Elsewhere (2019) Movie Script

Happy birthday, son!
There's the birthday boy!
Oh, hi Mark.
Just wipe your shoes
if you could, thank you.
I got a serious problem.
The toilet is totally clogged.
What do you want me
to do about it?
Well, it is completely clogged
to no repair.
My birthday party is the reason
that it's clogged.
Did you have anything
to do with this?
Excuse me.
May I uh,
may I please have
everyone's attention?
We're gathered here today
to honor the life of Bruno,
my son.
Who, for those of you
who don't know,
was recently commissioned
by the city council
to design our new fire house.
But it's a rather bittersweet
celebration in that
we also honor the memory
of his beloved wife, Lydia.
And, uh, I've written
a few words.
Oh, for fuck sake.
It's a bit of a poem.
Lydia was your name,
and Lydia my son loved.
Doesn't rhyme.
Now Lydia is gone
and the vast, empty spaces
she has left
in our hearts and faces
will ever be filled.
To my brave son,
who's spirit is
the spirit of a titan.
Who is loyal to his wife
like a dog.
You, my son, have been
a true hero
and you make us proud.
Happy birthday, Bruno.
Hi, Bruno.
Oh, hey.
How're you doin'?
Yeah, good.
Oh, knocked 'em over.
Mr. Black.
Wow, hi.
Long time, no see.
Doin' alright?
Yeah, I'm... hangin' in there.
You wanna come in?
No, that won't be necessary.
So, listen Bruno,
I'm-I'm afraid I've got
a bit of bad news.
Uh, now look, you know I-
I like you, right?
In spite of all the...
the rocky times,
I know you're a good guy
deep down.
But when I first offered this
piece of land to my daughter
there was a mutual understanding
it was for her to live on,
and you later came
into the picture
and as much as my wife protested
I was glad when you built
this home together as a couple.
But Lydia's... Lydia's been
gone for two years now
and, well, I'm afraid
we've decided
to take the property back.
Excuse me?
I'm very sorry.
You-no, you-you can't
take it back,
it's... my house.
You see, that's the thing.
Technically it is not.
It's... it's sitting
on my property.
You-you-you gave this to Lydia.
I designed and-
and built that house.
Every beam, every cabinet,
even the bathroom tiles.
It was-it was all us.
Do you ever wonder who paid
for all those beams and tiles?
That is my house.
The way things stand right now
it's a done deal.
It's not.
There's a will.
We both know that is not true.
No, there's a will.
Lydia-Lydia, she told me,
she said-
Bruno, this is not your house.
We've let you stay here for
several and now it's time to go.
You have two weeks
to vacate the premises.
And it would be great if
we could do this amicably,
I mean it.
Let's just do this
the easy way, shall we?
Dude, how can you lose a will?
I didn't lose it!
I hid it.
I didn't want it laying around
where I could-
it was ominous.
Dark matter.
Nobody was supposed to die.
How about you buy it
from the bastard?
Felix, it's my own
fucking house.
Not if you can't find that will.
I'm completely fucked.
No, you're not.
There's gotta be a way
out of this.
No, we'll come up with a plan.
You gotta change that tune,
my friend,
'cause you can't dance to shitty
music and it is time to dance.
We'll come up with a plan
'cause I'll tell you right now,
they'll take that house
over my dead body.
Please step out of
the house now, Bruno.
Come on.
You're-you're officially
trespassing now.
Yeah, well you can set
this place on fire,
I'm still not comin' out.
I think it's better
if we do step out.
Every time the telephone
rings, I hold my breath,
Hoping that it's you,
I'm scared to death,
Phone went ring,
My crippled heart cried,
Let it be you on the line,
Then a voice said hello,
Can I speak to Joe,
Wrong number,
I'm sorry, goodbye
Pity the fool
who loves you so,
If you found someone new,
Don't let me know,
I'm six foot six so it
was probably a grizzly.
So, uh... if you uh, go
to the back of the house,
under the deck
you'll find an old letter.
What for?
Hold on baby
'till I tell these
blues goodbye
Got it.
Looking good.
'Til I tell these
blues goodbye
There you go.
I got three words for ya.
Welcome home... son.
I'm going in the shed.
I said it wasn't up
for discussion.
Why would you wanna sleep
in the shed?
The boy needs independence,
He'll freeze to death.
Mom, it's the middle of summer.
We'll give him
the electric blanket.
And how am I supposed
to keep warm?
You haven't used
that blanket for years.
Nobody is taking
your electric blanket.
Take the blanket, bro,
you deserve it.
Ha ha.
Our pantry's finest.
There's hardly anything
to celebrate, dad.
Oh, I beg to differ, son.
I beg to differ.
Really, why don't you save it
for a special occasion?
We're saying grace.
Uh, can you leave me out of it?
This is our home
and we say grace.
Honey, not tonight.
The boy doesn't like it.
It's not a matter of liking,
it's a matter of faith.
It's fine.
I just-I won't join in.
Felix, I think it's only fair,
don't you?
Don't get him involved,
the man is high as a kite.
Linda, let me
tell you something.
It would be joyous.
Thank you, Felix.
Hands please.
Dear Lord, we thank you dearly
for this special night
as we gather as a family
to support Bruno,
whom we love, cherish,
and adore.
As you know, dear Lord, Bruno
lost his wife two years ago
and he hasn't seen
the light since.
Also, he's now homeless.
We beseech you, oh Lord,
to guide his path towards
a better life
and towards a better woman.
As we discussed previously,
dear Lord,
Dora Maloney's daughter, Rita-
You gotta be kidding me.
Has just been through a painful
divorce and we ask you
to help her through it,
and also to clear the way
for Bruno to date her.
Honey, honey.
I think that's a bit specific.
Let Bruno find his own path.
His own path isn't working,
is it?
We're gonna help
him get through this!
I'll sell this house
if I have to,
buy another Winnebago.
We are not moving
into a Winnebago!
Nobody is moving
into a Winnebago.
Says the man living in a shed.
I'll be right back.
Where are you going?
You haven't touched any food.
I made your favorite.
Don't pressure him so much.
The man is morose.
Watch your back, son.
You're going back to your old
house, aren't you?
You're gonna get yourself shot.
It's not your home anymore.
Hold on, I'll go get you a can
of gasoline.
Don't enable him, John.
You can't just hang out
at your place anymore.
That's trespassing, man.
I'm not about to let my house
rot into the ground.
Dude, it's been three weeks.
The place isn't just gonna
fall apart.
It's basic maintenance,
that's all.
Dude, focus, ok?
Yes, I say we go fix the leak
and we get outta there.
You can't just fuck around
with rich people like this.
Sure you can.
Gus, line four.
Gus, pick up line four.
What the fuck is that?
Take a deep breath.
Bruno? Bruno?
What is that?
Ok, I have a bad feeling now.
Let's just turn around and go.
Dude, please!
Come on, Bruno!
Listen to me!
Who the fuck is that?
Maybe she's the new
cleaning lady.
Who the fuck is that?
Breathe with me, bro.
Don't do anything rash.
Dude! Dude! Dude!
Bruno! Bruno!
Uh, what're you doing?
I'm sorry?
I mean, what're you doing here?
I'm moving in.
And you- and you are?
Moving in?
What do you-what do you
mean by uh, moving in?
I'm sorry, who are you?
A friend of the family.
Oh, so like you know
the former owners?
Yeah, yeah.
I just dealt with
a management company
so I didn't really get
to know them.
A management company, yeah.
Just uh...
Dude. Gotta go, buddy.
So, you're like neighbors?
A neighbor.
But I live in town, but uh, I-I
wanted to come by and just...
say hi.
Well, hi.
I have to go.
I have to go.
Ok, well thanks for stopping by.
Nice meeting you guys!
Pleasure meeting you.
Sorry, I didn't get your names.
Don't worry about it.
Get on.
What were you thinking?
What the hell are we doing here?
Just wait here.
Dude, don't do anything rash.
You always thought that.
Well, I do.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
What're you doing here?
You sold my house,
you son of a bitch.
I think this is hardly
the time or the place.
Well, right now is exactly
the time and the place
that somebody is moving
into my fucking house!
You should keep your voice down.
You had no right.
You sold my house and
you had no right to do that.
I decided to take the property
back and I did.
I don't see there's
a problem with that.
You don't see a problem?
You don't see a problem in
making me vacate my own home
and having somebody move
into there three weeks later?
That house belongs to me more
than it ever belonged to you.
It's just pocket change for you,
always has been.
Do you understand what
that house means to me?
It's my life.
It's Lydia, your daughter.
It's my house!
It was never your house.
We owe you no explanations.
Now, please leave.
You just wanted me out,
didn't you?
You didn't care about
the property,
it never mattered to you.
You just didn't want me
living there anymore.
What you took from us
was far more valuable
than a rotting shack.
You are the reason
I lost my daughter.
You are the reason that
she wanted to live
in that godforsaken hut
like a hobo.
You were the reason that
she refused treatment.
Lydia did what she wanted to do.
It was her right.
I just stood by her and we both
wished that you would have had
the courage to do the same.
You know, in eight years
of living with Lydia
I never quite understood
the distain she had for you,
but I guess she had a point.
It's over, Bruno.
Enjoy your dinner.
What a despicable man.
Oh, no fucking way.
Have you lost your mind?
Son of a bitch is gonna pay.
What the hell are you doing?
Start the Vespa.
Let's just regroup-
Felix, this thing is heavy!
What has got into you, man?
This is not cool, dude.
Not cool, man.
Let's go, come on.
This fucker's like 100.
Did you have avenues
we can explore?
Come on!
I'm coming!
Fucking fuck.
Woo hoo!
Who the hell is that?
That's my cousin, bro.
That's your cousin?
Yeah, I know what
you're thinkin'.
I didn't even know
I had a cousin.
He's a personal injury lawyer,
We got nothing to lose, bro.
We go in, get some advice,
and proceed.
Well, well, well, Bruno.
What a nice surprise.
What brings you to
your place of work?
Morning, Frank.
I haven't seen you here in days.
I was beginning to wonder
whether you still worked for me.
So, how's this fire house thing
coming along?
Oh, it's um...
Time's running out, Bruno.
I- I guarantee that it'll be-
And you.
What're you doing here?
Why are you always hanging out
in this office?
Look, Frank, I need
an extension.
Bruno, you ran out of favors
months ago,
and at this point
you're this close
to running out of a job, too.
You come in and out of here
like it's your country club.
You're hung over half the time,
and the receptionist tells me
you keep stealing people's food
out of the fridge.
You're the most talented
kid this place has ever seen,
but you're the most unreliable
worker I've ever run across
in my entire life
and I'm 180 years old!
Finish that design.
Are you even listening to me?
Get to work.
Hang on a second.
What did that woman want?
She was looking for contractors.
What did you tell her?
I gave her some numbers.
Did Frank bring up
the fridge situation?
It's not like people
don't know it's you.
This isn't preschool, you know!
You remember me from-
Yeah, right. Hi.
Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't
introduce myself.
I- I was uh...
I'm Bruno.
Bruno, I'm Marie.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
So you found the town,
what're you up to?
Uh, I'm just running
some errands.
Actually I'm shopping
for a contractor,
which is really tough
around here.
Oh, a contractor.
What for?
Uh, the place is a little stale.
I'm just looking to do
a little bit of work.
A little-little bit of work?
Uh, what-what-is that
what you're doing?
Yeah. Re-do the kitchen,
change the bathroom tile,
just bring the place
back to life.
You wouldn't happen to know of
a contractor in town, would you?
I mean, I've gotten some quotes
but the prices are ridiculous.
You know, depending
on the work you're-
you're planning to do,
I'm a contractor myself.
I could do the work myself.
Make sure it's uh,
up to standard.
Yeah, I'd be happy to work
within your budget,
if you're interested.
Uh, ok.
Do you wanna give me
a quote first?
Oh, uh, it doesn't-
doesn't matter.
I'm familiar with the premises.
I just want to make sure
the work is um, up to standard.
Sure, uh, I don't know...
I'm the only one you're gonna
find on the cheap, you know.
You can call them and ask them,
but local contractors?
They're very few and
uh, very expensive, you know?
Uh, you just give me your budget
and we'll take it from there.
Uh, when could you start?
How about tomorrow?
Alright, see you there.
What're you doing?
If anyone's gonna touch
that house it's gonna be me.
I can't wait to get my hands
on that bathroom.
It's like walking into a morgue
every time I brush my teeth.
I'm thinking of a soft yellow
for the kitchen.
Soft yellow?
Fuck no.
Excuse me?
Ok, just lay down
the drop cloth,
um, prime the bedroom.
Prime the bedroom!
I'm ready for you to turn
that thing off.
Ok, where are we?
We are on our property.
And what is that magnificent
tool you are holding?
Oh, oh, this?
Oh, this would be a-a shovel.
Because we are about to break
ground on our new house.
I'm-I'm sorry, I couldn't
hear that.
What did you say?
Are you serious?
Say that again.
You're serious.
Ok, um, we are - ahem - about
to break ground on our new home.
Oh my god.
One, two-
Three. Go!
It's hard!
Get into that.
Go, go, go!
You did it!
We did it.
We did it.
We did it.
Hey, turn that off.
Come on, just put it down.
Because I want you.
I want you, right here.
Are you ok?
Yeah, I'm... hot.
Can I get you some water?
I just need-need a minute.
I have to go.
What do you mean?
Uh, it's-it's an emergency.
I um, I'm really sorry.
Uh... I'll explain later
but I have to go.
Is everything ok?
Yeah, yeah.
I'll be in touch.
So you say you've been living
in this house for how long?
Se-seven years.
So there was never any
actual document
or will that would put
the actual property
in your actual name?
There-there-there is, yeah.
No, there-there was.
Uh, my wife, she left a will,
but I can't find it.
You lost the will?
No, no.
I- I didn't lose it, I... it
just hasn't turned up yet.
Look, I gotta be honest.
Without the will this
is a very tough case.
I mean, the house is yours
but there's no real
legal proof here.
I mean, the will would
really help the case.
Yeah, I just can't find it.
Well, I guess we could
give it a shot.
So you think there's a chance?
A chance that we can fight this?
Sure there is.
If you can prove that the house
was gifted to you and your wife
and that there was
a tacit agreement
that it would belong to you
if she would, say, you know...
die, well then yeah,
there's a chance.
But it's gonna take work,
it's gonna take muscle,
and it's gonna take time
and muscle-
Yeah, I don't care.
Let's-let's do it.
Let's um... what's
the next step?
Ok, you should gather everything
that would attest
to the longevity of
your relationship,
the depth of your relationship.
You know, if you have any photos
or videos,
anything would help.
Then we'll put the case together
and then, of course,
there's the certain matter
of the uh... retainer.
How-how much is
that for family, Cuco?
How much you got?
I mean, my answer's nothing.
Would you be interested
in a classic Vespa?
What color?
Hey, hey, hey.
No, no.
No way, no way.
We can't let go of
this opportunity.
It's not even an option.
This is important.
If we don't get this started
you'll be missing out
on your only chance to get
your house back.
Now, if you really care
about our friendship
you'll let me do this for you,
God knows I don't wanna hear
you bitch
about this for the rest
of our lives.
Vespa's yours.
Cool. Deal?
Benjamin! Benjamin D. Mendez!
I just peed myself a little.
Oh, buddy.
Sorry about that.
Uh, do you have a towel?
Will you do me a favor get off
of that roof right this minute!
There's no need to yell
like that, you know.
See? Now you woke him up.
Leave me be.
You're making me nervous.
He doesn't need a TV.
What're you doing, dad?
He's hooking up
the direct television.
If he's gonna live in the shed
he'll have a TV in the shed.
I- I don't want a TV.
He dug up an old one
from the garage.
Bruno, it's-it's Marie.
Marie, Marie.
Hi, Marie. Hi.
Is everything ok?
Yeah, yeah. Uh, better.
Uh, just a family situation.
Very sad and unexpected.
I'm really sorry to hear that.
Ok, but look, I was-
I was uh, wondering if
you're coming in today?
I was just wondering
if you could
maybe recommend someone else?
I- I want to get started
right away
because I'm gutting the kitchen.
You're gutting the kitchen?
What the hell is
the matter with you?!
Well, then you get up
here and help me.
Oh, stop it.
What're you doing down there?
How old are you?
Hey, I want to radically
transform this kitchen.
Gonna rip down the cabinets,
we're gonna lose this wallpaper.
Can we start somewhere else?
Uh, I'd rather just not start
in the kitchen.
Why not?
I'm superstitious, uh,
about starting in kitchens.
It's a thing.
You are the strangest contractor
I've ever met.
How about we start
in the bathroom?
How would that make you feel,
Good, 'cause the toilet's
Oh my god, it works!
I swear I tried everything
with a skull on it.
What did you do?
What was wrong with it?
It was the septic pipe
out in the back.
It was pretty clogged
so I took care of it.
So the tiling situation,
I was thinking about,
like a-something positive
like a sky blue,
you know, it's such
a gloomy bathroom.
I kinda like it.
Well, I don't.
So, ok.
I was thinking something like...
something like this.
Hey, that's not the tile
we picked out yesterday.
No, I went back
and changed them.
Do you have a problem with that?
I just...
Seriously, I've never met such
an opinionated contractor.
If I had wanted an interior
I would have hired one.
Do you want this job or not?
I just think it's gonna
look weird.
How about you tile it up,
finish the job,
and then we'll see how we feel?
How does that sound?
All of my heroes
sit up straight,
They stare at the ground,
they radiate,
Me, I'm mumbling in the
kitchen for the sun to pay up,
Lonely is a ring
on a cold coffee cup,
I'm some sick hound,
Digging for bones,
One, two, three...
If it weren't for
second chances,
we'd all be alone,
My hands, they
were strangers,
lost in the night,
They're waving around
in the dusty light,
Oh my god!
He's peeing on your flowers!
I'm a black sinkhole,
If it weren't for second
chances we'd all be alone
I see you found my little nook
in the world.
Yeah, I um...
And what do you think?
It's nice, it's um...
it's great.
Yeah, I like it, too.
I couldn't sleep last night so
I thought I'd do a bit of work.
Well, you uh...
you did a great job.
It's... so full of light.
Full of-
I'm a botanist and I use
this room to write in.
You're a botanist?
That's um... well,
it's very welcoming.
I'll see you later.
See you tomorrow.
Bright and early.
Everything will work out.
He's gonna be-
But what about-
He's a designer,
he's gonna be-
There he is!
Come and say hello to Dora.
Hi, Mrs. Maloney.
Oh, look at this
big shot architect.
We were just talking about you.
I hear you're designing
our new fire hall.
You're a winner.
If you say so.
Oh, I do say so.
You're a big shot architect.
Listen, what're
you doing tonight?
Actually, I uh-
Nothing, Dora.
The man does nothing.
He sits and mopes in that shed
like his life is over.
You have to get out
of your cocoon.
Why don't you hang out
with my daughter, Rita, tonight?
Well, I just-
Oh, you'll get along swimmingly.
You used to play together.
That was a long time ago
Take her bowling.
She's depressed,
you're depressed,
it makes perfect sense.
Eight o'clock, pick her up.
I- I really can't, I-
No, I will not take no
for an answer.
I'm getting upset and I have
a heart condition.
You wanna see me drop dead?
Is that it?
Eight o'clock sharp.
Go take a shower.
You look like you've been
shot at.
And hit!
I'm working two jobs
at the moment,
so I just got my nursing degree
which is great,
but I also have three more weeks
left at the market
and the hours at
the hospital are...
it's hard.
The hours are really bad.
Hey, I like your shirt.
Did you get it at a-
at a thrift shop?
No, it's my dad's.
He must have been a real-
a disco flyer, your dad.
Uh, so you're divorced, yeah?
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
So your wife died.
Do you wanna tell me about it?
No, of course not. Sorry.
Ok, you know what?
We can-Bruno?
I was just gonna say um,
probably not gonna work out
so why don't we just go ahead
and call it a night?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's a good idea.
Hey, how would you feel about
getting a cab home?
Excuse me?
Yeah, uh, I thought I'd just
hang around for a bit and...
You really are an asshole,
aren't you?
May I?
Please, go ahead.
What happened to
your girlfriend?
Uh, she's-she's not
my girlfriend.
She had to go.
She's very pretty.
She's just a friend.
Looked like you were having fun.
Uh, my mother and her mother
have been going on
about her divorce for months.
We were coerced into a date.
She took a cab home.
Wait, you brought her here and
then sent her back in a cab?
I didn't send her back,
she just-she just took one.
That-that's bad, isn't it?
And you're still here?
Are you kidding?
Oh, holy fuck, my mom.
This is gonna be an ordeal.
Uh, is your mom concerned
about your love life?
My mother is concerned
about my life, period.
Driving, uh, there's
my hairstyle, my diet.
A fixation with nutrition.
My mom was just like that.
Jesus Christ.
I went over there for breakfast
the other day
and there was an actual family
crisis, I'm talking meltdown,
because I wouldn't eat
my grapefruit.
I'm 45 years old, ok?
"Eat your grapefruit,
you're low on phosphorus".
Apparently I'm dying.
Every day I learn I'm low
on something new.
That's so beautiful.
She loves you so much.
Where do you get phosphorus?
Grapefruit, of course.
Look at you.
You actually talk.
Cheers to this conversation,
and knowing that phosphorus
is in grapefruit.
We hope.
So you always go out
on your own?
I like going out alone.
I travelled a lot in my '20s.
Plus, it's not like
I know anybody here.
That doesn't bother you?
That was the point.
I guess I was looking for
a kind of-a refuge.
A refuge?
From what?
You are opening up a can
of worms, my friend.
I don't know if you wanna
go there.
I like worms.
I love fishing.
Well, I was with a man
for five years and uh...
I was a great step-mom to his
beautiful twin girls
and one day he announced
that he was uh,
leaving me to be
with his family.
He went to give another shot
with his ex-wife
and uh, so he moved back in
with his kids.
So I-I moved back to Seattle
and took a trip out here
and saw this house
and fell in love with it.
I'm also here to write
a book and uh,
this is the perfect place
for it.
You're uh, you're writing
a book?
What-what about?
What's the book about?
I'm fascinated by moss.
It's my second book, actually.
That is so cool.
I've never actually thought
about moss.
Well, big mistake.
They-they've been here
for a really long time.
Longer than any other
land plant, and they've-
they've figured out a lot about
how to be here on this earth.
Like-like what?
Like how to live
within their own means.
They live in these tiny
little layers of rocks
and fallen trees where other
dominant plants can't live
and they just thrive,
instead of colonizing nature
with grandeur
and size like humans do.
They've just gracefully accepted
that they're bad competitors,
and I love it because by doing
that they challenge
the whole idea that competition
is the best way to survive
because you know how long
these bad competitors
have been around?
350 million years.
And I just think
that that's amazing,
that such a humble little thing
can persist like that.
They're like a whole other
universe within the forest
and they're just this tall.
Jesus liked moss.
I think he used it as a pillow.
Wow, I uh, guess I should
consider myself lucky
for not making it home in a cab.
Yeah, I feel terrible
about that, actually.
Make sure you apologize.
Will do.
I had a really nice time
with you tonight.
Yeah. Yeah, me too.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I like your shirt.
I will not keep stolen goods
in my garage.
It's not stolen, I-I got it
through a friend.
What, do you think I'm stupid?
I know this horse belongs
to Lydia's parents.
Nancy used to show it to us
every time we went over there.
They shipped it from Mongolia
Well, guess what, mom?
It's yours now.
Bruno, I want this horse back
in their home
by the end of the day.
The woman took his house
from him.
Let him keep it.
It was a stupid impulse, ok mom?
They had just insulted me
so I-I took it.
But I hardly feel
the need to apologize.
These-these people,
they're-they're sick.
They despise my entire existence
and you wanna know why?
Coincidentally because I didn't
grow up in a house
full of golden freaking horses,
and it pains them every day
to know that their daughter
married a nobody.
Well, this time
they don't get to win.
So you can dump it or you can
take it back yourself
but I am not returning that
thing until they give back
what they took from me.
Thank you.
Let's call those landscaping
guys today.
Yeah, sure.
I make a really good cup
of coffee.
I bet.
Is everything ok?
Yeah, yeah.
Actually, Marie...
there is something
that I wanna tell you.
Listen, if it's about
last night,
I'm not looking for anything,
It was just fun to hang out.
I don't want anything weird
between us.
I understand if you have other
things going on in your life,
um, I just uh, want things
to be uh,
no drama between us, ok?
I don't want drama, either.
So I'm with you
one hundred percent.
Are we cool?
Of course, yeah.
You have coffee on your lip.
Hey, uh...
Wanna go on a break?
Can I ask you something?
Why do you love this house?
I like how it makes me feel.
How it creaks every day
before sundown,
like it's stretching.
I like how different the kitchen
looks in the morning
than how it did
the night before.
I like the sounds of the ocean
at night in my bed.
Sometimes I wake up just
before sunrise
and I just lay there, listening.
There's always a point where the
waves get really loud and angry
and I feel like they're going
to swallow the whole house
and I get really scared.
How I'm all alone in there.
And then a few minutes later
the sun comes up,
the waves die down,
and I get up and I open
all the windows
and I make coffee,
and I look outside.
And I swear at that moment
there's nothing in the world
that I'd rather have.
It's taken me a long time to be
able to say that about anything.
And that's what I love
about the house.
Hey! Where do you go?
Be with me.
See? It's not scary.
Care to join me?
The coast is clear.
Here you go.
Don't mind if I do.
Where you been?
Rough day?
Just... weird.
Weird can be good, son.
Sometimes I miss her, dad.
I still miss her.
I know you do.
I know you do.
But now what?
Here we are, two years later.
Now what?
What's next?
I don't know.
Let's figure it out then.
What do you want, Bruno?
What do you really want?
I want to honor her life.
By being miserable?
Who knows?
Maybe that's the reason why
your decisions don't pan out.
She's gone.
You might also want
to remember that
while she was still here
things weren't perfect, either.
You came over one night,
we sat in these very chairs
and you thought
you might leave her.
So stop fooling yourself into
thinking things were flawless
before she got sick.
Oh, hey.
I know how much
you loved her, son.
But if you really wanna
honor Lydia's life
maybe the best course of action
is for you to finally
live your own.
Now, we do need
to return that horse
before your mom loses her mind.
I'm having a barbecue
this weekend.
I want you to be the guest
of honor.
My friends are coming in
from Seattle.
My step-brother-
I thought all your friends
were in Boston?
Yeah, some of them are.
Where are you going?
We gotta finish the kitchen,
by the way.
I'm so tired of seeing
it like this.
All these cabinets and
empty drawers and... ugh.
It's so depressing.
You fucking asshole!
It was in the kitchen
the whole time?
This is great!
Dude, we gotta bring this over
to Cuco right away, man.
This right here seals the deal.
Uh, no.
Maybe we just-just hold off
on that for a minute.
What do you mean?
Well, you-you know.
No, I don't know.
What're you talking about?
Um, well, Marie.
Remember Marie?
Well, I've been doing
the renovations with her-
I didn't want anyone else
messing with the house.
And um, she and I, we've gotten
to know each other.
We've kinda gotten close,
you know?
Are you fucking Marie?
No. No, no, no.
I'm not fucking her,
it's not like that.
You're fucking Marie?!
Keep your voice down,
it's not like that,
I'm not fucking her.
It's more than that.
More than what?
Are you, like...
involved with her?
As a friend...
This is great, man.
I'm so happy for you.
This is serious!
I'm in serious trouble!
She has no idea
she's living in my house.
Don't let this get all tangled
in your head, man.
This is great news.
You found someone.
And I can tell you like her.
And you're getting
your house back?
It's like-
it's like every single star
is aligned for you, man.
No, you don't get it, do you?
She has no idea who I am
and when she finds out
that I've been lying to her all
this time she's never gonna want
to see me again.
I lied to her about my house,
I lied to her about my job,
I lied to her
about where I live.
I lied to her about everything.
It's creepy, man.
Do you like this woman?
This is what you do.
You sit her down
and tell her the truth.
She'll understand.
Now, what do I do
about the will?
Do I give it to my cousin
or not?
Once he gets it they'll void
that sale in a heartbeat.
I don't know.
You have to know, brother.
Go ahead.
Bruno, we have had enough
of your antics.
We want our horse back.
I don't know what you're
talking about.
Cut the crap.
What horse?
What the hell is this about?
You know perfectly well
what this is about.
You stole our golden horse
and my wife can't stop
talking about it.
Now is really not a good time.
Not a good time?
Where is our goddamn horse?
Mr. Black, you don't wanna be
having this conversation
with me right now.
That piece carries a very
significant meaning
for my wife and I will
fight you for it.
She had it shipped
from Mongolia.
And what exactly makes you
think that I would give a shit?
That horse is the ugliest
fucking thing
I've ever seen in my life.
I wouldn't want it
anywhere near me!
What's going on out here?
Uh, nothing, mom.
It's ok, you can go back inside.
What's the fuss?
The fuss is that your son stole
our golden horse
and I'm here to pick it up.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Oh, you too?
So you're in on this lie, too?
How dare you call me a liar?
If we have to explore
a legal avenue
I will put you people
in jail for this.
You're the one who should be
in jail, Gerard Black.
Excuse me?
You heard me.
You're the one committing
crimes here,
building a fortune on the backs
of hundreds of hard-working
struggling to pay their rent
on your overpriced properties
all over the island.
I have a legitimate business.
But that wasn't enough for you,
was it?
You had to go after my son.
The man who took your daughter
for his wife
and loved her with all his heart
until the day she died
and never betrayed her,
not once.
And you waited until my son
was down on his knees
and went after him like
some horrible act of revenge,
and for what?
Because he stood by her
and took care of her
when you and Nancy couldn't.
You disowned your own daughter.
If that's not a crime
I don't know what is.
Now listen to me, Gerard.
I don't want your golden horse.
I haven't got your golden horse.
Now get the fuck
off my property!
Whatever shenanigans
you've been up to, Bruno,
it's gotta stop
right this minute.
Do I make myself clear?
House looks good.
Thank you.
I want you to meet Miguel.
Marie, is there somewhere
we can talk?
There are the drinks.
I probably won't stay for long.
Miguel, meet Bruno.
Miguel, Bruno.
My baby step-brother.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
No, in all seriousness
I want to take a moment
to remind you all how far
this woman has come.
When Marie first became
my sister and my friend-
Years ago, she was
still a student.
She was juggling two jobs,
her mom was sick,
she had just started
her writing career,
she couldn't stop smoking pot...
And-and you used to say
"I think I'll one day take
shelter in the forest".
I know.
Which was so weird
and we thought was crazy
and now we get our comeuppance
because look at this place.
We all do. We all do.
You have a beautiful new house.
It's so good to have
you guys here.
And you deserve it,
so I'm gonna break this bottle
right now
and say congratulations.
Thank you.
Go write a goddamn book!
Oh god.
That will kill her.
I'm... uh...
Look, what it essentially states
is that the sale of the house
has been nullified
so you have to, uh, vacate
the premises within two weeks.
I don't understand.
What-what does this mean?
What're you doing here?
The fuck?
What's this?
Why is your name
on this court order?
Can someone explain
what's going on?
You got your house back, Bruno.
What is he talking about?
Unfortunately this house
is Bruno's property.
He was wrongfully evicted but
now it's been all cleared up.
Is this a joke?
Say something!
I- I don't...
Why did you think you had
to hide this from me?
When-when I... you...
you see, my wife-
You're married?
No! No.
She's dead.
She died.
She died. Two years ago.
This was her house.
This was where we lived.
Just please,
just leave right now.
Marie, please.
None of this is what
it seems like.
Can you please just go?
I know it doesn't make
any sense but-
You heard what she said.
Get out.
Please, just leave.
Get out.
Is this a bad dream?
It could be, you're on a lot
of pain killers.
What're you doing here?
Well, at the moment I'm taking
your blood pressure.
I'm sorry about our date.
Oh, you don't-you don't have
to worry about that right now.
I was a jerk.
Yeah, you were.
My shift is ending, ok?
You're gonna be in really good
hands here.
I'll see you around, Bruno.
I drove myself into that tree.
I know.
I did it on purpose.
I know.
I did that once.
You did?
Yeah. Really.
Why would you drive yourself
into a tree?
You know, I guess my life
had just gotten that shitty.
You know, I hate to break it
to you Bruno,
but uh, you don't have
a monopoly on grief.
He's awake.
Oh. Good.
He's alright. Head on in.
There he is.
Oh, thank you, Jesus!
Lookin' good, son.
Can you talk? Say something.
You're in the hospital.
Do you know who we are?
Can you tell us what happened?
Do you want a counsellor?
You put him back to sleep.
Oh, fine.
I'll just keep my mouth
shut then.
God forbid a mother
should worry.
Your mother is lending you
her electric blanket.
Are you sure you wanna do this?
Yeah. I just want it over with.
Don't-don't-get the fuck out!
Are you ok?
My lunch.
Fuck. Fuck.
Watch your feet.
Ok, let's get outta here, dude.
Let's go.
Watch your foot!
Watch your foot, dude!
Let's get out of here!
Go, go, go, go, go!
I told you to stay away
from her!
Get in! Get in! Get in!
Leave us the fuck alone!
Alright, shit I dropped my keys!
You shoulda seen your face, man.
It was fuckin' classic, man.
Oh man.
Oh man, the things one does
for you.
Wanna come inside,
grab some breakfast?
See you around, brother.
Thanks for your help.
Can I ask you something?
When was the last time you came
into my house?
I don't know.
Think about it.
I don't know.
I don't remember.
That's because it was over
a year ago.
Ok, what's your point?
My point is I just invited
you in for breakfast
and you answered with a grunt.
I'm sorry buddy, now's just
not a good time for me.
Ok, so when would be
a good time?
What're you getting at?
What's your problem?
My problem is you've been in
some kind of personal meltdown
for two years now,
do you realize that?
Forgive me for losing my wife.
Oh, Jesus.
Here we go, man.
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
Are you serious?!
Dude, are you fucking serious?!
I'm just trying to get a gauge
of just how deluded you are.
Do you not realize you've been
talking about Lydia's death
for two years like it happened
Fuck you.
No, dude-
What the hell are you doing?
Are you outta your fuckin' mind?
Give me the key.
No, you need to hear me out,
We're all getting a little tired
of the long face.
I lost my house.
And then you got it back.
You got back your ocean front,
custom-made bungalow
and now you're angry
for something else!
Because I hurt someone
I was starting to love!
Go find her, dude!
Do something!
But please, for the love of God,
don't just sit around
for another two years
lamenting how you lost
another person.
Don't go on and on
blaming this and that,
and blaming me
for trying to help!
I never said that.
Well, you thought it.
You thought it.
Oh, Felix and
his brilliant ideas.
Cuco, what kinda cousin
is that, right?
We're all so desperate
to help you
it's hard to figure out
which way to go.
Now I want you to buck
the fuck up,
put a fake smile on your face,
and come inside
for a decent meal
with my family, ok?
Hi, I'm home.
Hey, bumper sticker.
Oh, hi!
Hello, Cascade.
It is so good to see you.
Are you staying for breakfast?
Let me get you some coffee.
Can I come in?
Of course.
I just want to talk.
Look, uh, I know-
I know it's hard to understand
and I don't expect you to.
What I did was inexcusable.
I designed and built this house
alongside the most important
person in my life
and the way that it was later
taken from me was-
was not right and I wanted it
back, really bad.
So... I made some
terrible choices.
I fucked up, Marie.
I mean, I...
I guess I just didn't count on
meeting you.
But you did.
And yet you couldn't meet me.
I was confused.
Very confused.
It's easy to be confused when
you can't see past your nose.
Look, the house is yours.
I'm gonna go straight
to the lawyers
and iron this whole thing out.
They-they don't have
to nullify the sale-
The house, the house is yours.
I don't need your house.
I don't want it.
My house is my own.
Where are you gonna go?
I'm gonna go write my book.
Of course.
Of course.
You're so lost, man.
I really do hope you find
yourself somewhere.
I'm so, so sorry.
I love you.
Breaking down,
and days came longer
There's the other class
dragons chasing you around
Sit around on silver just
stream on the smoke
Is rising over your thoughts
and your tears
Stop listen to new words
from around as you're 'round
And all the captives you burn,
is burning out
Watch as the flowers,
thrones and winds
Spills close as a way,
spills away
Get up, you get up, get up
Changes can always be made,
of course.
What I was trying to do was-
Yes, there's no need
to explain this.
Better late than never, I guess.
Oh, hi Bruno.
Hey, Rita.
How's it going?
Hangin' in there.
I heard you got your house back.
That is the best news.
Look, I uh, never got the chance
to thank you
for taking care of me.
It really made the difference.
You're a really good nurse,
you know.
I mean that.
Thanks for saying that.
So how're you doing?
I'm good. I'm good.
It's actually my last day
at the market here.
Really? Why?
I got a job.
As a nurse.
I'm moving to New York.
New York.
Wow. Fantastic.
Yeah, thanks.
I'm really looking forward
to the change of scenery,
change of pace.
New city, new life, you know?
I've never been to New York.
Well, thanks.
Will that be all for you today?
Actually, uh...
Oh, of course.
Times eight.
It's just easier.
The following pages,
beloved reader,
are an invitation.
Over the years I've learned
a thing or two about writing
and it may surprise you to know
that most of the lessons
that are still with me
come not from other books
or flawless mentors.
They come from moss.
Yes, moss.
That infinitely humble
film of green
that quietly blankets
our forests.
Mosses, as beautiful as
beautiful as they may be,
don't speak our language.
They don't experience the world
the way we do,
so in order to understand them
I've had to adopt a different
I've had to engage
in a conversation.
Not just listening,
not just talking,
but a conversation.
That's how we learn
about each other's stories.
By watching each other's way
of traveling through life.
That is a real dialogue,
one where each listener allows
for the other's story
to be told in full.
Stories about the huge
and the tiny,
the light and the dark,
the fear and the joy,
the past and the present.
That is a conversation I invite
you to have with me here.
That is the leap I'm inviting
you to take.
My heart's in the ice house
come hill or come valley
Like a long ago Sunday when
I walked through the alley
On a cold winter's morning
to a church house
Just to shovel some snow
I heard sirens on
the train track
howl naked gettin' neutered
An altar boy's been hit
by a local commuter
Just from walking
with his back turned
To the train that was coming
so slow
You can gaze out the window
get mad and get madder
Throw your hands in the air
say what does it matter
But it don't do no good
to get angry
So help me I know
For a heart stained in anger
grows weak and grows bitter
You become your own prisoner
as you watch yourself
sit there
Wrapped up in a trap
of your very own
Chain of sorrow
I been brought down to zero,
pulled out and put
back there
I sat on a park bench,
kissed the girl
with the black hair
And my head shouted down
to my heart
You better look out below
Hey, it ain't such
a long drop
don't stammer don't stutter
From the diamonds
in the sidewalk
to the dirt in the gutter
And you carry those bruises
To remind you
wherever you go
You can gaze out the window
get mad and get madder
Throw your hands
in the air, say
"What does it matter?"
But it don't do no good
to get angry
So help me I know
For a heart stained in anger
grows weak and grows bitter
You become your own prisoner
as you watch
yourself sit there
Wrapped up in a trap
of your very own
Chain of sorrow
My heart's in the ice house
come hill or come valley
Like a long ago Sunday
when I walked
through the alley
On a cold winter's morning
to a church house
Just to shovel some snow