Elephant White (2011) Movie Script

Come on, come on, come on.
Don't look at me. This
guy's the one who shot you!
Six men.
Ten grand a head. Sixty thousand.
Wherever my daughter's spirit
is, I hope she's a little happier.
I thought I would feel better, but--
That's my little girl.
They turned her into an addict.
I saw her body and it was hard to recognize.
I keep thinking she's still alive.
Let's go Put some sake In my cup
Fill it up Fill it up
Put some sake in my cup
Fill it up Fill it up
You deserve to lose.
Watching me instead of looking--
at all that beautiful
Siamese kitty cat out there.
Boss, problem with the check.
English! Why you running?
'Cause I know why you're here.
I just need a favor.
Wait! Just hear me out.
Forget it.
Oh, no. Not now!
Get off my car.
Moron! You want it?
Look, I have a gun.
You'd already be dead if I was here to kill you.
You want to ask me questions first.
Hey! Hey!
How do you even think that shit about me?
They always send--
someone you know.
I'm on a job here. And you're not it.
I just need some weapons.
Why didn't you say so?
Oh, for Christ's sake. You know, this is Versace.
It's not a knockoff, either.
Do you know what it is to get Versace into Thailand?
Is that my button?
I think all them titties are going to your head.
What could you possibly know that would bring
that kind of heat from the agency?
You know that I was deep cover.
I was too deep for them to take responsibility
once it was blown to fucks!
So what about you?
If you're not here for me, then what's the job?
Are you working for the agency
or are you moonlighting?
A guy lost his daughter to a few punks.
They put her to work.
What would have you slumming
in with the likes of that?
He's paying the rate.
Okay, fine. Here.
Oh, fuck! I fucking knew it.
Okay. Maybe I was mistaken.
You know, I've been a bit tense lately.
I don't know what came over me.
Here. We're tight.
No. You hold onto it.
No, no. Never carry a gun.
People get shot that way.
Good point coming from you.
You sure living here's been good for you? Huh?
It's paradise.
Whoa. Who's that?
Relax. Only guy I can trust.
I've got to do something with my hair.
This is where the magic happens.
Right this way. Welcome...
to my little slice of heaven.
Oh, this might become handy.
No, no! Sorry, sorry.
Wrong section. Not for rent.
Not just any M76.
That was used by Lee Marvin in Prime Cut.
He shot Gene Hackman with it
and I've got the papers to prove it.
I'm starting my own Planet Hollywood
here. But all guns.
It's genius. Right?
You ever hear of Pretty Boy Floyd?
Not the bank robber. The movie.
This is the first piece I grabbed.
This M 1 was used by Clint himself in Pink Cadillac.
Grease gun. Charlie Bronson. Dirty Dozen.
I know, it's a franchise, right.
I'm going legit.
All I need is a name.
I was thinking, you know, Caf AK.
Or Guns Zone. Like Fun Zone.
But Gun Zone. Uh huh?
Well, I need something long. Working from a distance.
Accuracy international. Real light.
That'll do you. It's a thousand a day.
That's the buddy rate.
You got a suppressor for this?
No. Not for that.
What about a scope, 30 times?
You trying to hit something in Cambodia? Uh, 15.
Best I can do. But I'll throw in night vision.
How much for this?
You golf?
You know, even if you find this guy's daughter
they make them all addicts so they won't leave.
And it's one needle for everybody.
I already found her.
Whoa. Feel that?
Fucking chill just went through me.
So, where you staying?
Wouldn't you like to know.
Gotta be careful. This whole city's haunted.
There's a lot of unhappy spirits looking for you.
There's gonna be a lot more.
Initiation of a monk.
What are you doing here?
I tried to follow you.
I don't know yet.
Are you alone?
Yes. I couldn't keep up with you.
Then I followed the sound of the chanting.
And you were here.
It's not a coincidence.
It was meant to be that I find you.
You shouldn't have followed me.
It's okay. It's okay.
Do it. Do it.
I won't leave.
I've seen your tracks.
Know you'll be trying soon enough.
Open your mouth.
Heroin withdrawal. It'll pass.
Please let me go.
I need to go back.
I'll do whatever you want.
I will love you. I will.
You'll feel better when it's over.
Come here. Time to get up.
There's water there for you to clean up.
You will kill me for following you?
No. For knowing where I'm staying.
Why is it important you stay here?
Why didn't you do it?
Because you said it was okay.
It is.
Nothing's ever that bad to want to give up on life.
I didn't see it as an escape.
It was all right for other reasons. Jai yen.
I'm comfortable with whatever comes.
The settlement for past wrongs.
Then why not just stay there and settle up
instead of following me?
You were sent because my time there was finished.
Shh. Come here.
Now you stay there and be quiet.
My name is Mae. What is yours?
I have to get some sleep.
You're gonna watch that club down there
for the guys who had you.
That is not their club.
I know. But they'll be showing up there anyway.
Because you made it look like
one of the guys from the club just attacked them.
Wake me up when you see somebody you know.
I can't help you kill anyone.
You will.
Why do you kill them?
Why do you think?
Because they're hurting people.
Don't! You have to stop.
This is wrong!
Shut up!
Thanks for the help.
I need to know the other places
where they take you girls.
I don't understand why you won't help me.
It is always wrong to kill.
It is possible the people you shoot
might become better people.
Maybe I can persuade you.
No! It is forbidden.
If killing is always wrong
then I get the same points against me
for a holy man as a pimp.
The only choice you have here is
whether you will be part of getting him killed
or the guys who had you.
Okay. I will take you to them.
If you won't tell me your name
please tell me the month and day of your birth.
Your luck today may depend on it.
You can wear colors which may help.
That's not the kind of help I'm looking for.
I make my own luck.
Why do you talk like a monk?
A long time ago, I joined them.
To escape those pimps?
No, my father sold me.
This is it.
Why would they bring anyone here?
To get rid of them.
There's one right there.
May Ying. She loved to sing.
You misunderstood me.
I want to know where else they
had you working. Working.
This is one place.
You look troubled.
Well, I didn't think there'd be as many.
Or this organized.
So will we stop this and leave?
You're gonna have to tell me everything you know.
Eleven more? Seems like a lot.
I will take your word for it.
M ust be all of them.
What are you doing?
Chang Kao.
Oh, my God.
Do they know who you are?
If they find out, they're gonna kill me.
Hey, listen, I'm sorry to have involved you in this.
But we can walk away from this, right?
Maybe they don't know who you are.
I won't say anything if they come to me.
I'll just keep going.
I don't want you to. I'm out.
The deal was all of them. You're out when it's done!
Put some ice on that shit.
You hear me? I'm out!
I told you to wait downstairs. Come on.
And I told you I'd help.
You talk back, too.
It's time you learned to behave.
What does a painted elephant mean?
It's not paint. It's naturally white.
Buddha's mother dreamed a white elephant
gave her a lotus flower three nights
before she gave birth to him.
And so he's there for a truce.
Nobody will risk hitting him.
I'm happy that you have decided
to stay here and continue.
Not what you would normally do, is it?
It'll mix up what comes for you.
Hey, Jimmy here?
No, no, no, no!
Okay, okay, okay.
Get out.
Wait, no. Not you.
Did you happen to notice
that the girls were mostly naked when you came in?
Are those lovely breasts any clue
as to who in this city might allow me to operate here?
It's the same gang you're shooting at.
Do I have to tell you what happens if Bhun realizes
that you're using my specialized weaponry to do it?
I didn't know who I was up against.
Well, you do now.
Does the guy that hired you
know who he's fucking with?
He fired me.
Oh, perfect. Well, no need to apologize.
Just stay as far away from me as--
Where's the gun?
Why bring the bag and no gun?
I needed to carry another one.
That's funny.
Only you're never funny.
You're dark.
And I don't mean skin tone.
Remember what you said to me last time I saw you?
"That's twice you saved my life."
No. There was a time before that.
Hmmm. "I swear I'll get this cash back to you."
No, that was even further back.
"Take your hands off of me, I don't go that way."
You owe me.
Another life!
I don't owe anybody anything from back then.
Oh, fuck me.
Go see this guy. They call him the Thai Stick.
Why are you doing this?
They're hurting people.
"They're hurting people."
Christ. Even you're smiling.
And you don't smile.
You owe me.
Now, I've seen the cigar room.
M ust be a place in that warehouse
where you keep the Cubans.
The Cubans aren't in the warehouse.
Welcome to my humidor.
I suppose you don't need...
Colt, M4 sniper. HK PSG 1.
Anything in a bigger caliber?
You want to go out with a bang?
For the man who has everything.
Ho... wow.
Barrett 82 .50 caliber.
Just what I need.
It's 35 pounds with the bipod.
It's a lot of weight if you have to run the hundred.
I suppose there's not much point in
you running, though, is there?
Who's running?
It's 10 Gs a day.
And that's the "pay up front
because you're going to be dead" buddy rate.
Throw in the crotch gun.
I like this one.
Well, happiness is a warm gun.
Hey. One more thing. Right here.
Ow, what the fuck are you doing?
You said, "Hit me."
I know. But I wasn't ready.
I thought you were gonna ask me why.
I know why.
If you get caught, you can tell them I robbed you.
It's okay. I'm okay. It can't get much--
No. It's Paul fucking Smith!
I'm back.
Ahh... Jesus, Mae.
I gotta think.
Mae, Mae.
Your knots are getting sloppy.
What are you doing here?
I was with the monks.
I saw you leaving just now.
You think I had gone to tell the gang about you?
Just don't do that again.
I am concerned about what we are doing.
I went to talk to the monks about it.
Why does everything I say make you so angry?
Because you actually seem to
believe what you're saying.
No point in tying you up anymore.
I told you that too.
She was something to you?
Something to someone else.
So you right wrongs? Because it's the right thing?
And because it pays.
You were discussing me with them?
Not just you.
Whether what I do is right or wrong?
There is no right or wrong.
Only what is and what comes.
You kill those that do great harm.
The world should punish them.
They're not all bad.
They're good for business.
Take the long way back
so their ghosts cannot follow.
Wait here.
Okay. Too crowded.
Oh, I'll definitely get back to you.
Here, too.
Ah, shit.
Oh, my God. Mae?
Come on out. Let's go.
Come on.
You're bleeding. You've been shot.
Are you okay?
Not really. I didn't know they were in there.
Maybe you can help them.
Well, they can leave.
Let's go. Before they come.
Let's go.
You can't let them do this to you.
Come on, let's go!
No, take us back.
Yes, what are you doing?
Take us back!
What? Come on, you're free now.
It's okay.
Come with me now.
You're free to go now.
They'll find us. They'll kill us!
It's because of the drugs. They need to go back.
What were you doing in there?
They put us in the truck when you attacked.
Not the truck! What were you doing in the house?
I went to tell them if they would
stop what they are doing
you would stop killing them.
We shouldn't have left the girls.
That's not what I do.
Even if they get out
what's been done to them is who they are now.
What do you keep staring at?
You crazy.
Don't touch it.
Well, I hope you got the prick who stole this.
You were robbed?
Yes. Surprised him at my warehouse
yesterday on his way out.
So, did you get a good look?
For as long as it took for him to break my nose.
White boy, you know
about my height but, uh, packing pounds.
Blond hair. Goatee.
Face like a smacked ass.
Hey, I thought I was protected.
They hit me, they hit you. Right?
You recall any details, you will let us know.
Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.
I will take care of you.
I will love you in so many ways.
Touch you in so many places.
Make you feel so good.
You are so cold.
Who took the bullet out?
It went right through.
Looks like you have attracted
a few bad spirits.
Ah, here you go talking
that nonsense again.
Khamin chan and other herbs
and holy ash from a sacrificial fire.
It will protect you.
Oh, no.
The monks do not know
what you do, so they help.
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Maybe that's a good thing.
Maybe better to let you bleed to death.
It would be easier for
you to die and start over.
Why are you looking at me that way?
Oh, I'm just wondering
if I'm still dreaming.
Or maybe you were awake.
And are now dreaming.
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
You look like
you're being followed, English.
Got you.
Oh, no.
Not you again. Upstairs.
Come on.
I got your gun.
Yeah. One of them.
They found my Barrett so
they're all over out there.
Not anymore.
Oh, great.
So with that, you just
confirmed my involvement.
Don't answer it.
Bastards can track that
as good as the government.
It's not mine. I took it off one of
the guys outside your place.
Then they're checking in. Come on.
We're taking the high ground.
I need something for up close.
Another gun?
And you lied about bringing
back the last one.
Right. And?
No. No. No way. No. Not happening.
No, no, no.
Because I'm dead. Put your boss on.
You want to say hello?
Now am I getting what I want?
What is it you want?
Not you. Hold on.
I'll give you some time to think about it.
I'm back.
We should meet.
Come to some understanding.
I will never have any
understanding of what you do.
You understand that most of these girls
are sold by their own parents?
To pay off debt, or just abandoned?
That we find a place for them
and for doing so take some small profit
from something they'll give away
or trade for less on their own.
You understand we give
what little they have to offer value?
You give bullets value.
Now you want to give me what I want
or you want to talk to the boss?
I'm glad you find this so amusing.
Get out.
Just get out.
I have to keep going.
You're not gonna shoot me.
I might as well.
You're as good as dead
unless I get another gun.
Now give me another gun
so there won't be anybody
left to come after you.
Cobray Street Sweeper.
I'll take this.
It's a thousand a day.
You know, you're always out there.
When did you start believing
that you can't be killed?
I haven't.
Do you like what you do?
I do it without remorse.
I cast no shadow about it.
I ntent is most important
for future well-being.
I ntent makes karma.
What will you do with the
money you are paid?
You know, all this is
just what you've come up with
to fool yourself into some
kind of happiness.
And what do you use to fool yourself?
It doesn't get any
more real than what I do.
You do not know as
much as you think you do.
Starting from who you are
all the way to the
man in that hotel room.
What do you know about him?
You've seen him before?
You are crazy, man.
I told you to stop killing them.
You owe me.
Ten o'clock. Same hotel room.
Hey, mister.
How much longer you waiting?
Follow him.
Hey, can I help you?
Uh, yes.
Twelve and, uh, fifteen are available.
She'd be my choice. Youngest.
But don't let her age fool you.
Down the hall. Take a left.
Up the stairs. Green door.
What can I do for you?
Whatever you want, big man.
Okay. Sit. Sit... sit down.
You know the man with the big ruby ring?
Where is he?
I will do whatever you want.
Is he the boss or a customer?
There are many men who come.
Where is his office?
Where is his office?
He is upstairs. Top floor.
I want him alive.
Wait. Coming out.
Coming out.
I can explain.
Empty it.
The safe!
I wasn't told you were a crook.
I'm not.
You're now paying for the numbers
I just racked up here.
What's this really about?
Would you have gone at
the whole gang if I'd told you?
So what gang are you?
Am I a way of making war with the Chang Kao
without you losing men?
Do you really care?
I wanted you alive
so I could double everything.
For one more man.
Advisor Bhun.
Why him and not the boss?
The old man is sick. He'll be dead soon.
You're thinking about it.
'Cause if you weren't,
I'd already be dead.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Does any of it really
matter why you're doing it?
Does it have anything to do with
my story of, of the daughter?
Another million for one man.
Try and focus on my neck and shoulders.
Too much stress.
Oh, you have no idea.
But why do you say that
like it's a good thing?
I want his name.
And I want to know
who needed me in my underwear for this?
What's his name?
Puddin' Thame.
Ask me again
I'll tell you the same.
Oh, fuck.
His name?
You're pissing in the wind.
Why do you work against us?
You are in the same business.
No, the girls that work for me--
have filled out an application.
They enjoy their work. They're artists.
All right! All right! I'll tell you.
I'll tell you.
Not because it hurts.
But because
he... wouldn't care.
It's Church.
Curtie Church.
And who would want someone with
the skills of Curtie Church here?
I don't know.
Where is he?
I don't know that.
Who is he working for?
I don't know that either!
Do you think he'd be stupid enough to tell me?
Why do you help him against us?
Because I'm more afraid of him--
than I am of you. You understand?
And you haven't even pissed him off yet.
What he's doing to you is
death taking a holiday.
You're already dead.
You don't sleep so well, do you?
I didn't do anything
bad enough to deserve this.
Will you go out again tonight?
No, I'm done here.
Going to the toilet.
You want to watch,
you handle the paperwork.
I told them who you are.
For real this time.
And not because they broke me.
But because now you have
no choice but to run.
Already decided I'm out.
What about you?
I'll figure something out.
But you're willing to do that?
Listen, I need one last thing.
I need to set a girl up.
Maybe 14. Adoption and private
school. How much for that?
Don't know. Ten Gs will
buy a family and a history.
Another 20 will pay her
way till she graduates.
Cool. Done.
I told her to wait at the Lotus Temple.
Your half of the money's
there, and your guns.
Hey! Hey!
What are you doing in there?
I can't concentrate in
here if you're listening.
I guess I'll, uh, you know,
see you down the road.
Thanks, English.
Hey! Hey! Let's go.
Crap, oh, that feels good.
Oh, here's an idea.
Why don't you guys
just go out of the room,
one at a time come back in,
and we'll see who's made of what, huh?
I'll take you up on that.
Just spoke to him.
Where is he?
Good news. He's
going to disappear.
And you'll be your father's
son again in no time.
We're good.
You gave his name, and
we're gonna find him.
What do you mean? No. No, no,
you don't have to do that.
You know he went too far.
I need his head now
to assure the position.
This is for you.
No one ever gave me--
Thank you.
You're welcome.
My name is Curtie.
Curtie Church.
Like hurt? Only friendlier?
No, like Curtis.
Only misspelled on my birth certificate.
It was meant to be.
And April second...
month and date of my birth.
Today's Friday, so wear blue for luck today.
Tomorrow wear pink.
Ooh. Tomorrow may be a bad day for me then.
You can wear it underneath.
That could make it even worse.
Listen, I want to thank you for
taking an interest in me.
You're wrong. I'm just doing it for me.
You're leaving me, aren't you?
I have someone coming for you
who will help you.
You have to promise me you will wait here. Hmm?
Yeah, Jimmy?
I was hoping I'd catch you.
Yeah, the flight's just about to leave.
At the airport already, huh?
I don't blame you. Too many ghosts.
Did you get your money?
Yeah. It's too much. But, uh, thanks for that.
The reason I'm calling is, um
your girl, she wasn't there.
I mpossible. She wouldn't leave. Did you wait?
I waited.
Sorry, Church.
Well, I hope this confirms my loyalty.
Fucking Jimmy.
Come on! Let's go!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Oh, English.
How many times did I tell you to leave?
Shoot the son of a bitch.
Are you insane? No!
Okay. Couple million dollars
and your life for the girls.
Who paid you the money to do this?
Ask him.
We're gonna talk to this devil
while he holds a gun to my father's head?
Hey, hey. Let this son of the bitch speak.
No, it's too late for that.
Don't move.
Hold your fire.
Changed my mind.
Was it my son who arranged this?
Was he trying to kill the secret with you?
Bring the girls in.
There's one missing.
Where's the one you took from the temple? Mae.
There was no one there except the monks.
I don't remember any Mae.
I'll find you, Mae.
Mae. Here. That's Mae for you.
Oh, that Mae.
Oh, yes. That Mae.
You're insane.
What are you talking about?
I remember her.
She was special.
First girl that I brought in.
And that's me beside her.
Some 30 years ago.
It's not a coincidence.
It was meant to be that I find you.
Church. What's going on?
Do we have a deal on the others?
I want to thank you for
taking an interest in me.
I am just doing it for me.
Do we have a deal?
It's in the car.
I will take care of you.
You crazy.
You crazy...
Put the guns down.
And let them go.
So you right wrongs
because it's the right thing?
I'm happy that you have decided
to stay here and continue.
We shouldn't have left the girls.
Maybe you can help them.
Get your bag.
It was all about bringing you
to a place of understanding.
My voice was there to help you all along.
It was about bringing you to the decision--
to stay here and right these wrongs.
So I guess, uh, one of those
spirits really found you.
Guess that's a good thing.
Before you were losing your mind.
English. Stop the truck.
Please, stop the truck.
I have to go back.
I'll see to it that they get help.
Thanks, buddy.
I can now be
with you, Curtie Church.
And you can be with me.
With the darkness which you offer.
And which my light needs to shine.
It was the
initiation of a monk.
A monk...