a voice calling me,
And then I saw a
shadow come over me.
So I started praying,
I was scared shitless.
Suddenly, the voice came back,
now on this side, "Juanciiitooo,"
and then from the opposite side,
Hey, wait a minute, pay
attention here.
If you are here for an interview,
do not make fun of me.
I'd love to see
you in that scenario.
"Juanciiitooo," you'd crap your pants.
Take good care,
may God be with you.
-Thanks, bye.
You're an ass, why did you
have to laugh in his face?
I couldn't help it, it was
too funny!
So, do you believe
his story?
The shadow story
or the ghost nun story?
The Shadow story.
Not really. He had TB,
and was boiling with fever.
You're right, it sounded
pretty unbelievable.
What about the ghost nun?
Well that one was the same legend as
the one from St. John's Hospital.
You think it's the same story?
Sure it's the same ghost nun.
When the Sanatorium shut down, the ghost
nun requested a transfer to St. John's hospital.
You are such an idiot.
Where did you find
that old fart anyway?
The guy is friends
with my grandma.
Some friends she has!
The Sanatorium
Well, you know, I'm a journalist.
Part of my job is doing chronicles,
so, I was sent to spend a night
at the Sanatorium.
Record sounds, take pictures,
just hang out over there.
Did something happen
while you were there?
Well, lots of things.
It started with a strange smell,
a foul smell.
The vibe was tense and heavy.
Besides the smell, what
else did you experience?
Well, right after the foul smell,
I started taking pictures.
I was really confused.
There were shadows and
strange silhouettes.
The freakiest thing,
was hearing the voices of children.
Voices of children?
You know the Sanatorium
became an orphanage, right?
No, we didn't.
Parents used to abandon kids
at the Sanatorium doorstep.
Going back to the voices of kids,
what was that about?
Going back to the voices of kids,
what was that about?
Well, their voices, I could hear them,
I was scared, really scared.
I pulled out my sound recorder,
but it didn't register the voices.
Did anything else happen?
What do you mean, "anything else?"
Picture yourself there.
Weird sounds, the foul smell,
the weird vibe, little kids talking to you.
I was scared out of my mind!
Could you turn that thing off please?
Hey, dude, turn that off!
I was supposed to stay
there the whole night.
But, hell no!
I left in the middle of the night.
I flew out of there.
In fact, hold on...
Did you cut? No? You didn't?
Why don't we ask him
if he saw the ghost nun?
Are you crazy, you moron?
You want him to slap me?
Well I thought...
No, shut up, be quiet.
Here you go.
Listen to them.
I listened to the tapes,
but couldn't hear anything.
Maybe you'll have better luck.
I recorded till 3am,
that's when I left.
14 days before the investigation
at the Sanatorium
-What's up?
-I'm alright
-So? Did you find it?
-Yeah, here it is.
Awesome, does it work?
-Yup, I tested it.
Let's do this.
-What do you have there?
Check it out.
Are you kidding me?
Awesome, huh?
-This is great.
I found it while looking
for the tape player.
Does it work?
-Yeah, it works great.
Kill the ones coming from below.
Kill the guys from below.
I'm telling you, the guys from below!
What the hell?
I got killed because of you!
I told you the guys below!
I'll go listen to the tapes now.
Alright, we're about to listen to the tapes,
to see if we can find anything.
Did you find anything?
I think so.
Listen to this.
It's 3am!
It smells like shit, the
whole place smells...
What? I'm hearing voices,
little kids' voices.
Does this work?
Can you hear them?
No, I don't hear them.
What? Who's there?
Lucas, shut up.
Did you hear that?
Our father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Lucas, calm down!
It just touched me!
Leave me alone!
The guy got scared out of his mind.
Lucas also got a good scare.
Check it out.
Alright, enough.
Don't you know dogs can hear ghosts?
It's like those whistles only dogs can hear.
Like that thing with the cows.
What thing about cows?
Cows sit or lay down when they
feel an earthquake coming.
Do you lay down in
earthquakes too?
No, man, cows!
We were at the Sanatorium, shooting
our music video "Descriptar."
So, when Bob was doing his solo,
there was suddenly this awful smell,
like rotten roadkill.
So, we started joking around,
asking "Who farted?"
But, after a while, it became
really uncomfortable.
The air was heavy,
it became hard to breathe.
Like I said, it was uncomfortable.
Did you notice anything else?
Well, not at the place but...
While we were editing the footage,
we were checking Bob's solo and...
There's something really weird there.
There's this shadow, or silhouette.
It's really bizarre.
I got the shit scared out of me.
So we could say
you filmed an apparition?
Well, I think so...
-Wanna see it?
-Sure, definitely.
Let me open the file.
Hold on.
Ok, come closer.
Oh, man!
What is that?
I don't know, but we
nicknamed it "Samael"
-Why Samael?
-Samael, the angel of death.
We thought it was kinda funny.
13 days before the investigation
at the Sanatorium
-How are you?
-Nice to meet you.
-I'm Luis, how are you?
-Come in.
You can sit on the couch.
Would you guys like some coffee?
-With milk for me please.
-Mine black.
-ls it enough milk?
-Yeah, thanks.
You are a lefty.
Yeah, why?
-No, nevermind.
Why? Tell me.
Have you ever seen
ghosts or apparitions?
Well, to tell you the absolute truth...
-There are no "absolute truths" in this.
Did you know that lefties
are more sensitive
to seeing things
that are not common.
Because the ambidextrous
are sinister...
So just because he is a lefty, he is
"sinister" or from the dark side?
The association with evil is
a heritage from religion.
Excuse me just a second.
Hi, come in.
I'll bring you directions.
Hi, hello.
-Did you bring a receipt?
-Yeah, here it is.
Great! Here are directions
and a map.
Just call me when you are done,
to see how it went.
The only request was to be careful with balloons,
the kid freaks out if you burst too many.
The only request was to be careful with balloons,
the kid freaks out if you burst too many.
So, what about you?
Are you ambidextrous or sinister?
Me? I can kick with both legs.
Well, my grandma was a medium.
So, since I was little, I felt it easy
to comunicate with other entities.
A ghost is basically the remains
of a dead person's soul.
Sometimes they manifest physically.
What about a demon?
A demon could be anything,
they are tricky.
When they want to attract victims,
they transform into
things that look
harmless and innocent,
You have to be careful.
Still you can sense evil...
11 days before the investigation
at the Sanatorium
We've found lots of information
about the Sanatorium.
We found out that besides being a prison
and an orphanage,
there's police records of missing people,
satanic rituals and even an exorcism.
And not only that, there's 18 reports
of people that have seen a ghost nun!
A ghost nun that wanders around...
You know? I think we should hire
someone else to help with the ghosts thing.
But we already got Lulu, the medium.
Yeah, I know, but I'm talking
about the investigation part specifically,
that sort of thing.
Well, isn't that your job?
Yeah, man, but it's too much.
At this pace, we'll never
get to the Sanatorium.
What do you have in mind?
Well, I know a girl.
She's a really good investigator.
Oh, so "a girl" huh?...
And what is the name of this girl?
It's that girl I told you about...
You know, Mariana.
Oh, man, you are so obvious
it's not even funny.
Mariana is Arturo's ex-girlfriend...
Ever since we started the project,
Arturo has been trying to get her in and...
Ok, first of all,
she was never my girlfriend!
Second of all,
she is an excellent investigator!
-And in the third place?
-In the third place...well...
Man, you are so lame!
Look, that girl, Mariana, she's like...
How do I put this? Umm, she is too...
Too hot for me?
Is that what you're saying?
Well, you won't say it,
but you are thinking it!
No, dude, YOU are the
one saying that.
The other day you were telling people that
I look like Harry Potter.
Shhh what?!
Everyone in this library
is noisy, what's her problem?
Man, sit down!
-She's here reading magazines!
-I know, sit down.
If it means that much
to you, call Mariana.
-Name and Occupation?
-Mariana Echeverria, lnvestigator.
Alright, Mariana, tell me,
have you ever investigated
ghosts, demons, or any
paranormal phenomenon?
No, not really.
Dude, you told me she had experience.
You told him I investigate ghosts?
No, hold on. What I said, is that
she is an excellent...
an EXCELLEN investigator.
Aww, you said that?
-Alright, next question:
What can you bring
to this investigation?
I'm really dedicated to my work,
I have lots of contacts.
I'm good at finding information.
-Ok, change of subject.
Are you Arturo's ex?
What are you doing, you dickhead!
Um, what kind of question is that?
I think this info might
be of interest to the audience...
Ok then, just to clarify this
to the audience:
Arturo is not my ex.
We just made out a couple of times.
Once in Palmares,
and the other time at a bar.
Yeah, a bar.
Alright, is that all?
-Yeah, that's it.
-Hi, everything alright?
-Hello, how are you?
I'm fine. What's up?
Come in.
I got something really interesting
to show you. Wanna see it?
Most apparitions have happened
there, we call it "The Construction."
I found the body of a woman
that was murdered here.
A nun called Sister Encarnacion.
She died and on her last days
she went crazy.
She was neurotic and her ghost
follows people around.
-Some nuns were raped by youngsters.
They were lost souls.
They raped nuns.
It was terrible!
It's the truth!
The Duran Sanatorium is filled
with lots of stories.
Stories of ghosts, nuns...
-Excuse me! please...
Don't film here today,
the place is closed.
Don't film here today,
the place is closed.
Thanks for your cooperation,
may God be with you.
What's up with that priest?
Well that's not new information and
everything the guy said are suppositions.
Did you pay attention to the priests?
-Well now, check this out.
-Ghosts...What was that?
-He was thrown out of the window
-Something pushed him, right?
-Was this shown on TV?
Why doesn't anybody talk about it?
You know how people are,
they watch the news and quickly forget.
This is really good, Mariana.
Finding this was just excellent!
7 days before the investigation
at the Sanatorium
I heard this guy is really weird.
Well, yeah, he is weird, but he
is nice and knows a lot.
Are you sure?
-Yes, I'm sure.
We'll see.
We'll see.
Hold on, let me do it.
Is Pedro around?
You are here for the ghosts?
This is an electromagnetic
field reader.
You are clean.
What's that for?
Ghosts utilize electromagnetic
fields to manifest.
This equipment is used for
ghost hunting.
So, it's called a "ghost hunter?"
It's not like you hunt
them and trap them.
Yeah, cuz that's impossible, right?
It's not impossible, but there has to
be a strong reason to trap them.
You cannot do it for personal
glory or vanity.
Anyway, we don't want to trap them,
we just want to film them.
Good idea, you shouldn't play
with what you don't know.
What does that do?
Um, this is the barcode reader
for the store, thank you very much.
Take a thermometer with you.
And when there's a sudden change of
temperature it may be because of ghosts.
I've had very intense
encounters with ghosts.
I've had two encounters.
But you have 3 lines.
Yeah, but that one doesn't count.
Why did you cross a line over it?
Somebody played a prank on me,
but, whatever, I don't care.
Would you like to go with
us to the Sanatorium?
Going to the Sanatorium
looking for ghosts
is like going to an amusement
park looking for amusement.
is like going to an amusement
park looking for amusement.
I mean, you know there are
ghosts there,
there's no fun.
Do you know the rules
for ghost hunting?
-Are there rules for ghost hunting?
-Of course!
What are they?
1. Get your recorder ready.
In this case, your camera
and bring lots of batteries
because ghosts discharge them.
2. With good manners, ask the ghost
to manifest and communicate.
Sure, if not they can be bothered.
Of course, and you don't want a
bothered ghost after you.
3. Be classy when you
ask them questions.
Don't ask stuff like, "Did you kill
your wife with a machete?"
4. The most important thing:
Ask the ghosts kindly
to please not follow you home.
They can follow you?
-Of course, I have one here.
Production Meeting
3 days before the Sanatorium investigation
Let's start by introducing ourselves,
to see who is who on this project.
Mariana and Kurt aren't here yet.
Let's start anyway, we
can't wait any longer.
Well, I'm Luis Bogantes, some of
you already know me.
I've had the pleasure of working with
some of you in the past
and I'm the director of this project.
I'm Arturo Pardo, investigator
and journalist. Um, what else?
A pleasure to work with
all of you on this project.
OK, I'm Lulu. I'm a medium.
Or you might call me an open channel...
And also I plan parties for kids.
So if you know anyone
needing a party...
Anyone knows a kid who might
need a party you can contact me.
Hi, I'm Papillo and this is Gaston.
We are the techs of the movie.
I'm really excited to be here.
-Yeah, same here, let's see what...
-Hey, Papito, Papino, Papillo.
No biographies, alright? Let's
just focus on the important people...
I'm Esteban Perales, I'm the
producer of this project.
Excuse me, but...I think we all contribute
with something of value here.
We are all important here.
Yes, but some are more important...
...than others
Are you recording?
I wanna talk about what
happened at the table.
You have to mark your territory
from the beginning,
Let people know
your place in the pyramid.
If not, they won't respect you.
I'm just doing Luis and
Arturo a favor, they need money.
So the money man is my dad.
I mean...me!
Alright, that's it.
Day Zero
Trip to the Sanatorium
Hi, I'm Kurt Dyer, I'm the music
composer for the documentary.
Oh yeah! And they also brought me
cause I'm an atheist...
just to show the other side of the coin
regarding paranormal phenomena.
So yeah, I don't believe in anything.
-Are you ready?
But now I am!
-What a clown.
-Alright, let's go.
-What's up?
-Take your seat.
Are you alright?
What about you?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Are you recording?
No, I didn't CHOOSE to be an atheist...
I just decided to be different
and think a little.
So you just don't believe at all?
No. I don't believe in God, the Devil,
or this paranormal stuff.
Maybe that's cuz you
have never seen something...
No, that ain't why. I believe
everything has a rational explanation.
No, not everything.
What doesn't have an explanation?
Well, psychokinesis,
extrasensory perception.
Those things don't have an explanation.
Yeah, I don't believe in them at all.
Maybe you shouldn't be so close-minded
'cause you could have
something in front of you,
and you won't see it
due to being so stubborn.
See! That's the thing! People condemn me for my
beliefs, well, my lack of belief in this case.
But I'm not hurting anyone...
I'm not worshipping Satan...
doing rituals and stuff like that...
Well, you know real Satanists are the ones
who don't believe in anything,
because Satan means "Adverse,"
adverse to religion.
So what do you call guys who
do rituals and sacrifices?
Ok, quit the chit-chat,
we'e here!
Look at it!
We could do the interviews
near the truck and on the stairs.
And the other thing...
-Check it out.
What's going on?
This place is charged with energy.
We are not alone. I feel a presence...
Hey... I.. also can feel a presence...
A presence of tourists eating hot dogs.
-You are so annoying.
-We'll see...
Excuse me, the Sanatorium
is closed today.
I have a permit that authorizes
me to kick you out,
so move along.
Mariana, do me a favor, some kid
ran in, get him out, please.
Alright, I guess.
This place is trashed.
Hey, kid!
Kid, you need to get out.
Nobody should be in here.
Where's that little boy?
You've got to be kidding me.
Oh no...
Arturo, come here!
You don't know what
just happened to me!
The kid that Esteban
told me to chase out...
disappeared in front of my eyes!
-What kid are you talking about?
That kid Esteban wanted me
to chase out, he disappeared!
-The kid just vanished.
-lt was a ghost!
I believe you, Mariana,
but you can't go in alone.
-You have to tell me.
-I know!! I can't go on my own.
-Do you need a hug?
-Are you for real?
So, Lulu, what do you
have in your magic bag?
Magic bag?
I have holy water,
a white candle, sauce,
tree crust and salt.
-What's the salt for?
-Salt is used for protection.
In ancient times, it was even used
as money, hence the word "salary."
So you know how
to cast magic spells?
I only do white magic.
And what do you need for that?
Why are you interested?
-I'm just wondering.
You're probably wondering if I can
cast a love spell, huh?
Oh, no...
But, can you?
Papillo, Gaston, Kurt, Mariana,
come over here.
Arturo, Lulu, please...
This is Ignacio.
Ignacio, this is the crew.
Ignacio takes care of the place and
wants to tell us a couple of things.
Well, first of alll, please don't
call me Ignacio. Call me "Nacho."
And please be respectful in
this place.
Now, come with me and I'll show
you the Sanatorium.
Wait a minute, it's just going to be
Luis, Mariana and myself.
No, I think it's better if we all come.
Well, alright.
Thanks for your permission.
These used to be the rooms,
they have the worst vibe.
What's up, Lulu,
do you feel anything?
Lots of things, there was
a lot of suffering here.
You don't say! Could it be cuz
it was a hospital? Duh!
What was that room for?
I don't know.
There's a shitload of bees.
Be careful!
I'll bring some
bug spray to kill them.
No, you shouldn't misinterpret. Some animals
and insects are really guardian spirits.
If she gets stung by a bee...
will she still think it's a guardian spirit?
Was there an exorcism here?
There's been lots of things here.
Check out the dead bees!
We should stay away
from that room.
-What's in there?
What was that?!
The place is really old,
so everything makes a sound.
Lulu recommended that,
to motivate the paranormal activity,
we had to bring objects
used at the Sanatorium.
Or close enough:
this picture is 40 years old.
We have this old bed frame,
same with that rocking chair.
This doctor's gown goes with
that stand we found.
Papillo, can you show to the
camera what you are doing?
Sure! These are the security cameras
that go in the rooms
we'll be monitoring.
We also put microphones
to hear everything.
Man, this chair is not cool.
What about these things?
That was the tableware
back in the day, this was the kitchen.
So the ghosts can sit and eat?
Hey, guys, in this room the activity
goes through the roof.
You guys fucking with me?
-Well, the...
-Oh man, the activity is going down.
Now it's going down
as fast as it went up.
The little ghost left.
That's odd.
I just changed the
battery and I'm out.
But you left some charging, right?
Yeah, it's just odd.
Papillo, can you hear me?
Where are you?
We are testing the camera signal.
Papillo, we don't see anything.
Everything is fine.
Hey, there's no image, we can
hear you, but there's no image.
Stay there!! Don't move it!
We lost it.
It might be just the signal.
I don't think so.
Everything looks alright here.
Papillo, what's going on?
There's no signal.
Stop messing around.
What's going on?
I'll go look for him.
No, he needs to answer back.
Talk to me, what's going on?
I'm alright, just give me a minute...
Why can't we see anything?
I was covering the lens.
Man, don't do that, we have
to document everything.
Ok, document this paranormal sound!
You're such a pig.
Ok man, finish what you're doing
and come back.
And stop joking around.
Hey, is there anybody
else there with you?
No, nobody.
Why? Did you see something?
Well, I don't want to scare you,
but rewind your camera.
Hold on a second.
What is that?
-There's a shadow.
Is anybody out there?
What was that?
It's just a power failure.
Papillo, go hook up the generator.
Hold on, are you alright?
There was another shadow,
check it out!
Oh, wow.
Would you come with me just a second?
-Right now?
It's quick.
There was nobody else
there with me.
Yeah, we saw it
through the monitor.
Ignacio is leaving.
I think he makes up
stories to scare people.
Saying there's ghosts to make
this place more attractive.
Check out Arturo, trying
to hook up with Mariana.
She's way too much of a woman
for him.
Man, turn on channel number 2!
Turn on number 2!
...we get along pretty well...
I think it could work...
Well, the thing is,
I was pretty wasted that night...
Besides, we work better as
friends, don't you think?
Yeah, but that's no excuse, the thing is...
for me it's not enough...
I'd like us to be more than friends...
Why don't we just talk
about this later?
We're working...
What are you doing?
Can I help you?
What did Ignacio say?
-He left the keys.
Yeah, check out the drama.
I want to talk about something.
You should understand, you can't just
walk in and do whatever you want.
Remember, Nacho said we
should respect the place.
We should film and leave.
We came here for a reason.
The guy must be hiding something
if he doesn't want us near that door.
There are things we
shouldn't mess with...
Where did this dog come from?
I don't know, but he's guarding...
Guarding? So besides ghosts,
she can talk with animals too!
Take this, I don't want
the dog to bite me.
Ok, let's see what this
fleabag is protecting.
Alright, let's go in.
Watch your head.
Smells like something's burning.
Check out that wood.
Don't touch anything!
Do not touch anything!
Do you know what it means?
Yeah, there was an exorcism here.
Don't touch anything!
What are you looking for?
What's the problem,
it's just needles.
No, what are you doing?
The needles fell to the floor!
-I told you not to touch anything!
-They're hot.
-Gaston, don't touch it!
I can't do this with you.
-Come on! Stop the drama!
Wait, we can just fix it.
-No, you don't listen!
Calm down, we can
put the needles back.
Do you know what
those needles mean?
No, I don't.
-What is it?
That piece of wood was blessed and in
every needle there's an evil spirit.
-But there are lots of needles, a shitload.
-Ok come on, let's not lose control.
No reason to freak out.
-You're the one who should be more scared.
Look, you won't get
anywhere by scaring us.
We came here to film the ghosts,
no one is leaving.
Or should I remind you that
you are all under contract?
Come on! You don't
have to say that.
We all know why
we are here.
Doesn't look like it,
Gaston, finish what you were doing.
Yeah, go ahead.
Do you think something
bad can happen to us?
Luis! We have a
serious problem.
Now what's a serious problem?
Now what's a serious problem?
The generator is dead,
we won't have power.
Did you put gas in it?
-Yeah, we put gas.
-Oh, no, it's starting...
-"It's starting? Starting?"
What is "starting?"
This looney isn't going
to stop scaring people!
You can't talk to her like that!
Look, if the generator doesn't work,
you take the cables and hook them
to the light pole.
Like they do in the slums
and ghettos.
Come on...
Costa Rica is ruled by the Law of
Minimum Effort:
mediocrity, indifference,
self pity...
and then they wonder why they
don't get far in life.
People say you need
balls for this business.
I've won a lot of awards
in other countries and..
It's not enough to have balls...
you need to show them!
-Is he breathing?
-Look at the smoke!
-Stop filming this!
What's your problem?
Call an ambulance!
He's unconscious!
Does he have a pulse?
We have an emergency here at
the Duran Sanatorium!
-Take care, Papillo.
Be careful.
There are those sons of bitches arguing.
Esteban is an asshole. He doesn't
know shit about electricity
and he orders Papillo to hook
up to the light pole.
If Luis doesn't tell him
how it is, I will.
I don't give a shit if
he is the producer.
He is out of control, no?
Calm down, alright?
It's too heavy...
I want to get something clear:
What happened to
Papillo was not my fault.
If he would've done
things right,
we wouldn't be in this situation.
We are not leaving because there's
only one chance to do this right.
What happened was not my fault.
If you say it louder, your
conscience might hear you.
He just needed to turn on
a generator.
Luis, you need to control him.
I know, I understand,
we fucked up.
Papillo is hurt, didn't you see him?
I know, but it's not my fault.
It happened, and he is not here.
I'm leaving, I don't give
a shit about this guy.
The son of bitch got it running
If you want something done right,
you have to do it yourself.
Well, I know what
happened is not good.
If someone wants to
leave, I understand.
Alright, I'm leaving!
If anyone wants to come...
-Wait? Are you guys staying?
-Yeah, I'll finish this.
-Yeah, I'll stay here too.
-Me too, we got this far.
Don't worry, Lulu will calm him down.
-I know, but this isn't my fault.
This whole mess...
-Yeah, I know.
We'll be alright.
Please calm down, let's go.
Alright, I will stay, but nothing like
this can happen again.
It won't. We'll be alright.
It was good.
-Did you eat?
-Yeah I did, thanks.
There's no signal.
I can't talk to the hospital
to see how Papillo is doing.
I talked to them a while
ago, he is stable.
Do you guys have power left
in your cell phones?
Mine is charging upstairs.
Guys! There was something chasing me!
There's something outside! I'm not joking!
It's outside, near the stairs!
I heard it following me!
I swear, I'm not joking around!
Oh, yeah, I hear it, it's approaching!
What is that?!
What is that?
-It's coming!
It's the dog from hell!
Oh, man!
You should've seen your faces!
-Hey, what is that?
Is there anybody upstairs?
-Those are footsteps!
-Kurt, are you joking again?
-Dude, I'm here.
Shit, all we need now would be some
idiots breaking in.
Let's go to the monitor room.
Let's be calm.
Monitor Room
Nothing, right?
It's fine.
Having a good time?
Relax, dude, I'm working.
This place has
lots of different sounds!
Those weren't footsteps. It was
probably the wind and the wood.
All of you, stop freaking out!
That's weird, come check this!
Check out the kitchen.
Something is missing.
Yeah, what?
The pitcher.
Rewind it!
Hold on!
Did you see that?
This is what we came looking for!
-That's scary!
Rewind it again.
Ok, how do you explain this?
Oh, man! Really? You serious?
Look, I don't wanna crap all
over your glorious moment,
but clearly, that's not a ghost.
In fact, there's a shadow
hitting the pitcher.
-Come on!
-Be realistic!
This is not like
what you see on TV.
Listen, "Lu-Loser,"
we ran up here cuz we heard footsteps.
We're all here, with no security,
so there could easily be a couple of
crackheads stealing our stuff.
Come on, we're a pretty big group.
Yeah, but my point is...
We should be more afraid of the
living than the dead.
Check the rocking chair.
-It's moving!
It's a manifestation!
Ok, seriously, guys. That video, on the
internet, is not worth a dime.
There's thousands
of videos like that one.
Is he always like this?
Come on, the coat is not moving.
That's clearly the wind...
Nobody sees what I see?
I bet it's the wind.
Ok, how much you wanna bet?
How much you wanna lose?
I'll give you $20 if you go
and sit on the rocking chair.
-Right now.
-Alright! Let's do this!
See you in a bit!
Hey, take this with you!
And this!
That is someone who doesn't
care about his surroundings.
Life is easy, when you are like that.
This is a waste of time.
If ghosts were real, there
wouldn't be questionable videos,
there'd be a shitload of
If the living want to comunicate
with the dead and the other way around
then do it already, bitches!
Can you turn down the volume on this idiot?
He is just talking shit.
My grandma claimed that
a ghost would pull her legs at night.
The slut!
We found out that she was
cheating on my grandpa!
That wasn't a ghost pulling her legs.
It was her conscience!
Hold on!
Take that, fuckers!
Clearly the wind.
It was obvious!
This cold is fucking
unbearable though.
Boooh, a ghost! That's stupid.
Boooh, a ghost! That's stupid.
Stop the crap and come back.
Hold on, I have to do something.
Arturo owes me twenty! Take that, bitch!
You owe me twenty bucks!
Who hired this clown?
I did. He's a friend
so he gave us a discount.
Let's find someone else.
Who's there?
What's up, man?
Nothing, thought I heard something...
Besides, there's an awful smell here...
Come back, right now!
Son of a bitch!
What the hell is going on?
-What's going on?
- I don't know!
You think someone
is fucking with us?
Guys, there's something here!
Help me!
They're attacking him!
Let's go!
-You have to stay here!
Help me!
-Kurt we're coming!
-Calm down, we're here!
Help me!
Please let go of me!
Be strong!
-You go ahead, I'll stay here.
-Yeah, stay there, you pansy!
Kurt, you need to pray!
I don't know how!
Our father,
that flies through heaven...
The queen is a saint!
-He doesn't know how to pray!
Help the ass...
Lulu, he peed himself!
Don't worry about that, we have
to get him out of here!
Before it comes back!
-Before what comes back?
Whatever attacked Kurt!
Gaston, open the door, it's us!
-Hurry Up!
-Open the door it's an order.
-Gaston please!
Why did it take you so long?
You don't understand!
-Are you alright?
Calm down, you are alright.
The battery is dead again!
This is bad, really bad!
We have to get
the hell out of here!
Did you see something?
-I saw what attacked Kurt.
-Where did you see it?
On the monitor.
Rewind the video!
There! What the fuck is that?
That's exactly what I felt,
but it is stronger now.
-We have to go! We have to leave now!
-Yeah, that thing can hurt us!
He is covered in blood!
His back is all scratched!
But his shirt doesn't have
a scratch! What happened?
We have to leave now!
We are not leaving till we
take the equipment out!
Can't you see that it's too
dangerous if we stay!
We have to leave! We'll come
back for the equipment!
-No, we have to take all the cameras.
-Are you stupid or what?!
Don't you see there's a
force trying to hurt us?!
-Luis, remember the contract...
-I don't give a fuck about your contract!
Check out the camera that Kurt
left downstairs!
Who the hell has the camera?
-Someone has the camera.
-Who has the camera?
Somebody is fucking with us!
They're fucking with us!
It's coming up the stairs!
Who has the camera?!
We are all here!
It's getting closer...
-Shit no!
-What do we do?
-Shhh! Listen...
My God! What is that?
I don't want to be here!
Get me out of here!
We are together,
nothing is going to happen!
We are together,
nothing is going to happen!
Look at the monitor!
Monitor Room
We have to confront it.
-Yeah, I'll open the door!
It will hurt us, like it did to Kurt!
We have to confront it,
trust me!
-No, wait!
-Please Gaston, trust me.
Let's go now, let's go!
Could we wait till the morning?
Esteban, shut up! You're an
idiot! Just listen to her!
Besides this doesn't end with the morning.
It wants to trap us here!
-What can we do?
-Hold on a moment!
Ok let's go!
It's here, it's here right now!
Calm down, let's get together!
Hold on! We'll go down!
Do not run!
Let's go, one at a time!
Something pushed me.
Something pushed me.
Up there!
Grab his arm!
Lulu, where should we go?
The room with the needles...
Let's go!
One moment!
The path of light is darkened
by the shadows of evil...
You saint and immortal!
-lt touched me!
The path of light is darkened
by the shadows of evil...
Be calm!
What is that sound?
Stay inside the circle!
Don't get out of the circle!
-I'm going in.
-What's that sound?
What is your name?
You're many, tell me your name!
In the name of God,
I condemn you! Evil spirit!
Lulu, come out!
Run away!
Arturo help me!
Guys, help me!
-Don't let me go!
-Esteban, come back!
You have to record this!
Are you getting this?
Help us, you son of bitch!
Don't let me go, Arturo, please!
Put that camera down and help us!
Let's go!
Guys, help me!
Get it off my back!
Help me you bast...
Help me you bast...
Sons of bitches,
What happened to your arm?
Some barbwire.
We have to go back for Lulu!
We have to go back with
firemen, ambulances!
We have to bring an exorcist!
That camera is evidence,
you need to take it to Vargas!
Everything is coordinated,
that camera is on. Are you recording?