Elippathayam (1982) Movie Script

M. Mani
M. B. Srinivasan
Ravi Varma
Executive Producer
T. C. Shankar
Script and Direction
Adoor Gopalakrishnan
Help! Sister, I got bitten by the rat!
- Where did it bite you?
- On my leg.
I can't see any mark...
Or was it my hand?
You're imagining things.
Sister, get some oil.
Get me some tapioca.
Coconut would be a better bait.
Watch a rat being trapped!
Rajamma, something fell on me.
- What is it, Brother?
- Something fell on me.
It worked! A rat has been trapped.
You wait here till dawn!
- Will it gnaw at the bars?
- Its teeth will fall off.
The wedding ceremony is at 9:30.
You'll be late.
Rajamma, get my umbrella.
It's almost time.
Didn't you go to the ceremony?
Bring some water.
Let me wash the mud off.
The cow.
Good heavens!
Times have changed.
There's no sign of the rains yet.
How are you, Uncle?
I have come to see you.
Rajamma, bring a mat.
No need. I'll sit here.
This porch is for visitors.
Our ancestors were practical.
They had foresight.
Thanks. You shouldn't have bothered.
Why do you look so depressed?
Could I please have
a glass of buttermilk?
I prefer buttermilk in this hot season.
Don't you want to know
what brings me here?
You don't need a reason to visit us.
I have come on a mission.
It's concerning Rajamma's marriage.
It is high time she married
or it will be too late.
It will be difficult
to find a suitable alliance.
I have good news.
An excellent proposal.
The man comes from a good family.
He's of excellent character.
He is around 45 years old.
She is not all that young either.
The only drawback
could be that he's a widower.
It's not considered bad these days.
I have told them
about our family and status.
I have promised them something more
than the normal share of property.
That's the practice, anyway.
They are genuinely interested.
Why are you silent?
Let me make it clear,
we won't find a better alliance.
I see...
Aren't you a relation of ours
by marriage?
I can't deny it
even though I have lost all my wealth.
But loss of wealth does not mean
loss of self-respect too.
What do you mean?
You shouldn't have insulted us like this.
In what way?
Couldn't you find anyone
other than a widower for my sister?
But then...
Let's not discuss it further.
Good God! I only acted for your good.
Just think of the number of proposals
I have brought.
Thanks. I have had enough.
I will accept
because I don't want to offend you.
Surprising! You're right...
I take buttermilk with chillies in it.
See you tomorrow.
What's the matter?
I am dying to tell you something.
Quickly, before I forget.
All right, tell me.
A new teacher has joined our staff.
You've got no idea
how handsome he is.
We debated a long time in class.
One side swore
they had seen him in a film.
How could it be? Why would a film actor
take a teaching job here?
I'm going to the pond.
Are you coming to bathe?
Where did I put the soap?
I put it somewhere.
Strange, I can't remember.
I can't find it anywhere.
had it just now...
Or did I?
Have you seen it?
It's here!
The hot water is ready.
My dearest darling...
A life without you...
...is unimaginable.
My heart longs for you...
To be with you...
To be held...
...in your arms.
Haven't you washed?
Should I wash in cold water
and catch cold?
But I boiled the water!
Mind where you put it.
Look, it's all chaff.
Isn't the master up yet?
The noise should wake him.
He gets up late
no matter what's going on.
These are difficult days.
We can't depend on labourers
any more.
They are not available.
And the few who are
lay down rules before working.
Sridevi, hurry.
It's almost 10:00.
Make sure you pass your exams
this time.
Where's the time to study
with all that make-up to apply?
Come for a minute.
Does it look good?
Anything looks good on you.
No jokes. Be frank.
I'm telling you the truth.
Your friend's here.
Catch, Mummy.
Hurry, we must leave
before someone sees us.
Let me eat.
Can't you obey me for once?
Wait a bit.
Who's there?
Come down, you little rascal.
It's you, young master?
Working in league, are you?
Get down.
- I'll jump.
- For God's sake, don't!
- I'll jump.
- My child, please don't.
Young master, do you mind
if we take these cashew nuts?
Are you here, Auntie?
Who is it?
It's you? Has Sister come too?
No, I have come on her behalf.
Is she not well?
Nothing serious.
Just her usual rheumatism.
You scared me, Son.
You scare too easily.
Have you eaten?
I came for our share of the harvest.
- When is your younger sister expected?
- Not before evening.
When will Uncle wake up?
Is he sleeping?
Can't you hear him snore?
Lmpertinent fellow.
No respect for your elders!
I won't be long.
Aunt, this is the limit.
I can't wait any more.
If he doesn't wake up,
I will have to wake him up!
Sleeping during the day
makes one slack and lazy.
Mind, he will punish you
for your impudence.
I'm not his ward!
You have been meddling with things
in her room!
What's so special
about all of you anyway?
Why are you staring at me?
Are you dozing, Uncle?
What's the matter?
Mother sent me...
Mother wants her share of the crop.
- What do you mean?
- I mean Mother's share.
Tell her I am not parting with it.
Father insists she collect her share.
If he can't support his wife and children,
let him say so.
I'll say so to him.
- I'm leaving, Aunt.
- Won't you have lunch?
I don't give a damn about your lunch.
Someone's come. Go and see.
You bother me for every little thing.
Can't you go and see yourself?
Who is it?
I bet you don't recognise me.
I swear I didn't.
What a change!
With those dark glasses
nobody will recognise you.
Your father didn't mention
that you were coming.
I felt like coming home...
I took the next flight out.
The company pays the fare.
It is a surprise.
She has grown into a woman!
I brought this for you.
Sorry, I didn't invite you to sit down.
I'll make some coffee for you.
Young master, it's me, Mathew.
Don't you recognise me?
I did recognise you.
Are you on leave? Or...
Is life so hard over there?
Is it all manual work?
Yes, some manual work.
How have you gone so dark?
Have you been working in the sun?
I must leave. I have an appointment.
If you are going home,
tell your father I want to see him.
Has he gone?
Rajamma! Rajamma!
These rats are a menace.
It's the shirt you ironed yesterday.
We should poison them all.
They'll die and lie stinking.
Out of all our clothes
it picked on this shirt.
Hurry up! There is a plane!
Come quick, it will disappear.
Where is it?
Too late.
The plane can't wait for you.
What's wrong?
I feel like I'm going blind.
I feel better. I can see now.
Still scared?
It's you?
One never sees you resting.
Want to say something?
Nothing in particular.
I would be grateful
if you could spare some oil for me.
Don't feed stray dogs,
for heaven's sake.
Most of them are mad.
Can I wash in your pond?
You people wash in the temple pond,
don't you?
I asked for your permission.
It doesn't matter.
Tonic for rejuvenation!
Rajamma, get my pen and paper.
- What is it?
- Quiet.
Thieves are stealing our coconuts.
- Shall we wake him up?
- Yes.
- Brother, wake up!
- What is it?
Not so loud. Thieves!
Not here. They are cutting
the coconuts. Get out of bed.
What, go outside? Now?
Let the thieves be.
You are imagining things.
Can't you hear?
There could be rats in the tree.
Better go to sleep.
Goodness me! Look at this!
Sridevi, see that?
The thieves have been considerate.
They've left the husks for us.
Call Brother. Let him see.
What's the use of that?
God, I seek your blessing.
Sis, our big sister is here.
Gone are the days of prosperity.
Isn't Brother home?
He's gone out,
maybe to the temple.
It is late evening...
How does it matter
when necessity makes you do things?
Why stay out there?
Take the trunk in.
My limbs are aching...
Please massage me, Sridevi.
Sorry, I have lots of homework.
You never pass your exams anyway.
I'm lucky
you are not my examiner in school.
It's aching right through to the bone.
Even my own son won't worry.
All birds of the same feather.
You shouldn't have bothered.
Do you hear from your daughters?
I receive letters from them.
The younger one
is six months pregnant.
I'm afraid she's coming home
for her delivery.
It's going to be difficult.
How will I feed them all?
Serve the boy some rice.
He must be hungry.
He is not the same any more.
He treats us like enemies.
That's his manner.
He's short-tempered.
Big Sister! Take him away!
He won't let me study.
Son... My dear son...
Switch it off. It's blinding me.
Please, a bit more slowly.
What are you afraid of?
I am only a woman, after all.
Won't you visit us?
Mummy, where have you been?
I've been waiting for you for ages.
It's you, young master!
How come you are here?
I've been up to the temple...
- What was the search for?
- Nothing.
I heard a noise.
I didn't hear anything.
Rajamma! Who broke the torch?
Won't you tell me?
I heard a noise a while ago.
I thought it might be a rat.
It's not a rat. I know who it is.
How come
there's no morning coffee today?
Why don't you go to the kitchen
and have it?
Nevermind the coffee.
The stove isn't even lit.
Isn't Rajamma up yet?
What's the matter, Sis?
No temperature.
Have you got stomach ache?
Son, call Sridevi.
Aunt, Mother wants you.
Did you call me?
Yes, make some coffee.
I don't have time.
I'm already late for school.
Rajamma is sick.
I still have to wash and dress.
Make today's coffee yourself.
He wants his coffee.
He will have to wait today.
Hail, God Almighty.
Have you finished the harvesting?
This is all the crop we have.
The tree yields
only when it is manured.
Thieves take a share
of what little there is.
My brother is not bothered about that.
He denies the share
only to its legitimate heirs.
Is he still asleep?
Why get up early?
What work is there for him?
This is for you.
That will do.
Could you keep
my share separate?
I'm sorry, but I'm not going
to interfere in these matters.
You are growing paler and paler
by the day.
Aren't you eating well?
You all neglect her.
I have too much to do...
On one hand,
constructing a house for my son.
On the other,
cultivating the land he has bought.
Above all, managing all your property.
It's too difficult for me to handle.
It's time you retired
and took some rest.
Your children are well off.
May I take your leave now?
- Aren't you taking your share?
- I don't work for wages here.
For generations
we have depended on this family.
Let it die with me.
Where are you?
Did you take the money
I had under my pillow?
- No.
- How come it's missing?
Isn't Rajamma in?
- Where is she?
- She's in bed with stomach ache.
- Is the water boiled?
- How can she when she's in bed sick?
Isn't there anyone else
to boil some water?
Who do you mean?
Sridevi is already asleep.
How about the boy?
You mean my son?
He has gone to see a movie.
I don't think he would,
even if he were here.
You don't know these youngsters.
Why can't you wash in our pond?
And catch cold?
Why should that worry you?
Want me to boil the water?
Then I'm afraid you won't wash.
Why are you disturbing my sleep?
Can't you hear him calling?
Get up.
Go, boil some water for him.
Don't let him catch cold.
No cumin seed water?
Sorry, I forgot.
Will rice water do?
Or shall I serve you plain water?
What would you like?
Are there stones in the rice?
Who cooked this?
You don't like it?
Will you have milk or will you refuse
that too since I boiled it?
The elder madam's son?
It's too high up there.
If you slip, you might break your leg.
So far you haven't bothered
to ask why I came.
What is there to ask?
How long will you play hide and seek?
Avoiding issues doesn't solve them.
I must have an answer today.
I have come
for my share of our property.
You can't keep it to yourself any longer.
Where are you going?
Yes or no.
Don't take it for granted
that no one will question you.
You know my husband well.
I thought it could be settled amicably.
But you won't allow that.
Son, let's leave now.
Now, it's up to him
to face the consequences.
Put it off, you son of a bitch.
It's you!
Lucky I didn't beat you.
What's the matter?
- What is it?
- Sridevi is missing.
Are you sure?
I have looked everywhere.
Oh, God!
Where could she have gone?
Anyone in?
Isn't he in?
He's in bed.
We will return later.
Don't just sit there.
You're making no effort
to look for her.
Are you relieved that she's gone?
God, have mercy on me.
Take me out of this hell hole.
Auntie, milk.
- Why are you taking it back?
- No one's there.
How can that be?
Madam is surely there.
Madam, what's wrong?
Are you not well?
Please get up and open the door.
I see. It was not bolted.
You are ill
and there's no one to care for you?
You stay here.
I'll be back.
Anyone in?
Is anyone in?
Who is inside?
Please open the door.
Who are you?
What brings you here?
A court summons.
All the court notices
have been returned undelivered.
You're new here?
There is someone inside.
I'll tell you all about that.
Come along.
Open the door.
Please open the door.
Don't be scared. Open the door.
- Listen, he won't harm you.
- You had better open the door.
- If not, we'll break it down.
- We'll have to axe it down.
I'm afraid something's wrong.
Open the door!
There is no response. Let's go.