Election (2024) Movie Script

In 907 CE,
during the reign of
Parantaka Chola emperor
the emperor drew lots from a pot
with the names of landowners.
He practiced this method to choose leaders
in Local Bodies Elections.
In 1919,
when the Justice Party
was elected to rule.
They brought education and reservation
reforms into effect in Tamil Nadu.
After India got its independence...
over time social development programs
did not reach the people properly
because of a few politicians.
In 1994,
they established a law that women have the
right to inherit or own a piece of land.
In India, to elect people to govern
local bodies
through democratic methods,
Tamil Nadu set an example to be the first.
Various historical authors...
have admired the local body
administration of Tamil Nadu.
The Election season occurs
once every five years...
to choose a face to lead is
a democratic carnival across the state.
During this carnival,
celebration, competition,
jealousy, conspiracy, betrayal,
unfinished hostility, revenge, and murders
consistently occurs as a tradition.
-[all] Hey!
-People are here to kill us.
No matter how many.
Kill them all.
Who the hell switched off the lights?
They all look peeved due to the power cut.
Hey, Sadaiyandi, here you go!
Hey, you! Bloody hell!
I am Natarasan.
I never wished to wield a weapon.
I wanted to live a happy life
like everyone else.
But others decide our lives...
and it never gave us what we wished for.
Shantha! Shantha!
Stop yelling my name in vain.
It's not like you've showered me
with gifts.
In this house,
I can never find anything.
Where's my towel?
You won't die
if you don't wear your towel one day.
How could you belittle the towel?
Don't mind me asking you this.
Would you step out of the house
without your Wedding Chain?
Likewise, a party member's identity
is wearing the party's dhoti and towel.
How can I step out without the ensemble?
Nallasivam - My father.
He's an essential spokesperson
in TMK political party.
Hey may or may not attend events
at his relatives' house.
But he will be the first one to help
party members' families.
In his 40 years of political career
never was he given a post
but he served the people
and the party diligently
and gained a good name among the people.
[crowd chanting]
-Chief, I have a request.
-Tell me.
There's a talk that Murgesan is getting
the ticket for contesting the election.
I have filed a petition, too.
It's okay if I don't get it.
But Thanikachalam should get a ticket,
Thanikachalam, my father's close friend.
Both have served in the
same political party for years.
They are very eager to snag a ticket
to contest as the Councilor this election.
This is his son, Sudhakar.
Like father,
he's enthusiastic about politics.
This is his daughter, Selvi.
I've known her from childhood.
I liked her from the age when I didn't know
the meaning of love.
Theera... You are my wish
and my voice
Maaraa... You are my life
and my longing
Oh... You are my umbrella
in the sun
You are my showering rain
You are my sky
Your moist eyes
Are singing a lullaby
Can I embrace you with love?
Should I wobble
In the intoxicating noise
of your anklets?
In the light that passes
Through the entrance lamp
Seeing your face
I am going crazy
In the morning sun
Tussling and drying your hair
I will melt and then bloom
Will see that in my dream, too
Theera... You are my wish
and my voice
Maaraa... You are my life
and my longing
Oh... You are my umbrella
in the sun
You are my showering rain
You are my sky
The Chief betrayed us, Sivam.
He took money and gave the ticket
to his alliance.
I have decided to contest
as an independent candidate.
As far as you have my back
I'll handle the rest.
Even though my father wished his friend
to win the election...
but he could not go against the
political party that's inbred in blood.
So, as the party instructed him...
he worked for the alliance, Thiyagu,
during the election.
[chanting slogans]
It's rare to find a person like you
in politics.
Due to jealousy...
even the own political party members do
not work for someone during the election.
Not only did you support and work for us,
but you won this election.
Thanks a million!
I did not do anything.
The party pointed me toward
the eligible candidate...
and I worked for it.
-Appa, please calm down.
-Let go of me.
-Please hear me out.
-Hey, Nallasivam!
Aren't you ashamed to defeat me
and lick his feet?
The party that you love
and betrayed me...
The same party will suck your blood dry
and throw you on the streets.
On that day, you'll realize my pain.
From today, I'm cutting all ties with you.
-I'll show you what defeat is.
-Appa, let's go!
I won't forgive you!
I will contest against you
in every election.
Let him go. I'm there for you.
Tell me!
Rasu, Appa has found a groom for me.
-Are you serious?-My relatives have come home.
I'm afraid.
What do you mean?
Has a groom come to see you?
Yes. The groom works abroad.
Don't be scared.
You calm down.
I'll speak to my father.
-How can I do this?-Please take me with you.
Hey, Selvi!
Who are you speaking to?
I'm asking you!
Who are you speaking to?
Give it to me!
Hey, I've told you a million times.
Not to have any business
with that family.
Will you speak?
Will you speak to Rasu?
Listen, you have to marry the boy
I chose it for you.
In two days you're getting married.
You're getting married
and flying abroad with him.
Now tell me, you forgot about Rasu.
Come on, say it! Say it!
Hey! How dare he be more important
to you than me?
Say, you forgot about him!
Say, you forgot about him.
Say it!
Even if you beat me to death...
I will only marry Rasu!
As Thanikachalam was angry
with my father...
he immediately fixed marriage
for his daughter.
Despite many efforts,
we could not speak to him.
In the end, he agreed to speak to us
under Khader Bhai's counsel.
-Vanakkam, Bhai.
-Vanakkam, Anna!
Khader Bhai -
He's known to both families.
Well-connected in politics.
Also, he conducts counsel.
Bhai, rightfully, it's a family matter
to settle between us.
We came over because you're
conducting the counsel between us.
Listen, at dawn,
his daughter is getting married.
Creating an issue now is not civil.
Issue? I and his daughter are in love.
He's coercing his daughter into marriage.
Ask him.
Coercing, you say?
Hey, are you sure?
Indeed, you're coercing your daughter
to get married.
Son, calm down.
We're talking here.
Bhai, if I get my daughter married
outside my community...
then, my community people
will ban my family.
Hey, Thanika,
we grew up with no discrimination.
Weren't you aware of my caste
back then?
You identify it after you lost
the election.
Don't dump the angst against me
on my son.
Just because we were friends doesn't mean
I'll get my daughter married to your son.
Bhai, everything has a standard.
-Hey, mind your word.
-What standards?
-What standards are you looking for?
Since childhood,
Selvi and I have been in love.
We have the right to marry
the person we love.
Bhai, you're here to counsel.
Please make him understand.
Stop repeating the same nonsense.
I made arrangements after hearing
my daughter's consent.
You ask Selvi to say the same.
Hey, why would my sister come and say it?
Hey, you calm down.
Let Bhai make the decision.
-Stop creating a commotion.
I can bow down to his demands.
Hey, Sudha, what's all this?
Appa, you please calm down.
Let's listen to Bhai.
Let us ask the girl.
Once she has spoken,
no one should argue.
Let her speak.
Ask Selvi to say the same.
I know they have threatened you
to get married.
You don't have to fear.
You speak your mind.
Tell them that we want to get married.
I'll bring you to my home right away.
-Tell me, Selvi.
-Tell me, child.
Do you wish to marry him?
Tell me.
Trust me,
you don't have to fear them.
-I know they've threatened you.
-Take her back inside.
-Hey, stop!
-Selvi, please stop.
-She should've come right away.
But she did not come.
What does it mean?
That she does not like you.
Get out of here.
Hey, Selvi!
-Kani, take him away.
-Hey, please hear me out!
Hey, no one dares come near my house.
-Appa, make him understand.
-Don't you understand?
Hey, calm down!
-Hey, please explain to them.
-Hey, don't you dare?
Hey, they're coercing her to get married.
Take your hands off him!
-Hey, step back.
-Hey, don't do this.
They're forcing her to marry.
Hey, don't push him!
Don't push!
-Appa, they're forcing her.
Hey, Selvi!
Let it go!
-Let's go, Rasu. Let's go!
-Let's go!
-Don't cry.
-They're taking her away.
-Selvi is not lucky to have you.
I can't bear to see you cry.
Let's go home.
Come on!
Let's go!
He's doing it on purpose.
Let's go.
Let's go!
Hey, don't lose him!
Don't lose him! Surround him!
Kill him!
Bloody, you're dead!
Come on!
Vapa, are you okay?
Hey, call him.
Thambi (younger brother)!
I'm not saying it
because you saved my life.
Had Selvi said yes to you
on that night...
Thanikachalam must've killed her.
I threatened to kill you
and made her agree.
Now Selvi is living a happy life
in some corners of the world.
I did it for everyone's welfare.
Anna, it's upsetting
to bring this news to you.
This time, you can't contest
for the Councilor position.
The party has allotted the ticket
to one of the members of the alliance.
I tried my best to speak you up
to the High Command.
It did not work.
This time, I work for the alliance
and make them win.
Do you expect me to work for someone else
and make him win?
No matter the ruling party.
Only candidates from my community
will become leaders.
That's the rule!
Selvaraju, to you, the leader's position
maybe an ordinary thing.
To me, it's a matter of honour!
I won't give it up for anyone.
Even if the party commands me to do it.
Thiyagu, an integral cog of the UMK party.
He's the leader in Kottaiyur
in Vellore district.
To Nallur and Kottaiyur constituency
members of his family have been
the leaders over generations.
I extend my humble greetings to
the beloved folks of my community.
The reason I have you all gathered here...
During local body elections,
I'm contesting as
an independent candidate for Councilor.
-Chief, Kottaiyur is yours!
-We're going to win.
Please make a note.
For the position of Nallur Panchayat Leader
instead of my brother, Venkatesh,
this time, I've decided to make Murthy
contest in the election.
Hail Murthy!
I need your support for my son to succeed
in his political career.
We wasted time sitting here.
Sudhakar, let's leave.
Hey, didn't you hear me?
Let's go!
Hey, Kani, what happened?
Whatever you said,
I can't comprehend it.
You ditched the party and contesting
as an independent candidate.
While you were in the party,
you tasted success and fame.
You'll detach and attach as you please.
I can't afford to do that.
Even if I'm just a member...
I can claim my right
only if I'm loyal to one party.
Hey, Kani, you're speaking out of turn.
Don't create issues drunk.
Hey, shut up!
-I'm stating a fact.
Kani Mama, my sister Usha's husband.
In the past five years...
he got addicted to politics
more than liquor.
He and Sudhakar are part of
the UMK party.
Sudhakar is in a better position
as he's well-to-do.
After Selvi's issue,
our families may have broken ties...
but they stuck with each other
as they were college mates.
As they did not win the tender...
Kani Mama and Thiyagu
got into a fight.
Keeping that in mind...
Thiyagu removed them both
from the party.
Kani, don't get worked up.
We nodded our heads to Thiyagu's orders
like a temple elephant.
I'm more angry than you are.
There's nothing we can do.
He's a politician.
And that's his way.
Sudha, the temple elephant,
doesn't always need to nod.
If it gets mad,
it'll trample you to death.
We need to show him
our worth and power.
Kani, you don't possess enough experience.
You don't know how to measure humans.
You keep ranting about the party...
To hell with the party!
After everything is done and dusted,
they bid you bye.
And give you hollow nicknames.
Take Sudhakar as an example.
His father was part of the other party.
What did the party do for him?
But Thiyagu, that's me!
I will always have your back.
I'm well aware of how good you are
having our backs.
When your folks contest in elections...
we slog ourselves to make them win.
But you'll say bye,
taking all the money and posts.
And we are left on the streets to beg.
Kani, please don't say
I betrayed you, people.
I've never discriminated.
Please get down to work and support me
in this election.
Hereafter, there will be no mistakes.
I will sort it out.
What do you mean?
Please explain!
You're contesting for the Councilor post.
Why does your son want to contest
for Nallur Panchayat, too?
This time, we'll have one of our
Nallur folk to contest in the election.
And you support us!
Hey, Kani!
The post of a leader is my family's honour.
For which I disowned the party.
A mahout should always know that
he can't be as mighty as the elephant.
There's liquor.
Drink as much as you want.
The biryani is ready.
Eat and get going.
As if we never had liquor or biryani.
We're not here to pick up your leftovers.
All this while you picked it up
and now you're being ungrateful.
Bloody drunkard you are.
How dare you speak up to my father?
Get lost!
Anna, ask Murthy to mind his words.
Hey, calm down.
You don't know what to speak and when.
Appa, why would you sass the boys
who bows down to you?
If it hurts them that I'm contesting,
so be it.
I dare anyone to contest
against me in Nallur.
Murthy, don't be overconfident
that no one will contest against you.
I will make sure to make someone contest
and bring down your family's honour.
Kani, we're not conducting
a play over here.
Let's sort it out within us.
Uncle, look, they're flipping out.
Hey, Kani, if you have the guts...
get someone from Nallur
to contest against me.
He's not capable.
-Yeah, right.
-What do you say, Kani?
Are there men in your village,
or is everyone like you?
Bloody cowards!
-Hey, let go!
-I'll kill him!
How dare you lay hands on me?
I will prove my worth.
-I won't spare you guys.
-Hey, Kani, come back!
Shut up!
I will make one person from Nallur
contest against him.
I challenge you!
-Hey, let's go!
-You guys messed it up!
Kani, no one will dare
to contest against Thiyagu.
Even if someone did,
they couldn't bear the expenses involved.
-I agree with the lawyer on this one.
-Yes, Kani.
Nattamai (Village Head), the person
who says impossible in the beginning
is the one fit for nothing!
Winning is the least of our worries.
If we step up and make a person
contest against them...
they will see our guts.
Why don't you contest against him?
There is nothing to offer to the family
but welfare for the public.
Why don't you people make him
contest for MLA?
Hey, you tend to the laundry.
Only to me, you show your guts.
Hey, I asked you for an idea.
But you're making a joke out of me.
He's asking if there are even men
in our village.
Do you still expect me to sit calm?
I regret considering you as a wise man.
-Hey, everyone, get out.
-Come on!
You first get out.
Hey, Seer, can you please step out?
I thought they'd give me some input,
but they joke around.
Kani Anna, give me twenty rupees.
I need to buy batteries
and listen to the news.
Hurry up!
Peg yourself to be a big shot.
As if you don't listen to the news,
the President will stop working.
Hey, 101, your frequency is bad.
It's better if you scram!
[radio news] The Tamilnadu CM to reward
the respected Tamil folks...
who indulged in the protest
against imposition of Hindi language
The CM has announced the award and
named it "Language Warrior Natarasan."
The Central Government...
has granted more authority
to the Indian Railway...
We have a weapon among ourselves
and are looking elsewhere.
Start the bike.
Where are we going?
How did Thiyagu's family attain victory
during the previous election?
It's because Nallasivam uncle
got all Nallur people to vote.
This time, we will make Rasu
contest in the election.
Uncle will have to support his son.
-Tell me.-If you wish to marry me...
I have a few conditions.
Hema - She works as a teacher
in Nallur High School.
My mother went through
too many horoscopes...
and finally selected her for me.
Soon we're getting married.
Condition number - 1.
I will live on my terms.
I will wear what I like.
Maybe I'll sport a boy cut.
-No one should interfere with my freedom.
Condition number - 2.
I will visit my parents
whenever I feel like it.
And I will return only when I feel like it.
You can visit me over there
if you'd like to.
I have no objection.
Condition number - 3.
I will spend my salary
how I deem it's correct.
-No questions should be raised.
-Anything else?
Condition number - 4.
This is an important condition.
What is it?
You should not touch me
without my consent.
-God help me.-My body. My rights.
Condition number - 5.
You should not hide anything from me.
You should not make any decision
without discussing it with me.
Hello, for now,
only our horoscopes have matched.
Once the marriage is fixed,
we'll discuss the conditions.
Ask the broker to talk to my mother.
I'll call you back.
-Hello! Hello!
-How are you?
-Are you out to have booze?
-No, I'm not.
The Panchayat Election
is around the corner.
Thiyagu is making his son contest for it.
When I suggested someone else
could contest, they fought with me.
So, I challenged them to make
one of our folks contest against them.
We suggested that Kani can contest.
If he contests,
even my sister won't vote for him.
I will vote for him.
Are you eligible to vote?
-Is this why I brought you?
Anna, you see, Kani analyzed
the situation.
-No one seemed suitable.
He's here because
you're a suitable candidate.
-Please give us a positive answer.
Go ahead,
and you'll win for sure.
I can see that you're laughing
when you're saying it.
Listen, you're a suitable candidate.
Are you guys seriously
doing comedy with me?
Politics is a huge responsibility.
It won't suit me.
Let it end with my father.
Come on, let's play a game.
We're running late. Ride faster.
I need to talk to the girl in private.
Rasu should rightfully speak to
the girl in private.
What are you going to talk about?
You would not understand my pain.
It's me who got humiliated.
I could not speak to my sister.
Brother-in-law is sticking
to his principles and party.
And Rasu is reciting an old story to me.
No one seems to understand my situation.
The girl is my last hope to heal my wounds.
Once the rituals are complete,
I'll explain to her...
and I'll beg Rasu to agree to it.
Jasmine like eye lashes fluttering
Turmeric smeared face turning pink
The thread of love holding hands
The joy imprisoning the soul
The king has arrived
Like a flower blossoming
Today is the day for the heart
To dance with joy
As you go Blushing in the eyes
The sky is celebrating
As you catch the heaven
As you speak hundred stories
Wont the clouds decorate the sky?
As your eyes draw a picture
Wont the sound of the waves
Clap its hands?
Turmeric smeared face turning pink
The thread of love holding hands
The joy imprisoning the soul
As you delicately fall
On your lovers chest
He will show his love
Without hurting you
Even as shy would shy away
The Kings desire would rise
Half known and half understood
The river of pleasure may flow
As the tresses and the moustache
Brush against each other
As the hands caress
Sleep will take over
When life is filled with pleasure
Till when will there be
unlimited happiness?
Till the bangles stop making noises
Till when will there be
endless pleasure?
Till the anklets stop their sound
Till when will there be
countless plays?
Till the new silk gets crumbled
Till when will there be
unstoppable hug?
Till the fingers caress the head
Till I live, without just living
I will shower you with myself
Even if you say "enough"
My love will not vanish
Even before you tell me your need
Will fulfill your desires
Even after the days and dates get over
My love will stay
If I wish to paint,
Without crossing the borders
The penance of crores of years
Will come to me like a boon
If I turn myself into a garland
And stay on your shoulders
Even the hottest summer
Will cool me down with rain
Till when will there be
unlimited happiness?
Till the bangles stop making noises
Till when will there be
endless pleasure?
Till the anklets stop their sound
Till when will there be
countless plays?
Till the new silk gets crumbled
Till when will there be
unstoppable hug?
Till the fingers caress the head
-Do it again.
-Do you like it?
-Now you do it.
-I like it.
Hey, eat your food.
Did you drink?
Didn't I tell you to sleep at the
party office when you're drunk?
Our Daughter-in-law is home now.
-Next will come grandchildren.
-Hey, Hema!
-You're behavior is bad.
-What are you listening to?
-What were you doing so late?
-Come here.
-Why can't you leave right after work?
-What is it?
-Father-in-law is drunk.
I'm sure he's not drunk.
Why are you not having your meal?
Fine, I won't question you.
Don't spoil your intestines.
I made your favorite dish, please eat.
Let's go.
Even at this age, they're romantic.
Shantha, the truth has no value.
The glitz and glamour lure everyone.
I, Nallasivam, have no fear at all.
I was part of the freedom struggle
and went to prison for it.
I aspire to contest
for the Panchayat Leader's post.
And I requested the party members
to support me.
To which the Chief replied...
"This time,
Tea Shop Kannan is contesting."
He asked me to work for him.
Does he expect you to hold the mic
until your last breath?
Stick posters for him.
But others will continue to become leaders.
You quit everything and stay home.
I can still work.
-Let's go.-To hell with your Chief and party.
I, too, feel the same.
But I'm not able to do it.
I'm not able to do it.
Don't cry. Your son may hear you.
Be careful.
What happened?
What happened?
Hey, Rasu!
-What happened?
-Your father fell.
-What happened?
-Hurry up!
-What happened?
-Oh, no!
-Lift him.
What happened, Appa?
Hema, switch on the lights.
-Lift him. Careful.
-Lift him.
-What happened, Appa?
-I'm right here.
-Hold me.
Adjust the pillow on the bed.
What's happening to you, Appa?
-The elections take a toll on him.
-Ma, please calm down.
-Why would you drink?
-I was upset...
-Watch out!
-I'm very upset.
-You're not used to drinking.
Why would you try new habits?
-Tall me, Pa.
Don't be like me.
At least you be smart
and live your life.
Everything is good.
Please calm down.
-Rasu, please listen to me.
-Please calm down.
-Please tell me.
Please take good care of him.
I will take care of him.
You please go to sleep.
-Please go to sleep.
-Please take care of him.
Anna, Rasu is standing out there.
Call and check what he wants.
Call Rasu.
-Aren't you playing?
-Listen, uncle...
-You play.
Rasu, the Chief, has summoned you.
Wait, I'll handle it.
Keep repeating the same.
Murthy, be patient.
We'll check what he wants.
-Hello, son.
-Where's he going?
-What is it?
-Hello, son!
I heard you're contesting in the election.
I'm not.
Kani jumped the gun.
Don't step into politics
because Kani said so.
He's best at drinking all the time.
If you aspire to contest in the election...
File a nomination at the ward,
and I'll fund you.
If we win,
I will assign you half the contracts.
Murthy, what you mentioned...
-...is spot on!
-Please calm down.
Maybe the folks in my village
are not as worthy as me.
You win and become the Chief.
Kani, you always create a nuisance
after getting drunk.
-You don't say.
Please don't listen to him
and step into politics.
Using his position at the party to deplete
the wealth would make it different.
He was not in any of the posts
yet depleted the wealth.
Calm down.
If you, too, step into politics...
In the future, you'll be on the streets
begging along with your family.
Bear this in mind.
Chief, you're spot on!
Your words got me
as high as I gulped down a bottle.
But he or his father won't understand.
As you mentioned,
they will consistently serve the party.
Kani, are you instigating him?
No matter how much you instigate him,
he's clear about his intentions.
Hey, I'm telling you the truth.
-Hey, what is it?
Pipe down!
Hey, how dare you raise your voice?
Rasu, don't take me wrong.
The Chief post is something
out of your reach.
We have the eligibility and standards
to wield that post.
Your father is a party member.
He has remained within his limits.
Not everyone can become a leader.
Stop it!
What are you implying?
My father is a party member.
Even if he possesses the eligibility...
he should not aspire to become a leader.
No one from his family
should aspire to either.
If my father is genuinely not eligible...
before I even agreed
to contest in the election...
you are here negotiating with me.
It's fear of my father's good name
that will fetch me votes.
No matter how much we possess
talent or eligibility...
you'll use that to your advantage to win.
We should make you win, put you
on the throne and stand on the porch.
Then you'll throw us a bone to reward us.
And we should pick it up.
Times have changed.
Let's wait and watch
if the people support...
the son of the Chief or
the son of a party member.
I will contest.
I will contest against you.
Let's go. Start the vehicle.
This is how you make a dosa.
-What are you doing?
Move, I'll cook.
-Hey, Rasu! Rasu!
-Your mother is here.
Do you think politics is child's play?
Step out!
What is it? Why are you yelling?
Despite warnings,
you're taking the plunge.
Rasu, you should listen to me.
Politics does not work for our family.
Are you happy that your son
is following in your footsteps?
There's no harm in telling him
not to pursue it.
Hey, what do you expect me to say?
Now, whatever we say
It won't matter to him.
"Even the world will be yours
If you act, choosing the right time
and place."
Am I right?
Not bad. You can recite Kurals, too.
Despite so many betrayals,
you still don't change.
You're the root cause of it.
You are a fanatic,
and now you're son, too.
Why are you dragging me into it?
He has been observing politics
since his childhood.
He's a Dravidian student.
-Vanakkam, Xavier.
Xavier - My college senior.
He recommended me for the job
that I am currently working in.
As far as the Nallur Panchayat election
is concerned...
the victory is decided based on
the votes from Pudur.
The folks of Pudur listen to only
what Xavier says.
How come you're visiting us
in a large group?
This year, under TMK's support,
Brother Kannan is contesting the election.
He will facilitate your needs
out of his pocket.
So, please provide him with the support
of your people.
Thiyagu states the same every year.
We requested him to build
a community hall.
But he built one in his town.
Ration card, water tank,
playground, library...
everything in his town.
When we questioned? He replied,
in the town, it's considered common.
If they build it here, it's independent.
Ignore his empty promises.
I'm unlike him.
Nallasivam is supporting me.
Keep your trust and vote for me.
Speak to your folks
and revert with a positive answer.
We have already discussed it.
This time, on behalf of Pudur
to contest in the election...
we've decided to nominate Xavier.
-What is this, Xavier?
-What do you mean?
We already made our decision.
You may leave.
We'll meet in the arena!
-Bhai has arrived.
-Pa, Rasu is here to meet you.
-Rasu, how are you?
I'm good. How are you?
-How's everyone at home?
-Everyone's good!
Bhai, Rasu is contesting
in the Panchayat elections.
I'm glad to hear.
Nallur is your territory.
You'll win for sure.
Bhai, we can't be rest assured.
This time, it's a tough competition.
Thiyagu is making is son contest.
As it is, he's sharp during elections.
Imagine with his son contesting.
Then there's the Tea shop Kannan.
He has the TMK party's support.
I'm sure you're well aware.
Also, Xavier is contesting from Pudur.
-It's evident the votes will be scattered.
-For sure!
I reckon you'll nominate someone, too.
So, I would like to know
if you'd support me.
I'm happy that you're straightforward
with me.
But it's not my decision alone.
The alliance parties should work, too.
I need to discuss this with the committee
and the congregation.
It does not matter.
But I will talk in your support.
If you win, it's like I won.
Did you get the signatures
from the notary public?
Hey, I'll handle it.
Are you upset that your parents
are not here?
I'm here for you, my son.
We're going to win.
Anna, hold on. Please stop it.
Why are we doing this?
Why do we have to replicate
the stereotypes?
Only if we do it all
brings pride in politics.
I have to admit.
This feels like a high, too.
Hold on!
Listen, your song should make even
the sick person get up and vote for him.
Go ahead, sing!
As the red eagle dances
As the dead bodies fall like mountains
The boon of a son of Santhamani
and Nallasivam
Our Natarasan
You nailed it!
The son of the soil of Nallur
Natarasan a person of gold
A sweet friend of everyone
A person who helps the simple people
Coming with his troop
Our barren land will flourish
Let our tomorrow dawn
Let the garland of victory
Fall on the shoulder
The son of the soil of Nallur
Natarasan a person of gold
Come with me.
Did Appa have his meal?
Do we have to go to him?
Hey, the past is past.
It's long forgotten.
Come with me.
I'm still friends with him.
Don't feel awkward.
I'll speak to him.
I'll be home soon.
Kani, I heard you're working day and night
to make Rasu win.
We have been meeting everyone.
If you support him, he will win for sure.
Please reply with a positive response.
Kani, you know me.
I never go against the party.
Bhai's party and UMK are in alliance.
Whoever Bhai nominates,
we will work for them.
I hear Bhai is nominating Abdullah.
Hey, Abdullah,
what kind of betrayal is this?
Why didn't you tell us
anything about your contesting?
Who should I tell?
I'm contesting as an individual candidate.
For the Panchayat election,
there's no need for the party's support.
We are well aware!
Aren't you part of our party?
If you contest,
people will think our party nominates you.
How will they understand?
Anna, the people have clarity.
They understand everything.
Let them decide who's the leader.
Hey, you're speaking out of turn.
Tear it down and leave from here.
Sasi, he's not wrong.
The public decides who becomes the leader.
Rasu, am I right?
Murthy, get moving
after filing the nomination.
Don't try to instigate
and create a scene.
Remember, we're here, too.
-Why would I instigate anyone?
Xavier and Rasu are sudden candidates.
They don't want me to win.
You're certainly right!
Didn't we tell your father?
They're playing a dirty game.
Don't pay heed to these wusses.
How dare you insult us?
Hey, Kani, mind your words.
How dare you lay your hands on me?
How dare you lay your hands
on my family?
Take your hooliganism to your territory.
Here, even I can get dirty.
Thiyagu, your son is a novice.
Are you using him as your pawn?
Hold him back. If not, you won't
have a son to light your pyre.
During elections, not just four...
even forty may contest.
That does not mean
you can lay your hands on us.
-Hey, Sasi!
I support Rasu.
Let alone forty. Even if four hundred
novice contests in this election...
only Rasu will win!
Do everything he needs.
-We will rock it!
-Let's go!
I'm up for it!
To all ladies and gentlemen
and my beloved folks...
Arignar Anna quotes,
"We can find God in the smile of a poor."
But our candidate Natarasan quotes,
"The poor are the Gods."
Please vote for him
and make him win.
Long live Anna!
Hey, the young candidate
A volleyball super star
Is coming to address people's woes
An engineering graduate
A social activist
Equality is his golden principle
A spotless heart
Is his insoluble wealth
A flawless good life
He will give to the people
To leave the politicians
Blind-folded on the road
He is coming with an uproar
And make a mark
The son of the soil of Nallur
Natarasan a person of gold
A sweet friend of everyone
A person who helps the simple people
Walking straight
Asking for votes with pride
The storm has begun
To make fresh blood show Vote for him
The son of the soil of Nallur
Natarasan a person of gold
My dear comrades.
In the state where three rivers
come together...
Natarasan's time and period
spells three things.
So is his victory.
Your votes will fetch him this victory.
Vote for him! Vote for him! Vote for him!
-One minute.
-What is it, Ambeth?
Folks are asking why we are contesting
in the election when we're going to lose.
Whether I contest or not...
the winning party is not going to
do anything for our village.
But the losing party will realize
the worth of votes.
Votes are our weapons.
Do you understand?
Not just that.
It's our right, Ambeth.
-Vanakkam, Xavier.
Xavier, I'll reimburse you for everything
you spent on the election.
Please ask your folks to vote for us.
Ambeth is contesting for ward member.
But I'll make him Vice President.
What do you say, Venkatesh?
Sure, we will.
Why shouldn't one of our own
become the President?
It's not imperative
that we should always be under you.
You called all the villages
for the gathering at your house...
but you clearly ignored us.
Now you're here
in the dead of the night like robbers.
Hey, firstly, see if they allow you
to a shared toilet.
-Hey, how dare you?
-Hey, please calm down.
I dare you!
When it has to be done,
it has to be done.
It does not matter
if it's shared or independent.
Hey, you don't even know how to
respect a fellow human being...
It's a shame you're contesting
for President.
It's a mistake.
We respected you and came to talk.
And you're lecturing us.
Why are we here?
And what are you talking about?
Selvam, take him away.
You go, son. We'll handle it.
He has lost his senses.
I apologize on his behalf.
Please vote for us.
When you're in need, you embrace us.
When the work is done,
you hold us by our hair.
That's your reality.
This time,
everyone will realize our strength.
I'm certainly contesting.
Xavier, don't try to break the tradition.
I can't poke my eyes with it
just because it's a golden needle.
Just because a tradition has been practiced
for a long time doesn't make it right.
If you don't break the tradition,
we'll break it.
Let's go!
-What is it?
Sudhakar Anna is here to meet you.
He wants to talk to you.
He's waiting outside.
The election is upon us,
and you're sleeping away.
Thiyagu negotiated to make
Ambeth the Vice President.
And Murthy is secretly distributing
gold coins to people.
Tea shop Kannan is distributing money
hidden in a pressure cooker.
We, too, should give the people something.
Only then can you win.
Why should we?
He's right.
We need to follow it to win.
There are many means
to arrange for money.
But make sure to ask for votes.
Kani, make him understand.
I see you flying high in the sky.
Why do you fear?
It's the right thing to do.
Let's do it.
I lend on 10% interest.
As Sudhakar referred you,
I'll lend you at 5% interest.
Sign the promissory paper
and take the money.
-Remember to pay the interest on time.
-We won't!
We voted for so many
We made many victorious
But we are still in a pitiable state
Let our fond son
Emerge victorious this time
Let our place flourish this time
If a chance is given
There would not be a power cut
If we make him win
Our place will shine bright
He is going to be the future president
That history will speak about
The American president
Will praise our brother
The son of the soil of Nallur
Natarasan a person of gold
A sweet friend of everyone
A person who helps the simple people
Comrades, let me teach you a few words.
You don't need to agree to it.
You can decide
and ask me to go to hell.
But please think hard.
Agree to whatever is deemed correct.
-Please come.
Thiyagu demanded 50,000 rupees
to get me permanent employment.
I could not arrange it.
After you win, please help me with it.
First, let the results come out.
The result is evident.
The entire village says
that Rasu is the President.
Akka, step aside.
-Step aside.
-Hurry up. Bring it here.
-What is it?
Sister, go and bring me a hammer.
-Did you see it?
-It's too much!
-It looks awesome.
-Look at your husband.
He's smiling away.
Keep nodding and bring me a hammer.
Hey, move to the left.
-Kani, bring it down.
-How about here?
That's about right.
First round:
-It's us.
-It's ours, Murthy.
-Note it down.
Ambeth, note it down.
-Note it down.
Uncle, note it down.
This, too, is for the Chair.
Invalid vote.
How's it invalid?
The stamp is in between both logos.
This is an invalid vote.
Results from the first round.
Cellphone - 628 votes.
Chair - 507 votes.
-Conch - 373 votes.
-Something is not right.
Pot - 7 votes.
Rail Engine - 2 votes.
Invalid votes - 5 votes.
The Cellphone is leading with 121 votes.
Second round:
Rail Engine
The results from the second round.
The Chair is at 1,154
The Cellphone is at 1,002.
The Conch is at 719.
Rail Engine is at 19.
The Pot is at 14.
The Chair is leading with 152 votes
in the second round.
The results from the third round.
The Cellphone is at 1,397.
The Chair is at 1,363.
The Conch is at 1,249.
The Pot is at 657.
The Cellphone is leading with 34 votes
in the third round.
-How's it going?
-Three rounds down, and we're leading.
-That's great.
-We're winning. Is Bhai here?
-He's not here yet.
-Oh, is it?
Okay, would you like to speak to him?
-You go and speak to him.
Let's party soon. You handle it here.
-You go ahead.
-I'll defeat them.
-Yes, Bhai.-I'm very happy, Rasu.
Sir, are you kidding with me?
Bhai, please come over in the evening.
-Sir, he will explain.
-Please don't make noise.
How can we stay calm?
We want recounting.
There's been foul play.
Sir, there's no foul play.
We can't do recounting at your will.
Ask him!
No matter how many times a candidate
demands, you have to do recounting.
Sir, we can if it's a difference of
one or two votes.
We can't do a recounting
when the difference is 9 votes.
Please don't create unnecessary problems.
-Sir, we can't agree to it.
-What's happening?
How could they do this?
Look what they're doing.
They're taking us for a ride.
They're saying Kannan won by 5 votes.
We can't let it go.
You demand a recounting.
Natarasan, demand for recounting.
There are 59 invalid votes.
5 vote difference is not a big deal.
If we recount, you'll surely win.
You demand for it.
Rasu, demand for it.
Even if they count 50 times, we will win.
-Will we win?
-Demand for it.
-Demand for it.
-Rasu, demand for it.
I want a recount.
During recounting, first,
we'll count the invalid votes.
Take a good look.
Invalid vote.
-Yes, it's an invalid vote.
-This is an invalid vote.
Please check if it's a valid vote.
Take a good look.
The stamp is in between two logos;
thus, it is an invalid vote.
Take a look. It's invalid.
The stamp is inside the Chair logo
This vote goes for the Chair.
-Sir, take a look.
-It's punched right. How can it be invalid?
Sir, show us the vote.
Show it to us.
Hold it up.
Sir, it's a clear stamp.
How could you add this to
an invalid vote?
Out of 59 votes,
15 votes are in favor of Murthy.
There's foul play.
-Check the next vote.
-Go ahead and check.
-Show them all.
-Wait, I'll show it.
The stamp will be on the Chair.
Am I right?
Murthy, are you playing foul?
There's no room for discussion.
Please declare that Kannan is the winner.
The results of
Nallur Panchayat Council elections...
Kannan of the Conch symbol won
by five votes
against Natarasan of the Cellphone symbol.
How poorly you could've had him.
-What happened?
-He's become a nuisance.
I could not even wait for vote counting.
Rasu defeated me as he challenged me.
He won!
When he announced to contest,
we should've broken his bones.
Now, see what happened.
I'm a headless body left with shame.
I know what to do to Rasu.
-Selvam, call our men.
-Oh, no!
Your mouth is your enemy.
You're getting worked up
as if the defeat only brought you shame.
I will win, become the Chairman,
and make you the President of Panchayat.
We have let down our legacy.
I know how to save our honour.
Hey, after me, everything is yours.
Do you think I'll sit calm
seeing your suffering?
Don't you call yourself my father?
You defeated me and came home
with a garland.
-Please don't say anything.
-Shut up!
Your son is not important to you.
You made a nobody win
because he belongs to your party.
-Answer me!
You talk volumes for your party.
Answer me!
Why are you standing like a statue?
I contested in the election
because Thiyagu insulted you.
But you...
You remain a fool.
Because of you, not just you
but the entire family...
How dare you disrespect your father?
People will say a million things.
Don't you have any sense?
Gold is gold, even if it tastes dust.
You did not listen to me,
went on contesting and lost the election.
How dare you question your father?
-I'll beat you to death.
-Amma, please don't.
-I said, please calm down.
-Let it go!
Hey, let go of me.
Appa, please talk to brother.
-Amma, why?
Sir, Venkatesan for you.
Tell me.
How many votes are we leading?
Anna, by 24 votes...
you lost even at the Chairman election.
-Please eat.
-I don't want anything.
It's not important.
You haven't eaten since morning.
Please eat something.
-Sir, what happened?
Murthy! Sir!
-Please get up, sir.
-What happened?
Selvam, bring out the vehicle.
-Go ahead.
-Hey, Sundar!
-Please open your eyes.
Murthy, what's wrong with him?
-What happened?
-Be careful.
-Bharathi, get inside.
You go to the hospital.
I'll follow.
Amma, don't cry. He will be fine.
-Take him to the hospital.
-Selva, Rasu, and Xavier need to pay.
I will handle Rasu.
You go ahead.
I will handle them both.
-Hey, hey!
-Hey, Rasu!
Who is it?
Hema, are you alright?
-Bhai, are you alright?
-I'm good.
-Are you hurt?
No, I'm not.
To hell with the banner.
Bhai, they've surrounded us.
Turn around the vehicle.
Come on!
-Turn it around.
-I'll handle it, Rasu.
Bhai, step out of the car.
-Step out.
It's jammed!
Come out. Come on!
Come out!
Rasu, let's go.
-Rasu, let's go.
-Come on, let's go.
Hurry up!
Come on. Hurry up!
Come on, Rasu!
-Take her away.
-You leave, Rasu.
Come on!
Hey, let go of me.
Hey, pour it all.
They don't deserve a bike.
Rasu... Rasu...
Hey, run!
Bhai! Bhai! Bhai!
What happened, Hema?
Hey, Hema!
-Tell me. I said, tell me!
-I swear. I don't know.
I'll slit your throat.
Hey, who killed Bhai?
What did you do to Bhaijaan?
We looked for the killer all over.
How did they look?
The men from that night did not look like
they were from our town.
They're out-of-towners.
-Bhai, we did not kill him.
We were only asked to
initiate riots in Pudur.
Someone else killed Bhai.
I swear on my child.
Please believe me.
Please spare me, Bhai!
-Tell me, who killed Bhai?
No one from Vellore was involved in this.
When I enquired Murthy's men...
they confessed to creating riots in Pudur.
Rasu mentioned that the men who
killed Bhaijaan were not from our town.
I could not see Bhai's face, Asife.
They have hacked him mercilessly.
His killers' death should be gorier!
Watch out. Walk slowly.
-Walk slowly.
Even the ones who call us Thamizh
and Thamizhans...
Even when they claim we're equal
and support us.
Police are in favor of the rich
and the powerful.
That does not mean we should fear
and withdraw our case, Xavier.
The Police have arrested the people
who caused riots.
They've also arrested Murthy,
who was responsible for it.
To hell with the arrest.
-Xavier, he does not get the issue.
There's nothing to fear now.
Sir, please be with her
and take good care of her.
For now,
please don't think about the child.
Cant tomorrow dawn like yesterday?
Wont the wound vanish?
Life has become a one-day affair
The next day it becomes
a fish on the sand
Just like a bird carrying a rock
My heart is stumbling with heaviness
The eyes do not sleep
Sorrow is drilling the heart
The earth can bear an earthquake
Can a flower bear the same?
Before the bell rings,
peel the boiled eggs.
Okay, ma'am.
Even after losing her commands,
they don't recede.
Had they won the election...
she would've made our lives hell.
Wobbling like a boat
In a whirlpool
In the folds of fate
I am roaming clueless
The beautiful boon of my life is lost
How will I forget something
That'll haunt me for life?
If all the pains of a hundred years
Had to be faced in just a year
What could happen to me?
All my dreams have been shattered
Like the glass pieces
Is this life itself a
Decoration of pain?
Won't tomorrow be better?
Sudhakar, during the
2016 Assembly Elections...
made a candidate of the UMK party
win the election.
Due to this, the party assigned him
the post of District Secretary.
The fame, money, and post
that his father could not attain...
Sudhakar is attaining it step by step.
More please.
How are you?
-Hey, Kani!
-What is it?
How much do you
make your kinsman work?
Look, because of you,
I'm getting yelled at.
Come and sit with me.
Hey, place a plate for him.
-Come over here and sit.
-Come on!
You have made grand arrangements.
The event looks grand.
You've nailed it.
It's not me. He did it all.
He took care of all the arrangements.
Rasu, Panchayat election is coming up.
Why don't you contest again
for the President?
What do you say, Kani?
-It won't work out for me.
-Check what they want.
Listen, stay right here.
I'm one of the reasons
for pushing Rasu into debt.
I'm saying this to rectify my mistake.
If Rasu becomes the President.
It's like I'm doing good for the people.
Don't overthink.
Be confident and contest.
Without spending a penny,
I will make you the President.
What do you say?
Thinking about Rasu makes us all sad.
All of us will support Rasu.
Let Rasu contest.
Sudhakar Anna has agreed
to support you...
Go ahead and contest.
Nallasivam Anna, you're well aware...
that it's common to win and lose
in politics.
One loss should not affect it.
Shantha Amma, please think about it.
Politics is not agriculture
to reap the benefits of harvesting.
We have to reason with the people.
Panchayat election is always uncertain.
You've heard them.
Everyone is in your favor.
Why are you hesitant?
I'm sorry. I don't want to.
Hey, Rasu, please eat and then leave.
-What are you doing?
-I'm leaving.
-What is it?
-Sudhakar is here to meet you.
-I did not call him.
He wants to talk to you.
Rasu, this year, Panchayat has been
allotted a ladies' quota.
It's enough your wife contest.
It'll be an easy win!
She'll be just a signing authority.
But you'll be holding the power.
What do you say?
I'm the District Secretary
of the UMK party.
MLA and district are all under my control.
We can face any problems.
It's my responsibility to make you win.
I endured too much the first time.
Please understand, Rasu!
If you miss this chance,
you can't find another one.
Murthy's case is still open.
He has a bad reputation in the party.
The Tea shop Kannan did not do anything
for the people.
This time, even the party members
will not work for him.
There's no one to contest against you.
We can snag the post of the President.
Last time, I contested
for the sake of my father.
You witnessed what happened.
I lost too much.
I don't understand politics.
I don't want to repeat it all.
After that, my father won't be
able to face anyone.
I don't need this. Please spare me.
Rasu, I know the pain
when a father is humiliated.
I'm here to make up for it.
Last time, you lost by 5 votes.
But this time, we all have your back.
It'll be an easy win.
Think about it.
Kani, Rasu is still unaware
of the nuances of politics.
The people sympathize with his situation.
Using it to his advantage
will be the smart move.
-Please explain it to him.
Go ahead.
Listen, shall we contest one last time?
Has she lost her mind?
Please make her understand.
Sudhakar himself has come forward
to support.
Let's not disregard it.
Sudhakar may say a lot of things.
It does not matter to him.
It's because of people like him
we're in this state.
I strongly feel someone jeopardized
our win last time.
This time, we will win for sure.
Rasu, not everyone gets
a second chance in life.
We should not miss it.
This is not a second chance.
Why don't you get it?
Politics is out of our understanding.
Please understand.
We will make it.
Please let Hema contest this time.
We will win!
If someone contests against us...
we will step down,
and I won't contest.
We are in 10 lakhs debt.
Aren't you aware?
We can pay off the debt.
Since you've lost,
I lost my peace.
To contest an election,
you have to quit your Government job.
-Are you up for it?
-It's okay. I don't mind it.
But the people around
who are laughing at us...
I can't take it anymore.
They'll laugh more at us.
When we lose for the second time.
Who would step back
when the victory is certain?
Let's give it one last try.
Nothing to lose.
Bhai is not alive because he supported us.
There should've been a child
in this house.
-This won't work out--
-Do you think I'm not hurting?
Rasu, it's okay. Let it go.
-You spoke in haste...
You wanted to tell him something.
Go ahead.
Rasu, your defeat from last time...
As a father, how much I was hurting
only I know.
Running away from that humiliation...
won't rectify it.
To repair the damage...
you need to contest again and win.
Be confident and contest.
Murthy, what brings you here
all of a sudden?
I'm planning to make my wife contest
for the Nallur Panchayat election.
We need your support, Chief.
-Hey, Venkatesh.
-Hi, Chief!
He's requesting my support
like it's candy from a store.
Chief, please let the bygones be bygones.
He is not like before.
He has changed.
Did you say he changed?
MP election passed,
MLA election passed...
Not once have you worked
for the party.
On top of it, you caused riots,
and there's a case filed against him.
How could I recommend your profile?
My father was part of this party
when it used to be a Caste Association.
When it became a party...
he worked day and night
and developed the party.
Out of angst,
we contested once independently.
And you promoted Sudhakar
who used to bow down to us...
as a District Secretary.
Rightfully, that posting belonged to me.
Now, you're refusing to support me.
Sir, please take it.
We are an influential family.
Please don't humiliate us.
Are you upset we coerced you into
contesting in the election?
It's okay. We'll handle it.
-Hi, Rasu.
-What is it?
-He's waiting for the certificates.
-Here you go.
Rasu, is everything in order?
Yes, it's in order.
But please, you, too, check once.
Where is Appa?
-Usha, did you eat?
-Do you have an Aadhar card?
-Yes, I do.
-Voter ID?
-Yes, I do.
I have attached it all.
Is everything attached to it?
It's there.
What about the housing tax receipt?
Housing tax... didn't you bring it?
-I don't remember.
-It has to be attached.
-Okay, let me go and get it.
-You take care of the formalities.
I will go and get it.
-Here you go.
-Please go safe.
Lawyer, people don't even mention
their wife's name in the form.
And you're making us run
fetching documents.
Look, Sudhakar is bringing
his wife to file a nomination.
You two look too happy.
Why wouldn't we?
We proved our prowess!
The Nallur Panchayat
is all praises about you.
-Yes, Anna.
-They must be peeved.
They were celebrating!
The way Sudhakar arrived,
it looked like he would betray us.
Hey, pipe down!
Like I mentioned...
to avoid anyone else contesting, he must've
filed a nomination on behalf of the party.
He will withdraw the nomination.
Hey, why are you here?
Go away!
I need a minute with Rasu.
-What do you want from him?
-Please calm down.
Let us hear him out.
Rasu, I'm here because
I heard what happened.
Don't trust Sudhakar.
He's a backstabber.
In politics, trust has no meaning.
Whoever holds the position
will control everything.
A bloody gambler after losing in poker...
put my brother's name
instead of him and died.
To resolve that issue with the Police,
I borrowed money on interest
from Sudhakar.
I could not repay.
He used it to his advantage
and made me contest against you.
Then why did he force us to
make Hema contest this time?
Let me go and speak to Sudhakar.
Anna, you sound sharp.
Why didn't you contest last time?
We nodded to Thiyagu's orders
like a temple elephant.
We need to show him
our worth and power.
His post as a Chief is the reason
for everything.
We need to rip him off that title.
While you were in the party,
you tasted success and fame.
You'll detach and attach as you please.
I dare anyone to contest
against me in Nallur.
I will make sure to make someone contest
and bring down your family's honour.
Bhai, I wish to become the President
when my father is still alive.
I will need your support.
I'm planning to support Rasu.
I already discussed this with
the committee and the congregation.
You're too late.
Rasu will withdraw
if you request him to do so.
Poor thing, Rasu.
He lost your sister Selvi.
And I'm one of the reasons.
I feel guilty whenever I see him.
Let him grow in politics, too.
His father is the reason
why my father is paralyzed.
Now he's more important to you.
It's okay, Bhai.
I'll handle it!
If I'm standing here alive,
it's at the mercy of Rasu.
If someone tries to trouble him,
it's like troubling me.
I was told not to trouble Rasu.
So, the mercy Bhai mentioned,
I took it off by getting him killed.
When you did so much,
why didn't you kill Rasu too?
He should not die so easily.
He must endure.
Ask her to say it.
Ask Selvi to say it.
-Hey, stop!
-Selvi, please stop.
She should've come right away.
But she did not come.
What does it mean?
Kani, I heard you're working hard
day and night to make Rasu win.
If we have your support,
Rasu will win for sure.
I hear Bhai is nominating Abdullah.
I'll be back.
I'll check what's happening.
-Tell me, Mani.
-Abdullah has filed the nomination.
-Bhai has arrived.
I support Rasu!
Let alone forty. Even if four hundred
novice contests in this election...
only Rasu will win!
The election is upon us,
and you guys are sleeping away.
Why should we do it?
There are many means to
arrange for money.
Don't fail to ask for votes.
As Sudhakar referred,
I'm lending it at 5% interest.
Even if Rasu fails to pay for one month...
you must go to his house
and humiliate him.
Why don't you contest
for the President this time?
It won't work out.
I will show what defeat looks like.
Last time, I contested
for my father's sake.
I know the pain of
a father getting humiliated.
Using it to your advantage
is the smart move.
I can easily snag the post
of the President.
But I won't do it.
Rasu has experienced the pain of losing.
I won't stop at it.
This time, he has to lose to me.
-Tell me!
Why is a crowd gathered here?
What does he think of himself?
Hey, Usha, what are you people
doing out here?
-What are you doing?
-You could've come to us.
Why did you come here?
Let go of me.
Anna, you please shut up.
As Sudhakar is your friend,
we trusted him and filed our nomination.
Now, he has nominated his wife.
I need an explanation.
-Please don't get angry.
-She has a point. Ask him.
Kani, why are you creating
a commotion over here?
Hey, step away.
I'm not here to talk to you.
Hey, Hema!
Hey, Sudha, what's all this mess?
Didn't you mention that you filed
a dummy nomination?
But Abdullah says otherwise.
Did you play a role in Rasu's loss
in the previous election?
Hey, are you so oblivious?
He must've told you everything.
I made him lose.
This time, he has to lose to me.
That's why I had him come to my doorstep.
Why are you so angry with us?
His father is the reason
why my father is in this state.
He stuck to him as a friend always...
in the end,
he ditched him for the party.
How is my father responsible
for your father's defeat?
Had your father supported my father with
Nallur votes, he would've won the election.
You wouldn't understand
the things we lost due to it.
You'll understand
only if you experience it.
Hey, Sudha, were you friends with me
to avenge our family?
Entrusting you, I made the file nomination.
Go ahead and withdraw your nomination.
When we found out Thanikachalam's son
was contesting for President...
Nallasivam's son withdrew the nomination.
That is what people would say.
This is not fair.
We can't file and withdraw
as per your will.
Go ahead!
I have devised a tight fielding.
You cannot score in any corner.
By the time you figure out a way...
everything will be over,
and your family will be on the streets.
Let's wait and watch
who will be out on the streets.
Rasu, letting your woman
fight your battles?
So what if a woman talks?
Don't you go overboard?
-Hey, let go!
-How dare you?
-Hey, break it off.
-Let go of me.
I'll break your face!
Hey, my father is not responsible...
for your father's defeat.
Your father lost.
But my father was loyal to his party.
And that's why he lost.
If you continue to behave like a fox...
it'll be you and your family
who'll be out on the streets.
Hey, get lost!
Anna, let's go home.
Did you give Appa medicines?
-Go and give it to him.
We'll handle it.
Sathya, take him away.
-Anna, let's go.
-Sudha, this isn't right.
Chief, I'm banking on you.
Please help me.
Nallasivam Anna, please come in.
Let's go.
He's my son, Chief.
-Please give him the shawl.
-Is the one who lost by 5 votes?
Sit down.
My daughter-in-law is contesting
for Panchayat President.
If you put in a word to our alliances
they will support us.
I don't mind telling them.
As a party fund, 10 lakhs...
and another 10 lakhs
for election expenses.
Can you afford to spend so much?
Chief, it must have been forty years ago...
I walked ten kilometers
to meet your father,
who was the District Secretary.
And I expressed my desire
to join the party.
He smiled and felicitated me
with the party towel.
I joined the party back then,
and I'm still working hard
for its development.
Please consider and extend
your support to us.
Nallasivam Anna, I respect you a lot.
If you were in my position,
you'd have done the same.
The question is whether you can
afford to spend and win this election.
A faithful party member
can't be measured with money.
I stand for the principles.
I agree principles are important.
But winning is more important.
This situation now is the more we spend,
the more winning is inevitable.
Even the people have adapted to it.
That means you won't extend
your support to us.
Anna, only if you win and attain a post...
is when you can even think about
the welfare of the party members.
Like always...
you remain respected
as a senior party member.
What are you getting at?
The poor will work hard,
and the rich will harvest.
Am I right?
-Rasu, calm down.
-Appa, let's go.
I have one last request, Chief.
If I die...
no matter where you are
please wrap my remains in the party flag
and honour me.
That's enough.
Anna, why would you say
something like that?
You're the pillar of the party.
I'll take my leave.
Hey, the towel fell on the road.
My towel...
-I'll go and get it.
No need. You go ahead.
Go ahead.
Appa! Appa!
Appa, please get up.
I hope you're not hurt.
Look in the mirror.
Come on, look in the mirror.
-How is it?
-Why the hell did you do it?
I never told you to.
How dare he kick me
in front of everyone?
You expect me to stay calm.
I never asked you to stay calm.
I'm already grilling him.
I'll continue to do so.
You should not do anything
without my permission.
Hey, how dare you?
-What's wrong with you?
-Rasu, don't do it.
-What will you do?
I'm trying to stay out of trouble.
-There's a limit.
-Rasu, you hit him...
and retaliated for it.
I have nothing to do with it.
Hey, he should've limited it to me...
But he rammed the vehicle
and hurt my father.
Look, don't pretend like
you have nothing to do with it.
Listen, I repeat,
I have nothing to do with it.
If I'm involved, I don't fail.
You took your father to the Chief,
asking for support.
Did he give it to you?
He wouldn't have.
I have paid ten lakhs to him.
I will pay him more.
I'll defeat you and show you the pain.
Hey, you can rain all the pain you like.
-Pay anyone as you please.
-Calm down, Rasu.
If any harm comes to my father...
I won't spare anyone.
You, please calm down.
Sudha, don't stoop so low to snag a post.
Rasu, are you showing your prowess
because you brought men along?
How dare you?
-Rasu! Rasu!
-Don't instigate me...
Then I'll skin you alive.
-Let go, Rasu.
-I'll whack you to death.
Hey, Arun, he did not call us.
We came on our own.
Just because Bhai is no more,
don't think you can do anything to Rasu.
We still have his back. Watch out!
-Please calm down.
-Rasu, let's go.
Your son will handle it.
-Please calm down.
-Keep moving.
-Watch out.
-Let's go.
Rasu, one day you'll die at my hands.
I know when to strike.
I dare you to do it.
Come on, do it now!
-Rasu, don't get angry.
-Hey, Arun!
Shut up!
He might break your face.
What's wrong with you?
Novice boys are threatening us.
Go ahead and handle election work.
"Your party will suck your blood dry..."
"one day"
"and throw you on the streets."
Thanikachalam did warn me.
Just like he warned me...
The party threw me away, Shantha.
Chief, I need to talk to you in private.
It's okay, we can talk here.
Soon, By-Elections are coming up.
It's about it.
Are you striking when it's hot?
First, make your wife win with
a larger margin in the Panchayat Election.
After that,
I'll speak to the High Command.
Your word is enough.
Nallur Panchayat is yours!
What are you drawing on our wall?
-We will vote only for Sudhakar.
-She's right.
Please, you may leave.
-Ladies, please vote for us.
-Sorry, we made up our mind.
Our family will vote for you.
In the morning,
Sudhakar came for canvassing...
and we agreed to vote for him.
We'll take our leave.
Sudhakar, don't lose like your father did.
-This time, you'll have to win.
Rasu, I heard Koteeshwari is contesting
from our village.
Moreover, she's the
Head of the Women's Association.
She will take away most votes
from Hema.
In Nallur, we must take away
at least 200 votes from Rasu.
Sure, we'll do it.
We'll take our leave.
Auntie, how come you have
so much money?
We mortgaged the house.
Do the needful with this money.
This is your only property.
If Rasu comes to know, he'll be mad.
The honor lost to pennies won't return
even if millions are paid in return.
Our victory is more important.
The congregation has instructed
to vote for Sudhakar.
We won't disobey.
Farmers house.
He used to work with me in the party.
We will vote for you.
Our party, UMK, is an alliance.
You have done a lot for us.
The people of this village belong to
Sudhakar's community.
I don't know if they will vote for you.
How can I extend my support to you?
Try your best.
I'm asking with right as you're my uncle.
Please speak to your people
and ask them to support us.
I tried reasoning with my people.
The temple's work stopped midway.
Sudhakar has agreed to sponsor
the temple carnival.
My people are going to vote for Sudhakar.
Sudhakar has donated ten lakhs
for the development of our village.
We can use the money to develop
our village.
-All of you should...
-Vote for the Kite symbol.
-What do you say?
-Will you vote?
[all] We will vote!
It's not fair
that you're taking away my lodge.
How did you get out of prison for gambling?
I bribed the Police.
Don't overthink, Xavier.
As it is,
the MLA election went down the drain.
There's no use in voting for Ambeth,
who is contesting from your ward.
You people get reminded of us
only during the elections.
Xavier, think practically.
I'm unlike others.
I won't make empty promises
and ask for votes.
I'll first tend to your demands.
After that,
I'll ask you to vote for me rightfully.
They're the candidates who'll contest
from 7 wards in Nallur Panchayat.
-They will win!
Everyone has agreed to assign Ambeth
as Vice President.
-What do you say, Mani?
-Yes, Xavier!
We all are on board. We'll vote for Ambeth.
As far as Nallur is concerned,
my wife is the President...
and Ambeth, Vice President.
What do you say?
This is how you made Natarasan trust you.
It's a different story with Rasu.
Don't mix it with that.
Joining hands with you is a gain for me.
I agree.
Just think about the gain
it'll bring your people.
I'm going to contest as MLA
in By-Elections.
I'll speak for your village
if I win and go to the assembly.
I'll discuss it with my people
and get back to you.
Get back to me with a positive answer.
Let's go!
How come you're not awake yet?
It's late. Please wake up, Xavier.
Hey, Xavier!
Shall we leave for Pudur?
-What's all this?
Remove your jewels.
If the people of Pudur see you like this...
even if they agree to support,
they'll change their mind.
-Why are you late?
-Xavier passed away.
-What are you saying?
When I met him last, he looked fine.
I don't know.
They say it's a heart attack.
Rasu is out there.
-Hold on, Nattamai will speak.
-I'll speak to them.
In the village, an auspicious event
is about to happen.
If you bring your corpse inside
the village, it'll be a bad omen.
Then, we can't conduct the carnival.
Please leave without causing any trouble.
Perhaps you go around the village
and perform the final rites near the river.
Anna, the God, and the temple
are way inside the village.
If we cross this road,
we'll arrive at the cemetery.
Going around three villages
to perform final rites is not fair.
Please give us a way,
and we'll go ahead.
Ambeth, despite us telling you you're
disrespecting our God and the temple.
You can't go past us!
If you still try,
then many more corpses will roll.
Please let us pass.
If not, I'll file a PCR case on all of you.
We're used to PCR cases.
Go ahead!
What is the problem?
There's an impending temple carnival
and Rasu is bringing a corpse inside
and causing trouble.
Who? Nallasivam's son?
-Where is he?
Why are you causing trouble?
I'm not causing any trouble.
You're causing trouble!
You're doing it to gain votes.
What else could it be?
What's all this, son?
Your father has
an extensive experience in politics.
Can't you think better?
For mere votes,
you stoop to such antics.
Listen, don't speak at your will.
You'll get Nallur votes.
You're doing this to gain Pudur votes.
And causing unrest to gain votes?
What problem did I cause?
And Who's causing trouble?
He's like a brother to him.
-He's here to perform final rites.
-I'll handle the issue.
All you want is to perform final rites.
-That's not possible.
-Hey, wait!
Hey, please calm down.
Calm down. Let them speak.
Calm down. Let the Chief speak.
You go ahead and perform the final rites.
-It's not possible.
-Hey, calm down.
Calm down. Don't scream!
Hey, Nattamai, ask them to calm down.
-You make the decision, Chief.
-Please calm down.
You proceed with the ritual
to revert the bad omen.
If you don't wish to,
then don't vote for him.
How is it connected?
For mere votes, he's causing unrest
among the peaceful and united people.
We can't let it slide.
Why would you perform final rites
for him if not for your gain?
Do you want to perform the final rites
for Xavier?
Or do you want Nallur people
to vote for you?
Tell me.
Thanks for preventing the riot.
It's okay. This has fetched me
a good reputation.
You'll survive politics
because you turned Nallur against him.
Murthy is working against us
despite being a part of the party.
Please handle him.
I will handle him.
You proceed with further work.
I did mention it to you.
To speak to him nicely.
-Only if you say he'll listen.
-It's okay. He's here.
Look now at what he has done.
Hey, have you lost your mind?
Why would you go to perform
the final rites?
How does it matter to you
if Xavier is dead?
You have turned the village against you.
Now, who will vote for you?
-Idiot! Idiot!
-Anna, please calm down.
Hey, shut up!
I said, shut up!
It's all because of you.
No one should speak.
-Kani, stop yelling drunk.
-Akka, you shut up.
-Hey, Mama!
-Hey, Kani...
Your son's doings
have defeated him and you.
-Hey, who lost?
-Hey, Rasu!
Yes, we lost. We lost!
Who's responsible?
We lost because of you.
You asked how Xavier's death
matters to me.
Xavier is an acquaintance,
and I'll attend his final rites.
Folks that were silent all this while...
suddenly rise to cause problems.
Don't you understand? It's politics!
Someone is fueling them!
You can't even comprehend
this simple matter.
This is why I said
I can't comprehend politics.
But you never listened.
-I was minding my own business.
-Please calm down.
But you got drunk and challenged Thiyagu.
You made me contest in the election.
But you did not stop at it.
You wanted me to spend.
Because only then people will vote.
I'm in ten lakhs debt.
-How am I going to pay back?
-Please calm down.
After Selvi's issue,
I never went to Sudha.
Or have I spoken to him?
He took me to him, asking for support.
To hell with his support.
Despite you knowing Thanikachalam
was the problem...
you still took me there
to speak with him.
He's responsible for everything.
I dropped everything and stepped aside.
I told you a million times
I did not want to do it again.
As he's your friend,
he came to your family's event.
Eventually, he came into our house.
I never spoke to him.
I spoke to him because he's your friend.
-That's enough.
-What's her fault?
She quit her Government job.
I never bought her any jewels.
I even sold the jewels her father gave her.
My house is mortgaged.
We are on the streets now.
It's all because of you.
It's all because of you.
Now you are saying that I'll lose.
We are going to lose.
We are going to die on the streets.
It's all because of you.
-Listen, that's enough.
-Get lost!
Get lost!
Don't cry, Ma.
Son, Kaali prayers are done successfully.
Hereafter, whatever you wish will happen.
-You don't have to worry anymore.
-Okay, Seer.
-Hey, Nattamai!
I asked you to cause riots.
But you let them perform final rites.
I, too, expected both the villages
to clash.
But I don't know how the
District Secretary arrived over there.
He spoiled our plan.
What could I do?
Like how you pretend
in front of the village and Sudhakar...
are you fooling me as well?
I'm diligently working for you.
But you're accusing me.
Trust me, Murthy.
I'm on your side.
Hey, that's enough!
I was planning to stop the election
by causing riots.
But Sudhakar will make his wife
the President...
and snag an MLA seat.
Just because I lost once,
I have to sit on the sidelines.
I'll make sure to stop the elections.
Why do you have a long face?
Anna did not say anything wrong.
You got drunk and spoke nonsense.
That's why he got worked up, too.
I'm not denying that I'm at fault.
I can understand that Hema
and Akka don't get it.
I can make peace with it.
But Rasu, too, does not like me.
I can't bear this.
I did it all for everyone's welfare.
Please don't cry.
Rasu is straightforward with his emotions.
He spoke out of anger.
Do you think our family runs
on my salary alone?
It's Rasu who paid
our daughter's school fees.
Stop sulking over it.
In this situation,
see what you could do best for him.
Next! What do you want?
Here you go!
Kani Anna, quarter or half?
Please take it.
Rasu, why are you worried?
It's our bad time,
and things didn't fall into place.
One day, Kani and our village folks
will understand you well.
Tell me!
Be strong!
When your kin has your back,
you can scale mountains.
Kani was a good man.
God always takes away
good people sooner.
To make you win, he came to me.
Hey, Kani, why are you here?
-I came to meet Murthy.
-For what?
-Hold on, uncle. Let's check what he wants.
I'm unaware of Sudhakar's conspiracy.
I blindly trusted him
and made a lot of mistakes.
Murthy, you are well aware.
If I did anything wrong,
please forgive me.
You're my last hope!
Please don't abandon us.
Rasu is innocent.
It's because of me
he has lost everything.
I need your support to save him.
I agreed to it.
That's when I met him last.
We should not spare Sudhakar.
He's the cause of all your sorrows.
Velu noticed
that Arun had taken Kani away.
Yes, Rasu.
Kani Anna visited the bar as usual.
Velu, I don't want liquor.
I want Rasu to win.
Please speak to your people
and ask them to vote for Hema.
You don't have to request me to do it.
I will do my best.
Thank you.
What do you want?
Quarter or half?
-Pay up another 30 bucks.
-Hi, Kani!
Turning bars into vote banks, is it?
Sudhakar Anna called.
He wants to speak to you in private.
What are you thinking about?
Come. Come with me.
Rasu, Kani Anna did not die
a natural death.
Sudhakar killed him.
Not sure what he has planned.
Before he makes the first move...
you make it!
What is it?
Arumugam returned the money.
They won't use stained money
for the development of the temple.
Like him, others, too,
returned the money.
Xavier's sister has already spoken
to their people.
Politics is not for destruction.
Letting us live is good politics.
He took part during the last rites.
We should all vote for Natarasan.
Pudur votes will go to Rasu.
After Kani's demise,
the Nallur people's anger toward Rasu
has become sympathy.
If the election happens in the morning,
you'll lose.
Hey, Murthy called me.
He said you're the reason
for Kani's death.
The talk is that Nallur folks
are going to vote for Rasu.
I regret handing you
the huge responsibility.
Like your father,
you remain inside the house.
What happened?
I fueled Rasu as much as possible.
Let them fight to the death.
Rasu, I think Murthy is telling the truth.
If we catch hold of Arun and enquire,
we'll know the truth.
I heard he's holed up in Subbu Lodge.
Sir, with out of townees,
Arun was staying in this room.
The boys looked like they were
paid assassins.
What makes you say that?
Where is Arun now?
This is the target.
Take a good look at it.
He's troubling Sudhakaran a lot.
Kill him exactly
like how you killed Bhai.
Anna has ordered that the job
be finished tonight.
I'll pull out the vehicle.
Come soon.
-[all] Hey!
-People are here to kill us.
No matter how many.
Kill them all.
Will do!
They all look peeved due to the power cut.
Hey, Sadaiyandi, here you go!
Hey, tell me!
What did you do to Kani?
I know you people killed him.
Tell me!
Tell me!
-I'll confess!
-Tell me!
-Tell me!
-I'll confess!
You're truly great!
I thought you were fit for nothing,
But you managed to get Murthy's support.
Aren't you ashamed?
Hey, Sudha...
What was Rasu's fault in all of this?
Are you really asking me
this question?
We got Selvi married abroad
to prevent any problems.
But she went there and committed suicide.
That paralyzed my father,
and he has still not recovered.
My wife and I are helping him
eat and clean.
We could not even tell anyone
that Selvi was dead.
But Rasu...
got married and is living a happy life
right before my eyes.
When I see it, I'm outraged.
I did everything to kill Rasu's peace.
I will continue to do so.
Hey, Kani!
Hey, Kani, stop!
Hey, Anna is calling you. Stop!
I stood by strangers in politics.
And finally, I'm getting a seat.
But you're spoiling it.
I feel ashamed to have you as my friend.
Hey, Sudha!
-Hey, don't do it!
-To hell with you.
I'm playing a game to defeat Rasu.
But you're spoiling it.
Hey, Sudha...
My family has no one but me.
Please don't kill me, Sudha.
If you continue to remain a fox...
in the future, you'll be
on the streets with your family.
If the election happens in the morning.
You'll lose to Rasu.
Hey, open the gate!
-Hey, open the gate.
-Step away.
Break it open!
Hey, break it all!
Get out of the polling booths.
Break the door.
Don't let him escape.
Come on!
Hey, step aside!
Burn it!
Hey, get away from here.
Hey, everyone scram!
Get lost!
Hey, stop right there!
Hey, let go. Hey, make way.
Blood is boiling
Till there is rain of blood
The running would not stop
The heart is cracking
His mind is working to break
The dangerous person's head in two
Who is the betrayer?
Who is the enemy?
To quench your anger,
kill him
The one who stayed with you
and betrayed you
Throw him out
The heart burning like a volcano
The eyes roaming around like an eagle
The heads rolling on the ground
Let the blood dry up
And you make a mark
The wound that would never heal
Till there is life
Will heal only when killed
The anguish will pour like fire
To burn the deadly person
Come like a fireball Theera
Cut the throat of a person
Who dug a hole to make you fall
Kill me!
Kill me! Kill me!
Only then will you go to prison.
Like my family...
your family will be tarnished, too.
-Kill me!
-Your family is tarnished...
because you turned
your father's political defeat
into a family enmity.
Politics is different from personal life.
Please, let's go!
Hey, Lawyer,
go ahead and ask him what you want.
Rasu, they have announced
the Panchayat Election.
Please contest again.
The whole Nallur Panchayat
itself wants to nominate you.
If you contest, you'll definitely win.
The past two times, it went wrong.
This time, we won't let you down.
Rasu, are you scared of politics?
-Are you Savitha?
-Yes, sir.
-What's your qualification?
Who's nominating you?
These elections taught me one thing.
Politics is not
for taking revenge,
community pride,
or family's honour.
Politics is for people's welfare.
Politics is for social equity.