Elaan (2005) Movie Script

Fear, terror, horror!
As long as PeoPle fear us...
...we can make them
dance to our tunes.
Once they are rid of fear,
we are finished.
Someone is going to...
...walk into my life
Someone is going to...
...walk out of your life
This is what...
...my heart...
Someone is going to...
down with Baba Sikander!
Down with Baba Sikander!
Baba Sikander.
- Walk into my life
Baba Sikander uses his
guns out there...
and I, the chief Minister,
get to hear the uProar here
Someone is going to...
What do I answer them? It is your
duty to maintain law and order.
...walk out of your life
Had he been in our country, we'd
have nabbed him long back
This is what...
...my heart...
It is the terror I've unleashed...
that allows me to rule India...
even while I'm thousands
of miles away from India
all of them will fear Baba
Sikander. Everyone!
Why are your eyes horror-struck?
In the hoPe of living,
why are you dying?
When calamity strikes you,
you never know
So why do you wait
in anticiPation?
You are a thief...
...so am I
You are Silence...
...but I'm a fury.
This is what...
...my heart...
Good morning, sir. - Good morning,
sir. - Good morning, sir.
Good you've come.
- I've got you Scotch
How are you?
- How do you find me?
How are you, dev?
- Fine, thank you...
How many times did he call? -
Twice. He must be calling any moment
I still can't hear Yes
resonate in your voice
Hurry uP
Else, my men are only waiting
for a nod from me
I need some time to think
That's the last thing I have. Time!
Your son has also returned
from america
consult him, for the last time
Because, a son can't give
his father bad counsel
By the way, the commissioner, who
feigns Performing his duty...
...do you think he'll save you, eh?
Once a bullet meant for
you leaves my gun...
...no one can stoP it
Neither your ministers, who buy
out victories in the elections...
...your country's Police...
...your trusted bodyguard...
nor your own son.
I'll call uP tomorrow, same time.
If I get the stuff...
...you won't hear me again
and if I don't get it...
...you won't be heard again. Never
PaPa, why didn't you tell him
that you are willing to Pay uP?
I don't understand
the need of this meeting...
200 million is nothing for you! Why
are you taking such a big risk...
for the sake of a small amount?
- It's not about 200 million, dear
don't give me false hoPes, uncle.
I just heard how he sPoke to you
He also knows about Karan's arrival
You folks will first rave and rant,
and then bow your heads blaming God
I'm the one who'll lose my Father.
- Anjali, Please!
It's not the time to Point fingers.
Let them do their jobs
I've seen their work.
Just recently Baba carried
out a serious bomb blast
What did you and your Police do?
- What are you getting at, lady?
The Law does make us helPless, but
we are not weak! - Mr. Rane.
Control yourself, Please.
After all, he's a rePuted
businessman in this country
commissioner uncle, self-esteem...
...and rePutation don't
matter more than life
I want the damn money, all right.
PaPa, it's the game I left unfinished
before I left for america, right?
PaPa, that day you told me...
a rook moves slowly...
and looks very insignificant.
But if this very rook...
overcomes all the hurdles and
reaches the other side...
it can assume the Place of a
Queen and even beat the King
There's only one steP to go for
you. And the choice is yours
You can die without offering a
resistance. Or move a steP ahead...
and fix your own destiny
aren't you worried about
your father's life?
I am. That's why I'm telling you
Give one man money, and four
others will demand...
and many more will follow
Everyone will know that Mr.
Shah sells himself to live
Only Baba is a threat today,
tomorrow fifty more will be
How long will you escaPe?
It's decided!
You are giving Baba Sikander
200 million. That's it.
But anjali...
- don't interfere.
I knew you'd come here
and instigate PaPa.
I ask, where was the
need for you to come?
You know very well that
I called Karan over.
Then order him to leave.
He stoPs you from Paying uP. Will
he save you from Baba's gun?
If something haPPens to you,
he'll lose nothing.
He just calls you father,
but I'm your daughter.
I'll be the one who loses you.
- Think before you sPeak, anjali
d'you know what you are talking?
- All I know is that...
I love you very much. And if
something haPPens to you...
I'll never forgive this man.
So what have you decided?
Life? Or 200 million?
Not 200. 400 million.
But that money will go to the Parents
whose children you've snatched.
Baba, the money will go
to those families...
who have lost their breadwinners
because of you.
Feels nice and also bad.
Feels nice to see your courage.
And it feels bad when I think
about the consequence.
Those who fear your gun worry
about the consequence
all I know is that Life and death...
is not in the hands of humans, nor
in the hands of a devil like you
God alone decides over it
Ever since you called,
I haven't slePt a wink.
But now that I've refused
you today...
I will sleeP in Peace
I try to be nice all the time
But all the time, this world
drags me to the worse.
Baba, why do you worry?
This friend of yours will go and
drive a dagger into the swine's belly
No, no.
Not now.
Not now.
This murder must make history.
Today is 25th...
Four days later is Kantilal
Shah's birthday.
Let him live till then...
HaPPy birthday.
HaPPy birthday to you.
HaPPy birthday to you.
He doesn't know how
we will defame him...
Is he haPPy now? - God knows
what he must have done...
What are you saying?
Go and talk to him.
What's going on? Is this
what you are Paid for?
Dad, come along.
- Where to, dear? - come with me...
Take a Picture of me and my dad...
Excuse me...
- Yes. Yes
Yes. Now
Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
Karan, this is urgent.
The figures of this share...
Go on, PaPa, I'll be right there
Move. Move. Move
It was a huge bang, Baba, but
we also lost 200 million
Not a loss, but Profit. For
Two days from now on...
every newsPaPer, every TV channel
will talk about my brilliance
after watching the sPectacle
of Kantilal Shah's death...
every fat safe will oPen
automatically for us
Hi, Priya. Thank God, you have come.
What's to be done now?
The Press coverage should be ours
What's this? Haven't they
allowed the Press in yet?
No. Very tight security. The Police
commissioner just arrived
But why is the media waiting here?
Covering Kantilal Shah's dead body.
It is in the ground floor itself
Which means it will be shown on
every channel. Where's anjali Shah?
She was whisked away
just now from behind
and Karan Shah?
- Must be somewhere around
We can get the body shot, but what
we need is an interview with Karan
come with me. - But Priya...
- Shut uP and follow me...
Sound on...
Good morning, Mr. Shah. I am Priya
from aaj Tak, just five minutes...
I am sorry.
What have you done? You let
go a golden oPPortunity
Karan Shah's tearful eyes!
An interview with him!
Our story would've caught
like fire! - Yes...
but I didn't find anything
in that room worth selling
come son, it's time to go
to the crematorium...
for the last rites. All are waiting
Uncle, I want to talk to Karan
In Private
You were never my brother.
You were only my PaPa's son
But now that he is gone, that
relationshiP exists no more
From now on, I'll see you only
as Kantilal Shah's murderer
Yes Karan, Baba Sikander didn't
shoot him. You shot him
You killed my PaPa.
You are the murderer
and I don't want the Person who
stained his hands with PaPa's blood...
to give him a funeral
You never had the right
to Perform his last rites
But today, you've even lost the
right to be his Pallbearer
You've lost it
don't care about his grief, Priya,
worry about your own
as far as I surmise, Kantilal's
story ends with his cremation
No good digging his ashes.
- The other channels think likewise
However, I see this story
beginning, not ending
How come?
- Just think
Why did the daughter light the Pyre
when the son is still alive?
I'll be right there, commissioner
Yes, come on. Come on. Everyone
listen to this interesting story.
Priya... you were so right...
What I've found out about Karan
Shah is absolutely amazing stuff
But for a full detail on him,
we'll need Bunty from Mahim
- Yes. Bunty alias Karan Shah
Bunty used to be a canteen boy at
Kantilal's office 15 years ago
More than delivering tea, he
concentrated on the meetings...
that took Place in Kantilal's cabin
Gradually, Bunty stoPPed
making tea in the canteen
He worked for Mr. Shah during daytime
and studied in a school at nights
Soon, Bunty became Karan Shah...
and from the boardroom he walked
right into Mr Shah's heart
Mr Shah adoPted him
Munna Patil. He's the one
who shot your father
Was caught at the airPort. He tried
to escaPe using a fake PassPort
I'm not at all angry
at him, Mr Mhatre
This fool just fired
My enemy is the one
who gave him the gun
Karan always believed in
deeds more than words
Going by balance sheets, the
Shah grouP of comPanies...
have moved uP 300 Per cent
in the last five years
For which Kantilal Shah had
given Karan the credit
He's not your enemy alone.
He's our country's enemy
do you think we don't
want to arrest him?
The biggest hurdle is that he
is hiding in a country...
With which we don't have
an extradition treaty
But we haven't lost hoPes. I have
written to the ministry about it
and I'm sure they are working on it
Sooner or later, a law
Will come in force
and then, I'll Personally
go and arrest him
Karan, I Promise you...
The Police will leave
no stones unturned
Mr commissioner...
for a moment forget that
you are a Policeman
I have come to beg of you to have
my PaPa's assassin arrested
Place your hand on your heart and
tell me, is what you say Possible?
A boy who used to sell a cuP
of tea for two bucks...
and went on to own comPanies
worth 20 billion...
will not sit mum over
his father's death
just watch, sir. This
man will certainly act
Hardly matters if it's
a stinking rich man...
or a barking street dog...
the horror on facing death
remains the same on both
Before shooting your father, my
man called me on my cellPhone
So that I could hear
his last screams
The voice that refused to do
Baba's bidding was silenced
You must be ruing the day...
when you coaxed your father
into messing with me
Over your father's Picture you
must be thinking that...
you shouldn't have done that. Right?
I don't know what I shouldn't
have done, Sikander
But what I'm going to do,
you will certainly regret
No matter where you hide,
I'll dig you out
Not only for my father's death...
but you'll Pay for every droP of blood
that the innocents here have shed
You will answer the PeoPle
and the law here
The country where you snatched the
children away from their Parents...
I will draw you right there
If you are unwilling,
I will drag you here!
And that's my challenge!
Says, he'll drag me to India
He'll Punish me
With whose helP?
With whose helP?
With the terrified Indian
government's helP?
He won't find a single soul...
who isn't scared of me
What was taught to you in tuitions?
come on
My baby...
What did you learn in school today?
- Poems and stories
I got the best grade.
- Wow! Very good.
Shall we go home?
- Yes. Okay.
And we go Past rohtang Pass,
then through SPiti Valley...
right into Ladakh
Wow! PaPa, there will
be snow everywhere
There are brown mountains too,
dear. - And greenery?
If you want greenery, we'll
Have to go to Kerala
decide where you want to go.
- I don't know, PaPa. I'm confused
Okay, now close your
Eyes and go to sleeP
and let's go to the Place
that you dream about. Okay?
You won't cancel the Programme
again, would you?
Come what may, we're going
on a vacation this time
- Promise.
Your Promise?
Good night...
- Good night.
Ever since I lost my
job as a Policeman...
this is the first time that
someone followed me
Now slowly turn around
Karan Shah...
So you want to catch Baba Sikander
and bring him to India?
That too all by yourself?
- No. With your helP
Sikander is not a fish...
who'd grab your bait without
a second thought
Sikander is a crocodile
and three countries together
couldn't yet Put together...
...the hooks to traP him
Let me tell you something
Before Putting my daughter to sleeP
every night, I ask her to dream
However, I'll advice you
to droP your dream
Wake uP, Mr Karan Shah
and face the truth
I've been facing the truth ever
since that swine killed my father
Wherever the killer is...
I'll surely bring him to India
With helP, or without
I resPect your resolve
But Please let me live in this
small world that I've created
I'm haPPy with my daughter
the way I am
HaPPy? Or are you trying to cheat
yourself with a smile on your face?
Only after knowing everything
about you, I droPPed in
I could've used my money to Put
together an army against Sikander
But I don't want fighters,
I want winners
I've lost my father
and who can understand the Pain of
losing a dear one better than you?
I know, yours too was a haPPy family
You had a nice job...
and someone who loved
you more than life...
Who are you to PeeP into
my Personal life?
Who are you? Now get uP...
Get out.
I didn't mean to hurt you
In terms of forming bonds, the two
of us may never relate to each other
But in terms of losing
bonds, we do relate
I said, get out.
Arjun... they...
they were amar Shankar's men
I... I'm dying, arjun
Nothing will haPPen.
- Our baby will die!
Nothing will haPPen... nothing
Our baby, arjun... we'll die
I won't let you die.
- We'll all die, arjun
InsPector, it's a baby girl
and Seema?
Didn't I tell you to go inside?
Once again you didn't
sleeP all night, no?
Come on
My baby knows her PaPa well, right?
After you went to sleeP last
night someone came to meet me
He wanted my helP. But
I didn't know...
whether to helP him or not
So I shut my eyes... and
your mother came to me
and she told me that I
must certainly helP him
In that case you must helP him
I know, my dear
But if I helP him, we won't
be able to go on a vacation
Besides, I'll have to stay
away from you for some days
PaPa, who did you come to
know first? Mama? Or me?
Mama. - So you must listen
to her first...?
Or me?
My baby! I love you
Wow, Sameer! You are amazing
I told you, this boy won't
sit quiet. He's gonna act
I know about Baba Sikander
He's in no way lesser than
alexander the great
He has his own emPire, soldiers,
his own army
To reach him would require us
to break a network of armies
and to breach the framework,
we need abhimanyu
But where will we find him?
- Vashi jail
Sikander had rechristened him
He used to drive Sikander's car
and eventually became his hitman
aPPu Takla, Karim Kurla...
rahim Illahabadi... having knocked
out gangsters like them...
he also killed many famous
hoteliers and businessmen in the city
Leaves no evidence!
He gauges his enemy's strength...
before Pouncing on him
Once he makes a resolve,
he fulfills it
Abhimanyu! Abhima...
He hates...
stabbing in the back
and if someone does that to him,
he's his bitterest enemy
abhimanyu! Abhimanyu!
- Hey.
You just said, he leaves
no evidence behind
Then how did he land in jail?
Because of Sikander. Sikander
stabbed him in the back
double crossed him.
- Can he helP us from jail?
No. That's why we need
to take him out
We need five corPses for that.
And that's a job...
you're going to do.
- I?
Not killing, I meant bringing
dead ones here
K. V Shah Medical college was set uP
by your great grandfather, right?
Right. So?
They keeP dead bodies there,
for research and studies
Either you use your
money or standing...
I need five corPses and two
ambulances by tomorrow morning
How will the corPses
get abhimanyu out?
There's only one way to take him out
We'll have to kill him.
- What!
And two of my men will helP me
albert and Tony
There's another thing you
will do. At 10:45 am...
you will call uP Mr Patil,
the jailer at Vashi jail
Yes, sir? What's this?
- I'm from the Ministry of Health
Got to administer antidotes
for malaria to the inmates
But sir, we aren't informed as yet
Guards are never informed.
Ask your boss
Hello? Sir, there are some doctors
from the health dePartment
Hello? Mr. Jailer?
Tell me
- We have orders...
from the Health Ministry.
If I'm not mistaken...
there are 570 inmates
right. So?
We need to administer an antidote
for malaria to all of them
come on Monday, between 10 and 12.
- Sure, give that in writing
We'll leave
Is it ok?
All are bloodsuckers here! What
harm can malaria do to them?
It is the mosquitoes
who need antidotes
Kadam was told to
many times... that day too...
I tried to tell him a lot.
But he didn't listen to me.
I told him. I told him so many
times. But he didn't listen...
after that...
I filled it...
He begged me... he begged me...
That crazy man kePt crying that day...
- Jailer...
the men who came into the jail
aren't doctors. They are criminals
StoP them before they escaPe
with their Partners
Get them! Get the scoundrels!
Hey. Catch them.
Follow them!
Arjun Srivastav!
I knew you wouldn't stick
with the Police for long
But I never knew you'd start
breaking the law so soon
dead! But I'm alive.
If you keeP on raving,
you won't last long
Brother, keeP that away
Please. Now what's all this?
Did you Prove me dead
to give me a new life?
Or did you give me a new
Lease of life to kill me?
I got you here for some work
That's better. Got a cigarette?
What's the job?
- To bring Baba Sikander here
Is this the brand you smoke?
- Yes
I don't want it. Else,
I'll lose it too
and I'll start talking
rubbish like you
Not rubbish. It's very rational
If you helP us, you can
start life afresh...
with a new name, in
some other country
If you refuse, you go back to
the same old jail and the works
all I got to do is call the Police
and tell them that you aren't dead
Either jail or rail?
I'll be alive in jail,
but in rail...
Your choice. Well, you could've
quoted your own Price for this job
How much?
- 5 million
5 million? That's all?
How much do you want?
10 million?
- Done!
Damn, irritating!
Karan Shah? Want to avenge
father's death?
20 million.
- Done
Fifty Percent in advance.
- Given
Brother, that cigarette Please
You look so good in
These PhotograPhs
I wish they could sPeak
and I could hear
But we journalists figure the
Point even before it is told
and my understanding tells me
that you are quite intelligent
Look at the swiftness with which
you Pulled wool over Police's eyes
To the Point
You want your PaPa's killer Punished,
and I want a story for my channel
In a way, the two of
us need each other
For my story, keeP me close to you
and for your sake, I'll keeP myself
away from these Pictures
are you trying to blackmail me?
- Oh no
I'm just showing you a way
out. You have two ways
Either you keeP me with
you, or throw me out
In which case I'll go on telling
everyone that abhimanyu is alive
What are you doing? - No Place
here for blackmailers. Out!
Okay, I request you! I'll burn the
PhotograPhs and negatives... - Out.
I left my Purse inside
and stay out...
If not with you, I'll follow you
But I surely will go,
every Place you go to
Madam, there's someone
here to meet you
You...? - Why? You think
only you can tail me?
You think you will
keeP an eye on me...
...take my PhotograPhs,
taPe my voice...
and I won't even get to know?
- Sir, I...
I can sue you for that, if I wish!
But I won't do that
Because I'm going to need
the helP of many friends...
to fight the enemy
I'm about to Pursue
and if my friend haPPens to be as
intelligent, smart and beautiful...
as you are, lt'll make
things easier for me
You will have to walk
shoulder-to-shoulder with me
I will. - Madam... will
you have some coffee?
I've told you so often not
to startle me... stuPid!
Sorry, madam.
My heart's restless...
my heart's restless...
give it some solace
I imPlore you, do come and meet me
come and meet me
My heart's restless...
give it some solace
I imPlore you, do come and meet me
come and meet me
When I'm reminded of you,
I begin to Pine...
I'm oblivious to the world
around me... what am I to do?
When I'm reminded of you,
I begin to Pine...
I'm oblivious to the world around
me... what am I to do?
That's what love does to you...
O sweetheart...
you're so blissfully ignorant
From these sweet liPs, shower
some juices on me...
I Pine for you, do not
torment me anymore
do not torment me anymore
My heart's restless...
Give it some solace
I imPlore you, do come and meet me
come and meet me
What're you doing, Priya?
- Tracking
Tracking? Whom?
- Karan Shah
How can you track him sitting here?
- Where's your cellPhone, sir?
Here you are
What's flashing?
- Airtel
Below that?
- Kishorilal. My name
Below that?
- Area name. Bandra
Now watch. Come here
I want to show you something.
Come see this, sir.
This is the website of Global
Mobile Tracking System
On feeding the number, the GMTS
will locate it via Satellite
Wherever Karan Shah goes,
he'll find me there
From now on, none of us will call
home or try to meet friends
just consider that we're
dead for the world
just the two of you
I'm dead already. - And that
calls for more cautiousness
If you are seen...
our mission will end even
before it begins. Followed?
Followed, brother
What's this?
- PassPort.
You are rocky, not abhimanyu
anymore. - Really?
And I'm Sahil Singh
and I?
The more a man is famous the
harder it is for him to hide
You will be yourself
Shall we begin, abhimanyu?
Sikander's world rests on the
shoulders of a few imPortant men
To get to him, we need to
yank those shoulders out
Let me tell you about him
and his Punters in detail
Baba Sikander. Let alone India,
he's the smartest of all in the world
Ministers, Policemen, judges...
he has them all in his Pockets
abhimanyu is dead? I don't get this
I'm his only enemy. And
no one can be his friend
Then who is this who got
him out of the jail?
What's your guess, Salim?
Is he really dead?
If he isn't dead yet,
we'll kill the swine
Sadela Salim. Sikander's
childhood friend
Sikander kills for money,
Salim kills for fun
aftab. Sikander's kid brother
He's the Foreign Minister of
Sikander's kingdom, I'd say
The country where Sikander
takes refuge...
only this man can make that
government dance to his tunes
So tell me, brother, what's
to be done now?
Send abhimanyu's Pictures
to all the airPorts
If he is alive, he'll certainly
try to get to us
Before that, let me...
inform my boys in Mumbai. In
24 hours we'll know the truth
Sameer. Sikander's youngest brother
Lives in Venice, but knows what's
going on in the streets of Mumbai
as Per your information, where's
Baba Sikander right now?
Ok. Guys...
It's time for us to disPerse
We meet in Venice, after three days
Venice, I am going.
What if Baba doesn't buy your
story? - I know Baba's weakness
Like every great Personality
he loves to be a godfather
I'll go down on my knees...
sing his Praises,
and beg forgiveness
I'll tell him, Big brother...
our seParation made me realise
how Precious you are
Either take me back...
or shoot me
That's it. Baba is clean bowled!
But how will you meet him?
- With the helP of his girlfriend
She works for a dance club
I'll fix a meeting with
Baba with her helP
Sonia won't refuse me. And
Baba won't refuse her
I loved you
I gave my everything to you
You mean the very life to me...
you know as well as I know
Pray that we never Part
Pray for me
'm restless
'am waiting...
for the day...
when two hearts will meet
Pray for me
Pray for me
Pray for me
Pray that I and my beloved
may never Part
Pray for me
Pray, Pray, Pray
You are in my imaginations
You are the one I think about
I couldn't get over you...
in all these years
You are in my imaginations
You are the one I think about
O merciless one, the seParation...
was killing
When the distance is bridged...
may that day come
Pray for me
Pray for me
Pray that I and my beloved
may never Part
Pray for me
Pray, Pray, Pray
I made wishes
I waited in anticiPation
For all my love...
I desire only you
I made wishes
I waited in anticiPation
I'm thirsting...
burning all over
When the distance is bridged...
may that day come
Pray for me
Pray for me
Pray that I and my beloved
may never Part
Pray for me
I'll go and meet her
I don't believe that
I'm looking at you...
that you are here right before
me. Everyone said...
you were killed when you
tried to break jail
I love you too much...
Honey, don't cry... enough
I'm here now. Come on
What's going on, abhimanyu?
Who are those men with you?
How is that you are alive?
- I'll tell you everything later
I don't have the time now.
- But...
Listen carefully.
Those guys sitting outside
have me jacked uP
But I'll give them the
sliP to be with you
- Listen carefully
Meet me outside Saint George
church after two hours
You and I will vanish from there...
to start our love-story
She's an idiot. It was
tough reining her in
She is ready to work, but
she is demanding money
How much?
- 100,000 Euro
Is she out of her mind? I'll...
She'll get it.
- Then our job will be done
Give me the money.
Within two hours I'll fix the
aPPointment and meet you
- I am
- Won't you invite me inside?
How did you get here?
- Obviously by trailing you
I know all about your mission
I want a lover like Sonia
and for love, you
need the damn dough
I could've accomPlished my mission
just by trailing you
But your mission is
rather more imPortant
My mission is now on the back
burner. I'm here to helP you
What are you trying to say?
I want to keeP facts before you
You are trying to use someone to
Break into Baba Sikander's fort
He isn't a friend, he's your enemy
He's conning you
Sonia is his girlfriend,
not Baba Sikander's
There can be only two reasons
for you to come here
Either you want to aPologise
and join us...
or you want to settle old scores
But I got another reason. Sonia
Staying away from her,
I was as good as dead
For her, I escaPed, I broke
the law, and came to Venice
So it is not revenge,
it is a love affair
I want to believe your
Words and forgive you
However, history doesn't allow me
Because you are my own.
And history is witness...
it is only the loved
ones who led to...
...the downfall of the
biggest of emPires
Be it julius caesar
or Mahatma Gandhi...
it were the dear ones
who killed great men
I'm not killing you, in
fact I'm saving myself
just Presume that by coming to
Venice you've dug your own grave
Enough. You've dug enough
To make your love-story immortal
that dePth is enough
Here's a couPlet, brothers.
- Sure
I found myself two feet of land...
yet not a grain of soil.
- Wonderful!
I found myself two feet of land,
yet not a grain of soil
damn, the cruel world
Buried me in snow!
Wonderful! Wonderful!
- Thank you
if you wish to shoot me, do it fast
before your couPlets knock me out
He's restless to meet his death
at times I watch him, at times
I gaze at rashid's gun
- Rashid, shoot them
Get the swines!
Riddle them!
Abhimanyu, come in!
Abhimanyu, come in!
This way, abhimanyu
What the...? Over here
Let's go... go... go...
Get them... get them... get them.
Faster, come in.
If they follow us, we'll die!
- Right
don't sPare them!
Abhimanyu, come in.
Come on, Karan
Turn right!
I feel like shooting
you this very moment!
But what can I do...? I'm
in the habit of doing good!
Arjun... leave him alone! Let go!
You've collected 15 million
already. 10 million, honestly...
and 5 million by deceit
Here's the rest. 5 million.
The mistake I made by bringing
you on this mission...
may PerhaPs be somewhat rePaired.
- He'll collect his money and leave
But we'll have to Pay for
whatever has haPPened today
- Salim and I can't see eye to eye
If you guys hadn't arrived,
he'd have Put me to death
I won't extract a Price from
you for saving my life
Let's go, Sonia.
- Sonia's not going anywhere
Neither are you
abhimanyu isn't as bad
as you imagine he is
Whatever he did was only to keeP
the Promise he made to me
He had Promised me that he'd
leave Baba's world for good
But when he exPressed
his feelings to Baba...
Baba asked him to do one last job
The job wasn't done
I don't know how he got there
at the eleventh hour
- InsPector arjun
Baba sent you to India to
do one last job for him...
and got you arrested in India
on a narcotics charge
Why would a coP travel all this
distance to save a thief...?
He hasn't come on his own.
He was brought here, Baba
By none other than Kantilal
Shah's son Karan Shah
No wonder you accePted at once,
when we offered the mission to you
So they're here to extract
revenge from us?
For his father's death.
- What revenge will he take from us?
Let him come here once. I'll
teach him such a lesson...
don't wait for their arrival, Salim
rules of the trade: Crush the
serPent while it's still in the egg
Find them
I had asked him to give uP crime.
Not from Preventing it
He'll be with you from today
If you guys can forgive me,
I'm willing to go with you
We must get out of this
Place as fast as Possible
Baba Sikander must've got to
know about our mission by now
Get them!
Thanks, Priya...
- You are very lucky...
The bullet only grazed your arm.
- Baba's lucky, not she
Had something haPPened to her,
I'd have smashed his head
It's the same car
Must be somewhere around. Javed,
let the dogs loose!
Oh my God! What now...?
Let's take them on, I say.
- Don't do anything
They've got weaPons.
They've come PrePared
We must try and get out of here.
- How? Sonia's bleeding
They've got trained hounds.
They'll follow the scent
of the blood to find us
We must turn our weakness
into our strength
SteP aside!
DroPs of blood. Wherever they go,
they'll leave a trail for us
Sniff! Rocky, sniff!
Find them!
That way!
Yes, go on.
- I could only wound one...
not kill any. The five of them
got into a train and escaPed
Where's the train headed?
- Paris
Not to worry, aftab. Our guys will
wait for them at Paris station
How cute... is she your daughter?
Ayesha. She means the life to me
and this Postcard...?
- Not Postcard. Memories
I'm collecting them for her
Karan, you're fond of kids, I hoPe?
- Yes. Other PeoPle's kids
For five minutes, that is
How rude! What'll you do when you
have your own kids after marriage?
That's why I'll never get married
Amazing! You don't want to get
married because you don't want kids!
Abhimanyu, how many kids
do the two of you want?
- Five...?
If someone messes with me, I'm
not going out to raise an army
The five-man army
with one commander!
See how they dote on kids? How
much they love their children!
And look at you... stuPid!
What's gotten into her?
- Better ask her
Poor girl. I feel sorry for her
She's so madly in love with Karan.
But she just can't tell him
Not everybody's like me! Carefree!
Carefree! Have you ever
said I love you to me?
I'm the only one who
keePs following you
Have you ever said anything
romantic to me?
So that's how it is, eh...? I'll
do it with you today. Romantic
Sonia, when I look at your eyes...
I can see that...
- What...?
What do they call it...?
- Intoxication?
No, not intoxication. All right,
forget about your eyes
Sonia, when I look at
you, in my heart...
what do they call it...?
In my heart...
- May I say it?
Go ahead
Excitement... in my heart
Let's go, all the way...
Excitement... in my heart
Let's go, all the way...
Excitement... in my heart
Let's go, all the way...
else it'll kill me, my love
Excitement... in my heart
Let's go, all the way...
else it'll kill me, my love
I got to live, I got to die...
I got to love you
Your charms drive me crazy,
it melts my resolve
Excitement... in my heart
Let's go, all the way...
else it'll kill me, my love
My loneliness gnaws at my heart,
your shadow's like a footfall
I kePt waiting...
as I died gradually, the
loneliness gnawing at my heart
Let's give ourselves
uP to the daze...
in each other, let's be lost
Yearning makes me ache for you...
how I love being wanton with you
Your lovely arms rouse
my Passions...
how am I to stoP myself?
Excitement... in my heart
Let's go, all the way...
else it'll kill me, my love
My love, sweetheart, in
you lies every haPPiness
My eye is the mirror which
reflects your visage
I had to see your charms...
and my heart committed
many a misdemeanour
Passions won't let
me live in Peace...
let me live it uP,
at least this moment
Your eyes are what cause you turmoil.
They cast a sPell every moment
Excitement... in my heart
Let's go, all the way, else,
I'll die my love
What...? Where?
Are you sure?
Yes... okay
absolutely accurate information
from my source
Salim will surely go to Venice
to meet his mistress tomorrow
a boat's coming
It's him
He's here
How many of them?
- Priya come in
One, two, three, four
a driver and three bodyguards.
Four in all
They're getting there.
- He's already at the door
- Rafiq from Paris station
Go on.
- Karan Shah and his friends...
haven't reached Paris at all.
They weren't even on the train
What are you saying?
Why do my hands tremble
to knock at the door...?
Why does my own house aPPear
to be someone else's today?
Let's go.
He has come out!
- Salim has changed his mind!
He's going back, arjun!
- What...? Follow him!
If Salim escaPes today,
we'll never find Baba
- Let's go.
Come on.
Come on, Karan. Move faster!
You are not our enemy, Salim.
Just tell us where Baba Sikander is.
And we'll grant you your life
You guys are lucky that desPite
being Baba Sikander's enemies...
...you're still alive!
Baba's death itself!
If you're so fond of dying,
why go to Baba...?
Just give that gun to me.
I'll kill all of you!
I'll ask you only thrice.
Where is Baba Sikander?
Get lost, InsPector arjun!
You simPly aren't uPto it!
A frog that leaPs into the Pond
doesn't turn into a crocodile!
You know that, don't you?
Have you gone mad...?
- One
are you nuts...?! You think I'm
going to be scared of your threats?
Am I going to be scared...?
- Where's Baba?
- You're gone! You're finished!
Better write a will soon!
Don't get any closer...
- He's not in Venice!
- So...?
He's in Munich.
- Where in Munich?
I don't know that. What I do
know is that this Friday...
he'll surely go to the stadium
to watch the hockey match
don't shoot me!
Now what's gotten into you?
Salim! I know it's you and Baba
who've traPPed me here!
Don't leave me and go away!
Get me out of here!
Get me out of this Place! Salim!
Don't look at me like this.
...lt isn't you I nurse a grouse
against. It's my helPlessness.
It's my keeP calling
that Phone covered.
- I told you, Baba.
I'd find you, no matter
where you hide on earth
See? I'm here.
In your den. Right in front of you
Karan Shah.
- Right
The one who declared he would
take you back to India
I love your wisdom and
Pity your stuPidity.
You're wise because you know
Baba will not sPare you alive
Thus, you've brought four friends
along to carry your bier
and you're stuPid because...
you still think Baba will hold
your finger and return to India
India, you will surely have
to return to, Sikander
If you choose to return today, I'll
lend you my finger to hold on to
But if you choose tomorrow, you'll
have to crawl on your knees
Scared... Baba's scared
You heard that...? Baba's
suddenly very scared
Won't you ask me who gave
me your whereabouts
Salim's body is lying in Paris.
Have it Picked uP
What's uP, Baba? Don't
you find that funny?
When you bleed from your heart,
you don't smile... you shed tears
Give your friend a decent burial.
Perform your duty as a friend
and fulfill your friendshiP.
It wasn't Salim...
...you're the one they
fired at, brother. You!
They aren't getting away alive!
We'll find each of them and
give them a dog's death!
Sameer's right. Give
us just one chance
If we don't lay them at your
feet by this evening...
we won't Pride ourselves
on being your brothers
No one's going anywhere
They came to give us word
of Salim's death...
so that we'd lose our temPers
and do something reckless
and that's something we will not do.
We will wait
Let them rejoice at their victory.
They want to caPture Baba Sikander.
And it's their need that will
draw them to us on their own
Look at this, abhimanyu?
Isn't this the Place.
That's it! Baba Sikander's
guest house
He visits the Place
every month or two
But we can't wait for him
for one or two months
One moment
Who's this...?
Can you enlarge that?
- Sure
Uncle Farid!
Uncle Farid?
Uncle Farid came as the manager
of the club I used to work for
Some PeoPle tried to
act fresh with me...
...because they thought
I was all alone
Uncle Farid treated
me like his daughter
He not only saved me
from the wolves...
...but gave me financial suPPort too
Uncle Farid, thanks for resPonding
to my call and coming here
Than you so much.
- I've surely come here, my child.
But you folks must leave immediately
You're abhimanyu, aren't you?
You haven't done right by helPing
InsPector arjun and Karan Shah
You've Put your own life
and also hers at risk
Forget about helP... Baba had
Planned to bumP me off anyway
True, but he's going mad looking
for you guys after Salim's death
I'll land in trouble too, if
someone sPots me with you
Uncle, Please... this is the last
time you'll be helPing your daughter
We'll go away after that.
- Hurry uP and tell me
We know you're looking after
Baba's guest-house
You've only got to tell us when
Baba's coming there next
You're asking for Baba's whereabouts
to escaPe from Baba himself...?!
Please, Uncle Farid. I've come
to you with great hoPes
I know, desPite living among the
vermin, you're still Pious at heart
You've always saved me
from the bad tyPes...
because you considered
me to be your daughter
I imPlore you in the name of
everything that is noble...
...we need your helP
I'll see what I can do.
Meet me at Town Square
tomorrow. At eleven
I have news.
He's coming there after two days
He has a meeting coming uP.
But I still say, do nothing stuPid
Because you can't breach Baba's
security and get to him
and as far as I am concerned,
I don't know who you guys are
I get it. Let's go, Sonia
Uncle Farid, this favour...
- Enough!
Before someone sPots us together,
you better leave...
Let's go.
Well done, Farid
For this job, I'll make you
the owner of the bungalow
But why did you let them return?
We could've finished
them both right now
The two of them will go and come
back with the other three
I wish not to severe
two fingers, aftab...
I want to severe the hand...
...that has dared to be
clenched into a fist...
and advance towards Baba
They have only 48 hours left.
Only 48 hours
c'mon, c'mon...
- What's haPPening here?
Sit down, abhimanyu.
- What's she doing...?
Killing time.
- Killing time?
Before we finish our drink...
...we must tell each other
something Personal...
which we haven't told anyone before.
As much as we trust our team...
the more truthful we will
be to each other, okay?
You're serving me a drink or Putting
me through an exam of friendshiP?
Abhimanyu, you're ruining the
game even before it has begun
That's how it is, eh?
All right. So let me begin the game
I'll tell you something I have
never told anyone earlier
But I need a Promise from you guys
Once you've heard me out, you
will not begin to hate me
What is it, abhimanyu?
- Three things actually
Sonia, I've been deceiving you
I used to love you very much
But after being in an Indian jail...
...and hearing about your
life at the dance-bar
I began to hate you
The second...? - I suPPressed
the hatred in my heart
I used you...
...so I could vanish the
moment I got the money
Leaving you to suffer in misery!
- And the third...?
The third thing is that...
I'm a habitual liar!
Scoundrel! He gave everyone
a scared. He is a wretch.
Wasn't that a nice one...?
To begin with, this mission
was just a job for me
and from a job, it
turned into a cause
and... and from a cause,
it became a need for me
and now I'm beginning to
fall in love with my need
You could even say that love
has come to be my need now
Sounds like a riddle! Love, need...?
You needn't Pick your brain
to understand that at all
abhimanyu, I want to tell
you about HardeeP
HardeeP...? Now who's HardeeP?
I met HardeeP after
you went to Prison
Oh yes, I know all that! Just
because I teased you...
you're trying to Provoke me!
No, abhimanyu. This is the truth
To begin with...
...I didn't like HardeeP hovering
around me... being close to me
But I started liking it gradually.
- What rubbish are you talking?
We then started seeing each other.
- During the day, or night?
There was nothing like
day or night between us
HardeeP's sPell had worked on me...
to the extent that we couldn't
live without each other...
...even for a moment
and one day...
- One day? What?
And one day, she got married
and she went away to London,
with her Sikh husband!
I don't want to Play this game!
- Oh, sit down!
She's Pulling my leg!
- So all right. You did it, too
I have nothing to say about myself
But I do want to say what I haven't
been able to tell you till now
I was a kid who carried
tea cuPs around
Then this man Picked me uP from the
streets and took me to his office
and from his office, he
took me to his house
He loved me more than
he loved his own son
I could never bring myself
about to tell him...
...that I loved him...
...I loved him so very dearly
Baba, if you can hear me now
and if you are watching me...
I want to tell you how I feel
I love you dad.
I love you so much.
Why're you crying? Why?
Life's for once... to
tension say good-bye
Hey bro... he's talking my lingo!
Why're you crying? Why?
Life's for once... to
tension say good-bye
Why're you crying? Why?
Life's for once... to
tension say good-bye
Else, you'll droP dead.
You'll achieve nothing
You'll be left thirsting
Why're you crying? Why?
Life's for once... to
tension say good-bye
With you today, away
from you tomorrow...
not every desire is fulfilled
When, sweetheart, will our
love-story be comPleted?
Love is not the only thing on
my mind. I have other woes
But nothing in the world is
greater than love, my love
Never mind, let him be... let go
Why're you crying? Why?
Life's for once... to
tension say good-bye
Why're you crying? Why?
Life's for once... to
tension say good-bye
Else, you'll droP dead.
You'll achieve nothing
You'll be left thirsting
Why're you crying? Why?
Life's for once... to
tension say good-bye
Baba-saheb. We've waited
3 weeks for our money.
How much more time will it take?
Times are changing, my friend.
Power is Passing into new hands
The Police of almost every
nation is on a red-alert
If the anti-terrorism
guys join the war...
our business will become
even more difficult
But how will our Project get any
further without the money?
You will soon have the money.
Today is the 15th
My money is being transferred
from India to Paris
it'll then be transferred here.
You'll have the money by
the 20th of this month
all right. You were suPPosed to
tell me something about a hotel...?
Oh yes, I've decided to have
a casino at the hotel
I know it was not Part
of our Plans earlier
But having a casino will increase
our Profits manifold
Go! - Look at the
das Brother's hotel...
...they make a new hotel every year.
But then, even one hotel...
- It is a traP, get out!
PeoPle want to earn so much money!
UP stairs! Go!
None of them must get away alive!
He dares to clash with bro...?
Come on.
I've run out of ammunition!
One droPs dead and two
others take his Place!
We're surrounded!
I can't see any way of escaPe!
If I die, I'm going to take
20 of them with me!
An escaPe is imPossible, abhimanyu!
Oh my god! They are everywhere.
We need more guns! More ammo!
Karan, oPen that door.
- What?
OPen that door!
We're going to die...
all going to die today
We're going to die... we're
going to die, arjun!
We're going to die... we're
going to die, arjun!
We're going to die... we're
going to die, arjun!
Nobody's going to die.
Not this time
We're going to die, arjun! We're
going to die, arjun!
Abhimanyu. - Arjun.
Hey arjun... wake uP!
Hey arjun... Look at me!
Wake uP, I say! Arjun! Wake uP!
Look at me, arjun!
You said you'd take care of me,
right? So take care of me now!
Wake uP... wake uP!
Look at me! Talk to me! Arjun...
get uP! Wake uP!
He laid down his own life
to save your lives
It's ages since I saw someone
Put uP such a sPirited fight
Very imPressive
For the first time, it seemed as if
I were Putting a live man to death
Else, most of them are dead
even before I kill them
So take advantage of the sacrifice
your friend has made...
and return to India with your
male and female monkeys
You could say that Baba
has forgiven you
and yes, before I leave...
...l'll give you the oPPortunity
to be a good friend
Give your friend a decent funeral.
Do your duty towards your mate.
Abhimanyu, here you are.
It's your balance Payment
You can take Sonia to
any Part of the world...
...and start a new life together
and Baba...? What haPPens of him?
In my attemPt to catch Baba,
I have already lost arjun
Making you Part of this mission
was the biggest mistake I made
To have my way, I have no right
to endanger your lives
You think this is a game?
PaPa died and you Planned
a mission to nab Baba
and you're ending the mission
because a friend is dead?
The mission has not ended.
Only you
are being isolated from the mission
I alone will nab Baba Sikander
and I...? Am I exPected to turn
effeminate and watch the fun?
Arjun wasn't only your friend!
He was a friend to all of us!
Baba killed him by deceit! And
we will avenge his death!
I don't want any arguments!
It was I who enlisted
you for this mission
and I can dismiss you
anytime I want to...
...by Paying you the
rest of the money
I get it... I get it now
You're throwing your weight around
because of the money, aren't you?
You think I'm a slave
to this money, right?
That's the end of my slavery!
Let me see how you stoP me now!
No one's going to be with me. And
that is final, do you understand.
Why're you holding yourself
resPonsible for arjun's death?
You were right the day you
advised your father...
against bowing to Baba Sikander.
You were right even when...
you chose us all for this mission
But you're using your heart
now. Not your brains
I want to build a secure house
for children like my daughter
We've declared that we will
catch Baba Sikander
We've declared a war against him
I'd like to go on a vacation
with ayesha for a month
arjun is not dead. He has only
been martyred in this war
arjun laid down his life so that...
...we could live and accomPlish
this mission
Get uP... wake uP!
We're just an arm's distance
away from Baba Sikander
Give your friend a decent funeral.
Do your duty towards your friend.
This is no time to sPurn friends.
It's time to strengthen the bonds
Saarbrocken! Baba's here right now!
Saarbrocken...? - Right. That's
where Baba's hotel is
But he won't stay there for
more than a couPle of hours
another reason why he's
in Saarbrocken.
To catch a flight at the airPort
Once Baba leaves Germany...
we'll have to start tracing
him all over again
Which means we must do something
and hold Baba back in Germany
Not in Germany. In France.
- Which means...?
We can't have a better oPPortunity
to corner Baba
Saarbrocken is on the border
of France and Germany
We have no extradition treaty with
Germany. But we have one with France
If he crosses over the border of
France before he reaches the airPort...
the French authorities
can give us some helP
Once he reaches France, it's
as good as being in India
The maP shows a small bridge near
Saarbrocken which connects to France
It's not the main road,
it's a forest basically
and it's Perfect for our PurPose.
- But why would he go to France?
He won't. We'll comPel him to
There is an accident
You cannot go from this road.
What's uP?
- An accident has taken Place
We'll have to take another route.
- All right, take the other route
Thank you.
This is for you.
This Money for your costumes.
And this is for you cars, and
you guys better clear uP...
...and disaPPear, before
the real coPs get you.
Priya come in.
- Yes Karan.
Baba's headed towards you.
Everything ready?
Yes, everything's ready
I'm waiting for Baba this side of
the border, with the French Police
StoP the car
They've stoPPed before the border!
- What?
Why've you stoPPed here, bro?
The highway is uP ahead
This road leads not to the highway.
It leads to India
What're you saying, bro...?
- The French border's right ahead
This boy has turned out to be made
of stronger stuff than I imagined
He's not willing to concede defeat
even after his friend's death
Who are you talking about?
- Karan Shah
He hasn't returned. He's still
dreaming of taking me back to India
Turn the cars around
They're turning the cars around.
- Oh God!
They're heading toward you,
Karan! Plan B... Quick!
Stay in there, bro!
We'll handle them!
We've somehow got to get
brother out of here!
Munna! Munna's been shot!
Don't sPare the bastards!
We're running out of slugs, Sameer!
- Aftab-bhai!
Sameer... helP!
Difficult to get out of here! All
the cars have been blown uP!
You've killed my brother Sameer!
It's all over, bro! It's all over!
Sameer... in front of my eyes! And
I could do nothing about it!
But don't let that haPPen to me!
Save me, bro... Save me!
I don't want to return to India!
The coPs there... the jails...
I'll die, brother!
Save me, brother! Save me!
Save me!
Don't worry, kid
I've given you the lifestyle
of EmPerors
I won't let you die a dog's death
The Path that lies ahead...
...is meant only for Baba
Only Baba can walk on it
Hold it, abhimanyu!
- No one's going to stoP me!
StoP it, I say!
- He has killed arjun!
I'm not sParing him!
- I said stoP it!
I want revenge for arjun's death
too. It isn't only you
But it isn't by beheading him. It's
by making him bow his head!
Fear... dread... terror
For 20 years, he has been
terrorising us and ruling over us!
DesPite living thousands
of miles away from us...
he struck Panic in our hearts
I want to kill him with
his own weaPons
I want to kill the fear he
struck in our hearts...
so that he could lead
a life of luxury!
Once the fear is finished,
Baba's finished
aaj TaK.
In view of the witnesses
and testimony...
the court has concluded that Baba
Sikander has committed...
several crimes against this country
Under the Indian Penal
code section 302.
The court has just one verdict
for the offender
and that is a death-sentence
Long live Karan Shah!
Long live Karan Shah!
Long live Karan Shah!
Long live Karan Shah!
Let's go home, brother
just as Kantilal Shah had adoPted
Karan several years ago...
Karan and Priya have now adoPted
arjun's daughter ayesha
abhimanyu and Sonia live in Venice
To fulfill the dream of the
five-man army and the one commander
On december 20, 2004, at 6 a.m.
Baba Sikander was hanged till death
The fear was finished.
Baba was finished.