Elisa & Marcela (2019) Movie Script

[waves crashing]
[birds squawking]
[eerie and violin music playing]
[woman] As far back as I can remember,
I had a happy childhood.
But I grew older...
and that's when the questions started.
And with the questions... the pain.
Who am I?
Where do I come from?
What is my story?
Who were those women whose names
were always spoken in whispers
when they thought I wasn't listening?
Who were they?
[desperate] Who were they?
[train rumbles]
[steam whistle blows]
[people talking]
[steam hissing]
[train rattles]
[people talking]
[train booms]
[steam whistle blows, brakes screech]
[wooden cart rattles]
[wind roars]
[footsteps approach]
[young woman sighs]
[young woman gasps]
May I touch your face?
[bells ringing]
I suppose there must be things
you want to know.
[older woman] Everything... is impossible.
[leaves rustling in the wind]
[heavy rain pours]
[girls chattering]
[girls chattering]
[heavy rain pours]
[heavy footsteps]
Are you in the first year?
I was sick and I had to miss
the first few days.
You'd better dry off or you're gonna
get sick all over again. Come on.
Come on!
Will they count against me...
the days I've missed?
I'll speak to them, don't worry.
They all know me here,
and my aunt's the director.
Here, let me help you.
- Am I hurting you?
- No.
[both laughing]
Now am I?
[both laughing]
- Now?
- [laughing] No!
My name's Elisa.
I'm Marcela.
I like your mole.
This morning, we'll be examining
the use of the pronoun.
[inhales deeply]
- [knocking]
- [teacher sighs]
[teacher] Enter.
- Morning.
- [teacher] Good morning.
Excuse me, Sister,
she's new at the school and got lost.
She was sick
so she missed the first few days.
But she's eager to catch up
and she's a very hard worker.
- May she take a seat?
- Yes. Thank you, Elisa.
Please come in.
[teacher] Your name?
Marcela Gracia Ibeas.
[teacher] Very good. Sit down, please.
[door creaks shut]
[teacher] Let us continue with our lesson.
- [girls laughing]
- [teacher] People and things
are not only called by their names,
but also by certain words
that take the place of those names.
And so, when we say, for example,
"Bernardo was very content with his Elvira
and they lived happily together,
she with him, and he with her,"
the "he" replaces Bernardo
and the "she" replaces Elvira.
[church organ plays]
[people chattering]
[Marcela gasps]
- [Elisa laughs]
- [Marcela sighs]
- You scared me.
- [laughing] Did I? Sorry.
I was waiting for you.
I live upstairs with my aunt and the nuns.
Didn't I tell you?
- In the school?
- Mm-hmm.
I wanted to thank you.
No need for thanks.
Living with the nuns, what's that like?
What do you think?
I don't know.
It's hell on Earth.
[Marcela laughs]
The so-called brides of God,
they're a bunch of harpies,
always bickering and arguing.
[Marcela laughs]
They're always fighting.
It's like a harem, really.
Everyone is always competing
to be the Sultan's favorite.
But there is no Sultan.
There isn't?
I haven't seen him.
So, you don't believe...
[church bell rings]
...in God?
[church bell rings]
[church bell rings]
[church bell rings]
[church bell rings]
I don't believe in nuns...
or in priests.
I don't believe in the Virgin
or the Holy Spirit.
[nun giggles to herself]
Or... in God.
[church organ plays]
And you?
I'm not sure.
[Marcela laughs]
I can't believe in anything
that doesn't move.
[both laughing]
I believe in horses.
I'd give anything to have one.
[Marcela] And mice? And cats and dogs?
Do you believe in them?
[Elisa] And in pigeons... and snails.
[Elisa] And ants.
Guess you should go inside.
You should get back to the nuns.
Till tomorrow, then.
Till tomorrow.
Good night!
- Tomorrow don't forget your umbrella.
- I won't.
[clock chimes]
[he inhales slowly, exhales]
Who was that girl?
The one who was with you?
From school.
[Marcela] She helped me find my classroom.
[he sighs]
[Marcela] Her aunt is the director.
[he sighs]
[sighs] The soup is full of husks.
I don't know how.
I strained it three times.
[man] You strained it?
[man coughs]
I know that in school,
you must learn, yes,
but not too much.
Not too much, just enough. Hmm?
[quietly] Hello, Elisa.
Hello, Elisa.
Morning, Elisa.
Good morning, Elisa.
Good morning, Elisa.
And how are you this lovely morning?
Elisa, Elisa, Elisa...
Elisa, Elisa...
[heavy rain pours]
[girls chattering]
You didn't do what I said.
I forgot.
[Elisa laughs]
[teacher] This great Christian victory
at the Cave of Covadonga
was the product of bravery
and of Christian faith,
a faith that inspired
the Christian soldiers
and ultimately gave them the strength
to vanquish the Moors,
who were, frankly, barbarians.
[girls singing] Isabel and Fernando...
Were excellent monarchs
- [singing] They kicked out of Spain...
- Wanna see my room?
[singing] ...the dark-skinned Moors.
Right now?
Sure, why not?
Who's with you?
[Elisa] Marcela. She's new, Sister Clara.
And... what does she look like?
[Elisa] She's, uh...
um... a redhead.
More carrot-colored, really.
With lots of freckles.
And she's very fat!
[Marcela laughs]
- [nun] Elisa!
- [Elisa] And she limps.
Don't think I don't know you, Elisa.
I know you too well.
[Elisa] This is where I read and draw.
At least in here no one bothers me.
Do you want me to leave?
No, I didn't mean you.
I meant all the nuns and my aunt.
Know what they keep telling me
all day long?
That I should find a man
and get married soon.
Or I'll be stuck here forever, with them.
[both laughing]
Every single day, they tell me that.
My father thinks
I'm wasting my time at school.
He thinks that teachers
aren't respectable.
And I should get married
before someone gets me pregnant.
[Elisa laughs]
What do you say when he says that?
And you, what do you say to them?
[Elisa laughs] I asked you first.
[Marcela laughs]
When they say that, I...
I say what they want to hear.
[Marcela] Me too.
But the fact is I think I'd do anything
rather than have to marry a man.
I'm not sure if I'll get married or not.
[both laughing]
[Elisa] Well!
There's a lot you're not sure about,
isn't there?
If there's a God or not,
if you'll get married or not.
[Elisa laughs]
So, are you sure about anything at all?
[Marcela sighs]
[Marcela sighs]
[Marcela sighs]
I was living in an orphanage
until I was ten.
[Marcela] I'm sure of that.
Sleeping with 40 other girls
in potato sacks.
Rats roaming everywhere.
Having to eat watered-down soup
full of dead spiders.
All I knew was misery...
and filth...
and praying.
Then one morning, out of nowhere,
a woman came and said she was my mother.
My real mother.
She took me to a house where I met
a man who said he was my father.
They never hugged me...
or explained why they'd...
let me believe they were dead.
I still don't know
if they are my real parents.
And if I don't know that...
how can I know if I believe in God?
Or in getting married? Or anything?
Forgive me, Marcela... [sighs]
[Elisa] I didn't know.
I have class.
[Elisa] I'm sorry.
Will you forgive me?
[knocking on door]
[man grumbles]
[door opens]
[Elisa] Good evening. My name's Elisa,
I'm a classmate of Marcela's.
She lent me a book this morning and I
just wanted to return it to her, if I may?
- [man] I'll give it to her.
- [Elisa] Thank you.
- [man] Good night.
- [Elisa] Good night.
[man] It's from that classmate of yours.
You left it behind, she said.
[he sighs]
[man inhales sharply]
There are some books
that bring nothing but trouble.
[she sighs]
[Marcela reads] "Dear Marcela...
I will never knowingly hurt you.
I swear it. [laughs]
Trust me.
Trust me and forgive me.
Yours, Elisa."
[whispers] "Yours, Elisa."
What your father said isn't true.
About books.
About books, what?
I read in secret...
when your father isn't looking.
- I don't believe it.
- [woman laughs]
Emilia Pardo Bazn.
[door creaks open]
[door closes]
[waves crashing]
[both] I dreamt that...
[both laughing]
- [Elisa] You first.
- [Marcela] No, you.
I dreamt of you.
[laughs] That's funny.
I dreamt of you, too.
[Elisa laughs]
[seagull squawks]
You won't tell me your dream?
- Nuh-uh.
- [Marcela laughs]
And yours?
I won't either.
Do you know the one dream
I've had my whole life?
[Elisa laughs]
[sighs] Sometimes when I stand here...
right by the ocean...
I close my eyes and I dream.
You do?
[Elisa] I dream that I'm riding a horse,
- and I cross the ocean.
- [Marcela laughs]
Then I reach the other side and...
and it's Argentina.
[both laughing]
[Elisa] And I just keep on riding...
for a long, long time.
And I never get tired. [laughs]
[Elisa sighs]
It's absurd because I've never been
on a horse in my life...
and I'm terrified of the ocean.
[Marcela laughs]
[Elisa sighs]
[Marcela laughs]
[Marcela laughs]
Marcela... what on Earth are you...
[Marcela laughs]
[Marcela laughs]
[both laughing]
[Elisa shrieks]
[both laughing]
[both laughing]
[Marcela screams]
- [Elisa screams]
- [Marcela laughs]
[both laughing]
[Marcela screams]
[both laughing]
[screaming and laughing]
[Marcela screams]
This is real, right?
- [Elisa laughs] It's not a dream, is it?
- [Marcela laughs]
In dreams, it's never this cold.
[Elisa gasps]
[both laughing]
[splashing in the water]
[horse neighs]
[Marcela] You have a long way to go
to get back to the school.
Oh, I don't mind.
[Marcela] See you tomorrow.
[Elisa] Marcela, wait!
- There's so much I want to tell you...
- Elisa.
My parents are waiting for me.
Then just this one thing.
[whispering] What?
If I were to die right now...
my day with you by the sea...
[inhales, sighs]
...would be the happiest of my life.
[Marcela] Someday,
I'll get you that horse.
[door opens]
[he breathes heavily]
[Marcela sighs]
[door slams shut]
[breathes heavily]
[he sighs]
[woman] No, don't. She's studying...
- [man] Not another word.
- [woman] I'm fine.
[man] She's staying and that's final.
You can put that away.
You're not going to school today.
[Marcela] Why not?
You'll stay with you mother,
she's not well.
I'm perfectly fine.
She doesn't need to miss her classes.
Marcela will be staying right here.
[man] That's the end of it.
The country of Portugal
is divided into three distinct regions,
the northern, the central,
and the southern region,
consisting of the Alentejo
and the Algarve.
The northern region is located
between the Minho
and the Serra da Estrela.
[cow moos]
[Marcela sucks]
[knocking on window]
[Marcela] Shh.
[both laughing]
[Elisa laughs]
[Elisa laughs]
[Marcela sighs]
[Marcela laughs]
[Elisa] You know something?
I have moles all over my body.
You think one day...
you might show them to me?
[Marcela laughs]
[inhales deeply]
[Marcela] Hmm.
[front door opens]
[banging outside the room]
Wait here.
"The shadows revealed nothing except
for the enormity of its proportions,
hiding its outline and details
in the darkness of the scene."
Who's this? Why is she here?
It's Elisa.
With the work I didn't finish...
since you wouldn't let me go to school.
Get out.
[woman] Daughter...
We need to have a little talk.
What about?
- I can't miss class again...
- Yes, you can.
Now, seeing how your education
is so important to you,
your mother and I have decided to send you
to a boarding school... in Madrid.
- [man] Yeah.
- [woman] It's a good school, dear.
You'll learn much more than here.
In three years, you'll be a teacher.
Boarding school or convent, you decide.
I would have preferred the convent,
but your mother insisted.
- Hold on there.
- Let me go!
- Let me go! Leave me alone!
- Where do you think...
- [man] Stop!
- Let me go!
[Marcela screams]
- [Marcela pants]
- [man groans]
[Marcela] Let me go!
[Marcela pants]
[man groans]
[man cries]
[man sobs]
[man cries]
[man pants, sobbing]
[Elisa] Dear Marcela...
Four weeks, three days
and nine hours have gone by...
since the last time I smelled you.
Yet I picture you so close to me
in my thoughts...
I can almost touch you.
[Elisa laughs]
Everything reminds me of you.
The children...
My aunt, the nuns!
The sun...
The rain, the sea...
The sand...
This blank page I fill with words
that carry me to you...
This pen...
This ink...
[girls laughing]
I dream of you often, Marcela...
when I'm awake.
[girls laughing]
I draw you...
and so I see you, wherever I look.
I miss you so much.
So much.
[Elisa sighs]
I want to hold you...
and kiss your mole.
Your faithful one...
Dear Elisa...
I just read your letter.
It was almost like touching you again.
I try to imagine myself
by your side as you write.
Write to me, I mean.
I sit and watch...
I watch every gesture...
Every word that you write.
And I study your hands...
Your moles...
The pauses you take...
Your impatience...
[laughing] ...and mine.
I imagine all our letters
spread out like a magic carpet.
With us lying on top of it, naked.
As if, somehow,
all these words we've written...
could protect us from the cold...
from other people...
from the distance between us.
Each time I receive
another one of your letters,
I hug it before opening it.
[Marcela] I embrace you.
And your words calm my impatience...
and ease my fear of never seeing you again
or that one day you'll stop writing back.
Your words of love sink into my skin.
[Marcela] I think of my moles
as your words.
I love you so much, Elisa.
[Elisa] The chestnut...
is a fruit...
whose shell...
is reddish in color.
[children scribbling]
[Elisa] The shape of the chestnut...
is very similar...
to the shape of a heart.
[children scribbling]
[rattling outside]
[Elisa sighs]
[Elisa] Now draw a chestnut.
[Marcela sighs]
[Elisa sighs]
[children talking and laughing]
[Elisa sighs]
[children laughing]
[Elisa] What's this?
So you've already finished your drawings?
I have the fastest class in Couso.
Inside, now!
[children laughing]
[rooster crows]
[Elisa pants]
And who is this?
[both sighing]
[Elisa moaning]
[Marcela mumbles]
[Marcela laughs]
[Elisa moans]
[Marcela] You've been with me
all this time.
[Elisa] And you've been with me
every minute.
[Elisa] You should apply to the school at
Couso, it's only ten kilometers from mine.
[both] Ten kilometers...
[Elisa] I'll get them to transfer me
so I can be with you.
- [Marcela] Yes...
- [Elisa] With me.
[Marcela] With you.
[both] We'll be together.
- Together.
- Together.
- Together.
- Together.
- Forever.
- Forever.
- Forever.
- Forever.
[both] I love you.
[both] I love you.
- [Marcela] Good morning.
- [children] Good morning!
You may sit.
I am Miss Marcela. Now tell me your names.
I'm Pedro.
My name is Celso.
My name is Roco.
I'm Rosala.
[Marcela] And the tree,
do you know what it's called?
- [women laughing]
- [axe hitting wood]
[axe hitting wood]
- [man 1] Well, look what we have here.
- [man 2] Don't.
Could you give us a hand?
- We won't bite.
- Come on, come on. Keep moving.
[axe hitting wood]
[axe hitting wood]
[moaning and laughing]
[panting, laughing]
[Marcela] The...
[children scribbling]
[piano music playing]
[Marcela] I knew you'd be here.
[Marcela] I always know when you're near.
[Elisa sighs]
[sighing, laughing]
[Elisa sighs]
[Marcela] What's the letter about?
My cousin, Mario.
He died.
I guess he drowned.
[Marcela, surprised] Drowned?
I barely even knew him.
He lived in England.
[Marcela] Hmm.
I was his only family.
Shall we eat?
[Marcela] Yes, I'm starving.
[cow moos]
[water pouring]
[folk music plays]
[folk music plays]
[folk music plays]
[fire roars]
[folk music plays]
May I?
Oh, I don't dance.
What do you mean, you don't dance?
Just one.
Don't worry about your friend,
I'll dance with her later if she wants.
[Marcela laughs]
[folk music plays]
[folk music plays]
[Elisa] Sometimes I feel so afraid.
[Marcela] Elisa...
we have to play along.
Pretend that we're just like
everyone else.
That we're no different.
Or they'll never leave us alone.
[Marcela] You know it's true.
[Elisa] I know.
[folk music plays in the distance]
[women chattering]
- [Elisa laughs]
- [women chattering]
- [women chattering]
- [woman 1] That's probably true.
[women laughing]
[woman 2] Oh, did I tell you?
[women chattering]
- [woman 1] There!
- [woman 2] And to think they're teachers.
[women chattering]
[woman 1] It's the children I worry about.
[woman 2] Did you hear about those two?
Those two girls?
- Everybody liked their dance.
- [laughing]
[women chattering]
[women laughing]
[gate creaks]
[loud banging]
[two loud bangs]
[man clears throat]
[he exhales slowly]
What is it?
I wanted to invite Marcela
to the dance next week.
The dance.
She can't make it, I'm afraid.
[he grunts]
Let her tell me that herself.
Or are you her boss?
[two loud bangs]
[man] Open the door!
You perverted bitch, open the door!
[man] Whore.
[banging on door]
[man] Marcela!
[banging on door]
[Elisa sighs]
[kicks door]
Do you know what's happened
to your classmates?
Are they all sick or something?
Be seated.
[birds chirping]
[dogs barking in the distance]
Who's there?
[panting, afraid]
[she yells in pain]
[yelling in pain]
[yelling in pain]
[Elisa groans]
[Elisa groans]
[Marcela sighs]
[piano music playing]
So, you know what we have to do?
Are you sure?
Do you love me?
With all of my being.
[inhales slowly, exhales]
[sad violin tune playing]
[Elisa] It's not too late for you
to live another kind of life, Marcela.
One that's...
- ...normal.
- Shh!
[Marcela] For me,
a normal life is with you.
You're the one who gives me what I need.
Just you.
No one else.
Then we'll go to Buenos Aires,
where no one knows us.
[sighs] Yeah.
Quite a while since I've seen
your friend Elisa.
[Marcela] She's gone.
[woman] Ah... Where to?
[woman] If you don't mind my asking.
With some relatives.
They've sailed.
[woman] Oh.
Well, goodbye. I'm going inside.
[sawing wood]
I hear your friend's gone away.
A few days ago.
To Cuba.
So, you're alone?
And I'm running out of firewood.
Elisa was in charge of that.
I can bring you firewood.
Thank you.
Or tonight.
[singing] There is a prize island
There at the bottom of the sea
It's filled with bright stars
[birds chirping]
[rushing water]
[gate creaks]
[Marcela sighs]
[Mario] I was born the same day
as my cousin Elisa,
but seven years later,
after my mother married
an English protestant.
[priest] But this cannot be, my son.
It cannot be.
[Mario] I know, Father, I know,
but those were the circumstances.
All the records were lost
and I was never baptized
because my stepfather, Mr. Hobbs,
was opposed it.
When I was eight, they took me to England,
and then...
Do you know what my dream is, Father?
My one dream
now that I'm finally back home...
is to be baptized,
and then to marry Marcela.
It shall be done at once, my son,
tomorrow morning.
- [Mario] Really, Father?
- Certainly.
[Mario laughs]
[Mario sighs]
JUNE 1901
will thou take Marcela, here present,
for your lawful wife according
to the rights of the Holy Mother Church?
Now the bridegroom responds: "I will."
I will.
[priest] Marcela...
will thou take Mario, here present,
for your lawful husband
according to the rights
of the Holy Mother Church?
The bride responds: "I will."
I will.
[priest] I now join you in holy matrimony
in the name of the Father, and the Son,
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
[both] Amen.
[wedding bells ring]
- [woman] I'm telling you.
- [church bell rings]
[priest] Let's not be hasty.
We shall see, we shall see.
[man clears throat]
[Marcela] How can I help you?
Marcela, my child...
we heard that you married someone.
Yes, Father.
- In A Corua.
- [priest] Hmm.
- Church of St. George.
- [priest] Ah.
Father Cortiella married us.
[inhales] And... may we meet
this husband of yours?
He's resting right now.
It shouldn't take long.
[man] See, Marcela, people are saying...
We've been told that...
as strange as it sounds...
that you're married to...
- ...to Elisa.
- [priest sighs]
Elisa, disguised as a man.
[laughing] Come on!
Elisa disguised as a man?
That's what all this is about?
His name's Mario.
He's Elisa's cousin.
They look so much alike,
he could be her brother.
They're like twins almost.
- Is that it?
- He needs to come out and see us.
[man] I really ought to...
examine him.
I mean, physically.
Why must you meddle
in other people's lives?
Shouldn't you be out
giving the sick comfort...
or the last rites?
You know something, Father?
If you're doubting whether Mario is
really a man, if you're not convinced...
wait a few more months and you will be.
I'm having a child.
Mario's child...
my husband's child.
And I hope you'll baptize him, Father.
Now go on.
The weather is turning bad.
- [doctor hesitates]
- [priest] Uh...
[Marcela sighs]
We'll have to leave
sooner than we thought.
If only we could just leave
for Buenos Aires tomorrow.
I'm going to lie down, I'm tired.
- [glass smashes]
- [thud on floor]
[man] Elisa, come out if you're a man!
[crowd] Come out!
- [woman] You whore!
- [crowd shouting]
[crowd shouting]
- [crowd shouting]
- [glass smashes]
[shouting, rattling objects]
- [crowd shouting]
- [bang against window]
[window smashes]
[crowd shouting]
[birds chirping]
[man 1] Lovely place, Argentina.
[man 2] A fine place to raise children,
from what I've read about it.
[man 1] Yes, very fine.
[man 1] How many children do you have?
PASSENGER LIS I suppose you know
why I've asked you to come here.
They're lies, Father.
Nothing but slanders.
The villagers, they will say anything
to discredit us, anything.
[Mario scoffs]
It's an outrageous lie.
Do you realize how this made me look?
What you did was a travesty.
It is the worst kind of lie.
And for it, you and that wretched girl
are going to both rot in hell forever!
[he inhales deeply]
Please, Father.
You've left me no choice.
I have to, Mario...
or whoever you are!
You may enter!
[door opens]
- [Mario gasps]
- Father, I will proceed.
[Mario gasps]
[Mario gasps]
Please don't let them
do this to me, Father.
Don't let them, I beg you.
If you're a man... then we need proof.
[Mario gasps]
[doctor] Please.
It's not what it looks like.
Father, I'm a hermaphrodite.
- [priest] You are damned, woman!
- [Mario gasps]
The fury of all the archangels
shall fall upon you and your...
your... [stuttering]
That woman!
[Mario cries]
She's my wife.
Her name's Marcela.
[man shouts] Read the story
of Elisa and Marcela,
a marriage without a man.
[man] You've read this?
Is that the behavior of human beings?
You've seen this?
- Unbelievable.
- What was the priest thinking?
- Can't expect him...
- It turns your stomach.
[man 1] Good evening.
[man 1] Right, your papers are in order.
- [man 2] Good night.
- [man 1] Very good. You may proceed.
[driver] Thank you. Good night.
[horse hooves trotting]
[Marcela sighs]
[sewing machines clacking]
[woman] Put the chicken in the oven!
Come on! The cod's ready!
[sewing machines clacking]
[woman] Oh! What's this?
What do you think you're doing?
Wake up! Get a move on!
[Marcela] How much do we have?
[Elisa] Enough for one ticket.
[Elisa] Two more months...
Two months.
[Marcela sighs]
- [woman sings fado]
- [Marcela sighs]
[woman sings fado]
[singing fado]
Maria Severa has passed away
Maria Severa has passed away
And the streets of Mouraria
Weep with anger and pain
And the streets of Mouraria
Weep with anger and pain
A black shawl, a black shawl
Black like the new moon
A black shawl, a black shawl
Black like the new moon
As black as the darkest night
As black as the darkest night
[loud, fast knocking]
[woman arguing outside]
[loud, fast knocking]
[clears throat]
[man] By order of the Portuguese
government, you're both under arrest.
[Elisa] No, wait.
She's done nothing.
[Elisa] She's done nothing!
[Elisa] Careful with her, she's...
- [man] Be quiet! Keep moving!
- [Elisa] Wait...
[sad, longing violin music playing]
[chains clinking]
[door creaks]
[woman 1] Looks like someone
got herself into trouble.
[woman 2] I hate that bastard
who didn't come for me.
[police] Keep moving!
[Warden] I have here a warrant
from the court in A Corua...
stating that you are a woman...
whose name is Elisa...
and that by using a false identity
you managed to get yourself
married to... Marcela...
then fled to Portugal.
I'm Mario.
Please, I don't have time
for this nonsense.
[gasps] What is the point of this...
this farce that you and this woman
have concocted?
That woman, sir, is my wife!
You Spaniards are always so pig-headed,
so... stubborn, so self-righteous.
[Warden sighs]
Please, sir, she... my wife...
[sighs] She had nothing to do with it.
She knows nothing.
She thinks that I'm a hermaphrodite, sir.
Please, no more of that,
Elisa, Mario, whatever you call yourself.
I'm not some ignorant priest
in a tiny village in Galicia
that you and your friend
can make a fool out of.
What would happen
if I were to order the guards...
to put you in the same cell
as all the men?
How long do you think it would take them
to find out what you are?
Would it take them long?
Not very.
[he sighs]
[he sighs]
[women chattering]
You're pretty far along.
[women chattering]
[women chattering]
[Marcela sighs]
[he sighs]
What will happen to us now?
What are we accused of?
[inhales] Blasphemy.
[gasps] Falsifying documents.
Your friend is wanted as an accomplice.
[Warden] That's on the other side
of the border.
First, you'll have to answer
charges on this side.
You'll be tried here,
and then... returned to Galicia.
I'm to blame, not Marcela. She's innocent.
[Elisa] I swear it.
[he sighs]
She's gonna have a child.
[Warden] A child?
[he sighs]
[inhales deeply]
Put on a dress.
I'll see to it that you're taken
to the women's block.
We'll be together, then?
[Warden] Yes.
[sighs with relief]
[sighing] Oh, thank you.
[Elisa] You're a good man.
Well, you're welcome.
That's what my wife says when
she's about to give me upsetting news.
[Elisa laughs]
Now, go on.
Get out.
Before I change my mind
and lock you up with those savages.
[Marcela breathes deeply]
[Elisa] Marcela...
I'm Elisa.
[quietly] Elisa.
[Marcela sighs]
What will happen to us?
Who knows?
But at least we're together.
[Elisa sighs]
Together, yes.
[Marcela sighs]
Forgive me.
I said I'd protect us...
Look where we ended up.
Elisa, shh.
You don't need to apologize.
We'll get out of here.
We should have left a long time ago,
I suppose.
[sighing] I guess so.
I'm scared of having it in here.
The warden's looking after us.
He's a good man, I think.
Right now, we need more than a good man.
[photographer] Hold still.
[photographer] That's fine.
[man] Have you read this?
About the two women who got married?
According to this,
if we send them back to Spain,
they'll be sentenced to 20 years.
[woman] Will you give this to them?
It was made with great affection.
Yes, I'll see to it.
This is a gift for the child
of the Spanish women,
will you please make sure they get it?
It brings good luck.
[Elisa] Alright, no more touching.
Let's have some order around here.
[Marcela laughs]
[Marcela gasps]
It's coming!
Are you certain?
[woman] It's coming! It's coming!
I can see the head.
Go on, keep breathing.
Keep breathing. That's right. And push!
- [screaming]
- That's right. You can do it, big push.
[Marcela strains]
[woman] Almost there.
One more time. One last push.
- [panting]
- [baby cries]
[baby cries]
[baby cries]
[baby cries]
[baby cries]
- [Marcela gasps]
- [baby cries]
- [baby cries]
- [Marcela gasps]
She's got so much hair.
[Marcela laughs]
[Marcela pants]
[Marcela sighs]
[baby cries quietly, coughs]
[woman] Ah, so adorable.
A girl. It's a girl.
What's her name?
- Ana.
- She's beautiful.
Really, Commissioner,
all this about these Spanish women
getting married?
My wife can't seem to talk
about anything else.
She even wants to visit them in prison.
They have had a lot of visitors,
it's true.
I'm getting pressure
from the Spanish authorities.
They want to try them in A Corua.
I think they're keen
on making an example of them.
They're not criminals, so much
as just two women who are just...
This fish has no flavor.
How do things stand at the moment?
One of them has given birth
to a baby girl.
In the prison?
That's all we needed.
if we hand them over
to the Spanish authorities...
they'll be facing 10 to 20 years.
[downs cutlery]
Then I will rely on your esteemed
abilities to keep that from happening.
Nothing illegal, of course.
Even if it's just to annoy the Spanish.
Your Excellency... leave it to me.
Here, try this fish,
tell me if you can taste anything.
No, Governor, thank you.
[baby cries]
[baby cries]
We have enough
for the tickets now, Marcela.
[baby cries]
As soon as we get out of here.
[baby cries]
If we leave here, we'll just be deported.
[baby cries]
[baby cries]
Something's wrong with her.
[Marcela] It's the damp. [sighs]
It's this place.
[baby cries more loudly]
- Let me.
- [Marcela] No.
[baby cries quietly]
What is it?
[baby cries]
- [Elisa] Shh. Shh, shh.
- [baby cries]
[baby cries]
[Elisa] She's burning up.
[baby cries]
[Elisa shouts] A doctor!
We need a doctor here!
[baby cries]
It's the baby! A doctor!
[baby cries]
[Marcela] Shh, shh.
[people coughing]
- [doctor] Shh.
- [baby cries]
Calm down now.
[baby cries]
[baby cries]
The baby has pneumonia.
She'll die if we don't get
that fever down quickly.
They'll come with me, to my house.
[baby cries]
[woman] Come with me.
[baby cries]
[baby cries quietly]
Well, are we feeling better, huh?
Feeling better?
- Well?
- [Elisa] How are they?
Out of danger, I think.
[woman] They're sleeping.
She's a darling little girl.
There's no way I can possibly thank you
for all that you've done for us.
The privilege is ours.
Not many others would feel the same.
Well, we're not like many others.
Are we?
No, we're not.
Do you have children?
[Marcela breathes heavily]
[Warden] I can't hold the two of you here
any longer, Elisa.
But if I release you, you'll be deported.
I know.
[music plays over the radio]
[inhales deeply]
However, if I were to,
just hypothetically...
If I released you
the day before the ship sails...
and then I filled in the forms
to say that you were let out...
two or three days later...
But, first, we must wait and see
how well they recover.
[Elisa] Yes.
[woman] You earn more,
more money coming in,
Don't worry about the rest of it.
These things have a way of working out.
[Elisa] Where's Ana?
With Flor.
I asked if she'd watch her
until we're ready.
[Marcela sighs]
Is everything alright?
Is something wrong?
I would have thought
you'd be glad we were leaving.
I am.
Believe me.
You don't look it.
We'll never have to set foot
in this cell again.
It's not so bad.
It's worse out there.
Where we're circus freaks.
Where they laugh at us.
Stare at us.
Where there's no escape...
Never will be.
And that's why I was Mario
and why we were married.
And why I had my daughter.
We thought it would work.
I can't do this to my daughter.
[Marcela] How could I?
- [Elisa] My love...
- Please.
[Marcela sighs]
[Elisa cries]
Listen to me.
Although I love you
more than my own life...
if you have to stay here
with your daughter, I'll understand.
I'll wait for you forever, Marcela,
I swear.
[Marcela sighs]
Don't you understand?
I'm leaving her behind... Ana.
[Marcela sighs]
[Marcela] Thank you.
[Flor] Elisa, we'll make sure
the child knows who her mother is.
Tell her that.
[Elisa] I will.
Take care of her...
and take care of yourself.
[horse whinnies]
[baby cries]
- [horse hooves trotting]
- [baby cries]
[babies cries grow quieter]
[Marcela trembles]
[Marcela sobs]
[Marcela breathes heavily]
[Marcela screams]
[Marcela sobs]
[Marcela sobs]
[Marcela sobs]
[Marcela sobs]
[Marcela sobs]
[wind blows]
I hated you, you know that?
For so many years.
- I can imagine.
- But the two of them were good parents.
The best, really.
I knew they were.
Was it worth it?
All this?
The wedding, the mockery?
The jail cell?
Abandoning me?
Was it worth it?