El secreto de sus ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes) (2009) Movie Script

June 21st, 1974...
was the last day that Morales had breakfast with Liliana Colotto.
And for the rest of his life
he would remember every detail of that morning.
They planned their first holiday, with some tea and lemon
because of the cold, that he drunk with some sugar.
he will always remember that real jam, that he would never taste again.
the tiny flowers on her dress
but mainly.. her smile.
that smile just awaken
mixed with that ray of sun in her cheek
and that...
im afraid
- the gates of heaven must be open, because an angel...
-Bye, girl
-How you say you are?
-How are you, Doctor?
-How are things, Chief? Is the Doctor in?
-Go on, she's in there.
-Thanks holy father, you look well sitting down there
-Hee hee, what a mother fucker...
-Less legs than a passport picture
-The gates of heaven must be op...
-Your highness...
-What a surprise!
-How are you?
-Nothing. I just came by to talk a bit. Are you busy?
-No, i was just looking over a speech, but i know it by heart. Coffee?
-I was asking, because maybe in your priestly life, you decided to take care of yourself.
-Yes, Doctor?
-Go to the coffee shop and bring us two coffees
-but i must finish off the files
-which files? Let me introduce you to Mr Benjamin Esposito,
recently retired from the palace
...and an old friend.
Mariano, the new boy of spring/summer
not bad
take this, bring some petite fur
if you want, also a Tita
-More milk than coffee for me, please
-That's right, you have this little problem...
..you're old
more milk than coffee for this gentleman
who has this elderly problem
wait..you wanted me to say something important?
-No, well...think not
-Leave it open, kid. Come, sit down
so what do you know about writing books?
-What? i spent all my life writing.
I can show you all the files
-Ah, the files
and how many pages will you have in your new file?
does it have a title?
-a bit of help would be great
what do you want me to do?
to behave like someone retired?
asking if you need help, a coffee?
i want to write
what's wrong on that?
and i want to write about the Morales case
I don't know why
i was thinking about it
we never talked about it... why didn't we?
-With your handwriting
this is going to be a great mess
-ah, wait...look
-anyway, we will not have problems
at the pace I'm at...
...i couldnt finish the 5th line
I'll end up spending all my money on paper
-Come, come here, give me a hand
-cant believe it
-its really heavy
-cant believe it, the old Olivetti
-it was stocked with the case of
heary dwarf
-the "a" was fixed?
-hah, how funny, with the "a" anybody can write
take it, you two dinasours
will come to an understanding
-i think that now, i won't have any excuses.
i will have to write
but where can i start?
-Start where you remember the best
it was 20 years ago, what is it?
what do you think most about?
-guys, allow me to introduce you to
your new boss...
just come from Harvard
Miss Irene Menendez Hasting
-Hasting, it is Hasting, its scottish
-i'm sorry
-Hasting, new secretary of judge
-subofficial first, Benjamin Esposito
-in fact i went to Cornell, not Harvard
-A pleasure, Pablo Sandoval
official, but first, at your service
-Che, whats up?
are you here?
no, its that I can thin of many ways to start.
But I'm not sure that
they're connected with the story
-then start with the beginning
and don't fuck with it
-blood bank, hello?
-Mr Esposito
they called from the 25th, they have a case
-secretary 18th, it's their shift
-but they say its rape-murder
-secretary 18th!
-good morning
-good morning
-miss secretary
Did a saint die?
-well, because angels are wearing black
-ah, no, its a trick we angels use
to look 3 kilos slimmer
bring the things on the Chavez case
we have to start with them
-of course
-you are such a tender kid
-why? A chick comes and you already
have a sentence for her?
-thing is... I may look like a frog
but I'm really a charming prince
-Mr Esposito
-they say that Dr Romano said
this case is for us
-Dr Romano? Tell him that
General Esposito is going to kick his ass
-where are you going, asshole?
she comes, and i'm a blank
-forme is easier, Benja
i'm not in love
-me either, jerk
go on
-what i say is, you took the files
and put them right there
not too complicated
-Che, Romano, what did you
say to 25th? its yours
-we agreed to make on you
one us, whats the deal?
-a robbery, not a murderer, cheater
one and one if its the same
-what can i do? ask him to
Dr Fortuna Lacalle
-im asking for a solution
not 2 problems
-excuse me, my dear
why a problem?
-no, Dr. i meant, it would be childish
to bother you with this
its something we can solve
by ourselves
-by the agreement, the case is yours
and hurry up with it..
..or instead of a murder scene
you'll find a funeral
-how are you, Baez?
-here i am and you
-tired of being so happy
-i can see the joy in your face
-like a dog with two tails
if there's one thing i love...
it's that the asshole Doctor
sends me to see a dead woman
-watch out, there are thousands of assholes
like the easy asshole, never bothers
he knows he's an asshole
never fuck with anyone
-how are you inspector?
-hah, talking about you
-and we have the asshole
that think he's a genius
screwing it all the time
and we must clean up their shit
like that, i dont have one
i have two: judge and colleague from the 18th
i dont know if he's a jerk, a mother fucker...
or a clever combination of the two
this was his cause, thats why i ask you
if you can, talk with the judge, explain to him that...
-Liliana Colotto. 23 years old, teacher
married since the beginning of the year
to Ricardo Morales, from National Bank
-the old woman says that she didn't see anyone.
the two workers hadn't shown up for days
-sure about that?
-she said she hadn't seen them
-im going to see the husband at work
-im going with you
-Ricardo Morales?
-yes, that's me
-Inspector Baez, federal police
-somebody else had keys for your house?
Have you seen any strangers around recently?
A neighbour told us that you came home
every midday. Isn't that far to go?
sorry, i didnt understand
-we had a habit, to watch The Three Stooges together
at midday. She had so much fun...with them
-well, you will have to come with us
to the morgue. We'll try to make things fast
-che, whats the problem with the "a"?
please, take it away from here
-but where do i leave it?
-i dont know, but i cant even look at it
-hey, Benja. tell me if you like it:
by this i state that, I, the judge in criminalistic
Dr Fortuna Lacalle, declare myself...
..completely insane and incapable of acting.
-No, no, no. That's not the way.
let's see
no, no, its like this: because of articles number
i state, big letters, that Raimundo Fortuna
Lacalle, is a crazy man
demented, in juridical meaning
as a delusional-minded case
therefore, unable to face acts
of civil life
-how are you Doctor?
Do we have papers for today?
-ah, yes, doctor, the case of
Nicolosi its what we have
-Not much, Dr
just some citations to witnesses
-yes, sorry, one last file
-ok, thank you
-how are you doctor?
-how are you? -Benjamin
-che, Benjamin. so you can see
the good will of the 18th
remember the other day you were
a bit mad with us?
here you are, case is solved. It was 2 workers
who were in dept 3, and killed her
they are already in jail in the 25th
when the judge wants it, you can bring them
-wait, wait, wait. which workers?
-i tell you: Jacinto Caceres, from Bolivia, 35
Juan Robles, 34
at least, this one is from Argentina
-you really amaze me, from now on
i will give you all the difficult cases
-please, doctor. i always say
better to help than fight
-Exposito, how are you?
-Romano told you i was coming?
-yes, i was sending a report to the judge
I'll send you the prisioners tomorrow
its them, they already confessed
-open it, come on
-i ll send them to the judge
-come on, let me in
-it must be authorized by Cicora
-Listen jerk, Cicora is about to receive
a citation in the ass
you want one too? for me its the same,
what do we do?
you are Caceres?
-no, im Robles
he is Caceres
-you are a one huge motherfucker
-whats your problem, sicko?
-you found two fools, two fools
didnt you read the description?
-what the fuck do i care?
-they beat them according to your orders
-you know where I'm going now? To chambers
im going to make a complaint against you
-you know where I'll put your complaint?
-no, i will put it in your ass!
-go, go and make it. All this trouble because of
two little blacks
-I'll black your eyes, you fucker!
you will never come to this judge's house again
-stop it, stop it
-you dont know who are you fucking with
you have no idea!
-benjamin, benjamin
-easy, easy. im going to chambers
i'll be right back
-i think it's ok
I'll be right back
did you see Sandoval?
-he's gone
-i think he left by Talcahuano street
-attention a moment, please. The minister has just arrived.
Benjamin Esposito, greetings
-my god, how much is it?
-you dont have to pay anything
what i drink, i pay for.. you know it
besides its early, what the hell
then im going to pay
..so im taking the money
no, im taking the money, im giving...
everything is ok. so, here Mr Esposito
is going to pay for a round
-No no no
-Dont touch me, dont... not here
In here yo're not my boss
dont embarrass me in front of my friends
-i dont cover you again
-yes, let me go
-why do you keep on doing these stupid things?
-yes, lets go, lets go. easy
everything is okay
we're leave
im leaving
-see you
-bye, the coat.
-here it is, here it is...lets go
you are his wife, this is his house
-i cant take this any longer... no
-you should thank me for bringing him back at this hour
-i dont know why he comes like that
this is your fault
-who is it?
-Benjamin Esposito
-from the judge's house, remember?
-she was pretty, wasn't she?
-i feel really sorry for those men
yeah, they must be free by now
they had to be checked by forensic doctors
because of what i told you
-no, no, carry on looking
so you can get to know her better
here you have more
i spend all my time looking at her photos
i know, im not facing the truth, but well
it helps me to carry on living
until we catch this guy
that's when she became a teacher
then she came from Chivilcoy
to live here, in the house
of her aunt, working in a school
i met her in there, she came
to pay her taxes at the National Bank
i still can't believe how i dared
to talk with such a beautiful woman
tell me something, when this guy is caught
how much time will he get in jail?
-murder-rape gets life imprisonment
what else can we do? we can't kill him in argentina
-i don't agree with the death sentence
-no, me either...i meant
maybe it would be retribution for you
-retribution? what? is he going to
be raped and murdered like her?
no, they would give him an injection
and he would just fall asleep
its not fair. can you imagine how much
i'd desire an injection like that?
those are from when she was 17
or 18 years old
a day in the country side,
in Chivilcoy, do you know Chivilcoy?
-i do, i went with her, to meet her parents
no, i want him to live for many years to come
so he can live many years full of nothing
what's up?
she didnt have brothers, right?
-no, why?
-do you know who this guy is?
he's in several pictures, looking at her
i showed her this system
because later in life, we forget names
here it is... Gomez
Isidoro Gomez
-so? -i always thought this
pictures thing was crazy
-well, yes...but, i think
it's because of the way he's looking
i think its that. you see this guy
watching this woman, with adoration
the eyes, talk...
talk bullshit, they'd better shut up
sometimes it's better not to look
-we never talked about again
when did you come back from Jujuy?
-in '85
-why now?
-better than flower-arranging
-because i've been getting
disctracted for 20 years
cases, friends, parties
a marriage, a few affairs
i got distracted
now im retired, i dont have anything
to distract me
the other day i was having my dinner
and i saw myself, eating
and i didnt like myself
i know it doesnt happen to you
im not asking you to understand me
believe me, and trying..
..to find the whys, the moments
everything, everything lead me to Morales
its like if my life,
answer, answer
-its okay. It's Alfonso, I'll call him back
-its okay, answer
-hello, is this Isidoro Gomes's house?
-is he at home?
-no, no, he doesnt live here anymore
-no, he moved. to Buenos Aires
-ah, to Buenos Aires.
-who is this?
I'm calling on behalf of counsellor Mendez
it's for a job
Has it been a long time since he moved
to Buenos Aires?
-maybe a month..
month and a half
do you know where i can find him?
do you have an address?
this job is important
-i know he's working in a building,
in construction
he told me.. something like..
Montevideo street, in Lanus
I'm not really sure
but, what kind of job is it?
its a job he will like because
its for counsellor Mendez and...
tell me somthing, was he friends with
Liliana Colotto?
ahh..Liliana Colotto she was
his girlfriend, in the neigbourhood
-because Liliana works for Counsellor Mendez
it was her who recommended him for the job
ah, it was her. he will be happy
-really? you think he will remember her?
-oh, yes. he liked her a lot
but then later she left, for Buenos Aires
I don't think they've seen each other since.
hello... hello
-if we find him, it's going to be a miracle,
big asshole.
-poor guy, i would like to see you
in a similar situation
-no, you big asshole. you should tell me
and keep it quiet
good morning, we are looking for
Isidoro Gomez
-whats up?
may i know who are you?
-Mike Hammer, asshole
Did he come to work?
-no he didn't come
we have nothing to do with him
-please, just give me his address
-right away
-we know that Gomez had a phone call last night
he had paid the whole week
but he left anyway
i can search more, if you want
-i saw the same pictures
i should have found that out
-there's no way, Esposito.
that case has nothing, just smoke
if you think im going to embarrass
myself with my collegue from Chivilcoy
to enter in the house of an old woman
to search for some letters he might have written...
and..papa..please, Esposito
you are crazy
-you know what, Doctor
without this, we have nothing
-look, you gave enough trouble with
your charge on poor Romano
he's now who knows where
or maybe he is in Chivilcoy
why dont you check, he could help you
the truth is, i dont know what to do
Morales gets worse and worse everyday the
murderer knows we are after him
i have a judge is a stupid
irene..i want to kill her
and the only guy i trust
is a dumb drunk, an asshole
i have something on my favour.
small, but something
today is 28th, it means that
dumb drunk still hasn't got his salary
the previous one..he drunk it
so, when the barman asks him for money, the
guy will face a dilemma
If he says he doesn't have any money
he goes to jail, he fights, a lot of problems
his wife definitely throw him out
..he turns around, to his asshole boss
that is me, and asks him to pay
that's it. The boss is an asshole
but not that much of an asshole
he will pay. Again
but he will ask a favour in return
and the dumb drunk will not say no
isnt it?
i have to pee
-hold it
The old woman will be out in any moment
- Too many inspectors movies. Napoleon Solo
Perry Mason... that's your problem
che, really, i have to pee
ah, motherfucker! I could shit on you!
-you fucking scared me, asshole
-me, to you? what are you doing here?
-i came to help
-you should've stayed outside,
in case the old woman comes back
-she's not coming
-how do you know?
-she is in the shop. She'll be there
a while, calm down
did you find something?
but they dont have his address.
There aren't any envelopes
this is recent
-how, so? its new
-the trash, maybe an envelope might still be there
che, there's nothing here
nothing, nothing?
-did you look carefully?
-want to see?
want me to drive?
I'm sure that little dog was rapid
and you're going to die
- i dont understand why you didn't
stay outside. The old woman can't know
-Benjamin, the moment we came
she'd know, sooner or later
-thats why we decided to not
bring the letters with us
you couldn't be so stupid as to have taken
the letters, could you?
and what if I did?
-ay, motherfucker! what?
if the old woman knows, she'll tell Gomez
and we'll never find him.
-i dont see it like that
-what don't you see? you don't see a fucking thing
-you'll see. When i start to study this, you'll see
i'll find out everything.. when I'm alone
tactical revolutionary command..?
...wrong number..
so? nothing?
-dont know, maybe it's me
It's as if this fucker knew that we'd read them.
just names, nonsense things
nothing concrete
look, calm down, mum
I'm more like Manfredini than Babastro in this way
People from Chivilcoy?
-give them to me..
Sperm Bank, hello?
...no we only provide...
Esposito, Sandoval... Dr Fortuna
wants to see you, please
when i talk to you, you can hear
me, right?
-yes, doctor
-then i must assume that if i say
something and you do the opposite
its not because you don't hear but
you shit on the order i gave you
Is that right, Esposito?
-no, its not like that, Dr-
and if my colleague from Chivilcoy calls me
very angry, because two of my men
broke into the house of a poor old woman
that would mean he's full of shit
-i dont know where your colleague
could have come up with that idea
-its the same as I said to him, Esposito
but look, look
my colleague tells me, the other day
in the city of Chivilcoy
in the streets Sabeiro and Esquiafino
city of Chivilcoy, there was a black car parked
Peugeot, Capital licence plate
and he checked the identification of the car
you will never guess who
the owner was..tell me, who
some Es..
the federal police gave him your work
judge calls me to clarify this point
but the truth is i can't
so it looks like im not a judge,
but a big asshole
i say: do "a" and in here you do "z"
like this fucking machine...
Dr, but.. i think that there's something strange about this
-that's right, wait wait, dont go
here comes the best part
Later you can treat me like an
asshole, but now, listen to me
because what called the
attention in town
it wasnt two guys looking
like they're from capital city, no
or that one of them tied
his shoes, no
what was curious was that, one of
them got inside a store
greeted people very kindly
bought a whisky bottle
and went drinking it
on the sidewalk
need the description of the guy?
We've got to deny it, Benjamin. it wasn't me
i wasn't there, i don't know
-don't talk to me, never again
-but we must deny it
-get out of my sight, please
-are you going to be against us, too?
Irene, im talking with you... Irene
-I dont know what is worse. the stupid thing
you did, or the fact it was behind my back
-i thought that you...
-you think im useless here
-i never said that
-you dont have to, it's plain to see
but you must know that I'm the boss and you're the employee
talks about 5 jobs,
one in construction, other selling vegetables
Monte Grande, San justo
Oleniak, Manfredini, Babastro and Sanchez
just one woman, some Rosa
i think it's an aunt
nothing else, can't count more
the rest is useless
leave it open, its nothing private
i was talking with Fortuna
i explained to him that you are stupid
i flashed him my most irresistible smile
and i convinced him
to forget everything
i really appreciate it, doctor
-i beg that from now on..
you don't do this kind of thing anymore
you can go.
-i have a doubt, if you'd allow me
what is that irresistible smile?
I don't think I know it
Why would you? I only use it on
my boyfriend. Just as it is should be
-of course. okay, i don't want to
bother you
-bring me the case of Colotto
and I'll close it
the subject is closed
Engagements. today kids make fun
of engagements
who gets engaged anymore?
this kid, what was his name?
Larreta brought him.
-it's true
-but I'm so silly, i didn't
date them
when could it be? some months
after Chivilcoy?
-a week later. i remember
a week after our fight, you came with
that Alfonso from god knows where.
ready to announce your engagement
look here Sandoval, trying to
not look drunk
-amazing, I see myself but I hardly recognise me, like it's someone else altogether
-who were you? how were you?
-I dont know, hard, conservative
-young..young, Benjamin
I was young
you were also young. Look, all
your hair was black
and here, looking from the sidelines
with a butt face
i was somebody else
I'm sure the book'll be fine, but I don't want to get involved. you might be at the end of your life
and want to look back
but I can't
i have to go to work everyday
to deal with this
It might not be the perfect justice,
but its a justice of sorts
at the end of day I must go back home
to live with my husband
with my kids, that I love
my life was always about looking forward
backwards is not my jurisdiction
I declare my self unable
what a case, it just doesn't want to die
-how are you?
-how you doing?
-I'm Esposito
-sure, how are you?
I'm okay, and you?
-well, here I am
want to sit down?
how are things?
-this month i come here Tuesdays and Thursdays
-to the station, Tuesdays and Thursdays
Mondays and Fridays I go to
Once and Sundays Constitucion
anyway, i change it around every month
he will come here some day
I'm sure that if he lives in the region around
the Capital, he'll be caught
I guess that even after a year
you haven't stopped working on him
no, no, of course not
you must think I'm stupid
-dont pay attention, really, dont
-no, please, it's not like that
- the worst is that over time I'm starting to forget her
i have to try hard to remember
the whole day, night and day
the day he killed her, she made
tea with lemon for me
she heard me coughing the whole night
she said it would be good for me
All these silly memories come back to me now
then the doubts start
i dont know if it was tea with lemon
or tea with honey
and I'm not sure if i have a real memory
or the memory of a memory
excuse me, i need to talk with you
go ahead
something happened yesterday
i was thinking all night long, couldn't sleep
i was thinking about you
you know, when...
when you see things from a
new perspective
when you see somebody, and that
makes you see your own life in a different way
-go on
and i said to myself
i have to talk with Irene
she could send me to hell
sorry...she could get mad, but
i must try
-if you can wait, i'll close the door
-Sandoval, I'm busy now, when I'm free...
-but he called me
-yes, I called him, to talk amongst the three of us
yesterday i met with Morales at the
Station. You know what he was doing?
-My crystal ball is broken
-this guy goes everyday to stations in the hope of finding
the murderer, Dr
every single day, he leaves the bank
and goes to watch
-you dont know the capacity of this man's love
it moves me
It's as if this woman's death
froze him, in time, forever
you must see those eyes
they are in a state of pure love
can you imagine what love like that must be like?
without being diluted by
everyday life
-speak for yourself
it hasn't happened to me
-we think this guy deserves a chance, Dr
-and what's my role in all this?
- the case is closed. We should reopen it
-you are proposing to me to destroy
an official document, with my signature
and the judge's on it. To make false declarations in order
to make it look as if it is still open?
-That's a brilliant idea. i hadn't thought of that.
-Don't be an asshole
everything okay, Doctor?
-tell me, haven't you seen
some letters over there?
- I think he left for Talcahuano street
So, now you don't only escape to drink,
you also steal evidence.
-Everything's clear now, Benjamin
-if Irene wants to read the files..
-hands off, damn it
are you crazy? Sit down
do you know why we'll catch him, Benjamin?
because we are two assholes
No, I've already read this to you
-let's go
-no, I haven't finished this train of thought
i asked myself, how is it possible
we can't find this guy?
he always disappears. Where is he?
then I start thinking about guys
all guys, not just this one
not specifically this one but...
-all guys, yes
-right..the general guy
A guy can do anything to change,
but there's one thing he can't change
not him, you, me, anyone
look at me.
Am I a young guy?
I have a good job,
a woman who loves me
and as you say, I keep on
screwing up my life in places like this
several times you've asked me: why are you
here, Pablo? what are you doing?
do you know why I'm here, Benjamin?
because it's my passion
I like coming here, geting drunk
fight if someone fucks with me. I like it
with you it's the same, Benjamin
you can't get this Irene out
of your head
she really wants to get married. She's
probably got more than 37 catalogues
for weddings dresses in her desk
she has an engagement
with a huge party, but you...
you are still waiting for the miracle, Benjamin
how are you, Notary?
-how're you doing?
this is my friend Esposito, Notary Andretta.
A real notary, my advisor
let's check the first letter
of our friend Gomez, never mind the card
"I swear, that with the rain I finished
worse than Oleniak".. please
Juan Carlos Oleniak, he began
as a racing driver in 1960
in '61 he went to Argentinos Jrs, in '63
he came back to Racing
in a classic with San Lorenzo, they
sent him right into a pit, he was all wet
something serious, we call him Plato,
because he lives for the Academy
"im going to bring you here, Mum. We'll be
like Anido, but Anido with Mesias" .. Notary?
Anido and Mesias. Racing
champions from 1961
Blanco, Piani and Corbata,
Pisutti...Mansilla, Sosa and Belen
"stay calm, Mum, about this, I'm like
Manfredini, not like Babastro"
Pedro Valdemar Manfredini
he was bought by Mendoza for 2 pesos
he was an exceptional player
for his times
Babastro, striker. he played a few
matches between '62 and '63
he never scored
It says: "I dont want to end like Sanchez"
what does it mean?
no, he must be talking about the goalkeeper
Atahulfo Sanchez
eternal Number Two of Great Negri
he played a few games between
'57 and '61
Notary, what is the Racing Club for you?
-it's a passion, my friend
even when they haven't won in 9 years?
-no, a passion is a passion
-Can't you see, Benjamin? this guy can change
everything: face, house, family...
..girlfriend, religion, God...
but there s something he can't change
he can't change his passion
It's a beautiful night for playing football...
Huracan host to Racing Club of Avellaneda...
Racing is not doing well at the tournament...
wants revenge against the "Balloons" of Patricios Park....
its the Academy, the Academy, the Academy...
this is madness, crazy...
-because you don't understand about football...
you just must be patient, just that...
-no way...I mean there are too many people, it's impossible
-he is there, he is there
tell me where
let's go
-what's your problem?
We've been here a month, 4 matches
motherfuck.... Gomez!
come here! you fag!
hurry up, Benjamin
i had him, he ran away!
where is Baez? Baez! he came running.
didn't you see him?
-What's he look like?
-What's he look like? Didn't you see the pictures?
-yes, but what's he like? tall, short?
-middle tall, thin...what are you doing?
I don't know these things, Benjamin
this asshole asks what's he like
he should be up there, not us
-he doesn't know him. We do
-"damn animal!"
motherfucker, son of the bitch, damn faggot!!
get out!
-fuck off, son of a bitch mother!
-get out, asshole. the police is here
-what police, fuck off
-I'm sorry. how is it?
-I'm waiting for Sandoval
-what for?
-I play the good guy..its a routine...
-older than suckers. Can you question
him without the judge?
-of course. We must finish it all up before
Fortune arrives. He would just screw everything up.
are you trying to question a man
without a lawyer or judge?
Ordoez, have you seen Sandoval?
-He left a moment ago
-God damn it
-listen, it would be not valid anyway
what charges would you apply?
-What? you think it's enough?
-to stare at him in a picture?
-that's why i want to work on him.
To break him. -and if he's not the one?
Don't look at me like that.
If he's not the one?
-How could he not be?
Don't try and sell me on it, Doctor. Go find Sandoval
-Should I go in a taxi?
-yes, no.. he's must be in Robertino
-no, dont go please. no
-wait, wait
-but what are you doing?
-im sorry... it's him
-how do you know?
-don't know
-no, I dont know how, but I know
Gomez, Isidoro Nestor
ID Number
-marital status
-Mocoreta 2428, Isidro Casanova
-what train do you take to get to capital city?
..what train brings you to the capital?
-I dont use the train
I come by bus 96
What's wrong?
this machine doesn't work
the "a" is missing
-wait, wait... tell me
what's going on, please
please, i beg you
you are accused in the case of
Liliana Colotto Morales
on the date of june 21st, 1974
concretely, you are accused
of the act. I will make the interrogation
you will have a lawyer
-Liliana Colotto, she's an acquaintance
from Chivilcoy
what happened?
-tell me, Gomez. why you think
you've been here for three days?
-no idea, i went to see the Racing
-yeah, I know
when we wanted to catch you
you ran away
-what would you do? with 2 guys
with mad faces...
what happened with Liliana?
-look, Gomez, dont play games
you know as I do, that
you raped and murdered that girl
-what? are you serious? how could
i do such a thing..to her?
its been more than a year since I've last been to Chivilcoy, I can prove it.
-i went to find you a week after the crime, but
you fled, from home and work
-from where?, I didn't leave anywhere.
-Gomez, dont pretend to be stupid!
from Piedras street.
-that's a year ago. I left 'cause it was too expensive
-and work?
-i found a better job
what's your relationship with Liliana?
she's a girl i've known since childhood
-they cant find Sandoval
..why dont you wait for the Dr?
-ok, it could be, it could be
look, Gomez. The case judge is
about to arrive, we'll wait
Im sorry to get into this officially..Doctor
I know this is your case...
but this boy couldn't have been the one
-we can talk outside, ok?
-wait, wait. its just a minute
Have you looked at him closely?
he couldn't've been
let me see the autopsy
this girl Colotto.. here it is
look how she ended up
im sorry, Gomez
but its not likely, officially
the amazon and the dwarf
besides, she was beautiful
i'm asking you to look at this face
a beauty like this is not in everybody's league
must be a very special man to have a
woman like that
-do you think so, doctor?
i mean..
the door wasn't broken
it means she knew
the attacker
-yes, but don't tell me that such a woman
would remember this kid
unless she was a prostitute
with some, and he was paying
-who is this person?
-shut your ass
no, the girl was decent
-hmm, on this i agree with the kid
for me, the guy from the bank was
really cheated
He must have had one of those convertible cars,
so horns could be out
what are you laughing about, stupid?
the guy who already gave his witness statement
that one...
that it was a tall big-backed guy
a man able to make a woman hot
look at this thing
surely when she saw you she thought
this asshole again, with his stupid looks,
saying "i love you", "i adore you"
yes or no?
take him out, please...
-i caught you, you son of the bitch
you are all crazy
listen Benjamin...the destruction of the
right skull bone
shows an attacker with great upper body strength
look at this..
two strips of spaghetti.
and so, the depth of injuries
in the vagina
allow us to know, this man was
extremely well-hung
of course, nothing like this insect, who
must have tiny roasted peanuts for balls.
here you are, pussy bitch
do you like it?
my love...don't try to catch this one here.
you are too small. Not enough man for me
not enough...bitch!
you know how i fucked her? uh?
you know how?
don't touch her!
-let him go
you touch her, and I'll kill you
I'll kill you
you are Esposito?
you are Esposito or you are not Esposito?
-hello, it's me..did I wake you up?
-no, I was working, writing a bit.
Strange, you being awake at this hour
-i was thinking
-no way, really?
-yes, silly, yes. its about the book
when you finish it, i want to read it
ah, of course, yes.
i would love you to
really you want to talk or something?
-no, I'll drink my tea and got back to sleep
this morning, the president of the nation
Maria Estela Martinez Peron...
-Irene, it was the dressmaker
look, with the cape as we wanted
-hello?... Morales...
how are you?
..yes, i was watching, mute...
good morning, I'm Doctor Menendez Hasting
from Judge number 42
we came to see Mr Romano, please
-at this time he's in a meeting
sir! sir!
what are you doing in here?
are you crazy?
-no, you are crazy
-we must talk to you
-boys, can you leave us, please?
if you would've told me in advance
i would have got some good coffee prepared
Isidoro Gomez, rape followed by murder,
imprisoned by the judge
The service informs us now that he was
set free by order of executive power
we searched and here we are.
something to say?
-yes, of course. you must
get out a bit more
justice is an island in the world
but this one...
this is the world. and meanwhile
you kill birds..
we are here, fighting in the
middle of the jungle. Got it?
Gomez, Gomez.. yes. He
started with us while he was in jail
he brought information by
spying on young communists
he did a great job, we start
to like him, why? What's the problem?
-do you understand what
you're saying?
he is a murderer, convicted and self-confessed
-maybe, but he is also
an intelligent, courageous person intelligent,
capable of getting inside a house and doing what needs to be done
With all the communists everywhere, i really don't care about his personal life
if we only work with good people...
He's a prisoner, processed by order
of Dr Fortuna...
-you think i dont know you released him just
to screw with me? you think I'm an asshole?
those are 2 questions
wich one do you want me to answer first?
is this true?
lets see, please. Dont get involved in this.
what do you want to do?
Make some demand? Don't get offended
but you're not capable of doing anything
What you can do, is go back to your office
stay quiet and learn
the new Argentina is not taught at Harvard
and you, why you did you come with the Doctor?
You think she can protect you?
Why dont you leave her alone.
She has nothing to do with you
she's a lawyer, you're a trade expert,
she's young, you're old
she's rich, you are poor
she's Menendez Hasting, you're Esposito
meaning nothing
she's untouchable
you are not
let her go back to her world
don't be a bad man
now, if you have a problem with me
come alone, and we'll fix it
-let's go Irene
there's one thing you do both have in common
Neither of you can do a thing
you told me life in prison
-well, yes
he should have got life in prison
so what happened?
-what can i say? these people
stuff justice up their asses
Where he is right now, we can't even get close to him
-and if we could...what then?
what would be achieved by shooting him four times?
I'd go to jail for the rest of my life, and Gomez would be free of
everything before he even hits the floor
And I'd rot in prison, envying him.
no, for me, life imprisonment would be fine.
-truth is, i would like to help you
but i don't know how
-who knows..at some other time
please, allow me to treat you
-no, no
-it's just a coffee
i really want to thank you, Benjamin
for everything you've done
without you, I really wouldn't've got this far...
i owe you one
-Dr Esposito. they are looking for you, for the...
-I'm not a doctor, how many times do I have to say it?
If you call me Doctor in front of the judge
I'll look like an idiot
what happened with the file
You finished it?
-i'm doing it now.
-no, you are not. you are here. you should be there...
How long will it be before you talk to me?
-i talk to you everyday
I'm not untouchable, nor from another world
-I wish you weren't, but that's the way it is.
Irene, let's forget it
-forget what?
-you'll marry the engineer Zapiola Urtubey Martinez....
-you're not jealous, are you?
-no, God
be happy and live long
-What's your beef?
come on, spit it out.
-Irene... please
-what are you watching?
-where shall we meet?
-what for?
-So you can air all your objections to my life,
marriage, and everything else in bed
we can share a coffee when we leave
-the immortals
-the Richmond
-I'm sorry, I can't think of anywhere more sophisticated
-no, Benjamin, somewhere farther away.
what are you doing there watching us?
-sorry, you got a phone call
from the Mala Yunta bar
Pablo Sandoval...
you big motherfucker!
-wash your ass...fag!
-no, no..Benjamin..i told them
i didn't want them to call you
-i told them..don't bother my friend
this is between us
-what kind of a man are you??
fucking drunk
-it's a nazi, fascist..nazi
-official, I'm from judge house 42
i'll take care of him
-come, come
-he should be in jail
fuckers, you'll know what justice really means
-coat, my coat
-you have it on you
-what time is your wife back at home?
-at 8
-strange, she's not picking up
-my mouth is...dry..
do you have something...for...
-she's not answering, che
leave that
-she won't answer
-because the phone's not working
-why not? leave that
-i told you a thousand times, Benjamin
i wanted to make a complaint
and you sent me to hell
-that was 6 months ago
-the phone's not been working for a year
fuckers never fixed it
-what a mess, you can't stay here today
leave that. don't touch it
-if you ever call me, you would know that
-stop touching, what are you looking for?
-i wanted to make a complaint
look at me..
you have a chick?
-no, no..what chick
-you have a chick
and I'm leaving.. I dont want you to say:
Sandoval screwed me
god damn it, how many sofas do you have here?
-come, stay calm, come
-i fucking hit myself
-that's why, relax here
until you're sober
-what time is it?
-There's a clock in the bedroom
-what bedroom? you are
in my house
-yes, we are cool
we are cool
-im going to your house to convince
your wife not to kill you. Be right back
-call her by phone
-didn't you tell me its not working?
-mine doesnt work
but you can use yours
you stay here, calm
dont touch anything
wait for me, I'll be right back
-turn off the lights
-we are going to catch
this motherfucker
we were working the whole day
-leave it, that's enough
-give me the chance of explain
-ok, but its the last one you get
-truth is you could have also remembered
-show a little pateience, he needs help
-Does he?
-i know, what i meant is
if we help him, we help
all of us
-you dont want him to bother you
-dont tell me that
what's this?
what happened?
-wait, wait
-what happened?
-don't know
-dont scare me
-wait a bit
what, what happened?
this is crazy, crazy
-crazy would be that i can find that one
-you? you are going after him?
-i told my father, he knows
this guy works for Romano
and Romano will not mess with me
-but Jujuy?
-my cousins are powerful there
they won't not dare touch you
there, don't worry
-but what am I going to do
in Jujuy?
-the same you're doing here, signatures
stamps, you have everything ready there
-no, no Irene
i can't, i can't
i have my life here
i have my dad, i have...
i have everything
-what are we going to do?
i mean, you and me
we can't do anything
it's a first draft
I'll make more
your house it's just as I imagined
-really? Like how?
-how do you think?
just like
just like I imagined
-right. but I
I thought your house would be different
-you know my house?
-no, different to this one, I mean
-what are you afraid of
There's a piece of paper here that says
"i'm afraid". What are you afraid of?
no, no, that was just an exercise I did
to open my imagination. Don't pay any attention to it
ok, so...tell me
-well, it's a book, right?
a book doesn't need to
be true
not even realistic
no, no..what's not realistic?
-Benjamin, that part when...the
guy goes to Jujuy
The guy's crying is despair
and she's running along the platform
as if she's losing the love of her life
touching their hands through the glass
as if they were a single person
she's crying, as if she knew she
would be fated to suffer a fake love
almost falling on the track, because
she never dared to show her love
-yes..it was like that, no?
if it was..
why didn't you take me with you?
And how does the story continue?
-i dont know, if you want
i can write that the guy...
was counting guanacos in the desert
for years
when i came back, i found you
were a prosecutor
married, with two kids.
Want me to write that?
-yes, or that he came back married
to a pretty Jujuy girl
-she was a wonderful girl
it wasn't her fault if
i wasnt able to love her
-what a disgusting ending, this book
-fucking ending
i don't want to leave everything again
How can I?
how is it possible I don't do anything?
I've been asking myself that for twenty-five years,
and for twenty-five years I've thought-
leave it, it was another life
stop it, don't ask, don't think about it
it wasn't other life
it was this one
it is this one
now i want to understand
how we do it, living an empty life?
how do we live a life
filled with nothing
how do we it?
-no, it's impossible
a waste of time
-you just do it
-change of address? I've had the same adress since
I danced Pata pata
Gomez Isidoro, Espora 691
-just what i said. his mother's place
-look, Sir. Registering a change of address is a requirement, whether you like it or not
got it?
-yes, now i do
Morales Ricardo.. we have 4
you tell me
-lets search by ID number
what's yours?
-3 million, you?
-200 million, none of your business
we have one 5 and other of 6
here, Morales Ricardo Agustin
he changed his address
in 1975
write it down..
pata pata
who are you looking for?
how are you?
remember me?
Esposito, from the judge's house
like 25 years ago
what a surprise
-yes, right?
how are you?
-how do you do?
it's been so long
what a big surprise
come, get it
Can I get you a coffee?
-coffee, of course. you don't drink mate here?
-Here? I'm at the bank all day.
-ah..you're still at the bank
I'll take one coffee
you came right away
-well, yes
i wanted to start over
to leave everything in the past
that's a good thing about the
national bank...
it has branches everywhere.
there's always one that nobody wants
so here i am
I was even promoted, you know
do you remember Liliana?
-yes, of course
and you, how are things with you?
-me, here i am
-i mean, alone?
are you married?
-no..not in fact
i think that for me
at this point life is over
no..i tried, but you know...
it's complicated
i got married
-no way
yes, for a while
but it didn't work
don't know, maybe it was me
it's complicated
-it's complicated
-look at all this work
I can't believe it
i want to be a great writer
yes, but you must work more on it.
It looks like a long memorandum
it's crazy
-it's because I always remembered it
bad done. You really should forget it
you came here because of Gomez, right?
-why because of Gomez?
If the guy was free, he could come after you
no, im not afraid of Gomez
-he might even be dead
-yes, he might be
they came for me, too
-yes, i know
-how do you know?
-i have just read it, they found your friend
Sandoval, poor sap.
You remember him, don't you?
-no, no
-my workmate, from the judge's house
they came for me, didn't find me.
he got it.
Gomez was never found, right?
-these guys always get away
you know, i want to ask you something
cause, i don't know how
how did you learn to live without her?
-it's been 25 years, Esposito
-i was sure you wouldnt be able to.
-it's been 25 years, Esposito
-with this guy free, how did you do it?
-its been 25 years
forget it
if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't
be here
remember that?
you owe me one
-i don't know what you want,
don't know what you're talking about
-you say that you did nothing
with this guy free?
-right, i couldnt do anything
you spend a year searching for him and then you do nothing?
-right, i was after him for a year,
then they got him and set him free
what can i do?
-that's it? it's over?
you spend the rest of your life with stamps?
-look who's talking
-you are better than me
-what do you care?
it's my life, not yours
-no, Morales..it's my life...too
your love for this woman
i never saw the like
from anyone
-get out of my house
now, please
it's my life
not yours
excuse me
it's an old man thing
maybe it is
it's just that i think about it all the time
-Go home, if you want to think about it all the time
Sandoval wasn't killed by Gomez
-Gomez knew us both. If it was him
he would've waited for me
there's something...in my house
there were a couple of pictures of me
when they killed Pablo, Sandoval's
pictures were upside down
all the rest were in order
they hadn't touched anything
i thought..
i think
Is this Esposito?
Can't you hear, asshole?
Are you Esposito?
-what happened?
-what are you doing?
answer me
what are you doing?
where are you going?
where are you going?
-what are you going to do?
-im going to put on some music
-put on some music?
are you Esposito
or you are not Esposito?
it's me
i feel so embarrassed that i can't
even go to cemetery with some flowers
or maybe it wasn't like that
maybe he went to sleep, and they killed him
just like that, not knowing
And the pictures fell on their own
by chance, some movement
don't know
i think, and think, don't know
what to think
-choose well
all what we have left
is memories
at least, let's have some nice ones
-but there's something i will
never forget
last thing he told me the
night they killed him
dont worry, Benjamin. we'll
catch this motherfucker
and i will.
if he's alive, i will
come in, sit down
dont search anymore
i couldnt go to the ministry. i knew
this guy was untouchable there
but i also knew that, sooner or later
he would come... for you
i got rid of the body and its clear that
nobody missed him too much
Was it worth it?
-I don't think about it anymore
dont think about it anymore
who cares?
my wife is dead
your friend is dead, Gomez is dead
all of them are dead
dont think about it anymore
you will start with..
if i was..if i wasn't.. you will
have a thousand pasts, and no future
dont think about it anymore
believe me
you will only have memories
i owed you one, right?
now we are even
dont think about it anymore
i thought about it so many times
what can I achieve by putting four shots into him?
it's my life, not yours
go to your house if you want to think about it
we are going to catch him
it's been 25 years asking myself about it
it wasnt another life, it was this one
a guy can do everything to change
what can i achieve by putting four shots into him?
but there's one thing he can't change
not him, you, me, anybody, Benjamin
how is it possible to live an empty life?
how can carry on living a life
filled with nothing?
how can we do it?
you know how I fucked her?
-what retribution?
it's as if that dead woman would
froze him there, forever
my woman is dead, your friend is dead
Gomez is dead, they are all dead
they'd just give him an injection
and he would just fall sleep
nobody, Benjamin
no, i want him to live a long life
so he will know that those years
will be filled with nothing
how did you manage to start over?
-it's been 25 years
ask him, ask him
at least talk to me
you said life in prison
im afraid
i love you
Is the Doctor here?
-yes, she's in the office
you're still alive
i have to talk with you
do you want some coffee?
-leave, kid
It'll be complicated
i don't care
close the door