Eloise at the Plaza (2003) Movie Script

[Music playing]
[Ducks quacking]
[Hooves clopping]
WOMAN: Taxi!
- Welcome to the Plaza.
- Come along, darling.
[Clock chimes]
What do you mean. a room?
I ordered a suite. not a room!
A suite!
And considering who I am...
You do know who I am.
Mrs. Daniels! 805, please.
So good to see you again.
805, one of
our most beautiful suites.
Mrs. Daniels's daughter Molly...
is one of the debutantes
staying with us...
and Mrs. Daniels is in charge
of tomorrow night's ball.
What are you doing?
I shall need to see
Catering immediately...
and when will the musicians
be rehearsing?
Since I'll be in London
until Monday...
call Jamison at the Canard.
Find out if Mr. Harrigan
will be available for lunch.
Mrs. Daniels, I strive
for perfection at the Plaza.
Nothing will interfere
with your plans.
- Absolutely...
- Alphonse.
Nothing. Enjoy your stay.
Yes, Mr. Peabody?
Prince of Kushin
will be here tomorrow.
Excuse me?
The prince is evaluating
the hotel as a possible venue...
for the Kushinian
trade conference next month.
Several hotels
are in contention.
I want
that hotel to be my hotel.
Yes, Mr. Peabody.
His visit must be perfect...
and by perfect,
you know who I'm talking about.
Rest assured, I will be
on top of every detail...
including...you know who.
Really? Then you might start
by erasing that.
ELOISE: I'm Eloise. I'm six.
I am a city child.
I live at the Plaza Hotel...
and I am going
to the debutante ball.
I have my very own room...
and a dog
that looks like a cat.
His name is Weenie.
And a turtle.
His name's Skipperdee.
The Plaza's the only hotel
in New York...
that allows you
to have a turtle.
The absolutely first thing
I have to do...
is bathe
Skipperdee's ears...
Otherwise he gets cross
and develops a rash.
Then it's time
to wake up Nanny.
ELOISE: Nanny is my nurse.
She's English.
Nanny says she would rather
I didn't talk. talk. talk...
all the time.
She always says
everything three times.
Eloise, one of these days...
we are going
to freeze, freeze, freeze.
Told ya.
- Nanny?
- Mmm.
- I'm hungry.
- Imagine my surprise.
Room service
always knows it's me.
Yes, Eloise?
Hello, this is me--Eloise.
Would you kindly send up
Irish bacon, oatmeal...
one roast beef bone,
one raisin, and seven spoons...
- to the top floor...
- And...
And some rather hot coffee,
and charge it, please.
Thank you very much.
I'm thinking about
how absolute fun...
I'll have at
tomorrow's debutante ball.
[Yawning] You haven't
been invited, Eloise.
I will be.
Now, what's a debutante ball?
It's a night when girls
from all over the city...
are introduced
to New York society.
It's their first
really grown-up dance.
It's a time to show
they can act like adults.
- And my mother was a debutante.
- Yes.
[Waltz playing]
NANNY: And it was
the coming-out season...
of all coming-out seasons.
And your mother
was the debutante of the year.
ELOISE: Because she has grace.
Because she has grace.
ELOISE: And she wore Dior.
NANNY: She wore Dior.
Because Dior is divine.
NANNY: Divine. divine. divine.
I'm going to be a debutante.
That's why I'm going to
the ball tomorrow night...
to get practiced.
Well, my love, we want you clean
before you get practiced.
So...let's move, move, move!
When it's time
for our morning duties...
Weenie and Skipperdee and me...
skibble as fast
as we everly can.
London from bottom
to top is up
The keeper in the shop
is up
And even Mrs. Mop is up
Oh. what a lovely morning
Trafalgar Square.
the bobby's up
In Piccadilly.
the nippy's up
In Covent Garden.
the kippy's up
Oh. what a lovely morning
We's up. and we've
got to be jolly clean
From head to toe
and in-between
Zap. good morning.
and how have you been?
Oh. what a lovely morning
The royal navy
is up. is up
Buckingham Palace
is up. is up
And even the BBC is up
Oh. what a lovely morning
Oh. what a lovely.
Oh. what a lovely
Oh. what a lovely morning
And Kleenex
makes a very good hat.
[Door buzzer] That's Bill!
Bonjour. Eloise.
votre petit djeuner.
Morning, Bill.
He's an actor.
Ooh! I had the most
scariest dream last night.
I was in this cave...
and it was
absolutely black with dark...
and there was this bug.
- Rah!
- Aah!
Argh! [Snarling]
And the bug had
enormously large feathers!
And the bug picked me up!
Aah! And spun me around
till I was able to grab a rock!
And squish his bug head flat!
- Oh.
- My mother's in Paris.
She went to see
the new fall collection.
Very "oui, oui," you know?
- Hello, William.
- Morning, Nanny.
My, my, my,
doesn't that look good?
Morning, Sir Wilkes.
Morning, Nanny.
Here's what Nanny likes--
Sir Wilkes--
but he doesn't know it.
Here's what I like--secrets.
- Nanny likes Sir Wilkes.
- Does she?
Yes. She gets
all red in the face...
and breathes a lot
when he's around.
At first,
I thought she was sick.
Then I realized
she just likes him.
Why doesn't she tell him?
- I always say what's in my head.
- I've noticed.
It makes everything
I'll have to come up
with a plan.
Did you know I'm going
to the ball tomorrow?
My mother was a debutante.
She has grace.
Would you like to go with me?
Can't. I'm working the ball.
Ah, Bill! Quelle tragique!
[French accent]
What a waste of time!
People! People. please!
We're already
running behind schedule.
Now, the prince arrives...
I want you
to study this picture.
I want you to commit it
to memory.
His Highness should not
want for anything...
during his stay with us.
You should anticipate
his needs before he asks.
Now, as you may recall
from last year's visit...
we had one week to get ready.
Now we have less than 24 hours.
We'll never be ready in time.
I'll have to pull my people
from the ball preparations.
Unacceptable. The ball,
every guest at the hotel...
they'll all be treated
like royalty.
There'll be no compromising
on our service...
but as far as the prince
is concerned...
I want magic
in the form of flowers...
utter perfection
in every morsel he eats...
and this room
completely transformed...
by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon.
Oh, and, uh...
Under no circumstances...
should you repeat
a word of this to...
[Telephone rings]
Oh. Hello, Mr. Nye.
My mother's lawyer.
You want to meet?
How about tomorrow? Say 3:00.
- How about today?
- I couldn't possibly today.
- I'm rather busy.
- Doing what?
Doing what? Just everything!
NANNY: Eloise?
Being bored is not allowed.
Here's what I do.
ELOISE: Put a rubber band
on the end of my nose...
stand on my toes for
the longest amount of time...
get dizzy and fall down...
run down the halls...
and skitter two sticks
along the walls...
making a really loud
and terrible racket.
One day, your face
will freeze like that.
Oh, no.
My face is an absolute Popsicle.
What a disgusting little girl!
[Elevator dings]
Lobby, please, Max.
Time for my morning rounds.
Getting Max to notice me...
is rather
a favorite hobby of mine.
I'm thinking of
dying my hair hot pink.
ELOISE: If staring contests
had prize money...
Max would be a very rich man.
There you are, folks.
Thanks for your patience.
Any messages, Miss Thompson?
Let me check.
The owner of the Yankees called.
He wants you to throw out...
the first pitch
at tomorrow's game.
Tell him I'm sorry,
but I have to repaint...
the Sistine Chapel next week...
and I can't risk an injury
to my wrist.
[Ding ding ding]
Good morning, Mr. Salomone!
Good morning, Eloise.
Has my invitation to
the debutante ball arrived yet?
No, no.
And I don't expect it will.
I expect the ball
will be awfully fun.
Please don't
cause any trouble, Eloise.
When do I ever do that?
Complaints about Eloise?
After my morning rounds...
I always make sure to exercise.
Eighth floor, please.
Randall will be meeting
us tomorrow at 6:00.
- About Randall...
- Such a lovely boy.
He only talks about himself.
He's never interested
in what I have to say.
Finally. Lobby, please.
ELOISE: Six, please!
Darling, Randall went to Yale.
He's from a good family.
Thank your lucky stars he's
available to be your escort.
Escort to what?
[Ding] Oops! That's me!
...conversation with
Randall's father, and--
Escort to what?
Little girl,
what do you think you're doing?
I could show you my routine.
ELOISE: Here's what
Mr. Salomone likes--
being on time.
Here's what I like--
making him late.
- Morning, Nanny.
- Hello, Walter.
Good morning, Nanny.
May I have a word with you?
Of course, Mr. Salomone.
I see you're taking Weenie
for a walk.
Nanny, what with the ball
and the other circumstances...
tomorrow will be quite hectic,
and I was wondering...
If I could keep a certain
six-year-old out of your way?
Well, I will try,
but you know Eloise.
[Tap tap] Excuse me.
It will be my pleasure.
Is it remotely possible to get
some attention, Mr. Salami?
It's "Salomone." Mr. Salomone.
You had his attention the moment
you entered the Plaza.
[Door buzzer]
[Buzzing repeatedly]
You rang?
ELOISE: In the afternoon.
I return back to our suite.
Unfortunately. that means...
- Philip.
- Eloise.
ELOISE: Philip is my tutor.
He goes to Princeton.
My mother knows the dean.
He wears red garters
and is boring. boring. boring!
When we have
our French lesson...
he reads about
la petite cousine de Marie...
and her jardin.
Sometimes I listen.
But not very often.
Here's what makes Philip angry.
He says...
Alors. nous commencerons.
ELOISE: Then I say...
Alor, new commenceron.
ELOISE: Then he says...
Shall we settle down?
"Shall we settle down?"
That's quite enough, Eloise.
"That's quite enough, Eloise."
I'm in no mood
for childishness!
"I'm in no mood
for childishness!"
- I mean it, Eloise!
- "I mean it, Eloise!"
- Stop it at once!
- "Stop it at once!"
- Very well!
- Very well!
- Nanny!
- Nanny!
[Arf arf]
Oh, no, no, no, Eloise.
She's impossible, Nanny.
[Door buzzer]
Oh, she's not as bad
as all that.
Thank you, William.
Now, why don't we
just calm down?
I don't drink.
NANNY: Eloise?
I don't want a tutor, Nanny.
Oh, and how attractive
that will be...
going through life uneducated.
Philip's having a bad time.
He broke up with his girlfriend.
But that was three years ago.
It's a terrible thing
to have your heart broken.
Here's what I like to do--
Fix what's broken.
[Nanny hiccups]
Even broken hearts.
NANNY: Keep your hands up!
Keep your hands up! Yes!
Yes! That's more like it.
Hit him again!
Hit him harder!
Go on! Upper cut!
[Telephone rings]
Upper cut! Yes!
- Mother!
- Belt him!
Bonsoir. Mama.
My mother calls
at least once a day...
or else I miss her
too, too, too terribly.
The same as every day.
Full, full, full!
Philip was here.
We had a most awfulest lesson.
Mr. Nye called.
We have an appointment tomorrow.
Give him a little one, two!
A surprise? Really?
J'adore surprises!
Not as much as I adore you,
of course.
NANNY: 9...10...yes!
[Bell rings]
Mr. Nye is bringing me
a present from Mother...
something trs fabu from Paree.
What do you think it might be?
Oh, I really couldn't guess.
if your mother picked it out,
I'm sure it will be brilliant.
Now...sweet dreams, my pet.
You, too, Nanny.
I love you!
I love you, too.
Sleep tight.
Oh, my lord,
there's still so much to do.
...getting the centerpieces
in by tonight.
We don't want to leave it
till the last minute.
- Yes.
- It's looking quite nice.
Be very careful
about these napkins.
[Bumps chair]
The tables are
too close together. Look.
Oh, yes,
you're absolutely right...
and we will take care of that.
- Mr. Salomone?
- Yes?
I am sorry to interrupt.
You have a phone call.
Uh, yes.
Yes. this is Mr. Salomone.
Yes. Yes. Mr. Toyama.
Absolutely. No problem.
I will take care of it
Yes, sir. I look forward
to seeing you tomorrow.
Mr. Toyama, the attach
to the Prince of Kushin...
will be staying with us
as...as well.
Did you say a prince?
What prince?
Oh, it doesn't matter.
A prince...
Mrs. Daniels? [Claps]
Please, do not repeat
a word of this to anyone.
Are you daft? Of course not.
Someone else might swoop in...
before I get a chance
to invite him to the ball.
Mrs. Daniels,
you don't understand.
If someone finds out, then...
Eloise will find out.
And if Eloise finds out,
then my career will be over.
And if my career is over.
then I...
A prince.
Looks like I found my date
to the debutante ball.
ELOISE: Last night.
I couldn't sleep.
I had all these absolutely
large thoughts.
How would I find the prince?
How would I get him
to ask me to the ball?
What did Mr. Nye
want to talk about?
What did my mother send me?
And what would happen...
if you threw a pitcher of water
down the mail chute?
That's rather a lot
to think about when you're six.
- Yes, Eloise?
- Yes, it's Eloise.
We'd like two croissants,
an artichoke...
so I won't dry up...
- And?
- Some rather hot coffee...
and charge it, please!
Thank you very much.
- Well?
- Well?
- The door?
- The chair?
I don't know what's happened
to your manners this morning.
- Nanny?
- Morning, Sir Wilkes.
Oh, my lord!
Why don't you talk to him?
Now, that is rude, rude, rude.
Just say what's in your head
or at least ask him to tea.
It's just not done, Eloise.
He's a knight.
He's above my station.
if anybody does any asking...
he should ask me.
[Door buzzer]
[Bells tolling]
The bells! The bells!
All right! What can you tell me
about the prince?
- What prince?
- What prince?
The Prince of Kushin.
Don't you know?
He's coming to the Plaza and
taking me to the debutante ball.
Is that so?
He's tall and handsome...
and wears cuff links
made of small blue stones...
or at least
that's how I imagine him.
You're not going anywhere
until you've had your breakfast.
I'll see what I can find out...
but I know who you should
talk to about the ball.
- Mrs. Daniels.
- Her?
- See you later.
- Don't forget your hump.
- Nanny.
- William.
[Arf arf]
Hello, Weenie.
What you got there?
"The Little Prince."
I love this book.
Is it yours?
No, no, no! Philip the Grump
left it yesterday.
He'll want it back.
I better give him a ring.
Now, you just park your botto
in that chair and eat.
[Gasps] The prince!
Ix-nay on the info-may
about the ince-pray.
I eak-spay ig-pay atin-lay,
Are those for the prince?
The Prince of Kushin?
Have you ever been to Kushin?
Here's what I hate--
being ignored.
Oh! Oh! What's happening?
Everything's going dark!
I suddenly feel faint.
She's good.
Too good. That was close.
[Clock chimes]
[Ding ding]
- Any messages?
- Let's see. Yes.
The chairman of the Stock
Exchange is wondering...
if you could ring
the closing bell next Tuesday.
I can't.
My ring finger's all worn out.
Please send him my regrets.
Miss Thompson! Mrs. Daniels
wants this invitation...
to the debutante ball
to be given to--
Uh, our special guest.
Would you see
that it's sent to his...
or her room immediately?
Thank you.
Good morning, Mr. Salomone!
Good morning, Eloise.
Has the prince arrived yet?
How did you know?
I know absolutely everything.
Eloise, please,
I am begging you...
you must behave today.
Between the ball
and the prince...
we can't afford
for one thing to go wrong.
You worry too much.
What could possibly go wrong?
do you see those stars?
You see, the Plaza
is a five-star hotel...
and I take pride in that.
I live by what
these five stars stand for.
Service, attention to detail...
courtesy, luxury,
and, of course, clean--
I'm Eloise. I'm six.
Um, I am...
Leon, and I am nine.
Are you staying
at this hotel, Leon?
Yes, and I'm supposed
to wait for Mr. Salomone--
I never wait for anyone.
I let them wait for me!
Come on, I'll take you
to him--the long way!
Come on.
- Oh!
- So, Leon...
why are you wearing
that perfectly awful coat?
It's my uniform.
I go to boarding school.
They teach you to be bored?
No, I live at the school.
I don't go to school.
School comes to me.
Eloise, where are we going?
Oh, Leon,
we're going to have fun.
Buckets and buckets of fun.
Whoa! Unh!
Oof! Come on!
[Music playing]
Are you looking for something?
Clues about a guest
on the eighth floor.
[Buzz] Unh!
It's amazing what
you can tell about a person...
from their laundry.
See this? A golf shirt.
This man golfs,
but he's not very good.
How do you know?
First of all,
he's rather out of shape...
and if he were good,
he'd be thinner.
And if you're good, you take
vacations near golf courses...
and if you're not very good...
you come to the Plaza and
wear your golf shirt to lunch.
- Who are you looking for?
- I can't tell you.
It's an absolute secret.
But I will tell you this.
He's my date
for the debutante ball.
What's a debutante ball?
Only the most, most, most
fantastic ball...
for girls in New York.
They dance all night and
wear above the elbow gloves.
My mother was a debutante.
She has grace.
She's in Paris now, but
she'll be home in three days.
Wait, Eloise!
We shouldn't be going
through people's laundry.
There are rules!
I can't be a party to this!
A party you're not part of?
What fun is that?
- How about a deal?
- Stop it!
You help me find
my date to the ball...
and I help you!
What--What are you doing?
If you're going to be
my assistant spy...
you'll need
to get rid of that coat.
Spies don't stand out.
They blend.
But someone might take it!
If we're lucky.
WOMAN: You. follow me!
These are
the prince's special sheets...
made from a cotton
grown in the Andes.
These is no other linen
as white as this cotton.
The prince must have
perfectly white sheets.
I want you to hand wash,
then hand iron them.
This is Weenie.
He likes to have his back
scratched with a wire hanger.
And this is Skipperdee.
He likes to eat raisins
and wear sneakers.
I also know a pigeon...
but he's fat and grisly,
so I holler at him. Shoo!
And he flies over
to the Sherry-Netherland.
This is Sabine.
She's from Jamaica.
She's rather unusual.
And this is Saylor.
She's a very sad puss.
She was in the most
terriblest accident...
and she bleeded so hard...
this ambulance came
and took her to the hospital.
They gave her
these terribly dark medicines...
and when she came back,
she was weak, weak, weak!
So I gave her a strawberry leaf
from under my grapefruit...
for not whimpering
and Weenie licked her face!
It was extremely a lot of work.
- What's this for?
- Your disguise, of course.
has no experience in spying.
he's working with a pro.
[Music playing]
Oh! I spoke to Philip.
He'll be by shortly
for his book.
I said you'd bring it
to him in the lobby.
And I believe
an apology is in order.
Yes, he was rather rude to me.
No, not Philip. You!
I want you to apologize
for yesterday.
Now, now, now, Eloise,
we are much better than that.
Much, much, much.
What are you wearing?
- Nothing!
- What are you up to?
Nothing! Gotta skitter!
Be sure to wait for him
in the lobby!
I know my date for the ball
is on this floor.
We'll just have
to go through every room.
- You mean, break in?
- Oh, my lord, no!
Everyone will just open
their doors to us.
[Thud] Wrench.
- This is wrong!
- Wrench, then screwdriver?
We shouldn't be doing this.
Don't worry.
I'm very good at this.
I've never been arrested.
[Doors opening]
WOMAN: Ooh! Oh, my!
Now, pretend you're an orphan...
get all limp,
and bend to the side.
It helps to look sort of sad
in-between the arms.
Now, let's find my date.
[Men talking]
- Hmm?
- Nope. Not here.
[Coughing] Next room.
Ohh, what is it,
110 degrees in here?
Now, I'm going to make
a hair appointment for you...
at the hotel salon.
In the meantime,
here's your dress.
Try it on.
All right. Here I go.
Who did you finally
pick to be your date?
Randall Harper.
He's not so bad.
He's awful.
He's boring and cold.
- But he's rich.
- Very, very rich.
And he went to Yale.
I don't care about Yale.
I don't even want to go
to college next year.
I want to travel. Go to
the places I've read about.
Go to Paris, sit in a cafe,
write poetry.
Speak French with the French.
Vive la vie!
Does your mom know all that?
I couldn't tell her.
I couldn't even tell her
what I thought of...
this dress
she picked out for me.
It's...not so bad.
Are you blind?!
You look like a circus clown.
- Bad as that, huh?
- I was being kind.
Oh, Mrs. Daniels!
I've been looking for you.
Seems I haven't received
my invitation to the ball.
I'm sure
it was just an oversight.
I beg your pardon?
My mother was a debutante.
She wore Dior
and roses in her hair.
Can you think of anything
more wonderful?
Look, young lady,
I don't know who you are--
I am Eloise. I am six.
Here's my card.
You can send my invitation
to my room.
Come along, Leon.
LEON: Aren't we done yet?
Four more rooms to go.
It's obvious my date for
the ball isn't on this floor.
Where should we search next?
[Stomach growls]
Good idea.
- Lunch?
- No, room service!
Excuse me one moment, please.
Sorry, Eloise. If there's
a prince staying here...
he hasn't ordered room service.
Yes, hello. I'm back.
Sorry about that.
No, no, no!
Tak, tak, tak! Too small!
Too small!
Make you cry. Ha ha!
[Sighs] Ahhh...
Unh. Squishy, squishy.
Ahh...no, no, no.
Un moment. Un moment.
No, no, no. The top, the top.
What are you doing with that?
San Vincenzo!
[Cooks shouting]
Here's what I do--
save the day!
Come on!
All right, here's what you do.
Twist that thing
when I tell you to.
All right, let 'er rip!
No, no, no!
You're gonna hurt yourself!
Put that down!
You stay here and don't move!
San Vincenzo! Unh!
OK, baby, come on.
All right,
you want to play like that?
I get you! Ha ha! Come on!
- Aah!
- Whoa!
Ha ha ha!
Because I have to do it...
[Water sloshing]
It wasn't my fault.
The thing was like a fire
and--and there was a--
Ha ha ha! And then
I couldn't get this thing...
and then I get the--the--
Yaaaah! [Echoing]
[Soft piano music playing]
Have you decided?
How's the Chicken Kiev today?
Fantastique, Miss Eloise.
Then the Chicken Kiev it is.
And charge it, please,
to my room.
You can do that?
Charge things?
I charge everything.
Doesn't everyone?
I wish I had your life, Eloise.
Or at least
a turtle and a tutor.
A turtle and a tutor
don't seem so very much.
Tell that to my father.
He thinks the best thing for me
is boarding school.
And you don't?
What's your mother think?
She died. Two years ago.
Oh, Leon, I'm sorry.
You must miss her awfully.
I miss my mother even when
she's away for a short time.
But you have Nanny.
She's my mostly companion.
I've never had a companion.
Well, you do now, don't you?
Yeah. I guess I do.
Come on!
What about the Chicken Kiev?
Oh, my lord, that wasn't for us.
We have too much to do!
[Horse neighs]
Compliments of Eloise.
What on God's green earth
has the child sent me today?
Chicken Kiev.
Well, ain't I grand?
Aw, thanks, Bill.
And thank Her Highness.
And for you, Leo. [Chuckles]
Oh! Mmm!
ELOISE: If you were my date.
where would you be?
Nope. Mm-hmm.
Let's see...
LEON: Wow. What is it?
ELOISE: Central Park...
only the most wonderful park
in the world.
I thought your school
was in New York.
It is, but I don't get out much.
You mean you live here,
but you've never seen the city?
Why didn't you say so?
Come on!
What about
looking for your date?
- The prince will have to wait!
- The prince?
You absolutely
can't tell a soul...
but, yes, the Prince of Kushin
is taking me to the ball.
- Ha ha!
- I'm absolutely serious!
Either you stop
or I won't show you New York!
CHARLIE: You just go down
Fifth Avenue, two blocks...
it's on your right.
You can't miss it.
You're welcome.
Charlie, have you seen Eloise?
I've been looking for her
No, sorry, Nanny,
but I'll keep my eyes open.
Oh, thank you.
- The prince's sheets are ruined!
- What am I going to do?
- I've gone to every store!
- Where will I find 250 quail?
- No one has these sheets!
- I can't cook for the prince!
- Do something about Eloise!
- All because of Eloise!
People, hold it together.
It is 1:30--6 and 1/2 hours
until the ball.
You get down
to the kitchen and cook.
You, find some bleach.
Do I have to
do everything for you?
- Mr. Salomone.
- What?!
Mr. Toyama,
I am so sorry for that outburst.
This is Mr. Toyama,
attach to the prince.
This is our head chef...
this is our
head of housekeeping...
this is Mr. Toyama.
I trust you have seen
to the prince's needs.
About that, we've had
a few unforeseeable setbacks...
but rest assured,
when the prince arrives--
TOYAMA: When he arrives?
He was dropped off
hours ago by his headmaster.
He was told
to report to you directly.
His headmaster?
From the prince's
boarding school?
Hold on.
Ahem. The prince.
The prince, the prince's son.
I never should have allowed him
to travel without security.
This is...not happening.
I must call his father.
I will do whatever it takes
to find His Highness.
How could you allow a young boy
to disappear like that?
SALOMONE: I will contact
security immediately.
[Music playing]
WOMAN: Taxi!
MAN: It's going uptown!
Afternoon, Maggie.
Eloise, my lass!
Thank you for the eats.
Mighty fine indeed.
Maggie, this is my friend Leon.
- Leon, this is Maggie.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Are you from Ireland?
- By way of Brooklyn.
The lucky charm bit
works better with the tourists.
Leon's never seen New York.
Never seen New York?
Why, that's almost a crime.
I think we will show him
absolutely everything.
- Of course!
- But as fast as we everly can.
I have to be back
in an hour and a half.
The "quick like a bunny" tour
it is!
Let's go, Leo.
[Horse neighs]
We're never gonna see him
from up here.
Let's go.
[Elevator dings]
Uh, Mr. Salomone?
- Yes, Miss Daniels.
- Eloise left this in my room.
If it's not too much
of an imposition...
would you see
she gets it back?
Why don't you give it
to that gentleman over there?
His name is Philip.
He's her tutor.
MOLLY: Philip?
Hello? Hello?
Are you Philip, Eloise's tutor?
Yes, yes.
I was wondering if
you could give this to her.
- It's my book.
- Yours?
Yes. I just stopped by
to pick it up.
Lucky Eloise
left it in a place...
where it would
find its way back to you.
Eloise? Oh, yes,
what a...wonderful child.
I hope you don't mind.
I read it.
It's such an enchanting story...
all about the meaning
of life and love and--
And baobab trees.
[Both laugh]
I'm sorry. You have me
at a disadvantage.
You know my name
and I don't know yours.
It's Molly.
Yeah. Molly Daniels.
Miss Thompson,
have you seen Eloise?
She didn't come up for lunch
and I'm rather worried.
I wouldn't worry.
I have a charge here
from the Palm Court.
Looks like she had lunch there.
"Chicken Kiev for one."
That's Eloise.
- Eight, please.
- Nanny?
Oh. Sir Wilkes.
Pardon me,
but you're not related...
to Geoffrey Wilkes of Surrey?
No. Wilkes is my given name.
He was my husband's--
my late husband's
partner's cousin.
Mrs. Linda Daniels.
Are you staying at the hotel?
I know this is last minute,
but if you're free tonight...
the debutante ball is on,
and I would like you to come--
[Music playing]
[Hooves clopping]
So, what do you think?
It's the most wonderful city
in the whole world!
Oh! Dear!
Oh, Leon, you make me laugh.
What's wrong?
My mother used to say that.
At night, we used to sit out
and look at the stars...
and talk about everything
in the universe.
She used to say to me...
Et quand tu auras
besoin de moi...
cherche dans le ciel
et tu verras mon toile.
Je serais l.
Ecoutes bien attentivement
et tu entendras mon rire.
What does that mean?
It doesn't matter.
It's so bright at night
in New York...
you can't see the stars.
The only way to see
the stars in New York...
is with the most
powerfullest telescope.
Ecoutes bien attentivement
et tu entendras mon rire.
It's what you miss most
about her, isn't it?
What? The stars?
No. Hearing her laugh.
You know what I think?
I think your father
misses her, too.
Maybe that's
why he sent you away...
because he thought
you wouldn't miss her so much...
if you were
in a different place.
- But that's not true.
- Then you need to tell him that.
How? You don't know
how hard it is to talk to him.
It can't be any harder
than keeping it all inside.
And if you told him how you
really, really, really feel...
you might get to go home.
I'm sorry. Your daughter never
showed up for her appointment.
What do you mean my daughter
never showed up?
Maybe something came up.
Like what? What could be
more important than her hair?
I don't blame my ex-girlfriend.
She said she wanted
what I wanted...
but what she really
wanted was someone...
to sit behind a desk all day,
like a lawyer or a banker--
Someone with
the right connections.
- Yeah.
- Was it a recent break up?
- Three years ago.
- Three? Really?
Well, it must have
been painful for you.
Oh, yes, but getting less so
by the moment.
Making money
doesn't interest me.
I want to make just enough
to travel--
- See the world.
- Yes, yes!
I dream of places like
Tierra del Fuego and Katmandu.
- Paris?
- Yes.
- I've been.
- You have?
Yeah, that's where
I learned to speak French.
I can just see you there...
sitting out at some cafe,
BOTH: Writing poetry.
It's like you know
what's in my head.
Well, it's not so amazing.
The same thoughts
go on in my head.
Have you thought of
going down the Nile?
Only a million times.
MAN: No, no.
No sign of them.
They must be looking
for someone.
Aren't we all? [Giggles]
Maggie will take you around
for another hour...
then we'll meet back
in the lobby after my meeting.
Off we go, then.
[Kiss kiss]
- Bye!
- Bye bye!
Over there, over there.
Gee, Mr. Salomone,
did you lose your coat?
No, I've lost a prince.
You mean he's finally here?
Yes, yes,
but no one can find him.
Don't worry, Mr. Salomone.
As soon as I meet with Mr. Nye,
I'll be back to help you.
Oh. Oh.
ELOISE: Mr. Nye hates to wait.
He's worked for my mother for
as long as I can remember...
and has had the whooping cough
and the measles.
[Playing "Chopsticks" on piano]
Sometimes I give him
rubber candy.
He's absolutely so dumb
he eats it.
he brings me a present...
whether I deserve it or not.
I usually do.
Hello, Mr. Nye.
You're late, Eloise.
- I'm sorry.
- Mm-hmm.
We have to have
a very serious discussion, OK?
Did you bring the present
from my mother?
Actually, I brought two things.
Are they both from Paris?
Well, one is.
The other is a tad more local.
We have to discuss
your hotel charges, Eloise.
It's irresponsible to spend
this amount of money.
- I'm six.
- I know!
How responsible
should I be, Mr. Nye?
Eloise, I have spoken
to your mother--
Is she having
an absolutely wonderful time?
Yes, but you have to cut back.
- Cut back what?
- On your spending.
Oh, Mr. Nye. When you get
too, too, too angry...
you get these little wrinkles
in-between your eyes.
Now, where's my present?
Your present--
I brought your present
up to your suite...
I gave it to Nanny.
I told her that--
You don't even have it?
All right. Think about
what I've told you, OK?
I realize that
you're only six years old...
but you have to realize you
can't always get what you want.
Do you know why?
- Excuse me.
- Yes, ma'am? Can I help you?
Would you be so kind
as to phone Sir Wilkes...
and ask him if he'd care to join
Mrs. Daniels for tea at 4:00?
I'll take care of that
Thank you.
ELOISE: Ever have an idea
that is so perfectest it hurts?
I'm having one right now.
Thank you so much
for our little talk, Mr. Nye.
Eloise, I have to--
[Gasps] Sometimes you need
help with the plan.
- Please?
- No.
No, I won't change my mind
because you keep saying--
- Please?
- No, I won't do it!
- Philip, be a sport.
- Absolutely not.
I have to have a temper fit.
Stop it! Stop it!
You're embarrassing--
[Screams echoing]
Shh! Quiet, quiet, quiet.
Aah! All right, all right!
I'll do it.
What did you want me
to do again?
Write a letter to Nanny
inviting her to tea...
but I want you to sign it
"Sir Wilkes."
Sir Wilkes.
What should his letter
to her say?
It shouldn't be too impersonal.
She still wants to know
how he feels about her.
But it shouldn't
reveal too much, either.
Well, why not?
Men don't like to wear
their hearts on their sleeves.
I mean, what if she doesn't
like him in that way?
Oh, but she does,
in every way.
maybe he didn't know that.
NANNY: I can't imagine what
your mother was thinking.
She was thinking--Oh--pink.
Think pink! Isn't it divine?
Oh, my stars, stars, stars!
Where are you going
to wear a dress like that?
To the ball, Nanny.
That's why she sent me
this chicy chic dress.
Eloise, you don't
even have an invitation.
[Door buzzer]
That's Bill!
It's for you!
Oh, where are my glasses?
Nanny's rather far-sighted.
"Dear Nanny...
"would you do me the honor
of meeting me for tea...
"in the Palm Court
this afternoon at 4:00?
"Yours very sincerely,
Sir Wilkes."
Oh, my lord.
Bill, what time is it?
Did you hear that, Nanny?
You better skibble.
Oh, my lord!
There you are!
I spent the better part of
the afternoon looking for you.
MOLLY: Mother,
I'd like you to meet--
Randall will be here
in a couple of hours.
You must get ready.
You don't want him
seeing you dressed like this.
Randall Harper III, her fianc.
- No, he's not my fianc--
- He's almost your fianc.
- Mother, I barely know him.
- Oh, fuh-fuh.
She was his only choice.
Molly is very sought-after...
and he is from
a very well-connected family.
In fact,
his father is helping her...
get into one of
the finest universities.
- He is?
- Yes!
First college,
then a fabulous society wedding.
And here I thought
you wanted to travel.
I won't keep you.
- No, Philip--
- Come along.
If we hurry, we can
still get the salon...
to do something
with that hair of yours.
It's an absolute...
I can't believe it.
Service, luxury, courtesy...
attention to details.
That's all gone!
I have everybody so busy
looking for the prince...
that nothing--I repeat,
nothing else is being done.
It's still pretty clean.
Well, great.
I've turned a five-star hotel
into a one-star.
[Telephone rings]
Four hours until the ball,
we have to shut down...
and start questioning
the guests?
[Voice on phone, indistinct]
Oh, Mr. Peabody...
I'm so sorry.
[Knock on door]
No, no. [Snaps]
Nothing is wrong.
Is the prince here?
Well, sir, the truth is...yes.
Yes, he's standing
right in front of me.
Yes, yes, of course.
Good-bye. Uh--
Your Highness.
Have the police been called?
No. Not yet.
Would you see to it immediately?
Oh. [Snaps] Of course.
This is all my fault.
I should've picked him up
from school myself.
With all due respect,
Your Highness...
I believe it was I
who was at fault.
I was so busy preparing
for your arrival...
that I did not
pay attention to details.
If I had,
then I would have known...
that it was your son
who was showing up today.
But rest assured,
Your Highness...
we will find him.
Yes, of that I am sure.
I hope you are right,
Mr. Salomone.
I hope you are right.
- Thank you, Maggie.
- You're welcome, honey.
- Be careful crossing the street.
- I will.
WOMAN: Can I get a picture
with the horse?
Oh. of course you can.
MAN: Come see the cosmos.
See the stars, see the universe.
New York's biggest telescope.
See the stars.
Hey, kid. See the stars.
The big planetarium.
We got stars, constellations--
- Excuse me.
- Yeah?
Can you tell me
how to get to the planetarium?
Just go up this street and make
a right on Central Park West.
- You can't miss it.
- Thank you.
See the stars!
Come see the universe.
[Police sirens]
MOLLY: I don't believe this.
I'm so pathetic.
I can't even have my hair
styled the way I want.
You want me
to blow-dry instead?
No, my mother wouldn't like--
Yes, go ahead. Blow-dry.
No, wait. [Sighs]
I don't believe this.
I'm so pathetic.
Why do I let her run my life?
Not that I have a life--
I just read about life...
other people's lives.
Why can't I stand up to her?
Tell her that I want to travel.
Eloise is six years old
and she stood up to her.
You want to know why?
She knows what she wants.
She doesn't let anything
get in her way.
I know what I want.
So, what am I--
I know what I want!
I know what I want,
I know what I want. Uhh!
Excuse me, miss.
Would you look at the photo--
[Humming waltz]
- Mother!
- Oh!
We need to talk.
What have you done to your hair?
Have you ever had a dream?
I'll get the blow dryer.
I'll finish it.
No! I don't want you
to finish it.
Oh, for heaven's sakes, Molly.
You cannot go to your ball
looking like a deranged poodle.
I'm trying to ask you if
you've ever wanted something--
I mean, really wanted it.
- Like what?
- Like Paris.
No, I have never wanted
to go to Paris, OK?
Now, I have an engagement,
and when I'm done...
I expect to see hair perfection.
[Whispers] Henry...
- Hello, Nanny.
- I'm looking for Sir Wilkes.
Oh, he just came in.
Right this way.
Sir Wilkes.
- Nanny.
- How nice.
I must say I was surprised
and pleased...
to get your invitation...
To tea?
Right. My invitation...
for tea.
And we must arrange it.
I thought it was for this--
This afternoon, right,
yes, of course.
What I meant was
we must arrange it--
the table--so that we face
each other for tea today.
- Eloise.
- I beg your pardon?
Eloise did this.
She sent me an invitation
for tea with your name on it.
How remarkable
for such a small child.
Sir Wilkes,
I cannot apologize enough--
Tosh, tosh, tosh.
Actually, I'm relieved.
I thought I was having tea
with that dreadful woman--
- Sir Wilkes!
- Mrs. Daniels.
We were just talking about you,
weren't we, Nanny?
Nanny, really?
Is that your given name?
- I'll be going.
- No.
No. I have made
a dreadful blunder.
When I accepted
your invitation...
I had forgotten I made plans
for tea with Nanny.
Oh, well,
I'm sure she won't mind--
Joining us? Brilliant!
Shall we sit?
Lobby, please, Max.
Did you hear? They quarantined
the ninth floor.
Everyone has chicken pox.
It's very contagious.
They say it starts out
with an itch.
[Gasps] Oh, my lord!
Does that look like
a pock to you?
[People gasping]
[Frantic screams]
Molly has so many options
available to her.
She could go to England--
Oxford or Cambridge
would be ideal.
Then again,
she could go to France.
I mean, she is bilingual.
I always thought Harvard
was a logical choice...
but there is something
to be said about Stanford.
Although I do worry about
Molly in California...
all those
free thinkers and all.
I don't know.
Where does Molly want to go?
What do you mean?
Where does your daughter
want to go to college?
Certainly, she must have
an opinion on that subject.
Well, I don't know.
Haven't you asked her?
Of course. I must have.
She must have told me.
I know a little girl
who's constantly reminding me...
to say what I'm feeling.
What she means, of course,
is I should follow my heart.
It's easy to do
when you're six...
but when you're older,
it's not so much a question...
of following your heart...
but of listening to
what's in other people's hearts.
Perhaps Molly has already
told you what she wants...
and you just haven't heard her.
Are you presuming to say
I don't know my own daughter?
Oh, no, no, no!
That I'm a bad mother?
- No.
- Aah!
What's the matter? What is it?
Ohh! Something horrible
just crawled on me!
Something with sharp claws!
It was all slimy
and slithering up my leg!
What sort of five-star hotel
has vermin in it?!
Aaah! Where's Mr. Salami
when you need him?
I'm sorry.
Is this what attacked you?
It most certainly was not!
Well, I never!
[Crowd whispering]
Perhaps you should go after her.
Yes, perhaps I should.
Ohh, poor baby.
Excuse me, have you seen
this boy in the hotel today?
Any luck?
- No.
- Keep looking.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Miss? Excuse me.
Look at this photo, please?
Have you seen this boy
in the hotel at all today?
Whom he is?
- Leon?
- Who's Leon?
- He is!
- No, this is Kintaro.
He's the son
of the Prince of Kushin.
- Who is?
- He is.
He's a prince?
Well, if he's
the son of a prince...
I guess that makes him
a prince, yeah.
Have you seen him?
Everyone's looking for him.
Have I seen him?!
Sorry, Eloise.
I dropped him off
at the hotel an hour ago.
Then where is he?
You took the prince unescorted
through the streets of New York?
First of all,
I didn't know he was a prince.
he had gallons of fun...
something he hasn't had
for a while.
And thirdly, he was lonely.
Do you have any concept
of the danger involved?
Do you realize what these games
of yours may have done?
- But I just wanted--
- If anything happens--
Your Highness, she didn't know.
She's only six.
But I can find him!
Yes, well, perhaps
you've done enough for one day.
Why don't they believe me?
If I had just
the right equipment...
I could find Leon,
I know I could!
You believe me, don't you?
Of course I do, luv.
You've got one of
the biggest hearts I know.
But sometimes, no matter
how much we want to help...
it's just not possible.
But if I did
think of something...
you would help me, right?
Oh, for sure, sure, sure!
Now, why don't you just
take a nice deep breath...
and try not to fret, hmm?
[Music playing]
LEON: At night. we used to
sit out and look at the stars.
Ecoutes bien attentivement
et tu entendras mon rire.
Here's what I like--
never giving up.
ELOISE: The Oak Room
is absolutely the only place...
in the hotel
I'm not allowed to go.
Been staring at that drink
for an hour now.
I don't drink...
but I'm thinking I should.
At least. the only place...
I'm not allowed to go
as me--Eloise.
[Deep voice] Pardon me.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Little man comin' through.
Nice moustache.
Shh! You'll blow my cover!
Now, what does...
Et si jamais tu auras
besoin de moi...
et si tu ecoutes tout
m'entrendre rire mean?
Wait a minute. When did
you get such a good accent?
Don't try to change
the subject, Philip.
What does it mean?
It sounds like the end
of "The Little Prince"...
one of the books
I tried to read you.
It's about a prince who comes
to Earth from a far away star...
and he comes looking
for the meaning of life.
But what does it mean?!
[Deep voice]
But what does it mean?
It means something like...
"If you need me,
find my star...
and if you listen carefully,
you can hear me laughing."
Leon Werth?
Leon Werth!
You know you're not supposed
to be in here, now scoot.
- Gotta skitter!
- Wait! Where?
To find the prince,
of course! Nanny!
Thank you.
[Music playing]
you found the stars.
What are you doing here?
Are you a real prince?
You could have told me
who you really were.
I didn't want you to treat me
like everyone else does.
You know...different.
Tell me which one she's on.
That one.
The beautiful bright one there.
Hmm. What have you
been talking to her about?
New York, the Plaza, you.
But mostly how much I miss her.
And how I wish
I could talk to Papa...
the way I could always
talk to her.
What would you tell him?
Go on.
Pick a star and say it.
I'd tell him that
even though she's gone...
it doesn't mean
we can't be a family.
She would've hated us
being so far apart.
More than anything else...
she loved it
when we were all together...
talking and laughing...
but now all there is...
PRINCE:...is silence.
You are right.
She would have hated it.
And you know what?
I hate it, too.
You are so much like her.
And when she died...
I didn't think I could bear
being reminded of her...
every time I looked at you
or heard your voice...
or held you...
But since I've sent you away...
I've realized that
not only have I lost her...
I've lost the most precious gift
she ever gave me.
Tell me what you want, my son.
I want to go home.
Listen, Papa,
I think I hear her laughing.
[Music playing]
Prince coming through!
Step aside!
Excuse me! Pardon me!
Very sorry to interrupt
your daily business.
- Ahh.
- Not now.
[Gasps] Oh, thank goodness!
I told you I'd find him.
Oh, Your Highness,
would you please accept...
my most humble apology?
For what?
It was the greatest day
of my life.
If you will excuse us...
I think we should
talk to the police.
You can stop worrying now,
Mr. Salomone.
That would be lovely, Eloise...
but there's still the matter
of feeding 200 ball guests...
whose dinner seems
to have mysteriously drowned.
Not to mention
a rather unfortunate...
housekeeping problem
with the prince's suite...
which he is due
to inspect in...
Oh! Less than an hour.
There's no way
it can all be done.
the glass half-empty type.
Oh, Mr. Salomone,
it absolutely can be done...
if you just come right out
and say what you need.
I'm telling you, it's useless!
We cannot come up with dinner
for 200 by 8:00.
- What's that?
- Cheese.
- And that?
- Caviar.
- Enough for 200?
- Yes, but--
All right then...
caviar and grilled cheese
sandwiches for everyone!
Perhaps if we tried
another round of bleach?
Forget the bleach.
There's no time.
We're going
with a new color scheme.
We're going
with a new color scheme.
[Music playing]
[Crowd talking]
Think pink!
A better way of life.
Your Highness, I know what
you must be thinking.
- I just want to say--
- I like it.
You do?
You can tell Mr. Peabody...
that after seeing
what you pulled off today...
I can think of no other place...
I would rather
have my trade conference.
Thank you, Your Highness.
Gotta skitter!
I gotta go get gussied up.
Your son is taking me
to the debutante ball tonight.
I haven't been invited, Eloise.
No, but I believe
Mrs. Daniels invited the prince.
Of course,
she didn't specify which one.
In that case, I'd be honored if
you'd accompany me to the ball.
In that case,
I absolutely accept!
Better skittle.
I have to do an errand first.
But I don't understand.
It's to thank you for helping me
with Nanny and Sir Wilkes.
Eloise, you don't
have to give me--
Oh, my lord!
Never turn down a present.
Take it! Oh, hi!
Thanks for the invitation.
I'll see you at the ball!
What invitation?
Mother, we need to talk.
Yes, we do.
I had tea today
with a lady called--
This is my turn to talk
and your turn to listen.
I really need you
to hear me this time.
I'm not going
to the ball with Randall.
I don't give two wits
about Randall...
or his family or
his connections.
I don't even want
to go to college next year.
I want to travel.
I want to see the world.
But more than anything,
I want so desperately...
for you to want
something for me...
that brings me happiness...
even if I fail you
in the process.
If anyone has failed, it's me.
All this time I thought
I knew what was best for you...
and I never
asked what you wanted.
And if that means
not going to college...
you don't have to go.
And if you want to travel,
I'll buy that plane ticket.
Of course, I might want
to go to college some day.
I better get downstairs
and send Randall your regrets.
What's this?
I don't know.
Eloise gave it to me.
[Indistinct chatter]
Mr. Peabody will be
so proud of you, sir.
He couldn't
have done better himself.
We're ready to open the doors,
Mr. Salomone.
Nine minutes late.
I have failed.
I guess you didn't get a chance
to reset it this morning.
- Tell them to open the doors.
- Yes, sir.
[Music playing]
[Excited chatter]
I'm sorry.
We've both apologized enough
for our misunderstanding.
No, I mean about stepping
on your foot.
I can't see very well.
Oh, come here.
Would you like to dance?
I would love to dance.
You're right, Nanny.
I can't fix everything.
Some things are just too big.
But I'm going to keep trying.
Don't you think you should, too?
- Nanny.
- Oh! Sir Wilkes!
Sir Wilkes?
Would you care to dance?
Why, I can't think of
anything I'd rather do.
You know, I cannot
keep calling you Nanny.
No, I suppose not.
I'm so sorry
to keep you waiting...
Miss, uh...
I understand you've had
a rather hectic day.
To say the least,
which is why you're here.
The Plaza is looking
to hire an events coordinator.
I've taken on too much lately
and don't have the time...
to pay attention
to every detail.
I quite understand,
and I can assure you...
you've come to the right person.
Details are my life,
Mr. Salomone.
I am an absolute perfectionist.
Well, I do hope you'll consider
taking the position...
Miss, uh, Stickler.
It would be my honor,
Mr. Salomone.
And please...
call me Prunella. [Laughs]
Here's what I like--
happy endings.
Gotta skitter!
[Indistinct chatter]
[Elevator dings]
Excuse me, would you see
that these get mailed?
- Certainly.
- Thank you.
Ohh! Ohh!
[Clears throat]
I absolutely love the Plaza.
[Music playing]