Elsamma Enna Aankutty (2010) Movie Script

By closing the eyes.
By passing over.
By closing the eyes.
By passing over.
"Children who never see,
will come on seeing this."
Come by touching the hand or the leg of
the girl who is standing on that side.
Come by touching
the hand or the leg.
It's getting late.
It's getting late.
By hiding behind the tree.
When I went there..
..the hut was made.
By closing the eyes.
By passing over.
By closing the eyes.
By passing over.
One, Two, Three, Four, Five.
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten.
Good morning, Palunni. (Milkman).
Oh, good morning.
By hearing you call me "Palunni"..
Now the villagers have also
started calling me that.
I have a nice name,
Unnikrishnan KK.
Neduparambil Sekharan's
son Unnikrishnan.
Sarojini teacher's son Unnikrishnan.
President Sivan sir's son Unnikrishnan.
For taking you from these,
Unnikrishnan, this is better.
Palunni. The milk is over there.
Unni is over there.
Anyway, it's good that you haven't
started the soil business.
If so, then..
No. No.
Take this.
Rs. 42 from sister Radhamani
including yesterday's amount.
Rs. 38 from Karaparampil.
That master Chacko hasn't
given last month's payment.
Remind him.
- Elsamma.
- Yes.
That Papachan came back.
You tell him to give the previous
balance of Rs. 324.
If you try, it might be possible.
I Will do that.
You have written that amount
as bad debts.
If you get it, give me half of it. Agreed?
Okay. Okay.
The village has awaken.
The flowers have opened their eyes.
The village has awaken.
The flowers have opened their eyes.
Hey, girl, naughty girl.
Fly away from here immediately.
The rooster will ring
the wake up alarm.
It will come today, tomorrow..
It will come in thousands.
It will come today, tomorrow..
It will come in thousands.
An offer will come for you
at any time now.
It's getting late.
It's getting late.
By hiding behind the tree.
When I went there..
..the hut was made.
Hey, little cat.
Hey, naughty cat.
You look like a lazy cat.
I will bring fish for you when
the pond dries up.
Hey, dove, come wearing
new white clothes.
Hey, sun, come wearing a red sari.
It will come today, tomorrow..
It will come in thousands.
It will come today, tomorrow..
It will come in thousands.
An offer will come for you
at any time now.
It's getting late.
It's getting late.
By hiding behind the tree.
When I went there..
..the hut was made.
By closing the eyes.
By passing over.
By closing the eyes.
By passing over.
By closing the eyes.
By passing over.
Keep it.
- Ready?
- Ready?
God. Not me. These people.
Hey, stop there.
Hit the right place.
I'll take a paper to write letter.
Anyway, make sure that Elsamma
doesn't come to know about this.
What if she comes to know?
If she comes to know about this,
then the next day's
breaking news will be that the village council
president Remanan has hit the hip of Omana.
News is creating leaders.
One tea.
I haven't eaten anything.
Don't eat.
The outside world is now learning about
Balan Pillai because I'm creating news.
Balan Pillai city doesn't need
that kind of bad publicity.
In 1975, the news about this place
had come in the newspaper.
Sir, you are new to this place,
that's why I'm telling you.
I'm the only person who has
a city in my own name.
You might have heard. Balan Pillai.
When I started a tea stall here,
Elsamma's father Pookala.
Varkey wrote Balan Pillai city under
the board of Balan Pillai tea shop.
We will remove that name.
We have found a new name.
I won't allow that.
We don't need anyone's consent.
What is the new name, member?
There is a city in the Secretariat.
Smart city.
I will put that name.
We haven't eaten anything.
Give them what they want.
If they won't get eggs, they will
create some other problem.
Jose's bill is Rs. 47.50.
RS. 47.50.
Write it in my account.
You don't have any account here.
So this new account is being opened.
Don't cheat me by writing
in the account.
Member Remanan has inaugurated Kariya
Parambil ltti Memorial Football match.
There's news here.
I will give the photo aftenlvards.
- Sorry, member.
- What?
I have instructions from
Kozhikode office that I should..
Put only one news about
member Remanan.
What is that news?
The ninth ward member
Remanan passed away.
Oh.. When?
What nonsense are you blabbering?
As it is, villagers say that you
have an extra bone.
That's true.
If I write my name "Elsamma"
in English and Malayalam.
There is one 'L'.
That 'L' denotes love. Love. Love.
Love. Nonsense.
What else? Karipalli.
Remanan, did you read
today's newspaper?
What is the use of reading it?
There is no news about me today.
But there is news about me.
Lucky fellow.
There is fake liquor flowing in
Karipalli Sugunan's liquor shop.
Destroy everything.
If anyone comes inside,
I will break his head.
Come. Come inside.
If you are a man, then come inside.
Let me see your courage.
Go inside.
If you have the guts, come inside.
I will break your legs.
Hey, go inside.
I'm the one who brought
them to get blamed.
Very nice.
Hey. You are just a girl.
Just a small girl.
Don't try to be a man.
That's not possible.
If a fish jumps,
it can onlyjump knee-high.
Then if itjumps again, then it will reach..
The basket. The basket.
Elsamma will jump.
And I will stand straight again.
For that, there's no need
to be a man.
A female can do all this.
Justa girl.
Showing woman power.
This state of Kerala itself is being maintained
because of drunkards and liquor sellers.
Karimpalli Sugunan is the only
liquor seller in this village council.
If you lock that liquor shop
by writing about it,
Then we will have to close down
the village council, too.
I will shut down the liquor
shop at any cost.
Oh, such courage!
SI Sunadappan. Her right hand.
She has agreed to get her transferred.
Because of Remanan's request,
I'm throwing the cycle down.
Anyway, you are our Varkey's daughter.
Leave it. Okay.
What happened, Karipalli?
Have you come here to exact your
revenge after reading the news?
Sir, don't say anything like that.
She is our child.
- Right, Daughter?
- Yes.
Sir, you have come here recently.
That's why you don't know.
Her father Pookam Varkey.
Yes. He would boil medicinal leaves
and coconut flowers.
Okay. Okay.
After boiling it, he would filter it.
Those who would drink that would start
dancing like a flower.
Thus he got the name "Pookala Varkey".
That means that what Elsamma
said is true, right?
You are making fake liquor, right?
Sir, Karippalli's enemies
are saying that.
Tell me. Your job is making
fake liquor, right?
Hello. Yes. I've reached.
Sir, you don't go. I'm on the way.
Hey, Daughter, you call me
if you need any help.
How are things going on?
- That's your shop, right?
- Yes.
You should vacate that.
Get into the vehicle.
Let's drink a little.
Karippalli had offered my father 3 acres of
rubber plantation for making fake liquor.
One fine day, Karipalli and my father had
an argument regarding that land.
My father died the next day
in an accident.
I doubt that Karipalli did that.
Oh, had such an incident taken place?
I didn't know about that.
May I go?
Sir, let's drink one cup of tea. Come.
- Brother Sasi.
- Yes.
Greetings, sir.
Mathachan. Three cups of tea.
Without for brother Sasi.
Serve them fast.
Liquor made from only 15 coconut trees is
being taking to Karipalli's liquor shop.
With that much, he won't be
able meet the target.
Karipalli is not Jesus to turn
water into wine.
If things keep going like this,
a big tragedy will take place here.
As long as Sunandappan is the SI here
nothing like that will ever happen.
If you get some information,
you should inform me, Elsamma.
Today onwards, Sugunan and his liquor
shop will be under my observation.
What about my transfer?
I will manage that.
Oh, Sinaba. My Sinaba.
Why did you come like a calf?
- Whether I come or not..
- Okay.
Member, you go away without disturbing me.
Who is there in your heart, Sinaba?
The poem in your heart.
My God. He won't allow
me to do my work.
- Member, now you sweep.
- Yes.
You are the moonlight in
my dream, my dear sweeper.
Don't pull her scarf.
My dear henna plant.
Are you sweeping here?
Hi, Unni.
I have come here to see you, member.
Then see.
I have read in the newspaper that
you are giving loans to cattle farmers.
Yes. I am.
Application forms will arrive
tomorrow or the day after.
Fill up that application, take the member's
signature on it and submit it.
Okay. But give a bottle for signing it,
That's the system.
For signing it..
Bottle. Bottle.
Not a milk bottle. Brandy bottle.
Remember that the tea which your drink
is made of has my cow's milk.
If your milk isn't there,
we will bring milk from other states.
Yes. You can do that.
But remember its quality, too.
Earth worms for increasing
the thickness of the milk.
Formalin which is sprayed on
dead bodies to prevent milk decay.
Then potassium permanganate.
Caustic soda.
If all these go into the stomach...
Lose motions, vomiting,
digestion problems..
Enough. Enough.
- This many problems?
- Yes.
As a cattle farmer,
what you said might be true.
I will consider your application.
But bottle for signing it..
Okay-. Okav-
He came to take a free signature.
- Member.
- Yes.
Our village council secretary Rajamma sir..
- Rajamma Sir?
- Nothing.
I thought you will be happy
on hearing that name.
Karipalli called me.
Oh, for what?
Where is my son George
who was his childhood friend?
He hasn't seen him for a long time.
Do you have his phone number?
We know Karipalli very well.
He won't call me without any reason.
When I told him to tell me the matter is, he
told me that Christmas is around the corner.
He will get good business this time.
Tell her not to create any problems.
Paappan, then what did you say?
I told him that she won't budge even
if Jesus comes and tells her.
Paappan, will George come
for this Christmas?
Write. Without asking all these things.
Why are you shouting at him?
He didn't come for last Christmas either.
Even if he wants to come,
his wife won't allow him to do so.
She started brainwashing him
the day they got married.
She wants him to buy the property in Ernakulam
or Bangalore after selling all this.
She won't like this village.
That's why she left from here.
My ancestors had made this.
How can I sell this?
He won't understand that.
After marriage, a wife is really important.
It would be a matter of great luck
if he calls me this Christmas.
She was sleeping at
Rajakkad bus stop.
I'm taking her from there.
Go, man.
Mother, you will get a bad name
for others, too.
Oh, don't make a bad name
for me for delivering you.
- That's for sure.
- Go away.
I was waiting for the bus after leaving
from the church, Dinamma.
It's good that Unni saw you.
Then your father will bring me here.
I have told him to buy some medicines.
My knee hurts.
We will get Elsamma married soon.
Next Sunday, a boy will come to see her. And
the Sunday after that, will be the engagement.
And the Sunday after that,
will be the wedding.
My God.
The time to get her married is here?
Yes. Decide whom you want.
Puliyanmala Tomy.
Kambilikandan Xavier.
Pattammile Sibi.
He is B.Com, first class.
He knows rubber tapping very well.
He is well suited for Elsamma.
No. He is not good enough
for our Elsamma.
- Please go away.
- No.
She failed in the 10th grade.
She needs a groom who is
much more educated.
Yes. My opinion is also the same.
You tell your opinion to
Nedumkandam Vasanthi.
- Nuisance.
- Who is that?
Hasn't your mother told you anything?
Next Sunday, you have to go
to see the bride.
Hey, look over here. It's okay
if you are taking Unni along with you.
But the bride should be beautiful.
A very beautiful girl.
But she is a little damaged
due to wear and tear.
She is just 19. She is slim.
That will be okay after marriage.
You don't bring a proposal for me.
I won't come to see the bride.
Stop. Stop.
Don't lie to Jesus and
marriage brokers. Tell me.
Did you made someone
in bottle by giving milk?
Tell. We want to know as well.
If something like that happens,
I will inform you.
Brother Thoma.
When you bring a proposal for me,
bring a boy who is a little dark is color.
Why so?
If the boy is fair, then he will
feel the black complex.
Give him a little B complex.
Black is beautiful.
There's a song as well.
Sreekrishnan who had 10008 wives
is also black in color.
Lord Rama, whom Shurpanaha loves,
was also black in color.
The elephant is also black in color.
Night is also dark in color.
If so, black is beautiful, right?
Brother, please write this song for me.
Sure. I will go after giving you this.
- Hey.
- Yes.
If you promise not to get shocked,
I will tell you the truth.
- Okay.
- I'm not married.
If you are interested, l..
Go. Go. Go. Jesus.
What's the matter, Thoma?
I want to put a marriage
advertisement in newspaper.
- For whom?
- I'll read..
A groom wanted for a beautiful lady
who is working as a nurse in America.
Caste, religion no bar.
Preferably unemployed youth.
Contact Malavalan Thomachan.
Manavalan's marriage bureau.
BP city. Phone,
The phone is there.
Please give this.
Who is the bride?
I'm the bride.
Oh, are you going to commit a fraud?
The youths who are not ready to work
will call on this number.
I will tell them to send Rs. 100 to get
their bio-data, phone number and photo.
They will send that amount at any cost.
When they call, I will act
as the bride's father.
Then I will say this.
"Hello, the girl's engagement
is done with, my son."
Thus that will get over with.
We can share the amount equally.
What are you saying?
It's a nice business.
If you commit any fraud by misusing
the nurse's name.
I will file a case against you and
SI Sunandappan will thrash you.
Tear it off.
I tore it away.
Don't make him thrash me.
Tell him to just give me a warning.
I will improve.
I could have said anything.
- Paappa.
- Yes.
Elsamma's groom's photo is
being showed there.
Thomachan is showing it.
He is smart.
That means Paappan also
knows about this.
I have brought this after
traveling 5-6 kilometers...
believing the great farmer
Kunnel Paappan's words.
Look here.
I want to know today itself.
Paappan, will you inform her
that I love Elsamma?
I will tell her.
You give me this.
You say this. But you won't tell her.
I'm not even able to sleep well.
Even I don't get good sleep.
That's why I'm drinking this.
Look. Don't say this.
You drink this.
I'm sure that you will look
after Elsamma nicely.
That surety is enough for me
to get her married to you.
Hold this...
Paappan, I trust you.
I have only one request.
Let me live till I conduct her and
her younger sister's marriage.
What are you saying, Paappan?
You will live to see all your grand
children's marriages, too. What happened?
Grand children? Grand children.
It's good if they remember
their grand parents.
My son's wife alienated his
children from their grandparents.
Jesus must have calculated
that time itself that my
own son won't be there to
let me have water when I die.
That's why I told Pookala Varkey
to stay here on my land.
Enough. My Varkey's children
are enough for me.
I and Dinamma are happy.
She won't come to know that her future
husband is a drunkard now itself.
Should I shut down this bar
in the forest?
Or will you do that yourself?
Unni. You are spoiling Paappan a lot.
- I will give you.
- L..
No. He hasn't spoiled me.
Your father Varkey had done that.
Pookala Varkey.
He is innocent. Very innocent.
He won't even touch liquor.
Don't break the glass that
is lying down. Take that.
Don't laugh.
I want to talk to you about
something serious.- What?
A good proposal has come from Kanjirapally.
Varikkaparambil Lonappan told me.
I'm going there the next Sunday.
Don't go.
I will tell you when I feel
like getting married.
Don't do this again.
I've ended our friendship. Good bye.
Hey. Let me tell you something.
Let me tell you, Tell me.
I just played a drama to learn whether
she is ready to marry or not.
- Is it?
- Yes.
Now did you understand that she is
not interested in getting married?
Now there's no use of
telling her to do so.
When she is ready, I will let
her know. She will agree.
That day like Prem Nazir and Sheela,
you and she will dance in
between these rubber trees.
In this way. My dear.
I will be a plant full of flowers
in your path.
I will be blossomed.
My dear.
"I will come and sit in the branch
of the jasmine plant.."
"in front of your house to touch you.
My dear, I have seen thousands
of your foot marks.."
"in the soil today."
My dear.
The cloud has carried a milk pot..
..and has climbed the
steps of the mountains.
The valley will remain down there..
..while waving a hand for
the cold to come..
..by whispering sweet
nothings in the ear.
The drizzling rain will show
its naughtiness.
The feast is coming.
The silence is getting over.
In this way. My dear.
I will be a plant full of flowers
in your path.
I will be blossomed.
From the wound of waste plant, too..
..the love will ooze out.
like this memory.
Green plants.
..are growing to climb on the top.
"The candle light will blossom
to satisfy the eyes."
"The mark on the forehead will
shine like a letter full of love."
My dear.
I will be a plant full of flowers
in your path.
I will be blossomed.
my dear
"I will come and sit on the
branch of a jasmine plant.."
"in front of your house to touch you.
My dear, I have seen thousands
of your foot marks.."
"in the soil today."
My dear.
- Mother.
- Yes.
Give water to that goat.
Don't shout. I will give it.
Hey, not like that.
Cosec2 minus cos2 is equal to 1.
She failed in 10th standard.
Then, too, she is brilliant.
She had failed because
of her intelligence.
"If she got 564 instead
of 164 marks" My God.
Then she wouldn't have
given me the peace of mind.
Study well.
Dinamma possesses the gold bangle which
she had brought for sister Elsamma.
I'm not interested in gold.
Some one is here who studied
for the bangles.
But she didn't get anything.
She studied too much.
- Sister.
- What?
The serial will start now.
- Where is the remote?
- Remote..
Hey, brilliant girl.
Give me the remote.
I won't give. I want to study.
I will give you one.
We can live because of your studies.
Give me.
- What's going on here?
- Sister.
Who is that? You look.
What's the matter?
What's the matter, Brother Pillai?
Why did you come here at this time?
Paappan's son George called me.
His wife Saleena.
Saleena has passed away. Jesus.
She was hospitalized because
of her illness.
Did you inform Paappan?
I can't inform him.
You come with me as well.
Why are you late?
I didn't get the vehicle, that's why...
George, when did you arrive?
Just now.
How will she travel?
- Good morning.
- I don't need it.
I've been coming through this
route daily for giving you this.
I will also give you one.
With this broom.
You are in my heart.
You are in front of my eyes.
Even when I close my eyes,
you are there, Sainaba.
- Sweep. Sweep.
- Okay.
This singing is going to
get over, member.
What happened?
Are you threatening me?
You can think as you wish.
Let that bill get passed.
Which bill?
Woman's bill.
Then this village council will be
filled with women.
Then you call Delhi and tell them
to pass that bill soon.
Now only one woman member for
every three members.
If the bill gets passed, then 10 female
members equal to 10 male members.
Then this village council will become a
garden of beautiful female members.
I will fly here like a butterfly.
Oh, Sainaba.
My butterfly.
my beautiful butterfly.
A butterfly who pollens the grains.
A butterfly who takes the
honey from the flowers.
Woman's bill. Go away.
See, Elsamma. Is there a way to
teach this member a lesson?
Did you inform secretary Rajamma sir?
Oh, she is the Ramba of Remanan.
Dirty lady.
Secretary, you look beautiful
in this sari.
The entire village council will
reflect in your face.
- Go, man. Liar.
- Promise.
That nose. Those eyes.
When our eyes meet..
When our eyes meet..
"When our.."
I've come in the morning itself to discuss
with you about tarring that road, Secretary.
Which road is being tarred?
We will tar the road which we like.
Go after taking the signature.
Elsamma's newspaper bill. Okay.
Are you tarring the road so that
we can walk on it?
No. So that we can sleep on it.
You go away.
Five rhythms are not enough.
- Teacher Mary.
- Yes.
The sand exports which Karippalli Sugunan
has started will destroy this village.
You know what will happen if
the mountains are demolished.
This village itself will be destroyed.
I have given the news in
today's newspaper.
You should discuss that
in the village council.
No use of discussing it.
Some people are living here
with Karipalli's money.
Teacher, you have mentioned
about me, right?
Karipalli Sugunan is my friend.
Hence, don't pass any statement like this.
I will complain to the village
council secretary if you pass.
Such statements about me who is serving
the people without even getting married.
To the person who is sitting inside.
Tarring over?
Why are you staring like that?
Now I'm sure.
What? That this is not a dream.
Liar. I love you.
Then why did you scream at me when
I said "good morning" in the morning?
I got angry because you
did all that publicly.
Write whatever you have in your mind
on a white paper and give it to me.
I Will do that.
You should give me an answer.
- Tomorrow.
- Enough.
Elsamma, are you going
to start cattle farming?
No. This is for Unnikrishnan.
Give me a white paper, please.
What happened, member?
Are you writing news to get
it printed in the newspaper?
No. I'm going to write one request
to the chief minister.
To find a solution for water
shortage in Balan Pillai city.
You should go along with Thomachan
to see the bride the next Sunday.
I have told him that you will come.
I haven't told him.
You obey what I say.
Othenlvise you will see
another form of mine.
Calm down.
Everything will become alright. But I'm
not getting an opportunity to say it.
To whom?
Who? Elsamma?
Mother, how did you know that?
Open your eyes and see.
He's feeling shy.
Mother, tell her to go.
Mother, you take her that side.
Oh, there is no problem
if Elsamma sees you like this.
- You go away.
- Go, man.
What is today's dish?
Lentil curry or mix veg.
Lentil curry.
That's very easy to make.
Whatever it is, he will eat it.
Then, too, you have to make
him something special.
When he comes after bathing
the cattle and finishing other work.
Even I like all that.
But I'm unable to do it.
I'm telling him to get married
to eat something tasty.
He won't agree for that.
You move. I will do it.
Be careful. Careful.
Daughter, let's give an
advertisement in the newspaper.
That's good.
Nice photos will come as well.
You will get a horoscope, too.
But there is a small problem.
We won't be able to know
whether the girl is..
"Handicapped, mad or has
ran away with someone or not."
Then no.
I haven't thought about all this.
Shardamma, give me one
glass buttermilk.
That's Thomachan.
He has come with proposals.
He is being stubborn about
conducting his marriage.
Fast - I'm coming.
Let me take buttermilk.
Who is this?
Anyway, it's nice to meet Elsamma here.
That Sibi from Thodupuzha
is calling me frequently.
He wants to come next
Sunday to see you.
Sister Mariamma hasn't
given any opinion.
I told her that I don't want it now.
He is a nice guy.
A nice jeep driver.
You should see him stand.
We can play 20-20 on his chest.
I need a little space for
'Kabaddi' alone.
When did you start playing 'Kabaddi'?
What's new? Is any proposal ready?
Sharadamma, there's a new suitor for Unni.
Elappara Manju.
You read.
Take buttermilk.
Manju. 21 years old. 'Pooram' star.
I have checked if the stars match.
Eight out of ten match.
Then Saturday, Wednesday, Thursday...
All these are not harmful.
As in?
No bad effect of Saturn.
Venus is not in that area.
'Kuja' is in the 12th house.
Then about the bride.
My Shardama.
She is more beautiful than the most
beautiful girl in Balan Pillai city.
There's nothing to think about.
Mahalakshmi is coming to this house.
My Shardama.
We have to inform them that
we are coming there, right?
I have to catch two buses.
Then the auto charge.
If I get the traveling expenses.
Wait. Don't give the money now.
Who else is supposed to come? Give me.
Give me the bride's father's number.
Let me call him.
What is the use of calling him?
The bride's father might have
gone to pluck pepper.- So?
What if he falls down and die while
taking the call when he is plucking pepper.
Tell her not to cancel
the marriage, Sharadamma.
Tell her. Don't cancel the marriage.
Don't beat me up. I have epilepsy.
Jesus. This is his phone number.
He has just written about taking
money from you, Sharadamma.- Liar.
Anyway, it's good that you
have come here.
Keep that bottle here.
Paappan's son George has
enquired about you.
What did he inquire?
He asked me if you are
still living by foul play.
Don't laugh.
That's the part of social service.
I'm used to this from my childhood.
How will I change that?
- House repairing, right?
- Yes.
It's damaged.
We can't even sleep in there.
You please recommend the
village council for this.
What happened, Elsamma?
Are you coming for a strike?
It's better to change this name
to liquor shop instead of tea shop.
Member, please sign on this.
The bottle.
I haven't brought a bottle.
Then I will sign later.
Member, you put a signature
for him. This is our Unni.
Oh, if he is our Unni,
you keep him with you.
That means the member won't
sign, right?- I told you, right?
- Member.
- Yes?
Tomorrow morning, I will be in front of the
village council office along with my cattle.
For what? To defeat me by
putting dung there?
This member Remanan won't
get scared by seeing this.
I'm a lot bigger a snake than
what you think I am.
- You.
- Come here.
He came here to take
the signature for free.
The people taking the signature
will get Rs. 10000 or Rs. 20000.
The member who signs will
get only Rs. 1000 per month.
I can't even buy three full
bottles with that.
Even the village council and
government know that.- Yes.
Then all these will be there.
I will do that.
If I don't feed them, they will
cheat me. And I will lose my chair.
I need my chair.
For that, this signature lies only
with me. A bottle for signing.
- Keep it there.
- Take.
Where is Balan Pillai?
I'm not Balan Pillai.
He is hiding here.
- Where?
- Here.
Oh God!
Hey, open it. Hey, open it.
You won't open, right?
Will you open it or should I break in?
I have not drunk, sir.
I will do that.
Hey. Take him to the jeep.
Don't take me in the jeep, sir.
I have one city in my name.
I won't take you in the jeep.
Thank you.
I will take you walking.
Joseph, put those handcuffs
on his hand.
Take some sweet dish from
the shop. Take a banana, too.
The villagers will see me.
Sir, this has not ripened.
We will ripen it.
Don'tjump in front of them.
Did you see today's newspaper?
No. What is there in it?
Look at this.
Today, something will happen here.
Remanan won't become so
smart by saying bad words to you.
A bottle for the village council
member for signing.
Did you take the lock? Yes. Yes.
Now don't take it.
After closing the shop, you start abusing
Let that girl come to know about..
Member Remanan's strength.
Yes. Yes.
Remanan... Remanan.
Hey, come out.
Don't lock it. Balan Pillai is telling you.
Elsamma is our child.
Did the police arrest you
because she is our child?
You have done illegal things in my shop,
that's why the police arrested me.
She has got me out.
You go and make tea.
If member Remanan decides
something it surely happens.
Even then, my Remanan..
Hey. Keep quiet.
No use of shouting like this
by saying, "Mana, mana".
She will dig a hole in the place
where she sits. Hey. Come out.
Come like that.
One minute.
Member, you please come inside.
If you are calling me for
a compromise, I won't come.
Not for that.
To close the account of the rent.
I will close the account.
That's right. Member, you go there.
I'm going only because
you told me to.
My dear Sainaba.
My dear.
My pearl.
When I see you going fonivard by
sweeping the village council office..
My heart starts beating faster.
Is this called love, my dear?
My heart beat doesn't become
normal even after drinking a lot.
For it to normalize,
you should kiss my body.
Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. And you.
Enough. Enough. Enough.
Should I publish this in the
newspaper or distribute a notice?
Is it my handwriting?
- What?
- Who knows?
- Did you eat that?
- Yes.
No problem.
I possess 100 copies of this.
There's one in the bank locker, too.
Daughter, don't trap me.
Read this book, too.
Woman and law.
Talk in a bad style.
Look in a bad manner.
All this comes under
sexual harassment.
Indian Penal Code 294, 509, 298.
Only this much.
No. There's some more.
Sainaba is ready to file
the complaint at the station.
If you want, you can close
the shop as well.
No. Take this.
Sign on this form, too.
This is the request of Palunni
to do cattle farming.
It's wrong to ask for a bottle
for all this, right?- Yes.
When the CM calls you,
you tell him that.
Remanan signed when you
showed the paper. May I go?
What happened? Not locking it up?
Locking it up? No.
She showed the fax which
came from the CM's office..
"Saying that I shouldn't make
Elsamma vacate the place."
Wherever the CM sees me,
he calls me Remanan.
And talks to me like a friend.
Then how will I not obey him?
That's true.
She has a good hold.
Let's go. Go... go...
Even then, what exactly happened there?
Elsamma. Very nice.
Yes. I was thinking about you.
Yes. I already spoke to you.
But then, you know..
I will call you back.
Hi, Elsamma. I'm Aby.
Did you recognize me?
Oh, yes. Paappan called me.
That's why there's such
a load in the vehicle.
Earlier, when I came here,
Elsamma was in the 8th standard.
I couldn't recollect your face.
How will girls change like this?
Yes. My mother used to say
that girls grow up very fast.
That's true. I have studied
in really cool colleges.
If the girls there had see Elsamma
they would've gone green with envy.
Don't flatter me.
Let me live somehow.
How is your business going on?
Did the recession affect it?
What recession?
Every month there are 5-6 marriages
and a few deaths.
I get Rs.100 for the advertisement
of someone's death.
For wedding advertisement,
I get 15% as commission.
Then making rubber sheets.
Selling newspapers.
I'm managing everything.
That's why Paappan told me
that Elsamma is a lion, boy, etc.
Not only Paappan, villagers are
also saying that about me.
But I won't like anyone calling me boy.
Why so? Don't you like boys?
I like them. But most of
them are boring.
If they see some girl, they will smile.
Then they will start flattering them.
By seeing such sweetness, I feel
like giving them one tight slap.
I'm not talking about Aby.
Thank you.
She is here.
I and your mother are eating something
because of her and her sisters.
I'm not well, my son.
Jesus knows that very well.
That's why you got the name Dinamma.
Mother has a disease.
- How are you, Elsamma?
- Fine.
Did you give them something to drink?
Your mother is not here for that.
She has gone out in the
morning with the bible.
Give me that.
Aby and Sherine are not going.
Is it?
George has come here to
leave them here.- Okay.
He is planning to sell
his flat in Eranakulam.
Shortly, he will come back from Dubai.
Oh, now your son and
son's children are here.
You are happy, right?
Dinamma is also happy.
God might have thought that we will
die seeing everyone in the last stage.
That's luck. God's grace.
Elsamma, don't feel bad.
It's my weakness that
I become friendly very fast.
I'm seeing Elsamma after a long time.
But I don't feel there was a time gap.
That's why I talked to you like that.
I felt so that time itself.
You are Palunni, right?
No. Unnikrishnan.
Paappan told me.
I recognized you at first sight itself.
Now you carry on.
The keys are there in the bike.- Okay.
Palunni and Elsamam are
good friends, right?
Yes. What's the matter?
I liked Elsamma.
Looking after a family in this age.
I haven't even earned
10 paise in my life.
I enjoyed my life with
my daddy's money.
I just can't believe the
essence of women, you know.
I was really excited to know about it.
I'm really happy to see her.
Palunni. I want to know
more about her.- Okay.
- You would tell me.
- Okay.
Okay? ' May I 90? Bye
- okay. Bye-
- Okay.
Who knows?
I'm not going to stay here.
I got bored right when I got here.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Don't cut. Don't cut.
Where are you?
I really miss you, dear.
Just hold a second.
What is this?
Can't you come inside
after knocking the door?
You don't have any manners.
That.. Sherine, I'm not used
to all that. Sorry.
Keep that tea there and go.
Close that door, too.
- Paapppan.
- Yes.
What English he speaks!
I have escaped from there somehow.
He is Paappan's grandson.
He has to show that dignity, right?
Engineers have a good salary.
What is this big salary?
It might be around Rs. 25000.
I can easily make that
from cattle farming.
Then English. I don't need to speak
to the cows in English, right?- Is it?
You ask her about that matter.
Your granddaughter is shining there.
Am I the servant of this house?
I felt irritated.
What did she say?
What is the use of saying anything?
I know what to do.
If she says something again,
she will have to starve. That's all.
Is she that audacious?
What if I am?
If you want, I will interfere.
You have one more peg
and stay happy.
He is asking in a manner as
if he will do something.
She says that she wants
chicken in the night.
If you bring it, I will cook it.
Othenlvise I won't.
That.. Don't go away like this.
I want to tell you something.
If it is serious, then you consult
some veterinary doctor.
For you, it would be a joke.
At last, I have to see
someone else marrying her.
- Who is that?
- That..
Have some water.
My Jesus, this change in Dinamma.
She used to sleep at 7pm
without eating supper.
Now see how she is sitting.
Now I'm alright.
- Paappan.
- Yes.
Let's change her name from
Dinamma to Santhoshamma.
Go away.
At least we will be happy to
call out that name.- Yes.
Chicken... Chiken.
Is it Elsamma's special?
Whatever she makes is special.
What time in the morning
do you have to go?- 4 am.
Aren't you scared to go at that time?
If I'm scared, I can't live.
What Paappan said is true.
Let me give her the chicken.
Enough. Enough.
Don't say that.
You have to eat nicely.
Hey. Enough.
What happened to her?
She doesn't like spicy food.
I didn't know that.
Paappan likes spicy food.
Are you making it for Paappan alone?
You should have told me.
You should ask that before making it.
Daughter, you have food.
I don't want it.
You eat... I'm coming.
Put off the stove when the
water gets boiled.
You don't take it seriously.
She has her mother's nature.
She doesn't worry about
other's feelings.
For me, you are important
than anyone else.
You go home. Maria will wash
the plates. Go.
A nice smell of chicken curry.
Are you a dog to get the smell?
He came to get the smell.
To sign the progress card.
How many subjects have
you failed in?- Three.
Sister. Don't beat me up.
Sister Esla. No.
Don't beat me up.
Don't beat her up, Sister Elsa.
What do you lack here?
If you fail, so do I.
I don't want to see you.
You go to school in the
morning to study.
What is the use of that?
What is the price of gold now?
I thought that at least she will study and
get that bangle from Dinamma's hand.
That hope is also lost. Go away.
This beating is not enough for you.
She is very smart in beating me up.
But she should have shown this smartness
while she was studying in the 10th standard.
Let her pass the 10th standard first.
She came to beat me up.
I'm waiting here for half an hour.
My today's timing is changed.
Why are you late today?
What happened?
Not well? Your face looks weak.
Whatever it is, you tell me.
Anyway, you have a problem.
We don't share all the
problems, Palunni.
We should keep some
in our heart itself.
Then only we will get the
strength to live.
Look. Sister Elsa is coming.
Jesus. Where is the broom?
In my hope, with time on hands...
Elsamma. Good morning.
Change my darkness to
thy light and my...
I will get tired by sweeping
for 10 minutes.
Please show me the place
where you swept.
I will show you.
Did your father come and sweep
this entire place?- May be.
Then let him come and sweep
the rest of the place, too.
Some smell might come from
the neighbor's kitchen.
If you smell that and come..
I'm going to the church.
I thought about that when
I saw the chicken.- What?
Mother, you will go somewhere
to avoid cooking the chicken.
Don't speak nonsense.
You came after failing the exams.
Mother has come back
after sweeping.
You're sweating so much!
Is Elsamma here?
Elsamma. Son Aby is calling you.
Aby? Son? I'm coming.
I'm not seeing you people there.
If you don't come there,
I and Sherine will get bored.
I have a lot to study.
You study.
Your sisters can come, right?
If you don't come there, I will come
here when I get bored.
Treesa, did you hear that?
She is shy to come there
after you people did.
For what?
She is black in color,
that's why she became black.
I had high blood pressure
when I was to deliver her.
Treesa is beautiful.
Hollywood heroines
Halle Barry, Janet Jackson...
They all are black in color.
How many fans do they have?
How many boyfriends do they have?
Black beauty.
Right, Leena? White as well.
Just smiling.
She is like that.
She knows only to study.
Elsamma's wish is to make
her a teacher.- Is it?
To become a teacher,
you need a doctorate in talking.
Accompany me. I'm the best person
to train you for that.
I will change you, Leena.
Wow. What a change, buddy?
I was waiting to have tea made by you.
That time you went for
throwing newspapers.
Elsamma, you come.
Paappan has sent me to bring Elsamma.
Oh, then she wants to scream at me
by saying that tea is not strong,
there's no sugar in the coffee, etc.
I don't need to do all that.
Don't think like that.
That's not because I'm angry on Elsamma.
She is disappointed because
of leaving Ernakulam.
That's why she is doing all this.
Now everything is okay.
Elsamma, you come.
Othenlvise Paappan will come here.
- Go, Daughter.
- Let's go.
Have you designed this shirt and
loincloth yourself? Very innovative.
This is my father's shirt and loincloth.
When I wear this, I feel that my father
is with me. That's my strength.
This dress is suited for you.
A lot of boys come after you, right?
Yes. It's the right of boys to go
after beautiful girls, right?
Yes. Mine, too.- But they will just
keep running. No use.
Why so?
They fear getting slapped.
Then they will get one.
My friends are coming from
Ernakulam with my bike.
They will go after Christmas only.
My God. She would say that I look
like Mohanlal in the movie 'Spadikam'.
Aby, why are you laughing?
When I saw Elsamma laughing
to just give you company..
Then you go, Aby. I will come.
L have waited for you several times
in the college campus.
I also possess a trouser
which he wore.
But I wear that only when
I bathe cows.- Is it?
Palunni. Mannunni.
During which festival did you buy this?
I haven't bought this during a festival.
I bought it from Kattappana.
I will tell you when you
grow your moustache.
Anyway, you look glamorous.
- May I go?
- Okay.
- Elsamma.
- Yes.
Are you in need of money?
When I saw your face in the morning,
I felt that you are in need of money.
If you need some, then let me know.
Unni's money is your money, too.
What? Unni. Lfl need money,
I will ask you for it. You go.
I have to make tea for Abymon.
Yes. I call the boys of rich family
"Abymon". And I will call you Palunni.
Abymon's friends are coming.
Yes. Friends. I will have a lot of work.
Hey. We've reached.
A play ground for playing and
a pond for bathing for us.
Come with us like birds.
Come with us.
Elsamma. - My sweetheart.
When the wind swings the leaves..
..let's fall on the flower bed.
Let's fill the leaves with fog as stars.
Hey, go inside.
Welcoming with love.
Hey. If you show your hand,
I will give a handful..
..of sweet grapes and the
village is calling us.
- Hey, come.
- Drink.
The new sand has good fragrance.
The smell which the rains have given.
Without seeing anyone.
Without going anywhere.
This valley.. - Come here.
The new sand has good fragrance.
The smell which the rains have given.
Without seeing anyone.
Without going anywhere.
This valley...
Like a virgin.
The beautiful stones, gold and silver.
Even iron and bronze will shine.
A word with answers like these.
Own people stay strong.
This is the flower garden which I kept.
Hey, Palunni.
The field which was waiting to harvest.
Okay, Palunni. Bye.
Even in each of the buds..
Even in each of the bulbs.
Come, friends.
This is the flower garden which I kept.
The field which was waiting to harvest.
Even in each of the buds.
Even in each of the bulbs.
Come, friends.
The place is very beautiful.
A play ground for playing and
a pond for bathing for us.
Come with us like birds.
Come with us.
My sweet heart.
When the wind swings the leaves..
..let's fall on the flower bed.
Let's fill the leaves with fog as stars.
Welcoming with love.
Hey. If you show your hand,
I will give a handful of..
..sweet grapes and the village
is calling us.
- Elsa. Elsa.
- Hold my hands
I'm seeing you after a long time.
Did you recognize me?
What kind of a question are you asking?
I recognized you.
You are Kizhakkevattathu
Mathan's daughter Jenny, right?
Where are you now?
After the 10th standard exams,
my father was transferred from here.
I studied my +1 and +2 in Chennai.
Now studying for medicine in Bangalore.
Father got transferred to that place.
Grandfather told us to come
here for Christmas.
- That's why we came here.
- Okay.
I didn't come to know about you
because I don't have your phone number.
Tell me.
Medicine or engineering?
Which college did you join?
What happened to her?
- Elsa.
- Let her go.
If we talk about her studies,
she will be disappointed.
For what?
That.. I will tell you.
She didn't continue her studies after
getting failed in the 10th standard.
- Failed? Elsa?
- Yes.
Who told you this nonsense?
She had got distinction.
Our register number was nearby.
- Is it true, Daughter?
- Yes.
I didn't have any other option in
front of me when my father expired.
If I had gone for studying after getting
a distinction they would have suffered.
If I go to complete my studies, then I
can't send these three children to study.
That's why I stopped
my studies temporarily.
You are the luckiest sister
in the world.
Sister . . Sister...
Smile, please.
Today is my party.
Oh, coming after getting the good news.
Elsamma is a boy. A boy.
Oh, then you fix a moustache for her.
Yes. We will give that.
- Omana.
- Yes.
You should give her a party.
I will pass this in this week's committee.
It will be passed in the next week.
We should celebrate this.
Daughter. I forgot to inform you
about an important matter.
You have got distinction, so keep
company with qualified people.
Don't stay friends with people
who failed in 10th standard.
In between, you are playing
against me. Go. Go.
Brother Pillai is very happy.
He has brought tea and snacks for free.
LS it?
Look at this. Dinamma has
given this bangle.
I have got only this.
Elsamma. Don't go.
That's why I was saying that don't lie
to the marriage broker and God.
You should have told me earlier
that you got distinction.
Lots of boys are ready to marry you.
Do you want a doctor? An engineer?
Germany. France. Italy. Tell me.
I will tell you.
There's a lot of time for that.
Next Sunday, I will come
with a doctor. Okay.
Hey. Please come. You calm down.
You will only get a girl who
failed in the 10th standard.
- Keep this.
- For what?
Don't bringing a proposal for me.
That's good. As it is,
it's difficult to find one.
- Keep this, too.
- For what?
Don't bring any proposal for Elsamma.
Things have reached this level, right?
You can't decide this alone.
I'm the best broker of
this village council.
I have to get the commission. Go.
Leave that.
Hey, take the vehicle.
I won't go like that. I need 100% commission.
- Okay.
- Move.
- Hey.
It is boiling on the stove.
There is something wrong in this.
I'll tell you that. Come.
Hey, Jose. Did you rob this
from somewhere?
Yes. But I got it from the house.
Very nice.
I won't give you cash. I will give you
only liquor.- That's enough.
Okay. Oh my God!
Jaggery for the hangover.
Something else for the taste.
If there's chicken to eat, then..
Very nice. Write in my account.
By seeing her cheeks or
by seeing her eyes.
I have fallen in love.
I don't know
Malankuravan of Ezhimalakad.
He is the Excise Circle Inspector here.
Now in suspension.
He is an old mimicry artist.
If the circle inspector dances here after
drinking, will the excise come here?
No. Elsamma is planning
things with me.
She said that she will lock
my liquor shop. Nothing.
Let's take rest now.
In the yard.
- Sir.
- Yes.
This is Ernakulam team. Aby.
- Hello.
- Sherry.
- Hello.
- Benny.
Okay. I can drink another bottle of liquor
without touching it, in your presence.
The formant of sending
SMS for me is IS Soman.
S-O-M-A-N. Want to see Mohanlal.
Now Suresh Gopi.
The member is sitting inside.
Because of that Elsamma,
he has been doing his business here.
- How are you?
- Fine. Fine.
Don't talk about that Elsamma here.
I get irritated on hearing her name.
I should talk. I have invited these
people to talk about her.
She should stop focusing on me.
You can do that.
What do we have to do?
Karipalli, you tell me.
There are four dynamites in Elsamma's
house. You are four match sticks.
With the fire and its fumes,
her social service will get over.
In English.
You should molest at least one.
Yes.- He has brought us here by
telling us about those four girls.
At least I will get one.
I will take that.
Then Elsamma. He has
an eye on her.- Yes.
Naughty boys. You have already
started your work, right? Very nice.
You drink.
What a girl she is!
She is like fresh sugarcane.
Frankly speaking, I love her.
I'd love to eat her.
- Is it?
- Love.
She doesn't even know what love is.
She is the devil who drinks
the blood of lovers.
She is against love.
Don't be naughty to me.
No. Listen to me.
I will get angry.
Afraid of me.
- What?
- Look at her
I won't talk.
You are so cute, buddy.
Okay. Okay.
Hello. Palunni.
You haven't treated us well.
You are not showing any love for us
after coming to your village.
Oh, yes. There's time, right?
Hey. What happened?
Palunni. Sorry.
Why did you tell me that you
want to see me urgently?
Come. I will tell you.
Don't feel bad on hearing
what I have to say.
I have a doubt about Elsamma.
Elsamma has a love affair.
That.. What is the use of
knowing about that?- Yes.
I love her a lot. Lfl come to know that
someone stands between us, then..
I can handle him, later I can talk to her.
Is there someone? Tell me.
- Sure?
- What?
- Sure?
- Yes. Sure.
My Jesus. What am I hearing?
Unni, what did you say?
I said that there's no one.
But there is someone.
- What?
- Love.
Love? For whom?
That we will tell you tomorrow morning
along with the proof.
Don't lie.
After speaking this nonsense and
if Elsamma comes to know about it..
Oh, an angel. Liar.
Let the sun rise tomorrow.
Yesterday, I told her that Jerry is smart
and she screamed at me. Devil.
Tonight we will catch her red handed.
The Walkman is ready.
Who is that?
Why have you come here now?
Take that stick.
I'm fed up of telling you not
to sleep during day time.
My Jesus. I don't know why
I would sleep wherever I sit.
Is that a disease, Unni?
Not a disease. Arrogance.
You sleep to avoid cooking.
- What happened to you?
- That..
I will tell you. I will tell you. Aby has
told Unni that you have an affair.
Is it? I can't believe.
What did you say?
I haven't said anything.
She got 'I section'..
Mother. Distinction.
Whatever it is. At that time itself I decided
that I will get her married to an educated boy.
Aby is smart.
Hey, he is well educated.
Let Elsa decide whom she wants
to marry. Right, Unni?
What happened to you?
Usually, you will are tense when
the cow's delivery is due.
Now this...
When I failed in the 10th standard...
Keep quiet.
You had shouted if we sent you for studying,
you will die byjumping in the dung hole.
Children will say something like that.
But you should force them.
You should forcefully
send them to study.
How will that happen?
You can save one year's fees.
I will give you one slap.
- I don't want rice or anything else. You eat.
No need to pass 10th standard for telling a girl
that you love her and you want to marry her.
From where did you get this?
My class mate.
I told you not to record all this.
We can ask sister directly.
That... last night. Last night?
- Who is Suresh?
- Suresh?
Yes. You ask Suresh..
I should ask Suresh?
We heard you asking for a kiss.
Nonsense. Don't you get sleep?
Don't tell anyone.
Tell us at least.
If we do something...
I will inform you. Now I can't keep
this a secret, right?
You should not only inform us,
but also show him to us.
Is it enough after distributing
the papers in the morning?- Yes.
Then, my sisters, you go and sleep.
I know only one Suresh.
Pushpankandath Vasudevan sir's son.
Jesus. He?
Should I call him "brother"?
I used to call him dog earlier.
For what?
He has shown some excitement
whenever he sees me.
On seeing you?
Yes. Is it not possible?
I have lots of fans. I haven't told you.
Where are you going like this?
I will tell you that later.
Now you go and give
some grass to the cow.
We are going to sister's lover.
Is it?
Yesterday, I told you, didn't I?
We are going to see that person.
Elsamma. They won't listen
if I call them urgently.
A person from Rajakkad having a job
in the gulf is waiting in the city.
He is ready to marry without dowry.
Should I show Elsamma to him?
If you don't wish, then give me Rs.1000.
Show him.
Then give me the money
which I have given you.
- That..
- Give me my money.
Don't say that. I just lied.
Today there is a curfew in the city.
She has a new affair.
She is going to show him.
- Jesus. My 3%.
- What?
- My 3% is gone.
- Your percent.
I will not leave you.
My 3%.
- Don't scare me.
- What is this?
If you won't beat me up, then I will
get your money from her new lover.
Don't beat me up.
What happen there?
Jose has gotten drunk
and is beating her up.
She asked him about the gas cylinder
which he sold in the liquor shop.
We have informed the police.
Sister, you don't interfere.
You hold this cycle.
Sister, don't go.
- My Jesus.
- I will thrash you.
- Please help me.
- Move.
Jose. Leave her.
Elsamma, you go.
Jose will do whatever he wants
to do with his wife.
No one should come to Jose's house
for questioning about it. Get out.
If you drink liquor, keep that
in your stomach itself.
The police has come to my house.
Hey. Will you take a picture in your
mobile while your mother hangs?
Where is Jose? Hey, come here.
Sir, don't beat me up.
If you beat up your wife after drinking,
I will break your legs.
Sir. Don't beat him up.
Sir, please. Don't beat him up.
No, sir. Leave him.
Sir. Please take that gas cylinder
from Karippalli's liquor shop.- Okay.
Not only the gas cylinder.
Most of our utensils are there.
Sir, my mobile.
I will give you one.
Come to station in the evening
and take it.- Okay.
Is it too far?
Yes. Almost 4kms left.
There will be an
auto-rickshaw there, right?
Yes. But we will go walking.
Sisters, you want to see the route through
which your sister rides this cycle daily.
Climbing again.
Go. Go.
Nothing will happen without going there.
Sister. Sister Lalitha.
Who is this, Elsamma?
- My sisters.
- I understood.
- Suresh?
- He is taking a bath.
Son. Look who has come.
- Suresh. Come.
- Go.
My dear son.
Come. My sweet heart.
See what I have brought for you.
Look. This is Suresh.
Everybody was laughing on hearing that these
people spent the night sleepless, with a tape.
They are waiting to see me
do something wrong.
Only then they can live
as they want to.
Take out that water kept for it.
Othenlvise I will give you a tight slap.
Let's go away from here
before she comes here.
As it is, my time is going bad. Come.
Okay, then. I'm going.
Drink tea and go.
They are tired. They have to walk a lot.
Give them tea.
You drink tea and come.
I will come tomorrow.- See.
Why did you come here?
That... cow... to cut a little more grass.
Oh, did you cut it?
Thomachan has also come
for that, right?
No. I have come here to
see him cut the grass.
Then do your work.
It became shameful.
Palunni. She is a god-fearing girl.
She won't fall in love with anyone.
So I won't lose my money.
I will get more.
You will give me some again.
See you tomorrow.
Okay. We will meet.
That is nice. It must be nicely chilled.
Bring it fast.
- Take it fast.
- I'm bringing it.
What a place is this!
Not only excise,
even the military won't find it.
Not only you can make
liquor for Balan Pillai city..
You can make sufficient liquor
to supply the entire Kerala.- Bring.
Bring everything.
Prawns, fish. Everything.
When the vegetables were getting boiled
on the stove, she shouted by saying,
"That utensil is mine, sir".
That's gone, too.
My gas cylinder is also gone.
Elsamma will be happy only
after taking my gas as well.
Son. My firing youth. You should take
one of her bones and give me.
I will. I surely will.
Member, you drink.
Look. We will go from here after
cheering you people up.
I've earned a bad name that I killed Elsamma's
father by running him down with the vehicle.
But if things go like this, I will kill her
by hitting her with a tripper.
Don't kill my Elsamma.
I want her unhurt.
I'm going to use my 18th trick
for seducing her.
Hey, butterfly with spherical wings.
Come to my garden along with me.
Hey, butterfly with spherical wings.
Come to my garden along with me.
There is honey of flower is.
There is a nice breeze.
You come and enjoy there.
Hey, butterfly with spherical wings.
Come to my garden along with me.
Don't show me tricks.
Don't commit a fraud.
I can recognize silk
and the trap.
Don't show me tricks.
Don't commit a fraud.
I can recognize silk
and the trap.
You are the Goddess in the forest.
I have begged you.
Your ears have come in
search of my song.
You are a fraudster.
You are like a pin inside the banana.
Don't come to me saying sweet words.
Go without saying anything sweet.
Then the wild cat which hides
in you will come out.
By sticking out the tongue
and touching the moustache.
Then the wild cat which hides
in you will come out.
By sticking out the tongue
and touching the moustache.
No need of the branch to live.
I won't go inside the sack.
This butterfly will break big rocks
rather than being with you.
No need of the branch to live.
I won't go inside the sack.
This butterfly will break big rocks
rather than being with you.
Like a white pigeon.
You have come to me.
I have floated my love in front of you.
You are luxurious.
You are a headache.
Don't show me your city circus.
Go away without playing.
See the bronze utensils
plated with gold.
They were faded because
of the wind.
See the bronze utensils
plated with gold.
They were faded because
of the wind.
Hey, butterfly with spherical wings.
Come to my garden along with me.
Hey, butterfly with spherical wings.
Come to my garden along with me.
What is this, Palunni? New cows?
Yes. Now I bought them
from Thoprankudi.
If things keep going like this,
he will get the award for the
best cattle farmer. Right, Mother?
Then you have to put the
news and the photo.
When a proposal comes,
the bride's party should feel
that there is sufficient income for
their girl to live comfortably.
That's why we bought the cows.
If the bride who comes here
shuts her nose because..
Of the smell of cow dung,
then everything is over.
She will go back that time itself.
All girls are not like that.
What's Elsamma's opinion
regarding this cow dung?
We are poor people.
The smell of dung is like perfume.
Elsamma. Is your mother
there in the house?
I want to talk to her about
something important.
She is roaming here and
there talking about the church.
You can meet her in the evening.
The doctor..
Hey. No proposal for you now.
A doctor needs a good bride.
Come. I want to tell you something.
Let me finish my talk.
Sharadamma, what do you want?
Tea or coffee?- Tea.
Mathachan. Two cups of tea.
Tell me.
Why do you want to meet her mother?
I told you not to bring a proposal for her.
Then how long will I wait? What?
Is she your sister that
you're getting so sad?
Brother, for brokers,
all girls are sisters.
Earlier, God would write a broker's name
in each and every girl's destiny.
But now through satellite, they are sending
missed call to these girls' cell phones.
Besides that, if there are boys like you,
how will people like us live?
- Give me Rs. 500.
- Rs. 500?
What is this? A charge for taking a look?
The charge is not for looking.
- I won't give you.
- You won't?
- Yes.
- Elsamma.
Doesn't allow me to crack a joke, too?
Wants Rs. 500?
- Yes. I need it.
- Hey, Palunni.
Yes. Give me 10 litres of
milk extra tomorrow.
What happened?
Is it your wedding?
Wedding? Who fixed the marriage
without my knowledge?
- It's not my wedding.
- Then?
Tomorrow onwards, sand is supposed
to be taken from Karippalli's quarry.
There might be 25 labors.
Food has been arranged here.
Don't come late. Bring it early.
Karipalli's JCB has come
in the morning itself.
They will break the mountains
and destroy this village.
Member Remanan is there
to support him.
Poor people. They had voted me.
Let them say a few bad words.
Money is needed for eating something.
Karimpalli will give you that.
That's why I support him. Enough.
Hey, children.
I'm a business man.
I want to make money whether it is
by making liquor or selling sand.
You make money. You make money
by demolishing everything.
I and my people are with you.
There's full support for you.
No one will do anything.
Hail citizen's committee.
Hail citizen's committee.
Arrest Karippalli.
Arrest Karippalli.
Stop taking sand.
Stop taking sand.
Protect the environment.
Protect the environment.
JCB's of Karipalli should go back.
JCB's of Karipalli should go back.
Stop taking sand.
Stop taking sand.
Protect the mountains and trees.
Protect the mountains and trees.
My dear mothers and sisters.
The sand mafia has taken
the sand from our rivers.
Now they are targeting our mountains.
This will create serious
environmental problems.
It will result in soil erosion.
We don't allow these type of activities
which disturb the equilibrium of nature.
Who needs her consent?
Our member Remanan has come
here to inaugurate this agitation.
I'm inviting him to the stage.
Member. Please come.
May I go?
My dear... You all know that
Karipalli Sugunan is my friend.
But he is my enemy in
this public agitation.
There is no doubt about that.
That's why I'm saying in front
of you people that we won't..
Allow Karipalli Sugunan's
charade in this village.
I'm proclaiming that if Karipalli Sugunan
doesn't take off the JCB kept here,
we will cut his hand itself.
Leave me. Leave.
Whatever he may say, he will
come to us in the evening. Come.
I will show you.
Why are you here?
Has the route to Karipalli's
liquor shop changed?
You can't go through here.
I'm not going to Karipalli's liquor shop.
I have come to the church.
My Jesus. Jesus, thank you for
making him go on the right path.
I have gone to the church
because I love a girl.
I felt that as well.
These boys come to church
when they fall in love. May I go?
I have to deliver papers
at 3-4 places, too.
Do you want to know her name?
No need of that.
If you marry that girl,
I will surely come for the wedding.
You are our Paappan's grandson.
That girl's name is Elsamma.
True. That will ring regularly.
Elsamma's performance against Karipalli
and the member in the quarry was brilliant.
That time onwards,
I've become your fan.
The feelings that Aby has for me is not love.
I can't say that in front of the church.
This is a disease.
This is common in this age.
You know why this disease
affected Aby and not me?- Why?
Aby doesn't have any work.
I have lots of work.
I don't have time, Aby.
You go and propose some other
girl who has time. Okay?
- Go...
- Sugar boy. Come back.
Frying banana.
No sugar for tea.
- Have you heard?
- What?
Kunnel Abymon has hit Elsamma.
You should have given him
one tight slap.
He is a poor fellow. Right, Brother Pillai?
Poor man? Came to disturb you?
Hey, I don't mean that he
hit Elsamma's body.
- The other one.
- What?
Abymon is in love with me.
He told me that he loves me a lot
and told me to give him a reply.
Then what did..
Then what did you say?
I told him that I will tell him
after sometime.
You could have told him no
at that moment itself.
For what?
Hello. There is no sugar in it.
Even then.. I won't believe that he said all
these things to you by looking at your face.
Is my face so bad, Brother Pillai?
I liked his courage.
He felt that he loves a girl.
He told her directly.
Boys are like that.
Oh, what courage is this!
He might have been doing
the same in Ernakulam, too.
Are you putting sugar in this or not?
I'm fed up of him.
See this. Take.
Four cups of tea.
I have stopped tea with sugar because the
diabetics in this village are increasing.
Do you want it without sugar?
Without it?
Take anything.
Mathan, Take four cups without sugar.
Is there any special news
in the paper?
Balan Pillai city.
A 20-year-old girl was brutally raped.
Very nice.
Don't laugh too much.
I will write news in this paper because of
which your people will be laughed at.
This face would be there in it.
The police will also be there.
Elsamma is saying this.
Aby's approach and Karipalli's
people's paper reading.
There is some conspiracy.
Aby and his friends are in Karipalli
liquor shop 24 hours a day.
Take a decision after
thinking it through.
What decision?
The reply to what Aby asked you.
I just told you my doubt.
May I go?
I was going to say something.
I forgot.
RS. 38.50.
Write in Karipalli's account.
Hey, Omana.
You see this, too.
Hey, Omana, how are you?
I'm fine.
I know that.
- Remanan.
- Yes.
We are childhood friends. Okay.
The beauty which doesn't replenish
in the rain and sun, Omaha.
When I saw you, my heart started paining.
That's why I said this.
Hey. I need your help.
This Sugunan will do anything for you.
Do you want money? Then tell me.
You tell me what the matter is.
End your friendship with Elsamma.
She is shining in the strength of
your Vanithashree group.
You have to stop that.
You should avoid her.
Is it possible?
I like Sugunan.
But I won't do anything
against Elsamma.
She is our boy.
I told you earlier that she
has a good hold.
You didn't listen that.
- Member.
- Yes.
Come here.
- Get in.
- No.
- Get and sit inside.
- No.
Is Elsamma more important for you or am I?
I want to know that now itself.
Should I live or die?
I want to know that now itself.
Oh, that's how things are, are they?
Yes. They are.
Member... Take the vehicle.
What happened, Elsamma?
Why did you call me?
The village council elections are coming.
Member, do you think that you
will win this year?
What is there to doubt about?
The 9th ward voters have voted and
selected me the last four times.
They won't leave me. I will win.
You won't win.
Distribution of 2000 copies of love letter
that you wrote for Sainaba.
Sainaba's speech.
Don't try to cook that during
the elections.
What is the proof that I have
written that letter?
I will prove that it was not
my hand writing.
Is there anyone to contest
against me in the 9th ward?
VS Elsamma Varkey.
- Who is that?
- You?
Is it needed?
After making the men in this village drink
fake liquor and making their wives suffer.
Keeping friendship with Karipalli Sugunan
who sells the sand of this village.
Taking a bottle for signing.
I will easily defeat Remanan whose image
has been completely damaged.
Don't say anything like this.
I have failed now itself.
Don't fail me in elections, too.
I'm not used to hard work.
I will obey whatever you say.
Then member Remanan should change
his image in front of the public.
You should.
I will. I will change.
- Remanan.
- Go.
You want a reply, right?
- Remanan, are you going?
- Yes.
I don't feel like going away from here.
Why so?
I can't live without seeing you, Treesa.
When I reach my house, I will tell my
papa and mummy about Tresa.
That's not needed. It is needed.
I want to talk to you a lot
before I go from here.
Will you come early in the morning when
Elsamma goes for the paper distribution?
I'm scared.
If you love me, you will come.
Will you come?
I do love you, but still..
- Then agree to come.
- That..
Tresa. My mother.
Are you teaching her?
I just asked her about her studies.
Are you planning to teach her?
I just asked.
Jerry, take the vehicle.
May I go?
Take the vehicle.
Take the vehicle to the house.
It's bad to cheat poor girls, right?
If you want to trick, then trick me.
I know a little about fraud and all.
Are you trying to?
My Elsamma, I just..
If you come to that area
with sweet words...
Where is mother?
She has gone to the church
in the morning.
Is there anything to eat?
There is Tapioca.
Give me a little coffee, too.
Keep that down.
That.. When that boyjust
asked something...
There is nothing in that.
Sister, don't you believe me?
What happened, Mother?
You look tired.
I feel tired. May be because of walking.
You tell Leena to give me something.
I'm fed up of telling you.
There are three grown up girls
in this house.
If we keep them carefully, even then
there are some people to take them.
Some others are there to enjoy if
the news comes in the papers.
I'm 2-3 years older than them.
But even then, I'm a girl like them.
I have a limit.
I haven't slept at night at all after
3-4 boys came in that house.
Mother, do you know that?
I do.
My children won't get destroyed.
Now onwards, I won't go anywhere.
Do you want tea?
No. But you tell me the truth.
Are you afraid of me?
Because of what?
For the incident in the morning.
Oh, I already forgot that.
If Aby cracks a joke,
I won't take it so seriously.
Then, too, I'm tensed.
Oh, by looking at your face,
I know that there is no tension.
You have become a little glamorous.
Is it? Don't lie.
- It's true?
- True.
What is this, Abymon?
What do you mean by closing the door..
I want to tell Elsamma something.
Tell me. I will listen.
But, Elsamma, don't become violent.
Anyway, Elsamma, you won't love me, right?
- That hope is over. $0..
- So?
The day I saw Elsamma..
Tell me fast.
I have had a thirst.
Do you feel this thirst
when you see all girls?
I promise in the name of virgin Mary.
No. Only when I see Elsamma.
Can I close my eyes? No.
What is the reason?
My eyes are full of Elsamma.
I don't know why. When Elsamma comes
near me my heart starts beating faster.
Touch and see.
If you touch my body, you will fall down.
Can't I crack a joke with Elsamma?
This is too much.
Elsamma. Why did you close the door?
Why did you close...
I came here to tell Elsamma
something personally.
Aby, aren't you ashamed to talk to her?
What happened, Elsamma?
That.. l..
I will tell you.
Paappan... that..
What happened?
Did you misbehave with her?
I want to marry Elsamma.
For telling her that..
What nonsense are you talking, Aby!
Are you mad?
You don't interfere in this.
I'm saying this seriously.
I want to marry Elsamma.
I'm going to inform papa.
I won't allow it.
I don't need your consent.
I have taken the decision.
Bring it fast.
This time, we should make nice liquor.
You drink and see.
This is Karipalli special.
- How is it?
- Very nice.
Hold me safely.
Look, Elsamma.
My Jesus. What is this?
I'm happy-
Elsamma, we have gone to
buy the utensils.
Last month, when I made barter
and searched for the pot..
I found that it was missing.
Anyway, he has bought a new one.
Okay, then.
He started making liquor again.
The business is going on well.
Member, you go away from there.
The police and excise will
come there now itself.
Boss. Excise.
Hey, run. Run.
Hey, come here.
Take fast. Take.
Check whatever is here.
Take him. Fast. Fast.
Move aside.
Sir, if you remove their shirts and keep
that can on their head,
Then it would make a nice photograph.
Hey. Remove your shirt. Remove it.
Arrest liquor king Karipalli.
Arrest liquor king Karipalli.
Make Balan Pillai city liquor-free.
Make Balan Pillai city liquorfree.
Remanan is our leader.
Remanan is our leader.
We will close the liquor shop.
We will close the liquor shop.
My dear villagers.
We'll lock the liquor shop
which Karipalli Sugunan...
has made with mother and
sister's wedding chain.
Karma is not Gods own country now.
Now it has become a place full of people
who tell us to buy a full bottle when they
hear that their mother passed away.
I'm proclaiming that I will make
this Balan Pillai city
liquor-free by eradicating the people's
habit of drinking liquor.
A bottle for signing.
Earlier, I had told you this.
Now I need your love instead
of the bottle.
I'm proclaiming that I and my people won't
drink liquor from today onwards.
Now for the attention
of SI Sunandappan.
No use of standing here
and looking at the ladies.
If you don't arrest Karipalli Sugunan by
next march we will go to police station.
Come here.
I'm expressing my.
Your and this Balan Pillai city's
gratitude towards Elsamma, a little girl.
No, a little boy who has worked hard
to shut down this liquor shop.
Crackers. Fire.
Come out and break.
Hey, come. Hey, come.
Break it.
Hey, break it.
Where is your sister?
Please don't break it.
She wants to do social service.
I will show you. Mother.
What is she thinking about her?
What happened? Jesus. My Jesus.
Leave my goats alone.
Hey, leave.
Hey. I will..
Hey. Move. Go away.
Hey. Don't do that. Hey, no.
Go away.
Paappan is there inside.
Paappan. Nothing to worry about.
A small wound. That's all.
Now she regained consciousness.
Brought to the ward.
You go there.
Nothing happened to me.
A little pain.
That will get over now.
Doctor, my pain is over.
May I go home?
I will discharge you.
Before that, I have to decide
your operation date.
Operation? What operation?
You haven't told them
anything yet, have you?
She hasn't.
We don't know anything.
Sister, you are smart.
She is my patient.
There's a tumor in her stomach.
It's a little bit big.
Whenever I would tell her
about the operation,
she used to say that
she has to auction some chit.
Whenever the pain would really worsen,
she would come and take pain killers.
I had told her not to do
any hard labor work.
Then she has gone in between fights.
She used to go in the morning by saying
that she is going to the church.
We don't know anything, doctor.
I used to go to the church itself.
There is a saying that we are half
and God is the other half.
I prayed to God to cure this.
Othenlvise my daughter will have to take
a loan from others for this, too.
Doctor, you tell me.
We can do operation any time.
We can arrange for the money.
Then you go from here after the operation.
That's not possible.
I will get the operation done
after her marriage.
If I die in between..
- Mother.
- I'm scared.
I'm the only person to take care of them.
I want to see my child's marriage.
I will agree only after that.
Is your daughter's marriage fixed?
Then we didn't come to know about that.
Who is the groom?
Our Abymon.
He is Paappan's grandson, doctor.
He is an engineering graduate.
He liked her a lot.
Paappan also agreed for this.
My wish is to get the marriage
done immediately.
Let it happen.
Brother Pillai, why are you here?
- Unni?
- He is here.
He has been sleeping from
the time he came here.
- I will call him, Sit.
- Okay.
Unni. Brother Pillai is calling you.
Paappan is very disappointed.
Aby has told Pappan that
he likes Elsamma.
Paappan didn't think that he will go
and tell that to Maria.
Paappan couldn't say anything
on seeing Maria's happiness.
He was planning on informing
her about you.
But before that..
He is the owner of Paapan's
entire property.
If Maria thinks that,
then we can't blame her.
Anyway, Paappan won't take any
decision without your consent.
That is their concern.
Who am I to give an opinion?
Let them do what they want to.
Anyone will go mad if the love which was
kept in the heart for so long gets over.
Yesterday, that happened to me.
If I marry Elsamma,
I can only share her difficulties.
But I can't solve them.
If I don't understand that, what is the
difference between me and this rock?
For me and Elsamma,
Paappan is in father's place.
I'm sure that you won't do anything
which will harm the two of us.
Paappan, you can take a decision.
Oh, by seeing you sitting
like this, I feel..
Look. Take this.
I'm sad. Then, too, please give me
a little time Paappan.
I'm sorry. What will this Paappan
tell you, my son?
Switch off the lights, children.
Switch them off.
I'm here. Here.
Hi.. Hi..
I'm scared that the police might come here
by tracking the mobile's range.
Why are you getting scared like this?
I'm not scared.
But I have saved myself from getting
thrashed by the police.
- Did you bring that?
- Yes.
Then take it.
- Is touchings there?
- Yes.
Yesterday onwards, the police was
searching you in full alert.
Anyway, it's good that Maria didn't die.
The case is that of an attempt to murder.
My brother-in-law will get a bail tomorrow.
No one will find this place.
But I'm scared to sit alone in the night.
That's why I called you.
Now I won't trust anyone else.
Where is the other one? That Jerry.
He has gratitude towards Karipalli.
Elsamma's sister, that Tresa,
you know.- Yes.
He will kidnap her today.
Will anything happen?
Very nice.
Hey, Sherine.
We.. We were talking about something.
Sherine, you go.
Elsamma, you don't think..
Shut up.
If I shout, people will get here.
Then his bones won't even exist.
I'm not doing that because
of Paappan and Dinamma.
But because of the reputation
of this family. Sherine, go inside.
Hey, go inside.
For me, my Tresa and she are the same.
If you show your insolent
behavior here or there
then you won't go back
in the best of health.
You should leave this place
tomorrow morning itself.
Palunni is better.
I want to tell you something.
Hi, Palunni.
I want to tell you something.
Don't create any problems on hearing
what I'm about to say.
Don't tell this to Paappan and Dinamma.
You tell me what the matter is.
If Aby comes to know about this,
then it would be a big problem.
That's why Elsamma told me
to inform you everything.
Elsamma has seen Jerry and Sherine in a
compromising situation
inside the rubber-sheet-making hut.
You should handle this without
letting others know about it.
There's a call from Jerry's father.
We were supposed to inform you about it.
Hey. What idiocy have you done?
Aby. Leave him. Leave him.
Listen to what I'm saying.
Jerry. Jerry.
Sister Elsa.
- What happened?
- There.
Leave him. Aby.
Jerry. Jerry. No.
Don't beat him up.
Hey, listen to me.
Stop it.
Why are you beating him up like this?
You listen to what I'm saying.
Aby. Stop it.
You are also supporting his nonsense.
This is not nonsense.
I love Jerry. We are in love.
What you know about him?
She doesn't know about you either.
Tell her that, too.
What you said is true.
We have misbehaved with a lot of girls.
I have seen her to be one amongst them.
This is not true love or something.
Hey, come.
Daughter. Sherine.
Hey, what is going on?
Hey, what is going on?
There is some problem between
Aby and Jerry.
Aby. Aby. What is this?
Paappan, tell them to stop.
Do you know what he has done?
You should think about all this before you
bring dirty people like this to your house.
We are dirty people.
But the person standing here
is worse than us.
He tried to seduce Elsamma.
When he failed, he played a new trick.
That is marriage.
Othenlvise, let him tell.
Hey, leave him. Leave him.
You don't know.
We are living as one family.
As one family.
You don't understand all that.
What happened?
- Daughter.
- What happened?
Leave me, Grandma.
Now she is alright.
Nothing to worry about.
You can go home today itself.
This is the pain of repentance.
Jesus will make it alright soon.
Daddy called me.
He will come in the evening.
I'm taking both of them to Dubai.
Tomorrow, we are going to Ernakulam.
The visa will be ready in two days.
The children should come to know the value
of relationships in their childhood itself.
It's can't be done easily.
Both of them are staying here,
but they don't know there
grandpa and grandma.
So what happened?
They don't respect the elders.
They are not scared about
what they are doing.
No use of blaming the children.
Their parents should have notice all that.
The children are very disappointed.
They are sad about whatever happened.
Father, when you see them again,
both of them would be turned
into nice children.
Not only them. Me, too.
Father. Father.
Don't hate me and my children.
Hey, Karipalli.
Hey, Karipalli. Come down.
Hey, you thief. Come down.
Very nice.
Hey. Come down.
We will kill you today.
Hey, Unni. Go up there and bring him.
No. Don't come up here.
You will catch.. It's difficult.
If you want to catch me,
you'll have to fly.
Hey, fly. Fly and come.
Pick. Pick. Pick up the stones.
Hey, throw and make him fall.
I will come down. Don't throw the stones.
Don't throw those.
Hey, come down, come down.
Hey come down.
Omana, at least you don't throw.
Hey, come down.
Hey, come down.
Hey. Hey. Police. Police.
Sir. There.
Very nice.
Hey, come down.
Sir, don't talk like this.
Let me see whether I can bring you down.
Hey, Joseph. Go and get the net.
Go fast.
Don't get the net.
I won'tjump. I'm scared.
Everybody, hold this.
I will come down by the ladder.
- Hey, jump.
- Sir, I'm scared.
Now everybody throw stones
and make him fall.
Don't throw stones.
Hey, throw stones.
Sir, don't.. Don't throw stones.
Hey, jump.
Hey, jump-
This Sunandappan is saying it. Jump.
- Iwilljump.
- Then jump.
I'm going to jump.
Don't throw pebbles. I'm coming.
Beat him up. Beat him up.
Don't beat me up.
Anyway, it's good that you
have come down now.
Othenlvise you wouldn't have been be able
to see Karipalli for sometime.
We will hand him over to the excise
department after we handle him.
- Hey, Karipalli.
- Yes.
Show your face to Elsamma.
Hey, remove the net.
- Daughter Elsamma.
- Shut up.
You should give news in tomorrow's paper.
SI Sunandappan has arrested Karipalli
Sugunan with the help of a brave operation.
Okay-. Okav-
Everybody, get into the vehicle.
We are going.
Now I can forgive Jerry's mistakes.
Because I had made more
mistakes than him.
No one was there to guide us.
Daddy and mummy were living
in their own style.
I believed that I can buy
anything with money.
I had bought things, too.
But there's something which
can't be bought.
Elsamma has taught me that.
Now I'm apologizing for proposing
you out of my selfishness.
Give me and my sister the caring
which you give your sister.
Elsamma, will you please accompany me
in the rest of my life?
I like this Aby. Sherine, too.
Only good things will happen in your life.
These people, Paappan,
Dinamma, goats and hens.
This is my world.
A huge world is there in front of you.
There are a lot of girls out there
who are more beautiful than me.
God will bring Aby's girl in front of you
when the time comes.
That time you marry her.
God bless you, my child.
Poor man. Now Aby really likes you, Sister.
Why can't you marry Aby, Sister?
An important thing in a girl's life
is not getting married.
It is to become independent.
Even if I don't get married,
I will get you married.
I will conduct your marriage
when the time comes.
Right, Mariamma?
Go and study.
One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.
Is it not enough that you have taken the
money which I made by selling milk?
I won't have money in my hands.
I won't give you any.
It's not for free, right?
I have allowed you to marry her.
Who are you to give the consent?
Who am I?
Hey, the parents don't make decisions
about their daughters' marriages.
We brokers do that.
If you don't give me the money,
I will tell Elsamma that you're calling off
your marriage with her.
- Elsamma.
- Hey.
- Come here.
- We?
Elsamma, because he told me, l..
Not me, Let me tell you. Enough.
I will give you the money today.
For what?
For not bringing a proposal
for both of us.
LS it?
Things have reached up to
that level, right?
Then don't wait any more.
Bless you.