Elder Island (2016) Movie Script

Oh, what did we drink?
I can barely see.
Where are we?
Come on. We gotta move.
Do you remember
coming out here?
This is way too creepy.
I'd never let you take me here.
I can barely see,
but there's something.
Come on.
Let's get to town.
You are not the one.
There's no help for you here.
Mein gott.
This morning?
You know what this means,
don't you?
We're gonna have to
talk to Sam.
You at the hotel
for the ferry drop off?
I'll be there to help
and so will Sam.
We'll talk to him tomorrow.
- Good?
- Yep.
Nice town.
I can see why this is
such a popular tourist spot.
It's better for us.
There's no hassle with people
getting in our shots.
Do they have a bar around here?
For food, you guys.
- Right.
- Right.
We need to see the sheriff
as soon as possible,
so... let's check in
and get on with it.
Morning, neighbor!
Jesus Christ, Lucas!
You scared the shit outta me.
You need to stop
sneakin' up on people.
You're starting
to creep 'em out.
You think that's what it is?
What the fuck do you want?
You called me.
Shit. Right.
We got our message today.
That is nothing but good news.
You're a sick fuck, Lucas.
You need to control yourself--
- yeah...
...and just what are you
or anybody else
gonna do about that, Jacob?
Last time I checked,
you can't control your wife,
and that kid of yours
still isn't straight
about what we do here.
So mind your own goddamn
backyard, you weak fuck!
Don't judge me.
We can ditch everyone
and go to the beach.
I'll bring a blanket...
It wasn't easy explaining
how I got sand all over me.
I still can't believe
my dad bought that.
I'm starting to think
they know what we do.
Actually, I don't.
My dad would be way too pissed
not to say anything.
I'm more worried
about your mom and dad.
What's to worry about?
My mom is cool with us
for sure,
and my dad...
...i don't know.
Lately he seems distracted.
He keeps walking away from me...
...and he's always busy.
He's got a lot on his mind.
There's that film crew coming,
and my dad's really uptight
about that for some reason.
Yeah... that could be it.
So, do you have something
special planned for us
at the beach?
Something to really
take me by surprise?
Um, maybe.
I hope you think
it's a good idea, but...
You always come up
with something good, Sam.
I had no fuckin' idea.
There were no pictures.
Well, this is the only hotel
on the island.
How can I help you?
Hi, um, we have a reservation
for two rooms.
Right. The film crew.
The ryersons and miss caine,
was it?
- That's us.
- Okay.
Well, I'm headed
over to the bar
to finish cleaning up
from last night.
I'll be back later.
But don't worry, Sam is
on his way to help you.
I'm helping customers here.
you're a big fuckin' help.
I'm sorry, you can pay
with cash or credit card.
Usually we pay when we leave.
We require you to pay up front,
All right, we have three
for the ryersons,
and room two for April caine.
If you guys need anything,
give me a call.
My son, Sam will help you
with your bags.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'll take that stuff for ya.
- Oh, thank you very much!
- Of course. Of course.
Just follow me, folks.
April, we're gonna meet
at the bar for drinks at seven.
Stace, we gotta go
meet the sheriff.
All right, this is the room.
Right over here.
Thanks, man.
Of course.
Hey, I know this is not
the marriott or anything,
but if you need help,
look for me.
My dad's almost never here.
Cool, Sam.
Thanks, dude.
Thanks much.
You folks have a good visit.
This place
is an absolute shithole.
I don't know if I can sleep
in this bed, hon.
The bathroom's even worse.
What the hell?
- What?
There's some stains in here
that look very... peculiar.
Ew. How's the shower?
Plan on taking a shower
after your shower.
Oh, that sucks.
Ugh, I stink.
Well, I'm just gonna
make the best of it
and try to get clean.
Oh, babe, really?
In here?
This is nasty.
Yeah, I see your point.
Hello Jacob.
How can I help you?
We got our message today.
What message?
Oh, right.
There's always a payday.
All right.
When do we start?
As soon as possible.
I let heidegger know.
He was overjoyed, of course.
Oh, and he absolutely
had to know?
Don't you think we're just
better off without him?
This gets ugly, Jon,
and Lucas
has the temperament for it.
Hey, you know where we are
on this, right?
This new girl
is our best chance.
Otherwise, there's only
one person left.
You know I'll do
whatever I have to...
...to a point.
See, I keep my word...
...but not my Brooke.
Nuh-uh, Jacob.
We'll all die first.
I know, Jon.
We're all gonna
do our best.
Welcome to elder island!
I'm sheriff ree.
You're the ryerson film crew?
Pleased to meet you, sheriff.
Nice to meet you, sheriff.
My pleasure.
Is now a good time to talk
about our shooting schedule
and the island?
Well, yeah, you pretty much
can shoot anywhere you want,
but beware,
this island can throw people.
They get lost
and we've had a few incidents
where they don't get back.
I can come by tomorrow at noon
and we can conduct
that interview...
...but I gotta be honest.
I don't have a lot to tell you.
But as we discussed,
you can go, ask wiggenstein,
he's the owner of the island,
well, he's actually
the owner of the hotel
that you're staying at.
So I'll see you
tomorrow at noon.
- Great.
- Great.
All right.
Thanks for the warning,
sheriff, I appreciate it.
- My pleasure.
- Thank you, sheriff.
- All right.
- Have a good day.
You folks be careful
out in the woods.
Honey, you're going to need
a lot more than that!
Excuse me, friend.
So good to see you.
Good to see you.
...this was in the fifties
on this island,
so you can imagine that there
was no forensic technology.
- This is an old native legend?
- Yes.
When I was doing my research
I invariably had to go to the
local natives to get anything.
Even people on the mainland are
tight-lipped about this place.
Some of my evidence
seems to suggest
that the reason
everyone is so...
...closed off to outsiders
is that the islanders
actually have had a hand
in some of the deaths that have
taken place over the years
on this island.
Look at some of the documents
i brought with me.
The wiggenstein family's
mentioned here.
The ones that own the hotel.
Yes. Uncomfortable, isn't it?
And this reverend
really lived here
and called himself king?
Indeed, he did.
Leave him.
God will decide
if he lives or dies.
It's over, reverend!
You and yours must answer
for the murder of hans Schultz!
Come out peacefully,
and surrender!
You've pushed them too far,
my love.
No, my dear wife.
I haven't pushed them enough.
And now they mean to arrest me
without justification?
For their sins?!
See it through their eyes.
It will be days before
the mainlanders can get here.
The boys and i
will gather the flock
and set things right,
but not if they begin to shoot.
Show them that you are better.
That yours is the way of truth,
and the rest of the congregation
will follow.
No one will oppose you then.
My wife...
...you are so wise.
You heathens!
You will pay for this!
I will tear out your hearts
like you tore out mine!
Your family
will never have peace!
That could explain why he
didn't have many followers.
Preaching through fear
has never lost its appeal.
Oh, look at the time.
Look, I...
I have to go and
meet with some locals,
but I will be back.
Let's get together for a drink
and share some stories.
I'll be back later
for that drink.
Sounds good.
See you later tonight,
Bye, professor.
The info he had seemed legit.
Some of it makes
the families on this island
a little inbred.
Slim pickings for April.
I'm hungry.
Yeah. Yeah, me too.
Where is April?
It's after seven.
Do you think she got lost
finding the restaurant?
This is a restaurant?
It is!
It is a restaurant
slash bar...
...slash post office.
Well, to answer your question,
no, I think she's just
taking a nap.
We'll give her
a few more minutes
and then we'll give her a call.
She'll never forgive us
if she misses dinner.
Hey you guys, I am totally
freaking out right now.
What happened?
I swear I just saw something
in my bathroom.
C'mon, April,
don't lose it on us now.
No, I'm not! I was just...
...in there, and...
This place sucks, okay?
I mean, are you both
sufficiently disgusted
by our lodging circumstances?
That was the grossest shower
i have ever taken.
I feel dirtier now
than I did before.
April, don't be scared, but...
Oh my god, what is it?!
What is it?!
Ned, not funny.
He's just being a jackass.
There's nothing on you.
I thought it was funny.
Time and a place, ned.
Yeah, ned.
Come on, isn't this bad enough?
Yeah, ned, and we're hungry.
Let's order, huh?
This is a restaurant, too?
And a post office.
How are you folks?
Can I take your order?
Um, we haven't
seen the menus yet.
Suit yourselves, but...
...there's only four things
we got.
Chicken fingers, little pizzas,
beer, and hard liquor.
The rest of that menu
stopped being real
in the eighties.
Okay, um...
...can you give us a second?
Suit yourselves.
Thank you.
Chicken fingers for me,
i guess.
I'll take the little pizza.
And a shot.
And a beer.
That's a beer for me too.
Oh. Okay, I'll...
I'll go get the drinks.
You folks decide what you want?
Two orders of chicken fingers,
one pizza,
three beers and a shot of Jack.
Got it.
It'll be about an hour
for the food.
An hour...
...to microwave food?
Our microwave is very old.
Okay, uh...
Open a tab for us?
Already did.
Hey, hey.
How are you,
my hippie friend?
What makes you think
I'm a hippie, captain?
I don't give a fuck
if you are or not.
I'm just making conversation.
You look like one.
No. No, I'm...
...not a hippie.
There's nothing...
...wrong with that, is there?
Yes there is.
A bunch of
free-lovin' assholes,
doin' drugs, and generally
being weak human beings.
Like manson.
He was a hippie, too,
No, not like manson,
you ignorant fuck!
Manson was a hippie
but at least he had a plan.
He just... fucked it up.
The hippie in him fucked it up.
All right! Yeah.
Cool, man.
Well, uh...
You have a good night, too.
Where there is love...
...let me seed hate.
Jesus, this place
cleared out fast of its...
...four other people.
Oh shit! Hey, it's late.
We gotta go to bed.
April... you gotta
come with us.
We gotta go now...
I can't believe
i got this drunk.
Aw,come on you guys, one more!
No. Fuck no!
I'm going to bed.
Tab's paid.
Let's go.
Come on.
God damn, I knew
i stayed out here too long.
God damnit!
What the fuck is that?
Who's out there?!
Uh-oh, baby.
No birth control.
We might've gotten pregnant.
Why the fuck would you say
something like that?
No. This will not pass.
He cannot rest here.
Those on the island
will bear this burden.
Oh... that's good.
You were so young...
...and so sweet.
You begged me.
You cried.
You gave me so much more
than I gave you.
It's just not fair
to make me wait twenty years!
It's not my fault there's
no one left on this island,
you weak motherfuckers!
"Don't make it tough on us,
"don't make it worse for us."
Fuck you, wiggenstein!
I do all the hard work
on this island,
and all's you do
is kiss 'em goodnight.
Well, I'm ready for him
this time.
So this has been your job
for the last twenty years?
Just about.
And how many unusual deaths
have occurred here since then?
Boy, um...
Maybe seven to ten?
And what about the tales
of the, uh...
...the reverend king
on this island?
Do you think the deaths could
have anything to do with that?
Every time I hear that story
i just have to chuckle.
An island king!
King of who?
Well, his followers,
who supposedly gunned him down.
That story's gotta be at least
a 150 years old.
I was talking
with professor Moore...
...and not only did he claim
the legends were true, but...
...he also inferred that some of
the natives on this island
have seen
the reverend's presence
more than once
over the past century.
Do you have any comment
on that, sheriff?
Look, there's no connection
between the deaths
and the reverend.
That is an old native tale
and it's ridiculous!
You know,
this has been a good time,
but I gotta get back to work.
Well, thank you, sheriff,
you did a great job.
You know,
there's a lot of crazy stories
about this island..
...some true... most not.
You know, somebody embellishes
an old tale
and credits it to natives,
and you got yourselves
the truth.
It's true that
people gonna believe
what they want to believe.
But what's also true that if
you look too deep into this,
you're gonna find
more than you bargained for.
You folks have a safe stay.
You can let yourselves out.
"...it is believed that some
of the families on the island
have been part of
the horrendous crimes
that have been committed.
Heiddegger, ree...
...and wiggenstein."
This can't be real.
We really need that interview.
What was with the sheriff guy?
One minute he's fine
and then the next minute
he was freaking out
'cause you started talking
about the reverend.
Wasn't that forever ago?
I dunno, maybe...
...one of his ancestors
was involved.
I don't know.
Why was he so adamant
that this has nothing to do
with the island's history?
We weren't even
asking him that.
Did he misunderstand
the question
or were we insinuating it?
Well, let's not worry
about it.
When we get back we'll just
look at the footage and--
oh, shit!
Oh, my god.
That's the professor's hat.
Hey, you're okay.
You're okay. Hold on.
I gotta get this.
- Oh, god.
Don't touch anything.
Be careful.
Let's get the hell outta here.
Go on.
- Oh, my god.
Sheriff! Sheriff!
We found a body
in the woods!
We think it's our friend,
professor Moore.
Take it easy.
Take a deep breath.
Now, tell me what you saw.
We're pretty sure.
It was bad,
but it was his hat.
It was definitely his hat.
That does not sound good.
Why don't you show me.
Follow me.
...they shot
the reverend's family!
I don't believe it.
I mean, my dad
is the sheriff here.
How could he not
know about this?
He must know.
Don't get me wrong, Sam.
I believe you, but...
There's more...
...but my dad said
he'd tell me later.
God, I hate this place.
We have to get off this island.
I know how crazy
all this sounds...
...but I have a plan...
...to get us out of this.
Actually, I've had a plan...
...i just didn't know
when we could use it...
...until now.
Wow, you have been planning.
New York...
Oh my god, Sam,
you know that's my dream.
I know.
That's why I picked it.
We can leave Sunday night
on the ferry.
How are we
just gonna disappear?
I'm working on that.
So this is just
how you found him?
You didn't touch him
or take anything off the body?
No, that's, uh...
That's how we left him.
Looks bad.
I'm gonna have to get you folks
back into town.
I've suddenly got
a lot of work to do.
Jesus Christ, you guys.
I signed up
to be in a documentary,
not deal with this crazy shit!
I've never seen anything
like that before!
We haven't either.
I really wanna get out of here.
I know you do, April,
but it's too late
to get a boat back tonight.
We're gonna have to
try tomorrow.
I've just never seen
a dead body before.
I don't know
if I can take this.
I'm gonna go...
...go back to my room
and lay down and...
...if you guys go anywhere,
you promise
you'll come get me, right?
- Absolutely.
- Sure.
I think we should get the hell
out of here.
I wanna finish this
just as bad as you do,
but something
does not feel right.
Plus, April didn't sign on
for this.
But it was an accident.
His leg got caught in a trap
and an animal got him.
If we're careful,
we stick together--
Stacy, something doesn't
feel right.
We need to get out of here.
Oh, come on.
They warned us
about those woods
over and over again.
He shouldn't have been
out there by himself.
I don't think he would want us
to give up this easily.
This is his work--
Stacy, I think he was murdered.
I saw the body up close.
No animal does that!
His head was cut clean off,
his arms were cut clean off!
There wasn't a bite mark
on him...
...plus, his fucking heart
was ripped out!
I would've told you sooner,
but I've been trying
to process it myself.
It doesn't feel right.
We need to get the hell
out of here.
Looks like something
got to the body.
He was hacked apart.
Did you contact
the mainland authorities?
Not a chance.
Good. Still...
...we're losing control of him.
I'm going out.
Where the hell are all the men?
I've been asking myself
that question for years.
Oh, man!
So, what'cha havin', girlie?
Um, I don't know...
You got any Tequila?
Damn! Hittin' the hard stuff!
You know...
So, you're gonna
have one with me, right?
All right.
You like worms?
- You ready for this?
- Oh, yeah.
Bottoms up!
That's good.
Let's do one more.
-You gotta chase
that cough away.
Yeah, that's quite the burn.
Okay, sweetie...
...i gotta close up.
No, Maria, no...
I can't go back to that hotel.
That place is so creepy.
That's my family's hotel.
Yeah, I didn't mean like...
I didn't mean like creepy,
like creepy, creepy, I just...
Oh, it's just this island
has me freaked out,
and the professor today
was more than I could take.
It's just too much.
That must've been so scary,
...seein' him all cut-up.
It was horrible.
It was the fucking worst.
Can I just stay here?
Like, sleep right here?
- No, no, no, no.
Come on, time to go.
I gotta close up now.
Okay... okay...
I'm fine.
- Come on, girlie.
- Okay, I'm coming.
Thank you.
Thanks for talking
to me, Maria.
See you tomorrow.
- Good night.
- Thanks.
Hello, Maria.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
What your husband should have
long ago.
Now, let's see...
...if we can find some niceness
pm the inside.
You've gotta be shitting me.
This is way too easy.
Please, somebody help me!
Please help me!
- Hey!
You weren't planning
on leaving just yet, were you,
you little fucking slut!?
Get your jacket off!
Get it off!
Get it off!
Okay! Okay! I'll do
whatever you want, just--
oh, I know you'll do anything.
Blah, blah, blah, blah!
Let me just tell you this.
By the time I'm done,
you're going to be dying
for him.
We're gonna get real close.
Sam, you want some breakfast?
Sam... where are you going?
Be right back.
Where's mom?
I don't know.
You know your mom.
Yeah, I thought so.
April, are you in there?
Where the hell is she?
This is so fucked up.
We gotta find her.
Let's go to the sheriff.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, nice backpack!
Is that new?
Yeah, my folks
just got it for me.
How you doing this morning, bud?
So far, so good.
You look a little worried man,
and I'll tell you what,
there's much in this world
to be nervous about...
...and friends and family
aren't two of 'em.
And we are
friends and family, eh?
Look, don't get too agitated.
You stick with us
and we'll stick with you.
Sure, got it.
Thatta boy!
You're gonna get
along just great.
So, you looking for Brooke?
Yeah, I was actually
just headed over there.
Hop in.
Hey, Sam. Hi, dad.
What's up?
I was gonna get some ice cream
and wanted to see
if you'd come along.
Is that cool with you, dad?
Sure sweetheart.
Have fun.
You look after my girl, Sam.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
You're not gonna believe this.
Oh, my god.
I got that in the woods.
It was that professor's
that was staying at the hotel.
He's dead.
Do you know what this means?
Things are gonna get
a lot worse around here.
Well... if it isn't
the island pups.
Oh, my, you have grown
into a beautiful woman.
You're a lucky boy, Sam.
Thank you.
I wanted you
to tell your father...
...that I took care of April.
He'll know what that means.
I'll let him know.
Thank you, Mr. heidegger.
I'm sure you will, dear.
You know,
it was such a pleasure
to see you again.
I would like to deliver
more messages through you
in the future.
A treasure like you...
Have a nice day, sweetie.
I contacted
the mainland sheriff's office
and I reported you finding
the professor's body.
We're sorry to disturb you,
It doesn't
have to do with that.
We can't find April.
Please, have a seat.
That cute little girl
you came with...
When's the last time
you saw her?
- Last night.
- Yeah.
We waited for her
to come down for breakfast,
but she never showed up,
so we went to her room,
but she wasn't there.
Is it possible
that she's still asleep?
No, we checked. Room's empty.
I have to get this.
Hello. Sheriff ree, here.
Where the fuck
is Maria, Jon?
How the hell
am I supposed to know?
She's your wife.
Fuck you, Jon.
I know what's up.
I haven't seen her all day.
She didn't come home
last night.
All right, all right, already.
Fine, I'll be over soon.
I know you're disconcerted
about what you saw--
sheriff, with all due respect,
we already had one person die--
and you honestly think
there were two killings
in two nights?
- Well...
- Look...
Why don't you two go look
for your friend?
It's a small town and she could
go missing for hours.
And if you don't find her
by six,
you come back and see me.
I'll keep an eye out
and leave a message at your
hotel if I hear anything, okay?
Thank you, sheriff.
Of course.
You folks be careful now.
Hi, darlin'!
Hey, daddy.
What's on your mind, girl?
Mr. heidegger just spoke to me.
- He did?
- Yeah, just now.
He said that you would
know what he meant
if I told you that April
had been taken care of.
Who's April?
What the f--
Jesus Christ, he's gonna
screw this whole thing up.
Afternoon, sheriff...
What can I do for you?
Cut the shit.
You got the girl in there
or what?
We don't have time for games,
She's none of your concern.
I told your lovely daughter
it was taken care of.
Let's not forget, your Brooke
may be our last hope.
Don't you mention my daughter.
Don't you look at my daughter!
To you, my daughter
doesn't exist!
Jon, let him go.
Jon, this won't do us any good.
Do you know where she is?
I took care of it.
Lucas, what have you done?
What had to be done.
I shouldn't have to
explain myself to you!
She could have been the one,
you fool!
- You've put us all at risk--
- no!
I dealt with it!
She was way too much
of a whore for him!
He'd have never taken her!
...now she can't go back
and start asking questions.
Everyone is off-limits to you!
Nobody would have started
asking anything at all
if you'd just let it be.
Where's the body?
He's fucking lost it.
I mean,
who chops a body
into little pieces
and buries them
next to his tomatoes?
A psychopath, that's who!
- We all know
Lucas's deficits--
- oh, cut it out.
That's unnecessary and...
...he enjoys it.
I need to have
a serious talk with him.
Where's Maria?
I still can't believe
that my folks
have anything to do with this.
I'm freaking out.
I know.
I couldn't get to sleep
last night,
and when I did,
i had this awful dream
about being chased
into the woods by something
and running as fast as I could.
I am so scared Sam.
What are we gonna do?
We have to leave today,
...but I have to warn
that couple.
Okay, spend the rest of the day
getting some stuff,
only the most important stuff,
and wait 'til your dad's left
the house to get it together.
Put your stuff in
a waterproof bag for our trip.
Tonight, we'll split off
and into the docks.
...but I'm still scared.
Hey... me too.
We just have to
keep it together for today.
We can do this.
Watch and listen.
I'll do the same.
Maybe we can get some info
that might help us.
And that couple at the hotel?
You can warn them?
I have to try.
I'll see you later.
Be careful, okay?
You, too.
- Great.
- Jesus.
No sign of April anywhere
and now, no sheriff.
I can't fucking believe this
island has no cell service.
Where the hell is he?
This is bad in so many ways.
Did you find April?
Yes, I found her body.
Are you tellin' us
that April's dead?
That's what I'm telling you.
What the hell is going on here?
That has to be wrong.
You need to explain this
to us, sheriff.
Yeah, we're responsible
for her, sheriff.
Hey, I warned you
about the woods.
These things happen!
Is that some kind of
fucking joke?
You might wanna watch it here,
Mr. ryerson.
Don't you make my job
any harder.
You two get back to your room
and wait for my call.
This whole mess could be over
for you soon.
Come on.
Come on.
- Jesus fucking Christ.
- Make sure you get
all our stuff.
Don't leave anything behind.
- All right, hurry!
We're gettin' the hell
outta here.
God, that sheriff
scared the shit out of me!
Don't worry, we're not gonna
see his ass again!
Who the hell is that?
Careful. You be careful.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hey, hey,
I'm here to help, man!
I'm here to help!
I'm just hear to help.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
You folks need
to get off this island.
Tell us something
we don't know, kid.
I know a way outta here.
Oh, my god, that's great!
But, you have to take me
and my girlfriend with you.
We don't know anyone
on the mainland
and we need help
once we get there.
That's no problem, man.
We get off this island, Sam,
you have no worries.
No worries!
Okay, then we have
to get going.
We'll pack everything up.
We'll meet you out front
in ten minutes.
Ten minutes!
Okay, I'll get my girlfriend
and a few things
and be right back!
Okay, let's go. Go.
Let's go.
- Okay. Okay.
You folks plan
on checkin' gout?
We have to go now.
Grab some stuff quick.
We're gonna leave
with the ryersons.
The ryersons?
Yeah. They're here
staying at the hotel.
They had another woman
with them...
...but she's gone.
Gone where?
I don't think I wanna know.
Let's get your stuff
and get out of here.
I'm really sorry
about this, folks.
Then why do it?
We know too much.
You think we're worried
about prosecution?
I can't speak
for the sheriff here,
but I'd gladly go to jail.
So, what,
everyone in this town
has something on you?
Sheriff, for Christ's sakes,
what the hell is going on?!
Hell, there's a reason
I've been here for 20 years.
One day, many years ago,
I came home
and found my wife in bed.
And no, she wasn't alone.
And he was
my best fucking friend.
I took matters
into my own hands.
They're both gone now.
I moved here, and became part
of the family, you could say.
The ree family's
part of the original deal.
I changed my name
and I became and islander.
And my daughter and his son...
Are quite close.
Relax. The reverend's...
...well, he's not overly cruel.
The reverend?
What the fuck are
you guys talking about?
What, some reverend's
going around killing people?
Do you mean the reverend?
From the legend?!
You know, it doesn't matter
how you see him...
...he's always been here.
The reverend'd kill them all
in one way or the other,
and we have to help him.
You see, the original families
on the island,
we're all cursed.
Over a century and a half ago
our families worked out
an agreement with the reverend.
An agreement that my family's
been paying for ever since.
An agreement that puts you
where you are now.
The reverend came
to my ancestor,
Peter wiggenstein's house,
the very night he was
resurrected from the grave,
and told him we were to...
...well, find him a new wife,
to rebuild his family
when the time came.
I know it seems
hard to understand.
Believe me, it's total insanity
if you aren't living it.
Our families had no choice.
The reverend
had become something...
...inhuman and unreal.
So this freak...
...and the rest of you
are responsible for April
and the professor's deaths?
Not so directly this time.
But you could say we all
took part in some way.
I just can't tell anymore.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, no, no.
Like this, like this.
You gotta do it like this.
- Stop shoving!
- Okay, then go left!
Go left!
Go left!
- This is where left is!
- Look at my hands!
- You said go left
and that's what I'm doing!
Oh, I'm supposed
to look at your hands?!
- Don't look at my hands!
Look at the road!
What are you doing?
First rule,
keep our eyes on the road!
Do you see them?
They were supposed to be here.
All right, stay here
and move the car
if anyone comes.
I'm gonna sneak around back.
Be fast.
They're gone...
...or taken.
This means we have to
go to the woods.
I think I know where.
Move over.
Come on. Come on.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- You're driving now?
Yeah, yeah.
"R" right?
- Are you kidding me?
- You back up with "r" right?
That's a thing. That's a thing.
I was asking to make sure.
Oh, my god.
Think about
what you're doing, Jacob.
It was a long time ago.
What does it even matter?
They buried the reverend
on graves island,
where the Indians buried
their dead for centuries.
Nobody knows
why he came back to life.
Come on, guys, this way!
This way!
Oh, my god!
This way. This way.
What happened?
What happened?
Where'd they go?
- I don't know.
- Get up, you wussy-ass
son of a bitch!
Where'd they go?!
- Uh, I don't--
- go!
Go, go, go, go!
Where are the keys?!
- They're in there!
Go, go!
- Why isn't it going?!
Shit! It's the reverend!
Why isn't it going?!
Why isn't it going?!
- The fucking parking brake!
- Shit! Shit!
- - Go, go, go, go!
I'd never let anything like you
happen to my Brooke!
Your death means nothing to me.
You can't even save
your own soul, heathen.
You'll certainly not
save your daughter's!
Holy shit!
Okay, okay,
keep driving to the Marina.
He's gone. He's gone.
Oh, my god.
Won't they be looking for us?
I have a plan.
We can take
my family's boat.
All we have to do is get
to the dock before they do.
The boat's moored there
and the keys are in it,
so if get down to the dock,
we're good.
If we get stuck here...
...we're dead.
Okay, okay.
And don't forget, you promised
that once we get
to the mainland,
you would help us and not just
ditch when we get there, okay?
We would never dream
of leaving you guys, all right?
You can stay with us
as long as you want.
Sam, if you get us outta here,
I'll build you
a guest-house myself!
Okay, okay.
Follow me, follow me.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Get in, get in, get in.
Come on!
Sam! Get back here!
What the fuck
is wrong with you?!
Fuck you!
You almost killed my son!
Fucking coward!
Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, my god!
You fucking idiot.
We're both dead now!
Yeah... we probably are.
You haven't got the courage.
Your mistake, Lucas.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
You're okay.
You're okay. Please.
Ned! Ned!
At last,
the circle, is broken.
I've waited for so long.
The reckoning has finally come
for you all.
I'm not Peter.
He knew what to do with you.
I'd like you to thank your son
for me,
but unfortunately,
that's not gonna be possible.
Help me.