El secreto de sus ojos (2009) Movie Script

"He ran to the end of the train and
watched as herfigure, once gigantic,
now shrank in his eyes, but
grew more than ever in his heart."
On June 21st, 1974,
Ricardo Morales had breakfast with
Liliana Colotto for the last time.
For the rest of his life he'd remember
every single detail of that morning.
Planning their first vacation,
drinking tea with lemon
for his nagging cough,
with his usual lump
and a half of sugar.
The fresh berry jam
he'd never taste again.
The flowers printed
on her nightgown,
and especially, her smile.
That smile like the sunrise
blending in with the sunlight
on her left cheek...
Please, don't...
Please, please...
The gates of Heaven have opened.
An angel got out.
- Esposito...
- Hey, baby.
Look what the cat dragged in.
How are you, Counselor?
And you, Lieutenant?
Is the boss here?
- Go right in, Your Honor.
- Thanks, Reverend.
You look good and rested.
What a fucking asshole!
Takes one to know one.
The gates have opened.
Your Highness.
What a surprise!
- May I?
- What brings you here?
Just wanted to chat.
You busy?
Just overpreparing for a hearing.
I'm asking in case retirement
made you healthy.
Yes, Your Honor.
Bring us two of those great coffees
from the caf.
I'm typing a deposition.
A deposition?
Meet Mr. Benjamin Esposito,
our recently retired royal
honoris causa,
and an old friend.
Mariano, our spring-summer intern.
Not bad, huh?
Here, bring some petit-fours
and get yourself a candy bar.
I'll take extra cream.
That's right, you're not well.
What was your problem again?
Old age?
Extra cream forthe man,
he has an age problem.
Yes, ma'am.
Wait. Is it important?
Leave the door open, son.
Come on, sit down.
What do you know
about writing novels?
I've been writing all my life.
Take a look in the archive.
Oh, the case fles.
How many pages will your file be?
Does it have a cover?
A little encouragement
would be nice.
What should I do?
Act like some unwanted retiree
who wants to help out?
Serve coffee?
I want to write, so what?
I want to write
about the Morales case.
I don't know why.
It's been on my mind.
We actually nevertalked about it.
Why is that?
With your handwriting,
it'll be unreadable.
Wait, look.
My biggest problem
is I've started fifty times
and never got past the 5th line.
At this rate,
I'll spend my whole pension fund
on spiral notebooks.
Come here, give me a hand.
Here, let me.
I can't...
It weighs a ton.
I can't believe it.
The old Olivetti.
It was in storage.
I think it's 100 years old.
Think they fxed the "A"?
The "A" is for pansies.
Take it. Dinosaurs
have to stick together.
Now I'm out of excuses.
I'll have to write.
But where do I start?
Wherever you rememberthe most.
It was over 20 years ago.
Which part comes back most often?
That's the image
you should start with.
Okay, boys.
Your attention, please.
This is your new boss,
fresh out of Harvard.
Miss Irene Menendez Hastings.
It's pronounced "Hastings."
It's Scottish.
The new clerk.
Your deputy, Benjamin Esposito.
Actually I went to Cornell,
not Harvard.
Pablo Sandoval, deputy clerk,
your humblest servant.
Are you here?
No, I just...
I remember plenty of beginnings,
but I'm not sure
they have to do with the story.
Then start at the beginning
and stop dwelling on it.
- Blood Bank, good morning.
- Mr. Esposito.
- No, wrong number.
- The 25th called. A homicide.
Court 18. It's theirturn.
They said it's rape and murder.
Court 18.
Good morning.
Hi, fellas.
Good morning.
Ma'am, did a saint die this morning?
Because an angel in mourning
just walked in the door.
Oh, no.
It's a trick we angels have
to look 5 pounds lighter.
- Can you bring in the Chavez fle?
- Of course.
You smooth fucker.
You have a compliment ready the moment
she walks in the door. How do you do it?
Well, I may dress like a toad,
but I'm actually Prince Charming.
- Mr. Esposito.
- What?
Counselor Romano
told them it was ourturn.
Counselor Romano?
Tell him Sheriff Exposito
is gonna fuck him up.
- Okay.
- Come back here.
Three hours thinking of what to say,
she opens the door and...
I freeze up.
It's easier for me, I'm not in love.
Neither am I, moron.
Go on.
I want you to put the fles
on this side. All together.
It's simple enough.
Romano, what did you tell
the Precinct? It's yourturn.
We're alternating. We got
anothercase. What's the problem?
A mini-mart robbery, smart-ass.
Alternating similar cases.
Ask Judge Fortuna.
I want a solution,
not two problems.
Why is asking me a problem?
It's not that.
It just seemed silly
to bother you with something trivial
if we can handle it ourselves.
Strictly-speaking, it's yourturn.
And hurry up, or you'll fnd a wake
instead of a crime scene.
What's up, Baez?
Still here. And you?
Tired ofhappiness.
- You look happy.
- As a dog with two tails.
Ljust love it when that moron
sends me to see a dead girl.
Morons are a dime a dozen.
Quiet, easy-going ones
who know they're morons.
Live and let live.
They're useless but harmless.
- How are you, Inspector?
- Just talking about you.
Then there are morons
who think they're geniuses.
They shit everywhere
and someone has to wipe their asses.
Of those morons I know not one,
but two.
That judge and my buddy at Court 18,
who's either a moron,
a son of a bitch, or both.
It was his turn, so I'm asking you
to tell the judge.
Tell him I have nothing
to do with...
Liliana Colotto,
age 23, schoolteacher.
Recently married to...
Ricardo Morales,
bank clerk.
The old lady mentioned
two builders working
on the terrace in number 3
but they haven't shown in 2 days
because of rain.
- Sure she didn't see them?
- She says no.
I'll go see the husband.
- See you later, Esposito.
- I'll go with you.
Good afternoon.
Ricardo Morales?
- Ricardo Morales?
- Yes, that's me.
Inspector Baez, Federal Police.
Anyone else have a key
to your home?
See any strangers around
the last few days?
The neighbor said you came home
every day at lunchtime.
Out of the way, isn't it?
Any reason in particular?
Sorry, I didn't get that.
We had a habit, a routine.
We liked watching The Three Stooges
She'd laugh.
She thought they were funny.
You'll have to come with me
to the morgue.
We ask you to do the best you can,
I know it's an unpleasant...
Morales could stArt to contemplate
his own future.
He would find, no doubt,
that his future was full of nothing.
What's wrong with this typewriter?
Could you please get rid ofit?
I can't take it anymore.
- Who will want it?
- Just get it out of my sight.
Okay, Benja.
See if you like this.
"With this statement,
I, Criminal Judge
Raimundo Fortuna Lacalle,
hereby declare myself
completely insane
and incapable of carrying out
my functions."
That's wrong.
That's not right. Give it here.
No, it goes like this.
"Pursuant to articles 141,
142 and 143 of Civil Law,
MY RULING -in capital letters-
is that Raimundo Fortuna Lacalle
is mentally ill,
legally-speaking, insane,
suffering from chronic delirium
and is therefore unable to carry out
his functions as a civil servant."
How are things, Miss?
Plenty of signatures?
Yes. We have the Nicolosi case.
No big deal, Your Honor.
Witness statements, nothing more.
Very good.
Sorry, there's one fle left,
Your Honor.
Thank you.
Hello, Your Honor.
- How are you?
- Fine, you?
- Great.
- Benjamin. Pablo.
- Ma'am.
- Hello.
Benjamin, just to show you Court 18
is acting in good faith,
remember you were upset
the other day over getting a case?
Well, the case has been solved.
Two builders working in number 3.
They're under arrest in the 25th.
Whenever you have a chance,
you can bring them in
- and question them.
- Hold on.
- What builders?
- Their names are...
Jacinto Caceres, Bolivian,
35 years of age.
Juan Robles, 34.
At least he's Argentinean.
I'm blown away, Romano.
Keep this up and I'll give Court 18
all the hard cases.
- Bad news for you, son.
- Please, sir.
Always happy to help out.
Esposito, how are you?
Romano warn you I was coming?
I was typing the report.
You'll get the guys tomorrow.
- It was them, they signed a confession.
- Let me see them.
- Monday at the latest.
- Let me in.
Sergeant Sicora has to authorize it.
Sicora is about to eat
a plate full of shit.
You wanna join him?
Go right ahead.
Two for the price of one.
Are you Caceres?
No, I'm Robles.
He's Caceres.
It's okay.
You stupid son of a bitch!
Are you fucking sick or what?
You arrested two nobodies!
- They weren't even there!
- Let them go!
What do I care?
You ordered it beat out of them!
Know where I'm going?
To fle a complaint!
We'll see
who saves your ass this time!
- Fuck your complaint!
- Don't worry,
you're going to.
All this fuss overtwo lousy blacks!
Your eyes'll be black
when I'm done with them!
- Knock it off!
- You better check the want ads.
You'll never set foot in here again!
Come on.
You don't know who you're
fucking with! You have no idea!
- Benjamin.
- It's okay.
I'm going to file a complaint.
I'll be right back.
- Fine by me.
- I'll be right back.
Don't worry, I'll be right back.
- Did you see Sandoval?
- He left.
- Where?
- Down Talacahuano.
How can you defend this demagogue
president of ours?
Watch what you say,
you'll get into trouble.
Attention, everybody, please.
Chief Justice Benjamin Esposito
just walked in the door.
Hail, Your Honor.
- How much does he owe?
- Nothing.
I pay for my own drinks,
you know that.
Besides, it's early.
What's the big deal?
I'll pay for it, here I go.
- No, no.
- Take it.
- I have money.
- It's paid for.
Fine. In that case,
Mr. Esposito can buy
everybody a round.
- Thanks.
- No, no.
Hands off, hands off.
You're not my boss in here.
Don't embarrass me
in front of my friends, got it?
I'll never spot you money again.
Why do you keep screwing around?
Okay, okay, let's go.
Slowly, everything's fine.
- We're leaving.
- Come on.
- I'm going.
- See you later.
Here we go. Goodbye.
- My jacket.
- I've got it.
- See you, Emilio.
- Bye.
You're his wife
and this is his home.
You bring him at this hour,
I don't know where he's been...
It's early.
You should thank me.
You can't drop him off like this.
It's your problem.
My problem?
- You brought him like this.
- You mean it's my fault?
- Who is it?
- Benjamin Esposito.
- Who?
- From the courts, remember?
Pretty, wasn't she?
I really am sorry forthose guys.
They should be getting out by now.
They had to be checked by forensics
forthat lawsuit I mentioned.
No, keep looking. That way
you'll get to know her better.
Here's another album.
I look at her pictures
all day long.
I know I'm in denial, but...
it helps me go on
until we fnd the guy.
That's when she graduated.
Then she came from Chivilcoy
and moved in with her aunt.
She worked in a school in Almagro,
that's how we met.
She used to pay her bills
at the bank.
I still don't know where I got
the courage
to talk to such a beautiful girl.
Tell me one thing.
When we get this guy,
what will he get?
Rape and homicide.
He'll get life.
We don't have the death penalty.
I don't agree
with the death penalty.
Me neither. I thought maybe
for you it could serve as
Will they rape him
and beat him to death?
No, they'll give him an injection
and he'll take a nap. It's not fair.
I'd gladly trade places with him.
Those are from when
she was 17 or 18.
That's the spring picnic
in Chivilcoy. Ever been there?
- No.
- I have.
She took me.
We visited her folks.
Let him grow old.
Live a life full of nothing.
What is it?
No, nothing.
Did she have any brothers?
No, why?
- Do you know who this is?
- Let me see.
He's in several. Looking at her.
I showed Liliana this system.
Otherwise years pass and you forget
- who's in the photo.
- It's true.
Laporta, Rodriguez,
Cardoso, Simoni...
Here he is. Gomez.
Isidoro Gomez.
I always thought
the photo thing was crazy.
Yeah, but I think...
it's the look in their eyes.
That's the key.
You see this kid looking
at this woman...
worshipping her.
The eyes...
They bullshit too.
They should keep quiet.
Sometimes it's better not to look.
- What?
- We never talked about this case.
When did you come from Jujuy?
In '85.
Why now?
It's betterthan planting begonias.
Because I've been sidetracked
for over 20 years.
Courts, cases,
friends, pranks,
a marriage, several...
I got sidetracked.
And now that I'm retired,
nothing sidetracks me.
I was in a barthe other night
and I saw myself
having dinner alone...
and I didn't like myself.
I know it doesn't happen to you.
I'm not asking you to understand,
but believe me.
And in trying to...
fnd the reasons,
the moments...
Everything, absolutely everything
leads me to Morales.
It's as if my life had...
- Answer it.
- It's Alfonso, I'll call him back.
- Answer it, I'll wait.
- I'll call him back.
It's no problem, answer it.
I'm finishing up here,
I'll be right there.
Start without me,
I'll be right there.
Good evening.
Does Isidoro Gomez live there?
Is he home?
No, he doesn't live here anymore.
- He doesn't?
- No.
He moved away, to Buenos Aires.
- Buenos Aires?
- Who's calling?
I'm calling on behalf of
Councilman Mendez,
it's about a job.
Has he been in Buenos Aires long?
A month, a little longer.
Do you know where I can find him?
Have you got an address?
This job is pretty urgent.
He's working on a construction site.
On a site?
Yes, he said it was...
It sounded like...
Montevideo, near Lans...
I don't remember very well,
What type of job is it?
a job that will interest him.
It's for Councilman Mendez and...
- Tell me something.
- Yes?
Were he and Liliana Colotto friends?
Ah, Liliana Colotto...
They used to see each other.
She's from here.
She works forthe councilman.
She's the one who recommended him
for the job.
She did, did she?
He'll be glad to hear that.
Really? Do you think
he'll remember her?
Oh, yes.
He really liked that girl.
But then shemoved away...
to Buenos Aires, and they never saw
each other again.
If he's here,
it's a miracle. Schmuck.
- Imagine losing the love of your life.
- Not him, you.
If you'd kept your mouth shut
and called me frst...
We're looking for
Isidoro Gomez.
What is it?
Who are you guys?
Mike Hammer, asshole.
- Did he come to work?
- No, he didn't.
We know nothing about him.
Get me his address.
Right away.
Fernandez! Fernandez!
We know Gomez got a phone call
last night.
He went in the bedroom
and came out 10 minutes later
with his coat and suitcase packed.
The foreman says they owed him
a week's pay
but that he left without any fuss.
I can ask around if you want,
I saw the same photographs you did.
I should have picked him out.
Forget it, Esposito.
That case is nothing but hot air.
If you think I'll do all that paperwork
to issue a request in Chivilcoy
to search some old lady's house
to find letters the son
may or may not have sent
and yadda, yadda, yadda...
Please, Esposito.
You're nuts.
We have nowhere else to look, sir.
Your little game ofDon Quixote
with Romano was enough. Poor guy
got transferred to bumfuck, lowa.
Or maybe he's in Chivilcoy,
try asking him.
Anyway... the general said
what he had to.
Oh, well.
I don't know what to do.
Morales is getting worse every day,
the murderer knows we're after him,
my judge is a moron,
I want to kill Irene,
and the only guy I can trust
in this world
is a drunk,
a total fucking imbecile.
I have an advantage.
A small one, but an advantage.
Today's the 28th, right?
The drunk idiot hasn't got paid yet.
Last month's
he already drank.
So when it's time to pay the bill,
he'll have a dilemma.
Either he says he's broke,
gets arrested, beat up,
goes home a mess and his wife
kicks him out for good,
or he turns to his boss the chump,
who happens to be me,
and asks him to pay it.
But one thing.
Since his boss is a chump,
but not a complete chump,
he'll pay this one last time.
But in exchange for a favor.
And the drunk idiot can't say no.
Isn't that right?
I gotta pee.
Hold on.
The old lady has to come out
at some point.
Too much Napoleon Solo
and Perry Mason. That's your problem.
I'm serious, I gotta take a leak.
Son of a bitch!
Damn you! Damn you!
You scared the fucking crap
out of me!
I scared you?
What are you doing here?
I came to help you.
You're supposed to keep watch outside.
If she comes back, we're screwed.
- She ain't coming back.
- How do you know?
She's in the grocery store,
she'll be a while.
Calm down, for God's sake.
Did you find anything?
The letters.
The letters, but no...
Come here.
There's no address.
The envelopes are gone.
There's no address.
- This one's from the other day.
- So?
It's recent.
The trash. The envelopes
may still be in the trash.
Go check.
No, nothing here.
- Nothing?
- Nothing.
Did you go through it?
- You wanna try?
- Knock it off.
What is it?
Go on, go on.
What is it? What?
Come here.
Calm down, I'll let you out.
Wait, wait.
Want me to drive?
The dog probably had rabies,
you're gonna die.
Why didn't you keep watch?
If she fnds out we broke in...
Benjamin, as soon as
we came forthe letters,
sooner or later she'd realize.
That's why we didn't take
the letters.
You weren't stupid enough
to bring them, were you?
And what ifl did?
What if? What if?
If she finds out, she'll tell Gomez
and the guy will disappear for good.
- Don't you see?
- No.
You don't?
You're fucking blind!
Because you...
You'll see, when I fnally figure out
the whole thing out about the date...
I'd much rather work alone!
Tactical Revolutionary Command,
may I help you?
Wrong number.
That's quite all right.
Nothing at all?
Or I'm missing something.
It's like the guy knew
we were going to read the letters.
It's just names.
Bullshit, nothing concrete.
"Don't worry about me.
I'm like Manfredini, not Bavastro."
People from Chivilcoy.
Here, let me see.
Oh, shit...
Sperm Bank, loan department.
Good morning.
No, it's a sperm bank.
Deposit or withdrawal?
- Esposito. Sandoval.
- Wrong number.
Judge Fortuna wants to see you.
You hear my voice when I speak
to you, don't you, Esposito?
Yes, sir.
Then I have to assume
that ifl tell you something
and you do exactly the opposite,
it's not that you didn't hear me
but that you could give a flying fuck
about the order I gave you.
Isn't that right, Esposito?
Not quite like that, sir.
And if my colleague from Chivilcoy
calls me
very angry to tell me
that two of my employees
broke into some poor
old lady's house,
that means what I say isn't worth
a bucket of shit.
I don't know where your colleague
could have heard such a thing.
That's exactly what I told him,
However, my colleague tells me
that the other day
in Chivilcoy
at the intersection
ofFranciso Savey
and the corner of Schiaffino
in the city limits of Chivilcoy
a black Peugeot was parked
with a Buenos Aires license plate
number 133-809,
and my colleague asks
the Federal Police
to run a background check
on the vehicle.
Guess whose name the car
is registered to?
Tell me, who?
Someone named Es...
And the Federal Police
tell him where he works.
And the judge calls me
to see if I can clear things up.
And the truth is, Esposito, I can't.
Because I don't look like
a judge anymore,
I look like a frst class
fucking idiot.
Because I say I want A
and I people give me Z.
Just like this piece of shit
typewriterthey gave me!
Excuse me, sir, but...
I think something weird
is going on here.
Exactly. Wait, wait.
Wait a minute.
You ain't heard nothing yet.
After you can go right back
to treating me like a fucking idiot.
But listen to this.
Because what stood out most
in that little town
wasn't the two guys
from Buenos Aires, no.
Orthat one of them was seen
tying his shoelaces
when he was wearing loafers.
What stood out most was that one
of them walked into the grocery store,
greeted them pleasantly,
asked for a bottle of whisky and left
drinking straight from the bottle.
Shall I describe him for you?
We have to deny it, Benjamin.
"It wasn't me, I don't know..."
Don't evertalk to me again.
Never again.
- Deny everything.
- Never again.
- Ma'am, honestly...
- Get out of my sight.
Are you against us too?
Irene, I'm talking to you.
Not only was it a stupid move,
but you did it behind my back.
- I didn't think...
- You think I'm here to joke around.
I didn't say that.
You didn't need to. I can tell.
Let's get this straight.
I'm the boss and you're
the employee.
Twelve letters.
31 pages on thin paper.
He mentions 5 jobs,
two as a builder,
one delivering groceries,
two without details.
Three neighborhoods in Buenos Aires:
Monte Grande, San Justo and Avellaneda.
Six names:
Anido, Mesias, Oleniak,
Manfredini, Bavastro and Sanchez.
Only one reference to a woman:
Rosa, apparently an aunt.
That's it. That's all I've got.
The rest is nothing.
- Benjamin.
- This is nothing too?
Leave it open, it isn't private.
I talked to Fortuna.
I explained that you're an imbecile.
I used my irresistible smile
and convinced him to call thejudge
in Chivilcoy and forget the whole thing.
I don't know how to thank you.
I ask that you refrain
from such actions in the future.
You're free to go.
One question, if I may.
Which irresistible smile?
I don't think I've seen it.
Of course not. I save it
for my boyfriend, as I should.
Of course.
I won't take any more of yourtime.
And bring me the Liliana Colotto file,
to seal it and archive it.
The case is closed.
Getting engaged.
Kids today laugh at it.
Who gets engaged anymore?
And this kid? What was his name?
He was here less than a year...
- Godoy.
- Godoy.
- Larreta got him the job.
- That's right.
- Remember?
- Yes.
Silly me, I didn't put a date
on the photo.
When was it? Two orthree months
after Chivilcoy.
Aweek later.
I remember perfectly.
Aweek after we fought you showed up
with Alfonso whatever his name was
to announce your engagement.
Look at Sandoval,
trying to look sober.
Poor Pablo.
It's so weird,
I don't even recognize myself.
I look like somebody else.
Who were you?
What were you like?
I don't know.
Straight, conservative...
- Structured.
- Inflexible.
Young, Benjamin. I was young.
You were young, too.
Look, no gray hair.
And here, looking to the side,
all serious.
I was another person.
Your novel might be really good.
But it's not for me.
You've reached the end of your life
and you want to look back.
But I can't.
I have to go to work every day.
And live with this.
It may not be "The" Justice,
but it's "some" justice.
And at the end of the day
I have to go home
and live with my husband...
and with my children,
who I adore.
My whole life I've looked forward.
"Backwards" is out
of my jurisdiction.
I declare myselfincompetent.
What a case, Jesus Christ.
It never dies.
- Morales.
- Hello.
- How are things?
- And you?
- Esposito.
- Of course. How are you?
Fine, and you?
Here I am.
Would you like to sit?
How are things?
This month I'm here
Tuesdays and Thursdays.
In this station.
The other days of the week
I wait in the other stations.
I change it every month.
He'll have to come through
He must live out of town,
he knows in the city he'd be caught.
It's been a year but I imagine
you haven't stopped investigating.
No, no.
You must think I'm crazy.
Don't worry about me, please.
No, I won't.
The worst part is
I'm starting to forget.
I have to constantly make myself
remember her.
The day she was killed,
Liliana made me tea with lemon.
I'd been coughing all night
and she said it would help.
I remember those stupid things.
Then I start having doubts
and I don't remember if it was lemon
or honey in the tea.
And I don't know if it's a memory or
a memory of a memory I'm left with.
Excuse me.
I need to talk to you.
Come in.
Thank you.
Something happened to me
I was up all night
thinking about it.
I thought about you...
Have you ever...
have you ever seen
things from a different angle?
You see someone else
and what the other person is going
through helps you see your own life.
- Go on.
- Yes.
And I thought,
"I have to talk to Irene."
You might get pissed at me...
You might want to kill me, but...
I have to give it a try.
Wait a moment while
I close the door.
Sandoval, I'm busy.
I'll call you when I'm done.
Benjamn asked me to come.
Yes, I was hoping the three of us
could talk.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I ran into Morales yesterday
at the train station.
Know what he was doing?
My crystal ball is broken.
He goes to the terminals every day
looking forthe killer.
Every single day after working
at the bank.
You can't imagine his love.
It's touching.
It's as if his wife's death
just left him there,
stuck in time forever.
You should see his eyes.
They're in a state of pure love.
Can you imagine a love like that?
Unaffected by the wear and tear
of the routine?
Speak for yourself,
it doesn't affect mine.
We think the guy
deserves another chance, ma'am.
Where do I come in?
The case is closed.
We'd have to reopen it.
You're asking me to destroy
an offcial document,
with mine and the judge's
signature on it...
and to falsify statements and dates
so it will look like the case
is still open?
- That's a brilliant idea. We hadn't...
- Don't fuck with me.
Everything okay, sir?
Tell me.
Did you see a stack of letters
on my desk?
He left down Talcahuano.
Not only do you sneak off to get
drunk, you also steal evidence.
Everything's under control.
Iflrene reads the file...
Hands off. Are you nuts?
- We're going back.
- Sit down for a second.
Sit down and take it easy.
Know why we can't fnd him,
Because we're stupid.
Look: "Twelve letters.
31 pages. Five jobs..."
- I already read you this part.
- Can we go?
Hold on a second.
My mind exploded, I couldn't stop.
I kept asking myself,
"Why can't we fnd this guy?"
He always vanishes.
Where is he?
And I started thinking about guys.
Guys in general.
Not just this guy, but...
Guys in general.
"The" guy.
The guy can do anything
to be different.
But there's one thing he can't change.
Not him, not you, not anybody.
Take me, for example.
I'm young,
I have a good job,
a wife who loves me...
And like you always say,
I keep throwing my life away
in dives like this.
Many times you've asked,
"Why are you here, Pablo?"
You know why, Benjamin?
Because it's my passion.
I love coming here,
getting drunk,
slugging it out with anyone
who pisses me off.
I love it.
Just like you, Benjamin.
There's nothing you can do
to get Irene out of your head.
She's dying to marry someone else,
her desk drawer is full of
wedding dress magazines.
She got engaged, had a party,
But you...
you keep waiting forthe miracle,
Come here.
How's it going, notary?
- Hey, there.
- How are you?
This is that friend I mentioned.
Esposito, Andretta the notary.
A real notary,
and my tech advisor.
Here's my card.
Let's begin with the frst letter
from our friend Gomez.
It's okay, keep it.
"I swear it rained so hard
I looked worse than Oleniak
that night."
- Notary, please.
- Juan Carlos Oleniak.
First played for Racing Academy
in '60. In '62
he went to Argentino Juniors,
and back to Racing in '63.
In a classic match
with San Lorenzo
he got pushed and fell face-first
into the ditch.
He was soaked.
We call him Plato.
The Academy is his life.
"I'll send for you.
We make a great team.
Anido by himself isn't the same
as Anido with Mesias."
Anido and Mesias, backs on the club
that won it all in '61.
Negri at goalie, Anido and Mesias.
Blanco, Peano and Sacchi.
Corbatta, Pizzuti,
Mansilla, Sosa and Belen.
"Don't worry about me.
I'm like Manfredini,
not Bavastro." Notary?
Pedro Waldemar Manfredini.
Racing paid peanuts for him
and he ended up being
an extraordinary player.
Julio Bavastro, right forward.
Played only two matches
between '62 and '63 without scoring.
Quote: "I don't want
to end up like Sanchez."
Who's he talking about?
He can only mean the goalie,
Ataulfo Sanchez.
Eternal benchwarmer.
He played only 17 matches
between '57 and '61.
Notary, what is Racing to you?
A passion.
Even after 9 years
without a championship?
A passion is a passion.
You see, Benjamin?
A guy can change anything.
His face, his home, his family,
his girlfriend, his religion,
his God.
But there's one thing
he can't change.
He can't change...
his passion.
It's a beautiful night for soccer.
Huracn hosts Avellaneda's
Racing Club at Tomas Duco Stadium
on a splendid night for soccer.
Racing has slipped in the standings
and can't waste
this final opportunity
to stay in the race
for the championship.
Jorge has the ball.
He blows by Brindisi.
He heads down the left sideline.
He shakes Houseman perfectly.
Centers deep to Nestor Escola.
Over to Roberto Diaz.
Diaz kicks with his left...
He hits the bar! Incredible!
Hurcn gets away with one!
A spectacular first possession!
Racing almost scored first.
Academy! Academy! Academy!
This is madness. It's chaos.
You just don't know soccer. You have
to be a little more patient.
There's too many people.
It's impossible.
There he is!
- Overthere!
- Where?
- There!
- Where? I don't see him.
Excuse me. Pardon me.
Isidoro Gomez.
- Sorry.
- Come on, let's go.
What's wrong, Benjamin?
I'm sick of this. It's been a month.
We've been to 4 matches!
I said to be patient.
Damn it...
Gomez! Come back here!
Come back here!
Don't run! Come back!
Come back!
You guys, come on!
Benjamin, hurry up, please!
I had him and he got away!
Where's Baez?
Baez! Baez!
He ran off, did you see him?
What's he look like?
- I gave you the photo!
- I mean how tall is he?
Medium-height, skinny... What are
they doing? He's getting away!
I can't take it, Benjamin.
What's he look like, he asks!
- He should have been there, not us!
- He doesn't know him, we do!
Why didn't you give him the photo?
Go to hell, you motherfucker!
Can't I take a crap in peace?
Come out!
Fuck off! It's occupied!
Come on out, the cops are here.
Nothing will happen to you.
What police?
Quit fucking around.
Sorry. How's it going?
- I'm waiting for Sandoval.
- What for?
I play the nice guy,
then he comes in...
I'll explain later,
it's a routine we have.
Oldest trick in the book. You can't
question him without thejudge.
Actually, we have to pull it off
before he gets here.
Questioning a prisoner
with no lawyer or judge?
Ordoez! You seen Sandoval?
- He left a while ago.
- Damn it.
It won't stand up.
What will you charge him with?
What do you mean?
You think it's little to go on?
Looking at the victim in a photo?
Yes, it is.
That's why we have to soften him up.
What if it's not him?
- Don't look at me like that.
- Eduardo!
- What ifit's not him?
- Of course it is.
- Yes, Counselor?
- Don't call me that. Go get Sandoval.
- Should I take a taxi?
- Yes. No, no.
He goes to Robertino's
in the morning.
No. Wait, Eduardo.
What are you doing?
Sorry, sorry.
It's him.
- How do you know?
- I don't know.
- See?
- I don't know how I know, but I know.
Gomez, Isidoro Nestor.
I.D. Number.
- Marital status?
- Single.
Mocoret 2428, Isidro Casanova.
What train do you take into town?
What train do you take into town?
I don't take the train.
I take the bus.
What's the problem?
This typewriter is no good.
The "A" doesn't work.
Wait, hold on.
What is this about?
Please, I beg you.
You're implicated in the Liliana
Colotto case, rape and homicide.
It happened on June 21st, 1974.
Actually, you're the accused.
I'm going to take your statement.
- You'll be assigned a public defender.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Liliana Colotto?
I knew her back in Chivilcoy.
What happened to her?
Tell me, Gomez.
Why do you think you've spent 3 days
behind bars?
I have no idea.
I was at the match...
- Yeah, and you took off running.
- What would you do?
Two crazy-looking guys suddenly
jump you... What happened to Liliana?
Look, Gomez, don't...
You know as well as I do
you raped and killed her.
Are you serious?
I would never do that.
I haven't set foot in Chivilcoy
in over a year, I can prove it.
We looked for you
a week afterthe homicide
and you disappeared,
from a hostal and a job.
What hostal?
I never left any hostal.
Gomez, don't play dumb.
- The hostal on Piedras.
- That was a year ago!
I left because I couldn't afford it.
- And your job?
- I found one that paid better.
What's that got to do with Liliana?
I've known her my whole life,
she's a friend from my childhood.
They can't find Sandoval.
- What?
- They can't fnd Sandoval.
Okay, let me think...
Fortuna should be here any minute.
Please, wait for him.
Please, wait for him.
Yes, you could...
You could be right.
It might be preferable...
more practical...
Let me see, one second.
Look, Gomez.
The judge handling your case
will be here soon,
so we're going to wait for him.
Sorry to interrupt, deputy,
I mean, Counselor.
I know you're handling this case.
this kid couldn't have done it.
We'll talk outside.
Wait, just a minute.
Look at him.
This kid couldn't have done it.
Let me see the autopsy.
The Colotto girl...
Here she is. 5 feet 6,
128 pounds.
Look what he did to her.
I'm sorry, Gomez.
But I don't buy it.
The Amazon and the Pigmy?
Besides, she was a beautiful woman.
look at this face.
A beauty like her
isn't within just anyone's reach.
It takes a real man
to hook a woman like that.
You think so?
I mean...
The door wasn't forced.
That means she knew her assailant.
But there's no way such a woman
would ever remember this twinkie.
Unless she was a hooker.
Some guys you only do for money.
Who is she?
Keep your fucking mouth shut.
No, she was a decent girl,
I assure you.
I agree with the kid about that.
She was two-timing that bank clerk
for sure.
I'll bet his horns were so big
he needed a convertible.
What are you laughing at,
That guy who gave testimony
last time.
- Sandoval?
- Right. I bet it was him.
He was her lover.
Tall, good-looking, broad shoulders.
A man truly capable of
warming up a woman.
Look at this pussy.
I'll bet when she saw him
she thought,
"Oh, no, it's that schmuck
who always makes
mushy faces in all the photos."
Isn't that right?
Yes or no?
I caught you, motherfucker!
Get him out ofhere!
I caught you!
Take him away, please.
You people are crazy.
You're crazy.
Listen, Benjamin.
"The damage to the right
parietal bone
demonstrates the assailant had
extraordinary upper body strength."
Two noodles.
"Likewise, due to the depth
of her vaginal injuries,
we may deduce that the assailant
was very well-endowed."
Obviously they're not talking about
this microbe. He must have a peanut.
There it is, bitch.
How do you like it?
you'll never reach the piata.
First, you're too short.
Second, you're not man enough
for a real woman like me.
Not man enough?
Fucking bitch!
I fucked the shit out of her!
I fucked the shit out of her!
That bitch!
I fucked her brains out!
Stop, stop, let him go...
Let him go, Benjamin.
Let go of me!
Touch her and I'll kill you.
I'll kill you!
Let go of me!
Are you Esposito?
Are you Esposito or not?
- Hello?
- Hi, it's me. Did I wake you?
No, I was...
working a bit.
Why are you up so late?
I was thinking...
- You don't say.
- Yeah, silly.
No, about the novel.
I want to read it when
it's finished.
Great, I'd love that.
Sure you don't want to talk
a little while?
No, I'll drink my tea
and see if I can get back to sleep.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Irene, the dressmaker is here.
Look, she made the cape
like you wanted.
Come and try it on.
I'll be right in.
Morales, how are you?
It's been ages, what a surprise!
Yeah, I'm watching it,
but I turned it down.
And also, thanks to them,
we can achieve
many things, because people
can't do it all on their own.
Good morning. Miss Menendez Hastings
from Court 42.
We're here to see Mr. Romano.
He's very busy.
What's it about?
Sir! Sir! You can't go in there!
I'll leave my credentials,
don't worry.
These two, raising their hands.
I want you to get them.
What are you doing here?
Are you crazy?
No, you are.
- Ma'am.
- We need to talk to you.
Fellas, would you mind?
If you'd called first,
I'd have had coffee ready.
Isidoro Gomez. Rape and murder,
arrested by the court.
Penitentiaries informed us
he's been freed by Executive Order.
We checked...
and here we are.
Anything to say?
Yeah, sure. That you two
need to get out more.
Justice is nothing but an island.
This is the real world.
While you two are shooting birds,
we're in here,
fighting in the middle
of thejungle.
Gomez, Gomez, Gomez...
He started working for us
when he was in jail.
He'd give us information,
spy on young guerrillas...
He did good work.
We like him.
What's the problem?
Do you realize what you're saying?
He confessed. He's a convicted
Perhaps, but he's also
intelligent and brave.
He can break into a home
and get the job done.
His personal life
is his own business, right?
With all the subversives
out there... Who cares?
If we only used good guys...
He was arrested under
Judge Fortuna's jurisdiction...
Do you think I don't know you let
him go to get back at me?
You think I'm stupid?
That's two questions.
Which one shall I answer frst?
- Is that true?
- Ma'am...
Would you do me a favor?
Stay out of it.
What are you gonna do,
file an appeal?
No offense, but there's nothing
you can do.
Except go back to your office,
take a seat, and watch and learn.
They don't teach the new Argentina
at Harvard.
And why do you come with her?
You think it gives you immunity?
Leave her alone,
she's out of your league.
She studied law, you barely finished
high school. She's young, you're old.
She's rich, you're poor.
She's Menendez Hastings
and you're Esposito, a zero.
She's untouchable, you aren't.
Let her go back to her world.
But if you have a problem with me,
come alone and we'll settle it.
Come on, Irene.
Let's go.
You do have one thing in common.
Neither of you
can do a thing about it.
You said life.
Yes, he should get life.
Well, then?
These people don't give a shit
about justice.
And where he is now,
we can't get anywhere near him.
Ifl could, what for?
What would I do?
What would four bullets get me?
A lifetime in jail.
Gomez goes free without ever serving
and I spend 50 years
stuck in a cell, envying him.
No, life in prison
would have been fair.
I wish I could help,
but I honestly don't know how.
Who knows?
Some othertime...
- I'll get it.
- No, please.
It's just a coffee.
I'm very grateful for everything
you've done for me.
I wouldn't have made it this far
without you.
I owe you one.
Counselor, sir.
It's about the lgarzabal fle, sir.
Stop calling me Counselor,
would you already?
If you do it in front of the judge
I'll get in trouble.
What about the fle?
- Have you made a copy?
- I'm on it.
No, you aren't.
You'd have to be there,
but you're here.
How long before
you talk to me again?
I talk to you every day.
I'm not untouchable.
- Or from another world.
- Lf only you were...
- Irene, let's drop it.
- Drop what?
You're marrying the engineer,
Menendez Urtubiea and so on.
You're notjealous...
For God's sake.
I hope you live happily ever after.
- Any objections?
- No, none.
Go on, object.
What are you looking at?
What do you want? Go away.
Come on.
- Where can we meet?
- What for?
So you can present your objections
about my life, my fanc,
my marriage and anything else
related to the case.
We can meet for coffee after work.
Eight-thirty. Place?
- The lmmortals.
- The Richmond.
Sorry. My suggestion
wasn't very elegant.
No, Benjamin.
Somewhere far from here.
Who are you spying on?
Sorry. Phone call for you, sir.
From a bar?
Pablo Sandoval.
You cocksucking bastard.
Wash your fucking mouth!
No, Benjamin...
I can't believe they called you.
What happened?
I told everyone
not to bother my friend.
This is a man'sjob!
You're not a man,
you stinking drunk.
What? Me, drunk?
Fuck you! Fascist!
Fascist! He's a Nazi!
He's a Nazi!
Listen, offcer.
We're from Court 42, I'll handle it.
- Come with me.
- Arrest them!
Arrest the motherfuckers!
Show them some fucking justice!
- Fuck you!
- My jacket! My jacket!
You're wearing it.
What time does your wife get home?
At eight.
How odd. There's no answer.
My mouth is dry.
Have you got any?
There's no answer.
Leave that alone.
She's never going to answer.
Because the phone doesn't work.
What do you mean?
Put that down.
I told you a thousand times,
I wanted to sue their asses.
And you didn't help me.
That was 6 months ago.
The phone hasn't worked for a year.
They never fixed it.
You can't spend the night here.
Put that down.
Stop touching stuff.
If you ever called me,
you'd know it doesn't work.
Leave that.
What are you looking for?
I wanted to sue them.
Look at me.
- You have a date?
- No, no.
You have a date.
And I'm leaving.
The last thing I need
is you calling me a party pooper.
Too much furniture in here.
- Sit here.
- I always run into shit.
Have a seat until you feel better.
Have a seat.
What time is it?
- I have a watch in the bedroom.
- What bedroom? This is my house.
We're doing great. Just great.
- Take it easy.
- We're doing great.
I'll try to convince your wife
not to kill you.
Call her on the phone.
You said it didn't work.
Mine doesn't work, Benjamin.
Use yours.
Just stay here. Don't touch
anything, don't do anything.
I'll be right back.
- Turn off the light.
- Yes.
We'll catch that son of a bitch.
We'll catch him.
- We were working all day.
- Save it, some othertime.
Let me explain.
- It's the last time.
- Okay, okay.
You could have remembered as well.
Be patient with him, he needs help.
He needs help?
What I mean is if we help him,
it's easier for everyone.
You want to get rid of him.
Don't say that.
What's this?
- What happened?
- Hold on a second.
- What is it?
- I don't know. Pablo?
- Don't scare me.
- Wait there.
- No!
- What is it? What happened?
What happened?
This is madness.
It will be if that bastard
finds you.
- He's gonna go after you.
- No, my father knows who to talk to.
He works for Romano, Romano
won't mess with me. I'll be fne.
But Jujuy?
For God's sake, Irene.
My cousins are like feudal
lords there. Nobody will touch you.
What will I do in Jujuy?
Same as here. Sign and stamp.
They have your desk ready.
I can't. I have my life here,
I have my old man here,
I have...
I have everything here.
What can we do...
I mean,
you and me.
There's nothing we can do.
It's a rough draft.
I'll make more.
Your house is exactly
as I imagined it.
How did you imagine it?
Exactly like this.
Exactly like I imagined it.
Sure, I imagined your house
would be totally different.
You've seen my house?
No, I mean unlike this.
Totally different.
What does this mean?
This piece of paper says
No, it'sjust something I did...
a writing exercise...
half asleep...
to inspire the imagination...
Never mind.
Okay, shoot.
It's a novel.
It doesn't have to be true,
or even believable.
Yes. No. What?
It isn't believable?
No, Benjamin.
That part when...
when the guy leaves for Jujuy...
- What's the problem?
- Crying like he's all broken up...
Her running on the platform
after the man of her dreams...
Touching hands through the glass
like they're one.
- That's what happened.
- And her crying,
like she knew her fate
was mediocrity
and never loving anyone,
practically falling on the tracks,
proclaiming love she'd never had
the courage to confess...
That's what happened.
Isn't it?
If that's what happened,
why didn't you take me with you?
How does the case proceed?
I don't know. I can say
he spent 10 years
counting llamas in the Andes.
And when I came back
you were D.A.,
married and with two kids.
Should I put that?
Orthat he came back married
to a rich little Jujuyan princess.
She was wonderful.
It wasn't her fault
I could never love her.
It's a lousy ending.
It's crap.
You see?
I don't want to miss another chance.
How is it possible?
How can I do nothing about it?
I've been asking myself
for 25 years and I've only been able
to come up with one answer.
"Forget it, it was another lifetime.
It's over, don't ask."
It wasn't another lifetime.
It was this one.
It is this one.
Now I want to understand.
How can someone live an empty life?
How do you live a life
full of nothing?
How do you do it?
This is a waste of time.
We'll never find him.
Trust me,
remember how formal he was?
Nobody notifies a change of address.
Mine's from when I danced the pata-pata.
Excuse me.
Gomez, Isidoro. Espora 691,
- province of Chivilcoy.
- You see? That's his mother.
Sir, we are required by law
to notify a change of address.
It's not something we do because
we feel like it. Understand?
- I do now.
- Morales, Ricardo.
There's one, two...
Four, ma'am.
Let's search by I.D. Number.
- What's your frst number?
- Three, what's yours?
- What do you care?
- What? Can't I?
Here's a 5 and a 6.
Morales, Ricardo Augustin.
He changed addresses in 1975.
Write this down, pata-pata.
Who are you looking for?
How are you? Remember me?
From the courts... 25 years ago.
- Quite a surprise.
- I know, sorry.
- How are you?
- Hello.
Long time.
What a surprise.
Come in.
Shall I make coffee?
You're not drinking mat out here?
Out here?
I'm at the bank all day long.
You're still at the bank?
I'll take that coffee.
You moved out here right after.
Yes. I wanted to start over,
from scratch.
That's the good thing
about the bank.
They have branches everywhere.
There's always a branch nobody
wants, so here I am,
with a promotion and everything.
How about that.
Remember Liliana?
Yes, of course.
How are you doing?
Still here.
No, I mean single,
- married...
- No.
No, really.
I think I just... at that point...
just closed shop.
I tried, but you know what?
It's complicated.
- I got married.
- You don't say.
Yeah, for a while.
But it didn't work.
I don't know ifit was me...
It's complicated.
It's complicated.
Quite a story.
I can't believe it.
Neverthought I had a novel in me.
You should flesh it out.
It's like a long memo.
I could never forget it.
A mistake.
You should put it behind you.
Trust me.
You came here because of Gomez,
What do you mean?
He was on the loose,
he might come looking for you.
No, no.
I'm not scared of Gomez.
Maybe he's dead.
They came looking for me.
Yes, I know.
- How do you know?
- I just read it.
- They found your friend.
- Oh, right.
Poor Sandoval.
Do you remember Sandoval?
My coworker at the courts.
They came looking for me,
didn't fnd me
and let him have it.
Gomez was never found, right?
Those guys always get away with it.
You know, there's something
I need to ask you.
How did you learn to live
without Liliana?
It was 25 years ago, Esposito.
I was sure you wouldn't be able to.
- It was 25 years ago, Esposito.
- Especially with him on the loose.
How did you start over?
It was 25 years ago!
Forget it.
If it weren't for me,
you wouldn't have made it this far.
You owe me one.
I don't know what you want me
to say.
You didn't care
the guy got a free ride.
There was nothing I could do.
You spent a year looking forthe guy,
they let him go and you do nothing?
I wasted a year looking for him
and they let him go!
- What can I do?
- That's it?
- Yes!
- The rest of your life behind a desk?
- Look who's talking.
- You're better than I am.
What do you care?
- It's my life, not yours.
- No, Morales.
It's my life too.
Your love forthat woman...
I never saw it again.
In anybody.
Get out of my house.
Right now, please.
It's my life, not yours.
I'm sorry.
getting old, that's it.
That might be it.
I couldn't stop thinking about it.
Go dwell on it at home.
Gomez didn't kill Sandoval.
He knew us both.
If he'd been there,
he'd have waited for me.
There's something...
I had a couple of photos at home,
of myself.
When Sandoval got killed,
the photos had been turned over.
Nothing else had been touched.
I thought...
I think...
Are you Esposito?
Did you hear what I said, asshole?
Are you Esposito?
- What's going on?
- What are you doing?
Answer me.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
- Here.
- What are you going to do?
I'm going to put on a record.
It's okay.
A record?
Listen to me.
Are you Esposito or not?
Yes, I am.
I'm so ashamed I can't even bring
myself to put flowers on his grave.
Maybe that's not what happened.
Maybe he fell asleep and they
killed him without him even realizing,
somebody knocked over the photos
by accident, bumped into them...
I don't know.
I don't know what to think anymore.
Choose carefully.
Memories are all we end up with.
At least pick the nice ones.
But there's one thing
I know I'll never forget.
The last thing Pablo said to me
the night they killed him.
"Don't worry, Benjamin.
We'll catch that son of a bitch."
And I will.
Lfhe's alive, I will.
Come in, sit down.
You can stop looking.
I couldn't go to the authorities.
I knew the guy was untouchable.
But I also knew sooner or later
he'd come looking...
for you.
Hey, Gomez!
I got rid of the body
and obviously he wasn't missed.
Was it worth it?
Forget about it.
Forget it.
Who cares?
My wife is dead.
Your friend is dead.
Gomez is dead too.
They're all dead.
Stop dwelling on it.
You'll start wondering
if you could have stopped it...
You'll have a thousand pasts
and no future.
Forget about it, trust me.
You'll end up with only memories.
I owed you one, right?
Now we're even.
Forget about it.
Forget it.
I couldn't stop thinking about it.
What would four bullets getme?
It's my life,
not yours.
Go dwell on it at home.
We'll catch him.
I've been wondering for 25 years.
It wasn't another lifetime.
It was this one.
A guy can do anything
to be different.
What would four bullets get me?
But there's one thing he can't change.
Not him, not you, not anybody.
How can someone live
an empty life?
How do you live a life
full of nothing?
How do you do it?
I fucked the shit out of her!
What retribution?
It's as if his wife's death
just left him there,
stuck in time forever.
My wife is dead.
Your friend is dead.
Gomez is dead too. They're all dead.
They'd give him an injection
and he'd take a nap.
Nobody, Benjamin.
Let him grow old.
Live a life full of nothing.
How did you start over?
That was 25 years ago.
25 years, Esposito.
Forget about it.
Tell him...
Tell him at least to talk to me.
You said life.
- Is she in?
- Yeah, in her office.
You're alive.
I need to talk to you.
- Shall I bring coffee, ma'am?
- Go away.
It'll be complicated.
I don't care.
Shut the door.