Elizabeth Harvest (2018) Movie Script

I dreamt I would meet
a brilliant man.
I would steal his breath away..
....and he, in turn,
would steal me away
from everything ugly
into a secret world of our own.
Claire? Oliver?
- Wake up, sleepyhead.
- Put me down.
No, tradition is tradition
and you deserve to be treated
like a princess.
You do realize
we're participating
in a symbolic kidnapping
that stretches
all the way back
to the founding of Rome.
What are you talking about?
In memory of the Sabine women
who were taken in violence
by the Romans.
It all belongs to you now,
my pet.
Claire, Oliver,
this is Elizabeth.
Welcome home, Elizabeth.
I can't believe
I'm finally here.
Where would you like
supper served?
Upstairs. Thank you, Claire.
Do you like white orchids?
I love them.
How about lilies?
You're in luck.
Would you like a cognac?
No, thank you, Claire.
Are you sure?
That's all for today,
thank you.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Goodnight, Claire.
I believe these are all
your favorite pieces.
Could I stay in here a while?
Not now, darling.
There's a lot more to see.
- Hello, Oliver.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Claire.
- Good morning.
This way.
What's in this room?
You're my wife
and I trust you implicitly.
That sounds ominous.
Everything I have shown you
the art, the jewels the clothes,
the money in the safe
all of it is for you.
The only off-limits room
is this one.
Do you promise not to go in?
But I can't even get
into the rooms without you.
Of course, you can.
The biometric readers
are programmed
for two thumbprints
yours and mine.
No one else's.
These are our rooms to play in.
I have to leave
first thing in the morning.
Work matters.
On our honeymoon?
It's not ideal, I know,
but it's just for the day.
It will give you time
to familiarize yourself
with the house.
You'll be a good girl,
won't you?
- Have you decided on lunch?
- Uh, um..
No, I'm not hungry.
You should eat.
Okay, um, I don't know.
Perhaps just a light salad
is fine.
- And what would you like in it?
- Um, uh, surprise me.
Uh, okay,
a... avocado and tomato.
- And to drink?
- Just water, thanks.
No, um, could I get a milkshake?
Cho... Chocolate.
What's funny?
Nothing. A chocolate milkshake
is the perfect choice.
Is it okay
if I ask you something?
Have you worked here
a long time?
- For Henry?
- Yes.
He's ridiculously smart,
isn't he? He's, um..
His IQ, his mind
is... is extraordinary.
- Yes.
- Mm.
So why would he pick a girl
like me to marry?
I'm very..
I don't know.
Satie founded his own religion.
Did you know that?
He was the official composer
for the Mystical Order
of the Rose and Cross
of the Temple and Grail
founded by the occultist
Joseph Peladan.
But they had a falling out
and Satie founded
his own religion.
L'Eglise Metropolitaine d'Art
de Jesus Conducteur.
You must find this
incredibly boring. Forgive me.
No, no,
it's very interesting.
I can go on and on sometimes.
Come here.
It's your job to shut me up.
I'm like a little boy
around you.
I can't help myself.
How did your work stuff go?
- Fine.
- That's good.
The fire has been duly put out.
- How was your day here?
- Oh, it was fine.
It's so much to take in.
I hadn't thought
about the practicalities
of running such a big home.
...I tried to make
a phone call yesterday
but the line was dead.
Yes, that happens
all the time here.
- Oh.
- Who were you calling?
- My sister.
- Oh.
What happened?
Oh, I don't know.
You may as well know
that I'm a bit of a clumsy.
- Are you now?
- Yes.
I hope
it doesn't disappoint you.
How could you
ever disappoint me?
Just if you thought I was..
...suave and elegant
all the time.
You're such a good liar,
it's scary.
- What?
- I call your bluff.
Hm, not sure I know I know
what you're talking about.
I think you've always been
suave and elegant.
What do you say
we send the servants away
and spend the rest
of the day in bed?
What about our stroll
on the lake?
We can always stroll tomorrow.
There's a very corruptible
quality about you, Elizabeth.
I didn't hurt you, did I?
The only measure of an action..
...is its consequence.
Elizabeth, my pet.
...you do not deserve this
but you did disobey me.
- Please.
- Please?
I don't know
what you think I saw.
I don't think you saw.
It is what happened
what will happen.
That's deep enough, Henry.
Let me hear you say
it's done, please.
I disagree.
But, but you looked me
in the eye and you said...
I did not!
I want absolute calm.
Can we manage that?
You want to get caught?
It's not an option
I'm really considering.
Only a matter of when. Surely
you're still lucid enough...
The only..
The only way we get caught
is if you insist
on lurking in corridors
staring meaningfully at them.
You prick.
Well, that went well.
You haven't touched your food.
Do you think it's possible
have their own velocity?
- For instance?
- Eggs.
Because it changes form,
the egg.
Its whole function
is to become something else.
It keeps disappearing
and reappearing
as something new.
I can't think of anything else
in the world
with that kind
of material altruism.
Material altruism
is moral altruism.
Funny that the egg
should be a symbol for the soul.
Don't you think?
I heard you have a migraine.
So sorry.
Let's not talk about it.
Sit down.
I can come back tomorrow.
No, you're here now.
You want a drink?
Well, what are you having?
Scotch. Hope it knocks it
on the head.
I'll have what you're having.
Stress-related, aren't they,
Yes, they can be.
Or tension from exercise
lack of sleep,
hypersensitivity to light.
It could be many things.
I'd suggest fresh air
and walks by the ocean
but, uh, you're the doctor.
You need to be
more than a doctor
to understand a person's mind.
You need to be a saint
or a prophet.
How's your lovely, young wife?
- Young and lovely.
- Is she home?
Yes, she's having a nap.
Young people today
need their beauty sleep.
How glorious
to be young and lovely...
What's on your mind, Frank?
- Nothing.
- You seem worried.
Is everything alright?
Uh, department's
being investigated
for accepting payoffs.
Bureaucrats hunting scalps
for appearance's sake.
I... I've been spared,
but I've got
a couple of colleagues
that are in real hot water.
You have to testify
against your colleagues.
There's no choice.
I'm not looking forward to it.
You can either torture
or be tortured.
There's no third alternative.
In the end,
better to be the torturer.
Don't you think?
Aren't you a barrel
of fucking laughs?
- Yes, Oliver.
- Made you something.
Could you stop making me things?
That would be so kind.
Why do you stay
if you're so unhappy?
I know things you don't.
Let's leave it at that.
Because you love him.
You always have.
I can see
why you would think that.
And don't take this
the wrong way
but you're a child
and you don't know
what you're talking about.
I know this much
and it's more than you seem to.
We're not the prize.
We're the bait.
Thank you, Oliver.
May I be alone now?
I dreamt I would meet
a brilliant man.
I would steal his breath away
and he, in turn, would steal me
away from everything ugly
into a secret world of our own.
Claire? Oliver?
You do realize
we're participating
in a symbolic kidnapping
that stretches all the way back
to the founding of Rome.
Henry, what's in there?
Everything I have shown you
is yours.
All the art,
the jewels, the clothes
the money in the safe,
it's all for you.
The only off-limits room
is this one.
That's all I ask of you.
Can you do that for me?
Yes, of course,
but what's in there...
Let's say, it's the one room
in the house
I can have to myself for work.
You promise not to go in?
I think husbands and wives
should always be truthful.
Wouldn't you agree?
My point precisely.
So if it's that important
to you...
It is.
I promise.
I have to leave
first thing in the morning.
- Work matters.
- On our honeymoon?
It's not ideal, I know,
but it's just for the day.
Give you time
to make yourself at home.
You'll be a good girl,
won't you?
I couldn't sleep.
Where's Henry?
In bed.
I forgot how much he snores.
What were you looking at?
I wasn't... looking at anything.
I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to..
I'm just so curious,
that's all.
What about?
Sometimes it feels like my mind
is just one question
after another.
You, for example.
Your sense of confidence.
Do you ever get frightened?
- Elizabeth...
- Elizabeth?
In the kitchen, my love.
Elizabeth, listen..
Claire, what are you
doing here?
I forgot something.
Did you find it?
Good morning, my love.
Were you having a bad dream?
- What time is it?
- Lunchtime.
Didn't hear you come in.
You must have been very tired.
Did you stay up late?
You left me all alone.
I've given Claire and Oliver
the day off.
Be right back.
- What are you thinking about?
- Uh, what?
I asked what
you're thinking about.
Oh, I don't know.
I knew you'd say that.
Why? What are you thinking?
How everything
is made of patterns.
Once you can predict
the way a person will act
you can learn
how to control them.
Oh, Henry, what are you doing?
A moment of privacy.
We will have privacy..
...before our last rites.
A husband and wife
should always be truthful.
Your words.
But I didn't do anything wrong.
You did disobey me.
Come on.
Easy, huh?
It's okay.
- Emergency Services.
- Hello?
I'm stuck.
I'm locked inside a house.
My house.
Are you hurt?
No, I'm not hurt, but I... I
can't work any of the doors.
They're locked on a mechanism
and it... it's not functioning.
One moment, please.
- Are you still there?
- Yes.
So you're locked in?
Yes. Can you, please, help me?
Can I have your name, please?
And your surname?
What's the...
What's the address?
- I need an address.
- I don't know the address.
I... I have to go.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Where's Henry?
He's not feeling well.
He's resting.
Emergency Services.
I need a..
You walk out that door
I can't protect you
from the police.
Excuse me?
I need you to understand
you'd be dumb to try.
I know he's dead.
Where's the body?
- Elizabeth.
- He tried to kill me.
I believe you.
- It's upstairs.
- Take me.
I was only protecting myself.
I know.
Henry had many tricks
in his bag.
A brilliant man
with a brilliant mind.
Just as you imagined
in your fairy tale dream.
You would steal his breath away
and he would steal you away...
Away from everything ugly..
- To a secret world of our own.
- To a secret world of our own.
How could you know that?
How much do you remember
of your childhood?
I was sick a lot
in the hospital.
My parents died in a car crash.
I was brought up
in an orphanage.
That's back there where I sleep.
You were there till age 8.
You had a teacher, Mrs. Merger
and a French groundskeeper...
- Chucks.
- Chucks.
Very good.
All of that did happen.
See, it's not an exact science,
Claire is much better suited
than me to walk you through it.
She was in charge
of your conditioning.
She's quite clever.
...what am I?
You went into the room
he told you not to go into.
Did you not?
I did.
What I saw, I don't understand.
You saw yourself.
Which brings us to the only
question worth asking.
You were cooked in that room
like an egg.
Six identical genetic copies.
Elizabeth number five
of the Elizabeth Harvest.
That's what you are.
Can you see the color?
It's, um..
It's black
with a red light on top.
- Fuck, that was quick.
- Who is it?
Detective Lieutenant Logan,
Henry's only friend.
- A... and what does he want?
- He wants to talk to you again.
What do you mean again?
Henry explained away
you sleeping all the time
as chronic fatigue syndrome.
It's gonna help you today.
Make light of the fact
Henry is the one napping
but get him to leave quickly.
- Good morning, Oliver.
- Good morning, detective.
- Your father around?
- Upstairs, taking a nap.
Yeah, well, since
when does he take naps?
I know, but it happens.
Ask Elizabeth.
Oh. Hello again.
Mrs. Kellenberg,
it's truly a surprise.
Because usually
I'm the one napping, right?
Henry isn't feeling well.
I was beginning to think he kept
you locked up in a tower.
Is there something you want?
- You know, to drink?
- Uh, what are you having?
Oliver, would you mind
getting us something?
- Water's fine.
- Water's just fine.
- Are you in trouble?
- What?
Did you call Emergency Services?
I got a message that
a Mrs. Kellenberg called in
so I came to check it out.
Word sure travels fast.
Word? Of what?
getting rushed to hospital.
Isn't that why you're here?
What's wrong with Claire?
She had a heart condition,
She's the one
who called emergency
and the operator
must have gotten confused.
Excuse me.
You didn't call?
No, I didn't.
It was Claire.
She did.
Let me see
if I got this straight.
Your husband's not feeling well
Claire has a weak heart
you have
chronic fatigue syndrome
and Oliver, of course, is blind.
Now I don't mean
to be insensitive
but it's beginning to feel
like a hospital around here.
- Oh, my God!
- Did I get him?
- Oh, my God!
- Did I get him?
Nobody you need
to feel bad about.
Why... Why did you do that?
This bastard
was on Henry's payroll.
Caught one of you three years ago making a
run for it and brought you right back here.
What do you think
Henry did with her?
He killed her?
See? You're clever.
He killed all of you.
It's what he lived for.
Henry was your father.
Not anymore.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
It's okay. It's okay.
That was scary.
What do you remember
after age 8?
There's a gap, isn't there?
He put you back in the tank.
He'd bring you out at different
times for physical therapy.
He'd fill your mind
with memories and events
music trying to customize
your personality
trying to make you whole,
but you never
actually experienced
any of that...
Please, I want to wake up now!
Please, make it stop.
I want things to go back
to normal!
I want to go back
to my honeymoon.
Help me with him.
I think you should get
as far away from here
as possible, Elizabeth.
Go and pack a bag.
- You're staying?
- I have to.
Make sure to take some money
from the safe.
You'll need it.
Um, how much?
Like that.
I'm in here.
Before you go, I wonder if you
could do something for me.
What is it?
This journal.
I can't read it and I need
some information in it.
- It's Henry's?
- Claire's.
Hey, what are you doing?
Oliver, did you just
lock me in? Oliver?
Oliver, let me out!
Oliver! No! Let me out!
in the scientific community
knew about
Dr. Henry Kellenberg's
in somatic cell research.
But after pioneering
and patenting the process
by which microRNA cells
were reprogrammed
into the TERX2 encoding
he retired a billionaire.
Years later, out of the blue
he invited me to come see him.
This was the pivotal moment
of my professional life.
Dr. Claire Stratton.
Dr. Kellenberg,
this is an honor.
You worked at Baxter?
Yes, yes,
un... until quite recently.
- You were fired?
- It's complicated.
What I heard was you refused
to share your research
with the military.
If my information is incorrect,
I apologize.
Uh, no,
you're clearly well informed.
I am intrigued by your work
in neurodegeneration.
Your views on Progeria go
against practically everyone's.
That's why you're here.
'Cause my findings were refuted
by the entire medical community.
Can I offer you
some refreshment?
When I was younger,
I had so much drive
and inexhaustible energy.
I was obsessed with the idea
of being useful
to future generations.
Now I know history
will remember me unkindly.
I think we both
know you're being modest.
Well, history will remember me
as a monster
and that is where you come in.
A healthy mind to bear witness.
- Oliver?
- I finished my homework, dad.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Oliver, this is Claire,
a brilliant researcher.
She'll be staying with us.
So lovely to meet you, Oliver.
Pleased to make
your acquaintance, Claire.
You have a way
of making assumptions, doctor.
A healthy mind to bear witness,
he called it.
But at what cost?
I am a trained scientist.
I respect process.
I believe in research,
testing, analysis.
And yet here I was in the
middle of a tragic love story
inexplicable, inconvenient
and impossible.
Fr... From... From an ethical
and moral standpoint...
Yes, I... I will be crucified.
- Yes.
- Yes, but I cannot undo it.
I know why I did
what I did, Claire.
The question is
given human subjects
and unlimited means
can you crack the code?
Kellenberg's wife had died
shortly after giving birth
to a son, Oliver
of a very rare strain
of Werner Syndrome
in which her mutated WRN
suddenly degenerated
at a dizzying rate.
Sick with grief,
he cloned her cells
and harvested six copies.
Complications began
almost immediately.
At birth, two of the subjects
already displayed the mutation.
In order to buy himself time
Kellenberg did something
even more radical.
He customized hyperbaric
chambers into cryogenic tanks
and he put the bodies
in suspended animation
while he searched for a cure.
Good morning, Elizabeth.
By the time
I joined the project
only four subjects
remained alive.
Good morning, Elizabeth.
Two years later, I cracked it.
Every night,
Henry recorded messages
and played music
for the subjects
convinced the ideas
absorbed into their minds
would develop as memories.
I was dubious.
What do you remember
after age eight?
Subject emerged biologically
and physiologically healthy
but disoriented and in pain.
She seemed to remember nothing
for more than a few seconds.
Yes, I was happy three times.
When Mrs. Merger let me play
in the garden, is one
and then when I had a
um, I had
a... a chocolate milkshake.
That was good.
And then also..
Abysses of amnesia
continually opened beneath her
and unable to maintain
a genuine inner world
she would bridge them
with scrambled fictions.
What's this?
I can't run at all today,
I don't think.
Are you a soldier?
No, Elizabeth, it's me, Henry.
When did you fly in?
Henry was convinced
she would acclimate
and her repertoire of memories
would match up.
But the constant strain
on her mind
became too much
for her body to bear.
Days later,
somehow under Henry's watch
she discovered
the harvest room.
What... What did my niece say?
- She's your niece?
- My sister's child.
She's had a long,
troubled history.
I'd hoped the move from the city
would help her, but..
She made some
pretty bizarre accusations.
She's a danger to herself.
Yeah, she has a habit
of inventing stories.
She's a bit of a fantasist,
I'm afraid.
At times, her behavior
can be utterly illogical.
Are you her legal guardian?
I... I'm the only family
she has left.
Well then, I am fine
to release her to you
but I'm afraid
I have to file a report.
Look, I realize you're upset,
but I had to run some errands
and I needed you to stay.
I apologize.
I phoned the hospital.
They're keeping Claire
for observation
run tests for a couple of days.
But she will recover.
Are you reading the journal?
I know you can hear me.
I've brought you some supper.
I'm going to open the door now.
Please don't do anything crazy.
- Let me go!
- Please, stop!
- The code!
- What?
The front door code,
what is it?
- I'll open it for you.
- Tell me the code!
It's your birthdate. The code!
What's my birthdate?
- Are you lying to me?
- I'm not.
Elizabeth, I'm on your side.
I always have been.
I knew it was wrong
to lock you up, but I just
I wanted to talk to you
and I couldn't foresee
any other way
you wouldn't flee this place.
Yeah, well,
you're right about that.
What are you doing?
You don't have to do this.
- If you're lying to me..
- I already told you.
I just want you
to get to know me.
I sincerely apologize
for the childish trick.
But I do need to finish
our conversation.
- What are you doing to her?
- Keeping her alive.
Same as I did for you.
I can't express how odd it is
to feel so close to someone
who doesn't know you exist
and then to finally meet.
At the end of the day,
the world is a conflict
between positive
and negative charges.
I so had hoped
once we were free of him
we could be candid
with one another.
Why won't you let me go?
The last thing I want to do is
keep you here against your will.
I just require you to have
a little bit more patience.
Here, take the head
while I turn her over.
Claire usually does this bit.
When can I go?
I've waited so long to have
these conversations with you.
Just tell me when I can go.
Once you tell me
how much Claire knew.
Please, give me a hand.
If you really wish to harm me
I can't possibly hide
from you, can I?
You have the advantage now.
So curious.
Wake up, Elizabeth.
Darling, wake up.
Are you her legal guardian?
I... I'm the only family
she has left.
Well then, I am fine
to release her to you
but I'm afraid
I have to file a report.
I apologize.
Is that absolutely necessary...
Claire, let me speak
with the detective.
You've been through enough.
Thank you.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
With Detective Logan silenced
we proceeded with our tests.
One week later, she was dead.
Henry, what happened?
I found her face-down
on the pillows.
She must have suffocated.
- How?
- I don't know.
We need to run more tests.
Find out
why her body shut down.
The questions I had,
I never asked.
Partly because
I didn't want to believe it.
Partly because
when we analyzed her cells
we discovered the
neurodegeneration had returned.
I had failed.
The data-flow resulting from the
large sequencing throughout..
All four mutations altered
only the C-terminal portion
of the genes..
...in nuclear shape due to
the mutated gene resulting in..
...makes the nucleus unstable..
...cellular instability
after the splicing correction
the HGPS cells show..
...process and causes
damage itself..
...ten hours every day
for the next six months
until we had exhausted
every combination.
When the inevitable happened
I was ready for it.
I initiated it.
I think we should turn off
the machines, Claire.
We can't do that.
It's not working.
I've wasted so many years
of my life like a fool.
I was still a lunatic.
Or a husband in love.
You have no right
to be this good to me.
Finally, we agree on something.
Come here.
Let's try this again.
Quid pro quo.
Do you know what that means?
I don't think you do.
It's Latin.
Is it Latin for fuck off?
Means an equal exchange.
I give you something..
...and you give me something
in return.
I want to know
what she says about me
in exchange for which
I'll tell you about yourself.
What if I don't want to know?
Oh, it's built into your DNA
to want to know.
It's your nature.
What does she say?
Doesn't say anything about you.
What does she write about?
She initiated an affair
with Henry
after the death
of the third subject.
After he choked her.
She had her doubts,
but she didn't ask
because she failed
at figuring the code.
She didn't fail.
He corrupted the samples.
- How would you know?
- Because I know him.
So she figures it out.
You want to know
if you're cured?
Quid pro quo.
She reversed
the neurodegeneration.
You're all clear.
You all lived here
until you were eight
hidden from the world,
never allowed out.
I was sent to boarding school.
Came back the summer
I turned 12
and there was just
one of you here
the second Elizabeth.
The first, he killed.
You and the others
were in your tanks.
I didn't know this at the time,
of course.
I pieced it all together later.
Like you, I wasn't allowed
in the forbidden room.
That summer,
you were the prettiest
strangest creature I ever saw.
And how would you know
if you're blind?
I wasn't then.
I told you all my secrets
and you told me
about your nightmares.
And he couldn't stand it
us being together,
being children.
And one night,
I spied on the two of you
and you were standing
perfectly still..
...like a little doll,
holding up your skirt
and asking him what he was
doing at every step
and him kissing you everywhere.
I couldn't stand it
so I confronted him.
That night,
Henry attacked me in my sleep
and later, he claimed
it was an electrical fire
that made me blind.
I hated him touching you
but you didn't mind at all.
That wasn't me.
Oliver, that wasn't me.
Just as I had initiated it
I brought the affair to an end.
Not that it ever had a chance
of being anything
more than colleagues
letting off steam.
Not that it could
ever compete with..
It's Elizabeth's birthday today.
Yes, I remember.
May I ask you something?
Have you ever been in love?
Intense, passionate love?
The kind where you swear
to protect that person
and care for them
your whole life?
Till death do you part.
Isn't that
the fine print though?
When you exchange marriage vows
you sign up for the long haul.
Conflict, and pain, and guilt
and longing, in sickness
and in health, et cetera.
Not for an accident
that decimates your beloved
two years later.
That is not the deal
you made with fate.
We are, each of us
an eventual tragedy.
What is it you want, Henry?
- Really want?
- I'm afraid of what I want.
That's never stopped you before.
I want to relive
my wedding night.
You want to fuck young, adoring
flesh that never grows old.
Now don't be crass, Claire.
It's not that.
I want to experience
that euphoria again.
I wish you had known her.
She was the real thing,
a force...
Of joy.
You've told me
a few hundred times.
You understand
it has nothing to do with us.
You don't believe me
but I meant it
when I said there is no us.
I have to experience it again
and if you have
any reservations, Claire...
If feeling sick to my stomach
is a reservation.
I can see it through on my own.
Perhaps you should leave.
We are defined
by the choices we make.
Why didn't I go?
Can't find any record
of Elizabeth giving birth.
Professor Oliver Eccleston
was the name
of your very first mentor
at Fielding.
It's a bit sentimental,
but that's you all over.
I want us to grow old together
but I thought
what if she doesn't want
this decaying old body.
What if she yearns
for what she fell in love with?
A younger me.
He's not your son, is he?
Oliver is you.
But he doesn't know it.
Oh, my God.
Wake up.
- What are you doing?
- Tell me.
Tell you what?
You know what I need to know.
Where have you been
the last two days?
- Busy.
- What happened to your hand?
- Nothing.
- Well, it's bleeding.
- I bumped into something.
- Oh, you're bleeding a lot.
It was sharp. Quit stalling.
What does she write about me?
She thinks you're Henry.
- But you're not.
- You're lying.
I can hear it in your voice.
Henry showed her
the birth certificate
had her call the doctor.
You are not his clone,
you're his son
so you can hate his guts
if you want
but you're not him.
You can be whoever you want.
I hated him so much.
We both did.
But now he's gone
and we are defined
by the choices we make.
You love me, don't you?
- I always have.
- So why don't you show me?
Boy, you learn fast.
You saw him touching me.
It made you very jealous.
Now he's gone.
And you can touch me.
We've both been held captive
by a monster.
We deserve something good.
I'm right here
but you have to come closer.
- So you could attack me?
- No.
So you can use those shears
and cut off my underwear
and make me yours.
Don't be scared. I won't bite.
I can feel your heartbeat.
It's beating so fast.
Show me you love me.
Drop the shears!
The code! The real door code!
- 3-3-1-4-7-4.
- Again!
Now the key to this thing!
I should kill you.
I wish I could make
things better.
I hate everything about you!
Stop it! Stop right now!
- Oh, no.
- Elizabeth, thank God.
- Who are you?
- I'm, I'm Elizabeth.
No, you're not.
Henry, who is she?
Henry? No.
He's... He's not Henry.
He's Oliver.
Don't listen to her.
She's sick in the head, my love.
I don't know what he's told you
but there's noth,
there's nothing wrong with me.
- This is very heavy.
- So, please, put it down.
You... You have the rifle?
I have the rifle
and it's very heavy.
Tell her to get on her belly.
- Why does she look like me?
- She is an imposter.
She's very dangerous.
She's our enemy.
No, I don't... I don't know
what he's told you
but you and I
are not enemies, okay?
He's the enemy.
We're prisoners here.
You hear how crazy she sounds.
He... He won't let us
out of the house.
That's all I want to do.
I just... I just want to go.
But he had me chained in here.
I swear to you.
I swear to you, look.
- Is that true?
- Yes, it's true.
But I had to to keep her
from hurting herself.
She insists on going outside.
Doesn't want to believe
that the air is not safe!
- What? No!
- Get on your belly!
- Forehead on the floor!
- No.
Elizabeth, please,
put that down.
Do it.
There's absolutely nothing wrong
with the air outside.
F... Forehead on the floor!
She's down, Henry.
Now what?
Please, don't hurt him!
Elizabeth, put it down.
Put it down.
- I can explain everything.
- Let him go!
Tell her!
Tell her not to shoot!
I'm sorry.
I love you so much.
You will get him killed.
You don't understand
what's really going on.
- Now put it down.
- Please, don't hurt him.
- Let him go.
- You and I are the same.
Please, I beg you...
You dreamt you would meet
a brilliant man.
You will steal his breath away
and he, in turn,
will steal you away
from everything ugly
into a secret world of our own.
I'm here.
Is everything alright?
I... I thought I heard..
I've renegotiated your contract
on your behalf.
I trust you'll find the changes
What did you do to her?
There's a title transfer
as well.
Everything I own will be yours
so that you can continue
your research.
I wouldn't go down there,
I'm calling the police.
Call them.
What would you tell them?
A murder has occurred?
"Who has died, ma'am?"
Most women hate
being called ma'am.
It's why men call them.
"Who has been murdered?
Someone who died years ago?"
"Are you intoxicated, ma'am?
Have you been drinking?"
"Are you off your medication,
Who are you?
I didn't set out
to kill the very person
I've spent my life
trying to revive.
It just happened.
Isn't that a remarkable phrase?
It just happened.
Elizabeth was mine
gave herself
of her own free will to me.
I have it in writing
and she died.
But now..
...she brings me joy..
...out of the reach
of man's law
out of reality, as we know it
by dying over and over..
...and no one need know
about it.
I feel no shame.
There's no consequence.
You're so sick.
But these versions of her
they're not my Elizabeth.
And the look in their eyes.
Somewhere in them, they all knew
it wasn't going to work.
It was only through the act
of destroying them..
...that they finally
felt real to me.
...this has to stop.
I'll do my utmost, Claire.
Welcome home, Claire.
You've earned it.
So do something good with it.
I dreamt I would meet
a brilliant man.
I would steal his breath away
and he, in turn,
would steal me away
from everything ugly
into a secret world of our own.
But I'm awake now.